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  • What's one of the first things he says while alone? Celebrating that he got off free from the legal system thanks to retardation. He's faking it, definitely.
    • That's pretty much how I'm predicting this ends. Suzaku stabs Lelouch, who'd presumably is acting like himself, but as emperor, understandably bad for everyone. Suzaku then reveals he'd planned the whole series or something.
    • I disagree. In episode 6, Gilford mentions who the court system is bullshit and you can get away with anything.
      • Except Suzaku is so beyond stupid that he shouldn't even be aware of what the legal system is. On the other hand Rule of Funny.
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  • That obfuscation seems to have faded in episode 16.

Lelouch used to be a decent kid
  • In the flashbacks we have of him, Lelouch comes across has fairly reasonable, a bit of a Chew Toy but an okay kind of guy. Unfortunately, having to spend an extended period of time with Suzaku drove him out of his mind, making in the Jerkass master of Insane Troll Logic that he is today. The time when he and Suzaku were walking through the field of corpses with Nunnally on his back was his snapping point; his agreeing with Suzaku at the end was the first time he showed his new nature.
    • Then again, it could also be a genetic disorder that doesn't manifest until later. After all, the Britannian Emperor seems to be just like Lelouch.
      • It makes even more sense once you factor in the drug references; Lelouch had to put up with Suzaku throughout his childhood, plus his dad, and everything he went through in canon. It's not unlikely he tried meth a few times, which would more than explain his tending toward Insane Troll Logic constantly, and just being completely insane. It might even explain the Noodle Incident:
    And that was the third time I tried meth.
  • Confirmed. Word of God states that living with Suzaku made him stupid.

Lelouch's death will be an accident
  • It will turn out Lelouch had planned to switch with a body double or something when Suzaku assassinates him, only it doesn't go as planned...

The series will end in Book-Ends

Jeremiah will stay dead
  • He didn't survive episode ten.
    "Maybe. Definitely maybe."
    • He's seen in the afterlife in None Piece Episode 7, which proves... nothing really. Of course, the Soul Whatever episode, Third Earth, expanded on this. Both Jeremiah and Luffy are brought back (or in Luffy's case, brought) to Lelouch's dimension. That said, It's Jossed.

Shirley's father was still alive
All Lelouche said at the funeral was "Shirley's dad and he was buried alive." While the original anime had Shirley's father die in the rockslide on Narita/Shatter Mountain, the aftermath of this is never actually discussed in MENT. On the other hand, Lelouch's phrasing invites the possibility that they really did just stick a living person in the coffin and bury it...

Britannia purposely makes their helmets such that it is difficult to distinguish people's identities so that soldiers can more easily kill innocents without moral interference

Charles will trigger the Assimilation Plot by accident
  • We've seen that he's just as incompetent as Lelouch, so there's no way he could have planned out the Assimilation Plot the way he did in the original series.

V.V. doesn't exist in this continuity. His role will be filled by Lord Death
  • It's already been established that Death and Charles are brothers, so naturally there's no room for another brother.

There won't actually be a Zero Requiem plan
  • Instead, Lelouch will make a genuine power grab, become a real tyrant, and his assassination will come as a complete surprise. Any positive effects of his assassination will be purely coincidental.

Lelouch will accidentally Geass himself
  • We all know that Lelouch Geasses himself as part of his plan to beat Mao. But He and Mao are friends in this version, and Lelouch definitely isn't clever enough to come up with any plan that requires he Geass himself. So the obvious conclusion is that he'll do it by accident. And more than likely, it will force him to do something embarrassing.
    • The scene with Mao in Episode 16 ended without Lelouch Geassing anyone. That does leave this one open...

The Euphinator incident won't involve any use of Geass
  • Something Lelouch says to Euphie will just cause her to snap and go on a rampage. The permanent activation of his Geass will just be a coincidence.
Jeremiah is going to put his PhD in Asskicking to good use.
  • We already know just how crazy Jeremiah is in the original series. Calling it now, Jeremiah is going to use this in s2.

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