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Cover of the first arc

Green Tea Rescue (Ao3 Story Link Ao3 Series link, FF link) by ss3dj is a My Hero Academia fanfic with two key differences from canon: the first one is that, unlike canon, Izuku is born with a Quirk, the ability to telekinetically move small objects. However, this Quirk is so weak Izuku is functionally Quirkless and is treated as such.

The second and biggest change is that Ochako Uraraka moves to another apartment a year earlier than in canon, since her parents found her an apartment very close to UA at an extremely low price, and they couldn't let such a good sale go. That means that Ochako starts attending Aldera Junior High for her last year before High School, where she meets and befriends Izuku a whole year before canon.

In no time, the two of them become inseparable, and together they vow to become the greatest heroes who ever lived.


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This Fan Fic contains examples of:

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  • Abusive Parents:
    • Himiko's parents. After learning that her Quirk requires drinking blood, they had Himiko attend a Quirk Suppression "specialist" so she will act "normal", even though there are government programs to help those with strange dietary requirements, all for the sake of their reputation, which eventually leads to the psychotic break that caused her to attack Saito and made her to go on the run. When U.A. comes to request custodianship of Himiko, they think it's to keep her contained and sign off without a care, but when her past comes to light they state their intention to take her out of U.A. - and send her to Tartarus.
  • Accidental Pervert:
    • During a training accident, Ochako's gi suffers a Wardrobe Malfunction, letting Izuku get just the smallest glimpse of her sports bra and cleavage. He was racked with guilt for several nights.
    • When Himiko tackled Izuku to the ground and sits on him, Izuku got a great view of her thighs, noting that they were pale and healthy.
    • During the Battle Trial arc, Denki zaps Tooru and moves to immobilize her with capture tape, before Kyoka claims she would do it herself. When Kaminari protests, Kyoka replies she isn't going to let him feel around a naked girl. Given his reaction, it was obvious that Denki didn't realize that Tooru was naked.
    • Izuku, after asking Ochako if she would like to go for a walk along the beach, is reminded by her that she is wearing her tights so she can not just take off her shoes to walking in the surf. She jokingly asks if she should take them off too. Izuku then remembers that She's Got Legs and unintentionally imagines her peeling the tights off. He quickly delivers a Slap Yourself Awake to himself to make himself stop - much to Ochako's confusion.
    • During their first day of internships, Tenya goes to Himiko's room and tells her he wants to talk with her now. She lets him in... and Tenya ends up seeing she's only wearing a shirt.
    • While Izuku is getting measured for his suit, Inko and Ochako come in from getting their dresses done - and Ochako gets a nice view of Izuku wearing just his briefs and socks.
  • Actually Pretty Funny:
    • When Mitsuki says that her son is a "fucked up little cunt", Inko reflexively replies that "He is a chip off the old block". Mitsuki finds it hilarious.
    • Midnight tries to hide her snort after Himiko complains of Present Mic presenting her as if she were an infomercial product. She does not succeed.
    • All Might laughs up a storm when Izuku accidentally suggests to get Gran Torino a Happy Meal, since he's so short he might even get a toy.
    • Izuku breaks into a fit of laughter when Hitoshi tells him (obviously without meaning it) that he's a bad friend and deserves everything Bakugo did to him.
  • Adaptational Backstory Change: In canon, after leaving her family, Toga became a Serial Killer, evading the police and the heroes, until she joined the League of Villains. Here, it's revealed she had been living with Stain until he decided to ditch her.
  • Adaptational Badass:
    • Unlike canon, Izuku has a Quirk. While it starts out as so weak he's functionally Quirkless, with All Might's help it becomes so powerful, Izuku is able to take down a Zero Pointer without completely crippling himself.
    • Ochako is far stronger in this fic than she was in canon, and during her entrance exam manages to fight the Zero Pointer one-on-one without getting injured aside from her normal superpower-induced nausea. Justified since she was trained by All Might alongside Izuku, and got her combat training with Gunhead long before she did in canon.
  • Adaptational Early Appearance:
    • All Might calls Gran Torino to discuss when it would be a good moment to pass One for All to Izuku shortly after the USJ attack. In canon, Gran Torino didn't show up until after the Sports Festival.
    • Chitose of the Meta Liberation Army makes a voice appearance during the Sports Festival arc, speaking on the phone to Hisashi Midoriya over his son's unexpected exploits. She shows up in person in Chapter 34, hoping to talk to Saito about his experiences with Toga.
    • Miss Joke shows up as early as the Internship arc (being Shinso's mentor), and Sir Nighteye is present when Izuku and All Might meet with Gran Torino.
    • Hawks and Miruko are both introduced in the Internship arc, and both are making their way to Hosu City to join the manhunt for Stain.
  • Adaptation Expansion: During the USJ arc, every student/group of students get a section dedicated to show them fighting and beating the villains in the areas they've been warped to, as opposed to the manga and anime, which only focused on a couple of groups while skimming over the rest.
  • Adaptational Modesty:
    • As seen in the fanart posted at the end of Chapter 10, Momo's hero costume in this fanfic is far less revealing than her canonical version (it even lacks the high heeled boots as well).
    • Toga's outfit is designed similar to Mirio's (as is Momo's), so her outfit isn't destroyed when she uses her Quirk and thus has no Full-Frontal Assault scenes (when she's in costume, anyway; her uniform during the Sports Festival isn't so lucky).
  • Adaptational Nice Guy: Downplayed with Endeavour. He's still a jerkass as in canon at that point, but seeing Izuku nearly burn himself at the end of the Stain Arc makes him approach All Might to warn him about the downsides of his new fire Quirk and what he should do to control it.
  • Adaptation Relationship Overhaul:
    • In canon, Ochako and Bakugou are mostly on neutral terms. Here, due to personally witnessing his relentless bullying of Izuku, Ochako hates Bakugou with every fiber of her being. Bakugou also shows a great dislike of Ochako as a result.
    • Likewise, Ochako and Izuku's dynamics are changed from how they are in canon. Instead of being mostly in a Twice Shy situation, Ochako is far more protective of Izuku after seeing how badly treated he was prior to meeting All Might. Izuku on the other hand is also much more defensive of Ochako than how he was in canon.
    • Due to being a U.A. student as opposed to a League of Villains member, most of Toga's relationships are switched over, and thus, she's on very good terms with Izuku and Tsuyu but is a mortal enemy of Shigaraki, and they were this close to killing each other during the USJ attack.
    • Tenya and Hitoshi never interacted in canon. Here, on top of being part of the same group of friends, they're also borderline Those Two Guys.
  • Adaptational Villainy: Hisashi Midoriya. Not only is he a Hate Sink with a repugnant personality, but he's also a member of the Meta Liberation Army.
  • Amazonian Beauty: Even if she's still shorter than Izuku and most of the rest of the class, both Mina and Himiko have used the term amazon to describe Ochako. Jirou has even pointed out Ochako's abs, much to her embarrassment. Later Ochako would pick Izuku up out of bed and load him into a wheelchair to take him to their award ceremony, though she was a little confused why Katsuki was wondering why she didn't use her Quirk to help movie him. She would dismiss this idea since he's not heavy to her.
  • Ambiguous Situation: Whenever Toga has to talk about her past, she will give as vague an answer as she can get away with. She starts opening up with Izuku's help during the Sports Festival, and fortunately, most of 1-A are sympathetic to her backstory.
  • An Arm and a Leg: Toga cuts off one villain's arm with her knife during the U.S.J attack.
  • Anger Born of Worry: Once Izuku recovers from almost getting killed by the Nomu, Ochako gives him a massive What the Hell, Hero? rant, Armor-Piercing Slap included.
    • Toga becomes furious with Iida because of his Revenge Before Reason status, knowing that he will likely get killed if he fights Stain.
  • Are We There Yet?: On their way to Hosu City, Gran Torino starts trolling All Might and Izuku by acting like a small child on a road trip, complete with asking for a McDonald's run.
  • Arch-Enemy:
    • Ochako eventually sees Bakugou as hers, despite, or maybe because, he bullies Izuku rather than her.
    • Word of God is that Himiko has Mustard as hers.
  • Armor-Piercing Question:
    • Ochako calls Izuku out on downplaying his father's neglect. While Izuku tries to wave it off as something in the past he's gotten used to, Ochako asks if that's the case, why does he still look sad when they talk about it. Izuku can't come up with a response that isn't Blatant Lies and breaks down crying.
    • Izuku gets a good one on Katsuki in chapter 18 when the other is insulting his friends which actually gets Katsuki to shut up for once.
      Izuku: Don't talk about my friends like that Kacchan.
      Katsuki: We're not here to make friends, Deku.
      Izuku: Then why have you been hanging around Kirishima so much recently?
    • There's an even better one that same chapter that makes Katsuki flinch.
      Katsuki: For fuck's sake Deku if you want to kill yourself, there are easier ways to do it. At the very least don't do it in front of people who might decide to risk their own lives trying to save your sorry ass.
      Izuku: So what? Would you rather I do it your way and go take a swan dive off a building?
    • During the Hero Killer Arc, after Toga threatens to slice Iida's hamstrings to keep him from looking for Stain, Iida tries this and asks Toga if Izuku will want to be her friend after she attacked him. Toga fires back by asking Iida if Izuku will want to be his friend if he ran off to get revenge.
  • Armor-Piercing Response: During the Battle Trial arc, Tenya insists on the importance of coming up with a plan, making Bakugou scoff at him saying that he sounds like Izuku. Tenya points out that Izuku won his match. Bakugou is unable to rebut this.
  • Armor-Piercing Slap:
    • Did Ochako have to slap Bakugou to use her Quirk on him? No. But, hey, if she has the chance to get away with it...
    • Ochako does this again to Izuku after the USJ attack when he nearly gets himself killed when he tried to protect All Might (who was close to his time limit) from Shigaraki and the Nomu.
  • Ascended Extra:
    • In canon, Shinso is a secondary character that was only prominent in three arcs. Here, not only is he part of Class 1-A from the very beginning but one of Izuku's closest friends.
    • In the same vein, Toga is also a member of class 1-A and a close friend of Izuku rather than being a member of the League of Villains.
  • Awesome by Analysis:
    • During the Heroes vs Villains exercise, Todoroki is able to tell that Izuku and Ochako had been trained by Pro Heroes after seeing them fighting just once, and how they're able to come up with very clever tactics on the fly. Todoroki also notices that All Might was rather eager to stop people from asking Izuku and Ochako details about their training and who trained them.
    • Izuku comes with a very effective strategy for his team in the Capture the Flag event.
    • Bakugo quickly deduces the weaknesses in Shinso's Brainwashing during the Sports Festival, so when Monoma tries to turn it on him during their match Bakugo doesn't say a word before blowing Monoma out of the ring.
  • Babies Ever After: The fanfic begins this way. Izuku and Ochako are a married couple with two kids, one adopted (Eri) and one biological (Toshi), with a second biological one (Juuriko) on the way.
  • Backhanded Compliment: Hisashi Midoriya can't even congratulate Izuku for his victory at the Sports Festival without insulting him.
  • Bad Boss: As in canon, Overhaul. In case there was any doubt, his first action after learning of his underlings' failure to find and bring Eri back is to let loose with his Quirk, deconstructing, reviving, and then deconstructing again as many underlings as he can find in his line of sight and get his hands on until he finishes venting his subsequent fury.
  • Bad Powers, Good People: Discussed in chapter 9, which puts some focus on both Shinso and Toga, who are victims of this trope. Toga is especially afraid of Izuku learning what her Quirk is since she thinks it may make him see her in a less favorable light. Fortunately, when she does reveal it during the Sports Festival, the only thing people are disgusted with is how she was forced to go to a Quirk Suppressor.
  • Battle Couple: The prologue shows that Izuku and Ochako will become a married superhero team, named Green Tea Rescue.
  • Beautiful Dreamer: After coming to terms with her Love Epiphany, Ochako walked to Izuku sleeping on the couchnote , and not only spent a few minutes watching him sleep, but she even kissed his forehead.
  • Believing Their Own Lies: Bakugou convinces himself that Izuku couldn't possibly have saved him from the slime monster and therefore is still weak and powerless. He ignores and shouts down any eyewitness accounts or contradictory statements that suggest otherwise. Upon seeing proof Izuku isn't the powerless person Bakugou has continously deluded himself into thinking he is, Bakugou accuses Izuku of lying to him and outright attempts to attack him during the Quirk Evaluation exercise.
  • Berserk Button:
    • Insulting or disrespecting Ochako is a pretty big one for Izuku.
      • Bakugou might be able to bully Izuku relentlessly with the latter never attempting to defend himself. However, if Bakugou badmouths Ochako Izuku won't remain silent.
      • After Mineta declares his intention to perv on the girls and mentions "Uraraka's juicy thighs", Izuku slams an iron bench (that was previously bolted to the floor) just above his head, before delivering a very harsh dressing down.
      • When Shigaraki is about to kill Ochako, Izuku paralyzes all the villains with his Quirk.
      • This also gets pressed twice during the fight against Stain: the first time (after he sees her fighting Stain hand in hand) causes him to summon One for All for the first time and rips apart the entire street to throw it all at Stain, the second time (as he sees her getting choked by the winged Nomu) he up and manifests an Up to Eleven version of Hisashi's Fire Breath that is strong enough to incinerate the monster.
    • Similarly, Ochako can't stand seeing Bakugou bully Izuku, and will even resort to violence to put an end to it. Eventually, Bakugou's existence becomes this for Ochako.
      • Another one for Ochako is pitying her, especially when it comes to her money problems. She was glad that the Christmas card Izuku gave her didn't have any money, and was fuming when Izuku tried to talk her out of treating him to ramen due to losing the bet they made before taking the entrance exam.
      • Ochako gets one more during her internship with Miruko: insulting her parents. She flies into a rage and does her best to beat down the pro, but Miruko wanted this to happen so Ochako would drop all pretenses and really cut loose.
    • Toga's is simple: don't touch her friends, and Izuku in particular. When one of the villains tries to grab Tsuyu, Toga stabs the villain's hand, slices off the offending arm and attacks all the other villains, maiming several of them to the point that some almost bled to death. Then she nearly kills Shigaraki, and when the Nomu pulverizes Izuku and threatens to kill Ochako Toga doesn't waste any time in trying to fight the monster head-on.
    • Bakugo (even though his Hair-Trigger Temper makes pretty much everything this) has a big one in Hisashi Midoriya.
    • Izuku becomes furious when Saito makes a Suicide Dare to Himiko.
  • Betty and Veronica: Ochako is the Betty and Toga is the Veronica to Izuku's Archie. Incidentally, here the Veronica is blonde while the Betty is brunette.
  • Big Damn Heroes:
    • During the USJ incident, Izuku saves Ochako from being attacked by Shigaraki in the nick of time. And, despite being half-dead after getting punched in the face by the Nomu, still throws himself at Shigaraki when he has a clear shot at the depowered All Might.
    • The fight against Stain keeps getting this. First, Himiko saves Tenya, then Izuku saves Himiko, after that Ochako and Shoto save them all and in the end Izuku saves the day by unleashing One for All on Stain.
  • Blade Below the Shoulder: Himiko wears a retractable blade on her wrist. She carries it even while wearing her school uniform.
  • Blatant Lies: Bakugou insists he is not at the infirmary's door to check on Izuku, even though it's clearly obvious it's the only reason he would be there. Sure enough, the moment Recovery Girl informs the Dekusquad and him about Izuku's recovery, he hightails, and later Mitsuki tells Inko that Katsuki was clearly affected by Izuku's close encounter with death.
  • Bloodier and Gorier: The USJ arc compared to canon; on top of Aizawa's beating at the hands of the Nomu, you have Toga slicing and dicing her way through dozens of villains and Izuku getting punched in the face by the Nomu with a good splash of blood (a strike that seemingly kills him, though he manages to survive).
    • The fight against Stain as well. While Tenya avoids getting his worse arm injuries, Himiko gets Impaled with Extreme Prejudice and loses an eye, while Izuku pretty much destroys himself when he uses One for All for the first time, combining it with Psychokinesis to bring down Stain.
  • Both Sides Have a Point:
    • Izuku and Ochako regarding Bakugo. On one hand, Izuku has a point in that Katsuki acknowledging him as a rival and expressing worry (in his own way) about Izuku's wellbeing is a good change, but Ochako is right to point out that those few changes don't erase all the terrible things he said and her fear that Izuku may backslide into letting Bakugo walk all over him again.
    • Izuku, and Recovery Girl and his mentors (Aizawa, Gran Torino, All Might), regarding the boy's reckless and self-destructive behavior. The adults keep lecturing him on how he must start taking better care of himself and stop wrecking his body; Izuku eventually snaps back, correctly pointing out that in all those cases he got hurt saving someone's life, with the pro heroes being absent or not good enough to handle the situation.
  • Boxing Lessons for Superman: Izuku's training with All Might includes actual boxing lessons, so he's not limited to long-ranged attacks; Uraraka also starts her training with Gunhead during this time, much earlier than in canon, and, once they have progressed well enough, they start sparring together and learning moves from each other, so, by the time they enter U.A., they're already among the class' best hand-to-hand fighters.
  • Break the Haughty: The Battle Trial arc breaks Bakugou pretty badly, if only temporarily. See Humiliation Conga below for details.
  • Breather Episode: Chapter 16, set after the USJ attack (which was way more brutal than in canon), focuses on Izuku and Ochako hanging out together and generally having a good time. Not that it lacks serious moments, though.
  • Breath Weapon: Izuku and Ochako's son can breathe fire, a Quirk he likely inherited from his paternal grandfather or possibly Izuku himself.
  • Briar Patching: In their Heroes vs Villains match, Izuku and Ochako manage to corner Tsuyu and Fumikage into an empty room by making them believe it's the room where they are hiding the bomb.
  • Brick Joke:
    • After Toga ends her fight with Ojiro by kicking him in the head, Tsuyu reminds Tenya of his comment from Chapter 18.
    • As of Chapter 26, Izuku is still stuck with the G-Ratednote  Hero joke he got on their second school day.
    • During her internship, Himiko steals Midnight's credit card and uses it to watch some pay-per-view porn. When they meet at the hospital later in the week, Midnight makes it clear Himiko's in trouble for both things.
  • Broken Pedestal: After their fight and nearly getting killed, Toga decides to give up her Stain worship and remake her costume into something new, symbolically burning her mask to sever her ties with the Hero Killer.
  • Bully Hunter: Ochako slowly develops into this, with Bakugou as her primary (and so far only) target.
  • Call-Back: Both Himiko and Ochako end their fragments of Chapter 15 with the same sentence.
    Himiko/Ochako: After all, what better feeling was there to drive her to protect her Izuku, than love?
  • The Cameo: Tsutsumi Kaina, AKA Lady Nagant, is name-dropped in Chapter 37 by Chitose's subordinate.
  • Composite Character: In this fic, Toga's first vicitm Saito is merged with Mustard.
  • Can't Believe I Said That:
    • When Izuku expresses concern for Tenya during the Battle Trial arc (since he has to face Todoroki) Ochako reassures him that it will be okay since Tenya has Bakugou as his teammate, so he should be fine. It didn't take her long to realize what she just said.
      Ochako: Oh god, did I just compliment Bakugou? Urgh, I feel so dirty.
    • Same thing happens to Toga when Bakugo has to fight Monoma in the second round of the Sports Festival finals, and Toga admits that she's rooting for Bakugo.
      Toga: I think I need a shower for saying that.
  • Captain Obvious: When Ochako is shocked to find out that Toga is also in love with Izuku, Toga points out she wasn't being exactly subtle.
  • Capture the Flag: The Sports Festival's second contest, with the students divided into teams and getting forts to defend their flags.
  • Chekhov's Gun: Himiko uses the blood she collected at the USJ (the shark villain's and the Nomu's) during her fight against Ochako.
    • At the beginning of his match with Bakugo, Izuku takes off his tracksuit's top, attracting quite a few catcalls. He fills it with rocks during the fight and then forces Bakugo in a position where Izuku can throw the top at him and tie him down, throwing him out of the ring and winning the match.
  • Chekhov's Gunman:
    • Saito, the boy Himiko nearly killed a few years before, shows up after the Hero Killer arc to confront her at U.A.
  • Children Are Innocent: Eri starts flipping people off after seeing Izuku (actually Himiko) doing this during the Capture the Flag event, completely oblivious as to why it's not a good idea.
  • Christmas Episode: Played with. While Chapter 7 covers several months (from October to just the day before the Entrance Exam in February) there's a portion dedicated to a Christmas celebration between the Midoriyas, Ochako, All Might in his Toshinori Yagi persona and much to Ochako's surprise, her parents.
  • Chronic Hero Syndrome: Izuku as in canon. This is also discussed in Chapter 28 when Aizawa shows the class the recordings of the USJ incident with the intent of making him realize how damaging it can be to him.
  • Clueless Chick Magnet: Izuku genuinely can't tell why Ochako and Toga are so antagonistic towards each other, unaware that they're both fighting for his affections (though in Ochako's case, she's pretty much in denial until her Love Epiphany).
  • Cluster F-Bomb: Mitsuki drops two in a few minutes, first when she learns that Izuku's father called and then another when Inko tells her that he only spoke to Izuku and for all of half a minute before hanging up.
  • Combo Platter Powers: That Izuku would get this with One for All was a given. That he would somehow manifest a powerful version of his father's fire breathing Quirk, though, was not.
  • Comically Missing the Point: During the Heroes vs Villains Exercise, All Might advises Izuku to "embrace his role as a villain". While All Might probably meant for Izuku to be a Combat Pragmatist, Izuku instead decided to take a page from Iida's book and went full Evil Is Hammy.
  • Confession Triggers Consummation: Ochako and Izuku confess to one another in Chapter 26 before they start getting physical. Too bad it's All Just a Dream.
  • Cool Big Sis: The beginning shows Eri will be this to Toshi, her adopted brother and Izuku and Ochako's (presumed) biological son.
  • Critical Research Failure: In-Universe, the prologue shows that many books have been written about Izuku and Ochako's adventures and origins. According to Eri, none of them are even close to the truth (though Izuku finds them funny for that very reason).
    Eri: Man, some of these are so stupid. Whoever wrote them needs to learn how to fact check.
    Toshi: That's why Daddy likes them. He likes to point the stuff that's wrong.
  • Cruel to Be Kind:
    • During their fight at the Sports Festival, Himiko beats the crap out of Ochako (even dislocating her pinkies) to show her what villains could do to her. Ochako powering through that is one of the reasons Himiko buries the hatchet after their fight.
    • Aizawa puts Izuku in the spotlight after Class 1-A reviewed their performance in the USJ, knowing full well that his response would get negative reactions from his classmates. He also makes a point of giving him a harsh talk in front of the class about his reckless actions and how he shouldn't have endangered himself. All of this is done with the intent of trying to break Izuku out of his self-destructive tendencies and make him realize how it impacts those around him.
  • Cute Bruiser: Ochako started becoming this after her time training with Gunhead. By the time she enters U.A. though, she is starting to upgrade to Amazonian Beauty.
  • Curb-Stomp Battle:
    • During the Battle Trial arc, Bakugou vs Todoroki. Bakugou wasn't even able to get close to Todoroki, and Todoroki beat him without putting in any real effort.
    • During the USJ attack, Todoroki is sent to the Downpour Zone. Seconds later, it becomes the Blizzard Zone.
  • Damn You, Muscle Memory!: Downplayed during the Toga vs Ojiro fight, as Toga attacks with her hands as if she were using a knife.
  • Dark Is Not Evil: Toga's hero costume is a cross between her canon villain costume and Stain's. It also shows off she is a complete Knife Nut, but despite her frightening appearance, she's still on the side of good.
  • Death Glare: Ochako gives the mother of all glares at Bakugo after his tournament fight with Izuku.
  • Death of a Thousand Cuts: Referenced by Ochako when Toga shapeshifts into a woman who can turn her limbs into blades. While Ochako is fast enough to avoid serious strikes, Toga starts connecting several small ones, so Ochako counters before getting too damaged to fight back.
  • Defeat Means Friendship: After their Sports Festival fight - and both girls realizing the other loves Deku - Ochako and Toga decide to bury the hatchet and work together to keep Deku safe.
    • Todoroki ends up joining the Dekusquad for good when he comes to thank Izuku for helping him during the Festival.
  • Determinator: During the fight with Himiko, Ochako gets her pinkies dislocated, multiple punches and cuts, gets bitten, and is pretty much a mess... but she won't let any of that stop her from winning and proving she can protect Izuku - even forcing her pinkies back in place to use her Quirk on Himiko and finish her off. In the end, Himiko forfeits because she realizes the only way to win would be to cause crippling damage to her, which she doesn't want to do.
    • Izuku tanks all of Bakugo's explosions during their match using his telekinesis to stop the concussive force of the explosion, gets beaten the crap out (while dealing multiple punches of his own) and pushes his Quirk to its limit, and in the end, he defeats him.
  • Didn't Think This Through:
    • Ochako didn't consider how strong Izuku was when she dared him to hit her as hard as he could; the end result was her doubled over, doing her best to not puke her guts out while Izuku apologized profusely.
    • Ochako tries to distract the Zero-Pointer from attacking other students during the entrance exam. She realizes too late she had not considered "Step 2" and now has the Zero-Pointer focused solely on herself.
    • Uraraka claims to be able to speak on Izuku's behalf because she knows everything he thinks and feels and has sworn to protect him, and uses this to justify accusing Himiko of sexual harrassment. Himiko turns the logic around on her by pointing out that if Uraraka knew Izuku that well, then Uraraka also knew about Izuku's self-sacrificing intentions at the USJ before he acted on them and willingly left him to die in order to save herself, so either Uraraka's not truly protective of Izuku or Uraraka's not truly able to speak for him—or both.
    • Toga shape-shifts into Izuku during her match with Ochako, thinking it will make her hesitate... ignoring that Ochako and Izuku had been sparring partners for a very long time now, so Toga is the surprised one, and forced to change her strategy when Ochako starts dominating.
  • Disappeared Dad: Hisashi Midoriya. He does not appear, but he makes a call after the USJ incident, leading to an explanation about him: when Izuku got his Quirk, he was quite happy and tried to train him to use it, but when he started to stall from the pressure and Bakugou's first foray into bullying, Hisashi dropped him like a hot potato, and eventually got a job in the United States. Ever since Izuku has barely seen the man: the last time was before he began middle school, two years before the beginning of the story, and has only spoken with him four times in that period - and that's including the aforementioned call.
  • Distracted by the Sexy: During their fight in the Sports Festival, Toga changes into Izuku to distract Ochako, and then starts stripping to distract her further when the initial attempt failed miserably. It succeeds and Toga gets a cheap shot in while Ochako looks away, revealing that her Izuku disguise is still wearing shorts (shameless as she may be, she's not that much of a pervert).
  • Dodgeball Is Hell: The Sports Festival's first contest is a massive dodgeball battle, with the balls being homing projectiles of various sizes, going from massive balls that do serious damage when impacting, to small ones that are very difficult to avoid.
  • Does This Remind You of Anything?:
    • Toga sucking Izuku's blood out of his finger drives the girl mad with lust.
    • Quirk Suppression Therapy draws a couple of uncomfortable parallels with Gay Conversion Therapy.
  • Do Wrong, Right: When Bakugou calls her "Bun Head", Toga replies that if he is going to nickname her, he should make up something funnier.
  • Double Take: Miruko, Gran Torino, and Endeavor each have one when they realize the Dekusquad defeated Stain without the assistance of a pro.
  • Dramatic Irony: When Izuku reminisces about how his father actually paid attention to him after he first showed his Quirk, he mentions that Hisashi called it "Meta Ability", but does not give it much thought. Sharp readers will remember that this is the canon term for Quirks used by the Meta Liberation Army, the still-alive villainous organization..
    • When discussing why Izuku suddenly has a Fire Breath Quirk, Gran Torino mocks the idea that One for All would suddenly give him a new Quirk.
  • Dream Sequence: Ochako has a lengthy one at the beginning of Chapter 10, based on the anime's third ending, where she's a mage apprentice, and Izuku, the prince of the kingdom, is kidnapped by the "Demon of the Mountain", a succubus who, while never named, it's obvious is meant to be Toga. After the USJ Incident, she has a nightmare where Izuku does a Heroic Sacrifice by closing a hell pit while he is inside it to stop a demon army's attempts to invade the kingdom. And then there's her Erotic Dream after the Sports Festival.
  • Easily Overheard Conversation: During the first day, Aizawa pulls Shinso apart, and Izuku overhears Aizawa telling Shinso that he's the one with the lowest score, and if he fails to impress Aizawa during the test he will be booted from the Hero course, prompting Izuku to wonder if he should use his Quirk in order to help Shinso look more impressive. Turns out Aizawa wanted Izuku to overhear the conversation in order to see if Izuku would do that or not (and had he cheat to help Shinso, the two of them would have been expelled).
  • Eating the Eye Candy:
    • Whenever Izuku gets his shirt taken off, Ochako always finds herself right where she needs to be to get to see it.
    • Himiko got a glimpse of Izuku's abs when she was helping him do sit-ups during Aizawa's Quirk Assessment test. She very much enjoyed it.
    • When Izuku accidentally pants himself trying to extend his long jump, both Ochako and Himiko got a great look at his legs. The latter being more obvious (even muttering "Itadakimasu") about looking than the former.
    • Ochako lets slip that she's been checking out Izuku's butt when he calls her on accident during the Internship arc. Fortunately, Izuku's too naïve to pick up on it before Ochako covers it up by talking about butt dialing.
  • Embarrassing Nickname:
    • Toga seems to have a penchant for attracting these, much to her displeasure:
      • In the future, Eri calls Toga "Fairy Godmother", a nickname Toga doesn't appreciate much (since she feels it hurts her reputation as the next R-Rated heroine).
      • During the Sports Festival, Present Mic nicknames Toga "Princess Stabbity". Much to Toga's chagrin, the nickname catches on and other people start using it as well.
    • Izuku gets "G-Rated Hero" after a reporter's attempt to get him to help her by showing him her cleavage leaves him in a Heroic BSoD for several minutes.
  • Enemy Mine: Ochako and Toga are both quick to add Mei Hatsume to their kill lists after she ends up getting a little too up close and touchy-feely with Izuku.
  • Erotic Dream: Ochako has one about Izuku after the Sports Festival. Unfortunately, her alarm clock interrupts just as she was getting to the good parts.
  • "Eureka!" Moment:
    • When Tsuyu jokes that she thought Bakugou was going to launch the boat with an explosion, Ochako realizes that, by using her Quirk on the boat, Bakugou can easily propel them away with an explosion.
    • Todoroki has one in chapter 23 when he realizes that both Izuku and Ochako had been trained by All Might himself.
  • Even Evil Has Standards:
    • Hisashi Midoriya is furious when he learns that Himiko's parents forced her into Quirk Supression Therapy to make her repress her Quirk-based blood thirst.
  • Everyone Has Standards:
    • Bakugo noticeable stays silent after Sero is shown being clearly traumatized over getting swarmed by a pack of rats during the Heroes vs Villains class.
    • Even Toga won't make a "stop hitting yourself" joke when she disarms a villain and hits him with said arm.
  • Exact Words: Izuku is told that, if Midnight or Cementoss see him bleed from Quirk overuse, they will call the match - so he holds to the letter by stuffing his nose so his bleeding won't be seen.
  • Eyepatch of Power: Since Recovery Girl can't repair eyes with her power, Toga adds an eyepatch to her wardrobe to compensate.
  • Eye Scream: Toga takes a knife to the eye during her fight with Stain. And that's before she ends up Impaled with Extreme Prejudice.

    F - N 
  • Famed in Story: In their first train travel after the Sports Festival, Izuku and Ochako get swarmed by people asking for photos and autographs.
  • Fastball Special: While distracting Kurogiri, Sato throws Kirishima into the warp gate villain.
  • Fatal Flaw: Izuku's has two:
    • First, his naiveness. While the girls agree it is adorable, Toga accurately points out that it makes him vulnerable to being targeted by artful villains, as shown when Izuku finds Shigaraki in the teachers' room and the latter easily makes him think he's a teacher's assistant and gets him to keep the secret of his presence. Less fatal is how it leaves him completely oblivious to the obvious feelings Uraraka and Toga have for him.
    • And second, his Chronic Hero Syndrome. Izuku thinks that, if he can help or save somebody, he has to, consequences be damned. While he managed to avoid this to pass a Secret Test of Character during the Quirk Apprehension Test, Izuku has a tendency to put himself in danger to save others, and many times it ends up with him suffering horrifying injuries and narrowly avoiding a gruesome death, to the point that the only reason Aizawa didn't expel him is that it would do more harm than good.
  • Faux Horrific: When thinking about all the hardships her parents and their friends suffered during their training as heroes, Eri thinks that mentioning all the hand-holding, kissing, and stuff would have been much more horrible for Toshi.
  • First Kiss: In Chapter 34, Izuku and Ochako lose theirs to Toga.
  • Fisticuff-Provoking Comment: All According to Plan, Ochako goes full force against Miruko after the rabbit hero insults her parents.
  • Flawless Victory:
    • During the Heroes vs Villains exercise, Izuku and Ochako manage to completely outmaneuver Tokoyami and Tsuyu, trapping both heroes without breaking a sweat.
    • Izuku and Ochako tie for first place in the Dodgeball event of the Sports Festival, combining their Quirks to fly around and avoiding all the balls.
    • In the Capture the Flag event, Team A (Midoriya, Toga, Iida, Monoma, Yaoyorozu, Yanagi, Hatsume, and Kaminari) loses none of their regular flags or the instant-loss black flag. Toga transforms into Midoriya with a fake black flag to distract everyone, while the other team members steal the other flags.
  • Flipping the Bird:
    • Himiko does this during the Capture the Flag event while disguised as Izuku, causing Eri to imitate her.
    • She does it again to Ochako after she tells her to stop complaining about her potential new costume.
  • Food Porn: During the dinner the Midoriyas (and Ochako) have with the heads of the Meta Liberation Army for most of chapter 40, not only does the author go into great detail describing how each of seven courses look, but also how they smell, taste, and how they've been prepared.
  • For Want of a Nail:
    • Izuku and Ochako becoming friends much earlier than in canon leads to Ochako learning All Might's secret and being trained under him alongside Izuku.
    • Shortly after beginning his training with All Might, Izuku saves Toga from a bunch of teenagers who wanted to rape her. Toga is instantly infatuated with Izuku, and upon learning that he's training to enroll on UA, Toga aims to do the same just so she can see him again.
    • Since Izuku has a Quirk, All Might decides not to give him One for All, at least for the time being, since he wants Izuku to master his own Quirk first. He was planning on waiting until the start of Izuku's second year, but the USJ incident forced his hand and he gives Izuku One for All during the Internship/Hero Killer arc.
      • Additionally, because All Might did not pass on One for All yet to Izuku by the time of the Hero Killer arc, Sir Nighteye tries to talk him out of his decision when they arrive at Gran Torino's house.
    • Due to Izuku and Ochako going to the same school, they're sent to different battlegrounds during the Entrance Exam. Thus, Izuku doesn't save Ochako from the Zero Pointer (not that she needs to be saved here), but Iida instead.
    • During the USJ attack, the different composition of the class and luck of numbers sends most of the students to different places than their canon counterparts.
      • Kirishima, Kaminari, Shoji, Koda, Sato, and Hagakure remain in the entrance room with Thirteen.
      • Izuku, Mina, and Tokoyami are sent to the Ruins.
      • Ochako, Bakugou, Toga, and Tsuyu appear in the Shipwreck Zone.
      • Kyoka and Momo appear in the Mountain Zone on their own.
      • Iida and Shinso appear in the Fire Zone. They also end up being the ones that save All Might from Kurogiri and Nomu instead of Bakugou and Kirishima.
      • Ojiro, Mineta, Aoyama, and Sero are in the Landslide Zone.
      • Todoroki is on his own in the Downpour Zone.
      • Since Hagakure is sent to get help instead of Iida, she has trouble alerting All Might to the danger as she tries to run back to U.A. since he's jumping up so high and can't see her. This leads to her developing her Light 'em Up super move earlier than canon.
    • Izuku and Ochako going on a "date" the day after the USJ attack causes them to meet Eri a lot sooner than in canon. Given the circumstances and the people involved in her rescue, the police release Eri and let the Midoriyas foster her instead of leaving it for U.A. to adopt her.
      • Also, since Eri is missing much earlier in the story, Overhaul puts a bounty out on any information related to her... which lands right in Kurogiri's lap, meaning the League of Villains and Shie Hassaikai may be heading for a team-up much sooner than in canon.
    • The Sports Festival's first events are dodgeball and Capture the Flag (the latter forcing teams instead of allowing people to pick players). The different events cause Ojiro, Neito Monoma, and Reiko Yanagi to reach the final tournament along with Toga, displacing Aoyama, Sero, Shiozaki, and Tetsutetsu.
    • Momo wins her fight against Fumikage by taking advantage of Dark Shadow's weakness to light.
    • Izuku wins his match against Todoroki (and the Sports Festival in the process), even after he gets Shoto to use his fire.
    • Drawing from his similar experience with All Might, Izuku convinces Iida to use the name Ingenium as a hero, instead of his canon choice of picking his first name. Similarly, Bakugo does manage to choose a name, but it goes unrevealed for the readers.
    • Some of the internships are changed, with Ochako getting mentored by Miruko and Shinso by Ms. Joke; similarly, Iida's not Manual's only intern, as Toga joins as well in order to keep an eye on him and try to prevent him going after Stain.
    • Izuku meets Sir Nighteye when he starts an internship with Gran Torino.
    • Because Izuku gets One For All much later than he does in canon, he's not used to the power surge and ends up hitting Stain with the equivalent of his Zero-Pointer punch from canon. This has the added effect of completely knocking Stain out of the fight, making him a non-threat when the pros and the Winged Nomu arrive.
  • Foregone Conclusion: Izuku and Ochako will get married, jointly become Japan's #1 Hero, adopt Eri and then have another child. Of course, the important thing is how they get there.
    • Himiko is still alive and friends with Izuku and Ochako, given how Eri calls her "Aunt Himi". She has also taken the mantle of R-Rated Heroine from Midnight.
  • Foreshadowing:
    • In chapter 16, Izuku mentions how his father uses the term "Meta Ability" to refer to Quirks. Many readers noticed that this is how the villainous group Meta Liberation Army refers to Quirks. And indeed, come chapter 23, it is shown that Hisashi is involved with them in some way, given that his direct boss is Chitose Kizuki, one of the Army's leading members.
    • At the end of Chapter 19, Toga asks Izuku to talk in private about something important. When the Capture the Flag event begins, Izuku deliberately crashes into Katsuki and taunts him. Anyone familiar with Toga's canon Quirk should realize what is happening.
    • During the Capture the Flag event, Momo notes that Tokoyami's Dark Shadow is hurt by the flashes of light produced by Denki's lightning bolts. When she has to fight Tokoyami in the finals, Momo uses this knowledge to neutralize Dark Shadow with flashbangs, earning her the victory.
  • Freudian Slip:
    • Ochako has a mental one at the end of Chapter 15, where she realizes that she's fallen in love with Izuku.
    • When All Might teases Izuku about going out on a date with a "pretty girl" (Ochako), Izuku freaks out and lets out in his answer that he thinks Ochako is beautiful. Thankfully, All Might chooses not to tease him about that.
    • During their fight at the Sports Festival, Ochako tells Himiko that she's going to protect everyone she loves - her parents and Izuku. This gives Toga a "Eureka!" Moment as she realizes that this is what the girl was hiding.
    • During her freakout when Izuku has to stay at her apartment and There Is Only One Bed, Ochako blurts out that sharing a bed is something lovers do. It does lead to Izuku declaring his love for her. Pity that it was just an Erotic Dream.
    • Izuku accidentally calls Ochako while freaking out about his talk with All Might. He tries to pass it off as a butt dial before joking about it, but Ochako slips up and makes a comment showing she clearly appreciates Izuku's rear.
  • Friend or Idol Decision: A non-life-or-death variant; All Might offers to train Izuku to be his successor just like in canon, and Izuku accepts without realizing that he already made plans to train with Ochako instead, which wracks him with guilt. It's eventually solved when All Might (after testing Ochako's character) decides to train both of them.
  • From the Mouths of Babes: Eri is a hell of a lot smarter than what she looks.
    • When Himiko tries to tell her she should not listen nor imitate her, Eri replies that if she shouldn't listen to her then she ought to ignore what she's saying.
    • She easily recognizes that Toshinori Yagi is All Might.
    • When she sees Izuku and Ochako playing around, she tells Inko that the two are "playing house".
  • Fury-Fueled Foolishness: Played straight, discussed, deconstructed, and eventually subverted. While Ochako isn't quick to anger, once she becomes enraged she can be quite vicious, something Gunhead noticed and warned her against when she trained under him. When Ochako started to train under Miruko for her first internship, Miruko began to train Ochako to use her anger as a source of power while still keeping control of her emotions.
    Ochako: Isn't fighting angry dangerous though? Gunhead used to say that.
    Miruko: There's a difference between letting your anger control you, and using your anger to fuel you.
  • The Gadfly:
    • Himiko has shades of this. For example, when Tenya insists on talking to her, she lets him in and grins after he notices she's half-naked.
    • Miruko seems to get a kick out of mashing all of Ochako's buttons to get her to cut loose, even provoking her in front of a representative from the Hero Commission to get her fired up.
  • Get a Hold of Yourself, Man!: During the USJ attack, after being warped to an area full of villains that instantly attacked her, Kyoka suffered a panic attack so severe she didn't even recognize Momo and mistook her for another enemy. A good slap from Momo returned Kyoka to her senses.
  • Get a Room!: When Shinso thinks that Izuku and Toga were going to make out on the hallway's floor (Toga certainly wanted to) he told them to use a janitor closet down the hallway instead.
  • Good Is Not Nice: Zigzagged. Toga is in the hero course and overall has a friendly and flirty personality. However, she still has no problem thinking that stabbing is a perfect solution for Bakugou. She was also perfectly alright with stepping on his throat when he started to attack Izuku. And when it comes down to protecting her friends, she can get outright brutal.
  • Graceful Loser: Toga forfeits her match against Ochako, realizing she's such a Determinator that there's no way to defeat her without causing permanent damage, and, during the battle, Ochako has gained Toga's respect; because of this, Toga is fine with her defeat and starts a genuine friendship with Ochako.
  • Green-Eyed Monster: Ochako can become rather jealous when another girl gets close to Izuku, despite claiming that she has no romantic interest in him at least, until Chapter 15. Toga is also quite jealous of Izuku and Ochako's closeness.
    • Ochako gets much worse about this in chapter 20 when she accuses Himiko of sexually harassing Izuku.
  • Grievous Harm with a Body: Ochako's power lets her do this in the Entrance Exam, by using it on a robot and then using that robot as a weapon.
  • Groin Attack: Ochako punts Toga between the legs after the latter turns into Izuku during their Sports Festival match.
  • Happily Adopted: The prologue shows Eri as a teenager as the adopted daughter of Izuku and Ochako.
  • Heel Realization:
    • In the aftermath of the USJ incident, Katsuki starts to consider that his behavior toward Izuku may not have been the best.
    • He's also shocked when he realizes that he was one of the reasons why Izuku's Psychokinesis was so weak.
  • Heh Heh, You Said "X":
    • When Yaoyorozu said that "there were a couple of factors that put Izuku on top of Ochako", Mineta snickered.
    • Himiko noticeably snickers after hearing Iida say "fornication" during the following line:
      Tenya: I agree with Midoriya. This kind of conduct, and foul language is unbecoming of us. Threats of violence and fornication is best left to thugs and ruffians.
  • Heroic Comedic Sociopath: During the USJ attack, Toga slips into this as she maims dozens of villains while maintaining her cheery, bubbly personality (after going Nightmare Face on the one that tried to grab Tsuyu, though).
  • Heroic RRoD: Several heroes can suffer damage if they overuse their Quirks. For example, Izuku suffers from Psychic Nosebleed while Aoyama damages his stomach.
  • Hey, You!: Endeavour doesn't bother getting Ochako's name, just calling her "girl" when telling her to stick close to Shouto.
  • Hoist by His Own Petard: Monoma copies Brainwash off Shinso, but loses to Bakugo for pretty much the same reason he won against Shinso: Brainwash only works if you get a reply.
  • Hold the Line: Toga fights off a group of villains (including the Nomu) single-handedly in order to give Ochako enough time to revive Izuku, which is also enough time for All Might to arrive and fight the villains.
  • Hollywood Hacking: Aside from her inventions, Mei is also able to do this, being able to first hack the UA Stadium's sound system to introduce herself before her match, and then hacking the remaining drone balls from the dodgeball event and have them attack Izuku. This naturally worries the teachers:
    Present Mic: Hey, Shouta.
    Aizawa: Yeah?
    Present Mic: Should we be worried that some kid is just able to hack past our security like this?
    Aizawa: Probably.
  • Honey Trap: Toga tells Izuku that that was the real reason she was alone with those teenagers that he fought when they first met — she'd been going about a month without blood and was using her sex appeal to lure those teens in so she could kill them.
  • Honorary Aunt: Himiko Toga will eventually be this to Eri, who likes to call her "Fairy Godmother".
  • How We Got Here: The story begins with Izuku and Ochako as a married couple, sharing the spot of Japan's #1 hero, with Eri as their adopted daughter and a presumedly biological son named Toshi. The rest of the fanfic is Eri telling Toshi how Izuku and Ochako first met and became heroes as a bedtime story.
  • Humiliation Conga: From Bakugou's point of view, the Battle Trial arc was this for him. Not only did he have to watch Izuku and Ochako score an amazing victory, but during his own match he was Curb Stomped by Todoroki, badly. Izuku and Ochako were surprised to see him look like his life has been sucked out of him.
  • Hypocrite:
    • Ochako can be this at times. For example, after going through her Wet Blanket Wife routine upon learning that Izuku fought a Zero Pointer, Izuku later found that she also fought another Zero Pointer. Izuku naturally called her out on this.
    • Bakugo during the Battle Trial Arc. He was enraged at Todoroki leaving his partner Shoji behind and fighting the Villain Team on his own, even calling him an arrogant bastard... despite the fact that Bakugo also left his partner Iida behind to fight the Hero Team alone.
    • Himiko told Midnight (her therapist) that she can't befriend Ochako because she's hiding something (though she doesn't know exactly what) and liars make poor friends. Himiko herself is hiding both her Quirk and many details from her past from the others, something Midnight does notice.
    • When Mei is introduced in chapter 18, Himiko gets angry because she isn't respecting Izuku's personal boundaries (she crashed into him with her breasts in Izuku's face). Ochako just stares at her in disbelief considering that Himiko's whole attitude towards Izuku is to get as close and intimate as possible.
  • Hypocritical Humor: Himiko complains about Mei not respecting Izuku's personal boundaries. As made evident by Himiko's own previous antics towards Izuku, plus the silent perplexed look Ochako sends her way after hearing this, Himiko's not exactly innocent in this regard either.
    • When the Dekusquad talks about Izuku's Boric Pyre Quirk, Himiko remembers a villain who could do the same thing, one that belonged to a group where a woman was hanging on the leader all the time and mocks her for not having self-respect. Shoto looks at her and Ochako silently.
  • Hypocrisy Nod: After 1-A's students learn of the Sports Festival, Ochako goes so intense that Himiko tells her to tone down her aura, because she looks like a psychopath - and she mentally mentions that it is saying something, coming from her.
  • I Can't Believe a Guy Like You Would Notice Me: One of the reasons why Izuku is Oblivious to Love is that he thinks there are better guys for girls to pick.
  • I Didn't Mean to Turn You On: In Chapter 40, Himiko calls Izuku in the middle of the night and accidentally interrupts his Erotic Dream with Ochako. When she attempts to tease him about it, Izuku accidentally thinks about it and moans over the phone, leaving her flabbergasted and causes him finishes to call abruptly.
  • Ignore the Fanservice: Toga hikes up her hospital gown to her chest to try and lighten the mood and perhaps fluster Izuku with a glimpse of her breasts, but he and the others are too distracted by the massive scar she now has on account of Stain's sword. The normally shameless Toga realizes she made things much worse and starts backing up.
  • I Read It for the Articles: Izuku claims this about the Wild, Wild Pussycats magazine he bought. Ochako's not impressed.
  • I Work Alone: Miruko (who becomes Ochako's internship hero) does this, and tells Ochako that her best chance to become strong is to cut ties with everyone she knows. Ochako disagrees because she finds that her strength comes from her family and friends (particularly Izuku).
  • Impaled with Extreme Prejudice: Toga gets Stain's katana through her chest. She manages to last long enough for Todoroki and Ochako to arrive, the former freezing the sword to help slow her loss of blood.
  • Innocent Innuendo: Due to his very wholesome nature, Izuku can do this and not realize it.
    • When Himiko suggests for the two of them to have a private party to celebrate his victory at the Sports Festival, he replies that, unless she knows how to do that in a bed, he won't be in shape for anything.
    • Ochako arrives late at Izuku's house the day after the Festival, and when he asks about it she mentions she had to take care of something. Izuku replies that the next time she should call since he wouldn't mind giving him a hand, making her wobble. Given that the previous chapter ended with Ochako waking up in the middle of an Erotic Dream with Izuku, it's quite obvious what kept her busy.
  • Innocently Insensitive: Fatgum accidentally calls Momo fat after his pep talk to her, and has to be corrected by Tamaki to realize what he did wrong.
  • Internal Reveal:
    • Toga reveals her Quirk first to Izuku and then the rest of 1-A during the Sports Festival.
    • Izuku tells Todoroki about his issues with his father during their match - not knowing that the other 1-A students are eavesdropping with a directional mic. Ochako stops them before they hear too much, but Bakugo confirms that what they heard was true.
  • Interrupted Declaration of Love: In Chapter 16, Ochako is just about to come clean about her feelings for Izuku when Izuku is tackled by Eri.
  • Interrupted Intimacy: Miruko ends up accidentally walking in on Ochako and Himiko making out in the former's hospital room.
  • In-Universe Catharsis: Ochako greatly enjoyed seeing Bakugou being humiliated by Todoroki during the Battle Trial arc. Still, she's smart enough not to voice her glee because she knows it would be in bad taste.
  • Ironic Echo: In Chapter 26, while Ochako reprimands Izuku for his Quirk overuse, Izuku attempts to "plead the fifth" - only to be reminded that they are not in America. Later on, Izuku realizes that Ochako read his Hero book without his knowledge and traps her, and Ochako attempts to do the same only for Izuku to fire her words back at her.
  • Irony: After all the mess with Izuku trying to help Shoto with his issues with the half of his Quirk he inherited from his father, Izuku suddenly finds himself in the same boat when he develops Boric Pyre.
  • "It" Is Dehumanizing: The other officers with Detective Tsukauchi refer to Toga as an "It" and a "freak" during their run-in in Hosu City. It's bad enough that Tenya snaps out of his Revenge Before Reason haze to defend her to the officers.
  • It's All About Me:
    • As per canon, Bakugou takes anything Izuku does as a slight against him.
  • It's All My Fault: Izuku has a tendency to take responsibility for anything bad that happens to his friends.
    • He blames himself on the USJ Attack due to falling for Tomura's lies and not reporting him, which allowed the villain to steal the information the League needed to plan the attack. All Might, Nedzu, and Recovery Girl call him out of this, explaining to Izuku that he had no way to know better, and Tomura would have killed him on the spot if his deception hadn't worked. If anything, the staff thinks all the responsibility falls on them for not being able to stop the infiltration in the first place.
    • Again, he blames himself for slipping up and allowing Toga to get stabbed during the fight with Stain. Toga gives him a Dope Slap and tells him that everything that happened was a result of her actions, not his, which does get him to calm down a bit.
  • Jerkass: Apart from the usual suspects (*coughBakugoucough*), there are others - like Neito Monoma, who, in Himiko Toga's words, goes from zero to 'please stab me in the face' in the space of one sentence.
  • Jerkass Has a Point:
    • Sir Nighteye's obsession with preventing All Might's death makes him behave like an asshole while trying to convince All Might to pick Mirio Toogata as his successor instead of Izuku, but he does make a few accurate points about Izuku's behavior that even he acknowledges.
    • After Izuku calls his father to ask for advice on how to use Boric Pyre, Bakugo comes and tells him not to fall into the trap of thinking the man isn't an asshole only to get his hopes broken - it's already happened twice, after all.
  • Kansas City Shuffle: During the USJ attack, Thirteen tells Kaminari to take advantage of the distraction they are going to cause to get outside and call for support. Or so thought Kurogiri: in fact, the plan is to use Kaminari as the obvious choice while Hagakure sneaks around him with Kaminari's headset and gets out. It works.
  • Kid Has a Point: Downplayed in that Izuku isn't exactly a "kid". Ochako is surprised that Izuku thought that the bomb used in the Battle Trial arc was real. However, Izuku points out that the entrance exam involved giant robots, they were threatened with being expelled the first day, and the Sports Festival tends to have a minefield as part of its obstacle course. A terrified Ochako begs All Might to tell her that the bomb isn't real, and isn't very reassured when All Might's answer implies that the older years do work with real bombs.
  • Laser-Guided Karma:
    • A positive example: during the Entrance Exam, Izuku sees Shinso struggling to beat a faux villain (since his Quirk is useless against robots) and tells him the key to easily disable them (to use their own limbs as weapons against them). Later, when Izuku is helping Tenya, who is buried under rubble dropped by the Zero Pointer, he's attacked by several faux villains, and he can't fight them while helping Tenya at the same time. However, Shinso appears at that moment and makes short work of the robots, allowing Izuku to free Tenya unimpeded.
    • Early on in the story Izuku and Ochako were harassed by members of the first gym they checked while looking for places to train. Later on, it is revealed the gym eventually closed down and the member who caused the harassment, Tank, became one of the thugs the League of Villians recruited for the USJ attack. He and nine others encounter an enraged Izuku who they initially mock before he starts wiping the floor with them with Tank being the last to go down but not before desperately begging Izuku not to hurt him.
  • Like Father, Like Son: Endeavor also subscribes to the "Izuku is All Might's secret love child" theory, much to the latter's confusion.
  • Logical Weakness: The Nomu has the Shock Absorption Quirk, which makes him resistant against All Might's punches and other forms of blunt force trauma (like Ochako hitting him with a boat)... but not against Toga's knives and syringes, although she is unable to capitalize on that. This comes back to bite Toga when she tries to use the Nomu form to defend Iida against Stain, and the Hero Killer stabs her through the chest with little difficulty.
  • Loophole Abuse: During the Sports Festival's first event, Dodgeball, one of the rules is that the students cannot step foot outside a line marked on the ground. Later, after Izuku and Ochako combine their Quirks to fly, the latter realizes they are being literal, so she tells Izuku to fly them outside the stadium to avert all the balls. Present Mic complains, but Aizawa says that the rules allow it. They are, in fact, congratulated for coming up with the idea.
  • Love Epiphany: After spending several chapters in denial, Ochako finally admits that she's in love with Izuku at the end of chapter 15.
  • Love Triangle:
    • One between Ochako, Toga, and Izuku. Though, if the prologue set ten years in the future is any indication, Ochako will come out as the winner.
    • Shinso briefly wonders if the reason behind Bakugou's antagonism towards Izuku is that he is in love with Ochako and jealous of Izuku. Izuku is only slightly less freaked out by this than by Toga's question if Bakugou is in love with him and acting out as a form of Belligerent Sexual Tension.
  • Made of Iron:
    • Izuku gets decked by Nomu full force and lives to tell the tale (after intensive surgery and extra attention from Recovery Girl). Recovery Girl is amazed that Izuku's skull survived the impact and he received no brain damage from smashing into solid concrete and almost drowning as a result of getting punched that hard. And then he more or less blows himself up using his powers right after taking on One for All and somehow only breaks his limbs and gets another concussion.
    • The fight with Stain sees Toga get an eye gouged out and a katana stabbed clean through her. She still remains conscious enough to cuss Izuku out for his Messiah Complex when he comes to save them.
  • Marshmallow Hell: Izuku and Mei's first encounter. Izuku opened the door of the school's workshop just as Mei rocketed towards it while testing a pair of hoverboots, crashing into Izuku and knocking him on his back, with Mei's generous breasts pressing close to his face.
  • The Mentor: All Might is one to Izuku and Ochako, while Midnight acts as one to Toga.
  • Milholland Relationship Moment: Both Shinso and Toga are afraid that Izuku, Ochako, and Tenya will turn on them if they learn of their Quirks. When Shinso reveals his and gets a positive response, it encourages Toga to do the same but gets a phone call from her legal guardian just as she was about to do it. Unfortunately, after the call ends, she gets cold feet and decides to keep it a secret. Finally played straight towards the end of the Sports Festival, when Toga reveals how her Quirk works to the rest of her classmates, with none of them find her Quirk creepy or disgusting.
    • During the Capture the Flag event, Toga brings Izuku apart to tell him about her Quirk. Izuku tells her he trusts her before she can even say it, and when she mentions it, his only reaction is to ask about details, never feeling the rejection she had feared. He even offers to give her some blood from time to time. The fact that Ochako makes the same offer later completely bowls Toga over.
  • Mind over Matter: Izuku's Quirk, Psychokinesis. Initially, he could barely lift small objects, but after training under All Might and overcoming his Psychosomatic Superpower Outage, he's able to lift something as heavy as a truck without much trouble.
  • Missed Him by That Much: A couple of Overhaul's goons are out looking for Eri when they hear All Might is in the area, deciding to go look elsewhere rather than attract his attention. Unbeknownst to them, All Might was actually responding to Eri's discovery, and while they probably couldn't beat All Might they could have at least pinpointed Eri's approximate location and who she was with for later.
  • Morton's Fork: The reason Izuku keeps getting so badly injured in his fights; he's often getting in life-or-death situations where he's the only one who can actually make a difference. So either the boy goes full force, wrecking his body even more, or someone (either one or more of his friends, or Izuku himself) will get killed.
  • Mundane Utility: Izuku, Shinso, and Tsuyu all attempt to use their Quirks to cheat at Monopoly.
  • My God, What Have I Done?: While she knows that Ochako needed a good reality check, Toga also knows that the "The Reason You Suck" Speech she threw at her went way over the line.
  • My Suit Is Also Super: Both Toga and Momo have outfits similar to Mirio's (made from their hair and other forms of DNA) so they're not destroyed whenever they use their Quirks.
  • Mythology Gag:
    • Izuku defeats Bakugo using the same strategy Ochako used in canon - get him to explode the ring, use the dust to hide, and attack him with the rubble.
    • During the hero name choosing class, after Bakugo's first choice ("King Explosion Murder") is rejected, Izuku suggests he use DynaMight, only for Bakugo to reject the idea.
    • Toga getting her eye sliced by Stain may be a reference to how she briefly wore an eyepatch in canon.
  • Named After Somebody Famous: Izuku and Ochako's son is named Toshi Midoriya. Named after Toshinori Yagi, better known as All Might. Though it's likely it was due to their closeness with All Might rather than his fame.
  • Nightmare Face: When a villain tries to grab Tsuyu, Toga has this while going completely psycho on him and his fellows.
  • No Hero to His Valet: All Might becomes this to Izuku and Ochako over time, in part because, unlike most people, they know the actual real person behind the invincible uber-badass the general population sees All Might as, and in part because of the growing familiarity between them. While Izuku does keep some level of reverence for him, Ochako starts seeing him less as the Symbol of Peace and Japan's #1 Hero and more like her bumbling and dorky but still cool uncle.
    All Might: Note to self: install some proper fear back into Young Uraraka.
  • No-Sell:
    • Bakugou's Quirk becomes useless when fighting Todoroki since he cannot build up a sweat for his explosions.
    • Ochako uses her Quirk on a BOAT and smashes it into the Nomu. Not only does the creature not feel the hit, the boat isn't even scratched.
  • No Sense of Personal Space: Toga is very eager to get close to Izuku and latch onto his arm, much to Ochako's great annoyance. Mei also proves more than a little too eager to get up close and physical with Izuku, much to Ochako and Toga's mutual rage.
  • Not a Date: Chapter 16 is titled "Totally Not a Date", which features Izuku and Ochako hanging out and going to eat out together. Inko and the chef of the ramen stand they had lunch at both thought it was a date. Not that Ochako would have minded being a date.
  • Not Helping Your Case: Saito's grudge against Toga is understandable, but he doesn't do himself any favors when he confronts her in Chapter 37 by outright saying her parents should have killed her when she was born, telling her to commit suicide if she wants to make up for her crimes (earning him the ire of Midoriya), trying to kill her in front of a crowd of reporters and causing a panic instead when he gasses Midoriya. If anything, Saito only makes himself look like the real villain, with Chitose even lampshading that Saito had gone too far and went out of control with his last action.
  • Not Me This Time: During the Dodgeball event, there is mention of Mineta using his sticky balls to build himself a "fort" of other people. When the event ends, it turns out that he did it because Shinso Brainwashed him into doing it so he could also protect himself (with the added bonus of making Mineta look like the bad guy).
  • Not Quite Flight: Izuku and Ochako use a combination of his telekinesis and her zero gravity to escape a swarm of dodgeballs during the first round of the Sports Festival.
  • Not So Above It All: Chapter 18 has Izuku's friends close ranks around him when Katsuki demands that Izuku give him answers. Ochako is belligerent at Katsuki's (typical) hostile tone and demeanor, Himiko threatens to stab Katsuki while implying that yes, she does have knives, and Izuku is trying to convince everyone to chill because it'll be fine when Tenya steps in to defuse the situation with this gem:
    Tenya: I agree with Midoriya. This kind of conduct, and foul language is unbecoming of us. Threats of violence and fornication (cue Toga snickering) is best left to thugs and ruffians... Besides, the use of weapons is unneeded. A good swift kick to the back of the head will solve any issues.

    O - Y 
  • Oh, Crap!:
    • After seeing that the giant faux villain was going after a group of scared students, Ochako was able to redirect its attention towards her. She immediately realizes this may have been a mistake.
    • Denki has this reaction when he's matched against Himiko's team during the Battle Trial arc, fearing that he's going to get stabbed (and Kyoka definitely not reassuring him).
    • While they are on their flying boat ride, Toga asks Ochako an important question: how are they going to stop? Even Katsuki stops what he's doing.
    • All Might ends up belatedly realizing, to his horror, right as he, Inko, Eri, and Ochako's parents are already in their seats for the sports festival, that he completely forgot to inform Izuku about how he has to give a speech at the start of the Sports Festival as a result of him having the highest score in the entrance exams.
    • Neito Monoma goes really pale when Himiko (giving him The Unsmile and a Death Glare at the same time) informs him that if he keeps insulting her friends she will stab him. Gets worse when Kaminari informs him that she's being literal - what with all the villains she ripped apart with her knives.
    • Izuku gives Mei a pep talk before their match, encouraging her to try and win rather than throwing the fight as in canon. He starts regretting this when Mei takes his advice and brings out a lot more of her "babies" than she had originally intended.
    • Monoma gets another one in chapter 23 when he faces off against Bakugo, and it becomes apparent Bakugo's also figured out Brainwashing's weakness and holds his tongue while blowing Monoma to kingdom come.
    • Himiko finds Tenya leaving the stadium just after Izuku's match ends, and the spectacled boy claims there is a family urgency. She wonders what it could be... until she remembers that (a) Tenya mentioned his brother being patrolling in Hosu and (b) she's quite certain that Stain is there as well.
    • Ochako jumps in to stop the other students from eavesdropping on Izuku's talk to Todoroki when she realizes he's about to mention his father. This comes back the day after when Izuku tells her he doesn't want to tell the others about Hisashi.
    • Played for Laughs: Ochako when she realizes that she slipped out how she had already read Izuku's Hero Journal.
    • Izuku, Ochako, and Eri are watching TV, waiting for the Second Year's Sports Festival, when they find out that Ingenium's been attacked by Stain. Cue frenzied texting to ask Tenya.
    • Stain becomes almost paralyzed in fear twice during his fight against the Dekusquad, the first when Izuku rips apart the entire street and throws everything at him and the second when Izuku flies over him with a ginormous concrete ball and Detroit Smashes it on him.
  • Only Friend: Ochako is this for Izuku before they enter UA. Izuku is also Ochako's only friend after she moved to Aldera, but she implies she had other friends in her previous school.
  • OOC Is Serious Business:
    • Izuku becomes absolutely livid when he hears Mineta lusting after "Uraraka's juicy thighs" before trying to peek through a hole onto the girls' locker room, to the point of telekinetically tossing a bench (that was bolted to the floor) at him (and purposefully missing), before giving him a scathing warning on what will happen the next time he tries something like that.
    • Toga loves blood and has a massive crush on Izuku, often fantasizing over tasting his blood. However, when she gets covered in Izuku's blood in the aftermath of the USJ Incident, she's actually disgusted and can't wait to wash all the blood without tasting it, since this blood came from a badly injured, almost-dying Izuku.
    • Ochako grows concerned for Izuku when he becomes cold and curt during his phone call with Hisashi. She doesn't press too much but she's clearly disturbed that there's someone out there that makes Izuku grow so distant.
    • Played for Laughs when Izuku goes straight for Bakugou during the capture the flag event and proceeds to confront him, insult him in ways he's never done, and moving in the air with acrobatics Ochako's sure he's never learned. Ochako realizes something is seriously wrong when she notices the discrepancies, and Inko immediately notes that the Izuku she's seeing is not her son. Sure enough, it's Toga using her Quirk to become disguised as him and distract everyone.
    • Endeavour shows genuine concern for Izuku when he begins suffering the backlash from breathing fire for the first time. That and the knowing glance he exchanges with Shouto shows he's clearly thinking about Toya and his own "demise".
  • Open Mouth, Insert Foot:
    • A glorious example when All Might, upon hearing Izuku's tale of how he saved Toga, jokingly mentions the Standard Hero Reward in front of Ochako.
      All Might: Though I must admit, when you said you saving the girl wasn't the best part, I thought perhaps you have gotten a kiss or something as a reward.
      The moment those words left All Might's mouth, he was suddenly very aware he had made a mistake.
    • Later, Izuku runs into this when, after All Might has him spar against Ochako he voices his Wouldn't Hit a Girl mentality in front of her. It takes him noticing Ochako shooting him a Death Glare to realize that he screwed up. All Might even Face Palms.
      All Might: (thinking) Young man, don't say what I know you're thinking.
      Izuku: Are you sure this is okay? For us to fight like this? I don't want to accidentally hurt Uraraka if I hit her too hard...
      All Might: (thinking) He actually said it...
  • Overprotective Dad: Played for Laughs with Ochako's dad, who takes this trope to heart.
    Mr. Uraraka: It's not only my right, but my duty to give any boy my daughter "hangs out with" a hard time.
  • Past Experience Nightmare: Eri has a nightmare about Overhaul finding her at Izuku's home and taking her apart.
  • Pervert Revenge Mode: When Mineta tries to peek in on the girls after the Heroes vs Villains class, the moment he mentions Ochako Izuku uses his Quirk to grab a bench, slams it just above Mineta's head and tells him that if he tries to do anything like that again he won't miss.
  • Ping-Pong Naïveté: Izuku can be either extremely observant (mostly when the topic is about quirks and heroes) or extremely oblivious (mostly when the topic is love and relationships). Best summarized in this line:
    Ochako: Okay Deku, you need to pick a lane. Be super observant or dense. This flip-flopping is going to wear me out.
  • Polyamory: Himiko is attempting to set up a threesome between her, Ochako, and Izuku as she has a crush on both of them.
  • Pyrrhic Victory: Played for Laughs. All Might hands both Izuku and Ochako their U.A. letters at the same time, but none of them wanted to open it first. Ochako opens Izuku's to see his result first, much to the boy's chagrin, only to find All Might's holographic message addressing both of them since he knew they'd watch it together, so both disks had the same message. And to add insult to the injury, All Might then revealed Ochako's results first.
  • Rage-Breaking Point: After Recovery Girl tells Izuku, All Might, and Gran Torino her canon warning that she won't heal Izuku anymore due to him repeatedly injuring himself, Izuku goes on a rant on how tired he is that people keep telling him that he made the wrong choices when the situations kept demanding him to go all out to keep people from harm.
  • "The Reason You Suck" Speech: After Ochako demands Toga to stop harassing Izuku, Toga drops one of these on her over her actions at the USJ, accusing Ochako of being selfish and cowardly while Izuku nearly got himself killed. She realizes she was too harsh in her attacks on Ochako and apologizes after their tournament fight.
  • Red Eyes, Take Warning: When Izuku first uses One for All to power up Psychokinesis, his eyes glow red. Incidentally, it is also the first moment Stain's instincts warn him of deadly danger.
  • Retroactive Wish: When Himiko mentally begs for something to shake off the boredom of her internship, a woman screams that her purse has just been stolen. Himiko promptly requests a naked, horny Izuku.
  • Rhetorical Question Blunder: Ochako manages to do this to herself in Chapter 15.
    Ochako: [...]He's my best friend for crying out loud. How'd I fall for my best friend? Besides him being kind, gentle, brave, compassionate, cute and having a body that puts the Statue of David to shame... oh, so that's how.
  • Running Gag: Characters walking into Izuku's room and finding him tangled up in sheets with Ochako:
    • First, Inko comes in after they get their acceptance letters from U.A., and decides to duck out with Toshinori so they can Leave the Two Lovebirds Alone.
    • Later, after the Sports Festival, Eri comes in to tell them breakfast is ready, only to find them wrapped up together. She concludes they're "playing house" and goes to inform Inko of this, guessing they're also doing whatever it is adults do when they really love each other.
  • Sadist Teacher: Miruko uses Ochako as her personal punching bag in an effort to get Ochako to master and cut loose with her anger like she did in the Sports Festival, and gets a real kick about mashing every Berserk Button the younger hero has to get that to come out. Even so, Ochako has a grudging respect for the pro and can't help but admire her even after getting her shoulder dislocated, getting kicked through multiple walls, and enduring numerous ice baths.
  • Secret-Keeper: Ochako is made privy of All Might's secret and One for All. Toga also knows about All Might's weakness due to her special arrangement with the police and U.A.
  • Secret Test of Character: A few through the story:
    • Izuku agrees to train with All Might without realizing that he already planned to train with Ochako. When Ochako finds out, All Might, after revealing his secret to Ochako as well as his encounter with Izuku, says that he won't train Izuku anymore, since he's so wracked by guilt over lying to Ochako that he won't be able to focus on the training, making Ochako beg him to take him back and not to worry about her, but All Might insists that his original plan is impossible, much to both teens' grief. All Might then announces that he plans to train the two of them, and the reason he did that is that he wanted to see if Ochako would try to take Izuku's place as the next vessel of One for All.
    • During the Quirk Assessment Test, Izuku overhears Aizawa telling Shinso that he's the most likely to get booted, so he better give his all if he wants to stay. Izuku entertains the idea of using his Quirk to help him, but in the end, he decides not to for both moral (helping Shinso would mean kicking out another student more deserving to be there, plus that would mean Izuku doesn't have faith Shinso can pass the test on his own) and practical (Izuku's Quirk makes both him and the object he uses it on to glow green) reasons. After the test is over and, like in canon, nobody gets expelled, Aizawa tells Izuku he was fully aware of him listening to his conversation with Shinso and wanted to see if Izuku would cheat to help him or not, since Aizawa judged Izuku as somebody who will step up to help somebody, regardless if his help is needed or not.
  • She Is Not My Girlfriend:
    • Both Izuku and Ochako run into this as their feelings for each other start to develop, though the latter way more than the former.
    • Same goes with Eri in the future. She gets angry when somebody implies that she and Kouta are anything more than friends, despite evidence suggesting on the contrary.
  • Shapeshifter Baggage: During their battle, Ochako realizes how Toga transforms into larger, more powerful forms; the goo-like substance she produces gets morphed into an armor of sorts, mimicking the person/creature Toga wants, covering her real body. Ochako manages to hurt her by damaging the 'armor' to expose Toga's body, forcing her to either fight back as herself or to form a new armor.
  • Shameless Fanservice Girl: Toga doesn't really care about appearances or who sees her undressed, emphasized in Chapter 29 when she talks with Iida with no pants on and makes it clear she was going to have A Date with Rosie Palms whether he liked it or not.
  • She's Got Legs: When Ochako asks Izuku (half-sarcastically) if she should peel off her tights to walk on the beach, Izuku looks down and reconfirms that, yes, Ochako has very nice legs. It does seem to be one of the things he likes in girls, as he notes once that Himiko has very healthy legs and Chapter 26 contains a Suspiciously Specific Denial about him regularly looking at Ochako's legs.
  • Shipper on Deck:
    • There are a couple of instances where Inko shows who she wants her son to end with.
      • After finding out they had gotten into U.A. Izuku and Ochako accidentally fall onto his bed while celebrating. When Inko finds them, she offers to take All Might with her so the two could celebrate in peace.
      • After a large dinner with all of Izuku's new friends, Inko, after noticing Toga being very friendly with Izuku, tells Ochako privately that she is rooting for her. Though Ochako doesn't quite understand what she means.
      • Inko was also doing her best to not explode into a Squeeing pile of happiness when she overhears Ochako's love confession and encourages Ochako to open up more when the two go on their "date".
    • All Might as well. He and Inko have a bet going about when Izuku and Ochako are going to hook up and teases Izuku about his "date" with Ochako - also noticing Izuku's Freudian Slip about Ochako being "beautiful" instead of "pretty".
    • Mrs. Uraraka also seem to look towards Izuku and Ochako being a couple as well, if this exchange with Inko is any indication, with the narration adding that they shared a knowing smile:
      Mrs. Uraraka: They're just friends, right Inko?
      Inko: Oh yes. They're very good friends. Best friends for sure.
      Mrs. Uraraka: And I'm sure it's a friendship that will last, won't it?
      Inko: Oh, it's definitely one that's going to get stronger as they grow up.
    • Mitsuki Bakugou is a light Inko/Toshinori shipper, if only because Inko's only other option is Hisashi.
    • Ironically, Toga herself becomes this for Izuku and Ochako after learning of their mutual attraction (though she does plan to form a threesome with them after that).
  • Ship Tease: Inko and Toshinori have quite a few moments themselves, with Mitsuki being a Shipper on Deck for the two.
  • Show Some Leg: Toga tries seducing Izuku during a Monopoly game to get him to sell (or give) her some properties, which a miffed Ochako counters by offering to pay triple. Which cottons everyone to the fact that Ochako's been stealing from the bank.
  • Single-Stroke Battle: Momo vs Todoroki is a quick draw, with both using one attack to try and knock the other out of the ring. Todoroki hits Momo with a wall of ice for the win, while Momo misses Todoroki by centimeters with a cannon shot.
  • Single Woman Seeks Good Man: Both Ochako and Toga are in love with Izuku mostly because of his kindness.
  • Situational Sword: Shinso's Brainwashing Quirk is really powerful, but it only works if he can get his target to reply to him. Monoma, knowing this, No Sells it by interrupting him every time he tries to speak up. Unfortunately for Monoma, Bakugo figured this out as well and turns the tables when Monoma tries using it during their match. Part of his training with Miss Joke is how to overcome this (she suggests Knock Knock Jokes).
  • Sketchy Successor: Much like in canon, Mirai considers Izuku a poor choice as candidate of One For All by virtue of his tendency to injury himself and his lack of training in comparison to Mirio, who has much more experience than him.
  • Skilled, but Naïve: While Izuku is a strong fighter with a powerful Quirk thanks to All Might's training, and has a keen mind for Quirks, he can be pretty naive when it comes to certain topics, especially the opposite sex. As Toga pointed out, if Midnight is the R-Rated heroine, then Izuku is the G-Rated heronote . He's so naive that he accepts Shigaraki's line about being a bumbling sidekick hook, line, and sinker, allowing the villain to easily infiltrate U.A. with no one being the wiser.
  • Sneeze Cut: Five of them after Izuku asks himself why he got stuck with the worst training. They are (in order):
    • Ochako getting her neck crushed under Miruko's heel.
    • Shinso getting a ventriloquist dummy from Ms. Joke.
    • Toga and Tenya glaring daggers at one another.
    • Shouto getting yelled at by Endeavor.
    • Bakugou getting his hair styled by Best Jeanist.
  • Sore Loser: Once Midoriya finally beats Bakugo in his match at the Sports Festival, the latter sees it as just another sign of the former looking down on him, accusing him of being unable to ever beat him in a fair fight, only begrudgingly accepting his loss once Midoriya explains why he's so driven to beat Bakugo on his own terms rather than Bakugo's.
  • Spanner in the Works: Toga nearly manages to catch Shigaraki unaware. The nearly is because the guy she had been infiltrating as chose to crawl out of the melée just as she was about to shank Shigaraki.
  • Staging the Eavesdrop: During the Quirk Assessment Test, Izuku overhears Aizawa pulling Shinso aside and telling him that he's the one with the least potential for the Hero Course, and if he fails to impress Aizawa, Aizawa will kick him out. Izuku debates over if he should cheat and use his power to help Shinso, before deciding against it. Once the test is over and no one is expelled, Aizawa reveals to Izuku that he intended for him to hear their conversation to test if Izuku would cheat to help Shinso or not. If Aizawa wanted privacy, he would have taken Shinso to talk somewhere else.
  • Standard Hero Reward: After Izuku saved Toga from a bunch of older teens who wanted to rape her, Toga tried to give Izuku a kiss as a reward. Izuku, being Izuku, naturally turned such an offer down. Not that it stopped Toga from trying again when they met at UA.
  • Stealth Expert: Toga. During the Heroes vs Villains, she is paired with Tooru, yet she somehow manages to get to the bomb without being detected by Kyoka.
    • Then, during the USJ attack, she manages to disappear in the middle of the crowd of villains even as she's stabbing and maiming them.
  • Sucky School: Ochako's very vocal over how Aldera Middle School is pretty much this, mostly due to not only how the teachers downright ignore Bakugo's rampart bullying, but how even they treat Izuku with disdain. She considers meeting Izuku the only good thing that came out of her stay at Aldera.
    Ochako: I really hate this school. It’ll be so great once we get out of here.
  • Super-Persistent Missile: The dodgeballs from the Sports Festival's first contest; they don't just propel themselves against the contestants, but they chase after them, specifically those with the lowest hit count.
  • Surprisingly Realistic Outcome:
    • The year before joining U.A., Izuku and Ochako are trained by All Might. This gives them a MASSIVE advantage over most of their classmates, who mostly trained on their own. During the Heroes vs Villains exercise, Todoroki noticed that Izuku and Ochako are way too good and immediately guesses a Pro Hero had a hand in their training.
      • Related to this, while Ochako is described as "chubby" in the manga (chubby by Japanese standards, at least), thanks to undergoing the same training as Izuku, she develops a more fit figure with noticeable muscles.
    • One day, Izuku and Ochako decided to continue their training despite the storm that was forming above them. The next day, they woke up with a cold and some fever.
    • For most of her life, Toga always felt she was unwanted and has a very harsh life. Her parents disowned her, and she basically lived on the streets, begging and stealing to survive. The best she got was Stain tolerating her presence at best before he finally ditched her. So when Izuku saves her from a bunch of would-be rapists and shows genuine concern for her well-being, Toga immediately develops a mad crush on him and tries to find a way to be with him on a permanent basis.
    • The fake cities UA uses as training battlegrounds have lots of vacant buildings. Said buildings are prime spots for rats and other vermin to use as nests.
    • Shinso grew up with most people telling him that his Quirk is evil and befitting a villain. This made him very reluctant to use his Quirk on other people, despite, or maybe because he wants to prove he can be a hero. Even after Himiko and Momo pointing out that heroes are expected to use their Quirks on their opponents and that there are far worse Quirks than his, he's still hesitant to brainwash others.
    • In canon, Mineta's perverted antics are Played for Laughs, and Mineta himself is treated like a minor nuisance at worst. Not so much here. When the girls find out about Mineta wanting to spy on their locker room through a hole while they get changed, they react as you would expect, and the situation is treated seriously.
    • Despite the deal U.A. made with Toga, they're aware of the girl's very turbulent past, and thus they force her to go to therapy sessions in order to help her achieve a better state of mind. She's also on a very tight leash, having to report when she's going out, where she's going, etc., and too many mishaps will see her on a one-way ticket back to jail.
    • Mental problems cannot be healed easily, much less in a couple of weeks. When the story focuses on Toga during the USJ attack, she is shown struggling to keep her blood thirst at bay, and even then she is not successful.
    • Ochako and Bakugou combine their Quirks to turn the boat they are in into a flying boat. The maneuver is successful, but everyone has to hold onto anything they can find to avoid falling off, and they realize too late that they have no means to stop the boat before it crashes.
    • As Aizawa makes All Might painfully realize, if you take a boy with almost no sense of self-worth and praise him for putting himself in danger to save others, the result is somebody who will jump recklessly into dangerous situations without thinking if he will come out of them alive.
      • Related to this, Aizawa claims that he won't expel Izuku even if he wanted to because he knows that Izuku will simply go vigilante, which will result in him being arrested or killed. After the battle with Stain, Aizawa and the rest of Izuku's mentors also acknowledge that lecturing Izuku on his reckless behavior is useless because the only times Izuku (a nice, kind boy who doesn't want to disobey or disappoint them) exhibits this self-destructive behavior is because someone's life is in danger and Izuku really has no options but going all the way or let someone get killed.
    • Regardless of her attempt to go heroic, Toga still did terrible things in the past, and Saito - the boy she attacked and whose blood she sucked, the trigger that led to her running away - not only remembers her but goes into a Heroic BSoD when he sees her on-screen during the Sports Festival.
    • Even if she was rescued earlier than in canon, Eri suffered a lot due to Overhaul's experiments on her - and she has bad dreams about him. Relatedly, her instinctive idea of drawing Overhaul helps her cope a little, something that is sometimes prescribed in Real Life to deal with traumas.
  • Take a Third Option: Before his match with Todoroki, Izuku asks All Might what he'd do; win the battle or help Todoroki with his personal issues? All Might tells him that both goals are important, so, while he definitely should help Todoroki if he can, he'd still do his best to win. He does.
  • Teach Her Anger: The main purpose of Miruko's Training from Hell for Ochako is to teach her to use her rage in all her fights, noticing that her best battle at the Sports Festival was her match against Toga, where both girls were particularly angry with each other; as Miruko points out, Ochako's fury gives her a huge boost, yet she still keeps enough mental clarity to fight smartly and avoid getting Blinded by Rage.
  • Teacher/Parent Romance: As stated above, there's some Ship Tease between Izuku's mother Inko and All Might, Izuku's unofficial mentor, and official Heroics teacher at UA. Izuku seems to be okay with it (or he doesn't think the two of them having lunch together is necessarily romantic) but it caused Ochako to raise her eyebrow at this development and earns Toshinori a tongue lashing from Gran Torino when the old pro finds out.
  • The Team: The Dekusquad formed after the first day of class.
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: During the USJ attack, Ochako is warped away to the flood zone, and one of her other classmates there is Bakugou, whom she despises with every fiber of her being. While they do argue a lot at the beginning, they do manage to put away their distaste for each other and work together to beat the villains attacking them and survive.
  • Tempting Fate:
    • After Izuku, Mina, and Fumikage defeat the villains attacking them, Mina mentions that those were the last of them - only to be Instantly Proven Wrong when one of the other villains calls and mentions he's sending more people for them.
    • When Izuku suggests Bakugo use DynaMight as his hero name, Bakugo tells him that, if Izuku wants him to use that name, then he should go and use "Deku" as his, but thinks he's not going to do it. Guess what name Izuku picks.
  • That Came Out Wrong: Mei's tendency to refer to her inventions as her 'babies' is first revealed to Ochako and Toga under less than ideal circumstances, resulting in Power Loader having to hold them back long enough to explain that, no, Mei is not talking about those kinds of babies.
  • There Are No Therapists: Averted. As part of her deal with UA, Toga has to go to mandatory therapy sessions with Midnight in order to curb her more violent thoughts.
  • They Do: Preemptively. The story begins with Izuku and Ochako as a married couple with children, so we do know they will hook up.
  • This Is Gonna Suck:
    • Ochako's reaction when Izuku plays a voicemail message Hisashi left on his phone.
    • Shinso's entire outlook on his internship with Miss Joke, since she's Fun Personified and setting her students against him.
  • Thought They Knew Already: Mei is surprised that Class 1-A didn't know Himiko has a violent past and a body count - after all, everyone in Support has figured it out.
  • Title Drop: Eri does this when she starts telling her little brother the story of how their mom and dad met.
    Eri: Okay then. The origin of the number one heroes Deku and Uravity! Heroes of Green Tea Rescue!
    • In chapter 27, when prompted by the others, Izuku and Ochako reveal the name for their future team: "Green Tea". "Rescue" gets added in Chapter 34, when Toga is invited into the group as an unofficial third member.
  • Title Drop Chapter: Chapter 34 is titled "Green Tea Rescue". Said chapter has Izuku and Ochako officially use it for their team hero name.
  • Tongue Trauma: During the Capture the Flag Event, Toga is restrained by Tsuyu and frees herself by (gently) pricking Tsu's tongue with one of Pony Tsunotori's discarded horns.
  • Tragic Villain: Mustard, formerly known as Saito. He was the victim of Himiko's psychotic break and nearly died from the blood loss she inflicted in him, but he was never able to seek justice because she first disappeared and then the HPSC bribed his parents so they wouldn't try to file a report on her. Then he learned that she was studying to be a hero at U.A. in spite of what she had done, and was manipulated by the Meta Liberation Army as part of their plans to cast a bad light on U.A. and put Izuku under their control - only for him to break down and use his gas Quirk on several people (including Izuku) and attempt to kill Toga with a gun, which caused him to lose sympathy from the public. And then Shigaraki recruited him into the League of Villains, taking advantage of his newfound hatred of heroes to gain another tool.
  • Training from Hell:
    • Ochako's internship with Miruko. Day One starts with her getting kicked around by the Pro during a sparring match and ends with a long ice bath, and Ochako's practically got hypothermia by the time she checks in with the others.
    • Izuku's training with Gran Torino isn't all that different, to the point that he assumes he's getting the worst out of all his friends. Sneeze Cuts from Ochako, Shinso, Bakugou, Shoto, Toga, and Tenya would say otherwise.
  • Tsundere: Played for Laughs. Toga wonders if Bakugou's bullying Izuku is to mask the fact that he is secretly in love with Izuku.
    • Ochako herself is a Type-B for Izuku, she's mostly a cheerful girl who is pretty supportive of him but is also quickly angered when he doesn't take care of himself nor his safety. And Lord help you if you actually hurt him.
  • Underestimating Badassery:
    • In order to push Izuku out of his Wouldn't Hit a Girl mindset and show him she isn't as fragile as he thinks, Ochako forces Izuku to punch her in the gut as hard as he could. After much hesitating and arguing, Izuku finally did... making Ochako feel just how strong Izuku has become thanks to All Might's training. She even had to make a conscious effort not to throw up and had to use every ounce of willpower to pretend that the punch didn't hurt her as much as it and that she was fine.
      Ochako: This was a horrible idea. Who's idea was this again? Oh yeah, mine.
    • Downplayed during the Hero vs Villains Exercise. Tokoyami and Tsuyu didn't think they'd score an easy win against Izuku and Ochako, but they believed their opponents were nowhere near as strong as they proved to be; Tokoyami thought that Izuku's Mind over Matter Quirk meant Izuku would prefer to fight from afar, and he was caught off guard when Izuku decided to fight him up close. Meanwhile, Tsuyu's agility and Wall Crawling thought they would give her mobility advantage, and was surprised by Ochako's Wall Run. Not to mention Izuku and Ochako's near-flawless teamwork and plan-making.
    • Played straight with Bakugou, who keeps thinking "useless Deku" is a weakling, despite constant proof of otherwise. He also underestimated Todoroki during the Battle Trial arc, which got him Curb Stomped as a result.
    • Monoma assumes that Bakugo is a simple, easy to provoke meathead who he can just use Brainwashing on and win. Unfortunately, Bakugo is much smarter than he looks/acts and keeps his mouth shut as he blows Monoma out of the ring.
    • Played straight again with Todoroki's fight against Ochako in the Sports Festival finals. He's already planning how to win the next match because he doesn't consider his current opponent a threat. Even if he beats her, it was a very narrow victory. Then again, Todoroki probably would had an easier time had he not limited himself to his ice side alone.
  • Under the Mistletoe: Downplayed. While Ochako kissed Izuku while under the mistletoe in Chapter 7, it was a kiss on the cheek rather than the lips, given that they weren't in a relationship yet.
  • Unusual Euphemism: When Tenya catches Himiko half-naked, she mentions that if it had been Izuku, she "would have changed this game of Solitaire to Go Fish".
  • Villain Takes an Interest: The Meta Liberation Army takes an interest in Izuku after his superb performance in the UA Sports Festival, and even more when they learn of his connections to All Might and Endeavor, and send his father Hisashi back to Japan in order to turn Izuku into a member.
  • Violently Protective Girlfriend:
    • Ochako in spades, well, minus the "girlfriend" part (yet). If Izuku won't stand up to Bakugou's bullying, then Ochako will on his behalf. Not even All Might himself is safe from this. When All Might was telling Ochako about his encounter with Izuku and got to the part where he discouraged Izuku to be a hero, Ochako shot him such a murderous glare, the pro hero flinched.
      All Might: Very impressive, Young Uraraka!
      Ochako: Thank you, All Might!
      All Might: Yes, you were able to get quite a few tires here today, but imagine how many more you would have been able to move if you hadn't slowed down every time Young Midoriya had a stumble. Or glare at me whenever I'm a little tough on him.
    • Toga as well, again, minus the "girlfriend" part, to a more disturbing degree. She's willing to stab Bakugou to stop him from tormenting Izuku.
    • Izuku is the male variant. When Mineta tries to peek at the girls while they are changing clothes, specifically mentioning Ochako, Izuku slams a bench just above Mineta's head and tells him that the next time he won't miss.
  • Walking Arsenal: Toga's hero outfit includes a lot of knives, syringes, and other stabbing implements.
  • Voice for the Voiceless: Uraraka postures as one for Izuku to her rival, Himiko, during the Sports Festival. Uraraka insists that Himiko's very forward behavior towards Izuku is sexual harassment and needs to stop; when Himiko responds that Izuku has never given any indication that he wants her to stop and she would comply if he asked, Uraraka declares that "I know how he feels. I know what he thinks. Just because Deku hasn't said anything doesn't change a thing. I'm here because it's my responsibility to look after him. I promised I would, even if that means I have to protect him from you." Toga then deconstructs Uraraka's claim by furiously pointing out that this means, logically, that Uraraka knew about Izuku's self-sacrificing plan at the USJ before he enacted it and chose to leave him to die and let herself be saved at his expense, calling out the hypocrisy of claiming to be protecting Izuku if this is true. Himiko then finishes with a "The Reason You Suck" Speech regarding how Uraraka has neither the knowledge or power to speak for or protect Izuku like she claims.
  • Wall Run: A variant of the trope; thanks to Ochako's gyroscopes in her hero costume, she can walk on walls while she's weightless. Such ability caught Tsuyu completely flat-footed during the Heroes vs Villains exercise.
  • Wall of Text: Iida makes his introduction to the Dekusquad group chat with one of these, with proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation (while everybody else speaks in shortened words as is normal in chats). Needless to say, it leaves quite an impression on the others.
  • Wardrobe Malfunction: A few:
    • During their sparring match, Izuku accidentally tugs Ochako's gi open and gets a small flash of her bra and cleavage, much to his mortification.
    • After they complete All Might's training, Izuku takes Ochako down to the beach so he can test the limits of his Quirk. While practicing lifting Ochako, he ends up yanking on her clothes in such a way she falls out of her bra (fortunately Izuku wasn't paying much attention and isn't a pervert, so Ochako is able to readjust without him being the wiser).
    • When attempting to use his Quirk to pass the long jump on day one, Izuku screws up and ends up yanking his pants down, much to everyone (save Toga's) embarrassment.
  • Weaksauce Weakness: Momo takes advantage of Dark Shadow's weakness to intense light by creating a stun grenade that not only hurts him but also stuns Fumikage long enough to allow her to capture him.
  • Wet Blanket Wife: Ochako is this to Izuku, minus the "wife" part (yet). Though she doesn't worry without reason, given his tendency to hurt himself.
    Izuku: I figured I could practice with the large stones over there. No need to carry anything, plus if something breaks it will be fine.
    Ochako: Just make sure you don't include yourself in the "if something breaks it will be fine" category.
    (Much later, before the Heroes vs Villains Exercise)
    All Might: So if you want to win, you will have to go all out. And don't worry about getting hurt. Remember that we have the best healer in the country, Recovery Girl.
    Ochako: That was not permission for you to be reckless, Deku.
  • We Need a Distraction: Toga uses her Quirk to transform into Izuku and distract all the other teams from the battle while the rest of their team snags as many flags as possible.
  • Wham Episode:
    • Chapter 16. It contains Izuku and Ochako having their first Totally Not A Date... also heavy hints that Hisashi Midoriya is part of the Meta Liberation Army, and ends with Eri crashing into Izuku and begging him to help her.
    • Chapter 31. Toga and Iida encounter Stain trying to kill Native, which leads to the latter injured and the former short an eye and with a sword through the chest. Then Izuku arrives and overloads his brain with One for All. Then Ochako and Todoroki arrive and manage to save the other from Stain before Izuku recovers and manages to put the villain down by himself. And then Izuku breathes fire to incinerate the winged Nomu when it tries to kill Ochako.
    • Chapter 37. Curious attempts to use Saito to make U.A. look bad and make Izuku break off from Himiko. Everything then goes pear-shaped when Saito panics and uses his Quirk, hitting Izuku point blank and causing chaos as the journalists get affected by the gas he emits before pulling out a gun and shooting in Himiko's general direction (although fortunately All Might stops the bullets). Then, when Ochako gets Izuku and Himiko back into the school, she's forced to take refuge in 1-A while the other students are close to rioting.
    • Chapter 40. Turns out, Hisashi wasn't alone in his 'political inclinations'. Inko 'Mamadoriya' Midoriya was also an MLA soldier back in the day. Emphasis on the 'was', seeing as she got out after somehow surviving the attention of Lady Nagant.
  • What Is This Feeling?: Towards the end of Chapter 9, after having a great time hanging out with Izuku and the rest of his friends at the former's house, Toga wonders if this is what it feels to be wanted.
  • What the Hell, Hero?:
    • Ochako calls Izuku out for risking his life, and, even worse, tricking her into using her Quirk on him so he'd carry a stunt that almost gets him killed. While she understands his reasons, she reminds him that they're a team and, from now on, if he pulls another nigh-suicidal rescue, he'll better include her so they can watch each other's back.
    • Aizawa calls All Might out on his teaching methods, especially on how he failed to teach Izuku how to take better care of himself and not rush head-first into dangerous situations. All Might defends himself by saying that he focused mostly on training Izuku's body and overcoming his Psychosomatic Superpower Outage, expecting Izuku to work on his other issues at UA, with the help of the whole staff. While Aizawa doesn't fully accept it, he agrees that Izuku has potential, and, being just a student, he still can be properly educated to limit his flaws.
    • Izuku and Ochako win the first event of the Sports Festival, and naturally, Bakugou comes to complain (because, apparently, Izuku and Ochako combining their Quirks means they don't deserve the win) Izuku calls him out on not taking things seriously and then throwing a tantrum for not winning, telling him to grow up.
    • Toga delivers one after Uraraka accuses her of sexually harassing Izuku.
    • Toga again, this time after she learns that the Hero Commission chose not to reveal Stain's Quirk to the Pro Heroes chasing him just because they want to send someone from the Top Ten to do it.
    • All Might to Nighteye after the latter uses Foresight on Izuku without permission.
    • Gran Torino accuses All Might of losing focus on what he's supposed to be doing (being a hero and preparing Izuku for One For All) and instead of having potential romantic rendezvous with Izuku's married mother.
    • Izuku snaps at Recovery Girl and his mentors when they lecture the boy for injuring himself again when fighting Stain and the Hosu Nomus. As Izuku correctly points out, the alternative to hurting himself, in pretty much every case, was letting someone to die, and in all those cases the pro heroes, the ones supposed to deal with this kind of situation, were either incompetent (The Sludge Villain incident), absent/delayed (All Might at the USJ), or among the people Izuku had to save (Aizawa and Thirteen at the USJ, Native at Hosu).
  • Willfully Weak:
    • As in canon, Todoroki keeps holding back and not using his fire until his match with Izuku, due to his personal promise about not using Endeavor's Quirk.
    • After their match, Ochako comments that Toga, despite her fierceness in battle, was holding back a lot, since her best attacks are all crippling or lethal ones, meaning she couldn't use them in the Sports Festival.
  • World's Best Warrior: Ten years in the future, Izuku and Ochako share the spot of Japan's #1 hero.
  • Wouldn't Hit a Girl: Deconstructed. Ochako takes Izuku's unwillingness to spar against her over being afraid of hurting her as a sign that he doesn't see her as his equal. Fortunately, Ochako manages to snap him out of this mindset.
  • Wrong Context Magic: One for All not only enhanced Izuku's telekinesis Quirk, but it also somehow unlocked an even more powerful version of his father's Quirk, which he uses to kill the winged Nomu.
  • Xanatos Gambit: Izuku's last move in the final ensures his victory, no matter what Bakugo does. If he tries to explode the wall Izuku's throwing at him, he won't be able to do much due to running out of sweat. If he tries to run, Izuku will just redirect the wall until it runs him over or pushes him out of the ring. And if he flies (which is what Bakugo does in the end) then Izuku can just throw his top (turned into improvised bolas) to tie him up and throw him out of bounds.
  • Yandere: Downplayed with Toga, since she hasn't tried to knife anyone trying to get close to Izuku (yet - she did think stabbing Bakugou would help him lay off Izuku), but she is quite possessive of him and can be quite jealous of those around her.
  • You Are Better Than You Think You Are:
    • Izuku gives Mei a pep talk just before their match when she comes clean about her intention to throw the fight, saying it will look more impressive if she manages to win using her gadgets rather than just showing off.
    • Ochako feels terrible over being eliminated from the tournament, thinking she disappointed her parents. However, Izuku, as well as All Might, her parents, and other friends remind her that she did quite well in the first two events, and even if she lost to Todoroki, it was still a very even match, and she was the first person who gave him a true challenge; plus, she made it to the semi-finals, so she's getting Third Place, which is quite a feat by itself. As All Might says, while it's good that she's aiming to the top, she shouldn't ignore any success she achieves, or think that her defeats demean that success.
    • Izuku tells Himiko several times that he thinks she's a good person, which always throws her off balance.
    • Fatgum and Tamaki take Momo out for pizza and reassure her that her hesitations and streaks of good luck during the USJ incident and the Sports Festival respectively are nothing to be ashamed of, and she'll make a fantastic hero with some practice.
  • You Monster!: Izuku damages one of Mei's gadgets during their fight. She screams out that he killed her "baby" and labels him a "baby killer", much to Izuku's mortification.
  • You Shall Not Pass!:
    • Deku vs the Zero Pointer, pouring his energy into destroying it so Shinso can pull Iida free of the rubble.
    • Toga goes solo against the Nomu and the rest of Shigaraki's minions to give Ochako time to revive Izuku.