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    Pre-Release Theories 
Hannah John-Kamen's character will be:
  • Janet van Dyne herself, frozen in time after getting trapped in the Quantum Realm.
    • Not that I'm against diversity, but Janet was Caucasian, as shown by the obscured photograph of her and Hope being as Caucasian as Hank. It would only work was if they pulled a Fake Mixed Race situation/retcon with Hope, which is unlikely, or if it was revealed that the Quantum Realm causes people's bodies to morph into new appearances (essentially an in-universe Race Lift).
    • Definitely Jossed. Michelle Pfeiffer has been cast as Janet.
  • Janice Lincoln, better known as the Beetle from Superior Foes of Spider-Man.
    • A Spider-Man villain might be tricky to include in an MCU movie that doesn't have Spider-Man, since Sony still has the film rights to Spider-Man and his assortment of enemies, but co-produces them with Marvel Studios.
  • Jarella, princess of the world of K'ai.
  • Doctor Spectrum
  • Madame Macabre
  • Rita deMara, a.k.a. Yellowjacket II
  • Hijacker, an obscure villain who fought Hank in the 1960s comics before Janet van Dyne was introduced. This Hijacker would be a female version and a connection to Scott of some kind.
  • Porcupine, again a Gender Flip of a male villain who fought Ant-Man.
  • The sister of Bill Foster, the second Giant-Man who's better known as Goliath.
  • A Gender Flip of Trey Rollins, the mystical breastplate-wearing hero Aegis.

The film's title not only refers to Scott and Hope, but Hank and Janet as well.
Scott and Hope's story will be told in the present, while flashbacks to Hank and Janet's past as the original Ant-Man and Wasp will also play a part in the film's plot.
  • Technically confirmed, but the only flashback to the original Ant-man and Wasp is the Action Prologue.

The film will take on more of a romance / romantic comedy genre than anything else in the MCU so far.
Ant-Man and Wasp are a supercouple, so they may as well, right?

The villains will be a Big Bad Duumvirate who are a Battle Couple
What better movie to introduce such a dynamic for the bad guys than the first one that spotlights both Ant-Man and the Wasp?

Randall Park will appear on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. as Jimmy Woo as a tie-in to the film
It would be a great way to show that there is still a connection between the films and the TV series, even if it's not through one of the big superheroes.
  • Jossed

Hannah John-Kamen is Norman Osborn
But she's actually just an actor hired by Zendaya to hide her plot to become Venom, since the Tom Hardy movie will most likely bomb because all movies created by Sony will fail because they made the Ghostbusters remake. But in the post credits scene it will turn out the actress is really an undercover Sue Storm, since Marvel totally has the rights to the Fantastic Four and is keeping it secret.
  • Jossed
    • OP: This was a gag theory. It even ended with "Behold! I have created the ultimate crappy Marvel theory!" but I guess someone assumed I was someone making fun

Mitchell Carson is the Big Bad of the film
Why not? The reveal in the first film that he's working for Hydra and that he becomes a Karma Houdini with the Pym Particles could result him in appearing in a future film, which could mean this one...
  • Carson could appear, but it's unlikely he has significant Hydra resources due to the organization's Villain Decay. By the first Ant-Man film they had become more or less a paramilitary group, so that's what Carson would have at best. Unless Hydra has a resurgence.
  • Jossed, he doesn't appear at all.

This film will have some kind of connection with Infinity War and Untitled Avengers Sequel
Marvel Studios hasn't confirmed about the film's timeline and this one is literally came out 2 months after Infinity War! Casual viewers would like "Hey, I thought he was with Avengers" or "Why Ant-Man is NOT helping Avengers of stopping Thanos?". Ant-Man and The Wasp might take place after the event of Infinity War where Avengers tell Scott of getting Hank Pym to creates a weapon that can stop Thanos for good.
  • It's stated this movie takes place right after Civil War and before Infinity War.
    • Half-Confirmed Half-Jossed with The Stinger , which shows while a majority of the film takes place before, the stringer is during the end of Infinity War.

The film will have an Action Prologue dealing with Mitchell Carson.
It would be a nice way to wrap up dangling plot threads from the first film, and demonstrate the new skills Scott has picked up since the last movie.
  • Jossed, the Action Prologue deals with Hank Pym telling Hope what actually happened to her mother.

Ghost will pull a Heel–Face Turn at some point in the movie.
It would be interesting if she returned in other MCU films.
  • Mostly confirmed. She gets cured, but the Pyms send Scott to the Quantum Realm to search for healing particles in The Stinger

The flashbacks to Hank and Janet's past will have brief hints or mentions of The Invaders
It's not entirely impossible for SHIELD to have had contact with other superhumans such as Namor or the Android Torch during the Cold War. Perhaps Montgomery Falsworth, having left the Howling Commandos, will be seen or mentioned as Union Jack.
  • Jossed

The Ghost will be Bill Foster's daughter.
As a way of paralleling Hank and Hope's relationship. This might also be the in-universe reason for Ghost's Race Lift.
  • Confirmed! She's his adoptive daughter after her parent's death.

There will be a flashback that features a young Michelle Pfeiffer.
The MCU is no stranger to making older actors younger. They did that with Michael Douglas, Robert Downey Jr. and Kurt Russell. So it's likely that we will see a young Michelle Pfeiffer in Ant-Man and The Wasp.
  • Confirmed. Douglas and Pfeiffer have both been spotted shooting what appears to be a flashback to the 1980s, and both of them have CGI facial dots. In the movie proper, the flashback shows a younger Janet and Hank saying goodbye to Hope as they leave on what turns out to be Janet's final mission. Pfeiffer and Douglas are CGIed to look younger, while Hope gets the Time-Shifted Actor treatment due to her being a child.

Hank and Janet will suit up at some point in the movie
Not as a flashback but with them coming in to save Scott and Hope wearing one of the prototypes of their suits.
  • Both confirmed and jossed. Janet is suited for the entirely of the film since she got into the Quantum Realm as Wasp, while Hank wears a prototype of the Ant-man suit to rescue her. But they don't use the suits to rescue Hank and Hope.

Hank and Janet's marriage will be portrayed less positively than some other versions of the characters
Consider this: Janet returns to find that her husband allowed their daughter to go into the same line of heroics that got her trapped in the Quantum Realm. Plus, time has moved on without her, creating a Captain America/Rip Van Winkle style effect for her as she has to keep up with how much has changed and how she never got to grow old with Hank side-by-side. It's not going to be like the Ultimate universe or some moments in the 616 world where it's abusive, but it won't be portrayed as perfect. Eventually, of course, they're going to find a way through these issues.
  • Jossed.

Years of being in the Quantum Realm will allow Janet to shrink and grow without having to wear the suit
Allowing her to fly around in her Wasp suit without the helmet, making her look like the classic Wasp design
  • Seemingly Jossed, but she has the power to heal Ghost.

Micronauts toys will appear as a background easter egg
  • Jossed

Ghost will be introduced in her costume and pull a Samus Is a Girl
The way she has been shown in her costume in promos, some people will think she's a man at first due to the suit's masculine appearance until she takes her mask off.
  • Semi-jossed. Before she takes her mask off, Hope refers to her as "he", and later, everyone refers to her as "they".

Ghost will be a sympathetic catspaw for the film's real Big Bad, who will be...
  • A version of Power Broker who wants the Pym Particles
  • Taskmaster, who, after all, debuted during the first team up of Lang, Pym, and van Dyne.
  • Egghead
  • Black Knight
  • Red Queen, who in this version might be Janet Van Dyne instead of Hope Van Dyne, gone insane after years in the Quantum Realm.
  • The CEO of Roxxon, who for all I know may be any of the above
    • She could simply of been hired by Sonny Burch, you know, another villain who has actually revealed to be in the movie, with a confirmed actor and everything.
  • The original Ghost, if the theory that this Ghost is a successor is true and the original menaced Hank, that would be the perfect chance to have him be the overall villain of the movie.
  • The Ten Rings, who are still interested in Pym's tech
  • Jossed, all of them, Ghost stays as the Big Bad, or at least the only supervillain in the film.

Jimmy Woo will work alongside Eric O'Grady
Eric will here be portrayed as a sleazy FBI transfer who's eventually outed as a covert SHIELD agent keeping tabs on Pym. Their relationship will be one of grudging cooperation blending into outright Jurisdiction Friction.
  • Jossed

Hawkeye will make an appearance while on the run
And his role as Goliath in the comics will be lampshaded somehow.
  • Jossed, but Operation Goliath is name-dropped.

The Big House will appear as a containment unit Hank uses to shrink down and interrogate captives
  • Jossed

There'll be some Sequel Goes Foreign scenarios
Mostly just to keep things colorful.

Tony pulled some strings to keep Scott out of jail
It would look very bad for the UN to keep the captured heroes locked up when Zemo was the one who attacked the summit instead of Bucky. Tony, who wasn't too happy about how they were being detained, likely interceded to give the escaped heroes some level on lenience. Bear in mind that Scott wasn't given a free pass as he is still under house arrest, a situation that would most likely come about as a compromise between Tony and the UN.
  • Why would Tony bother to keep Scott out of jail? The two barely know each other. In Captain America: Civil War, they only share one scene where Scott is in prison. When Scott said "As Pym always said, you can't trust a Stark", Tony's response was just "Who are you?" This is totally different from the relationship between Tony and Peter Parker. Of course, Tony would know about the existence of Pym Particles and might make a deal on Scott about the information on the Pym Particles in exchange of a house arrest but I doubt Scott would be willing trade Hank's secret to him seeing that he shares the same distrust that Hank had on Stark. Unless they portray that Tony feels guilty about what happened to the captured superheroes and that he read information that Scott has a daughter which is a flimsy reason for him to keep the guy out of jail, it's unlikely that Tony would care about Scott.
  • Given that Hank is seen wearing an FBI jacket in the trailer, it's more likely that he pulled some kind of deal.
  • A further point is that the Sokovia Accords were already enacted by the time of Zemo's attack. That was about setting Cap and Iron Man directly against each other. Unauthorized superhero activity was already banned, so jailing them was about that and not anything Zemo did.
  • Jossed

The reason this Ghost is a black woman instead of a white man is because she's a Legacy Character as well.
To elaborate, the old Ghost is a white male and was the enemy to Hank and Janet. This new girl took over the old Ghost's job, similarly to how Scott/Hope took over for Hank/Janet.
  • Mostly Jossed as she's revealed to be a legacy to Elias Starr aka Egghead, also a white male who did have a history with Hank and Janet but wasn't a super villain in MCU before his death and she's the only Ghost. Also she was working with/adopted by a semi-villainous Bill Foster who resents Hank for his behavior back in the 80s.

Scott and Hope will homage the cover of Janet's first comic appearance.
Wasp pulling a swooning Ant-Man out of harm's way would make both a Moment of Awesome for Hope, and a Funny Moment for Scott.
  • Jossed

How the film will end, tying into the untitled sequel to Avengers: Infinity War.
Scott and Hope will end up shrinking into the Quantum Realm (Just like what happened to the former in the first Ant-Man), and when they inevitably return back to the normal world, they find out that everything's changed. All because of Thano's Badass Fingersnap that may occur in Avengers: Infinity War. The only reason Scott and Hope weren't affected by these changes to the world because the Quantum Realm has no sense of time at all. Hence, they have become immune, and from the set photos showing Iron Man and Captain America in their Avengers suits, and Hope and Scott in their new suits, the two can end up becoming the key to stopping Thanos, concluding the film on a Sequel Hook.
  • Thanos does indeed use his Badass Fingersnap to wipe out half of the universe. An alternate route, however, is that the film will end on a standalone note, but then the post-credits scene will feature Scott and Hope watching helplessly as those around them (possibly including Hank, Luis, Maggie, and Cassie) are turned to dust, and just like the survivors of Infinity War, they will have no idea what to do.
  • Or rather, Scott and Hank bite the dust, leaving Hope and Janet to take Cassie under their wings and training her to be Stature in time for Avengers: Endgame.
    • Scott blowing away is Jossed, since some revealed images show him showing up in the past with Tony, meaning he survives.
    • If it's Hope and Janet taking Cassie under their wings, it could also be possible Cassie will become Stinger.
  • Going with the recent news and the ending, the idea of Scott or Cassie dying is jossed by both being in Avengers: Endgame. That said, there's a good chance that Maggie, Paxton, Scott's friends and possibly Hank might end up biting it in The Stinger. Since a Time Skip is all but confirmed at this point, aging Cassie from child to teenager, there's a chance this could factor into her becoming Stature and helping the superheroes out in 4.
    • "All but confirmed" is kind of stretching it, so how about an alternative; Cassie survives, but the situation prompts Scott to do something drastic to protect Cassie. Namely, he'll shrink her down and put her in what he thinks is the Quantum Realm with the intention of getting her back later, with the reasoning being that Janet surviving after such a long time means Cassie would be safe until the situation could be reversed. Then when he either shrinks down himself to get her or simply enlarges her somehow, Cassie will have aged significantly, having actually been sent to the subatomic alien world of K'ai , where she has become a hero in her own right. The third film featuring Ant-Man as a title character will deal with the transition. Older Cassie means we're one step closer to the Young Avengers without having to use a jump forward that may be undone, or any time travel that could also be undone.
  • Alternatively, Hope and Scott are in the quantum realm during the snap and due to how time passes in the quantum realm they are gone for six years and Maggie and Jim are reduced to ash from Thanos wiping out half the universe in the interim. Hank and Janet feeling that they owe a debt to Scott take Cassie in until he returns and raise her until Scott and Hope return six years later. By this time Cassie is sixteen and has become Stature.
  • Ghost will be killed by the finger snap, either when the heroes try to take her into custody after defeating her, or just before the final battle. The latter would prompt a discussion of whether this is an escape attempt by her, and when it isn't Scott will comment "Well, that was easy."
  • Hope is very likely one of the victims of the Snap. The concept art for Avengers: Endgame shows the surviving superheroes rallying together on a mission, and conspicuously Wasp is not among them. Meanwhile, Captain Marvel, who hasn't even properly debuted yet, is on the team. Furthermore, Paul Rudd has been seen on set and Ant-Man is said to have a major role, yet it's described the Wasp's role is comparatively minor. That doesn't sound very promising for her...
  • Almost Everytthing beside part of the first point is Jossed. The Stinger shows Hank, Hope and Janet disintegrating, with Scott trapped in the Quantum Realm. He is then accidentally let out 5 years later by a rat crawling over the controls. He however only experienced about 5 minutes of time, so he discovers he's been marked dead and his daughter is now a teenager. Ultimately at his suggestion, using Pym particles to travel through the quantum realm allows time travel which allows the Avengers to fix things..

The Stinger will set up Avengers: Endgame.
A few of the surviving Avengers will appear, discussing some kind of plan against Thanos. Someone will say, "No, that won't work. Not unless one of you can shrink." Cap will then suddenly look up. Someone will ask him what he's thinking, and he will say, "I know a guy..."
  • A few additional ways The Stinger could set up Avengers: Endgame.
    • The scene could consist of Scott, who is back in house arrest at the end, spending some time with Cassie unaware of the situation at the end of Infinity Way (due to them being among the half that is still living after Thanos snapped his fingers) until Hawkeye calls him informing him of the news of half of the world's population disappearing into ash.
    • A scene similar to the one above, expect someone shows up at Scott's door asking for help, with said person being either Captain America (the one Avenger that is familiar with Ant-Man) or Rocket (allowing for the film to tie into Infinity War in a lighthearted manner).
    • Another scene similar to above, but instead of Scott, it is Hank who is greeted at his door by Captain Marvel, who has just been contacted by Nick Fury, but since everyone who was involved with SHIELD in the 90's is dead or snapped, and Hank is someone she remembers being mentioned a lot when she was at SHIELD, she has come to him seeking guidance and direction.
    • We get a shot of Janet still in the Quantum Realm, with her meeting someone there. The identity of the person in question would be one of the following:
      • Captain Marvel, suggesting that's she's stuck in the the Quantum Realm as well.
      • Gamora, suggesting that the Quantum Realm is Soulworld.
      • Falcon, revealing that those who got "killed" when Thanos snapped his finger wound up in the Quantum Realm.
    • A scene with Cassie getting her hands on some the equipment that allows for her father to shrink/grow, setting up her older self (be it Time Skip or time travel to the future) becoming Stature in Avengers: Endgame.
      • Or if she doesn't need the equipment like in the comics (because she was exposed to Pym Particles), an alternative would be to have Pym introduce Cassie to a new suit in his lab, done in a similar manner as to how he introduced Hope to the Wasp suit. Then say "It's the ultimate one-size-fits-all, and in times like these, we need it for someone of your stature".
  • Confirmed as The Stinger connecting to Avengers: Endgame, but the specifics listed above are Jossed.

The ending will lead directly into the next Avengers movie.
There are rumors that this film is going to be important in setting up the Infinity War sequel, which is going to be set a few years later. What if at the end of the movie, they go to find Janet in the quantum realm, but it take longer than expected and when they come back out years have passed and they find the remaining Avengers and ask them what the hell happened?

Cassie Lang is on the road to becoming Stature
There have been numerous hints that Young Avengers is on the cards in the past, and people were already speculating happening since the beginning. Now, not only does she return in Avengers: Endgame but she's aged up to a teenager (roughly the age of her comic book version). The second trailer alludes to it happening, with Cassie saying she wants to fight crime just like her dad. One can't help but suspect the story is going to act on that later, and given how much things will have changed after Thanos's killing of over half the population, there's no doubt she'll aspire to be a hero even more.
  • Expanding further on this, it could be made possible in this movie. In the comics, Cassie could shrink and grow without a suit because she was exposed to Pym Particles. So a scene could have a very similar scenario, where either it's an accident or Cassie is near a Pym Particle explosion during a fight scene (possibly involving Ghost) and this rearranges her molecules and giving her the powers to grow and shrink. It could be used for comedy (such as having her grow when angry or shrink when guilty). Then after Avengers: Endgame in the Time Skip she will have become a superhero of her own.
  • Alternatively, Cassie is going to become Stinger, her other alias from the comics, and it simply ends with her beginning to convince Scott to consider letting it happen. Scott will laugh and say "Sure, Peanut"...only for the movie to end with the older Cassie suddenly appearing due to time travel (which will be explained in Avengers: Endgame) and telling Scott that he really should actually consider letting the younger follow in his footsteps.
  • Probably confirmed, Cassie wants to help her dad fighting evil and now being around 14 or 15 in Endgame.

Ghost will be a Yandere for Scott
It's apparently somewhat of a romantic comedy, so a love triangle would make sense. We also haven't had this villain motivation in the MCU yet.
  • Jossed

Goliath/Bill Foster will be the secret antagonist
Despite being a hero in the comic books, there could be a switcheroo. No real evidence for this, but there's the MCU trend to hire veteran actors in antagonistic roles, Redford, Rourke, Pearce, Keaton, Weaving, Spader, Brolin, Bridges, Blachett, Russell, among others, and possibly Fishburne. Goliath would also make a good 'final boss' against Giant Man.
  • If this trend continues, but Fishburne doesn't end up being the Big Bad, Michelle Pfeiffer would fit the observed pattern as well.
  • Mostly Jossed. Ghost is the Big Bad and Bill Foster her adoptive father who is supporting her.

Hank Pym will be allowed to wipe his, Hope's, and Scott's slates clean in the eyes of the government in exchange for rebuilding Ultron for Secretary Ross
Some admittedly dubious leaks have come out recently suggesting that a Hank Pym-created Ultron will be teased in the movie. If this turns out to be true, it may be that Ross views Ultron as an easy-to-control peacekeeper that would have been successful if it had been government property rather than a Stark project. So in this movie, Ross will let the heroes be wiped of their Accords-related offences in exchange for Pym recreating the drone and handing over to the government. Most importantly, a government-based Ultron would mean the bot is more cold and calculating, rather than the embarrassment that was the Deadpan Snarker Stark!Ultron.
  • Jossed

The real Big Bad will turn out to be Janet van Dyne who is the MCU Psycho-Man
There's a suprising lack of any kind of screentime for Janet despite as Hank's wife and Hope's mother supposed to be playing a major role in the film. The trailers also seem to only be focused on what seems the first half of the movie with Ghost not really being Big Bad material and Sonny Burch and his goons too ineffectual. And Janet's character poster shows her wearing a coat over what looks like a bulkier more armored green suit, just like what Psycho-Man wore in the comics, with it possible her time in the Sub-Atomic has made her insane and evil.
  • Jossed, Janet isn't an antagonist.

There will be immense criticism if a certain person gets dusted by Thanos...
Specifically, Hope Van Dyne / The Wasp, due to her not being seen in a recent Avengers: Endgame promotional art featuring the team. We are talking about someone who is the first female superhero to be featured in a MCU film title, and ending the film with her disintegrating due to Thanos' Badass Fingersnap, and therefore not being able to participate much in the next Avengers film can draw criticism. It can also create accusations that this is one big Stuffed into the Fridge moment, just to give Scott a motivation to stop Thanos.
  • Hope gets dusted in The Stinger, but it's too soon to tell if there is backlash.
  • Jossed her return after being dusted, while met with fan disappointment was forgotten due to the "All the ladies" team up scene in Endgame.

Hank Pym will suit up in a Post-Credits scene, spurred on by the death of his daughter or wife or both.
He'll then unwillingly join the Avengers to help reverse the snap deaths, contributing his Quantam Realm tech to provide the time travel devices that A4 will be so dependant on. If Janet survives, he and she will return to their Battle Couple ways, and if Hope survives as well, both Ant-mans and Wasps will all work together.

    Post-Release Theories *SPOILER WARNING* 

Norman Osborn is Sonny Burch's employer and was after Pym Particles and other Quantum Realm-related technology
Think about it. With the complexity of Hank Pym's technology, someone with a good head on their shoulders would be one of the only people to be able to make use of it. Marvel will need another long-term villain after Thanos, and this would be a great way of building up to his eventual appearance in the MCU. (Bonus points if he was also the buyer of Stark Tower before the events of Spider-Man: Homecoming, as other WMGs have suggested.)
  • The same could be said for any major Marvel villain with a big brain.

Reed Richards is Sonny Burch's employer
But not directly. Reed, prior to his MCU debut, is trying keep tabs on, and if necessary acquire, technology he thinks the world is not ready for. Burch is just aware that Reed Richards is paying top dollar for super-advanced tech, and takes it on his own initiative, using tactics Reed would never condone, to steal Hank's research.

Half of the ants were dusted in The Stinger
They are sentient beings after all.

also died with the snapSO PEOPLE STOP MAKING JOKES ABOUT IT!!!
  • Far From Home indicates that MJ was one of the snap victims, so technically confirmed.

Ultron will return in Ant-Man 3 or Avengers: Endgame.
Loki and Thanos returned, so Ultron ins the only Avengers Big Bad who hasn't reappeared since his film. Since it was created by Hank Pym in the comics, it would be a big deal having him to close the Ant-man trilogy.
  • Jossed for Endgame.

Ghost will unshrink Scott
She will be one of the lucky ones, and seeking to repay a bit of a favor to Janet, will discover the disintegrated Pyms and help Scott back out of the Quantum Realm.
  • Jossed. He's freed by a rat.

Scott's daughter will unshrink Scott
She keeps saying that she wants to be his partner and help people, undoing Thanos' snap with take years and she will be an adult by then.
  • Jossed. He's freed by a rat.

Scott will unshrink himself like he did when he first entered the quantum realm in the first film
Grow and shrink discs were introduced in the original Ant-Man film, and have been used continuously by the Antman 1 Cast Herd since then. Scott jerry-rigging a grow disk into his suit's regulator allowed him to come back from the quantum realm in Ant-Man; it's not out of the question that Scott would be similarly equipped for this trip, and it's less likely that he'd forget about that method.
  • Jossed. He's freed by a rat.

Luis will unshrink Scott
Since Scott apparently tells Luis everything, Luis knew where Scott was and what he was doing. He'll eventually think to himself "you know, I haven't heard from Scott for awhile," go check on him, realize Scott's trapped, panic, and start randomly pushing buttons on Hanks machine. . . which will luckily turn out to be the exact right buttons to free Scott.
  • Jossed. He's freed by a rat.

Hank will unshrink Scott
Hank may be a jerkass and Vitriolic Best Buds with Scott, but he is not stupid and he is very unlikely to want to risk what happened to Janet happening to anyone else. He probably put at least one failsafe in the quantum tunnel thingy so that if something (i.e. Thanos) went tits-up, there'd be a way out.
  • Jossed. He's freed by a rat.

Ghost was killed by Thanos.
In the film, she's last seen going into hiding but that's before the stinger where we see Thanos' badass fingersnap in action.

Elihas Starr didn't really die
His body might have been destroyed but the quantum energy allowed his spirit to exist as a ghost and he'll recruit his daughter into restoring his body. As a side effect, his head will become more egglike and he'll comment on how his classmates used to call him "Egghead". His daughter will eventually figure out Bill's opinion of him was hindered by Bill's opinion of Hank.

Half of the cast gets snapped out.
The most likely to suffer from it is Cassie which would give Scott more of a reason to join the remaining superheroes.
  • Jossed. Cassie appears as a teenager in Avengers: Endgame.

Scott specifically survived The Snap BECAUSE he was in the Quantum Realm at the time.
Scott wasn't supposed to be one of the lucky ones to survive The Snap. He would have turned to dust along with the Pyms if he wasn't in the Quantum Realm. There is something specific about the Quantum Realm that protected Scott.

Janet knew about the events of Infinity War.
We don’t know how her new powers work, but after absorbing the energies of the Quantum Realm for three decades, it seems odd she’d just “run out” and they’d need to send Scott into the Quantum Realm. Jan very specifically mentions “time vortexes” to Scott right before he goes sub-atomic. On top of that, through her entanglement with Scott, she’s able to insert her consciousness into other places in space-time. Who’s to say she hasn’t done this before? Maybe she was able to observe the events leading up to Infinity War, and knew the Snap was an increasingly likely possibility. That line to Scott was part of a Batman Gambit to save the universe. Or at the very least, give herself one last moment with her husband and daughter.

In some capacity, Janet survived the Snap.
She’s entangled herself with Scott on a Quantum level. The specifics remain intentionally vague, but we know their link can let Jan show him her memories and even take control of his body. Some piece of Janet’s mind is alive within Scott.
  • The snap is undone in Endgame whether or not she survived is now a moot point.

Janet’s new powers will tie into the new Myth Arc once we’ve wrapped up the Thanos storyline
  • Some have even theorized that her comments about "evolution" are a lead-in to possibly introducing mutants into the universe if the Fox merger goes through. After all, she specifically referred to it as "evolution", which X-Men is heavily based on, and could cast doubt that she's simply an enhanced like the others in this case. While we're not likely to get a full confirmation yet, once Disney officially gets Fox we may have a word. If proven true, the likely scenario is that the Quantum Realm had awoken dormant mutant DNA within Janet, and thus she evolved. The line was very vague and they didn't expand further on it, so one gets the impression that they added that it as way to potentially help introduce mutants to the MCU by making a line just vague enough for it to work either way in case the deal with south.

Part of Doctor Strange's plan was to time everything just right so that Scott would be in the Quantum Realm during The Snap.
  • It's been hinted that the Quantum Realm and time travel are going to be integral to the Avengers plan to stop Thanos. Scott diving in right before the Snap and becoming stuck there was crucial.
    • Bonus points if a time-displaced Dr. Strange shows up in the Quantum Realm after having gone on a quick trip sometime between witnessing the multiple timelines and his final battle with Thanos. He helps Scott locate a time vortex before returning back to his time and that sets everything in motion.
    • It's also possible Scott gets sucked into a Time Vortex anyway - Janet specifically warns Scott to avoid Time Vortexes while in the Quantum Realm, and if stuck there may just attempt it as a do-or-die moment - and exits out on his own.

Drummer Ant joins with the Avengers to defeat Thanos.
  • The ant does have a reason to avenge half of ant-kind as well as the Pym family.
    • Jossed. He never appears.

Scott's being stuck in the quantum realm will make him the key figure in undoing the snap.
  • Either he'll:
  1. Enter a time vortex, which will take him to a point in time where he can prevent the snap from happening in the first place
  2. Learn how to harness quantum healing to restore all the beings that have been dusted. Most of these movies take place more or less at the same time as their release, so Scott will be trapped there for around a year. That plus whatever he subconsciously learned from Janet will give him what he needs.
  • Confirmed, though the options are Jossed. Instead, he is able to figure out the possibility of time travel.

The people in S.H.I.E.L.D. who turned Ghost into a weapon instead of trying to cure her were Hydra infiltrators.
Because Hydra are dicks who would 100% take advantage of a scared, broken child like that.

Bill Foster gets dusted, giving Ghost a reason to fight Thanos.
Her adopted father gets turned into dust. A vengeful Ghost will team up with the remaining heroes to defeat Thanos.
  • It's unknown what happened to Bill, but Ghost doesn't appear in Endgame.

What happened to Cassie after the movie
  • X-Con all survive the Snap and go to check on her to make sure she and the Langs survived however she was the only one who didn’t get snapped. They take her in and find Bill Foster and/or Ava. When Cassie gets older they begin working on her own suit and training to become a hero herself.
  • Jossed. When she is shown in Endgame, there's no indication of that.

When Pym and Hope open a stable version of the tunnel Scott is only pretending to be possessed by Janet
  • The acting by "possessed" Scott seems to be very awkward and Scott seems to be only acting, he seems to be on the verge of laughing.
  • If it was a random gag on Scott's part then how the hell would he have known where to find Janet?

The quantum particles Scott collected will be a key plot point in the Infinity War sequel.
  • Ok, the whole basis of quantum theory is the idea that, on a certain level of reality, multiple possible outcomes all happen simultaneously, only collapsing into one outcome when observed. Now, Thanos's Snap Of Doom is set up to be completely random, so it may be possible to use the quantum particles in some way to alter the effects of the Snap, to cause certain people to have retroactively been dusted in exchange for other people surviving. In that way, the most powerful or important heroes could be assembled to fight Thanos.
    • Jossed. They don't ever come up.

Ghost will collect survivors from different timelines to fight the Infinity War.
  • According to the technobabble we were given, Ghost's phasing powers come as a result of existing simultaneously in multiple different parallel realities. When she goes intangible, she's actually shifting herself into a different reality, a reality where whatever she's trying to dodge or get through doesn't exist. I predict that in the Infinity War sequel, she will learn to control this power to a greater degree (possibly with the help of whatever Janet did to stabilize her and the "quantum healing particles"), allowing her to shift completely into and out of different realities, and bring passengers with her. With that ability, she can step through the timelines to collect the different heroes who survived different versions of the Snap, and then bring them together in one timeline to fight Thanos. There will probably be some quantum superposition problem that keeps her from bringing two of the same person into the same reality, but she could collect one of everybody.
    • Jossed.

Zendaya and Doctor Doom will work together to unshrink Scott.
Because honestly, at this point, why the *** not.
  • OOH, and Norman Osborn funds the project!
    • Jossed. A rat frees him.

The scene where Scott is learning how to do card tricks online is an incredibly subtle form of Foreshadowing.
The person in the video Scott's watching says "When you snap your fingers, you get the audience to look over [at the direction of the snap] That is misdirection". That doesn't just apply to magic, it applies to Thanos's ultimate goal. While the world is recovering from the end result of him snapping his fingers, he starts to work his actual magic in Avengers: Endgame.
  • Jossed.

Ant-Man 3 will recap the entirety of Infinity War and Endgame
And it will do so via Luis.

Ghost was one of the people dusted, and was subsequently brought back by Hulk's reverse snap.
Many people assume that Ghost died due to not getting the Quantum Energy she needed. But many people fail to realize Ghost may have been one of the people who got dusted in The Snap. Which means, she may have come back after Hulk's reverse snap 5 years later. This means that while we see Scott with his daughter and Hope towards the end of the movie (even before Tony's funeral), Hank and Janet may have gotten back to work on keeping Ghost alive.

The city/civilization seen in the Quantum Realm is actually Olympia.
That's how it hasn't been discovered yet. In terms of logistics, the Eternals have some kind of power/tech that lets them instantaneously shrink down to the specific size they need to be to access it.

Ghost will appear in a future Thunderbolts movie
Ghost is a member of the Thunderbolts, a team of supervillain prisoners implanted with nanites that can incapacitate or kill them in the comics.

The movie ends with the team getting her "healing particles", implying that she still has her condition and the accompanying powers somewhat.


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