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As frequently as some commercials appear on TV, it's hard not to get these phrases stuck in your head. Simples! *squeaking noise*

The role of Memetic Mutation in advertising is unique because Memetic Mutation is actually advertising's job. Advertising is supposed to get you to buy something. So advertisers try to make the ads memorable so that you will be influenced to buy the product. And also to get you to tell your friends about the cool product or funny ad. (Viral Marketing is just one way of doing this.) However, sometimes this can backfire if the ad is memorable enough in a bad way that it is actually deterrent. Even then, some will still buy the product ironically because of the meme or out of Bile Fascination. This can also backfire when people remember the ad but not the product.

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  • The meme. [[labelnote:Explanation]]The explanation behind the meme, if necessary.[[/labelnote]] Explanation 
    • Further mutations and successor memes, if any.
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    Billboards and Signs 
There's that famous
Roadside meme
Created by
A shaving cream
Burma-Shave Explanation 
  • SEE ROCK CITY. Explanation 
  • Wall Drug.Explanation 
    • The Corn Palace. Explanation 
    • South of the Border Explanation 
    • Yeehaw Junction Explanation 
  • 神韵艺术团 SHEN YUN — 5,000 Years of Civilization RebornExplanation 
  • Injured? Explanation 


  • How bout a nice Hawaiian Punch!?Explanation 
  • POWERTHIRST! Now with 99% MORE EXTREME CLAIMS! Explanation 
    • Mutation: The folks who made Idiocracy asked the folks who made Powerthirst to make one for Brawndo: The Thirst Mutilator. They obliged. Also, Powerthirst is now a real energy drink.
  • Carlsberg don't do memes, but if they did, they'd probably be the best memes in the world. Explanation 
  • "We got Soda, OJ, Purple Stuff, and 2 kinds of Sunny D!" Explanation 
  • "I'm filling my mineral water with volcanicityyyyyyyyyy!" Explanation 
    • "Try some!"
    • "MY BIRDS!!"
    • "I'm off to eat someone's parents."
    • "I'M THE DADDY NOW!"
    • "You can't say that!"
    • "Well done to REVIIIIIIIIIIVE!"
  • "Eleven of you? One of me? Sounds like Pimms o'clock!" Explanation 
  • Red Bull gives you wiiiiings! Explanation 
  • Could've had a V8. *slap* Explanation 
  • Orangina [1], the citrus drink of choice for furry orgies. Explanation 
  • It's a big ad! Explanation 
  • Bud. Weis. Errr. Explanation 
  • His personality is so magnetic, he can't carry credit cards. He speaks fluent Russian.... in French. Even his enemies list him as their emergency contact number. He is... The Most Interesting Man in the World..." Explanation 
    • "I don't always X, but when I do, I prefer Y" Explanation 
    • "Stay thirsty, my friends..."
  • "'Ave it!" "Two more lamb bhunas!" Explanation 
  • Bud Light Presents: Real Men of GeniusNote . ♪Real men of genius~♪ Explanation 
    • Also from Bud Light:
    Jimmy:HI, I'M JIMMY FOOTBALL! It's the Bud Light (fake product) and it's..."
    Audience: TAILGATE TESTED...
    • And before any of those, back in the '80s:
    "Gimme a light!" (Enter a pair of glowsticks, or a lit-up jukebox, or a flaming hoop with dogs jumping through) "No, Bud Light!" Explanation 
    • To the pit of misery, DILLY, DILLY Explanation 
  • GLEN! GLEN-GLEN-GLEN! Explanation 
  • Brilliant! Explanation 
  • We secretly replaced this example with Folger's Crystals. Let's see if anyone notices the difference... Explanation 
  • It's beer! Hooray beer!" Explanation 
  • "Hey Kool-Aid!" "Oh yeah!!!!" Explanation 
  • "What more do you want from life?" "A Lucano!' Explanation 
  • "SAN-NEN (letter)-GUMI!!" "(Name of theme) SENSEI!!" Explanation 
    • Now ascended to RED ZONE levels of insanity, and now Ponified (Except for the last ad, which never got Ponified due to difficulty finding a way for it to happen).
  • "Got Milk?" Explanation 
  • "Of course it's cold — it's German." Explanation 
  • Want a Sprite Cranberry? Explanation 
  • "How to speak Australian. Troper. Beer." Explanation 
  • "I bet he drinks Carling Black Label."Explanation 
  • "Te hace falta ver más Bax Explanation 

  • "Hello, I'm a Mac." "And I'm a PC." Explanation 
  • *drumbeats* "They keep going, and going, and going, and going..." Explanation 
    • "...Still going!"Explanation 
  • "IDK, my BFF Jill?" Explanation 
    • "IDK, my BFF Rose?" Explanation 
  • "Tropes? In my TV shows? It's more likely than you think." Explanation 
  • Silhouetted dancers with MP3 players, often in an iPod parody. Explanation 
  • "Can You Hear Me Now? ...good!" Explanation 
  • WONGA. Explanation 
    • Envirofone picked up on his popularity and he is now the star of their new surreal advertising campaign.
  • Hi, I'm Michael Bay, director of Hollywood hits such as Transformers, and I demand things to be awesome. Awesome pussycat. Awesome barbeque... *BOOM* ...AWESOME POOL! *BOOM* Explanation 
  • Clap on! *clap clap* Clap off! *clap clap* Clap on, clap off... The Clapper! Explanation 
    • Ch-ch-ch-chia! Explanation 
  • Small but powerful, That's what she said! Explanation 
    • "It's little, like my (Insert reference)". Explanation 
  • An ad featured this immortal exchange:
    Driving in a car
    Son: Dad?
    Dad: Yeah?
    Son: Why'd they build the Great Wall of China?
    Dad: That... That was during the reign of Nasi Goreng, and it was to keep the rabbits out... Too many rabbits in China...
    [cut to Son, beaming proudly at the front of his classroom]
    Teacher: Okay, now Daniel will do his talk on China
    • Explanation: Bigpond, a net provider in Australia. For those not in the know, "nasi goreng" means "fried rice."
  • "Dude, you're getting a Dell!" Explanation 
  • Protect your Chicken from Dokken. Explanation 
  • If you want to keep track of your memes, there's an app for that. Explanation 
    • "Oops, my system crashed. I lost my data. But I had an anti-virus!" "ANTI-VIRUS IS NOT ENOUGH!"Explanation 
    • "...And you know what I found? Porn/Phone/Born video links!"Explanation 

  • "Time to make the donuts..." Explanation 
    • "...I made the donuts..." Explanation 
  • "I can't believe it's not butter!"Explanation 
  • Rice, A-Roni, the San Francisco treat! *clang clang* Explanation 
  • "Taste the rainbow..." Explanation 
  • "Kids love Snickers on Halloween!" Explanation 
    • "Warum habe ich immer hunger!?" Explanation 
    • You're not you when you're hungry. Explanation 
  • "Give me back that Fillet-O-Fish! Give me that fish!"Explanation 
  • "Where's the Beef?" Explanation 
    • Mutated into a way to accuse almost anything of being overhyped, or under-delivering on its promised results. Achieved saturation when Walter Mondale used the phrase to ridicule his Presidential primary opponent, Gary Hart.
    • Later became used as the name of a bodybuilding advice line.
  • Nobody doesn't like Sara Lee. Explanation 
  • "You got your X in my Y!" "You got your Y in my X!" Explanation 
  • "What would you do for a Klondike bar?" Explanation 
    • "When I bite into a York Peppermint Patty, I get the sensation that ... I'm somewhere cold!" Explanation 
  • "Five! Five dollar! Five dollar foot long!" Explanation 
  • "Two all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun." Explanation 
  • "Off the lampshade, off the fridge...Nothing but net." Explanation 
  • "Double cheeseburger? I'd hit it. I'm a Dollar Menu guy."Explanation 
  • "What do you want on your Tombstone?" "Pepperoni and sausage!" Explanation 
    • Meme codifier: A widespread pirate copy of The Oregon Trail included a headstone that read "here lies andy / peperony and chease (sic)", a reference to the commercial.
  • We know of a remote farm in Lincolnshire, where Mrs. Buckley lives. Every year, in July, peas grow there... Explanation 
  • "Get me a jury and show me how you can say in July, and I'll make cheese for you." explanation 
  • Shepherd's Piiiiiiie! Explanation 
  • "Uh-oh, Spaghettios!" Explanation 
  • "Thank goodness for Chef Boyardee!" Explanation 
  • "I hanker for a hunka cheese!" Explanation 
  • "You don't have to be Jewish to enjoy tropes." Explanation 
    • It also attracted Volkswagen's attention, leading them to hire the agency which would develop THE most successful and influential ad campaign of The '60s for VW.
  • "Silly Rabbit! Trix are for kids!" Explanation 
  • Cuckoo for Cocoa-Puffs! Cuckooooo for Cocoa-Puffs! Explanation 
  • "Mentos! The fresh maker!" Explanation 
  • "LEGGO MY EGGO!" Explanation 
  • TV Tropes is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Explanation 
  • Wake up with The King. Explanation 
  • "Hey! Where's the cream filling?" Explanation 
  • Ran ran ruu!! Explanation 
    • This one basically lead to the creation of the McRoll. Explanation 
  • Miracle Whip will not tone it down. Explanation 
  • Give me a break, give me a break, break me off a piece of that... Explanation 
  • You can call me nannerpuss, nannerpuss! And guess what? I love p—*SLAM* Explanation 
  • Why you no have life?! You no hungry for advertising memes! Explanation 
  • "Those other guys? Their stuff's made in New York City!" "NEW YORK CITY?!" "Get a rope." Explanation 
  • A certain KFC commercial featuring a black man eating chicken managed to spawn a meme featuring that very man dancing in front of a rainbow background and an 8-bit arrangement of the ALF theme. The meme's name? 2204355.
  • "If I give one to you, I have to give one to everybody else!" Explanation 
  • Choosy moms/dads choose Jif. Explanation 
  • "You ate his face?!" Explanation 
  • Yorkie. It's not for girls!Explanation 
  • Honeycomb big, yeah yeah yeah
    It's not small, no no no Explanation 
  • "¿Por qué no los dos?" (Why don't we have both?) Explanation 
  • Nin-ten-do, it's a cereal, wow! Explanation 
  • No one ever pays me in gum. :( Explanation 
  • "Parkaaaaay!"Explanation 
  • Berries and Cream, Berries and Cream! I'm a little lad who loves Berries and Cream!Explanation 
  • Juicy Fruit is gonna move ya/It chews so soft, it gets right to ya/Juicy Fruit, the taste, the taste, the taste is gonna moooove yaaaaaa! Explanation 
  • Fiber makes me... sad. Explanation 
  • "Togs, togs, togs, UNDIES." Explanation 
  • I can feel it, coming in the air tonight, oh Lord... Explanation 
  • "You'll save at Kessel this week. Why? Because we're with you." Explanation 
  • Pepperidge Farm Remembers! Explanation 
  • How it feels to chew 5 gum.Explanation 
  • Never Say No to Panda.Explanation 
  • Sorry, Charlie! Explanation 
  • Can they see why kids love the taste of Cinnamon Toast Crunch? Explanation 
  • Unsolved Mysteries Carvel Commercial Explanation 
  • The GrubHub Delivery Dance. Explanation 
    • GrubHub Cinematic UniverseExplanation 
    • GrubHub is Jimmy NeutronExplanation 
  • "We love the subs!" Explanation 
    • "They've got a pepper bar!"Explanation 
  • "Pardon me, would you got any Grey Poupon?"Explanation 
  • Dairy Queen Lips:
    • "The new—[crunch]"explanation 
    • "Wanna buy a box of Thin Mints?"explanation 
    • "So, Phil, is it?"explanation 
  • “It’s not nice to fool Mother Nature!”Explanation: 
  • ”He likes it! Hey Mikey!”Explanation 
  • Oops! All [x] Explanation 
  • "Gee Bill! How come your mom lets you eat two wieners? "NO SKINS!" Explanation 
  • "Whopper Whopper Whopper Whopper, junior double triple Whopper..." Explanation 
  • "I put that s*** on everything!"Explanation 
  • "Cook like a mother."Explanation 

    Games and Toys 
  • "You sunk my battleship!" Explanation 
  • "Obey Wario, destroy Mario!" Explanation 
  • "Gotcha!" "Where? I don't see." "Here, diagonally!"Explanation 
    • "Pretty sneaky, sis!" Explanation 
    • "Pretty sneaky, Death!"
    • Connect Four box art parodies Explanation 
  • "Thinking... thinking... It's a tarantula!" Explanation 
  • Attractive, Stripperiffic woman asking you to "Play Now, My Lord!" Explanation 
  • "Skip it, skip it…"Explanation 
  • "MOVE!" "GO!" "BAKE!"Explanation 
  • "I'm supposed to be playing Game of War, but this one player keeps kicking my ass."Explanation 
    • "Is it TheLegend27?!" "Yeah, TheLegend27." Explanation 
  • "That's how Mafia works" Explanation 
  • 😭 WHY IS THIS GAME SO HARD? 😭Explanation 
    • "If you swallow Big Ben, you can go to Disneyland!" Explanation 
  • A man has fallen into the river in LEGO City! Explanation 
    • "HEY!" Explanation 
  • Anything to do with the advertising for Lily's Garden. Explanation 
  • Special Barbie Month Explanation 
    • "Groovy." Explanation 

  • "HI, BILLY MAYS HERE WITH [product name]!" Explanation 
    • This meme found a resurgence shortly after his death, as he was in the news a lot.
    • Memetic mutation has caused "Billy Mays Mode" to become a way to refer to caps lock, or simply typing in all capital letters. Taken to its logical conclusion when an application was created that played one of several quotes from Billy Mays when one pressed the Caps Lock button on the keyboard.
    • Unstoppable Force vs. Immovable ObjectExplanation 
  • Phil Swift, co-inventor of Flex Seal, can be considered a Spiritual Successor in sheer bombast to the late, great Billy Mays. A lot of his quotes have been quoted as reaction lines, used in remixes, and overall and mutated many times, with some of his most memetic phrases being listed below:
    • "To show you the power of Flex Tape [skillsaw powers up], I sawed this boat in half!" Explanation 
    • "Flex on!" is the closest thing he has to a Catchphrase.
    • "Shark-infested waters!"
    • THAT'S A LOT OF DAMAGE! Explanation 
    • "It even works under wooder!”
      • And that’s only some of the stuff JonTron covered...
  • "I've fallen and I can't get up!" Explanation 
    • LifeAlert, a Spiritual Successor service to LifeCall, would later trademark the phrase for use in its own commercials.
  • Slap-Chop commercial quotes, such as "You're gonna love my nuts" or "You're gonna be in a great mood all day, cause you'll be slapping your troubles away!". Similarly, Sham Wow quotes. Explanation 
    • Mutation: The Slap-Chop Rap, which has now been licensed to be put into the actual commercial.
    • The Scout is Vince Offer. Explanation 
    • BANG! AND THE DIRT IS GONE! Explanation 
    • And it came full-circle in the US ads for Cillit Bang (known as Easy-Off BAM there), which used music "inspired by" the Cillit Bang remix video.
    • In New Zealand, it's Easy-Off BAM, of course, and the guy has a hybrid NZ-American accent (well, most NZ advertising voice-overs have this weird hybrid accent).
    • Kitchen Gun Explanation 
  • Blankets are okay, but they can slip and slide. And when you need to reach for something, your hands are trapped inside. Explanation 
  • I am a non-attorney spokesperson. If you or a loved one was diagnosed with mesothelioma... Explanation 
  • "Because remember, there's no such thing as the poop fairy." Explanation 
  • National FF-Type Kerosene Heater. Explanation 
  • I'm Earl Scheib, and I'll paint any car for only $99.95.Explanation 
  • "Yeah, nah"/"No more beersies for you."Explanation 
  • And remember, I'm not only the Meme Club president, I'm also a client. Explanation 

    Medicine and Beauty Care 
  • Side Effects Include... nausea, fatigue, mild headache, itching, dry mouth, memory problems, sleeplessness, diarrhea, vomiting, double-vision, rashes, constipation, severe halitosis, weight gain, hair loss, anal leakage, suicidal thoughts, temporary blindness, impotence, and death. Consult your physician. Explanation 
  • "HeadOn: Apply Directly to the Forehead." Explanation 
    • Later, the company itself began running commercials saying "HeadOn: I hate your commercials, but I love your product!" in an attempt to mutate it in their favor.
  • The phrase "B.O." Explanation 
  • I'm not a meme, but I play one on TV! Explanation 
    • It's been replaced by a similar one: "Are you an X?" "No, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night."
  • BOM-CHICKA-WOW-WOW!!! Explanation 
  • “Diabeetus.” Explanation 
  • "Hello tropers. Look at your entry. Now back to mine. Now back to your entry. Now back to mine... Sadly, yours isn't mine. But if you stopped posting wrong examples and followed the guidelines, it could look like mine. Look down, back up, where are you? You're at TV Tropes, reading an article about memes. What's in your hand, now back to me. I have it, it's a famous meme from that commercial you love. Look again. THE MEME IS NOW DIAMONDS. Anything is possible when you follow the guidelines and not post bad examples. I'm on a laptop." Explanation 
  • Nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, diarrhea! Explanation 
  • TROJAN MAAAAAN! Explanation 
  • Ricolaaaaa! Explanation 
  • Plop-Plop! Fizz-Fizz! Oh, what a relief it is! Explanation 
  • "I thought you were Dale!" Explanation 
  • It'll hurt if I swallow... it'll hurt if I swallow... *gulp* MOMMY! Explanation 
  • Also, what sportswriters really want to ask Troy Polamalu is how he keeps his hair so fabulous. Explanation 
  • "Manly, yes; but I like it too." Explanation 
  • "This man is a dentist, so we can't show you his face on television." Explanation 
  • "And remember, if don't get help at Charter... Please get help somewhere." Explanation 
  • "Nyquil – the nighttime, sniffling, sneezing, aching, coughing, stuffy-head, fever, so you can rest medicine."Explanation 
  • "Jag... är... Ipren den intelligenta värktabletten." Explanation 

    Money and Insurance 
  • Internet: $49.95. Computer: $599.95. Discovering TV Tropes and having it ruin your life: priceless. Explanation 
  • "Bad news: [X]. Good news, I just saved a lot of money on car insurance by switching to GEICO." Typically the bad news is very bad, to make the lack of real good news that much worse. Explanation 
    • GEICO, so easy to use... a caveman could do it. Explanation 
      • Believe it or not, you can actually download this ringtone from the Geico site.
    • HUMP DAY.Explanation: 
  • From Ireland: "I don't know what a tracker mortgage is!" Explanation 
    • Excuse me. What's this ad for?
  • Calm down, dear, it's only a meme. Explanation 
  • I am Aleksandr, founder of Explanation 
    •, - Simples! Explanation 
  • “You’re soooooo MoneySuperMarket!” Explanation 
    • They sort of do, if you get them right. It's "With just a few clicks, you'll save spondulicks [as in slang for cash]..."
  • "Oh, no! Your tire's all flat an' junk!" Explanation 
  • I haaa~ve a structured settlement and I need cash now~ Call J.G. WENTWORTH! 877-CASH NOW! Explanation 
    • It's your money, use it when you need it!
    • IT'S MY MONEY AND I NEED IT NOW! Explanation 
  • Shoulda gone to Freeeeeeee Credit Report dot com! (Yeehaw!) Explanation 
  • AFLAC! Explanation 
  • USA Prime Credit, I am Peggy. Explanation 
  • Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there... with a meme explanation! Explanation 
    • Is this Jake from State Farm?Explanation 
  • Get Allstate. Save cash and be better protected from mayhem... like me. Explanation 
  • We! Are! Farmers! Bum ba dum bum bum bum bum!Explanation 
  • Only pay for what you need. Liberty, Liberty, Li-ber-ty! Li-ber-ty!Explanation 
  • The Nationwide Kid.Explanation 
  • "That's not how this works! That's not how any of this works!" Explanation 

  • "Only you can prevent memeing."Explanation 
  • "Friends don't let friends [insert phrase here]" Explanation 
    • One mutation popular in the 1990s with Apple Macintosh fans: "Friends don't let friends do DOS."
  • You wouldn't download a car. Explanation 
  • "You, all right!? I learned it by watching you!"Explanation 
  • This is a meme. This is a meme on drugs. Any questions? Explanation 
    • Followed up by a sequel in which Rachael Leigh Cook proceeds to wreck an apartment with a frypan. No, ma'am, we will NOT do heroin. We'll just settle for your number and what time you're free for a date, thank you!
    • An Easter Egg death in Space Quest 4, in which Roger steps onto a planet without the right protective gear: "This is Roger. This is Roger on Ortega. Any questions?"
    • This has been spoofed by many pieces of pop culture, from Batman Forever to (most surprisingly) a PBS Kids promo.
    • Cook ended up reprising the role in a PSA criticizing how the War On Drugs disproportionately targets minorities.
  • "This isn't normal, but on meth it is." "Meth: not even once." Explanation 
  • "Grab a chip? A chip?" "You know I can't grab any of your GHOST CHIPS!" Explanation 
    • "I've been internalizing a complicated situation in my head."
  • Stop it. Get some help. Explanation 
  • "What would you do if there was a child right in front of you?"Explanation 
  • "We're not candy! Believe us! Even though we look so fine and dandy..." Explanation 
  • "Yeah, I do D.R.U.G.S.: D _____ / R _____ / U _____ / G _____ / S _____" Explanation 

  • BELLY'S GONNA GET YOU! has become a standard cheer for anyone overweight. Explanation 
    • *belch*
  • "It's just like—it's just like a mini mall!" Explanation 
  • IKEA:
    • Many of you feel bad for zis trope. That iz because you crazy! Explanation  Parodied in this VG Cats comic.
    • For Pride Month 2021, IKEA collaborated with various queer designers to create a series of love seats with the theme of Queer Colors (it should be noted that only one of each were produced, and they were not meant to be sold to consumers). While most of them are rather tasteful and aesthetically pleasing, the bisexual flag couch drew the most attention out of the bunch: the couch is covered in felt and plastic hands which look unintentionally disturbing, and unlike the other couches, it incorporates text into its design, a lamentation about bisexual erasure ("When you change OR to AND, nobody believes you")note . It became the subject of many jokes on Tumblr, being referred to as the "IKEA biphobia couch" or "bisexual horror couch".
  • Diamonds are forever. Explanation 
  • This is not just a meme, this is an exaggerated, cool background music-containing, sexy Irish-voiced, M&S meme. Explanation 
  • The biggest-ever DFS sale is now on! Hurry: must end soon! Explanation 
  • "WOW! THAT'S A LOW PRICE!" Explanation 
  • You probably thought X was alive. NOOOOPE! Chuck Testa! Explanation 
  • Super-regional example: "You can't spell Texas without H-E-B!" Explanation 
  • Craaaaazy Bruuuuce's Liquoooooors... We've got the bargains for you! (Whoo! Whoo! Whoo!) Explanation 
  • "It's a sofa by day! / And a bed by night! Is it true? Yes it is! ABSOLUTELY RIGHT!" Explanation 
  • Ship my pants?note 
  • "Here at Crazy Eddie, our prices are... INSAAAANE!!!" Explanation 
  • Leave off the last S for savings. Explanation 
  • The P.C. Richard & Son whistle, a.k.a. the New York Yankees strikeout whistle. Explanation 
  • "Trust Sleepy's... for the rest of your life!" Explanation 
    • Child killing mattress Explanation 

  • "Excuse me...Are those Bugle Boy jeans that you're wearing?" Explanation 
  • Hey CULLIGAN man!Explanation 
  • "You've just won the Super Bowl! What are you doing next?" "I'm Going to Disney World!" Explanation 
  • "We'll leave the light on for you."Explanation 
  • The Shake Weight.Explanation 
  • Basically anything that sings the jingle of numbers. Examples include:
    • 1-800-45 Closet, CLOSET WORLD!
    • 1-800-95-JENNY!
    • 800-588-2300 EMPIRE! Today.
      • This one's so memetic in the Chicago area that a Vienna Beef Hotdog ad has "You've memorized the phone number to Empire Carpet" as a sign that you're a Chicagoan.
      • In the late 2000's, their ads spread outside of Chicago and were constantly overplayed on TV stations on the East Coast and in the Midwest. This resulted in a meme spurring in 2019 where text describing a situation where a TV could be on is shown above a video or screencap of the 2000's era end tag for the Empire Today commercial. For example, the post that began the meme talked about the OP's parents arguing as the commercial played. The meme extended to other frequently-aired television ads from that era.
      • Comments on compilations videos of the end tags of Empire Today ads will joke about how the people doing the home as the jingle plays have been working on it since 1992, as the end tags that have debuted since that year have depicted people putting flooring into a house that is being built.
      • In July of 2019, a meme spurred where the end tag's music is replaced by another song.
      • Another meme involving the ad has owners of dogs filming videos of them howling to the jingle as a reaction.
      • "2300 and 5!/and pie!" Explanation 
      • "I never knew Stan Lee sold carpet!" Explanation 
      • Similarly: 773-202-(beep beep beep beep) LUNAExplanation 
    • 1-800-STEEMER... Stanley Steemer makes your home cleaner!
      • "Hey, Mom! Check out Toby's new trick!" Explanation 
    • "1-877-KARS-4-KIDS / K-A-R-S / KARS-4-KIDS" Explanation 
    • 877-393-4448! (Think of it being sung in the style of reggaeton with the "4448" bit hyperextended.)
    • And in the United Kingdom, we have the number for the car insurance firm Hastings Direct: "0800 00 1066", sung as "Oh-eight-hundred double-oh, ten-sixty-six."
    • CAAAAALL 337-2323! 337-2323! 337-2323 FOR PIZZA HUT DE-LIV-ER-Y!
    • Nine-six-seven, eleven, eleven!Explanation 
    • 502, triple-seven, eleven eleven, 502, triple-seven, eleven eleven...
  • "Not happy, Jan!" Explanation 
    • Mutation: People annoyed with the actions of former Prime Minister John Howard turned it into the Catchphrase "Not happy, John!"
  • It does Exactly What It Says on the Tin. Explanation 
    • Quickly adopted as a stock phrase meaning that something is self-explanatory; ubiquitous enough to be the Trope Namer for Exactly What It Says on the Tin.
    • In Doctor Who, when Jack Harkness is stripped naked by a Defabricator he recites this phrase.
    • Referenced in politics when David Cameron referred to the coalition government as "A Ronseal Deal"
  • "I love Cliche Storms, I love the Jerkasses, I love the Big Nos, I love the Badasses! I love TV Tropes, and all its bits and words! Boom de ah da! Boom de ah da! Boom de ah da! Boom de ah da!" Explanation 
  • J-Rock! Girugamesh! I love anime! And manga! Explanation 
  • The CRAZY WAREHOUSE GUY!!! We have rugs for 50, 60, 70, 80 and even 90% off! Closing down sale!! We've closed down before, but this time we mean it! If we don't sell this entire container by midnight, we'll burn the lot!
  • "I'm Jim Adler, the Texas Hammer!" Explanation 
  • Hurt in a car? Call William Mattar Explanation 
  • Who's better than Lastman's Bad Boy? NOOOOOBODY!Explanation 
  • "[Athlete's name] going all [ATHLETE'S NAME]!" Explanation 
  • I lift things up and put them down. Explanation 
  • "Is it the shoes?" Explanation 
  • A very localized and specific meme, to those stationed on US military bases in Korea 2007-2009. An ad of a floating Genghis Khan head repeating seductively "Mongolian Barbeque..."
  • 1-800 Contacts launched a very memetic commercial indeed. note 
    Woman: Your contact lenses just arrived.
    Man: 1-800 Contacts? They can't have my brand! I have special eyes.
    Woman: Look! Look with your special eyes!
    Man: MY BRAND!
  • "30 seconds! Spray & Walk Away!"Explanation 
  • "Hotel? Trivago." Explanation 
  • Sorry, this isn't a list of memes. It's a Tide ad. note 
  • This ugly son of a bitch is fucking super hot chicks, and basically, you are fucking stupid. How? Just watch the free video...Explanation 
  • Te hace falta ver más bax.Translanation  Explanation 
  • "Hello... Frank Walker for National Tiles." Explanation 
  • "Ahh, the Polynesian Spa."Explanation 
  • "Thank you for coming to Loews! Sit back and relax. Enjoy the show!" Explanation 
  • In 2021, AMC Theatres released We Make Movies Better, a promotional commercial starring Nicole Kidman that plays before every film. Because of repeated exposure due to showing before every standard movie (especially to patrons who see films frequently with the chain's subscription service), the ad has gone memetic, inspiring recitals, edits, parodies, salutes, and clothing. Kidman herself was surprised to learn of its popularity.
    Somehow, heartbreak feels good in a place like this.
  • "1 strange tip for (x): one simple trick to (x) that has angered (experts in x) Explanation 
  • Nike 30th anniversary: Believe in everything - even if it means sacrificing everythingExplanation 
  • “It’s BACONNNNN!Explanation 
  • The Indi Home Paket Phoenix JingleExplanation: 


  • For you folks in Northeast Ohio... Norton's Furniture is here for you! Seriously. If you can't get credit in his store... you can't get credit ANYWHERE.
    • And not to mention... Liberty's in Aurora (Solon)! Maple Heights (Bedford)! Canton (Independence)! Parma Heights! Brunswick! Vermilion! Ohmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...
    • For you folks in Southwest Ohio... SAVE CASH AT KASH'S! KASH'S BIG BARGAIN BARN!
      • For ANYONE here in Ohio... IT'S YOUR MONEY, AND YOU NEED IT NOW!
  • "Sit 'n Sleep will beat anyone's advertised price, or your mattress is FREEEEEEE!"
  • Anyone who lives in the northeastern United States knows Bob's Discount Furniture and its Stop Motion pitchman.
  • Similarly in Maine, we have Furniture Superstore, complete with Motor Mouth and the famous "DOOOOOOOON'T MISS IT!"
  • Two related ones from the San Francisco Bay Area: "Have a good night's sleep for less, Mattress Discounters!" and "Sleep Train! *woo woo* Your ticket to a better night's sleep!"
  • U-Phage! It's what puts the Rope in TV Tropes!
  • Weeeeeeee wish you a Merry Christmas, but at the mall, you're spending too much...
  • Those living in the Pacific Northwest, particular western Washington State are familiar with Pemco Insurance Northwest Profiles.
  • Those in the Piedmont Triad area of North Carolina (although it may also apply outside the Triad) should recognize "CAAAAAAROLINA KIA!"
  • For those of you from New Orleans: "Ro-sen-berg's, Ro-sen-berg's, Eight-teen Twenty-Five Tu-lane"
  • The Nike "Write the Future" lampshades the Memetic Mutation process, in which a soccer player's fancy footwork gains international notoriety and gets replicated via YouTube Poop.
  • For anyone who lives in Alabama or near it: ~Charles Pittman Is The Way To Go, Call Five three three five oh oh oh!~ [[labelnote:Explanation]] A very enthusiastic lawyer's ads always end in this jingle. Always.
    • Another lawyer who uses the same jingle, but with his name: "Glen Lerner is the way to go! Call Eight Seven Seven One Five Oh Oh!" or "Glen Lerner is the lawyer for you! Call Two Two Two Twenty-Two Twenty-Two!" Later he partnered and it changed to “Lerner and Rowe are the lawyers for you…”
  • Eagle insurance and its cheesy Eagleman mascot for Illinois residents
    ”do you have insurance on this car?”
    “it must be Eagleman!”
    “I’ve got something for you!” *lays an egg, which hatches*
    “oh look at those low rates!”
  • Another Illinois one: “The Illinois Hammer is on the way!” Illinois Hammer is a worker’s comp law firm known for being rather aggressive in their approach.
  • Also Illinois: The General insurance, with their short cartoon army general mascot. “For great car insurance you can get online, go to The General and save some time”
  • Nick India DabExplanation 

*busts through index, screaming*