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The character sheet for We Are Our Avatars. Please note that this only contains the characters who've shown up frequently since the 'move', so it may lack some of the earlier characters.



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    EH Grayson 

Joshua Strasin

"Do I really mean so little to you all that someone DIES and you DON'T EVEN TELL ME?!"
Joshua, looking incredibly badass

A young synchroniser from the world of Aut Neve, Joshua first arrived under orders from his then boss in order to recapture Shard, but it sort of backfired when he got his butt kicked and then joined the group.

He's a good guy and very brave, if a bit arrogant and cocky. He's been possessed by numerous different things in a very short space of time, first by Dracula, then most recently by 'Jason', an AI created by the Master AI and imprinted on to him. Joshua's still in control, though. Very much in love with Jennifer, who's skill and loyalty he admires.

He left for a while in order to practice and train his skills, with the intention of fighting The Darkness on the frontlines, in order to find Shard. On the plus side, he figured out a way to banish it from the Multiverse entirely, destroying it forever (which he has yet to put into action). Unfortunately, it nearly killed him several times and used his data to create 'Syphon'.


"RAWR! Food!" "Shard no eat not food."
Shard eat! RAWR!

An ancient valgirai weapon left behind for some reason, he got captured by a power-hungry aristocrat before escaping (and coincidently finding the rest of the group) due to a temporary rift in time & space. After imprinting on Dee he eventually became something of a Gentle Giant, eventually getting his original programming erased, leaving behind the much nicer and more trustworthy 30 foot tall crystalline lizard monster we all know and love.

After a recent adventure, he was retaken by the valgirai, presumebly to be used on the frontlines of the war against The Darkness... and then Joshua found him. For a while Syphon told the heroes Shard was dead, but it turned out to be a lie, and so he has been rescued.

Awad Fida, the Swift

"What the @#$% is going on?!" "But one day, strange fox creature, I will want you to take me back."
Awad, prepping an arrow

A young salamander warrior of a small tribe, Awad was born a mutant, and as a result has green skin, is physically frail and incredibly short by salamander standards (though by our standards he could still wipe the floor with most foes). Lastly, he's also a 'brains over brawn' kind of fellow, and all of these factors combined made him an outcast amongst his people, a curse upon his family name... and then, one day, they'd had enough: they dragged him up to an ancient valgirai machine known as the 'Eye of Worlds' and tossed him in.

Hilarity Ensued.

He's currently on Angel Island, practicing his survival and combat skills with Knuckles with the hope he will one day return to his world and prove his worth. He has, since then, decided he will stay on Angel Island and help Knuckles.

Syphon/The Darkness

"Do not fear the Darkness... it can give you endless power." "Hey guys, remember? It's me! Joshua!"
Come, I can give you the world... for a price.

An entity created by the Darkness after a particularly difficult battle against Joshua. Syphon has all of Joshua's equipment, skills and memories, but turned Up to Eleven and with the addition of the various powers available to all 'Spawnlings'... but at the cost of the Darkness's weaknesses, which may well prove to be his undoing.

He showed up about a month or so after Joshua left, claiming to be Joshua, albeit injured and changed after a difficult battle. He made up other lies as well, saying that Shard was dead and that the Darkness could easily be controlled, and for a while at least, virtually everyone believed him. However, a recorded distress signal sent by Joshua during one of their earlier battles revealed his true nature, and in a short but brutal battle he was defeated, being forced to retreat.

He's shown up a lot since then, but keep's losing... however, he seems to be plotting something big. He might have been, but Joshua finally finished him before it came to fruitation.

Recently he returned, claiming to have killed Joshua, having been revived by 'The Lord of Nightmares'.

The Four Lords

"DON'T GET SMART WITH ME, LASSIE!" "Well, why did you send her, then?" "I AM THE GREATEST MUSICIAN IN THE MULTIVERSE, YO!" "I-I'm so-sorry... pl-please, don't hu-hurt me!"
Angry, Moody, Happy, Calmy... sort of

A group of interdimensional beings who seem to spend their days pestering travelling adventurers... and our heroes seem to be their prime targets. They're a fairly standard Four-Temperament Ensemble... heck, it's quite likely that they're the personification of those very concepts, just as the Grim Reaper is the personification of death or Cupid is the personification of love.

In a nutshell, Sholryk's an always angry, violent control freak (with a slight scottish accent), Lankolyk's a depressed & apathetic misery guts, Zanguyn's an irresponsible, self-centered Cloudcuckoolander and Flegamtyk's a stoic wimp with no self-esteem whatsoever.

So in case you're wondering, they get on together like a house on fire.

They've since joined the heroes, but in a temporary 'might be friends, might be foes' sort of way...

The tropes that apply to them, one at a time...

For Sholryk, the Lord of Anger/War/Fire...

For Lankolyk, the Lady of Misery/Science/Earth...
I knew I'd lose... I always do...

For Zanguyn, the Lord of Happiness/Music/Air...
Awesomesauce, yo!

Zanguyn: I'm awesomesauce personified, ya know?!
Emma: I had no idea awesomesauce smelt like unwashed socks and stale doritoes...

For Flegamtyk, the Lady of Calmness/Healing/Water...
That's okay, I suppose...

The Chessmaster

''"Go... go forth... and bring th... them, to... an end..." "Do not... patronize me, Fre... Freddy..."

A mysterious fellow on Aut Neve who's kidnapped several reoccuring (read: all of E.H.Graysons characters) characters, using Freddy to torture them in order to power some sort of device... he's quite smart, though he's also slow speaking and quite fragile, overall.

He's dangerous, and whatever he's planning, it can't be good. He's gotten his hands on numerous different villains that he uses as pawns in his plans, including Syphon, Zexion and the Rahkshi.



"I did it! It all went according to my perfect little plan!"

A jester from the planet of Pop Star, Marx came to the Whateververse after a bout of space travel.

    Etheru (retired characters) 

Mega Man

"...For Everlasting Peace!"

The titular character of the video games of the same name, he's ended up outside of his world and has been traveling The Multiverse.

  • Berserk Button (He hates Cyberspace with a passion due to being addicted to it, he's resolved never to be near the damn thing again unless someone needs it)
    He also has little fondness for Complete Monster-type villains due to dealing with them so much, to the point that dealing with Him took a heavy toll on his power.
  • Calling Your Attacks (Shouts them when piloting Kotetsu Jeeg mk. 2.)
  • Chronic Hero Syndrome (He will help anyone in need, it's just who he is. It has, of course, gotten him in trouble several times, though.)
  • Cloudcuckoolander (Has a few moments, but is otherwise levelheaded)
  • Continuity Nod (Frequent about these)
  • Deadpan Snarker (He has his moments, when he heard that Pride had glowing eyes, he said something along the lines of "Nothing suspicious about that.".)
  • Freaky Is Cool / Nightmare Fetishist
  • Genre Savvy (This Mega Man is quite savvy of his games and other worlds, to the point when Evil Tails pulled the ol' Wily Gambit, Mega Man didn't fall for it)
  • The Heart
  • Knight Templar Big Brother (Outgoing, friendly, will possibly harm anyone who so much as hurts Miles)
  • Nice Guy
  • Nice Job Breaking It, Hero! (He bargained with Kasei that, if they let Luca go, they could look through him, they held their part of the deal, but as a result, Kasei got the schematics of Mega Man's weaponry)
  • Super Robot (pilots the Kotetsu Jeeg mk. 2)


Mega Man's rival who ended up traveling the Multiverse with him.

  • Author Avatar (Comes off this way sometimes, due to sharing some things in common with his player, but other than that, he's pretty different)
  • Breaking the Fourth Wall (It was frequent, but was downgraded to twice a day, then not at all, due to it becoming overused, returned briefly a few times... Then in an attempt at an Author's Saving Throw, the ability was mostly retconned away)
  • Butt-Monkey (His helmet is often insulted, and is often told to "Shut up")
  • Cloudcuckoolander (He's very loose when it comes to reality, really, and at times, it's confirmed that he's insane)
  • Flanderization (He's fixed this behavior, though)
  • Hidden Depths (His temper is a bit on the short side, he snarks a lot, and he can be a bit rude... But he's apparently a pretty damn good therapist)
  • Pet the Dog (Frequent)
  • Pinocchio Syndrome (Subverted. He briefly tried being a human with the assistance of Bartimeaus, only to find things such as eating and using the bathroom too much of a hassle)
    • He's tried again, and found it a lot better when you get down to it.
  • Yuri Fan



Proto Man

"I don't think there's such a thing as "Destiny", my opinion on those words? They're just there to try and restrict one's decisions, I say screw them."

Mega Man's older brother, used to be an atheist.

  • Not So Different (He hates several aspects of Kamina's, but deep down, he's got so many similarities it's not funny)
    • It's often pointed out that, generally speaking, him and Catherine actually aren't all that different, both have had their own secret identities (although Protoman's was temporary), have a tendency to consider fate and anything regarding destiny an annoyance, it's no wonder that both consider each other a Worthy Opponent.
  • Screw Destiny (His opinion on destiny is that it restricts free will)
    • Disproportionate Retribution (Got to the point he beat down on Enker because he kept bringing up fate, but also because Enker was giving his brother an existential crisis)
  • The Worf Effect (Has been knocked down more than once)
  • Worthy Opponent (Considers the Lunara Knight/Catherine this)


Mega Man's Younger Sister. Recently got demonic powers.

  • Crazy-Prepared (She carries Roboenza cure capsules just in case anyone catches it)
  • Hammerspace (Where she keeps her broom)
  • Improbable Weapon User (She uses a Broom)
  • Playing with Fire (Her favorite element with her spells),
  • Superpowered Evil Side (Constantly using her new powers will make her go nuts and simply ask for more power, oh, and her hair turns into white fire, but this is curable by throwing water at her, this was undone, so she wasn't psychotically evil, but residual power let her get her powers back, without this side effect)
    • In recent times, do not let her get pissed.


Leader of the Mega Man Killers.

  • And Then What? (When he was asked this question, mainly regarding what will happen after he destroys Mega Man, he could do little more than think about it)
  • Arrogant Kung-Fu Guy (Formerly, though he still has his moments)
  • Gender Bender (Residual effects of Gensokyo Springs make it so that whenever he's turned into a human with not much specification, he'll transform into his female human form)
  • Jerkass
  • Kick the Dog (He tried to give Mega Man an existential crisis)
  • Pet the Dog (He's gotten better about his bad behavior)
  • Pinocchio Syndrome (He had a breakdown when he found that he was transformed into a human, he got better)
  • You Can't Fight Fate (He believes that once you're built for a specific purpose, you have to walk down that path forever, not so much anymore)


Member of the Mega Man Killers, but he doesn't like being a part of it.

  • Nice Guy (For a menacing individual, he's a fair character)
  • Face of a Thug (Punk's spikes and Mohawk tend to make him look like a punk but he is the nicest member of the Mega Man Killers)


Originally, he was just like Enker, but he's less so, now.


From Angel Land, he's gotten into fights with the evil Medusa to save Palutena, he had amnesia, initially, and ended up being called "Sereph", he ended up getting his memories back.


A demon who basically ended up with the group because of possessing Roll, she's training Roll so she won't go insane with her powers. She's reobtained her powers, recently.


Roll's evil personified, due to an incident with Catherine and Rogue, she ended up losing the "Evil" parts of her, becoming a Clean Slate.

  • Big Eater (Like Catherine, but she hasn't had the problem of the Balloon Belly Trope)
  • Made of Evil (Roll's, but this is strangely subverted, as she's made of it, but she's more or less on the heroes side)
  • Mind Screw (Her first appearance, in a way)
  • Shipper on Deck (She has shipped Michael and Melody, despite the two saying that they're just friends)
  • Theme Naming (Music pun, although it was more intentional this time around)

Chun Li

One of the most Iconic fighters in the Street Fighter series, she's ready to beat down the bad guys... After she gets better training, anyway, this Chun Li is an Other of the original one, this one's father was never killed by Bison, she went to Monsteropolis to get a job as a newsreporter, only to have issues with the Government, and Executives, she's traveling the Multiverse to get away from that, oh, and Bison.


This Lordgenome is from a world where the Anti Spiral Wars never erupted, he's rather curious.

  • Character Exaggeration (Because not much was known, several parts of the eighth Parallel Works Video, such as being with animals and no humans in sight, Lordgenome's personality is dominated by his loneliness and love of animals.)
  • Cloudcuckoolander (He's... Off, sometimes.)
  • The Ditz (He's so so much of ditz that he didn't know half the nicknames he had back home were insults.)
  • Strong Family Resemblance (He looks like his daughter, oh, and he kind of acts like her too.)

Apala/Copy Rock


A Mega Man clone that considers himself without purpose.

Joseph (Joey) Carter Jones

From Central City, using his powerful robot, Heroman, he fought the Skrugg and others like Dr. Minami, seems a bit more meek than usual.

Red (Little Red, Little Red Riding Hood)

Coming from a world that is a composite of the lighter and darker fairy tales, she's traveling the verse now.


From Kordzokanz, Yasmin was trained by Commandant, who taught her how to survive, comprehend things, and, overall, how to fight, originally basking in the excitement of fighting, she eventually grew tired of it, not exactly out of repetition or boredom, she doesn't know exactly why herself, though she will help anyone who asks, free of charge.

  • All There in the Manual: Currently, most of her backstory is explained here.
  • Grey and Grey Morality: Her viewpoint, she does mention that she won't hesitate to fight anyone with very poor reasoning, though.
  • Healing Factor: She can heal incredibly quickly, to the point that she's incredibly apathetic toward pain.
  • Hyperspace Arsenal: Most of her arsenal comes from her sleeves, she pulls it out, a lot of the time.
  • Irony: For someone who hates fighting, she talks about it a lot.
  • Nanomachines: The dictated reason for why her healing factor works.
  • Throw It In!: A few details about her life are being thought up, her concept is more or less complete, most of her backstory, though, has not been thought up, certain concepts suggested by other players may make it into her.
  • What Could Have Been: Originally would have been an Anti-Villainous Counterpart for Ajb's Yuri.


A bit of a psycho, Izzy is a young clone of Yasmin, ending up being one of the few clones that survived initial testing due to somehow getting Nanomachines, as such, he was subjected to, what was basically torture and abuse by the scientists that created him, he ended up escaping, at some point, having distaste for who he was based on...

He was Clone #57942.


A member of Luminosity, believes in justice.

  • Big Eater: She has what Izzy describes as "A bottomless stomach".
  • Characterization Marches On: She's a lot more self-aware of her weird behavior, likely due to growing up. Izzy actually pointed out this trope when she mentions not being able to be her bubbly self due to everyone else being tripped out.
  • Cloudcuckoolander
  • The Ditz: Seriously.
  • Lampshade Hanging: She tends to lampshade the traits of Etheru, the player who created her.
  • Nanomachines: Like Yasmin and Izzy, she has Nanomachines (that allow her to harden her skin, ala Greed), unfortunately, hers often fail to filter out certain things (like alchohol), due to being outdated.
  • Visual Pun: Her moniker is "Blind Follower", she's, as of now, near-sighted, and needs glasses.
  • Wide-Eyed Idealist
  • Meganekko: She got transformed into one. She doesn't mind.


"Hello, my name is Jack, I am a Model/Mark VII Gynoid designed to protect innocents."
A superheroic Gynoid from Silver City, she ended up walking in on the group, bored, deciding to stay for a bit.


An Assassin, she's not too sure about her job nowadays.

The Creature/Joseph

Made in a swamp, the creature is out in the world, ready to be another person... Sort of.


A rich little brat who mostly thinks that she's above the group.

Bartholomew (Bart)

A thief, rather ineffectual.

  • Character Development: He's slowly but surely getting the fact that he's not gonna be able to steal from anyone any time soon.
  • Chew Toy: He's not that good a thief or pickpocket, this is not just called attention to; people stole from him more than he's stolen from anyone else.
  • Ineffectual Sympathetic Villain: Hard to even call him a villain.
  • Too Dumb to Live: Prone to such moments, especially with his compulsion to steal things.


A Grim Reaper-esque girl with a talking Scythe.



Link, after he lost Bit.

This is the Link from Wind Waker. He started out as something of a comic relief character, who had the Running Gag of breaking vases for no reason. Over time, he fell in love with Bit. At one point, he was nearly killed by pulling a Leeroy Jenkins against an army of robots, but was saved by Maria Renard and The One Electronic. Because of this, he felt he was of no use to the team and had a minor Heroic BSoD, but was helped out of it by Dee and Silver. When Bit died, he obviously had another Heroic BSoD, and when he got out of that one, he became a more serious hero, losing his comedy relief status. He is mostly a Silent Protagonist, but he can talk when he feels very strong emotions.

After Bit died, revenge was the only thing on his mind. As a result, once Johan and Marathon were defeated, he lost track of what to do with his life. In a later chat with Zoro, the latter convinced him to take his earlier promise to Bit to protect Dee as his new primary movitation. Later, in Saturn village, the Mr. Saturns finally managed to get his mind off Bit's death.

During the fight at Yukai Den, he showed he learned one of Zoro's sword techniques, the Sanjuu Roku Pondo Hou note  during one of their earlier training sessions. During the same fight, he also nearly died again, and briefly saw Bit, who told him to keep on living, which he decided to do despite wanting to rejoin her. His spine was also broken in the fight, leaving him unable to move his body. He recovered from this with help from Renko's nanomachines.

After the Father arc, Yukari granted him the ability to visit Bit in his dreams every night for the next seven years, although he has expressed doubt that he'll survive that long.

At the first level of Pikadevil's Hell, he came into possession of a Drain Knife, which absorbs health from those it cuts, adding yet another weapon to his already large Hyperspace Arsenal. At level 3, he had Rule 34 visions of Johan raping him while his spine was still broken, as well as visions where Bit grew tentacles and grabbed him, which gave him a massive Freak Out and a Heroic BSoD. As a result, he suffered from insomnia, being unwilling to face Bit in his sleep. Due to the insomnia, he became a bit insane and began to think he only loved Bit out of pity for her. Thankfully, the group was able to talk him out of it, and he went to sleep to apologize to Bit, where he realized that even if it started out as just pity, it was much more than just that now.

Late during the Pikadevil's Hell arc, he, Ilyana and Franky got seperated from the others somehow, and have been searching for them since. They traveled through many worlds without finding so much as a clue. One of the worlds they visited was Tellius, where Link saved Kieran's life, making the latter swear to help him find Dee and reunite them. Later, they ended up in the One Piece world, where they were confronted by an army of marines lead by vice-admiral Doberman, who wanted to arrest Franky. Link and Ilyana were given the option to leave him behind and save themselves, but decided to stick with him. Link decided to fight Doberman one on one, while Ilyana and Franky fought the Mooks. After a long battle, they lost and were sent to the great gaol, Impel Down, where they remain even now.

During the exposition part of the Impel Down arc, it was revealed that while the marines were giving him medical treatment, they discovered the nanomachines in his spine, and used them to restore Spandam's spine, which was broken by Nico Robin in One Piece's canon.


"Freedom is the SUPER most important thing there is!" "That's horrible! I won't forgive anyone who enslaves another!"

He's the Crazy Awesome Hollywood Cyborg from One Piece. He's less prone to having Sand In My Eyes than in the original work. He's a strong advocate of freedom, especially of robots. He and Sir Ron seem to get along really well. He also likes to call the others his little 'bros' or 'sisses'.

After his parents were gone, he was raised by a fishman and legendary shipwright named Tom, who taught him his mechanical skills. For having built the ship of the pirate king, Gold Roger, Tom was ordered to be executed by the World Government, but he managed to convince them to excuse his crime if he built a sea train that would allow for easy travel between Water Seven, the judiciary island Enies Lobby, and a few other islands. Tom completed the sea train, the Puffing Tom, but a man named Spandam stole Franky's battleships and attacked Water Seven, framing Tom and Franky. Tom then used his creation of the Puffing Tom to excuse this crime instead of the building of Roger's ship, so only he had to be punished. Tom was sent to his execution in Enies Lobby by his own creation, and Franky tried to stop it, but was run over by the train, and his body was extremely damaged. He then rebuilt himself into a cyborg using old ship parts.

Later in his life, he adopted a number of social outcasts as his little brothers and sisters, forming a group of bounty hunters and ship dismantlers called the Franky Family. He was later forced to leave this family in order to protect them when he got a bounty on his head. Yukari however has recently given him the ability to visit them in his dreams for the next 10 years.

He has built tombstones for Flandre and Bit, which are standing in Tails's ship, the Phase Distorter. He also built in weapons into the bodies of Elise, Dee, and Sara, at their requests. During the first battle against Evil!Tails, the latter temporarily mind controlled him, giving him even more insight into what the robot girls have had to go through. During the Father arc, he took a look at Mega Man's weaponry, giving him ideas for some upgrades to his own arsenal, which he has yet to install.

Late in the Pikadevil's Hell arc, we got seperated from the others, together with Link and Ilyana. They had been searching for them ever since. When they made it to the One Piece world, they were attacked by the marines. Franky tried to get Link and Ilyana to leave him behind, not wanting them to get hurt since the marines were only after him, but they decided to stay with him anyway. Sadly, they were defeated, and thrown into Impel Down. Franky has made use of his ability to contact the Franky Family in his dreams to tell them what happened and get them to contact the group.

Roronoa Zoro

"I'm not afraid. I've been within an inch of losing my life so often, I've lost count, and I've survived every time. I've said it before: there is someone out there that I have to meet again, and until that day, not even death himself can take my life away."

Zoro from One Piece, a swordsman who fights using three swords. He studied swordsmanship under a man named Koshiro, and considered Koshiro's daughter Kuina to be his rival. After fighting and losing 2001 battles to Kuina, the two promised each other that one day, either of them would become the world's best swordsman no matter what. Sadly, Kuina fell down some stairs and broke her neck the very next day. Ever since then, Zoro has been singlemindedly pursuing the goal of best swordsman for the both of them.

He has showed an interest in fighting the Grim Reaper. He has also given Link some advice, and helped him grow stronger by sparring with him. Recently, he grew interested in fighting The Guy, and made Alucard send him to The Guy's castle. He later returned horribly wounded and victorious.

He also can't seem to stand Yukari, and was thouroughly disturbed when she kissed him on his forehead.


"Oh, I'm so hungry..."

A young thunder mage from Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance with a ridiculous appetite. She's very polite, always addressing people as 'mister' or 'miss'. She joined the group after the group met the merchants she's been traveling with at seafoam islands, and has been helping out in battle with her magic and her healing staff. Since her body is rather fragile, she usually hides behind others in battle, usually Franky.

During the encounter with doctor Crane, she became horrified of the thought of starving to death, so she later got Yukari to give her a cornucopia capable of producing endless amounts of fruits and vegetables.

She also seems to like Spooks Skelly a lot, being the first to call him a friend, and being willing to fight Pikadevil just for his sake.

Late during the Pikadevil's Hell arc, she, Link and Franky were unfortunately seperated from the group somehow, leaving her unable to see if Spooks was ever freed from Pikadevil's control or not. They traveled the multiverse looking for them, but haven't found even a clue to where they are yet. Later, they were captured by marines and thrown into Impel Down.

Traveling Merchants

A group of traveling merchants from Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance. The bearded fellow is Muston, who sells weapons and magic tomes. The black haired woman is Aimee, who sells healing staves and medicine. Daniel, the brown haired twin, deals in made-to-order weapons. The blonde twin, Jorge, buys stuff. Ilyana is also technically a part of this group.

  • Ensemble Dark Horse - Just like in the games, Ilyana is the only member of the group who has gotten any significant screen time.


"Behold the mighty power of a giraffe!"

A former assassin with a long, square shaped nose and the ability to transform into a giraffe. He has a grudge against Zoro for putting him out of a job, but gets along well enough with the rest of the group. He hasn't outright lied to the group, but has still withhold the fact that he used to be an assassin. Franky and Zoro have yet to meet him, but when they do, they probably won't be pleased about it.

  • Animorphism
  • The Atoner - He helps the heroes during the Impel Down not just because he wants to help Link and Ilyana (he doesn't personally care about Franky), but also because he wants to atone for his past assassination attempt on mayor Iceburg, and regain the man's favor.
  • Character Derailment - His grudge against Zoro can be seen as this, since in canon, he gracefully accepted his defeat.
  • Double Jump - Geppou, although it goes way beyond mere Double Jumping and becomes Not Quite Flight.
  • Flash Step - Soru.
  • Gag Nose
  • Razor Wind - He can even shoot it from his legs.
  • Super Drowning Skills - By virtue of being a devil fruit user.

Natsu Dragneel

A pink haired mage of the Fairy Tail guild. The magic he uses is that of the Fire Dragon Slayer, which lets him attack with, be immune to, and eat fire, and also gives him an enhanced sense of smell. This magic was taught to him by his adoptive father Igneel, a fire dragon. 7 years ago, Igneel disappeared without a trace, and he has been looking for him ever since.

He joined the group before they entered level 4 of Pikadevil's hell. It was also his fault the group had to wait an extra day to enter it, because he broke all the mirrors on that level. During the Lotus-Eater Machine part of level 5, he dreamt of being reunited with Igneel, and though he was happy to see him again, he quickly realized it was fake, and woke up promising to find him for real.

He loves fighting and smashing things. A lot.


"I am Crimean Royal Knight, Fifth Platoon Captain Kieran! See me and tremble!"

Kieran, the Fifth Platoon Captain of the Crimean Royal Knights from Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance. He's an energetic axe wielding mounted knight with a loud mouth and a high opinion of himself. He met the group during the Pokémon arc, in Goldenrod City.

3 days before meeting the group, his life was saved by Link, who only asked him if he had seen Dee before leaving. Kieran has since decided to repay him by watching over Dee and seeing to it that they get reunited.


An unnamed wild Sandshrew that has been traveling with the group for a bit.

It hates the idea of being caught, and thinks that Pokemon are superior to 'stinky humans', though it thinks the humans in the group are okay. When Ozzy was turned into an Electabuzz, Sandshrew explained why: its mother was caught and taken from it when it was just a kid, and it had a tough time growing up as a result, also having to take care of its younger brother. It later told the same story to Catherine when she was temporarily turned into a lion.


Tetra the pirate from Wind Waker, also known as princess Zelda, though she doesn't care much for that title.

When she first showed up, she was searching for Link, who she considers to be a lazy dolt and a slacker who was supposed to help out on her ship but ran off. She and Dee initially didn't get along well, since Dee thought Tetra was trying to use her authority as a princess to force Link into a relationship with her, keeping him away from Bit. However, when Tetra explained that she didn't care for her title as princess Zelda, and values freedom as a pirate, they became friends. Tetra was sad to hear Link was in a relationship, but respected his decision.

Tetra showed up again much later, during the Pokemon arc, still searching for Link. She befriended Rika and Rockurtle, and helped the latter out with her nightmares.

Monkey D. Luffy

"I'm gonna be the Pirate King!"
Nice Hat, Luffy

The Idiot Hero from One Piece, who became a Rubber Man after eating the Gomu Gomunote  fruit.

He showed up during the Pokemon arc, looking for his True Companions. There, he caught a Tauros that he named Oxman the Destroyer, as well as an unnamed Pineco and Mankey.

Tony Tony Chopper
Chopper in Brain Point

Chopper is the Straw Hat crew's doctor. He is a reindeer who ate the Hito Hitonote  fruit, giving him a human intellect as well as the ability to transform between a full reindeer(Walk Point), a muscular humanoid form(Heavy Point), and a cute little hybrid form(Brain Point). By taking a Rumble Ball, a pill of his own design, he gains access to four extra forms for six minutes: a slender humanoid form with long, powerful legs(Jumping Point), a highly defensive big ball of fur(Guard Point), form with huge, sharp antlers(Horn Point) and a form with incredibly bulky arms(Arm Point). However, he can only safely take one Rumble Ball every six hours. Taking a second makes him lose control over his transformations, and taking a third transforms him into a huge monstrous form and lose control over his body completely.

He showed up near the end of the Pokemon arc and has been traveling with the group since. During the Fear Arc, he suffered a particularly nasty vision, where his monster form had brutalized the Straw Hat crew, and he tried to and failed to treat their injuries, seeing all of them die one by one. To add insult to injury, an Angry Mob showed up to berate and insult him, making him lose all will to live. He was helped out of the trauma this causing by Rika and Lip.


The Straw Hat crew's greedy navigator.

She showed up during the And Now for Someone Completely Different arc, where she got in a fight over treasure with Problem Sleuth. She also flirted a bit with Hei, in an attempt to manipulate him into being her bodyguard and carrying treasure for her. When Hei gave Problem Sleuth back the treasure she stole from him, she was initially peeved at him, but forgave him when she learned he did it to prevent the hard boiled investigator from hurting her, on the condition that Hei pay her back every last penny he made her lose.


Kirby on his Wheelie

Link and Ciela

Link with his Fairy Companion Ciela, from Phantom Hourglass, who is actually the same Link as the one from Wind Waker, except not, because he's an Other. Made his first appearance on the steam boat castle, where he broke some vases. He has pretty much the same personality and quirks as the old Link did when he first showed up.

Buggy The Clown

The (mostly) harmless captain of the Buggy pirates. He ate the Bara Baranote  fruit, giving him the ability to split up his own body and control the parts individually.

He first showed up during the Pokemon arc, when he tried to take over Olivine City, but was thwarted by the heroes and his own incompetence. Later showed up again in the Marvel Universe, trying to take over New York City, with the same results.

The Lost Vikings

"We're looking for the big metal thing that brought us here."
Left to right: Baleog, Erik, Olaf

They're vikings, and they're lost. They're Erik The Swift, Baleog the Fierce and Olaf the Stout. These clueless morons first met the group sometime during the Pikadevil arc, where they, as always, were lost. They didn't do much except try to fight Sholryk and Syphon, and die horribly, repeatedly, before they left to find the "big metal thing"note  that could bring them back home.



Lenzo, the pictographer from Windfall Island. He's the one who gave Link his Pictobox Deluxe. He's apparently traveling around the multiverse to take pictographs of any interesting sights, or something.


Scourge the Hedgehog

This time, I'm doing the talking!

Scourge would like you to believe that he is a great conqueror. And, well, he sort of is, having conquered one planet twice within four hours, though the point of conquering it a second time is somewhat debatable. The truth is, though, he's a maniac, who wants nothing more than to get revenge on the people responsible for ousting him from his homeworld.

Scourge is an evil Sonic from the planet Moebius. He first learned of the Avatars when he accidentally got the wrong universe and threatened the wrong Miles Prower; his Miles is still blissfully unaware of his return. Upon locating the Avatars, he immediately attempted to commandeer the Phase Distorter and was promptly thrashed.

  • Catchphrase - BECAUSE I CAN.
  • Harmless Villain - The first time he encountered the Avatars, he teleported into the middle of the group and barely managed to survive the first round of attacks. The second time he was easily defeated by a civilian (granted, a Jägermonster, but a civilian Jägermonster).
  • Villains Never Lie - At least in his own mind, he promised Miles that he wouldn't harm Duo, and he seems to intend to keep that promise. (Whether that protection extends to the other Avatars has not yet been seen.)


Vhen hyu's chust a dumb battle clenk, hyu dun gots to know anytink. Vhen hyu's schmott, like us, hyu neffer know all hyu need.

Maxim is a Jägermonster in service to Agatha Heterodyne. With the help of Gilgamesh Wulfenbach, he left his world to find her, ironically, right around the time she got back to it. He can't go home until he finds the Heterodyne - but the Heterodyne is already home.

  • Funetik Aksent - When he tried to use the Phase Distorter to locate Agatha Heterodyne, he looked for "MIZ AGATHA", and then "AGATHA HATTRODINE".


A perfectly valid field of study, but personally I think there's not enough squirming.

Mao is the Number One Honor Student of Evil Academy, and also the son of the dean. Though for demons, nepotism is a perfectly valid method of advancement, it may be appropriate to note that Mao actually deserves his rank on his own merits; he never attends class, never does his homework, and is never polite or helpful to other students or teachers. He instead spends his time doing all kinds of research and experiments on whatever subject he decides to. He is a genius, with a 1,000,000 E.Q. (Evil Quotient).



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