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  • Anonymous Author: After all these years, there seems to be no known members of Elecbyte known on the internet, much less anyone that would be active online, more so now that their website has been gone from the internet for a while.
    • To a lesser extent, there are a number of characters who have author fields that either feature the default name of Elecbyte (who only made Kung Fu Man) or nothing at all, along with edits of characters that simply keep the original author's name and don't add anything to it, leaving the person who edited the creation a mystery.
  • Doing It for the Art: Projects that don't heavily recycle existing sprites and stage backgrounds generally qualify, but the Mega Crossover Card Saga Wars is easily one of the most extreme; nearly everything (short of the music, voices and sound effects) is made from scratch. By two very dedicated people.
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  • Fan Nickname: A version of Geese Howard known as Master Geese was called Master Cheese a lot back in the day.
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes:
    • An unfortunately very large number of characters, stages, and tools made during 2004-2010 have no convenient means of access after Megaupload was shut down.
    • Before the loss of Megaupload, a similar situation happened when Infoseek Japan shut its free web hosting service down in 2011. While a few creations can still be found via the Internet Wayback Machine, a majority of stuff is completely gone.
    • And the story repeats itself when MUGEN China closed their doors in 2013 and MugenBR in 2015. Both sites have a lot of creators hosted and most of the stuff hosted on them now are history with a few of them being still found on Internet Wayback Machine. The most dramatic case was the old MUGEN China site by Misamu that was hosted on MugenBR, which also is gone.
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    • Fourth verse, same as the first: in October 2018, GeoCities Japan (the last version of GeoCities still active after the United States branch shuttered in 2009) announced it would be closing down in March 2019, prompting a massive backup effort from the MUGEN community to keep as many files from being Lost Forever as possible.
  • No Export for You:
    • Various creators make their creations (mostly characters) private for various reasons (leaked betas, spriteswap, use the code/edits for other creations, the character being an actual computer virus, etc.), and that means get the creation offline forever. And there're creations who were made only for private use, which only can be seen via screenshots or videos, and rarely can be public unless the creator itself decides to publish it (or the creation is leaked by hackers or close people that have the creation already). Not to mention WIP stuff that is unfinished and won't see the light until they were finished.
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    • Leaked creations are usually uploaded to warehouses, one of the reasons why these sites are unfamous in the community (see Digital Piracy Is Evil in the main article).
    • The most famous case is Calamix, a creator of various Mega Man characters from all videogames to MUGEN (since platform games to Power Battle/Fighters arcade games), that because of various other "creators" who pirated his creations and labeled as made by them (like "Megaman Mugen Team"), Calamix ended to blame the whole community and got offline and private all his stuff, apart of being retired from MUGEN. Actually there're various of his creations available, but only via warehouses or by request in forums, but most of them are still unavailable.
    • Another famous case is V-Nix, a creator who made various awesome lifebars and some characters, which only one or two of them were released and all the other are still private. Not to mention he's betatester of various japanese creators. In both cases, he's not afraid to show screenshots and videos of his own lifebars and betatesting other characters spoiling most of the community with these works. The ones who knows about him always answer with this to the newbies who doesn't know about V-Nix:
      Who made these lifebars/characters?
      That's a V-Nix's screenshot/video, that means probably it's private. Sorry.
    • There's also cases where an offline character has been archived, but the version around is severely out of date and could be missing features that were added later on. An example of this is with Karakuyakumi's S-Cirnonote  and Tiger Chennote . While these characters were archived after the author removed them from his site, the versions around are severely out of date. While S-Cirno's more complete version was recently uncovered, it seems Tiger Chen only exists in its out of date version for now.
  • Old Shame:
    • Arpa slaughters such characters in this video.
    • Baby Bonnie Hood has a deep intense hatred for his very first creation, namely the same character as his online namesake. Understandable after you see the above video.
    • Additionally, Most Mysterious' Alex (who was also featured in the video above), the only redeeming factor of which has the first appearence of the Omega Tiger Woods gag that is common in his chars. See it here.
    • Ironcommando considers his old characters created back in his Attention Whore days as this, thanks to being cheap, unfinished, and made for the sole purpose of vanitynote . The one he regrets creating the most is "A-Bomb", due to being heavily responsible for sparking and publicizing the "Cheapie War" that eventually led to the creation of Dragon-Tier cheapies (essentially computer viruses)note .
    • MegaBrony blew up and took down his old (pre-Princess Luna) characters for the same reasons as Ironcommando's characters above.
    • The creator of Ghetto Warmachine, Melvanainchains, hates the character now, mostly due to a bad fallout with a co-creator involved. She's said that she's considered removing it from her site on a regular basisnote  . Though she's also considered remaking the character to a standard she'd be more proud of.
    • The_None has come to regret kickstarting the fad of beating down bad conversions of characters in videos.
  • Talking to Himself: Given that many characters use voice actors, this is bound to happen sooner or later.
    • While not a complete, but more traditional example, Brergrsart's Shotoclown has a few lines voiced by the author, leading to this if he fights Gweelay, also by Brergrsart, who he fully voices.
  • Unintentional Period Piece: Many, many MUGEN videos are instantly dated either by their content or contemporary fads:
  • What Could Have Been/Author Existence Failure: After Dragon Claw, Singaporean creator Reuben Kee (more known as Reu) was working in 2 projects: a black ninja character and an adaptation of Samus Aran, both of them using the same 3D to 2D sprite method used on Dragon Claw. Then he died in a boating accident in November 2007 with various other people, leaving all his work unfinished. His close friends from MUGEN opted to keep the few sprites he shared from these two projects and never release them to the public. Years later, Brazilian creator and fellow friend of Reu, P.O.T.S., converted his Dragon Claw and the Evil Duo to the standards of MUGEN 1.0 and hosted them on his own website.
  • The Wiki Rule: The MUGEN Database and SaltyPedia.

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