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     Pre-Release Theories 

Captain Mar-Vell will serve as the mentor to Carol
Although Jude Law will not be playing him, Mar-Vell could still appear in the movie. After Carol somehow absorbs his DNA, he will teach her how to properly use her powers for good. And possibly at the end of the second act he'll die (as is the Obi-Wan's way) of cancer (like in the comics).
  • Maybe he's been on Earth for a while and has come to like it enough to protect it, but the cancer means he needs a successor.
    • Semi-confirmed. Mar-Vell was Carol's superior is USAF.

Yon-Rogg will kill Mar-Vell
This will presumably be how it's set up so Carol can take over.
  • Confirmed!

Other members of the Marvel family will appear in some capacity
  • Monica Rambeau could have served with Carol before transferring to Harbour Patrol. She could also serve as Carol's Token Black Friend.
    • Confirmed, Monica is the daughter of Carol's best friend.
  • Carol's neighbours could be the Khan family.
  • Mar-Vell, Phylla-Vell, and Noh-Varr could appear during a scene taking place in the Kree Empire, likely before Carol gets her powers.
  • Robert Grayson will be given a Mythology Gag, like an alien character mentioning having once met a human before on Uranus.

Mar-Vell is the dead Kree seen in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D..
  • Unlikely. That body's been around since at least the 1940s and at this time it's already in the possession of SHIELD.
    • Jossed.

We'll get a gag in which Carol completely rejects the idea of wearing her Ms. Marvel costume from the comics
Bonus points if they can link it up to Stan Lee's cameo in some way.
  • Seems unlikely since that gag's already been done in both Jessica Jones and Luke Cage's series.
    • Let's take a different approach: She'll somehow get her Ms Marvel costume and actually want to wear it, but before she gets a chance to change, she'll be called away...
    • Jossed.
    • However, the classic Ms Marvel outfit is referenced as one of the color schemes Monica picks out for Carol's armour after she chooses to abandon her Kree colors.

The Carol Corps will be the supporting cast
It is all too clear that this movie is about the 2010s era Carol Danvers, so why not?
  • Zig-Zagged? Her Star Force squadron seems to be filling this role.

At some point we'll get a Mythology Gag about her codename
Most likely, Yon-Rogg (or whoever the villain will be) will refer to her disparagingly as 'Miss Marvel' due to her close relationship with Mar-Vell (which is pretty much taken for at this point). Carol will respond with "That's Captain Marvel to you!"
Bonus points, if prior to gaining her powers, Carol's call-sign with the airforce is Warbird, and we get some kind of Sequel Hook nodding towards her Binary powers/identity.
  • Jossed.

War Machine will cameo
He's Carol's love interest in the comics and is also a veteran of the Air Force. He could be an old friend from her military days and maybe be the one who ends up getting her to join the Avengers in time for Infinity War Part 2.
  • Alternatively: Rhodey is in no condition to fight by the end of Civil War, and the Avengers are a bit short-staffed, so he tells Tony he heard something happened to this fighter pilot he knew...
  • It is unlikely that Carol and Rhodey would be love interests considering the huge age difference between Don Cradle and Brie Larson.
  • With the film being set in the early 90s when Cheadle would've been in his own late 20s, that age gap could shrink considerably.

There will be a Creator Cameo from Kelly Sue Deconnick
  • Confirmed.

Jessica Drew will appear
But in civilian identity, or perhaps even (former) HYDRA operative. However, she's most likely not a Spider-Woman yet to ensure the movie's focus stays on Carol.
  • Jossed.

Mar-vell isn't going to appear alive
The Kree power source will be long since dead.
  • Alternatively, an old Rick Jones appears and passes on the Nega Bands and powers after telling her stories of what it was like bonded with Mar-vell and defending Earth in secret during the 1960s and 1970s, making some of Mar-vell's comic adventures canon. Maybe Mar-vell even secretly defended Earth from Thanos in the past.
    • Confirmed. She has a prominent role, but only in the flashbacks.

A flashback will show a young Carol first decide to enlist in the same way the comics did.
  • Jossed.

The Avengers #200 will be referenced
And promptly be the subject of a brutal Take That!. Maybe at one point in the movie, Carol is accosted by an asshole named Marcus and she kicks his ass.
  • A more brutal insult would for Carol to mention that she had a creepy classmate in school named Marcus who called her "Mother" while trying to grope her.
  • Or maybe it'll be a throwaway line, something like she'll joke about how her becoming a parent would result in a disaster that would be worse than anyone could imagine.
    • Jossed.

One of the villains will be played by an actor most known for their TV work
  • Jossed.

Carol will be a Composite Character with a previous Captain Marvel from the comics.
In that she'll have elements of their origin combined into hers.
  • Jossed.

Captain Marvel will be working for the government and using her powers as a super-soldier
In the comics, especially recently, Carol has been shown to be very pro-government, working closely with many agencies to protect the world. So, they could have her be a soldier used by the US or an international organization that is more willing to work with the government than the Avengers.
  • Jossed.

There will be some reference to Civil War II
And it has to be in the form of a Take That!. Either that or they'll actually use the idea of changing fate in a different light that works better for the character.
  • Given that the film is an origin story, it probably isn't that likely. Carol is an established hero in the context of that event and it would undermine Carol becoming a hero if Ulysses appeared in the film to provide his visions for the plot to revolve around.
    • Jossed.

THIS will be the movie that inspires Marvel to make more female-led movies
Hopefully, we can get a Black Widow movie, a Scarlet Witch movie, or more if this movie ends up being successful.

Carol suffers some form of PTSD.
While it could accidentally retread some of the plotlines of another female-led Marvel product, it would be interesting to see her deal with some type of traumatic disorder caused by either her powers or her time in the air force.
  • Jossed.

Canada will appear
As a reference to Carol's most recent job.
  • Jossed.

Carol will wear a red scarf at some point
Her Ms. Marvel costumes featured a red scarf around her neck, then as a "belt". Since she will certainly wear a costume based on her Captain Marvel one, including the scarf in her civilian wear, even if just for one scene, would be a pretty great Mythology Gag.
  • Jossed.

There will be some sort of reference to the other (superhero formally known as) Captain Marvel
  • Nothing yet, but in a very strange coincidence, SHAZAM! (2019) is being released in incredibly close proximity to this movie.

There will be cameos or allusions to some heroes who have yet to be introduced
Possibly just for the sake of Mythology Gag winks to the audience, but it could be foreshadowing for new Phase 4 characters.

Carol will primarily fight Mecha-Mooks
The Big Bad won't have any minions or accomplices with real names or personalities, just robots. This will allow for the villain, whoever they are, to get more time to shine on their own before being defeated and possibly dying.
  • Jossed.

There will be several Unexpected Characters who appear
It seems like something the creators would do.
  • Do the Skrulls count? If so, confirmed.
    • Well, kind of, this WMG is more about individuals.
  • Confirmed. Depends on how unexpected you think Coulson, Ronan, Talos, and Korath are.

it will be explained how Nick Fury got his scar
Kevin Feige confirmed Nick Fury would appear and he will be much younger and have 2 eyes. I think during the events of Captain Marvel, one of the Skrulls was about to kill an innocent civilian and he shielded that person but he lost his own eye and that's how he got the eyepatch.
  • Confirmed that we learn how he lost his eye; Jossed as to the way it happened.

Carol will stay in space at the end of the film
The Skrulls have a vast empire and she's working hard to help dismantle it, meaning she's been on the cosmic side of things for the past twenty years.
  • Confirmed, but not for those reasons.

A Skrull impostor will take Fury's eye
In Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Fury briefly says that he lost his eye because he trusted someone. It may turn out that a Skrull posing as one of his fellow S.H.I.E.L.D. agents will be the one who destroys his eye in this film.
  • Jossed, but not without a nod and a wink to this theory, as Skrull!Coulson almost takes out Fury's eye but only manages to scratch him just above it.

The film will loosely adapt Secret Invasion
  • Jossed.

With so many other Marvel movies referencing older films in Disney's library, it sounds especially inevitable for a Marvel movie set during one of Disney's most lucrative decades to reference what would have seemed in Carol's time like a recent hit. The Little Mermaid feels like the most likely candidate I can think of, since Captain Marvel will premiere during its 30th anniversary.
  • Aladdin is another possibility, because this film is set in 1992, that film’s year of release. This could also be interesting on a thematic level, given that this is an Origin Story to explain how an ordinary woman gained PHENOMENAL COSMIC POWER!!
    • Jossed.

Carol is half-Kree and Mar-Vell is her father
It's been revealed that her origin story will be changed to avoid Green Lantern comparisons. This would explain her powers and explain why she uses Mar-Vell's name.
  • Jossed. Mar-Vell is even a woman in the MCU.

We'll get a cameo from an elderly Peggy Carter
Hayley Atwell already reprised her role as older versions of Peggy twice before, so it's possible she could appear here as Fury's superior at S.H.I.E.L.D. during the '90s. She may even serve as something of an inspiration for Carol.
  • Jossed.

A Post-Credits scene will reveal that one of the Avengers or another character was a Skrull Agent the entire time
Kevin Feige says the title of Avengers 4 is a massive spoiler for IW and this film may connect with Avengers 4, So what if one of the characters was actually a Skrull Agent? Here's several candidates for a Skrull Agent:
  • Nick Fury — What if the man who brought the Avengers together was actually a Skrull agent? Since Nick Fury will appear in Captain Marvel, he's going to get kidnapped by Skrulls and they have their agent in disguise as Nick Fury and they somehow knew about the Avengers and want to distract them from knowing about their existence.
  • Hawkeye — he's got to be the least-developed Avenger, and even Jeremy Renner seems unhappy with his role. If Renner wants to retire the character, making Hawkeye a Skrull agent could be a good out. This could give Natasha some good character development too.
    • Except it would have to be a recent replacement, not contemporaneous with the events of this film, because none of Barton's kids exhibit any Half-Human Hybrid traits and are too young to have been around before it.
  • Hulk or War Machine — it could explain both of those characters having a different actor.
    • No, it wouldn't. Why would a shapeshifter assume someone's identity and look completely different from them?
  • Black Widow — She could have been picked up some time after The Winter Soldier, and her romance with Bruce in Age of Ultron was a part of the Skrulls' plan to weaken Earth. Think about it. She gets uncharacteristically close to Bruce, opens up to him and he does the same in return. He lets her in, and then she commits the ultimate betrayal by forcing him to Hulk out against his will. He's so torn up by this that he flees in the Quinjet at the end of the film, leaving Earth Hulk-less and weakened in the face of invasion.
  • Christine Everhart: Who better to gather information and influence the public than a news personality?
  • The computer nerd (who is obviously not Amadeus Cho) from The Incredible Hulk. He copied the appearance of Mister Harrington and was just studying human culture at the college.
  • Darcy Lewis: She positioned herself with Jane and Selvig to learn about scientific advancements.
  • Georgi Luchkov, the Russian man who Black Widow beat up early on the The Avengers.
  • Maya Hansen, from Iron Man 3.
    • If a Skrull did impersonate her, it's probably pointless story-wise, because she died in the same film.
    • Alternatively, Aldrich Killian, the Big Bad behind the fake Mandarin plot, was actually a Skrull, with the real Killian having been abducted not long after Tony blew him off.
  • Ian Boothby, from Thor: The Dark World.
  • The Apple Store employee from Captain America: The Winter Soldier. That joke about wanting to look like Steve? Actually him joking to himself about how he could look like him if he wanted too.
  • Dale from Baskin-Robbins. He always finds out... because he spies on all his customers.
  • Miriam Sharpe: The Skrull copied the appearance of Mariah Dillard and took the real Miriam's place. The real Miriam died in Sokovia with her son.
    • Unless it's a case of identical complete strangers, it probably wouldn't work if Miriam's appearance changed before and after impersonation.
  • Flash Thompson
  • Crossbones: Frank Grillo did say that Civil War won't be the last we'll see of Brock Rumlow, even after he blew himself to bits in that movie.
    • He's revealed that Avengers 4 will have a flashback to Civil War involving BARF, and odds are that if he was appearing in this film, he would've also mentioned that. So while not completely jossed, very unlikely at this point.
  • May Parker
  • Liz Toomes
  • Phil Coulson: The real reason he was obsessed with Cap was to assess Earth's capability to fight back.
    • Out-of-universe, this seems about the most cruel way possible for the film side of the MCU to tread on the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. fans who have been waiting so long to see even one of their characters show up in the movies. Given internal MCU history so far, the opportunity for such a Gut Punch just seems to make it all that much more likely.
  • Volstagg: The Skrulls are also assessing Asgard's defenses.
    • This one's probably Jossed, since as of Thor Ragnarok it'd be pointless.
  • The Broker — He works as a buy/sell source for cosmic artifacts, but if something of interest comes along, he ships it off to his higher-ups.
  • Sonny Burch — we never find out who his other buyers are...
  • Quicksilver: His actor has a multi-picture deal, has been shown on the set of Avengers 4 and they Never Found the Body in Age of Ultron. Perhaps the reason they Never Found the Body is that at some point during Age of Ultron, the real one was abducted offscreen and replaced by his Skrull imposter, who ended up being the one to bite the bullet, having become the mask, and after he was gunned down, his transformation was undone - after all, you can't find the body if said body doesn't exist anymore.
    • Not sure where you're getting that they never found the body. Hawkeye clearly brings Quicksilver's body with him.
    • All Jossed.

The movie will set the stage for a Secret Invasion adaptation
With the Thanos Myth Arc ending in the fourth Avengers movie, the Skrulls could serve as the next major universe-wide threat.
  • Jossed.

The Skrulls as a whole will be decimated by the end of the movie
This will prompt the political situation that results in the begrudging peace between the Kree and the Nova Corps, with the fall of the Skrulls serving as a motivator.
  • This happened before the movie even begins.

The Nova Corps will appear, including members who are more accurate to the comics
Among them will be new recruits in the teenage Richard Ryder and the slightly older, but still young, Jesse Alexander. It will also include an explanation as to why the Nova Corps are just policemen by the time of Guardians of the Galaxy. This will help set up a future film where an adult Richard appears and trains Sam Alexander as a new Nova, becoming a superhero duo.
  • Jossed.

A background element will be a NASA program called "Alpha Flight"
Thus depriving Fox's studios from bringing the actual Alpha Flight team into the X-Men films, squashing a forlornly hopeful fan theory in a dick move of epic proportion.
  • While a reference may be possible, doing something like this is very unlikely to affect actual rights. Fox automatically has the rights to anything involved heavily with X-Men or Fantastic Four, and both studios have had to negotiate new contracts or trade character rights in order to get who they want. A small cameo would have no bearing on Fox's plans, as the agreement has never functioned on a "first come first serve" basis.
  • Besides, Alpha Flight is a Canadian organization that isn't based on space travel at all. Even if referencing the name was ''somehow'' a valid way to snatch the rights away from Fox, then it would be In Name Only, turning a group of eclectic, diverse Canadian superheroes into American astronauts and NASA scientists and personnel. Granted, a movie about astronauts and NASA employees becoming superheroes could actually be really awesome, but that's more like what fans would want for an MCU Fantastic Four rather than Alpha Flight.
    • I believe it was a reference to the 2015 Ultimates and Captain Marvel series, in which Alpha Flight (somewhat inexplicably) became an international space program (though it still consisted of Canadian superheroes).
  • Aside from of all the Fridge Logic of this idea pointed out above, a "first come first serve" basis would still give Alpha Flight's rights to Fox, since the first Deadpool film featured a fictional ad in the background of a scene using the name Alpha Flight.
    • It doesn't matter anymore, since Disney bought Fox.
      • They're attempting to buy Fox, contrary to what many are saying. It hasn't been finalized or confirmed, so no, it won't be making an impact on the movies that have already been written.
      • With Comcast outbid and the trade commission antitrust vote approved, the only thing Disney has left to do at this point is hand over the money, so no matter how unlikely, Fox assets in Captain Marvel could still happen. So... Unjossed?
      • No. Even if Disney paid the money right away, the film was already written, was shot based on that, and finished filming all before that was done. Kevin Feige has made it clear that even once they do have the properties available, they won't be appearing very soon since various plans for the franchise were made and approved before nay of it was confirmed. Could they start planting seeds a bit before they really have their final plan in place? Possibly. But do you know what Marvel Studios really needs to set up a future Fantastic Four movie and storyline based around elements of their stories? A plan, or, if they really want to jump right in and scrap their current plans for something else, reshoots and rewrites they don't really have any incentive to do.
  • All Jossed.

David Hasselhoff will appear as the Director of SHIELD during the 90s

Carol will have some French-Canadian ancestry
Not unlike Brie Larson aka Brianne Desaulniers. It probably wouldn't come up though, admittedly.
  • Jossed.

There's going to be a twist with the villains
Since Marvel doesn't have the rights to use specific Skrull characters from the comics, the main villains will be a small team consisting of very minor human super criminals who aren't even Carol's enemies to begin with. She'll beat said villains while fighting pockets of generic Skrull soldiers along the way and Nick Fury will detain them. Then a minor subordinate of Fury's will turn on him and attack him with a weapon to his eye. This SHIELD agent will then reveal themselves to be a Skrull imposter and free the villains, who had been disguised Skulls all along, there human identities being fabricated for this mission. It was all an elaborate ruse to try and undermine SHIELD for a greater purpose of some kind. Carol must step in and save Fury and the agents, which will be the climax (at least for the Earth-centered portion of the movie).
  • All details are wrong, but there sure is a twist about the villains!

Carol will be a lesbian, but closeted due to regulations at the time prohibiting openly gay people from serving in the US military.
And if Monica Rambeau appears, she might be Carol's Closet Key.
  • Alternatively, if Carol is LGBT, she may be in a relationship with Jessica Drew. Jess and Carol have some of the most famous Les Yay in Marvel’s history.
    • Her sexuality or romantic interests are not explored at all.

Hulkling/Dorrek VIII/Theodore "Teddy" Altman
With Dorrek VII and Princess Anelle potentially being cast we will get a reference to Mar-Vell's dalliance with Anelle with the potential After Credits scene setting up the future of the MCU. It would also add a LGBTQ+ hero to the mix.
  • Translation: The character of Teddy Altman, also known as Hulkling, could either be alluded to or even appear since he's the canonical son of Mar-Vell.
  • Wait, when was anyone added to the cast that prompted anyone to believe Anelle or Teddy were cast?
  • Unlikely that he will appear, as the film is an origin story set in the '90s, which would place him in his 20s in the main timeline when Cassie is still a child and Billy and Tommy have yet to be born.
    • Jossed.

The ending or one of the stingers will be a flash forward
To Nick Fury about to go introduce himself to Tony Stark in regards to the Avengers Initiative
  • First Stinger is a scene from Avengers: Endgame.

Everett Ross will appear in the movie
Black Panther already established his backstory as a former Air Force pilot.
  • Jossed.

Agent Coulson will remark that somewhere sounds like "a magical place"
Maybe in reference to the Quantum Realm, which will factor into the plot of this film according to Word of God, and maybe serving as a Call-Forward to his own revival through the use of Kree blood (seeing as the cosmic race does appear in this film).
  • Jossed.

Doctor Minerva will serve as Carol's Evil Counterpart
In the comics, Minerva eventually undergoes a process that gives her powers similar to Carol's, and even dons a uniform that looks a lot like the original Ms. Marvel costume. Given that Evil Counterparts are pretty much a standard trope for the MCU at this point, it is likely Minerva wills serve a similar role here.
  • Sort-of confirmed. The details aren’t clear, but Gemma Chan has been cast as Minn-Erva. So far, the only description we have of her is that she’s also a member of the same Kree team that Danvers serves in.

The film will show the origins of Project TAHITI
After all, both S.H.I.E.L.D. and Kree will appear. Maybe Fury will be seen injecting someone with Kree blood at some point.
  • To expand on this, Carol's origin will be changed to her getting revived by Mar-Vell, and S.H.I.E.L.D. taking note of this. She soon begins exhibiting powers. In the mid-credits, Fury will assign Coulson to a project that would revive fallen Avengers. And, when Coulson looks at the folder, he'll remark "Huh. TAHITI. I hear it's a magical place!" Cue Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. theme.
    • Possibly even more likely, now that the second trailer has made it explicit that the Kree used their blood and genetics to save Danvers' life after a near-fatal accident. It's not hard to trace the parallels between this and the TAHITI Project that was used to revive Coulson between The Avengers and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.. However, presumably S.H.I.E.L.D. will have no live Kree imprisoned, as they had to turn to the body of "G.H." in their possession to advance the experiment.
    • Jossed.

Fury and Coulson backstory
This film will detail both how Fury lost his eye, and Coulson's 'first rodeo', i.e. he is a fresh agent of SHIELD, while Fury is the seasoned mentor.
  • Confirmed.

Stan Lee's cameo will be that of a Fed Ex deliveryman
Gotta patch that hole about Stan Lee's Watcher escapades.
  • It's a different cameo.

The Stinger will be a direct line-up to Avengers 4
For those who have seen The Stinger of Avengers: Infinity War, Nick Fury sends a distress signal to Captain Marvel before he dies. The Stinger of the Captain Marvel movie itself will be a Flash Forward to the present day where Carol will receive the signal and learn what Thanos had done, much to her horror. So, she and whoever her alien ally is with her upon receiving Fury's message (probably Mar-Vell) will go to Earth to face Thanos once and for all.
  • Here's the way I see it: End of the film has a flash-forward to the present day. Carol is at the grave of Agent Coulson, leaving flowers (or just visiting it as part of a yearly tradition), regretting not being able to be there when the Chitari attacked (and by extension, being unable to stop his death) when several people nearby start to disintegrate. She looks around, confused, and sees her pager (or smartphone, it doesn't really matter which) go off...with a message from Nick Fury. Post-/mid-credits scene: she arrives where Nick Fury was during The Stinger for Infinity War, only to find him turned to dust...but then sees that Tony and the remaining surviving Avengers have arrived in New York. Alternatively, instead of having Carol arrive where Nick Fury was, it'll show Adam Warlock hatching, with the Sovereign wondering what to do with him now that the Guardians are probably dead, setting him up to help the Avengers fight against Thanos.
    • Confirmed, but not in the same way.

Avengers4's title will be revealed in The Stinger
In true MCU form, it'll be by way of title card: "Captain Marvel will return ... in Avengers (whatever title they choose)".
  • Jossed, it was revealed in the first trailer to the film.

Captain Marvel will be revealed to be so powerful, she is the sole reason for creating the World Security Council
Captain Marvel will be the only force in the galaxy capable of stopping Thanos with the fully assembled Infinity Gauntlet, (just keep in mind Fury doesn't know anything about Thanos at this point) and as such posses a planetary threat that the public must not know about for their own peace of mind. She wasn't called into earlier global threats because she'd level the terrain too quickly. The Avengers Initiative was put together specifically to have other options available. Possibly, her own idea. She is the reason Code Red exists. This would also mean, in hindsight, that according to the WSC, dropping a nuke into the New York Chitari invasion was a favorable option to awaking Captain Marvel to finish the job. Yikes!
  • Jossed.

Carol will be a Composite Character with Captain Universe
Just so Marvel can Title Drop the "Marvel Universe."
  • Jossed.

All the potential Cameos from MCU characters that were alive at the time of Captain Marvel (1992), be it a full-on appearance or a simple name drop
  • Peggy Carter
  • A young Tony Stark
  • Hank Pym
  • Alexander Pierce
  • Nova Prime/Members of the Nova Corps
  • Someone with the last name "Quill" (implied to be Star-Lord's relative, maternally)
  • A young Steven Strange, or his parents
  • Richard and/or Mary Parker
  • Ben Parker
  • Adrian Toomes
  • Aldrich Killian
  • Trevor Slattery
  • Dr. Selvig
  • Thaddeus Ross
  • Ego The Living Planet
  • The Ravagers/Stakar
  • Odin
  • Malekith
  • Hela
  • The Collector
  • The Grandmaster
  • T'Chaka
    • Jossed.
  • Thanos
  • Gamora
  • Howard the Duck
  • Matt Murdock
  • Jessica Jones (may also double as a Mythology Gag to when Carol was originally going to be Jess's friend when the series was under development at ABC)
  • Luke Cage
  • Baby Danny Rand or his parents
    • TV Characters are likely jossed, since the logistics of such a cameo would be too much.
  • Melinda May
  • Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons
  • Skye
  • Antoine Triplett
  • Nebula
  • Rocket Raccoon or his creators, possibly even a normal Earth raccoon that he'll be created from
  • Bill Foster
  • Ehlias/Ava Starr
    • All Jossed.

There is a reason Fury doesnt summon her earlier
This movie will make it clear why Fury did not send for her help much earlier such as the Chitari invasion or againstUltron.
  • With that, Captain Marvel may have a power inhibitor which can be removed only after passing a Godzilla Threshold which neither Chitari or Ultron were worthy of (or rather, they had the Avengers at that point). It may have been her idea to create the Avengers specifically to buffer the needs to remove her power inhibitor.
  • Maybe Carol would bring the whole Kree army with her. It wouldn't really do to fight off one hostile army to deal with another, so she couldn't help with Loki and Ultron. Thanos was such a threat that Fury was willing to take the risk. It might pay off, too, considering Thanos was a universal threat, unlike Loki and Ultron.
    • Confirmed, the pager is only for big emergencies. Why Loki or Ultron didn't count as "big emergencies", we'll have to wait and see...

The Stinger seen in Infinity War, with Maria Hill and Nick Fury, like other movies, is lifted directly from this movie in a likely present day sequence.
Which would explain why Maria Hill will be in it despite likely being a child/teen at the time period of this movie.The recent set pictures of Fury and Hill seem to line up with the Stinger of that movie as well.
  • Jossed.

The Stinger will feature Carol responding to Fury's message, only to have her disintegrate.
Then one of two things will occur:
  • Either Carol turns to dust, proving that she was a Fake Ultimate Hero all along, in which case congrats Marvel, you've successfully tricked the audience. Carol is NOT the MCU's salvation, and other heroes will do their part to defeat Thanos.
or more likely,
  • Carol starts to turn to dust. She panics. The audience panics. And then she starts to concentrate. She holds her disintegrating hand to her face, and uses her cosmic powers to will her body to remain intact through the Snap. She succeeds, reforming her hand and the rest of her from dust and then turns and smiles confidently at the camera, thus proving the One Hero, Hold the Weaksauce only applies to Carol, and that the Infinity Stones' power is not so absolute.
    • Jossed, she survives the Snap.

Thanos is a Skrull
And he will appear.
  • That explains his 10 chins and different skin colors.
  • In THIS movie? For sure could happen, Skrull impostor taking Thanos' place and being found out at the end. In general as MCU lore? Unlikely. It's doubtful that the Skrull would allow a subordinate to carry out a plan like Thanos has, and it's not easy to picture Thanos being a Skrull leader if he's also canonically from Titan. It would be interesting if Marvel tries to go this angle, but it would also be a bit more confusing than the average moviegoer would care to follow, so it's not the probable story here.
  • Not so much in the sense that Thanos is working for the Skrulls, but more in the sense that Thanos is part-Skrull. He WAS considered a freak on Titan during his childhood in the comics. Unless of course, this is the MCU movie that properly introduces The Eternals and the Deviants, both of which Thanos is apparently a hybrid of.
    • Considering there's an Eternals movie in the works, it wouldn't be that unlikely for the film to introduce them, especially since the plot of the run the film is adapting involves the Eternals suddenly remembering they aren't humans (so they could easily introduce them here, and just have them wind up on Earth, with The Stinger for Endgame showing Ikaris start to remember who he is).
  • Alternatively, most of the Skrulls will be wiped out, and some of the survivors will become bodyguards for hire, and Thanos will conscript a few of them as body doubles.
  • Jossed.

Thanos will make an appearance in The Stinger.
Given that Ronan will appear in the movie, we may see his Start of Darkness and what spurred him on his goal to destroy Xandar. And since he was working for Thanos in Guardians of the Galaxy, there's a chance that a post-credits scene will have the Mad Titan scouting out Ronan.
  • Jossed.

The reason why Carol hasn't appeared on the Earth in the previous MCU films and helped combat threats was because she chose to leave the Earth for places unknown.
Maybe it was because her mentor (And possibly lover), Mar-Vell, ended up dying, and she is emotionally broken over this. Alternatively, it could be due to the horrors of the Kree-Skrull war finally getting to her. And to address The Stinger in Avengers: Infinity War, the last person she could meet before she heads for the stars is Nick Fury, and she ends up giving him that same transmitter, telling him to only use it when the Earth is in enormous danger, which ends up being the effects of Thanos' Badass Fingersnap.
  • Confirmed.

Carol's power's origin and progression
  • Carol gets her power through some Xandarian source.
  • The movie will take cue from Wonder Woman and have her progress in power step by step
  • She will lose to Ronan early on but will stomp a mud hole in him later, which will be his last straw against Xandar
    • All Jossed.

We will see a younger Reed Richards
Give-a me a Krasinski! I want to see him as the Mister Fantastic and they have the write now so why not? Give! Me! Mister! Fantastic! By! JOHN KRASINSKI!
  • Not gonna happen, since the script was likely completed before Marvel bought Fox. Any references to the Four would likely be vague in the same vein as the Spiderman reference in Ant-Man.
  • Jossed.

The Stinger will connect to Ant-Man and the Wasp.
In which Carol, having been trapped in the Quantum Realm for the past two decades, hears someone cry for help and discovers that someone is none other than Scott Lang.
  • Jossed.

The film will set up the future appearance of Monica Rambeau as a superhero.
  • Inspired by stories about her mom's work friend, she'll take on the Captain Marvel moniker for herself when she gets her powers. When Carol re-appears, she'll switch to one of her other names from the comics (Photon, Spectrum, etc).
    • Semi-confirmed.

Doctor Strange will appear in The Stinger.
He will either be warping backwards in time, from the moment in Infinity War where he was analyzing possible futures, or be in his Astral form in the present day, explaining Fury's intent behind his page. In either case, he will explain to Carol what happened in Infinity war, and what she needs to do to undo the Snap.
  • Jossed.

Talos will end up losing his shapeshifting ability.

Carol is actually a Composite Character of Carol Danvers and Mar-Vell
The trailer implies that she has some sort of amnesia and doesn't know she's from Earth, perhaps she initially believes herself to be a Kree named "Mar-Vell". Jude Law is actually playing someone else.
  • This doesn't seem to be the case, since her Kree name is given as "Vers".
    • Jossed.

Carol has been brainwashed by the Kree to forget that she's a human.
She's an experiment, a la the Inhumans, to turn human beings into weapons for the Kree Empire. Carol was abducted from Earth, and her memories of being a human were erased so she'd be loyal. Returning to Earth causes her memories to return.
  • Confirmed.

Carol will be responsible for Fury's eye loss
Fury once said that the last time he trusted someone, he lost an eye. Tying with the other theories, it will happen in this movie, unwittingly by Carol's hands. This will drive a wedge between the two that will last until Thanos' snap starts killing the universe, When Fury realises that it's too late too keep holding a grudge and then unleashes Carol to fight the Mad Titan. This may explain why Fury, who knows her since the 90's, didn't call her to be part of the original Avengers team. When Thanos is defeated at the end of the Infinity War sequel, she and Fury will reconcile.
  • If this gets brought up in Avengers 4, it will work VERY well thematically with Steve Rogers and Tony Stark's reunion.
    • Jossed.

Ronan will end up using Carol as part of his plan, then cause her to defect
In all likelihood, Ronan may be using Carol for his own ends, and he has been thirsting for vengeance for many years. What if it was he who kidnapped Carol and had her experimented on to become his Supersoldier? They are at war with the Skrulls, but in the year this movie takes place, the Kree were also at war with the Nova Empire. It would make a lot of sense; Carol to defeating the Skrulls would reestablish the Kree Empire's strength and raise their morale. Considering how powerful Captain Marvel is, Ronan would then have her attack Nova Corps and destroy Xandar. Knowing Carol, there's no way she'd see the Xandarians as bad people, so she will end up refusing, then fighting Ronan to escape.
  • Jossed.

Carol's stoicism is a side effect of her Kree brainwashing
And she would slowly regain her emotions after breaking out of it.
  • Confirmed.

The film will end with Carol going into Self-Imposed Exile on another planet
If she was to stick around on Earth after the events of the film, it would raise too many questions about why she was absent from any of the previous films involving the Avengers (surely she would've at least shown up to fight Ultron), and the ending to Infinity War implies she isn't in a form of stasis, so it could be that she goes into exile for some reason, and leaves Nick Fury with a pager in the event that he needs to summon her.
  • Sort of, yes.

Carol's Power Level will be known by a select few only.
It's been said she'll be the strongest character in the MCU, but Korath (who knows her in this movie) still ends up calling Thanos "the strongest being in the universe." So he doesn't know Carol's true power, or it's a Super Mode she seldom uses and he never knew about it.

The film will be In Memoriam of Stan Lee
Because come on.
  • It is.

Carol has been brainwashed by the Kree
In the trailer, she talks about flashes of memory, and not being sure if she lived on earth. So, the Kree brainwashed her into fighting for them, and maybe thinking she is one of them. In the film, she will regain her memory.
  • Confirmed.

Minn-Erva will be the one to take out Fury's eye.
She will be at odds with Carol for most of the movie, based off of what Gemma Chan has said about the character. Through this, when the Kree inevitably end up on Earth to reunite with Carol, she will be involved in a SHIELD/Skrull/Kree standoff, and will either botch up a shot meant for Talos and hit Fury, or potentially more interestingly, shoot Fury intentionally in order to get the humans to stop interfering. In either case, this will be the final wedge that drives Minn-Erva and Carol apart (since regardless of whether it's intentional or not, and regardless of who Fury blames, Minn-Erva did attack one of Carol's close allies), and their schism will start Minn-Erva's Face–Heel Turn in time for her to be a villain in a sequel.
  • Jossed.

The cat seen in the second trailer will actually be a Flerken
  • Was this really a twist to anyone who read the comics?
  • Confirmed!

The scene of Fury fawning over the cat was taken out of context.
His body language does not match with what he's saying for someone who's experiencing Squee! Will he in the movie? Possibly. But not the one seen in the second trailer.
  • Jossed.

Initially, Coulson will attempt to arrest Carol.
Keep in mind, he is still new to superheroes, probably fully commited to SHIELD and follows standard protocoll regarding unknown threat, so if he sees her in action, he'll probably deem her dangerous and tries to lock her up. That would make hima minor adversary to Fury, who is obviously trying to help Carol. Once he sees the real threat, though, he'll make a Heel-face turn, cover for Carol once she leaves Earth and eventually becomes the Coulson we all know.
  • Confirmed.

Coulson's role will actually be minor
Notice how Samuel L. Jackson, as Nick Fury, is the one showing up in all the marketing. CGI de-aging, especially on the quality Marvel is going for, is still quite expensive even for one character, let alone two. As cynical as this interpretation is, Clark Gregg and Coulson could easily be in the movie for The Cameo rather than a substantial role, just to hype up the fans of the TV side of the MCU while still treading on the various TV series as being a distant secondary to the films.
  • Seconded, as Coulson seems completely unaware of the Kree and believes Sif when she says that they've never visited Earth before until the events of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D..
  • Confirmed, Coulson has little screentime overall.

A post-credits scene will show Carol saving Coulson's life
... but not in the era the movie is set in. Recall that the fifth season of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. had Coulson burning through the Kree-derived substances that restored him to life (thanks to hosting Ghost Rider briefly) and slowly dying in a case of Your Days Are Numbered because there was no more access to Kree blood or the G.H. serum. Carol Danvers has blue Kree blood as a result of her genetic transformation, which as she is still part-human, would be compatible with other humans and probably more stable within their physiology. Once she returns to Earth to help deal with Thanos, she would be in a position to help save Coulson's life before he can die of his renewed mortal wound, and if she takes him off to places in the cosmos afterwards, that could easily explain his absence from the upcoming sixth season of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
  • Jossed.

Carol Danvers is an Inhuman
A WMG entry that has appeared several times, with various circumstancial backstories that get jossed with each new trailer/movie detail. So let's just combine them all into one entry, a simple "terrigen-based powers" prediction, so that it has the most vague, least joss-able description, MMKay?
  • Jossed, but the way the Kree tell her how she got her powers suggests that they wanted her to think she was something of an Inhuman.

Coulson's memories of this film were erased by Nick Fury during Project: TAHITI
Assuming he does end up interacting with the main plot in some way, this will be used to explain why he appears to have no knowledge of the Kree until he encounters them on Agents of SHIELD.
  • This seems to be a reasonable assumption.

Coulson will refer to SHIELD as Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division.
It will be a nod to Iron Man and some flashbacks seen in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.. Fury prefers to call it SHIELD, however.
  • Jossed.

Yon-Rogg, Korath, and Ronan turn on the other members of Starforce.
We already know Ronan and Korath end up as terrorists who act outside the Kree Empire by the time of Guardians of the Galaxy. This movie will show the point in which they go form loyal soldiers to extremists, perhaps led by Yon-Rogg. They'll kill the other members of Starforce and Carol will be forced to fight them.
  • Thanos will influence their defection.
    • Jossed.

Carol will go into suspended animation at the end.
According to this article, there are "beds" on the Starforce ship that are meant to be sleeping aids (perhaps for space travel). At the end of the movie, for whatever reason, Carol will place herself in one of these contraptions and will give Fury the pager to wake her up in the event she is needed.
  • Jossed.

Talos will take Fury's eye.
In the trailer, it seem Talos is posing as a SHIELD agent. He is a man Fury trusts and is eventually responsible for injuring him and taking his eye once he reveals himself as an alien invader.
  • Jossed.

Carol has a mental time travel form of precognition.
In the comics Carol has a form of cosmic awareness that gives her preternatural perception of future threats that's barely acknowledged anymore. This movie will make it a plot point that she can somehow time travel with a form of precognition.
  • Jossed.

Carol is the reason the Avengers Initiative was created.
Just think about it, Nick Fury's first contact with Skrulls, the Kree and Carol may convince him that there are many dangers out there that even SHIELD themselves can't handle alone. So as a form of safeguarding Earth, he creates the Initiative and starts looking for "remarkable people" like her.
  • Confirmed!

The Ancient One may make an appearance in this movie.
This one's a bit out of the water, but the Ancient One played a vital role in Doctor Strange (2016), and as she keeps an eye over threats, she may notice the Kree/Skrull war and maybe even ask Nick Fury himself. This is just a wild guess.
  • Jossed.

The Tesseract may appear in this movie and might play a part in giving Carol her powers and the Kree/Skrull War.
Notice every time we see Carol getting blown back by an explosion, the light surrounding it is light blue, just like the Tesseract. It could also be what the Kree and Skrulls are after to win their sides of the war.
  • Confirmed! That's a particular good guess, as nothing of this was in the trailers.

Charlize Theron will play Captain Marvel
Speaks for itself, really.
  • Jossed — it's Brie Larson.
  • And it turns out she was never in talks for the part, so it really was just rumors.

Captain Mar-Vell will have already been introduced by Guardians of the Galaxy 2
There's an interesting (though flawed) WMG on the GOTG page that Mar-Vell is Star-Lord's estranged father.
  • Jossed — Star-Lord's father is Ego.

Carol Danvers is an Inhuman
She gets her powers from terrigen mists in the aftermath of Infinity War: Part 1. Mahr-Vehl merely abducts her.
  • Jossed — the movie is set 20+ years before Infinity War.
  • Very jossed by basically everything at this point. (IW makes no mention of Terrigen, it takes place in the 90s, she has been a member of the Kree army for years. also, since the film is said to be taking inspiration from Carol's retconned origin from the recent "Life of Captain Marvel" comics run, she may actually be Kree by blood.)

The Falcon, in another guest appearance, will be the one who recruits Carol into the Avengers
This will start a Running Gag predicated upon his apparent job as the Avengers' talent scout.
  • Like Carol, he is also an Air Force vet. He could be someone Carol served with in the past.
    • Jossed. In Avengers: Infinity War, Falcon is one of the heroes who disappear.
      • Not quite. The film is a prequel taking place +20 years ago. Falcon is either still in the Air Force or possibly training for it, so there's that part Jossed, but for a different reason. The Avengers Initiative also hadn't started yet, as far as we know, as Iron Man is presumed to be the first recruit. There's even the possibility that Captain Marvel thought up the Avengers Initiative herself,
      • Still Jossed.

Rhodey will make a guest appearance or cameo
This makes sense given his age. Assuming that he is the same age as his actor Don Cheadle, by the events of Avengers: Infinity War, Rhodey is in his 50s and is the rank of colonel. In the 90s, he would likely be in his 20s and thus would be the right age to be a pilot. If anything, he could maybe serve as a rival or wingmate of Carol.
  • Appears Jossed, unless a surprise cameo is coming via another actor.
    • Confirmed in the first stinger, which takes place after the snap.

Carol Danvers will take up the mantle of Captain after Steve Rogers drops it.
By the time of "Avengers: Infinity War", Steve Rogers drops the title of Captain America. Given that this film contains Captain in its title, Carol Danvers will pick up the mantle herself.
  • Probably after being appointed by her peers ... maybe not in this film itself, but, eventually.
  • Jossed. Why would Carol need to take up or be appointed the "Captain" part of her name? Captain Superhero is a trope for a reason. There isn't some limit on it.

The movie will introduce S.W.O.R.D.
After the Chitauri attack, the governments of the world are probably working on a new space-based defense force. Carol will be introduced as one of the fighter pilots in this new agency.
  • Phil Coulson shows no knowledge of SHIELD having any kind of space division when asked about it in present day (well, technically, in the distant future, but let's not think too much about that), but then again SHIELD has been shown to keep secrets even he's in the dark about.
  • Jossed. The film is set prior to the Chitauri fought the Avengers in New York.

One of the stingers will end with Carol being recruited into the Avengers
The film comes out between Part 1 and Part 2 of Avengers: Infinity War, so it could end with Carol being asked to join the team to help combat the threat of Thanos.
  • Jossed to an extent: the movie is a prequel taking place in the 1990's, with Captain Marvel working with Agent Coulson. For all we know, the Avengers Initiative was her idea.
  • You could technically say this is what happened in the Infinity War stinger.
  • Confirmed if "recruited into the Avengers" means "appearing to surviving Avengers to help them".

Monica Rambeau will appear in the film to set up future appearances
Like mentioned above, Monica could be Carol's friend or a fellow vet who ends up becoming a superhero in the sequel.
  • Appears to be Jossed. Instead, her mother, Maria will be the Rambeau shown in the movie.
    • Nope, confirmed! Monica is a child during the events of the movie, but does appear for a significant chunk of the movie.

Carol will get her power from an Infinity Stone, which will also be linked to Moonstone
The last remaining Stone unacounted for, in fact, is the Soul Stone. This name is very similar to the Kree Soulstone responsible for Carol's frequent evil counterpart Karla Softon, AKA Moonstone, and thus could serve as a composite item to tie their origins together.Maybe Mar-Vell is given the job of hiding/transporting the Soul Stone, or steals it to stop it being weaponised by his own people. It can end up on Earth thanks to him and Carol comes into contact with it, bestowing her Kree powers.Then, she could be escorted to a SWORD base to recover and control her abilities, and while being looked over by their resident therapist Dr Softon, the Soul Stone ends up empowering her as well (for Adaptational Heroism points to avoid accusations of being 2-dimensional, maybe Karla, instead of a sociopath who stole the power, is a genuinely well-meaning therapist who doesn't intend to take the Soul Stone, but ends up being possessed by it and goes down a path of villainy because of it).
  • Seems to be Jossed, given the Soul Stone's revealed location in Vormir in Infinity War.
    • Not totally Jossed, the Soul Stone could have been used before Thanos got it. Though this does require Carol to sacrifice a loved one, then put it back for some reason. Also, Moonstone is looking unlikely.
  • Neither jossed nor confirmed: the revelation the Tesseract was on Mar-Vell's ship from at least the late 1980s to 1995, may mean Mar-Vell studied the Space Stone and devised the energy for her FTL engine from it, or took the energy directly from the stone.

The ending of the film will have Captain Marvel accidentally get travel to the future and it will lead up to Untitled Avengers Sequel
This film is confirmed to be set in early 1990s, Carol Danvers would fight off with the Main Villain and she accidentally get sucked into time machine where she end up in modern day and being confronted by Avengers and Older Nick Fury about Thanos.
  • Probably Jossed; Nick Fury is shown paging her in the Infinity War stinger, so he's apparently always been able to contact her.
    • Not necessarily; regardless of whether or not you believe the theories/dubious leaks, or how much stake you put in the on-set picture leaks, we know from the way it has been described that Avengers 4 will involve f**king with reality in a massive way, be it through time travel, alternate universes, or Infinity Stone usage, so all bets are off when it comes to how characters get involved with the fight against Thanos, especially ones that haven't been properly introduced yet.
    • Also, it's S.H.I.E.L.D., an advanced organization with access to alien tech. It's not likely or clear, but it's entirely possible the pager could send messages to different time periods.

Carol won't become Captain Marvel in the film (or perhaps in a Distant Finale)
To explain why she hasn't been doing superheroics throughout the last decade; she's been a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent with no powers, and has been helping out in conventional "the real heroes" ways. And having a non-superhero as the protagonist could be an interesting experiment.
  • Jossed. Everything revealed about the movie has Carol described or depicted as a superpowered, costumed hero. Plus, why would the film be called Captain Marvel if Carol wasn't going to be Captain Marvel?
  • This ignores that it would cause a similar dilemma; If Carol was an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. (also, nothing revealed suggests this outside of Nick Fury appearing) who was so prominent that she was the hero of a movie level event, wouldn't we of seen or heard of her previously? If their intention was to just make her a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, wouldn't she be part of Team Coulson. Where was she during the events of Captain America: The Winter Soldier if she was part of S.H.I.E.L.D.?
  • Very Jossed at this point; Carol starts the movie having been Captain Marvel for a while, at least in the Kree army.

Ben Mendelsohn's character is...
...Yon-Rogg, the Kree villain responsible for Carol gaining superpowers in the comics.

Since Marvel Studios and Fox are coming close to a merger...
The leader of the Skrulls and the main antagonist for the movie will be spending most of the movie exposing himself to various experiments in an attempt to push how far the Kree genes are able to mimic superhuman powers. By the climax of the film, he will succeed in binding some genetic code from random alien species in the Skrull databases. When he goes to fight Carol, he will begin to demonstrate his newfound powers, including pyromancy, elasticity, and the ability to turn his flesh into a dense, rock-like substance. When Carol is on the ground, barely keeping up, she'll comment something along the lines of "I've never seen a Skrull with talents like yours... are you some kind of superhuman?" to which the villain will reply, "Humans are inferior. I am a 'SUPER SKRULL'."
  • This could even be a way to tie the Fantastic Four's origins into the MCU, with SHIELD trying to experiment with the villain's DNA after his demise.
  • Jossed. Kevin Feige has stated that even after the deal closes (if it goes as planned; it's apparently still being worked out quite a lot), there won't be any crossover between the separated Marvel properties until a good time later, especially not in any of the films announced as of this date. That means that specific characters like the Super Skrull won't appear in earnest.

Carol will not survive the Infinity War "Snappening"
The Stinger will show Carol receiving Fury's page... only to see her hand turning to dust. Avengers 4 will then show her with the snap victims, wherever they are, attempting to return to the world of the living.
  • Jossed, if the leaked promo art is anything to go by, she'll be right alongside the main team.

Possible villains for the movie
  • Yon-Rogg
    • He could be the successor of Ronan in this version, taking over the faction of Kree who oppose the stubbornly kept peace of their government with the Nova Corps and the Xandarian government. They could be hiding out in the Milky Way, preparing their ranks to attack their race's former enemies once again.
      • Jossed. The film is set in the 1990s, meaning that it takes place before Ronan even became a terrorist. Heck, going by the age of Lee Pace, Ronan might of only been a teenager during the events of Captain Marvel (unless the Kree age differently from humans).
      • Yon-Rogg is at least in the movie, however.
      • Confirmed
  • HYDRA, with Jessica Drew initially working for them before switching sides.
    • This is unlikely, since HYDRA has pretty much been destroyed, to the point that the upcoming season of Agentsof SHIELD won't have them as antagonists anymore.
    • With the movie set in the 1990s, HYDRA would still be hiding inside of SHIELD; their most overt actions in this time period are Winter Soldier assassinations. (Though maybe he could appear?)
  • Galactus, because it's pretty much a gimme at this point that Marvel is getting back the Fantastic Four and they'll want to introduce Galactus somewhere.
    • A bit much to call it a "gimme", given that there hasn't been any supposed leaks or hints that the companies are even in talks.
    • Definitely Jossed. Kevin Feige confirmed that there haven't even been any discussions regarding the possibility of introducing the Fantastic Four to the MCU, so they definitely don't have plans to introduce them or Galactus.
  • Deathbird
    • Given that her sister is in X-Men: Dark Phoenix, Fox may be the ones with the rights to Deathbird.
  • Moonstone. She served as Carol's Evil Counterpart in the Dark Avengers, and could be empowered by some sort of Kree artifact.
  • Doctor Minerva. Like Moonstone, she is one of Carol's Evil Counterparts. She's also a Kree scientist, giving her a logical reason to want to capture or kill Carol.
    • Confirmed, as Dr. Minn-Erva.
  • Obligatory mention of Doctor Doom. It won't happen, but someone always proposes him. Obligatory.
  • Thanos, in a flashback to her predecessor crossing paths with him at some point like in the comics.
  • Cru
  • Ghazi Rashid
  • Veranke, the Skrull Queen. The Skrulls are confirmed to appear, after all.
    • The villains are The Skrulls, but this doesn't preclude any of these villains (particularly the Kree ones) from appearing.
    • A Skrull expy of Mystique, since she was a major Ms. Marvel Villain but it tied up with the X-Men film rights.
  • All Jossed. The Big Bad is Talos, a Skrull leader.
    • Jossed on Talos Not the villain.

Carol Danvers will be a Captain in the Air Force, rather than a Colonel as she is in the comics.
In real life, officers need to have served in the US military for about two decades before they are promoted to the rank of Colonel; Brie Larson will be 29 at the time this movie is released. To solve this, they'll give Carol the rank of Captain instead of Colonel: she is exactly at the expected age for someone to hold the rank of Captain, and it'd also make her adopting the superhero alias "Captain Marvel" a lot more straightforward if that's her real rank.
  • Essentially confirmed.

The Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. will appear.
Everyone wants it to happen, and this is probably the best place. The team fought the Kree Reapers. Since Danvers will presumably interact with the Kree, the Reapers could play Chekhov's Gunman and connect with the team. After all, the Kree might be worried about Hive's actions and the fact they lost the Reapers...
  • Jossed — The movie will be set long before even Iron Man, much less the fall of SHIELD.
    • Partially confirmed, as at least Phil Coulson will appear, played by Clark Gregg.

Phil Coulson will appear.
Given the time setting (two decades before his untimely temporary demise), this film could coincide with Coulson's early days at SHIELD.
  • Confirmed.

Ronan The Accuser will appear in the film.
  • Since the film takes place in the 90s, it will have been before the Guardians incinerate him with the Power Stone, and it makes sense to use one of the most recognizable Kree characters from the comics in the film.

Valkyrie and Lady Sif will show up in The Stinger
Word of God confirms Valkyrie is alive and escaped with the remaining Asgardians, while Lady Sif is still MIA. Perhaps Carol meets the pair en route to Earth, with all three teaming up to fight Thanos. Being Asgardians both ladies have good reason to want Thanos dead and it would be a nice team up to have in a movie about girl power.
  • Half-Jossed; Russo Brothers have now confirmed that Sif vanished in the snap. Valkyrie could happen, though.

Ronan and Korath will be on Carol's side
And will have a Face–Heel Turn at some point, perhaps manipulated by Thanos.
  • The last part wouldn't be necessary, since in the Kree-Skrull war, Captain Marvel will likely be on the Kree side; thus, it is reasonable to assume betraying Carol would be equivalent to turning of the Kree Empire. Although Ronan could just be a teammate that Carol finds untrustworthy or even creepy, Ronan would have no reason to turn on the Kree; in fact, it would be Out Of Character for him to do so.
    • The Kree in both the MCU and the comics are quite evil (with a high ranking Kree soldier, Yon-Rogg, even being the arch nemesis of both Mar-Vell and Carol herself), even if open to diplomacy. I find it unlikely they will be portrayed heroically, let alone that Carol will be a dedicated agent of theirs.
  • Confirmed. Korath serves on the Starforce with Carol, while Ronan leads the Accusers who provide them with orbital supports.

Jude Law is actually playing Yon-Rogg, who will make a Face–Heel Turn near the end of the movie.
  • Confirmed by the POP! Vinyl line.
  • Jossed instead about his alignment: he was never good to begin with and has no change of heart.

Monica Rambeau won't be an adult in the 90s like Carol
Instead, the unannounced role that Lashana Lynch replaced DeWanda Wise in will be the mother of Monica, who will appear as a kid in the 90s and as an adult in contemporary MCU films in the future.
  • Confirmed!

     Sequel Theories (Plot/General) 

The first movie will be a mostly-solo origin story, and the sequel will feature the creation of the Carol Corps

MODOK will be the Big Bad
Outside of Iron Man, whose own film trilogy has ended, MODOK has few other major heroes you could consider him a major enemy of other than Carol Danvers (mostly when she was Ms. Marvel in the comics). Given that the alien side of the MCU is going to be present, a giant headed being wouldn't be that out of place either. He'll be depicted a bit less campily, but will still be true to the comics. He'll be depicted as the new, secret leader of AIM, who seeks to capture Carol.
  • MODOK feels more like a general Avengers villain than one for a solo movie. However, capturing Carol for AIM's goals seems like a plausible and solid motivation.
    • Given that Carol is being touted as one of the most powerful heroes of all, she won't exactly be needing the Avengers to fight MODOK and, as stated above, he was a regular enemy of her in the comics, so it's hardly not comics-accurate.
    • Exactly, MODOK's experiments would make for a plot that can easily include Carol. It could also be an organic way to introduce Kamala, since he could be experimenting on inhumans as well.

Teddy Altman will become a main character as Carol's "sidekick'
She worked with his dad, so they'll have that connection to go off of.

The Skrull race will survive this movie, and will go on to be the main villains in the second Captain Marvel movie, and/or the next main Avengers movie (Secret Invasion, anybody?)
So, just to recap:

  • In the penultimate movie of phase one, Captain America: The First Avenger was a period piece featuring Captain America fighting HYDRA.
  • He then reappeared in the present day, but, as it turns out in the next phase, HYDRA had survived, invaded the general population and became a big problem for the Avengers.

Now, let's look to now/the near future:

  • In the penultimate movie of phase three, Captain Marvel was a period piece featuring Captain Marvel fighting Skrulls.
  • She then reappears in the present day.

Doesn't it look like the Skrulls are primed to make a reappearance, invading the general population and becoming a big problem for the Avengers in phase 4, if not THE big problem? Also, it would be appropriate/pragmatic for them to show up NOW, of all times. Think about what's going to happen in Avengers: Endgame: everyone that died from the snap is going to come back to life. Now, consider this: as the people are brought back, the Skrulls manage to kidnap a whole bunch of people, send imposters out to take their identities and no-one notices.

Also, the skrulls being Marvel's next big villain(s) seems like the next logical step when it comes to big villains. Following on from what Moviebob's video about the Avengers films says:

The skrulls' key power - transforming into people that already exist and are well into their lives - could reflect how Marvel has popularised the idea of a cinematic universe, and many others are starting to make their own, but instead of starting at the beginning like marvel did, they are starting at where Marvel CURRENTLY is (e.g. how Captain America: Civil War was the thirteenth movie in the MCU, but its DCEU Competitor, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was only the second movie in the DCEU).

This could also give us an answer to something that seems unanswerable.

Despite Chris Evans making it incredibly clear that Endgame will be his last movie, Feige/The Russos say he's not as done with the role as he thinks he is. What if he ends up being Killed Off for Real in Endgame, but the actor comes back to play a skrull masquerading as Steve Rogers? Not only would that make lots of sense, it would also be a gut punch to all of the Avengers that would have witnessed his death. Seriously, imagine a second fight between Iron Man and Captain America - with Iron Man in the right this time, but equally as heartbreaking?

  • The problem with this theory is that the Skrulls are refugees who're trying to escape the Kree, and not part of a conquering empire.
    • A possibility to circumvent that may be introducing another distinct faction of Skrulls who took refuge in some remote part of the universe. Contrarily to Talos faction who acted like that just to survive and find a new home, over time they may have turned aggressive, started conquering other worlds to strenghten themselves, and think any action is justified in the name of their survival, even being as cruel as the Kree were with them. Still, they wouldn't be entirely evil.
    • The possibility of Skrull villains in future movies is left open by Word of God:
      Kevin Feige: Just like not all humans are bad, and not all humans are good, I think Skrulls probably have a variety of moralities amongst them. When they can do what they can do, it probably gets very tempting. So, it's fun to have introduced this concept and see where it goes.

Minn-Erva will be the sequel's main villain.
Assuming she survived her plane crash and has successfully either returned to Hala or hid out on Earth all this time, she will be hell-bent on restoring her and her crew's glory by taking Carol's "undeserved" power for herself.
  • Likely jossed, since Gemma Chan is hopping over to The Eternals as Sersi.

Goose will make an appearance in the future
We don't know what happened to her after the events of the movie, except that Fury kept her despite what happened with his eye, and she spat out the Tesseract some time later. Afterwards, Fury may have put Goose to guard some secret vault, and re-trained her to attack anyone except him and a few other people. Upon finding her, she will be about to make a snack out of a few Avengers, only to stop and greet Carol upon recognizing her.
  • Another possibility is that while Goose may or may not be still alive in the present (it's not known how long a Flerken lives), she may have had offspring: in the comics, the supposed cat was discovered to have deposed dozens of eggs even before the tentacles were revealed, and they later all hatched to cute kittens with eldritch stuff inside. So instead of a single Flerken cat, we'd have a small army of them.

An adult Monica Rambeau will appear in Endgame
Upon meeting Monica, Carol will hug her thinking it's Maria, only to quickly realize it's impossibile her friend hasn't changed at all in almost a quarter century. Monica, in tears, will reveal Maria didn't survive Thanos' Decimation.

The sequel will feature a Super Skrull
The Skrulls featured in this movie aren't the only ones who escaped the Kree Empire. There are others and they grew tired of fleeing and hiding. They'll either try to gain more power by messing up with the Fantastic Four or they'll copy powers from superheroes who already showed up in the MCU. Afterwards, they'll try to "rescue" the Skrulls who were "abducted" by Carol and, because of her past as a Kree soldier, won't believe her when she tells them what really happened to them.
  • If they introduce the Fantastic Four, it'll be explained that they weren't available to stop the Chitauri because Dr. Doom was keeping them busy. There'll also be at least one joke from the fact Cap's actor played a past incarnation of Johnny Storm.

Minn-Erva actually survived
She'll return in a sequel as a major player.
  • Likely jossed, as mentioned above, as Gemma Chan will likely be occupied playing a bigger role in the MCU as Sersi of The Eternals.

Talos’ daughter is Queen Veranke, and will be the sequel’s main villain.
Watching her father gun down the Kree soldiers puts her on a militant path for her people. The Skrulls are being set up as tragic villains, forced into evil by a rightfully angry ruler. Monica telling her to never change her eyes will be the only reason Carol or the Avengers can discover her.

The sequel will introduce the Shi'ar by having Deathbird as the big bad
In light of the Fox acquisition, properties associated with the X-Men are now fair game moving forward. More importantly, Deathbird was originally a classic Ms. Marvel villain (first appearing in Ms. Marvel vol. 1, #9), having fought with Carol more than once (before becoming more of an X-Men villain).

One or more Guardians of the Galaxy will appear in future Captain Marvel movies
Carol Danvers is a character with potential to have both Earth-bound and cosmic-scale adventures, and in the latter case, encountering the characters of the other space-based part of the MCU wouldn't feel forced. It would be a way to keep using the Guardians after their stand-alone series wraps up in 2020 or 2021 (depending on how pre-

Mar-Vell was absorbed into the Supreme Intelligence.
The Supreme Intelligence is comprised of an accumulation of all the great minds of the Kree civilization. A scientist that figured out intrinsic FTL-drives for starships instead of the jump-point system would be quite a prize. Mar-Vell could, in spirit, return, forcing her way through all the other entities in the gestalt mind to reach Carol the next time she convenes with the Supreme Intelligence. As to why the Kree don't have her FTL tech? It relies on the Tesseract, which goes from being in an unknown location after her death/acquisition, to on a world that appears defended by a super-powered Kree defector that just tore straight through an Accuser ship with impunity and with effort to spare afterwards, to being in the possession of Asgard, which could weaponize their Bifrost against their capital world Hala if they made an attempt at Asgard's vault. The key piece of the puzzle is beyond their reach, so the science itself is useless.

Goose will be the key to finding Fury and Thanos' other victims
Flerken have access to dimensional pockets where they keep their tentacles and anything they swallow. In the comics they can also facilitate interdimensional travel. When Goose claws Fury, Talos remarks that it is "more than just a scratch". Goose was marking Fury so she can find him wherever he goes. I am picturing a scene where the Avengers are discussing how to bring back Thanos' victims only to have the dramatic tension interrupted by Goose vomiting up Fury or transporting everyone to where they need to be in a mass of tentacles and spit.

Wendell Vaughn will appear as the fresh-faced and harried new guy in charge of PEGASUS
Hey, why not.

Genis-Vell and Phylla-Vell will appear
And they will blame Carol for their mother's death.

Noh-Varr will appear as a somewhat sleazy diplomat suing for peace between Kree and Skrull
But he may have ulterior motives.

The sequel will have Carol arrive on pre-genocide Titan
Setting up a look into Thanos' backstory. I'd imagine if it was set close to the time of the first one, that would still leave the Mad Titan something like two decades to watch his world die and to build up his empire.

Arnold Schwarzenegger will appear as a villain in the sequel
That's why Vers didn't hesitate to shoot that True Lies poster in that Blockbuster, even leaving Jamie Lee Curtis intact, she kinda recognized him.
  • Said sequel will begin with a prologue of him being expelled from Earth by some intergalactic force (be it the Nova Corps or someone else), and will then cheesily remark that "He'll Be Back."

The sequel will be in a contemporary setting in relation to when it is released
That way they can introduce an adult Monica, among other things.

If the sequel does Secret Invasion, it won't have the skrulls
It would be incredibly off-base if the Skrulls, even if it was just a splinter group, turned around and started living up to the sinister stereotypes that the Kree assigned to them by infiltrating and taking over other worlds. It would completely torpedo the message the first movie is trying to send. Therefore, when Carol discovers an alien race trying to infiltrate earth it won't be them but rather the Kree.

Ronan shows that there are plenty of Kree out there who still want to pursue the species' brutal path and will do anything to see it completed. We also know that Yon-Rogg is still alive. Therefore in the time between Captain Marvel 1 and 2 he's begun capturing and experimenting on Skrulls in order to give their shapeshifting abilities to Kree (or potentially just brainwashing Skrulls into thinking they're Kree, like he did with Carol) and sending them out to try and conquer Earth. This way they can still adapt the event without the implications of villainizing the skrulls once again, and still use it as a way to bring back characters who were assumed dead across various other films.

  • There might be something to this, at least regarding the Kree being active. In Spider-Man: Far From Home, Fury mentions something to Hill about "Kree sleeper cells". He never mentions where these sleeper cells are located though—it very well could be earth.

Yon-Rogg will have a re-match with Carol in a sequel
She rejected his offer for an even match with a photon blast. In doing so she insulted his Kree honor and he hasn't forgiven her for that. In the sequel Carol will be captured by the Kree and her powers taken away again, and Yon-Rogg will face her again in an arena, taunting her by saying "I don't need flashy powers to win my conflicts as you apparently do." Either that, or Yon-Rogg will be given powers similar to Carol's somehow, making him an evil version of Captain Mar-vell and then they can battle on equal footing.

Carol will save and befriend a heterosexual white American man
Just to throw a wrench in the idea that Carol hates white people and men proposed by so many "Grrr Feminazi SJW Ruins Everything!!!" YouTube videos. Bonus points if he's from the Deep South but subverts the stereotypes associated with such a character.

Monica will gain powers in the sequel
It may even do something similar to Ant-Man and the Wasp.

The sequel's main villain will introduce the Mutants into the MCU.
And specifically, that villain will have a Heel–Face Turn and join the X-Men. Of course, anybody who follows the comics or 90s cartoon can take a wild mass guess who she is...

The sequel will be titled Captain Marvel: The Search for Fury.
  • It will essentially be an Interquel between Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame, presumably set in the year of its release (2022 at least).
  • The film will begin with a prologue set in the year 2018, where Captain Marvel responds to Fury's pager and travels back to Earth. Then, right after she confronts the surviving Avengers, the movie immediately jumps ahead four years later to the main plot, where she continues her quest to find Nick Fury (hence the title).
  • Midway through the film, Captain Marvel will undergo a Traumatic Haircut (similar to Professor X in X-Men: Apocalypse), which explains her Boyish Short Hair in Endgame.
  • For a huge plot twist, Nick Fury and Maria Hill will be revealed to have survived the Decimation, and that Talos and Soren were the ones who were disguised as them on Earth and disintegrated in The Stinger for Infinity War.

Potential directors for the sequel
Now that it's confirmed Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck weren't brought on for the sequel, we can go and speculate who may helm the sequel right below:

Ripley Ryan/Star will appear


     Sequel Theories (Kamala Khan/Ms Marvel)  

Theories for Kamala Khan’s introduction to the MCU
  • In an interview, Kevin Feige stated that introducing Ms. Marvel is “in the works” and “We have plans for that once we’ve introduced Captain Marvel to the world”. It’s as good a sign as any to start speculating on how Kamala Khan will come into play, and how she’ll relate to Carol.
  • Kamala will probably be introduced prior to any sequel, be it in her own movie or (potentially) a Spider-Man: HC sequel. She'll then, in the next Captain Marvel, meet Carol at a point where Carol is under pressure and has no time or patience left to deal with Kamala. Kamala will initially be star-struck, but Carol, through stress and arrogance, will view Kamala as more of a pest than anything else. Then, Carol will either make a decision that Kamala disagrees with heavily, resulting in an arguement between the two, or Kamala will let a villain get away by accident and Carol, in anger, will berate and insult Kamala. Kamala will become ashamed, and angry at Carol, ultimately leaving her side in humiliation, with the 3rd-act low point partially involving Kamala's Broken Pedestal moment. She'll then realise that disagreeing with Captain Marvel doesn't mean that she can't be a hero and do what's right. The movie will end with the two making up, with Carol taking Kamala more seriously and Kamala respecting that Carol may not be the perfect human she always imagined. {So basically, a very loose adaptation of their dynamic through Civil War II.}
If Kamala Khan debuts in a Captain Marvel sequel, she’ll be used to re-introduce the Inhumans.
  • Perhaps the Kree, Moon-based Inhumans, or other alien group comes to Earth and abducts some humans, hoping to activate their latent Inhuman powers. {Side note - this isn’t too dissimilar to Carol’s debut episode in the Avengers, Assemble! cartoon series.} Captain Marvel goes to rescue them, but by the time she arrives, at least some people have already had their powers activated, including a certain teen girl from Jersey City. Carol and Kamala team up to save the prisoners and safely get them back to Earth. Over the course of the film, the two of them bond, and when they return, Kamala has decided to take up super-heroics and name herself after Captain Marvel.
  • Maybe they’ll go with something more along the lines of Kamala’s origin in the comics, where she shapeshifts into Carol after first getting her powers and starting her career in superheroics. After seeing herself on the news in Jersey City, an understandably confused Carol arrives to investigate. Through this, Carol and Kamala learn where her powers came from, possibly laying the groundwork for other Inhuman characters.

Kamala Khan will have a role in the film somehow.
  • Alternatively, it could be a stinger to set up a future Ms. Marvel Spin-Off in Phase 4.
  • It might also be in the form of a Mythology Gag-filled cameo where Carol saves a Muslim family at one point while the young daughter of the group looks on in awe and admiration.
  • It's been revealed that the film will take place in The '90s, probably before Kamala is even born at the time.
  • The most logical way to cameo would be for Carol to save a group of people, including a blink-and-you-miss it cameo by a Muslim couple. One of the stingers is the couple in the modern day watching TV with their kids. As Carol pops up on the TV, the woman points out that Carol once saved them, as the littler girl ask if she can be a superhero as well. The father laughs and replies, "Maybe one day, Kamala."

And Kamala Khan will be played by...
  • Priyanka Chopra, though some serious Dawson Casting would be in effect, or Kamala is given an Age Lift.
    • Unlikely. Kamala is a fairly new character, and as with the exceptions of alternate universes, she’s always been presented as a teenager. Nearly doubling her age is just begging for screams of “They Changed It, Now It Sucks!
      • To be fair, there's a good chance "They Changed It, Now It Sucks!" will be invoked in the casting either way. Fan response within the week of the announcement has basically amounted to "Kamala needs to be Pakistani, Dark-Skinned, and teenaged, or else Marvel will have screwed it up." Although that is a fair sentiment... well, see below.
  • A relatively or completely-unknown actress, because let’s face it, there aren’t that many Desi women working in Hollywood who could play a girl Kamala’s age.
    • This really is the most likely scenario. Word of God is that they want her to be accurate if adapted, which all but confirms that they'd try to cast a Pakistani actress who either is or can pass as a teenager who can be Adorkable and relatable to most young female viewers, not Bollywood bombshells.
  • Geraldine Viswanathan seems to be an increasingly likely choice, since she played a Muslim teen in Hala, and is a similar age as Tom Holland. She also expressed interest in the part, so long as the community would accept her in the role.

Kamala will first be shown in Avengers 4 as some kid Carol saves. Carol will then give some cheesy line like " You can be a hero too", to her. Then, come Captain Marvel 2, she will somehow get powers and save Carol in that film
  • They will then work together to defeat the Big Bad, and this will set up Kamala to get her own film
  • Jossed.

Kamala will be introduced in Captain Marvel 2, and will then get a TV series airing on Disney's new streaming service, in addition to recurring roles in Avengers and Captain Marvel sequels.
  • Kamala is definitely a strong character, worthy of headlining her own property, but her storylines are more episodic, and would fit TV better than most other heroes. Since fan favourite characters like Loki and Scarlet Witch will be getting at least miniseries on the service, Kamala is a shoe-in for a new property to rope people in, and has a good chance of running a long time. If she is introduced in the movies, and continues to show up in Carol's adventures, Marvel won't be accused of trying to hide/shunt Kamala from the mainline movies, while still getting her leading role in a format which makes the most sense.
  • If the service gets cancelled, the series can easily be bumped to Netflix, or she can take over Carol's mantle in the movies.
    • Problem with the idea of bumping the series to Netflix is that, in general, there isn't a lot of crossover between the Netflix series and the movies in the MCU - while we can account for why the Defenders weren't involved in any of the Avengers movies (Avengers 1 was set before any of their series take place, Age of Ultron wasn't in New York, and Infinity War, if I recall correctly, is stated to happen after the series are over), surely they would've appeared in Doctor Strange or Spiderman Homecoming (or at least had an arc(s) tying into said movies) if they planned on integrating the films more into the TV series; people would likely assume that a new Marvel series on Netflix is in the same setting as Daredevil and the like, leading to confusion when Matt Murdock or Luke Cage are nowhere to be seen.
    • The series could also work on Hulu, Youtube Red, ABC, or any other network. The point was that the series could be continued even if Disney's service was discontinued.
  • Confirmed, although she's appearing in a series on Disney+ first and jumping to the movies, rather than the other way around.

Kamala's costume will be altered for the movies
In the comics, the reason Kamala has the lightning bolt design is because she was mimicking Carol's Warbird costume (her favourite). However, Carol's never worn any costume in the MCU other than her Captain Marvel one. Therefore instead of the bolt, Kamala's Ms. Marvel costume will have the Star insignia instead.
  • Unlikely as of now, at least for the specific matter of the insignia, since the show's logo image uses a huge version of the lightning bolt as the "s" in "Ms."


Captain Marvel had a major role in ending the Kree-Xandar War
By the end of this film, she has threatened to bring her fight to the Supreme Intelligence, and the Accusers have vowed to track her down. Conflict was inevitable one way or the other. It's possible that, after making sure the refugees were safely settled somewhere, she returned to Hala at the height of the Xandar conflict, and sided with the Nova Corps in bringing down the Empire. This is why the expansionist and belligerent Kree have been reduced to signing peace treaties with other planets, and why their leadership in Guardians of the Galaxy is represented by an individual Kree instead of the Supreme Intelligence itself.

The Kree have phased out the Accuser units by the time of Guardians of the Galaxy, and Ronan is the only one left, having gone rogue.
Whether this phasing-out of the Accusers was by choice, or if they were forced into that decision by Carol or other peacekeeping initiatives, is unimportant; all that really matters is that the Kree stopped carpet-bombing other planets, Ronan thinks they should keep doing it, so he steals the Dark Aster and keeps up his genocidal streak.

Ronan had to Break Out the Museum Piece when he went rogue
Relating to the above WMG, while the the Dark Aster shares the same basic hull profile as the Accuser warships seen in this film, the Dark Aster looks far older, resembling a stone temple covered in glyphs instead of the shiny clean lines and metal hulls of these warships. The Accuser warships deployed to Torfa and Earth are also faster and considerably more maneuverable, as well as far more heavily armed than the ponderous Dark Aster, which lacks any ballistic missiles and has to rely on mercenary Sakaaran necrocraft instead of Kree fighters. All of this can be explained by the Accuser fleet being demobilized and Ronan being forced to steal an ancient decommissioned museum ship. The Dark Aster is probably the Kree equivalent of the USS Iowa, or even the USS Constitution.

There is more than one Tesseract in the MCU and the one in this movie is not an Infinity Stone.
The Tesseract we've seen previously is actually a (Asgardian?) Infinity stone powered replica of the true, more powerful, cosmic cube. The stinger with Goose coughing up the Cube actually takes place in the present day after the first post credit scene, and shows how the Avengers have a chance of challenging Thanos with the full infinity gauntlet. After all, in the comics, the cosmic cube is said to be one of the only things that match the power of the completed gauntlet, and people have made replica cubes before.

The face that the Supreme Intelligence used to talk to Yon-Rogg was his own
And he never told anyone because he was self-aware enough to know what that would say about him.

Project PEGASUS covered up the loss of the Tesseract
When reviewing the file on Lawson, Fury speculates that security at the Project PEGASUS facility was unfriendly because they were covering up a billion dollar mistake... the destruction of the lightspeed prototype. However, the revelation that Mar-Vell absconded with the Tesseract and kept it at her cloaked orbital laboratory means that the mistake the people in charge of Project PEGASUS were really trying to cover up was the fact that they'd misplaced one of the most powerful sources of energy on Earth, an artifact so powerful it made HYDRA almost win WWII.

One of the refugees Talos was searching for was a Gender Flip of Anelle from the comics
... and fathered a child with Mar-Vell who will someday become Hulkling.

  • Alternatively, Anelle is primarily female, but when they fell in love, she assumed male form so they can mate and have a child. There are genderfluid Skrulls like Xavin in the comics.note 

Director Keller is a HYDRA infiltrator.
It wouldn't be the first time for Ben Mendelsohn to portray A Nazi by Any Other Name character. Alexander Pierce probably demoted him due to Keller's inability to handle the whole Kree-Skrull situation, not to mention of being impersonated by a Skrull.

Goose is sentient.
Or is at least smart enough to find a way to stick around inside of the top-secret Pegasus base for six years after her "owner" died. Certain other actions taken during the film - like swallowing the Tesseract to hide it at the exact right moment, or identifying Talos to Fury by going up to and rubbing against him - suggest a degree of situational awareness or even language comprehension. Maybe she wasn't so much Mar-Vell's pet as her ally.

Mar-Vell was trans.
What if Mar-Vell was actually male when she fought for the Kree, but changed her gender and appearance when she went into exile to throw anyone hunting her off of her trail? Admittedly, this would mostly just be a way to troll any fanboys upset over the Gender Flip, but it's still fun to think about.

Independence Day, in the MCU, was inspired in-universe by the events in this film.
Maria Rambeau piloting the Quadjet through a canyon while being pursued by a Kree starfighter looked very reminiscent to Hiller's dogfight against an alien starfighter in Independence Day. That film premiered in 1996, and Captain Marvel takes place in 1995. Perhaps due to her experience here, Maria became an Air Force consultant for Independence Day and got to give Will Smith some tips on outsmarting alien spaceships.

The Supreme Intelligence is semi-organic, like in the comics.
The brains of Kree intellectuals, scients, military strategists etc. are incorporated into it as they die. In short, the only thing in which the MCU S.I. differs from its comics counterpart is not looking like a big green Medusa head.

Xandarians in the MCU are a splinter group of Kree who rebelled against the Kree Empire to found their own society
In Guardians of the Galaxy, all of Ronan's references to Xandar focus on "culture" rather than "species." This implies that Kree issues with Xandar stem from a difference in culture rather than just a difference in species. Also, native Xandarians greatly resemble the pink-skinned Kree, having blue blood. Nova Prime in particular greatly resembles the pink-skinned Kree we've already seen in Captain Marvel, like Mar-Vell and Yon-Rogg. Xandar was therefore founded by a group pink-skinned Kree who rebelled against the Kree Empire's bigoted and xenophobic regime and wanted to create a more inclusive and benign society. This is also why their history is so bloody, as Xandarians would have the strength and technology to fight against the Kree and the Kree in return were obsessed with wiping out Xandar which represents an ideological as well as a political threat to them.
  • Alternatively, they share a common ancestor race that colonized both of their original home planets of Hala and Xandar and changed biologically and culturally over time to the point that they would never consider the other the same race.
The missing 4th Skrull is hiding out on Earth as a cow.
As a nod to the comics, a future movie will reveal that the fate of the 4th Skrull is that it ended deserting from the war and starting a new life on Earth as a cow.

Talos and Soren's daughter is Lyja
She will be reintroduced as Johnny Storm's love interest in the eventual Fantastic Four film and, unlike the comics, they'll stay together.


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