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     Pre-Release Theories 

Classmates of Peter's who could be characters serving a bigger role in the MCU.

Candidates for this movie's Community cameo
  • Joel McHale as an American tourist speaking in terrible French. When they're in Italy.
  • Chevy Chase as a tourist enthralled by Steve's stories (see above)
  • Alison Brie as a rookie SHIELD agent
    • All Jossed.

Post-Credits scene will involve Tombstone, who will be part of the Sinister Six
  • Jossed.

This film will introduce the Multiverse to the MCU.
Besides the possibilities of opening up the Spider-Verse, Mysterio is infamous for having run schemes in both Earth-616 and Earth-1610 simultaneously. After the events with Thanos, it's possible reality will be somehow weakened, allowing Mysterio to affect other universes. The plot of this film could then involve Spidey falling into another universe and trying to make his way back.
  • Mostly confirmed. The second trailer mentions multiverse by that exact name and says the events with Thanos 'opened a rift', although with someone falling into Spidey's universe, rather than the other way around. Of course, the apparent source of this information is Mysterio, so there may be deceptions and illusions going on.
  • If the film does incorporate the Multiverse, it sets the stage for events such as Secret War, Spider War, and a live action Spiderverse film.
  • Jossed, since Mysterio was lying. That said, Doctor Strange (2016) basically confirmed other worlds exist anyway.

Mysterio will create an illusion of Thanos
And Peter will get a severe Heroic BSoD from seeing it. The idea being that Mysterio would probe Peter's mind for his greatest fear, and pull out Thanos.
  • Jossed, unfortunately. Mysterio creates disturbing visions, but Thanos is not among them.

Bruce Campbell will make a cameo
As a Shout-Out to the Sam Raimi trilogy where it was supposed to be revealed that all his cameos were actually Mysterio in disguise.
  • Sadly Jossed.

It will be revealed that Mac Gargan is actually The Dragon to Norman Osborn and is helping him gather villains for the Sinister Six
  • Word of God says that the main antagonists of the MCU Spider-Man movies will be villains who didn't get adapted for previous film incarnations.
  • Jossed. Gargan doesn't reappear and Osborn isn't alluded to at all.

This movie is where Mac Gargan suffers enough bodily injury to be bolted into the Scorpion suit permanently.
  • Jossed. He never appears or is mentioned.

The new villains in the film will be ones who haven't been adapted to film yet
Just like Spider-Man: Homecoming. This will, again, be a way these films differentiate themselves from the previous incarnations. Spider-Man has one of the greatest assortment of villains in the comics and there's tons of potential to be had before falling back on Green Goblin.
  • Seemingly confirmed - he's battling the Elementals.
  • Confirmed since Mysterio was never the antagonist in a film before.

In order to show Peter's growth as a hero, there will be a montage of him defeating a few villains on his own
This was one of Sam Raimi's ideas for a potential Spider-Man 4, albeit with a different purpose; a Take That! at the execs forcing more villains into the third film. Here, Peter will handily take out some bit-part bad guys who aren't on the level of the Big Bad, like Speed Demon, Hypno-Hustler, Grizzly, Tarantula, Coldheart and so on. The best way to go would be going with the Rule of Three.
  • All those rumors about Hydro-Man/Molten Man being in the movie could very well be explained by this theory, i.e. they're ultimately just minor villains Peter will fight in a short montage.
    • Surprisingly, turns out that the villains are the Elementals, and it appears that Hydro-Man has been combined with Hydron from that group of heroes.
  • Jossed, though the Missing Trailer Scene apparently features him beating members of Silvermane's crime family.

Spider-Man and Mysterio's fight will climax on the set of a Western film.
As a homage to the 1967 cartoon.
  • Jossed. It's on the Tower Bridge.

There will be an Old Man Logan reference
Even though Marvel can't use the X-Men for that, there will be a Shout-Out to Mysterio's most heinous moment where he uses his illusions to trick someone else into attacking their own friends, believing them to be enemies.
  • Jossed.

Guesses for J. B. Smoove's character
  • Michelle's father
  • Miles Morales' father
  • Hobgoblin
  • Paste-Pot Pete
  • Robbie Robertson
  • Hypno-Hustler
  • Rage
  • Arachnoid (Bradley Shaw)
  • J. Jonah Jameson (I mean, they've Race Lifted a lot of Spidey characters in Homecoming, so it's not a stretch to assume this.)
  • Norman Osborn (Same reason as Jameson)
  • Fancy Dan
  • Miles Warren
  • Frederick Foswell
  • Morris Bench / Hydro-Man
    • All Jossed. He turns out to be Mr. Dell, a rather lazy teacher.

Speaking of J. Jonah Jameson...
In order to "modernize" his character as a newspaper mogul, if he appears in Far From Home he will be the head of an online journalism company (think Business Insider or, or a digitized version of a newspaper company. Let's hope that isn't already taken...
  • Alternatively, they'll make him a right-wing podcaster a la Spider-Man (PS4).
  • Confirmed. JJJ is seen at the end as the host of a video news show.

Peter's new costume is a Spider-UK suit.
It's been confirmed that his base Spider-suit will be updated once again. Perhaps it will also be a redesign Peter did so that, in the event he has to use it in London, he can fight crime without rousing suspicion around why a New York-based hero showed up in London the same time a field trip from New York did. He'll pretend he's a different hero inspired by Spidey. Bonus points if Peter does a British accent...but rather than Tom's own accent, it's a bad exaggeration.
  • Seemingly jossed. New set photos show a stealth suit that is pretty much Spider-Man: Noir
  • However, the reason for wearing the black "Night Monkey" suit is precisely as suggestd.

The film will lampoon humor that relies on stereotypes
One of the students, probably Flash, will indulge in making rude "jokes" about the English and French that basically amount to him mentioning the stereotype, acting like it's fact, and being smug at how clever he thinks he is. The response by locals to this will be to intentionally act as the opposite of the stereotype mentioned (i.e. A French man being incredibly nice and polite instead of a French Jerk, a British man being exceptionally laid back and mellow instead of stuffy, and in general acting incredibly chaste and reacting with shock when he suggests that they have kinky sexual taste). The other American students, like Peter, will make jokes about how none of them have Hawaiian patterned shirts...but somebody will earnestly reveal that they have a Hawaiian patterned cowboy hat.
  • Jossed, in fact the film participates in Dutch stereotyping.

Hydro-Man will be a member of the Sinister Six in the MCU
The character is rumored to be in the film at some point. Homecoming introduced Vulture, Shocker, and also teased Scorpion. Far from Home is likely bringing in Mysterio, while Numan Acar has been cast as a character only identified as Dmitri, so he's very likely Chameleon, whose real name is Dmitri. That makes five bad guys and a sixth is needed for the team, so why not Hydro-Man? He brings something different to the table since he has abilities that are completely different from the others. The last film made it very clear they want to do different things than what Sam Raimi and Marc Webb did and it would make for a solid lineup that still consists of characters who didn't appear in the earlier film series.
  • Jossed. Hydro-Man doesn't really exist. He's just one of Beck's illusions

The film will be very Meta
Since Mysterio works as a special effects artist, maybe he will be working on an in-universe Avengers film, probably a biopic.
  • Bonus points if:
    • The biopic is for Iron Man, and Peter constantly points out how wrong the studio is getting Tony's life story.
      • Seeing as how Tony sacrifices himself in Endgame, this isn't as out there as one might think.
    • The biopic is the public's interpretation of the Spider-Man origin, and Peter has the same reaction as above.
    • Tobey Maguire and/or Andrew Garfield are involved as leads in the production.
      • Tom Holland has stated that he wants Maguire to play Uncle Ben (which would work, given how young this incarnation's Aunt May is), so odds are it would only be Garfield.
    • The movie pokes fun at superhero cinematic universes, being a loving parody of MCU movies or a Take That! at imitators.
  • Confirmed, there is a biopic called "Iron Heart" about Iron Man that Peter watches on his plane. However, no details appear, and Mysterio is not a special effects artist in this continuity.

One of the scenes will be of Mysterio taunting Peter with images of people he's failed.
Candidates include Tony Stark, Liz, or maybe even Uncle Ben (if true, it would mark the first time he's explicitly shown to exist/have existed in the MCU).
  • If this happens, Thanos, Cull Obsidian, and Ebony Maw should show up too, as Peter's greatest fears.
  • Confirmed. One of Mysterio's illusions is of Iron Man rising from his grave to attack Peter while Beck claims that Tony's death was all Peter's fault.

There will be at least one significant character who's from one of the countries the class visits
Be it an additional villain, a new hero, or a comic relief.
  • Jossed.

If Chameleon shows up in the movie...
He will use a disguise to make himself look like an Evil Spider-Man, in order to discredit Peter, but no one will buy it because Chameleon is only capable of recreating the Homemade costume. The press will refer to this hoodied imposter as the "Scarlet Spider".
  • Jossed, Chameleon does not show up.

Mister Negative will appear in his civilian identity
He'll just be a businessman/charity owner who briefly appears, albeit acting somewhat shady. Then the third film will have him play a bigger role.
  • Jossed.

Mysterio isn't the main villain.
He'll be working for the real villain, possibly the Kingpin.
  • Jossed. He's the lead villain here.

Peter and May's relationship will be slightly strained due to May learning Peter is Spider-Man
  • Unlikely considering that the trailers show her fully embracing Peter as Spider-Man with not only helping with fundraisers but also packing his Spider suit for him when he goes on vacation after he left it behind.
  • Jossed, everything seems to be fine between them.
Hydro-Man and Molten Man will not appear in the movie at all.
Because let's face it, our only "evidence" that Hydro-Man will even be in this movie is a video of a stuntman being splashed by water (which can very well be caused by pretty much anyone or anything other than Hydro-Man; hell, Peter himself did it when he crashed into a pool party in Homecoming). As for Molten Man, it might have been a strategic lie on Feige's part to blur out plot details from over-eager fans (like how Marvel Studios went so far as to make toys for a scene in Avengers: Infinity War that actually never happened).
  • Partly confirmed, partly jossed; The Elementals include a being based on water who resembles Hydro-Man and a being based in fire who resembles Molten Man. That is, if they are the closest we ever get to those characters in the MCU.

Miles Warren will appear, but his villainy/background as the Jackal will not be touched on in this movie.
He'll just be a new mentor to Peter, taking Octavius/Connors' place from the PS4 game/Raimi films, respectively. His turn to evil will be a major part of movie 3.
  • Jossed.

Fury and Hill had been hunting down threats since Age of Ultron
Mostly low-key stuff, like taking down any Hydra agents trying to regroup with each other, dismantling Ten Rings cells, or other things in that nature. One of the villains in Far from Home was someone on their radar, hence their appearance in the movie.
  • Somewhat confirmed by the Captain Marvel prequel comic; they were at very least keeping tabs on the events happening post-Age Of Ultron that SHIELD could be of assistance in, and they tried to re-assemble the Avengers post-Civil War.
  • Unclear, considering that Fury and Hull are actually Talos and Soren, and the real Fury and Hill are off in space.

Mysterio will be a Villain with Good Publicity
Mysterio will be a fake super hero; using his abilities to stage crimes before swooping in to "foil" them. Having an actual super hero around will be a threat to his facade; so he'll try to frame Spidey for a crime.
  • Oh so very much confirmed. And it may not even stop with his death.

Mysterio will start off as a loser
Beck will go From Nobody to Nightmare. He will start off as a lousy magician until he acquire some alien tech. He'll use the tech to become a famous celebrity, appearing on magic shows. He'll even have a guest appearance on a talk show.
  • His Moral Event Horizon could be holding the audience of said talk show hostage when the interview starts going south/making him look bad, in order to prove himself as a superior to Spider-Man, who people are always comparing him to. This could also work as a subtle nod to the plot of The Dark Knight Returns, when Joker does this to draw Batman's attention to him after spending years in a vegetative state in Arkham.
    • The From Nobody to Nightmare bit is confirmed, but the specifics are Jossed. He was the guy behind the holographic B.A.R.F. tech that Tony Stark used at the start of Captain America: Civil War and was fired after getting mad at the humorous acronym Stark gave his creation. He, and various other ticked off ex-Stark employees are behind the apparent attacks.

Mysterio will highly contrast Vulture as a Contrasting Sequel Antagonist.
  • Vulture was a serious down to earth pragmatic villain who wanted his operations to be as discrete as possible. Mysterio will fully embrace his role as a supervillain, being loud and hammy, making dramatic speeches and wanting to be in the limelight.
    • Confirmed. Aside from their differences in demeanor as described above, they contrast in that Vulture is a sympathetic villain who's friendly with his henchmen, wants to provide for his family, and has a certain measure of respect for Spider-Man, while Mysterio is a self-absorbed Jerkass who casually threatens to murder his entire crew in a fit of pique, is motivated by his gigantic ego, and sets out to murder Spidey and his friends without any remorse.

The identity of the "femme fatale" reportedly in the movie (hinted at through casting calls) is...
  • Jessica Drew
  • Silver Sable
  • Black Cat
    • Silver Sable and Black Cat are both planned to have their own movies in Sony's Universe of Marvel Characters. Even if they don't come into fruition, that likely means Marvel Studios wasn't planning on using either of them when Far from Home was being made.
    • All Jossed. There is no "femme fatale" to speak of.

There will be the last cameo of Stan Lee
After his death on November 12th 2018, a few more movies will feature his cameos posthumously. While a last one in Avengers: Endgame would still be great, having him on the screen for the final time in a movie of his most famous character would be an even more fitting closure.
  • Jossed. Stan the Man truly had his last Hurrah in Endgame. *sniff*

Gwen Stacy will appear, but not as expected.
She will have been a childhood friend of Peter's, who died in an accident when they were both young. However, after reality is shattered, either by the Snap and its undoing or by some event in FFH, Gwen will appear in a post-credits scene... as Ghost Spider, who has come from an alternate universe in order to help stop some oncoming threat. If she sticks around, Peter and alternate-universe Gwen will have to grapple with their friendship/relationship in the third movie. Jossed, Gwen Stacy is absent from the movie.

The "field trip", if that's what's even going on, will be a multi-school initiative, and include cameos from many younger Avengers members, pre-powers/superheroism.
Such as Kamala Khan, Sam Alexander, Kate Bishop, Tommy Shepherd, etc.
  • Jossed. It really is just some students from Midtown, and none of them are fellow superheroes.

There will be a Ship Tease between Ned and Betty Brant.
The two dated and ended up marrying in the comics, so they could hint at a Mythology Gag.
  • Confirmed! they fall madly in love, break up, and become Amicable Exes over the course of the movie.

Vulture's role in the movie
Mysterio will create his illusions using tech bought from Vulture's gang, and Toomes will be a Boxed Crook brought in by Fury to help Peter beat him.
  • Alternately, Toomes will be freshly out of prison after serving five years with good behavior. He should have served a lot more time than that, except many of the witnesses who could have testified against him got dusted in the Snappening and thus weren't available for the trial.
    • Jossed. Toomes is completely absent from the film.

The Elementals are fake
Mysterio is staging the whole thing to get in the public's good graces. He may be being helped by others who "portray" the Elementals behind his illusions/special effects.
  • Everything you've said has been confirmed!

J. K. Simmons will reprise his role as J. Jonah Jameson.
He reprised the role in several Disney-made Marvel cartoons, so why not bring him back to the big screen?
  • Bless the gods above, this is actually confirmed!

Peter already had a crush on Michelle.
In the time between Homecoming and Infinity War it's assumed Michelle became closer friends, making it possible for him to develop a crush on her. Then the trauma of his death and rebirth during the Infinity Gauntlet crisis caused him to decide something along the lines of 'life's too short', giving him the courage to ask her out.
  • Alternatively MJ, who we already have evidence she may have a crush on Peter, was also affected by the snap, and it was her who got the feeling of 'life's too short' and asked Peter out.
    • There's no evidence given in that film that the snap has anything to do with it.

They weren't telling the full truth when they said Mysterio would be a "good guy"
Let's not kid ourselves: a full-blown case of Adaptational Heroism would just be too much of a departure for ol' Fishbowl Head. So, instead, they'll keep him a bad guy, but he'll be an Affably Evil Anti-Villain - possibly with a sympathetic backstory - who is forced to team up with Spider-Man against the Elementals, who will be a greater threat to the world than Quentin Beck could possibly hope to be. By the end of the movie, Mysterio is still a villain, but will have a genuine albeit begrudging respect for the Web Slinger. He and Toomes will find that they have this and much more in common, and in the stinger they'll decide to gather four of their criminal friends to offer them a proposition to set us up for the Spider-Man vs the Sinister Six movie at which the filmmakers had been vaguely hinting.
  • The first trailer, at the very least, seems to indicate that Mysterio doesn't want Parker involved ("You don't want to be a part of this"). Perhaps he's actually neutral, having invoked Cut Lex Luthor a Check using his powers, and unleashed the Elementals by accident, and feels it's his responsibility to clean things up.
  • He turns out to to indeed be Evil All Along.

The homeless shelter is a part of FEAST.
  • To help set up Mr Negative.
  • Jossed.

Nick Fury is being impersonated by the Chameleon, who is working for Mysterio
The real Fury will appear, but Mysterio will use Chameleon (who Numan Acar is rumored to be playing) to further convince Peter that he's one of the heroes and not the one pulling the strings. The Tinkerer is the one who told them who Spider-Man really was (Toomes probably could of told him when he called for Shocker to come to the school), possibly helping with the gear they needed for Mysterio's plot offscreen.
  • Surprisingly, Acar is actually playing Magnum of the Elementals. Unless I'm mistaken, Chameleon's powers don't include power copying (although they could change this in this adaptation), so while that doesn't automatically eliminate Chameleon showing up at some point, it does mean that it's unlikely he'll show up in this film.
  • Yes and no. Nick Fury is being impersonated, but not by Chameleon...He's Talos!

Mysterio released the Elementals.
  • They are real magic threats and if Quentin is faking his powers, he released them and is trying to stop them as a part of Engineered Heroics.
    • Semi-confirmed. Mysterio didn't release the Elementals; he created them.

If Mysterio’s powers are fakes, ideas on how he pulled them off
  • The helmet has controls for hidden rocket boots or controls the Elementals which could be robots.
    • Semi-confirmed. Mysterio uses his helmet to control the holograms and attack drones he uses for his Engineered Heroics.
  • The Elementals are Hydro-Man, Molten Man, and Sandman. While the general is in play for no previous villains as main villains at the moment, Sandman isn't really "main villain" material and never has been so him being used as muscle for an actual main villain is totally within the realm of possibility.
  • Constructs, like what the Green Lanterns employ in their trade.
  • Holograms created by repurposed alien tech by Tinkerer as mentioned above.
    • Confirmed, but the holograms are from Beck's own personal inventions.

How Mysterio gets his name.
  • Peter starts calling him Mysterious Hero but shortens it to Mysterio.
  • A television news report in the teaser trailer refers to him as "l'uomo di misterio", which translates to "the man of mystery" in English, so it's probably derived from that.
    • Confirmed.
  • Of course, it's entirely possible that he'll skip the name altogether, since Comic-Book Movies Don't Use Codenames.

Mysterio is a failed student of the Ancient One
  • It's possible Beck may know the existence of MCU sorcerers, since he's got a distinct "Dr Strange" vibe going on. I doubt he'd be learning real magic though.
    • Jossed, though he is compared to Doctor Strange.

Miguel O'Hara will make an appearance in The Stinger
While Peter is out on patrol back in New York, he spies a flash of light and goes to investigate. A shadowy figure calls him by his real name, without triggering his Spider Sense. Sensing Peter's confusion, the Oscar Isaac-shaped figure steps into the light, revealing his futuristic Spider suit. "My name is Miguel O'Hara," he says, "and I need your help."
  • Jossed.

Mysterio's costume is an illusion
Think of Ryan Reynold's Green Lantern costume. GL's costume is made out of the green energy from his ring. Maybe Beck's costume comes from whatever magical item he's wearing.
  • Semi-confirmed. While the costume we see him wear on screen is just a holographic projection, Mysterio does have a physical costume he uses to keep the illusion going when the projectors turn off.

Beck will kill someone
Somewhere in the movie Beck will kill a guy to show us he means business.
  • Jossed, though he attempted to kill a minion.

Mysterio's "magic acts" will attract the attention of Mordo
This is probably highly unlikely, but there will be a comedic scene where Mordo visits Beck in prison at the end of the film. When he learns Beck is just a charlatan posing as a sorcerer, he will teleport out of the prison furiously and annoyed, leaving Beck confused and puzzled.
  • Jossed. Beck dies and Mordo doesn't make an appearance.

Michelle will learn that Peter is Spider-Man in this film.
Assuming she doesn't already know. Given how she noticed in the last film that he was acting odd, and their budding relationship in this one, she'll likely notice the fact that Spider-Man seems to be following them around Europe, and that Peter always disappears whenever he shows up.
  • And subsequent trailers have confirmed that.

Mysterio is a hero, but isn't Quentin Beck.
Word of God claims that Mysterio is a hero working with Peter in the film. Now because of comic knowledge it's assumed that this is a lie, or Mysterio will suffer a Face–Heel Turn. But what if we're wrong. What if the Mysterio in the teaser is indeed a good guy, but he's not Quentin Beck. In Homecoming the Shocker persona started out with Jackson Brice, and then Herman Shultz takes over later. Perhaps Mysterio is a different hero, or an original character, and then later Quentin Beck steals his suit, possibly having previously worked for Mysterio to help build or maintain his tech.
  • Jossed. Mysterio is Quentin Beck from the start and turns out to be anything but heroic.

Mac Gargan will somehow be critically injured in the crossfire of the Elementals.
Prompting an Emergency Transformation into Scorpion.
  • Jossed. He never appears or is mentioned.

  • Alternatively, it's a case of Exact Words: Michelle Jones is not the MCU incarnation of Mary Jane Watson because the latter character as she's normally known doesn't have an incarnation in the MCU.
  • If the Mary Jane Watson people are more familiar with does show up later in the MCU she won't be a love interest to Peter and will have been a survivor of the snap, making her five years older than him.

Guesses for who Remy Hii’s character will be.
  • Amadeus Cho / The Iron Spider
  • Harry Osborn
  • Shang-Chi
  • Martin Li / Mr. Negative
  • Alistair Smythe / Spider Slayer
  • Mark Raxton / Molten Man
  • Ollie Osnick / Steel Spider
  • Zendaya
    • All Jossed. He turns out to be Brad Davis, a rival to Peter who survived the Snap.

Fury and Hill appear thanks to the Skrulls
Considering the Skrulls are portrayed sympathetically in Captain Marvel, maybe Fury and Hill had a couple of Skrulls imitate them as backup. Either the agents who died in Infinity War are Skrulls, or the ones who appear in this film are heroic Skrulls who are continuing the human agents' missions after their deaths.
  • Jossed, since both get revived in Endgame.
  • Somewhat unjossed, since the second stinger shows Fury and Hill are actually Talos and his wife..

Spider-Man and Vulture will have a rematch
Only this time, Vulture will suffer from a case of Villain Forgot to Level Grind, as he'll be facing against a Spidey that's both more experienced and has better tech than his homemade suit and webshooters. He'll be the one getting his ass kicked this time, in a rather humiliating fashion.
  • Jossed. Vulture is nowhere to be found here.

Spider-Man will try to climb the Reichstag

Similar to the comics, Ned will "die" in Europe
  • Only for it to be revealed in a sequel that he survived and has become brainwashed by whoever is leading the Sinister Six to become the Hobgoblin. Think the Spider-Man version of Winter Soldier. This would raise the emotional stakes and further push Peter into accepting his role as Spider-Man.
  • Jossed.

The Europe trip is for victims of The Snap.
Now that Peter and some of his classmates have returned, they will have a lot of readjustments since half their classmates grew up and moved on to college, among other things. The school gets the Snapped students together and gives them a nice vacation in Europe to help their emotional well being.
  • Jossed, Brad Davis survived the Snap and goes on the trip

There will be an Action Film, Quiet Drama Scene with the students.
Together, they will talk about their experiences when they were dusted by Thanos. It could establish how close a bond that they all share, even for people like Flash.
  • Jossed.

Spider-Man doesn't want to do any crime fighting while on vacation because of Avengers: Endgame.
Not only has Spidey lost five years of his life but he watched his mentor die. It's a lot to deal with. He probably wants to relax for a while before jumping back in to the superhero game.
  • More or less confirmed. He specifically seems overwhelmed by the expectation that he has the become the next Iron Man.

Morgan Stark
will show up or at least be mentioned.Even if it is only in a cameo she will have a sweet bonding moment with Peter and they will then become like siblings, and if she is only mentioned a big brother-little sister bond between her and Peter will be established to set up Morgan's future.
  • Jossed. Morgan isn't so much as mentioned in the film.

The movie will refer to Uncle Ben and the impact he had on Peter more often.
Maybe through flashbacks, more likely expository dialogue. Peter will be reminded of the "with great power" mantra, perhaps to paint the difference between Spider-Man's genuine goodwill and Mysterio's phony attempts at seeming like a hero.
  • Jossed, we only get a suitcase that may have belonged to him.

Beck will turn out to be Evil All Along
...but will make a Heel–Face Turn or get a Redemption Equals Death moment similar to how Doc Ock did in Spider-Man 2.
  • The first part is confirmed. Beck was Evil All Along, but keeps getting more and more evil after The Reveal with no possibility for redemption.

If Uncle Ben appears in this movie in someway shape or form, he will be played by Tobey Maguire
Because he would literally be the perfect choice.
  • Jossed. Uncle Ben makes no appearance in the movie.

Mysterio will be totally, unambiguously a good guy.
Maybe he's got a dark past but he's now The Atoner. But the Mysterio we see in the movie will be completely good and a 180 on his comics version.
  • Jossed.

Spider-Man will reveal his identity at the end of the movie
With the death of Iron Man earth needs a new symbol of protection. Spider-Man will remove his mask and attempt to become that symbol. With all the good, and sinister, ramifications of his unmasking to be handled in future movies.
  • Semi-confirmed. Peter's identity is forcibly revealed to the world by Mysterio and J. Jonah Jameson.

The Elementals are just powered criminals that Mysterio paid to pretend to be extradimensional beings as part of a plan to capitalize on Tony's death
.They resemble Sandman, Molten Man, and the like because that's who they really are. Mysterio, who is using stolen Stark and Chitauri tech to appear to be an extra dimensional hero, plans to publicly "defeat" them in order to take advantage of a world that's just lost Iron Man and their desire for a new hero to take his place.
  • Semi-confirmed. While Mysterio is using the Elementals as a Monster Protection Racket so he can play the hero, the Elementals themselves are just illusions Beck created.

Tom Hardy's Venom will show up for the climax
And The Stinger will reveal that a sample of the Symbiote ended up on Peter, leading to the third movie adapting the Black Suit storyline.
  • Unfortunately jossed. Venom still doesn't seem to exist in the MCU, but according to Kevin Feige's recent statement and Sony's expressed desire to have Tom Hardy's Venom come up in the MCU, this is very likely to change.

Peter is trying to build an Iron Man suit
It might be already confirmed, but we see Peter for a moment in the trailer with an armour-shaped hologram over his arm, like when Tony was building the Mark II in Iron Man, which is subsequently followed by Happy entering (presumably) the same room and his face falling in complete dismay.

In the trailers, Happy and Peter seem to be on a Stark jet when they talk about Tony. Peter's eyes even seem red as if he had been crying. This will be the opening scene with them returning form the funeral. Happy will drop Peter off at his house with the notion that, he is now on his own.

  • Unlikely. That same scene seems to follow before or after the part where Peter asks Happy to give MJ something in case he doesn't make it, which is heavily implied to take place later in the film.
  • Semi-confirmed. He uses the Stark jet's technology to make a new Spider-Man suit.

The Elementals are the creations of the Real World Mysterio.

It's never actually stated that they're from the other world as well. Maybe alternate Mysterio is a hero, and his quest is to stop himself.

  • Confirmed in that Mysterio created them. However, there is no multiverse Mysterio.

The field trip is Conspicuous Consumption
A lot of people have pointed out that the plane trip shouldn't be so easy considering the infrastructure problems caused by Thanos. It will turn out that the field trip was quite difficult to arrange but Morita arranged it anyway just to show that the world had recovered enough for it to be possible.
  • Jossed. They initially stay at a sub-par hotel, but nothing indicates that there was any difficulty securing the flight.

Mysterio is a superhero in another dimension, but Beck is not the real Mysterio.
Beck is either from Earth-616/199999 and has stumbled upon knowledge of the multiverse, or really is from another Earth, but is just a special effects artist there. Regardless, he's now mimicking a superhero he's seen in that dimension, using illusions to imitate Mysterio's magical abilities.
  • Jossed. He's not from another universe.

Tony left a prototype suit for Peter to be given when Stark dies. It will be given to Peter for the climax.
And the A.I. will be none other than Tony!
  • zig-zagged. Tony does leave behind an AI of sorts for Peter. At least one Stark Industries jet also carries schematics of all the spider-suit designs, and a machine to fabricate them.

Peter's parents are SHIELD agents.
In the 616 universe, Peter Parker's parents were SHIELD agents. With Fury playing a large role in this movie, perhaps this will end up being revealed.
  • Jossed. His parents are never mentioned.

Mysterio will be a mentor figure to Peter.
Which leads to him attempting his own sacrifice play at the end to save Peter, but Peter manages to save them both.
  • Mysterio is kind of a mentor, but he is evil and does not sacrifice himself.

Mysterio will have a freak-out scene.
It'd be criminal not to use Jake Gyllenhaal's talent for acting a freak-out to his advantage.
  • He doesn't exactly freak out, but he does get increasingly angry when things start going wrong for him.

The Betrayal will come from someone in Peter's personal life.
Everyone's so focused on Mysterio and Nick Fury, but that's actually a ruse. The real betrayal would come from one of the people in Peter's 'normal' life, who has been replaced by the Chameleon. Aunt May is a strong possibility, but even the likes of MJ or Happy Hogan is possible - basically someone who has Peter's trust, but is not in close contact with Nick Fury or other characters who might be able to figure out that something is wrong. In particular a character who was not Snapped, and so any personality changes can be put down to the 5 years.
  • Jossed. Mysterio is the one who betrays him.

The film ends with Peter leaving for Mysterio's dimension.
Either Mysterio dies leaving a role that must be filled, or he's revealed to be the villain and someone needs to fix everything in that world. Either way Peter realizes he can do more good there then being stuck here. So, we're talking REALLY Far From Home.
  • Jossed. Mysterio lied about being from another dimension.

An air elemental will be featured.
The three elementals featured in the marketing are inspired by the Sandman, Hydro Man, and Molten Man, and they represent earth, water, and fire, but Spider-Man doesn't really have anyone in his Rogues Gallery that represents/personifies air. Perhaps Far From Home will lay the foundation for a Spider-Man villain who can transform into wind.
  • Confirmed, an air elemental was in the movie; Nick Fury called it a "cyclone", and in fact, Spider-Man did have a minor opponent named Cyclone who could create wind vortexes. And coincidentally, Cyclone first appeared in Amazing Spider-Man 143-144, which featured Peter Parker travelling to Paris!

Johnathon Ohnn/Spot will make an appearance
  • Jossed.

Nick Fury arranged for the class field trip
Seriously, how big of a coincidence would it have to be for Spider-Man to be on vacation in a foreign country where there are monsters to fight? Unless it isn't a coincidence at all.
  • Zigzagged, the trip was planned anyway, but Fury arranged for the locations to be changed after Peter ghosted him.

Peter will tell the world that he's Spider-Man
Secret identities aren't exactly a thing for superheroes in this universe, especially with the Sokovia Accords still presumably being the law. If Peter's going to take over the Avengers, then he'll need to register, at least. And since the big push seems to be to make him the "next Iron Man", why not just have him do what Tony Stark did, stand up at a press conference in the final scene, and say, "the truth is...I am Spider-Man"?
  • Much like the above, zigzagged. While he doesn't tell the world he's Spider-Man, he doesn't HAVE to. Beck and J. Jonah Jameson (played by none other than J. K. Simmons) do it for him.

Fury will die in this film or the next one.
Samuel L. Jackson is nearly 71 already. They really shouldn't risk an Author Existence Failure depriving them of one of the most fundamental characters in the franchise
  • Jossed. He lives.

Loki will appear in a post-credits scene.
In Avengers: Endgame, Loki escaped with the Tesseract in the 2012 of an alternate timeline. If one of the gauntlet snaps tore a hole between realities, as stated in the second trailer for Spider-Man: Far From Home, then we may very well see that alternate Loki cross the breach from his timeline into the mainstream MCU, perhaps with the Tesseract in hand. This could easily set up for the upcoming Loki series on Disney+.
  • Jossed: Loki never appeared, Nick Fury's "The Snap tore a hole in our dimension." line was cut from the film, and Mysterio was lying about being from an alternate Earth.
    • But it has since been confirmed that the upcoming Loki series on Disney+ will indeed be about the alternate Loki who escaped with the Tesseract in Avengers: Endgame.


The "Fury" in this film is Talos
  • Confirmed! Holy crap someone should pick up that phone because you called it!

Mysterio isn't actually from another universe.
Every other WMG on this page says he's lying about something, so this is low-hanging fruit.
  • CONFIRMED! Beck actually seems surprised that people bought his lie about being from another world.

The movie will see Peter Parker expressing his grief over the loss of Tony Stark.
While the first trailer gave a more lighthearted feel, there's no way they'll simply glance over the loss that Peter went through in a movie set directly after it happened. Perhaps Peter will try to reason that Tony would've wanted him to take a break.
  • Confirmed.

The film is set after Avengers: Endgame
Feige's tight lips about when it is set are easily undermined by the fact that he did say this was set after that film until Infinity War came out, which is when he starting to be vague about things; It's all an effort to get people speculating, and thus generating more talk about the film online, and make fans think it's less clear-cut than it really is, so they'll be even more invested in Avengers: Endgame. Plus, if it's yet another movie set before Infinity War and Peter stays dead and all that, it makes it a bit hard to believe that Far from Home will be the first huge step into Phase Four.
  • Confirmed.

Spidey defeats Mysterio using his Spider Sense.
The ability seems to come and go in the MCU. Peter will be gradually learning how to focus on it during the movie. In the climax, it allows him to by pass Mysterio’s illusions and defeat him.
  • Confirmed!

Mysterio will frame Spider-Man at some point.
Most versions of Mysterio have impersonated Spidey in other media, so the MCU version might follow suit. Mysterio will dress as Spidey or otherwise use illusions to make it seem he has committed a crime. Once this happens, public perception of Spider-Man will change and he will have to deal with the authorities coming after him. Bonus points if this results in the MCU version of J. Jonah Jameson making his first appearance, complete with a rant that declares him a menace. Jameson might even go so far as to remind the public of that one time Spider-Man attacked Captain America and stole his shield.
  • Confirmed. In The Stinger, Beck's people send the Daily Bugle a heavily-doctored video in which Beck fakes his death, pins his crimes on Spider-Man, and reveals the hero's identity. And Jameson is only too happy to show that video to everyone in NYC...

Mysterio will be very different from his comics counterpart
Even with the lighthearted nature of Spidey in the MCU, this version of Mysterio won't be as cartoonish as his comic book counterpart. Similarly to Zemo in Captain America: Civil War, he won't be a flashy, costumed supervillain (differing from Vulture in Homecoming), but instead a failed actor (as originally in the comics) who turns to crime. He also won't be an illusions expert, instead taking different disguises to get his deeds done.
  • Jossed. Leaked images show him wearing green and golden armor, a huge purple cape that appears to have shiny objects attached to it.

The reported "femme fatale" is Jessica Drew
This version of the character will be a Black Widow-esque secret agent based in Europe (possibly one who also underwent a heel-face turn like in the comics) who's forced to team up with Peter while abroad. Whether or not she has super-powers (or calls herself Spider-Woman, for that matter) remains to be seen. Bonus points if he incessantly points out her similarities to Black Widow (skillset, occupation, spider-adjacent name) throughout the film.
  • If this happens, she will likely get some sort of introduction to Carol Danvers, setting up the two's close friendship from the comics.
    • If Marvel has the nerve to take this step, they may even bite the bullet that the comics have been sidestepping for years and set up... *ahem* just HOW close that friendship is.
  • Jossed.

Plans for a Sinister Six will officially be in motion by the end of this movie
Sony previously attempted to make a Sinister Six movie before their deal with Marvel, and with them finally getting around to Venom' —a project that previously fell in development hell— their Sinister Six movie could actually end up being the third Spidey MCU film, not unlike how Avengers: Infinity War features Thanos as its villain protagonist. They'll already have five potential members after this movie (Vulture, Shocker, Scorpion, Mysterio, Tinkerer), so they'd only need to introduce one more. Possibly Kraven, who's been long discussed to be a Spidey movie villain.
  • Perhaps instead of taking over the end of the MCU Spider-Man trilogy, the Sinister Six will get their own spin-off, reusing the general plot concept that Sony had to drop.
  • Jossed. There is no mention of the Sinister Six.

Candidates for this movie's Avenger cameo
Ruling out The Falcon (who already had this role in Ant-Man) and Iron Man (who was this in Homecoming) the confirmed guest Avenger will be:
  • Nick Fury and Maria Hill have been confirmed. This does not necessarily count as the Avenger cameo, so it doesn't clearly preclude other heroes.
  • Black Widow
  • Captain America
    • It'll be one long gag about Cap pointing out all the inaccuracies in a WWII museum.
    • Unlikely. In Avengers: Endgame, Captain America travels to the past and is aged to his true age. While he could still appear, it would be less interesting, and Chris Evans probably doesn't want to appear again.
      • Perhaps he filmed a few detention videos for Homecoming that weren't used?
      • He only appears in the In Memoriam video at the beginning.
  • War Machine
    • He will discuss his grief over Tony's death.
    • Jossed.
  • Ant-Man
  • The Wasp
    • There will be a joke about their shared bug theme.
    • Both Jossed
  • Captain Marvel
    • Or failing that, Kamala Khan is in Peter's class.
    • Maybe in spirit/function, but taking Khan out of Jersey City is like making Deadpool british. Sure, not integral to the character, but it wouldn't feel right.
    • Unlikely seeing as Fury explicitly says she is unavailable in the second trailer. Though, if she does show up, maybe we could have another brief Ship Tease between them.
    • Jossed.
  • Hawkeye
    • Jossed.
  • Scarlet Witch
    • Ned Leeds lends her a hand to find a MacGuffin that will bring back her brother.
    • Jossed.
  • Black Panther
    • Basically Peter learns the location of his next overseas trip, and calls ahead to make sure they've cleaned up the aftermath of Endgame properly.
    • Jossed
  • The Hulk
    • Bruce Banner gets a job as professor at Peter's school, complete with cover identity "David Bradley", but then he's constantly antagonised by Flash...
      • Jossed by Endgame, since he merges with Hulk offscreen.
  • Union Jack
  • Doctor Strange
    • He sling-rings right next to Peter at a bad time, saying "We have a problem."
    • Alternately, we see Peter talking to a school counselor in the office, until Peter goes into seeing visions of an alternate reality where he had to choose between Aunt May and MJ, then the camera rotates to show that he's talking to Doctor Strange.
    • Given that one battle happens in London, the multiverse (which was first confirmed in the Dr. Strange film) is involved, and Mysterio's powers certainly look mystical, and Strange and Peter are familiar with each other, Strange having at least a cameo seems like the obvious choice.
    • Jossed. He's mentioned to be unavailable.
    • All jossed. In fact, the cameo is Tony Stark once more, as a zombie in a vision made by Mysterio.

Mysterio starts out a fake hero act with good intentions, but the glory goes to his head and he takes things too far, making him a full villain.
After the events of Endgame, the original Avengers will have died, retired, or left Earth. This leaves people feeling sad and hopeless, especially if they remember the snap. Mysterio wants to give people hope and create a new hero, taking influence from other ones, but he's either unable to find some big, flashy villains to fight or he's incapable of fighting any real villains, so he decides to fake it until he makes it. At some point, he either creates a fake threat that gets out of control and he can't stop it, or he gets called on to stop a real threat and is unable to do so. Spider-Man saves the day and people no longer like Mysterio, so he goes full villain.
  • Jossed, Mysterio was bad from the beginning

Spider-Man becomes suspicious of Mysterio because he knows what real magic looks like.
Mysterio appears to be taking some inspiration from Doctor Strange in his effects, and will tell people that he uses real magic. But Spider-Man, having fought alongside Doctor Strange, knows what real magic is like and will immediately notice that something is off about Mysterio.
  • Jossed.

Mysterio will be an Evil Counterpart to Peter as a superhero fanboy.
  • He idolised the Avengers and was devastated when the Avengers failed to stop the snap. He went through the 5 years of the Snap; trying to find a way for him to become a hero for this world that lost hope. When he does get word that the Snapped heroes returned and the Avengers stopped Thanos; it will be a huge Broken Pedestral for him thinking they are 5 years too late. He decides to become the new main Superhero to replace them in a Syndrome type scheme.
  • Jossed, he is yet another disgruntled Stark employee.

The opening scene will be Peter and Happy returning from Tony Stark's funeral.
  • Jossed.

Mysterio will be a Tragic Villain/Fallen Hero.
He was originally his universe's equivalent to Captain America or Iron Man until something went horribly wrong (perhaps the fabric of his reality was torn by an Incursion created by the Infinity Stones) and he reached Earth-199999/616 to redeem himself, only to be Driven to Villainy somehow.
  • Jossed, he is pure evil.

Norman Osborn will have a surprise cameo to potentially serve as a Greater-Scope Villain for future movies
This movie has been said to be important to Earth-based Marvel movies, and this would serve as a natural way to introduce the future Green Goblin into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. However, he won't be the Big Bad so Marvel can avoid treading the same ground that the other two Spider-Man film continuities did. An adaptation of Dark Reign and Siege shouldn't be out of the question if they want him to be a long-term-plan villain like Thanos.
  • Idea: In The Stinger, assuming Mysterio survived the film (maybe perhaps he fled with his tail between his legs), he goes back to New York and tries to turn into Norman Osborn to escape into Oscorp's headquarters, but he's suddenly tapped on the shoulder, then gets knocked out with a punch that's suspiciously stronger than possible for a normal human by the real Norman Osborn (hinting he might already be working on an experiment that gives him his Green Goblin powers), who has the cops take Mysterio into custody (which makes the headlines the next day), thus establishing Osborn as a Villain with Good Publicity.
  • Osborn could very well be the one who has bought the Stark tower (it being for sale is a plot point in Homecoming). And the post credits scenes of FFH could be of him with the camera panning to show the Stark tower behind him, now with "OSCORP" written on it.
  • Rumors circulate that Marvel Studios has asked Sony to not use Osborn for its Spider-verse spinoff movies, so...
  • Another theory from the WMG page next door suggests that Sonny Burch's employer is none other than Norman himself; this, along with the Stark tower being sold in Homecoming, could very well be setups for Norman's eventual appearance.
  • It will be revealed that "Mystero" is really Osborn in disguise and that Vulture works for him and he made the spider that bit Peter and that He is the one who killed Uncle Ben!
  • Endgame does have the Asgardians settle down on Earth, but unlike in Siege, it's in Norway (specifically, Tønsberg), and considering that one of the reasons Norman Osborn attacks Asgard in Siege was because he disliked having a city of gods on U.S. Soil, I doubt he'd object to the Asgardians here, especially since they've become rather pacifistic.
  • As of May 2019, there are rumors circulating that supposedly Norman Osborn will be the "Lex Luthor of the MCU". If this is true (and that's a big if), Marvel will first need the go ahead from Sony, and while that would bode well for the Green Goblin showing up in future movies, it's unlikely that the paperwork and post production additions needed to insert hints of Osborn into Far From Home would be possible with the movie now only a handful of weeks away from its premiere.
  • Jossed. Osborn is never seen nor mentioned once.

Mysterio was a hero in his dimension
As stated in the second trailer, Quentin Beck seems to be from another dimension. This trooper believes that Beck was a hero in a world where either The Avengers didn’t exist, or he was a part of them. Seeing that this new world has new heroes and he is an unknown, he becomes desperate for fame. His powers aren’t illusions, and the Elementals are just criminals with superpowers that he enhanced in order to seem more powerful when defeating them.
  • Jossed. That whole business about alternate dimensions was a lie and Mysterio turned out to be Evil All Along.

Alternatively, Doctor Octopus will be the one with the surprise cameo and will be the Greater-Scope Villain.
But he'll only be revealed in The Stinger, and for most of the movie he'll be referred to by his other comic book identity, the Master Planner. This would allow audiences to be surprised when they find out the "Master Planner" was a Canon Character All Along, although for comics fans it would be a Foregone Conclusion. The Master Planner will be the one to organize the Sinister Six, consisting of himself, Vulture, The Scorpion (filling in for Sandman), Mysterio, The Shocker (filling in for Electro) and Kraven the Hunter. It would also allow Sony to get away with Exact Words in regards to their statement that no villains from previous Spider-Man movies will be in the MCU - Doctor Octopus won't technically be in an MCU movie, but Otto Octavius will be...
  • It doesn't have to be Octavius, either. MCU version of Tinkerer would fit the role pretty well, being a pudgy and seemingly harmless genius, responsible for the villains gadgetry and masterminding their robbery plans. Also, he's the only one who managed to escape justice in the first film, so there's that.
  • Jossed. Doc Ock never appears or is even hinted at.

The film will start in Wakanda and Peter will have Ship Tease with Shuri
If the film picks up right where Avengers: Endgame leaves off it is likely that the first act of the film will take place in Wakanda before Peter heads off to Europe to join his class (it will turn out that the class was heading to the airport for a class trip during the events of Infinity War), and while in Wakanda Peter and Shuri will form a bond over their shared love of science with some flirting going back and forth and maybe the start of a mutual crush, this can't happen without Shuri making Peter a new Vibranium suit.
  • The trailers seem to suggest that Peter will get in a relationship with MJ, so it seems unlikely that he will have a Ship Tease with Shuri. They can still form a bond over their shared love of science, but they will probably just be friends.
  • Jossed. Neither Shuri or Wakanda are ever seen. Wakanda only appears as the subject of a documentary on Peter's plane.

The film will show Peter suffer from trauma caused by Infinity War
The MCU loves the trope Surprisingly Realistic Outcome and a teenager coming back from being erased from existence, albeit temporarily, will lead to them being a little messed up upon their return. Plus, Peter being traumatized creates an even stronger parallel between him and Tony, who also suffered from trauma after the first Avengers movie.
  • Jossed. His trauma isn't about the events of Infinity War, but about Tony's death in Endgame.

The movie will debut Doctor Doom.
The movie is set to affect the next direction of the MCU and is set in Europe. With talks of the Fox buyout back on track and Latveria's setting in Europe, Doom is a logical and reasonable feature going forward.
  • The deal is still going to take a significant amount of time, so they may not have the rights by the time the film is written (if it hasn't been already).
  • The best we could realistically hope for is someone off-handedly mentioning Latveria (such as someone mentioning that they won't be visiting there).
  • Jossed. Neither Doctor Doom or Latveria are mentioned.

Quentin Beck is one of the friends Mac Gargan said he had on the outside
As Mysterio, Beck will orchestrate Gargan's escape from jail and bring him to Europe with him, where Gargan fully becomes Scorpion. Toomes will be allowed to exit the Raft in order to assist the government in searching for Gargan in exchange for reduced jail time. Peter won't trust Toomes' ability (or desire) to help, so he goes after Beck and Gargan himself, with the guest hero also going to Europe to hunt them.
  • Jossed. Gargan never appears and there's no indication Beck knows him.

Michelle will have a bigger role in the plot, but won't be Peter's love interest
Instead, she'll just become a full friend to Peter. It'd be a nice direction to go in, since jumping from "snarky acquaintance" to "romantic partner" is a pretty big leap.
  • In the set photos that reveal the new Red and Black suit he is saving Michelle and certainly they seem rather friendly in the pictures, although if that is Peter and MJ or Tom Holland and Zendaya is not clear.
  • The first trailer has them acting a bit flirty.
  • The second trailer has Peter gearing up to confess his feelings for her, so he at the very least is romantically interested (whether MJ reciprocates is unclear).
  • Jossed. They become a couple by the end.

Ned will take up an interest in journalism
It'd be a nice Mythology Gag to his namesake in the comics, and also make him just a bit less In Name Only.
  • Jossed.

The Elementals are linked to the Spider-Man villains they have been merged with in some manner
If they really are legit monsters, then they will come into existence by possessing civilians named Morris Bench (Hydro-Man), Mark Raxton (Molten Man) and Flint Marko (Sandman). If they are part of disasters orchestrated by Mysterio to look like a hero/manipulate the public, the Elementals will have been "portrayed" in some way by Bench, Raxton and Marko, or at least have them help set up the effects.
  • Jossed. While there is a Mythology Gag about Hydro-Man's origins, the Elementals are just illusions created by Mysterio.

After Adrian Toomes being a Evil Counterpart to Iron Man, Quentin Beck is an Evil Counterpart to Doctor Strange
In a twist, Beck's fraud isn't faking his powers, but setting up all the Elementals as his enemies and defeating them in "battles." His abilities are very much real, just boosted by gadgets he himself invented. Much like Strange, he probably sought out the Masters of the Mystic Arts but after a failed acting/FX artist career and was immediately kicked out for wanting to use the powers for fame and fortune instead of self-healing.
  • Jossed. He faked his magic powers using holographic illusions.

The Tinkerer builds Mysterio's tech.
Let's face it, Mysterio is an Obviously Evil badguy who is only pretending to be a hero. His "magic" is based on special effects, as it is with his comic counterpart. Where does Phineas Mason (aka Tinkerer) fit in? In the previous movie, the Vulture was arrested and his crew were either put in prison or killed except for the Tinkerer who sort of disappeared. The Stinger will reveal that he supplied Mysterio with tech so he could pose as a magic-based hero.
  • This could even be a reference to the first appearance of the two villains who initially made unnamed cameos on a movie set in the original comic (it was an alien movie and Spider-Man interrupted the filming on accident).
  • Jossed. Mysterio builds his own tech.

Mysterio will be unambiguously gay.
Nowadays the comic Mysterio is seen as Ambiguously Gay both in- and out-of-universe, and some stories (which may or may not be canon) skip the "ambiguous" part and just make him explicitly gay. With the announcement that future MCU films will have more LGBT representation, the MCU Mysterio will be openly gay.
  • If Mysterio is genuinely getting Adaptational Heroism, this might work. But if he's the villain, this might not work. Would making a hidden villain gay be good representation? I'm not sure.
  • Jossed. No mention is made of Beck's sexuality.

J. Jonah Jameson will be made into a French Jerk.
  • Jossed. When Jonah shows up in The Stinger, he's as American as ever.

The MCUverse's *native* Mysterio, on the other hand, will be a different story...

  • Mysterio specifically might be a good guy because he's from an universe without Peter Parker in it. In the comics there are no alternative universe versions of Mysterio, only one from the main Marvel universe where Peter Parker inadvertently got him fired from his stunt man/sfx job, and then he got involved in an escalating series of plots aimed at getting revenge on Spiderman. A Mysterio where he kept his job, and learned to responsibly to use his abilities for legitimate crime fighting, might go completely differently.
  • there are alternate versions of Mysterio, there is the one from Peni Parker who is a fanboy sending her tapes.
  • JOSSED! Mysterio turns out to be a Fake Ultimate Hero who was Evil All Along.

Mysterio hails from The Amazing Spider-Man Series and has worked with that version of Peter before.
Which is why Peter reveals his identity to Beck, as Beck already knows it.
  • Jossed. Beck isn't from an alternate universe.

Mysterio is a hero in his own dimension but will end up a villain in the regular one
He will attempt to save his dimension at the expense of the one we've seen in the previous movies. He will genuinely start out as a hero but will end up trying to sacrifice the normal dimension. Kind of like Doctor doom in Fantastic Four (2015) but done well.
  • Jossed. Beck was never from an alternate universe.

Mysterio wants to turn Peter into a villain
His seeming mentorship to Peter is genuine, but he's an Evil Mentor who wants Spider-man to be another supervillain.
  • Jossed, Mysterio genuinely likes Peter but isn't interested in corrupting him.

Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield's Spider-Men will show up for the climax
The original plan was to have Maguire reprise his role for Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, but maybe the real reason they couldn't get him was because they were saving him for this movie.
  • Jossed.

The whole film takes place before Infinity War
The closing mid- credits will replay Peter on the school bus, possibly just getting back from Europe.Then in the stinger, a young kid named Miles is introduced...
  • Jossed. The second trailer reveals that the movies takes place after Tony's death and thus after Avengers Endgame.

The film is going to pull a Double Subversion in regards to the Multiverse's existance.

Mysterio will be revealed as lying about coming from another dimension, which will seemingly make the Multiverse purely fiction... until The Stinger reveals an actual person or thing coming out of whatever Multiverse portal that Mysterio and SHIELD are using.

  • Jossed, the Multiverse is still not revealed, though this could happen later.

Beck *is* actually a hero from another dimension. However, the Quentin Beck of the main universe isn't.
  • From what Beck tells us, he's not from Earth-199999(the MCU). Assuming he's not lying, it's entirely possible for him to actually be a hero in his resident universe and the MCU. However, that's not to say that the Quentin Beck whose home universe is 19999 won't become a villain.
  • Jossed, Beck is from our universe.

The glasses Peter puts on in the latest trailer..
Will be Tony Stark now in AI form.
  • Jossed, it's an AI called EDITH.

The designation of the MCU as Earth-616 is accurate, but...
  • Mysterio will either reveal the multiverse underwent a "reshuffling" or the numbering system was changed causing a "reclassification", as a nod to both the MCU previously being referred to as 199999 and Secret Wars resulting in the comics being rebranded as "Prime Earth". Assuming he's not lying, obviously.
  • Jossed, Mysterio is lying.

Beck is fighting the Elementals to cover up his hand in their accidental creation.
The Elementals are just poor saps lashing out due to confusion or anger at being accidentally mutated into freaks of nature due to some operation that Beck was a part of. Now Beck (and possibly other members of said operation) has created the Mysterio persona to play hero while tying up the loose ends of his/their crimes.
  • Jossed, [spoiler: they are pure illusions.]]

Mysterio is an alternate-universe Tony Stark.
Who was planning on assuming his alternate-universe dead counterpart's identity to get famous, but had to rely on his intellect to fill the Iron-Man void instead when he realized that the multiverse "gave" him and his double different faces.
  • Jossed.

There will be cameos by one or more previous incarnations of Spider-Man
Since the existence of a multiverse seems to be a major plot point, it seems fitting to see one of Tom Holland's predecessors in a flashback or even as an 11th-Hour Ranger.
  • Jossed.

Some of Marvel's European locations will be name-dropped
Most likely Symkaria, possibly Wundagore Mountain, maybe even Latveria.
  • Jossed, not even Sokovia is mentioned.

This movie will introduce Miles Morales
They have mentioned the multiverse, and Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse has already introduced Miles to the audiences. Even more, we have a Mysterio from an alternate universe involved, as in the Spider-Men crossover (the first crossover between Ultimate Spider-Man and the classic Spider-Man). All the pieces are there... and, this time, Peter does not need to die for Miles to show up.
  • Jossed.

Peter will describe what he felt when he got snapped.
  • Either to Happy ( apparently the only one of the main cast who didn't get dusted), or Beck.
    • Unlikely, as he already did in Endgame.
      • You know he'll bring it up to Ned Leeds at least once.
  • Jossed.

Mysterio is a Life Model Decoy.
Ultimate Mysterio is a robot controlled by Mysterio from 616 (the real 616). Perhaps at the end of the film Mysterio will be caught in some rubble or shot by Fury or something and a Wham Shot will reveal that he's a robot before cutting to another universe, possibly the real 616 where the real Mysterio was revealed to be controlling him/it.
  • Jossed, he's a human.

Mysterio decided to become an actual hero by the time he reached our world.
In his universe, he began as a villain like his origin in the comics, and an unapologetic criminal who was extremely successful. But slowly the law began catching up with him, and at the end of his rope, Mysterio fled to Earth-616. Wanting to make a fresh start, and leave an extremely stressful life of crime behind him, Mysterio tried his hand at becoming a hero. He discovered that Good Feels Good, and determined to stick on the path, is trying to seek out Spider-Man to gain advice from an actual, more experienced superhero.
  • Jossed, [[spoiler: Mysterio is from our universe.

She-Hulk will make her MCU debut in Far From Home.
  • Jossed.

The film will have a happy ending.
Because after Avengers: Endgame, I think we all need one.
  • Maybe if Mysterio ends up joining the Sinister Six, it won't be played up as a villainous moment but rather, a moment of triumph for Quentin?
  • Jossed, surprisingly. The Stinger reveals that J Jonah Jameson has exposed and slandered Peter.

We'll get a glimpse of the Great Web.
The great web is the inter dimensional web that connects all the spiders, perhaps Peter will glimpse it, perhaps in a Main/Stinger we'll be introduced to Madame WebIn it we will see clips from old Spider Man cartoons and films.
  • Jossed.

"Europe" is another planet entirely
  • As a result of Thanos's invasion, Asgardians resettling on Earth etc. there is more space travel. Peter's class trip will be to a planet called E-ur-pie or some similar sounding nonsense that all the humans just call "Europe". Tony Stark is footing the bill in another bit of Must Make Amends.
    • Jossed. They are clearly in Europe in the trailer, they shot the footage of Europe in Europe, and they clearly travel by realistic means, with passports and suitcases.
    • Further jossed by Tony Stark's death in Avengers: Endgame.

Mysterio will be attempting to steal the Reality Stone after it is taken in and protected by S.H.I.E.L.D., as the ultimate upgrade to his illusions coming "real".
This is why Maria Hill and Nick Fury are in the movie.
  • Bonus points if acquiring the Reality Stone allows Mysterio to gain his signature fishbowl.
    • He has his fishbowl in the first trailer.
      • Jossed by Endgame, since Thanos destroys the present-day Infinity Stones, and the Stones from the past are returned to their proper time after the Avengers use them to fix the present.

Alternately, Mysterio will steal or use the Mind Stone.
He will use it to make his visions more vivid.
  • Jossed for reasons detailed in teh WMG directly above.

Beck's magic act on TV is the work of the reality stone.
The infinity stones got separated again after Thanos's defeat. Somehow Beck got a hold of the reality stone.
  • The mind stone could work too.
  • Jossed. Thanos destroyed the Infinity Stones in Avengers: Endgame.

The film will start with Peter and the dusted Guardians stuck on Titan.
Because once Infinity War 2 has the Gauntlet undoing everyone's disintegration, this presumably means that Peter and everybody else will be reassembled exactly where they'd dissolved: on Thanos's home planet. As Nebula and Stark will be long gone by then, he'll have to hitch a lift with Quill's group when they jury-rig an escape ship and go to Earth to retrieve Rocket and Groot. Hence, the "Far From Home" subtitle.

Far From Home is a Stealth Prequel, not a direct sequel
It's been pointed out elsewhere, but basically there are a number of reasons as to why this doesn't take place after Endgame. Before listing them, two things must be pointed out: Marvel has lied to cover up info before (like the Endgame title) and no one in Marvel itself stated Far From Home takes place after Endgame. That was Amy Pascal from Sony, the same person who said Venom was part of the MCU, hence it shouldn't be taken as the gospel. In fact, several people involved with the production have hinted if not outright stated that the Snap would not completely undone, as would be suggested by this taking place after Endgame. Moving on...

  1. Continuity: Peter started 10th grade in Homecoming. That film takes place just weeks after Civil War. Civil War takes place [roughly] 2 years before Infinity War. Unofficially, Peter is an 11th grader in Far From Home, but we don't have official word on when or what year the film takes place in. Peter's passport, during Far From Home's trailer, has no years in it. BUT we see him, in Infinity War, on the 59th St. bridge heading back to Queens from an unspecified field trip.
  2. Endgame is not an Immediate Sequel to Infinity War: The trailers for Endgame so far show a clear passage of time. Black Widow sees her natural hair growing out after spending all of Infinity War as a blonde. In later scenes she has much longer hair, in a ponytail. Likewise, toy leaks show her with an even longer ponytail. This means that much time has passed after the Snap. This is confirmed by the trailer focusing on Tony being out of fuel and food in the Benatar in space. A ship that can travel through warped and light speeds would have to go a long way and quite some time before running out of fuel. So this will be much time after the summer of 2018.
  3. Peter would only be "alone" before Infinity War: In Infinity War, Pepper Potts speaks to Tony as if he has not been Iron Man for quite some time. She says he doesn't need the new nanite armor. Tony responds that he had the surgery (from Iron Man 3), but only updates/wears the suits to protect them. He later tells Banner that the Avengers are broken up. Banner asks "like a band?" However, if we backtrack to Spider-Man: Homecoming, Stark was going to announce Spider-Man as the newest Avenger. When Parker said no and decided to stay local, Stark had no other members for the Avengers. Rhodey was still recovering, Vision started running off with Scarlet Witch, Banner was in space and Thor had left the plane. This is the only period of time where there would be no other super heroes. That would be why Nick Fury would trust some random guy like Mysterio and someone young and new like Spider-Man to fight the "Elementals". Again, Hulk was in space, Thor was away, Rhodey was cripple, Stark was psuedo-retired; Cap, Scarlet Witch, Black Widow, Falcon and Black Panther were out of touch and the others were on house arrest. Thus, Happy's line about Peter being in danger and alone and "What do you do?".
  4. PTSD: Tony Stark had PTSD after fighting an armada of aliens, going into space and almost dying in The Avengers. Why would Peter not have severe emotional trauma from having been dead, fighting a god, nearly getting crushed by fragments of a moon, etc? If we went with "he doesn't remember", that would erase a ton of Character Development from Infinity War. He would not be thinking of girls or fundraisers for the homeless with May, and it's doubtful the writers would not rely on something so contrived as the big twist between films that it simply "never happened".
  5. Battle Ravaged: How could Peter be Spider-Man for a little under two years without ripping or destroying the suit? It looked perfectly fine in Infinity War. After stopping the Vulture, he went back to fighting thieves and small-time crooks, without fighting any major supervillains which might explain it. Regardless of all of that, the point is to mention the suits he wears during Far From Home. In an early NYC shot, we see him in the old classic suit. But in the European shots he's wearing the new Red and Black suit and the Noir one. Those suits possibly get destroyed fighting the Elementals and Mysterio, but the suit that Tony originally gave him and Aunt May put in his bag. That would be the suit he pulls out during Infinity War.
  6. "He's like Iron Man and Thor rolled into one": When Scarlet Witch and Vision were in Scotland, the news report said that Tony Stark had gone missing. The world knew about the alien attack, and the battle between the Black Order, Doctor Strange, Iron Man and Spider-Man. The quote during Far From Home comes across as a casual reference. If this took place after Endgame, or even after Infinity War, the characters would all be more world weary. And, again, if they were all resurrected with no memory it would essentially make Infinity War null and void, essentially a "dream" scenario. Even then, though, where is Stark? If he's saved the world and turned back time, why can't he help Peter? And if he died, saving the world, they wouldn't mention him casually.
  7. Happy and Aunt May: Tony Stark dies in space? Dies sacrificing himself to turn back time? Severely hurt? Happy would not be flirting with Aunt May just after his best friend died. Tony survives Endgame and reverses time? Tony resurrects every living thing that was decimated? This taking place after Endgame? Peter died in his arms, he wouldn't send Happy in his place to deal with Peter. "If you cared, you'd be here." Peter said during Homecoming and Tony was there. It has been said that Aunt May survived the decimation. Why would she be only just NOW flirting with Happy? And why wouldn't all of her thoughts be on Peter? It makes more sense that because she found out that Peter is Spider-Man, Happy no longer had to hide, and only recently met Aunt May while Stark deals with the breakup of the Avengers. Stark says "Kid, where'd you come from?", like he had not expected to see him. Which would keep continuity with him not appearing in Far From Home.
  8. The minutes after Endgame could be a flashback: While we don't know how Endgame is going to finish yet, one must keep this in mind given the tragic ending. What if Endgame ends at a mass funeral for the lost Avengers? Or Stark, perhaps, asking a resurrected Peter "So how was that trip you were taking before all of this?". There are many ways that the "Far From Home takes place right after Endgame" line could apply to a flashback/prequel.

No matter how you look at it, Peter is not some resurrected, "proud to be an official Avenger", survivor of a catastrophe in this film. So it's not that Infinity War's decimation has been undone, it's just not happened yet. That's not to say it won't get resolved somehow, but in this case, it's very obvious from the smallest cues that it simply had not happened yet. Also, take note that Avengers tower is NOT shown or visible during Infinity War, really go back and watch the movie. You can NOT see it in any of the NYC shots. Significant because it's being worked on before Peter's field trip in Far From Home and is possibly finished by the end.

  • And Jossed via an interview with Joe Russo and, well, where things end in Endgame for Peter as well as the second trailer which confirms the timeline.

Spider-man will lose all battles against Mysterio/The Elementals.
Just to keep to tradition.
  • Peter has become a better fighter since Homecoming and has even fought the Children of Thanos and not die against Thanos (not directly face to face that is). Plus it would not be good for Spider-Man to always keep losing in fights in his own solo films.
  • Jossed. Spider-Man gets to show how far he's come, and singlehandledly beats Mysterio after going through an army of drones.

    Post-Release Theories 

Dimitri was actually Talos and Soren’s child from Captain Marvel
  • Or the weird blonde lady who yelled at Peter to undress. Maybe both.

Beck fakes his own death
  • Let's get this started, then. When Peter first transfered rights of EDITH over to Beck, it required an authorization for the change of ownership. However, at the end of the movie when Peter picks the glasses back up, there is no authorization required for him to stop the drones. It could be that Beck allowed Parker access to stop the drones only to pay into his plan of framing Peter. What's more, that leaves the ominous chance that Beck still has access to EDITH. That may allow him to keep his illusions if he ever shows up again.

    • Adding on to this, the most direct and often cited evidence of Beck's death being real is EDITH stating that all illusions are deactivated. Given what a Chess Master Manipulative Bastard Beck is he could have very easily have ordered EDITH to simply lie to Peter beforehand as one of the multiple contingencies he put in place in the event of his defeat.

    • Beck need not order EDITH to lie in order to fake his death: EDITH said all of the illusions are gone, but to Beck's credit, he's a pretty convincing actor even without the help of holograms. He ordered the drones to shoot, but there's still the possibility (no matter how slim) that he was able to dodge the bullet streams, that they were programmed to miss him, or that selected drones were strategically programmed to fire blanks.

The blonde agent that gave Peter his Stealth suit is either Yelena Belova either pre Face–Heel Turn or an Adaptational Heroism version of her. Or an Expy of Silver Sable.
I know the possibility of it ACTUALLY being Sable is flimsy due to Sony giving her her own movie but it's possible. As for Yelena, unless I'm mistaken, she fits the bill. Blonde hair, European, dresses kinda like Black Widow. Could set her up to take over the roll for future movies. Just a thought.

E.D.I.T.H. was nowhere near complete by the time Tony died.
  • Unlike Tony's other AIs, she doesn't offer any of her own suggestions, and she doesn't seem to have any protocols that keep her from being used for destructive purposes. She laughs at Tony's joke, but Peter doesn't have proper conversations with her the way he could with J.A.R.V.I.S., F.R.I.D.A.Y., or Karen. When E.D.I.T.H. hears "target", she doesn't ask for any more information and initiates drone strikes on Brad, Peter's friends, and who knows how many others. Her design flaws may chalk up to Tony assuming he had more time to finish her.

Not a lot of people will always actually believe Mysterio was a hero or that Spider-Man set up what happened in London.
There was a glitch in the footage when they were talking and of course people will suspect it was out of context. There will be a footage of the holograms failing and yet Beck still claimed he pushed the Elementals into their direction. Plus Stark industries will have records for Beck’s work on BARF. While some may be convinced; modern day people are willing to doubt doctored footage. Especially since the Bugle is stated to be controversial and the remaining Avengers that can act as character witnesses.

  • Not to mention that the video only shows legs in Spider-man tights, which anyone could be wearing. Presumably after Iron Man III revealed the "Mandarin" was a hired stoner named Trevor, audiences aren't so likely to accept that somebody dressed up in a costume is necessarily who/what they're alleged to be.
  • Hell, maybe Fury will disseminate "proof" that it was jealous wannabee Night Monkey who framed Spider-man.
  • Fury might also set up some damage control measures such as arranging to have Peter and Spidey both appear in public at the same time which would be especially easy since he's actually Talos.

Tony was right to fire Beck.
Beck plotted to murder 4 teenagers, threatened his own allies for a mistake and was ready to launch a major attack on London, killing many, to prove himself a 'hero'. I'd say Tony was right to say Beck was unstable and fire him.

Talos and Soren were the Fury and Hill that got snapped in the Infinity War stinger
It would explain why they were together. And when 'Fury' said he met Peter at the funeral and Tony gave him E.D.I.T.H. to give to Peter, Talos was being literal, not just filling in for Fury. And that is part of why 'Fury' was hanging back at the funeral, Talos was trying to keep from interacting too much (not that it would be out of character for Fury).
  • The real Fury could have been off world for the whole 'Blip'. Even Carol's question "Where's Fury?" in the Stinger, that could mean that the real Fury was also snapped, and she thought they might have know where he was since they had the pager (like she thought he was teleported or kidnapped, which would be a logical guess). It would explain her hostile stance on arrive.
  • Jossed by Jon Watts

Ned Leeds is Manny Delgado on "Modern Family" in the MCU
Both characters look very similar, are roughly the same age, and socially awkward in spite of their strong interest in girls/ women. Both characters even try to charm women by wearing men's fedoras.

If the woman who gave Peter his "Night Monkey" suit was really was a Skrull
...she'll be revealed to be Lyja, and will be Johnny Storm's Love Interest when the Fantastic Four are eventually introduced.

Quentin Beck didn't exist.
Even the one we saw in the mocap suit was just an illusion. Riva created Beck so he could be The Man Behind the Man and make a clean getaway in case his plan ever went south.

Nick Fury is a prisoner, even if he doesn't know it

As seen in The Stinger Fury isn't in earth, and is apparently giving orders to a group of skrulls, but the skrulls just want to keep him busy while the Secret Invasion is being set up. Skrulls may not be outright evil but maybe they believe they could do a better job at rulling earth, or just maybe they want to antagonize the Kree who already have sleeping cells in the planet. This would explain why Thalos doesn't want Cap Marvel even being mentioned.

Nick Fury is creating S.W.O.R.D
S.W.O.R.D (Sentient World Observation and Response Department) is a intergalactic version of S.H.I.E.L.D that was originally planned to be appeared in Thor , but cancelled due 20th Century Fox still own rights to the characters at the time. Now that Fox is part of Disney, the rights is back, and what better reason to introduce S.W.O.R.D than to prevent another Thanos-level Threat from coming to Earth or any other planets?

Uncle Ben hasn't been Adapted Out.
Peter and May just don't look for excuses to bring up their dead Uncle/Husband when the situation doesn't call for it, like normal people who have lost someone. They may mention him if the situation called for it but otherwise they wouldn't bring him up when it'd just upset them.
  • Alternatively, Tony is this universe's Uncle Ben. Think about it, He was an influential father figure to Peter who dies in his presence, affecting him deeply. To add to that Mysterio's taunts about not being good enough to save Tony sounds very much like how a villain in the comics would taunt Peter over his uncle's death (if they knew about it). Additionally, "uneasy lies the head that wears a crown"? Paraphrased in modern English: a person with great power, such as a king, is constantly apprehensive, or to put it a different way: With great power comes great responsibility.
    • This is a good point, but what about when Peter actually got his powers? Was there really nothing to motivate him then to become Spider-Man in the first place?
      • Maybe this is a case of Decomposite Character, where Uncle Ben did exist and did inspire Peter to be a superhero, but not in the same way (maybe through a love of comics and movies- hence Peter regularly referencing old movies), but didn't have the same fate he did in the comics, while Tony fills the role Ben did in the comics.
      • Uncle Ben hasn’t been seen or directly mentioned due to audience knowing the origin and it would hurt this version if he didn’t have the same role in his origin story.

Beck was just as full of shit about how Tony treated him as he was about everything else.
Beck is a well-established pathological liar who is utterly incapable of taking responsibility or seeing his role in basically every single adverse interaction he has had with other people. Tony probably wasn't even that shitty to him. Beck likely made some kind of utterly insane or unreasonable demand, or may have even just not been greeted with the groveling adulation that he clearly saw as the benchmark for acceptable praise, took it as a grievous insult, and decided to "keep it real" and was fired by Tony when he did something over-the-top (quite possibly some sort of revenge campaign). Even then, it's not out of the realm of possibility that Tony may have still offered him handsome royalties, or a buyout, or something to give him some credit (or, more pragmatically, to placate an obviously unhinged individual), only to have Beck tell him to stick it where the sun don't shine. Point is, Beck is completely untrustworthy in every single other context, so why would this be any different? Tony admittedly doesn't have the greatest track record with other people, but Beck playing the victim in this situation would be completely in character for him.

MJ is Talos Nick Fury's daughter
OK full disclosure here, I can't take credit for this one. MatPat Thought of it first, but I have my own spin on it. In his video MatPat posits that MJ is Nick Fury's daughter. He presents some pretty convincing (for this troper) evidence. Seeing as this is his theory and not my own, I decided to add it with my own spin. She IS his daughter... just not the Fury WE know. She's Talos and Soren's Skrull daughter in disguise. What happened to the real MJ I don't know.

It was Riva, not Beck, who put together the video outing Peter.
  • Beck was gutshot, dying, and would have had to have put together the edited footage in minutes using his tablet and while Peter was right in front of him at least part of the time. Not impossible, but certainly incredibly difficult.
  • Riva, on the other hand, was the one running the drones, which would have given him direct access to the drone footage, and we see him copying something onto a thumb drive before he leaves. He could then have put together the edited footage at his leisure.
  • Also, we never are given reason to believe that Beck has exceptional programming or video-editing skills. He's got an eye for drama, obviously, but the technical side of the work is something that we have no reason to suppose he could do easily. Riva, on the other hand, is the master programmer of the group and definitely has those skills.
  • And this is a bit subjective, but my read of Beck's character is that, even though he is narcissistic and unstable, he genuinely wants to see himself as a hero and doesn't actually want to do things that challenge that self-image. Note that he keeps repeating that Peter and MJ and all the rest forced his hand and he "has" to kill them, even when there's nobody else around to convince except himself. Maybe he might have put together the first part of the message, about Mysterio banishing the Fusion Elemental into the rift before Spider-Man turned on him. Even if he won't make it out alive, ensuring that at least part of the world remembers him as a hero might be something he'd value. But the second bit, outing Peter as Spider-Man, that does nothing to advance Mysterio's goals. It's an act of pure spite, something that feels much more in-character for Riva than for Beck.

Tony actually didn't mean for Peter to get the glasses.
Peter was right that "For the next Tony Stark" didn't mean it was for him, though not for the reasons he thought. Evidence:
  • 1. Giving the glasses to Peter goes against all of Tony's character development up to that point. Tony came to believe that he needed checks on his power, hence why he signed the Sokovia Accords, and he was protective of Peter and wanted Peter to be better than he was. Giving him that much unchecked power out of the blue seems strange and irresponsible.
  • 2. How would Tony even know Peter would be alive? Peter was dusted for most of the time Tony would have had to develop EDITH. He certainly wouldn't have time to set something like this up during the final battle of Endgame.
  • 3. in the stinger, Talos mentions that Fury asked him to make sure Peter got the glasses implying that the whole thing was due to Fury's manipulations.

So who were they intended for? My theory is that Peter was right that the note meant "I trust you to find the next Tony Stark," but that the message was intended for either Happy or Fury. Peter getting the note with the glasses was part of some convoluted Nick Fury plan.

MCU Betty Brant is a Composite Character with Gwen Stacy.
As pointed out under Composite Character in the previous film, MCU Betty looks more like Gwen than she does Betty. This troper noticed this but didn't put it together until watching a YouTuber who pointed it out. Maybe they combined the two to avoid having to rehash her death by pairing her with Ned instead. Could also explain why they broke up despite being married in the comics. Maybe at some point in the future Peter and MJ break up, Betty and Peter get together (they did date in the comics if I'm not mistaken so it wouldn't be out of character) and a villain who knows Peter's identity (doesn't HAVE to be an Osborne) kidnaps her and throws her off a bridge. But for a nice change of pace, she survives, only to decide she can't handle being Peter's girlfriend with those kind of maniacs coming after her.

The tranquilizer dart Fury used on Ned used the ICER formula.
Ned went out pretty fast, as do victims hit by the Dentrotoxin-based ammunition used in the S.H.I.E.L.D. series. And it's S.H.I.E.L.D. tech, which Talos disguised as Fury would have access to.

The beach landscape Fury was looking at is a view of Tahiti.
After all, it is a magical place.

EDITH's not obeying Peter.
Beck told her about the scheme in advance. He told her to act like Peter was in control, to tell him that all illusions were down when actually there was one illusion remaining to make it look like Beck was dead (in reality he was still breathing), to prompt Peter to say "Execute them all" somehow, etc.. EDITH was obeying Beck all the way to the end. And when Peter tries to use EDITH in the sequel, he'll discover that she doesn't actually listen to him.
  • If Beck had that level of control, there'd be no need for such complications. He could have just ordered EDITH to ignore Peter, or tell her to open fire on any civilians when he tried to counteract his order. Then he'd also be able to legitimately claim that Peter is a mass murderer.

Whenever Peter meets Fury, there's always a part of him that wants to ask him if anyone has said he looks like Mace Windu.
But there's always something important going on when they talk, and he never thinks it's the right time.

     Sequel Theories 

Scorpion will be the Big Bad of the third film in the new trilogy
There are a lot of rumored villains for the movie, so it isn't hard to imagine one of them might be in contact with Gargan and could break him out in time for the third film. It would fit with what the plans for the series were indicated to be; early, major Spider-Man villains who haven't been the villains of the movies before.
  • Mac Gargan will be teased as the upcoming Scorpion but the role will be hijacked by Miles Morales' father, a reference to Spider-Gwen.
  • The stinger of this movie could be seen as evidence for that, as JJ Jameson and his vendetta against Spidey are integral parts of Scorpion's origin story.

The sequel will be called...
  • Spider-Man: Home Again. It would work well as a meta reference to how Marvel re-acquired the rights to Spider-Man after temporarily falling out with Sony, and would also represent how Peter must live in a more grounded reality after his secret identity is revealed.
  • Spider-Man: Home Sweet Home. The first film begins with the word "home" and this film ends with it. It would fit well to have the third film begin and end with the word, continuing the Cross-Referenced Titles.
  • Spider-Man: Home-Town Hero would fit nicely.
  • Spider-Man: Zendaya plays the Home
  • Spider-Man: Home for the Holidays. And it'll be the MCU's Christmas Episode.
    • Jossed, considering the July 2021 release date.
      • Possibly un-jossed, given the new planned release date of December 2021 and assuming the script is changed accordingly.
  • Spider-Man: Homeless — Now that his secret identity has been leaked, it may be that Peter will have to be on the run before any miscreants hunt him down.
  • Spider-Man: Home On the Range — To get them out of a worldwide manhunt, Wong will open a portal for Pete, May, Happy, MJ, Ned, Betty, and Flash to another dimension — which will turn out to be Marvel's Wild West. After adventures with the Rawhide Kid, the Two-Gun Kid and Kid Colt Outlaw, the gang will return through Carter Slade, that era's Ghost Rider.
  • Spider-Man: Home Alone — The Sinister Six will try to attack him on his residence/someplace he has sheltered in while he’s trying to hold them off using good old web antics long enough for the Big Damn Heroes to come to the rescue.
  • Spider-Man Runaway—after the Bon Jovi song, keeping with the Eighties youth aesthetic.
  • Spider-Man: Home Invasion, referencing the various villains who attack wherever Peter stays for any good period of time.
  • Spider-Man: Come Back Home, referencing how May and Peter's friends will likely be urging him to, well, come back home.
  • Spider-Man: Not Your Home— After having his identity leaked and slandered, the people of New York City will shun Peter and make him leave his home in Queens, thus New York will not be his home.
  • Spider-Man: Tiny Home — The whole movie will be set in a deliberately teensy house!
  • Spider-Man: How Osborn Mangled an EmuOsborn has come and he has but one desire; to mangle an emu. He must be stopped...but he did it. He mangled the emu. The emu is mangled, Peter. You failed!!!
  • Adjectiveless Spider-Man
  • Spider-Man Goes Hollywood — Bonus if any well-known actor has a major role As Himself.
  • Spider-Man: Close to Home
  • Spider-Man: Home and Dry
  • Spidr-Man: Home Away From Home or Spider-Man: My Home Is Your Home — Now that the concept of a multiverse is looking very likely to be part of the plot.
  • In February of 2021, Marvel officially confirmed that the film will be titled Spider-Man: No Way Home!

The Sequel will have the Sinister Six as the villains
Place your guesses as to the membership here. (Villains who already appeared in the Raimi and Webb movies should be considered Jossed by default):
  • Vulture
    • He could be the Token Good Teammate (relatively speaking, of course) and undermine the others when he feels they go too far, allowing Spider-Man to escape their clutches at a vital moments.
  • Shocker
  • Tinkerer, albeit as a behind-the-scenes assistant instead of an official member on the front lines
  • Scorpion
    • Scorpion will be the de facto leader of the group and serve as the "final boss" of the film.
  • Mysterio
  • Kraven the Hunter
    • Sadly, this is unlikely, since Sony is at developing a solo Kraven film. That said, if they end up dropping that soon enough, they could use him in the MCU, like what was done with Mysterio.
  • Mr. Negative
    • He'll form the team and use his money to provide them with what they need, and serve more as a downplayed Greater-Scope Villain, playing a role in the film but escaping to menace Peter another day.
  • The Master Planner. Doctor Octopus won't be appearing in an MCU movie, but if he showed up in his other identity, it would allow Sony to get away with Exact Words, especially if Otto Octavius was only referred to as "Master Planner" and not as "Doctor Octopus." After two Spider-Man film franchises focusing on Norman Osborn, it would be smart to pivot towards another familiar-yet-different Spider-Man foe as the big mastermind.
  • Beetle
  • Boomerang, who will be the one to get the short end of the stick character wise; he will just be some guy who throws a boomerang-like weapon at a few points and be the first to get taken out.
  • Jack O'Lantern, who will have significant deviations in order to make him less similar to Green Goblin or Hobgoblin (ie, no glider-esque device to ride).
  • Shriek, Calypso, and/or Swiss Miss, for the sake of a female member to avoid Monogender Monsters.
  • Jessica Drew/Spider Woman
    • Okay, this needs some explanation beyond 'how close Jessica is to Carol', but the pieces have been set:
      • First off, Jessica's actual debut was as a HYDRA agent trying to attack Nick Fury. Fury is around Earth this time and making contact with Spider-Man though it's just Talos, but more to that later. While HYDRA is gone, the MCU can work around that by making her a member of the Sinister Six (and have her. Yes, a High-Heel–Face Turn may be imminent, but even that's a Mythology Gag because originally in her own comics, it was by meeting Peter that Jessica really considered fighting for good cause than self-preservation.
      • Some of Jessica's powers are... pheromones. Attracting men. Peter just hooked up with MJ. This IS gonna cause problems. Mitigated with Jessica being older and ending up not wanting to be Mistaken for Pedophile.
      • We may also end up seeing maybe a cameo of Skrull 'Queen' Veranke (or just Veranke, probably not a queen yet), as a Mythology Gag on how Jessica was the face she used in the original Secret Invasion, but considering that the Skrulls here are more heroic, things will play out differently in here. Just cameo is so they don't take up what is meant to be a Spidey movie.
  • Hydro Man.

The rest of the disgruntled Stark employees who were working with Beck will be the ones to set up the Secret Six.
They'll start out as a Thunderbolts-like team of people pretending to be heroes to fill the void the Avengers left behind like Mysterio was trying to do. The team might even set up a person to be the new Mysterio.

Mysterio will learn real magic in a sequel.
After he is revealed to be a fraud in Far From Home, he decides that the only way to get revenge on Spider-Man is to study real magic. This leads to a teamup between Spider-Man and Doctor Strange.

Spider-Man's public image will be tarnished in the next movie.
A common occurrence in the Spidey mythos is that he is often seen as a villain, usually due to J. Jonah Jameson's attacks. The next movie will focus on this with Peter trying to regain the public's trust while dealing with a new threat.
  • Oh so confirmed. In The Stinger, Mysterio uses his illusions to frame Spider-Man for Beck's crimes, and then reveals Peter's secret identity.

After Peter graduates from high school, he will establish Parker Industries.
Since Tony Stark revolutionized the world with technology, it would make sense for Peter to fill his shoes as an innovator of tomorrow.

Mr. Negative will never appear.
To avoid angering Chinese censors by having a Chinese villain in a movie that (presumably) will have no Chinese hero.

The third movie will adapt the Black Suit Saga
That is, if Sony would allow it. As the above mentioned theory about Tom Hardy's Venom showing up mentioned, his Symbiote will reproduce and latch on to Peter, leading to him getting the Black Suit. When Peter discards it, it will end up on Flash, making him the MCU version of Venom. The MCU version of Flash Thompson was driven by envy in his dislike for Peter, much like many incarnations of Eddie Brock, and is a huge Adaptational Jerkass.. His dislike for Peter will evolve into full-blown hatred when Peter exposes him for a mishap that either expels him or gets him rejected from his college of choice. However, he is also shown to admire Spider-Man like in the comics, so he'll be torn between revenge and legitimately wanting to be a hero with the Symbiote. The end will have him making a Heel–Face Turn and getting recruited by SHIELD as Agent Venom.

Mysterio's claim of Spider-Man being behind the Elemental attacks will be disproved very quickly.
The amount of holes in Beck's story would be more than enough to discredit his and Jonah's claims of Spider-Man's villainy, never mind doing things like using Stark's A.I.s to prove the footage was doctored or just using the recording lenses in Peter's mask to prove what actually happened. And that's not accounting for eyewitnesses who saw Mysterio's drones and illusions, the testimony of Happy, MJ and Ned revealing Mysterio as a fake, and if necessary, character witnesses from the heroes who fought in Endgame (which would include public figures like the CEO of Stark Industries, the King of Wakanda and the Queen of the Asgardians) who can prove that Peter is not the villain that was shown in that video. The bigger problem will be the fact that Peter's identity will still be exposed to the world, and he can no longer hide that he's Spider-Man.
  • There's also the part where Beck based his illusions on the B.A.R.F system, which Tony publically debuted (with lots of eye witnesses) almost a decade ago. And the fact that Beck created it as an employee of Stark Industries means he'll have an employment record. He might have been able to use E.D.I.T.H. to hack the SI employee database and delete his records, or have one of his team who stayed with SI for longer do it for him. But even E.D.I.T.H. wouldn't give him access to Tony/The Stark Family's private server, which I'll bet Pepper backs up employee records on, because after the mess with Vanko in IM2, 'being fired for instability' would certainly mark Beck as someone to go in a 'if a supervillian comes after me, check these people' list. Which might even give Peter Plausible Denialbility: Beck can't revenge himself on Tony. What about Tony's last protege (Tony probably had Peter down as some kind of intern or scholarship endowment), who's aunt just happens to also be dating Tony's long-time friend, who is a high-level exec at SI, the firm that fired him. Granted, it's flimsy, especially if some idiot tries to put him into a situation of risk to get him to use his powers or get hurt, but with SI or SHIELD backing him it might work, at least for awhile.
  • It would also serve as a Mythology Gag: in the comics, Mysterio's first appearance involved him framing Spider-Man as the perpetrator of a museum robbery. Said attempt failed miserably.
  • And when he realizes there'll be a good amount of people who won't turn on Peter, Jameson will hire Mac Gargan to kill him.

The next movie will adapt the "Identity Crisis" story arc

J. Jonah Jameson is going to be the big bad of the next movie.
Originally I was thinking it would be the Scorpion, who it likely still will be, however considering that in the post credit scene Jameson outs Peter Parker's secret identity on live TV, and that in the comic he's responsible for Mac Gargan becoming the Scorpion, in addition to today's political climate, it's quite likely this Jameson might actually be subject to Adaptational Villainy this time. Especially if they draw more from the original depiction of Jameson, who was implied to have only started his anti Spider-Man campaign to sell more papers.

The next movie has Peter passing the torch to Miles Morales
With his identity out and such, Peter has no choice but to take May and basically go into witness protection. That leaves no Spider-Man and crime in New York rising. At which point, young Miles Morales somehow gains his own set of Spider powers and decides the city needs a Spider-Man after all. Peter will aid him in training and let Miles use his own costume to fight crime (making sure to be seen with Miles so folks know this isn't Peter) and thus let the mythos continue while Tom Holland moves onto other films.

Just for Crack: Related to other theories above—MCU Spider-Man's story trajectory will, in fact, be a near-similar version of Blonde Peter from Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.
Jameson's outing of Peter could precisely be a crisis, or an opportunity for Peter to eventually embrace being The Paragon and prove himself to the world. And with basically a significant amount of Stark assets at his disposal, it might actually make it more believable for him to become the multi-billion well supported franchise he became. Let's just hope he doesn't end the same way.

Spider-Man will be hated by the public, but he'll regain their trust
Going off the above, Jameson will publicly send Gargan after Peter as Scorpion, touting him as a new hero. The public will initially cheer Scorpion on, but his actions will show how murderous and immoral he is, and this will make people question how trustworthy Jameson is. This will lead to others investigating the footage and eventually vindicating Peter. While some will inevitably side with Jameson anyway, no one will think of Scorpion as a good guy. Jameson will have to disavow Gargan to save face (hence some still having open support of JJ), but he'll be mocked for it constantly and have to be more careful about calling Peter a menace.

Peter will be cleared, but not Spider-Man
Between Skrulls and nanoveils, Peter and his allies should be able to create plausible deniability to clear him of being Spider-Man, most likely by having someone disguised as him be clearly visible at the same time as Spider-Man. The hero persona itself, though, will have an extremely difficult time regaining the public's trust even if Mysterio is shown to be a fraud, especially now with triple J being able to spin anything he does as looking like a crime.

Peter will probably need a lawyer in the next movie
Either to help him prove his innocence as Spider-Man, or to prove he's not Spider-Man altogether. It could be:
  • Foggy Nelson. Since Endgame showed that the movie creators are willing to bring in TV characters, at least after their shows are finished, then this could happen. Foggy could even have a line about knowing a thing or two about heroes trying to keep their identities secret.
  • Jennifer Walters. It will help establish her before she becomes She Hulk, and could even be referred to Peter by her cousin Bruce.
    • Shulkie seems like a good choice for two Doylist reasons, pertaining to copyright laws; Matt Murdock and Foggy Nelson are, as of right now, still legally owned by the Netflix division of Marvel, preventing Marvel Studios from using them in a movie. She-Hulk is in a similar position, in that Marvel cannot give the character her own movie, however, like Bruce, she is free to appear in any other movies Marvel studios makes.
    • Also, the darker and more mature tone of Daredevil would clash with Watts' brighter corner of the universe. She-Hulk, in her most beloved incarnations, is usually a fairly upbeat and tongue-in-cheek character.
    • Plus, given that she's the go-to character for breaking the Fourth Wall after Deadpool, she could be Marvel's way of testing the waters in the MCU for integrating the Merc with a Mouth and his wallbreaks (if she becomes She-Hulk before the events of the film).
  • Matt Murdock. There's going to be some time between Far From Home and the direct sequel, which means the legal time limit before Marvel Studios can use the character may be cleared up by the time the script is written.

Peter already has all the proof he needs to exonerate him from Mysterio's murder and the drone strike, but at the cost of any hope of restoring his secret identity.
There are multiple factors here but the chances are that more than just Beck were recording the events on the bridge.

Factor 1: the Baby Monitor protocol recorded everything Peter did in the Homecoming suit. Given that he actively used these recordings while hunting the Vulture it's unlikely Peter would've removed that for his new suit, even if he renamed it something a little less embarrassing.

Factor 2: the Drones are definitely equipped with cameras, we see Mysterio use them to see Peter inside the illusion likely record what they see, allowing Peter to use them for Recon as well as attack. Given that the drones are controlled by EDITH, which is currently in Peter's possession, retrieving any such footage, which would clearly show Beck in his real outfit, commanding the drones, should be easy.

Factor 3: EDITH itself likely records, if not video footage then at least user logs. If Peter shows the world these logs it will show quite clearly Quentin ordering the drone attacks with specific instructions to murder teenagers and Peter Parker ordering the attack to be stopped.

Really, while the unmasking is likely to be permanent the murder charges are fairly easy to get rid of.

Building off of all previous points, the third movie will open with the public divided on Spider-Man
The fake footage will still have its believers, but due to all of the ways in which it could be proven fake, the majority accept the real events, and all others are simply seen as Conspiracy theorists. J. Jonah Jameson trying to set Spider-Man up with The Scorpion will incite most of the events of the third movie, and the central conflict of the film will more thoroughly cement the public's trust,

Vulture will return— as an anti-hero.
With the fantastic reception Michael Keaton got for his performance in Spider-Man: Homecoming, it makes all kinds of sense to bring him back. His motivation would be protecting Peter because the Vulture has first claim on taking Spider-Man down. Plus, given that he himself kept Pete's identity secret all this time, he wouldn't look kindly on Mysterio's vindictive final act.

The next Spider-Man movie would open with a civilian shouting "You're a fraud, Spider-Man!"
Referring to the mid credit scene.

Beck is dead but Mysterio is alive
Considering Mysterio was created by Drones and Holograms he can potentially return as a member of the Sinister 6, probably with less screentime than most of the others members .
  • Or even with full screentime, if it's one of Beck's crew with a holographic Beck-face alternating with the holographic fishbowl.

Peter will be forced to break up with MJ in the third movie for her protection.
  • Mysterio's outing of Parker as Spider-Man squarely places MJ in the figurative and literal line of fire. Also, in most Spider-Man continuities, Peter's romance arc with MJ (or that universe's equivalent) is almost never resolved as quickly or as cleanly as it seems to be in this one. This entire movie was meant to set up the Peter/MJ pairing before brutally ripping them apart.
    • Debatable. Besides the fact that the MCU Spider-Man films are mostly avoiding treading over what other Spider-Man adaptations have done to death, MJ was already in the literal line of fire just for being associated with Peter, and that wasn't enough to push her away.

Norman Osborn's initial appearance will be as an ally of Peter Parker.
  • After Mysterio's attempt to screw Peter over by outing him as Spider-Man and framing him for murder, Osborn will introduce himself as an incoming business magnate who purchased the old Stark building (he may even decide not to rename the building as a PR move. He'll offer to protect and even vouch publicly for Parker, provided a few favors. Peter follows him for the sake of May and his closest friends until he inevitably discovers something about Oscorp or is asked to do something on their behalf that his conscience can not abide, and the relationship fractures.

This universe's version of Harry Osborn...
  • Will be introduced as a college/grad school student in Movie 3. The last two cinema Spider-Man continuities have introduced Harry Osborn as being more or less whatever age Peter is at the time. But in a universe where several of the principal characters have essentially been timeshifted five years into the future, perhaps the MCU can play with the trend by Harry having been born the same year as Peter, but having survived the Snap (and bearing all the attendant mental and emotional trauma that such a thing entails). Therefore, 22-23 to Peter's (biologically) 17-18.

The third movie will have Peter and the Vulture team up

Beck is dead, but William will stage his "resurrection"
Then he will act as Mysterio himself and try to kill Peter with the help of his other foes, using illusions to trick them as well.

J Jonah Jameson will use Mac Gargan as The Heavy in the sequel
The Scorpion tease in Homecoming went nowhere, and J Jonah Jameson is being set up as the villain in the third movie, so this could work.

The Multiverse will be revealed as real
It will turn out Mysterio's story was inspired by meeting a real interdimensional hero.

Alternately, the Multiverse is not real, but conspiracy theorists will continue to insist it is
To continue the "fake news" theme.
  • Jossed, judging from the upcoming Doctor Strange movie's title (Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness).

Jameson will pull a Never My Fault once Spidey is cleared.
After the embarrassment of having his big expose blow up in his face, he'll blame Spidey to avoid accepting any personal responsibility.

Morris Bench will hunt down Spider-Man.
Spidey and most other characters will assume he's doing it for whatever reward is offered but it turns out he just wants to make people realize he's not the water elemental in spite of having water-based powers.

Ezekiel Stane will be main villain in the next Spider-Man movie.
This Spider-Man movie series has a tradition of using villains who have a beef with Tony Stark. Obadiah Stane's scene is a Foreshadowing to his son's presence.

Norman Osborn will try to establish his alter ego as a hero by capturing Spider-Man.
It'll be unclear if Osborn really believes Peter to be a criminal or if he just cares about the reputation he expects to gain by capturing a perceived menace.
  • Bonus! If Osborn gets foiled by Peter, and Peter's life goes back to being a "Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man", then this failure will get Norman labeled as a laughingstock, leading to his transformation to "The Green Goblin".

Kraven the Hunter will, well, hunt Peter...but with a twist
Kraven will be a decent guy behind his intimidating persona, in contrast to Mysterio. Once he's convinced Peter is actually a good, noble person, he'll gain some respect for him and keep another villain from killing him, as he feels he doesn't deserve it.
  • With a twist that he still wants to hunt Peter, but to (from Kraven's twisted point of view) Mercy Kill him so that the other villains can't get to him.
    • Alternatively, he'll be a Death Seeker who has a terminal illness, and after seeing Spidey's identity revealed, decide to take on Spiderman's identity in the hopes he'll get to die proving he's a better hero than Spidey (since they'd likely adapt Kraven's Last Hunt in some form, and I doubt they'd show a character committing suicide on-screen). During his heroics, he'll be caught on camera while Peter is out of costume, clearing Peter of being Spiderman. And for Rule of Funny, the mid credits scene will have JJJ react to the news footage of Spider-Kraven, being the one to say "What the fu-".

Matt Murdock will defend Peter in court in the third movie...
...and in exchange, Spider-Man will help Daredevil take on Kingpin. Both Charlie Cox and Vincent D'Onofrio will return to their roles.

Tom Holland will appear in the inevitable sequel to Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.
(Facsimile Spider-Man comic book cover showing Spider-Man with Captain America's shield) "Let's start this thing at the beginning, one last time..."

Peter's reputation will be easily salvaged, but his personal life will be utter hell.
It'll be easy to disprove Mysterio's claims, clear Spider-Man's name, and prove that Mysterio was a fake to the world. Given Jameson's controversial reputation, and Spider-Man's greater acceptance by both the police and the public in the MCU, he'll still be seen as a hero by many. It's not unimaginable to think that most of the public would constantly mock Jameson and proudly stand by Spider-Man, including the NYPD.

But nothing can be done to hide that Spider-Man is Peter Parker, from people making connections between their voices, Peter's mysterious behavior, etc. At school, Peter could face harassment from paparazzi or even bullying from the jealous. Jameson would relentlessly go after Peter and step up his online presence, taking every opportunity to taunt and slander Peter. Possibly, an army of conspiracy theorists would back Jameson up, waging a campaign of cyberbullying, stalking, public confrontations and swatting to disrupt the life of a kid they believe is a supervillain. Worst of all, every criminal in New York who has fought Spider-Man before now knows who he is. What's to say that Peter wouldn't have to deal with outright attempted murder and abductions of him or his loved ones on a regular basis, from Mac Gargan to entire gangs to even petty muggers trying to get revenge?

Even if public trust in Spider-Man remains high, he'll still be in danger. Knowing Peter, he'd be forced to push away his loved ones for their own safety. With the aftermath of the Blip, governments would still be tangled up trying to solve the issue of their returning populations. SHIELD and Stark Industries would only be able to assist Peter so much before being forced to return their attention to helping various governments, and unable to fully protect him with their various security networks. Other superheroes would be constantly busy trying to deal with their own threats or preparing for potential threats. Street-level heroes such as the Defenders and even the Punisher could help Spider-Man out, but it'd be really up to Peter to deal with three separate threats at the same time.

J. Jonah Jameson will fund Mac Gargan's procedure to become Scorpion
J.J views Spider-Man as a menace and outed his Secret Identity to the world. Meanwhile, Mac appeared in Homecoming and demonstrated the desire to get revenge by brutally murdering him. Add these two to the fact that J.J was the one who funded Mac's operation in the comics, and it seems natural that this is how Scorpion will be made.

Stark Tower is being repurposed and will be renamed Baxter Building
The sequel will double as an origin story to MCU FantasticFour

The Spot will appear
While it's Kraven the Hunter that Jon Watts, Chris McKenna, and Erik Sommers have consistently mentioned in interviews, the Spot has also been mentioned. His powers would make for some great fight scenes if done well and, following current trends with the MCU Spider-Man films, is a villain who hasn't appeared in a live action medium before.

Miles Morales will clear Peter's name by convincing the world he is the real Spider-man.
Miles will swing around New York while Pete is locked up in a cell. People will start to doubt Mysterio's footage. Peter can't be in two places at once, right?

Mysterio will return, but it will be an alternate Mysterio who actually is a super soldier from a devastated alternate Earth

Peter will, of course, refuse to trust him on principle and will work with him in a Teeth-Clenched Teamwork manner. Eventually, this Good Mysterio will enact a Zero-Approval Gambit to clear Peter's name and expose his counterpart, thereby replacing him as the Hero with Bad Publicity.

  • Adding to this, Good Mysterio's color scheme will be red instead of green.

The post-credits scene is foreshadowing for an adaptation of One More Day
Adapting such a controversial story would be hugely risky, but this movie kinda puts everything in place for it to happen. Peter and MJ are in a relationship, altough not a very consolidated marriage like in the comics, and Peter's identity is revealed to the world, the two biggest things One More Day originally retconned. Bonus points if the third movie also sets up a Clone Saga for extra "let's adapt hated storylines from the comics" points.
  • Which would probably get more credence if Mephisto turns up in Doctor Strange 2.

Ned's "Night Monkey" lie will turn out to be a Self-Fulfilling Prophecy
Someone in Europe will see footage of Spidey as "Night Monkey" and actually become a "European rip-off" (in Ned's words) under the Night Monkey alias. He will be very notorious across the continent and become a hero.
  • Bonus points if Peter sees this on the news and says, "Ned, what did you do?!"
    • Better yet, Betty will report this at school, and will Face Palm that Night Monkey is real.

Peter's identity being revealed will be the Myth Arc for Phase 4
With the possible exception of Black Widow, all of the Phase 4 films taking place after Far From Home will address how Spider-Man had his identity exposed, either in passing mention or directly being involved until or after the characters' own conflicts come into play. This in turn will also make J. Jonah Jameson the connecting tissue across this phase as the one who expands the Spider-Man story to distrust for superheroes in general.

Various minor villains for the sequel will appear as people trying to capture Spider-Man, but won't be able to compete with the real Big Bad
Due to being told Peter is a murderer, the public'll believe them to be "vigilantes", which some of may play in to or even think themselves. Some of them may be:
  • Man Mountain Marko: A brutish bounty hunter who is easily beaten by Peter. He'll be arrested early on due to having a record, and the damage he causes breaks his parole.
  • Kangaroo: A man who will chase Spider-Man by hopping across rooftops. He'll eventually stumble and fall down into an alley, leaving him incapacitated.
  • Will o' the Wisp: A scientist who will try and capture Peter in an electromagnetically-powered prison. Breaking out will cause an explosion that knocks the guy away and give Peter time to escape.
  • Tarantula: He'll be an Arrogant Kung-Fu Guy who thinks he can beat Spider-Man with just his bare hands. He'll actually be an impressive fighter for Peter out of costume, but will face piratical complications that keep him from being able to fight Peter.
  • Hobgoblin: Ned will don a terrible Halloween costume and pretend to also be after Spider-Man so he can try to lend Peter a hand.
  • Overdrive: A guy who drives another one of the other minor bad guys around, who passionately insists he's an actual part of "the team" even though he's just someone they met through a ride share service.
  • The Lobo Brothers: Two brothers who wear wolf masks while they try and shoot at Peter before he gets away.
  • Paste Pot Pete/The Trapster (if they don't use him in a Fantastic Four film): He'll be armed with a homemade glue and cheaply made but somewhat impressive costume, and actually is serious about his identity, but decides to use his first codename, only for Peter to burst out laughing when he introduces himself (similar to Taserface), then come up with the second name on the spot, but due to Spidey still laughing, Rage Quit and leavenote .
  • A Turkish man who dresses up in a cheap replica of Peter's costume and calls himself Örümcek Adam. He, unlike the others, wants to use the Spider-Man identity to make himself seem like a big shot as a criminal mastermind. Also, yes, this is a blatant reference to Three Big Men.

Uncle Ben will finally be acknowledged in the third movie.
It'll probably be something small, like Aunt May telling Peter how proud Ben would be of him, or maybe the famous "With great power there must also come great responsibility" line will be Peter's yearbook quote.

Scorpion will be implied to have a sad, sympathetic backstory...
Which will quickly get shot down in order to subvert the audience's expectations. He's really just a terrible dude.

There will be a minor villain/criminal holding grudge against Tony Stark who will then be defeated or arrested unceremoniously early in the film
Marvel/Sony will show that they will no longer rehash Tommes and Beck's motive but they will tease in an Action Prologue that it looks like there will be another one of these villains/criminals... only to be dispatched early by Spider-Man (or another hero or ally, if there's any) in a most unceremonious way possible while lampshading why these people are so petty that they're still holding grudge against a dead man.

Peter and MJ won't be splitting up prior to or during the third film
That particular plot has been done to death in the previous two Spider-Man series (and weren't exactly well-liked either) and so far the MCU Spider-Man films have been pretty good about not rehashing the same old stories from both. Besides, Peter didn't try pushing her away when Mysterio was after them in an effort to protect her, nor did MJ decide she wanted nothing to do with him after just being associated with Spider-Man made her a target, so it's unlikely that the identity reveal will push them apart.

Alternatively, the multiverse really IS real in-universe (no pun intended), but it will be NOTHING like what Mysterio claimed.
Given that the multiverse is a staple of Marvel comics that includes all of their properties, we already know this to be true.

If the multiverse is real, a ZOMBIEVERSE will be discovered.
Thus leading to an MCU Marvel Zombies TV series.

In the Multiverse, there will also be LITERAL elementals.... and they will be far stronger than how Mysterio portrayed them.

MCU's What If? series will take place in the MCU's version of the multiverse.

Since the title of Dr. Strange's next movie mentions the Multiverse, the MCU will be re-labelled the MCM (Marvel Cinematic Multiverse.)

The MCU will crossover with the genuine 616 universe.

Eddie Brock will make a brief appearance investigating Spider-Man
Tom Hardy will return for the role, but it'll be left ambiguous if he's the same Eddie Brock from Venom or his Alternate Self for a mere cameo that goes nowhere.

Contrary to rumors, Norman Osborn isn't going to appear...
...but OsCorp will, as a as an unimpressive, near bankrupt company that J. Jonah Jameson purchases a poison from that is needed for the Scorpion suit.

The new movie will incorporate the fates of several of Peter Parker's classmates and a couple of The Electric Company foes
... including Michelle "MJ" Jones and Gwen Stacy making her first appearance in this continuity, and feature Betty Brant also being gravely injured (but surviving what's her second brush with death). Peter will have flashbacks to the night where Uncle Ben was killed during a home invasion (and Aunt May was seriously injured). This will be by a supervillian — perhaps the Green Goblin — hoping to cast blame on Spiderman "for causing their deaths" and force a deeply grieving Peter into giving up his alter-ego ... until Peter learns the truth and gets revenge. (A storyline not unlike The Lion King (1994).) In the end, after the Green Goblin is defeated, Peter meets (briefly, for the first time) Mary Jane Watson. During the movie, Spiderman also tangles with The Birthday Bandit and the Blowhard (from the old Spidey Super Stories from The Electric Company)... seemingly comedy relief bits but both the Bandit and Blowhard will be revealed to be underlings to the Green Goblin, using them to distract Spidey from Goblin's master world takeover plan.

Eventually, Peter Parker will end up with an accidental harem comprised of Michelle Jones, Gwen Stacy, Mary Jane Watson, and Black Cat.
With the explanation that each of these women symbolically represent a different part of Peter himself.

Given the news of the Sony/Marvel deal collapsing, there is an in-universe reason why Spider-Man will disappear from the MCU
With his identity now made public and his reputation ruined, Peter has no other choice but to retire from being Spider-Man. Best case scenario, he's able to disprove the claims about his identity, otherwise he has to go into witness protection, presumably with S.H.I.E.L.D. and Nick Fury's help. He won't appear in more Marvel movies because Mysterio has ruined his reputation and he's seen as a villain alongside Loki, Ultron, and Thanos. Sony intends to continue the story of the Tom Holland Spider-Man without the MCU, making those films an alternate universe—thus proving that there is a Multiverse after all.
  • If Marvel and Sony are able to reconcile their differences, then this explanation could even remain canon, with Spider-Man reemerging once things have died down.

The third film will kill off Spider-Man
Marvel and Sony's deal collapsed, they've already killed him off in Infinity War, it's inevitable. My theory is that Scorpion will ultimately bring about his end.

Alternatively, Sony will be able to make MCU Spider-Man movies, just with Marvel Studios as a consultant.

Jameson will have a Heel Realization
He'll spend almost the entire film running a campaign against Spider-Man and when the villain's actions start causing real damage he'll put the blame on Spider-Man, even going as far as saying he deserves the trouble just for existing. But as the damage escalates and Spidey's loved ones wind up in real danger Jameson will start to realize just what exactly he's done and be horrified. By the end he'll have changed his stance and at least become more neutral towards Spider-Man, if not becoming a staunch supporter ala his Ultimate Universe counterpart.
  • Bonus points if there's an exact moment in the film where Jameson is fully clued in the kind of damage he's enabled to be done against a genuinely noble soul because of his bullheadedness (the villain outright thanking Jameson for letting them target Spidey, finding out the footage he was sent was false and being aghast he went so far over a lie, Spidey doing his best to save as many lives as possible despite his life being in mortal peril, etc.)

Flash Thompson will be one of Spider-Mans greatest supporters and help him clear his name

Ideas for The Stinger
  • After the plot is resolved for the better and Peter can rest easy he'll be seen looking at the former Avengers Tower when an older man comes up to talk with him. There'll be some dialogue from Peter about universes growing or the changing of eras or something to that effect before he's on his way. After Peter leaves the older man will be looking at the building when a blonde woman comes up and greets him as Reed while he greets her as Susan. Susan will note that Ben and Johnny are already inside waiting for them and they'll enter the building.
  • Spidey will makes his way to a rooftop at night and wonder where whoever contacted him for a meetup is. A voice calls him from offscreen and it's shown to be Rhodey and Bruce. Peter will note he was surprised to hear from them given his recent bad press but they brush it off, saying the world needs heroes and that Spider-Man was handpicked by Tony to be one. They'll mention some leads and show him images of other heroes that are starting to go active while Peter notes they should get started.
  • Peter and May will be waiting in some building with Peter questioning if who they're waiting for can really help them. May voices confidence in this person as an accomplished defense lawyer, revealing that they're fighting back against the injustice Peter has had to go through. The lawyer finally arrives and May is grateful for their help but cautious about their hopes of succeeding noting that most other lawyers seem to afraid to try. The lawyer will quip that it's good thing he's "a man without fear" and it will be shown to be Matt Murdock.
  • Spider-Man will be seen swinging through the streets of New York, a now grateful public cheering him on. He'll meet up with MJ out of public view for a seeming date but there will be a grizzled looking man watching on, apparently spying on them. The man will receive a call on his cell phone and answer along the lines of "I was just about the call but I guess you knew already knew that. Your fancy radar needs fine tuning Chuck because Webhead's not one of us. But there is a girl."
  • Peter will be at school looking around for someone when a student with a British accent comes up to him asking if he's Peter Parker. The student will introduce himself as Brian Braddock, the new student from overseas. Peter's meant to show him around the school and before going on the tour Brian will grab his backpack from nearby and inside will be an amulet that glows for a moment before he sets off.
  • Peter, MJ and Ned will be walking around school and run into a black kid who's a new student. They refer to him as the lottery winner and the kid introduces himself as Miles Morales.
  • Peter and MJ are walking through school, the former grateful that his troubles are over when he literally runs into a brunette girl that's a new student. The girl introduces herself as Kitty and is clearly smitten with Peter. MJ starts acting a bit coldly towards Peter and walks away. Peter chases after her to find out what he did wrong and Kitty goes to her locker. She shoots a dreamy look at Peter and her hand passes through her locker door. She quickly pulls it out and looks around to make sure nobody saw her.
  • Peter arrives at a classroom, having been called there by a new teacher. The teacher notes that he's impressed by Peter's intellect and humble background, revealing that his own was quite similar. The teacher introduces himself as Otto Octavius and notes that he and Peter are about to begin changing the world.
  • A figure sits in the shadows watching multiple broadcasts about Spider-Man and sharp dressed man in a suit enters the room and questions if the figures suspicions are right. The figure confirms this as a yes, noting that the keys to humanity's future have just been found. "What are you going to do Norman?" the sharp dressed man asks. "Whatever I must to remove the false idols that the foolish public believe to be heroes. And Spider-Man will be our vanguard. Whether he wishes to be or not." With that Norman Osborn steps out of the shadows to show himself.
  • An unknown figure is looking over news articles about Spider-Man. "Do you really believe he will help us?" growls an offscreen voice. "I think so. He's a man who stays low to the ground and fights for the little guy." The figure is revealed to be Eddie Brock. "And if he refuses?" the growling voice now known to be Venom asks. "I'm optimistic. And besides even if he doesn't want to help we have something that might just change his mind." Eddie pulls out documents with Richard Parker's name on them. "Let us hope you are right Eddie. Because Oscorp needs to be stopped and it won't be done by halfhearted measures." Eddie gets a dismal look on his face before standing up. "In that" he begins before the symbiote completely engulfs him to reveal his look as Venom. "We are in agreement."
  • At a diner, a young man devours half of the entire menu with empty plates in front of him on his table. The waiter asks if he's had enough before the man says that he's eating so much because he needs to be ready to take revenge. After paying his bill, the man rushes outside and hides in an alleyway before pulling out a newspaper documenting Spider-Man's name being cleared and a picture of Obadiah Stane. "I will finish what you started father." the man, now revealed as Ezekiel Stane, snarled as he made the newspaper burn to a crisp in his hands with cybernetic implants before smashing the picture of Peter into ash. "Soon, Stark will be nothing but an obscure washout once I wipe out everyone he's ever cared about! And I'll start with his little pet spider." he added tucking Stane's photo away before we cut to black, setting up Zeke as an Evil Counterpart to Peter.
  • In the fallout of the sequel's events (during the finale/denouement, to clarify), Fury, along with the Skrulls' shape-shifting help, will clear Peter's name, but will request/command he hands over the more dangerous elements of his Stark Tech, like the Iron Spider. Then in the Stinger, Fury and a SHIELD programmer are reverse-engineering the Iron Spider, seemingly trying to change it appearance/abilities. Then, an agent steps into the room; Fury addresses them as Drew, shows them the modified Spider-suit, with a different colour scheme, more pronounced wing-flaps and openings on the mask over the mouth/scalp. Fury asks if the agent is "ready to make up for all that Hydra jazz", and in response, they clench their fist, which begins crackling with green electricity.

MJ's full name will be revealed
To be Angelica Michelle Jones, making her a Composite Character with Firestar. She hates going by her first name because it was the one her less than stellar father chose for her and simply goes by her middle and last names only. For bonus points it will be revealed that her last name is actually her mother's maiden name and that Watson is her father's last name but she refuses to use it for obvious reasons. Plus she'll just find Angelica too pretentious normally.
  • Alternatively, Angelica will be introduced as her sister or cousin, possibly setting her up to become Firestar in a future film, possibly X-Men.

The story will have a John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum feel to it.
Namely, Peter's name being tarnished by the media is similar to John Wick's Excommunicado status, and when the main villain arrives, Peter may end up having to go on the run, which was the story of the aforementioned film. There may be a sense of hopelessness to his struggle, with practically nowhere to go and no one to ask for help, all because of the Daily Bugle's smear campaign. A theme that can be explored is that of consequences, something that was followed on in the past two Spider-Man movies (Peter wanting to be an Avenger, Vulture's revenge, Mysterio's illusions, the passing of EDITH glasses, etc).
  • This could be a very good "setting" for the movie, lore-wise, as Peter having to incapacitate wanna-be assassins and bounty hunters is an absolute gold mine in terms of setting up the MCU appearances of classic Spider-man villains, or alternatively, establish how anti-heroic characters like Black Cat or Silver Sable operate in this corner of the MCU, as he desperately seeks them out for help/guidance/protection.
  • Also, bonus points if it employs as few "time-jumps' as possible, happening over the span of 6-12 hours of movie time rather than the days-long span of its predecessors, in order to capture the frenetic, always-moving feel of said movie's first third.

Jameson will face consequences for hand in creating the Scorpion if he does so.

An idea for how a crossover with Tom Hardy's Venom could work.

The next antagonist will be Silver Sable.

Peter and his friends will gratuate from Midtown High in the sequel.
The movie could also even begin with the "Graduation" song playing over the Marvel Studios logo.

The next sequel will be darker than its predecessors.
The next sequel will begin with Peter Parker not being able to go back to Midtown School of Science and Technology because everyone who has watched the news about his true identity revealed to the world by Quentin Beck and not only that, missing out of graduating with his friends. Also, Michelle "MJ" Jones will break up with him because of it. Not only that, he will instead have a new older boyfriend too. Also, The Kingpin might be the next big bad and will build a huge monument/statue in Beck's honor. This movie will also have no music from famous bands just like in Iron Man 3.

William Ginter Riva will return and turn out to be a Canon Character All Along.
...and given that William has worked with a Master of Illusion, that canon character will be Fusion.

Jamie Foxx will be portraying a different incarnation of Electro, original within the MCU
Just like in the case of the MCU's J. Jonah Jameson, who is original to the MCU but played by J. K. Simmons, the actor who played him in the original ''Spider-Man'' trilogy of Sam Raimi, it's possible that Jamie Foxx is returning to play Electro but just a new version of the character rather than the one he previously played in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. This may be the case given that such Electro's costume received huge fan backlash back when the film was released and because Marc Webb's films are not canonical within the MCU just like Raimi's.

J.Jonah Jameson will be involved in Electro's origin
The Stinger seems to be setting up J Jonah Jameson as an antagonist in the sequel and it was confirmed that Jamie Foxx would be playing Electro. What if Jameson is trying to create a way to kill Spider-Man and stumbles on the idea to give someone the power to control electricity(possibly during a lightning storm)?

Doctor Strange will ultimately help Peter Parker...into making all people around the world forget about his secret identity
Doctor Strange has been recently announced to be appearing in the film as Peter Parker's mentor in a similar way Tony Stark and Talos did in the previous two films. He will possibly aid Peter on his adventure to clean Spider-Man's name and prove that Mysterio lied about him being a murderer. As noted by many, however, even if Spidey manages to save his reputation, his secret identity has already been exposed to the world and while he could trick all people with a Skrull into believing that he isn't Spider-Man, there will surely be people who will not buy it or still connect him with the wall-crawler. Unless Stephen Strange can help him to make people forget about that fact.

At the end of the film, Doctor Strange will possibly find a way to restore Spider-Man's secret identity as the secret it used to be, but possibly with some kind of sacrifice a la One More Day, especially if Mephisto is involved in some way. Such sacrifice could be to force Michelle Jones into forget that Peter is Spider-Man and/or that she is even in love with him as a result, even possibly making her to fall in love with Brad Davis again. Such decision will hurt Peter, but he will likely conclude that it's for the best, as this will ensure the protection of all those people he loves and cares from any of his enemies.

Peter Parker will ultimately fake his death
Before the final battle with the main antagonist, Spider-Man finally concludes that while defeating his new enemy is the only way to clean up his name, his secret identity will remain exposed and that his life will never be the same again. So he will just fake his death much like Nick Fury once did in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Just like Doctor Strange, maybe Nick Fury will try to do his best to help Peter after Mysterio brands him as a public menace and convinces him to do the same he did back when the Winter Soldier tried to kill him. Even Doctor Strange could use his magic to make a fake corpse. Thus, at the end, Spider-Man defeats his new enemy from possibly destroying the world but at the same time seemingly sacrifices himself to do so, leading all people to conclude that he was never a supervillain like Mysterio claimed and remember Peter Parker as the hero he was, while Peter, adopting a new civilian identity, keeps operating as Spider-Man while making it look that he is a new superhero, much like Batman apparently does at the end of Batman: Arkham Knight.

Electro IS the one from The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and this film will canonize the first two Spider-Man film series.
Specifically, Strange will reveal that multiverses are real and Electro comes from one of them. The explanation for the latter will be a vague explanation that when he exploded at the end of that film, his "body" travelled faster than light and threw him into the MCU. Considering Sony wants Holland in their own Marvel series of movies, bonus points if this movie also establishes them as canon too (either as happening elsewhere in New York or in another parallel universe).

Peter will automatically be supported by people who didn't care about his identity.
Aside from how ridiculous it sounds for a teenager like him to be a mass murderer, revealing Spider-Man's identity alone would have a good amount of the public be outraged and/or suspicious of Mysterio and Jameson for how willing they were willing to do so, no matter what intentions others might believe they had. Some like (possibly) Flash would make the argument that Spider-Man was cooler as a mysterious protector, but now they've ruined the "mysterious" part for both them and Peter.

If this movie goes the multiverse route, Alfred Molina's Doc Ock won't be a villain.
He redeemed himself at the end of Spider-Man 2, so he might view his entrance into the MCU as a second chance.

Peter will somehow manage to sell Jameson Spidey footage regardless of their Adaptation Relationship Overhaul.
He'll likely be on the run and need the cash. Maybe he'll find a way to do it anonymously, or maybe Jameson will concede because Peter is still the best source of footage, even as he trashes him on his show. This could potentially lead to Jameson tracking Peter and selling him out to villains.
  • Another possibility is that wether Peter's identity stays public or is apparently disproven, Jameson will keep him as a valuable source by claiming his complaints are his way of making sure Spidey stays a hero.

Peter will be disbelieving of the Multiversal Spider-Men at first.

Peter's origin will be shown in the opening credits a la The Incredible Hulk
  • The film itself will reveal that he's giving a court testimony or interview to how and why he became Spider-Man in order to help prove his innocence. Jameson could try to claim that his experience Guilt Complex has left him mentally ill or unstable, and not fit to be a hero, comparing it to Tony's creation of Ultron.

Someone other than Peter has "revealed" themselves as Spider-Man
They are now imprisoned, allowing Peter to walk free, but hounded by "truthers".

Ned will become Hobgoblin but as a hero
Marvel's Spider-Man set a precedent for Hobgoblin as a hero, and given how much is already supposed to be in the film a falling out between Peter and Ned would be unnecessary. If they're acting on an intention to continue Peter's arc after this film, it could go something like Ned building the Hobgoblin suit and glider to help Peter, and near the end of the film we'll see Norman Osborn developing a suit inspired by it, since Spider-Man: The Animated Series set a precedent for Green Goblin coming second.

Doc Ock will build another inhibitor device to stop the tentacles from influencing him.
Shortly after showing up, Doctor Octopus will request various resources, which he will use to make a new inhibitor device when he gets them so his tentacles won't influence him.

Spider-Man will switch back to a red and blue suit.

With the Multiverse coming into existence in the aftermath of Loki (2021), there is now enough justification/opportunity to bridge realities from Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.
Furthermore, barring a few casting changes (like Hailee Steinfeld [as per her commitments to Hawkeye] and Brian Tyree Henry, as a member of Film/Eternals), virtually all of the voice-cast (Shameik Moore, Jake Johnson / Chris Pine, Nicolas Cage, Kimiko Glenn and John Mulaney) can justifiably make the transition to live-action.


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