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This is a list of wick cleanings mandated by forum threads, such as the Wick Cleaning thread, the Wick Migration thread, or Trope Repair Shop threads. Please add new work piles to the bottom of the list, so that older efforts have better visibility.

If you're waiting for a TRS slot, finishing off one labeled Active TRS Thread is a great way to open up a spot.

Dates are written in MM/DD/YYYY format.

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Be sure to check the definition of the page(s), many of these were renamed due to misuse.

Ambiguous Disorder to Diagnosed by the Audience: 1351 wicks as of 06/01/2023

  • Turned from a trope into an Audience Reaction; wicks should either be moved to the work's YMMV page under the new name, or removed entirely if not applicable.

Distressed Damsel to Damsel in Distress: 1421 wicks as of 05/01/2023

Authority Equals Asskicking and Authority Grants Asskicking to Rank Scales with Asskicking: 3045 wicks (with 351 wicks at Authority Grants Asskicking) as of 05/31/2023 Active TRS Thread

Overprotective Dad to Boyfriend-Blocking Dad: 987 wicks as of 05/31/2023 Active TRS Thread

  • Because of abundant misuse, it is recommended you see if the example better fits one of the tropes listed in the disambiguation page.

100% Adoration Rating to Universally Beloved Leader: 758 wicks as of 05/31/2023 Active TRS Thread

Widget Series to Quirky Work: 1491 wicks as of 05/31/2023 Active TRS Thread

Half-Truth and From a Certain Point of View to Metaphorically True:341 wicks for Half-Truth and 669 wicks for From a Certain Point of View as of 06/01/2023

Make Me Wanna Shout to Super Scream: 3219 wicks as of 05/31/2023 Active TRS Thread

Power Walk to Team Power Walk: 583 wicks as of 05/27/2023 Active TRS Thread

  • Trope is specifically for group shots; instances of individual characters power walking should be dewicked.

Magic Ampersand to Alliteration & Adventurers: 106 wicks as of 06/04/2023 Active TRS Thread

Wicks need to either be replaced with the merged trope or cut as misuse.

Spiritual Adaptation to Spiritual Successor: 1246 wicks as of 04/12/2023

  • Most examples can probably be moved as-is, since the merge was done due to to concerns with redundancy, but since Spiritual Successor is YMMV, examples need to stay on YMMV pages (except in the case of In-Universe reactions to a Show Within a Show).

Hilarity Ensues to Played for Laughs: 10373 wicks as of 05/01/2023

Talking to Themself to Acting for Two: 876 wicks (including 1741 wicks for Talking To Himself as of 05/31/2023 Active TRS Thread

  • Wicks that refer to a character having a conversation with themselves should stay.

What Do You Mean, It Wasn't Made on Drugs? to Quirky Work: 1915 wicks as of 05/31/2023 Active TRS Thread

Senpai/Kōhai to UsefulNotes.Japanese Honorifics: 1173 wicks as of 05/27/2023 Active TRS Thread

Wicks need to be changed to two or more different tropes (with very few exceptions) Most require familiarity with works.

Toy Ship to Puppy Love: 725 wicks as of 1/26/2023

  • Only wicks that directly refer to the fanspeak term should stay. Any In-Universe examples go to Puppy Love, cut examples referring to out-of-universe ships.

Closer to Earth to its subtropes: 892 wicks (with 167 additional as Voice of Reason) as of 1/26/2023

Hidden Badass to its subtropes: 376 wicks as of 1/26/2023

Might Makes Right to its subtropes: 1963 wicks as of 1/26/2023

Mysterious Woman to its subtropes: 121 wicks as of 05/01/2023

Antagonist Abilities to its subtropes: 258 wicks as of 1/26/2023

Wrath to its subtropes: 216 wicks as of 06/01/2023

Parental Issues to its subtropes: 1559 wicks (with 408 additional as Mommy Issues and 610 additional as Daddy Issues) as of 1/26/2023

Gender Reveal to its subtropes: 325 wicks as of 1/26/2023

Power Trio to its subtropes: 2752 wicks as of 1/26/2023

Evil Makeover to its subtropes: 491 wicks as of 1/29/2023

Shapeshifting to its subtropes: 2591 wicks (with 800 additional as Shapeshifter) as of 1/29/2023

Body Snatcher to its subtropes: 680 wicks as of 1/29/2023

Double Standard to its subtropes: 3341 wicks as of 1/29/2023

Mind Control to its subtropes: 4930 wicks (with 951 additional as Mind Manipulation) as of 1/29/2023

Bonus Boss to Optional Boss or Superboss: 2790 wicks as of 05/31/2023 Active TRS Thread

Earthbound to EarthBound (1994) or Earthbound (1983): 1120 wicks as of 05/31/2023

  • If the example pertains to the 1994 game's series as a whole, you may be better off linking it to Mother.

Bishōnen to Pretty Boy: 6026 wicks (with 1289 wicks at Bishounen) as of 05/31/2023 Active TRS Thread

Spiritual Successor to Creator-Driven Successor: 10467 wicks as of 01/29/2023

Artistic License – Law to one of its subtropes: 1189 wicks (with an additional 49 wicks at Artistic Licence – Law) as of 01/29/2023

Incredibly Lame Pun to Pun or Lame Pun Reaction: 7444 wicks as of 06/01/2023

  • Be sure to prioritize the associated subtropes listed in Pun, if possible. Recap pages are the most likely to have Incredibly Lame Pun listed as a trope instead of a pothole.

Plot Induced Stupidity to Forgot About His Powers, Idiot Ball, or Gameplay-Guided Amnesia: 134 wicks as of 02/23/2023

Tier Induced Scrappy to High-Tier Scrappy or Low-Tier Letdown: 268 wicks as of 05/31/2023 Active TRS Thread

  • Characters disliked for being too powerful belong under High-Tier Scrappy and characters disliked for being two weak belong under Low-Tier Letdown. If an example doesn't fit either, remove it.

WesternAnimation.Muppet Babies to WesternAnimation.Muppet Babies 1984 or WesternAnimation.Muppet Babies 2018: 197 wicks as of 04/27/2023

Memetic Badass to Shrouded in Myth, Living Legend, Famed in Story, or The Dreaded: 4563 wicks as of 03/25/2023

Evil Genius to several other tropes: 4372 wicks (with 490 wicks as The Evil Genius) as of 04/27/2023

WesternAnimation.The Little Mermaid to WesternAnimation.The Little Mermaid 1989, WesternAnimation.The Little Mermaid 1992 or Franchise.The Little Mermaid: 284 wicks as of 06/01/2023

WesternAnimation.Despicable Me to WesternAnimation.Despicable Me 1 or Franchise.Despicable Me: 436 wicks as of 04/27/2023

The Cameo to Crossover Cameo, Continuity Cameo, and Celebrity Cameo: 14431 wicks as of 06/03/2023

  • Only those that do not fit any of the subtropes (mostly the listed three, but could also be one of the others listed in the page) can be left as supertrope wicks.

Creator.Dream Works to Creator.Dream Works SKG and Creator.Dream Works Animation: 97 wicks as of 06/01/2023

  • If the wick refers to anything that doesn't directly involve something released by DreamWorks Animation, it belongs in the former page.

WesternAnimation.Kung Fu Panda to WesternAnimation.Kung Fu Panda 1 and Franchise.Kung Fu Panda: 1250 wicks as of 05/22/2023

WesternAnimation.The Incredibles to WesternAnimation.The Incredibles 1 and Franchise.The Incredibles: 1089 wicks as of 05/22/2023

Rated M for Manly to Manly Man and other tropes: 2855 wicks as of 05/27/2023 Active TRS Thread

The trope no longer exists on the site and has been disambiguated between multiple pre-existing tropes. If a wick fits one of those other tropes, move it there. Otherwise, remove it.

Engrish to several other tropes: 821 wicks as of 05/12/2023

Origin Story to several other tropes: 716 wicks as of 05/12/2023

Comic Relief to several other tropes: 306 wicks as of 05/12/2023

Surprise Creepy to Disguised Horror Story or Surprisingly Creepy Moment: 652 wicks as of 05/31/2023 Active TRS Thread

Anything That Moves to several other tropes: 2289 wicks as of 05/31/2023 Active TRS Thread

Kick The Son Of A Bitch to several other tropes: 4789 wicks as of 05/31/2023 Active TRS Thread

VideoGame.Sonic The Hedgehog to multiple other pages: 2228 wicks as of 06/01/2023

VideoGame.Super Mario Bros to multiple other pages: 584 wicks as of 05/12/2023

Envy to Green-Eyed Monster or Film.Envy: 150 wicks as of 05/10/2023

Series.Degrassi to multiple other pages: 497 wicks as of 04/17/2023

Cameo to The Cameo (or one of its subtropes) or Music.Cameo: 480 wicks as of 06/03/2023

  • As to help with cleanup for The Cameo as well, please prioritize one of the subtropes, if possible.

ComicBook.Civil War to several other pages: 798 wicks as of 06/01/2023

Dragon to several other pages: 232 wicks as of 06/01/2023

Drama to several other pages: 112 wicks as of 04/23/2023

The Force to several other pages: 142 wicks as of 04/23/2023

Anime.Fullmetal Alchemist to Anime.Fullmetal Alchemist 2003 or Anime.Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood: 141 wicks as of 06/01/2023

Full Motion Video to several other pages: 296 wicks (including 23 at FMV) as of 04/23/2023

The Game to several other pages: 131 wicks (including several redirects) as of 04/23/2023

Gamer Girl to several other pages: 232 wicks as of 04/23/2023

Golden Age to several other pages: 509 wicks as of 04/23/2023

ComicBook.Human Torch to Characters.Invaders Founding Members or Characters.Fantastic Four The Fantastic Four: 173 wicks as of 04/23/2023

Series.Hunter to several other pages: 177 wicks as of 04/23/2023

Creator.Jim Cummings to Creator.Jim Cummings 1952 or Creator.Jim Cummings 1987: 325 wicks as of 06/01/2023

WesternAnimation.Jimmy Neutron to WesternAnimation.Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius or WesternAnimation.The Adventures Of Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius: 79 wicks as of 05/10/2023

  • Link to the former if the wick is referring to the Pilot Movie and the latter if the wick is referring to either the series that follows or the franchise in general.

Justified to several other pages: 2571 wicks as of 04/23/2023

Series.Land Of The Lost to several other pages: 119 wicks as of 04/23/2023

VideoGame.The Legend Of Zelda to Franchise.The Legend Of Zelda, VideoGame.The Legend Of Zelda I or WesternAnimation.The Legend Of Zelda 1989: 621 wicks as of 04/27/2023

Level Up to several other pages: 123 wicks as of 04/23/2023

Men In Black to several other pages: 220 wicks as of 04/23/2023

The Messiah to All-Loving Hero or Messianic Archetype: 173 wicks as of 04/23/2023

Mi 5 to Series.Spooks: 147 wicks as of 04/23/2023

  • Disambiguation page currently only has one link; other was probably meant to be turned into a Useful Notes page.

Necessary Evil to several other pages: 470 wicks as of 04/23/2023

Oedipus Complex to several other pages: 847 wicks (including 39 wicks at Electra Complex) as of 05/31/2023 Active TRS Thread

Opera Gloves to several other pages: 165 wicks as of 04/23/2023

PC to several other pages: 401 wicks as of 04/23/2023

Pv P to several other pages: 196 wicks as of 04/23/2023

Series.Queer As Folk to Series.Queer As Folk UK or Series.Queer As Folk US: 288 wicks as of 04/23/2023

Reds With Rockets to Literature.Red Army or UsefulNotes.Reds With Rockets: 119 wicks as of 04/23/2023

VideoGame.Resident Evil 3 to VideoGame.Resident Evil 3 Nemesis or VideoGame.Resident Evil 3 Remake: 116 wicks as of 04/23/2023

Film.Robo Cop to several other pages: 113 wicks as of 04/23/2023

S to several other pages: 199 wicks as of 04/23/2023

WesternAnimation.The Smurfs to WesternAnimation.The Smurfs 1981 or WesternAnimation.The Smurfs 2021: 608 wicks of 04/23/2023

Spoony Bard to several other pages: 327 wicks as of 04/23/2023

Film.Star Wars to Franchise.Star Wars or Film.A New Hope: 110 wicks as of 04/23/2023

VideoGame.Street Fighter to Franchise.Street Fighter or VideoGame.Street Fighter I: 504 wicks as of 04/23/2023

Film.Superman to several other pages: 467 wicks as of 04/23/2023

Take That Me to several other pages: 374 wicks as of 04/23/2023

Take That Us to several other tropes: 395 wicks as of 04/27/2023

Film.Underworld to several other pages: 150 wicks as of 04/23/2023

Virtual Reality to several other pages: 283 wicks as of 04/23/2023

Literature.The Way Of Kings to Literature.The Way Of Kings 2010 or Literature.The Way Of Kings 2021: 131 wicks as of 04/23/2023

Whip It Good to several other tropes: 768 wicks as of 06/04/2023 Active TRS Thread

You Tuber to Website.You Tube or YouTubers: 122 wicks as of 04/23/2023

Zapped to several other pages: 429 wicks as of 04/23/2023

Has Two Mommies to several other tropes: 682 wicks as of 05/31/2023 Active TRS Thread

Music to several other pages: 516 wicks as of 05/15/2023

Peek A Bangs to several other pages: 2294 wicks as of 05/31/2023 Active TRS Thread

Most of the wicks need to be removed, save for special cases.

Unfortunate Implications: 2905 wicks as of 05/23/2023

  • Is now Flame Bait, therefore wicks are only allowed on either other Flame Bait pages or descriptions of other tropes to make a comparison to it. On YMMV pages, please first check if another Audience Reaction is more appropriate and move it there if possible. If not, see if the example, if valid and properly cited, is already on the Unfortunate Implications page. If not, please move it there. Invoked and in-universe examples are also allowed on work pages, given if another trope isn't more fitting. Check either the Mistaken for Index or Stereotype index for tropes that might potentially fit the example better. For everything else, delete it. Wick Cleaning for this page is tracked here.

Getting Crap Past The: 2408 wicks as of 05/31/2023

  • These are malformed wicks left over from Getting Crap Past the Radar cleanup, so all must be removed, including the notes and markup.

Off-Model: 2580 wicks as of 05/31/2023 Active TRS Thread

Acceptable Targets: 1713 wicks (with 110 wicks at Acceptable Target) as of 05/31/2023 Active TRS Thread

  • Now an index instead of a YMMV item; check indexed pages to see if the entry still fits one of those.

Surprisingly Good Foreign Language 249 wicks and Surprisingly Good English: 1034 wicks as of 05/31/2023 Active TRS Thread

The Hero: 16934 wicks (with 530 wicks at The Heroine) as of 05/31/2023 Active TRS Thread

  • Now a supertrope and definition-only page. Move examples that fit a subtrope (listed on Hero Tropes) elsewhere if they fit, and remove ones that don't. While The Hero no longer allows examples itself, references to the term in the text of other examples are fine.

Wicks need to be checked for misuse

Shared Universe cleanup: 1865 wicks as of 1/29/2023

  • This trope is defined as "A fictional universe constructed by multiple writers/creative teams working independently from each other." It is frequently misused as shorthand for any Crossover.

Aristocrats Are Evil cleanup: 3360 wicks as of 1/29/2023

  • "Aristocrat" must be shorthand for "evil" to qualify. Zero Context Examples should be moved to the discussion page, and "aversions" should be removed on sight.

Me's a Crowd cleanup: 2471 wicks as of 1/29/2023

  • Me's a Crowd is a plot where the main character duplicates themselves. Examples of self-duplication in general should be moved to Self-Duplication.

Implacable Man and The Juggernaut: 4606 (with 104 additional as Implacable Woman) and 3143 wicks (with 31 additional as Juggernaut) as of 11/29/2022

  • Frequently misused for each other. The Implacable Man is slowed by obstacles but finds a way to deal with them. The Juggernaut goes right through them as though they never existed in the first place.

Those Two Guys: 7328 wicks (with 586 additional as Those Two Girls) as of 11/29/2022

  • Trope is defined as a comedic duo serving as a Greek Chorus. Change misuse to one of the Duo Tropes (if it's not already on the page).

Nerd Glasses: 2107 wicks as of 11/29/2022

  • Examples involving a "nerd" wearing thick, coke-bottle glasses go to Opaque Nerd Glasses. Any other type of glasses can stay.

Suddenly Voiced: 1739 wicks as of 11/29/2022

  • Defined as being for a character being voice acted for the first time or voice acting suddenly appearing for a character who can already talk. Any wicks pertaining to The Voiceless or the like finally talking should be moved to Suddenly Speaking.

Action Girl cleanup: 21533 wicks (with 4 additional as Hot Chick with a Sword) as of 11/29/2022

  • Defined specifically as a female character who's strong and action-oriented, but frequently misused as anytime a girl acts badass. See if the misuse fits one of the subtropes, and if not, cut it.

Unfortunate Names: 1571 wicks (with 267 additional as Unfortunate Name) as of 11/29/2022

  • Only applicable when it's pointed out in-universe how embarrassing/poor someone's name is. Entries merely stating someone's name or pointing out the innuendo in someone's name need to be removed.

Always Identical Twins: 1209 wicks (with 11 additional as Fraternal Twins and 53 additional as Identical Twins) as of 11/29/2022

  • Redefined as a Trope in Aggregate, so only examples that aren't played straight or have more than one set of identical twins are valid. If it's just in reference to one set of twins (identical or fraternal), cut it.

Blue Is Heroic: 1478 wicks as of 11/29/2022

  • The trope was redefined as a Trope in Aggregate, with blue having to be a consistent, key part of the heroic character's design. All other examples must be removed. See Sandbox.Blue Is Heroic for cleaned namespaces.

People's Republic of Tyranny: 788 wicks as of 11/29/2022

  • Only applicable to dictatorships that adopt democratic-sounding names to masquerade as democracies. Examples that are about dictatorships without a democratic-sounding name should be moved to The Dictatorship.

Hate Sink: 8102 wicks as of 11/29/2022

  • This trope is defined as "Someone (often a villain) who's intended to be hated by the audience." Remove any examples that are already covered by their subtropes, and check examples for any misuse.

Five-Man Band: 2222 wicks as of 04/09/2023

  • Only applicable to teams of five characters. Examples should describe the team's dynamic, and should remain as single-bullet examples without supertrope-subtrope sorting. "Roles" like The Leader and The Lancer should be moved if used properly, and cut if they're misused/shoehorned in.

Actually Pretty Funny: 5265 wicks as of 11/29/2022

  • Only applies if a character finds a joke funny despite previously either being reluctant to admit it and/or denying it was funny, or if the joke they find funny is one that was insulting them. Since the trope is In-Universe Examples Only, only examples from in-universe characters are allowed.

It Was His Sled: 2724 wicks as of 02/25/2023

  • The work containing the spoiler in question must be at least five years old, so remove examples from works that were released more recently than that. In addition, examples must cover the Audience Reaction aspect (e.g., Everyone/the community knows this because...) instead of just listing the spoiler in question. Keep track of cleaned wicks in They Were His Wicks.

Knight of Cerebus: 5948 wicks as of 11/06/2022

  • Only applies to villains whose introduction causes a lasting Tone Shift that makes an initially lighthearted work significantly darker. If the Tone Shift is short-lived or only occurs in scenes featuring the villain, remove the example.

Unintentional Period Piece: 2591 wicks as of 02/25/2023

  • Examples are only valid if a work is full of things that make the work firmly dated to its era, such as fashion, topical references, societal attitudes, etc.; valid examples on Trivia/ subpages need to be moved to the corresponding YMMV/ subpages due to Unintentional Period Piece being reclassified as an Audience Reaction instead of Trivia. Examples that take place in Present Day without being particularly dated should be moved to the work's main page under Present Day. Examples that revolve entirely about the technology present in the work being dated should be moved within Trivia as an example of Technology Marches On. Works that take place in either an Alternate History or a completely fictional world do not count for either Unintentional Period Piece or Present Day and should be removed. In addition, since this is YMMV, examples are only allowed on YMMV pages, per What Goes Where on the Wiki.

Role-Ending Misdemeanor: 1049 wicks, not including redirects (with 12 additional at Role-Ending Misdemeanour) as of 01/27/2023

  • While an example can cover either on-set or off-set behavior from a creator, they must have actually lost a role. In addition, at least two weeks must have passed before an example can be valid, so remove any examples that are more recent than that.

Humiliation Conga: 4910 wicks as of 03/18/2023

  • Only applicable to villains, Jerkasses, and other antagonists for whom humiliating events in quick succession would be cathartic. If the character does not fit into any of those categories, remove the example.

Doing It for the Art: 1858 wicks as of 05/31/2023 Active TRS Thread

Understatement: 4147 wicks as of 11/29/2022

  • Has a long history of attracting potholes even after two previous cleanup efforts, and is now In-Universe Examples Only. Any wick which isn't an in-universe example should be removed.

Ship Sinking: 1927 wicks as of 05/31/2023 Active TRS Thread

  • Only applies to scenes in-universe that are specific to the characters it is sinking, and the work gives some acknowledgement to the possibility of the two being a couple. If the example does not have both criteria, or is a YMMV audience reaction, remove it.

Never Live It Down: 3814 wicks as of 02/23/2023

  • A TRS thread decided that Real Life examples are no longer allowed. Therefore, all examples and potholes referring to the actions of real people should be removed. Some examples regarding anything that is not the actions of a fictional character might better fit or merge with examples of Overshadowed by Controversy instead. For music examples and examples related to individuals in mediums such as Stand-Up Comedy and Web Video, it's okay to say a musician or creator won't live it down if and only if it's something explicitly found within the content of their work. It has also been decided that the item will have a six-month waiting period, so remove any examples from moments more recent than that. Also, any examples or potholes made in the context of a character not living it down In-Universe should be moved to Once Done, Never Forgotten.

They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot: 5606 wicks as of 11/29/2022

  • After a TRS thread was inconclusive on how to deal with the item, it was decided that a cleanup thread would be made to help rid it of prevalent misuse. While more specifics can be found in the thread, the general rule of thumb involving examples is that they should focus solely on screentime and exposure, not execution, and they shouldn't pitch or speculate on any hypothetical plot threads that do not exist in the work.

Ambiguously Brown: 3908 wicks as of 05/27/2023 Active TRS Thread

  • Remove Real Life examples, characters that have a defined but fictional race, and examples that are just "actor has brown skin."

May–December Romance: 2762 wicks as of 11/29/2022

  • This trope is specifically for when the age gap between a couple is large, usually due to an elderly person being in a relationship with a younger person. Examples involving smaller age gaps belong under Age-Gap Romance.

Dead Artists Are Better: 372 wicks as of 02/17/2023

Solo-Character Run: 106 wicks as of 11/06/2022

  • Since this is a YMMV subtrope of Self-Imposed Challenge, which itself is YMMV, examples are only allowed on YMMV pages (including both works' YMMV subpages and the pages for other YMMV items). However, if a limited amount of playable characters is imposed by a game mode instead of being a Self-Imposed Challenge (such as if a level only allows the player to use one character at a time), leave it on the work page and add an [[invoked]] tag to it.

Low-Level Run: 151 wicks as of 11/29/2022

  • Since this is a YMMV subtrope of Self-Imposed Challenge, which itself is YMMV, examples are only allowed on YMMV pages (including both works' YMMV subpages and the pages for other YMMV items). However, if a lower level cap is imposed by a game mode instead of being a Self-Imposed Challenge (such as if a harder game mode prevents players from leveling up), leave it on the work page and add an [[invoked]] tag to it.

Minimalist Run: 132 wicks as of 11/29/2022

  • Since this is a YMMV subtrope of Self-Imposed Challenge, which itself is YMMV, examples are only allowed on YMMV pages (including both works' YMMV subpages and the pages for other YMMV items). However, if a game mode limits the player's resources (such as reducing inventory space) rather than it being a Self-Imposed Challenge, leave it on the work page and add an [[invoked]] tag to it.

No Casualties Run: 79 wicks as of 11/06/2022

  • Since this is a YMMV subtrope of Self-Imposed Challenge, which itself is YMMV, examples are only allowed on YMMV pages (including both works' YMMV subpages and the pages for other YMMV items). However, if a game mode limits the amount of casualties rather than it being a Self-Imposed Challenge, leave it on the work page and add an [[invoked]] tag to it.

Old Shame: 4852 wicks as of 06/01/2023

Author's Saving Throw: 2168 wicks as of 06/01/2023

Both Sides Have a Point: 2126 wicks as of 05/31/2023 Active TRS Thread

  • The definition was expanded so the two opposing sides can come to an agreement on their own instead of solely if a third party points it out. However, since the trope is In-Universe Examples Only, in-universe acknowledgement must be present in the work in at least one of those two forms instead of audiences coming to that conclusion on their own. Progress is being tracked here.

Plot Hole: 2907 wicks (including 93 at Plot Holes) as of 1/29/2023

  • Now a definition-only page. Links to numerous more specific tropes that some wicks could be moved to instead.

Black Sheep: 2084 wicks as of 05/31/2023 Active TRS Thread

  • The definition was expanded to include group dynamics other than just families where the character's placement in the group is considered to be unique, strange, or negative in some way. In addition, the type of group this is for is tight-knit groups where membership is a core part of a shared identity, (and, by extension, purpose or values) such as a tightly-knit religious community, or group that has banded together for a common cause, True Companions style), rather than more loosely organized groups such as school classes or corporations. Since not all examples fit the expanded definition, cleanup is being tracked using the Black Sheep Wick Cleaning sandbox.

Would Hit a Girl: 6149 wicks as of 05/31/2023 Active TRS Thread

  • Remove examples that do no fit the new definition of "A guy that has no problems with violence against women is treated as morally questionable at best or evil at worst in a work's narrative and other characters." Cleanup is being tracked using the Would Clean Wicks sandbox.

Stockholm Syndrome: 1703 wicks as of 05/31/2023 Active TRS Thread

It Will Never Catch On: 1645 wicks as of 04/27/2023

  • The trope no longer allows real life examples. Therefore, any examples and potholes that are just about real life instances should either be turned/moved to And You Thought It Would Fail or removed.

Obvious Beta: 1562 wicks as of 05/31/2023 Active TRS Thread

  • Now a YMMV item, and the definition was broadened so games that are very buggy do not have to be nigh-unplayable. Cleanup is being tracked at Obvious Beta Wick Cleaning.

Man on Fire: 2544 wicks as of 05/31/2023 Active TRS Thread

  • The trope has been expanded to cover both horror-focused examples about a human body being set on fire being portrayed as more primal and visceral than an inanimate object being set on fire and comedy-focused examples about the idea of a frantic man running around while on fire being Played for Laughs. Remove wicks and on-page examples that don't fit the revised definition and leave ones that still fit. Keep track of wick cleanup using Sandbox.Man On Fire Wick Cleaning; note that Woman on Fire wicks are only allowed on Characters/ pages.

But Not Too Black: 797 wicks as of 05/31/2023 Active TRS Thread

  • IUEO now, redefined to be about characters facing discrimination due to their dark skin to match opposite trope But Not Too White.

True Art Is Incomprehensible: 1316 wicks as of 05/27/2023 Active TRS Thread

Villain Has a Point: 4310 wicks as of 05/31/2023 Active TRS Thread

  • IUEO now.

Alternative Title(s): TRS Wick Cleaning, Wick Cleaning