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Typhon is a science fiction Adventure hero from The Golden Age of Comic Books, created by Phillips Judge and published by Fox Feature Syndicate in Weird Comics #1-7.

A man of adventure, Typhon sails the seas in his submarine, battling evil with his crew of fellows and a mind-control ring.

Not to be confused with the monster from Greek myth.

This comic contains examples of:

  • Always Chaotic Evil:
    • The baddies of Weird Comics #2 are a race of mermen who sadistacally torture anybody who enters their domain.
    • The baddies of Weird Comics #5 are the Sea Demons, a race of brutal conquerors raiding the Sea Amazons.
  • Cyclops: The baddies of Weird Comics #5 have a cycloptic octopus as one of their key weapons.
  • Kraken and Leviathan: Weird Comics #7 has Typhon and his men fight a kraken attacking their ship.
  • Mad Scientist: The Big Bad of Weird Comics #6 is one who invented a tidal wave manipulator to rob ships.