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All Spoilers are Unmarked

Welcome Captain Marvel, A.K.A. the strongest Avenger.note 

  • The first trailer opens with Carol getting back up after a fall from orbit.
  • Carol jumping on a speeding train with no problems.
  • The film has made sure to include not only Carol's Captain Marvel costume, but also her signature helmet that comes with it.
  • The last shot of Captain Marvel in the classic blue, red, and gold suit, charging up to her Binary Mode — complete with glowing-orange eyes — ready to dish out some serious damage.
  • There is a scene in the trailer which shows Carol at various points of her life, as a child, during a military training exercise, and as a superhuman, and she falls down each time, only to get up with a clenched Fist of Rage. If there was a best way to Show, Don't Tell that the heroine is very much a Determinator, this was it.
  • The flying sequence at the end of trailer 2 when Carol is decimating a space fleet by herself looks like something ripped straight from a comic page. AND IT'S GLORIOUS.
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  • There is a cool scene of her making her mask disappear in a flash of energy.
  • And a similar cool scene of Carol and her team doing a Power Walk.
  • Carol takes out a group of enemies with an AOE energy attack.
  • The final trailer shows a Skrull transformation on-screen.
  • And in the final trailer, there is a scene where Jude Law's character is teaching Carol the usefulness of physical combat, by absolutely demolishing her in it. And this is Carol with her powers.
  • A shot of a character who appears to be Ronan!
  • The "Ready" TV Spot shows Carol throughout her life being put down (and knocked down) in every activity that she tries from baseball to army training, but as this happens, Carol keeps repeating the film's tag line, and just like in the first trailer, we are shown Carol getting back up every single time because, as she states:
    Captain Marvel: Kinda done with you telling me what I can’t do.
    • Also there are even more shots of the above mentioned training via one-sided beatdown
    • There is a few more shots of the epic aerial battle as well. And this time, instead of blasting apart spaceships, Carol simply flies through one.
  • A new TV spot shows Carol falling through the air, unconscious. Just before she hits the ground, her eyes turn orange and she immediately flies up to stop a speeding missile from reaching its target. Barehanded.



  • Carol's escape from her Skrull captors. She easily beats up nearly an entire ships worth of Skrulls all while having her hands encased in metal gauntlets that prevent her from firing her photon blasts. As such, she simply beats them all with them instead.
    • When she finally is able to fire enough energy to break the gauntlets, the energy is enough to compromise the structural integrity of the ship.
  • Carol stealing a motorcycle from a jerk that told her to smile and then called her a freak for ignoring him.
  • The discovery of how Carol got her powers; she was cornered by Yon-Rogg, who had just shot Dr. Lawson/Mar-Vell, and what does she do? Distract him by talking long enough to shoot the engine he was planning to steal! The resulting power wave fused with her, and while this led to her Laser-Guided Amnesia, it already marked Carol as someone willing to perform a Heroic Sacrifice at a moment's notice.
  • During the climax, Carol is captured by Star Force and forced to face the Supreme Intelligence, who taunts that without the Kree she's merely human, and tries to Mind Rape her by showing Carol memories of her various failures and setbacks, from childhood to adulthood. Carol responds by saying yes, she is human, and we see those full memories, and how each time Carol fell, she got back up. In the computer she symbolically tears out her inhibitor, while in the real world Carol begins burning out her restraints, before finally going full Binary, prompting an Oh, Crap! from Supreme Intelligence.
    • Of course, there's also the epic beat down she gives the Star Force after.
    • Bonus points: The soundtrack for said beat down is No Doubt's "Just a Girl."
  • A good way to show how badass a character is: Have them kick ass while in bare feet. Carol does just that on the Skrull ship. Not even letting out an "Ouch" while walking over sharp debris. Could count as an awesome moment for Brie Larson herself. One of the stunt crew said everyone was worried about Larson hurting, or injuring her feet during this sequence, but she managed to go through it without any issue.
  • The space battle from the trailers is even more awesome in the film itself. Carol first starts by destroying a barrage of ballistic warheads from the accusers ships by pushing one back to sender a la Superman, causing a chain of explosions that took out the whole barrage. She then proceeds to fly up to space, where she engages the Accuser fleet, while slowly learning to use her powers. She eventually takes out an entire battle cruiser by simply ramming through it before confronting Ronan's ship, which makes him decide to leave.
    • To elaborate, she started out blowing up fighters with her photon blasts, then, as she got hit by potshots, she realized she can just crash through all of them, even destroying one with a chest bump. Then she flew straight through an entire bombing vessel, destroying it. Then she went up to Ronan's ship and hovered in front of him while powering up. When he did not react, she did a fist slap that created a photon wave that went through his entire ship. He got the hint then. Keep in mind, this was the same Ronan that was willing to challenge Thanos himself, although that was when he had the Power Stone. This may partly explains why Ronan wanted the Power Stone in the first place, aside from obliterating Xandar.
    • Indeed, it even explains why the Dark Aster had such an over-the-top impenetrable command bunker for Ronan to retreat to when the Guardians and Ravagers attacked it: he'd seen an Accuser ship break apart and burn when Carol crashed straight through it, and wanted at least one compartment on board his flagship that could ride out such a breakup intact.
  • Goose taking out Starforce goons with her tentacles in a move reminiscent of Groot’s. Then, she eats them.
  • Maria being the one to defeat Minn-Erva by blasting her away in her jet. To elaborate, Maria takes advantage of knowing the local terrain, leading to what was a dogfight-and-chase ending up with Minn-Erva flying straight into Maria's waiting guns.
    • Also, seeing that the SHIELD quinjets' predecessor - a slapped-together mishmash of Project Pegasus's Earth-Kree hybrid technology with hasty Skrull modifications - could duke it out with an armed Kree dropship.
  • Her final confrontation with Yon-Rogg... after having done all the above, basically driving away his cavalry. He tried to get her to fight him hand to hand... and she just blasts him away. Then she sent him home with a message: she's coming to the Kree homeworld.
    Yon-Rogg: I'm so proud of you. You've come a long way since I found you that day by the lake. But can you turn off your emotions long enough to take me on? Or will they get the better of you, as always? I told you, you'll be ready the day you could knock me down as yourself. This is that moment! This is that moment, Vers! Turn off the light show, and prove, prove to me, you can beat me without-
    [Carol simply shoots him far away with a photon blast, and walks towards him]
    Carol: I have nothing to prove to you.
    • There's also a good chance that it's because of her that the Kree have been forced to make peace by the time of Guardians of the Galaxy.
    • Even better is that it is possible that Carol could beat Yon-Rogg in hand-to-hand if she really needed to (she wasn't that outmatched by him in their spars) but she doesn’t, and smartly averts Honor Before Reason.
    • On her approach to Yon-Rogg's crash site, she's coursing with so much power from having been unleashed that some nearby high-voltage power lines arc in reaction.
  • There's a cool reveal near the end of the movie, after the adventure and Nick Fury is typing up his proposal for a superhero team, he glances over to Carol's old callsign: AVENGER. That's right. The Avengers are named after Carol Danvers, the first superhero that Nick had the privilege of meeting, befriending, and fighting alongside.
    • As Fury changes the name, the Avengers' main theme is played.
  • The Stinger: The Avengers are wondering what the deal is with Fury's mysterious pager... and Carol just pops up behind them asking for Fury. Captain Marvel has joined the Avengers.
    Carol: Where's Fury?
    • Not only that. When Carol shows up, nobody notices her arrival. Carol managed to get the drop on the Black Widow.


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