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A sheet for retired characters from We Are Our Avatars. Please note that this only contains the characters who've shown up frequently since the 'move', so it may lack some of the earlier characters.


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    Tropers/Game Guru GG Castlevania 

Maria Renard
"Why is it that only the Djinni listened?"

A Vampire Hunter from the world of Castlevania circe 1797, she joined the group when the chaos in Dracula's Castle tapped into another dimension and propelled her into the group. She is extremely knowledgable of any type of magic or magical creature, but modern and future technology continue to confuse her. Maria however is a very caring and brave soul and can't stand to see injustice.

Maria has suffered through a lot, and has had her magical abilities increased exponentally due to four events. She was in the area when a magical reverb went off that caused her Four Guardian Beasts to run wild. This increased the power of the Four Guardian Beasts like it did for many of her companions. She also absorbed a fragment of the Phoenix Force when the Phoenix Force attacked her Spirit of the Phoenix. This gave her various psychic abilities, and also increased the power of the Four Guardian Beasts. Third, she had a protection charm from Reimu Hakurei that has since been deactivated. Last, she has the ability to absorb Dark Energy though the bite scars on her given to her by vampire bites on at least three separate occasions.

Adding this to being a descendant of Trevor Belmont and Sypha Belnades as all of Belmont blood are, these events have made her a powerful holy warrior akin to a demigod. Maria also now carries a plasma whip that Tails built for her she has dubbed "The Halo" after having helped to destroy the Durandal. She also currently have a team of six Pokémon: Noctowl, Meowth, Wartortle, Arbok, Kadabra, & Gastly.

  • The Four Gods: Her Four Guardian Beasts, even moreso after gaining the fragment of the Phoenix Force.
  • Van Helsing Hate Crimes: Averted, as long as the creatures of the night are not harming innocent people, she accepts them for what they are and in fact becomes allies and friends with them. She even counts Bartimaeus as an ally, despite disliking him the most.

Death, The Grim Reaper of Castlevania
"I am playing Uno for Ozbourne's soul!"

This version of Death is Dracula's drinking buddy and his most loyal servant. As such, he has been an annoying taunter of the heroes since Dracula was eradicated by Maria Renard. However, when Sloth took over Castlevania and Father nearly destroyed The Multiverse, he joined forces with the heroes. He most recently played Uno for the soul of Ozbourne and lost.

Sonia Belmont

Sonia Belmont is from an Alternate Version of the World of Castlevania and was trained in the use of the Vampire Killer Whip, which she uses to great effect. She is in love with the Alucard of her world. She had joined the group when Alucard and Maria left for a while and later met up with Alucard and Maria, while they were traveling. Sonia has recently become the Green Omni Ranger thanks to Xenos and a robot thanks to Hilarity.

  • Breaking the Fourth Wall: At one point, she made a comment about looking for the plot, she ended up talking to Bass a bit about breaking the fourth wall, before they agreed to do it twice a day.

    Tropers/Game Guru GG Other 

"Thanks, Sugah"

A mutant girl from the Marvel Universe with the power to temporarily absorb memories, superpowers, and strength from anyone she touches, save for robots. It's potentially fatal and permanent if contact is held too long. After being freed from her brainwashing by the Society of Light and being made Nigh-Invulnerable by Sugar's altering of her DNA to protect her life, she joined the group to find Yukari who gave her a magic ring that negates her power absorption. She decided to stay with the group for Irene's sake. She ended up absorbing the powers and memories of Herb and subsequently learned the Kamehameha Wave by observing Yuri's and Master Roshi's uses of it and being urged to try it by Lime and Mint.

  • My Skull Runneth Over: This is an unfortunate by-product of her absorbing powers. She retains pieces of the psyches and personalities she drains even after the powers fade.

Blinky, Inky, Pinky, & Clyde
"...Weren't youse about to fry us with that spell?"

Blinky, Inky, Pinky, & Clyde are four fun-loving ghost monsters looking to have a good time. Like many others, the four were lost in the dimensions and joined the group. After ending up in Gensokyo, they decided to stay in Hakugyokurou until Yukari sent them on a mission, mostly just to kick them out of Gensokyo. They have been given a psychic link to each other by Yukari as to be more effective as a team. They however decided to leave the group to stay with Zelda.

Of the team, Blinky is the leader, Pinky is the lancer, Inky is a scaredy-cat, and Clyde usually does his own thing.

"Now have speech. Am free. Want speak good, so be freer. So need grammar chip."

A 'PS3bot' from a world where large megacorporations (used to) create sentient machines and then make them do things against their will, Sara (and her sisters) were freed by the group and then tagged along. She has a general dislike for any humans save for minus and Franky.

She used to be almost defenseless, but before the battle against the Durandel, she was upgraded by Franky with numerous weapons.

  • You No Take Candle: Sara did not have time to learn proper English, but when she got a grammar chip installed, she could talk as well as anyone else.


A Dream Traveler from Phantomile, Klonoa has been traveling dreams for quite a while, and continues to believe that he still is. He knows that he cannot stay in one place, and was initially confused for a cat-rabbit Mobian by Tails and Silver. He even has a fear of water!

  • I Am Not Weasel: He's a Phantomillian. Not a Mobian. Not a rabbit. Not a nekomata. A Phantomillian.


  • Masculine Girl, Feminine Boy: Shampoo is a battle-capable Amazon. Her boyfriend Komatsu would like to stay on the sidelines and cook food for the group.
  • Please Put Some Clothes On: Shampoo will usually be completely naked when reverting from cat form. Grey taught her a skill to prevent this from happening to her.


Hydronix Warrior

A semi-dramatic warrior/pokemon who simply just wanted to his job. After being nearly forced into the Incarnates Arc, he's either been helpful, or completely useless. He evolved, got himself severely injured, was helped here and there, and then left for a while after being literally scared of himself. He returned to the Phase Distorter just in time to not be trapped in the future. Eventually, he evolved, but turned into an egg, found by Cyber Amy, who took care of him as a Baby Onix. Since then, he returned to his original trainer, Giovanni, and hasn't been heard from since.

  • Made of Iron: In his regular form, he collapses buildings on himself, and bathes in them.

Future!White Air Knight

Shadow The Hedgehog

   "Death to all who oppose me!!"   

A Badass hedgehog who decided to pay the Avatars a visit while on the Phase Distorter. His first action is to get knocked out after sneaking onboard. Later on, he explains that Cyber Amy's Chaos Emerald cannot exist much longer thanks to a Stable Time Loop. Why? It's his Chaos Emerald in her chest. So he, and some other members, decided to go on a Chaos Emerald hunt. Eventually they meet up with Eggman, and fight him. Naturally, the member of the group to find the Red Chaos Emerald is none other Kip, Katsuun's character. Besides that, Dark!Shadow(who's also completely insane by this time thanks to another of Katsuun's characters) destroys Eggman's base and is about to try and kill Helen, Raidou's character. Deviot steps in and one-shots Shadow, saving her life, and being ridiculously smug about it. He takes the Green Chaos Emerald, ending Shadow's "reign", or whatever term you want to use here, and then leaves right away.

  • Compensating for Something: His Gatling Gun. Has never actually specifically said it, though he has done things like cleaned his gun and made references.
  • Game Over: Invoked. It takes him a few hours to "reset" his game and come back to life.
  • Gameplay and Story Segregation: He has stored up rings, but they're only for actual buying. They never count towards his "health".
  • One-Hit Point Wonder: Technically, two hit points. He always starts with 10 rings(and never happens to be in a world to collect more), and loses them upon one hit. The next hit always takes him down.
  • Superpowered Evil Side: Dark Shadow. Complete with evil text and the ability to actually hurt one's capability of using time powers.

Deviot/Chaos Deviot

His first official appearance was him killing Shadow. Since then, he's offerred multiple villains help here and there. Naturally, none of them(that had any decency) took upon his offer. At one time he thought it was an actual good idea to revive Kasei to teach him Humility. It didn't work. Partially because Kasei was too evil, and the other because of Saturn's character, Him, offering the fiery Gijinka power. After Kasei was killed by a runaway train, Deviot destroyed the last remains of him, making sure the bastard was to stay dead. Or atleast hoping Max would see to that. Afterwords, he's tried to reconcile since. He still keeps to himself mostly, and once in a while appears.

Before his actual appearance, he's responsible for hurting Cyber Amy, leaving her in a wreck after she decided it was a good idea to run away. Of course, being that Cyber Amy is Deviot's freakin' daughter, he heavily regretted his decision. The irony? He didn't find out she was his daughter till after he did this.

  • Bumbling Dad: Very much so. He's very caring, but doesn't seem to do anything right.
  • Demoted to Extra: Ever since his first appearance, anyway. He has a few moments, but rarely interacts with The Group.
  • Evil Sorceror: He's actually of a neutral alignment though, despite using Necromancy.
  • Knight Templar Parent: Just... don't mess with is family. You'll regret it.
  • My Greatest Failure: Not just reviving Kasei, but the fact that he decided to not tell the gijinka just what Him really does.
  • Papa Wolf: Messing with his family is a big mistake. It took him some time to even realize that he even had a daughter.


  • Failure Hero: Actually justified, since she's not nearly anywhere as strong as anyone who fights. Unfortunately, she takes it harder than she should.
  • Mood-Swinger: She doesn't really have any confidence in herself, and seems to act different on a whim. On the other hand, she's always willing to help someone (unless it involves murder).


"Viva la big breasts!"

First a bit of character history to know who's covered here. It starts off with Iron Amy > Amy Nidorina > Composite Amy > Cyber Amy. The second form was from a Reality Warper turning her(and the rest of Team Metal) into pokemon gijinkas. The third was when Iron Amy's body was offline, and turned into a Hedgehog Robot Zombie by Pies' Eggman. She didn't take it well. Eventually, her third form was dying, so Future!Chaos Deviot took out his Green Chaos Emerald and put it into her chest, creating her main form, Cyber Amy.



  • Homoerotic Subtext: Mostly with Catherine, though she would never go for anyone that already has someone.

Gandalf The Wight

  • Punny Name: Just read his name. Also, fairly lazy. But not lame.

Fane The Flamed Mane

<I am the Protecter of Lovers! I am Flamed Mane!>

  • Knight Templar: Slightly. He won't hurt others for the hell of it, but he protects lovers.



"I'm a clown! Laugh!"

  • Monster Clown: But he's rather nice. Being that he's actually Exodia transformed.

Exodia The Forbidden One

Matice And Toyagumon

"We're partners!"

  • Asexuality: Matice, specifically, since his regular form is a Cell Jr., who reproduce asexually as is. Had a small crush on Catherine and Clare, but sticks with being their friend.

Irvine Kinneas

"But I'm serious about my flirting! ...Let me rephrase that."


  • Happiness in Slavery: Guardian Forces are technically equipment. And she's both proud and have to be that to either a Muggle or her three Masters.
  • Innocent Fanservice Girl: She doesn't understand one bit why people think having her nipples somewhat seeable is a problem. Justified since she lived nearly all of her life in that particular outfit and alone in her Lamp.


  • Moe Anthropomorphism: Of Doomtrain "him"self. Specifically just a random picture of a Japanese train.
  • Visual Pun: When she's mad, she lets steam out from her ears. Or when she's heavily embarassed.

Shao Kahn

  • Pet the Dog: With Morgan. Despite hating dragons in general (he has his reasons), he feels sorry for her.
  • You Fight Like a Cow: He makes his insults as best and as hammy and jerkassish as possible. Unless he's complimenting someone, but that's rare.


Dark Avatars Hakumen
"Finally, I've found you, TERUMI! It's time you answered for your crimes!"

An Alternate Universe version of his canon self, Hakumen first appeared through a portal from Kagutsuchi. Initially, he was obsessed with hunting down Terumi Yuuki, even going so far as to threaten the Other of him present at the time. Eventually, though, he managed to calm down and blend in with the rest of the Avatars, becoming a different person in the process.

It is later revealed that this Hakumen comes from a Bad Future where Terumi triumphed, and is now Imperator of the NOL alongside Relius.

  • Becoming the Mask: Initially, Hakumen only pretended to be sociable in the hopes of finding a way back to Kagutsuchi. You can guess how well that went.
  • Berserk Button: Terumi and nuclear weapons (which he considers the vilest weapons known to man).
  • Character Development: Initially focused only on getting back to his home dimension and killing Terumi, Hakumen soon lightened up and became much more personable, even showing emotions other than rage for the first time.
  • Heroic BSoD: He has a non-serious one when he sees an Other of himself making out with an Other of Terumi. He completely loses it and devolves into spouting Angrish before dropping an Atomic F-Bomb.
  • "The Reason You Suck" Speech: Delivers one to AxeCop Kotohime after she cuts Ty's head off and starts talking about being a "good guy" killing "bad guys". To quote:
    "Hero? Let me tell you about heroism. I've seen criminals who are a thousand times more heroic than you. You're no hero. You're just a selfish, bloodthirsty beast who thinks she can get away with murder by justifying it as heroic. You are a disgusting scumbag. A disgrace. A piece of sickening filth. You have no honor or virtue whatsoever. Now get out of here before I do something I'll regret."


No one is quite sure when Caim made it to Detroit, or how he made it there. All the Group knows is that one day, he met him when he tried to bash the door down with his sword. Despite his sociopathic tendencies, he managed to fit into the Group and become accepted as one of them- albeit a member more often censured than not.

Red Dragon Angelus
Human Angelus

Caim's pact partner, a powerful red dragon. She serves as the voice of reason to counterbalance Caim's insanity.

During the Group's visit to Amestris, Angelus was turned into a human after being struck by a bolt of lightning. She gained the ability to change between human and dragon forms after donning a choker that was won by Caim in the Nether Vegas casino.

  • Innocent Fanservice Girl: Due to her dislike of clothing, she almost, but not quite, takes everything off— in front of the rest of the Group. Cue the entire Group going "Please Put Some Clothes On!" She eventually gets used to having clothes on... sort of.
  • Little Bit Beastly: Her human form has horns, wings and a tail as marks of her true dragon form.


Once thought to be dead, Tsubaki showed up via portal at the Avatars' house, much to the surprise and joy of Hakumen. Since then, she's been part of many of the Group's adventures, helping to save Pride and Kelly Distasio.

  • Swiss Army Weapon: Her sword can switch forms: so far, it's been shown to turn into a lance and extend into a chain-whip of sorts.


Part of a duo of bounty hunters from the universe of Lamento- beyond the void, he and Rai found themselves stranded in an unfamiliar town after walking through a mysterious stone gate.

While wandering through this new world, Konoe encountered the Avatars as they chased after a possessed Pride, and joined the chase immediately. Afterwards, finding no way of returning to their home, he and Rai decide to stick with the Avatars for the time being. He would go on to help save Pride from Him's clutches and become of Mammon's pupils, learning Water and Ice magic in the process.

  • My God, What Have I Done?: A mild example: During a game of Truth or Dare, Konoe goes too far with his dare. When the reaction turns out to be unpleasant... this comes into play.


For some inconceivable reason, this blast from Final Fantasy's past appeared when the Group had a random encounter in the world of Gaia. He himself isn't quite sure what happened, but he quickly found his niche in the Group as their protector.


An affable angel of the order of Principalities who serves YHVH, Aziriphale accidentally teleported Hakumen and his group to Heaven when he left open a portal. Thankfully, no lasting damage was dealt, and the problem was quickly smoothed over.

He reappeared in the second The Bus Came Back arc, looking for a young woman's missing Metal Slime pet. That young woman later turns out to be much more than she looks...

  • Gosh Dangit To Heck: "Oh, sugar", "Manchester" and "Milton Keynes" are some of his more used "swears".

Meria/Emrakul, the Aeons Torn

A young woman who first appeared during the second The Bus Came Back arc, searching for her pet Metal Slime. After Aziriphale found it for her, she joined the rest of the group she met and became fast friends with them.

However, none of them are aware that Meria is merely the form a world-devouring Eldritch Abomination has taken to observe the world.

  • Glamour Failure: She experiences this twice: once rather randomly, and once after attempting to make contact with the Daemonhost Cherubael. Thankfully, she doesn't appear in her full Eldrazi form.


One of the more sane members of the Dark Avatars, he is also one of the few who has an altruistic motive: to create a refuge for victims of Fantastic Racism. To this end, he's joined the Dark Avatars in order to gather the resources he needs.

He also seems to be on good terms with Carona.

Word of God is that after the event of the Dark Avatars Arc, he and the Dark Avatars version of Hakumen joined Carona on Phantom Isle to plan their next move.

  • Only Sane Man: Among the Dark Avatars, he's one of the few who isn't Ax-Crazy or acting out of self-interest alone.

Gideon Jura

  • Only Sane Man: His maturity and levelheadedness mark him as the opposite of the more enthusiastic Joey Jones.


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