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Pictured: a messed-up looking dog playing the drums.
Dr. Hank Pym: Hiya, champ, how was school today?
Scott Lang: Aw, ha ha ha! Alright, get your jokes out now, can you fix the suit?
Hope van Dyne: So cranky.
Dr. Hank Pym: You want a juice box and some string cheese?

  • Scott and Cassie playing an insanely fancy pretend game of "Thief".
    • The Adorkable way the "giant contact lens" is a Frisbee with a giant eyeball painted on.
    • "Anton" being a puppet ant. Which Luis nearly neglects to operate for a moment there.
  • When Scott and Cassie are playing at his place, she tells him "I eat fear for breakfast", accompanied by a mischievous grin that's both goofy and adorable.
  • This scene with Scott and Luis:
    Luis: I mean, we gotta land this bird.
    Scott: He ain't going anywhere. And the expression is "land this fish."
    Luis: No, it's "land the bird." Just like you land the plane. You gotta land the plane to be in business.
    Scott: I know it's silly to get hung up on these kinds of things, but I do.
    Luis: How am I gonna land a fish? It can't walk. And if it swam up on shore, and it battled a hawk, who's gonna win?
    Scott: You've really turned me around on this thing.
  • Throughout the movie, Jimmy Woo has a few hilarious lines, first in the beginning when Scott shows off close-up magic he had learned and Woo asks how he did that, and later, when an agent walks into Woo's office he's watching the same magic tutorial. And Woo and Scott have an awkward interaction at the end where Scott thinks Woo is asking to get dinner or hang out and Woo awkwardly explains.
    • In his first scene, Cassie gets mad at him for how the FBI's been treating Scott. Woo counters by trying to explain Scott's legal problems in simple terms by comparing them to breaking the rules at school... and then goes off on a long string of legal babble, complex enough to probably stun adults, about exactly which articles of the Sokovia Accords Scott broke and the terms of his parole, which leaves her naturally baffled.
    • When trying to check on Scott, Cassie covers for him by saying that he's really sick and vomiting a lot.
      Woo: Young lady, I am a Federal Agent. I've seen worse things than vomit.
      [he starts up the stairs, but stops and turns to Cassie]
      Woo: [suddenly worried] Like, a lot, a lot?
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  • In sharp contrast to his antagonism toward Scott in the first Ant-Man, Scott saving Cassie has led to Paxton being overly affectionate throughout this movie. Every time Scott and Maggie share an awkward friendly-exes hug, Paxton enfolds them both in an enormous bear hug. It's as heartwarming as it's funny.
    Paxton: Buddy!
  • The montage of Scott trying to pass the time while under house arrest, which includes:
    • Mastering trick shots.
    • Developing his close-up magic card tricks.
    • Trying to bowl and failing.
    • Playing his electronic drumkit.
    • Karaoke.
    • Reading The Fault in Our Stars while crying.
  • Scott's dream: He's looking for a young Hope and hearing Janet's voice. When he looks in a mirror, he sees he's really in Janet's body. Her warm motherly smile being replaced with a mortified expression is what sells it.
  • Scott panics that he's in a car outside his home when he's under house arrest. When he tries to get out, Hope tells him the car doors won't open "while the system's engaged." Which is when Scott turns around to see a giant pigeon's unblinking eye outside the car window. Scare Chord! Aaand then we pan out to see two pigeons peck at the shrunken car. One leaves a dent in the hood.
  • Since Scott is in house arrest, Hope and Hank replace him with an ant that goes through his daily routine, which includes drumming, taking a bath, and sitting in front of the TV eating fruity cereal. When Luis visits Scott during this, he sees the ant act exactly like Scott and genuinely assumes that Scott had transformed into a giant ant.
    Hope: He's programmed to replicate your daily routine—nine hours in bed, five hours in front of the TV, two hours in the bathroom, whatever that's about...
    Scott: That's totally inaccurate.
    • Even better, when Luis sees the ant, it's in the midst of eating cereal. As if to say, "My cereal! Mine!", it hugs the box close to its body. Which makes perfect sense, since ants love sugar.
    • Later, Scott, Hank, and Hope get chased at the college. Scott at first is worried that the FBI is raiding his house to check on him, but Hank checks the cameras to show him they're not... and sees the giant ant playing the drums.
      Hank: What are you, fifteen?
  • Calling Captain America "Cap" is another thing made funnier in the Polish dub, where it's rendered as "Kapciu": both hilariously, incongruosly cutesy and Stealth Insultish, since it almost sounds like "a slipper". You know, as in footwear.
  • When Hank mentions that Scott was "entangled" with Janet, Scott thinks he's being Mistaken for Cheating.
  • When Hope mentions that she always hid in the same wardrobe whenever she played hide-and-seek with her mother, Scott comments that it doesn't look like she understands the gist of the game.
  • Hank asks Scott if he really destroyed the suit so, supposedly, the authorities wouldn't be able to get it. After Scott claims he did destroy the suit, Hank groans that he can't believe Scott would actually destroy the suit and that the suit's his life's work. Later, when Scott reveals he didn't actually destroy it, Hank's response is a Big "WHAT?!" which prompts Scott to defensively respond that it's Hank's life's work so there's no way he would destroy it.
  • Hank shrinks a building so he can bring it along when he and Hope go into hiding. Said building has a retractable handle in the roof disguised as part of the HVAC and wheels in the foundation, so Hank can roll it along like a suitcase. Blink and you’ll miss it, but Scott is standing beside them in a bathrobe. And flip-flop slippers. Also note a pigeon was sitting on the HVAC and didn't shrink with it - and flies away when Hank struts up.
    • That retractable handle gets a kooky focus when the building is grown on the docks without retracting it; instant ten-story office building with a thirty story handle sticking out of the top.
  • Sonny somehow owns a restaurant on top of being an arms dealer.
  • Scott's reaction to the Wasp suit:
    Scott: Wings and blasters. So I take it you didn't have that tech available for me?
    Hank: No, I did.
    Scott: Wh...
    • Even funnier has to be the matter-of-fact way Hank says it. Almost as if he knew how Scott would react and didn’t care. Or he knew how he would react and did it for that reason.
  • Hank's Rapid-Fire "No!" when he realises they're going to need to get help from the Wombats again.
  • When trying to find Bill Foster on the university campus, Scott and the Pyms are wearing baseball caps and sunglasses, to which Scott deadpans "These aren't disguises. We look like ourselves at a baseball game." As if to hit the point home, the scene ends with a shot on Hank, who's specifically wearing a San Francisco Giants cap.
  • There's something indescribably hilarious about watching Academy Award winning actor Michael Douglas as Hank Pym yelp "YOU SENT MY SUIT THROUGH THE MAIL!?" like a panicking school boy. And Hope has massive grin on her face through the whole scene.
  • At one point Scott's regulator malfunctions leaving him about the size of a four-year-old, which brings Hope and Hank unending amusement.
    Hank: Hiya champ, how was school today?
    Scott: [irritated] Oh, ha, ha, ha! Alright, get the jokes out now, can you fix the suit?
    Hope: [grinning] So cranky...
    Hank: Do you want a juice box with some string cheese?
    Scott: [still completely serious] Do you really have that?
    • Even Hope herself can't help but get in her two cents at Scott.
      Scott: [presses the shrinking button a few more times to try and fix it] Awesome.
      Hope: [biggest smile on her face] If only Cap could see you now.
      • When he's trying to reach Cassie's backpack on the top shelf, Hope keeps egging him on, in the saccharine tone you'd use while encouraging a baby to stand up.
    • This seems like a good place to point out: if any joke in the movie isn't landing for you, just look at Hope's reaction to it. Chances are, Lilly's various exasperated expressions or annoyed smirks will get a chuckle out of you.
    • While Scott is running through the school while small, the music playing is a childish rendition of the usual Ant-Man theme (called "World's Greatest Grandma" on the soundtrack).
  • Scott's ringtone (a duck's quack) ruining Bill Foster's attempt at explaining why he's helping Ava. It was an urgent emergency call from Cassie that she even has to try a video call to contact Scott. She can't find her soccer shoes.
    • While Cassie, Maggie and Paxton are rambling on about the soccer shoes and hoping that Scott — who has claimed to be unwell to explain why he can't get up and walk for them — feels better soon, Bill can be seen making a "let's start wrapping this up" gesture.
  • Sonny Burch's men capture "the Wombats" and begin interrogating Luis as to Scott's whereabouts, specifically asking "Where is Scott Lang?" After getting injected with truth serum, Luis proceeds to begin his trademark rambling describing where Scott is emotionally.
    • It starts with Luis explaining how he first met Scott in prison. After a while, Sonny asks what this has to do with where Scott is. The other Wombats mention how Luis is like a jukebox and he has to listen to the whole song. Then Luis goes on a tangent describing a jukebox his Nana had that only played Morrissey. Then he recaps the events of the first film. He accidentally reveals that the business is days away from closing if they don't land their big client. The Wombats start fighting over Luis's poor leadership when an exasperated Sonny demands to know where Scott is. Luis describes where he is emotionally. The start of the recap also showcases what Luis' hair looked like back in the day.
    • Sonny at the end of his rope asks where Scott is literally. Luis says, "the woods." Then Ghost shows up angrily demanding where in the woods, clearly having been listening in to the whole conversation and just as fed up with Luis as Sonny. Her sudden appearance scares the shit out of everyone with Sonny leaping out of his chair and screaming with the rest of the bunch.
      Sonny: Well, where is Scott Lang... literally speaking?!
      Luis: Oh! The woods.
      Ghost: [Materializes out of nowhere] The woods?!
      (Everyone in the room screams)
      Kurt: Baba Yaga!
    • It's even funnier when you consider that Ghost was trained by SHIELD, meaning Luis managed to erode the patience of a trained spy and assassin in a few minutes.
      • Even more funnier in the Polish dub, because "in the woods" is Polish idiom for "unprepared/out of their depth/late as heck with whatever they're supposed to be doing". So it looks like Luis is going on another crazy tangent.
    • Ghost's sudden appearance also sends Kurt, who's convinced she's Baba Yaga, into reciting a nursery rhyme about Baba Yaga as though it were the holiest of Russian prayers. It's adorable. Counts as a Brick Joke, given he earlier mentioned Baba Yaga in a haunted voice upon hearing about Ghost's wall-phasing ability. Then continued to even after everyone stopped caring.
    Kurt: (singing softly whilst scared out of his mind) Baba Yaga, come at night, little children, sleepy tight...
    • As part of Luis' trademark storytelling, every person appearing takes on the same body language and mannerisms that Luis has. When he gets around to talking about Scott and Hope's relationship at the end of the first movie, he's got them behaving like Make-Out Kids. (The latter counts as a wall-leaning satire on how poorly paced the first movie's romance arc was.) Bonus props to both Paul Rudd and Evangeline Lilly for how into it they get with those performances, since although Pena's narration is always golden, the scene wouldn't be half as funny if the two hadn't gotten so into it, and absolutely nailed those performances.
    • The interrogation involves Sonny bringing in a drug expert to make Luis more susceptible to talking... which quickly turns into a back-and-forth argument over whether it's a Truth Serum.
    • The Casual Danger Dialogue Wombats engage in exasperates Burch since it deflates any attempt he makes at being suave, cunning and intimidating, as they clearly aren't taking him seriously.
    • After being injected with the Truth Serum, Luis first shows skepticism before it kicks in and he blurts out the truth and triumphantly says that it is actually Truth Serum. The drug specialist angrily replies that it isn't and raises his hand like he really wants to bitchslap Luis.
    • "Who are you and how do you know so much about car-wash protocol?"
    • At the movie's end, the Wombats succeed in capturing Sonny and his crew for the authorities, during which Sonny and the others begin spilling their guts over the petty and serious crimes they've committed. The drug expert looks down at the empty syringes next to him and mutters "It IS Truth Serum..."
    • Also, in that flashback, Luis's hair. Seriously, it's like he's mugged a mop for disguise.
  • Janet communicating with her husband and daughter for the first time in 30 years while heartwarming, is also hilarious due to the fact she's using Quantum Linking to take control of Scott's body to talk to them. So it's basically Paul Rudd acting like he's Michelle Pfeiffer's character. It gets more funny when Janet, in Scott's body, shows her affection to her family by kissing them and touching them tenderly, which has got to be awkward for the latter since it's Scott doing this. By the time Scott is back in control of his body, he's wondering how he got to another location and why is he holding Hank's hand.
    • The quiet beat when Scott realizes he's holding hands with Hank. And Hank doesn't let go.
    • Rudd, Lily and Douglas deserve some sort of award for doing that scene without Corpsing.
  • Maggie's line: "What does FBI even stand for? Forever Bothering Individuals?" She delivers if it with a smug look as if to say "Oh yes. I went there." Followed by Paxton going "Ehh" with a face that says "Nice try, but not your best line."
  • During the third-act chase scene, Scott calls up Hope (who's being chased by Burch's men) to ask why she's not driving towards their rendezvous point. She replies that she's taking them on the "scenic route". What nails it is the way Paul Rudd delivers Scott's intrigued response of "Ohhh!" as he notices they're headed right onto Lombard Street, of all possible roads to take a San Francisco car chase.
    • During the chase, one of Burch's henchmen draws a gun to fire on an enlarged Scott, who harmlessly flicks it away with a "schtoink".
  • Stan Lee has his obligatory Creator Cameo with this one line when his car spontaneously shrinks seemingly into nothingness before he can get in.
    • His completely casual tone only makes it better.
    • Note that Stan Lee created Ant-Man and The Wasp with Jack Kirby and Larry Lieber back in the 1960s, so even if he isn't talking about drugs, it's essentially his own fault that he just lost his car, because he created the characters that just made it shrink.
    • It turns out that Stan Lee did multiple takes, with different lines for this scene!
    Stan Lee: Talk about compact cars!
    Stan Lee: Darn, I should have paid those parking tickets!
    Stan Lee: Oh no, my sandwich was in there!
    Stan Lee: Well, at least now, I will be able to park in San Francisco!
    Stan Lee: Oh man, I just stole this car!
    Stan Lee: Thank God, it's a rental!
    Stan Lee: Well, looks like I'm walking!
    Stan Lee: Oh, Geez, all my coupons were in there!
    Stan Lee: Talk about diminishing returns, oh man!
    Stan Lee: Every thing is shrinking on me!
  • Scott's attempts at trying to call for a flying ant companion continually end up failing when the ants keep getting eaten by multiple seagulls, with the dramatically swelling soundtrack screeching to a halt each time an ant gets eaten. He ultimately does manage to get one to reach him without it getting eaten... only for it to get eaten soon after while he's riding it, with him just barely managing to get off in time.
    Scott: [watching his help get slaughtered] Murderers!
  • When Ant-Man goes colossal and gets the lab back from Burch on the ferry, he's stumbling through the water due to how light-headed he is due to growing that large.
    • When he's pursuing the ferry Burch was on, everyone on the boat initially assumes that Scott is a humpback whale. It doesn't help that when he dives down, his feet take the shape of a whale's tail.
  • Scoot wondering how Sonny even had time to buy a ticket to the ferry.
  • While watching Giant Scott stumble around the San Francisco waterfront, the camera cuts back to first Maggie and then Paxton looking on in concern. Then the camera pans down to Cassie who has the widest mischievous grin possible.
  • After Scott is released from house arrest, Agent Woo tries to give Scott a subtle warning that he'll catch him the next time he breaks the law. Scott hilariously pretends to not get it, causing Woo to try and explain what he meant. Scott doesn't let up and even asks Woo if he was trying to invite him to dinner later, which Woo initially deflects... before asking if he would be interested.
  • The closing Stinger reveals an empty San Francisco, wiped out by Thanos' fingersnap... except for the drummer ant, the last one left to defeat the Mad Titan.
  • The usual “X will return” text after The Stinger reads “Ant-Man and The Wasp will return”, followed by a question mark appearing two seconds later.
    • Also, make that the second time in a row now that Marvel Studios has trolled the audience with the 'X will Return' ending tag after Infinity War noted that 'Thanos will return'.


  • The first trailer isn't the grimmest, but takes itself seriously enough. How does it end? With Hope in the back of a van (as the Wasp) sending a giant Hello Kitty Pez dispenser towards a pursuer on a motorcycle!
  • Hope's response to Scott complaining about his suit's lack of wings and blasters from a later TV spot doubles as both a Badass Boast and an equally funny sentiment:
    Hope: It's not just wings and blasters. It was actual skill.
  • The trailer music; it's an instrumental version of "Ants Invasion" by Adam and the Ants. Really. Confirmed by Peyton
  • In the promo for the second trailer, the cast of Avengers: Infinity War asks why Ant-Man and Wasp were absent from the story. Highlights include Anthony Mackie still holding a grudge against "tic-tac," Chris Hemsworth being offended that he wasn't asked to be in their movie, and Scarlett Johansson speculating that they were probably "in the same place as Hawkeye." It ends with Paul Rudd and Evangeline Lily looking at each other, as if saying, "What could we have done?"
    • Even funnier, Benedict Cumberbatch suggests that they were in the Quantum Realm. He turned out to be half-right at the end.
  • From the second trailer:
    • Behold, the return of Scott Lang’s Evil Laugh from Captain America: Civil War!
      • And then, from the TV spot:
        Scott: [deep voice] ME EAT PEOPLE!
        [One of the boat's passengers Screams Like a Little Girl]
        Scott: Sorry! I'm messing around.
      • Funnier still, the screaming guy is Tim Heidecker of Tim & Eric, famous for the "It's free real estate" meme.
      • Also from the TV spot, when Hank asks Scott for help:
        Scott: There is another person I can think of.
        [cut to Scott, Hope and Hank pulling up their van to meet the "person"]
        Luis: WHAZZUUUP?!
        [cue a beat from the trio, complete with "WTF?" faces]
        Luis: What, you guys don't remember that beloved commercial? Whazzuuup? Whazzuuup...
        [cue a blank-faced Hope rolling up the van window]
    • Scott as Giant-Man, pursuing some Mooks by using a truck as a scooter instead of, y'know, running after them.
    • And then Scott discovering that stopping a moving truck with your bare, giant-sized hands, isn't as easy as it looks. Especially when you don't know there's a toolbox weighing down the accelerator.
    • And the cut to a group of people in a diner while Scott is outside having difficulty using the truck, with no one reacting in the slightest.
    • Scott might be a great Ant-Man, but he's a terrible strategist.
      Scott: You go low, I go high.
      Hope: I have wings, why would I go low?!
    • Luis is incredulous that Hank Pym is coming to him and the "wombats" for help, since they were the ones who robbed him.
      • And Hank seems to be hating every minute of it.
      • The argument Scott gets into with the "wombats" over his desk ("This looks like it came from the garbage!") right before he pulls a But I Digress when Hope gives him a "Are you serious right now?"-look.
    • Scott and Bill Foster compare how big they got. Cue Hope telling them to stop comparing their sizes.
    • Remember the giant ant from the first film that Cassie adopted as a pet? It's back... playing drums. And there's a Freeze-Frame Bonus: on one of his legs, the leg tracker placed on Scott by police can be seen. It's confirmed in the movie that Hope and Hank placed the ant there as a decoy so that Scott can assist them with rescuing Janet.
    • In the "It Takes Two" TV spot, Scott attempts to call in ants, but they keep getting eaten by seagulls. Made funnier by the 'It Takes Two' song getting interrupted whenever an ant gets eaten by the seagull.
      Scott: Let's fly!
      Music: It takes two to make a thing go... [seagull eats ant]
      Scott: Aw... sorry
      Music: It takes two to make a... [seagull eats ant]
      Scott: Aw... sorry
      Music: It takes... [seagull eats ant]
      Scott: [annoyed] Hey!
      Music: It takes... [seagull eats ant]
      Scott: Not cool!
      Music: It takes... [seagull eats ant]
      Scott: Come on, man!


  • As revealed in an interview Evangeline Lilly was apprehensive about wearing her superhero suit after hearing so many of her male co-stars complain about how uncomfortable theirs were. After she put it on, however, she found it was uncomfortable but only mildly so... and then realized that was the problem.
    Lilly: [holding up her heel] Have men not had the life experience of being uncomfortable for the sake of looking good?
  • No one told Michael Douglas he should be familiar with Captain America: Civil War, so he suffered from serious Continuity Lockout while reading the script.
  • The blooper reel, complete with extra lines for Stan Lee's unlucky car owner.

"Whassup? You don't remember, uh that beloved commercial? Whassup?"
—Luis arriving to help the Pyms and Scott.


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