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Adventure! is the third game in Trinity Universe (White Wolf), and the earliest chronologically, emulating the Golden Age pulp adventures. A single corebook was released in 2001, with a d20 version in 2004. A new edition, Trinity Continuum: Adventure!, was released in May 2023.

In 1922, Doctor Calvin Hammersmith publicly demonstrated his Telluric Engine, a device capable of drawing energy from space-time itself. Something went wrong during the course of the demonstration, and the machine exploded, starting a fire that burned down the laboratory and killed Hammersmith.

The explosion also unleashed a wave of strange energies through space-time, so-called "Z-rays", which, among other effects, granted certain people extraordinary abilities. The people so empowered became known as the Inspired.

The year is now 1924 (1934 in the new edition). A new world has opened up for the Inspired, one stranger and wilder than they could have imagined, and they dive into it with gusto.

A funding campaign for Trinity Continuum: Adventure! was held in 2021.

This role-playing game provides examples of:

  • All Love Is Unrequited: Donighal towards Mercer, which ends up becoming a contributing factor in Donighal's Start of Darkness.
  • Bold Explorer: Safari Jack Tallon, with Adventurer Outfit to boot.
  • Gentleman Adventurer: Max Mercer.
  • Government Agency of Fiction: Branch 9 and its international equivalents.
  • Hollow Earth: With at least two races: the E'tah, subterranean albinos, and the Neanderthals, savage raiders. Whether it always existed, or was brought into being by the Hammersmith Incident, is a mystery.
  • Intrepid Reporter: Sarah Gettel.
  • Mad Scientist: As fitting the genre.
  • Mass Super-Empowering Event: The Hammersmith Incident.
  • Obliviously Superpowered: The Daredevils' probability altering powers are done unconsciously and the results are subtle enough that most don't realise they're doing anything paranormal.
  • Proto-Superhero: All three Inspired character types. Daredevils, mesmerists and stalwarts are pulp heroes and villains, and the latter two types are clearly more than human, but with the exception of the Big Three (Max Mercer, Saraswati Kaur and Doctor Primoris), they don't reach the godlike stature of later novas and psions.
  • Powerful and Helpless: As a result of being a Time Master, Max Mercer knows what the future has in store, and it's not pretty - but he's helpless to actually change it. If he does make a change that prevents the horrors of World War II or the Aberrant War, he'll just slip sideways into a better timeline without changing the future of his world one iota.
  • Renaissance Man: It's entirely possible for a character to be one of these; of the official NPCs, both Mercer and Donighal are this.
  • The Roaring '20s: The setting of First Edition.
  • Shout-Out:
    • Among other things, the game mentions the de Winter family and a certain Dr. West, and features an appearance by Vlad Dracul himself. The founder of the International Detective Agency is implied to be Sherlock Holmes.
    • In the description for the organization The Order of Murder there's a possible shout out to Miss Marple. The character Whitley Styles mentions coming across an apparent murder mystery that fooled even "the old lady who'd made a habit of poking her nose into strange crimes".
    • And in the original advert for the game, there's a headline saying "Millionaire Cranston's plane crashes in Tibet".
    • In the reboot, there's the Theseus Club and the Society of Minos in the Trinity Continuum core, both of which are tied to The Most Dangerous Game... as in, Rainsford actually founded the Theseus Club after learning about the Society from material in General Zaroff's belongings.
    • Also in the reboot, Lucy Hebron's backstory has her impress Sherlock Holmes during one of his cases, and take a position as one of his irregulars.
  • Those Wacky Nazis: As of the reboot, Hindenburg is already senile and in his last days, allowing Hitler to consolidate power and begin the process of Jewish internment. Accordingly, while they don't make for an actual Allegiance of their own, there will be plenty of Nazi villains for our heroes to punch.
  • Time Master: Max Mercer. At this point in his life, he's still new to his power, figuring out how it works. Among other things, he can 'pause' time for a few seconds, temporarily accelerate himself relative to the 'normal' time flow, and jump through time to points of major telluric energy activity (such as the event that triggers Aberrant's Novas, the end of the Aberrant War, or Trinity's Venezuelan Phenomenon).
  • Time Skip: Trinity Continuum: Adventure! advances the timeline to 1934.
  • Two-Fisted Tales: The game is founded on recreating pulp adventure.
  • Winds of Destiny, Change!: The Daredevils alter probability in order to survive and succeed in extreme circumstances though they don't do so deliberately.
  • With Great Power Comes Great Insanity: Averted. Due to the Doyen energy barrier, stalwarts will not become full-fledged novas, and therefore they won't succumb to Taint like they will in the Aberrant era.
  • Yellow Peril: The Ubiquitous Dragon, master of the Chinese underworld.

Alternative Title(s): Adventure Tales Of The Aeon Society