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The Cinema Snob will ultimately end with his trial, conviction, and execution for the murder of The Messiah

  • Remember when The Cinema Snob went out on his porch and shot Jerrid in the head for seemingly no reason? Then in the second episode of The Reviewers, it talked about the untimely death of The Messiah, a character played by Jerrid? It all adds up!

The geeky kid from Woodchipper Massacre grew up to be The Cinema Snob

  • He claims the kid died so people don't suspect that's him in his first film role. Having been in a bad movie from this early age has made him a sworn enemy of them and thus become The Cinema Snob.

Estus Pirkle DID father the Cinema Snob!
This WMG refers to a throw-away line in the "Believer's Heaven" reivew, in which the Snob says that Pirkle's glasses suggest a paternal kinship between the two of them. But there is a disturbing amount of evidence that Pirkle and the Snob are indeed father and son.
  • Both love to hear themselves talk endlessly to the masses about degenerate things they claim to oppose, but obviously secretly love. Estus just does so under the guise of religious extremism, while Snob does it as a film critic.
  • Both have made low-budget shot-on-shiteo movies filled with gore
  • Pirkle is certainly old enough to be the Snob's father (or maybe grandfather?)
  • The differing ideologies between the two is also fitting, as the Cinema Snob doesn't quite seem to get along with his roommate, his research team (Actual Lee, Tobe Fair, and God Damned Bastard Film Brain) or even his own snobbier, more perverted twin brother. So it's not a stretch that his father would be a funadloon who he also wouldn't see eye-to-eye with.
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  • The one physical difference between Estus and his two sons is, obviously, the latter being bald with goatees. Those traits, the boys get from their mother.

Cinema Snob also has a biometric duplicate on Deep Space Nine

...named Jack. While Sarina, Patrick and Lauren were born normal humans who were then genetically enhanced by their parents, Jack was created in a lab by a scientist who found ancient Cinema Snob reviews in Earth's historical database, became a die-hard fan, and created a clone.


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