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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

Campaign 1: Vox Machina (2015-2017)

Campaign 2: The Mighty Nein (2018-Present)

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Campaign 1

    Running Gags 
  • The comment cards of Episode 1 are an episode-contained Running Gag.
  • There are quite often mistakes about who's Vex and who's Vax, and jokes surrounding that.
    • In the first dozen episodes or so, Marisha Ray is completely unable to remember which of the twins is which. She seems to have gotten better at that, but still makes the mistake from time to time.
    Marisha: (after being told she can only use a boosting skill on one person) [I cast it on] Vex.
    Laura: Did you mean him? (points at Liam)
    Marisha: ...Yes.
    • Not even the DM himself is safe. In Episode 14, Gilmore refers to Vax as "Vax'ahlia". Liam uses this as a segue for Vax to basically ask Gilmore out. Matt reassures them that Gilmore looks very ashamed.
    Vax: You naughty man, you called me by my sister's name. That is going to cost you.
    • It happens again in Episode 21, which Laura pointed out to him after the game.
    • At one point Laura corrected Marisha with, "I'm Vax, not Vex," and Marisha took it as truth until Laura told her she was joking.
    • And yet again in Episode 55, to the point where after being corrected, Matt jokingly says to Liam and Laura, "I will stab you."
    Sam: If I ever have to roll a new character, I'm calling him "Vix".
    Matt: I will cut you.
    • Reaching new heights in Episode 70 when Laura refers to Liam's character as "Vex."
    • The two players eventually get matching shirts reading "I'm Vax, That's Vex" and "I'm Vex, That's Vax," which they occasionally wear to sessions.
  • Anytime the players address the characters by their player's names.
  • Beard Check. Bonus points if it's rolled right after a dramatic moment for some hilarious Mood Whiplash.
  • Laura throwing away her "cursed" dice after failing several rolls and and constantly buying more to replace them. Whenever she's picky about her dice, the look on Travis' face is priceless. She even tries to get her fellow players to replace their dice sometimes, and it generates the same reaction from Travis. Bonus points if she's trying to convince Travis.
  • Anytime the players reference something that doesn't exist in the setting and then have to improvise like hell to cover the break in character. Examples so far include Venn diagrams, Jesus Christ (whoever that is), NyQuil, Randy Savage, skywriting, and radar.
  • Any roll of 19 is usually pronounced "n-n-n-nineteen", especially if it's rolled by Vax. At one point in Trial of the Take Part 4, most of the party says it in unison.
  • Any time Percy/Taliesin facepalms. It could be said that he does so both as himself and as his character reacting to the party's antics, seeing as he is the only human and the Only Sane Man of the group, and maybe the most experienced roleplayer.
    • And, for that matter, whenever the DM facepalms.
  • Anytime Matt is whispering something into the ear of one of the players, Sam usually breaks the fourth wall and tells the stream to subscribe to Geek and Sundry and buy t-shirts.
  • Pretty much any song that Scanlan sings. Special props to : the song Scanlan sings to the illithid, Clarota, that heals him... which is a riff on Marvin Gaye's Sexual Healing. Yes, really. Apparently, Clarota is a fan of slow jams.
  • Somewhere between this trope and Awesome is Scanlan's ability to deal damage with an insult - in particular the moment where he kills a duergar with a Your Mom joke.
    • And his habit of humming loudly whenever he critfails stealth checks.
    • Speaking of failing stealth checks, there's Pike, clad in heavy metal armor which imposes a disadvantage on said checks. Usually followed by her or someone else imitating the sound of her gear ("CLANK! CLANK! CLANK! CLANK! CLANK!") or Ashley mentioning she should oil her armor.
  • Every time Percy introduces himself with his full name, at least one other party member says "You can call him Percy."
  • Vanessa's husband's name constantly being said wrong, usually by Vax.
  • Kashaw not saying Tiberius' last name correctly.
  • Rakshasa jazz hands!
  • Keyleth getting arrested and/or scaring the crap out of some innocent bystander in animal shape.
  • The phrases "I would like to rage" and "I encourage violence" have been adapted to almost every situation. For the first, see "I would like to rage-climb" in Episode 13, "I would like to rage...and...RUN!" in Episode 10, "The chat would like to rage," in Episode 19, and "She would like to rage!" in Episode 25 for Vex's double crit. For the latter, "I encourage violence!" returns in Episode 23, and "I encourage sandwich!" happens in Episode 26.
    • “I encourage violence” is also brought back in a Heartwarming way in Episode 72, with Scanlan requesting that “I encourage peace” be the epithet on Tiberius’s grave.
  • The Running Gag of Scanlan shooting his Lightning Bolt from his crotch with a pelvic thrust.
  • Whenever Grog tries to move or bash down a heavy obstacle and Pike decides to assist, it always has adorable results. Grog usually always rolls high enough, while Ashley usually rolls below a 10. (The below quote is from Episode 22)
    Travis: I take the Warhammer, activate it, run up to one of the walls and swing as hard as I can.
    Matt: Go ahead and roll a strength check.
    Ashley: (brings out d20 and rolls) Can I assist?
    Travis: 19.
    Ashley: (puts away d20) Oh, you don't need assistance.
    Travis: (grins adorably) Yeah I do. From Pike, anytime.
    Laura: 9!
    Ashley: (proudly) 9! (holds imaginary mace and knocks it against the wall) Tink!
    • Inverted in Episode 32, when Grog tries to move a statue away he throws out his back. Vox Machina collectively fails as well. And who moves it out of the way? 3 foot gnome Pike.
  • Any time Grog rolls a Natural 20 on an Intelligence Check.
  • For some reason, the players' greatest enemies in the Whitestone arc have been Whitestone's awful, awful... doors. Vox Machina has been briefly defeated and even injured by these diabolical doors of death, doom, and destruction so far during their stay in the city.
    • Preceded in Episode 12 when guest group Vox Moronica fail miserably to get through a perfectly ordinary door using both lock picks and a flying kick. Eventually they just burn the building so that someone inside opens the door to escape.
  • Every week, Sam seems to add a new sticker to the bottom of his giant tankard of ale.
    • In Episode 55, they are covered by a piece of paper with "Your Ad Here" written on it (and the next episode it's Scanlan fan art). Scanlan Shorthalt: Corporate Shill.
    • Taken further when Sam changed mug while playing Taryon Darrington. And after the one-year (in-game only) timeskip, he brings in the old mug, only to open it and take the other mug from inside.
  • Vax'ildan calling Vex'ahlia "stubby," and states that she is two inches shorter than he is. According to his character sheet, he's 5'11, making Vex'ahlia 5'9". 5'9" for a female half-elf is not stubby at all! It's actually above-average.
  • Pike continues to show up the team at every turn (except stealth checks).
  • Sam's prepared limericks.
    • Later, he inspires people by reading from a book called Dad Jokes and a book of Shakespeare insults.
  • Critmas: from plushies to art to selfie sticks to people feeding Matt's addiction to minis (much to the chagrin of Marisha and jealousy of Liam).
  • The delivery of the painting Scanlan commissioned in Episode 36 seems to be turning into a minor one now that Vox Machina has been forced to temporarily abandon Greyskull Keep because of the Chroma Conclave.
  • Every time the show is about to air, Liam starts yelling swear words to try to make the cast laugh when they go live.
  • Minor one: Vax feeding Trinket chocolate, much to Vex/Laura's vexation.
  • Liam plugging Wyrmwood Gaming in increasingly absurd and creative ways during the pre-show announcements.
  • The servants in Scanlan's mansion are apparently incapable of cooking anything but whole chickens. It gets to the point that they have Pike's grandfather Wilhand go in and try to teach them how to make proper meals. They have limited success. Scanlan's daughter, however, actually manages it. So instead of only cooking chicken, now they only prepare salads.
  • Any time that Matt's NPCs have a whispered conversation amongst themselves, and Laura reminds him that Vex can read lips.
  • Vax'ildan and the theatre.
    Keyleth: (to Vax) What is it with you and the theatre?
  • Keyleth being a happy drunk and then needing to be carted off.
  • Sam's increasingly ludicrous Loot Crate pitches before each game.
    Sam: I'm an actor. Why would you listen to me about this stuff, I'm a liar and a deceiver. But what you can listen to [...] is hardcore maths.
    Sam: I've been dabbling in the hip-hop world lately, so I've prepared a little rap.
    Sam: Ancient Greece: Zeus presents a lovely crate to the first woman on Earth, a lovely gal named Pandora; it contained death and evil, corrupted the world forever more.
    Sam: I prepared a word game.
    Sam: I did learn a magic trick.
  • Seeming is the gift that keeps giving. First flying cows, then lots of de Rolos, then nesting doll sexy sextuplets.
  • Vax never washes his armor, so apparently it's smelly.
  • Tiberius murdering an old woman was treated a What the Hell, Hero? moment in-universe. That doesn't stop them from regularly making jokes about attacking the elderly.
  • After the show started airing on Alpha, the crew began putting amusing commentary in the lower left hand corner.
  • Episode 85's Wham Line, "What's my mother's name?" has started being called back to in humorous contexts.
  • Sam's shirt. Not only they are always different (at one point he notices he almost wore a different one per episode, only thrice wearing a shirt he already wore, and cam wearing four different ones to even it out), they often have humorous immages to. The most frequent are pictures of Matt's faces and the "shirtception" (started by him wearing a shirt with his face on, than a shirt with him wearing that shirt, than a third one with him wearing the second one...)
  • Vex is always getting hit with Finger of Death and other necrotic magic. Enough that Matt took notice and nudged her into a situation where she would gain innate resistance to necrotic damage.

    Vox Machina Origins 

Volume 1

  • Vex and Vax meet Keyleth for the first time.
    Vax: I'm dying. I'm dying and I'm hallucinating a squirrel who can turn into people.
  • The second comic, which features Grog and Scanlan traveling together with their pre-Vox Machina group, has a minor running gag of the paladin/cleric pair that they travel with never getting introduced. Even when the opportunity comes up to do so, Scanlan deliberately does not say their names.
  • Also in the second comic, Scanlan asks Grog what someone like him is afraid of. Grog says spiders. Scanlan agrees.
  • In the third issue, Tiberius and Keyleth are tracking the scent of the poisoned water, all the while the two are conversing like normal... despite Keyleth having transformed into a dog and is speaking in woofs and barks. At first it seems like Tiberius Speaks Fluent Animal, but then...
    Tiberius: This conversation would be somewhat less absurd if I could understand you.
    Keyleth: Woof.
    Tiberius: Oh, really? I hadn't considered that.
  • In issue 4, Vax tries to get Scanlan on task.
  • After several issues of Vex being frosty to Keyleth, what changes her mind? Trinket likes Keyleth immediately, which prompts Vex to outright declare they can be friends. Cue Keyleth daydreaming about chibi versions of the two riding around on Trinket.

Volume 2

  • In issue 1, Keyleth has some difficulty understanding what Scanlan means by the fine "company" in the tavern.
    Vex: I'm not explaining this to her.
  • The next morning in issue 1, Vex, Vax, and Scanlan are very hungover. On the other hand, Keyleth and Tiberius are not, and won't stop talking. Vex has to be stopped from shooting them with an arrow by Vax.
  • In issue 4, a fight with basilisks renderes Vex'Ahlia petrified. Vax tells Grog that they need a basilisk's blood to reverse it. Grog proceeds to tear one open with his bare hands, then cheerfully announces, "I found the blood!"
    • Later, after finding the pool of a nymph they're looking for, the twins take a few minutes to work up a plan of attack. While they do, Grog happens to see the nymph bathing, walks over and politely introduces himself. By the time the twins' attention turns back to Grog, he's being led through a fey portal by the nymph, only to pop out again moments later with a very affectionate nymph having already given Grog what they were searching for.
      Vax: Grog! Are you alright?!
      Vex: What did she do to you?!
      Grog: That is a very personal question. Also I kinda don't really remember it.

    The Legend of Vox Machina 
  • The Kickstarter announcement video opens with Travis having a Catapult Nightmare of the cast and fans demanding a Vox Machina animated show. After bolting upright, Laura sits up next to him. Makes sense, they are married. But then Taliesin sits up next to Laura, and moments later we see that the entire cast is sleeping together on a giant mattress on the studio floor, in matching pajamas.
    • A fan captioned the shot of Travis, Laura, and Taliesin in bed as "My Husband, My D&D Husband, and Me".
  • Two days after the Kickstarter campaign went live, they had already raised seven times more than they had asked for in the original pitch. So the Q&A video that was posted to the CR website began with 90 seconds of Matt, Marisha and Travis unable to form coherent sentences and giggling to each other.
  • The animated intro ends with Vox Machina in a badass V-formation, staring down a giant monster. After a beat, Scanlan tries to slip away, and Vax grabs him by the scruff of his collar without looking to put him back.
  • On April 1, 2019, an early animatic for the show was released... in the style of Scooby-Doo. It must be seen to be believed.
  • Travis goes through a haunted house because the Kickstarter raised $10 million dollars. Hilarity Ensues.
    • Travis (who is 6"4 and built like a brick shithouse) begs Laura (half his size in every way) to go in ahead of him. She does, and immediately ditches him.
    • Travis recognising Sam dressed up as a Monster Clown because of his teeth.
    • "Why does that look like Brittany in a clown costuAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH"


Campaign 2

    Running Gags 
  • Caleb's dirty appearance and terrible smell, and the tendency of the others, especially Jester, to point it out.
  • As a Call-Back from the original campaign, old people are a common target.
  • Sam wearing the same shirts that he wore in the corresponding episode of Season 1.
  • The group chanting "Le-vel X! Le-vel X!" whenever their characters fail at something mundane in the campaign's early stages.
  • Nott's terrible Charisma being required for hilariously frequent rolls, with single-digit (or lower) results. Same holds true for her Perception rolls with a modifier of +0.
  • Due to Caleb's vaguely German accent, any dice roll that amounts to nine inevitably draws a chorus of "Nein!"s. This gets to the point that, in Episode 8, Caleb gives the group the name of "The Mighty Nein".
    Matt: You guys sound like Rammstein over there.
  • The trend of Beau's first attack being a flashy maneuver that misses horribly, and her second being a Boring, but Practical attack that is much more successful.
  • Chanting different phrases to the tune of "Breaking the Law"—for example, "Regular gnoll, regular gnoll!"
  • Making puns of Fjord's name with Ford Motor Company cars or slogans.
  • The ever-unlucky bandit gang that keeps showing up and becoming progressively terrified of the Nein.
  • The Black Comedy surrounding Frumpkin's 1d4 HP and his multiple deaths.
  • Liam using Caleb's Keen Mind feat to force Matt to repeat information whenever it's convenient, using some variant of "Liam doesn't remember this, but Caleb does."
  • Caleb's method of counting/spelling: by painstakingly emphasizing everything. This includes slowly spelling out The Mighty Nein as if talking to a young child, counting out every bit of his gold when need be (130+ being the current record) and counting the number of arrows that are lodged into his chest when the group got robbed, as he painfully pulls them out one by one.
  • The normally flippant Molly casting Vicious Mockery in Infernal using gory, evil-sounding threats, and Jester casting Hellish Rebuke in Infernal by saying juvenile or even complimentary things.
  • People being confused by the Mighty Nein's name, noting "but there's only six/seven of you".
  • Jester using Thaumaturgy to make windows fly open, startling whoever happens to be around.
  • Nott ending her Message spells with "You can reply to this message".
  • Jester responding to a closed door to an occupied room by instantly assuming someone's naked inside or claiming she's naked in her room when someone tries her door.
  • Fjord coaxing politeness out of Beau, with limited success.
  • The team introducing new people to Pumat Sol(s) without any advanced warning as to what to expect, just to enjoy their reactions.
  • The team harassing town criers in Zadash, asking for elaboration on the stories they're telling (usually to the response of "I don't know, I'm just reading what's written here!" This includes Yasha snatching the paper they read the stories from to confirm that that's all it says, and Jester yelling the stories with her own special twist once they've walked away.
    • Another Zadash running gag, is the players confusing two separate bars, The Leaky Tap and The Evening Nip, as one bar, The Leaky Nip. This annoys Matt to no end. The first time this mistake is made, a pregnant Laura Bailey opines "that's gonna be me in a couple months!" much to the entire table's chagrin.
  • Sam trades in his tankard for a giant flask, but continues posting messages on it like he did in campaign 1. This includes one to Laura apologizing for having eaten Indian food that day (he definitely passed gas in her direction at least once during the course of that evening).
  • Comments about Taliesin being some sort of immortal being, often initiated by Travis.
  • Taliesin slipping and saying he's taking a shot when Molly attacks.
  • Liam rolling an Insight check on other party members when they reveal bits of their backstory, but not actually gaining any additional insight, with Matt simply stating that they "appear to be telling the truth". It reached a point where Liam was told to simply ask if they were being truthful to Matt instead of rolling.
    • The joke has extended to the others as well, such as when Nott was going into detail on her past, only for Taliesin to suddenly announce he was wanting to roll an Insight Check.
  • The "Metagaming Pigeon", usually in the form of random pigeon coos.
  • Kiri using overheard phrases out of context. Fans have taken to pointing out when Matt is writing something during conversation, predicting (often correctly) that he's saving a line he just heard for Kiri to use later.
  • Beau doing something impressive, and regardless of the situation, Ashly Burch says "Keg is aroused."
  • Jester casting Sending to relay information, only to forget each time the spells character limit, resulting in her sending barely explained messages, and forcing her to cast it again to finish.
    • While Jester has since learned to be more careful with her Sending word count, it's had the lasting and humorous effect of the rest of the party actively keeping count with every sending.
    • Jester is aware that she doesn't actually need to send full 25 word messages, insistent that she utilizes all of them anyway, and is confused that other wizards are more concise with their casts.
    • She has figured out that the Word Count of a Sending Spell isn't nearly as important as how the spell is utilized. Naturally, she uses them for prank calls and casual conversations.
  • An idea being brought to or around Molly that sounds either silly, stupid or risky, only for Molly to point out how silly, stupid, or risky is is, before agreeing to do it because it sounds fun/funny.
  • Laura’s hatred of healing, despite Jester initially being the party’s only method of healing.
  • Matt constantly having to remind the players that they are bringing (or, in a few cases, forgot to bring) one of their pets into a dangerous situation.
    • Although most of the pets have been left elsewhere, Sprinkle remains and has become the Butt-Monkey, repeatedly surviving despite the odds but usually coming out of situations disheveled and haggard and chittering angrily. Even Beau lampshades it in conversation with Dairon as an argument for Dairon to name her pets.
  • The way Taliesin plays Caduceus’s 20 wisdom and 9 intelligence- going from saying something profoundly deep and encouraging, to saying something comically random and/or ridiculous.
    [the entire party learns the connection between Jester and the Gentleman]
    Caduceus: ....oh my god, your mom knows the Gentleman, that's so cool!
    Nott: It's... a little more complicated than that.
    • Caduceus’s confusion whenever the group discusses anything even mildly complicated.
  • One or more players creating a mysterious echo whenever the name Uk'otoa (Uk'otoa!) is spoken.
  • The chair from episode 48 is becoming a nearly mythic example of this in the span of only a single week. Obstinately there only as a clue that a certain minor location had been visited by someone AFTER being ransacked, the lack of other information quickly gave rise to theories of its importance. These range from being an essential clue to solving the entire campaign, the campaign's true Big Bad, or a Demi-God worthy of its own whispered echo. (Chair'k'otoa!)
  • Sam's D&D Beyond promos usually end with Matt apologizing to D&D Beyond for what he's just witnessed.
    • One promo went so far off into being a comedic bit, Matt had to then remind the viewers that D&D Beyond is an online product with various features which players could use in their campaign.
  • Fjord shouting "Eldritch Blast" in-universe as he casts the spell. How many times has he said it before it was pointed out (well, Crit Role Stats would know).
  • Matt's one-time mispronunciation of "auditor" to "otter" has led the players to go off on tangents imagining officials as cute aquatic mammals that float on their backs... much to Matt's chagrin. Whenever they meet an "auditor" they now echo "otter".
  • Ever since they first contacted a familiar-looking member of the Tal'Dorei Council, the players have been desperately curious to know who else is currently on the Council roster, and so the Mighty Nein have been asking for information from virtually every NPC who might possibly know (even though, in character, they have no particular reason to care). Matt has trolled them back just as hard by constantly coming up with some excuse for the NPC not to divulge anything.
  • Marisha describing Beau's actions as "trying some dope/crazy/insert-adjective-here monk shit." This has carried over to other monk PCs and NPCs.
  • Ever since Caleb got access to Teleportation Circle, the Mighty Nein has had a bad habit of arriving at their destinations without letting people know they were coming. This has lead to more than one instance of giving local security a scare.
  • Tusk Love.note 

Other Shows

    Talks Machina 
  • Overall, the repeat appearances of Arsequeef.
  • Campaign 1 Wrap-Up
    • At the end, all of the cast members are invited to reminisce on some of their favourite memories from the campaign, such as the cannonball contest or Grog dropping on Kevdak from the necklace. Laura decides that she'll never forget the first time she was able to speak with Trinket. Sam's quiet, sincere response turns this sweet moment into utter hilarity.
      Laura: Talking to Trinket. For the first time.
      Sam: Trying to kill Trinket. For the first time.
      • More Black Comedy from Sam, earlier in the wrap-up when Keyleth talks about the time she killed a child pre-stream, Sam adds: "You never forget your first."
    • A fan asks if there were any women that Grog met that he had genuine feelings for past a sexual level.
      Travis: Nope.
    • Between the sets of questions about each arc, Brian reads some stats about the campaign, one of which is "DM facepalms: 264." Matt's response is, of course, to facepalm.
  • 2019 Campaign 2 Retrospective
    • Before the show, various cast members stick notes onto a whiteboard labelled: "20 Nein-teen Resolutions". These include Dani promising not to use Brian W. Foster's name as a swear word, an in-character note from Nott saying "Beau should smile more", and an in-character note from Beau posted over it saying "Nott should FUCK OFF!"
    • When asked if Jester is missing her mother for romantic advice:
      Laura: It's weird I can look to Matt and go 'mom'...
      Brian: And then what's cool is Travis can look at Matt and roll over and light a cigarette, too.
    • Liam makes an offhand joke about "Travis piratefucking live in front of people" (aka Fjord flirting with Avantika at the live show) that Travis' Apple Watch, for some reason, records and texts to Postmates.
    • When Brian says Cole56290017 wants to ask a question:
      Liam: (interrupting) And I'm Javert!
    • Upon being asked which character has changed the most over the first year of the campaign, everyone admits that they immediately went to variations of Taliesin changing characters/Molly changing from living to dead.
    • Sam being warned that if he pulls the same character swapping stunt that he did in the last campaign again, the rest of the group will promptly kill him.
    • Nott’s perspective on leadership hierarchy of the Mighty Nein.
      Sam: Caleb’s the leader, and this guy (Fjord) keeps talking all the time!
  • In Episode 54, Brian asks Taliesin if he sees himself as being between Percy and Mollymauk in terms of personality. Taliesin, however, takes it a different way. Even better is his slightly distracted reply of "that's hot" before hurriedly correcting himself and bursting out laughing.
  • During Episode 68's follow-up, which also included Search for Bob questions, Liam reveals that part of why he had Lieve'tel hook up with Bertrand is so he could say he "D&D boned" Travis' D&D character before Laura did.
  • The follow up for Episode 17 of Campaign 2, "Harvest Close," had a question from "Pull Out King" at the 50:57 mark that caught Brian laughing so much he had tears coming from his eyes. It had everyone laughing as well (even the camera crew got in on the action by pulling the camera away from and pushing it toward Ashley repeatedly), and after some time discussing it caused Marisha to collapse on the couch bemoaning "WHY!? Oh, God, WHY!?"
  • The follow up for Episode 61 of Campaign 2, "Agreements," are filled with funny.
    • One off color joke about Caleb's dead parents makes Brian go Oh, Crap! when he realizes LIAM is still in the building. (Liam later visits the set where he cuddles Henry, the dog.)
    • When Marisha mentions "That's what every bad guy does, right?" after Brian goes "I love it when a plan comes together," Travis teases her mercilessly, and Brian and Dani join in. The awkwardness of the situation causes Marisha to blush and cover her face Dani dubs her "Marisha RED!"
    • After Brian wants to take a break from having Travis on Talks (he's been on two shows in a row), Dani rebuts, "But I really like looking at his face." Travis thanks her, then bemoans, "I wish my wife would say that more!" Then proceed to drain his tankard in one swig. After Dani suggests getting more ale for Travis, then Brian, Travis and Marisha try to coax an imaginary Ronin Willingham to come to Travis.
  • When Ronin Actually DOES appear on Talks Machina with Travis and Laura, it can be equally Funny (when Travis holds/plays with Ronin) and Heartwarming (when Ronin's Cuteness Proximity kicks in).
    • Episode C2E30 had Laura and Travis bring Ronin on for the start, and the Cuteness Proximity Ronin radiates from being adorable warms even Brian who suggests they skip asking questions and just show Ronin for the entire hour.
    • Likewise, the Halloween 2018 episode that dealt with "Critical Role and the Club of Misfits" (Laura's one-shot as DM) had Ronin for the opening as well. Brian, who's wearing neon glasses he was gifted at MCMLondon, gets a tummy-tickle on the giggling baby. Laura then jokes that this appearence is "One more credit for his IMDb page", which is a real page that someone started after his first appearance on Talks Machina.
  • The Talks episode for C2E74 has special guest Mica Burton, whose character the episode had debuted. Mica had NEVER seen Talks Machina before and is the first guest to ever say, out loud, "Why am I here?"
  • On the Talks Machina discussion for Through the Trees, Laura reveals that Jester left home with 1000-2000 gold, but blew most of it before the first episode. One of the things she spend an insane amount of gold on? Custom-made dresses, for herself and a horse. So she and her horse could have matching outfits.
  • The reveal that Travis genuinely did not realise that getting back on the ocean might expose him to Ukotoa again.

    All Work No Play 
  • The "Rage Room" episode, where Stephanie Sheh has joined Liam and Sam, and we see inside the room Brian Foster has decorated it so his picture is all over the place, and Sam, Liam and Stephanie wreck the items inside it.
    Liam: You and your fucking puns!.
  • The "Goat Yoga" episode had T.J. Storm and Travis join Liam and Sam, and the physical comedy from it was hilarious, especially the positions they were in. The episode must be seen to be believed.
  • The "Fire Twirling" episode, has Marisha with the boys as they learn Fire Twirling, and the fire must be smothered—"like a baby."
    Sam: This episode brought to you by Pampers.
    Marisha: Hashtag (breaks up) "Smother the Baby."
  • The Ghost Hunting episode. The contrast between Laura Bailey and the actual ghost hunter (who believe in ghosts) versus Sam and Liam's (who absolutely don't) approach to the whole thing.
  • The Magic episode sees Sam, Liam and Ashly Burch learn how to get someone to pick a card you want so you can make it appear on your arm in ash. Naturally, Sam immediately abuses this power to draw a dick on his arm in ash... And then he remembers he has a meeting later and frantically tries to scrub it off.
    • They then learn how to toss a deck while leaving you with the cards you want. Sam does not prove to be adept at this.
    Sam: It helps when you're with... (he tosses the deck, scattering it all over the table) two aces.
    Ashly: What's the three then, my dear?
  • The Extreme Spa Marathon episode, which mostly consists of Sam making horrified faces as Liam thoroughly enjoys being stuck full of pins and getting his back very bruised up.Yes, really.
    • Early in the episode, there’s also what can only be described as an editing-gasm, which includes a wrecking ball labeled ‘Sam’s Penis’ knocking over a bunch of pictures of Liam while bowling noises play in the background.

    Handbooker Helper 
  • Taliesin narrates the Tiefling quick-build episode, which contains this gem when he discusses classes.
    Taliesin: Of course, this is D&D, you can build anything you like. Blood Hunter, for example. [cue black-and-white filter and sad violin music]
  • Marisha acting out all the condition effects in the Conditions video.
  • The Gnome episode has Sam calling on himself to sing the theme song at the beginning and end. It also has Sam admitting he's never watched an episode of the show and wondering if he has to point to various promos at the end. Then he decides to have fun with the editors, who promptly strike back.
    Sam: I can just point to things...
    Editor: (via caption) Watch the show, Sam
    Sam:...and [bleep] you guys...
    Editor: (via caption) Or be at the editor's mercy
    Sam:...because look at this!
    Editor: *puts in picture of Sam's face superimposed over a donkey's face*
    Sam: Ooo, and then this!
    Editor: (via caption) SAM RIEGEL SMELLS LIKE BUTTS.
  • Taliesin explains the Intelligence-based skills with a door with writing on it: For Arcana, it's mystical runes. For History, it's elvish writing. For Religion, it's "Y'all hear about that Pelor guy?".

    MAME Drop 
  • The initial promo where the MAME cabinet from "All Work No Play" is discovered by Taliesin and Marisha.
    • It all started from an #EverythingIsContent episode that was the Backdoor Pilot for the show. Liam and Taliesin are just enjoying playing video games and sating their inner children.
  • The entirety of the episode where Erica Lindbeck guests.
    Taliesin: I just collect Ericas that are a lot.

    Travis Willingham's Yee-Haw Game Ranch 
  • The opening interruptions by the critter puppets are a rich source of laughs thanks to the utterly savage insults they direct at Brian Foster coupled with Travis being completely confused about what's going on. Highlights include this gem from the New Super Mario Bros U episode.
    Brian: But if Travis is the Chosen One what does that make me?
    T. N. Tina: A liability!
  • The May 16, 2019 episode, where instead of Travis and Brian being Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Laura and Ashley take it over and it becomes more Thelma & Louise.
  • Travis finds the fire extinguisher in the beginning of Overcooked and plays with it, wondering what it's for (he chases Brian with it). Later...
    • Travis tries to use the boost to get to the other side of the separated truck (that's not how it works).
    Travis: Boost Mobile!...The boost is a lie.
  • If you're a fan of Black Comedy, Travis' and Brian's absolutely horrified reactions to T.N.Tina having her head ripped off and thrown at them, complete with blood pouring from her neck, remarkably realistic viscera and her body still twitching. They clearly did not expect the special effects to go so far. And right after they ask if they're actually supposed to be afraid of a puppet cat in a spooky cloak.
    Travis: WHAT THE FUCK JUST HAPPENED? What do you do you guys do in between these episodes, what is the matter with you?!
    • Last episode, Travis mentioned being on the fence about the critter puppets' ever expanding lore, saying he was fine with staying at the ranch. After seeing that, he's eager to escape to the next universe.
  • According to his former friend and possible lover Alfred Dingbat, the reason Bast'alar adds so many titles to his name is that his real one is Mittens Mcfluffyfloof.
  • Travis and Laura's joint game. Turns out there is one person even more revered than the Chosen One, and that's the Realm Walker, Grand Titan Above, and Mother of all Critters Laura Bailey.
  • Drakar Noir fails twice in a row to pronounce the word "raise", and then claims that that's just the way it's pronounced in Fantasy Ranch. Cut to 13 episodes later, when Brian and Travis are joined by two knights from Fantasy Ranch, who pronounce it the exact same way.

  • The promo for Vex/Percy-style wedding rings:
    • The fact that the entire promo is one big parody of the old DeBeers diamond commercials that aired in the 1990s, only with more guns, archery, and crying over dead bodies.
    • While the shadows of Vex and Percy are dancing, Travis walks in. The shadows act surprised, and Travis flees the studio in fear of the shadows, who then pretend to chase him out of the room. This is funnier when you remember that Travis is the CEO of Critical Role Productions.
      Travis: This studio is HAUNTED! (*while crying*) Marisha! Marisha! BURN IT ALL DOWN!
  • At Sakura Con 2017 (45:18 in this video) Matt is asked about the Wil Wheaton dice curse. He goes into an extended rant about its sheer impossibility.
    Matt: There's no explanation! That is— that is some... like, I don't know what ancient relic his family uncovered two generations ago and has led this blood curse, from generation to generation to this day, but that man breaks math and physics. Like I heard about that, I heard about that in advance. I was like, "Ah, man, it would be kind of funny if he rolled really poorly." No. No. Like I had an existential crisis when he guessed it, both times. I will not touch him physically, I don't want to go anywhere near the possibility of, of capturing what dark entity has cursed his numeric existence.
  • Matt, Marisha, Taliesin and Brian did a panel at MomoCon called "Beyond Critical Role", which apparently was recorded while they were all particularly jetlagged and punch-drunk. The result is one of the funniest con panels anyone has ever done, with highlights including Brian arriving late because nobody told him he was supposed to be there, and Taliesin has a glorious rant about playing a molested child for an after-school special. There's also the first appearance of the Baywatch story, which is why Taliesin stopped on-camera acting just before he reached his teens.
  • Matt and Marisha did a special livestream to celebrate the release of The Explorer's Guide to Wildemount. It was just the two of them, plus their pet bird Dagon, streaming from their house. To make it extra special, they decided to do it by an actual fire in their fireplace. They don't use the fireplace much because they live in Los Angeles. They even mentioned how much they've wanted to have actual fires for their fireside chats at the studio, but regulations forbid it. But this is their home, they can do what they want, and nothing will go wrong. Sure enough, their disused chimney flue caused the house to fill with smoke, setting off the smoke alarm several times. They didn't want to put the fire out, because that would actually cause more smoke. Also, Matt was barefoot during the segment, and accidentally showed his bare feet a couple of times, a violation of Twitch's TOS. The smoke eventually got too much to bear, the smoke alarm went off again, and Travis gave them a short call... in his capacity as CEO. The stream was shut down while the fire was put out. When the stream resumed, both Matt and Marisha had soot streaked over their faces and clothes. So yeah, they won't be doing that again any time soon.


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