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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

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Campaign 1: 2015-2017

    Running Gags 
  • The comment cards of Episode 1 are an episode-contained Running Gag.
  • There are quite often mistakes about who's Vex and who's Vax, and jokes surrounding that.
    • In the first dozen episodes or so, Marisha Ray is completely unable to remember which of the twins is which. She seems to have gotten better at that, but still makes the mistake from time to time.
    Marisha: (after being told she can only use a boosting skill on one person) [I cast it on] Vex.
    Laura: Did you mean him? (points at Liam)
    Marisha: ...Yes.
    • Not even the DM himself is safe. In Episode 14, Gilmore calls Liam's character "Vax'ahlia". Liam uses this as a segue for Vax to basically ask Gilmore out. Matt reassures them that Gilmore looks very ashamed.
    Vax: You naughty man, you called me by my sister's name. That is going to cost you.
    • It happens again in Episode 21, which Laura pointed out to him after the game.
    • At one point Laura corrected Marisha with, "I'm Vax, not Vex," and Marisha took it as truth until Laura told her she was joking.
    • And yet again in Episode 55, to the point where after being corrected, Matt jokingly says to Liam and Laura, "I will stab you."
    Sam: If I ever have to roll a new character, I'm calling him "Vix".
    Matt: I will cut you.
    • Reaching new heights in Episode 70 when Laura refers to Liam's character as "Vex."
    • The two players eventually get matching shirts reading "I'm Vax, that's Vex" (or vice versa, as appropriate), which they occasionally wear to sessions.
  • Anytime the players address the characters by their player's names.
  • Beard Check. Bonus points if it's rolled right after a dramatic moment for some hilarious Mood Whiplash.
  • Laura throwing away her "cursed" dice after failing several rolls and and constantly buying more to replace them. Whenever she's picky about her dice, the look on Travis' face is priceless. She even tries to get her fellow players to replace their dice sometimes, and it generates the same reaction from Travis. Bonus points if she's trying to convince Travis.
  • Anytime the players reference something that doesn't exist in the setting and then have to improvise like hell to cover the break in character. Examples so far include Venn diagrams, Jesus Christ (whoever that is), NyQuil, Randy Savage, skywriting, and radar.
  • Any roll of 19 is usually pronounced "n-n-n-nineteen", especially if it's rolled by Vax. At one point in Trial of the Take Part 4, most of the party says it in unison.
  • Any time Percy/Taliesin facepalms. It could be said that he does so both as himself and as his character reacting to the party's antics, seeing as he is the only human and the Only Sane Man of the group, and maybe the most experienced roleplayer.
    • And, for that matter, whenever the DM facepalms.
  • Anytime Matt is whispering something into the ear of one of the players, Sam usually breaks the fourth wall and tells the stream to subscribe to Geek and Sundry and buy t-shirts.
  • Pretty much any song that Scanlan sings. Special props to : the song Scanlan sings to the illithid, Clarota, that heals him... which is a riff on Marvin Gaye's Sexual Healing. Yes, really. Apparently, Clarota is a fan of slow jams.
  • Somewhere between this trope and Awesome is Scanlan's ability to deal damage with an insult - in particular the moment where he kills a duergar with a Your Mom joke.
    • And his habit of humming loudly whenever he critfails stealth checks.
    • Speaking of failing stealth checks, there's Pike, clad in heavy metal armor which imposes a disadvantage on said checks. Usually followed by her or someone else imitating the sound of her gear ("CLANK! CLANK! CLANK! CLANK! CLANK!") or Ashley mentioning she should oil her armor.
  • Every time Percy introduces himself with his full name, at least one other party member says "You can call him Percy."
  • Vanessa's husband's name constantly being said wrong, usually by Vax.
  • Kashaw not saying Tiberius' last name correctly.
  • Rakshasa jazz hands!
  • Keyleth getting arrested and/or scaring the crap out of some innocent bystander in animal shape.
  • The phrases "I would like to rage" and "I encourage violence" have been adapted to almost every situation. For the first, see "I would like to rage-climb" in Episode 13, "I would like to rage...and...RUN!" in Episode 10, "The chat would like to rage," in Episode 19, and "She would like to rage!" in Episode 25 for Vex's double crit. For the latter, "I encourage violence!" returns in Episode 23, and "I encourage sandwich!" happens in Episode 26.
    • “I encourage violence” is also brought back in a Heartwarming way in Episode 72, with Scanlan requesting that “I encourage peace” be the epithet on Tiberius’s grave.
  • The Running Gag of Scanlan shooting his Lightning Bolt from his crotch with a pelvic thrust.
  • Whenever Grog tries to move or bash down a heavy obstacle and Pike decides to assist, it always has adorable results. Grog usually always rolls high enough, while Ashley usually rolls below a 10. (The below quote is from Episode 22)
    Travis: I take the Warhammer, activate it, run up to one of the walls and swing as hard as I can.
    Matt: Go ahead and roll a strength check.
    Ashley: (brings out d20 and rolls) Can I assist?
    Travis: 19.
    Ashley: (puts away d20) Oh, you don't need assistance.
    Travis: (grins adorably) Yeah I do. From Pike, anytime.
    Laura: 9!
    Ashley: (proudly) 9! (holds imaginary mace and knocks it against the wall) Tink!
    • Inverted in Episode 32, when Grog tries to move a statue away he throws out his back. Vox Machina collectively fails as well. And who moves it out of the way? 3 foot gnome Pike.
  • Any time Grog rolls a Natural 20 on an Intelligence Check.
  • For some reason, the players' greatest enemies in the Whitestone arc have been Whitestone's awful, awful... doors. Vox Machina has been briefly defeated and even injured by these diabolical doors of death, doom, and destruction so far during their stay in the city.
    • Preceded in Episode 12 when guest group Vox Moronica fail miserably to get through a perfectly ordinary door using both lock picks and a flying kick. Eventually they just burn the building so that someone inside opens the door to escape.
  • Every week, Sam seems to add a new sticker to the bottom of his giant tankard of ale.
    • In Episode 55, they are covered by a piece of paper with "Your Ad Here" written on it (and the next episode it's Scanlan fan art). Scanlan Shorthalt: Corporate Shill.
    • Taken further when Sam changed mug while playing Taryon Darrington. And after the one-year (in-game only) timeskip, he brings in the old mug, only to open it and take the other mug from inside.
  • Vax'ildan calling Vex'ahlia "stubby," and states that she is two inches shorter than he is. According to his character sheet, he's 5'11, making Vex'ahlia 5'9". 5'9" for a female half-elf is not stubby at all! It's actually above-average.
  • Pike continues to show up the team at every turn (except stealth checks).
  • Sam's prepared limericks.
    • Later, he inspires people by reading from a book called Dad Jokes and a book of Shakespeare insults.
  • Critmas: from plushies to art to selfie sticks to people feeding Matt's addiction to minis (much to the chagrin of Marisha and jealousy of Liam).
  • The delivery of the painting Scanlan commissioned in Episode 36 seems to be turning into a minor one now that Vox Machina has been forced to temporarily abandon Greyskull Keep because of the Chroma Conclave.
  • Every time the show is about to air, Liam starts yelling swear words to try to make the cast laugh when they go live.
  • Minor one: Vax feeding Trinket chocolate, much to Vex/Laura's vexation.
  • Liam plugging Wyrmwood Gaming in increasingly absurd and creative ways during the pre-show announcements.
  • The servants in Scanlan's mansion are apparently incapable of cooking anything but whole chickens. It gets to the point that they have Pike's grandfather Wilhand go in and try to teach them how to make proper meals. They have limited success. Scanlan's daughter, however, actually manages it. So instead of only cooking chicken, now they only prepare salads.
  • Any time that Matt's NPCs have a whispered conversation amongst themselves, and Laura reminds him that Vex can read lips.
  • Vax'ildan and the theatre.
    Keyleth: (to Vax) What is it with you and the theatre?
  • Keyleth being a happy drunk and then needing to be carted off.
  • Sam's increasingly ludicrous Loot Crate pitches before each game.
    Sam: I'm an actor. Why would you listen to me about this stuff, I'm a liar and a deceiver. But what you can listen to [...] is hardcore maths.
    Sam: I've been dabbling in the hip-hop world lately, so I've prepared a little rap.
    Sam: Ancient Greece: Zeus presents a lovely crate to the first woman on Earth, a lovely gal named Pandora; it contained death and evil, corrupted the world forever more.
    Sam: I prepared a word game.
    Sam: I did learn a magic trick.
  • Seeming is the gift that keeps giving. First flying cows, then lots of de Rolos, then nesting doll sexy sextuplets.
  • Vax never washes his armor, so apparently it's smelly.
  • Tiberius murdering an old woman was treated a What the Hell, Hero? moment in-universe. That doesn't stop them from regularly making jokes about attacking the elderly.
  • After the show started airing on Alpha, the crew began putting amusing commentary in the lower left hand corner.
  • Episode 85's Wham Line, "What's my mother's name?" has started being called back to in humorous contexts.
  • Sam's shirt. Not only they are always different (at one point he notices he almost wore a different one per episode, only thrice wearing a shirt he already wore, and cam wearing four different ones to even it out), they often have humorous immages to. The most frequent are pictures of Matt's faces and the "shirtception" (started by him wearing a shirt with his face on, than a shirt with him wearing that shirt, than a third one with him wearing the second one...)
  • Vex is always getting hit with Finger of Death and other necrotic magic. Enough that Matt took notice and nudged her into a situation where she would gain innate resistance to necrotic damage.

    Vox Machina Origins 
  • Vex and Vax meet Keyleth for the first time.
    Vax: I'm dying. I'm dying and I'm hallucinating a squirrel who can turn into people.
  • The second comic, which features Grog and Scanlan traveling together with their pre-Vox Machina group, has a minor running gag of the paladin/cleric pair that they travel with never getting introduced. Even when the opportunity comes up to do so, Scanlan deliberately does not say their names.
  • Also in the second comic, Scanlan asks Grog what someone like him is afraid of. Grog says spiders. Scanlan agrees.
  • In the third issue, Tiberius and Keyleth are tracking the scent of the poisoned water, all the while the two are conversing like normal... despite Keyleth having transformed into a dog and is speaking in woofs and barks.
    Tiberius: This conversation would be somewhat less absurd if I could understand you.
    Keyleth: Woof.
    Tiberius: Oh, really? I hadn't considered that.


Campaign 2: 2018-present

    Running Gags 
  • Caleb's dirty appearance and terrible smell, and the tendency of the others, especially Jester, to point it out.
  • As a Call-Back from the original campaign, old people are a common target.
  • Sam wearing the same shirts that he wore in the corresponding episode of Season 1.
  • The group chanting "Le-vel X! Le-vel X!" whenever their characters fail at something mundane in the campaign's early stages.
  • Nott's terrible Charisma being required for hilariously frequent rolls, with single-digit (or lower) results. Same holds true for her Perception rolls with a modifier of +0.
  • Due to Caleb's vaguely German accent, any dice roll that amounts to nine inevitably draws a chorus of "Nein!"s. This gets to the point that, in Episode 8, Caleb gives the group the name of "The Mighty Nein".
    Matt: You guys sound like Rammstein over there.
  • The trend of Beau's first attack being a flashy maneuver that misses horribly, and her second being a Boring, but Practical attack that is much more successful.
  • Chanting different phrases to the tune of "Breaking the Law"—for example, "Regular gnoll, regular gnoll!"
  • Making puns of Fjord's name with Ford Motor Company cars or slogans.
  • The Black Comedy surrounding Frumpkin's 1d4 HP and his multiple deaths.
  • Liam using Caleb's Keen Mind feat to force Matt to repeat information whenever it's convenient, using some variant of "Liam doesn't remember this, but Caleb does."
  • Caleb's method of counting/spelling: by painstakingly emphasizing everything. This includes slowly spelling out The Mighty Nein as if talking to a young child, counting out every bit of his gold when need be (130+ being the current record) and counting the number of arrows that are lodged into his chest when the group got robbed, as he painfully pulls them out one by one.
  • The normally flippant Molly casting Vicious Mockery in Infernal using gory, evil-sounding threats, and Jester casting Hellish Rebuke in Infernal by saying juvenile or even complimentary things.
  • People being confused by the Mighty Nein's name, noting "but there's only six/seven of you".
  • Jester using Thaumaturgy to make windows fly open, startling whoever happens to be around.
  • Nott ending her Message spells with "You can reply to this message".
  • Jester responding to a closed door to an occupied room by instantly assuming someone's naked inside or claiming she's naked in her room when someone tries her door.
  • Fjord coaxing politeness out of Beau, with limited success.
  • The team introducing new people to Pumat Sol(s) without any advanced warning as to what to expect, just to enjoy their reactions.
  • The team harassing town criers in Zadash, asking for elaboration on the stories they're telling (usually to the response of "I don't know, I'm just reading what's written here!" This includes Yasha snatching the paper they read the stories from to confirm that that's all it says, and Jester yelling the stories with her own special twist once they've walked away.
  • Sam trades in his tankard for a giant flask, but continues posting messages on it like he did in campaign 1. This includes one to Laura apologizing for having eaten Indian food that day (he definitely passed gas in her direction at least once during the course of that evening).
  • Taliesin slipping and saying he's taking a shot when Molly attacks.
  • Liam rolling an Insight check on other party members when they reveal bits of their backstory, but not actually gaining any additional insight, with Matt simply stating that they "appear to be telling the truth". It reached a point where Liam was told to simply ask if they were being truthful to Matt instead of rolling.
    • The joke has extended to the others as well, such as when Nott was going into detail on her past, only for Taliesin to suddenly announce he was wanting to roll an Insight Check.
  • The "Metagaming Pigeon", usually in the form of random pigeon coos.
  • Kiri using overheard phrases out of context. Fans have taken to pointing out when Matt is writing something during conversation, predicting (often correctly) that he's saving a line he just heard for Kiri to use later.
  • Beau doing something impressive, and regardless of the situation, Ashly Burch says "Keg is aroused."
  • Jester casting Sending to relay information, only to forget each time the spells character limit, resulting in her sending barely explained messages, and forcing her to cast it again to finish.
    • While Jester has since learned to be more careful with her Sending word count, it has had the lasting and humorous effect of the rest of the party actively keeping count with every sending.
  • An idea being brought to or around Molly that sounds either silly, stupid or risky, only for Molly to point out how silly, stupid, or risky is is, before agreeing to do it because it sounds fun/funny.
  • Laura’s hatred of healing, despite Jester initially being the party’s only method of healing.
  • Matt constantly having to remind the players that they are bringing (or, in a few cases, forgot to bring) one of their pets into a dangerous situation.
  • One or more players creating a mysterious echo whenever the name Uk'otoa (Uk'otoa!) is spoken.
  • The chair from episode 48 is becoming a nearly mythic example of this in the span of only a single week. Obstinately there only as a clue that a certain minor location had been visited by someone AFTER being ransacked, the lack of other information quickly gave rise to theories of its importance. These range from being an essential clue to solving the entire campaign, the campaign's true Big Bad, or a Demi-God worthy of its own whispered echo. (Chair'k'otoa!)

    Episode 1: Curious Beginnings 
  • Laura's character: a Genki Girl blue Tiefling named Jester with a vaguely Russian accent, is already shaping up to be hilarious.
    Jester: I'm sorry I took all your friend's money...
    Fjord: You could give it back?
    Jester: Why though?
    • After this she's told "Your Laura is showing." and everyone, including Matt, breaks down into laughter.
  • When Jester first starts talking to her and Caleb, Nott notes that Tieflings can only sense movement. Jester admits that while that may be true, she can still hear her.
  • Similarly, Taliesin plays an extremely ostentatious Tiefling circus performer with shades of Snake Oil Salesman named Mollymauk.
  • During the party's first meeting in the tavern, Beau asks why Nott is so wrapped up and Caleb anxiously explains that she's a goblin and not to tell anyone. It turns out Marisha meant it in the sense of Nott being wrapped in clothes like she's cold, and Liam (perfectly in character by accident) misinterpreted and overshared to an extreme degree.
  • After teaching Nott to play cards, Laura asks if the pastries Jester ordered came out yet and is suddenly handed a real pastry on a napkin to Sam's surprise. A few seconds later, Sam pulls out a cupcake that he had hidden in his lap. It takes Laura several minutes to notice.
  • At one point while speaking as Nott, Sam's voice starts to break and a few others are beginning to giggle. It's what he says next (while still doing the voice, too!) that causes the whole table to crack up:
    Sam: Yeah, I'm sticking with this fucking accent for the next two years.
  • Caleb is browsing the bookstore, and while he's talking to the owner, Jester decides to misplace and rearrange a few books. She rolls a Natural 20, however, so there are stacks of pulled-out books, books turned every which way, and books completely misplaced all over.
    • Also, after failing to find any interesting books in the store, Caleb, trying not to seem impolite, asks to buy a book on farming:
    Caleb: How much for this book on, uh... hoe technique?
    Book store owner: Ah, Jamison's Hoedown, yes. That would be two silver pieces.
    Caleb: I'm very embarrassed, sorry, I gave away my last two silver pieces...
    Laura: No, I gave them back to you, remember?
    Caleb: I gave away my last two silver pieces.
    • When Caleb leaves, he calls Frumpkin - his tabby cat familiar - after him. Cue Matt meowing in response, followed by Liam and Marisha's reactions as they realise that Matt has to make cat noises now.
  • As the group approaches the circus tent, they find Mollymauk outside, doing his fortune telling for a farmer who asks if he should be worried about his cough. Molly flips over a tarot card and tells the man that the cough will probably get better soon, but still encourages him to have it looked at.
    Farmer: Oh, right, right. Um, by who? What do the cards tell me?
    Mollymauk: (flips over a card, completely deadpan) ...Some sort of physician, perhaps.
  • Making fun of the pronunciation of "falchion" when Fjord reveals his sword for the first time, with Liam suggesting "felching".
    • Made funnier by the fact that Matt, Laura, Travis, and Liam were all in Fire Emblem Awakening, and thus should probably know how to pronounce "falchion."
  • A case of Meta Black Comedy, the cause of this campaign's first battle is an elderly man turning into a zombie-like creature. The elderly do not have a good time around any PCs in this universe.
  • Sam's new character, Nott, tries to sing. Everyone shrinks away in horror.
    Liam: He's killing the memory of Scanlan!
  • Marisha's character is nicknamed "Beau", and by sheer coincidence an NPC happens to be nicknamed "Bo" as well. This causes confusion. At the end of the episode when the party is surrounded by guards, they milk this and all try to claim their names are "Bo".
    • Their full responses when asked by the guards to give their names:
    Jester: Shirley!
    Nott: Temple!
    Caleb: ...Caleb Widogast.
    Beau: Beau. Like him. [attempts to indicate the NPC Bo, but is technically gesturing toward Travis]
    Fjord: ...Bo.
    Nott: (who has already given an alias) I AM BO!
  • When the guards start accusing the carnival of being responsible for the attacks after the battle at the end, Mollymauk makes an irritated remark about how of course they intentionally caused their patrons to turn into zombie-like creatures, just to deliberately ruin their own performance. The guards then declare that the whole carnival will be arrested and ask who belongs to it. The carnival master Gustav tries to exempt Mollymauk and Yasha by saying they came in with the other patrons, but because of Molly's comment earlier, Matt has Taliesin roll a Deception check... which he critically fails, leading to Molly being essentially arrested for sarcasm.

    Episode 2: A Show of Scrutiny 
  • After Keyleth getting arrested became an unintentional Running Gag, Marisha makes it clear this character isn't going to jail for once. Thanks to a series of extremely poor rolls (failed Stealth, failed Deception when the guards see her, failed Strength when trying to elbow a guard and get away), Beauregard ends up getting arrested anyway.
  • While the party is swapping stories from their pasts, Nott talks about her thieving career so far. When she mentions she had a collection of stolen sticks and rocks, Jester points out that people probably wouldn't be mad about that. Sam has a perfectly-timed on-the-spot response, which sends the entire group into hysterics.
    • Later, Nott's sticky fingers happen to find a flask made of platinum. To put this into perspective, the party is currently dealing in silvers and single-digit golds; this single item is likely worth several times their total party wealth.
  • When Jester and Fjord enter the jail to try to get Beau out, Matt describes the jail as smelling like piss and mildew. Jester's response?
    Jester: Ugh, it smells like Caleb in here!
  • At one point, Nott says she likes "loves trinkets so much" in a fairly drastic turnabout from Sam since the last campaign, which the cast acknowledge with barely-contained laughter.
    • Similarly, Fjord admits that he's "not much for ale", with an identical reaction.
  • When ordered by the city guards to wait in an inn for questioning, Jester declares that she is going to run up and down the stairs until the staff asks her to stop.
  • Laura leaves the table just before the break, so Taliesin puts on her glasses.
  • Nott tries to pretend-fight Caleb to deceive some guards, and rolls a 0 and a 4 (a 3 and a 7, but she has -3 to her Charisma-based checks) even with Caleb assisting for advantage. Caleb ends up real-hitting her in the face with his own Natural 20 on Deception, so the players joke that Nott's teeth were straightened because they were already messy. Meanwhile, Jester was failing at her own stealthiness by squatting in six inches of lake water.
  • Jester offers to cheer Caleb up by showing him "something cool"... it turns out to be graffiti of a penis that she scratched into one of the tables at the inn.
    Molly: Is that— is that what they look like?
    Jester: I've seen a lot of dicks, okay? That's what most of them look like!
  • Jester fails at poo graffiti.
  • Jester rolls a Natural 1 on a Perception check, causing her to get an eyelash stuck under her eyelid and spend an hour (with Fjord's help) trying to get it out.
  • Jester and Nott's entire routine of "That's our culprit!" is comedy gold.
    • Nott and Jester make an amazing duo throughout the episode, even before wildly accusing half the circus of being responsible for the zombies at the end. While investigating earlier, they disguise themselves as a mother and young daughter. Despite this, Jester successfully persuades a bartender that it's all right for Nott to have whiskey (even though Laura can't quite get the line out without laughing).
    Jester: It's okay, she's my daughter, she loves whiskey...
  • Caleb describes the group as including "a dirty ginger" when talking to Nott about their need to blend into the shadows. Cue Marisha silently questioning if Liam meant her, before remembering that Caleb is literally a dirty ginger.
  • Beau's attempt at bonding with the Knot Sisters, by insulting Molly.
    Molly: Her name's Beau. She's, ugh... She's helping, she's awful, you have a lot in common.
    One of the Knot Sisters: Well, okay. Whatever you wanna know.
    Beau: He's such a dick, why is he such a dick?
    One of the Knot Sisters: Molly's great, why're you such a dick?
  • Fjord uses a classy fake British accent to talk his way past some guards at the circus. As soon as they’re clear of the guards Travis starts speaking to Grog. It only takes him a sentence to slip back into Fjord but the reactions from the rest of the cast are pretty amusing.
  • The revelation that Fjord has no pockets.
    Sam: You designed a character with no pockets? Why would you do that?
    Liam: He's just in a Blue Man Group unitard and that's it!
    Marisha: I'm sure Rob Liefeld just got a nosebleed and he doesn't know why.
  • When leaving their inn rooms again, the group tries to think of a way to make it so that, when they return, they'll know if someone came into their room when they weren't around. First Beau tries using some bandages and cloth from her medical kit to tie the doorknob to something in the room, so it'd be moved if the door opens. This proves difficult, eventually leading Molly to exasperatedly just give her string to use.
    • Then, as that's being set up, Caleb comments how he can just use a spell to alert him if someone enters the room (so Molly immediately takes his string back), and Liam flips through his book to find the exact spell.
    Nott: (smiling) The best part is, it doesn't alert him if I sneak in or out!
    Caleb: (as Liam doesn't even look up from his book) That you know of.
    Nott: (smile vanishes) Wait...

    Episode 3: The Midnight Chase 
  • Before the episode, Sam (as usual) does the sponsor spiel for D&D Beyond. He claims to be losing his voice and asks Laura to read the text while he lip syncs. Cue the text promptly mocking Laura for obsessing over dice superstitions and using her "dice jail".
  • At the start of the episode, Laura and Sam trade dice for fun. When the episode starts and they roll initiative, they both roll the dice they traded...and both get Natural 1's.
  • During the initial fight, Jester attempts to cast Sacred Flame on one of the zombies...while simultaneously trying to pet the nearby Frumpkin.
  • Matt snatching up the Golden Snitch comes back to haunt Taliesin as Matt uses it to role a Natural 20 as a zombie crits Molly and knocks him out. Later, when Taliesin repeatedly fails to hit a single Imp in the episode's boss fight, Matt holds the Golden Snitch aloft and kisses it in a "my precious" manner.
    • When Travis realizes that Matt has been rolling Natural 20s with the Golden Snitch, he immediately turns on Taliesin.
    Travis: I will bite you in the anus!
  • Nott gets the HDYWTDT on the last zombie. It consists of shooting it in the calf and running (screaming in terror) without even seeing if it hit, resulting in the zombie falling into a campfire.
  • When the party comes into possession of some horses, Travis asks to check if it’s a mustang. When he’s successful & confirmed that it is, Fjord names him Shelby, to the collective groans of the group.
    Marisha: We had better get a hundred thousand dollars from Ford for that one.
  • When the group gets back to the inn, Jester falls asleep while drawing the zombie guards making out with each other.
    Taliesin: Way hotter.
  • After Caleb and Not come back from buying books Jester gets really curious about whats in them much to Caleb's irritation
    Liam: I hide it near my dick so she can't get at it.
    Jester: I am not afraid of dicks
    Marisha: She's not your sister anymore.
  • Nott rolled a Natural 1 when trying to make acid in her chemistry set. Matt said that a little splashed on her glove, so she dropped it all on the floor, where it started making a hole in the wood until Caleb woke up from Frumpkin the sparrow and transmuted it into iron.
  • Nott and Jester's embellished account of their "brilliant mystery solving" from the last episode, which boils down to getting the Devil Toad and Toya to confess "Aaaah I'm a fiend!" and "Aaaaah I'm a little girl!" Better, Nott wasn't aware Toya was a Dwarf, she just assumed Toya was either a small child or an adult unnaturally de-aged by the Devil Toad feeding on her life energy.
  • Jester and Nott have an extended conversation about the biology of the Devil Toad, which descends into theorizing that the little Dwarf girl was actually a dangling appendage of his (think Alluring Anglerfish) rather than a living creature.
    Fjord: So this thing has tentacles now?
    Nott: Not just tentacles. Dwarf tentacles.
    Liam (Out of character): Fuckin' anime actors...
    • After this, the others ask Molly if the circus has an opening for Nott and Jester.
  • After Fjord's backstory is revealed to have involved being a sailor, the entire party indulge in "Sea Men" jokes. Everyone breaks into hysterics as the jokes continue to be embellished.
    • Caleb encounters a similar problem, as his insistence on being left alone to read his books leads the rest of the party to repeatedly suggest that he in fact wants to be left alone to do something else.
  • Fjord disguises himself as an old man who claims to have seen a murderous creature to lure a guard away from the inn so the rest of the party can sneak out. When he realizes that the guard is still following him, Fjord quickly stops and pretends to be senile and have forgotten what he was doing to make the guard leave him alone.
  • Thanks to mis-interpreting a few of Matt's descriptions, the party becomes fixated on a non-existent witch encounter on the island, misinterpreting a ruin as a hut, and even trying to will it into existence with their role-playing power. Matt warns them that if they want a witch encounter so badly, he can easily make one...
    Sam: There's a full hut with a witch inside, Matt.
    Matt: You want me to put a witch in this? You want me to throw a witch in this? There can be a witch, Sam! I got rules for this shit in the book!
  • The crew tries to pass a message down the line from Fjord to Molly.
    Fjord to Beau: These shells have been devoured.
    Beau to Caleb: The shell has been devoured.
    Caleb to Nott: The bells have been deflowered.
    Nott to Jester: The whales are in my power.
    Jester to Molly: The veils are covered in flour?
  • After Keyleth spent many episodes angsting about killing a child, Beau's initial contribution to the boss fight is pinning Toya down and knocking her out. Worse still, Matt forgot the rules for nonlethal damage, so Toya could have died! Children and old people: some things never change.
  • Nott shoots her crossbow without looking. Sam rolls a Natural 1 on the attack, then rolls a second attack to determine that it ricocheted off of Jester's shield.
    Nott: I'm blinded by tears!
  • What gives the party the most trouble in the boss fight? Not the boss itself, but a single Imp. Multiple party members waste their turns failing to hit it, and it manages to take out Fjord. The group jokes that there was a very real possibility they could've been TPK'd by a lone Imp after killing the boss. Beau finally manages to kill it, and uses her second attack to stomp on it repeatedly even though her first staff hit already killed it.
  • As heartwarming as it is, Nott's Natural 20 medicine check to stabilize Caleb is described to the rest of the party as "the scariest mouth-to-mouth you've ever seen".
  • At the end of the episode, cracks are made at Liam for "getting the full wizard experience", as two hits knocked him right out.
  • Caleb explaining that Frumpkin cannot permanently die, being a summoned fey spirit rather than a real animal, becomes Black Comedy when Nott talks about how she was once turned into an octopus so Nott could safely jump out a window onto her, with Caleb adding that Nott has eaten Frumpkin three times.

    Episode 4: Disparate Pieces 
  • Beau makes Kylre's head flap its jaw like a puppet to make Jester laugh. Molly is utterly mortified that they're making a puppet out of his former coworker.
  • As Molly hurries Toya to the boat, the rest of the gang kinda forgets they're carrying Kylre's head on the way there. Toya just screams.
    Travis: We literally cut the head off of Barney and shoved it in her face. "I love yooouuuuu" *dies*
  • Toya is understandably uncomfortable around Beau after Episode 3, so the gang coaches Beau through a rather unconvincing apology:
    Fjord: It might do for you to apologize.
    Beau: Sorry.
    Jester: Sorry, for whaaaat...? Beau.
    Beau: ...Sorry for choking you with my stick.
    Nott: 'And I'll never do it again.'
    Beau: And I'llneverdoitagain.
  • Beau, Jester and Nott try to sneak back into the inn, and are quickly spotted by guards. The results are impressive:
    • Jester makes a disastrous attempt at deceiving them ("I lost my shoe!"), which is so dumb that Matt forces her to roll Deception at a disadvantage. She and Beau get arrested.
    • Nott claims to be unconnected to them...and rolls a 0 on Deception. Matt snorts cola up his nose.
  • Apparently, after Yasha's dramatic departure at the end of the first episode, she was caught by the guards immediately.
  • During the party's late night trial, Nott's identity as a goblin is revealed to the Lawmaster and her reaction is to immediately become hostile to her. As a result Nott gets a bit... scared as the trial goes on.
    Lawmaster Norda: Is that goblin pissing in my court?
  • Liam constantly engages in Self-Deprecation to explain why he's telling the truth during the trial, including talking about how he's a hobo who reeks of yesterday's garbage.
  • Jester and Beau celebrate Beau getting her first nemesis of the campaign... whom Matt points out is a 12-year-old girl.
  • Before leaving, Gustav delivers a farewell speech, but Jester mishears a crucial word:
    Gustav: To the new family, don't make the same mistakes your forefathers did.
    Jester: ... Nott, they had four fathers.
  • Caleb takes Nott to an expensive bathhouse. What's the first thing she does? Pour the cucumber water on the ground and eat all the cucumbers, and steal everything in the room not nailed down. Matt cracks up and doesn't even ask for a Sleight-of-Hand Check, since they're in their own private room and no-one else is watching.
    • Also, when Caleb was stripping down to get in the tub, he still had Disguise Self active. The cast compared it to a "glitchy video game character", with his real clothes popping out of nowhere.
    • The other kicker is that Caleb spent the whole time reading and relaxing instead of washing - he used no soap and didn't get even a drop of water above his neck or try to clean up his clothes. And neither did Nott. So Caleb spent his silver on a very nice hot bath to have them not take a bath.
  • The healer's kit Beau gave to Jester in the last episode? We find out that Beau originally bought it with Jester during Session Zero... and Beau paid way too much for it due to Jester swapping out the price tag. And now Jester owns it, which Laura points out is a double win for her.
  • Jester re-arranges the wares of a store again.
  • Jester straight-up tells the shopkeeper of Natural Remedies:
    Jester: My friends keep dying, do you have any healing potions?
  • What starts as a normal shopping trip quickly becomes a drug deal thanks to Taliesin's improv as Molly, causing the shopkeeper's character to instantly shift from normal salesman to shady dealer. Taliesin apologizes to the audience and points the finger at Matt because he'd obviously prepared for this. Matt replies that he totally didn't make the NPC up on the spot or anything.
    • When Fjord rolls Persuasion to get healing potions for cheap by hinting that the Mighty Nein might report him for drug dealing if they don't, the shopkeeper slips him a dose of the drug anyway for free. Matt brings up the possibility of a TPK by overdose.
    • Beau shakes the shopkeeper's hand and asks for his name. Matt pauses for a long time before responding and Travis jokes that he was still deciding on a name by the last letter.
  • After Molly discusses his philosophy of life, Jester chimes in with "Life needs things to live, after all". Taliesin uses this opportunity to take a jab at his previous character.
    Molly: That is stupid, who said that?
  • Just before they leave, as they are finishing up the last packing, Beau takes the time to commit mail fraud against a brewster company she dislikes. One successful Deception roll and she's got three packages to take with her on their journey.
    Taliesin: That is actually the worst crime we committed today.
  • Thanks to a poor Animal Handling roll (from Nott with help from Fjord), their horse ends up taking off in fear, the cart right behind it. Forcing the group to end the session chasing after their things. They comment on how horses and carriages are the new doors.
  • After Yasha comments how Nott "the Brave" seems to be intimidated by her, Nott answers that actually there is no comma in her name. She is just "Nott (not) the brave".
  • Nott giving flowers to Yasha.
    Nott: I give them to you because they might perk you up, coz you're so drab and also you won't want to kill me.
    Yasha: Well I don't want to kill you.
    Nott: Of course you don't, I just gave you flowers!
    Jester: Did you get me any flowers?
    Nott: No... Because you're less of a threat.
    Jester: (Ominously) You don't know that...

    Episode 5: The Open Road 
  • Since Sam wasn't there in episode 5 of the first campaign, he's wearing a green screen shirt (something he mentioned on the previous Talks Machina that he could do it after Marisha suggested it) so the fans can edit it.
  • Travis compliments Marisha's "dope jacket" at one point and mentions how jealous he is. Matt tells him that they can get him one that is the same size, prompting him to go into hysterical crying.
  • When Caleb goes into a trance to see through Frumpkin's eyes for spying purposes, Jester keeps asking him questions about what he's seeing, despite Nott's repeated reminders that Caleb can't hear her.
  • While they're on the road, Jester has Molly do another card reading for her:
    Molly: (looks at Jester's card) Oh, that's very good.
    Jester: Is it? What does it mean?
    Molly: It means that you're on a cart.
    Laura: (on the card she drew) It was the chariot.
  • When Beau and Jester climb a tree during a break, Beau spies some knots on the tree and asks Jester what she thinks lives in them. Jester's answer? Really tiny unicorns. Apparently, some of them can be as small as hamsters.
    Beau: What is it like, inside your head?
    Jester: It's pretty great!
    • Later on, Jester critically fails a perception check while keeping watch at night, so Matt decides she suddenly had the urge to draw tiny unicorns in her sketchbook.
  • When the party takes watch, Caleb notices something moving and wakes Nott, suggesting they get Beau up as well. Nott, in the middle of panicking, doesn't want to, noting that she's the most irritable. This wakes Beau up anyway, and she grumpily complains about them calling her irritable. And then everyone remembers she, like Caleb, is human and can't see in the dark any better than he can.
  • The group quickly discover that the movement they saw belonged to a small herd of bison-like creatures. The party has a brief discussion on whether to pursue them (to use them as beasts of burden for their wagon), or leave them alone. Fjord, however, with unbridled glee, has reasons of his own.
    Fjord: Well let's go look at one!
    Nott: You want to go cow tipping, don't you?
    Fjord: FUCK yeah!
  • After Molly takes third (turd) watch and rolls a 6 perception check, Matt asks everyone but Fjord to leave the table.
    Taliesin: I *literally* don't know. That's actually the problem.
  • After Fjord wakes up from his dream and vomits seawater, Jester asks him, with complete sincerity:
    Jester: Do you think you're slowly turning into water? [...] If you feel like it's happening, let me know and I'll catch you in a jar.
    • Fjord notes in deadpan that no, that utterly terrifying thought hadn’t occurred to him, but thanks, he'll add it to the list.
    • Jester then implies that, if he did turn into water, she might drink him. Molly has to genuinely explain to her that you can't drink salt water.
    • In the same scene, Molly runs his hand down the front of Fjord's shirt and smells the water and finds that it smells briny. Jester and Beau both go to take a taste, prompting Beau to say that "You taste like sea men"... which is followed immediately by cackling from the players and an extended double face palm from Matt.
  • When the group finds a city under attack by Gnolls, Matt informs Nott and Caleb that they've fought them before. Jester asks for advice.
    Jester: How do you kill them?
  • In the battle, Jester creates a Spiritual Weapon... in the shape of a giant lollipop.
    • And her radiant damage spells, instead of the standard white are pink.
  • Liam has a little My God, What Have I Done? moment after a rolled nine results in several cries of "Nein!" to go up around the table.
    Liam:What have I wrought?
  • Nott rushes up to the second floor of a house to get a better vantage point... only to find the entire floor is on fire. She takes a look around the flames and says "This is fine".
  • Jester uses Hellish Rebuke on a skeletal Gnoll... by yelling "I'm rubber, you're glue" in Infernal.

    Episode 6: The Howling Mines 
  • Early on, the group asks about Molly's swords and how he got them, resulting in Molly making an incredibly obvious fake story about his family being part of a cult of some kind before stealing the swords and running. The group then drills him for more information, and all Molly can do is give super vague answers, such as when Nott asked about having any other family out there, he answers with; "Not that I've ever known." Matt doesn't even make them roll, it was super clear Molly was just bullshitting them.
  • To help Caleb resummon Frumpkin, Fjord gives the wizard the small amount of incense he has on him; unfortunately, the contribution is rather neglible in the grand scheme of things, given that Caleb needs a lot of incense:
    Caleb: (fumbling) Oh... That is really, very, ah...
    Fjord: Changed your day, didn't it? Everything's coming up flowers now.
    Caleb: Yes, this has helped me immeasurably...
    Fjord: Don't mention it.
    • Hilariously, Caleb's subsequent show of cameraderie, in which he goes "Thanks, big guy" and then punches Fjord in the shoulder, backfires due to the two men's low strength stats (10 and 11 respectively). Liam and Travis act out the "put on a brave face followed by secretly wincing" perfectly.
  • The group asks about the closest thing to a shop left in the town, which they find out previously was a barn. Jester, curious as ever, asks why it used to be a barn but became a shop, resulting in the NPC Matt made going on a long speech about the history of the barn becoming a shop. As soon as he finishes, Jester has a blank look on her face, clearly having not paid attention, and merely comments that it was a good talk, in a dry tone.
    • This conversation:
    Store Owner: What kind of establishment do you take this for?
    Caleb: You're a barn
    Store Owner: Touche
  • When looking for the gnolls, Jester rides on Beau's shoulders to act as a lookout, while Beau barely passes the Strength check to hold her up.
    Beau: (visibly straining) Yes, you are! Doin' great!
  • When deciding the marching order, Nott comments that she'll be part of the Fjord Expedition, a pun so bad the players can hear the recording crew groaning in pain.
    • Later on, upon trying to decide whether to press forward into the mine or backtrack to a previous unexplored tunnel, Nott asks if they should be Fjord Explorers or Fjord Escapes. Travis immediately looks at Sam with Tranquil Fury eyes.
      Travis: (whispering to Matt) Kill him.
  • Fjord creates a Minor Illusion of a plump, wounded bunny to distract some hyenas. After the party kills them, Jester tries to look for the bunny.
    Nott: We'll have a funeral later.
  • Fjord suggests sending Frumpkin, still a bird, into the Gnoll's mine, leading Beau to comment that it's a "canary in a Gnoll mine". The entire cast admits that was Actually Pretty Funny.
  • Out of nervousness, Nott finally drinks enough from her flask to get drunk. The cast instantly finds out how hilarious drunk Nott is.
  • Caleb sends Frumpkin-sparrow into the mine to scout it out. Searching for light, Frumpkin smacks into a sloped ceiling and flops to the ground like a bird hitting a window.
  • One of the things they discover after their first battle in the mines is a stick of dynamite which Jester proceeds to wave in the face of a terrified Nott and try to balance on her upper lip like a moustache.
  • During a battle with Gnolls in the mines, Beau reveals she had a bag of 1000 ball bearings all this time, which she apparently bought in Session Zero.
  • During that same battle, a gnoll shoots an arrow at Beau, and she stops it with Deflect Missiles. She then holds it out and does a makeshift Mic Drop.
  • Later, Beau tries to "parkour" around the room and attack a Gnoll with her staff. The parkour itself succeeds, but the staff attack misses horribly. As the Gnoll laughs at her, Beau simply punches it in the face.
  • Nott's terrible Hideous Laughter jokes return.
    Nott: If you spend a day down a well... well that's a day well spent!
  • Both Caleb (two 13s) and Beau (a 2 and 3) manage to miss a lone, prone Gnoll despite having Advantage. In extreme pain from her failed jumping elbow attack, Beau's second attack, out of frustration, is a Natural 20. And that's still not enough. Jester tries to finish it and also fails, before Nott finally gets the HDYWTDT. Level 3, ladies and gentlemen.
    Caleb: A toast to that guy there... he had a good run.
  • Sam describes the above gnoll as "Like Beyonce: one hot gnolls". The pun is so bad that Matt suggests 1 point of psychic damage to everyone.

    Episode 7: Hush 
  • Sam's D&D Beyond jingle is both hilarious and awesome.
  • The tone is set when Matt's narration is almost immediately interrupted by Laura, who's cracking up at the mention of "shaft". Things only go downhill from there:
    Travis: Well, it usually curves to the left, but... whatever.
    Sam: Not from her perspective.
  • The guest player, Khary Payton, makes his initiative roll, the first roll he's ever done on that particular dice...and rolls a Natural 1. The others go nuts.
    Travis: Welcome, welcome!
    Liam: One of us! One of us!
  • Fjord takes a page from Nott's book and indulges in some Incredibly Lame Puns upon casting Armor of Agathys:
    Fjord: Everybody... chill.
  • During the fight against the gnoll leader, its first action against Beau is to attempt to shove her into the nearby pit. Thing is, Marisha didn't know there was a pit right next to where she moved, because the walls of the model of the mine had hidden it from her point of view. The next few rolls to try and save herself from falling in are incredibly tense (along with Travis and Liam trying to give her their energy a la Dragon Ball Z)... but she still ends up falling, fortunately not taking that much damage.
    Beau: (After climbing back up from the bottom of the 40 foot pit) Did you guys know there was a hole?
  • Nott and Jester's joint HDYWTDT on the gnoll leader:
    Jester: It was you! It was you!
    Both: (intense battle cries as they take out the gnoll leader)
  • Shakaste's Spiritual Weapon rivals Jester's in the awesomely hilarious department - it's a bust of a 120-year-old Estelle Getty, and just as sassy.
  • Beau's attempted rescue of Nott, accompanied by her increasingly frantic outbursts of "The fuck?!!"
  • During the fight with the Manticore, Jester casts Hellish Rebuke on it. Taking a page from Molly, she decides to say her incantation in Infernal. However, in a far cry from Molly's Badass Boasts, Jester almost coos at her opponent (who, keep in mind, is a terrifying lion-monster with a human face:
    Jester: (in infernal) Argh! You're such a cute kitty!
  • Nott tells another terrible joke, and it makes the manticore double over laughing. Doubles as a Moment of Awesome, since the monster was absolutely furious at Nott for killing its baby (a fact that even led Matt to give the manticore advantage on its saving throw, to no avail).
    Nott: What did the incontinent druid say at his surprise birthday party? "I'm so excited I wet my plants!"
  • After the group returns to town, Jester realizes she forgot to tell the Gnolls "Thaddeus Candleglow says hi" like she promised, so she unscrews the jar of Gnoll ears and whispers it to them.
  • At the end of the episode, Khary takes out a dice (from a plastic bag, with gloves) that was apparently used by Wil Wheaton. He mentions that it was given to him in the hope he would use it, but he intends to instead dispose of it, and asks that the disposal (which Matt compares to throwing the One Ring into the fires of Mount Doom) be filmed.
  • At some point after a battle, Jester decided to hand out some of the gold they found in the mines and try to distribute it evenly amonst the group. After giving some to the group, she has one more left and offers it again. Travis winks at Laura, clearly trying to get her to give it to him, only for Marisha (In character), to ask for it, to which Laura does so. Travis looks at Laura with an almost betrayed look, as if expecting her to have noticed him winking at her.

    Episode 8: The Gates of Zadash 
  • While the announcement that Travis and Laura are having a baby is heartwarming, Sam adds this.
    Sam: Are you going to hold a Critter contest to name your child?
  • When Beau puts on the goggles she got in the mines and discovers that she can see in the dark with them, Caleb asks her to look towards him... and immediately calls her a nerd.
    • Fjord joins in on the goggles shenanigans by pulling them back while Beau is distracted and having them snap back onto her face, startling her. She promptly punches him in the shoulder, causing it to go numb for a minute (Travis' face really sells it).
    • The entire description of Molly trying, and failing, to put the goggles on over his bedazzled horns. In the end he just holds them up to his eyes (and they don't even do anything, since he already has darkvision).
  • While Caleb is casting Identify, Jester makes a Sleight of Hand check to draw a dick in his spellbook and rolls a Natural 20.
  • When the group is going over the loot they got from the previous episode, nobody in the group is sure what to do with the Glaive since nobody present can wield it properly. The thing is, they completely forgot about Yasha, meaning the group sold a valuable weapon near the end of the session, and completely forgot about the one person who could wield it. Many people in the chat/comment section had a field day with it.
  • The characters come up with their new group name, the Mighty Nein. Matt points out that it sounds like Mighty No. 9 (since he played a role in that game) and starts to call it a Mega Man game, but Liam quickly goes, "No. No."
  • More laughs are had when Sam volunteers "Tough" for Fjord's surname.
  • Fjord knows about Jester's mother, a famous courtesan (similar to Inara), and tries to describe her profession somewhat delicately. Jester is far more blunt about the matter:
    Fjord: She entertains gentlemen. She is hard to describe, a performer, an entertainer...
    Jester: She is mostly known for her "herm herm herm", but outside of that... Her voice! It's amazing. You should hear her sing.
    Caleb: What does that mean? "Herm herm herm"?
    Jester: She has sex for money!
  • After everyone finds out that the reputation of Jester's mother basically borders on mythical in certain parts of Wildemount, Beau asks, "is [your mother] what that song is about?". Laura attempts to compose said song and it leaves something to be desired.
    Jester: (flat singing) "The Ruby of the Sea is the best... lay ever."
    Nott: It's a translation, I think!
  • The prank that got Jester kicked out of town was when she cast Disguise Self to look like her mother and lured a lord onto the balcony outside while he was only wearing one of her girdles - then she locked him out in broad daylight so everyone saw him. Death threats ensued, but the party unanimously agreed that the lord just had no sense of humor.
  • Nott asking Jester why she's looking for her dad, especially after Scanlan's relationship with Kaylie:
    Sam: Are you trying to find him to meet him and know him? Or to seek revenge on him?
  • Before leaving Alfield, the group asks Bryce to keep an eye out for Yasha and gives them several tidbits of description:
    Nott: She carries flowers.
    Jester: She's super scary-looking, but she's got a Heart of Gold.
  • Not a minute later:
    Nott: Are we sure we want to leave this place? People like us here.
    Jester: It's only a matter of time before they don't.
  • Caleb tries to scare away the group of bandits that ambushed the party at night by claiming they are infected with "extreme syphilis". The bandits don't buy it in the end, but the party tries to sell them really hard on it.
    Caleb: We might have tried a few things with that [manticore] head, but we paid the price.
  • The bandit encounter ends with a hilarious conversation between Molly and the not-very-good bandits. Matt voicing several similar-sounding very confused bandits all getting chewed out by a former victim has the entire group in stitches on the table. Molly’s glaive-point lecture to the bandits includes asking them if they felt unsatisfied with their old management ("Would you agree that the previous leadership of this group has probably failed you on some level?") in a sequence that wouldn’t sound out of place in a certain other D&D based series, having them elect a new leader ("Do not criticize new management until it's had time to take full effect."), and threatening them into changing their line of work. He even gives them money as enticement to follow through, after criticizing their efforts.
    Molly: Now for this, you promise that your terrible bandit days are over because you're really not very good at this. I mean, we were barely paying attention, this is pathetic.
    Molly: Well let's not cast aspirations on new management, it's only been two days.
  • The group goes shopping in Zadash and ends up in the magical shop of Enchanter Pumat Sol, the Canadian-accented, absurdly relaxed and polite Firbolg shopkeeper, and his three magical clones. The players are in stitches the entire time he’s present.
    Marisha: This guy's our new Gilmore.
    Liam: I am not seducing this person.
    Matt: You say this now...

    Episode 9: Steam and Conversation 
  • Sam's DnD Beyond plug, where he tries to "appeal to their British viewers" by giving a speech filled with Cockney slang in an exaggerated Cockney accent. Taliesin is facepalming from beginning to end.
  • When entering the Leaky Tap inn, the group begins to question what they're going to do. Jester suggests renting some rooms, but as soon as Beau points out the group playing a card game, she immediately goes to interfere with it.
    Beau: Oh, you don't have to-
    Laura: I'm already gone.
  • Fjord attempts to teach Beau proper manners. Hilarity Ensues.
  • Molly tries to teach Nott about not stealing from people who need money, and instead advises her to steal from people who have too much money and therefore tend to be grumpy. When he adds that some people who are grumpy are poor, Nott innocently asks what kind of grumpy Beau is. Molly's response?
    Molly: Definitely steal from Beau.
  • After Molly makes a grand speech in what the group should do next, starting with going to the blacksmith:
    Taliesin: I take five steps and go [As Molly] "I have no idea where the blacksmith is."
  • As one of the town criers is announcing the news, Jester trails behind her and yells:
    Jester: Town crier has toilet paper stuck to her shoes!
    Town crier proceeds to actually pause and look at her feet
  • Nott follows a fancy-looking woman and tries to pickpocket her: thanks to some low rolls for the stealing but high rolls for Stealth, Nott manages to only make the woman suspicious of the children running around and cause her blouse buttons to pop off (which she then blames on an innocent vendor, causing her to slap him and storm off). Nott then takes the buttons and leaves. (After all, she doesn't care if the things she steals aren't valuable, as long as they're pretty)
  • The jokes related to Fjord's name continue when Nott uses Disguise Self to make herself look like Fjord (just a 4-foot-tall variant).
    Marisha: So, a very focused Fjord?
    Travis: Like a tiny little fiesta.
  • The conversation briefly turns to the Ruby of the Sea again, whom Yasha has heard of:
    Yasha: [to Jester] That's pretty spectacular that that's your mother.
    Jester: I know!
    • Hilariously, the cast then proceeds to butcher the original 'jingle' (which only consisted of a single line), causing Jester to go, "You guys have really bad memories."
  • While Jester and the others are in the bath, she says she likes public baths because she can get close to people she knows and make them uncomfortable, which she says while slowly edging towards Fjord.
  • When it comes time to leave the bathhouse, everyone but Yasha and Beau leave at the same time. The two of them then proceed to play the gayest game of chicken ever put to screen by waiting for one of them to leave so the other can ogle her. And, when Yasha relents and gets out first:
    Marisha: [to Matt] Do I get a nice view?
    Matt: [in an "I can't believe you" tone of voice] ...yeah.
    Ashley: [simultaneously with Matt] Yes.
  • When Jester leaves to get her package from the Pillow Trove, she gives Yasha a big hug. What could be a heartwarming moment is immediately offset by Yasha's response.
    Yasha: Oh...thanks, Jester... (out of character) I get uncomfortable.
  • While Jester and Caleb are away, the rest of the party picks up a contract for slaying a beast lurking in Zadash's sewers, but Voloshin, the Herald of the Hall, is skeptical about their chances of success:
    Yasha: We'll take care of it.
    Voloshin: I'm sure you will.
    Yasha: I sense a little sarcasm from you, sir.
    Voloshin: It's a dwarven thing. Got resting bitch voice.
  • Black Comedy ensues with Frumpkin once again. After horribly failing a Stealth Check for him to sneak past the guards at the Pillow Trove, one of the guards simply kicks him. As Liam only rolled a 1 for his HP when he last cast Find Familiar, Frumpkin died, again.

    Episode 10: Waste and Webs 
  • Sam's outrageous ballet performance ad for D&D Beyond.
    Travis: What would you do every week without sponsorships? You would just explode.
    Sam: I would do this at home.
    Matt: He needs an outlet, it's healthy for him.
  • Vax'ildan returns briefly to help promote Farcry 5... and he's giving us an idea of how boring it is being an eternal servant of the Raven Queen.
    Vax: Y'know, most of the time I sit here in a big black room just wondering where the fuck I am and what's going to happen next...probably nothing [...] Send me some comic books, 'cos I'm really bored here.
  • Molly has... interesting ideas on how to spend his time at the Pillow Trove:
    Molly: I want to defile a very expensive shower.
  • Matt describes the entrance to the sewer system:
    Matt: Make a Perception check.
    Liam: That's a... 10.
    Matt: (creepily) You don't see anything dangerous, Georgie.
  • Beau has another go at social interaction and it goes about as well as you'd expect. She tries to get some information from a crownsguard before the party enters the sewers, but her blunt demeanor flusters him something fierce:
    Matt: He kinda scratches his head over his helmet. (makes the sound of squeaking metal) Doesn't realize he's not getting to the itch.
    Beau: Stop with the nervous ticks!
  • Yasha is the first to go down into the sewers and has a brief look around. Ashley is quick to conclude they're in the clear, but Matt has her roll a Perception check. Cue the Killed Mid-Sentence jokes:
  • Beau successfully finds signage inside the sewer saying where to go. Marisha is unfortunately not very skilled at drawing them for reference.
    Marisha: This arrow splits into three arrows, and's a penis.
    Travis: If you ever make a road sign, people are fucked.
    Liam: That's a Nintendo controller.
  • When the party delves into the sewer to find and kill a monster, their search turns up some unidentifiable sludge... which Nott tastes for clues. Because Sam manages to roll really high for his Intelligence check, Nott actually picks up a clue from doing this.
  • Fjord is the first one to take down one of the sewer rats and barely manages to avoid the cloud of poisonous gas that releases from its dead body. In response, Jester accuses him of farting during combat.
  • Beau is not so lucky when she is exposed to one of the gas clouds, and rolls a Natural 1 on her saving throw. At the end of the battle, Nott shoots a rat with her hand crossbow, killing it near Beau... who rolls another Natural 1. The die is promptly sent to dice jail as punishment.
  • Fjord asks Nott to watch their backs as they venture further into the sewers. Unfortunately, Sam's Perception check amounts to the grand total of 1. Later on, Yasha wonders if the creature might be behind them. Cue Nott:
    Nott: (confidently) It's not behind us!
  • Marisha finds the missing mini for Jester's lollypop, causing everyone to gush about how cute it looks:
  • Beau decides to join Yasha's team when the party declares their positions in the sewer.
    Travis: (disgruntled) "Wow, f—-ing betrayal. Okay."
    Marisha: (indignant) "I was trying to split it up evenly-"
    Both start giggling out of character
    Marisha: "Look, there's a new girl in town..."
  • Molly get the HDYWTDT against the Phase Spider that's been killing guards and citizens... by boiling its blood via Vicious Mockery. Even he can't really believe that just happened.
    Molly: I've never seen it do that before.
  • After spilling the beans about the Gentleman, Thed prepares to depart and does the standard I Was Never Here, which Beau is willing to play along with. Jester, however...:
    Thed: I would hope that you would be kind enough to know that that information did not come from me, and that you've never seen me before in your entire life.
    Beau: What's your name?
    Molly: Of course, friend, we've never seen you before in our entire lives.
  • The party nominate Nott to be the first party member to climb out of the sewer. She proceeds to press her goblinoid face up against the grate and shout for help in the most terrifying snarl imaginable.
  • To verify whether the correct beast was slain, Voloshin has someone get the guard that had previously survived his encounter with the Phase Spider. The guard's panicked reaction says enough and he is promptly sent away again, but Beau protests:
    Beau: You should let that guy go on leave... for mental collapse and- that's rough, man.
    • Fearing Beau will get into another argument, Fjord prepares to step in before things escalate, but, to his surprise, the ever-combative Beau relents and admits Voloshin makes a fair point. And then there's Molly:
    Molly: He just said you don't look like an administrator. That's actually almost a compliment.
  • When the party returns to the Leaky Tap, Nott tries to steal Fjord's letter of recommendation for entrance into the Academy, but Molly catches her in the act. He then tricks her into thinking that he has Fjord's letter and trades it for a vial of acid, only for Nott to find out that he gave her a blank piece of paper.
    • Then, after returning the vial of acid and leaving Nott in the room, Molly makes a beeline for Fjord and tells him that someone’s going through his stuff. Cue Fjord, in just a towel, hurriedly making his way back into the room and shooing Nott away like a stray cat.
  • Molly and Nott bring up their prior discussion about stealing from "grumpy people" and Nott wonders if that includes Fjord. Molly thinks Fjord isn't grumpy, but Nott counters by saying that standing next to Beau all the time just makes him look less grumpy by comparison.
  • While talking with a Dwarf member of the Knights of Requital, Beau brings up how awkward it is that her weapon, a Bo staff, sounds so similar to her name. The NPC tells her to blame her parents, but it's also a thinly-veiled jab at Marisha's choice of character name from Matt.
  • After the meeting with the Knights of Requital, Fjord and Beau return to the rest of the group just in time to catch the end of one of Jester's stories. It involved a man being chained to a bed and unable to find the key, no doubt the result of Jester messing with one of her mother's clients again.

    Episode 11: Zemnian Nights 
  • Sam's D&D Beyond ad of the week, a skit featuring himself and Ashley... who couldn't make it. He soldiers on nonetheless, with hilarious results.
    • This bit, in particular:
    Sam: Hey guys, the promo code from last week - "invisible wand" - is still active for 25% off any purchase from the D&D Beyond store. But Ash, why don't you tell them the secret other promo code that unlocks everything on the site for free?
    Sam: Well I hope they wrote that one down.
    (everyone loses it)
  • In the morning, Frumpkin is summoned back into existence and Liam rolls a 3 for his hit point total, to the delight of the cast. Laura jokes he'll be able to survive at least two kicks.
  • Nott discusses her Disguise Self spell with the others, and tells them how hard it is to focus on a disguise if she doesn't have a specific person in mind. The others all start adding suggestions, starting with the nose, leading to an increasingly ridiculous image.
    Liam: This is getting into Mr. Potato Head territory.
    • Fjord then starts adding suggestions that lead to something sounding suspiciously like a certain clown...
  • Beau talks to Fjord about how to get through to Caleb, and he tells her having a mentor often helps you learn things about yourself. Beau... takes it how you'd expect.
    Beau: I should punch him in the face?
    Beau: I was having a side conversation!
    Caleb: It's a small room.
  • While trying to split up the party so they can do their respective errands, Fjord somehow shifts into an auctioneer's voice, and it is hilarious.
  • The mini-party of Fjord, Molly and Nott head to Pumat Sol's shop to peruse some more magical items. Since it's raining heavily, they arrive there drenched, leading Fjord to obliquely ask if Pumat can use Prestidigitation to dry them up. Pumat happily agrees... and then starts breathing on Fjord. However, moments later, Fjord becomes completely dry.
    Fjord: That is much better, thank you, Pumat. That is wonderful.
    Pumat Sol: It is, quite literally, the least I can do.
  • Laura's reaction when she finds out that the Handy Haversack for which they traded the glaive cost over a thousand gold.
  • The other mini-party, composed of Jester, Caleb and Beau, is looking for Chastity's Nook, a bookstore renowned for its selection of smutty literature. When Jester is informed that said store is next to a large bakery, Travis already knows what's going to happen next:
    Travis: [to Matt] What have you done?
    Sam: A bakery and a porn shop? If they find a Fight Club, you guys are just gonna be orgasming, orgasming, orgasming.
  • Caleb decides to buy Jester some sweets before they head into Chastity's Nook.
    Travis: Your hands are going to be all sticky before you get to the books.
  • Caleb, Beau and Jester's time at Chastity's Nook is a gold mine of comedic moments:
    • Asked for recommendations, Iva Deshin, the owner, cycles through a fair few novels, including "Zemnian Nights", "Scent of the Sea" and "a "more saucy" story called "Tusk Love". Jester immediately asks to buy the last one.
    • Caleb reveals he's into historical porn. Because he likes to learn something while he is "being titillated". Marisha coins it "Edubation".
    • While Iva is fetching the books, Jester accosts a regular, who quickly excuses himself.
    Jester: What's your name?
    Patron: I need to go.
    • Matt compares the smutty book said patron was reading to Anne Rice's fairy tale works, forcing him to recount his first encounter with Anne Rice's pornographic novels when everyone looks at him funny.
    Matt: I remember...
    Taliesin: It's okay, we've all been in high school.
    Matt: I got really into Interview with the Vampire, my mom got me all these new books and I am like "Oh, she's writing new books about Cinderella! That's..." (mimics opening a book) "...Oh..."
    • Iva turns out to be an aspiring writer herself. Beau convinces her to show her a few pages of the manuscript, and it reads like typical mediocre Yaoi fanfiction with its overemphasis on "equipment". When Iva asks for Beau's opinion, the monk, calling on her social interaction lessons with Fjord, does the polite thing and, thanks to a high roll on a deception check, successfully tells Iva she liked it.
    • Jester does her trademark messing around with stores again. Especially funny is the lead-up.
    Jester: While she was distracted...
    Matt: Oh no.
    • She ends up writing "We're watching you. We saw you come in." inside an easily-accessible copy of "Crown of my Heart", a Crownsguard-based romance novel.
  • It turns out that Caleb bought a warm loaf of bread... so he could stick his hands in it and use it as makeshift gloves. Ones he can eat later! Beau and Jester are suitably squicked out.
  • Jester reads Tusk Love, a steamy "forbidden love" story between a half-orc named Oskar and the daughter of a traveling salesman. As Fjord asks what she's reading:
    Jester: Nothing, Oskar.
    • Fjord's utterly bewildered reaction to this is also good for a few laughs.
  • During a discussion of what books were bought from the bookstore, Liam drops character for a moment and refers to one book as "A Tale of Two Titties", much to the amusement of the group.
  • While Fjord, Beau and Caleb are conferring with the Knights of Requital in the Leaky Tap's cellar, Nott is posted outside the inn to be on the lookout for potential crownsguard. She eventually reports back using her Message spell:
    Nott: Everything's okay!... You can reply to this message.
    Fjord: Thank you for keeping an eye out. Would you like to join us inside?
    Sam: (out of character) I can't reply.
    Fjord: Nott? Would you like to join- hello? Hello?
    Nott: (casts Message again after 6 seconds) Yes! You can reply to this message.
  • The party's all fired up about locating the High Richter, until they hit a hitch:
    Fjord: Anybody feel like finding out where this High Richter lives, this evening?
    (Beau, Jester and Nott voice their approval)
    Fjord: (determined) Let's do it.
    Fjord: How do we do that?
  • When Caleb comes to Jester and Beau's room to borrow one of their books, Jester (still fresh from reading Tusk Love) is a bit... enthusiastic.
    Jester: (sultry voice) What is it that you want, knocking on our door so late at night, Caleb?
    Beau: You've been reading too much smut.
  • With the help of Molly, Fjord manages to catch Nott as she once again sneaks into their room to rifle through his stuff. Blatant Lies ensue when Nott tries to explain herself:
    Nott: I was hungry... There's a definite explanation for this.
    Fjord: What were you looking for?
    Nott: Seafood. You must have some on you, you're of the sea. I love shrimp and I never get the chance to get any so- we're so landlocked in here. I love the taste of the sea.
    (Travis rolls a Natural 20 on his Insight check)
    Sam: (with a shit-eating grin) I was not looking for shrimp.
  • After Nott, Molly and Fjord's dramatic conversation and a small, dark exchange between Nott and Caleb, we cut to Jester and Beau's room.
    Jester: And then Oskar falls in love with her, and he carries her across a field and they love each other so much! It's the most beautiful story, Beau...
    Beau: That's so great... can we go to sleep now?
  • At the High Richter's, Fjord and Beau do an admirable job selling themselves as suppliers that have been swindled out of their payment by a prominent brewing family, but Jester really pushes it when she claims they also stole their puppies.
  • Jester gives a fake name to the Knights of Requital upon meeting them, introducing herself as "Tonya Fancybottom". This leads to a rather ironic statement when the Knights of Requital and the Mighty Nein agree to work together:
    Jester: The Fancybottom name is one you can trust!

    Episode 12: Midnight Espionage 
  • Sam's Surfer Dude persona returns for the D&D Beyond promo.
    Sam: He's a fan favorite... and by "fan", I mean me.
    • Sam (in character as “Brody Slater”) also plugs the infamous RPG FATAL, which has the entire table cringe-laughing in abject horror. Made even funnier when we learn that Sam has no idea what FATAL is, and the rest of the table beg him not to look it up.
  • Upon checking their equipment to see if they have anything that could help with a break-in, Travis jokingly suggests Beau's ball bearings, to which Taliesin reveals that Molly also has ball bearings on him. Then Marisha suggests they "break into a building using only ball bearings" as a Self-Imposed Challenge.
    Matt: The new D&D Nightmare Mode: you're all Lv 1 Bards with only ball bearings. Go!
  • The Metagaming Pigeons Running Gag.
    Matt: Can we please make Metagaming Pigeons a thing now?
    Liam: Coo, coo, Bonus Action. Coo, coo, Hunter's Mark.
  • The entire train wreck that is the hospital infiltration; it goes more wildly Off the Rails than anything since Grog and Tary’s potion-buying misadventure in Campaign One. To wit:
    • Molly suggests going undercover as a patient, by using his disguise kit to create boils and lesions... on his genitals.
    • After spending the better part of an hour on makeup, he decides to cause a bigger, louder scene, so he concocts some “vomit” out of day-old breakfast food and bursts into the clinic (with Fjord in tow) spewing it everywhere, and cuts himself bloody for good measure while crawling around on the floor, all while insisting that he does not need medical attention.
    • Molly is ultimately restrained, failing to use Vicious Mockery on an orderly, and tossed into a locked room.
    • Meanwhile, Fjord attempts to convince the head physician that he’s just shit his pants in the chaos as a pretext to “go to the bathroom” and rifle through the doctor’s paperwork.
    • While all this is happening, Caleb (disguised as a half-orc woman) and Nott (disguised as Caleb’s baby) attempt their own infiltration. They’re swiftly chased out and the guard called down upon them.
    • Molly, still locked in a room, attempts to jimmy the window pane out of its frame. He fails and is forced to resort to a Super Window Jump, which ends in the guard being called again. Afterwards, Jester pries the glass shards off his coat, to which Molly protests that "some of those are sequins".
    • Finally, a disguised Fjord manages to get into the head doctor’s office and grabs the first paperwork he can find before making a narrow escape. Turns out it’s not the handwriting sample they had intended to retrieve, making the entire mission a total waste of time. This is not lost on Jester and Beau.
    Beau: Are you serious? He spent an hour cosplaying his junk!
  • After an Epic Fail at throwing a grappling hook at the roof, Beau decides to jump the roof herself. When the others protest, she says:
    Beau: It's fine, we're basically gods.
  • As Nott uses Mage Hand to move a rug, Matt drops a Player Nudge that Mage Hand is very good for setting grappling hooks on roofs. Sam turns it into in-universe dialogue.
    Nott: Shut up, Ulog!
  • While the Rug of Smothering is enveloping Nott, any damage it takes is shared with her. Because she, in-universe, doesn't know this, Beau attacks it anyway.
  • The rug releases Nott and immediately envelops Beau.
    Beau: Hey guys, we need to get this thing off Nott-OH SHIT!
  • A few turns later, while Beau is still smothered by the rug.
  • When Nott gets paralysed by a trap, Sam takes a page out of Travis' book from the previous campaign and holds the one pose for several minutes.
     Episode 13: Lost & Found 
  • Continuing Sam's trend of bad accent impressions in sponsor plugs, he does this week's promo for "Da Dee n Dee Bee-yaand" in a Chicago accent, in honor of his then-upcoming appearance at a convention there. Of course, because by his own admission his Chicago accent is terrible it comes out sounding less like someone from Chicago and more like Coach Z.
  • After the commotion in the Tri-Spire, Beau drives off some kids who were planning to loot a store in the chaos. Later, Nott passes the same kids, and hears them commenting "that woman was such a bitch".
    Sam: I know exactly who they're talking about.
  • As the group discusses everything that's happened, Caleb (who's watching over the dodecahedron in the secret cellar) seems to go slightly stir-crazy and begins talking to the skeleton, creating a grumbling voice for the skull. He even calls it Yorick!
  • While testing out the gear they took from the drow, Beau attacks Molly, who's trying out the longsword. She gets him in the eye with her staff, and he retaliates by hitting her in the head with the flat of the blade.
    Molly: Any effect?
    Beau: Yeah, a fucking headache!
  • While the conversation between the group about trust is pretty serious and intense, it does give us this little gem after Beau goes off on Nott, prompting the group to note that she's making progress in being more polite:
    Nott: (to Beau) I could tell there were about six "fuck"s you omitted.
  • The sequence where Jester slowly but surely annoys her way into Claudia's office is quite amusing:
    Jester: Claudiaaa... Blink once- (pauses) Knock- (pauses again) Say you're not okay if you're not okay cause you sound weird.
    Claudia: I am fine. Do not worry.
    • Despite Claudia's reassurances, Jester becomes convinced something is off and goes for the doorknob, but the door turns out to be locked.
    Liam: Cue the horror strings.
    Taliesin: I have had this roommate.
  • Travis gets the names of The Leaky Tap and The Evening Nip mixed up in his head, ending up with "The Leaky Nip":
    Laura: That's gonna be me in a few months!
  • The Mighty Nein goes to buy a lead-lined box from a blacksmith, which Jester tries to explain away as a birthday gift for her mother, who loves lead boxes. Since making one takes too long for the party's liking, they try again at Pumat Sol's shop. Jester prepares to launch into the same story as before, but cuts herself off mid-way through, not even bothering with the ruse.
  • While they're there, they notice that one of the Pumats is reading a book, which he reveals to be called "The Daring Trials and Tribulations of Sir Taryon Darrington".
    Pumat: Yeah, this has got to be fiction. I mean, he travels 'round with this big construct called "Dotty".
  • Beau's facial expressions and inability to comprehend what she was seeing when meeting the Pumat Sols was gold. Particularly when Fjord just pats her on the shoulder like he's comforting a confused child.
  • Jester joins Fjord's latest attempt to get Beau to be polite and coaxes a smile out of her. Nott isn't buying it:
    Nott: What is that crazy expression? I saw your gums for a second! It was freaky!
    • Jester then uses the Wand of Smiles on her to keep it going. Marisha spends the next few minutes acting out a very confused cheerfulness, while everyone else is weirded out both in and out of character.
      Beau: (mid-conversation, brightly) I feel like it's all gone to shit!
  • The absurdity of Molly's deflection when recognized at the end of the episode by saying he "just has one of those faces", despite him being a purple tiefling with piercings, tattoos, and red eyes.

    Episode 14: Fleeting Memories 
  • The entirety of Sam's weekly charity announcement, starting with the streamers and silly string and devolving from there.
  • Nott and Caleb go to get friendly with an Ogre, and Nott tells one of her trademark terrible jokes. Matt confesses afterwards that he had the Ogre make an Intelligence Check to see whether it got the joke or not. It did not. And then Jester uses the Wand of Smiles, forcing Matt to do an amazing, and painful-looking, impression of a stern Ogre slowly smiling.
  • The Running Gag of the party trying to claim Jester is doing various disgusting things while her player isn't there. Everyone knows Laura is going to kill them for it later.
    • Matt, master of voices, has some trouble acting for Jester, not only struggling with her accent but also with what she would do, due to her chaotic nature. Liam takes over for him midway through the episode and does a frighteningly accurate impression of Jester.
  • After returning to the Leaky Tap, Horace reveals he's been reading Tusk Love. Fjord asks if the pictures are any good. There aren't any.
    Fjord: The fuck are you readin' it for then?
    Marisha: Your Grog is showing.
  • While most of the party's questions to Molly and Yasha under the Zone of Truth are serious, Jester adds a few of her own such as "is there anyone in this group you find attractive" or "have you ever pooped your pants". Molly immediately answers the first with a Blunt "Yes" before realising the question was actually for Yasha.
    • Molly has, in fact, pooped his pants.
  • Molly's backstory has more than a passing resemblance to the basic set-up of Blindspot, which leads to this exchange when the party is discussing Molly's tattoos:
    Marisha: (to Ashley) C'mon, Patterson, c'mon. Help us out here right now. This is your day job!note 
    Ashley: Well, if I look at my tattoo database...
  • At the end of the Zone of Truth conversation (which the entire party, apart from Fjord and Beau, was affected by), Nott says it was fun and they should do this every evening.
  • Beau tells Caleb to get her shuriken when he goes out shopping, and gets rather intense about it. Caleb's utterly deadpan reply is gold.
    Beau: Do not fuck me here, Caleb, do not fuck me!
    Caleb: Not interested, but I will ask about the items.
    • While running the errand, Caleb tries to convince Yasha that she should give the shuriken to Beau because she would appreciate it more from her. Yasha does not catch on to his intentions, much to Caleb's frustration, which is noticed by Beau upon their return:
    Beau: (after getting back her change) Why are you acting so weird about this?
    Caleb: I'm just weird in general.
  • Pumat Prime isn't quite as magnanimous as his simulacrae, even throwing some sass at the party:
    Molly: Two vials of holy water is perfect, that's exactly what I was looking for.
    Pumat: Well look at that, it's like it was meant to be. Straight up destiny.
  • Yasha asks to buy healing potions:
    Pumat: We've got maybe two more, but you gotta give us time to restock, your friends here have been mighty... mighty hungry.
    • What cracks the cast up even more than the pun itself is Ashley's immediate head shake at her own joke.
    • Also amusing is that Yasha's awkward attempt at haggling actually nets her a discount, succeeding where Fjord, whose charisma is much higher, previously failed, and twice at that.
  • When Molly gives Nott a holy water flask, he snarkily asks if she's thrown anything before. Nott responds in kind:
    Nott: No, I've never thrown anything before in my life! (throws a gold coin at Molly's head)

    Episode 15: Where The River Goes 
  • Sam's D&D Beyond jingle this time is a folk song about the number "one", in honour of them donating $100 to 826LA for every Natural 1 then roll. He really stretches the limits of fitting "one" into his Call-and-Response Song, but the funniest is when he drops in:
    Sam: ([Motor Mouth quickly]) What will the Washington team do when they face the cowboys?
  • Nott is asked if she remembers the swimming lessons she had before.
    Beau: Do you remember the techniques we taught you?
    Nott: Yes, it's called "I wear this ring of Water Walking".
  • As the group debates what to do with a spiral staircase:
    Nott: ...That's gross.
  • Crosses over with awesome, Nott manages to disarm a dart trap... with a brass doorknob.
    • Really, the whole exercise with the trapped hallway is hilarious. Nott checks for traps and finds nothing. Caleb sends Frumpkin over, with no issues. Nott follows- and sets off a trap that not only wasn't triggered by Frumpkin because he was too light, but Nott completely missed because she only checked for traps in the stairwell. After taking a bolt in the leg, she manages to break the second one (with the doorknob).... and completely misses the third. Because she's taking too long, Yasha gets fed up and just charges down the hallway, not only taking a bolt from the third trap, but ALSO from the first (which has reset). The rest of the party makes it through... except for Beau. She attempts to catch a bolt from the third trap (which has, again, reset) and succeeds... nearly. Only suffering 2 points of damage. Nott sums up the whole thing thusly:
    Nott: I am SO sorry. I did NOT handle that very well, and I, um, I.... I was told to check for traps, and I missed MANY of them, and... I will strive to do better in the future, and I'm sorry, and... THIS one? This one's on me.
  • The innuendos continue...
    Jester: I am good at finding holes.
  • Beau uses her staff as a lever.
    Beau: It's like a simple tool.
  • The Gelatinous Cube rolls a 0 on Initiative.
  • This is the innuendo episode, it seems. Nott feels strangely conflicted about fighting a cube for some reason, and Sam adds in some Black Comedy as it oneshots Jester
    Sam: Jester, like all beautiful women, succumbed to The Cube.
    Taliesin: ...what?
    • When Fjord goes to revive Jester with a healing potion, Liam encourage him to "put his tusk in there". The delirious tiefling then thanks "Oskar" for saving her.
  • Liam is very visibly pleased when Caleb, thanks to a Natural 20 on his Investigation check, finds that one book survived the lab owner's paranoid destruction of all his knowledge, leading Sam to quip that Liam "just got an erection".
    Matt: I heard it. Just like... (knocks under the table)
    Travis: Oh, come on, it's more like... (knocks much more lightly)

    Episode 16: A Favor in Kind 
  • Sam's D&D Beyond skit, an ad from the 1980s this time, is, as usual, comedy gold.
    Ashley/Gail: And now [D&D] is even better with D&D Beyond. With high-speed internet, Wi-Fi or a smartphone, you can access your stats and more on your iPad or laptop!
    Ashley/Gail: Gag me with a spoon, Mrs. Henderson!!
  • Yasha tries to reason with the shadowy entity, but falls victim to Fridge Logic.
    Yasha: I know we started out on the wrong foot. (beat, turns to the rest of the group) I don't think this thing has feet.
    • After the battle, the party examines a journal they found in the room which confirms that the entity didn't have feet.
  • The Mighty Nein's resident healer looking out for number one:
    Laura: I'm going to cast Sanctuary on... who's the lowest?
    Sam: (whispering) You.
    Laura: On myself.
    Travis: (jokingly) Aww, how considerate.
  • Nott covers herself in oil to squeeze through a small gap. She emerges in the burial chamber and proceeds to get covered in ashes, now stuck to her due to the oil. And then she triggers a trap that poisons her.
    Caleb: How are you doing in there?
    Nott: (weakly) ...Fine.
    • Sam finally remembers to have Nott use Mage Hand to open chests.
    Matt: There we go!
  • A high roll on an Investigation Check leads Beau to find a book with magical writing in it. She hands it to Caleb, saying it has "stuff" in it for him, but he misunderstands:
    Beau: [sighs] It's unfortunate, actually.
    Caleb: I mean, more than normal, you know. Within reason.
    Beau: Sure sure.
  • Nott and Molly get into another little discussion regarding sharing loot while they're "on the clock", with Nott fervently denying that she would ever steal from the group. Caleb tries to get them back on track by having them add the treasure to the pile so he can start identifying it all. Cue Nott:
  • Having identified the magical greatsword, Caleb suggests Yasha take it. Upon finding out that the weapon was previously used to execute mages, Jester wonders if it is cursed, prompting Yasha to speak to it. After a moment, she shakes the blade and then holds it next to her ear, listening for a response, before tentatively concluding that it is not cursed.
  • Nott starts handing out the rings she found to the group, but obviously wants to keep most of them for herself.
    Nott: Beau, you're naturally beautiful, so I'll just-
    Beau: Give me a damn ring.
    Nott: ...dammit.
  • Caleb does an Insight Check on Fjord while the latter shares what he knows about the Crawling King. Despite a high roll from Liam, Matt says Fjord "appears to be telling the truth".
    Travis: (smugly) As per usual.
  • Despite being tired/out of spell slots, the Mighty Nein decides to split up, with one half, consisting of Fjord, Jester, Beau and Molly, going to explore a little further downriver while the other half, consisting of Yasha, Nott and Caleb, stays behind. Naturally, the players lampshade what a terrible idea this is.
    Caleb: You know, if need be, the Mighty Drei also sounds very cool.
  • While the adventurous half of the group is investigating caves behind waterfalls, Liam takes Sam's flask and turns the "comedic genius" glued onto it into "comedick genius".
  • After emerging from the alcove behind the waterfall, Fjord is soaked to the skin, slicking back his wet hair and everything. Jester approves... and then completely ruins the romantic mood by lifting him up out of the water by his armpits.
  • When everyone is asked to leave the table except for Travis as Fjord has another dream sequence, Marisha yells "Fuck that Kraken!", to which Taliesin replies "that's an entirely different show".
  • The subject of Fjord's lack of tusks comes up, forcing the half-orc to admit he's been filing them down since he was a kid because he used to be bullied for them. Liam responds to this moment of vulnerability by immediately Insight checking Fjord, to the amusement of the others.
    Marisha: "My childhood damage..." "INSIGHT CHECK!"
    • And then there's Yasha's response:
  • The party discusses hiding the sword they found from the Gentleman:
    Caleb: So, cloak on your back, sword under cloak-
    Jester: -Nott on the sword, sword up the butt!... just like a puppet.
  • Since the Mighty Nein return to the Evening Nip at a pretty early hour in the morning, the Gentleman has to be woken by Sorah. However, from what little the party overhears, it's clear that he was already awake and enjoying company. Jester can't help commenting on it, leading the Gentleman to innocently quip that he was "having breakfast".
  • Nott tries to pull a fast one on the Gentleman:
    Nott: We found exactly six rings, for you.note 
    Travis: You are not Scanlan anymore!
  • How does the group hides the fancy new sword they found from the Gentleman? By having Yasha hold Nott in such a way that it looks like Nott is just being held by her. Surprisingly enough, it actually works!
  • In the previous episode, D&D Beyond pledged to donate $100 to the 826LA charity for every natural 1 our heroes roll. This was already creating some amusing Mood Dissonance, as critical fails are now cause for celebration. But then Marisha rolls a natural 20:
    Sam: Um, unfortunately, we have to take a hundred dollars away from 826LA. Sorry, kids! It's really a shame.
    Matt: (mock-worried) We didn't think this through!
  • The ladies of the Mighty Nein end up terrorizing an innocent young town crier with absolutely zero provocation:
    • Yasha yanks the scroll out of the crier's hands and gets mad at her when it only has the headlines she already read out and no further information... which was exactly what the crier had been trying to tell her.
    • Beau then grabs the girl by the collar of her shirt and ruthlessly interrogates her about the whereabouts of the Victory Pit, one of the attractions of the upcoming Harvest Festival, information that the town crier has no reason to hide in the first place.
    Crier: I don't know!
    Beau: Tell me. YOU KNOW.
    • Finally, when the crier runs off terrified, Jester immediately starts imitating her, using bastardized headlines.
    Jester: The third of the Fessuran is the end of the Harvest... Hide your kids, hide your wife!
  • To see how things are at the physician's office that they infiltrated previously, Fjord disguises himself and adopts a Sean Connery accent, which he almost instantly loses (this then prompts Liam, Taliesin and Sam to all do their own Sean Connery impressions).
    • When Fjord mentions the Myriad to the clerk, they immediately make their way to the nearest crownsguard to have him arrested, but Fjord disguises himself as a beautiful woman while they're gone. Travis does a rather comical impression of a scared woman as the clerk and the crownsguard return and pass him, which leads to Laura and Ashley doing their best 'woman clutching her pearls' at one another.
  • When Jester goes to the temple of the Raven Queen, she attempts to place a false mustache and a wig onto the statue, write "the Traveller was here" on the base of the statue, and leave a pamphlet about the Traveller there. She unfortunately gets caught before she can even affix the mustache.
  • Caleb tries to ask Jester if she'd let him inspect the Beacon in her magic haversack, but his attempts at being vague end up sounding like Accidental Innuendo ("special package"), and she thinks he's coming on to her. After she leaves, Caleb stares at himself in the mirror, completely red-faced with a dumbfounded expression, for 30 seconds.
  • Yasha tries to pawn off her old sword at Pumat Sol's and realizes it's not worth very much.
    Yasha: But it's been touched by the moon!
    Pumat: And I'm touched by the sun every day.
  • Despite Fjord's teachings, Beau continues to struggle with social graces:
    Zeenoth: Are you here for more training?
    Beau: Just find Dairon. (beat, remembers Fjord's advice and tries smiling) Thank you.
    Zeenoth: (disturbed) That's something... Manners. That's new. I'm proud of-
    Beau: (drops the smile) Just go find Dairon.

    Episode 17: Harvest Close 
  • Sam's promo this time takes the "character" Gale from the previous episode's 80's commercial and gives her her own sitcom, You've Got Gale.
    Liam: I just got a text alert, they just revoked his Emmy.
    • The best part is the show tackling "serious issues".
    Mrs Henderson: Gale... Your friend from school was just in a car accident. She was... drunk driving.
    Gale: [Sadly] Gag me with a spoon Mrs Henderson...
    Mr Henderson: [In complete seriousness] Yes Gale... gag us all... with a spoon.
  • The Mighty Nein's idea of appropriate subjects for breakfast conversation in crowded inns on festival mornings include:
    • At what point a body stops being a person and starts just being a thing
    • Cannibalism
    • The level of difficulty involved in cannibalism. More the physical determination required than any sort of moral/ethical concerns
    • Fjord's attempt to quietly leave the conversation is interrupted by Molly ordering Fjord "Don't you dare have any fun without us!"
  • Fjord rolls three Natural 1's in a row when trying a carnival game of strength.
    • The results? His first tossed sandbag hits the mother of a small child in the audience. The second gets caught on his armor, ripping the bag and covering Fjord in sand. For the third, Yasha and Jester pick up Fjord like one of the kids who tried the game earlier. Cue third Natural 1...
    Matt: So... Jester, Yasha. How do you want to do this?
    • The group as a whole rolled a record thirteen Natural 1s in this episode, with every player including Matt rolling at least one.
  • Jester manages to successfully deface The Allhammer's anvil with big pink painted hearts and "The Traveler was here" written in pink paint.
  • After Yasha wins a bag of silver pieces in the hammer game and starts counting them to make sure it's worth what the owners promised, Caleb starts counting them in the distance out of habit.
  • Nott gives the two wooden swords she won in the archery game to Beau. Very drunk, she starts twirling them around and says "hey look, I'm Molly!"
  • Caleb tries to have Frumpkin listen in on a conversation again, but Frumpkin gets caught. The entire cast is bracing themselves for Frumpkin to get disintegrated again, only for a page to gently pick him up and put him outside.
    Matt: Not everyone goes around kicking cats!
    • Nott then channels Metal Gear Solid and creates an illusory box around herself to listen in, but only gets a 4 for Perception, so Matt has to skip most of his planned exposition about the newly-declared war with Xhorhas.
  • Beau's reaction to Yasha's sudden doubling in size during the beginning of the tournament:
    Beau: I've had this dream before...
  • In the second round of the tournament, the Nein face two giant white wolves. Beau uses her action to throw a wooden sword in between the two of them and yell "fetch!" Matt has her make an animal handling check for the heck of it.
    • To make it even more ridiculous, the wolves are too smart for an animal handling check and ignore the sword completely.

    Episode 18: Whispers of War 
  • Caleb chanting "we are the Mighty Nein" to himself as he ducks for cover behind a wall and hits the hill giant with an almost completely ineffective Firebolt (doing a grand total of 1 damage) is pretty amusing.
  • The hill giant runs towards Nott and yells "TINY THING!" Beau, on her turn, runs up to the giant, points at his penis, and says the same. Matt has her roll an Intimidation Check for insulting his dick size. She rolls a Natural 1 and an 8, so the Giant doesn't get it and actually thinks Beau is agreeing with him.
    • When the Giant turns on Nott Sam's response is to reach under the table and grab a second giant flask, which he places next to his regular flask as a defensive wall which he pretends to hide behind.
  • The Stubborn Stock contains a member that Matt can only describe as "really fucking old".
  • After a tense conversation between Yasha and two of the city's head mages, in which she reveals way too much, Molly tells her afterwards "It didn't devolve into a punching fight, so that's an improvement". Implying Yasha's attempts at social interaction usually go much worse.
  • When Nott asks if Yasha really is a Xhorhasian spy, Molly replies.
  • After Jester opens her package from her mother and explains she was originally given 5000 gold.
    Nott: Maybe she just didn't want to send 5000 gold in the mail. [Turns to Beau] There are people who steal the mail, you know!
  • Molly hires two escorts for the night, having no preference as to gender (just telling the innkeeper to send the ones best at conversation and to "surprise him") Cue Fjord awkwardly waiting outside the room "college roommate-style". After Caleb's moment alone with Nott and Beau, Molly provides some much-needed comic relief by returning to the girls' room, wearing only the Platinum Dragon tapestry he bought earlier and carrying the remains of some grapes.
    Molly: I am your god, long may I reign!
    • During the whole... experience, Taliesin tells Travis that he, as Taliesin, feels his pain, while Molly does not.
  • Beau takes Caleb to the Cobalt Soul's library, and he reads one of the books for 3 hours.
    Caleb: Can you give me 2 more hours?
    Beau: I can't. I will literally gouge out my eyes with pencils if I give you 2 more hours.
    Caleb: Can you give me 10 more minutes?
  • When those three get back, the others joke that in the time they spent in the library, they've not only left the city, they're in a whole other campaign.
    Marisha: What do you mean it's been 17 years, Pumat?

    Episode 19: The Gentleman's Path 
  • Sam's sponsor plug this time is for Backblaze, he claims their services run on literal magic and brings in a "fairy" he captured (actually a toy Lightsaber, squeaky chicken plush and light-up dragon toy in a garbage bag), exploiting the Clap Your Hands If You Believe trope to make people visit the Backblaze url, which increasingly Crosses the Line Twice when the "fairy" starts dying.
  • Jester and Beau get into a fistfight... because they got too amped from watching one happening in the Evening Nip and just decided to start swinging at each other.
    Marisha: "Let's wrestle." "Okay!" *spraying motions* "MACE IN YOUR FACE!"
    • Throughout the whole fight Fjord is running through the crowd and using different horrendous accents to try and get a betting frenzy up, including him betting on both of his teammates as different characters.
  • Jester leans towards accepting the Gentleman's offer... mostly because it'll take them through Hupperdook, a town she's wanted to visit since looking at the map in Episode 4 because the name sounds funny.
  • Fjord seems somewhat surprised that the Mighty Nein want to take on both of the Gentleman's assignments (even though one would have them travel quite a ways), but is eventually badgered into acquiescing:
    Fjord: Apparently our ambition has no limit. Both it is.
  • Before leaving the Evening Nip, the group uses the Wand of Smiles on the ogre again, for old times' sake.
  • Caleb goes back to see Pumat for some more paper to use for transcribing and some incense, so Beau goes along as well to buy the enchanted bracers. Unfortunately, she quickly learns how expensive the bracers are.
    Beau: How much?
    Pumat: 1200 gold pieces.
    Beau: Holy shit, Pumat! The fuck!?
    Pumat: What?
    Beau: I'll come back when I'm fucking rich, alright?
    • Caleb makes sure to correct Beau about addressing Pumat correctly, causing her to do a Verbal Backspace to do so, earning a group response each of the Pumats.
  • Sam checking his notes and realising they have horses named WC, Loo, John, Crapper, Toilet, and Loaf.
    • For quick context, Nott realizes the sixth horse did not have a name, so the group quickly come up with Loaf on the spot. Immediately the group starts chuckling.
  • Liam and Matt discuss how the group always finds ways to make fun of his names.
    Matt: I enjoy it, [turns and glares at the camera] and I'm sure all the Dungeon Masters out there know exactly how I feel when this happens.
  • Yasha and Beau take watch together. The rest of the table are painfully struggling to contain their laughter and red faces as they all expect the moment to turn romantic, all while the ensuing conversation between the two most socially-awkward members of the party goes exactly how you'd expect.
  • After their first night on the road, the Nein wake up and have a Seinfeldian Conversation about how awkward The Gentleman's sleep must be with his constantly dripping face.
  • The group rolls good perception check to notice a plume of smoke over the hills. Sam and Taliesin take this moment to epically troll the fanbase.
    Nott: Listen everyone, this is what happened to me. Here is my definite backstory.
    Molly: No, we'll do this later. Do you see the smoke over there?
    Nott: —one day—
    Molly: (loudly) Everybody, there's smoke over there! We've got to get hold of this right now. There's definitely a plume of smoke. I don't know what it means, I don't know what it's about, it could be a good thing, it could be a bad thing, but we have to stop this conversation right in its tracks!
  • During the fight with the Ogres, goblins, and wolves, Caleb plays dead according to the "modern literature" gambit he and Nott have. Problem? They never told anyone about this trick so Jester completely freaks out, rushing to heal him and further panicking when the spell (apparently) has no effect.note  Then she drags Caleb away, Matt taking great delight in describing the sticks, rocks, and other things Caleb has to deal with as she does so.
  • Nott explains a bit about life in her clan, fully admitting Goblins are mostly terrible creatures and all the horrible stories they've heard about them are true. It quickly goes into Black Comedy.
    Nott: With great honestly I can tell you I have never eaten a child.
    Taliesin: Insight check!
    • This gets a hysterical Call-Back at the end of the episode, when Nott hesitantly admits to Caleb that she did try baby once, by accident: her tribe was passing around a bowl of meat and she ate a bit without knowing what it was. In response, Liam takes a big swig from Sam's flask.
  • The group is pushing for some of Nott's backstory, and Nott's response is to attempt to ask for Yasha's by marveling over her wings and wondering where they came from. It doesn't work.
  • Caleb speaking to Yasha in Celestial provokes humorous reactions from the others, as the players pretend not to understand them:
    Beau: I think she just swore.

    Episode 20: Labenda Awaits 
  • Sam has a minor existential crisis during his D&D Beyond promo this week, as he really thought he'd be doing serious work at this point in his career... Then he gets a call saying he's got two radio ads for "Lord of the Wings", instantly rejuvenating his spirit.
  • Nott experiments with her endless whisky flask to see if it has a limit, drinking enough to get very drunk. She thinks she should throw up, so Jester shoves a stick down her throat (which Matt describes as "Ren and Stimpy-style"). Which leads to Yasha describing how she always feels like throwing up when seeing someone else vomit, and Molly trolling her by making gagging noises.
  • When the Nein wreck their cart, they scramble a bit due to lacking carpenter's tools, before Jester remembers she has the Mending cantrip. She's only able to fix one, so Yasha suggests one of them be the other wheel.
  • Matt introduces a new NPC, Captain Maximilian from Druvenlode, which Laura abbreviates to "Max Load". Matt groans as yet another of his NPCs falls victim to name mockery, with Liam joking that he should be making scratch marks on his DM screen ("like a prisoner") every time it happens.
  • Yasha makes an excuse to leave while she and Nott are on watch, saying she needs to take a piss.
    Nott: It's okay, I won't look. (out of character) I look.
  • Seeing Beau doing pushups, Caleb tries for himself. He manages one pushup, then goes back to studying Siff Duthar's tome.
  • Fjord tries to remove the piece of vegetation stuck in Jester's eye (from a Nat 1 perception check). The others are hyped for a Natural 1, only for him to roll a Natural 20, deftly plucking the impediment from her eye.
    Jester: My hero! (swooning) Thank you Oskar, I mean Fjord!
  • True to form, Laura giggles when Liam has Caleb "tug hard" on the Glove of Blasting.
  • One of the crocodiles suffers a lot of consecutive damage in one round, but, as Sam quips, "still can't stop thinking about Mollymauk", since Molly had cast Enthrall on it earlier on.
  • Fjord's Pre-Mortem One-Liner to the crocodile that knocked Nott unconscious is so bad Sam jokes that Nott fails two Death Saving Throws from it.
  • The party debating the ethics of giving Kiri, a four-year-old Kenku girl, a dagger to protect herself with. Given that they don't know how Kenku aging goes, they look to Nott for guidance since she is considered an adult despite her young age.
    Nott: Look, I'm... at least twice her age!
  • Febron isn't very... "steadfast" when it comes to his intentions of not going back to the swamp:
    Febron: Nightmares I been havin, yeah? Been havin ‘em ever since. Whatever it is, it's gotten in me head!... (frightened sobs) I ain’t goin- it ain’t worth it, not for a hundred coin!
    Jester: (flatly) What if we paid you a hundred coin?
    Febron: (immediately stops crying) I’ll come for that.
  • The last part of the episode has Beau and Jester room together, with much hilarity ensuing.
    • Beau questions why Captain Maximilian came over and seemed willing to help, causing Jester to think he did so because he was going to flirt with one of them. Beau and Jester assume it was the other, but both quickly agree it was Yasha he was there for. Jester also describes the scene using Tusk Love to explain it, turning a normal encounter into a whimsical scene.
    • Beau has a hilarious Do I Really Sound Like That? moment when Kiri imitates her voice.
    • Jester decides to summarize all of Tusk Love to Kiri, to which Matt describes as; "If birds could blush."
  • Yasha gets stuck in a bedroom with the sleazy Febron, and immediately proceeds to take none of his shit. To make things even better, Ashley is casually chewing bubblegum during the scene, and pops it at an appropriate moment, much to the amusement of the other players.

    Episode 21: Stalker in the Swamp 
  • The innkeeper says breakfast will take an hour to make for the party. After the group talks with guest character for a while Callie, Sam chimes in:
  • Callie says cats tend to hate her. Fjord can relate.
  • Febron sees Callie's dragon claw and freaks out, before admitting it's "still pretty foxy". Jester admires how accepting his is, but he instantly ruins it.
    Febron: When you live as long as I have, you kind of realize beggars can't be choosers.
    Molly: Aaaaaand back into the pit.
  • Jester writes up a "release form" for Callie... or rather, draws it. She draws all the horrible things might happen to her, like beng burned, pulled apart by gators, eaten by a howling monster... and uses her mother's ink to "make it really gory".
  • Caleb decides to ask Callie about her magical abilities, resulting in the list of specialties Callie has being best summed up as; lots of fire, and acid.
  • Callie decides to ask Caleb about how he got his magical powers, so she asks if he also has Dragon blood like she does.
    Caleb: Nein.
    Callie: Oh! That's good!
    Nott and Molly: Nine Dragons
    Caleb (Out of Character): Step off Tiamat!
  • Everyone cracks up when Callie refers to Caleb as "Mr. Caleb". She later called Febron "Mr. Creepy Pervert".
    Febron: Firstly, I resent that.
    Callie: Do you really?
    Febron: ...Nah.
  • When Callianna casts Shape Water, Jester is super impressed. Nott is less so; claiming Caleb could do that too (he can't, he doesn't know the spell). It quickly becomes a "My kid is better than your kid" situation.
  • Nott's suggestion for trapping the troll.
    Nott: We do a little circley-poo, have Callie in the middle as bait, then we spring the trap!
    Beau: What's the trap?
  • This exchange before Jester's first Speak With Dead.
    Nott: Hi, this is my friend Jester. Jester, this is a dead body.
  • Fjord throws two Eldritch Blasts at a troll that (a) splashes poison when it gets physically wounded, and (b) is in melee with Beau, knocking Beau unconscious. Cue meta Black Humor:
    Matt: Is that your turn?
    Travis: I cast Regret.
  • Nott's Hideous Laughter joke for this episode.
    Nott: What's a swamp frog's favourite drug? Croakaine!
  • While fighting the fish-people, a giant Beau gives a Pre-Mortem One-Liner (in a really deep voice) "It's fish-kebabs!" Caleb says from behind her "This is everything I was hoping for".
  • Beau calls out to Kiri for help after being snatched by the swamp troll. When it's the young kenku's turn she can only pull out her knife and watch.
    Beau: Kiri, help me!
    Kiri: (Brandishing knife and panicking) FUCK!

    Episode 22: Lost Treasures 
  • Sam has a flask sticker referencing the last episode's bowl drama.
  • Jester is a good influence on Kiri.
    Jester: If someone says "are you nice?", you say "Yes, I am very sweet."
    Kiri: Yes, I am very sweet.
    Jester: And when someone says something you don't like, you say "go fuck yourself"!
    • Nott chimes in and tries to teach her to make an airhorn sound when she's really excited. Caleb poofs out Frumpkin just to have him express extreme displeasure at this sound.
  • Yasha offers to shave Caleb's face... with her 5-foot greatsword. Caleb lies on the ground and holds his breath.
    Yasha: You might not want to hold your breath, this will take a while and you might pass out.
    Caleb: ...That might be better.
  • Everyone fawns over Caleb post-shaving.
    Liam: Caleb's inner monologue is [as Caleb, faintly] "I want to shrivel up and die".
    • It's suggested that other members of the party may take advantage of Yasha's barbering services; Jester may want her bikini line done. Yasha has done that before, as Molly confirms.
  • Fjord goes off to tie the rope, and he rolls a 2 for stealth. Everyone prepares for hilarious failure, then Matt one-ups him (one-downs him, maybe?) with the Merrows' Natural 1 Perception check. Fjord splashed a lot and loudly tripped and bonked his elbow, but the Merrows were too distracted by talking to each other.
  • Kiri's talent for mimicry might be a little too good, as when she recites something she overheard Caleb saying privately, Marisha mentions how she might start rattling off the party's secrets. Prompting this from Travis:
    Travis:(completely deadpan) Kiri's gotta die.
  • Nott stays behind for the Merrow fight, both to protect Kiri and because she's afraid of water. She still gets turns during the fight though, so we get repeated cuts back to her doing nothing. One time, she considers swimming in, but Sam rolls a die and, seeing the result, decides to have her hesitate and take a big swig from her flask. Next time we cut back to Nott, she's drunkenly rambling to Kiri about how everyone's probably fine and how they would've called if they needed her.
  • Fjord's Blink proves to be a double-edged sword later in the fight, with him blinking out just as he's in position to attack things. The cast compares it to lag-spikes in an MMORPG.
  • Laura's rolls are terrible before the break, so she stomps off in a huff after a turn of nothing hitting.
    Laura: I'm PREGNANT.
    • Then Laura returns and frustratedly revives Caleb by poking him with her toe.
    • Her luck doesn't improve when the game resumes. She casts Prayer of Healing on the group for 3d8 worth of healing... and rolls a 1, 1 and 2.
  • When Matt contemplates whether to have the Merrow priest cast Thunderwave or not, Travis narrates it like a nature documentary (as the Blinked Fjord isn't a valid target).
  • While Fjord is talking about his backstory, battle music suddenly starts playing from Matt's sound system. The players assume something ominous is going on, only for it to be a genuine playlist mishap. Travis then jokes about Fjord going One-Winged Angel and turning on the party.
  • Caleb shares a very awkward hug with Beau after she apologises for the events of the last episode. The others cringe, and Kiri adds in, with perfect timing.
    Kiri: Welcome to the Mighty Nein!
    • Beau maybe goes a bit too far.
    Beau: Friend. You're a friend. Yeah.
    Fjord: [Cough] Quitwhileyou'reahead.
    • As the two of them hug, Caleb looks back to Yasha and Beau looks back to Fjord to see if they're doing it right.
      • Yasha mimics patting someone on the back. Caleb interprets this as patting Beau on her face.

    Episode 23: Have Bird, Will Travel 
  • Sam doesn't do the promo this time - he's forgotten something from his car. Laura takes over... only for the legendary Store-o (definitely not Sam in a mask and holding a pink sword that looks nothing like a dildo) to appear.
  • The group spends a good few minutes arguing on how to blow up the troll's house, with the agreement being to have Nott sneak in and throw it. Nott gets in, only to realize something: nobody gave her her a way to light the stick of dynamite. Que the group losing it as Nott comes back telling them the issue.
  • Nott uses Mage Hand to hover a stick of dynamite into the troll's tree lair. As the tree is blown to smithereens, Matt asks for a pair of scissors so he can cut apart his custom-made terrain. The players are both regretful and amused.
    • And after all that, Nott rolls two 1s for the dynamite's damage. The troll gets knocked down yes, but only two points of damage.
  • Beau tries to douse the troll in oil, but has to throw the vial to do it. She misses and only douses a pile of skulls. Then Yasha tries to throw a torch at the troll. She also misses, and the torch lands on the exact same spot and lights the skulls on fire.
    • Becomes a Brick Joke later when the group proposes a short rest, and Beau points out that they already have a campfire.
  • Molly attempts to shout a taunt at the troll, but Taliesin is a little too hyper and ends up completely garbling it.
  • Jester wraps up the troll's heart with what was essentially its underwear.
  • The group finds some preserved, likely human muscle, in the troll's lair. Kiri stabs the troll's corpse saying "This means we are friends."
    Jester: I think we're a bad influence on her.
    Nott: I don't think so. Kiri, do you want some human jerky!
  • Jester sends a message to the Gentleman telling him, very verbosely, that they completed this task. Matt waits until she's finished to inform her the spell has a limit of 25 words.
    • She does it again when she contacts her mother, with the group laughing hysterically at Jester being oblivious to the spells limit again.
  • The group decides to stay at a separate inn instead of the one they previously stayed in. Upon seeing the owner, Uma Cole, Fjord puts a bit of charm into talking to her, even kissing her hand.
    Fjord (Out of Character): Is that a dirty hand?
    Uma Cole: Oh no, I keep quite clean.
    Fjord (Still Out of Character): I was asking Out of Character
    The group descends into laughter.
    Fjord (Now in Character): Did you give me the dirty hand, ma'am!
  • Uma Cole is reading a book, but being surprisingly secretive about it. The party, in particular Yasha, really wants to know what it is, by any means necessary. A trainwreck of failed Persuasion checks by Fjord, Caleb, and Yasha's part, and a Sleight-of-Hand checks by Nott via Mage Hand ensues, almost getting them kicked out of the inn. Eventually, they find out the book's title: "Feathered Leather". Which implies Vax had erotic novels written about him.
    • How do they find out what the book was? Molly leaves two gold as a bribe, and she tells him. Tallesin is quick to gloat about it by not having Molly tell anyone in the group the name.
  • We meet a new character, a dwarf named Smythe. Matt goes into detail how disgusting he is, how he has moss in his beard and fungi in his clothes and seems to be sweating a lot, plus he acts unfriendly and makes weird booze. Naturally, it takes Molly only five minutes or so to start flirting with him.
    • How nasty is he?
    Sam: Smythe Derbin is, knows, or has a gimp.
  • Jester tries to trade a gator skin with a merchant, but...
    Matt: The gator skin is not cured, or tanned. It's fucking nasty.
  • When leaving the Crossroads, the Nein run into the exact same group of bandits from Episode 8.
  • Beau searches an unconscious bandit and rolls a 20. She only finds a few coins, but feels a hard spot on his stomach that "he should probably get checked".
    Matt: He doesn't have anything else, but she rolled a 20 investigation check!
  • Marisha ends up calling Taliesin "Percy" again by mistake, leading to this gem:
    Travis: Stop saying [Percy's] name!
    Laura: No, keep saying it. Maybe he'll start rolling better!
  • Nott uses Silent Image to create an image of a totally normal human male... Chent. He can't dance because he's white, but he can do the Sprinkler (helpfully demonstrated by Marisha for the uninitiated).
  • Beau sums up what she knows about Hupperdook based on stories she had heard to the Mighty Nein: that it's an industrial town where the populace consisting of mostly gnomes work hard by day and party hard by night. The Nein think she's just bullshitting. But once they reach Hupperdook proper, they find out soon enough that there was truth to those stories after all.

    Episode 24: The Hour of Honor 
  • Sam's Dnd Beyond ad this time is... him reading from a file of rejected ad concepts. These include:
    Marisha: Anthony Kiedis! That's who that reminds me of!
  • Beau buys a pack of firecrackers and immediately throws one on the ground.
    Marisha: What happens?
    Matt: [Mimes the cracker bouncing uselessly along the ground]
    Beau: [After being informed the crackers have a small fuse] Oh, so there's a process.
  • Jester goes to play the piano at the Blushing Tankard.
    Jester: I knew a lot of good songs growing up. [As Laura] I play "Chopsticks".
    [Proceeds to roll an 8 performance check, and plays so badly she scares off the actual piano player]
    • Caleb then casts Haste on her while she's playing the piano, resulting in a really fast and surprisingly good rendition of "The Entertainer".
  • Fjord immediately regrets his choice of roommate when he sees Molly start drinking. Caleb brings up a weird analogy.
    Caleb: He's like a coyote. You know what that is?
    [Cue the table breaking down in laughter. Afterwards...]
    Caleb: It means he likes to fuck a lot.
    Nott: I thought it meant he was nocturnal?
    Fjord: You need to work on your analogies.
  • Molly tosses two coins to the gnome dancers in the tavern, and Beau tries to snatch one of them with Missile Snaring. She needs to make a contested dexterity check against a dancer... and rolls a Natural 1. So as Beau reaches to grab the coin, her vision goes dark. One of the dancers kicked her in the face.
  • Fjord goes to ask one the innkeeper about her prices for "companionship", and tells her he'd need "companions" for the whole group. She... takes it the wrong way, implying the whole group wants her for the night. Fjord gets so flustered his accent completely breaks.
    • The innkeeper is instantly smitten with Fjord, too (who can blame her?), and lays the flirtatious dialogue on thick for the rest of the episode.
  • Kiri going to a room with Yasha puts a damper on Jester's dance troupe plan. She asks Caleb but he refuses. So she goes to Beau...
    Beau: Yeah, I know, I'm your second choice.
  • After Nott and Beau discuss her backstory, they meet up with the rest of the group in time to hear Caleb finish recounting his dancing experience to Jester.
  • Caleb and Beau have a delirious drunken conversation after winning the drinking contest. Drunk Caleb is possibly even funnier than Drunk Nott.
    Caleb: [singing] Oh the Mighty Nein is the Mighty Nein, the mightiest Nein there is! Oh the Mighty Nein, the Mighty Nein, the Mighty Nein...
  • Beau and Molly on the impromptu waltz.
    Beau: I will fucking punch you if you try to kiss me.
    Molly: ...Whatever team you're on, I'm not on it. [Later] It's team Fuck Off, I know.
  • Turns out, Molly's Blood Maledict can pull the alcohol out of drunk people. He tries it out on Beau and it immediately sobers her up, something she is not happy about.
    Beau: That's a party foul!
    • So you can't divine the sad out of alcohol. But you can divine the alcohol from the sad.
  • The morning after, Beau realizes her coin purse is gone. Marisha fumbles her dialogue and makes it in-character.
    Beau: Jester, my coi, my coi, my... FUCK, I'm still hung over!
  • Beau tries a Good Cop/Bad Cop routine on Ashton and Fitz.
    Beau: See this guy [Fjord]? He's super fucking charming. He's going to talk to you first. You don't want to talk to me.
    Nott: She's not charming, at all!
    • The two teenagers are reduced to weeping messes by the end of the interrogation, which their boss finds hilarious.

    Episode 25: Divergent Paths 
  • Sam has committed to wearing the same outfit he did in every corresponding episode of the first campaign. In the order he's been wearing the shirts, his 25th outfit was for a Halloween episode. So Sam has to wear his Burt Reynolds costume.
  • The group have a field day with Matt having to play Fjord and Jester, ranging from them poking fun at how aggressive Matt makes Fjord sound, to them laughing when Matt accidentally refers to someone else while being Jester.
    • The group decides to take advantage of the lack of Jester and Fjord to make them pay for the groups expensives during the session. Everyone agrees Laura is totally going to text them over it.
  • Nott wants to wear heist outfits to break into the prison because, in her words, she really wants to wear a onesie.
  • Later in the episode...
    Sam: My moustache is falling off, so I have to hold it up with another moustache. Produces another fake moustache and sticks it over the first one... then produces his third and final one to make one really long mustache
    • Said mega-stache also wants to fall off, so Sam has it on upside-down as a beard a few times.
  • Turns out, Hupperdook's nights are fun the first time, but get old quickly.
    Marisha: It's like staying in Vegas for more than 24 hours. You're like "noooooo, not again!"
  • Even though she's starting to take a level in kindness, some things never change with Beau.
    Molly: You're becoming more of a people person, or at least a bird person.
    Beau: Fuck you, Molly!
  • While planning how to handle the Death Machine, Caleb abruptly breaks the fourth wall to congratulate Travis on the birth of his and Laura's baby. The group is rightfully confused at Liam in character speaking to Matt (whose playing Fjord), causing Fjord to bluntly ask what he was talking about.
  • The groups plan to get some bucket of tar? Have Yasha try to throw Molly to create a distraction so Caleb can use Unseen Servant to grab some tar. Molly ends up rolling badly and crashed onto the ground, yet manages to roll with disadvantage to try and stick the landing. It works, with a bit of Molly hanging onto the outside bars enough to irritate the guards.
  • Beau decides to throw her entire bag of ball-bearing at the Construct to slow it down. Turns out the Construct doesn't have feet and so it rolls over the ball-bearings, causing them to get sent flying back at her and Nott. After the fight, Beau spends a moment trying to collect them.
  • After beating the construct, Caleb, and Beau, the two most damaged people during the fight, decide to just take a nap while the others search the prison section. When Caleb gets called to do Detect Magic, Beau yells at them for; "taking away her pillow".
    • Shortly after when the group leaves, Beau collapses into Yasha's arms, so Yasha heals her using Healing Hands. Beau proceeds to say that Yasha; "filled her (Beau) with something warm".
  • Beau's miffed at not contributing much besides her flanking bonus to the Death Machine fight, so Fjord consoles her:
    Fjord: (paraphrased) Well, you made it so I didn't get hit, so thank you for that.
  • Matt, when explaining Laura and Travis' absence at the beginning of the episode (because Laura delivered her baby earlier in the day):
    Matt: I'm glad I worked towards a narrative exit that they couldn't be there for.

    Episode 26: Found & Lost 
  • Sam's Dnd Beyond promo is another radio play, this time depicting the day Travis and Laura's baby was born. Featuring Sam as Travis, Marisha as Laura (who was given inexplicably Purple Prose dialogue... which she has a lot of fun with), and Matt as himself... and the baby, who delivers the promo.
    • Liam's response to being the doctor is 'a real job dad.'
  • Despite all the players knowing Jester, Fjord and Yasha were taken last night, the entire group rolls horribly on investigation checks.
    Sam: Oh my god, we're not even going to know they're gone!
    • Finally, someone rolls a Natural 20. Who is it? Frumpkin.
  • The party's meeting with guest character Keg doesn't exactly get off to a good start.
    Caleb: [shouting from the bushes] Make conversation!
    Beau: How's your day?
    Keg: Weird now.
    Beau: Sorry. That happens sometimes.
    • Keg complains about her flask being empty, leading to Nott bragging about her Flask of Infinite Booze.
    Nott: Oh, your flask runs out?
    Keg: ...Yes weird creepy doll girl.
    Nott: (Laughs smugly.)
    Keg: Can anyone explain this shit to me?
  • Detective Nott gets a great call-back after Nott pours Keg a drink and she immediately says "I know who took your friends".
  • Beau's idea of how to get rid of one of their horses: leave it behind and hang a sign on it saying "Free horse".
  • The group leaves behind one of their horses, Loaf, leading to poop jokes.
    Keg: Starting to rethink my agreement to work with you guys...
    Matt: Welcome to the Mighty Nein.
  • Marisha's face when Matt tells her that, due to Haste, she still has 75 feet of movement left after pummelling one of the insects to death.
  • Nott casts Silent Image to create a duplicate of Beau, leading to jokes of it being a Palette Swap in the vein of Street Fighter. The insect rolls high enough to see through it despite its low Intelligence, so it obviously wasn't a very good one.
    Matt: It's like: "Really, puce?"
  • Nott rolls a Natural 20 for stealth.
    Matt: You teleport through dimensions. You're now in Campaign 1.
  • Keg, the dwarf in full plate armour, rolls a Nat 20 on Stealth. Pike would be green with envy. Matt names Ashly Burch as the Anti-Wil Wheaton.
  • Nott talks with Keg during watch and... falls victim to poor wording.
    Nott: I like tongue. I mean, because I was eating horse tongue before.
    Keg: Oh, I thought you were coming on to me.
    • Nott promises to tell her one thing about herself if Keg shares one thing about her past. Keg says the Shepherds enslaved one of her friends. Nott replies... that she's a good dancer. Ashly, Sam and Matt all break down in hysterics.
    Nott: You hit me with your heaviest shit!
    Keg: I thought that's what you wanted!!
    Molly: We're trying to sleep!!
    Nott: Well that was fun.
    • Gets a hilarious call-back later when Keg reveals, under Suggestion, that she lied and used to work with the Iron Shepherds.
    Nott: I lied too. I'm an average dancer.

    Episode 27: Converging Fury 
  • Sam's DnD Beyond promo this time invokes Too Soon and Crosses the Line Twice with the events of the last episode. He also wears a new shirt with a print of Matt grimacing (a still from Episode 14 of him acting out the Ogre guard being hit with the Wand of Smiles), and his flask message is "R.I.P Shirt Bit, 2018-2018 (oh, also Molly)".
    • Ashly's response
    Ashly: For my first action, I kill Sam.
  • Guest character Nila's Fish out of Water status creates a lot of these, especially the Running Gag of not understanding what "fuck" means.
  • The morning in the Shady Creek Run is greeted by, in Matt's words, "broken-sounding roosters". Nila takes a Goodberry and gives one to each of them as she leaves.
  • The previous night, Keg unwittingly insults Nott by telling Caleb he "could do better" when assuming he and Nott are a couple. At breakfast, as Nott comes to the table, she finds Keg with a written note and spectacles, which turns out to be a scripted apology to Nott, which she reads out Bad "Bad Acting" style. Beau says she could learn a thing or two.
  • Keg rolls a Natural 1 for stealth, in complete contrast to the previous episode. Matt describes it as sounding like someone knocked over a stack of pots and pans, so everyone's reaction is "Screw This, I'm Outta Here!!"

    Episode 28: Within the Nest 
  • Sam's DnD Beyond promo involves Fun with Acronyms to help remember DnD Beyond's features. Sam writes them down on a whiteboard... and they just happen to spell out "Liam Eats Farts" when read downward.
    • What sells this is that Sam originally wrote "LIAM EATS FART" due to only having four acronyms, and in the middle of his explanation nonchalantly adds an "s" at the end without breaking his stride.
  • Sam puts his flask where Taliesin normally sits, and the note taped to it reads: "This flask is Taliesin's new character".
  • For a moment, the planning derails into suggesting starting a debating club in Shady Creek.
  • Taliesin's new character is a Firbolg. Nott, naturally, asks if he knows Pumat Sol.
    • On top of this, as he enters the room viewers can see that his shirt reads "NEW CHARACTER, WHO DIS?"
  • How said character - Caduceus - is introduced; he looks at the motley crew in front of him (hobo wizard, goblin, a Firblog lady, and Beau) and just sighs, commenting on how he doesn't have enough cups for everyone (in regards to tea).
  • To test if Caduceus can really heal, Nott shoots Beau with her crossbow. The first is a miss, but the second is a Natural 20. Beau's missile snaring ability still reduces the shot to no damage... until Sam reminds Matt that when he rolls a Nat 20 with this crossbow, it fires another bolt immediately. This one, she doesn't catch.
    Beau: I'm keeping this bolt. It's mine now. [Pulls out the other bolt from her chest] And I'm keeping this one too.
    Ashly: Keg is aroused again.
  • To salvage a botched stealth check, Caleb sends Frumpkin near the guard. The same guard who tried to shoot him last episode. This time, he hits and does 4 points of Piercing damage, and everyone braces for the worst... but:
    Liam: Frumpkin is alive! [...] His hit points as an owl is 1d4 + 1, and I rolled a 4.
    • Which leads to:
    Guard: Phil! Hey Phil! I just shot an owl and it's still flyin'! I hate this forest, it's bullshit!
  • Caduceus' thoughts on the guard.
    Caduceus: I'm sure he's a terrible person, he shot an owl.
  • The same two guards have trouble with Frumpkin again later in the night, this time in spider form. They still can't kill him.
  • Hideous Laughter returns.
    Nott: Hey! I'm thinking of removing my spine! Because it's... holdin' me back!
  • Nott unlocking the trapped trap door with a reach around.
    Nott: A reach around. Give it a little tuggy with the reach around. Just pull it. Pull it. Just tug it until it explodes. Just reach around and tug it until it explodes! Just keep on working it! Might have to use the other hand for a while, that one's getting tired, Matt! Wait for the explosion!
    Matt, exasperated: Roll... roll for reach around.

    Episode 29: The Stalking Nightmare 
  • The costumes are amazing:
    • Brian's wearing sequins, leather and Crocs with glitter in his beard.
    • Liam's next, and his shirt has Frumpkin wearing laser-shooting glasses.
    • Marisha comes out in a blouse and pants with Sam's rainbow suspenders from the Campaign 2 opening.
    • Ashly and Taliesin follow, as themselves but in vaguely formal outfits.
    • Sam comes out in a pink dragon-like outfit, on rollerskates, with a lit-up bowl on his crotch.
    • Matt comes out as Matt... but then removes his vest to show a shirt of Sam's face to an utterly priceless reaction from all.
  • Poor Keg goes through almost all the episode being the Butt-Monkey to the group's plans or actions.
    • It starts with Caleb going invisible using a scroll of invisibility, then doing a Stealth Hi/Bye when she expresses fear he might of left her.
    • He also has Frumpkin appear on her shoulder, but Frumpkin is still a spider, causing Keg to Freak Out for a second.
    • Shakaste has The Dutchess land on her shoulder, which causes Keg to freak out again. Shakaste lampshades how The Dutchess is a bird and not a spider.
  • Shakaste returns! His new Spiritual Weapon takes the form of Nefertiti... and he brings out a life-size statue that has some light-up features (which he says he bought as soon as he saw it downstairs at the convention). He then proceeds to whiff on every single one of her attacks... except for using her to flip a switch.
    • The leadup to his return deserves mention too, as it's foreshadowed by The Duchess making an appearance before quickly flying away, much to Keg's confusion. This prompts a member of the live audience to shout "The audience is aroused!"
  • Caduceus tries to help remove the iron portcullis trapping the group in the hallway, and rolls a one looking for the switch. Cue Caduceus getting distracted by a piece of moss on the wall.
  • Shakaste proves to be quite the charmer once again, managing to find time to subtly work his charm on both Keg, and one of the Iron Shepherds remaining leaders at every point. Keg especially is caught off guard by it.
  • After having to watch the Iron Shepherds kill Frumpkin, Caleb gets the HDYWTDT on Lorenzo. The last thing he says to his smoldering remains in a tired, bloodloss-drunken voice:
    Caleb: ...You shouldn't have killed my cat.
    • And then there's the first thing he says after Matt gives him the HDYWTDT:
      Caleb: Oooooooh well fuck me running, it worked!
    • Matt's reaction when he realizes Caleb's spell killed Lorenzo deserves mention, mostly because of how the crowd reacts to it. For bonus points, some guy in the audience shouted "For Molly!" while Matt was calculating the damage of the spell that avenged the fallen member of the Nein. Never has a fan created accidental Five-Second Foreshadowing before, but damn if it isn't hilarious here.
      Matt: Fffuck. How do you want to do this?
      The crowd goes ape shit
  • Beau, Keg, and Nott get caught up on planning what Keg should yell for Nott's Silent Image bait, resulting in a good minute of the three discussing the best insult to say to get the remaining enemies attention. Then comes Caleb asking what they are doing in a frustrated tone.
  • After Caleb insisting that Clay and Shakaste will heal him...he ends up the only one that Shakaste isn't able to target with Mass Healing Word due to having moved beyond his view.
  • The Mighty Nein finally find Jester, Fjord, and Yasha, unconcious, and locked in very sturdy cells. Nott volunteers to pick the locks, despite rolling HORRIBLY for it for nearly 4 episodes. Clay, interested, decided to watch. Nott says she "doesn't work well with crowds" all the while Sam is giving side eye to the LIVE STUDIO AUDIENCE. But what pushes this from funny to gut-busting hilarity? The natural 20.
  • When the Nein ask Shakaste and Keg if they want to stay with them (at least for a drunken bender), Beau takes the opportunity to proposition the dwarven fighter to stay with her for the night. While everyone is providing double-take reactions to Beau's offer, Sam provides the literal obligatory Mic Drop.
  • As Matt is ending the episode, he mentions that the party turns in looking forward to enjoying comfort, alcohol, and whatever else transpires after that. Ashly, however, gets straight to the point and calls what the "whatever else" is for Beau and Keg:

    Episode 30: The Journey Home 
  • Sam confuses Laura not being present for Episode 25 for Jester not being there.
    Nott: Kiri is fine. [...] We found a new home for her.
    Jester: I know, I was there!
    Nott: Oh, right.
    Jester: I can understand why you would think that because I wasn't quite myself at the time...
  • While the group loots the Sour Nest, Caduceus somehow ends up in the kitchen and starts cooking. It was a nice kitchen!
  • Keg leaves a farewell letter for Nott, and fittingly, the spelling is terrible. Beau also gets a letter, and it only takes a glance for Marisha, Travis and Liam to burst into hysterics. Turns out, it's an attempt at saying something romantic... that's all crossed out and replaced with just "thanks".
  • As the group leaves Ophelia Mardun's residence, Nott reveals that she named all the horses in their yard: Waterloo, Fernando, Mamma Mia and Dancing Queen. She has to leave two behind, and the group unanimously agrees to keep Mamma Mia (Nott also keeps Dancing Queen).
  • Jester tried to eavesdrop on a conversation by using Channel Divinity - Cloak of Shadows... Without realizing it only gives her 12 seconds of invisibility. Matt deadpans that it was the best use of Channel Divinity in DnD history.
    Nott: Maybe next time you use it, it will have a purpose.
    Marisha: Sam giving me shit about my spells... I don't miss it.

    Episode 31: Commerce & Chaos 
  • Sam's promo this time... is a "country song" for DnD Beyond. It goes in... weird directions.
    Sam: [singing] DnD Beyond... make love to me tonight...
  • Matt makes Jester roll a dexterity check when sealing a forged letter. He explains...
    Matt: There is a difference between candle wax and sealing wax. How do I know this? Because I've made that mistake in the past. While sealing letters for previous D&D campaigns.
  • Beau spends her downtime training with the Cobalt Soul, overseen by a monk named Tubo. Her final challenge involves facing him and two other monks, all with bow and arrows. Leading to this quip from Sam.
    Sam: Tubo vs Beau with bows!
    Liam: Bobobo-bo-bobobo!
  • Matt, while giving exposition to Caleb, uses the phrase "Penetrate the Krynn Dynasty's boundaries". Matt immediately looks to Laura, fully aware of what her reaction will be.
  • In the lead up to the grand escape from the church of the Platinum Dragon, Nott decides to turn into an older Gnome lady to convince the guards to leave. Sam doesn't even try to sound convincing on account of Nott lacking info on the location, even claiming that the holy water needed to be replaced every thirty days, and that it was the thirty day mark.
    • Following that is Jester, using Disguise Self to look like the head priest, trying to convince them to leave as well. Laura's old man voice has to be heard to be believed.
  • Jester vandalizes the statue of the Platinum Dragon with a rainbow of paint and Clay's straw hat, but she's caught just as she's adding the mustache. The next half hour is all about Jester and Nott escaping from an increasing number of Crownsguard while Jester uses all of her spells to hilarious effect.
    • Nott tries to help Jester by claiming that the real head of the church died during all the chaos, and rolls so badly on her Deception check that her already-poor roll is increased by her bonus of -3. The guards attack and quickly capture her in what can only be described as a giant hamster ball.
    • Jester attempts to escape by hiding, only to be found due to poor stealth roll. She casts Blink to escape and initially celebrates escaping, only for Travis to remind Matt that Blink requires a roll to see if you actually blink out. Laura rolls below a ten, meaning Jester didn’t vanish, which Matt retcons as Jester disappearing & then simply reappearing within the same second. The look on Laura's face is priceless as she scrambles to cast another spell to escape.
    • At one point Jester uses Mirror Image to try and fool the guards, only for her to roll above a ten on her Blink check, resulting in her vanishing & then reappearing 10 feet away. Since Mirror Image makes a copy of the person, it causes the copies to vanish, and then reappear as well. The guards trying to chase are completely floored at the vanishing and reappearing copies.
    • Travis points out how much crap Laura gave him, Taliesin, Sam, and Liam for their failed hospital trip back in episode 12. By the end, Travis claims that Jester and Nott's botched escape eclipsed anything like it from the first campaign, putting on the same level as Scan-bo - which, fittingly enough, took place in episode 31 of the first campaign.
  • As the Nein head to the Menagerie Coast, Jester messages Yasha to inform her of their plans. Because it's Jester, it takes her multiple castings to get the point across.
    Sam: 7 spell slots later, and Yasha gets "You have... 7... new messages."
  • Caduceus gets to meet the Pumat Sols. The Pumats are completely taken with seeing another Firbolg in Zadash and Caduceus is adorably confused for a good 15 minutes while the 3 simulacrum come out and then bring out Pumat Prime. Once they explain the nature of the duplicates to him he is utterly charmed by their existence and thinks it's all very nice and cool.
  • Beau is excited to get her weekend of training with Tubo underway...and he takes her up into the library to study. Caleb shoots her a smile and two thumbs-up from across the hall; she flips him off.

    Episode 32: Beyond the Boundaries 
  • Matt's description of the scenic ride back towards Trostenwald.
    Matt: You're kind of enjoying the details of it as you pass by; the field mice that occasionally scurry across the road... and get snatched up by a hawk and you're like, 'yup, that's how it happens.'
  • While travelling, Caleb suggests to Cadeucus that he should ask Jester to show him the artifact the Nein got from Thuron way back Episode 13. However his cryptic suggestion referring to it only as the "thingy in her bag" leads to this conversation, which highly implies that Jester showed him some of her sex toys.
    Jester: (grimacing) Which thingy?
    Cadeucus: I don't know, Caleb is being really shifty about it
    Jester: (still grimacing) There's some really questionable thingies in here, (suddenly cheerful) but you can see them if you want!
    • Jester, of course, takes the opportunity to continue her trend of having raunchy Ship Tease with most of the party.
    Jester: (pointing to something in her bag) And then there's that thingy, (whispering) Caleb doesn't know about it, but he will later.
    (Liam shoots a knowing Aside Glance at the camera)
  • Cadeucus thinks a little bit too hard and starts to bleed from his nose.
    Jester: Does that happen when you think really hard?
    Cadeucus: ... What?
  • After Jester makes a joke about the Lawmaster of Alfield having a small penis, Fjord asks Jester about how many penises she saw in her life, resulting in several minutes of the conversation spiralling out of control from Jester proclaiming she saw Molly's and it was colorful, to Caleb saying Molly's looked nasty with several innuendos. Bryce takes the opportunity to excuse themselves.
  • The Ettin's that try to ambush the group get discovered thanks to Cadeucus rolling a natural 20 on his Perception check, and he proceeds to ruin the ambush by casting Calm Emotions on the most visible one, resulting in it simply waving at the group as they try to pass by. Turns out Matt had planned for them to fight them and even brings out a model for it.
    • The unaffected Ettin starts arguing with the one that was affected by Calm Emotions because Cadeucus starts talking to them as if they were close friends, which throws off the unaffected one since Cadeucus can speak Giant.
  • Caleb's PTSD mechanic (roll a Wisdom saving throw against Stun after a fire-based kill) causes some unanticipated side effects after he uses a Fireball to blow up the last of the ambushing Ettin: Beau, who was Enlarged by Caleb during the battle, grabs the stunned Caleb and throws him over her shoulder to rejoin the party ... except that Enlarge is a concentration-based spell, and Stun breaks concentration, so Beau shrinks back down to normal, loses her boosted strength, and gets staggered by the weight of Caleb's body over her shoulder.
  • The party encounters a travelling pet shop. Travis, Liam and Taliesin realize very early on that this meeting and the resulting purchases will cause chaos in the next episodes. Within a few minutes Taliesin verbally regrets playing a vegetarian, they start a pool for bets about which animal would die first, and Liam quasi-angrily accuses Matt: "You did this!" To which Matt nods proudly, witnessing the chaos of Beau and Jester buying three new pets, and answers with a big grin "Yeah, yeah, I did."
    The girls are squeeing over a pair of twin tiger cubs
    Travis/Fjord: No, no, no, no, no...
    • The kicker is that Liam is keeping Caleb within the Leomund's Tiny Hut he'd set up, glaring at Jester while aggressively petting Frumpkin - the Nein already have a mascot animal, and Frumpkin doesn't need competition.
    • Despite the above entry, Liam completely breaks character when he realizes one of the animals for sale is a Blink Puppy, before quickly playing the Meta-Gaming Pigeon card.
    • The whole time this is going on, Caduceus is mostly watching, because Taliesin is conflicted between out of character, and in character, suggesting that while Taliesin wants one, Caduceus is not as much invested in getting one. It doesn't help that one of the animals is a peacock, which Sam jokingly says was there for Taliesin.
  • Taliesin rolls an extraordinarily high Insight check when the party is talking to Gustav, a character that Caduceus Clay has never met. Clay sizes him up so well that it freaks the party out and Nott demands to know if Clay is psychic or precognitive, leading to a beautiful pun.
    Nott: How and when will Fjord die?
    Clay: In a terrible crash... with a man named Buick.

    Episode 33: The Ruby and the Sapphire 
  • Sam's D&D Beyond goes above and beyond in insulting the Dallas Cowboys as Sam fakes his heart exploding, complete with detonating blood squibs, only to reveal that he was wearing a "Keep Calm and Hate Dallas" shirt underneath it when Laura pulls it off him to "save" him.
  • Jester discusses what caused her to have to leave home, commenting that the Lord she tricked was named Sharp, but that he wasn't "very sharp". Beau assumes she meant that he was an idiot, while Jester meant something else. As Jester makes her joke, Matt can be seen looking to the side with a smirk on his face, mildly shaking his head.
  • Nott vs Crab. For context, Nott sees a crab touch Caleb's clothes while she's watching them, so she lunges for it. She only manages to grab it due to its Dex roll being very low, but it pinches her thumb as she does. She crushes it with her knee, but only due to, again, it rolling low on Dexterity.
  • Caleb's still floating in the ocean wearing "one thing" (his anti-scrying necklace, no doubt). Jester makes sure to yell out "We can still see your weenie!", and Fjord decides to Misty Step right next to him to scare him.
  • We find out what Beau decided to name her owl: Professor Thaddeus.
    Beau: I wasn't sure if he looked more like a "Professor" or a "Thaddeus", so I thought...
    Caduceus: Why not both?
    • After an hour-long training session, Matt explains that Professor Thaddeus probably likes Caduceus more than Beau.
  • Taliesin later tells the others he named the seagull Beau fed to Thaddeus. Steven. He's force to explain that it comes from Steven Seagal.
    • As a bit of a Brick Joke, Travis's disguised persona is named "Steven Chagall". It's noted that those two imitations shouldn't be mixed together.
  • Jester introducing her mother to Clay:
    Jester: He doesn't know anything about sex and he drinks dead people tea!
    • The fake blood from the D&D beyond skit ended up staining Sam's hands, and it's still there when he decides to have Nott drop her Disguise Self in front of Marion. Cue a goblin girl with bloodied hands introducing herself to the Ruby of the Sea.
    Nott: This is seagull blood, not human blood.
  • Jester on being a Cleric.
    Jester: [Proudly] I can heal people, mom!
    Nott/Sam: She can heal people...
  • When discussing alcohol, Laura brings up the cast in-joke of Sam's wine aerator.
    Jester: We'll bring up the aerator!
    Nott: Aerator? What's that?
  • The party accidentally stumbles on a major revelation (that The Gentleman might be Jester's father), Taliesin adds some perfectly in-character Mood Whiplash.
  • Jester attempts to carefully send a 20 words message, after having most of her messages cut off halfway through, and Taliesin counts the words out of character. Eventually this is the message that The Gentleman would receive.
    Jester: Hello, Gentleman. This is Jester. Please respond, just yes, if you've seen the Ruby. Please. Is that twenty? SHIT, NO!
  • The fact that in a party where 5 of 6 members could cast Disguise Self, nobody thought to Disguise themselves as The Gentleman in front of Marion to confirm whether this was the case.
  • Jester being fixated on sleeping in the boob of the Mother's Lighthouse, or even just going into it. Turns out it's all solid, no way in.
  • When the group find a Mage Tower in the city, Beau has this to say to Caleb.
    Beau: Do you have wizard envy? It's okay, it's a pretty large tower.
  • Speaking of the Mage Tower, Beau attempts to scale its entirely smooth surface and (obviously) fails, falling on her behind. Matt looks in the Player's Handbook for something Travis assumes to be fall damage (but which turns out to be the Monk ability Slow Fall). Then Liam and Marisha have this exchange.
    Liam: Yeah, it's 1d6 per ten feet!
    Marisha (pointedly): Yeah, I know this math.

    Episode 34: Encroaching Waters 
  • We finally meet Orlie, the Fireside Chat NPC, and his implanted bagpipes.
  • Nott tries to intimidate the bar by claiming there's a horde of goblins outside. Matt doesn't even have her roll for her terrible Deception.
  • Beau's chatty spring break tourist persona Tracy is a wonder to behold - she even captures the Celezzo's heart.
    • Following that, her (understandable) reaction following; she needs a thorough shower after actually flirting with a guy for information.
  • Sam, on the fight against Algar.
    Sam: I just want to point out that your mom said "this guy is bothering me", and we blew him up and attacked him with tentacles.
  • Octopus Frumpkin was good at seeing things, but not at squeezing through grates. Matt ruled the twin failures as being unused to that form.
  • The group forgets they have both Nugget, and the weasel with them, resulting in the group freaking out at the realization their pets will drown. Caduceus even asks Nugget if he wants to go with them, all while Travis proclaims the pets are gonna die.
  • Seeing Caleb face down in the water and unconscious, Nott uses her Mage Hand to force-feed him a potion. Matt has Caleb make a Strength saving throw to avoid breaking a tooth. (Having a glass phial rapidly shoved in your mouth will do that) He's really disappointed when Caleb passes (with a Natural 20, no less).
  • The first water wave spell knocked Fjord and Yasha backwards, but not Caleb who was standing right behind them - Matt ruled that Caleb was knocked prone anyway due to the impact of the two larger fighters.
  • Black Comedy ensued when Caduceus was whelmed and taking death saves, as the cast joked that Taliesin would be making another new character (Taliesin claimed to be out of ideas).
    • Added to that, Caduceus spent a long time inside the water elemental and making death saves, so Taliesin never had a chance to even attempt to get out.
  • Jester's lollipop came out with a razor-spiked edge.
  • During the Hunger of Hadar, it was joked that Travis had just cast hentai.
    • Later, they wondered whether the tentacles of that spell could wield the Lollipop. Laura's roll to his was successful, so Matt said "That's what happened".
  • When Algar hits 0 HP, he's in the Hunger. The party cheers him hitting 0, but Matt reminds them that none of them could know it at that time. They move from elation to disappointment.
  • Nott during the entire episode is firmly against going into the water, to the point where she attempts to persuade the Water Elemental not to fight them because she's terribly afraid of water. Sadly she doesn't roll high enough, but still hilarious given the situation.

    Episode 35: Dockside Diplomacy 
  • Sam's DnD Beyond promo... is a special ad created using all the amazing special effects their sponsorship money goes towards. ...All none of them.
    Matt: One day, your escalation is going to be the end of us all.
    Sam: Guys, for DnD Beyond this week I brought a loaded gun!
  • Matt makes sure to remind the party in the Previously On that they almost drowned their pets in the last episode.
  • Upon seeing Fjord's raised spectre, Caduceus freaks out and instinctively casts Turn Undead. This happens on two later occasions.
  • Caduceus heals everyone. Jester takes advantage of this to say she's healing everyone too when she actually isn't.
  • Fjord casts Disguise Self to make him look like Algar, and Jester uses her Disguise Kit to try and make the real Algar look like someone different. Her roll is... average.
    Matt: Algar now looks like a weird uncle... of Algar.
  • Back at the hotel, Beau fails several Animal Handling checks for Professor Thaddeus, before resorting to yelling expletives at him. This is the check that succeeds. Thaddeus must be a fan of tough love.
  • Matt contemplates what kind of check Fjord needs to make to swim.
    Matt: How do I want to do this?
    Sam: That's what your autobiography is going to be called!
    Matt: I walked into that one.
  • The trainwreck of bad roll that ensues when the Nein try to sneak up on Marius. Fjord rolls a low Acrobatics check and splashes into the water, Jester tries to use Thaumaturgy to pass it off as a dolphin noise, but rolls badly on Performance. The ship's crew start getting suspicious, so Beau brings back "Tracy" and acts out breaking up with Caleb and throwing their "wedding ring" in the ocean. She rolls an 11 on Deception (with disadvantage). Beau's first line when breaking character is perfectly fitting.
    Beau: Caleb? They don't think I'm a dumb drunk bitch.
  • Travis accidentally calls the Summer's Dance sword Summer's Eve. Which is a brand of cream for a certain... feminine area, for those not in the know.
  • Beau tries to grab Marius and drag him away from the fight. Matt tells her to roll... before revealing afterwards that, because he was mesmerised by Fjord's Hypnotic Pattern, she would've automatically succeeded anyway. He just wanted to see what she rolled.
  • This exchange when Matt is rolling for the three archers that decide to attack Fjord.
    Marisha: What if we commandeer the ship?
    Matt: [Rolling dice] Natural 20 on the first hit.
  • Matt's frustration that "the captain", who "was supposed to be the nasty one in that fight", got paralysed and eviscerated by Yasha before getting a chance to do anything.
  • Fjord runs downstairs when the ladies are trying to get the ship moving. Travis then realizes that his Sailor background was kinda necessary to making that happen, so he first left the table in embarrassment, then had Fjord go to the wheel and bash his head on it in frustration (not quite dealing his Last Chance Hit Point in damage).
  • The sheer fact that "Let's go talk to Marius" wound up as "Okay, we're stealing the ship after killing all seven sailors on it". It takes a special kind of Epic Fail to consider that leap of logic, which took everyone at the table by surprise as it was happening (even Matt, who never expected it).
  • Just to reiterate the point- The Mighty Nein dispatched a full crew and commandeered an entire ship BY ACCIDENT.
    • This also continues their track record of having well-though-out plans end horribly (the hospital raid in Zadash, their first fight with the Iron Shepards), while spur-of-the-moment impulse actions (like stealing a dodecahedron that allows the manipulation of fate) succeed beyond their wildest expectations.

    Episode 36: O Captain, Who's Captain? 
  • Marius quickly becomes the groups new Butt-Monkey, complete with Beau kicking him awake, ripping off his expensive sleeves on his cloak, and threatening him a few times.
    • On the other hand, Jester, Nott, and Caleb become fast friends with Gallen, the ship's carpenter, despite the fact that he initially attacked them with a sword and Jester buried an axe in his head (by accident.) They rule that, since he has the most experience with sailing besides Fjord, he's now the First Mate. They then realize he's a bit of a dumbass and immediately start ignoring his commands.
  • Fjord asks a person at the dock for advice for where to pick up some crew for their ship, only for Caleb to walk up and ask the exact same question. Then Nott comes up, only for her to be using Disguise Self to be Captain Crunch of all people.
  • Nott saves a redshirt's life, an immediately goes to comfort him in the same way she did the child in the Gnoll mine. She gets the same reaction.

    Episode 37: Dangerous Liaisons 
  • The entire cast followed through on their idea to dress as pirates!
  • Sam comes out dressed as Hamilton, doing the pose from the poster. He and Ashley proceed to sing a rewritten "Dear Theodosia" for the sponsor plug.
  • Over the course of the Menagerie Coast arc, it has become clear that while Fjord is an experienced sailor, Travis is not. Travis brought notes of nautical terminology with him to the live show, in a notebook clearly labeled "Idiot's Guide to Sailing".
    • Speaking of not knowing sailing terms, Beau completely misunderstands what Fjord means when he tells her to activate the windlass. She then goes over and smacks Yasha (their resident "wind-lass") on the butt.
    • Speaking of said notebook; Jester asks Fjord to give it to her, causing Fjord to defensively say no, because Travis has to point out it doesn't actually exist in the story.
  • Almost all the player characters misunderstand the use of parlay as parfait. This reaches the point where during the very serious conversation with Avantika, Caduceus asks for yogurt because he's hungry.
  • Liam's wonderful sense of comedic timing: Caleb doesn't know about the situation above, so he happily Messages Fjord that the damage to their ship is handled and they should be safe now. Fjord ends up having to awkwardly inform him about the incoming pirates.
  • Nott actually succeeding on a Deception check. What kind? Telling Gallen that it wasn't pirates but "high rats" (rats in the Crow's Nest) she was talking about.
  • Jester uses Disguise Self to look like a pirate, and chooses to make herself look like herself, only meaner and wearing a tighter dress.
  • After episodes without it, the old Running Gag with "but there is only six/seven of you" in response to their group being called "The Mighty Nein" returns with Avantika dropping her threats in favour of being very confused for a brief time.
  • The whole situation with Fjord and Captain Avantika is charged with enough sexual tension that Liam and Caleb (via Frumpkin) are quite quick to note to everyone else. To make it even funnier, nothing of the sort ends up happening - Fjord and Avantika just show each other their eyes.
    • Highlight includes Fjord turning Avantika's comment about his attempt to decieve her meaning he's got "either large balls, or is incredibly stupid" into him saying that she was perceptive enough to notice he "does indeed have large balls".
    • As Avantika begins describing Uk'otoa, she repeatedly refers to it by name. Jester begins immediately repeating the name in a dramatic whisper - until Avantika pointedly glares at Jester whilst refusing to refer to Uk'otoa by name after that point. Jester pouts like a 5 year old getting a noisemaker taken away.
      • Later, Fjord asks if Caduceus got a read on if Avantika was telling the truth - he admits that he wasn’t paying attention to anything Avantika was saying, because he wanted to join in on Jester’s game.
      • By the end of the episode, Jester, Nott & Caduceus have all started playing the whisper game whenever Uk’otoa is spoken of by name.
    • At one point, Fjord "shows Avantika his sword," which shoots off a stream of water when he summons it. The audience went so nuts at that moment that Matt had to start shouting reminders that the falchion has always done that when summoned. The fact that Avantika begins caressing the sword afterwards just makes it worse.
  • In the first meeting with Captain Avantika in her quarters, Caleb makes a smart remark that leads her to throw a dagger at the cheese he was eating (surprising Liam that Caleb was apparently eating cheese) and pinning it to the wall. Caleb goes on to pick the cheese off of the wall.
  • Jester thinks she'll be able to feel the Cloven Crystal inside Fjord, so she forces his armor and shirt off. Travis thus takes off his pirate coat and mimes removing his shirt.
  • Nott "gets the itch" and rummages through the cargo hold unseen. First, she distracts the guards outside the Nein's room by using Silent Image to troll them into believing their spy "Jumanji Costco" had returned, then dismissing the image before Captain Avantika could see it. Next, she plays with the hold guard by repeatedly snuffing his lantern and dropping his pants.
  • As the Mighty Nein goes over the possibilities of who Uk'otoa’s third “chosen” could have been, Yasha realised that Molly was covered with eye tattoos, and Jester asks Fjord how he forgot that because he roomed with Molly & must have seen him naked at some point. Before Travis can respond, Taliesin immediately asserts that yes, Fjord totally saw Molly naked.
  • Jester decides to draw Captain Avantika in her sketchbook. However, since Jester is a Clingy Jealous Girl towards Fjord, there's daggers sticking out of her and she's broken four pencils.

    Episode 38: Welcome to the Jungle 
  • Jester was (naturally) really nasty when asking Captain Avantika and Jamedi if they wanted to sleep in the Tiny Hut with them. Jamedi initially declined, preferring his own tent, but Avantika's interest was piqued, so she accepted to Jester's clear displeasure.
  • Much hubbub is made at the table about the two Clerics going scouting together and getting ambushed by two kamadans (leopards with a mane of snakes).
  • In the kamadan fight, Jester and Avantika are the only ones to fall asleep. They're close enough to each other that they wake up almost in each other's arms quite miffed about their situation.
  • Jester's entire conversation with Jamedi, from trying to teach him about The Traveller to exchanging stories of "the craziest thing they've ever seen". Out of all the "crazy shit" Jester's seen, what does she choose?
    Jester: This one time, I saw a bug, carrying a piece of bread, that was like five times its size. And he was carrying it UP stairs. [mimes] Like up, and then he would turn, and then he would go up, and then he would turn...
    Jamedi: Will the wonders never cease? [Long pause] I am going to concentrate on the surroundings for the remainder of our shift.
  • The Major Image of the manticore is pretty awesome, but also excessively random for an island of lizard-like beings.
  • Jester's disguise checks aren't great. She makes Caleb up with a 7, so he got green dots. Beau was a 17, so she looked good. Yasha was a Natural 1, thus Matt described the result as "head to toe Grinch".
  • Jester tries to break the grapple she's in, and the grappler rolls a natural 2. Nice and low... but Jester rolls another of her multiple Natural 1s of the night.

    Episode 39: Temple of the False Serpent 
  • Sam's sponsor plug this time has him get face-painted by Laura and Taliesin to... sorta resemble a cross between a snake and a Pokemon? He keeps it on the entire episode, too.
  • Caduceus' darkly humorous line after the yuan-ti kills herself. As a grave cleric, someone preoccupied with the natural order of death, it's extremely fitting.
    Caduceus: That's cheating. [Complete with nine-year-old pout.]
  • Nott's repeated, increasingly unsubtle attempts to catch Jamedi out as an undead, first offering him a drink ("Do you drink liquids?"), then jerky, then inviting him to pray and asking if he worships any god in particular. For the last, she claims "we're a tolerant group". His response is to gesture towards the corpses of the snake people they just encountered. (One of which, Laura points out, is having its arm used to plug a hole in the wall)
  • Nott and Caleb eat the psychotropical fruit, getting extremely high. Notably, when Nott is grappled by an assassin vine:
    Sam: I’m trying to cast Teleport.
    Matt: [looks at his notes behind the DM screen, probably asking himself "Does Nott have Teleport?"]
    Sam: I don't have Teleport.
  • Fluffernutter. Really, everything about that Crazy Enough to Work idea down to its failure.
  • Yasha's kill of the Hydra.
    Travis-as-Yasha: (simply, with a shrug) No problem.
  • After the fight, Liam asks for clarification: are Nott and Caleb still high? Yes, yes they are meaning they fought and defeated two big enemies while high as kites.
  • Nott repeatedly cocking her Automatic Crossbow for no good reason. The cast joke about unused bolts just being ejected from the weapon.

    Episode 40: Dubious Pursuits 
  • Even though it's the day after Halloween, and most of them had no time to prepare, the cast are still dressed in costumes because "Halloween is when you want it to be!"
    • Matt is Dante from Devil May Cry 5. The reason why? Because apparently when the new design for Dante was revealed, people began messaging him saying Matt looked like him. His costume also appears to the only one that really took any effort to put together.
    • Taliesin is Sherlock Holmes.
    • Sam is a bottle of ketchup.
    • Liam is Kylo Ren. He tries to speak using Kylo's voice, only for the group to say he sounds like a weird combination of Adam Diver, and Christopher Walken instead.
    • Marisha is "Lisa Frank Castle".
    • Travis is ..."The Bargain Bin," aka a cowboy hat and a random pair of bright orange gloves. He threw it together because the alternative was wearing the panda costume he wore on Halloween itself with Laura, but as he explained, the costume was "too fucking hot".
    • And after the break, everyone but Matt changes into normal clothes... except for Sam, who is the only one left wearing a last minute costume. It also takes Sam several minutes to notice, at which point he interrupts Matt to ask if they all got changed without telling him.
  • During a battle against a group of Yuan-Ti the party encountered while fleeing the flooded temple, Caduceus uses the spell Spirit Guardians, which he sums up thusly:
    Taliesin: Anybody I don't like within 15 feet of me is currently getting ransacked by tiny fairies.
  • After months of what appeared to be mostly one-sided flirting from Jester, Fjord finally kisses Jester, keeping her from drowning while using up the last of his own air. The catch? Laura is absent this episode and isn't even there to react to it.
    • Luckily, Sam and Marisha are there to react to the moment:
    Sam: That is so hot!
    Marisha: The last breath! He just selfishly wants the door unlocked but it's so sweet!
  • At the end of the session, Fjord walks into Lady Avantika's chamber to find her nude on the balcony of her quarters and playing with her newly obtained aquakinetic powers. After a brief chat, Matt (as Avantika) hints towards a night of fun between the two. Fjord goes for it, astonishing everyone, but nobody more than Matt. The look on Matt's face when Fjord says yes is gold.
    • The moment Jester finds out will be another instant entry onto this page, as Laura wasn't there to see it.
    • Additionally, who notices that Fjord slept with Avantika? Caduceus, with his 18 Perception.
      Caduceus: Sleep well with your bad decisions.
  • And finally, after the intimate night between Fjord and Avantika, the episode ends on this note:
    Liam: Seamen, seamen everywhere.
    Sam and Taliesin: (in unison) ...and not a drop to drink.
    Matt: (somewhere in between crying and laughing) I think it finally happened. I think you finally broke me.

    Episode 41: A Pirate's Life for Me 
  • Matt begins the episode with one of his typically eloquent and descriptive recaps of the events of the previous episode, including a lengthy review of the conversation between Fjord and Avantika which he ends with "...after which they fucked."
  • Nott's romantic advice to Jester is both adorable and hilarious, but what really seals it is Sam taking the opportunity to add some Dramatic Irony, since neither Nott nor Jester know about Fjord's... "escapade" with Avantika. (Which, for even more irony, is happening as they speak) Nott encourages Jester to "play hard to get" and "make him think he's done something bad".
  • Jester asks Orly to teach her how to do tattoos. The rest of the players react accordingly.
    • Later, during the raid on the ship, Jester grabs a "volunteer" from the do a tattoo on them.
  • Nott is enthusiastic in her new role as powder monkey. ...And rolls a Nat 1 to fire her first cannon. Explosion ensues.
    Crew: You owe us a cannon.
    Jester: Cantrip Mending!
    Matt: I don't know if that's gonna help fix a broken cannon... [Reading] "A single break or tear". Nope. That cannon's fucked.
  • The group finds a magic paintbrush during their pirate raid, which makes whatever it paints real. Caleb gives it to Jester... and the group immediately realises she could just paint dicks on everything.
    Matt: [Completely broken] I did not think this through!
    • Which she IMMEDIATELY does.
  • On the final leg of their time on the ocean, Nott (as Powder Monkey) attempts to steal some gunpowder, a little at a time- and rolls a Natural 1 on her Sleight of Hand check. After a brief pause, Matt proceeds with a description of Nott stealing a pinch of gunpowder here and there in a way that would make sense with a much higher roll. It is then capped off with the following:
    Matt: You can add to your inventory "One Handful of Black Pepper."
    • Nott then follows up by using that black powder to craft an explosive arrow, and succeeds at the tinkering check, thus creating what Nott thinks is an explosive arrow but Sam and the rest of the players know is a "pepper arrow" (which may or may not be useful in its own right).

    Episode 42: A Hole in a Plan 
  • Beau tries to get a bit out of Avantika... and sounds like she's flirting with her.
    Sam: [sing-song] Everyone's fucking Avantika!
  • Immediately after this moment, Liam makes a hand gesture and Laura, of all people, calls him out on it. He's quick to point out the irony.
    Liam: Laura Bailey just shamed me for a sexual finger motion, after THREE AND A HALF MOTHERFUCKIN' YEARS of this game... I've seen everything.
  • "And there we have the direct connection from Campaign 1 to Campaign 2: Sam has taken a shit live as both characters, in-narrative."
  • The increasingly absurd conversation that ensues when the Nein discuss their future with Avantika with "codenames". Avantika = Tiffany, The Squall-Eater = Tiffany's Ship, the Cloven Crystal = Apricot, wherever the next Cloven Crystal goes = Apricot tree, Bouldergut = Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Fjord = Honda.
  • The discussion ends with Jester and Nott agreeing to sneak into Avantika's cabin together. Then note that nothing they have ever done together has failed before.
    Travis: [Rolls] That's a Natural 1, this is gonna fucking fail.
  • "So we all wait until Fjord starts boning, then we start the action."
  • Nott and Jester attempt to escape the ship by casting Disguise Self, and disguise as Keg... and Molly. The others are quick to point out how he's probably the WORST disguise to use if you're trying to be inconspicuous.
  • Nott and Jester's infiltration results in some Black Comedy as several of Avantika's crew end up suffering horrible collateral injuries: first one falls through Jester's hole in the floor into the sleeping quarters, and is stabbed repeatedly by another member he startled awake. Later, Nott uses Phantasmal Force to make the lookout in the crows' nest think it's on fire... resulting in him leaping off and breaking his leg.

    Episode 43: In Hot Water 
  • Sam decides to impersonate the group for the DND Beyond infodump... using headshots, that he's cut mouth holes in. The biggest problem is not his downright awful impersonations but the fact that because his face is behind the headshots he can't see the copy he has to read.
    • The headshot he uses for Taliesin is just a pyramid and an Illuminati triangle, through which he speaks with the Voice of the Legion.
  • "I'm going to ask you to make a Persuasion Check... with disadvantage, because you just summoned a fucking demon."
  • When Fjord summons the Bar-lgura (an ape-like demon), Laura jokes that Bouldergut has found her perfect match and will start making out with it.
  • As we return from the break, Matt describes the damage from Caleb's Fireball to the ship... and Liam has the biggest smirk on his face, until Taliesin gives him a disapproving look. At that point, Liam physically pulls his facial muscles into a frown.
  • As Laura reveals that Jester can cast Control Water, everyone is super impressed and surprised... then Taliesin says "Oh yeah, I can do that too!"note  Travis is so annoyed to learn that they both have access to the spell he missed out onnote  that he stands up and steps away from the table.
  • When Jester is searching for the gems she dumped into the water, Matt lets her search "with dis-ad-fucking-vantage". Laura proceeds to roll double 1s and mock-celebrates her utter failure.
  • When she goes diving to look for Fjord's old ship's wreck, Jester finally remembers to leave Sprinkle with someone else this time. Her first choice to babysit her pet is Orly, who it turns out is not fond of weasels and responds by slowly withdrawing his head into his shell.

    Episode 44: The Diver's Grave 
  • When a Merrow attempts to harpoon Caleb, Sam belts out a Big "NO!" in Nott's voice. When it actually successfully hits he does so again, but so panicked that it sounds more like Nott gargling.
  • Nott's Hideous Laughter joke this time is so bad even she seems appalled. (She's drunk)
    Nott: What happens to Merrows with bad singing voices? They get auto-tuna'd!
  • Caleb declares that they must treat the situation with the seriousness it deserves. He then has Octopus-Frumpkin attach himself to his face so he can see through his eyes.
  • For just a brief moment Beau is taken over by a ghost but thankfully Caduceus wards it off. Beau immediately returns to her right mind and thoroughly confused.
Beau: Huh?! What happened?! Did 'Tracy' come back?!
  • In response to the poisonous, grasping seaweed covering the grotto walls closing in, both Jester and Caduceus unleash blasts of Sacred Flame to clear a path. Matt stops, checks his notes, and rolls before remembering something important:
Matt: Of course it auto-fails its saving throws. It's seaweed.
  • Beau is unable to find Dashilla after she flees, but does find one of the lair's creepy ghosts. Having now gained magical attacks due to her Monk level, she proceeds to punch the shit out of the ghost. Caduceus joins in with Sacred Flame, and Nott fires her crossbow. (Which, as Matt points out, technically gets sneak attack damage!)
  • A moment of very dark comedy at the end of the episode. Dashilla's lair contains a table caked with dried blood, and there are ancient magical runes on the walls. Out of curiosity (and to the horror of the rest of the party), Caleb and Fjord repeatedly cut themselves to fill the table with blood. They manage to get it "two-thirds of the way full" according to Matt before backing out. As the group return to their ship and sail away, they see a violent storm emerge over the Diver's Grave, Dashilla having completed the ritual. This is implicitly how she sinks ships to find treasure and prey, so if Caleb and Fjord had continued playing the magical equivalent of What Does This Button Do? they might have sunk their own ship!

    Episode 45: The Stowaway 
  • Twiggy in general qualifies, as her character takes the funniest parts of Nott and Jester and rolls them into one energetic gnome of fun.
  • Nott tries to make some explosive arrows. Matt asks a question first...
    Matt: Are you proficient with Tinkerer's Tools?
    Sam: I have Tinkerer's Tools.
  • Matt waits until the last possible moment to tell the Nein they're travelling into Clovis Concord territory on a known pirate ship with a visible nametag.
    • Nott, Jester, and Twiggy thus rename the ship the "Ball Eater", complete with the newly-painted B looking like a pair of balls. Caleb... is unamused.
  • Caleb tells Twiggy about all the "interesting stories" he's heard from Jester, and makes a Call-Back to Episode 38 by mentioning Jester's story about the ant carrying a piece of bread several times its size, which leaves Laura in hysterics.
  • When rolling initiative against a cabinet minic attacking the party, Matt loves that he gets to say Beau is going at the same time as the cabinet.
  • The cabinet mimic rolling high enough on its Intelligence check to recognize that Jester's duplicate is an illusion:
    Sam: That is a perceptive cabinet.
  • Nott gets the HDYWTDT on the cabinet mimic. Weapon of choice? Explosive crossbow bolt - but a bad roll means that she actually grabs the pepper bolt she made en route to Darktow. It still does enough damage. Cue mimic literally sneezing itself to death.
  • When Jester accidentally discovers that Cold magic energizes the crystal via Hellish Rebuke, Fjord attempts to continue charging it on his turn. How? By casting Armor of Agathys on himself and slamming his head into the crystal. Surprisingly, it works!
  • When Caleb and Nott arrive into the fight with the blue dragon, Caduceus emerges from a wall and sums up the situation to them.
  • The party finally escape the sphere and return to the ship where they find Orly, Marius and half the crew waiting for them. Turns out they've been gone for seven days, long enough for the ship to make it to port and be fully repaired. Marius also informs them that the crew haven't paid for said repairs yet, and as a result the dockmaster is not happy with them.

    Episode 46: A Storm of Memories 
  • In a darkly comedic way, Nott's indignation that she didn't get a funeral when the group sans Yasha went missing. Then, at the fact none of them got funerals. She proposes a new policy that, if someone's gone for four days, they hold a funeral.
  • Doubling at heartwarming, Beau talks to Caduceus about doing something nice for the crew. Not only to show their appreciation but also to dissuade the crew from stabbing them in the night. Taliesin clarifies it's not him laughing at that, it's Caduceus.
  • Caduceus uses the word astute...and then says he has no idea what it means but he heard the crew using it.
  • During Yasha's fight Travis tries to silently prompt Ashley to use her Rage by grimacing and flexing his arms above his head, except Ashley is so focused on Matt that she completely misses his hints.

    Episode 47: The Second Seal 
  • Nott's Shipper on Deck tendencies come on strong this episode. Not only does she push Fjord and Jester to go out on a walk together but she also asks they'll need any money, with Jester saying no but "Thanks, Mom."
  • In probably one of the biggest instances of Matt being inadvertently trolled by the players, Matt finally gets to use the semi-homebrewed rules for naval combat he'd been sitting on for weeks, (completed with additional character sheets for everyone detailing their role's special abilities) only for Caduceus to instantly capsize the enemy vessel on some rocks with clever use of Control Water.
  • In an anticlimactic way, a large part of Fjord's arc for the first year of the campaign was dedicated to finding out about Vandrin and if he was still alive...only for Caduceus to find out via getting high in the crow's nest and asking the Wildmother about him.
  • At Fjord's behest, Jester asks The Traveler if he knows anything about Uk'otoa. At the mention of his name, the entire party echoes "Uk'otoaaaaaaa"; after a Beat, so does Matt, as the Traveler. Jester tops it off by relaying the answer to the group as:
    Jester: He's heard about as much as we have.
  • After Caduceus capsizes their ship, the pirates are brought on board and, among other things, learn the name of the ship. The captain is very dispirited to learn he was toppled by the crew of the Ball-Eater.

    Episode 48: Homeward Bound 
  • Nugget has grown into a big boy since the group was away, to the point that he almost knocks Jester over when he jumps into her arms. Marion's definitely had her hands full looking after him and puts noticeable emphasis on asking Jester if she plans to take him with her.
    Jester: Are you sure Mama?
    Marion: He is adorable but if it is meant to be it is destiny, kismet...(quietly) please take him.
  • When discussing the growing, shrinking tower in Nicodranas, Beau describes it as "like a dick!" The Nein's conversation gets derailed into discussing how the tower is and isn't like a dick... in front of Marion.
    Marion: As an expert, I can tell you it doesn't work like that.
  • Liam has Caleb make a Perception Check to see the title of the book Marian is reading. He succeeds, so Matt says "Hirelings". Because that's the first word he saw on the back of his DM Screen. The group then comments the book must be a DM guide.
  • While Caleb is browsing the book store "Front to Back", Jester draws a dick and butt on the sign (Get it, front and back). Matt has her clarify she used regular paint and not the magic paint that makes drawings real.
  • While the rest of the group completes their errands, Caleb petsits Nugget. This mostly involves him reading while Nugget slobbers over his face. By the time the rest of the group comes back, he's got a visible cowlick.
  • Fjord, Beau, Caduceus and Nott go to investigate the tower. While the others examine the outside to no avail, Fjord goes to the nearby fish markets to ask around for clues. While he's away, the others try knocking, which causes a servant to open the door. After their conversation we cut to Fjord back at the market, getting nowhere. When he returns, the others tell him what happened, and he gets mad and throws the fish he bought at them.
  • While it's also heartwarming, Marion telling the Nein that if Jester is ever harmed she has "an army of men, women and everything in between" who'll do anything she asks. The mental image of Marion calling all her past clients to kick the Nein's collective asses is incredible.
  • Caleb gives Jester the book he bought, "The Salty Sea", because he thinks she'll like it. After all, it's a romance about sailors.
  • While Jester giving Caduceus a mushroom cookbook is heartwarming, it wraps around to hilarious when Cad casually reveals he didn't know books on cooking existed.
  • On the road, Caleb memorizes the contents of a book on the history of Nicodranas. Sam jokes that it'll come in handy when they next meet a dragon who decides to quiz them on Nicodranas trivia.
    • ...which they proceed to act out. Matt included.
  • Beau and Caleb's conversation is mostly pretty said, but Beau yelling after him is somehow comic gold.

    Episode 49: A Game of Names 
  • Fjord is encouraging the group to abduct and question on of the Cerburus Assembly mages, with largely Jester trying to convince him that they're above the group's weight class.
    Fjord: Well what about the historian? I mean, have you ever met a really dangerous historian?"
    Beau: *Long pause and 1000 yard stare* Yeah, I have.
  • Taliesin says that he wants to see if he can find a furniture shop in Felderwin... to learn more about that chair.
  • After Nott and Caleb have discussed their backstories and both revealed that they changed their names, Caduceus is talking about his own history...
    Nott: What was your name before this?
    • Before that - during an otherwise quite tense and emotional scene between Nott and Caleb - Travis, Laura, Marisha and Taliesin react with sheer exasperation upon learning that Caleb also has been using a pseudonym.
  • In an otherwise dramatic scene where the others are attempting to assure Caleb that they don't feel as though he was using them, Beau brings up the recent adventure that they just went through on Fjord's behalf.

    Episode 50: The Endless Burrows 
  • Nott trying to convince Fjord to go to Xorhas with the promise of 'many eyeballs and gold for him to digest'.
  • Caleb getting bitten by a roper while casting Slow reacting by shouting "I'm getting molasses everywhere!"
  • One of the ropers grapples Caduceus to which Taliesin asks if he was even in range. Matt then reveals that the monsters have a range of fifty feet and the party has a collective 'Oh shit!" moment.
  • After the second roper returns from being banished, it slowly chases after them. This leads to Beau and Yasha moving rocks (and Fjord just only moving pebbles or a single rock at a time), and the rest of the Mighty Nein blasting it with every spell (and a gun!) they know in sheer panic. Matt even gives HDYWTDT to the entire group.
  • The Mighty Nein becoming increasingly bored during their long way in empty tunnels.
    • At one point they start singing 100 Bottles of Beer.
    • Beau suggests they use the drugs she bought with Molly, Caleb talks her out of it by having Frumpkin do a silly dance for her.
    • Caleb uses his Keen Mind feat, which lets him know how many hours there are to the next sunrise/sunset, to announce the time every hour. Eventually even Nott gets annoyed with him.
    • The crown jewel of the moment is Jester handing Beau a smutty novel and telling her to read it out loud, much to the group's mixed horror and joy.
  • Upon finding a group of kobolds and Caleb stepping into on of their traps, he manages to intimidate them by having Frumpkin do the same silly dance he did for Beau as lights float around him.
    • At the same time, Jester is claiming to be the kobold's deity and actually manages to convince two of them.
  • Chris Perkins makes a surprise guest appearance as a kobold named Spurt. He departs almost as soon as he appears, being the first guest on the history of the show to die. Splatted instantly by a Fire Giant.
    Spurt: I WIN!
  • Spurt offers to show the Mighty Nein his "centipult" to let him join their group, he promptly flings a ball of centipedes at Fjord who begins screaming and flailing around in fear, a feat that sent the other kobold spy running for his life.
  • As the party get ready to put their plan to cross the bridge into motion, Nott makes an attempt to motivate them that doesn't quite work.
    Nott: Mighty Nein, we have to do this for the memory of Spurt!
    Caduceus: ...who?

    Episode 51: Xhorhas 
  • The episode went up on Valentines Day, so Sam's DndD Beyond promo has him reciting a love poem to said sponsor in a Dashing Hispanic voice. With plenty of D&D spell name euphemisms.
  • After Beau asks Caleb for fresh arm-wraps and wonders how clean they'd be, Jester smells Caleb's hands. Matt joking has her make a Constitution Saving Throw.
  • After Jester casts two Sendings to Yezza in one day, Fjord asks if she'd want him to do it after complaining that she doesn't need to hit the word limit for the spell to work. Cue Fjord pretending to cast sending before saying 'no one's home'
  • After finding out that Yezza was being watched by three people, the party speculates what they're up against. Fjord goes for the idea that the three are low paid guards who aren't trained well and would be easy pickings. Nott rebukes that by going on about how smart and instrumental the love of her life is but trying to stay on the positive side, comes to the conclusion that they are three moderate threats, not "insultingly easy".
  • Fjord asking Nott if she's sure about saving Yezza, and her answering that yes, she's completely sure she wants to save the love of her life. Bonus point for the episode airing on Valentine's Day.
  • While taking watch together, Jester tells Caleb that she doesn't think he's stinky any more, he says it's alright if she wants to keep the Running Gag going.
  • Nott continues the Running Gag of teasing Fjord for his Control Water ability, which Fjord spent the better part of an arc searching for only to find out that Caduceus and Jester both have the spell. In return, Fjord waits until Nott has secured a rope at the end of the river to part the river (using Control Water), rendering her rope totally useless.

    Episode 52: Feral Business 
  • Beau both and Caleb disguise themselves as Tieflings in order to get into the Beast City without drawing attention. Beau, however, decides that she wants to be "a dude tiefling" which runs into a small issue when Matt reminds the Nein that Caleb, the one casting Polymorph "has only seen one dude's tiefling."
    Beau: Why is my dick purple?
  • Bonus points for Nott and Jester both asking to see the "tiefling" disappear when the polymorph wears off. Apparently the Nein are all comfortable showing each other their genitals.
  • Nott, on seeing The Sunbreaker, a Minotaur, immediately starts Eating the Eye Candy despite the search for her husband.
  • Zolth, the old, armless goblin who the Nein try to buy beasts from, has to be one of the most absurdly voiced NPCs Matt's done so far. Much like with Viktor in the first campaign, the cast can barely contain their laughter.
  • This exchange:
    Laura: Can Nugget fight?
    Matt: Nugget...can, but Nugget can also die.
  • As well as this:
    Travis: You ever killed half a party, Matt?
    Matt looks to Travis and smiles.
    Matt: Yeah.

    Episode 53: Cornered 
  • Sam's DND Beyond promo this time has him attempting ventriloquism with Yondi, the DND Beyond Alpaca. The cast is pretty much reduced to tears; all capped off wonderfully by Taliesin:
    Talisein: There's a lot to alpaca there!
  • Madame Musk full stop. The moment she spoke, the reactions from the entire party was magical due to her combination of creepy, homely and cryptic nature. Fjord was instantly terrified, Beau was unnerved into a skittish state, Nott was instantly curious and Jester immediately jumped into a state of extreme interest.
    • Upon first meeting her:
    Marisha: Fuck this, let's go!
    • Made better when Jester, with a high perception check, finds out that she's really five kobolds in (the equivalent of) a Totem Pole Trench. Nott has a field day teasing Fjord about being scared of a bunch of kobolds.
    • Matt's thought process when he came up with the character, according to Talks Machina:
    Matt: What if she has a bunch of kobolds who work for her. Wait... what if it's a bunch of kobolds who are her!

    Episode 54: Well Beneath 
  • After Dairon tells Caleb to avoid using his Zemnian accent in Xhorhas as it could arouse suspicion, he lies to her that his accent is fake. Nott and Jester buy this and question him about it afterwards, and when he admits he was lying, they get him to try faking different accents. What follows is Caleb imitating the accents of everyone else in the party extremely badly. Fjord's in particular is a highlight.
    Caleb: El-de-ri-tch Blay-ast
    • After this whole debacle, Liam says out-of-character that, as someone who genuinely can do a lot of accents, it's a surreal experience playing a German-accented (well, Zemnian) man failing at imitating other accents.
  • When Beau asks to borrow Nott's glamour armor, the goblin undresses. Sam pantomimes taking out extremely large and saggy breasts, causing Travis to burst out laughing with "Get the fuck out of here!"
    • After the break Beau returns the armor and Sam methodically mimes Nott putting it back on and tucking her boobs inside, all while Travis just says "No" over and over.
  • During Beau and Dairon's talk, Beau asks if she names the messenger birds she uses, and Dairon replies that she doesn't, as she doesn't want to get attached. Beau counters that her friend has a ferret named Sprinkle who has miraculously survived multiple lethal situations. Jester yells through the door that he's a weasel. Dairon is thoroughly confused.
  • Poor Umadon utterly not getting the concept of "we never had this conversation," much to the consternation of Fjord.

    Episode 55: Duplicity 
  • For the blackest of comedy, Matt's rolls were on fire while Travis's and Marisha's rolls sucked - the nastiest enemy of the episode was Yasha's d20 that reliably failed her Wisdom saves... except for Caduceus's Command spell on her to try to make her flee. She was Charmed for almost the entire second half of the episode, living up to her name as a demon of battle.
  • More black comedy - the incubus's final defeat was from Nott's explosive arrow when Caduceus (at two failed death saves) was 5 feet away. Cue Sam's glee at murdering the horny bastard, followed by his horror at killing Caduceus. Thankfully, Jester had recovered her diamond from Dairon, had Revivify prepared, and left her final spell slot at Level 3, so "Caddyshack" didn't go the way of Mollymauk.
  • Further black comedy, an asker on Talks Machina pointed out that since Nott's explosive arrows wouldn't exist if Percy hadn't invented gunpowder, Taliesin technically killed his own character by proxy. He replied that he's well aware of this and relishes in it.

    Episode 56 
  • The Mighty Nein are escorted to Empress Leylas Kryn via a mystical gate. This causes two problems:
    • Firstly, they won't have the privacy needed to keep up the disguises which make Beau and Caleb appear nonhuman, so the party decides to pass them off as slaves. They get special harnesses for the two to complete the façade. However, the end result is that they look like they walked out of an S&M photo shoot.
    • Secondly, they do not wish to leave their Moorbounders behind, due to their cost and the bonds having been formed between them. Cue each Moorbounder being escorted one at a time through the corridors leading to the gate by very nervous servants, who are being snapped at by the beasts... which are also defecating. To top it off, Jester makes Caleb (still in his above-mentioned gimp suit) clean it up.