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Honorable Hogwarts is a play by post roleplaying game set about a year after the seventh and final Harry Potter book. It is known for its convoluted, labyrinthine and troperrific storyline (the site emphasizes writing/storytelling over roleplaying, and because at least eight tropers are featured among its regular members is rather brightly lit).

This site is a follow-up to the now-defunct Hogwarts Rising, a similar site that took place during the Canon Harry Potter storyline. It continues following the non-canon characters from that site, with Jason Frost (who on the old site was set up as a Lancer for Harry) now playing the role of main character. The site has a Spin-Off, Hogwarts Futures, which follows the activities of various characters seventeen years later. Much of the plot comes from them dealing with the extended fallout of their own actions during the Honorable Hogwarts timeframe, as well as introducing several older, more manipulative antagonists and a new generation of student wizards.

Because this site's storyline is much, much Darker and Edgier than the actual Harry Potter books... some say it's good, and others say they need Brain Bleach after viewing it.

Honorable Hogwarts can be found here, and Hogwarts Futures can be found here. There is also a Prequel Fan Fic in the works, which tells what the characters on the site were doing during the timeframe of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

A character page can be found here.

This site provides examples of the following tropes:

  • Accidental Aiming Skills: Rare non-combat version. In this thread, the Gryffindor Quidditch team's Seeker (a playing position from which goals are not usually scored) tries her hand at shooting goals and actually makes her first shot, then admits she was aiming for one of the other goal hoops.
  • Ambiguously Jewish: The Zotermeer brothers. Their names are Jacob and Isaac, they're both rather good with money, and Jacob was once heard to say "Oy vey." But their exact religion/ethnic heritage has never been specifically stated, so they might not be Jews at all.
  • Anachronic Order: Because some people are online a lot and others only check in off and on, some arcs move faster than others... this means that certain areas of the plot are sometimes as much as half a year ahead of others.
  • Ascended Extra: Xanthe Chapel, Trowa Marshall, Alvin Pairis, Blair Duchess, Abrianna Madoc and Sally Carinaris were nowhere near as important to the plot as they are now when they first started out. With Character Development and more frequent logins by the people playing them, however, they've become main characters.
  • Badass Creed: Jason, addressing the other inaugural members of the Order of the Silver Dagger for the first time, told them: "From this point forth we show no mercy, give no quarter, and take no prisoners. If they want to call themselves the Death Eaters, then let them taste death!" The last line of this became the group's official motto.
  • Badass Normal: The first two Muggle characters introduced on the site, David Markov and Ray Garside, turned out to be much more badass than many of the wizard characters.
  • Badass Teacher: Applies to several characters, but particularly Fred Colton, Debra Reynolds and Brodie Carinaris. Also, McGonagall is a Canon example.
  • Bad Guys Do the Dirty Work: Tawnie has moral qualms about using deadly force against the Brotherhood of the Light. Not to worry... she shares a psychic link with Sasha Rookwood, who has no problem whatsoever assuming control of Tawnie's mind and body and firing off a Killing Curse.
  • Bond One-Liner: Jason, after being challenged to single combat by Darius Walker and defeating him: "So, was it good for you?"
  • Brainy Brunette: Acacia Webb. Strangely enough, she's also a bit attractive (Shiri Appleby for the win!).
  • Broken Ace: Several, though Jason Frost, Abel King and Erastes Blake seem to be among the more prominent examples of this.
  • The Butcher: In the Prequel Fan Fic, Jason names himself "The Butcher of Hogsmeade" as part of his campaign to get innocent bystanders more afraid of him than they are of Voldemort so they won't help the Dark Lord.
  • Captain Ersatz: River Applewhite (River Tam), Consuela Bananahammock (Phoebe Buffett), Jacob Zotermeer (Benjamin Linus), Roland Wainwright (Roland Deschain, with magical powers), Ando Saeki (Sylar), Miranda Frost.
  • Cast Herd: Many characters created to fill out a specific group usually stick around that group, easily categorizing school houses or businesses. Possible Herd Leaders include Jason, Aldous, Abel, Markov, Envy, and Sakiko.
  • Catch and Return: Jason did this with his feet once. Although admittedly, throwing knives are easier to do this with than bullets or arrows.
  • Catfight: Tawnie and Summit had one in Transfiguration class once. It was a pretty intense one, too.
  • Combat Pragmatist: Zig-Zagging Trope. Characters who you wouldn't expect to be one are, and some of the most badass characters fall closer to Honor Before Reason. Even in the same character there will be times where that character is pragmatic, and times where they aren't (even the worst fighters don't fall quite into Idiot Ball territory, though).
Jason: Give me one good reason why I shouldn't kill you right now, you Death Eater cunt.
  • Cultural Translation: Though the bulk of the storyline does take place in England still, the American Wizarding School (and Wizarding Village) have been introduced, causing several American characters to expand the site's population. Also, especially considering that the person playing him is an American, Jason's political views — especially regarding the death penalty — could be an example of this trope (though if that's the case it wasn't intentional).
  • Dance Battler: Cimarron Arriaga uses capoeira, which is one of the more common fighting styles associated with this trope.
  • Dark Is Not Evil: Lena Lacy is a Goth who is decidedly non-perky; Isabella Devincenzi and Erastes Blake are actual vampires. All of them are fighting on the side of good.
  • Depending on the Writer: As members leave the site, sometimes they will leave their characters in the hands of other roleplayers. This trope is most noticeable in the case of Lena Lacy, who has now been played by four different people.
  • Distress Ball: Not surprisingly, it's rather dangerous to be Jason's girlfriend. Therefore, Madeline Pairis has found herself holding this quite a few times (she's almost literally got a bullseye painted on her ass now that she's married him).
  • Door Stopper: Given the length of time the site has been running, there is a lot of material to read. Some individual threads could also qualify; Count to a Billion is easily the longest OOC topic, the the Ambassadorial Ball holds the IC record.
  • Equippable Ally: Armamagi are witches and wizards with the ability to transform either their whole body or parts of their body into weapons. So far the only Armamagi on the site are Masher Steinbeck (mace) and Envy (scythe).
  • Ethical Slut: Karina Yavimaya, and to a slightly less "ethical" extent Vix Tilmitt. Cimarron Arriaga is too unethical to be this.
  • The Unmasqued World: The setting has been this since Aldous Conor abolished the statute of secrecy.
  • You Fight Like a Cow: Kieran Halcyon, Draco Malfoy and Sasha Rookwood have all proven to be very good at this type of dialogue. Jason indulges in it from time to time as well.