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Adventures are one of the oldest of the genres. The adventure novel itself is also one of the earliest genres of novels. Adventure stories feature relatively flat characters who undergo risk and danger.

The most common format will have the hero meet a girl (or a boy, in more modern incarnations) after enduring several trials, be torn apart, and then reunited after more adventures. Morality is often very black and white, plots very linear. The heroes are generally not formally involved in law enforcement but often find themselves battling evil and/or criminals while Walking the Earth. Vigilantes are common.

Frequently overlaps with other genres such as the Picaresque Novel, Historical Fiction, Speculative Fiction, Sea Stories and The Western.

In visual media, it is similar to the Action Series but with less emphasis on violence, fighting and car chases and more on exotic locations, exploration and puzzle solving. See also Adventure Game. Often overlaps with just about every single other genre out there.


Alternatively, you might be looking for the Atari 2600 game or the tabletop RPG.


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Alternative Title(s): Adventure Series