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A sheet for retired characters from We Are Our Avatars. Please note that this only contains the characters who've shown up frequently since the 'move', so it may lack some of the earlier characters.


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    Battra 09416 

Field Marshall
"No, I am not a General. The armor configuration of a General differentiates greatly from that of mine. I am a Field Marshall, one of the most glorious of ranks the Sangeheili can reach. Do not confuse me with those Unggoy herders."

A Sangheili Field Marshall that mysteriously ended up in Rush Valley. Is very intrigued by the concept of beings that don't know about the Human-Covenant war, and is thus joining along with the group in the hopes of learning more of life outside of the Halo Universe.


Kemet undisguised
Kemet's preferred disguise
"You must have misheard me. I am a monster!"

The sinister-looking Kemet is a jackal-lord, a monster found in D&D's Fiend Folio book, whose stats you can find here. This particular one was an NPC for the Expedition to the Demonweb Pits module. He and his mate, Gbemisola were sages in the city of Sigil and the ones who could direct the adventuring party to the demonweb pits. Unfortunately, the meeting with the PC party turned violent, and Gbemisola was killed. Furious over the loss of his mate, Kemet swore to hunt the adventuring party throughout the multiverse in search for revenge.

Kemet is an innate cleric and a worshipper of Azul, a lawful evil deity of the desert who brings rain for the price of human sacrifice.

  • Animal Motifs: Kemet has a jackal's head, can turn into a wolf-sized jackal, can summon packs of jackals and his curse can turn you into a jackal. Yeah, there's a trend.
  • Baleful Polymorph: Kemet's most sinister ability will permanently turn you into a jackal.
  • Combat Medic: His skills with a weapon are just as good as a fighter of equal level.
  • Lawful Evil: Kemet is a Type 2 sort of lawful evil. invoked


LJN Toys Ltd.

A sleazy salesperson intent on getting people to buy the company's (published) shitty games. It was defeated in the Ocarina of Time arc at the hands of Tails due to his painful memories of being in a shitty game.

  • Heel–Face Turn: Its parent company stopped producing shitty games after its downfall and the name was used for a more innocuous game company.

E-102 Gamma

A sapient robot rebuilt by Eggman as part of investigations into the Homunculi in the Fullmetal Alchemist arc. Its memories lost to Pride initially, it acted as an empty shell with only faint traces of the feelings of love it once learned from Amy Rose. After recognizing its condition, it joined the crew to stop the Homunculi and free the souls trapped within.

At times, its body was used as a vessel for Tikal the Echidna in order to protect the Master Emerald and save the multiverse from collapsing. At the end of the arc, Tikal took Gamma's spirit along with her in addition to the delinquent Pride.

    Crow T Robot 

<From the water that gave birth to us. From the grass that feeds us. For the freedom that unites us. We rise to the stars. Freedom is my only cause. Duty to the people, my only guide. Obedience to my prince, my only glory. The destruction of my enemies, my most solemn vow. I, Aximili-Esgarrouth-Isthill, Andalite cadet, offer my life.>

Aximili-Esgarrouth-Ithsill found himself on Mobius. Unable to understand how he got there, he blended in with the locals in morph... until he discovered the Avatars, where he quickly revealed his true form to them and escaped with them. Now a recurring character, he is one of the group's resident aliens. In addition to his ability to "morph" any creature he touches, he is also an expert on technology, both human and extraterrestrial.

  • Bears Are Bad News: His polar bear morph is used extensively in the blizzard-swept Bad Future.
  • Bizarre Alien Biology: Ax's toxin-absorbing tria gland allowed him to recover early after Aragagi poisoned him and thus save his life.
  • Gadgeteer Genius: Ax managed to build an early warning system to alert Blaze to the theft of the Chaos Emeralds out of machines that included a blender and a toaster.
  • Future Me Scares Me: Ax briefly suffered a Heroic BSoD when he discovered that his Incarnate was a raving madman intent on wiping out everything around him while trying to recreate the Andalite home world.
  • Shapeshifter: In addition to a variety of terrestrial morphs, Ax can now morph several Pokémon including Lucario, Froslass, Mijumaru, Wargle, and Garchomp.
  • Verbal Tic: Ax has a tendency to pronounce "Pokémon" as "pokey man" or "pokey men", depending on how many there are.

    Dan Genesis 

Rot "Red" Link

"When life gets in the way, use a bomb"

Rot Link, more commonly known as Red, is red-clad the older brother of Blau Link and Half-Brother of Purpurrot Link, and cousin to the more well known Gruen Link. He wants to be a big hero like his cousin, but he's a bit of an idiot - after all he read his map to Zerika completely upside down without realizing it.

He's also a bit of a nut about explosives, believing that bombs can solve all life's challenges. Despite his shortcomings, he is very bold and ready to face anything. He's also a fully-qualified pyrotechnician and demoliton expert. In fact, it might actually be a good thing he's incompetent, seeing as he might actually be capable of killing everyone otherwise.

Other Links include Gruen's brother Wiess, and Red's cousins Sarcelle, Rosa, Oro, Plata, Bronce, Ruskea, Keltainen, Oranssi, and Buio

  • Theme Naming: The Links are named in various languages after the color tunic they wear:
    • Rot, Blau, Purpurrot, Grune, and Grune's brother Wiess' names are German for Red, Blue, Purple, Green, and White, respectively
    • Ruskea and his twin brothers Keltainen and Oranssi's names are Finnish for Brown, Yellow, and Orange.
    • Brothers Sarcelle and Rosa's names are French for Teal and Pink
    • Triplets Oro, Plata, and Bronce's names are Spanish for Gold, Silver, and Bronze.
    • Buio subverts this - his name is Italian for Dark, rather than Black, which is his Tunic color.


Miles "Tails" Prower
Tails, after 500 years.
"Its Furotech and The World Of Goo Corporation you gotta watch out for."

The Tails that originally appeared is pretty much like his game counterpart. The only noticeable differences are that he's gay and his origin is quite different. Essentially, he, Sonic, Knuckles, Shadow, and possibly others, were originally created as part of the Super Soldier program, The Ultimate Lifeform Project, which means that he is one of thew first mobians created. Through unknown means, he was unsealed roughly 13 years prior to joining the group. One day, he would leave them and not see them again for roughly 500 years.

Future Tails is the 563-year-old founder and president of of one of the few uncorrupt Mega Corps in the galaxy. This naturally means that the overwhelming number of corrupt corporations, such as Furotech, founded by one Orthopox, and the World of Goo Corporation, want him dead. On two seperate attempts, he lost an arm and one of his eyes. He ultimately replaced them with artificial versions. His new eye can function as a computer of sorts, and the arm's currently known transformations include an Arm Cannon, a hacking device, and a Laser Blade. Less invincible than you'd think.

  • Arm Cannon: The young version creates one similar to the one he has in Sonic Battle, while the future version has this as one of its possible functions.

Silver the Hedgehog
"What's "alcohol" and why is it so important?"

He's the Sonic 2006 Silver, but he's become less annoying since then. Thanks to the Dell Solution Center's meddling, he was briefly 21-years-old. In addition, he is wanted by The Furon Empire for knowing PSI and teaching it to non-furons, has learned several more PSI attacks (most of them taken from EarthBound). He currently resides in Blaze's world, undergoing training so that he may become an assistant guardian.

  • Big Eater: Probably has something to do with growing up in a place where food was barely existent. Later on, its also suggested that he may need to eat from using so much PSI.
  • Date Rape Averted: One of his major reasons for hating the Dell Solutions Center is because it altered his hormones so that he was essentially in heat, which very nearly led to him raping Ozbourne, who had at that time been transformed to look like Blaze. Thankfully, Katrika was able to stop him before he did anything drastic.
  • Driven to Suicide: Averted. For a while, Silver contemplated suicide after being thoroughly criticised by Yahtzee. However, before he actually got around to it, Youmu was able to clear out his suicidal thoughts.
  • Fish out of Temporal Water: When he first appeared, he knew very little about the world, mostly because most of that stuff had been destroyed in his time.
  • I Am Not Weasel:
    • Kyon once mistook him for, of all things, a parrot.
    • Later, Hohenheim mistakes him for a parakeet.
    • Mind reading Pikadevil revealed that he believes that he is a hen.
    • His being mistaken for a bird has become a Running Gag. And then the Lost Vikings came along, and mistook him for a platypus, a duck, a swallow, a goat, a cow, and an elephant of all things. Ironically, he learns later on that he's 1/16th bird.
  • Plot-Relevant Age-Up: One of the few things the Dell Solutions Center did to him that he didn't initially hate. Though he decided he wanted to be fourteen again, apparently because of the implications caused by a 21-year-old being madly in love with a teenager who barely knows him, so Yukari de-aged him.

Miles Prower, succesor to Dr. Ivo Robotnik
Its eyeshadow! Its supposed to make me look menacing!
"A tail is little more than an extension of the ass."

An alternate, evil, version of Tails who, having been frequently mocked by others for his second tail, became the succesor of Robotnik. Robotnik probably died, as the evil Tails was trying to Take Over the World when he appeared. Became The Guy, mainly out of power.

  • And I Must Scream: His favorite method of torture is to control somebody's entire body except for the brain, forcing them to watch everything while being unable to intervene.
  • Death Is Cheap: He has several Vita-Chambers around the planet Mobius in case he dies. Which has happened on more than one occasion.
  • Disproportionate Retribution: Made fun of him in his world? You probably were enslaved or tortured by him.


"One time my uncle peed on everything in a city."
"In my defense, Ninten was the smartest idiot I ever met! Really!"
Pokey Minch on Ninten.

Ninten is...special. He's from the Fobbies Are Borange-verse. He currently dreams of becoming a Psychonaut.

  • Insane Troll Logic: According to him, all vampires sell their souls to the devil, and therefore can create infinite amounts of money, because that's what people usually ask for when they make a Deal with the Devil.

Chaos, God of Destruction
"That's just a title made up by some echidna prophet."

The guardian of the Chao, Chaos spends most of his time ensuring they are well-treated and not harmed. He is made of chaos itself in liquid form. This allows him to change his density at will.

Sir Ron Lionheart


A Lets Player who randomly shows up, claiming that he's in a video game. Known for being very loud, excited, and working well with Franky.

Jack Ryan
"Just call me Jack."

The protagonist of BioShock, Jack is the good ending version. When he first appears, he is The Voiceless, having to write messages to communicate. Later on, after meeting Yukari, he regains his vocal chords.

  • Berserk Button: Anyone who is either pompous or willing to harm little girls.
  • Heroic Mime: When he first appears, he only talks by writing notes. Later on, Yukari repairs his vocal chords.


A former Kanto League Champion who's obsessed with video games.

  • Ascended Fanboy: Subverted. She ends up disliking a good deal of the group.

Silver Hedgehog

An Other of Silver, only he comes from a not-destroyed world and, unlike quite a few Others, * gasp* isn't actually evil. Also, his psychic powers are lesser, and he avoids using them in fear of getting drafted into the OSA.

  • Blessed with Suck: His PSI ablilities are initially horribly weak, and it makes him a potential future OSA soldier.
  • Hulking Out: His main ability is to power up into a glowing being flowing with PSI Energy (and having a wider range of PSI abilities) when enraged. As this goes on, he becomes more in control of his emotions, and can power up whenever he needs to.
  • Potty Failure: Has soiled himself in fear on more than one occasion.
  • Raging Stiffie: A recurring issue of his. Occurs even when slightly aroused.
  • Worf Effect: Despite his abilities, he almost never is able to do anything useful for the group.

The Nameless Slig
"Can I shoot you?"

A slig who works as a security guard for a Glukkon fishing company. Loves his gun more than anything else.

    DJ Marred 

Evil Drifter

A bloodthirsty, psychotic madman who swore to fight evil, by destroying vampires, ghosts and demons. After 463 years, he had completely lost his sanity, explaining his sociopathy and bloodlust. Returned to the group as a talking skull.

After the Evil Avatars Arc, he was written out due to his lack of popularity.

  • Brain Ina Jar: Became this after he was beheaded in a fight with a demon.
  • Butt-Monkey: The group just loved to torture him just for the sake of it.
  • Cursed with Awesome: Many years ago, when he was 39, a demon had cursed him to never age or die. He had been fighting "evil" for 463 years! And even after being beheaded by a disgruntled demon, he lives on as a skull. A talking skull.


An old witch who currently resides in the group giving her input in conversations and experimenting with magic. She was gifted with her powers by some fairies when she was a girl.

  • Mad Scientist: Her experiments would often go awry, causing characters to turn into cute little animals, or causing strange things to happen to people.
  • A Mother to Her Men: Her familiars have come and gone throughout her time with the group. But she treated them like her children.
  • Older Than They Look: A spell had altered her form to that of a young woman.

Major Dan Boyer

A disgruntled soldier who, after falling through a portal in the energy stream between dimensions, travels with the party. Used to enjoy guns and killing things, but after accidentally killing an innocent girl, decided to become a pacifist, although he will still fight to defend the group from evil if necessary.

He came from an extra-dimensional Earth in the 80's, where he had fought in WWIII, after the Cold War had boiled over.

  • Alternate History: His Earth is in 1988 AD, and after Communist Russia had done nuclear tests off the coast of California, Nixon declared war on the Russians. Soon the Nato powers and the British Commonwealth joined the Americans, and Russia had formed an alliance with Russia and North Korea. This has resulted in WWIII, and the destruction of his Earth seems imminent.
  • Cluster F-Bomb: He was very foul mouthed in his initial appearances, although he hasn't sworn so much recently. He probably just does it when he's angry or frustrated.

"Th1s w0r1d d0es n0t c0mpute."

A giant 200 foot robot from another galaxy.

  • Crapsack World: Although he denies it. His world was inhabited by a technologically advanced race who had built a giant machine that absorbed all the sun's energy. The planet's life then started to die out, and ultimately the race died out as well. The planet had also been strip mined over many hundreds and thousands of millennia. Machines have now taken the place of the people. But the machines are running out of fuel, so OM-104 needs to find fuel sources on other planets.

  • Genius Bruiser: Highly knowledgeable in mechanics and geology, as well as being armed to the teeth with guns, lasers, missiles and various scanners.
  • Gentle Giant: 200 feet tall, but wouldn't hurt a fly. Bristling with weapons, but hardly ever uses them.

The Cape

A superhero who is a resident of Silver City. No longer with the group now, and has gone his separate ways, back fighting crime in Silver City.

  • Expy: Of Superman, even having the same powers and abilities. Although he was written that way deliberately.


Originated in the Evil Avatars Arc as Evil Drifter's good counterpart, but instead decided to stick around after the Evil Avatar's Arc finished. Is now a recurring character.

  • Evil Counterpart: Inverted, as he was originally Evil Drifter's good counterpart.
  • Rage Against the Heavens: OK, so he isn't constantly at war with the deities and gods of the Multiverse. But he does think that gods and deities are lazy bastards who don't care enough to get off their high horses and actively aid people in need. And he thinks that their squabbling and childish bickering is not fitting for their roles as the leaders and creators of the Multiverse.
  • Token Good Teammate: Was this to the Evil Avatars. Subverted when he joined the other Avatars and became a recurring character.
  • Van Helsing Hate Crimes: Inverted, as he is a Demon Rights Activist.

    Doctrain AUM 


A sweet, innocent boy who used to share his body with a ruthless gangster boss. Then an incident involving a magical artifact made the two seperate. Now, on his own and without any friends, Doppio wandered around for a few years until he met up with Sabrina and Kaede. These two graciously accepted Doppio and allowed him to travel with them.

  • Actual Pacifist: Will become distraught when even a villain dies. He will sometimes aid a fight if it's against someone dangerous enough, but this is extremely rare.

Kaede Kanekura

An Other of Lucy. Being a diclonius, she was endlessly bullied as a child, but her mother's love allowed her to remain sane. After meeting her, she decided to tag along with Sabrina (against Sabrina's wishes).


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