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A Time Crash is responsible for everything.
It started with Swave Dude being missing as the final boss for Kung Fu Man to fight.

Swave Dude, Kung Fu Man and/or both are Time Lords.

Beppu makes his characters crappy for the lulz.
  • This is enforced by the fact that his KOF XI Kyo has the wrong voice.

In about 20 years, Almost every character, Real or Fiction would have been made in MUGEN.

Nintendo killed MUGEN.

If it had been able to survive, MUGEN would have superceeded Smash Bros in popularity.


Muteki's broken Guilty Gear characters are actually a brutal Training from Hell designed to condition us into fighting game monsters
  • They have unbelievably difficult AI at default level and broken stats, but perhaps its actually a trick to turn us into clever and dangerous players in the fighting circuit. If we can beat their AI, we can beat anyone

The Mugen Tournament is set in the same timeline as Crisis on Infinite Earths

The game takes place in ''Mistec''
Mistec disorts space-time and warps dimensions. The characters are all either abducted or trying to infiltrate it, as Vaus is not present yet. Suave Dude is in fact Doh, and it has no physical existence beyond fake memories in Kung Fu Man's mind due to its nature anyway and it not having recovered yet from its last defeat.

Judge Spear's Homer is a Time Lord.

The_None is actually an Illuminati agent preparing us for mind screwing invaders from SPACE!
Play against his Giygas, then get back to me. Also, his Uppercut character has almost no sprites that have the same source as another, he edited Omega Tiger Woods to be even more screwy, his Segalow has voices from all sorts of stuff, and also the image that spawns when he achieves a counter is screwy. I can't possibly list them all, so please help my cause!
  • Mostly Jossed by most of his recent releases being Faqir and Slamdunk from Shadow Fighter which other than some silly winquotes, one of which being an Islamic take on a certain Skyrim meme are largely normal as well as Kaf Ka from Battle Monsters which, other than sometimes lobbing a Death Star at you, doesn't have much else that can be considered crazy in or outside of Battle Monsters. Hell, even his Segalow is pretty normal, aside from killing Ragna in one of his intros, having Seth's voice (Hardly "all sorts of stuff" as you would say) and his small portrait being Lazlow. Pigeonholing ain't good y'all.

MUGEN is a multiversal version of Exit 9B.
  • Someone is clearly trying to assimilate the Multiverse with the MUGEN engine by corrupting several heroes and resurrecting its previous villains. It takes the likes of all the multiverse's heroes to thwart this scheme.

MUGEN takes place in Wreck-It Ralph's world.
And Kung Fu Man is actually going Turbo to every fighting game he could find so he could find Suave Dude, which must be hiding in one of another game, in disguise...

Everything is the work of Yukari Yakumo.
  • To be honest, I'm not sure how her boundary manipuation abilities exactly work, but maybe she's able to close the gap between dimensions, enabling her to leap between different worlds, and those open breaches also allowed other fighters to jump to other worlds. Maybe everything started with the events of the doujin game Touhou Rekkaden, when she took Meiling to a forgotten grimoire inside the library of the Scarlet Devil Mansion, where Yukari embedded her with a dangerous power, suspiciously similar to Akuma's Satsui No Hadou, transforming her into her Superpowered Evil Side named Lie Meiling.
    • Like Akuma, Lie Meiling is bent of destroying worthy opponents with her bare hands, so she started challenging and defeating some of the residents of Gensokyo; however, when she ran out of "worthy" opponents, she eventually grew more and more bored, so she unleashed her full power (Given to her by Yukari) to close the gap between Gensokyo and the outside world, and eventually, other universes, so she can keep looking for worthy foes to curb stomp. Yukari then became aware of her mistake, so she started looking for her from universe to universe, eventually finding thousands of fighters in her quest, and allowing them to jump between worlds, and look for new opponents to fight; and Yukari loved that idea so much, that she left the gaps open, and ran free with it. This is probably why Suave Dude vanished, and Kung fu Man never found him of his girlfriend (After all, this is just one of thousands, maybe millions, of stories).
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    • Further evidence: In one of her winquotes, RicePigeon's Yukari recognizes M.U.G.E.N as a computer program, and how amazing it is to merge diverse worlds together. Does this mean she has visited our world prior to the creation of the engine?

In addition to the WMG above, Gensokyo is the center of the MUGENverse
  • Why not? Considering the great amount of Touhou Crossovers there are, and yet to come.

Another possibility, everything is a experiment by Patchouli Knowledge.
  • Just because nothing is impossible for our favorite one-week Magic Librarian.
    • Actually Jossed. Patchy is the one most concerned about the growing amount of fighters from the outside wandering around in Gensokyo; at least, RicePigeon's Patchy recognizes it in one of her winquotes. She even is aware of the possibiliy of Yukari's involvment in the whole business, and why she took Meiling and turned her into her puppet.

Another, darker possibility, the whole concept of the game was the idea of the Golden Witch herself, Beatrice.

In a shocking twist, Kung Fu Man will appear as DLC for Super Smash Bros. For Wii U And 3DS
His moveset will focus on Badass Normal and Made of Iron, where he has no recovery move at all, and can only jump as high as necessary to reach platforms, but he needs extremely heavy damage before he can be properly launched.

Everyone is a trophy.
Not only do trophies of Nintendo characters exist, but so do nearly other fictional being.

Many alternate versions of characters or entire worlds go to MUGEN after their adventures are over.
This explains why there are so many versions of some characters. Any one creator's characters from the same source universe are actually from the exact same alternate timeline. Areas constantly shift around, but it always seems to lead everyone home eventually. Due to the unstable nature of reality around those parts, however, most everyone comes back to life even after being killed, and anything preventing this ends up getting disrupted.

MUGEN is a simulation made by Dr. Wily.
It's where he tests his various Robot Masters' abilities, complete with various prototype Mega Men. While robots can't harm human beings in the "real world", it's okay in the sim.

MUGEN is the result of Haruhi Suzumiya's reality warping abilities.
The S.O.S brigade itself is very aware that Haruhi can change the world as she sees fit, which means even the slightest of thoughts can cause a Endless Summer without her even knowing. Maybe Haruhi one day thought that she wanted to meet 'fictional' characters, therefore making many worlds collide in the process. Causing Haruhi to meet said characters, sparking a deadly chain reaction that brings every world together all at once, to which Kyon and rest of the brigade now have to stop her.

Ponies joined MUGEN to better protect their world.
They knew they couldn't rely on Megan or the Elements of Harmony forever. Season 4 of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic began with the Mane 6 relinquishing the Eo H and ended with a Dragon Ball Z fight. Rainbow Dash and Twilight Sparkle were the first two ponies to get some spotlight in MUGEN before the rest of Equestria and Fizzy began to join in.

Kung Fu Girl is, in fact, Kung Fu Man's girlfriend.

Building on the Pony WMG above: Pingu joined MUGEN because not all seals are like Robby, and some want a sphenisciform dinner.
  • Jossed by his character Arcade mode intro and ending, some evil person had kidnapped all his friends and will only let them go if Pingu defeats him and his "minions" (who are basically the other characters in the game).


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