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  • What is the sound effect that plays at the end of the videos when they do the sin count and the sentence? Does anyone have a link to the sound effects used in the videos?
    • I'll have you know I made a Youtube Poop once that included Cinema Sins-like stuff but wasn't a complete 'parody' as the title indicated. I did find them on Youtube, all of them, right here.
  • What is it a reference to in the post-sentencing jokes, whenever there's a CG sequence inside a human body, it plays the same music. It's driving me nuts. Little help, anyone?
    • It's been a while since I've seen one of the videos with that joke, but I believe it's the theme to the TV show 'House'
      • That's "Teardrop" by Massive Attack, and is indeed the theme song to House.
  • For two particular sins, in Pacific Rim and Avengers: Age of Ultron, He makes sins both movies for basically "This is taking longer than it should" (the recharging of Otachi's acid spit and Ultron's transfer into the Iron Legion drone, respectively). Question is, what sort of baseline is he using to determine how long each should take?
    • Boredom, apparently. That and the sense of when a "recharge" timer is turned into a Magic Countdown.
  • Jeremy is right to point out that many of the early-2000s superhero movies he's reviewed feature characters rescuing people from burning buildings, but has it occurred to him that this might be connected to increased respect and reverence for firefighters in the post-9/11 zeitgeist?
    • Even if he's aware, it probably isn't going to stop him from pointing the sheer abundance of it. He's sinned tropes that have perfectly valid reasons for their existence or use before.
    • Oh, I wasn't saying he should stop, I was just observing that he'd discovered an interesting trend and wondered if he'd ever thought of analyzing it.
  • What exactly is the joke with the "Roll Credits" Running Gag whenever there is a Title Drop? If anything all this does is show how rare it is for a movie to actually end with a Title Drop.
    • It's definitely referencing The Dark Knight, which does have a Finale Title Drop, but more likely, it's simply referencing the trope itself. Since, y'know, it's common enough to be a trope in the first place.
    • Also, it's a joke on how he wants the movie to end already so he can stop subjecting himself to the bullshit in whatever movie he's watching.

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