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The furs and dresses here are already out of fashion!

This character is, quite simply, a character whose defining trait is being well-dressed and extremely interested in fashion (and beauty).

The Fashionista is often a woman, save for instances of The Dandy, or a Camp Gay guy (whether or not he is a fashion designer). The Fashionista will invariably love to shop, read Fashion Magazines, and watch (or be involved in if she is a model or a designer) Fashion Shows, and will either have an Unlimited Wardrobe or long for one. She may be the Girly Girl in a Tomboy and Girly Girl pair. If not she will — depending on temperament — either be Alpha Bitch/Rich Bitch or Spoiled Sweet.

Either way, she is often a prime candidate for Even the Girls Want Her. At some point in the story, she is likely to wear a Little Black Dress (or a red one). Some of her outfits are likely midriff-baring. She is also likely at some point to give The Makeover to a character who is either Beautiful All Along or Cleans Up Nicely.

Sometimes, The Fashionista makes her own clothes, usually if she actually works in the fashion industry or wants to. She may Really Get Around, but it is not a requirement. The Fashionista is usually skinny; it is uncommon to see a Hollywood Pudgy one, and in more cynical shows, she may have an eating disorder such as anorexia or bulimia.

An older fashionista may be a Silver Vixen, a White-Dwarf Starlet, a Stacy's Mom, or say "I Was Quite a Looker." In movies and shows from The '80s, The Fashionista may also be a Valley Girl. Whether or not she is a superheroine, she will most likely have multiple costume changes over the years. If she is a supervillainess, she will most likely be a Vain Sorceress. She's not immune to Fashion Dissonance though. If she also happens to be an Action Girl then you've got a Girly Bruiser or an Action Fashionista. A Selfie Fiend is frequently a fashionista.

If the audience does not consider her a fashionista, this is Informed Attractiveness.

A Sub-Trope of Costume Porn (personifying that trope in these characters).

Compare The Beautiful Elite, Impractically Fancy Outfit, Impossibly Cool Clothes, Pimped-Out Dress, The Dandy, Idle Rich, Sharp-Dressed Man.


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    Anime & Manga 
  • Cardcaptor Sakura: Tomoyo would Once per Episode design Sakura some darn creative outfit. Sometimes they had some practical benefit but usually, they were just to make her look cute.
  • Case Closed:
    • Sonoko Suzuki identifies the victims in one case as belonging to the ganguro fashion subculture upon seeing their pictures. She even distinguished what kind of ganguro they were!
    • Ai Haibara is a milder example. When not at work, she regularly reads fashion magazines. She also sometimes demands expensive purses or other fashion items in return for favors.
  • The Dangers in My Heart : Anna Yamada; a given since she's model. Aside from what she wears in bonus material, she has several outfits for going out and has been noted to look even more like an adult in them. She dresses herself particularly well whenever Ichikawa is around, and sometimes matches styles with him.
  • Don't Become an Otaku, Shinozaki-san!: Akina Shinozaki loves clothes and fashion and even plans to become friends with her otaku classmate Kaede to draw her out of the otaku life. This backfires, causing Akina to become more of an otaku and results in things like Akina spending more than two hours designing an MMORPG avatar.
  • Dragon Ball Z: Android 18 loves clothes, and even has her own Costume-Test Montage in one of the films.
  • Fairy Tail: Erza is a Lady of War who loves to dress up, has over 100 outfits, and according to Word of God she once scared a major fashion designer into designing pretty armor for her (the insignia on said armor indicates Heart Kreuz is the designer in question). Her past as a slave at the Tower of Heaven gives her a reason for this.
  • GA: Geijutsuka Art Design Class: Every time Nodamiki appears, she wears a different hairdo and has the uncanny ability to spot the identity of different fashion pieces — despite being just a tenth grader!
  • Raimu Kouno a.k.a. "Rairi" from Kaiju Girl Caramelise. She's an expert in makeup who regularly gives fashion tips to her classmates, and her Establishing Character Moment sees her spontaneously giving Kuroe a makeover despite the other girls in their class previously thinking the latter irredeemably unattractive. It's soon revealed that Rairi actually has the face of a gorilla underneath all that elaborate makeup, and she originally got into fashion all so she could disguise it.
  • Lapis Re:LiGHTs has Ratura of Sugar Pockets. Her family runs an internationally-lauded fashion brand, she's inherited the talent of designing clothes, and is very stylish and fashionable in general. However, her creations find their home in the pages of her manga than on the runway as she's also a magical girl otaku and aspiring manga artist/writer and her personal wardrobe is very limited due to both a limited allowance (as discipline training) and her hobby collecting official merchandise.
  • Magical Record Lyrical Nanoha Force: Isis Egret has dreams of starting her own fashion label despite coming from a family that specializes in guarding important people.
  • Naruto: Hinata's younger sister, Hanabi, is shown to have become one of these as a teenager in The Last: Naruto the Movie, which she also remains in Boruto as an adult. Hinata complains that she's become a bit too concerned with looks, to the point where she puts cute accessories on her kunai. In Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 one of her attacks even has Hanabi complain when her hair becomes messy in battle.
  • Koito from Otaku Elf wants to be a fashionista and is occasionally seen reading fashion magazines and bought both a high-end handbag and a second-hand trench coat from a high-end fashion house, but, as other characters note, it doesn't really work for her. When she showed the high-end handbag (which cost her three years of new-year's money) to other characters, they said it looked out of her league, which she admitted that it really does. As to the trench coat? It was way too big on her and just looked ridiculous, though when Elda, the aforementioned otaku elf, tried it on, she looked amazing according to the other characters.
  • Pretty Cure:
    • In HeartCatch Pretty Cure! Erika's president of the school's fashion club. Having parents who run a clothing shop helps.
    • Miki from the previous show is also an aspiring model, so she goes around changing her fashion occasionally until she gets a 'perfect' look.
  • Princess Jellyfish: Kuranosuke becomes a Wholesome Crossdresser so that he can pursue his passion without interference from his family of politicians.
  • In Tamagotchi, Memetchi is fascinated with the latest fashion trends. Unlike her rival, Makiko, she's also interested in making her own fashion.
  • Anna and Maho from Wandering Son are both fashion-savvy, especially Anna. Justified as they're both fashion models.
  • Wasteful Days of High School Girls:
    • Lily Someya has been the most shiny girl of her class and is so good in clothes matching that a chapter is spent of her giving fashion advice to some of her classmates.
    • Despite being an Otaku and mostly plays the Straight Man, Akane "Ota" Kikuchi dresses rather well outside of school, as well as sporting different hairstyles with each appearance in her casuals. She even dyes her hair to a lighter tone after moving to high school and shows an interest in makeup.

    Comic Books 
  • Archie Comics:
  • Justice League of America: Green Flame/Fire from the Global Guardians was a model at one point.
  • Millie the Model and her friends. It's right in the name, and she even provides our page image.
  • Patsy Walker was a model in her early days, and even after joining the mainstream Marvel Comics as Hellcat, she likes to indulge in Costume Porn.
  • Pocket God: Toola takes great pride in her beauty and fashion.
  • Spider-Man: Mary Jane Watson was, at one point, a fashion model. She is kind of a Tomboy in personality, though, in that she's very direct and enjoys sports. She has used her fashion design and sewing skills on many occasions to make and repair Spider-Man's costumes. She also designed the Hornet, Prodigy, and Ricochet costumes.
  • Teen Titans: For a time, Starfire (a hot alien babe with orange skin) had a successful career as a fashion model.
  • The Wasp: Janet Van Dyne is a fashion designer in her spare time. She likely has the largest wardrobe in comic book history.
  • Wonder Woman
    • Wonder Woman (1942): Glamora Treat is usually seen in her Holliday Girls sweater or T-shirt, but has a wide array of shorts, pants, and skirts to pair it with. She also has a full closet of outfits to wear for every possible occasion when she's not wearing her Holliday Girls shirts, lending itself well to disguising herself for infiltration or just for dressing for any kind of party or ball.
    • The Legend of Wonder Woman (2016): Etta Candy sews and designs her own clothes and is very fashion conscious. She is happy to get an interview with a Parisian fashion magazine editor and is thinking of designing clothes to make money.
    • Wonder Woman Historia: The Amazons: Hera wears a new, entirely different ornate and detailed costume for every new scene she's in.

    Fan Works 
  • Anger Management: Exploited when Lola is about to attack Lynn for (accidentally) making her eat mayo instead of vanilla pudding and spraying soda on her, but Lynn says that she can't go outside drenched in soda and with makeup running.
  • crawlersout: Female Harry loves fashion, and bonds with Tom's friend Margaret over it. Tom even manages to cheer her up by suggesting she buy something new for her wardrobe.
  • Crime boss Charlotte Flair from The Horsewomen Of Las Vegas is always dressed to the nines in designer clothes and sunglasses, and almost always in white outfits with gold accessories.
  • In Danny Phantom fanfic Resurrected Memories: Despite being ghosts, both Ember and Kitty really love to shop together in their spare time, to the point that Ember has a very large walk-in closet in her realm, filled with all kinds of clothes.
    • Downplayed a bit with Sam who wasn't all that opposed to shopping with long as it was for gothic fashion and made with non-animal materials, anyway.
  • Anastasia Burns from The Simpsons: Team L.A.S.H. is extremely conscious about what she wears, has a near-bottomless wardrobe, and is subscribed to a Fashion Magazine called Clotheshorse Monthly.
  • This is Bethany's preoccupation in the Skyhold Academy Yearbook series, as a nod to her in-game love for pretty clothes and shoes. She studied fashion design and manufacture in college, runs a blog about the subject, and makes some of her own clothing; she also helps to create the costumes when the school puts on a stage version of Beauty and the Beast.
  • In Their Bond, Link (being a soldier) doesn't wear much variety and prefers the practical, but it doesn't mean he isn't well-versed in fashion. This element causes Malon to ask him if he's gay, which he is.
  • In Story of Sin, Rodion is turned into this, even running a channel where she gives beauty tips and most recently has focused on nail art, which she says that her fans 'eat it up'. She's also known for her tastes in the school, and gets away with her having to dress for winter all the time and her weirdly dyed hair with the fashion excuse.

    Films — Animation 
  • 101 Dalmatians: Cruella de Vil's obsession with fashion, especially of the furred variety, is her entire motivation, leading her to acquire nearly a hundred puppies to make into clothing for herself. Since she is the evil variety of fashionista, she lacks the typical good looks, having instead an exaggeratedly thin body with protruding cheekbones and a great deal of make-up.
  • Inside Out: Disgust takes on this role, as part of her job is to set high standards for Riley.
    Disgust: "When I'm through, Riley will look so good the other kids will look at their own outfits and barf."

    Films — Live-Action 
  • Most of the women (except Andy) in The Devil Wears Prada are like this, largely because they work for a fashion magazine. It's implied to be the imposed edict of the magazine's owner, played by Meryl Streep; during the "gird your loins" scene where everyone is in a flurry because she's on her way, there's a brief throwaway shot of one woman hurriedly exchanging her sensible and comfortable shoes for a pair of stilettos.
  • The Dressmaker couldn't get much more self-explanatory.
  • In House of 9, Max Roy is a fashion designer whose initial concern on being trapped in a Deadly Game in a house with nine strangers is that he only has one outfit.
  • The Hunger Games: Effie Trinket has been wearing fancy dresses in all her appearances. When she has to wear jumpsuits after defecting to District 13, she's obviously pissed off. That said, she is able to rock the jumpsuit with a few alterations and accessories.
  • In A Knight's Tale Jocelyn likes wearing different clothes and dressing to match her knight because a flower is only as good as its petals.
  • Elle Woods of Legally Blonde was originally a Fashion Merchandising major before switching to Law. Her in-depth knowledge about the industry helps her to catch a saleswoman that tries to rip her off by charging full price for a year-old dress.
  • Mean Girls: Regina George and the rest of the Plastics. There's even a dress code, such as which days they're supposed to wear pink.
  • In the dueling biopics Yves Saint Laurent and Saint Laurent, Yves takes inspiration from his muses. Betty Catroux fascinates Yves with her androgynous style and Loulou de la Falaise delights him with her eclectic fashion choices.
  • Birdie Jay from Glass Onion used to be a supermodel and now works as a fashion designer, and her background certainly shows in the colorful, flashy outfits she wears throughout the film.

  • Animorphs: Rachel is described as incredibly beautiful and able to coordinate any outfit to resemble a fashion model's style. Shopping for clothes in the mall is her favorite hobby; it becomes a Chekhov's Skill in one book when she needs to dress a malfunctioning Erik in a stylish outfit and successfully picks out the perfect ensemble without knowing any of his sizes. Rachel also happens to be the team's best and most enthusiastic fighter, happily morphing to grizzly bear to tear an Hork-Bajir or five to shreds. In one book, she undergoes Literal Split Personality; her "good" half is cowardly and loves shopping, while her "evil" half couldn't care less about clothes (although he still manages to look good in her tomboyish clothes) and takes her Blood Knight tendencies up a notch.
  • The Baby-Sitters Club: Anyone who grew up reading this series will remember the obligatory description of Claudia's outfits as the highlight of the otherwise virtually copy-and-pasted introductory passage in each book. She was also the artsy one, and her dress sense obeyed no laws of fashion except her own, but we're assured that "on her, it totally worked" every time. Her best friend Stacey was from New York, which was treated like it was proof of fashion consciousness in itself.
  • In The Egypt Game, April goes for a '60s Hollywood look (Beehive Hairdo, Pretty in Mink, etc.) at the start. (The novel was written in 1967.) She's emulating her inattentive actress/singer mother.
  • Jessamine Lovelace from The Infernal Devices is very concerned about how she looks, and it's she who takes Tessa out to buy new dresses.
  • Letters to His Son: The French in general are fabulously fashionable; "Fashion is more tyrannical at Paris than in any other place in the world; it governs even more absolutely than their king, which is saying a great deal."
  • In Lonely Werewolf Girl, this is the Hat of the Fire Demons. The standout character is, of course, Malveria, but Werewolf-fashion designer Thrix runs a close second. Showing up in the wrong dress could start a war you know.
  • The Parasol Protectorate has the extremely fashionable vampiric Lord Akeldama, and his retinue of rarified dandies.
  • Time Scout: Margo dresses well with timeless class. When she first encounters Connie Logan's shop, she practically orgasms.
  • In The Twilight Saga, Alice loves dressing people up and throwing parties, especially if Bella's involved. She not only organizes Bella's wedding, but packs her honeymoon suitcase, dresses her up in a cocktail dress and stilettos for her first post-vamp hunt, and fills up her closet at home with high-end, fashionable clothing while Bella would rather wear jeans.
  • Ward has the main protagonist, Victoria Dallon. While she doesn't go overboard, she is very fashion conscious and her narrative descriptions of other characters frequently include a rundown of exactly what they're wearing and her own critique of it.
  • While My Pretty One Sleeps:
    • Neeve Kearny loves fashion; she's always well-dressed and runs a successful fashion boutique, Neeve's Place, helping to dress dozens of women in stylish and flattering outfits. Her keen eye for fashion even helps solve the central mystery of what happened to Ethel. Neeve notices something is off about Ethel's clothes: firstly, she has supposedly left town but didn't take any winter coats despite the freezing weather, and when her body is finally found, Neeve believes her killer dressed her in a specific outfit because the blouse she's wearing with her suit is one she would never have picked for herself (while it was the one sold with the suit, Neeve had warned her off it as it clashed with the rest of the outfit), one of her stockings has a significant run in it (Neeve says she would never go out with her stockings in that state) and she isn't wearing any jewellery (which could be used to identify her). The caftan she tended wear around her home is also missing (it was the outfit she actually died in and it got covered in blood). This means Ethel was killed in her apartment and her body dressed to look like she was intending to go out. Neeve also correctly deduces that Ethel's ex-husband didn't kill her because based on his dowdy clothes, he knows little about fashion.
    • Neeve inherited her interest in and talent for fashion from her mother; Renata also had a good eye for fashion and took a part-time job buying clothes for a boutique, often bringing Neeve with her. Renata wasn't afraid to call out merchants trying to sell her unflattering outfits, was always impeccably dressed and believed that "A woman's clothes should fit her like a second skin". She also took it upon herself to help her husband dress better, including laying out his ties for him, as Myles is all but clueless when it comes to fashion. It's revealed that Renata even had the makings of being a great fashion designer, with Sal saying he knew just from looking through her design portfolio that she had The Gift for it; Sal stole her designs and made fashion history with them.

    Live-Action TV 
  • Amber Brown (2022): Brandi is quite into wearing different stylish outfits and hairdos.
  • American Idol: When female judges started commenting on how a contestant looked, it was usually a sign that they couldn't find anything good to say about their performance. Nicki Minaj, on the other hand, is always giving commentary/suggestions on their style choices and still commenting on the performances themselves.
  • Arabela: Princess Xenia is very fond of clothes, especially the modern ones worn in the human world.
  • The Bold Type: All three of the main characters — Jane, Kat, and Sutton — are beautiful dressers, mixing high and low fashion labels. Their boss Jacqueline Carlyle is always dressed in high-end designer fashions.
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Cordelia and the Cordettes are vicious enforcers of fashion rules.
    Angel: It was kind of like the Soviet Secret Police if they cared a lot about shoes.
  • Degrassi: The Next Generation: Fiona Coyne is a talented artist and is also very interested in fashion, as shown through her unique sense of style.
  • Desperate Housewives: Gabrielle is a former fashion model who, despite giving up the runway, hasn't sacrificed the clothes she wore while posing. She's easily the best dressed of the titular housewives and is known to spend extravagantly on the latest designer outfits. In the final season of the show, her sense of style becomes a Chekhov's Skill—she treats herself to a day of shopping and proves incredibly good at creating elaborate ensembles, so the high-end store she's visiting offers her a job as a "professional shopper" for rich clients (she's responsible for picking out clothes for people who either don't have time to choose or lack fashion sense). Gabrielle finds herself genuinely enjoying the work and parlays it into a full-on home shopping empire, making her rich and successful.
  • Friends: Rachel works her way up the fashion career ladder.
  • Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha: Hye-jin's outfits are always luxurious and well put together. When trying to plan an outfit for a former classmate's wedding, she orders dozens of packages in the weeks leading up to it.
  • Middle daughter Mandy on Last Man Standing is always dressed well, and she creates her own line of clothing and sells them out of her parents' basement.
  • Llan-ar-goll-en: This is an Informed Attribute with Tara, who is supposedly an expert on fashion, yet has the exact same clothing and hairstyle in every episode, just like the other characters.
  • Maggie & Bianca: Fashion Friends: The title characters attend the Fashion Academy. Ironically, Maggie (the middle-class girl) fits the trope more than Bianca (the rich daughter of a fashion entrepreneur). While Bianca cares about being stylish, she only attends the Fashion Academy because she's forced by her father and does not want a career in fashion (unlike Maggie), because her real secret dream is being a singer.
  • The Nanny: Fran Fine, the titular character, is as well known for her amazing fashion as her nasal voice. Her outfits range from the eye-catching (a dress made of candy wrappers) to the outlandish (a floor-length faux fur coat in bright orange) to the truly bizarre (a dress that resembles a brick wall), but they're always extremely chic. Fran frequently discusses shopping for the best available deals at department stores, and one episode reveals that Todd Oldham, a real-life fashion designer, is her cousin and gives her free outfits ("How do you think a nanny could afford to dress the way I do?").
  • Our Miss Brooks: Wealthy Miss Enright, Miss Brooks' rival, is always impeccably dressed.
  • Parks and Recreation: Tom's obsession with living a glamorous and luxurious life comes with an obsession over fashion. In later seasons, he parlays this into a business that rents out clothing.
  • Pretty Little Liars: Hanna all but uses the school hallways as her catwalk.
  • The Queen's Gambit: Beth likes fine clothes and makeup almost as much as she likes winning. Once she can afford it, she starts dressing absolutely beautifully, which makes some of her opponents dismiss her, thinking someone so feminine and glamorous couldn't possibly be a formidable chess player. They are quickly proven very wrong. Part of Beth's love of nice clothes stems from the fact that she grew up in an orphanage where she only had one dress, and even after being adopted, didn't have that many outfits and was bullied for it at school. After she starts making money, she treats herself to a new wardrobe to celebrate moving ahead.
  • Red Dwarf: The Cat:
    Cat: (being made to scrub the floor) Aw, look at my hands! I had lovely hands!
    Lister: Well, wear the smegging gloves!
    Cat: Marigold with blue? Are you crazy?
  • Schitt's Creek: Moira, David, and Alexis all sport high-end designer looks that were purchased before the family went bankrupt.
  • The Suite Life of Zack & Cody: London Tipton rarely wears an outfit more than twice. It's presented as one example among many of her frivolity and status as a wealthy hotel heiress.
  • That's So Raven: Raven Baxter herself lacks supermodel proportions but fashion design is her passion and she makes most of her own clothing. The plots of several episodes revolve around her interest in fashion and making it a career.
  • The Vampire Diaries: Caroline is trendy and loves fashion.
  • Velvet: Many of the female characters. Unsurprising since the show takes place at a high end fashion house.
  • The West Wing: C.J. has trouble being taken seriously as a female White House press secretary (people either focus on how she looks rather than what she's saying or assume she does that).
  • The Wilds: Nobody can argue Fatin's not constantly concerned with her looks. She's always seen in the most flattering possible clothing, plus makeup.
  • The Wire:
    • D'Angelo Barksdale is shown to take a long time picking his outfit every day, with his then-girlfriend Shardene even teasing him about taking longer than most women. He also stops to change clothes before driving to New York for a pick-up while the police wait outside.
    • Bunk Moreland is rarely seen out of his pinstripe suit, only once showing up in sweatpants and an old lacrosse t-shirt out of protest. He also knows a lot about different designers.
      Jimmy: You know how they call a guy who pays that much attention to his clothes, do you?
      Bunk: Yeah, an adult.
    • Ziggy Sobotka wants to impress people with his $2000 Italian leather jacket, but gets mostly laughed at.

  • A$AP Rocky dubbed himself "the fashion killa" on his debut studio album, and has worked with different fashion houses and is close friends with designer Raf Simmons.
  • Kanye West started the trend of Prep Hop by dressing in polo shirts and tight jeans early in his carreer and carried onto creating his own fashion brand Yeezy.
  • Tyler, the Creator started from wearing brightly colored skateboard fashion to creating his own brand GOLF le FLEUR.

  • Brimstone Valley Mall: Asmoraius is very proud of his flamboyant clothing and makeup, opting for elaborate Victorian styles that make him look like he walked out of a Gothic romance novel, and then immediately went clubbing. He's less than enthused that his boyfriend's clothing choices consist entirely of polo shirts.

    Pro Wrestling 
  • Daffney Unger loves all kinds of clothing, and if she can't get her hands on something she'll replicate it. She has a particular affinity for hats and an especial one for top hats, especially if they are tiny.
  • Angel Williams is when it comes to footwear. Lady Victoria's website has a Foot Focus video of nothing but Williams showing off shoes, sandals, flip flops, and such of all kinds and she had many types of boots when running with The Beautiful People and La Sociedad. During this time her old finishing moves were phased out for a bicycle kick, apparently since she wouldn't be wearing any out for awhile.
  • Natalya Neidhart is similar to Williams but with a more narrow focus on shoes in particular. According to Naomi Knight, Neidhart is a collector, which Knight brought up when she noticed Neidhart coveting the shoes she was wearing.
  • La Morena is Puerto Rico's queen of fashion, although the size of her wardrobe might not be that big, as there is no telling just how many outfits she has ruined.
  • A big part of the Girly Bruiser celebrity hanger-on image of Melina Perez is her constantly shifting wardrobe, the only consistencies being something representing her Mexican pride in rotation. She is a former beauty queen, so glamour comes naturally.
  • Maxwell Chicago is a male example concerning suits, which he loves so much he'll even wrestle matches in them. Tyler Black too, though not enough to wear his formal wear in the ring.
  • "The Feisty Fashion Plate" Calvin Couture spends much of his day thumbing through Vogue magazine and the Hollywood press, looking for new things to dress in. He aims to bring trendy fashion back to the pro wrestling scene and not a month into his rookie year claimed that anyone who didn't embrace that was just jealous! "Jealousy is a disease, get well soon!"
  • Devin Carter, The Fashionista who always goes big, whether it's going for a wrestling title belt or whether it's dressing to impress. That's what he says anyway, but he's frequently been caught "unprepared" in plain t shirts. Still, he does have quite the impressive clothing collection, when he expects to be able to show it off.

    Puppet Shows 
  • Les Guignols de l'Info
    • Rachida Dati, former Justice Minister, is portrayed as quite fashion- and shopping-obsessed (at the expense of any political savvy).
    • Karl Lagerfeld, on the other hand, is the serious fashion designer and critic version of the trope.
  • Princess Diana in Spitting Image was often shown wearing a different outfit every time the camera cut to her — in a single scene.

  • Monster High has Clawdeen Wolf. Unlike most fashionistas, though, she is serious about going into the fashion industry in a business-minded way; in her 2011 doll's diary, the first entry mentions her AP class in fashion.

    Video Games 
  • Animal Crossing has roving fashion consultant Gracie, a giraffe. Gracie will judge your clothing in some of the games, and in all games, she provides the player with her signature clothing line. She is depicted as having overall very expansive tastes.
  • Avengers Academy has Janet Van Dyne/The Wasp as this in a more pronounced from than the comics. Here she's also a fashion designer and also opens her own clothing store on campus.
  • In Chicory: A Colorful Tale: Oats' only interest is the newest fashion trends, and they give Pizza riddles on what clothing combos to wear so they can reward them with more clothes.
  • D4 Duncan's hair is a green swirly cone, and he brings a mannequin named "Sukey" everywhere he goes and dresses her up just like him.
  • The Legend of Zelda:
    • The Legend Of Zelda Triforce Heroes is set in Hytopia, a kingdom where fashion is Serious Business (even more so than in Real Life). Princess Styla is widely regarded as the most stylish fashionista in a kingdom of fashionistas. Her being cursed to wear a drab set of tights that cannot be removed is thus a Fate Worse than Death for her. The rest of the kingdom is also grief-stricken. The heroes' task is to find a way to remove the awful onesie so that Styla can go back to wearing trendsetting outfits.
    • The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom has Cece. The older sister of Sophie (the latter of whom was first seen in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild), she's a flamboyantly-dressed woman who had been travelling abroad to research various clothing styles before returning home to Hateno Village to turn it into a fashion hub. Many Hylians in both Hateno and elsewhere can be seen wearing the mushroom-themed outfits she has inspired. This all leads to tension between her and Mayor Reede, who thinks the fashion craze is distracting from Hateno's traditional agricultural focus.
  • In Marvel: Avengers Alliance, one of the Team-Up Bonuses you can get is "Fashionistas". Those eligible for it include Black Widow, Invisible Woman, Ms. Marvel, Wasp... and Deadpool.
  • Several latter-day Pokémon Gym Leaders have side jobs in the fashion industry, which is reflected in their appearance and dialogue. Elesa and Nessa are models, Valerie is a designer (and, according to a television documentary on her, a former model), and Tulip dounle-shifts as a make-up artist and model.
  • Puyo Puyo: Oshare Bones is a rare male example. He talks about fashion — be it his clothes or other peoples' taste in clothing — more than just about anything else, and one story scene in Puyo Puyo Fever 2 has his rambling on about the subject enough to confuse the current player character, Amitie.
  • Strea, from the Sword Art Online video game continuity, is very skilled in sewing, which she puts to good use by making many kinds of clothes for all the girls (from uniforms and costumes to lingerie). She even made a machine in one of the games that auto-generate costumes!
  • Tokimeki Memorial: One of the oldest examples is Yuko Asahina. This makes her one of the most special girls in the cast, as the secret to romancing her is for dates to take her to the trendiest places or shows of the moment for massive Relationship Values.
  • Shiki from The World Ends with You has a talent for sewing and mentions bringing to life the designs of her friend Eri. She serves as a contrast to protagonist Neku who professes no knowledge of trends or fashion and barely notices damage to his own clothing. Although by damage, Shiki means "one of your buttons is slightly coming off."
  • One of Emilia's background traits in Yggdra Union; literally almost every item she ever uses is an Elegant Gothic Lolita-inspired accessory or jewelry that she's personally made.

    Visual Novels 
  • Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc: Junko Enoshima is a very famous kogal model known for her extravagant tastes and she has this as her Ultimate title. As it would turn out, she is actually a deranged terrorist obsessed with the concept of despair who sets off the Tragedy and serves as the main antagonist of the series.
  • Double Homework gives an unusual example in Lauren. While she is poor, she can also modify her clothes to make them more stylish.
  • Nicole: The titular character is very interested in fashion. She has a number of different outfits that she wears throughout the game, and she expresses genuine distress at the ugly uniform she's expected to wear at work. She rolls up the sleeves and legs to turn it into a romper.
  • Umineko: When They Cry: The demon Gaap is an avid fan of Lolita fashions in particular.

    Web Animation 
  • DSBT InsaniT: Pen runs a clothing store and can pick out the exact outfit that a person is suited for.
  • Mark from the Starshine Carly series is a fashion designer who makes clothes for people to run his own business.
    • Coco La Caniche, the poodle from one of Carly's shows, The Next Generation is interested into fashion, makeup, and jewelry.

    Web Comics 

    Web Original 
  • Barbara and Patricia from Beochan: Paisean Agus Aiféala absolutely love fashion, with Barb loving the jewelry and Tricia usually wearing the frilly stuff.
  • Sailor Nothing: Himei's Only Friend Aki is considered one of the best dressed at her school. She's also a part of the Fashion Club.

    Western Animation 
  • Bugs Bunny Builders: In the episode "Catwalk", Penelope Pussycat is a fashion designer from France who asks the Looney Builders to build a runway for her fashion show. The episode also depicts Daffy Duck as a fashionista which impresses Penelope in the process.
  • Barbie: The Pearl Princess has the heroine, Lumina, and Madame Ruckus, an octopus who owns a hair salon. Lumina loves to create new hairstyles and clothing, and when she works at a hair salon, she inspires the other workers to try new things.
  • Girlstuff Boy Stuff: Although the Limited Wardrobe makes it hard to tell, Hanna is this. "Cha Ching" has a devilish Hanna appearing on Simon's shoulder to tempt him to buy.
    Devil!Hanna: By the way, does this pitchfork match my shoes?
  • Hey Arnold!: Self-proclaimed by Rhonda and brought up in almost every episode she's in... despite her limited wardrobe.
  • Jingaroo had Victoria, an emu focused on fashion, clothes, and makeup, as well as her dreams of flight.
  • Kaeloo: Pretty. She is obsessed with fashion, make-up, and good looks. Being a Rich Bitch, she's able to afford all the latest designer items and will look down on anybody who is "unfashionable". In Episode 82, she even tried starting her own fashion line which failed because Kaeloo and Mr. Cat messed it up to get revenge on her.
  • Kim Possible: The fourth season introduced The Fashionistas, a trio of fashion-obsessed criminals who helped Camille Leone steal the new designs from Club Banana to create their own knock-offs, and framed Kim for the theft. Their names were Hoodie, Chino, and Espadrille.
  • In The Loud House, Leni, Lori, Lola, and Carlota are all very into fashion, and they constantly wear dresses, blouses, and high-heels.
  • My Life as a Teenage Robot: The Crust Cousins wear some sort of bizarre new outfit in (almost) every episode they appear in.
  • In My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, Rarity is a producer of clothes rather than a consumer. Instead of being an obsessive shopper, she's a fashion designer who owns and runs her own boutiques. As a result, most of her episodes focus heavily on her efforts to succeed as a fashionista and often deal with the business end of the job, usually contrasting her with aristocrats or cutthroat competitors who embody the stereotypes more closely.
  • In SpacePOP, Rhea and Luna are both this to varying degrees. Rhea focuses more on designs and the work behind fashion, while Luna cares about it as it relates to her.
  • Totally Spies!: When she is not on a spy mission, Clover usually goes to the mall.
  • In Trollz, Topaz loves shopping and is a fashion expert. The official description says that she was blessed with the gift of supreme fashion sense.
  • Winx Club: Stella makes ready use of the large amount of money she has (being a princess and all) and shops a great deal. She gives her friends tips or comments on their style frequently. By season 5, she's decided that she wants to become a fashion designer.
  • W.I.T.C.H.: Cornelia Hale tends to be this. She loves shopping for clothes . . . and shoes.

    Real Life 
  • Socialite Daphne Guinness is known for her daring style, sartorial wit, and willingness to wear super high-end fashions that most people would assume only belonged in magazines or on runways. She was a key inspiration for the character of Moira on Schitt's Creek.
  • Marie-Antoinette was supposedly a huge fan of fashion in her day, making her dressmaker, Rose Bertin, a celebrity of sorts.
  • WWE's Natalya was initially portrayed as a tomboy but that got dropped since she's not like that in real life at all. Just look at her shoe collection.
  • Peyton List, who plays the aforementioned Emma in Jessie, is this in real life. It was mentioned in an interview that Emma's original wardrobe prior to her being hired was cute but standard compared to Peyton herself. As a result, the wardrobe people used Peyton's own style to help make Emma more of a true fashionista. They sometimes collaborate on Peyton's clothes with the wardrobe choices for Emma to create even more outfits.
  • Dong Bang Shin Ki: All of them could count - but that comes with the territory of being a K-Pop star. Pretty Boy Jaejoong, however, usually takes it to the next level when it comes to his outfits.
  • Rihanna is well-known as a style icon in fashion circles for her cutting edge sense of style and appreciation for couture. She's been crowned "Fashion Icon of the Year" by the Council of Fashion Designers of America and has her own ranges with Puma and Chopard.
  • Iris Apfel is an interior designer renowned for her wildly eclectic style, so much so that she decorated the White House nine times. She has a popular range of jewelry, clothing, and accessories, and is a frequent fixture in fashion circles, despite being in her nineties. Her uncanny ability to mix high and low fashion earned her a fashion retrospective at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
  • Empress Elizabeth of Russia allegedly had twenty thousand dresses left behind her upon death. It is said that she always had first dibs on any fabric imported into the Russian Empire, and in case of particularly good stuff, she would sometimes buy it to the last thread in order to avoid Dresses the Same.

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