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With such a large variety of...well, everything for an engine whose name can mean "infinite", there are an infinite number of things that people disagree on.


  • Archive Panic: An engine that's been around forever with who knows how many characters. Good luck experiencing every character and matchup this engine has to offer.
  • Base-Breaking Character: Googoo64's characters. Some people hate them for their cheap AI and general shoddiness, and as such make bashing videos about them, generally disliking uploads related to their characters, and the like. Others like them because they're that bad, and enjoy how much of a mess they can make - some people have even made edits and AI patches for said characters, and even The_None got in on it by remaking the Kinyo Roadshow character (if for April Fools' Day).
  • Character Tiers: This is generally impossible due to Loads and Loads of Characters and the varying quality thereof, since analyzing them and their match-ups would take years. Some have tried to do this by separating cheap characters from normal ones, but there is no official tier list outside of a full M.U.G.E.N game.
    • SaltyBet uses a form of tiers in its custom system. Characters who are excessively strong (read: cheap as all hell) get pushed into X-Tier by default. All other tiers are decided by a character's winning record; if a character wins or loses enough matches in a row, they are either promoted (up to S-Tier) or demoted (as low as P-Tier). This tier system does not prevent overly unfair matchups (or system crashes), but it generally produces better random fights than if characters were left to fight each other willy-nilly. The tier system is thrown out for Exhibitions, where players can request fights between characters from different tiers.
    • Taken Up to Eleven with certain characters that are meant to be overpowered, to the point where they'll ouright damage the computer the user has to win.
  • Crack Fic: Anyone with a copy of the engine and movie editing software can contort all their favorite fighting game characters (and some from outside the genre) into their own twisted concoction of a storyline.
  • Crack Pairing: Would it not be easier to list the characters that haven't been put into a strange fan pairing by Japanese MUGEN fans?
    • Jam/Anyone. A joke character has her knocking the opponent into the bed, where she proceeds to dry hump both of them into unconsciousness.
    • You can find all pictures related to this weirdness on Crossover Shipping.
  • Crazy Awesome:
  • Discredited Meme: Cheap character-Busting with supposedly balanced or weak characters used to be an extremely popular fad in the past, especially popularized by members who were prominent back then. Nowadays cheap character-busting is far less prevalent thanks to many "cheap-busters" turning out to have overpowered abilities of their own or being even more overpowered, even if they were Lethal Joke Characters. For example, prominent "cheap-buster" Metool by N64Mario had weak attack and defence, but also sported a very spammable Spread Shot that could stunlock an opponent, a Nigh Invulnerable helmet guard and an unblockable One-Hit Kill giant Metool.
  • Fridge Horror: If you lose to Ricepigeon's Yukari, she says that if you had beaten her, she would have merely shifted the boundary between victory and defeat. What if she already had?
  • Fountain of Expies: Kung Fu Man. Justified in that he's a template character who's designed to help newcomers understand how to make characters.
  • Funny Moments:
    • Michael Jackson as he appeared in Moonwalker is available, with all his moves from the Genesis game. Try holding down the spin button for a few seconds while fighting any overpowered badass characters and watch what happens. It's great.
    • Omega Tom Hanks. OMEGA. TOM. HANKS. His Arcade Mode intro consists of him flying in the air, saying "Hey everybody! I'm invincible!" Omega Tiger Woods is also hilarious for many of the same reasons.
    • "Adam West" Batman's Level 2 super has him lift up his opponent, pull out a can of Bat Opponent-Repellant spray (with a close-up showing your enemy's portrait on the label) and give 'em a good spritz, all with appropriate sound effects.
    • Det. Laurel's special win animation: "Looks like you have the right to remain... *dons sunglasses* Unconscious." YEEEEEEEAAHH!!
    • The hilarious Game-Breaker that is Zeeky H. Bomb.
    • The sheer absurdity that is Rare Akuma. So crazy-powerful, but so quirky and hilarious!
    • Sad Claps, a version of Cyclops with a block of code added to him that makes him completely lose his shit, is absolutely hilarious.
    • If Deadpool faces Chuck Norris, than he can do nothing but run back and forth in fear, knowing how pointless it is to try and battle against Chuck.
    • Freddy Krueger's "Friendship" finisher from Mortal Kombat Project can hardly be called a Friendship finisher at all. He turns his opponent into an action figure and sells the defeated foe at a convention along with other fighters he has turned into action figures.
  • Game-Breaker:
    • Though there are too many examples to specifically list them all, there are a lot of characters that are more or less walking doom machines. Many characters from games with unique or unorthodox mechanics become either this or Joke Characters when they are initially ported, but newer versions of those characters may or may not clever coding or mods to balance them out.
    • Honorary mention goes to Master Mecha Sonic, who has a "Hyper Kamehameha" that can deal over 999 hits. Only the creator of his MUGEN can tell exactly how many hits it does.
    • A built-in example is the F1 key. It ain't called "The Heart-Attack Button" for nothing. It was eventually made into its own character.
    • The biggest game breakers are those who literally KO the opponent before the battle even starts, and are also immune to the F1 key.
    • There are even characters that can beat characters that literally do nothing like the DEAD HORSE (which is just a punching bag that cannot die, apparently) and Rick Astley (a dummy character that has no attacks or collision detection AT ALL).
    • There are characters that literally break the game itself- when they are loaded, they use a file or .exe to hack MUGEN and make them win. More information can be found here.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
  • Just Here for Godzilla: Some people who use MUGEN care less about the play balance and more about what the special and super moves look like. Shallow? Maybe, but they're still having fun.
    • Other users are just here for cartoon and platformer characters.
  • Memetic Badass:
    • Metool, back when cheap character beatdowns were a fad thanks to being able to fight and win against some of the most notorious Game Breakers of its time. Especially if it manages to connect with the Giant Metool, causing the text "0WNED!!!" to appear on screen.
    • Chuck Norris and Weegee.
    • Thanks to Saltybet, Veku has become known as "the king of P-tier".
  • Memetic Loser:
    • Everyone hates Homer.
    • Barney. He loses in pretty much every video involving him.
  • Memetic Mutation: Tons.
    • 0WN3D!!!note 
    • X character rides the Yukari Express. note 
    • The Rugal/Krauser/Goenitz/Juli/Sayurispin. note 
    • Being drunk makes you a god as strong as a DBZ character, you got to remember that... note 
    • Mario as Freddie Mercury, Krizalid as Billy Idol, etc.
    • FUCKING AT WHORE note 
    • Everyone hate Homer, (yes, most people spell it incorrectly) where characters preform supers, infinites, and fatalities on Homer Simpson and is usually accompanied by Yakety Sax. Homer also often says "You suck-diddly-uck" at his opponent before each finisher. Started by Judge Spear, who used Homer a lot and eventually modified him.
    • From Salty Bet:
      • Mexican/Mexihealth/Mexidamage: Spun off from poorly-made DBZ characters who had gimped health and damage and used Latin American DBZ voiceclips. While most of them have been trimmed...
      • ALWAYS BET DBZ: There are still a BOATLOAD of glitchy, shittily-made DBZ characters.
      • DISRESPECT: When one character begins attacking before the round starts proper, during the "Place your bets" stage. Usually when a Guilty Gear character steps up to bat.note 
      • Potato: A fighter characterized by being poorly made, having crappy or nonexistent AI, or was meant to be bad on purpose. They're not known for their impressive win rates.
      • Potato Match: When you put two of these said potatoes together, expect disaster and a really boring fight.
      • Scam/Self-Scam: When a character wins/loses as a result of a glitch. Typically happens when a poorly coded character knocks someone off screen in a state where they can't take any more damage, randomly turns off its hitbox, or flies away and doesn't come back down.
      • Plot: Whenever a fighter has a super animation so long that it might aswell be a cutscene.
      • Canon: When two or more characters from the same main or crossover franchise are met.
  • Moment of Awesome: A creator known as altoiddealer coded from scratch and without help a MARRIAGE PROPOSAL to his fiancee on his Jailbot W.I.P. The best part? She said YES. You can watch it here.
  • Most Annoying Sound:
    • All of Yagoshi's "Symbiote" edits of Luigi, Homer Simpson, Peter Griffin and Bob have ear-blasting sounds, particularly this extremely loud "REEEEAAAAAHHHH!" that usually plays whenever they take damage especially with Symbiote Bob. Any character with poor sound effects can do the same.
    • The Soulcalibur announcer. The main reason he was so overused is because he was part of the super-popular Everyone vs. Everyone pack.
    • Major Alan by Descolor, also known as (^o^), is infamous for a long yell of "OOOOOOHHHHHHHH" - he yells it when he dies, he yells it when he wins, and there are edits that make him yells all the goddamn time. That said, a lot of people find the sound hilarious, especially on SaltyBet and SpriteClub, to the point where he has his own chat command of "!alan".
    • In a similar vein, a number of Saint Seiya characters are more well known for constantly screaming than the actual fighter, especially with Yuri di AAAA. Like Alan above, a number of people find this screaming to be more funny than actually ear-grating, and has reached a status of fame on SaltyBet and SpriteClub because of it.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Has its own page.
  • Nightmare Retardant:
    • La=Gooth, a pathetic attempt at making an Eldritch Abomination by some guy.
    • An unknown character called "Chaos"(LucasX3 in earlier versions) fits this trope well, with said character being filled with ear-blasting sound effects from La=Gooth, and generally mediocre gameplay.
    • Guro Saya is meant to be Saya as she appears in her true form. This would be disturbing had the author not merely given her the appearance and playstyle of a brown Shuma-Gorath.
  • Rescued from the Scrappy Heap:
    • Shaq, from Shaq Fu, is a surprisingly popular character despite hailing from one of the worst fighting games of all time. Most of it has to do with the rather humorous additions to the character, including merch-based moves, voice lines, and other types of silliness. His famous battle against SSJ Goku shot him into greater fame.
    • In a similar vein, Fourthrhyme's Bubsy, who is based on one of the most divise characters in all of video game history, is given quite a lot of creative attacks and edits in order to save him from the heap he has a tendency to get stuck in.
    • Haruhi Suzumiya after an author, Zero-sennin, made her less cheap along with adding his own twist to the character.
    • In general, when a hated character receives a good edit.
  • The Scrappy:
    • Gouken by Alexlexus has been beaten by...pretty much everyone.
    • Same goes for EmoSuicideXFAHV's Rugal_BugAll_Error.
    • Haruhi Suzumiya's hate-level got up to the point where fight vids of newly-made characters involving her usually have a half-hearted disclaimer of "No, you're not finding any bashing here." IT died down after some time and with her being Rescued from the Scrappy Heap.
    • Characters that have been dubbed "retarded" by the community. These tend to have hideous spritework, stiff animation, terrible hitboxes, graphical errors, crappy movesets, programming glitches, or any combination thereof, therefore making battles containing them an excruciating experience.
    • Spriteswapped characters are highly frowned upon by a majority of the community they not only show laziness, but also a lack of respect for the original characters' author. In particular cases the original's fighting style or hitboxes don't even fit the "new" character, and in other cases not all their sprites aren't properly changed causing them to flicker back to the original character. In even worse cases, no credit is given to the original creator or the filenames aren't even changed from the original's at all.
    • Cheap characters are not that well regarded either, since cheap busting had been a fad in the past.
  • Self-Fanservice:
    • Can happen with the more customized fighters, as they are made to suit the maker's personal tastes. Take (the currently only known existing version of) Leela, who has a suspiciously large number of poses showing her butt, a seemingly random Midnight Bliss attack, a Thong of Shielding swimsuit outfit that makes up more than half of her palettes, and a Freeze-Frame Bonus during her Transformation Sequence hyper where she's naked. (With Barbie Doll Anatomy, but still, the fact that her toes and navel are visible shows that this is the intent.)
    • There's also Tifa Lockhart, who has an overdose of Gainaxing, and Panty Shot, combined with her Boobs-and-Butt Pose win pose and Genki Girl voice.
    • And that's not even getting into all the edits of female fighting game characters who are made naked.
  • So Bad, It's Good:
    • Bebum Ryo. This ridiculous edit of Ryo Sakazaki has a Zanretsuken that does insane amounts of hits, combos that should never be possible, hair resembling that of an 80s glam rocker, and FATALITIES. One of his intros is about a minute long, featuring him getting punched in the nuts by Johnny Cage, who is in turn chased down by Shao Kahn. And that's just the beginning.
    • Q by Drowin. Melty Blood, Fist of the North Star, and a whole lot more collide to make this massive ball of hilarity.
    • RicePigeon released Primeus aka Gay Bahamut, who's essentially a parody of crappy characters. The end result is something that's So Bad, It's Good. And hilarious to boot. While RicePigeon did strive for a "King of Shitty Characters" type, he managed to not overkill Primeus which made him somewhat a decent foe.
    • Grand Master Ryu is Ryu as a Old Master after training with Oro for years. Seems like a pretty standard and forgettable Ryu edit, but then you see it in action. The moves in his repertoire were much more badass in the author's head than in actuality. One of them has him doing a horse stance while firing a huge Hadouken with Dragonball sounds. One of them has him fire a bunch of odd looking, almost Metroid-ish projectiles. One of them has him punch the victim so far they slam against the wall, and he gives chase and beats them down in the corner. The highlight, however, is one where he throws a punch that launches the enemy, then proceeds to LAY DOWN ON HIS BACK AND FIRE A SHINKUU HADOUKEN UP AT THE VICTIM.
    • Adrien's Buzz Lightyear is a half-assed sprite edit of Zangief that's so badly edited (complete with his suit turning piss-yellow for certain frames) that it looks absolutely hilarious as a result.
  • Special Effect Failure: If not created correctly, characters or their effects can have bizarre color schemes, appear in the wrong places, or generally not work.
  • "Stop Having Fun" Guys: Mostly in the shape of SNK extremists, who still declare that the only good fighting games were those made by SNK on its glory days and will put down (most of the time, violently) people who use characters from doujin games or with new-generation mechanics. This is not to deny the doujin side of its share of meanies, either— a lot of them seem to really hate the characters of The DCU, The Flash and Superman being prime victims, and fans of DC Comics sometimes come under fire as a result.
  • That One Boss: Many characters in MUGEN may come from their source games that are known to be SNK Boss. There are too many bosses to list that could be consider difficult or cheap. Though, the difficulty of the boss varies depending on which fighter you use.
    • Cheap or Brutal AI characters would count due to either Perfect-Play A.I., cheap move set, counters, fast reactions or all of the above.
    • Surprisingly enough, Bandana Dee is this, considering he was a joke boss from his game (DS remake only). Though he is still pathetic as his source game, his Collision Damage works a bit different. Due to a bug oversight(?), Bandana Dee can damage you if you make literally any physical contact. He can also combo you and fling you across the stage making it hard to combo him. He is still easy to beat if your character has long-range attacks, projectiles, super armor or a throw. But if your combatant solely fights close-range and lacks a throw...
    • Yee. Yes, that Yee. It first started out as an April Fools Joke with the creator, Garchomp Matt, disguising it as his Rotom character. Now as its own character, this boss consist of Peak and Oro doing specific roles. Peak sings his memetic song and when it's over, Oro peaks his head out saying "Yee". Rinse and repeat. It's a pretty easy since Peak never moves, making him open to attacks and Oro only attacks if the song is finished. While he sings slowly and attacks less frequently on easy mode, when setting it up on higher difficulties, he starts to sing faster meaning Oro will frequently pop his head in, attacking you. This forces you to kill him faster before you do, and at times nearly impossible. Putting the difficulty to Hard 8 makes it literally impossible to win - Yee will become invincible and Oro's head attack consists for the entire round, meaning that you won't be beating him unless you're packing something like Rare Akuma. Set the difficulty to 8 but forgot to remove Yee from your roster? You're setting up quite the catastrophYee...
    • Certain characters, while otherwise balanced, may have a color palette (usually 11th or 12th) that makes them overpowered. Palettes can be selected at random... and said overpowered palette can be chosen in Arcade Mode:
      • Daniel is a well-balanced original character, but his 11th palette is a different story. He is constantly in unlimited Burst Mode from the get-go, which allows him to use EX special moves, Alpha Counters, and most Limit Breaks without losing his super meter.
      • YU-TOHARU's Hatsune Miku, is already infamous for her brutal AI... But when you put her into her 11th or 12th palettes? Her 11th palette gives her infinite super meter, which is bad enough on its own, but can be a nightmare in team matches. Her 12th palette gives her a slowly regenerating super meter, regenerating health, a helper in the form of Beat at the start of the match, the ability to fully heal once when low on health, and can revive with full health when KO'ed, meaning you have to defeat her twice in a single round.
    • Kong's MvC2 characters, all of them, have three different difficulty levels that can be coded in and out - easy, medium and hard. And if they're in hard mode...good God, you're in for Hell. In hard mode, these characters become very buggy, broken and cheap, and have a ludicrously aggressive AI. To give you an idea, Kong's Omega Red in hard mode defeated Rare Akuma.note  Yeah.
  • Tier-Induced Scrappy:
    • Characters branded "cheap," unless they are intentional joke characters. Usually, cheap characters are hated for pulling off incredibly unfair methods to win either caused by poor coding, unfair advantages/abilities or flat-out cheating, and had been the subject of many beatdown videoes before retard beatdowns became more popular.
      • YOUKAI's Naruto-kun and "Super Mario 64" are probably two of the more infamous examples, as the former spams substitution, uses a Desperation Attack repeatedly that leaves him invincible and deals a lot of damage if hit, and has several hard-hitting, trapping regular attacks; while the latter can repeatedly use overpowered attacks such as swinging around Bowser and taking off about half of a regular fighter's lifebar (and if it's blocked, it actually deals more damage instead). Both of them also can spam super moves (like the aforementioned Bowser swing) without lowering their super meter, and they only get this luxury if the AI and not a player is controlling them.
      • Gulthor's three characters in Nightmare SSJ3, Sephiroth and Himan Zellode were very overpowered characters and prominent targets of cheap character beatdowns. All three have jacked-up stats on offense and defense, Hitbox Dissonance, Teleport Spam, insane power gain, attacks that dealt insane damage with several super attacks that were strong enough to flat out instakill most balanced characters, and actual One-Hit Kill super moves.
      • Another example was the demon Elque. Not only was it extremely fast with painful attacks that were quickly executed, it could stun-lock the opponent in a corner and spam its "Evil Claw" move to chip their HP into nothing if they blocked, a bunch of extremely powerful supers such as a fullscreen lightning attack that hit about a third of a character's health if blocked, and a One-Hit Kill. Finally, it also had a Turns Red mode where the screen turned dark (making it hard to see) and also caused it to regenerate health quickly. This got bad enough that a nerfed edit of Elque was made with almost all of the cheap elements taken out or given harsher restrictions note .
    • A lot of Touhou Project characters based on the official spinoffs like Scarlet Weather Rhapsody tend to fall into this. The Touhou games are known for their sheer Bullet Hell, which even extends to the fighting game spinoffs - they are quite projectile-heavy for being fighting games. Meanwhile, most regular characters in MUGEN tend to be more melee-oriented, with few projectiles and countermeasures against projectiles. This means that Touhou characters are fine fighting against each other, but a fighter from a different series will have a lot of trouble making it into melee range through their countless projectiles. This earns Touhou characters a lot of bile from the community for being "cheap" and "overpowered", and some creators like Ricepigeon specialize in creating Touhou characters with more reasonable playstyles for a regular fighting game and few if any projectiles.
  • They Copied It, So It Sucks!: As noted above, POTS Styled characters usually get this reception.
  • Visual Effects of Awesome: Everything about Dragon Claw! His sprites, his effects, his move animations....
    • Quite a few stages count, especially the ones on 1.1.


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