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Here's where you can find the theories on RWBY characters (Team RWBY and Team JNPR). Make sure to put your theories in the folders they fit best.

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    Ruby Rose 
Ruby is descended from the wizard of the Four Maidens Story,
Why? He has silver eyes (look at the world of Remenant video he does have them), something which is known to repel Grimm, and be hereditary, this is why Silver eyes trump the maiden's strength so epically in the season three finale and why he could use magic without dust. Just guessing.
  • Technically confirmed? We know now that the wizard was one of Ozpin's reincarnations, and the recent panel confirmed that all silver-eyed warriors are descended from him.
    • Not quite. Although two kids that he had in a past life did have silver-eyes this doesn't mean that all siliver-eyed desendents come from him.

Ruby is going to become a god-like semi-reincarnation of the wizard
Think about it like this: Ruby already has silver eyes. If Cinder is dead, Ruby was almost certainly the last person in her thoughts (quote "WHAT?!"). Ruby's mother, Summer, is theorised to be the previous Summer Maiden. Ruby seems also to have been the last person in her thoughts, at least from Red Like Roses Part II. From this, it's more than plausible that she is ALREADY the Fall Maiden, the Summer Maiden, and a silver-eyed warrior. Should she gain (or secretly already have) the powers of the Spring and Winter Maidens, she will then have the powers of all four Maidens and a silver-eyed warrior. Last person we know filled all of those boxes? The wizard himself. Perhaps - just perhaps - if silver eyes are familial (look at Qrow's line "you're special the same way your mom was"), Ruby is also descended from the wizard (see the theory directly above).
  • Jossed: Cinder has been shown to still be alive, and still being the Fall Maiden, and the wizard actually DID reincarnate, in a sense: Ozpin, and now Oscar. Also, the Spring Maiden works for Yang's mother as a bandit
    • Or rather, is Yang's mother

Ruby and Blake will also get Twitter accounts along with a few other major characters.
According to Monty episode 1 is Weiss heavy so setting up her situation with a twitter account would be clever AND we know much more about Yang than the other girls so exploring her through twitter would also be easy to do. We pknow the least about Ruby so she'll likely get an account once we know more about her and Blake seems to be on the run currently so she'll get a twitter account once she's safer. It'd be a nice way to expand on the girls.
  • Ruby now has one.
    • The girls now each have their own.
    • Or not. Monty and other members of Rooster Teeth follow the official accounts of the RWBY girls. None of them have followed Blake's.

Ruby's sister/mother was eaten by a Grimm, making her the controlling entity of the Grimm
There have been other human Grimm that control all the other ones, but only one entity at a time. When one is defeated the one that defeated it is corrupted and takes it place. The human Grimm has no control for its action.
  • There is no proof that any one Grimm has been a leader to any others. Furthermore, there is no indication that any Grimm has had a humanoid form.
    • That said, larger and older Grimm are quite intelligent and do seem to be able to command their younger brethren. Also, Salem does look rather Grimm-like, and seems to have some kind of affinity with them.
    • While we don't know what quite happened to Summer, Ruby doesn't have a sister other than Yang that we know of.

Ruby was "garbage" prior to Qrow because she designed Crescent Rose before learning her fighting style.
We know that she made Crescent Rose, a combined rifle and sniper rifle. Seems pretty advanced for somebody forging her own weapon, especially since scythes aren't exactly easy to wield as weapons. It wouldn't be surprising if she designed Crimson Rose before realizing "I need to know how to use this." Therefore, it wasn't until a fellow scythe wielder, her uncle and probable inspiration, Qrow, started instructing her that she managed to get a handle on things.
  • "Handle" on things... this makes me think that she literally had no handle/trigger mechanism for the gun.
  • Ridonk. Qrow is an instructor at Beacon. It's more likely that he took her under his wing to take her mind off of her dead mother.
    • False. Qrow is an instructor at signal.

Ruby's first name and the name of her uncle/mentor hints at her own motif and thematic links to the Oz books.
Qrow may well be a reference to the Scarecrow. Ruby's first name is the color of Dorothy's shoes from the movie. Her silver eyes share the color of the slippers in the book. This may indicate that her family will have other Oz references.
  • Qrow has been confirmed as the Scarecrow... so why not..? It's also possible that her father, Taiyang, is based on the Cowardly Lion, however, there is no significant indication so far.
    • Ruby's mom = Dorothy, Zwei = Toto, Qrow = Scarecrow, Taiyang = Cowardly Lion, then Ironwood would be the Tin man.
    • This has worrying implications if it's true, all things considered. After all, the Ruby Slippers were full of untold and unspecified power, and were what the Wicked Witch was after throughout the movie.
      • Well, Cinder is Cinderella, who is known for her glass slippers...
      • As it turns out, Ruby does have a special power possessed only by those with silver eyes...
  • I feel the need to point out that in the original novels, the shoes were silver, not ruby, but that STILL adds up, relating with Ruby's silver eyes.

Ruby is a Faunus
She was originally supposed to have wolf-like features, but this was too difficult to animate, so it wasn't done. But that doesn't mean she's not still a wolf-like faunus. She could just be hiding it very well.For example, her skirt and cape could be hiding a short tail (if faunus have them). Her hair looks styled in such a way that there could be floppy dog ears in there somewhere, which could be held down somehow. Having headphones and a hood can help hide it better. And even her personality is not unlike an excitable puppy.This could even tie into why Ozpin was so interested in her eye color. Perhaps it's a little known fact that wolf faunus tend to have silver eyes, or something.
  • Half-Faunus, perhaps?
    • It's been argued due to Blake's use of the word "species" that Humans and Faunus cannot produce hybrids.
      • It is possible for two closely related species to produce hybrid offspring, examples being the mule (horse and donkey) or liger (lion and tiger). However, these offspring are infertile and so cannot have children of their own.
      • It is also possible that Humans and Faunus really are the same species, but aren't considered as such by the general populace either due to ignorance or prejudice.
    • Monty confirmed on the podcast that Humans and Faunus can produce children. This possibility is still in play.
      • Monty unfortunately didn't specify whether hybrids have telltail (pun) traits. If it could be confirmed that all hybrids have some visible trait, then that would exempt Ruby, Roman (Candlewick became a donkey), and CRDL (all boyds).
      • It has been confirmed by Rooster Teeth that the child of a Faunus/Human couple can be either Human or Faunus.
      • Well, Roman is kind of an ass...
  • jossed- her mother and father are human and if ruby was a fanus she would have had some animal like feature that we would have already seen; and according to the concept art-she doesnt
When she was younger, Ruby was saved by a Hunter from an incident that killed her grandmother or similar figure.
"Red Like Roses" I and II, as well as possibly bits of "This Will Be The Day" and the shots of Ruby at a gravestone, allude to the possibility of someone close to Ruby either being dead or soon to be dead. If we look at the story of Little Red Riding Hood itself, some versions have a huntsman come across the wolf, remove Little Red and her grandmother from his stomach, and fill his belly with stones. The name of the group that Ruby idolized and is training to be a part of? Hunters.

It's possible that at one point Ruby and her grandmother (or a similar relationship) were in danger, likely involving Grimm, and a Hunter was able to rescue Ruby, but not her grandmother. This was possibly the incident that inspired Ruby to become a Huntress, aside from the reasons she gave. While Ruby seems far from seeming like she has any trauma over a dead relative, there's a chance that over the course of the story that something could trigger her feelings over the incident and bring everything back. The lyrics to "Red Like Roses II" suggests that Ruby has Survivor Guilt over what happened as well.

If we presume that Ruby was being raised by her grandmother at the time, this can also explain why she was adopted by Yang's family.

  • Partly confirmed; in 'Burning the Candle' (Volume 2, Episode 6), Ruby's mother is confirmed to have gone on a mission and "never came back" and subsequently Yang and Ruby are rescued by Qrow (a Hunter) from Beowolves while adventuring to find Yang's mother.
    • That said, several other parts of this WMG have been jossed; Ruby has always been raised in the same household as Yang since birth (with their caretakers being mutual dad Taiyang, Ruby's mom Summer, and Qrow), the gravestone itself is confirmed to be that of Ruby's mom, "Red Like Roses, Part II" is actually a duet between Summer and Ruby about the former's death, and nobody died in the incident that necessitated Qrow coming to the rescue (except for a bunch of Grimm).

Ruby is a Death Seeker.
Except she's a really upbeat version of it. If the lyrics of "Red Like Roses, Part II" have meaning she seems to have actively lost someone in her life that deeply affected her. Her combat style is absolutely reckless. She throws herself bodily at her enemies, carving through them like a blender, but she seems incapable of taking more than a few blows before she's stunned (permanently damaged, who is so far other than Weiss' backstory scar?) She doesn't really have a fear of death. What if she's trying to "find that person again"?
  • The Soundtrack version of Red Like Roses Part II implies this, with that other person begging Ruby not to do this.
    • They did basically confirm that the other person is Ruby's mother.
  • From Episode 1: "You got a death wish?" "...Yes?" From the hints we've received, this troper is almost certain that this is where they're taking the character.
    • Wait, what? I don't remember that. Which of course is because it was never said. You can check the official transcripts. You can find them at, or you could watch RWBY on youtube with the captions turned on.
      • It was actually said, just out-of-context as a standard sort of 'huh?' response because she was wearing headphones and may not have heard properly. That said, it is Ruby, so who knows...

Ruby has a massive case of Stepford Smiler.
This is going off of the lyrics of Red Like Roses II. The death of the person that was mentioned in the song has left a huge effect on Ruby, causing her to become majorly depressed. She hides this with a Genki Girl act, almost to the point of Becoming the Mask. The only one who knows this side of Ruby is of course, her sister Yang.
  • I actually think that Yang is the reason that Ruby can smile.
    • Well, the person who died was basically confirmed to be Ruby's mother, so that's a pretty major thing. However, the Volume 3 finale seems to indicate that, if anything, Ruby is actually better at maintaining her sense of optimism than Yang is.

If someone close to Ruby is shown, like a relative, they will be voiced by Ray.
Cause why the fuck not?
  • Qrow?
    • He's going to be voiced by Monty.
    • Well, he was.
  • Seemingly jossed; Qrow is voiced by Vic Mignogna, and her dad is voiced by Burnie.

Ruby's Aura turns her cloak and hood Red Like Roses.
It used to be white, like the person's in the grave; but her feelings changed it. She can go short periods without wearing her hood; like a class or two; but if she keeps it off; her Aura turns all of her clothing red.
  • Mind Screwdriver for this one. Red like Roses refers to Ruby's mother's blood. First shot we see of Ruby; she's standing before the memorial; her hood is bleeding roses; and she's not using her Super Speed. (It's the Menu screen in the DVD/Blu-Ray too.) Ruby's mother's death stained Ruby's soul such that she's pursuing a similar fate; and like her mother's blood staining her hood white hood red; Ruby's aura stains her originally white hood. If it doesn't have her hood to fixate on; Ruby's aura "bleeds" her clothing "Red Like Roses."

Ruby is Vale's equivalent of a Perky Goth even more so for her red cape and hood.
Red is the color associated with death in this society; like how black is in Western countries on Earth; and white in Japan. Her wearing her red hood and cape all the time is kinda morbid; but nothing too unusual. Adam uses red rose symbolism for this reason too.
  • "Scatter" is the "renewal" aspect of death; while "Wilt" is the final end part.
    • The scatter aspect is possibly an allusion to her Speed semblance which allows her to scatter like the wind.

Ruby's Semblance isn't her speed, it's her cloak.
It's already far from ordinary, constantly billowing in a nonexistent breeze, wrapping around her to teleport, scattering rose petals, etc. It might also explain why she wears it with her school uniform; she can call it at will. If semblances have names, bonus points for being called "Red Like Roses".
  • Interestingly, this could probably be why it was such a big deal for the Nevermore to snag it with its feathers. Although it does give Ruby kind of a pathetic Weaksauce Weakness...
  • That, or her semblance is actually movement, but mistaken for speed because that's what she consciously uses it for, her cloak's movement being an unconscious side effect.
  • Jossed- Pyrrha stated that her semblance is speed just as she stated that weiss was her glyphs in volume 1 and official; her semblance is speed.
    • Pyrrha was only reporting on what she's actually seen of Ruby's semblance. Remember, Pyrrha herself would actively hide/disguise what her semblance-magnetism-actually was from her own opponents so they would have a harder time countering it. Furthermore, Ozpin recently stated that sembances aren't static, they can grow and evolve.

Volume 2 onward will be a Break the Cutie story for Ruby.
Given Ruby's Wide-Eyed Idealist speeches and Genki Girl personality, I get the feeling that the events and emotions depicted in "Red Like Roses Part II" haven't happened to Ruby yet. Even having No Social Skills doesn't quite hint enough at such a traumatic past.
  • Well, Ruby and friends do get put through the grinder in Volume 3. However, OP is wrong about "Red Like Roses Part II"; RT basically confirmed that it's actually about both Ruby's reaction to the death of her mother Summer, and Summer's regrets about leaving her daughter.
    • Nope, It was Season 3.

Fighting is Ruby's way of grieving.
The lyrics to Red Like Roses Part II implies whoever is under that white cloak left to engage some sort of combat (especially if you take the line "I'm the one you left to win this fight" literally). Maybe going off to fight (with a weapon which she named like a family member) is her way of not being left behind again (it would also explain why she was so keen to follow Yang). It would also tie in nicely with the symbolism of the battle around the grave site in her trailer (mourning's what you do when you visit a relative's grave, after all).
  • However, Monty has said that Ruby's fearlessness in battle had to do with "innocence", which could be interpreted as her not having been exposed yet to the reality of someone dying.
    • I guess, due to how young she was when her mother died, she has not yet come to terms with its "reality". Kind of a stretch that.

Ruby's parents are the two narrators in the first episode.
Yes, that includes Ozpin as her father. Maybe the opening narration is one of her childhood memories. And there has to be a reason why Jen Taylor's name is in the opening sequence.
  • Half-jossed. Ruby's father is Taiyang Xiao Long. Her mother is Summer Rose. It's possible she did have a conversation with Ozpin that would explain the opening narration, but Ozpin is not Ruby's father.
  • It remains possible that Jen Taylor will voice Summer Rose, as Raven Branwen (Yang's supposed mother) has an entirely different voice actress.
  • Mostly likely completely jossed; the female narrator is revealed to be RWBY's seemingly non-human villain.
  • Jossed- Ozpin isn't her father and the woman narrating is revealed to be Salem(not her mother unlike Summer rose); Cinder's boss and the bigger bad

Ruby's eyes will turn red like Yang's...
...but it will not be Played for Laughs. Something tells me this will be sort of like Weiss's Blood Upgrade in her trailer. ("...Blood that's red like roses" and all that.) Maybe even a Superpowered Evil Side?
  • Yang's eyes are not played for laughs, why should Ruby's? Yang's eye-color-change is an effect of her Semblance which transmutes energy from damage in order to boost her strength. Ruby's abilities are different, likely due to being of different parentage (likely Summer Rose was not Yang's mother). Ruby's eyes will most likely never turn red.
    • The bit about Summer Rose not being Yang's birth mother was confirmed to be right.
    • Jossed-In fact, the Volume 3 finale indicates that silver eyes are the distinguishing physical features that mark both Ruby and her mother as bearers of a unique special power that predates even Huntsmen and Kingdoms.

Crescent Rose is named after an actual person close to Ruby.
Maybe an ancestor of hers. Or even the White Cloak character, instead of it being Summer Rose as indicated on the nearby gravestone.
  • It might be named because of the shape of a scythe.
  • Well, White Cloak and Summer have been confirmed to be the same people.

Ruby is just a little bit... off
Think about it: an almost expressionless scene of her ripping Beowolves apart... she must have been ('scuse my language) pissed at them. I assume either she fought them to relieve some anger, a suicide by proxy attempt Death Seeker. OR the Beowolves were responsible for that death, and she was on a Roaring Rampage of Revenge. IF this wasn't a prophetic thing at least because it it wasn't, she wears Beowolf PJ's. Probably as 'proof' to Yang that she isn't upset about whatever happened. I think in the future, this will become a case of He Who Fights Monsters if its prophetic though you know the trailer.
  • Personally, it could just be she was emotional from visiting a grave, and the Beowolves caught her at a really poor time.
    • I think the above comment works, plus there is the fact that of the four trailers, that one was the least 'canon', and was more Monty showing off what he could do for what was then just a prospective project. Plus, given how easily she went through them, it was almost boring for her.

Ruby dyed her hair.
How else would she have hair that is red and the tips and black at the roots?
  • This could be explained by the previously mentioned her-aura-turns-her-cloak-red thing. Maybe her hair is naturally black, but her grief overflows from her aura and turns it part red?
  • Jossed-Actually, it seems to be confirmed as a hereditary natural trait judging from the picture of Summer Rose.
  • Given the prevalent influence of anime (a medium famous for unrealistic hair colors) on RWBY, there's no reason to think that Ruby's hair color(s) isn't natural. I mean, in a series that already has animal-people, Magitek, giant supernatural monsters, and You Gotta Have Blue Hair, Multicolored Hair should probably be the last thing that breaks suspension of disbelief.

Ruby's speed semblance affects her life constantly instead of just letting her move fast in short bursts
Right now it's not clear how much a person's semblance affects their life outside of combat, but seeing as how Yang has a habit of literally starting fires around her when angry, it seems that it's more of a constant presence than a useful power that can just be turned on and off. If this is true, it would explain a lot about Ruby; she talks quickly, she swings through emotions quickly, she plans quickly, she learns quickly, she eats and metabolizes quickly, and she even adjusts to major changes in her life like being made team leader far faster than you would expect. This would make her comparable to other famous speedsters like Quicksilver, whose speed makes the rest of the world seem slow and boring. To someone who experiences time on a faster setting, activities like trying to talk to other people or pay attention in class would be infinitely more difficult, but building up knowledge about these things and getting used to them would be much easier. Thus Ruby's initial issues with socializing and studying but her eventual success at fixing them all make sense.

Ruby will have a Single-Stroke Battle with someone in the future.
"A Minor Hiccup" did show that she's very skilled at quick-drawing Crescent Rose. Foreshadowing?
  • Confirmed- It's revealed in volume 4 that her battle with cinder where she awakened her powers in the last ep of volume 3 had left Cinder very badly wrecked

Ruby will go on a Roaring Rampage of Revenge and temporarily shift into being an Anti-Hero.
Taking into account the lyrics of "Die" and "Red Like Roses Pt. II", it may be interesting to assume that the loss of Summer Rose/White Cloak (assuming they're the same person) traumatized her enough to the point that she'll go friggin' *BERSERK* when confronted with the party (which may turn out to be Cinder) that was responsible for Ruby's mother's death/disappearance.
  • Alternatively, if the lyrics of "Die" are in reference to Yang: Yang might have taken revenge on Ruby's behalf and killed the party responsible for hurting Ruby so deeply.
    • Chapter 6 of Vol. 2 would seem to have Jossed the "Yang took revenge" interpretation.
  • Well, at least Summer/White are the same person.

Ruby is just a little bit of a psychopath
Maybe I'm just reading between the lines that aren't really there, but her willingness to go attack a Goliath seems rather bloodthirsty. Add in during her night watch, her frustrated sigh when the Beowolf she had in her sights decides to not attack, Ruby seems to enjoy the idea of killing Grimm a little too much.
  • They are literally and empirically soulless monsters that relish in human suffering and eat people For the Evulz. Ruby's driving motivation is to protect people. The Grimm, at least by all appearances, solely exist to kill the people she wants to protect, and the only known way to stop a Grimm from doing that is to kill them first. It's her empathy for her fellow people that makes her so eager to kill Grimm, and that's the opposite of psychopathy.

Ruby can weaponize her contrails with Dust.
"No Brakes" shows Blake loading Dust into Gambol Shroud, changing her afterimage clones into stones, sculptures, bombs and hazes. Considering that a side-effect of Ruby's Semblance is flying rose petals, loading Dust into Crescent Rose would probably change the contrails. Perhaps literal trailblazing with Fire Dust, trail freezing with Ice Dust, raising stalagmites with Earth Dust, powering up storms with Wind Dust, increasing her speed even more with Energy Dust and providing shadow cover with Dark Dust?

Ruby was born out of wedlock
It would also explain why Yang has their father's surname when Ruby doesn't. Perhaps Summer Rose simply agreed to look after Yang (perhaps as a favour to Raven), but ended up having a child by Taiyang. Guilt over the affair might have been what made her end up disappearing.

"Red Like Roses Pt II" is about Ruby's mom telling her not to become a Huntress
The line "But baby please don't do what I did / I don't want you to waste your life in vain" is typically interpreted as "Don't kill yourself" / "Don't be reckless with your life" or something similar. But in the context of the line from "Time to Say Goodbye," "Were we born to fight and die / sacrificed for one huge lie? Are we heroes keeping peace? / Or are we weapons pointed at the enemy so someone else can claim a victory?" What if Summer discovered the aforementioned "lie" that Hunters/Huntresses are dying for, and is begging Ruby not to follow in her footsteps?

This will become a part of a later plot.

Ruby will turn out to be gay or asexual
Mostly because I just like the idea of either (especially the latter) being represented in the protagonist of a popular web series.To date, Ruby has shown precisely zero interest in the opposite sex, or in romance at all. In RT Recap - The Animated Recap, her response to the hosts hitting on Team RWBY is to quickly back away off-screen muttering "Ew, gross, boys! Grossgrossgrossgross –" Granted, even straight children often have this reaction to the opposite sex (and in fact this is considered normal), but at 15, Ruby is a bit old for that. Then there's the Les Yay between her and Penny.
  • Fairly certain the recap isn't Canon to the RWBY Universe. If it was then that would mean Sarge somehow got off Chorus, decided to help RT with a recap, and then went back.
    • Just because it isn't canon doesn't mean it isn't an accurate representation of their characters.
      • This might have some canon backing since in Episode 4 of Volume 3 she reacted with a certain disgust to Qrow mentioning "inappropriate stories" about his team. Granted, this could potentially be because said team includes her father, her mother, her uncle and her half-sister's mother.
  • Despite being fifteen, she is also really immature for her age. Besides, her sexuality isn't talked about much, so who knows?

Ruby is a Blood player.
Focus on relationships and loyalty; themes of literal blood; associated with the color red. Not sure what her Title would be; rogue, perhaps?

Ruby will get a Love Interest her own age
When Ruby and Yang were little girls Qrow took them with him on an assignment to look into the deaths of a rich couple who were survived by their son. Yang was put off by the boy's abrasive attitude but Ruby refused to give up on getting through to him, knowing he was just angry over losing his parents. Ruby left an impression on the boy to the point that even years later he maintained a crush on her. He will show up at some point expressing a lack of faith in Huntsmen and having been studying to be a detective so he can ensure criminals are caught. While not liking Huntsmen he will still help Ruby in her efforts because of his feelings for her. At some point he will say something along the lines of "Ever since we have met I have been in love with you."
  • Although I'm not agreeing with that scenario. The new character,Oscar who looks around the same age, might be a love interest for her. Although with Ozpin in his mind it's anyone's guess on how the writers will take Ruby's and Oscar's relationship

Ruby will get a Golden Super Mode
Well I mean if we're going through every anime cliché she might as well.

Ruby is not Yang's sister
They are cousins. Ruby's are Qrow and Summer Rose. Summer determined Qrow wasn't a fit father for Ruby, so she got together with Taiyang after Raven left. Notice how most of Ruby's stories at Signal involve her uncle, and the only times she mentions her father are collective memories with Yang.
  • Jossed- Monty confirmed them to be half sisters. They have same the same father but different mothers. This was confirmed when Yang was talking ro blake about how she found out about her real mother
  • She also mentions Taiyang as 'dad' when he's ready to take her back to Beacon after she has a 'chat' with Summer (and her mentioning of Taiyang prior has only been when he's actually relevant - namely, when Yang is emulating him or if he's sent them stuff from home). And what do you mean 'most' of Ruby's stories about Signal? She's shared one, and it was about how Qrow trained her. Also, Monty's twitter span them both as sisters from the start, so a 'twist' of them only being cousins would be a rather obnoxious retcon. Not to mention, from what we know about Taiyang, he didn't take Raven leaving well and genuinely loved Summer (shutting down completely when she disappeared), so Summer randomly dumping Qrow (when there's no indication that he was in a relationship with or even romantically interested in Summer) to take advantage of a grieving Taiyang because he'd be a better father seems incredibly callous and calculating for someone who has been described as 'super-mom'.
    • Actually it still is possible. If there theory is true, here's how I think it was. Qrow and Raven stayed as very active hunters. Summer helped Taiyang take care of Yang, especially after Raven vanished where she had to ensure he didn't break emotionally. Summer had Ruby, Qrow kept taking missions and may have felt he wasn't much good as parent, viewing Taiyang as the superior father figure. Then Summer goes on a mission and doesn't come back. Taiyang loses his emotional crutch and shuts down. Qrow helps out but doesn't correct Toddler Ruby's and Little Yang's misconception that Taiyang is father to both even thought Taiyang isn't in a state to be a father because it would break his heart more and Qrow doesn't want to do that to him even if he did think he would be a good parent. So Ruby is essentially adopted by her actual uncle and her father continually sees proof that Taiyang is a good parent for her once he recovers. Yang thinks Taiyang and Summer were a couple because they were Mom and Dad, passes this onto Ruby and no one corrects these misconceptions. I'm not saying this is canon but if the theory turns out to be accurate, it's probably something like this.
    • This theory gains a bit more credibility with the reveal of Qrow's Semblance, which brings bad luck to anyone near. You wouldn't want to risk your daughter over something like that
    • And it's possible that even after the reveal, Ruby will still view Tai and Yang as "Dad and Sis". It's only her perspective of Qrow that will change.
    • Going further with the release of the original soundtrack we get all the lyrics to Qrows fighting theme bad luck charm. It contains the following verse near the end: "If you linger close, it's a hefty price. You and I are not the same, you don't want the burden of my name."
    • Jossed- Monty tweeted multiple times that Yang and Ruby are half sisters. Miles and Kerry also addressed it in one of the early volume 3 livestreams denying it and asking people to stop bringing up. So it means that if Qrow is Ruby's father than he would have be Yang's father, since it was officially confirmed that they are half sisters, and that he slept with his own sister. It would also deny the fact that Taiyang is Yang's father.

Ruby is the Guardian Ozpin's talking about, or at least a backup for Pyrrha (if she's the Guardian).
I'm thinking back to Season 1 Ep. 1, where Ozpin is delighted to meet Ruby. And Ruby has proven herself to Ozpin that night and on the initiation day. She's strong (Qrow himself taught her), intelligent (that's why she's a team leader), caring (always wants the best for her teammates. And she ensures the shopkeeper well-being first before going after Roman), and ready (That's why Oz accept her to Beacon 2 years early). Maybe Pyrrha is only a Red Herring?
  • Another possibility is that Ozpin's lying about Pyrrha being the guardian, and he's using her as a decoy so no one would think to go after Ruby. Pyrrha will either be a figurehead or be badly defeated, with Ruby taking Pyrrha's place, which was actually hers all along. Another thing to note is that Ozpin's group has parallels to the Wizard of Oz, with Cinder being the Wicked Witch. Now what is this group missing to complete the ensemble? The ruby slipper-wearing "pretty" with the little dog.
    • Well, Volume 3 does end with Ruby going off to Haven with the surviving members of Team JNPR after Pyrrha's death.
  • As it turns out, Ozpin did seem to genuinely want Pyrrha to become the Fall Maiden; however, the process fails, and Pyrrha is eventually killed in battle. However, it also turns out that Ozpin did already know that Ruby herself has a special power, and is implied to have realized this as early as their first meeting; this special power finally activates in the Volume 3 finale.

Ruby is the Summer Maiden
Her mother was the prior one and the last person she thought of before she died was Ruby. Ozpin was aware of this for years but did nothing because of Qrow and Taiyang being able to keep her safe until she ran into Cinder who had already attacked the Fall Maiden and was searching for the other ones. Out of concern that she would be attacked Ozpin let her attend Beacon early so he could keep a closer eye on her.
  • Jossed- It's confirmed that Ruby is not the summer maiden but instead comes from a clan of legendary silver-eyed warriors
  • The lyrics to Red Like Roses II seem to subtly hint at this. The parts sung by Summer mention forcing a sacrifice on Ruby.
    • Pretty much confirmed. It does however remain to be seen if she's the Summer Maiden or a different one.
    • I'd wait before calling it "confirmed". First, since she was mentioned to freeze Grimm Dragon, it'd be more likely for her to be Winter Maiden. Secondly, Qrow's talk about silver-eyed warriors imply that her power is something completely different.

Ruby is not a Maiden, but has a different power.
In the very first episode, Ozpin took note of Ruby's silver eyes. There's clearly something important about that, yet it can't be related to the Maiden powers, otherwise Cinder would've reacted by now. It's been hinted at the Ozpin's lived longer than anyone else on the planet, so he's seen quite a lot and more importantly, knows things that no one else does. Perhaps silver eyes signifies that Ruby's inherited another magical power that only he knows about. The original Maidens likely had children, and at some point over the millennia their respective' bloodline all merged into common, silver-eyed descendant. Perhaps Ozpin brought Ruby into Beacon to help her tap into her power as a fallback plan.
  • Perhaps she's a descendant of the old man who gave the Maidens their powers.
  • Confirmed. Ruby's silver eyes are linked to a story about silver-eyed warriors who had latent powers that could 'destroy Grimm with a look' according to Qrow (and Ozpin by proxy), and existed long before the kingdoms. It's a power she inherited from her mother, Summer.

Ruby will receive martial arts training
After the events of volume 3 and the dust settles, Ruby will sit in a funk when Qrow walks in on her. Twice now she's proven that without her scythe, she's completely helpless. Qrow's Brutal Honesty will drive in that the first time she was caught unarmed nearly got her killed, and the second time cost her someone dear to her. Rather than let history repeat, Qrow is going to snatch Ruby for private tutoring to make sure she can fight without Crescent Rose.
  • Alternatively it will be Taiyang that trains Ruby (as Qrow has already trained Ruby) while Yang goes off with Qrow to find Raven.
    • If anything, it'll more likely be the reverse; Ruby goes off to Haven at the end of Volume 3, with Qrow the only adult keeping an eye on her, while Yang is still at home with her father.
  • Actually, the main thing Qrow and Ruby talk about at the end of Volume 3 is her newly awakened special power, and Ruby herself is mostly upset about all the terrible things that happened to her friends (but hasn't lost her heroic determination). That said, we still could see something like this in later volumes.
  • Confirmed, but it's actually Ozpin who teaches her in Volume 5, as she trains along with Jaune, Nora, Ren and Oscar.

Ruby's actual Semblance is control over time.
She can use it to speed up time for herself (thus giving herself Super Speed) or temporarily stop time for her foes, like when she froze the Elder Grimm. Of course, the latter is more difficult to pull off and probably requires her silver eyes.
  • Jossed.

Ruby's silver eyes' power is actually even stronger than a Maiden's powers
Considering that it shook Cinder to her core even when she already has fully absorbed the Fall Maiden's powers, the powers from Ruby's silver eyes are capable of doing such extraordinary feats it makes even a Maiden's power looks pale in comparison. Take into account that even though they are powerful, the Maidens themselves are not invincible, it makes sense that the power of the silver-eyed warriors are much more special. If we go by another WMG theory that the silver-eyed huntsmen and huntresses, Ruby in particular, descend from the old wizard who gave the Maidens their powers, then by the time Ruby can reach her full potential, she would be stronger than anyone else in the show. It's also why Ozpin decides not to choose Ruby to receive the Fall Maiden's powers: he already knows that what she has within her is more powerful than any Maiden, and that while the process can make her stronger, it also has its own risks to think about, and Ozpin wouldn't risk damaging the person who possesses the power that's capable of being a Game Changer.
  • Considering that the energy of the Maidens shows up as a small fire-type flare that barely passes the edge of the wielders face (at least so far) the fact that Ruby's silver eye power billowed out into what were basically wings larger than she was implies far greater power than the Maidens. I'd be inclined to think that she's at the very least a relation of the old man who created the maidens (though maybe not a direct descendant) due to the silver eyes.
  • Confirmed in volume 4- Salem stated that a maiden power is very vunerable to the silver eyes power-hence Cinder was completly wrecked during her battle with ruby

The Silver Eyes will let Ruby control the Grimm, and her ancestors used that power to rule Remnant.
Exactly what it says on the tin, Ruby will be able to control and tame Grimm using her eyes. She did it to the Dragon, but since she never gave any commands it's waiting there for her to return and command it. The latter part would explain why the Grimm attack people - they were commanded to do so by the Silver Eyed Warriors (SEWs) when the people of Remnant rebelled against their rule. Salem may even be a corrupted version of the SEWs due to her seeming to have power over the Grimm.

The Crescent Rose was not intended to be used as a Scythe.
In the "Red" trailer, you can see Ruby hunker down into the snow/ice with the blade and begin to shoot the beasts. We can see at multiple times during the trailer Ruby gets sent flying by the shots of the gun part of the weapon. This is because it's a high caliber weapon, and the the amount of recoil it has is immense. By hooking herself into the ground, she is able to actually stand and shoot her targets without flying thirty feet through the air. This was the intended use of the weapon, the blade wasn't meant for killing, it was made for holding her in place like an anchor.
  • In episode one, Professor Ozpin specifically refers to meeting another "scythe-wielder" of Ruby's caliber, so the idea of it being used as a scythe is probably more common than this WMG might lead one to believe.
  • Jossed as far as the anchor part being necessary. Ruby fires it repeatedly without having to anchor herself to the ground in the first episode.
    • It's possible that was a less powerful form of ammunition. Ruby again switches her weapon to scythe form before firing on the Nevermore with the rest of her team. Why would she do that if it was unnecessary?
      • Because said nevermore was coming right at them, it would be prudent to have a melee weapon on hand at that point. Also, she was pointing it in the air, without the scythe embedded in anything.
      • IIRC, Scythe Mode has much greater recoil than Rifle Mode, which implies that it fires bullets with much greater momentum (and thus greater killing power), possibly due to the longer barrel in that mode. Or maybe it just looks cooler in Scythe Mode, and Ruby is a fifteen-year-old gun nut and prefers it that way. Maybe it's even that Ruby is better at aiming the thing in Scythe Mode at close range, since it's balanced to be swung around in that mode.
  • Uhhh... Ruby designed Rose, why would she use her in a way she didn't intend to? Are you suggesting that she intended Rose to be just a sniper rifle with huge kick and only later realized that anchor can be used as a blade? Considering that Qrow was the one who taught her how to fight and he is using scythe that isn't even a sniper rifle i find it unlikely.
    • If anything, she later realized the blade could be used as an anchor, as there are frequent moments where we see her utilize the rifle part of Crescent Rose not as a weapon, but to PROPEL herself and the scythe (one time even using it just so the recoil would cause the blade to cut a beowulf in half). Consider the fact that she's a small girl with a huge scythe. That thing's going to be pretty dang heavy for her. It's likely that she took that into account and designed it so that the rifle's recoil would also assist her in swinging the blade when she's in rifle mode.

Ruby will grow up to become Magnificent Bitch
Ruby already is one of the smartest students in beacon being the only one who connected the dots and figuring out that Emerald might be behind both Yang and Coco's hallucinations, as well as that she might manipulate PvP battle, and earlier in volume 2 most of the events that derailed Cinder's plan were orchestrated by her, although there weren't as succesfull as she'd wished them to be. She also organised remains of JNPR off-screen to help her in her quest in Haven (or at least she's heavily implied to, with her not being suprised by their appearance and them knowing what is she up to), and Wiess's comment suggests that "i have a plan" is slowly becoming her catchphrase. Of course that's not enough to be considered real Magnificent Bitch but she's still learning and she's going in the right direction. And face it, there is a shortage of good(as in not evil) Magnificent Bastards in fiction.

Ruby will attempt to kill Cinder in one of the last episodes of Volume 4.
With a special death cartridge that has the abilities of disintegration. That could be foreshadowed in one of the first episodes of Volume 4, with Ruby secretly purchasing it from a Dust shop. She will secretly travel alone to wherever Cinder is, and deliver a Curb-Stomp Battle to defeat her. But as Ruby has Cinder at her mercy and fires a death cartridge, Blake could shoot the fired cartridge to stop it, and tell Ruby not to do it and become like Cinder, using her knowledge of murdering Adam Taurus to persuade her from doing it, shown in a WMG on the Blake Belladonna folder.
  • Jossed: Team RNJR take down the Nuckelavee grimm from Ren and Nora's childhood.

Ruby will have her First Kiss with Jaune in the penultimate episode of Volume 4.
As she has been travelling with the remnants of team JNPR for six to eight months, it would give both of them the time to bond over their shared losses in Volume 3.
  • Bonus points if it includes a Did They or Didn't They? moment, like if the next morning, it reveals Ruby and Jaune sleeping together, using Ruby's cape as a blanket. And the next scene shows Ruby dressing up.
  • And also if she makes a Call-Back to "Forever Fall" via one simple line, before she kisses him:
  • Jossed. Besides, last I checked, she's still underage. What were you people thinking?

Ruby is actually a lesbian/bisexual.
Ruby seems to have little interest in relationships that aren't anything more or less than BEST FRIENDS FOREVER! *ahem* But shows deep friendly affection for her sister, squad, and Penny while being supportive and cheerful around Jaune and other male characters.
  • With Penny's updated chassisnote , this WMG seems more likely.

Ruby will be systematically be broken down by Salem (and anyone that controls her) until she loses her mind.
The creators have outright stated that RWBY will no longer be safe for kids from Volume 4 and onwards, due to the sheer grimdark that will be plastered on Remnant for the sake of art. What if it's too much for Ruby? What if the actual plot was to (in-universe and out-universe) corrupt and torture Ruby until she finally snaps and becomes the all-consuming butcher that we've seen foreshadowing of from her very first trailer?

Ruby will lose an eye.
Tyrian does keeps telling Cinder "An eye for an eye" during the opening scene of V4.....

Ruby will have a He Who Fights Monsters arc.
Because as it stands, its a logical path for Ruby's character to go down, think about it. Because of Salem and Ozpin's little war, Ruby is on course for losing _everything_ she cares about. She's already lost her mom, her school, and her _team_. It's amazing she's holding onto as much optimism as she has. I just have a very bad feeling it can't last.

Ruby's entire personality is based on the fact that she wants to visit her mother's grave
Ruby's biggest personality traits are that she is happy-go-lucky, and that she is an incredible combatant, both of which are directly tied to the fact that she tries to visit Summer's grave often.
  • Excellent combat skills:
    • In the beginning of the 3rd season, Taiyang (Ruby's dad) maintains a safe distance from Summer Rose's grave, and appears to only be there to pick up Ruby. This could be just him being respectful of Ruby's time, but on the other hand, Summer was his wife (well, one of them), and it could be that he literally could not bear to come closer because it was too painful. This gives a bit of context to Ruby's fighting skills and the Red Trailer. Taiyang was probably so choked up over going to Summer's grave that both he (and Qrow, because Qrow probably hated going there almost as much as Taiyang did) taught Ruby how to fight Grimm just so that neither of them had to visit it.
    • Ruby then had to become REALLY good at fighting Grimm, because she probably went to her mother's grave when she was sad, for comfort, though going to a gravesite might not help her mood. If she didn't become really good at killing Grimm, they could kill her on one of her visits, or she would be wounded badly enough that Taiyang would notice and realize exactly how many Grimm she was attracting, which would lead to an intervention of some kind. That intervention would likely lead to Ruby not being able to go to Summer's grave anymore unsupervised, or to Taiyang's greater scrutiny on her mental state, which she doesn't want, so she probably practiced a lot.
  • She's always happy:
    • Throughout the series Ruby is chipper and happy. This could be a mechanism to convince her father to let her travel into Grimm infested forest alone. If Taiyang or Qrow realized how bad she was feeling, they wouldn't let her go to her mother's gravesite, as they'd be worried about Grimm she'd attract, so she probably figured out how to look happy, or suppress her emotions in order to convince her father and uncle to let her go. Eventually, she probably realized that the best way to at least convince people that she was mentally stable enough to visit was to just be happy all of the time, so her "bouts of happiness" don't appear to coincide with her visits to her mother.
    • Unfortunately, this is probably why there were so many Grimm in the Red Trailer. This sort of mental state would lead to serial escalation, with her having to suppress her feelings until she goes to the grave to let it all out, but by then, suppressing it would make the release even worse. The Red Trailer is probably at a point where she hadn't gone to talk to her mother in a while, and when she had a stressful time in the interim, so her ensuing release of emotion attracted a horde of Grimm, like how Pyrrha managed to attract a Nevermore all on her own with her guilt over killing Penny.

Ruby's silver eye power will manifest again at the end of Volume Four ...
  • ... by watching Qrow succumb to Tyrian's poison. Given that Qrow is confirmed to appear in the finale, it seems likely that they'll barely make it to their destination, before Qrow dies and Ruby unleashes the power yet again. It could also cause an injury to Watts, who might be caught off-guard at the wrong moment, in keeping with Ruby's habit of injuring Salem's lieutenants.
  • Jossed, but she does use it in Volume 5 when Cinder and Jaune fight.

Ruby and Cinder will become Arch-Enemies
Or rather they already have, bu they haven't had a chance to meet up again. Once the Battle of Haven goes down though....The reasoning is straightforward: The only two time Cinder has been directly mention to or by Ruby since the Fall of Beacon, Ruby has become uncharacteristically angry, and it's clear It's Personal for her. And just look at Cinder in V4. She clearly wants to go after Ruby herself, and she practices murdering her via Emerald's illusion. Finally, we know Ruby's Silver Eyes make her the only person currently on the side of Good who can go toe to toe with Cinder and actually stand a shot of winning. My theory is that as the series goes on, the conflict between the two will only become even more personal than it already is, and that will wind up driving character development for both girls.

Ruby will save the day thanks to her Heroic Ambidexterity.
The finale of Volume 4 shows Ruby writing a letter with a fountain pen. Now any Southpaw likely knows how hellish it is to use a fountain pen left-handed. Wait? Ruby writes with her right hand? Could it be Foreshadowing that she is ambidextrous and might still swing Crescent Rose after her left arm would be incapacitated somehow? Or maybe she is specifically training herself to be ambidextrous after seeing what happened to her sister so that she could still fight with her secondary arm should her left arm be incapacitated somehow.
  • She is ambidextrous. Most left-handed people can teach themselves to write with both hands.

Ruby will become the next Fall Maiden.
The finale of Volume 4 shows that the hatred Cinder harbors for Ruby borders on obsession. Given such an obsession, Ruby being the last person in Cinder's thoughts should she die is a pretty safe bet.

Ruby will do a Heroic Sacrifice that will pave the way fora brighter future.
She just seems the type, and it would make sense with the "Ren as the Sole Survivor of JNPR given JNPR's theme" theory.

Ruby will die by Taking the Bullet for Jaune.
It would be a sweet Call-Back to Pyrrha's death, where Ruby failed to save Pyrrha.

Ruby's character by the end of the series will be a Broken Bird.
Since Rooster Teeth mentioned that the series was going to get darker starting with Volume 4, and the series keeps making her situation worse and worse, I'm guessing that Ruby's optimism will finally shatter. Maybe there will be a huge betrayal, or the death of one of her friends/family. Whatever it is, it will break her. She'll still defeat Salem and save the world, but her perspective on life will be horribly bleak.

Ruby will make a Heroic Sacrifice in the series finale
She will be the one to ultimately kill Salem, either via a Mutual Kill or a Taking You with Me after a monumentally epic confrontation. With Salem dead, the Grimm lose their guiding influence and no more can be created, giving hope that with her final sacrifice mankind will, in years to come, finally wipe out the last of them and reclaim the world for themselves. Ruby is remembered as a legendary warrior, cementing herself as the greatest hero in history, just like those she read about as a child.The finale then plays out thus; Yang returns home, perhaps for the first time in years, only to find Ruby’s letter to her from volume 4 waiting for her, that she never received. The same monologue from that volume plays once again, over similar scenes of her friends and family as they all return to their homes and try to move on with their lives, only now Ruby’s words sound more like she is saying sorry to Yang for leaving, but that she has no regrets about how her life turned out (seriously, listen to that scene again, only now imagine it being said posthumously, it’s kinda eerie). Yang breaks down crying over the loss of her sister, but there is still a glimmer of hope and warmth for a brighter future, and Yang chooses to remember her sister fondly as she keeps moving forward.Cut to a Distant Finale, many years later; a battle hardened Jaune appears on screen, alongside the surviving members of RWBY and JNPR. A short conversation follows that reveals a battle with the last remaining Grimm is about to take place. The heroes make ready, pausing briefly to remember their fallen comrades and the many sacrifices that were made over countless years to bring them to this day. Then Jaune leads the charge and the scene fades to black. The end.

Ruby’s silver eyes are actually a form of Anti-Magic.
According to Qrow, the warriors with silver eyes were natural enemies of the Grimm. However, Salem reveals (and Cinder demonstrates) that the Maidens are susceptible to the silver eyes as well. Now what could the Grimm and the Maidens possibly have in common...unless...both are products of magic. The Maidens were empowered by the wizard, AKA Ozpin, and given what is explicitly described as magic. With the Grimm, it would be harder to explain, except that Volume 3 and the way that Cinder steals Amber’s powers, as well as her use of a Grimm arm to try and steal the powers of the Spring Maiden from Vernal/Raven, as well as the weird sigils that occur in conjunction with the former event, which make a reappearance with the Geist RNJR fights at the beginning of Volume 4 suggest that the Grimm are a product of magic as well. Salem is actually an evil counterpart to Ozpin’s wizard and the Grimm are not only magical constructs themselves but also the base for Salem’s own magic. Hence, the reason Ruby’s powers are effective against both is because the silver eyes are a power that negates or outright destroys magic and those affected by magic...which may explain why Ozpin in Oscar, has not made any effort to further awaken Ruby’s power, as her using it around an explicitly magical being might not have the best effects.

Ruby will be killed by Salem
Just as the Gods of Light and Dark are summoned. Oscar will plead with them bring Ruby back, seemingly repeating the same mistake as Salem. But when they refuse he instead offers to trade his life for hers, which starts prompting all the members of their group to start offering their lives to bring her back. This will be what makes the Gods judge humanity was worthy and as a reward to Oz for his millennia of efforts they will bring her back.

Ruby will become a goddess
When the Brother Gods are summoned they will initially talk as though humanity is beyond salvation. Ruby will speak up, pointing out how Humans Are Flawed but still worth saving for still being around despite Salem's best efforts and also call the Brothers out on how they aren't perfect beings either. The Brothers will look into Ruby's soul and see the purity of her soul despite the darkness she's had to suffer. They will conclude that they can't judge humanity because while their hand created humans they were not of humanity and decide to put the power in Ruby's hands, ascending her to divinity to pass judgement.
  • Alternatively the above plays out but Ruby was killed by Salem so the Brothers speak with her soul directly and resurrect her as a goddess.
  • Becoming a goddess will allow Ruby to end Salem and her work for good but it will lead to a Bittersweet Ending because she can't destroy the Grimm As Long as There is Evil but does create a plan to give humanity a fighting chance. She'll become one with Remnant and use her power to create crystal structures that create creatures that can help fight against the Grimm. Before doing so she'll have one last family meal with everyone and say what seems like a goodbye before saying it will be more like she's going to sleep and that when she wakes up it will be to "a world worth saving".

If Ruby does have to make a Heroic Sacrifice
She'll say her goodbyes to everyone in a heartwrenching scene and her last act will be to kiss both Weiss and Oscar on the cheek.

Either with time, or by saving a lot of people from Grimm (possibly the whole city of Argus/Mantle/Atlas through the use of Silver Eyes) at once. Someone will notice the similarities in outfit and weapon design between the young Huntress and the legendary heroine, and the legend will be reborn. Although people will realize that Ruby is too young to be the same Grimm Reaper, so she will be called New Grimm Reaper or Red Reaper.
  • Someone could call her "the little, red Reaper" in a descriptive fashion and, for some people at least, it'll catch on, alluding to Ruby being based on Little Red Riding Hood.

Ruby's actual Semblance isn't speed, it's literally "moving forward"
Most of the time when using her Semblance, Ruby doesn't run, glide or levitate, she literally moves headfirst in the direction she chooses, overcoming gravity and maneuvering around obstacles. Fitting for someone who, across the entire series, is continuously moving forward (training to be a better Huntress, following the lead on villains, getting the Relic to safety etc) along the path she chose, even though the final goal is unclear, overcoming her losses, failings and fears that weigh her down. The Semblance also evolves in parallel to how Ruby grows as a person: she gains more control over it as she becomes less reckless, gets the ability to carry other people (thus making them move too) after becoming the true leader, and it grows in power as she gets more and more determined to keep moving forward in spite of the overwhelming odds.

Ruby's Silver Eyes will become a Green Lantern Ring
The power of the Silver Eyes can do more than just kill Grimm. They allow one access to a sliver of the divine magic of the God of Light, which grants a plethora of powers that all pertain to creation itself. Such abilities would include Revelation (seeing the thoughts and emotions of others, piercing through illusions, seeing through solid objects, allowing remote viewing, etc.), Construction (Crafting actual solid objects out of light itself), Restoration (healing others, undoing damage done to objects, etc.), Alteration (changing the structure of objects, changing people into animals or other materials, etc.), Protection (forming barriers or wardings), Dominion (controlling objects telekinetically, performing a Jedi Mind Trick on others, etc.). Ruby will be first to discover these aspects of the Silver Eye magic in all of Remnants history because other Silver Eyed Warriors have been hunted down and killed, preventing them form doing so.

Ruby will supplant Ozpin as the leader of the heroes
Everyone has been thoroughly disillusioned with Ozpin's methods but through it all Ruby has been the one to inspire the heroes to keep moving forward at their lowest point. Qrow seems to have already chosen following Ruby, Ironwood will likely be the same way, and Ozpin upon his return will concede that Ruby is better suited for the role than he is, pledging his knowledge and guidance to her. For bonus points Ruby will freak out a bit about the being the one all of these elder huntsmen are looking to for direction.

Ruby will lose a leg.
Her half sister, Yang, lost an arm, Weiss has a scar on her eye, and Blake has a scar on her stomach. So....

Ruby will become a being similar to Salem but will be allied with Creation instead of Destruction
Salem will throw Ruby into a pool of Grimm essence, possibly in an effort to break Oscar, to give her a Cruel and Unusual Death. Ruby will use the power of her Silver Eyes but instead of using the light to strike down destruction will instead give her light to the darkness to create something new. This will alter the essence of Grimm and cause it to merge with Ruby, giving her far greater power and making her a sort of "Anti-Salem".
  • Ruby's new abilities as such a being:
    • Altering Grimm to be made of this new essence, turning them from enemies of creation to its allies.
    • Perceiving and interacting with souls. She'll be able to see the souls of others and know their truest thoughts and feelings. While useful in being a Living Lie Detector it will also be Blessed with Suck because she won't be able to turn it off. Ruby will also be able to enter the souls of others to help them through their inner darkness. She may also be able to affect the souls of others so they can't call upon Aura or their Semblances.
  • If this does happen Ruby will have to deal with perception of her by the rest of Remnant for good or bad. The good will be those that see her as an angel come to deliver them from their Darkest Hour and be their guardian against the darkness. The bad will be those who see her as an angel here not to protect them but to pass judgement on humanity for it's failings. Cue immense loads of A God I Am Not and Stop Worshipping Me.

Salem will render Ruby's sliver-eyes inert in the latter half of volume 8 or during volume 9.
Salem will capture Ruby and make her watch as Atlas burns and/or torturing Oscar. In response Ruby will try to use her power but Salem will use her magic to take it away or supress it. This will leave Ruby with blue eyes for the rest of the Atlas arc and part way through the Vacuo arc. All part of Salem's plan to break Ruby's spirit, which is why she wants Ruby alive, so she can rub it in Ozpin's face that his simple soul has fallen.
  • Doesn't seem to be the case with the reveal of the Hound's true nature. However, still in the air until Salem states her intentions for Ruby.
  • Even if Salem is temporarily incapacitated, Ironwood's downward spiral to villainy is the result of her actions. Regardless of whether or not the heroes succeeded in stopping him, Salem comes out on top anyway: the entire Solitas will be wiped out, ultimately resulting with Ruby's legendary emotional breakdown, just as Salem planned.

    Weiss Schnee 
Weiss will be her family's White Sheep.
And possibly a Spoiled Sweet. We aren't hearing good things about the Schnee family, but, well- Weiss is a protagonist. If she were as bigoted as the rest of them, it'd cause so much conflict with Blake that they'd never form a team in the first place. (Unless Hunter teams are assembled by teacher mandate...) She may well have a subplot about getting over her Fantastic Racism, but if all she saw in Faunus were potential slaves, it's unlikely she'd be one of the heroes.
  • This could be her "royal test" that she's burdened by in the lyrics. She's expected to be the next heir; but if the power of the Schnee family comes from exploited workers, what's the alternative? Especially if Dust output is required to keep the Grim at bay or else CIVILIZATION DIES.
    • Not exactly. Humans need to mine dust to power the weapons that keep Grim at bay, but they don't need to oppress the employees mining it to do so.
      • All those human hunters and huntresses look suspiciously fancy to be miners. Humans serve as the merchant (such as the Dust store guy), warrior (hunters and huntresses) and ruling classes (Schnee and friends), faunus as the serfs. Being that Dust may be the source of power, and so to mechanically procure Dust would be wasteful, oppressing the faunus might be the easiest and most effective way.
    • The faunus may not be actual slaves anymore. The White Fang formed to usher in peace and equality but the faunus still face prejudice.

Weiss is or will be in an Arranged Marriage, and conflict arising from it will be addressed in the series.
Monty said that Weiss is rebellious because "everything has already been decided for her," and an Arranged Marriage could be part of that.

Lyrical Analysis: Weiss has some sort of Superpowered Evil Side.
Look at some of the lyrics of her theme song:"Fear if what's inside of me." "...let me hide from me?". She's hiding something. She's lonely because she's trying to protect those around her or something like that.
  • Except "fear of what's inside of me" isn't part of the song. Not really jossed, but I think you're talking about the fast part near the end, which goes "mirror, mirror, what's behind you/save me from the things I see/I can keep it from the world/why won't you let me hide from me". Still possible, but the hints are more subtle, if it's true.
  • Full lyrics here: It is "Fear of whats inside of me; tell me can a heart be turned to stone?"
    • Probably more "what's inside of her" is being a Schnee, and she puts up the stone-hearted front as defensiveness.
    • The lyrics are officially stated to be mirror what's inside me? not fear of the person misheard it and put the wrong lyrics down and you misheard it because his lyrics caused a pychological reaction.

Weiss' Wicked Stepmother will be a Big Bad.
Given that Blake and Adam are trying to destroy a train carrying products with Weiss' family sigil on it, and Weiss' own reluctance to fight the Black Knight, it's entirely possible that Team RWBY (and by extension, Weiss herself) is fighting against the Schnee family empire. The Snow White parallels just make a wicked stepmother all the more fitting.
  • So far, most speculation is on Mr. Schnee. It would be interesting to find Weiss' mother was the culprit.
    • Perhaps Herr Schnee is Weiss' stepfather? Dum, dum, duuum!
      • Perhaps not the stepfather, but given that his name doesn't follow the Schnee family rule, it's possible he married into the family.
  • Weiss has been confirmed to have a sister. The question as to whether and why Weiss is the sole heiress to the SDC has been the source of speculation that Winter is a stepsister. This would, in turn, leave room for a stepmother.
    • It sounds like Weiss is the heiress because Winter was disinherited. Furthermore, Episode 2 of Volume 4 reveals that the Schnee siblings' mother is actually still alive.

Weiss' stepmother is a Good Parent.
Alternative to the above. Weiss will gain, or possibly already has, a stepmother. However, as a twist on the Snow White allusions, the woman will be much more affectionate and understanding than Weiss' abusive father.

Weiss will be a Defrosting Ice Queen.
Her song lyrics seem to imply she's cold and distant. Or...
  • Her characterization thus far in the series seems to be more or less confirming this.

Alternatively Weiss just wants to have friends.
Her song mentions that she is the one "loneliest of all" of them
  • Ruby's song mentions White is "cold and always yearning," so it's probably both. She's distant and standoffish but wants to have friends, which she probably has trouble with due to said standoffishness.
  • Seems obvious enough on first glance.

Weiss is projecting her guilty feelings about mishandling Dust to Ruby.
Transporting Dust in glass bottles and suitcases? And then when shifting blame on someone; doing it again when she shook up said glass bottle to create a Fuel-Air Explosion? She messed up, badly, and being the Schnee Heiress; she really should have known better.
  • Roman's goons had specialized sealed containers when they were stealing the dust; it looks like those containers are standard since they were tailored to the wall receptacles in the Dust Shop in episode 1.
    • I wonder if she's not supposed to have them with her.
  • Eh, seems jossed.

Weiss will be the odd one out in Team RWBY.
Thus far, she seems to be getting along the least well with all three other girls, and this will continue for some time after the team forms.
  • As of Episode 8, she seems to be trying to lighten up, going so far as to let Ruby call the shots for an assault on that flying Grimm.

Weiss sang "This Will Be The Day," in-universe.
It's a reasonable assumption. Also, assuming her songs are inspired by events in her life, it could be a way of justifying Suspiciously Apropos Music.
  • Weiss is confirmed by Jaune to be a good singer...

Building on the above, Weiss can see the future, and that's why everything she sings is appropriate.
What? All this guess presumes is that there are oracular abilities in canon when there's no basis or hints of any kind to suggest it.
  • There is no evidence to suggest White has sung any of the songs the audience hears.
    • Except for the White trailer, in which she is clearly singing her Image Song to an audience.
    • Evidence of possible oracular abilities- "red like roses fills my dreams, and brings me to the place you rest...."

If Weiss really is rebelling against her parents...
It's because her fight with the Black Knight was her "royal test", and that was the last straw for her.
  • Her ponytail is tied asymmetrically during the battle scene, implying that she had already decided to rebel before it started.
  • There's very little of her characterization that is in rebellion. She doesn't deny her family association and proudly displays her family's emblem. The fact that it's so few elements suggests that it's a minor rebellion no different from what any normal teenager would have - resisting at the bonds of expectations and restrictions.
    • Alternatively, she might be afraid/unable to rebel more - it is Word of God that the way she wears her hair with the asymmetrical ponytail is to defy her parents, after all.
      • If the Knight was someone meant to protect her but she was expected to defeat it, I could definitely see that causing a rift between her and her parents.
      • Considering her father is heavily implied to be abusive, there doesn't seem to be much she can get away with that wouldn't result in him getting upset. She rebels in more passive-aggressive ways (tying up her hair asymmetrically) to avoid a beating, verbal or physical - maybe even then...

Weiss is The Mole in Beacon for the Schnee Dust Company.
She offhandedly mentions the potential of Ruby causing her to fail her "mission" during Episode 5. Mayhaps this mission be from her parents; "burdened by a royal test," anyone? Given her desire for perfect grades, she might have been enrolled into Beacon to access some secret that is only revealed or provided to students who excel and her parents want to know what it is and/or acquire it.
  • Wasn't she just talking about the assignment in the forest that Ozpin gave them?

Nice Weiss is entirely an act on her part.
Inside, she's just as angry and bitchy as ever, but Port gave her the slap she needed to realize that wasn't acceptable, so she's gone to the other extreme and trying to be as pleasant and supportive as possible, not realizing there's a middle ground. She'll have a breakdown pretty soon when the stress of trying to be overly nice gets to her and she returns to being a Jerk with a Heart of Gold, especially if it's because the team tells her she's being slightly creepy.
  • Aren't we all?
  • I doubt it. I think bitchy Weiss is the mask. I think deep down, she really wants to be sweet like Ruby and that's why she seems to have the biggest problem with her.
    • Her father may have trained her to be cold and calculating.
  • As of Volume 2, she seems remarkably patient and good-humored for somebody supposedly hiding her temper. It's doubtful Weiss could muster the self-control to do such a thing, anyway.

White is cold and always yearning, burdened by a royal test.
  • Plus that rather cute moment from Episode 10 where she tells Ruby that she always wanted a bunk bed as a kid.
  • Given the White Fang's feud with her family, it's likely she'd want to be 'normal', simply because that's the only way she can imagine being truly safe. Having an entire terrorist group devoted to killing you and your family has got to suck.

The bastard child of one of her father's slaves. She couldn't cope with the dichotomy of being both a Schnee (one of the abusers) and a Faunus (one of the abused) so she developed an Inferiority Superiority Complex. Her animal traits are either something she can hide easily or something she cut off. (I'd personally guess she's a swan Faunus- they are graceful, immaculate, ill-tempered creatures, and Weiss's sky runes hint at a desire to fly.note ) Her father publicly claims she is human, for obvious reasons.
  • Swan Maidens are one of the "shapeshifting animal wife" variations where they're coerced into a relationship with a human man who steals the magic cloak they need to turn back into their animal form and escape. Weiss's bio-mom could easily be based off that.
  • Additionally, Weiss being a Faunus/half-Faunus (however that works) would be a reason why her father might take his anger at the White Fang out on her.
    • It's certainly possible Weiss's mother was a Faunus but she herself is human if human alleles are more dominant than Faunus alleles (see All Genes Are Codominant for more info). note 
  • If you guys are really committed to this WMG, it's worth noting that, in our world, the 'race' of a mixed child was often determined by the mother. This was done so that slavemaster wouldn't have to recognize the children they'd fathered with their slaves. If the world of RWBY had a similar rule/law, and Weiss is in fact a mix of Faunus and Human, then it might be that her mother had an affair with a Faunus after falling out of love with her husband.
    • In Remnant there seems to be a certain gender equality, though, so it's possible that such a rule wouldn't exist. That said, this theory does seem to have some merit to it. After all, we never hear of Weiss's mother, and Mr. Schnee seems to be a horrible enough person to do something like that. On the other hand, this would make it pretty hard to explain why she seems to value her family name so much as to express the desire to redeem it from the unpleasantness that was her father.

The Knight was a close friend of Weiss.
Each trailer featured someone important to the girl. Ruby at her mother's grave, Blake with Adam, and Yang had the Transient Princess (and Ruby).

The knight might be the prince or huntsman. Weiss' look of shock/surprise shows that it was not supposed to be hostile to her. Weiss mostly uses her magic to dodge and block the knight's attacks. It's doubtful she would have hesitated to kill an enemy. She could have been begging the knight to not fight. Also, her face when the song is done: pain and remorse likely over the knight's death. Her looking around to recall she's in concert implies she was very into that memory. She possibly thinks about it often. Were the knight a normal enemy, why the recurring flashbacks?

  • Sensible, the Knight may represent a fallen guardian. To paraphrase a line "I can keep it from the world. Why won't you let me hide from me?" I wonder then if this guard was to protect her or instead protect everyone else. Maybe the fight with the Knight was not a "I don't want to fight you" but rather "I don't want you to kill me." Maybe the events prior to the trailer, the reason she has to hide "it" from the world was becoming "unhidden." I think the Knight was trying to carry out his task and execute her to protect everyone else. She's alone because if she isn't, she'll destroy the world.
    • You're on to something :)...
    • The Knight sure seems more aware than a golem, "reacting" with surprise to losing its sword and getting frozen in place, rather than staying focused on its target. Also, the Black Knight looks subtly feminine, especially around the hips. Perhaps analogous to the queen that tried to kill Snow White?
      • Or perhaps sent by the queen as the huntsman was in the original tale.
  • Volume 2 makes the Knight out to be more than a one-off. It seems likely that Knights are common in the world of Remnant. They may even be robotic.
  • Manga throws a curveball at this: there, Knight is a suit of armor possessed by Grimm and used by her father as a test to see if Weiss deserves to attend Beacon.

The Knight represents someone better Weiss feels she has to beat.
And that someone better is a sibling. Hear me out: Despite her haughty behavior, it is clear that Weiss is insecure in her skills. Couple in the fact that she tells Ruby "I always wanted bunk beds as a kid", which hints that she does have a sibling, probably an older sister. Perhaps when she was younger, she and her sister were good friends, but do to their strict parents expectations of them, they both grew apart. Weiss wants to be the best for her parents, and feels that beating her older sister would make that happen, no matter what the cost to her and her sibling's relationship. This also fits well with her song. "Can a heart be turned to stone?" She feels guilty about feeling like she has to be better than her sibling.
  • Volume 2 shows Knights occur more often than once. Likely, the Knight was a mechanical bodyguard to the Schnees. It might have malfunctioned.
    • When the fight begins, Weiss is standing still, facing the knight, Myrtenaster at her side. She isn't doing anything else. That implies the battle was preordained.
    • Another possibility is that the Knight was sent by enemies to attack the Schnee family.
  • In the manga it's revealed to be a test her father gave to her to go to Beacon. Surely a "warrior" could beat a Grimm? Said in derision, with the expectation of her failing.

The Knight was actually a mental representation of Weiss's father.
Given how heavily implied it is that Weiss's father was abusive, it's possible that Weiss frequently used her imagination to escape into dreams, where she would be the hero, and her father's abusiveness would be the "royal test" she had to surpass.
  • Fridge Horror: This would mean that the scar on her eye is from something her father did, and she has to see that reminder of his abuse in the mirror every day.
    • ... in the mirror every day. "I can hide it from the world/why won't you let me hide from me"
    • I had this suspicion too. Having a "very difficult childhood", plus the scar on her face, well... And I also noticed on taking a closer look at her trailer that the place where she fought the Knight bore the Schnee symbol as well.
    • Also from her trailer, look at when the Knight hits her. She doesn't look angry, or even wince in pain; She looks hurt. Emotionally, I mean.
  • In the Volume 2 episode "Welcome to Beacon", Team RWBY are playing a boardgame which depicts these Knights as playable pieces. Obviously, they are a common occurrence in the world.
    • The fact these kinds of knight are a common cultural motif doesn't preclude the one in the trailer from being a metaphorical representation of how Weiss's father makes her feel small, intimidated, and outmatched.
    • Plus, this is a Rooster Teeth show, filled with shout-outs. It could easily just be a call back to the trailer with no real canonical importance.
  • In the manga it's revealed to be a test her father gave to her to go to Beacon. Surely a "warrior" could beat a Grimm? Said in derision, with the expectation of her failing.

The Knight was Weiss's brother.
A bit further out than the above theory, but it corresponds to being "burdened by a royal test"; we don't know how much of a Crapsack World this is for sure, but I consider it possible that Weiss and her brother were made to fight, with the survivor becoming heir of the Schnee Dust Company. Weiss isn't on the offense for much of the trailer because she doesn't want to kill her brother, and when she eventually does, just before the final blow, the music slows down with "I'm the loneliest of all". From the looks of it, she really didn't want to kill the Knight, whoever he was, and wouldn't it make her the loneliest of all if she was the one that had to kill her own brother? While I suppose an abusive father is a good form of "royal test", it could be taken a lot more literally. "Why won't you let me hide from me?" throws a monkey wrench into the father Knight theory for me: As far as we're aware, she did nothing to her father that would result in her feeling ashamed or afraid of herself. Adding another character into the mix just clears it up so much for me.
  • Volume 2 episode "Welcome to Beacon" shows these Knights are common in the world, perhaps even mechanical like the AK-130s.
    • It could have just been a Call-Back to her trailer, but I personally wouldn't rule it out.
  • In the manga it's revealed to be a test her father gave to her to go to Beacon. Surely a "warrior" could beat a Grimm? Said in derision, with the expectation of her failing.

The Knight was a White Fang assassin sent to kill Weiss.
Given the extremes that the White Fang are known for, and their specific vendetta against the Schnee family... well, what better way to strike at a bloodline than to eliminate their offspring? The White Fang's masks do have an armored look that vaguely resembles what the Knight wore...
  • Volume 2 showed implies it's more likely robotic than human. Possibly, the White Fang reprogrammed one originally meant to protect the Schnees.
  • In the manga it's revealed to be a test her father gave to her to go to Beacon. Surely a "warrior" could beat a Grimm? Said in derision, with the expectation of her failing.

Weiss does still care that Blake was a member of White Fang, she's just realized there's nothing she can do about it.
Considering Weiss' outburst over Ruby's leadership of the team and her opinions on White Fang and the Faunus as a whole, I do not believe this is the end of Weiss and Blake's conflict. They simply hold contrary views on the subject of the Faunus as a group and the purpose of the White Fang. But with the plenty of time Weiss has had to think on it, she's likely come to the conclusion that anything she does about it will alienate her from the people she's going to be working with for the next few years, and any even well meaning looks into Blake's story will only end badly for her. Her "don't care" was less about her not caring about the subject, but more her willingness to trust Blake and keep an open mind about her views of the Faunus.

Weiss has some connection to "White Cloak" from the opening credits.
Mainly because her jacket's pretty much the only thing in the show other than WC's cloak to be white with a red lining. It seems odd that two important characters would share the same color scheme....
  • White Cloak appears to be Summer Rose, Ruby's mother, who wore a white cloak fitting her name, as a summer rose is white. Her appearance in the opening credits appears to be a representation of Ruby following in her mothers footsteps to become a huntress.

Weiss was just lip-synching during her performance in her trailer.
And Casey Lee Williams will voice a completely different character later in the series. Or, as an alternative...

The concert is the fantasy sequence in her trailer, and the Knight duel is what really happened.
There hasn't been any reference to her musical talents in the series so far. And the duel apparently left a permanent scar on her face, so...
  • As of Volume 2 Chapter 6, Jaune comments that Weiss is a good singer.

Weiss is the daughter of Cinder
Cinder seems adamant that Roman use the White Fang to commit crimes against the Schnee family. She also seems unwilling to be directly involved with the Fang. Could it be that Cinder is in fact Weiss' mother, using Roman to drag the White Fang reputation through the dirt, thus sustaining the public opinion that the Faunus are nothing but criminals in order to exonerate the Schnee family for their unethical treatment of their Faunus workers?Plus, y'know, it'd be the cliche 'rebelling against your parents as they're evil' storyline.
  • Oh, if Weiss's father really is abusive, she's going to get that storyline no matter who her mother is. But your theory is valid, and RT has a good track record with epic sorcery battles.
  • It's possible that Cinder is another of Weiss's stepsisters. Cinderella is supposed to have two while Snow White has none. However, so far, we know nothing about Cinder's family, while Weiss has her father and (possibly step)sister, Winter. If Winter really is Weiss' stepsister, then she also has a stepmother and its possible that Cinder did not approve of her marriage to papa Schnee and left which is why she retained her mother's pre-Schnee surname: Fall. This would make all the more sense if Willow Schnee is Weiss' mother. Of course, right now, Willow is speculated to be Weiss' father.

Her duel shadows in the White trailer are symbolic of something.
In the opening concert scene, the spotlights shine on Weiss in such a way as to give her two shadows. In the ending scene, she has just one. It could be explained by the lights changing, but it could also be a hint that, by fighting the Knight, she emotionally/mentally unified herself.
  • So, like, she was of two minds? Or had a split-personality..?
  • Based on her sadness while fighting and defeating the Knight, I think it was the former. note  I think that Weiss made an important decision that night, and it strengthened her, but it also made her unhappy and inflexible. Also, if she had a split personality, we'd probably know by now.
  • It is hypothesized that Winter Schnee, Weiss' canonical sister, is her twin. This could have a number of implications for the White Trailer: possibly, Weiss is supposed to act as Winter's body guard, but also lip synchs her music to be a decoy. That could be the meaning of the duel shadows and the reason Weiss has such a desperate need to prove herself in canon: she's trying to show that she is more then Winter's look-alike.

Weiss is gay, and attracted to Pyrrha.
  • Because shipping.
    • Monty has stated that certain characters may learn some new things about themselves as time goes on. People tend more to hope that it will be Blake and Yang because "Bumblebee", but it could just as easily be Weiss.
  • If so, Jaune is so boned.
  • Jossed. She was clearly disappointed when Neptune turned her down as a date to the dance and happy when he changed his mind about spending time with her.

Weiss is not the heiress to the Schnee company, Winter is. Weiss is the Body Double.
This is her "Royal test". They say she is the heiress to provoke possible assassin attempts that would go after Winter instead. Hence, Winter being at the Atlas headquarters and Weiss being at Beacon. Being a huntress makes her a more durable backup.
  • Winter is an identical twin. Ironically, when Weiss chose to rebel against her family by putting her hair the other way; she became Winter's mirror double.
    • Additionally, it was Winter who was actually singing in the trailer and will be voiced by Casey Williams.
    • The identical part appears to be jossed as of the release of Season 3 opening... assuming that's Winter in the opening, anyway.
  • It's possible that Winter is a stepdaughter to papa Schnee, older but illegitimate. So she works as his aide rather than training to run the company.
  • When Weiss fought the White Fang lieutenant, he comments that he always wanted to kill a Schnee. Not the Schnee Heiress. Maybe White Fang higher-ups know?
  • Winter says their father did not want her joining the military, so he might have cut her out of the fortune to try and pull her back in line.

Weiss is going to work out Blake was involved in the train job from the data she picked up, starting their argument anew
The way she spoke about it in episode 15 suggested there was something deeply personal about it (she listed it at the end as if it was the worst thing on a list including the murders of close friends, after all), so it'll probably upset her if she finds out. Now that the team's been established as working together, there needs to be some conflict; reopening the rift between Weiss and Blake makes sense (after all, it wasn't fully resolved as much as Weiss decided to table it) and the info she gathered on possible dust thefts is the perfect way for her to find out (the train job's going to be in there, and there's probably some detail about Blake which Weiss'll pick up on - her weapon, perhaps?).
  • By now, through her snooping for the team, it's likely she's already learned this and just doesn't care.
  • One would think that the train would have a few security cameras installed. Or, the robots would record what they saw. The spider robot was the only one that vaporized, the others were just wrecked. Oh wait, the wrecked robots were all on the part of the train that stayed with Adam, maybe there are no surviving recordings after all.

Weiss's entire trailer is 100% metaphorical.
The part where she's on stage is a representation of how she is being brought up to be The Woman Wearing the Queenly Mask one day and needs to keep up appearances in front of the world, while, below the surface, hidden from her faceless audience, she's constantly struggling with her inner turmoil: Her abusive father, her fear that she could turn out like him one day ("fear of what's inside me"), her desperation to reach an unattainable perfection, and the scar that reminds her of her imperfection (and, perhaps, of the aforementioned abuse) every time she looks in the mirror.
  • The knight part of the trailer actually happened, in the manga it's revealed to be a test her father gave to her to go to Beacon. Surely a "warrior" could beat a Grimm? Said in derision, with the expectation of her failing.
  • And she learned to sing as a child and sings on stage at parties.

While it's nice to see her opening up and being friendly a lot more in Volume 2, it just feels like her Character Development is...a little rushed. I don't think she'd grow out of her Lonely Rich Kid Ice Queen persona that easily, so I think she's forcing herself to be nicer. It's an effort on her part to be genuinely a kinder person ("Fake it till you make it,") but I also think it's because the writers noticed the amount of hate she was getting due to her Fantastic Racism.

Weiss' arc will begin when an even worse Alpha Bitch tries to murder her.
Since Weiss' Fairy Tale Motifs are of Snow White, her arc will have an equivalent to the Evil Queen, who wanted her murdered to maintain her position as "fairest of them all"
  • Well, we don't know much about her sister Winter so far...
  • It'd be interesting if Weiss was the prettier of the two.

"White" was an In-Universe music video.
Thus the different style.
  • The Blood Upgrade was either an accident that got thrown in, or editing/makeup over an existing scar.
  • The Knight isn't a Grimm. It's both too big and too disciplined to be one that Weiss should have been able to defeat before the start. Also, its armor doesn't look like Grimm armor.
  • Jaune mentioned that Weiss has a good singing voice, and he's the one who doesn't know things the others do. He didn't recognize that one of his classmates was a sports star; another joke could be him not recognizing that another is a famous performer.

Weiss is the Winter Maiden
Like the one about Ruby above Weiss's mother was the former Winter Maiden and her last thought before dying was of Weiss. The White Fang were responsible for her death, making them enough of a problem that the Benevolent Conspiracy sent Raven in undercover to gain information and possibly disband the group at a later point if necessary.
  • Alternatively, Winter is the current Winter Maiden (which, considering the names of the most suspected Maidens, is likely), but she'll end up being killed off later in the series, with her final thoughts being about Weiss.
  • At the very least, the Schnee family could be descended from the original Winter Maiden.

Weiss will join the Atlas Military.
Currently heading home with her father. Due to Team RWBY being split up she'll join the military for now.
  • Jossed. she's joined up with team RWBY in Haven.

Weiss will summon the Knight in intervals in Volume 4.
As she was able to summon the Knight's right arm and sword, she will regular attempt to summon the Knight and get a little better each time. Her second time will produce the knight's shoulder, neck, and head along with the previous arm. The third time will be the entire upper torso, and the final summoning will be a completed Knight.
  • Jossed. she's only seen summoning the whole thing on camera, during volume 4.

Glyphs are not semblance.
Glyphs are thought in-universe to be semblance but they're actually not. They're third type of magic other than the seasons and silver-eyed powers. They're hereditary like silver eyes, but unlike semblances, and they give several different powers(barriers,time dilation, summoning) which is far wider arsena than semblances which usually only give one power. Since magic is practically unknown on Remnant, everyone thinks they're semblance because they don't know they can be something else.
  • Related possibility, perhaps they are descendents of whoever first created semblances, and used magic to do it. This would explain why their own family semblance is unique that way.

Weiss's semblance is ability to change her voice
Related to the above. If Glyphs aren't her semblance then what is? In the white trailer Weiss was singing but her voice was different from what she had in the show proper. This could be Early Installment Weirdness or it could be Foreshadowing of her actual semblance.

Weiss will enroll in Atlas Academy and join Penny's former team.
Weiss's father will make her continue her training in Atlas, and she will fill up the empty spot that Penny left behind, similar to how Ruby (unofficially) joined Team JNPR after Pyrrha died.
  • Jossed. She was imprisoned in her home throughout Volume 4. By Volume 5, she has escaped and reunited with Team RWBY in Haven.

Weiss' father is a sociopath who is manipulating the White Fang into becoming a real military threat so they can be further disenfranchised and then enslaved
How does Roman Torchwick acquire more than a dozen of the very latest mecha made by the SDC and the Atlas Military? The mechs were supplied to the White Fang by Torchwick through Cinder Fall. I can only think that someone in either the Atlasian military or the SDC supplied them. Ironwood seems too fanatically dedicated to the lives of people under his command to risk them by giving weapons the the WF so I can only assume someone high in the SDC supplied them.

I think Weiss' father supplied them to the WF through several proxies (Torchwick and Cinder). By doing so the WF go from dangerous nuisance to full blow military threat. The military steps in and cuts the White Fang down with their superior numbers and better training and then the war is used as justification for the faunus' enslavement guaranteeing free labour for Mr Schnee's mines and stopping the faunus rights movement in its tracks.

It will be the Weiss breaking moment and making both the White Fang and Schnee Dust Company a serious threat that must be countered.

Weiss's father is a case of I Did What I Had to Do.
We've been told how Mr. Schnee has done terrible things since he took over the SDC and Weiss implied that her grandfather was a better person, calling the SDC "my grandfather's company". But that's just her opinion. For all we know, grandpa Schnee was a good person, but did dubious things as well. Or he nearly ruined the company before handing it over, leaving Weiss's dad in a desperate scramble to build the family company up so high as to avoid that in the future, with Faunus being collateral.

Weiss is going to somehow tame a Grimm in the future.
  • Partly confirmed. Weiss can, in theory, summon allies based on Grimm she's defeated.

The Knight in the White Trailer represents Weiss's parental neglect/abuse
The knight is hollow inside just as her relationship with her parents is mostly nonexistent. The relationship that did exist was full of abuse, and the knight struck Weiss with a hard blow to the eye during their fight. Eventually she conquers her parents/her fear of her parents and goes to Beacon, but she still feels incredibly lonely, not knowing anyone since she probably didn't go to a normal school (good chance she would get attacked for her family name). Thus, she's "the loneliest of all," not having family or (at least at the beginning) friends.
  • As of Volume 2, it seems more likely that the Knight is one of many mass-produced automatons or at the very least a rank in file soldier.
    • Yes and no. It actually happened, in the manga it's revealed to be a test her father gave to her to go to Beacon. Surely a "warrior" could beat a Grimm? Said in derision, with the expectation of her failing.

Weiss will consider "Ice Queen" as a term of endearment.
I mean, yeah, Weiss has shown distaste for that nickname, but hear me out. I think that when Team RNJR reunites with Weiss, Ruby might say something like "Welcome back, Ice Queen." Then Weiss will actually appreciate the nickname for the first time as it will bring back good memories of being with her team when they were at Beacon.
  • Confirmed as of Volume 5

The Schnee Family has the Winter Maiden captured under life support, and they've been stealing her power for centuries
Semblances tend to be narrow in scope and extensions of one's personality. Weiss' Glyphs are uniquely flexible, beyond what the normal bounds of a semblance, supposedly genetic, and don't seem to be tied to her aura as much as a typical semblance.(Since the knight was able to break her aura in the trailer, yet it didn't affect her ability to use her semblance) Plus, we know that Atlas has life support tech, and tech that can transfer maiden powers. And, we know that the Schnee company is both deeply connected to the government, and very, very flexible about the law. So, it makes sense that they would capture a maiden and keep her under life support to steal her power to ensure their bloodline has guaranteed power.

Weiss will try to leave Atlas in Volume 4.
With the 6-8 Time Skip occurring, here is how it could play out:
  • It could show that Weiss has an urging to reunite with her friends and find out who the main threat is. So, during the Time Skip, she recruits some students from Atlas to help her escape, such as Ciel Soleil, Flynt Coal and Neon Katt. The escape would probably take place during a ball that Atlas holds, with them acting as a distraction all while Weiss escapes.
  • However, just as she is about to escape, she could be stopped by her father, who noticed he whole plan and forces her into a duel to determine whether she leaves or not, in a direct Call-Back to the White trailer. After a lengthy swordfight, he could end up summoning a creature using glyphs, resulting in Weiss blocking one of its attacks with the Knight’s hand. With this, Weiss’s father could berate her for her actions, presenting her attempts to leave futile, which will cause Weiss to summon the entire Knight thanks to her thinking about her own team. With this new power activated, she will completely annihilate her father, winning the fight.
  • Finally defeating her father, Weiss will head out to find her friends. But her aura could be completely drained due to her summoning the entire Knight, and she would probably fall unconscious and be taken to a hospital to be treated for Aura exhaustion, where team RNJR coould notice her being wheeled in a critical condition. Her father will later discharge her from the hospital, leaving behind a letter that shows that Weiss's father was mentally broken from the constant attacks of the White Fang, and he abusively beat her to vent his anger, not realising that she was the only good thing he had. It also states his apology for everything he has done, and his approval for Weiss to help her friends stop whoever destroyed Beacon.
    • Confirmed, she leaves at the end of the volume.

At some point, when arguing with her father, Weiss will complain about how no one in the family ever stayed by her side or tried to cheer her up when she was sick.
As a Mythology Gag to RWBY Chibi.

Weiss's Semblance isn't her glyphs.
This one's a bit of a long shot, but all of Team RWBY's Semblances (save Weiss's) are thematically linked to their respective themes. Ruby's Semblance is turning into a cloud of rose petals. Her theme? Red Like Roses. Yang's Semblance produces a flame-like aura around her when she uses it. Her theme is I Burn. Blake's Semblance is to produce a copy of herself. How is this related to the name of her theme? Her Semblance's name is Shadow, according to the RWBY Wiki, with her theme name being From Shadows.

So where does that leave Weiss? I propose that her Semblance is some form of Power Copying, to fit with the name of her theme: Mirror, Mirror.

  • Jossed. Her Glyph Semblance runs in her family, and is the same as her sister's.

Weiss will become Spring Maiden.
As she seems to have the Spring Maiden Vernal's respect, Vernal will die and try to pass the power to Weiss to prevent it going to Salem's Faction. This would help her glyphs while ending her reliance on her family's dust completely. As learning summoning reduced said reliance, this makes sense as another step toward her arc of becoming independent from her father.
  • Jossed. Due to Raven being the real Spring Maiden.

After Volume 5 Episode 11, Weiss Schnee is now dead for real.

Even if, from a Doylist perspective, it may not seem likely.

  • There's quite a bit of evidence to the contrary: first, a hit to the kidney isn't necessarily fatal (it's the shock that's the main danger there); if she gets prompt(ish) medical attention she can pull through with minimal difficulty. Second, Cinder's spear likely cauterized the wound as it went in, limiting any risk of blood loss. Third, Cinder was likely still reeling from the flash-exposure from Ruby's power, which threw off her aim. Fourth, failing that, it's well within Cinder's sadistic character to miss on purpose for no other reason than to continue messing with Jaune and the others. Finally, narratively, with all the dangling plot threads pointing to Atlas as their next destination and so many pertaining specifically to Weiss, it doesn't make much sense to axe her storyline so early in the show's life.
  • Jossed. She's been saved by Jaune's Super Empowering, enhancing her own body's Aura enough to heal her injuries.

Weiss will kill a villain and end up with them as a summon
As anything a Schnee kills can become a summon why not humans? As Salem's faction is humans mostly Weiss will face them in combat at some point and may get the finishing blow on one.

Weiss will become the next Winter Maiden
Because seriously, the name means White Snow.

If it hasn't come up by now then it probably never will, but think about it for a moment: Being grabbed by Banesaw, the infamous pillar foul-up with Vernal... Weiss seems to have issues with judging distances and guarding against certain attacks. It would also partly explain her complex when she first arrived at Beacon: she felt she had a lot to prove.

    Blake Belladonna 
Blake will be discriminated against by one of the girls.
Due to being a faunus. It'll probably be Weiss due to her class. However over time they may grow to be Vitriolic Best Buds.
  • She doesn't look like a faunus, barring some animal trait that's hidden by her clothes (or some weird dominant/recessive Faunus gene stuff), but maybe she'll be the subject of discrimination just for associating with them.
    • Her bow does twitch once while watching Jaune fall into the forest, and also right before the Ursa that Nora's riding comes crashing through the treeline. Which is to say it could happen.
    • This quote from Red Like Roses is likely a hint at Blake being a Faunus "Black the beast descends from shadows."
  • Confirmed, Blake is a faunus and Weiss is a racist.
    • Not really. Weiss feels deceived by Blake, however, she has not done or said anything to discriminate against Blake. She doesn't like the Faunus but she doesn't take it out on her friend.

Blake's Ninjas of Love is a 'naughty' romance novel.
Judging by the way her eyes shift as she quickly moves to hide it away.
  • It also alludes to her status as resident ninja.
    • Here's hoping it'll be a Brick Joke sometime later...
      • More likely, it'll never be mentioned again.
      • Blake was seen reading the book in a later episode.

Black is the "Beast".
She'll have a transformation sequence that will show the ascension of her fighting style, much like Ruby's weapon forms and Weiss' color settings. She could be considered a demonic figure in that regard, possibly even via heritage, leading to the belief that she "descends from shadow".
  • While she has no outright transformations, the lyrics from the Black trailer may shed some light on this. The Black trailer itself implies that Adam is the Beast to Blake's Beauty, though the lyrics imply that they receive equal treatment from the general populace.

Lyrical Analysis: Blake was a slave, forced to fight, and she's now out for revenge. Still possibly a 'Beast' as well.
Analyzing Blake's Theme, From Shadows, found here:"From shadows/We'll descend upon the world/Take back what you stole/From shadows/We'll reclaim our destiny/Set our future free" Implies she's fighting against someone who fought against her people, possibly Weiss' family considering the train decals."Born with no life... into subjugation/Treated like a worthless animal/Stripped of all rights/Just a lesser being/Crushed by cruel ruthless human rule" She's not fighting willingly. She is a 'Beast' in the sense she's treated as an animal or slave. Also the specifically 'Human Rule' implies she may still possibly have a questionable lineage."When it started/All we wanted was a chance to live our lives/Now in darkness/Taking everything we want and we will rise/We'll rise/We'll rise" Now that she is free, she's plotting revenge on those who kept her captive.
  • It could be that Blake's song is talking about the Fauna (seen in the first episode) in general. Notice that all the other girls' songs use "I," "me," and "you." Blake's song is the only one that refers to groups and creates an "us vs them" mentality. It could be that the song is talking about the Fauna's struggle in becoming more than a second-rate citizens in the world. This of course emphasizes her possible connection with the Fauna.
    • It's also worth noting that Adam is most likely the Beast and Blake the Beauty. Adam's emblem—contrary to popular belief—is NOT identical to Ruby's; it's actually a WILTING rose...Much like Adam's (the actual Beast) from the story Beauty and the Beast. His curse was linked to the dying rose.
  • If you listen closely, the second verse is notably more aggressive, and sung by a male (Jeff Williams), possibly representing Adam.
  • The song is about the Faunus, so "From Shadows" could be literal. Night vision, remember?

Blake will betray the group.
Sounds a little far-fetched, I know, but it's just a weird feeling I'm getting. Think about it: she wasn't seen during the launching scene, she has yellow eyes, and she's very cat-like. Cats are often portrayed as secretive and sneaky. If she doesn't betray the group, then at the very least, she's hiding something that will be crucial to the plot.
  • What we know of Blake (her objection to Adam's callous treatment of innocents, her defense of Ruby in episode 2) implies that she will be the group's moral center... maybe she betrays RWBY to serve a greater cause? Traitors don't necessarily have to be evil, after all.

The Train Job (Black Trailer) was meant to be an initiation for Blake
This troper noticed this when he was re-watching episode 8 to see if the man talking to Torchwick was a Faunas. This troper noticed a similarity between the mask covering the mans head and Adam's mask. Despite being different in coloration, detailing and shape, Adam's was a vizor and much more elaborate while the man's was a full helmet, they both shared the same four eye slits. So, if this man is a part of the White Fang then we can infer that White Fang Members were the mask to identify themselves as White Fang members.Blake wasn't wearing one.Judging from this we can guess that Blake was not a member of White Fang, but was seeking to join/help them before seeing firsthand what the White Fang actually does, hence her fleeing.
  • Episode 16 showed that she was already in the White Fang long before they turned to violence. Maybe she at first intended to be in a position to steer the organization away from that direction, only to realize that under Adam, they were beyond redemption, leading her to cut ties.
  • Maybe it was an initiation into the darker side of White Fang and a test of loyalty to the new leaders.
    • If that's true, then where did Blake's fighting skills come from? She's clearly competent, and it's doubtful that a nonviolent activist group would have the resources and inclination to train her so well. (Note that most other WF we've seen are mooks with simple weapons.)
  • More likely, Blake and Adam were not aware that the White Fang were already working with Cinder. They were stealing Dust for whatever nefarious purposes she had in mind. As of Volume 2's first episode, Cinder says they're done with Dust and Roman is shown to have collected quite a lot of it with the help of the White Fang.
    • Not quite. "The Beginning of the End" shows that the train job happened right after Cinder first sought them out and right before she strong armed them into it. Seems Blake left at just the right time.

Adam was a father-figure to Blake
This one also gets into Blake's past a bit and is a bit of a Tear Jerker because I like those. Blake was orphaned when her parents were killed in the Schnee Dust Company's mines likely due to poor maintenance on the Company's part. Adam, either through a moment of genuine compassion or seeing her as a useful addition of talent/pawn, takes Blake in providing her a place to live and food on the table, effectively adopting her and become her mentor in the process of inducting her into White Fang. She never realizes just how terrible he really is until the Train Job.
  • And Jossed
    • How so?
      • Blake was born into the White Fang and active before the regime change. She couldn't have been brought into it as a child because her parents raised her as an activist. She couldn't have been an Unwitting Pawn because she knew what she was doing. Adam might still have been a father-figure, but the rest of the WMG is Jossed.
      • Not ENTIRELY Jossed. Adam may be the leader who changed White Fang's direction, or a subordinate of this new leader. She may have already been White Fang, but Adam may have fostered her dark side, convincing her that theft and destruction was okay. It was only at murder (during the Train Job) that she realized they were going too far.
  • Jossed for real. Not only he refers to her as "my love", "my darling" et cetera, showing that they were a couple, or at least he wanted them to be, but Blake's father is still alive, was apparently never gone and they're still close, she wouldn't need anothe father-figure.

Volume 2 will be a Start of Darkness for Blake.
She's at a stage where she may or may not be easily manipulated by the enemy. Due to the fact that she's stressing so hard about Roman's plans, she's obviously let her guard down in a lot of places. It wouldn't be a surprise that, with Cinder's cunning, she gets sucked back into the White Fang somehow.
  • Jossed, at least for Volume 2.

Blake will be revealed as a faunus to the public.
All that actually hides her race is a just piece of ribbon, it would be rather easy for it to get cut in a fight. Cue Oh, Crap! reaction from her teammates and looks of suspicions from other people.
  • And then it will be revealed that everyone knew about it and didn't know it was a secret.

Her furniture-hopping reaction to Zwei? She is more used to having attack dogs sicced on her during her protest days. Her over the top dejection and catlike begging after Weiss's card was rejected? Starvation has been a very real threat to her, and/or, as she describes, Faunus were refused service in many places, including restaurants.

Blake will be a Fake Defector in Volume 4
Blake will rejoin the White Fang in Volume 4. She'll beg Adam's forgiveness, and pretend to obey him, but in reality she'll be working to sabotage whatever it is the White Fang are going to do next. Then, at the last second, she'll reveal her true allegiance, betray the White Fang (again) and kill Adam. Bonus points if she cuts off one of his arms before doing so.

Blake was trying to fake her death to get rid of the white fang, and Yang came in at the absolute worst time.
Losing your aura prevents you from being able to use your semblance. But, Blake was able to be affected normally by Adam's blade before she used her semblance to save Yang. So, Blake must've intentionally dropped her aura before Yang attacked. But why? So Adam thinks Blake died in the fighting, allowing her to blink away and leave a wounded clone behind, and hoping that that is enough to get the White Fang to stop targeting her and her teammates. But, that plan failed since Yang got injured, forcing her to rescue Yang.

Blake will join a team filled with anti-White Fang members, and wage war on the White Fang to stop their violent methods for equality.
This could happen during the six-month Time Skip for Volume 4, via flashbacks. And after the war finishes, one of the anti-White Fang members can take leadership to make the White Fang return to their original non-violent methods. And it could lead into the next WMG.

She will do it via Boom, Headshot!, while Adam states that she wouldn't do it anyways. And in the style of Macbeth, Blake will suffer immense guilt from doing so, with symptoms such as washing imaginary blood off her hands. If she reunites with team RWBY, it would create an entire schism if they find out. Here is how the final conversation can play out:
Adam: Do you really believe, that by shooting me, it will help you? It will never happen, as no matter how far you run, I will never leave your mind. But I know you, my darling. You will never do it. You will never shoot- *BANG*
Blake: But I would.

Blake will tell Sun about Adam soon, and it will be very important in their relationship.
This will be a big turning point. This is where Sun reveals how much he truely cares about Blake. And I am sure it will be while she is tending to him while he is hurt.

Word of God indicates Adam was abusing Blake in the past. Adam has even displayed at least one such characteristic (vowing to punish Blake for leaving him) in the show itself.

Blake's Semblance is making a lifeless copy of herself to take hits for her. Gee, that sounds like something that would come in handy for distracting a physical abuser long enough to get a running head start. Too bad each copy can't take more than one hit. Oh, and did you know that Semblances are personality-based? Blake's anxiety and hypervigilance are two examples of the emotional scars left by Adam's abuse. If her personality got influenced that way, why not her Semblance as well?

Suppose Blake's Semblance manifested for the first time in response to Adam physically striking Blake. It might or might not have been the first time he hit her, but it would have to have happened before the train job, with enough time beforehand for Blake to figure out how to work her Semblance to the degree seen in the trailer (a few months at the least, possibly even years).

Here's where this theory gets really dark. During that long time gap between Blake's Semblance first manifesting and the train job, Adam kept physically and emotionally abusing Blake. Adam actively encouraged anyone who witnessed the physical abuse to assume he was merely helping her learn to use her Semblance, and (at least some of) his emotional abuse centered on Gaslighting her into agreeing, thus reinforcing Bystander Syndrome and twisting what was supposed to be Blake's tool for escaping into a lame excuse for staying and trivializing the physical abuse.

Adam could have deluded himself into believing that his physical abuse of Blake was merely Semblance training, or he could have reveled in manipulating everyone by lying through his teeth. Either way is equally tragic for Blake, as the end results would be the same.

  • Evidence against this in Volume 2 chapter 10: Blake says she was born with her Semblance. The default extrapolation is that she knew about her Semblance and could use it before she met Adam. Unless something locked Blake's Aura and Adam somehow unlocked it again, this theory is Jossed.
  • The speculation on the nature of Adam's abuse can still be salvaged out of this mess to form a standalone WMG.

Blake Will Become the New Leader of the Re-reformed White Fang

During "Taking Control" Blake responded to Sun's plan to destroy the White Fang by declaring her intent to to "take it back" instead. Most likely, she intends to reinstate her father Ghira as the leader to make it the peaceful organization it once was. But Ghira stepped down for a reason, probably a good one, and will either insist on Blake taking the helm first, or he'll do it after a volume or two of leading that causes him to decide Blake would be a better leader than he would. It fits with the other theory here that Yang will become leader of Raven and Qrow's tribe, and Weiss somehow getting control of the SDC back.

    Yang Xiao Long 
Yang will use Full-Contact Magic and her fists.
Just a thought after seeing the first three girls. Ruby and Blake use gun augmented weaponry while Weiss used a rapier mixed with magic abilities. This troper thinks they might have two with gunblades and two with magic, but its just a guess.
  • Weiss' rapier is augmented with a revolver; methinks they're not mutually exclusive categories.
  • While the Full-Contact Magic is a stretch, her fist weapons certainly have some relation to fire.
  • Her weapons are shotgun gauntlets. But she seems to have some proficiency with fire magic.
    • It is very likely given her propensity for "blazing" that she uses magic bullets in her attacks.
  • Yang's Semblance allows her to transmute energy from damage she's taken. Ba-bam!

Yang was not always human
Some kind of elemental associated with fire, either changed into or reincarnated as a human for some purpose.First: Her flaming hair and fire powers. In the context of the magic we see in Weiss' White trailer, this is extraordinarily simplistic, only seeming to be capable of exploding around her when she calls on it. It also comes and goes pretty randomly, sometimes it manifests as she's being hit, or when she's doing the hitting. This indicates a more primal nature to her powers, and that it's not the same type of power that Weiss wields.Second: Her red eyes. Her eyes changing colors seems to just happen without any external influence. She's just punching like she's been doing for much of the trailer. Notably this does not seem to cause any real change to her personality, her facial expressions don't change and neither does her voice when talking to Ruby. Like with the nature of her other powers, this seems to be pointing to a more primal reason for it existing, that this is part of Yang's identity.Third: Her name, Yang Xiao Long, can mean "Sun Small Dragon" which is fitting for her flame theme, but considering differing naming conventions between The West and China, and the reference to Bruce Lee, her name would become "Xaiolong Yang", or Small-Dragon Sun. This isn't interesting on it's own, but this image shows two landmasses shaped as though they were dragons, with one being a clearly serpentine Chinese styled dragon.It's possible then that Yang originally was some kind of fire dragon named after the sun changed into a human, possibly as a daughter to an old wizard, a secret super-soldier, maybe to even be a guardian to Ruby. In any case she was likely raised with Ruby, and despite that they aren't related by blood are still family.
  • Building off of this, her hair may act as a sort of Power Limiter, as there are several scenes where she is completely in silhouette except for her hair, which is still bright gold. Additionally, Her eyes Turn Red as she punches Junior away, when he would have pulled her hair out, not when she notices that he did. The fact that her hair seems to catch fire as the fight drags on is also indicative of this, as she is pumping much more power into her attacks as the fight drags on.
    • She goes Red Eyed again with a strand of hair plucked by Grim in episode 6.
      • Psychological Power Limiter... she only goes haywire when she actually notices the hair lying around.

There will be a moon-themed character, who will act as a rival to Yang.
Drawing on a lot of speculation listed above, a character (likely Yin, because of the relation.) will be moon themed to contrast Yang's sun.-First is Yang's sun motifs. Being heavily connected to the color yellow and fire, plus the above facebook picture with the incredibly bright sun/moon, (still not really sure...) she is definitely has a strong sun motif.-Next is the pins. After the recent revelations of there being two moons, the unknown yellow pin is likely representing two crescent moons. It is also yellow. As Yang is sun and light, this could represent moonlight, rather than sunlight.-Finally, "Moonslice." The unknown, presumably a weapon, likely is related to the character, as Yang's gauntlets have little chance of being named that. This might gain a bit more credit if Yang's weapons are referred to as something like "Sun——-."
  • Ember Celica ~ Celestial Fire ~ Sunlight.
    • Moonslice is a fan-name given to Adam's final attack against the spider droid.
  • Jaune's symbol could likely be related to his name "Arc" rather than the crescent moons.
    • *Writer* Moonslice is seen on a tweet from Monty in notes for the Black trailer. It's a thing, but not necessarily related to Jaune or Adam. We don't know. This WMG was made before we were introduced to the series proper, so it was drawing on previous speculation. Jaune's symbol is probably more related to the crescent moons, considering that there are two moons in the world, and that fact that his name is Arc just adds to it.
  • The character's name might be "Yin" to set up Theme Naming with Yang
  • So far, this alludes to Jaune. While he may not be much of a threat, he's the one with the moon symbol, and is also Yellow (Jaune - French for Yellow) themed. His weapons have yet to be named.
  • Jaune's weapon is Crocea Mors- "Yellow Death".
  • The character might also be tiger-themed, and fight far more brutally than Yang, but with less finesse. Male tigers have been known to let their family eat before them, so he could be a male anti-villainous Foil who also cares about his family, but fights Yang because he's been promised that his kin will benefit somehow.
    • Mercury seems to be confirmed as Yang's rival as his weapons are at his feet and has a similar "hand-to-hand"-style of combat training.
  • More likely, this moon-themed character is Yang's mother and her name will be Yue.
    • Except, that the more logical choice for Yang's mother at this current time is now Raven Branwen introduced in Breach.

Yang has inborn fire powers because she was exposed to Dust often in her childhood.
Dust is like Mako, you see...
  • Or Eezo.
  • More likely, it is inherited from her father's family line, while Ruby got her Semblance from her mother.
    • Except only the Schnee semblance is hereditary, all others are random.

Yang will go on a berserker rage at some point.
Either because someone messed with her hair, or one of the RWBY team, most likely Ruby, will be nearly killed.
  • Has happened sort of in Episode 6 when an Ursa jostled one of her hairs loose. "You Monsters!"

Yang is going to die.
Or have her spirit broken, or be rendered comatose, or otherwise be narratively incapacitated. Why? Well, a couple of reasons. One, she represents the "older sibling substitute/mentor" archetype arguably filled by both Mami Tomoe (who she (very) vaguely resembles) and Kamina, complete with the requisite awesomeness—and overconfidence. Fitting that archetype is demonstrably not good for your long-term survival prospects. Two, the second verse of the OP:
Beware that the light is fading
Beware as the dark returns
This world's unforgiving
Even brilliant lights will cease to burn
Considering that Yang's entire theme focuses around "burning" ("Yellow beauty burns gold"; her trailer theme is "I Burn"; her name means "Sun Little-Dragon"; and oh yeah she literally lights on fire when she fights)...yeah. The lyrics could admittedly be purely metaphorical, or refer to Beacon in some way, but the connection with Yang seems far simpler and more apropos.
  • Yang is the spirit of the group, so her death would have an impact on the group and the audience. But the show is called RWBY, her being the "Y". I doubt they'd kill her off.
    • Or Yang has already died. Or at least the 1st generation RWBY version of Yang. Summer Rose is dead and was most likely teamed with fellow season-themed characters (i.e. Winter Schnee, Cinder Fall, and a girl named Spring) and her death caused the others to splinter.
      • This point is jossed in specifics as Summer Rose's team was Ruby and Yang's father, Yang's mother, and Qrow.
  • At the end of "Breach," Yang says "I'm gonna sleep forever." Points for foreshadowing.
  • Some thing "Brilliant lights will cease to burn" alludes to Pyrrha's death.

Yang is half-dragon on her father's side.
This explains the fire powers, and whenever dragons mate with a human woman the offspring is ALWAYS either a sexy human girl with an attitude and superpowers, or a handsome young lad with said powers who is evil to the core. Check every piece of fiction ever, you know it's true.
  • Doubtful. There's never any mention of dragons or anything related yet (not even a Grimm dragon). Sounds cool, though.
  • Given her father's name also means dragon (Taiyang Xiao Long), it's not too much a stretch. Dragons could be an extinct form of life from before the Grimm Wars (which seems to precede all other wars).

Yang's Berserk Semblance activating when her hair is damaged is a false positive.
Her body stores up kinetic power and unleashes it when either she lets it go or when her body is damaged to a certain point. Hair is part of the body even though it isn't really necessary; so her seeing a lost hair has her Semblance activating like she lost a limb or a sufficient amount of blood.
  • Theoretically, if there's a "cool-down" period to the Berserk effect, if Yang had her hair plucked at the beginning of a fight; it would lead to the Berserk running out of steam early; and not being able to activate later.

Yang has/will gain some sort of power assimilation ability
My reasoning? Her theme song incorporates all her teammate's songs.
  • The evidence provided has been rendered false. Her Trailer's background music is not her theme song, but a dance club remix of all 4 theme songs. Yang's actual theme is just the last section, as evidenced by the OST. have a listen here.
  • Yang's Semblance allows her to convert damage into physical power.

Yang is a spy
Based on the trailer. She went into that nightclub looking for info. In addition to her combat skills, she showed an ability to manipulate people. She used her youth to get Junior to underestimate her, letting her get close enough to grab him by the balls. Then she used her beauty to lure him into a sucker punch. And as far as we know, she never did tell Ruby what she was doing there. She said "It's a long story", which could easily have been an attempt to deflect the question and/or buy time to come up with a lie.

Yang is most definitely not human.
She's a robot. More specifically, a transformer (source: Yellow trailer: "I'm more than meets the eye")Failing that, she's a super sayin'... I mean, Saiyan.
  • Agreed. She even looks like a Super Saiyan 3, what with that hair.

Yang's Semblance is something to do with either fire or anger.
It would definitely explain how she goes Super Saiyan, and/or how she broke the colour spectrum with her anger.
  • Yang's Semblance allows her to get stronger when she gets hit. This could be in relation to the anger she feels.

Yang is older than 17
Yang seems more self-assured than the other girls, like she's had more experience than they. She is also physically more developed. Coupled with the ease to which she entered the club during her trailer and her actions therein it fits neatly into the idea that she is in fact several years older than 17 and is just posing as a high school girl for reasons yet to be revealed. This segues nicely into the spy theory from above.
  • The problem here is that Yang hasn't claimed to be 17, she is simply stated as being 17 which reads more as fact than contrivance.
  • She's not older than 17. It's just that a good part of the women we've seen in the series so far, including her, are just that freaking tall. Her canonical height according to a height carth is five feet eight inches.

In her trailer, Yang is tracking down her and Ruby's mother's murderer.
Assuming their mother died a while before the show began, Yang secretly spends her free time trying to track down the person who killed her. After running into Ruby outside the club, however, she realizes that she's gonna have to come clean about it and begins with, "It's a long story..."
  • Summer Rose is not Yang's mother.
    • Furthermore, Yang has confirmed that she has spent her life searching for her mother. Likely that she is Qrow's sister and her name is either Raven or Yue. With the appearance of Raven Branwen and the unveiling of Qrow's last name being Branwen, the Raven-as-a-name theory may be all but confirmed.

"Xiao Long" isn't Yang's real name.
As an alternative to the "Rose is Ruby's middle name" theory. She said she had "several names" to Junior and "Xiao Long" itself comes from Xiaolong; Bruce Lee's stage name (which he was never-the-less known by, as far as Chinese speaking audiences were concerned). Yang could also be an alias, but it would be odd for Ruby to constantly call her by it, making it more likely its her real first name or a nickname.
  • More likely, since Ruby has her mother's surname, Yang's is also that of her own birth mother who left her.
  • Taiyang, confirmed to be in the show, has the surname Xiao Long according to a tweet from Monty. Furthermore, Taiyang Xiao Long was named as Yang and Ruby's father last year... here on this very page... by monyoum!
  • Ruby has her mother's surname because Summer died. Yang has her father's surname because her mother just left.

Yang is a female version of Samson.
Why else would she get mad when someone cuts her hair? It's because all her power comes from it. Or at least she thinks it does.
  • Or her father taught her to value her hair because it is a trait she got from his own golden mane.
  • Yang's power doesn't come from her hair.

Yang is a cancer survivor.
To explain why she gets so angry when anyone damages her hair - most people don't have that sort of reaction to their hair getting damaged, so it may be that the hair is important to her, since, at one point, she completely lacked it.

Yang's hair is styled after her mother's hair.
It may be that her mother died at some point before the series' beginning, and Yang deliberately styles her hair in the same way in memoriam. Thus, whenever anyone damages it, she gets pissed off because, knowingly or otherwise, they've just insulted that memory to some extent.
  • More likely, her mother is the Transient Princess, who has black hair.

Yang is a cross-dimensional traveler.
Why? The first clues come from the lyrics of I Burn, which reference Dragon Ball ("I'm Super Saiyan now") and two separate Marvel characters (the Human Torch and Johnny Blaze). Neither Dragon Ball nor Marvel, or for that matter any anime or comics, appear to exist in Remnant, so why are they in the song? Possibly, Yang came from another world, such as our own, where such things are known; she would have then been transported to Remnant as a child and been adopted by Ruby's parents. If this is true, it casts other facts in a different light. She knows that this world is different from her old one; adventure exists for those who seek it, and danger isn't so deadly. With this in mind, Yang would presumably have thrown herself into this adventure with glee once she got the chance—and certainly, she seems to fight monsters more for the joy of it than most characters. The fact that she has "many names" may be explained by the fact that she chose a few which sounded cool upon entering the world before settling on a fairly reasonable-sounding one. Even more minor facts make more sense. Take, for instance, her semblance. While the others we know (Ruby's speed, Pyrrha's polarity, and especially Weiss's glyphs) are precise and modest, Yang's fire is indiscriminate and showy. Either this is because it isn't a semblance (but something from whichever world she is from), or because the semblance didn't start "developing" or getting honed (depending on how, exactly, they work) until she was at least a few years old.A side theory is that she comes from the Marvel universe. Her fire would be a superpower in this case, and she is familiar with the Human Torch and Johnny Blaze because they were in the news or somesuch.
  • This theory is destroyed do to the fact that Monty confirmed that neither Ruby or Yang were adopted. And have you noticed Cinder's semblance? Which is EVEN MORE SHOWY!

Yang was looking for her mother in the Yellow Trailer.
"Burning the Candle" tells us that her mother left her and her father, and that she hasn't given up looking. In the Yellow Trailer, she's asking if anyone has seen a particular woman. It adds up.
  • Yang tells Blake she has spent her life searching for her mother who left Yang and her father shortly after she was born (so she never knew she existed until after Summer Rose died).

Yang's mother is Raven Branwen (the masked woman in "No Brakes").
Volume 2 Episode 12, "Breach", has an after-the-credits scene in which Branwen removes her mask. She looks exactly like Yang, except with dark hair and red eyes. She then states that they "have a lot to talk about", which may be a reference to the fact that she knows Yang has been looking for her, and knows that she's got some explaining to do and whatnot.

Yang's semblance can do more than just empower her...
It can also be used to stockpile aura inside of her. Whenever she uses her semblance to get stronger, her hair becomes brighter. Theoretically she can do the opposite and stockpile aura, limiting her power but keeping her up longer in a fight. This would also cause her hair to become duller in color.

At some point, Yang is going to reference some of Princess Vespa's lines.

Yang: You! Shot! My! Hair! (distant thud)
Mercury: Not bad... for a first-year.
Ruby: Okay, that was pretty good for Rambo!

Yang's red-eyes power up is a hereditary semblance from her mother's side of the family
Did anyone else notice that moment in the Qrow/Winter fight when one of his eyes flickered right before that explosion? That would be two out of three Branwens that we've seen fight so far that have an eye color change when they're using their semblance. Raven's permanently red eyes could be because she's either constantly using her semblance, or because she's one of the Maidens. I could be completely off base here, but since hereditary semblances became a cannon thing, the idea's been stuck in my head...

Yang will add gun-boots to her arsenal at some point.
The need for an upgrade will eventually prompt her to don gear similar to Mercury's, effectively arming all four of her limbs and improving her power and mobility.

Yang will abandon Ember Celica as her primary weapon in Volume 4.
Losing her right arm will likely lead to her seeing it's Awesome, but Impractical. While it CAN do some serious damage a blocked or parried attack with a bladed weapon is far more dangerous to her than it is to someone else.
  • Seems impractical; replacing Ember Celica would mean designing and becoming proficient with a new weapon system, which would take more time than if Yang modified the gauntlets with better defensive capabilities.
    • Jossed. She has kept the remaining bracer in Volume 5. The opening animation also confirms that her artificial limb IS a replacement for the missing bracer!

Mercury's legs.
Mercury serves as a Foil for her in more than one way. Then The Beginning of the End shows that he has robotic legs from the knee down. It could foreshadow that Yang herself may end up with robotic right hand in order to be able to fight since Adam cut off her hand in Heroes and Monsters.

During Season 4, Yang will no longer need her anger.
As of Season 3 Finale, Yang is broken over everything that happened. While reflecting on everything, she will realize that it was her anger that got her into trouble, and will try to fix that. Eventually, she will be less of a straight up brawler, and use more focused and skilled martial arts.

At the beginning of Season 4, Raven will finally pay a visit to Yang.
Why? Because right now, Yang is completely broken and devoid of any will to fight. Therefore, Qrow will utilise his connections to Raven and get her to rejuvenate and provide guidance to Yang when she needs it the most. If anyone is going to able to resuscitate Yang's will to fight, who better than her own mother?
  • Someone who didn't abandon her as a baby? such as her father or sister?

Yang will train with Melanie Malachite, from the Yellow trailer.
After having lost her arm, Yang might go to someone she knows who can teach her to fight with her feet.

Yang will not immediately get a robot arm
She'll first try learning to fight without one, but it'll go poorly because her heart isn't truly in it. Once she gets the robot arm, it'll go much better. Her first way of fighting is too hot. Her second way of fighting will be too cold. Her third way of fighting will be just right.

Yang will have a callback to Volume 1 once Team RWBY is finally back together.
As of now, Team RWBY eventually getting back together will likely be a major plot point for Volume 4, possibly even Volume 5. When the moment finally happens, we'll have Yang give this amazing callback to Volume 1:
Yang: Great, the gang's all here, now we can die together!

Concerning Yang having the power a dragon, and her family's history.
I don't know if the theory of Yang being able to transform into dragon is very popular or not, but I have seen it frequently, with multiple points: Her mother, Raven, being able to transform into a raven, and the translation of her name (Yang Xiao Long = Little Light Dragon). So here's my take: Yang is what I'd like to call a Zodiac Monk of the Dragon, a warrior who can tap into the power of a dragon, an animal of the Chinese Zodiac, and is a part of a group with 11 other monks formed by the Xiao Long family, of which are other animals in the zodiac (Examples include Zodiac Monk of the Ox and Zodiac Monk of the Snake). The reason why she hasn't awakened her power, however, is because she hasn't reached a certain amount of rage that would even dwarf that of which she experienced when she saw Blake being stabbed by Adam (And to surpass that kind of rage would be an understatement). Why a monk, you may ask? Well, Xiao Long sounds a lot like Shaolin. And what are the Shaolin? You guessed it: monks!

Yang's Hair-Trigger Temper is making her semblance inefficient.
Whenever Yang Semblance kicks in, she often lets out a big blast of fire. (See her fight with Mercury) It looks awesome, but it's also a sign of a seriously low efficiency. In real life, that heat would be considered waste energy. Most of the times we see the fire is when someone's done something to piss her off. (Her fight with Mercury and Junior vs. her fight with Torchwick's mech) Not only does she fight smarter calm, she's stronger calm as well.

Yang is the Summer Maiden, and her Semblance doesn't include the "super Saiyan" features.
If Summer Rose was the Summer Maiden before her untimely end, it would be logical for Ruby or Yang to be in Summer's last thoughts. Yang is unaware of any of this, and subconsciously calls upon the power thinking that it's her semblance. In reality, Yang's semblance is only that she powers up when she lands or takes a hit.

When Yang activates her so called semblance, her hair catches fire and her eyes change color. The only Maiden we've seen in battle, the Fall Maiden, also had her eyes change in some way when she activated her powers. (There's no reason that the Fall Maiden and Summer Maidens have to display their powers in exactly the same way). Furthermore, the Summer Maiden is associated with fire.

The Ember Celica gun from Yang's missing hand will make an appearance
And Yang will have to fight an enemy who will use it.

Yang will join the side of the villains, if only temporarily.
After being offered a robotic arm of the same technology used in Mercury's legs, Yang will cross over to their side. Throughout the series, we see that Yang takes pride in her strength, and the loss of her arm leaves her broken and hopeless. In a desperate attempt to regain her lost power, she will make the decision to fight alongside the villains (possibly against what's left of teams RWBY and JNPR).

Yang will become the leader of the Branwen tribe.
Raven implies that the tribe of bandits she and Qrow came from have a Might Makes Right philosophy. At some point, Yang and Raven will fight and Yang will best her. The tribe will swear their loyalty to Yang. Bonus points if Raven does as well.

Yang's arm jokes will become an Ascended Meme - for better.
One of the signs that Yang's mental health has improved is when she starts making some of the insufferable missing arm and robot-arm jokes.

Yang's arm is also a gun.
Because every weapon here is either a gun or Crocea Mors. Also, it would explain why she didn't build a replacement Ember Celica for it (the one she was repainting was the surviving left one) - there's no need to do so.
  • CONFIRMED! The opening animation for Volume 5 confirms this in a blink and miss it moment.

Not for the innuendo-based jokes from the 2017 RTX panel question, though (well, not primarily at least), but more along the lines of Miles' comment about her using it for "devastating attacks." In short, it will serve as a harmonic resonance-based weapon capable of shattering nearly anything on impact, so long as it's vibrating at the correct frequency.

Yang will disown Raven.
Strength and loyalty are the two traits that Yang holds most dear, and on the surface, they give her and her mother common ground. However, in Raven Branwen, the virtues are twisted into vices; Merciless Darwinism, and devotion to people who don't deserve it. Realizing that Raven is not someone Yang can like, let alone look up to, she cuts ties with her. When Raven demands that she is due Yang's unquestioned loyalty as her mother, Yang coldly answers, "I already had a mother. Her name was Summer Rose."

Yang will be framed for another crime.
She's already a Hero with Bad Publicity following the frame up at the tournament. This could possibly make her a perfect target that no one would question if she's already seen as a rogue huntress. It's highly likely that Adam might use her as the scapegoat for Sienna Khan's murder, possibly as a means to draw Blake out.

Yang's Detachment Combat ability is a Chekhov's Skill.
The ability to detach her arm and propel it with a fair amount of calibre will end up saving her (or someone else's) life in a critical moment. Bonus points if it's in a fight against Adam.

Yang has some inborn magic due to Raven
Not because Raven is a Maiden; she probably became the Fall Maiden after Yang was born. Raven was given the power to turn into a raven by Ozpin, and that might get passed down.

Yang will ultimately become the Spring Maiden
She's the right age and gender to become a Maiden and Raven has quite a few death flags floating around her already, having lost her tribe, her brother, and her child and having a literary inspiration who was Driven to Suicide under similar circumstances. If she does die, Yang is the one most likely to be in Raven's final thoughts. Yang has already been set up as a foil to Raven who stood her ground when Raven ran away, using the Spring Maiden powers for good rather than trying to hide them seems like the next logical step for her.

Someone on Team RWBY will be severely injured.
With the series taking on a darker tone it might only be a matter of time before a serious injury becomes a season ending cliffhanger. Ironwood is suggested to have an artificial arm. Mercury has been confirmed to have artificial legs. All things considered it's possible the writers are hinting that An Arm and a Leg type situation may come up for one of the characters since Artificial Limbs seem to be common on Remnant.
  • Possible scenario developing as of Volume 3, Episode 11. Yang loses part of her right arm in a fight with Adam. Volume 4 will reveal if the trope plays out properly.

Possible names for Ruby's new team.
  • RAVR (Raver)
  • RNJR (Ranger)
  • Given the colour theme naming, it would probably be RNJR (Oranger, Go Team Fruit Tree!).
  • RJNR: (Rejuvenator)
  • RRNJ (Orange) - It's a stretch on the pronunciation, admittedly, but even beyond fitting the color theme there's a logical reason. As a mixture of Team RWBY and Team JNPR, the name is a mixture of the leaders' respective colors: Ruby's red and Jaune's yellow.
    • It was confirmed at a Q&A at RTX 2016 that the team name is RNJR (Team Ranger).
    • The beginning of Volume 4 has Nora and Ren debating RNJR vs JNRR (Junior).

Red Like Roses Part 2
Applies to Team RWBY in general and not just Ruby.
  • The full song seems to clearly illustrate a relationship between two individuals. The only member this does not work for is Yang going strictly by Fairytale Motif. Ruby is the only real candidate as the song is clearly about a relationship between a mother and a daughter.

Ruby and Weiss will become the Official Couple by the end of series
Much like in Legend of Korra there will be a scene where Ruby just wants to get away from things for a while and Weiss will go with her. The two will be doing some intimate gesture like holding hands or Ruby putting her head on Weiss's shoulder as they leave for their time away.
  • Alternatively things will be Played for Drama with Ruby trying to comfort Weiss in an emotional moment only to get kissed by her. This will lead to an awkward scene later where the two decide to see where things go between the two of them, with Ruby shyly taking hold of Weiss's hand and Weiss saying she would like that.
  • As of S6 ending, Blake and Yang seem to go that route instead.

Eventually, all RWBY members will be revealed related to the four maidens
One way or another. Maybe some of them will received the power. The others might be revealed related by blood with the previous maiden, etc.
  • Summer was the Summer maiden.
  • Eventually, Winter will be the Winter maiden. Bonus point if Qrow had to protect her as he protecting Amber.
  • When they defeated Cinder, Yang will get the Fall maiden power.
  • Blake is related to the Spring maiden.

Mother issues
Aside from Yang and Raven, and we know nothing about Weiss and Blake's mother... What makes me curious is Ruby and Summer. Yang said she was too young to understand her mother's death, and yet 'Red like roses part II' seemed to say the contrary.

There will be a flashback that retell the story before Summer's death, which specifically involved Ruby, that Yang (and Taiyang) wouldn't know. The lyric of the song seemed to imply Summer knowing she was making sacrifice, she was going to die, and Ruby might know the exact details of her death (maybe even seeing the exact moment) but probably too young to understand that, or her mind blocked that.

Team RWBY Will Eventually Become All Four Maidens
Ruby will become the spring maiden, Weiss will become the winter maiden, Blake will become the fall maiden, and Yang will become the summer maiden.

As for evidence, there really is none, but there are definite thematic connections going on. Ruby's last name, Rose, invokes spring and new beginnings, and she scatters rose petals when she battles. Weiss's name literally means "white snow", and her older sister is named Winter. The plant Belladonna ripens in autumn, and Blake's trailer takes place during fall. Yang's name refers to sunshine, and her adoptive mother's first name is Summer. (Ruby may be a blood relative, but even if Summer was the Summer maiden, I think it might work better with Yang's overall Character Arc if both she and Ruby inherited different super powers from the same mother.)

  • In addition to all of that, the tale of the original four Maidens has this;
    • Firstly, Winter; Other than the obvious Ice Queen themes, the first Maiden in the story spends her time alone in meditation waiting for her sisters. Weiss is repeatedly described as “the loneliest of all,” and this theme of loneliness runs through her entire character arc.
    • Next, Spring; She appears to be the youngest of the four and looks to fit the energetic Genki Girl persona. She is also the hardest working of the sisters, spending her time making the world a better and more beautiful place for the Wizard. Ruby is the youngest, has the same personality and is a Wide-Eyed Idealist trying to make the world a better place for everyone, even being the first of the team to get back out into the world and make a difference after the Fall of Beacon.
    • Then, Summer; She appears as a bright, happy, cheerful girl who livens up the Wizard, encouraging him to come outside and play. Yang is a thrill seeker, looking to wander the world and simply have as much fun as possible and fits Summers personality as well.
    • Lastly, Fall; The last of the sisters to arrive at the meeting, she appears mysterious and aloof, and sees the world for what it truly is. Blake is also aloof and mysterious, is the last to re-unite with the team in Volume 5, and has always had a more cynical, realistic view of the world, seeing it for what it truly is.

I also posit that eye colour may be important here; Of the two Maidens we’ve seen thus far;

  • Fall; Whenever either Amber or Cinder use Falls powers, their eyes glow with an amber light, which makes sense for Cinder since it shares her own eye colour, but Ambers eyes are brown, so she only shares her name with the colour of her glowing eyes. So both previous Maidens have had a connection to amber; who else has amber eyes? Blake of course.
  • Spring; Ravens eyes are red and her Maiden energy is likewise, and though for other plot reasons Ruby has silver eyes, her primary colour scheme is red, continuing the trend.

We have yet to see either Winter or Summer on screen, but the original Winter Maiden had a light blue colour scheme, which matches Weiss’ eyes. Yangs eyes switch to red when angry, but are usually lilac, which matches the colour used on the original Maiden in the World of Remnant short (note that in the actual episode where the story was told by Pyrrha, the colours for Summer and Fall were switched, but the World of Remnant short came later and was far more fleshed out. Notably, in that, the original Fall is also amber coloured, whilst Pyrrhas telling had Summer as more of a yellow, Yangs primary colour). The only oddball here is green for spring, but perhaps that would be a bit too on the nose if she was shown as red.

We can even take this a step further, and consider the relics that are associated with each Maiden power; Fall/Choice, Spring/Knowledge, Summer/Destruction and Winter/Creation.

  • Destruction; Yangs repeating themes are about burning hot and bright. She is an aggressive fighter who loves combat. She even has songs about kicking peoples ass and destroying her enemies. This is a no-brainer.
  • Creation; Weiss is a summoner. She literally creates creatures out of thin air to fight for her. She is also fond of conjuring structures like walls and swords made of ice. As we’ve seen from a certain Maiden vs Maiden fight, all Maidens can conjure elemental weapons, but Weiss already has experience doing that with dust, and gaining a relic to boost these skills could make her very formidable indeed.
  • Knowledge; Ruby is an idealistic girl who enjoys fairytale stories, but the theme of the world not being like a fairy tale is a major aspect of the story. Nothing destroys youthful innocence like knowledge of what the world is really like. We have already seen all the characters begin to grow and accept this since the end of volume 3, but it is likely this will affect Ruby more than most as the story continues, since she was the most innocent to begin with.
  • Choice; According to the story of the Two Brothers, the relic of choice represents mankinds ability to choose which path to walk in life, of light or dark, good or bad. Blake has struggled with her choices more than anyone, constantly straggling the line between being a former criminal in the White Fang and training to become a Huntress. She is defined by her choices. Her Semblance also allows her to create a shadow clone of herself, with obvious yin and yang connotations therein.

It’s practically foreshadowing.

Alternately (again!) they end up all Maidens but in regards to who they are closest to; the Maiden power transfers to someone suitable, with a focus on it being whoever is last on their mind when they die. Taking the "last person in your thoughts" idea to the fullest, you get this set up:

  • Ruby ends up with Fall as Cinder is obsessed at this point with taking her down. It's likely that no matter what her death will have Ruby as the last person in her thoughts. Fall is connected to the "Choice" Relic, which does seem to fit her to some degree; her choices have had major impacts on the plot. Choosing to fight against a robbery lands her in Beacon, choosing to head off to Mistral sets in motion Vol 4 for RRNJ, choosing to ask Jinn a certain the protagonist, her choices are the most important of all.
  • Yang ends up with Spring as her mother is the current Spring Maiden and she doesn't have many bonds left and Yang is the only one suitable left that she could think of when she dies. Knowledge is what she applies and uses in her own Character Development, including using it to defeat Raven by convincing her to hand the Relic of Knowledge to her at the end of Vol 5.
  • Weiss still makes sense to gain the Winter Maiden powers, partially because of the likelihood she has some connection to the current one, whether or not she turns out to be her sister. Another reason is that she will be chosen similar to how Pyrrha originally was to take up the position of Fall Maiden due to some incident or another. Creation is a major theme in her family; her grandfather created the company, her father created the current selfish and greedy version, and the Schnee Semblance is about creating summons of the enemies they have taken down.
  • Blake thus gets Summer. There is no particular bond left in that regard but Vacuo is said to be very tolerant of Faunus compared to the other kingdoms and she does know someone originally from Vacuo ie Sun. So it's a tentative connection, but it's there. Destruction is a major theme in her backstory; the destruction caused by the White Fang, the destruction of her relationship with Adam as it got increasing abusive, her own self-sabotage of her own relationships. And the more positive destruction of the White Fang so as to clear the way for something new.



    Jaune Arc 

One of Jaune's parents is dead.

As we know, Jaune's ancestors had always been Huntsmen, so why is Jaune so... remarkedably unknowledgeable about his family's bussiness?

My guess, one of his parents were killed on a mission, resulting in the other's disenchantment toward being a Huntsman - or maybe they just didn't want their children to share the same fate as their parent, resulting in them giving up being one, retreating back to some middle-of-nowhere and never, ever teach a thing about Huntsmen to their children.

Why did Jaune know tho? Their ought to be at least sometimes when his parent had to show off his Huntsman skill, resulting in Jaune being deeply impressed and tried to find his own way to being one.

Jaune won't be added to Cinder's List, and his lack of addition will become an important plot point.
At the end of "Extracurriculars" it is strongly hinted that Cinder, Emerald, and Mercury are seeking out Beacon's strongest fighters and learning their strengths and weaknesses. If/when Beacon is invaded, the people on this list will be the first to be captured/incapacitated. It will then be up to Jaune and maybe some other wimpier characters (bonus points if his remaining allies include Team CRDL) to free/rescue those people on the list. This would both prove Jaune's (and the others') strength/morality/right to stay at Beacon, and it would internally boost Jaune's (and potential others') confidence.
  • Potential others? I'd consider it an awesome way to reintroduce Velvet.
    • Velvet has already been reintroduced but sadly we're not going to be seeing much of her in the next episode.

Jaune will be the one to defeat Emerald
Given that is semblance is heavily implied to be shield-like/defensive it would make sense if he cannot only block physical attacks but mental ones as well.
  • It would also tie into the above WMG about how Jaune being left of the list will be important.

Cinder wasn't the only good guy to go bad
Jaune has the same relationship with his father as Luke had with his own... none. Jaune cites advice from his father, but this in itself does not prove he is alive. Jaune in the Volume 1 Opening is staring at a statue of a pair of hunters. The male is his father, but it is a false memorial as his father IS still alive, but like Vader has gone over to the dark side. Jaune wants to live up to his father's reputation, but he'll likely have to fight him instead.

On the other hand, what if Jaune's family are Heroes because they want to redeem themselves of something... Something so terrible that they had striving to redeem since at least the Great War...

Like what if they started it in the first place? More than just supported the Anti-Individualists, they *founded* them?

First, the Anti-Individualists (AI) were probably an ideal found to stop humans from being targeted by Grimms, by seperating/ removing the reason they targeted humans in the first place- emotions.

To remove your humanity is no easy task, and to convince enough others to have founded an entire ideology is by no means an easy task... You would need a LOT of DETERMINATION! for the first (and enough desperation to even think about it in the first place, might be because everyone were losing *bad* agaisnt the Grimms at that time, suggesting the person in question direvtly fighting the Grimms. Or at least, in a leadership position. Or Insanity from PTSD) and even more Charm and Leadership for the second.

Sounds like a certain blonde huntsman we all know. Or someone else.

So what if, a member of the Arc family, hypothetically name Josefus Arc, hypothetically, a Mistralian (his family came to Shion frequently, maybe) OR Mantalian General who broke seeing too many of his men (or his wife...) got massacred in the Grimm Offensive, (or almost killed by a stray Grimm) he decided to find a way to stop this from happening again.

Cue Fall to Darkness, Rise of Evil and the Final Solution, all rolled into one package. Then he allied with Atlas (a land of snow) declared war with Vale (almost Europe's equivalent) and waged a bloody campaign in Vacuo (deserts), preferably with the latest Innovations in Armored Warfare.

Sounds familiar?

But wait! His son (Arc's great-great-grandfather) does NOT support of this, whether it was because of Ozpin's persuasion or something else, nobody knows. And nobody will.

Cue an awesome Luke/Vader duel-to-the-death and the redemption trip that lasts an entire family line.

Josefus Arc? Wiped from the text-books.

The "shielth" isn't a shield at all
In fact, Jaune's shielth is similar to that feather-thingy from Dead Fantasy 8 that Kairi uses to summon her flying gun weapons. Because "Why The Fuck Not?"

Jaune Arc...
His parents were hunters who died on the field. Judging by his expression seeing the statue in the opening, he seems sad and intimidated by the shoes he has to fill.
  • His name also sounds like Joan of Arc. That has to mean something.
    • Cardin, his current antagonist, is named for the man who presided over Joan of Arc's execution. That definitely has to mean something.
  • How much more do we need to say this is confirmed?

When Jaune develops his skills, he'll become a Stone Wall
From his traditional weapons, it can be implied that he'll have little destructive power but at least decent defense. Plus he has motion sickness so I doubt he'll do much acrobatics, unlike the girls. And Pyrrha notes that he's got a strong Aura, among many uses of it being Healing Factor and Super Toughness (it's a thing that he often gets flung around and yet rarely, if ever, suffers heavy damage, let alone being slowed down). Put all of them together and he'll become a badass defensive-style slow fighter who shrugs off damage like a tank. And his commanding skills can make up for that, too.
  • Well, RT has confirmed Jaune's Semblance to be protective.

Jaune is the Implied Love Interest of Pyrrha.
A good portion of her screen time (as of episode 5, the time of writing this) has involved her focusing her attention on Jaune. Add in her first in-series appearance semi-ogling Jaune as he walks off camera, and her blushing after subtly emphasizing her chest towards him (she could have had more neutral body language). She may turn out to be the type who's Adorkable towards her love interest.
  • In the Volume 2 Trailer, Pyrrha seems to be leaving the school dance in a dejected stupor. This may be due to Jaune once again giving more consideration to Weiss than to "big sister" Pyrrha.
  • Confirmed in "Burning the Candle". She basically goes as close as she can towards saying 'I want to bone you' without actually saying it.
    "[at the dance]...I guess, you're the kind of guy I wish I was here with."
  • Come the end of Volume 3, that ship set sail, made it maybe thirty feet from shore and then promptly sank.

Jaune's fighting style...
  • Will incorporate copious amounts of sword beams, as an aura power. Think along the lines of Adam's Limit Break.
  • If his aura is applied to his shield he might become a Barrier Warrior.
  • Jaune's Semblance was stated to be protective by RT.
  • Jaune's fighting style so far is to recklessly swing his sword until what's in front of him is hopefully dead. He even closes his eyes.

The reason Jaune never attended a battle school
was because he wasn't allowed to, and for good reason.Why on earth would a member of an esteemed lineage of warriors not go through proper battle training when he clearly wants to? Simple: His family didn't let him, but not because they didn't believe in him. Jaune will turn out to be a Living Macguffin of some sort, most likely due to something one of his ancestors did to save a lot of lives. This meant that he could never fall into the wrong hands, lest he be used for evil. Thus, becoming a huntsman was out of the question, and he was likely never told in order to allow him to live a normal life. Remember his comment about being tired of being the damsel in distress? It was foreshadowing. He will in fact be the damsel who needs to be rescued from the clutches of evil in this story.
  • The key is the "Ozpin knows his secret" theory. It would explain why someone so inexperienced and untrained has such a large amount of Aura—Ozpin knows of Jaune's past and decided to let him into the school anyway for the very same reason his family did not want him to become a hunter: People will target him. Whereas Jaune's family chose to hide the truth from him, Ozpin feels that it would be best for Jaune to be able to defend himself. Heck, maybe Ozpin is the reason he was able to get his hands on those fake transcripts in the first place.
  • I get the feeling that while his parents didn't want to put pressure on him (he fondly remembers the advice he got from both of them), he still felt the weight of three generations of warriors pressing down on him. So he decided to make his way to Beacon on his own, procuring fake transcripts and even taking his Ancestral Weapon without his parents' knowledge; which could explain why he only knows it as a sheath and collapsible shield. Given how that weapon managed to survive three generations' usage, there's probably more to it that he has yet to figure out. If this were true, then he has more in common with Mulan than Ren does.

Jaune is NOT a living MacGuffin, just a guy with protective parents. Ozpin is aware of all of this.
Even if his family has a history of being Hunters, maybe his parents don't want Jaune to live such a dangerous life (one parent dead due to Grimm, surviving one doesn't want the same fate for Jaune perhaps?). However, since Jaune knows about his family legacy, he probably made a deal with his parents: "If I can get into the school, you have to let me go." Cue getting the fake transcripts, and faking his way into the school. Ozpin has probably figured all this out, or knew from the start, and is letting Jaune continue as a Hunter because he believes Jaune has a good deal of potential, and just needs to use it. Might also explain Ozpin's Sink-or-Swim Mentor tactics, he is trying to force not only Jaune, but everyone to their full potential.
Jaune's heroic ancestors? They also cheated their way to their heroism.
Like Jaune, they were Unlucky Everydudes who shoved their way into a combat institution without proper start because they want to be recognized as great warriors, but as they got in they encounter various tribulations and grim fates along the way. They were good at ordering others what to do, again just like Jaune. By becoming leaders, they can take more credit of their heroics than their subordinates, becoming Famed in Story. It's likely that they never tell this to Jaune himself. This will also be the reason Prof. Ozpin appointed him as a leader - because he not only knows Jaune's ancestors were great leaders too, but also the fact that they, well, cheated their ways in.

Jaune was adopted
His adoptive parents, knowing he didn't have the distinguished Arc bloodline (I am assuming that some things like aura talents and such run in bloodlines), and worried that their adopted son would be at risk if he took up the warrior mantle. What they didn't realize is that his biological line was as strong, or even stronger, than their own. Jaune, of course, does not know any of this. The idea that he might be the twin brother of another cast member (especially Weiss) could make this more fun.
  • Jaune is adopted but he does know his real parents. They were the hunters for whom statues were built and are on display at Beacon. He wants to live up to his father's image... but his father is "Vader".
    • The hidden symbol underneath his breastplate has been revealed to be his true symbol. But why hiding the symbol that most likely represents the true side of his family? Could it be that his biological parents are indeed "Vader" and this symbol belongs to them?

Jaune is the protagonist
Because while he did cheat his way into Beacon, he still may qualify for the "simple soul". Because it would be funny if the biggest twist in the series is that Team RWBY is the secondary cast.
  • Well he is, in a way, a protagonist... along with Ruby. How's that for confirmation?
  • One cannot be the protagonist if there is a title character unless he is the title character.
    • The Legend of Zelda's protagonist is Link. Your argument is invalid.
    • Besides, the show is called RWBY, not Ruby.
      • The game is not called Zelda. Cite a better example. Also, I never said that Ruby was the protagonist. Her team is. They are the title character (but mostly Ruby is). It is not Jaune. No amount of wishful dreaming will change that.
      • Not the same troper, but fine. Here's some other examples. Akira: said character, while certainly influential, only appears as a voice in the end of the film (also applies to the manga). The Lord of the Rings: Sauron, the ostensible Lord of the Rings, is certainly not the protagonist. Alien: the titular Alien serves as the main antagonist. Frankly the Zelda example should have sufficed, but I guess nitpickery is what you want.

Jaune's dancing skills will help him in combat
Maybe he'll become a Dance Battler.
  • We've got one Dance Battler so far in Mercury.
  • They certainly help him out of combat: in episode six of volume two, he dances like a pro with his team. Pyrrha even remarks on this.
    • He sure know how to work that dress.

Ruby will make Jaune a new weapon so he can badass level up.
His weapon seems way too ordinary compared to everyone else. Plus, it's not a gun. There's probably some problem with that because he won't be able to attack anything from far away. We know Ruby made her weapon, so maybe she'll alter Jaune's as some sort of present or something.
  • Probably jossed. Not Ruby, but a blacksmith... and damn it is sad...
  • Jossed. as of Volume 4 he has a reforged sword and shield made from the metal in Pyrrha's armour/weapons.

Jaune's simple weapon style is actually going to be useful later on.
One day Team JNPR gets captured and strioped of their weapons. While they can hold their own with aura, they still need weapons. What they find is... Mundane variants... They'll still adapt, but old habits die hard. But for Jaune, the only unique thing about his weapon was his shield, and he adapts better or at least more quickly than everyone else with their relatively normal weapons.
  • This could also possibly happen due to Cinder's plan, which involved stealing as much Dust in the kingdom as possible, thus depriving its defense of a major source of ammunition during the invasion. If this plays out in the long term, old-fashioned weapons will make a comeback. Jaune is notably one of the few characters who doesn't use some kind of energy-based weapon, firearm, or projectile.

Jaune's ancestor owned the shielth, but wasn't the original owner of the sword.
It's called Crocea Mors, the Latin name of a sword that was said to have belonged to Julius Caesar. In the legend, Caesar used the sword to mortally wound Nennius in the Roman conquest of Britain, but then got it embedded in Nennius' shield, leading the latter to throw his own sword away and carry out a Dying Moment of Awesome with Crocea Mors - something similar could have happened to great great grandfather Arc (the sheilth might not even have been supposed to serve as a scabbard until a sword got caught in it)note . If Pyrrha's any indication, the world of RWBY has a Grecian-Roman Fantasy Counterpart Culture out there and Vale seems to be analogous to Western Europe. The fact that the sword and shield match can be chalked up to Theseus's paradox. Bonus points if it ends up being called by one of legendary!CM's Welsh names when someone more familiar with its original owner than Jaune's ancestor shows up.
  • Possibly, it isn't the sword that's called Crocea Mors. That's just a random blade. The shield is called Crocea Mors because it was wielded by the Arc family line (whose color motif is yellow) and has seen a lot of death.

Jaune's weapon has an offensive form which he has yet to discover.
Since Jaune's Aura already gives him some defensive capabilities, at some point, as he learns to harness it better, his shield might just end up becoming redundant. Maybe he'll end up discovering another variation of his weapon; given his naivete, it'll most likely happen by accident.
  • Sort of confirmed. In Volume 4, Jaune uses the sheath to turn his longsword into a bastard sword, increasing his offensive capability.

Jaune going airborne will eventually be an indicator of his progression into a full-fledged Huntsman.
It's clear that Jaune has a lot of potential. One of the many ways the series could show this potential is by him being able to better handle going airborne (maybe even finally having a landing strategy). I get the feeling that at some point, one of his attack strategies will involve him deliberately being launched into the air. I can just imagine him using his Aura (and shield) to prevent damage while having Nora propel him with a blow from her grenade-powered hammer.
  • Vol 2's Opener shows him landing well.

Jaune's going to become The Paladin.
On account of what we see of his Aura seems to be protective in nature. He may not ever get the combat skill to compete with the others, but becoming a Combat Medic (along with being The Strategist) would be a good role for him.
  • Actually there is already a Paladin... the huge semi-robotic Atlesian Paladin.
  • Partialy confirmed. He has now unlocked his semblance; Super Empowering

Jaune doesn't NEED a ranged weapon variant
Because his Aura is so powerful he'll develop the super rare ability to Kamehameha. Which will totally impress everyone.

Jaune's sword is going to turn out to be far superior to Cardin's mace
Cardin's mace has vains on it which resemble the ones on ceremonial maces and also has a (possibly decorative) jewel. This would fit with his "Bishop" themenote  (which also lends more weight -ha ha- to the idea it's "ceremonial" in design, since that's what maces ultimately became when heavy armour became obsolete). If this is the case, then it might be a modern, flashy weapon. By contrast, Jaune's sword is old, but comes from a time when you wanted a sword that was good at cutting things, not looking flashy. It also fits quite nicely with their respective owners (Cardin's a heavily built bully in imposing armour, but folds pretty easily; Jaune's a skinny wimp with a few pieces of armour over jeans and a hoody, but clearly the better Ursa slayer).
  • Cardin's mace contains a fire Dust crystal. Fortunately for Pyrrha (and especially Jaune), Cardin is rather clumsy in its use.

Some of Jaune's Character Development will come from the schools' Blacksmith/Weapon Forger instructor
During the show, the students will be in a class designated to help students forge and manufacture their weapons. Jaune will be embarrassed by his weapons' simplicity as opposed to those of this classmates, and the teacher will give Jaune a speech about the true nature of weapons that will trigger character growth. Either by revealing that, out of all the weapons said teacher had made in their time that their simplest and earliest weapon is the one they still use to this day, or by revealing some hidden aspect of Jaune's weapon that not even Jaune knew about.

Jaune has at least one dead relative.
Jaune's family have lost someone, either they lost a family member which is why they didn't give Jaune an option to go to combat school. Or one or both of his parents are dead and he was brought up as a normal person so they wouldn't lose him too.
  • Jaune is confirmed to have a mother, a father, and seven sisters. So far, there's been no mention of death in the family. Although it's possible that his great-grandfather died during or after The War.
    • We know that Jaune at least knew his parents. Has he ever referred to them in present tense or is it possible one is deceased? Maybe there was a recent death which motivated him to go to Beacon, because the deceased always claimed he had the potential to be great and he wants to live up to their opinion.

Jaune is going to perform a Heroic Sacrifice
Or at least something he thinks is a Heroic Sacrifice at the time, he might get out safely. Maybe team Juniper gets cornered and needs time to escape, so Jaune steps up, since everyone else got into Beacon fairly, as opposed to tricking their way in and he figures he's More Expendable Than You, and anyway as the leader, he should be the one to step up for the team. Possibly this could tie into Pyrrha's story and how her name will become significant - the rest of the team escapes, possibly with important information or having completed an important mission, but Jaune is left behind.

Jaune is smart
Not just quick-thinking under pressure or a good leader smart. Really damn smart. Brilliant smart. Remember, Jaune forged his own records. Granted, Ozpin might have known about this anyway, but if we assume the records were at least technically correct if no cross-checking was done, it's still quite a feat. It's easier to do if the records are hard-copy, but if it relies on any electronic system (which is a fair assumption given that Remnant is at parity to somewhat ahead of us technologically), then it's quite difficult. Personally, I like this theory because it gives Jaune's character even more depth- he could have gone onto some other field that he no doubt would have excelled at, but instead faked his records and joined a combat school. And why is he so awkward? Because he's a nerd.
  • Sounds viable. Ozpin states in Volume 2 that students must pass rigorous entrance exams. Jaune forged his transcripts, but no one said anything about the exams. He likely passed those purely by guesswork but the transcripts had to be faked because he'd never attended a battle school prior to Beacon.
    • Jaune didn't forge his transcripts... He "got (his) hands on some fake transcripts".
      • However, he still had to pass the exams.
  • Not to mention, he ends up doing Cardin's homework (long story). Why would Cardin risk giving him his homework if Jaune had beef with him and could have written a bunch of seemingly correct answers that would have tanked his grade into suspension? And more to the point, if Jaune cheated his way into the Beacon entrance exams due to lack of combat skill AND lack of smarts, why would he trust Jaune with his homework in the first place? Maybe Jaune's more studious than he seems on camera...
  • This could also tie in to the plot! Remember what Cinder did to the computers during Dance Dance Infiltration? What if it was something detrimental and Jaune ends up being the one to fix it?
    • That's jossed. Jaune had nothing to do with the computer system. It was used to hack the Atlesian Robots in Volume 3.

Jaune is somehow connected to the moon and its shattered appearance
It's been hinted that the symbol on Jaune's hoodie which his armor usually covers is somehow important. From what can be seen it's a grey circle with no other visible defining features, but what else is round and silver? The moon. What does Jaune's unfolded shield have on it? Crescents, like the crescent moon. Jaune's footie pajamas have a distinct bunny theme to them, and emblazoned right on the chest is a rabbit. The Moon Rabbit speaks for itself. Even his voice actor, Miles LUNA, hints that Jaune's got some sort of connection to the moon.
  • Whilst he might be connected to the moon it was also stated that Jaune's real symbol is on his shoe soles which can be seen during the fight scene in Players and Pieces. This looks like a more elaborate version of the symbol he already has. It's as if he changed his symbol by erasing part of it rather then making an entirely new one which if he was in a hurry would make a certain amount of sense.
    • That isn't true. The symbol on his shoe soles in Players and Pieces is the same one on his shield which is the Arc family symbol but this isn't Jaune's true symbol. Nora also wears her symbol on her shoe soles which can be seen in the exactly same scene.
    • The only difference on his shoe soles is a line passing through the "arcs" like an arrow.
    • Well his hoodie does have a rabbit on it. Maybe it is a Moon Rabbit
  • A grey circle with no other visible defining features is the same symbol as all the flags in Vale.

Jaune is the first Arc to train to fight in a while.
It would explain why he didn't get any training, why he's ignorant of extremely fundamental things (you'd think his family would at least mention what their semblance is, even if they didn't give him the full aura tutorial). Plus it fits in with the fact he's using a sword from generations ago; a family of dedicated huntsmen would have probably got something more effective (or at least upgraded it if they were sticklers for tradition), given that most of them use custom weapons.

Jaune is the youngest sibling, and his older sisters all got turned into birds or sent off to war or something and he is trying to find them.
Because genderswapped fairytales, dammit.
  • The original story of the Seven Ravens states that the father is the one who turned his sons into Ravens and sent them off thus causing his only daughter to go in a quest to find them. Not only resembles the fairy tale adventure that most knights go on but also would explain why Jaune never got any training if we take in consideration that it was his father's fault that his daughters went missing. His father doesn't want Jaune to find them and refused to train him knowing that if he did, Jaune would leave him to find his sisters.
  • Interestingly, Jaune is a genderswapped character.
  • Jaune's sisters did not turn into birds.
    • Source, or is this something you just don't want to happen?

Jaune's sisters are named after the seven colors of the rainbow in French
Sorta just fits: the show has a strong Colourful Theme Naming going, "jaune" is French for the color yellow, his character is based on the French heroine of The Hundred Years War Joan of Arc and the word for "rainbow" in French is arc-en-ciel (lit. arc in the sky).
That's it, we have: Rouge (red), Orange, Jaune, Vert (green), Bleu (blue), Indigo, Violet. Most of them could work as names on their own, but RT could go for less direct allusions to the same colors (there is also the fact that "Jaune" is already taken). For example, Ambre (amber) or Safran (saffron) for orange, Citron (lemon) for yellow, Saphir (sapphire) for blue, etc.
  • Confirmed with the introduction of his eldest sister and the Vol 6 commentary; his eldest sister is named Saphron instead of Safran, but the rainbow theme naming is canon.

Jaune gets a Hold the Line scene singlehandedly
—without taking a single hit against the opposing force

I get the feeling that his semblance allows him to create barriers, one that perhaps could extend to the size of half of Beacon, and this would either be used to protect an area from an artillery attack, air strike, or even from footsoldiers trying to unclog the man-sized bottleneck.

And the entire time Jaune will just stand in place keeping up his defenses while he bears all the pain.

  • So far, he's had one battle (against another Ursa Major) in which he didn't take a single hit... but he was far from "holding the line", even if he did manage to kill it single-handedly (seemingly without Pyrrha's interference this time).

Jaune's Semblance is Protective, as per Word of God, but he have an extra special ability...
Jaune's based on Jeanne d'Arc, who was claimed to have had directions from God. What if... Jaune could do something similar... like talking/ interacting with Spirits, asking for directions and advice... and maybe, to also conduct their own Semblances through his body!By the way, he could... just maybe, ya know, speak to Pyrrha then... and she might, ahem, encourage him to 'keep moving forward'. (*Lancaster intensifies*)
  • In combination with the Hold the line theory above, to add in the awesome/tearjerker, he might also conduct Pyrrha's Semblance through him, with her Spirit guide his arm/ watching his six throughout the Last Stand. Polarity can be used to boost one's own strength and speed by helping with propelling the user forward/ lighten the load. And to see Jaune to use Polarity to split a Nevermore feather (or if the story allows, Cinder's arrow) to two is a good call-back to Pyrrha's Final Fight.

Jaune's reason for becoming a Huntsman
Just a theory like all the others, but perhaps initially he was satisfied with a normal life just like everyone else, and due to his prestigious family and large number of siblings, he ended up being quite sheltered, which could explain both his lack of combat skills as well as knowledge of how the world of Huntsmen works. Then something must have happened; perhaps someone close to him died or was almost killed, or he could have witnessed someone's death or near-death with his own eyes. Or both. Either way, he wouldn't want it to ever happen again for anyone, but with an event like this occurring when he's already well past the age most Huntsmen start, he skips right ahead to Beacon to quickly gain the power to protect people and be a hero, not unlike Ruby herself—so they could easily have the same motivations, and thus a major reason as to why they are team leaders.

Jaune's semblance
Whatever it is (super shield, regeneration, what have you), it will be revealed when he survives whatever the combat equivalent of being burned at the stake is. Exploding building, fire dust, etc. The scene where we see it revealed will have a shot of him walking unscathed (or very much scathed but still persevering) through a fire, all as a shout out to his historical inspiration's death.
  • Tying in to that, the circumstances leading to it's reveal will involve Jaune trying to protect someone, possibly Pyrrha. Back when Jaune refused to cave in to Cardin and hurt/humiliate her, Cardin punched Jaune and hurt his hand because Jaune's aura activated and proved to be strong enough to completely protect him from harm (and we can assume Cardin was probably putting some of his own aura into that punch). He stood up to Cardin when he wanted to protect his friends, not himself. Even when he was fighting the Ursa, it was too protect Cardin, and probably kept his aura strong enough to take more abuse than most other student would have. This could be part of Jaune's real motive for wanting to become a hunter. Trying to live up to his family's legacy is one thing, but it's not really a path he made for himself, so to speak, just a result of his own insecurity from outside circumstances. Wanting to protect others from harm will give him a new sense of self and be the next step in his character development after he gains more confidence. His motive will change from being all about him and into being all about supporting others. Even the second volume opening reflects this when he's the one to place a hand on Pyrrha's shoulder instead of the other way around. Jaune may have confidence issues, but as soon as someone he cares about needs help, he's able to get over said issues very quickly and become the kind of person he strives to be. Even if he can't currently fight well, this new sense of purpose pushes him to get back up and keep fighting, not a desire to prove his own strength.
  • And because semblances are a reflection of the user's personality, Jaune's semblances could end up being an energy shield that grows out from his physical shield, able to cover a wider area and/or perhaps shaped by his will. In addition to that, it could turn out his shield can actually be loaded with dust to modify said energy shield, or be modded to hold dust cartridges. It could turn into a super sturdy stone barrier he can drop wherever, a more offensive based flame shield, an ice shield that weapons or attacks can either reflect off of, become lodged into or outright freeze opponents on contact, or a whirlwind shield that pushes enemies back with strong gusts.
  • My theory is that Jaune's semblance will manifest as Anti-Magic, a way to weaken or cancel out Aura, Dust and Grimm manifestations around himself. In many settings (such as Discworld), cancellation effects will initially manifest as being incapable or unlucky somehow with that setting's magic, but have a number of defensive applications once used to their fullest. Jaune's time fighting without Aura would give him an inherent advantage against those whose strategies rely on their semblances... although his training with Pyrrha will remain a necessary step to maximizing this.
  • His semblance has been revealed to be Healing Hands.
    • But what if said healing doesn't work the way we think it does? I don't think it heals conventionally, or refuels Aura at the cost of his own, because in Forever Fall, When Jaune revealed a glimpse of his Semblance, at that point he had nigh run out of Aura. If he used Aura to replenish his health or Aura, he would have run out. Instead, he fought the Ursa subsequently with full Aura. It could be that his Semblance is actually an Aura reset; When his semblance activates, it returns the Aura of the receiver back to full, regardless of how much, and the Aura in turn heals wounds.
    • No, his Semblance is Super Empowering. He can use it either on himself to supercharge his own Aura's generic abilities, or share it with his allies to enhance their abilities.
    • True, but Jaune didn't say he was transferring his Aura, but amplifying it. Amplifying is usually increasing geometrically (multiplying) or, remnant forbid, exponentially, while transferring is more arithmetic (Adding and Subtracting). if it works that way, it would be like having an unlimited amount of Aura.

Jaune's family lives outside of the kingdoms.

As explained in World of Remnant, some people chose to venture outside of the kingdom and settle in small villages. Jaune's alternative option in case he fails at becoming a huntsman is to become a farmer instead. Add to that his lack of common knowledge, his rather simplistic outfit and how he originally owned a pair of boots but later changed those for more comfortable sneakers, and you have a farm boy.

Jaune's family are not the heroes he and everyone else thinks they are.

Even though they supposedly hail from a long line of heroes, they didn't think to train Jaune despite his massive potential. Why? They might have intentionally tried to keep Jaune weak because of someone secret plan they have going on -they may even show up as antagonists in the future- and they know Jaune, with his tactics and major Aura and morals, would become a troubling obstacle for them if he were trained in combat as well.

Jaune, upon finding out, will have a huge Heroic BSoD which will have a hand in some Character Development and the growing friendship of JNPR as a whole.

Jaune is FTM
This is mostly based on the idea that Yang mistaking his scream for a girl back in the forest wasn't just a gag, but it also makes him wearing a dress to the dance a lot more significant.

Jaune wasn't suffering from 'motion sickness' when he was introduced
That was just a stress reaction to his coming to Beacon, especially given how he got there. 'Motion Sickness' was just a cover.

Jaune is going to die
Much like Pyrrha, a big part of the 'Legend' of the person Jaune is based on, Joan of Arc, is her death. He'll likely perform a Heroic Sacrifice and subsequently become a martyr for the heroes. Additionally, his arc leading up to that point could be him not being able to deal with Pyrrha's death, and part of his reason (or maybe the entire reason) for sacrificing himself is so he can be with her.
  • Tying into that, if Jaune does sacrifice himself, it will be in a battle with Cinder, mirroring Pyrrha's battle with her. Joan of Arc was burned to death after all, but perhaps this time, Jaune will take Cinder out with him, turning her power against her somehow and avenging Pyrrha. It might also serve as an Ironic Echo to the lyrics of "Divide;" ''The taste will be sweet as you get what you've earned, as I watch you burn..."
    • Imagine this scene; Spoiler tagged for Volume 3 finale content. Jaune struck with Cinder's arrow, same place in his chest as Pyrrha. He gasps and moans until he slumps forward just like Pyrrha. Cinder comes over to touch his head and blow his ash away like she did with Pyrrha, only this time you see the pale white glow of Jaune's Aura flicker and he beheads Cinder with one slash. Then Jaune falls over dead cause of chest-arrow and the fact his Semblance doesn't seem to fix his injuries so much as temporarily hide/negate them.
    • Alternatively, Juane dies but comes back to life. The name of Juniper is also the name for a famous fairytale called 'The Juniper Tree.' A woman one winter's day cuts her finger peeling an apple underneath the juniper tree. Her blood into the snow and she wishes for a child WHITE as SNOW and RED as Blood. The boy dies as well but comes back to life as a bird and returns to human form by the end of the story. Key items that help with the boys ressurection are a golden chain he gets from a blacksmith, a pair of red shoes from a shoemaker, and a millstone from a miller. Juane is the boy and Pyrrha is the mother that dies but stays dead and has a supernatural influence on the story. He already had the golden chain which he recieved from Pyrrha's crown which was reforged into his shield by the faunus blacksmith. The red shoes could be a reference to Ruby as it's been pointed out Ruby is a Dorothy character that gets her name from the ruby slippers. The millstone we've yet to see. Juane will be killed by Cinder because Joan of Arc was made a matyr by being burned at the stake, Ruby will bring down Cinder because Cinder falls and Ruby rises, and Weiss and Ruby are instrumental in bringing Juane back because snow white and blood red.

Jaune will take up Pyrrha's weapon
As a number of fans want Jaune to have something more than a basic sword and shield, it would only make sense for him to move onto something similar and with personal importance.
  • Conisdering that Pyrrha's shield is even more simple than Jaune's and Cinder destroyed her sword i find it extremely unlikely.
    • Sort of confirmed, it's very heavily implied that he incorporated the gold of her circlet into his new sword.

Jaune will confront Cinder in a state of absolute rage
And by the time he finds Cinder, he's developed his defensive Aura to to the point he can effectively No-Sell everything she throws at him.(Either this or, in his fury, Jaune will unlock it mid-battle). This will allow him to deliver Cinder a smackdown of epic proportions. However, blinded by his rage, Jaune will start to take his crusade to avenge Pyrrha too far. Perhaps by injuring Cinder as torture before killing her. By then, someone will stop Jaune before it's too late. Possibly Ruby (his very first friend in Beacon) or Weiss (his crush) via Cooldown Hug.

Jaune is from Earth.
He wears plain jeans and a hoodie in a world wear everyone else dresses flamboyantly. He uses a mundane sword and shield, and the special features the weapons have would work in real life, whereas everyone else is using a magic sniper/scythe, a revolver/rapier, or a flamethrower/coffee thermos. He doesn't understand certain terms that even civilians know (Aura, Semblance, Dust(I think)). He has a realistic fighting style. The biggest one is that he claims to be descended from heroes, yet no one recognizes him, and while he talks about family, it's a rare occurrence, and generally about minor things, so we don't know all that happens in his home life. Besides that, it appears at times that he isn't from Remnant, he doesn't know or recognize anything. So my theory is that Jaune somehow went from the real world to Remnant, made up a poorly credible backstory for himself, and managed to get a hold of some weapons. Not to mention his name. I thought it was John before I saw how it was spelt, so it's likely that at some point he told someone his name was John before learning about the naming conventions of Remnant, and it was written down as Jaune, which he stuck with after learning about some of Remnant's culture.

Crocea Mors was named after its body count. A human body count.
According to the World of Remnant: The Great War was a conflict between kingdoms. Jaune's ancestor and original wielder of Crocea Mors used said weapon to fight in this war and it's implied he was a war-hero. If back then victory meant reducing the numbers of other rival kingdoms then how many people were striked down by Jaune's ancestor to the point his weapon was named Yellow Death.

Jaune's overpowered semblance is...
Making everyone in earshot listen to him. Yes, yes, laugh it up, but when you think about it there's a subtle sense of irony in there. Everyone assumes that his semblance is something ridiculously overpowered(which it probably could be under the right circumstances), connected to Joan D'Arc(who was actually not exactly a front line fighter) and blatantly obvious(which it also is). It doesn't have to be obviously powerful to be a game breaker, just powerful enough. In this case, Jaune's semblance makes it so that anyone who is within the range of his voice, whether or not it is possible(i.e even if they are deaf or surrounded by massive amounts of noise such as gunshots or explosions) will still hear his voice as though there was no other sound. Doesn't seem overpowered yet? Well, think about it, how annoying would it be if you heard a persistent humming that no matter what you couldn't tune out. Especially in a high stakes battle where you can't afford to be distracted for even a moment, or a song that you can't ignore. After all, there's only so much your brain can multi task. Think of it kinda like a computer, it may seem like it's performing several tasks at once, but it's actually just making a list and performing each task rapidly enough to make it look like it's multi tasking. Same thing, only far, far more dangerous. Hell, he could probably force people to dance to his tune in battle, literally, by forcing people to focus on him. It also fits in with his personality. He starts out as someone who just wants to stand out. He has seven sisters and a bucket load of inferiority, probably because with that many sisters and as varied personalities as we have seen on top of how they were encouraged to break out and do what they are good at. This presents a massive problem. If he's the youngest, then there's the thought that no matter what he does his sisters have probably already done and done better at that, and if he's the oldest then he probably had some things he was good at that his sisters began doing, maybe copying him, better. Alternative, to draw even more parallels between him and Joan, he could come from a farming family, then he probably had to take up the more physical tasks(not because of sexism but because of how he was the oldest(presumably) or because of his father being needed to defend the farm). This would also explain how strong he is despite not having had any combat training. Alternatively, Jaune's semblance actually takes things Up to Eleven. Ergo, as a result, Pyrrha's simple attraction gets made into a full blown crush, his slightly dense nature becomes complete obliviousness, his inferiority complex becomes full blown angstiness, his slightly larger than average aura reserves become absolutely massive, his aura's good defensive stats becomes full blown invulnerability, moments of insight become pivotal strategies to defeat a vastly superior opponent(Deathstalker anyone), minor skills become extreme competence and so on. Finally, if people are insistent on him having a knightly semblance then it could simply be just that: he gains the traits of a knight. That is to say that when certain conditions are met a corresponding boost in abilities is gained i.e he wants to protect someone behind him from a threat so his defense stat goes up, or he wants to kill something(remember, it has to be counted as an ideal, not simply murderous feelings but a full blown ideal, such as," I must take revenge on behalf of X against this person") then his corresponding stats go way, way up, or if he has to Hold the Line then he gains a massive buff to his stamina(stamina here refers to the ability to not only sustain attacks, movements and defenses, but also to resist the effect of damage i.e he won't fall down, pass out or even die so long as he holds onto that ideal and the conditions are not fulfilled). Of course, there's also the downsides. If Jaune's opponents are weaker than him and he activates his semblance, then he actually gets weaker to match them, his luck is awful, and he has to undergo severe amounts of trauma(to go with the legendary knight motif).
  • Word of God confirmed in the commentaries that the one time we ever catch a glimpse of Jaune's Semblance was during Forever Fall right when Cardin punched him and a flash came out. How does this theory fits that moment?
    • Now comes the fun part, when we get high and try to make sense of what happened using vaguely related information . If this gets too long then go to the end. I've put a shortened version there. Well we can break this down to several parts. First, which theories can we discount? Word of God confirms that we only catch a glimpse during Forever Fall when Cardin punches Jaune. This means that Jaune's semblance had to have been activated within a very narrow time frame. Automatically this means that the first theory towards his semblance can be ignored as that would actually have been activated before the flash, unless Monty was being a troll and the semblance occurs throughout the scene. Assuming he's not, we move to the next question: what is a semblance? Do they actually explain what limits it has? Well, beyond "these are superpowers that run off the power of your soul". Okay, so according to the RWBY Wiki, semblances are just physical projections of aura. Furthermore, it's implied that it has some link to the person themselves (i.e Ruby has a speed based semblance and is herself very energetic) and can be affected by emotional turmoil. Also, there has been no implication that semblances that rely on a person's emotions and beliefs. So we can assume that there is veritably no end to what a semblance can be (based on the varied range of semblances seen throughout the show). Thus, that means that the other two remain. Next, does the glimpse mean that this is the first time it's active or the first time we see it in action (haven't seen the commentary so I assume he said that it was only a glimpse). If it is the former then we can automatically rule out semblance number two, and if the latter then we can move onto the next question. That is, what caused the flash? Was it a flare up of aura? Maybe the semblance itself caused the flash? Honestly, at this point I'm confused. Either one can be true, and both can equally be applied to either theory. For the first Flash theory, the semblance that takes things up to eleven would probably also make the flash from aura protecting Jaune brighter while the Knight in Shining Armour theory could also cause the flash if Jaune doesn't have fine control over it. There's probably some leakage of energy that makes the odd effects around the characters when they use their semblances. Alternatively, Jaune probably flared up his aura to protect himself from Cardin. As to why it activated then, probably a case of Jaune creating a purpose for himself and becoming a Knight, or the stress actually pushing his semblance to actively begin to work.
    • Summary: Hear Me semblance out of running unless Monty trolled us, Up To Eleven semblance possibly still up if Monty meant that the semblance has been active but we never saw it, Knight In Shining Armour possible. The flash was probably a side effect of the semblance activating (100% efficiency is impossible as there must be a bleed off somewhere, either wastage from the energy interacting with the world or bleed off from maintaining the effect), kinda like Ruby's petals and Yang's fire, actual defense was probably his semblance acting up, either by raising his aura's protection to ridiculous extremes or by upping the guy's defense because he was trying to protect his team.
  • His semblance has been revealed to be Super Empowering; he can either enhance the Aura of others by sharing his with them, or seemingly enhance his Aura's own innate abilities such as the shield (like when Cardin punched him) and healing (any injuries he's had being instantly healed whenever he's unconsciously activated it).

Jaune's Semblance makes him hard as steel.
I wouldn't be surprised if he has a defensive Semblance, possibly making him as hard as steel (in addition to the standard defensive properties of Aura), or something similar. One thing that's always been implied, but not really outright mentioned all that much, is that at his core, he has the heart of not just a warrior, but a knight or paladin:
  • If someone is in trouble, he'll go to their aid, no matter who they are (case in point, defending Cardin). Just as he defends others, so his Aura defends him. While he is somewhat cowardly sometimes if it's just him, this trait seems to disappear when he's fighting for someone other than himself; note how he goes from "Run and live. That is an idea I can get behind." to "We gotta get over there! They need help!" in episode 8, then leaps in front of the Deathstalker with his shield to protect Pyrrha. Also note how he's only willing to take Cardin's bullying until Cardin goes after his friends, and how Pyrrha had to send him away from her fight with Cinder, because she knew that even if he couldn't stop her from fighting, he'd have jumped in to help her even if he was no match for Ms. Evil Half-Maiden.
  • While his equipment is a family heirloom, the fact that he chose to wield it instead of replacing it with something flashy implies that he values both practicality and defense. (A sword is simple, and easy to learn compared to what everyone else is wielding (even if it's been upgraded with additional modes during the recent reforging, this still holds true because its melee functionality can still serve him well as he learns the new modes), but still one of the most effective melee weapons around, and extremely easy to simulate if he finds himself unarmed but still has his shield; a shield is a heavy chunk of metal, which is very good for bludgeoning, and gives him more defense than almost every other character of the main cast (meaning he can block attacks with his shield instead of his Aura). His lack of reliance on Dust means he's able to fight just as effectively even in times of shortage, which looks like it might be very useful considering the embargo following the fall of Beacon and Vale. Combined, they make him extremely flexible in combat, or would if he knew what he was doing.) This implies that his Semblance will be both practical (and by extension, likely a raw buff, like Ruby's Super Speed) and defensive.
  • And even before he knew, well, anything whatsoever about actually fighting, he had a drive to learn, and basically subjected himself to Training from Hell (by using fake transcripts and enrolling in Beacon immediately, instead of starting at one of the schools suited to his skill level first). While the shell may be soft and somewhat malleable, he has a core of steel inside.
Considering this, and that Semblance is based on personality, it makes sense that his would be primarily defensive, and likely massively increase his CON.

[It's also worth mentioning that his Semblance has been confirmed to be defensive.]

  • Confirmed, sort of. His semblance has been revealed to be Super Empowering. Based on what was seen in "Forever Fall, Pt. 2", it would seem that one of its possible applications is to enhance his own Aura's generic defensive capabilities.

Jaune's sudden change of mind about Team JNRR's name is because of Pyrrha
I just realized that Junior sounds a bit like Juniper, and saying Junior is making him realize that there is something missing. Not to mention, because of the R from Ruby, it become pronounced Junior, which sounds a little hollow and missing a p sound instead of changing it into another sound. I'm guessing this will work its way into the story, where Jaune concede the de facto leadership of their team now to Ruby.

Jaune is now a Stepford Smiler
Sort of related to the above theory. He is forgoing sleep to train, replaying a video of Pyrrha over and over, wears a sash like hers, and forged the metal she wore into his weapons. He is obsessing over Pyrrha and her death, feels he could have prevented it and is ridden with guilt about it, and is trying to improve his ability so he won't have to lose anyone else, and is only putting on a happy face so his friends won't worry about him.

Jaune will be involved in time travelling plot
Specifically, he will go to the past and met younger Pyrrha. Jaune knew she would ended up dead, but couldn't change anything, and younger Pyrrha knew she would meet him later in the future.

Jaune's Semblance is an enhanced Healing Factor
Since we're told that we saw a glimpse of the real semblance in Forever Falls, one of the notable effects of the flash of light was completely healing Jaune's bruises and bleeding after (theoretically) having his aura drained by Cardin's beating. It makes sense in a character perspective for Jaune to have a Boring, but Practical or Simple, yet Awesome Semblance. All auras grant minor healing and protection from injury, but Jaune's semblance takes that basic healing Up to Eleven. If trained to the level of an expert Huntsmen, his semblance has the potential to reverse fatal injuries or regrow lost limbs. It'd also add a potential for comedy under Good Thing You Can Heal, what with his Butt-Monkey status.
  • Confirmed, sort of. His actual Semblance is Super Empowering Aura, whether his own or others. Since one of the innate abilities of Aura is healing - provided the person has enough of it - Jaune can naturally do this with himself as demonstrated in "The Emerald Forest" and "Forever Fall, Pt. 2" or with other people by amplifying their Aura with his (as with Weiss throughout "Vault of the Spring Maiden" and "Downfall").

Jaune's ancestor was The King of Vale.
So far, over the course of the show, we have very few facts about Jaune's family, despite now seeing almost every other character's family. Nora being an orphan is exempt, and Pyrrha is dead, so seeing her family will likely not occur any time soon. What IS known is that his ancestor was a war hero, and his family after that kept the hero tradition alive. His sword is the ancestral blade of the family, named Crocea Mors, the Yellow Death. This is about the extent of the relevant information.In the most recent World of Remnant, the various rulers of the four major nations were shown in the miniseries' trademark storybook art style. One of these rulers was the King of Vale, certified Badass and asskicker extraordinaire. The King fought for what could be seen as the "just" side of the conflict alongside newfound allies in Vacuo. In the last battle, the King of Vale is reported to have strode into combat with only his scepter (green like the rest of his color scheme) and his golden sword. Now, that grabs the attention, but isn't enough. However, immediately after the war, the King of Vale abolished his system of governance, instated a democracy, and founded each of the Training Schools (because he understood the simple fact that there is only one enemy of mankind.) In Beacon, there is a statue of a war hero, supposedly Jaune's ancestor, wielding Crocea Mors.
  • It’s unlikely that Juane’s sword and the king’s blade are one and the same. More likely the sword was one of the relics, specifically the instrument of destruction. This is best demonstrated here. However, that doesn’t rule out that Juane is royalty. We might be looking at the wrong weapon as a family heirloom. The story of Crocea Mors is that it fell into the British prince’s hands when Caesar struck the prince’s shield with it that then used it to strike down all his enemies just like the King did. The relic was given back to Vacuo who lent the king the sword, but the link between the two stories that the British prince got the sword by first having it sheathed in his shield. Juane’s weapon is sheath and shield. Thus shieldsheath was the scabbard for the relic. The arc family kept as an heirloom and passed it down generation after generation. Of course, given how much Rooster Teeth love putting obvious plot hints in plain sight you’ll notice that the Vacuo symbol half a sword on both left and right and in the middle is a single sword. It could be a clue that the relic is capable of being split into two blades and together form a relic. Looking at the above picture again you’ll notice that the king’s blade is single-sided. It’s possible that Crocea Mors is one half of Vacuo’s relic and what they have in their academy is the other half. Kind of a genius plan to keep the relic out of Salem’s reach should the academy ever fall is that she'll only be able to get her hands on half a relic.
    • While these are all very valid points, the image linked points to the sword's shape and tip as clues to it not being crocea, which honestly could just be chalked up to the picture book art style. That aside, There also isn't anything saying Crocea Mors isn't both the King of Vale's sword AND a relic. The point about the shield is also a very good point, especially now that Jaune has weaponized it, finally graduating from Dark Souls to Bloodborne. Time will only tell right now.
    • To expand on the myth surrrounding Crocea Mors, that Nillu acquired the sword by getting it stuck in his shield in a duel with Ceasar. In WoR, it was revealed that the Warrior King of Vale used the Relic to destroy the Atlesian/Mistrali army, right? Maybe Jaune's Great-grandfather was one of the unlucky enemy soldiers or general there, yet like with Nillus he confronted the King and managed to disarm the man with his shield. Maybe because of this, Jaune's Great-Grandfather was deemed worthy of keeping the Crocea Mors half of the Relic (taking in the WMG that the Relic of Destruction is made up of two halves, like on the emblem of Vacuo.)
      • Problem: Jaune's Great-Grandfather was a hero, according to Jaune's words.
      • You can be an enemy and still be a hero. Case in point: Saladdin, Rommel,...
Jaune will get a Dying Moment of Awesome against Cinder.
Joan of Arc was burned at the stake. Whom do we know that Jaune has good reasons to hate and is using incendiary powers? Cinder. That could pave the way for Jaune to be burned to the point he couldn't be saved but still managing to kill Cinder before dying.

Jaune will mentor Oscar in fighting the same way Pyrrha mentored him
While I'm sure others will disagree with me, in my opinion it makes for a good next step in Jaune's character arc (pun not intended), sort of coming full circle from where he started in Volume 1. The Student Becomes The Teacher It might even make for some good interaction, seeing as Ozpin is merged with Oscar, and Jaune presumably still has a grudge with Ozpin for what happened to Pyrrha (Goodness knows I would in his place) and this will help him get past that. Maybe Oscar initially learns under Qrow, but that doesn't work out for some reason, and Jaune decides to give him some advice that spirals into a full-blown training session somehow. Plus, I think Jaune's one-handed sword style probably tanslates better to Oscar's new cane better than Qrow's Greatsword/scythe/shotgun.

Jaune will eventually get his own personal weapon
Jaune still keeps Crocea Mors, but in order to get stronger, Jaune decides that he needs to forge his own unique weapon much like his peers. Much like his namesake Joan of Arc, this weapon will be a banner/polearm that he can use to fight and rally his teammates, integrating his dancing moves with the weapon to become a Dance Battler. If it can transform into a long ranged weapon, it will probably be a grenade launcher.

Jaune isn't based on Joan of Arc, He will turn out to be based on Julius Caesar instead
C'mon. if Jaune was based on Joanne of Arc, he would had used a poleaxe or a spear with a banner. Instead he's armed with a sword that was based on Julius Caesar's personal sword plus he's certainly charismatic and intelligent. Able to easily take command of JNPR and RNJR, That's a sign indicating that Jaune may not even be based on Joanne of Arc but rather He's based on Julius Caesar instead. It would be extremely shocking to see Jaune suddenly proclaiming he was never "Jaune Arc", that was just an alias or a shell, He used. His real name is and has always been Julius Kaiser.
  • One problem: Each member of Team JNPR is based on a historical/mythological hero who crossdressed (Jaune=Joan of Arc, Nora=Thor, Pyrrha=Achilles, Ren=Mulan), and while Julius Caesar has crossdressed, each character has the opposite gender of their inspiration. It’s not impossible, but this does throw a wrench in the theory.

Jaune isn't Joanne of Arc, but rather Princess Ozma
Alright is, admittedly, is a special kind of crazy but hear me out. Jaune is absurdly powerful (at least in raw aura), is probably a farmboy, has a weird connection to pumpkins, and comes from a long line of heroes.

Now before Ozma became took the throne, she was a boy named Tip (fitting into JNPR team theme), who gave life to a pumpkin headed scarecrow named Jack, is absurdly powerful, has blonde hair, is a member of the Royal family of Oz.

  • I feel as though Oscar is representative of Ozma, not Jaune.

Jaune is not only Joan of Arc, but King Arthur
For one, Jaune uses the stereotypical Knight Templar combination of sword and shield. he also has blond hair, which is associated with Nobility, similar to a king. Arthur's early fighting style was similar to Jaune's clumsy fighting style of swinging around with brute force, though eventually becoming better in combat. They both descend from well-renowned families. What's also interesting is found in the name of his team, JNPR. It's spelled using the first letter of their first names, but should the last names (Arc, Valkyrie, Lie, Nikos) be arranged in said order, it would form AVLN, similar to Avalon, the final resting place of King Arthur. Finally, Jaune's semblance of Super Empowering provides healing and shielding to those who receive its power, whether it's himself or his allies, similar to the scabbard of Excalibur
  • Gets especially interesting if you count in some minor parts of the story. Jaune picks the White Rook piece in the initiation ceremony, reminiscent of a castle. Young Arthur won one of his earliest fights by Running into his opponent and knocking him down before finishing him off. Kind of like what Jaune did on his first Ursa kill. Not to mention if he references both Jeanne and Arthur, it would tie into how Cinder offs his two love-interests. Jeanne was burned at the stake, and Pyrrha went down because of an arrow setting her alight. Arthur was defeated when he was run through by a spear. What did Cinder use to take out an aura-drained Weiss in Volume 5? A flaming spear!

Wonderland's White Knight
Jaune has “Wonderland” as a secondary motif. First of all he has something of a gender-reversed Alice Allusion going on. He’s a blonde, blue eyed person who’s a bit out there who stumbles into a world he knows almost nothing about. His onesie is the same shade of blue that Alice’s dress is typically depicted as, and it even had a white rabbit on it. (Jaune seems to be associated with rabbits in general.) The first arc, and the show overall, has a chest motif which was also a common theme in the Wonderland books. Going further he’s showing pursuing a character themed after the color white (Weiss), which ends up being a fruitless efforts as is common for Alice’s attempt to Follow the White Rabbit. Going even further Jaune bares a resemblance to Wonderland’s White Knight character, being a.) dressed in white, knight-esque armor, b.) being a bit eccentric, and c.) being Crazy-Prepared. The “left” and “right” written on his shoes were confirmed to be in case he ever got a concussion and couldn’t tell direction. The White Knight meanwhile put anklets around his horse’s feet… the guard against the potential of a shark biting it. The White Knight comparison can be extended when you look at his intitial interactions with Ruby. Similarly to Jaune, Ruby is a bit out there and clearly felt out of place and lost when she first got to Beacon (making it arguable that she also has an Alice Allusion in terms of story if not appearance). The White Knight was one of the few people who was nice to Alice in the books, meanwhile Jaune was the first person outside of Yang that was nice to Ruby.

  • Either the white knight or Alice herself. His onesie appears to be the color Alice blue, and in Through the Looking Glass Alice took the role of pawn, a chess piece generally considered analog to a pikeman, fitting JNPR's theme of crossed dressed heroes.

Jaune Will Be The One To Kill Adam
He has a shield and a defensive Semblance that may be enough to counteract Adam's ability to cut through Aura, and lacks the emotional hang-ups regarding Adam that most of the other characters possess. With these in mind, should Jaune and Adam run into each other during the battle at Haven Academy, Jaune might be able to hold Adam off and exploit the openings Adam presents, since Adam appears to rely almost entirely on his ability to essentially one hit kill everybody he encounters. Alternatively, while Jaune won't be the one to kill Adam (that will probably go to Blake) Jaune will be instrumental in tying Adam up and weakening him enough for someone else to land the killing blow. Either way, a fight with Adam will be how Jaune comes to fully unlock and understand his Semblance and demonstrate just how far Jaune has come since he first started at Beacon.

Jaune was allowed entry into Beacon because Ozpin had an inkling of what his Semblance is.
Jaune's Semblance was described as defensive and has been supposedly seen before. If his Semblance is something like healing similar to what he did in the second part of Jaunedice, then it's no wonder that the wet noodle got a pass and was part of a team Ozpin was easing into his inner circle. While the other characters' Semblances focus on combat and stealth, Jaune's Semblance stands out because it has the potential to help his allies keep fighting and is an incredibly rare skill.

Jaune will develop an offensive aspect to his Semblance.
Jaune's Semblance may be defensive in nature but nothing says it has to stay defensive. Even a shield can be used a bludgeon if needed. He will eventually learn how to make it so the Aura transfer doesn't have to be beneficial, using it to disrupt and hinder another person's Aura rather than bolster it. This will let him do fun things like negate Aura shielding, turn off Semblances and prevent Dust activation. It will eventually reach the point that he can strike at someone's very soul.

Jaune will kill Salem.
Because there's some poetic meaning in Jaune being the one to defeat her. Salem readily acknowledges how empowering hope can be to humans, but seems just as aware of how easily it can be crushed and how the despondent humans will soon follow. Ruby is seen by many to the embodiment of hope (ask Blake), but when finally coming face-to-face with Salem, Salem succeeds in thoroughly crushing Ruby's eternal hope. Jaune ultimately becomes the one to vanquish Salem because, besides effectively being the Deuteragonist, he can be seen as the embodiment of another human trait distinct from hope but just as empowering: will.

Jaune will develop a new fighting style.
So far we've only seen Jaune willingly use his Semblence on other people. however, we do know that it can be applied to himself based on his previous instances of rapid recovery. And while Jaune is no slouch in a fight, it's very obvious that he doesn't have the same insane athleticism of the other students, and things are only going to get more dangerous as the story continues. If he trains his Semblence, though, I could see him overcoming this, using his Super Empowering on himself to become a full-blown Lightning Bruiser. Just imagine the weight of his combined sword with actual speed and force behind it.

Jaune is a descendant of Ozma and Salem.
We never get confirmation that their daughters were killed (its only suggested), and considering the similar blue eyes and blonde hair some of them are shown to have, perhaps at least one of them survived, and had a family of her own. It could offer an additional explanation as to Jaune's exceptionally large Aura, and why Tyrian took note of him.

Jaune Arc will eventually gain a Second Love.

Jaune is not only based on Joan of Arc, but also Patroclus
He's the lover of the Achilles allusion, Pyrrha, who dons (or has it incorporated in Jaune's case) her armor. Admittedly it's a loose association that was probably meant as no more than a nod and quick reference by the writers, as due to Pyrrha being dead herself it's unlikely that Jaune's death could cause her to go on a rampage.

     Nora Valkyrie 
Nora is a Mafia Princess
I admit this has absolutely no basis in anything, but the way she suggested breaking a man's legs as if she had used that as a solution to problems before just makes me think she might be.
  • I approve of this theory.
  • Looking back, there do seem to be other subtle things; first and foremost, the only other characters who have a Blunt Weapon that can shift into an Explosive Launcher are both the two characters who are heavily involved in at the very least shady dealings, Junior and Torchwick. Additionally, her first instinct when talking at Ren about how to get on the same team was to suggest Bribery, only to backpedal when she remembered he had a school. She also mentioned that while Ren is the perfect student, She's... "Well, I'm me!" sums it up pretty well that she found it unlikely she would get kicked out for any reason, which admittedly may just be because, well... She's Nora, but it also might be because she has connections. And a grenade launcher can not be a cheap weapon to maintain, meaning either she has some way of negating any potential costs or simply the money to spend on upkeep.
    • I don't buy the bit about connections. Ozpin has final say on everyone who comes to his school, and I just can't see anyone being able to intimidate Ozpin that way.
    • More or less Jossed. Nora admits that she and Ren are orphans during her Made Myself Sad freakout.

There will be no romance between Nora and Ren.
Monty knows his anime. He knows other people who know theirs have been down this road way too many times.
  • (OP) Works for me.
    • The gay guy has pink as his theme colour? Isn't that a little...stereotypical?
      • No more stereotypical than the blonde chick baring cleavage or the girl in black being reclusive.
      • Or calling the guy who just happens to have a pink motif gay.
  • Nora seems to be very adamant about her and Ren not being "together together"... it's possible she's his beard.
    • Her character song, Boop, seems to say otherwise. As do the events of Season 4's episode "Kuroyuri".
    • And while the spin-off isnt canon, she is explicitly pursuing a Relationship Upgrade in Chibi.

Nora will shout PANCAKES and run into a guy and bite his hand off.
There might be a relation between Nora and that boy named Dennis.
  • Even better, someone will brainwash Nora and make her see Ren as a humanoid pancake. Making it a one big shout-out to Cabin Fever.
  • So far, Nora has been shown to talk about pancakes in her sleep and wake up shouting the word. It's clearly become a Running Gag and may develop into a full-on Meme
  • In "Breach," Jaune wakes up and murmurs "Waffles." There's a schism coming...

Nora and Ren's special 'Aura'
Nora's will have something to do with lightning, and Ren's will have something to do with strength augmentation.
  • Or maybe turning into a flower. Cuz, ya know, that'd be cool too.
    • Ren's weapon is called Storm Flower, so...
  • Nora is Confirmed: her Semblance allows her to absorb electricity to give herself Super Strength.
  • Ren's is Jossed: his Semblance is invisibility to Grimm.
Nora's semblance is the ability to make things burst or explode
It would explain how she made the drink cans explode (much in the same way Pyrrha picked them all up with her's) when she threw them in 2.1, could explain where she keeps all those grenades (if they're partly made to explode using her powers, then they could be stored in a smaller form, for example) and it would fit her to a T. Some exact possibilities include:
  • A Gambit style energy charge power.
  • The ability to control pressure (increasing the pressure in the cans enough that they burst).
  • The ability to control explosions (she could have ruptured the cans as she threw them and enhanced the fizz into a more vigorous burst).
  • The ability to make small explosions (a small explosion inside a can would increase the pressure enough to make it bust).
  • Jossed; Nora's Semblance absorbs electricity to give her Super Strength. The soda cans exploding are probably a result of her Aura treating them in the same way they treat the ammo of her grenade launcher.

Nora and Roman are siblings.
Same hair colour, and something about their personalities just seems to fit. Also, their first names are near-anagrams.

Nora will be betray the team.
She's the person you'd least expect if from. I could see her being The Mole.

Nora is Jaune and Pyrrha's child from the future.
Her colorization is pretty much a mix of theirs, and we know she and Ren have no parents. She's basically Marty McFly trying to make sure her parents get together after Doc Brown (Ozpin?) sent her back in time.
  • Jossed. Pyrrha will definitely not have any children in the future after "End of the Beginning".

Nora will be much more serious in Volume 4.
Just going off the character design and Rule of Symbolism, the heart on the front of her outfit has a slash through it. She has a darkly colored jacket, which may be a quick way to symbolize how she's more serious. However, judging by the fact that she still has a mostly lightly colored palette and 70s-esque wardrobe, she may still retain most of her Genki Girl personality.
  • Basically confirmed.

Nora and Penny are siblings!
Or at least, the product of the same project. Nora has an electric-themed semblance, super strength, and a slight disconnect from normal empathy; all things that could be the product of her being artificial. Factor in her mysterious past and the similar colors of her hair, and it's entirely possible that she's an amnesiac rogue robot that Ren picked up somewhere.
  • Jossed.
    • Not necessarily. Being a street urchin might make being a robot more unlikely, but a cyborg or artificial human is still very possible.

The Nuckelavee followed Nora to Kuroyuri.
Mistral and its continent Anima have a ubiquitous East Asian element, so Nora's foreign attire implies she came a very long way. What would compel a child to make such a journey unless something terrible was pursuing her? The monster this Grimm is based on has roots in Norse Mythology, from which Nora is inspired from as well, and there are a hundred possible reasons for Nora such special prey. Even one so mundane as her fear and misery were strong enough to be a Grimm beacon. Besides, Nora shouldering the secret that she is the reason Ren's village was attacked is a prime source of angst.

Ren's Father only decided he needed to speak with the Mayor after the seeing the incident with Nora and the bullies.
This is because children who are orphaned are always taken care of by someone. The reason for this is an orphaned children on their own is more likely to end up in a state where they attract Grimm so even a harsh village leader will ensure the child is cared for to ensure minimal risk. Li was going to alert the Mayor that there was homeless street urchin in the town. If the Nuckelavee hadn't attacked, it's possible Nora would have been given a home. The Rens may have taken her in themselves if things had gone differently.

Or just the daughter of someone important. It's not impossible with mysterious orphans like her.
  • And when her Really Royalty Reveal hits, it will make her "I'm queen of the castle" song from season 1 a case of MASSIVE foreshadowing.

Nora's parents used to "Boop" her.
To give twice the meaning to the already heartwarming gesture that is important to her relationship with Ren.

Nora's semblance can be overloaded, creating a dangerous situation.
At some point one of the villains will realize that Nora can only hold so much electricity before having to discharge it, and will take advantage of this in order to put the lives of her and her friends in danger.

Neo and Torchwick were Noras' parents.
Red hair, small but powerful, wacky but deceptively dangerous and, as noted above wields a blunt/explosive weapon. Anyone who feels up to explaining how and why she got all the way to Mistral on her own is welcome.

Nora is a Stepford Smiler.
As a child Nora comes across as a scared, desperate and unhappy girl who has definitely gone through a highly traumatic experience (the destruction of Kuroyuri) with strong hints that isn't the only one (whatever caused her to be a dumpster-diving orphan in the first place). As a teenager she comes across as a Genki Girl but I suspect this is just a mask she wears for everyone, including Ren, in order to hide her emotional scars.

     Pyrrha Nikos 
Pyrrha's been hired as Jaune's secret bodyguard.
While he wasn't skipped ahead like Ruby, somehow Jaune got to Beacon without knowing any of the basics. He's from a heroic family who pulled strings to push him forward even when he wasn't prepared, and the bodyguard's to ensure he survives. That Super Empowering ritual Pyrrha used is unlikely to be standard issue.
  • If Pyrrha is Jaune's bodyguard, then as of Episode 11, Cardin is confirmed to be an assassin targeting Jaune. Hey, if we're throwing around wild theories...
  • Seems Jossed. As of Episode 12, it's implied Jaune's parents don't even know he's at Beacon. Why would such esteemed ancestry allow him to cheat his way in?
  • Jaune's parents know he's at Beacon; they just expect him to wash out and come home. No need for a bodyguard for that.

Pyrrha's ritual didn't just awaken Jaune's aura, it also bolsters it with hers.
That wasn't just "I reach into your soul and turn on the switch." It was much more intimate. "I release your soul and by my shoulder protect thee." It's similar to a "Ministra Magi" in Negima! Magister Negi Magi. "It is your power" means their power is his.
  • As of episode 14, this seems like it's Confirmed in spirit but probably Jossed in letter. The bolstering doesn't seem to have anything to do with the ritual.

Pyrrha has poor running skills.
While Pyrrha may be a renowned athlete, that doesn't necessarily mean she excels at all things physical. Episode 8 showed her having difficultly fleeing from the Death Stalker and she was lagging behind the group while running to class in Episode 9. Maybe she Sacrificed Basic Skill for Awesome Training and put all her attention into her upper body dexterity that her running skills suffered?
  • Except, while she had some difficulty, she still managed to outrun it presumably for quite a long distance, which would in fact mean she has amazing physical endurance. Blake is just as surprised if not more that she managed to do so as she is that Ruby fell out of the sky.

Pyrrha will die, probably in a Heroic Sacrifice.
Pyrrha. Pyrrhic Victory, anyone?
  • But she's Jaune's only chance to "get some."
  • Pyrrha in Classical Mythology is a woman who helps revive the human race after a flood by throwing rocks over her shoulder. She has absolutely nothing to do with the Trope Namer King Pyrrhus of Epirus.
  • Going off what is mentioned below, I'm now convinced that Pyrrha will die due to being a motif expy-thing of Achilles... who dies...
  • Granted, Monty said they had no interest in retelling myths and fairy tales wholesale, but the fact that Pyrrha's the most capable member of Team JNPR, has a name that could roughly translate to Pyrrhic Victory, is a mentor to Jaune, and is probably harboring some romantic interest in him to boot, she's probably the highest scoring member of the two main teams on the Sorting Algorithm of Mortality.
  • The original Pyrrhic Victory entailed Pyrrhus sacrificing much of his own forces, not his own life. Pyrrha would be no different. Besides, she's based on Achilles, not Pyrrhus.
  • Sadly confirmed, she died trying to take down Cinder, and it was brutal...

Pyrrha plays some important role in Volume 2.
She seems to get a LOT of attention during the Volume 2 Opening Animation...
  • She was featured strongly in a couple of episodes (Extracurricular has her fight team CRDL and it also, along with Burning the Candle and Dance Dance Infiltration, has her trying to tell Jaune how she feels).

Her fighting skill is based in part on her powers.
Episode 5 has Mercury and Emerald discuss that Pyrrha uses her semblance to subtly tip the odds to her favor in battle. Without that, her actual skills in battle aren't quite as great as she portrays.
  • Based on "Pyrrha vs CRDL" during Extracurricular, this has merit to it.

Pyrrha did get asked to the dance, she just rejected them
Do you really think in all of beacon no one would have had the guts to ask out someone as beautiful and talented as Pyrrha? Of course, Pyrrha wants no one but Jaune, so she wouldn't go. She was just manipulating Jaune the whole time.

Pyrrha hates Weiss
Pyrrha seemed aware of the fact that Weiss was only asking to team up with her because Pyrrha was the four-time Mistral tournament champion, as she seemed reluctant to accept Weiss's offer. Also, the fact that Jaune is constantly pining after Weiss unsuccessfully cannot help. Also, in her Image Song "Dream Come True", she insults her a few times.
  • Said insults were just in terms of her hating that Jaune seems so stupidly smitten with "the little chick in white".
    • There's something to this theory. Her justification for liking Jaune, if it's taken as legitimate, would also be an equally legitimate reason for hating Weiss, since Weiss attempted to shame and humiliate the one guy who felt comfortable around Pyrrha into not feeling worthy of her presence.

Pyrrha likes Waffles
In "Welcome To Beacon," Nora wakes up and shouts "Pancakes!" as if she were dreaming about them. Later, Ren makes her pancakes. In "Breach," Jaune wakes up and murmurs "Waffles." His romantic interest, Pyrrha, is going to like and/or make him waffles for breakfast sometime, and possibly make them late for a mission in the process.

Pyrrha will leave JNPR to be Ozpin's guardian.
Volume 3 Ep. 5 indicates that Ozpin wants Pyrrah to be his "guardian". She will accept his offer after much thought. Her team, now with three members, will take in Penny, who has expressed interest in transferring to Beacon in the same episode. They even share a first initial, maintaining the team name.
  • Jossed. Ozpin wasn't looking for Pyrrha to be "his" guardian, per se, and Pyrrha remains with JNPR until the very end.

Pyrrha is Dorothy/Plot of Volume 3:
By know we realize that Ozpin represents the Wizard of Oz, Ironwood = The Tin Man, Qrow = Scarecrow, Glynda = Goodwitch, Cinder = Wicked Witch. Using this theory Ozpin is looking for a guardian and picks Pyrrha. This would make Pyrrha Dorothy who would be tasked to fight Cinder. This would also make none other than Jaune Arc the Cowardly Lion. This would also make the White Fang the Flying Monkeys.Now why pick Pyrrha? Look at her semblance. She can control polarity. This might not seem like a big thing, but stick with me. After the attack on Vale, Ironwood brought in more ROBOTIC troops to defend the city. Cinder is also connected into Atlas's network. Those robotic soldiers probably run off of that network. This means that Cinder could probably control the robotic soldiers as well as Penny. Now remember Pyrrha's semblance? She would be able to use her semblance to give herself a major advantage over metal enemies. This is why Ozpin will choose her to be the guardian. Pyrrha will also probably have to fight Penny at some point.

Pyrrha is going to die or turn evil/insane, possibly against her will, temporarily, at some point after getting the Fall Maiden's power. Either that or she won't get it at all.
There's just no way that Pyrrha, an absurdly skilled character low on the protagonist pecking order, is going to be given an absurd amount of power without something going horribly wrong. If that were to happen, the story would have to revolve around her, and she's nowhere close to being the main character, she's the 6th main character at best. Obviously something's going to go wrong. She's going to go insane with power and Jaune's gonna have to snap her out of it, or she's going to be killed in a shocking declaration that Anyone Can Die, or else the transfer will screw up somehow and Cinder will get all of the power.
  • Let's also remember that Pyrrha's personality could be affected. How this could happen is unclear, but it could be similar to certain incidents in RedVsBlue, such as Carolina, Wash, or even the Meta.
  • Brutally confirmed at the end of season 3. Cinder kills her in cold blood after a grueling duel, causing Ruby to unleash her hereditary eye power against Cinder.
Pyrrha will gain the Fall Maiden's power, but it will ultimately go to someone else
For whatever reason, Pyrrha won't be able to keep the power, and decide to give the power to someone else, particularly a faunus to make the White Fang think twice. Blake seems obvious, but Velvet is more likely since her whole team has autumn colors.
  • So, are you implying that Pyrrha is going to die or something?Because that's the only natural way to pass on a Maiden's power.
  • Jossed. She almost got it, but Cinder murdered the Fall Maiden and stole the other half.

Pyrrha's cover for her magnetism semblance will be blown.
  • She will most likely be matched up against Penny, who Cinder has targeted as part of the plan. Cinder will most likely hack Penny during the fight, thus forcing Pyrrha to reveal her semblance and ruin her "Invincible Girl" image. This could also happen after Pyrrha has gained the Fall Maiden's powers, which would be an even bigger revelation.
  • Also, keep in mind that Pyrrha is only student seen thus far that is aware of the metal in Mercury's legs. She could use that information to help exonerate Yang.
    • Confirmed brutally in "PvP"; the match-up happens, Emerald deploys her Semblance, and Pyrrha tears Penny apart with the latter's own swords.
Pyrrha won't become the Fall Maiden.
  • Because Cinder will break into the vault and kill Amber, thus ensuring she gains the power.
  • Confirmed.

If Cinder dies, Pyrrha really will become the Fall Maiden.
When the aura transfer machine was activated, Amber's eyes opened. She may have been aware that her aura was being linked to Pyrrha's. If this is the case, it's very likely that the last person Amber thought of before her death was Pyrrha.

It could be argued that Cinder was the last person she thought of, and that's why the remaining half of the power went to her. However, as Ironwood explained, this is the first time a Maiden's power has been stolen, so there are unknowns. The power could've gone to Cinder because she stole it in the first place. Since the Maiden's power isn't rightfully hers, certain rules may not apply to Cinder, such as the rule that the last person she thinks of will be the next Maiden.

  • Alternatively, Pyrrha might also be the last person Cinder thinks of should she die later on- Flashing back to Pyrrha asking her if she believes in destiny before finally going dark.

Pyrrha isn't dead
The other two characters who we have seen either die or seen dead, Amber and Mercury's dad, didn't evaporate into sparkly dust when they died. Cinder sent Pyrrha to Salem's dimension for experiments of pain.
  • Not only that, we've seen the sparkly dust already. When Cinder's arrow disincorporated to avoid Pyrrha's shield. It then reformed. Cinder shot Pyrrha in the heart. Pyrrha was dying, choking on her heartsblood. THEN Cinder steps forward and touched Pyrrha, and Pyrrha starts dissolving.
  • To further support this theory, let's ask the question "What happened to Ozpin?" He was evidently defeated by Cinder, but presumed alive yet missing. And apparently Salem is conversing with Ozpin in the end. Presuming that Ozpin was captured and teleported without a trace, Cinder is the only person in proximity who could have done that, barring Salem possessing such a power and being able to use it at a great (albeit presently indeterminable) distance. Assuming this is true, it's possible that Cinder used this very ability on Pyrrha as well.

Pyrrha is dead, at least physically anyway.
Remember what Pyrrha said when she was unlocking Jaune's aura:
''"For it is in passing that we achieve immortality,
through this we become a paragon of virtue and glory to rise above all.
Infinite in distance and unbound by death,
I release your soul, and by my shoulder, protect thee."'

Jaune's and Pyrrha's auras and souls are connected because of what Pyrrha did to unlock Jaune's aura. As such, even though, Pyrrha can probably never be revived physically (or probably won't be even if it might be possible (unless the plot point is done exactly right), because that would ruin the impact of her death, even if we want her to be alive), she is still conscious through Jaune. On that note, Jaune's character basis (Joan of Arc) had visions of some kind, so it wouldn't be far fetched given Pyrrha's fate following the same trend with her basis, that Jaune might see visions of her because she's basically piggybacking on his aura. This could lead to a recurring idea in Volume 4 where Jaune thinks he's just seeing her and is going crazy, but eventually realizes it's actually her and somehow uses this to his advantage (i.e. perhaps Cinder absorbed part of her aura when she killed her and he uses it to help Ruby track her down).

And yes, before anyone says anything, I did get this idea from a fanfic I read after watching the Volume 3 finale. More specifically this one, which I think illustrates the point rather well.

  • I'd also like to note that Pyrrha's voice actor confirming she's dead for good doesn't discount this.

In a plot twist, an episode in Volume 4 will show that Pyrrha wasn't supposed to be the Fall Maiden.
  • It might have been only an assumption that Ozpin made. What could happen is that Nora, Ren, Jaune and Ruby find a mural that shows all the previous Maidens and the present, and all will be shocked if they find that Pyrhha is not there among them. Instead, it could show Cinder's instead, hinting that Pyrrha's power transfer in "Heroes and Monsters wasn't supposed to happen.

Pyrrha will return as a Spirit Advisor to Jaune

Pyrrha had autism
  • I've seen this theory show up in fanfics ( and have not seen it here. Constantly being placed on a pedestal would have worsened any social insecurities she had and kept her from really reaching out to her team. Her refusal to allow Jaune to accompany her and ignoring his pleading to go back to the other students could have stemmed from this as well.
    • As someone who's autistic, I could see this being a thing, though I would imagine her autism, should it exist, is likely extremely mild, because more extreme forms could be debilitating on the battlefield (or the exact opposite, depending on specifics, though neither really ring true for Pyrrha).

Ruby hearing Pyrrha while she sleeps.
While she might just be hearing the recording that Jaune is listening to as he trains, who says that's all it is? Crazy theory time: What if, as Pyrrha died, her Aura managed to attach itself to Ruby (possibly having something to do with Ruby's silver-eyed warrior powers), and is trying to make its way to Jaune? Their souls were connected when Pyrrha unlocked his Aura, if even for but a moment, and now her Aura is trying to use Ruby as a conduit to get to Jaune. It would add a lot of significance to what Pyrrha said back when she unlocked Jaune's Aura...

Pyrrha's soul is in Cinder's body and will eventually take over.

Pyrrha's and Penny will reappear as a fused entity
Pyrrha blasted Penny with a huge wave of magnetic energy just before the Robot Girl was destroyed. This may have caused Pyrrha's Aura to become fused with Penny's, perhaps overtaking hers. Combined with briefly touching the Fall Maiden's power through Amber, this may allow Pyrrha's Aura to remain in the physical world. However, that Aura is now commanded by Penny's mind, albeit, whatever mind that remained after the software was scrambled by the magna-wave. The result won't be either Pyrrha or Penny, but a fusion of both. Whose name will start with P.

Pyrrha's circlet is the Relic of Choice.
We don't know how Ozpin learned the Relics can potentially attract Grimm, but it's possible he looked into how to make them untrackable. Using Jinn, he learned he could use the Destruction Relic to alter the Choice Relic's form to suppress its power, and use the Creation Relic for its restoration. Once he rigged the Choice Relic, he cast it out somewhere into the world, hidden in plain sight. From there, it changed hands until it was claimed by Pyrrha. Pyrrha's best known for her choices - taking destiny into her own hands. In V6, the means Ozma was finally killed is the same as how Pyrrha was killed. In V5, Ozpin says that the Beacon Relic is well hidden, but doesn't elaborate - since he doesn't know where to find the Relic. In V4, the blacksmith that upgraded Jaune's gear commented on the quality of the metal he provided, that metal being the circlet. In V3, Pyrrha's circlet survived, despite that attack being magic. It explains Ruby hearing Pyrrha in her dreams, as her powers and the Relics come from the Brother of Light, and Pyrrha likely had the Relic for years. And since Ozpin honestly answered Ruby's question, Jinn would have no reason to reveal anything. With the show going to Atlas, where the Creation Relic is, one can only guess what happens when three Relics are assembled.

    Lie Ren 
Ren comes from a Welsh Fantasy Counterpart Culture
Hence his ability to use leeks as deadly weapons.
  • Looks like someone has missed how prevalent leeks are in anime. Leeks as weapons could also be a shout-out to Hatsune Miku.
    • Could still be the case that he's Fantasy Counterpart Welsh for the variety.

Ren is of, or at least descended from, a royal bloodline
There just seems to be something regal about him.
  • Jossed; his father was a simple hunter for a village near Mistral.
Ren is going to take a bullet/sword/something to the throat
After Monty Oum's passing, Ren will receive some injury to his throat that renders him mute since Monty can't voice him anymore. If he gets a new VA, Ren will receive surgery to repair his vocal cords, although his voice will be somewhat altered.
  • Jossed; Monty's brother started voicing Ren without Ren having to be injured in any way.

Ren is going to go through second puberty.
Just like Geoff.

Ren is going to be much more energetic in Volume 4.
This is assuming Nora is going to be less energetic following the past few months. Since Ren's tired demeanor is a result of Nora being so ridiculously energetic that it drains his energy, then he'll be more energetic and active if she's more grounded in reality.

Ren will be the next Team JNPR member to die.
  • Every single member of JNPR has already been foreshadowed to potentially die. This is mainly due to their namesakes/inspirations dying. From a thematic standpoint, Ren dying could make sense, especially if Nora doesn't get a chance to admit her feelings to him.. In turn, that could potentially lead to Jaune and Nora possibly hooking up/seeking comfort in one another due to being in extremely similar circumstances.

Ren (and by extensions, Nora) will have a character arc in volume 4.
  • In the second episode of the new volume Ren has a noticeable reaction to finding Xione in ruins and the dying hunter, and both he and Nora seem like they have some previous experience with this sort of thing. The Mood Whiplash upon finding this scene is also very reminiscent of a similar scene in Mulan. Perhaps this season will be when we finally learn more about Ren and Nora's backstory?
    • Confirmed; the episode "Kuroyuri" details Ren and Nora's backstories.

Ren will have a falling out with Nora.
This theory is in direct relation to the above theory stating young Nora led the Nuckelavee to Kuroyuri in the first place. When the truth comes out, Ren will be unable to cope with his dearest friend being indirectly responsible for the loss of his parents and childhood home and shun her for several episodes or a whole volume before overcoming his anger and forgiving her.


Ren and Nora's personalities as The Quiet One and a Genki Girl are symptomatic to the kind of place they grew up in.
First two facts:
  1. By the end of Volume 2, Ren and Nora requested to participate on a supervised mission to visit a village (to be deputies or something), which could be because of homesickness and a hint that they grew up in a town like that.
  2. The "World of Remnant" episodes state that not all people live in one of the four Kingdoms and that there are many villages around the world that tend to disappear overnight because of the Grimm. They also stated that the Grimm are attracted to negative human emotions, meaning that any village that does manage to survive long enough to be someone's home town has to have a way to keep its collective negative emotions in check in the long run.
Now, one way to accomplish this is simply to encourage kids to be as happy as possible because of their sobering effect on the community as a whole (that's it, no one wants to be the guy who looks sad or too worried in front of the kids), which is a propitious environment for unfailing optimistic people like Nora. Of course, not everybody is cut the same and many kids simply don't have personality for this. Still, this isn't too much of a problem because introvert children aren't necessarily reservoirs of negative emotions, just quiet kids: i.e. people like Ren.

JNPR will be a defensive-themed team.
All the members of Team RWBY seem to have a running theme of being powerfully offensive, hitting hard while maintaining high mobility. Conversely, Jaune has a bad case of motion sickness, making it unlikely that he'd pull off the same kind of acrobatic, high-speed action that RWBY would. He does, however, have a weapon set that implies a more static, defensive position. The rest of his team will have similar weaponry - while RWBY is the "offensive" team, JNPR will be focused on holding one's ground and maintaining a defensive position.
  • Mixed results: By the implied team Jaune will be on, we see two equipped with shields (Jaune and Pyrrha), one with little (conventional) defensive capability (Ren's bladed pistols), and one whose weapon has yet to be revealed.
  • As of Episode 8, they seem readily capable of offensive tactics.
  • In Episode 11, though, Glynda recommends Jaune to play defensive as he loses against Cardin.
    • As of Forever Fall, Pt.2, Jaune is still pretty offensive.
  • Volume 2 shows that JNPR are ready to levy the first strike in battle.

Ren is Monty Oum's Author Avatar, and Nora symbolizes coffee.
Yes, I'm joking.
  • Joke or not, it makes a modicum of sense.

Ren will be the Sole Survivor of JNPR.
Of all the characters JNPR were based on, Mulan is the only one whom, Depending on the Writer, survived. Achilles was shot in the heel like Pyrrha, Joan of Arc was burned (and Jaune might get a Dying Moment of Awesome being burned to death but still managing to off Cinder before dying), Thor was poisoned, and Mulan may or may not have comitted suicide Depending on the Writer.

Ren will join the remnants of RWBY
Building off the Ruby will sacrifice herself WMG, Ren might join the survivors afterward, and keep the team name out of respect to the fallen.



JNPR will have pairings.
Jaune will have Ship Tease with Pyrrha, while Nora will have Ship Tease with Ren.
  • Confirmed for the latter, though it doesn't seem (so far) to be reciprocated.
    • Pyrrha is certainly acting smitten with Jaune, while Nora has twice hint dropped that she and Lie Ren are not "together together" but also finds him handsome (and her antics seem to have got the only smile out of him in the series so far). In both cases there's a Ship Tease, if not an actual ship.
      • Nora comes across as more being in denial about how she really feels about Ren, possibly afraid to go further (note that only she ever denies it, and she even said it when it was just the two of them), while Ren seems to simply be waiting patiently for her to work it out in her own heart.
      • In the Volume 3 finale, Jaune/Pyrrha becomes official if only for about a minute.

Team JNPR gets their own songs in later volumes.
They (well, Jaune at least) have already had four centric episodes out of sixteen. Why not? Unless Nora already got hers with "I'm queen of the castle"...
  • Pyrrha and Jaune, go figure, got their own instrumental theme.
    • Half-confirmed with the Volume 2 soundtrack giving them three songs! Two for Pyrrha — "Dream Come True" and "Shine" — and Nora with "Boop". Jaune and Ren not having any dedicated to them may be justified with having Casey sing from their perspective being a bit too awkward...
      • Doesn't stop Jaune from getting "Cold" in Volume 3, sung by Casey.

Team JNPR will face a series of events that mirror their inspirations' stories.
  • An earlier troper has suggested that Jaune will be burned at the stake and that will kick-start his Semblance.
  • We've already seen Nora kill a King Taijitu, but she'll have to face a much, MUCH larger one, a stand-in for the Jormundgandr. No telling whether she lives or not.
  • Pyrrha gets injured in the heel and it puts her at the mercy of some particularly nasty enemy. Jaune realizes that he's actually been in love with her all along, and has to protect her. He showcases his newfound strength, makes the shippers in the audience happy, and saves the girl (and the day).
    • This one is somewhat confirmed. Pyrrha was shot in the heel by Cinder, but it actually grants newfound strength in Ruby rather than Jaune, and neither girl nor day was saved in the end.
  • Ren returns home to his village at the end of the series to be a farmer. It is revealed that the village he came from is the one team JNPR was supposed to visit at the end of Season 2.
    • Jossed as of Volume 4, episode 10. Though he does come from a village outside of Mistral, it was destroyed when he and Nora were children, and he has zero intention of going back there.

Team JNPR's semblances are the fundamental forces of physics
Pyrrha's semblance is magnetism, and now that Nora is confirmed as using electricity, I wouldn't be surprised if Ren gets gravity (didn't he run up a vertical surface once or twice when fighting that snake?) and Jaune gets, I don't know, the strong nuclear force or something? (This would admittedly make more sense if electricity and magnetism were used by the same person, so that all four fundamental forces could make an appearance.)
  • Wait. As a corollary, wouldn't this mean that Jaune is going to eventually learn to NUKE stuff?!
    • That would make sense, considering that Pyrrha stated he had a lot of Aura...
  • Alternately, all of them are various manifestations of the electromagnetic force. Pyrrha uses magnetism, Nora uses current, Jaune seems to use some kind of repulsion (electrostatic or Van der Walls forces, maybe?), which could leave Ren with... electrostatic attraction? Light? Molecular bonds?
  • Another (admittedly less elemental) idea for Jaune's Semblance could revolve around Newton's 3rd law: for every action there's an equal and opposite reaction. After, isn't the one time we've supposedly seen it in action when Cardin tried to punch him?

JNPR's relatives
  • Jaune's equipment, at one point, belonged to a woman who collected cups, had a habit of lying about her age, and almost fell for every homme lethale who crossed her pathnote . He has a distant relative who dressed as a woman to join an Amazon Brigade in the Great Warnote .
  • Nora's mother had one eye and her obsession with knowing how things would happen became her undoingnote . She has a horse-Faunus cousin by her Transgender aunt with scars in the region of her mouthnote .
  • Pyrrha's mother will sleep with absolutely anyone and anything, animal, vegetable, or mineral note .
  • Ren has a female relative who was at one point went on a religious pilgrimage the likes of which has not been repeated before or sincenote 
Raven Branwen is an agent of Ozpin's, too.
Something happened in the past that required her to be considered dead. It's likely how Qrow was originally recruited - Raven mysteriously disappeared on a mission, and several months later was considered dead. Qrow crashes into Ozpin's office, demanding answers on a classified mission, and Ozpin takes advantage of the situation to bring him into the fold. Considering their respective motifs, Norse Mythology comparisons notwithstanding, it makes a certain amount of sense. Qrow is always drunk, loudmouthed, extremely opinionated - He's a Ronin in all but name, so he's PERFECT for everyone to KNOW he collaborating with Ozpin. But what does that make Raven? A samurai, silently carrying out her orders relayed from her master. The only reason we don't see or hear any updates from her are because she can't afford to be as high-profile.
Team JNPR's death.
All four of them are most likely going to die like their inspirations, only with twists on the story. Pyrrha gets killed by Cinder via an arrow to the heel. Cinder doesn't kill her using her own powers, instead she relies on the powers of the Fall Maiden. This ties into how Achilles was undefeated on the field of battle and only died due to the insanely overkill method they usednote . She even gets cremated like Achilles. Jaune will most likely die via burns, but not against Cinder. Instead, Salem kills him after he leads an attack against the Grimm that actually gains them a substantial victory and lets them reclaim land. Nora will die fighting a sea monster, the oldest of its kind. Bonus points if it turns out to be a snake (Jormungandr was the World Snake, a massive monstrous beast that grew to wrap around the world). She'll fall to its poison even as she crushes its skull in the middle of a storm (to give her the strength to break through the armour). Finally, Ren will die completing a suicide mission after he is forced into a marriage. Most likely it would be related to information gathering (Hua Mulan committed suicide after she was ordered into becoming a concubine and sent her sister to deliver a letter from a fellow female warrior and daughter of the emperor, Xianniang, to her fiance, Luo Cheng).

Team JNPR were meant to be RWBY's guardian and backup team.
When you think about it, it makes a convoluted kind of sense. Team RWBY is an extremely capable team, yes, but they also are made up of high profile targets who have severe weaknesses that could mean the death of any of them. Ruby's father, mother, step-mother and uncle either are or were all very skilled and important huntsmen and huntresses. While she is very skilled for her age, she has a very technical fighting style based around a weapon that is both unwieldy in close quarter and can very easily get lost, along with a semblance that merely increases her speed. That's it, she can't hit hard, can't block hard and is very unskilled in CQC. Weiss is the heiress of a massive corporation that has been the primary target of not only media but even terrorists, and holds relations to an obviously high ranking member of the Atlesian military forces. She uses a style focused heavily around the usage of a finite source of non renewable energy and a weapon that can only be called useless without said energy source. Yang is in the same boat as Ruby as far as her family goes. While a dangerous opponent, when up against a skilled opponent such as Neo she was nearly killed. Blake, while not holding any family ties on the same scale as the other three members is still very important. As a former member of the White Fang, she holds valuable insider information on their plans and goals, organizational structure and important figures. Furthermore, she acts as a token minority figure, appealing towards an otherwise ostracized group. Her entire style is based around guerrilla tactics, and when you cut her off from that she easily falls. Team JNPR, on the other hand, provides an incredibly useful bodyguard group. Their leader hails from a military hero and is shown to be a good tactician, providing a counterpart who can help calm Ruby. His lack of skills can also be factored into this. Jaune's lack of skill would lead to him seeking out a more skilled person to train him. Hopefully it could be Ruby, but even if it isn't it still means a stronger guardian for her. Pyrrha acts as a counterpoint towards Weiss. She is a strong, intelligent, maternal and understanding character, all traits that Weiss would be attracted to, and also all traits that could improve her, and her loyalty to her leader would also cause her to grow connections with the other members. Especially Weiss. Nora provides extra firepower and energy towards the others, making them proactive instead of reactive, while Ren provides skill and focus to redirect the energy from destructive to constructive. They don't necessarily have to be preplanned; indeed, chances are that they are merely a happy and annoying coincidence. It might have been better to have them spread out so as to be able to bring as much backup as possible, but the current ammount is still pretty good.

Y'know that 'P' in the team name?
Penny's back, it's about time she joined the main cast.


Both JNPR and RWBY have a member with a faunus and a human parent. One was raised by the faunus and the other by the human. And both main guesses are right Jaune 'Arc' and Yang Xiao-Long

  • Nothing about Jaune adds up. But if he was raised in a poor area, effectively White Fang controlled, a lot about him starts to make sense. His large family. His complete ignorance of aura. His lack of confidence. His heavy muscle. Him having to use hand-me downs. Of course some faunus don't like the White Fang either, so he was able to get the fake transcripts and do okay with the minor tests. Of course he never got combat training because he used his mothers surname rather than his father because he was illegitimate and he would thus not be taught by many humans because of the faunus blood or the Fang because he was human. So he uses his father's name for Beacon.

  • We've also been suddenly hit with several clues that Yang might have a faunus parent. Raven Branwen her mother turns up in a Grimm style mask like the White Fang wear. She left at birth, and Uncle Qrow only appeared occasionally, and Raven wants to tell Yang something mportant. Equally Qrow and raven seem to have feathery hair. Because Yang was raised in a human area and looked like her father, and Summer shortly got involved with Tai the rumours died down. As a result Yang had a better life than Jaune
    • If World of Remnant's latest video on Faunus is any indication, which Qrow narrates, he speaks from the perspective that favors humanity. Itt's unlikely that either Branwen is a Faunus at this point but given their ability too shape shift into their namesakes that has nothing to do with their Semblances or know little about their own origins being foundlings raised by a bandit tribe they could be a different breed of Faunus that hasn't been covered yet. It's also mentioned that if humans and Faunus breed together it's a role of the dice what their child will one or the other. So far characters we can cross off the list:
    • Ren's parents were revealed to be human.
    • Yang, as Taiyang and Raven are human.
    • Weiss, we've met her father and it's unlikely Mrs. Schnee would be able to keep her Faunus heritage from her children given she's had three and so far no animal traits.
    • Blake's parents are both Faunus. She does not have a human parent.

    • Which leaves Ruby, Jaune, Pyrrha, and Nora.
      • Ruby Rose, as little is very known about Summer Rose. Supposedly both Ruby's parents were "human," but given Ruby is meant to have a wolf motif and we've only seen one picture of Summer with her hood up she might be hiding her animal ears like Blake. Until we know more though this is only speculation.
      • Jaune Arc hasn't said anything about either of his parents' species. Who knows, his casual regards to Blake being a Faunus is because his family is mixed.
      • Pyrrha Nikos is the same as Jaune never mentioning a parent is human or Faunus.
      • Lastly Nora, who might have the greatest chance at having a Faunus parent as nothing has been mentioned yet as to why she's a street urchin or how a heavily implied foreign child ended in Ren's town.

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