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David Kenneth Harbour (born April 10, 1975 in White Plains, New York) is an American actor best known for his role as Jim Hopper in Stranger Things.

He's married to Lily Allen since 2020.

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David Harbour provides examples of the following tropes:

  • Acting in the Dark: He claims to have not been told whether Hopper survived Season 3 of Stranger Things and is the "American" referred to in The Stinger, though there's a lot of speculation that he's just taking the piss with the fans. The Duffer Brothers would later comment, after Season 4’s first part released, that Harbour was in the know and had initially suggested shooting Hopper’s survival during production of the previous season.
  • The Big Guy: Harbour has a height of six feet three inches which led to him playing burly men who can use their size to kick ass.
  • Star-Derailing Role: What he was really afraid Hellboy (2019)'s critical and box office failure would be, apparently having called up Ryan Reynolds (who's had his own experiences with superhero roles that almost ended his career) for reassurance after it bombed. Despite his worries, it didn't do too much damage to his career, and many critics who hated the film even gave their sympathies to Harbour for doing his best with the material.
  • Typecasting: Before Stranger Things, he was recognizable as someone who usually played villains. Afterwards, he's been offered and taken up more and more heroic roles, many of them being disgruntled but otherwise well-meaning fatherly figures.