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Video Game / Battle Monsters

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Round 1.....BATTLE!
A 1995 Sega Saturn exclusive somewhat-platform based Fighting Game developed by Scarab, released in Japan by Naxat Soft and in the U.S. by Acclaim.

It falls into the category of the considerably large line-up of fighters that are considered Mortal Kombat 'rip-offs'; however, this game only seems to take inspiration from Mortal Kombat aesthetic (dark tones, digitized sprites and a minor amount of blood), but little-to-nothing Gameplay-wise. Ironically enough, this game actually plays more like Street Fighter than Mortal Kombat games; it doesn't even have Fatalities.

The selection of characters is very odd, ranging from a headless knight to a ghost to a two-midgets-duo. The game was called Battle Monsters, so that was to be expected.


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