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Jay is going to make an appearance
  • I predict that Jay is going to appear in this as a new proxy. Somehow the Operator will have brought him back to life or some weird demon thing has taken over his body or something.

This will be a prequel to Marble Hornets
  • Given that the blog is written by Alex and so far discusses hiring Brian and scouting locations used for the film, the new series may be the story of Alex's Start of Darkness and how he got involved with The Operator.

Alex survived his encounter with Tim and doesn't remember any of it.
  • Take note of the location scouting video, saying he's scouting for sets for his upcoming film Marble Hornets. Maybe he's survived due to Operator influence, and is restarting a cycle for new victims.

Whoever is filming this has access to drone cameras.
  • Right as the camera is chasing our hooded man during Broadcast #5, one can notice several things that tip off to its nature as a drone: It starts from too far up to be a human standing on the street, hoodie passes practically below it as he runs, and it moves way too smoothly for it to be a man running after someone, not to mention its difficulty turning around. Whoever it is that's behind the cameras is also using drones. Which brings up the question: Why do they need that?

The tall camera angles are from the Operator's perspective.
  • It seems to be from around the right height. Not to say it wasn't filmed with a drone, that's entirely possible, but it might not be a drone in-universe.

In Broadcast #6 the knocking was from inside the house.
The first time the man with the cane hears the knocking he doesn't get up despite looking out the window, and then he immediately dismisses it and goes back to whatever he was doing before. The second time he gets up and looks outside again, meaning he probably didn't see anyone the first time. Whatever was there wasn't outside and then suddenly inside, it was inside the guy's house the entire time, it just for some reason wanted him to get up and walk to it.

Birdwatcher is Jay.
The shot crippled Jay's leg and the experiences in Marble Hornets have kept him from going outside again. He sought psychiatric help, as Tim encouraged him to, and he now tries to cope as best he can. The 'she' that he talks about with his psychiatrist is Jessica.