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"Maybe you just need someone watching your back. Like a partner."
  • Hank and his Pym Particle antics, once again showing just how completely and totally Crazy-Prepared he is for any and all situations.
    • First, his cars; he has several dozen, all shrinkable, in one of those cute tire-shaped Hot Wheels tote cases. In goes the zippy little Hyundai that Hope used to haul Scott over, out comes a reinforced van full of surveillance equipment.
    • Then comes the trailer scene; he shrinks an entire ten-story office building, grabs the HVAC assembly on top and pulls to show it's a handle, then rolls it away like luggage. Look carefully and you'll notice that the lot the building was standing on is actually an asphalt-paved parking lot, complete with painted parking spaces and entrance slopes on the sidewalks. It's not a shrinkable office building, it's a size-multiplied scale model of one! Hank just dropped by one day with the "suitcase" and put the building there.
    • And that's nothing compared to what's inside the building; a lab equal to any of Tony Stark's, hand-built from household objects grown-to-fit. Two notable knick-knacks are the spinner from a combination lock and a tube fuse. It's even powered by a Duracell-brand D-cell battery, which is somehow capable of providing power to the entire building when Pym makes it over a story high.
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    • Not to mention, much like the end of the first Ant-Man, Hank can now enlarge his ants and use his technology to make them do things they couldn't do previously in their smaller size, such as free labor in constructing the Quantum Tunnel inside of the aforementioned lab by utilizing their strength, using them as attack dogs to strike their enemies, or cause a distraction. With the number of ants in the world, one can easily imagine just how dangerous this technology can be in the wrong hands.
    • At the very end, Hank shrinks his San Francisco house and brings it to a tropical beach.
  • Wasp enlarging a thrown salt shaker to block an exit, trapping her victims in with her.
  • A shrunken Wasp dodges knives thrown at her and even manages to run across the blade of one of them.
  • In Ghost's introductory fight scene, she manages to hit Wasp with a phase-shifting Suplex through a table.
    • Scott's epic entry into the fight. As Ghost pins Wasp against the the wall and goes to punch her in the face, Scott flies in on one of the ants, jumps down onto a table, leaps off, and enlarges right next to the two, just in time to do a Punch Catch before punting Ghost across the room.
  • Scott and Hope try to sneak into Ghost's lair while she's asleep to take back their stuff she stole. Emphasis on try.
    • When kidnapped, Hank fakes illness, convincing his captors to give him his pills. The whole scene is wildly unexpected, even more so when the pill box actually contains a squadron of ants, springing to gargantuan size to free Hope, Hank, and Scott.
  • Apparently, Hank and Hope are now wanted fugitives because of Scott's actions in Civil War. So that means they'll have to watch out for the occasional agent tailing them, right? Nope; when they're finally cornered, the FBI sends dozens of agents in armored vehicles.
  • Bill Foster telling his protege that there are lines they should never cross.
    Ava: Lang has a daughter. If we get her...
    Bill: I've tolerated the many unsavoury things you do. If you put one finger on that little girl we're done.
    • Then when he realises that their plans would indeed kill Janet, he tries to stop Ava. Too bad being minutes from death Ava was not in a mood to listen to her mentor.
  • Hope shrinks the truck she and Luis are in, drives under the bad guys' vehicle, and returns them to full size, sending it flying away like Havok physics.
  • After Luis was separated from Scott and Hope, he uses one of Hank's cars to outrun Burch's goons, even using the car's shrinking abilities to good use.
  • Ghost combines intangibility with combat parkour during the chase scene, thus making her very difficult to get away from or attack. For instance, phasing through a moving car to take out a cyclist on the other side of the road.
  • While Hope and Ghost are fighting in the truck, Scott, who is about 20 feet tall at the moment, straight up punches Ghost in the face through the windshield hard enough to break her mask and temporarily leave her dazed.
  • Scott reveals that as Giant-Man, he can grow up to 65 feet, over 3 times bigger than Bill Foster's 21 feet.
    • Giant-Man appearing out of the water in front of a ferry akin to a Japanese monster movie. A news report mentions that he is about 80 feet, further breaking his record.
    • Scott distracting the FBI - Enlarging his suit to giant size without him in it, as as the FBI close in on the that, the rest get away, and as the FBI turns towards them, a shrunk Hope returns it to tiny size and takes it away.
  • Ghost kicking Ant-Man through a wall. She is not playing with him, and for good reason, given the threat he is to her plans.
  • It's impressive how much Janet has to do in order to save herself. She's not just some damsel in distress; she has to possess Scott from the Quantum Realm to fix Hope and Hank's programming and later save Hank from insanity while he's retrieving her.
  • Luis getting in on the shrinking action with the flame-painted car. The guy has never handled shrinking tech personally, but he drives that shrinking car like a pro.
  • Dave and Kurt help Luis incapacitate Burch and his goons by firing stun guns In the Back. Luis gives Burch the final blow by knocking him out with one punch.
  • The final fight with Scott and Hope vs. Ghost is, as Marvel Studios always delivers, a thrilling climax. It's an Interesting Situation Duel as all sides are good fighters, and Scott and Hope keep shrinking and expanding to normal size to get the drop on Ghost (to the point where it starts to look more like Teleport Spam), while Ava keeps phasing to dodge their attacks. It shows how in tune with their powers each person is.
    • And for every hit she lands on them, they get in three on her. She would have been done if not for her superhuman stats.
  • When Hank and Janet come crashing back through the Quantum Tunnel, Hope was knocked onto the track by Ghost and is about to be hit. Scott's solution? Going giant (indoors) to reach her in time and then shrinking back down before he can crush the vehicle.
  • An offscreen one, but Janet survived 30 years in the Quantum Realm by herself without going mad. She even had the presence of mind to calculate what Hank and Hope need to do to find her and connecting to Scott to get them that information.
  • Scott was able to deal with his house arrest sentence with no issue and even managed to create a business while in there ... Even if the last two days of it were him (forced to at first) dealing with the Pyms. Even after the FBI saw Ant-Man going giant, Scott was still able to evade it with the combination of Hope/Hank's help, which doubles as a funny moment as well.
  • The "Wombats" saving Luis from Burch also raises the profile of X-Cons!
  • Scott's command of ants has been honed to a degree where he can direct then to his objectives without line of sight; he is able to smuggle Hope's Wasp suit *and* a FBI jacket and hat to the Pyms while in the FBI interrogation room, enabling them to escape far more discreetly than their initial, more destructive plan. A far cry from the ineptitude that Hope berated him for in the first movie.
  • Luis, even while held at gunpoint and under the effects of a fast-acting Truth Serum, still manages to stall his interrogators from getting the information they need simply by taking Burch's question non-literally. The couple minutes he buys with this tangent is what ultimately allows Scott and the Pyms to locate Janet.


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