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All Peter Parker wanted was to to get a nice summer trip away from the super-hero antics after all the emotional trauma that he has suffered. Yeah, good luck with that.
  • The sheer Stylistic Suck of the tribute video to the fallen Avengers, which is being aired on the school's TV show. Clearly five years have done nothing to improve their editing skills. Highlights include the words "in memoriam" being written in comic sans, the use of Whitney Houston's rendition of "I Will Always Love You" as the background music, the stock image watermark over one of the photos, and another photo that's a low-quality JPEG.
    • You can see the boom mic slip down in the background several times during the news cast.
    • A subtle element that really highlights how amateur the student production is would be that both Betty and Jason have green light bouncing off of them, no doubt from their green screen. It's a very rookie mistake to anyone who understands post-production editing.
    • At one point, Jason swears on the broadcast; Betty tells him off, but he responds that he's pretty sure it's okay since it's the last day of school.
    • They also recap the events of The Blip, which feature clips of students at a pep rally being dusted, right before they are shown reappearing during a basketball game after the five year skip, causing some of the performers to get knocked over.
    • Jason is the only person in the school who seems to still be in shock from the whole situation. Whenever he tries to bring up things like his younger brother now being older than him, Betty either ignores him or stops him from continuing.
      • Of course even Betty is annoyed that, even though from her and the others' perspective they had just completed midterms, they were forced to redo the entire first semester before they could complete the school year.
      • Even then, Jason's entire attitude in spite of his shock is just an annoyed "this sucks" tone. He seems more irritated that his brother is older than him now than anything.
  • Ned asserts that Peter shouldn't go through with his six-step plan to tell MJ how he feels about her, as he's excited about being a bachelor in Europe.
    Ned: [confidently] Europeans love Americans.
    Peter: [unsure] Really?
    Ned: And more than half of them are women!
    • Making this funnier is the fact that Peter's actor, Tom Holland, is British.
    • Related to the above, Flash putting on a mock British accent when the group arrives in London. Tom must have loved that.
  • May mentions that when she Blipped back into her apartment, a new family was living there. The wife thought she was a mistress, and the grandmother thought she was a ghost.
  • Spider-Man awkwardly thanking the reporters and people at the shelter, and after a long pause, he shuffles backwards as Aunt May takes back the mic.
  • Peter observes what looks like Happy and May flirting, leading him to ask, "What just happened?"
  • The amount of times Peter not so subtly pokes his head out to get a look at MJ before bashfully turning away when she notices.
  • Flash telling Peter he's probably never been on a plane before and holding a glass of champagne in his hand. MJ then calls over a stewardess to tell her that Flash was blipped, so he's still sixteen and not twenty-one. The stewardess quickly takes away Flash's drink to his dismay.
    Flash: She's lying! I don't even know this girl!
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  • Peter wants to sit next to MJ on the plane, and then asks Ned to help him with that. So Ned says that Peter is allergic to a woman's perfume which causes Mr. Harrington to move everyone around. However, Ned gets sat next to Betty, Peter is with Mr. Harrington in the back now, and Peter's love rival Brad is sitting next to MJ. Peter can only mournfully watch as Brad pulls out a dual-headphone set so he and MJ can watch a movie, which was Peter's idea. Then Mr. Harrington notes the dual-headphone set Peter has and cheerfully says they can watch a movie together. Made even more hilarious because he's not referring to a movie, it's the video of the funeral he held for his wife, who he later found out had faked being Snapped and had run off with another man.
  • Peter's in-flight movie options include "Finding Wakanda", "Hunting HYDRA", and "Nova: Einstein-Rosen Bridges with Dr. Erik Selvig".
  • In one scene, Peter is finishing up with the bathroom but when he opens the door, MJ is standing outside. He hastily closes it and rushes to clean the entire toilet area while also combing back his hair. Cut to MJ looking confused at what's happening.
    • Then when Peter is finally finished, Brad is standing outside giving him a peace sign. Peter has to then slump back to his seat.
  • MJ discovering a new word, "boh", saying it has many meanings from "I don't know", "Nothing" to "leave me alone", or even all of them. She smiles proudly when she uses it on a man trying to give her flowers.
    MJ: [happily] It's my super-power. I was meant to use this word.
    • She then notices the bag Peter's holding which has the necklace he bought for her in it. She asks what's inside.
      Peter: Oh, boh.
      MJ: [appreciatively] Nice.
  • Peter's attempt to shooting webs at Hydro-Man... and his exasperated expression immediately afterwards after it doesn't work.
  • Since Peter left his suit back at the hotel he has to improvise on his disguise. Namely, grabbing a jester's mask from the ground and using that to cover his face. It's hard to take his heroic acts seriously as he's jumping around with bells ringing around his head.
    • For bonus points, offscreen he took the time to find a mask that matched his shirt.
    • Peter in the jester's mask introduces himself to Mysterio and tries to offer his help with the water monster:
      Peter: I'm really strong! And sticky!
  • Peter tries to keep a tower from falling, but when he's being pulled forward, he forgets to duck and his head slams into the bell.
    • When he recovers he tries to pull himself up again, forgetting he's underneath the bell and ends up slamming his head on the inside of the bell this time. The gong sound really sells the hilarity of this moment.
    • All this time, he's getting his bell rung by a bell.
  • Flash explains his love for Spider-Man and states how he has respect for him, followed up by him greeting Peter with "What's up, dickwad?". Even better is that Flash states Spider-Man inspires him to be a better person... right before he insults Peter. Apparently, not that much better a person.
    • Even better, while he's saying this Peter walks in and does a Badass Armfold with the light shining behind his head.
    • Imagine Flash's reaction when he finds out Peter is Spidey.
  • Peter accidentally calls a drone strike on his own bus, which he only narrowly averts. Later, both Fury and Mysterio call attention to this moment, and Peter doesn't even try to defend himself. Yep, he screwed up.
  • How does Fury recruit Peter? By knocking out Ned with a Tranquillizer Dart, that's how.
    Fury: So nice to finally meet you, Spider-Man.
  • After having shot a tranquilizer dart at Ned, Nick Fury keeps being interrupted by people knocking on the door while explaining stuff to Peter (while getting increasingly annoyed).
    • The background even suddenly halts the dramatic tones, each time a new person knocks on the door. Then resumes the dramatic music as Fury restarts his laden-with-import spiel... then the next knock.
    • Later on, Peter tries to apologize to Ned about it, but Ned is just excited and says that getting tranquilized by Nick Fury is probably the coolest thing that has ever happened to him.
  • Peter initially leaves his Spider-Man suit in New York, wanting to have a regular school trip vacation without any superheroics... only for May to pack it anyway. Peter only discovers this while he is getting his bag checked at the Italy airport. Complete with the biggest Oh, Crap! reaction from Peter, then a nervous giggle as he tries to explain himself.
    Sticky note: You almost forgot this! ❤ May
  • Ned and Betty becoming Sickeningly Sweethearts throughout the trip, and Peter's befuddlement at all of it, from the fact that they've fallen madly in love on a plane ride to the fact that they are already Amicable Exes by the time that they land back in the States.
  • Peter's line and Ned's response are comedy gems.
    Peter: I think Nick Fury just hijacked our summer vacation.
    [cut to what Peter means by this: Dimitri the scary Russian will be bussing the kids to Prague]
    Ned: Awesome!
  • During a bus ride from Venice, Peter puts on some special tech glasses that were once Tony's and he gets to see what everyone is typing on their phones. A particularly hilarious one comes from his teacher Mr. Harrington who if you remember, has terrible luck with keeping his students out of harm on school trips.
  • Peter receives the stealth suit from a tall, gorgeous blonde agent... who insists, viciously, that he try it on right that second by continuously yelling “Take off your clothes!” at him.
  • Peter accidentally ordering a drone strike on Brad because he took a photo of him without his pants standing next to a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent. His Oh, Crap! face when he sees the drone and him scrambling to make sure no one notices. One wonders just what Tony thought Peter would need that capability for.
    Peter: Uh... Look at the baby mountain goats!!
    • When Peter says this, everyone turns to look out the window, even Mr Harrington.
    • He even accidentally knocks out Flash when trying to take his glasses back.
      Peter: I'm so sorry.
  • As he distracts his class by saying there were mountain goats outside, he manages to destroy the drone and fall back into the car as everyone turns back to look at him. Betty makes note of his disheveled look.
    Betty: I know you don't think we notice Peter, but... Your new look? I love it.
    Peter: [out of breath] Thanks.
  • This conversation between Peter and MJ:
    Peter: You look really pretty.
    MJ: Therefore, I have value?
    Peter: No, I—
    MJ: I was just messing with you.
    [beat; they smile at each other]
    MJ: You look pretty too.
  • The lack of any years listed on Peter's passport is pretty amusing when you consider how hard the last film got nailed for the infamous "eight years later" screw-up, so now they're likely taking no chances on naming any specific time.
  • Flash is recording himself with a selfie stick, and one of his classmates ducks, punches him in the groin and then speeds off.
    • When recording his message, Flash says that he's "in Saint Marco Polo." He managed to screw up both the Italian and English versions of the name at the same time and called Marco Polo a saint. It's actually Piazza San Marco and St. Mark's Square respectively. Maybe he thinks the viewers will be too distracted by the actresses at his side to notice?
  • How Mysterio gets his name. Peter's classmates watch a news report about him and Flash assumes the reporter is saying his name is "Mysterio", not knowing that the newscast is just calling him a "man of mystery" in Italian: "uomo del mistero."
    • When Peter first officially meets Beck, he calls him Mysterio, but Beck says he can call him Quentin. Later, when Fury calls him Beck, he says, as deadpan as possible: "My name is Mysterio," and gives Peter a conspiratorial look.
  • Peter is reluctant to join Beck and Fury in fighting the Elementals.
    Peter: I’m just your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.
    Fury: Bitch please, you’ve been to space!
    • When Peter tries to list other heroes that could do the job, they’re all unavailable for one reason or another. When he mentions Captain Marvel, Fury snaps that Peter not even mention her, presumably given their close friendship. This becomes Hilarious in Hindsight when it’s revealed that it’s Talos who’s been Fury the whole time and it takes on a whole different light.
  • Peter putting Nick Fury on voicemail. Enough said.
    Happy: You do not ghost Nick Fury!
  • Peter throws a zinger at the NYPD after stopping yet another crime in the Iron Spider suit...
    Cop: So, you gonna be the next Iron Man now?
    Peter: Well, no, I don't have time. I'm too busy doing your job.
    Other Cops: OOOOHH!
    • Note: This scene is only in the trailer and as a deleted scene.
  • After the water elemental attack, Mr. Harrington and Mr. Dell discuss it while the students return to their hotel.
    Mr. Harrington: What do you think all that was?
    Mr. Dell: As a man of science? [beat] Witches.
    • And Mr. Dell is either reading about or referencing witchcraft for the rest of the movie.
    • During the London attack, when Mysterio combines the elementals into one.
    Mr. Dell: They've joined forces, like the Power Rangers!
    Mr. Harrington: You're thinking of Voltron.
  • Peter acquires E.D.I.T.H., Tony’s glasses. The A.I. in the glasses tells Peter that E.D.I.T.H. stands for “Even Dead, I’m The Hero.” Despite the fact that's he's gone for good, it can never be said that Tony Stark wasn't boastful to the bitter end.
  • Peter telling Beck that he doesn't want to do hero work and would rather be with this girl who he really likes and telling her how he feels. However, MJ says something else when Peter gets enough courage to tell her he likes her.
    Peter: MJ, I—
    MJ: "Am Spider-Man"?
    Peter: ...No! Of course not!
    MJ: I mean, it's... kinda obvious.
    • Even funnier? MJ didn't actually know until a few moments later, when Peter told her. She notes that she was only 67% sure. When Peter realizes that Beck lied to him, he fully admits he is in fact Spider-Man, leading to a back and forth between him and MJ where she asks whether or not he was joking or not. She's then super giddy to find out that she was right.
  • Happy Hogan saves the day...?
    Happy: I gotta get you out of here! Get on the jet!
    MJ: Who are you?!
    Happy: I work with Spider-Man...
    Flash: You work for Spider-Man?!
    Happy: I work with Spider-Man, not for Spider-Man— (plane explodes) New plan!
  • Peter absolutely geeking out over the idea a Multiverse exists, leading to this exchange with Quentin Beck:
    Quentin: There are multiple realities, Peter. This is Earth, Dimension 616. I'm from Earth-833. We share identical, physical constants, level four symmetry.
    Peter: I'm sorry, you're saying there's a multiverse? Because I thought that was just theoretical, [begins to ramble] I mean that completely changes how we understand the initial singularity, that's insa—
    [Fury and Hill look at Peter with raised eyebrows]
    Peter: ...s-sorry.
  • Once "Molten Man" has been defeated, Beck offers to take Peter out for a drink. Peter points out that he's underage, then cut to inside the bar, where Quentin has a beer for himself while Peter has a glass of lemonade complete with a bendy straw.
    • In the same scene, Quentin asks how many drinks Peter has had even though he's not drinking alcohol.
    • It also comes with the hilarious implication that Beck compelled one of his henchmen to make Peter a lemonade so they could pass their Bad-Guy Bar off as a legitimate establishment.
    • It's at this point that Peter shows Beck the E.D.I.T.H. glasses. What's the first step of Mysterio's gambit to trick Peter into giving E.D.I.T.H. to him? He tells Peter that he looks ridiculous in them.
    • After Beck finally gets the E.D.I.T.H. glasses, and his henchmen cheer, the first thing he asks is for one of them to take off "this stupid costume".
    • Beck has a full staff to pull off the kinds of large-scale special effects trickery Mysterio was able to do in the comics. Okay, fine, that's logical. One of these is a costume designer. Alright, that's amusing, but, yeah, you'd need someone to keep that super-suit looking pristine and impressive in public all the time. Another is basically a script writer, who not only came up with and sold Mysterio's outlandish backstory, but who's on call to feed him decent-sounding Techno Babble in the middle of fights. He's also probably in charge of the Pre Ass Kicking One Liner and probably the Bond One-Liner.
  • Also related to Beck's reveal, we get the glorious return of a particularly memorable line when it's revealed that more ex-Stark Industries employees are in on the plan. You know the one:
  • Before the battle in Prague, Mysterio and Peter have a heart-to-heart in which Quentin asks if sarcasm exists on this version of Earth, being the MCU, one of the biggest Worlds of Snark in fiction history.
    • The exchange itself:
      Beck: Nick thought I should come up and see how you're doing, because he felt really bad, he's sorry he lost his temper and yelled at you.
      Peter: Really?
      Beck: You guys do have sarcasm on this Earth, right?
  • Peter asks Fury to keep his friends inside somehow instead of outside in the festival, because it will be dangerous out there. They end up "upgrading" the trip to a four hour opera.
    Harrington: They just gave us the tickets, for free! Do you know how expensive these normally are?
    Flash: No, we don't. Do you know why? Because none of us have ever wanted to go to the opera.
  • Betty and Ned on the ferris wheel see Peter in his stealth suit and Betty asks if that was Spider-Man. Ned then gets flustered and gives out a Suspiciously Specific Denial about how that wasn't Spider-Man.
    Ned: No, no, no! It's like a European rip-off of him, I was actually reading on it the other day, it's not him.
    • It gets worse when Betty presses Ned for the name of the "rip-off". The best Ned can come up with is "Night Monkey".
    • It gets even worse when Betty starts trying to get Peter's attention, and Ned is forced to (very reluctantly) beg for "Night Monkey's" help in order to keep Peter's secret.
    • A clip of Betty calling for "Night Monkey" to rescue her and Ned makes it onto the news, and apparently it sticks. When MJ correctly guesses the truth about Peter, he tries to distance himself from the fire monster incident by attributing it to Night Monkey.
      MJ: [revealing the web-covered projector she recovered during the fight] Well, do Night Monkey and Spider-Man use the exact same webs?
      Peter: [still trying not to panic] Well, um, uh, he might? Maybe he's a spider monkey!
    • When Peter arrives in Berlin, a German woman freaks out and yells 'Nacht Monkey!'.
  • MJ mentions that even Betty has noticed Peter sneaking around, and cites that Flash thinks he's a male escort.
  • Peter having to put on his stealth suit before he can go find Fury. As he hastily takes off his shirt, he pauses and remembers MJ is still in the room with him and nervously asks if she could turn around. MJ pauses before turning around and giving him privacy... But she also tries to turn her head enough so she can sneak a peek of Peter undressing.
    • This same scene shows Ned walking in on Peter as he's about to leave in his stealth suit, with MJ looking on.
      Ned: The costume looks great! For the costume party! At the prince's--
      Peter: [points at MJ] She knows. I told her.
      MJ: He didn't tell me. I figured it out.
    • Let's not forget, that after drawing the curtains and trying to stay hidden, Peter changed into his costume without closing the door. Again.
  • Then, once Peter is on his way to Berlin to warn Fury, Ned and MJ just stand around in the awkward silence whilst she has a dreamy look on her face:
    Ned: It's cool. I mean, I've known first and I've known him longer, but it's not a competition...
    MJ: [awkwardly looking away] Cool.
    Ned: Yup.
  • After Mysterio’s villainy is revealed, he spends the rest of the movie in a goofy looking mo-cap suit with a clear fishbowl on his head. The filmmakers managed to make the official Mysterio suit look pretty cool. This get-up? Not so much.
  • Though the majority of Mysterio's Mind Rape of Spidey in Berlin is terrifying Paranoia Fuel, there's some dark humour to be found in the way Peter is convinced he's at the top of the Eiffel Tower, and dives off, only to Face Plant onto concrete 3 feet down.
  • Everything about Peter's brief detour to Broek op Langedijk in the Netherlands.
    • He wakes up in a jail cell with the kindest Football Hooligans in the world, who just politely say goodbye even after they watched this random American teenager use super strength to break a lock. Even better, instead of escaping the now unlocked jail cell, they just close the door and continue to wait for the guard to give them permission to leave. When Peter is still questioning them, they briefly and cheerfully mention how the guard's wife is pregnant.
    • He walks by a police officer who's playing with the Stealth mask by putting it on while on the phone. Peter doesn't even bother trying to take it back. What's funnier is that the man is talking about Night Monkey to someone else on the other line.
    • Peter borrows a man's phone to call Happy. When Happy asks where Peter is, Peter can't pronounce Broek op Langedijk and resorts to having the man loaning the phone say it to Happy for him. Only then does the location caption come on screen.
  • When Happy arrives in the Netherlands, Peter, who had just been completely fooled by Mysterio pretending to be Nick Fury, asks Happy to prove he's actually himself and not an imposter by telling him something only Happy would know. A very confused Happy replies with a story about how when they were in Germany together Peter ordered a movie via the hotel's pay-per-view system and even though the title didn't appear on the bill Happy could tell from the price it was an "adult movie," and Peter didn't know how he could have figured that out. Peter, now convinced it's actually Happy, cuts him off from continuing the story.
    • The whole thing is especially hilarious to picture Spider-Man watching porn and then getting found-out doing it.
  • A brief example in a not-funny scene. When Happy is stitching up Peter’s back, after a bit Peter gets frustrated with the painful stitches and walks away. We didn’t see it, but Peter probably had a needle and thread dangling from his back for that scene.
  • Peter asks Happy for his phone and then for his password.
    Happy: "Password".
    Peter: No. What is your password?
    Happy: "Password", the word, spell that, "password".
    Peter: You're the head of security and your password is "password"?!
    Happy: Hey, I don't feel good about it either.
  • After summing up the situation, Happy asks what Peter is going to do. Peter announces he's gonna kick Mysterio's ass. Happy clarifies that he means right now, since they've been hovering over a tulip field for the last 15 minutes.
  • As Peter steps into the back of the Stark Jet to start building a new suit, Happy puts AC/DC's "Back In Black" on the stereo for him. Peter's reaction?
  • The fact that May calls Peter's Spider-Sense his Peter Tingle is hilarious in and of itself. Peter himself wants her to not call it that.
    • Also, the fact that she decides to test it out by sneaking up and throwing a banana at him, which hits Peter in the face.
      May: You can dodge bullets but not bananas?
    • Even Happy gets in on it, and at this point, Peter just has that exasperated face and gives up.
    • That exasperated, blank face Peter has? Pretty similar to the one his mentor had in Avengers: Infinity War.
  • When Brad mentions the way Peter has been acting for the entire trip and how suspicious it is, like how he keeps disappearing, even mentioning the photo he took of him, MJ manages to turn it all around on Brad and make him sound like a pervert. Even Flash, who verbally abuses Peter every opportunity he gets, is disturbed that Brad claims he took a photo of Peter with his pants down in the bathroom.
  • Mysterio tells Fury that the new merged Elemental is "drawing power from the Earth's core!" as the music builds up dramatically. Cut to Fury musing this news...
    Fury: See, now that's some bullshit.
    • Made even funnier by the way the scriptwriter is feeding the lines to Mysterio while the chaos is going on nearby; he's reading off the script while casually standing there like he's reading a book.
    • Meanwhile, Mysterio and Fury are both standing around casually, both trying to pretend for the other's benefit that they're hyper-alert.
  • As Happy gets ready for Peter to drop himself off, Peter is yelling at him outside the plane, but get unceremoniously cut-off.
    Peter: Later, we need to have a serious conversation about you and my aunt-! (parachute pulls him down)
  • Happy tries to throw a shield in the Tower of London at a Mysterio Drone just like Captain America used to do with his shield. Emphasis on tries.
    Happy: How does Cap do that?
    • Following from this, while Flash, MJ, Ned, Betty, and Happy are cornered by the Mysterio drones, they all begin to confess as they think that they're about to die (i.e. Betty has a fake ID even though she never actually tries to use it). Happy's confession:
      Happy: I'm in love with Spider-Man's aunt!
      [everyone else looks at him]
      Happy: What!? I thought we were sharing!
  • As Flash says he wasted too much time on social media trying to get people to like him, Happy informs him that Spiderman follows him, which was how he was able to find them and it absolutely makes his day.
    Flash: (shocked) Spiderman follows me? I saved us everyone!
    MJ: Well if you saved us, then why are we about to die?!
    Betty: MJ!
  • The fact that Spidey improvises some gear to take on the drones one last time, with a Tower Bridge sign for a shield and a salvaged power core on the end of a cable, which he throws like a hammer, looking rather like a certain scene in Avengers: Endgame. Awesome? Yes. Heartwarming? Maybe. Hilarious? Definitely.
  • During the climactic battle, Beck has his crew working behind the scenes on everything he needs. His costumer keeps asking him any time something goes wrong, if he still needs the cape, and is giving updates on ironing the cape with the same intensity that everyone else is giving reports on the rest of the operation.
    Beck: [with growing exasperation] Yes, Janice, I do!
  • Fury is not impressed with Happy's coded message to tell him about Mysterio.
    Fury: "Appearances can be deceiving." Heh. I'm surprised you didn't just wink in the camera.
    Happy: It worked.
    Fury: Only because I had serious doubts about Beck from the beginning.
    Hill: Not true, he had zero doubts.
    Fury: [winces]
  • When Aunt May comes to pick up Peter, she gives him a hug followed by this:
    May: Where's your suitcase? [beat] Oh, it got blown up, right?
  • Peter sounding like he's about to reveal to the world he is Spider-Man, only for it to turn out that he's actually questioning May and Happy about the status of their relationship.
  • Peter has pretty good control over his super strength, but said control humorously slips a few times when he's nervous/upset. One being where he accidentally knocks Flash unconscious while trying to get the glasses back from him, another where trying to put on a stuck seat-belt causes him to simply break it.
  • Peter arrives to meet MJ in costume and grabs her in his arms, about to partake in the same romantic swing through NY that Spider-Man has done with his love interests in other media... except instead, MJ is screaming in terror the entire time. Having to hold onto someone as they swing from tall buildings at fast speeds isn't heartwarming or intimate; it's terrifying. MJ is screaming the entire time, and her hair is a mess from the wind. When Spidey puts her down outside of Madison Square Garden, she states frenzied that she never wants to do that again.
    MJ: Whoo! Yeah! Never, never doing that again. Never doing that again...
  • Fury says to Peter "Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown," then adds that Tony predicted Peter wouldn't get that reference because it's not from Star Wars.
  • In a rare case of brazen Getting Crap Past the Radar from Marvel, we get Fury asking Peter how well the stealth suit fits, with Peter answering that it's "Kinda tight around the ol' web-shooter"... while visibly stretching the crotch area.
  • In the mid-credits scene, who exactly is it who shows up to release the tape "proving" Spider-Man's villainous nature to the masses? None other than the perpetual Spider-Man critic himself, J. Jonah Jameson! And yes, he is indeed played by J. K. Simmons again.
    • As dark as it is, there’s something unintentionally funny about J. Jonah Jameson revealing Spider-Man’s identity to the world, considering that he’s, well, J. Jonah Jameson. Also funny on a meta level as well when you realize that Tom Holland, an actor infamous for always revealing secrets out to the public, gets a taste of his own medicine when his own character gets his secret identity revealed to the entire world. No matter in or out-of-universe, Tom Holland just cannot keep secrets!
    • There's also something extremely amusing about this version of Jameson running an online conspiracy outlet. It led to many rightfully pointing out that this is what Alex Jones would be if Alex Jones was in a superhero world.
    • Just like Spider-Man: Homecoming, this film ends with a Parker incredulously shouting "What the fu-!" at a shocking revelation: namely, Spider-Man having his cover blown to the entire world and framed as Mysterio's murderer by said con-man's dying final message, on Broadway's 42 street Megavision in broad-daylight, no less. The eyes on Peter Parker's actual mask widens in stupefied disbelief.
    • And if you're wondering why that last shot looks so familiar, here's the reason.
  • The post-credits scene as it turns out that the entire movie "Fury" and "Hill" have been our Skrull friends Talos and Soren.
    • Even better is how Soren wants Talos to tell the real Fury what happened and Talos openly admits he's embarrassed that he, a master shapeshifter, fell so completely for Mysterio's act.
    • And the topper is when he leaves a message for the real Fury who appears to be relaxing at some beach... only to rise up and leave his room on board the Skrull spaceship, asking someone where they kept his shoes.
    • There's also the real explanation of why 'Fury' couldn't contact the other Avengers during the Elementals crisis - because Talos doesn't know how to do that. Peter only got roped in because he was already part of Talos's mission.
  • Peter wears a T-shirt that says, "If you believe in Telekinesis, raise my hand."


  • The announcement of the movie's title. Over the past year, Tom Holland had become infamous for his loose lips about the movies, so we're given a video where he announces he's just received the script... and shows us the title page right after he claimed the title was under much hush hush. And there was still actually some question about whether he'd genuinely just goofed again.
    • As for why the title was leaked, Word of God stated that they didn't want any leakers revealing the title prematurely—so they decided to leak it themselves.
    • It's also pretty amusing that because Peter was last seen being reduced to dust on an alien planet, the title set up speculation that the film might be about some cosmic journey or trying to find a way back from outer space... only to later reveal that he's "far from home" because he's gone on vacation in Europe.
    • As Tom Holland pointed out in an interview, the titles of his stand-alone movies provide a double-dose of irony. Since Holland is British, Homecoming, set in the US, was "far from home" for him, while Far From Home, which takes place in Europe with the climax in London, is in fact a "homecoming" of sorts.
  • Zendaya decided to show the first picture of herself on the set of the movie... only it wasn't her. It was Jacob Batalon (Ned) playing a guitar.
  • Tom Holland posted a short set video on Instagram in which he reassures his fans that he does all his own stunts. Meanwhile in the background, his very obvious stunt double gets splashed away by a huge wave of water.
  • This appearance in Jimmy Kimmel Live has Guillermo coming in wearing Spidey's mask, making "PEW PEW PEW" noises while pretending to shoot webbing. Then Tom steps out in costume (and a construction cone over his head), leading to a chase scene between the two to get back the mask. At the end, when Jimmy asks him if the film takes place before or after Endgame, Tom announces that he has to get going — Thanos is robbing a bank (which a few people have suggested as paying for his Thanoscopter and Thanos Car).
  • Jake Gyllenhaal confirmed his role as Mysterio on Instagram, in a video where he lowers a Spider-Man comic to reveal a distraught expression. The video's caption: "I just realized I won't be playing Spider-Man."
  • Cobie Smulders's reaction on Instagram to her appearance as Maria Hill in the teaser trailer... which basically amounts to a blink-and-you'll-miss-it, freeze-frame shot of her from the back.
    Cobie Smulders: It's me! It's me! I swear. No really!.......... yes the one on the left.... no not the monster... god... the one with the ponytail.
    • It becomes twice as funny in the movie when it's revealed that it might be Cobie, but it's not Maria Hill — it's Soren the Skrull.
  • At the beginning of the first full trailer, the sheer irony of the notoriously spoiler-prone Tom Holland giving a warning to not watch the trailer if you haven't seen Avengers: Endgame. One imagines he was working very hard not to just blurt out the big reveal or that this was Marvel finally getting one back at Holland after his various antics.
  • A Jimmy Kimmel Live! interview for the film has Jimmy ask the cast whether they have watched Avengers: Endgame. It turns out that to avoid spoilers the entire cast with the exception of Robert Downey Jr. were told that the funeral scene was a wedding scene, much to the amusement of Zendaya in particular, completely caught off guard. Tom Holland was dumbfounded during the filming of the scene, wondering where RDJ was.
  • A poster was accidentally printed mirrored, resulting in Fury’s eyepatch being on the wrong side. In typical fashion, Samuel L. Jackson posted on Twitter “What the fuck is going on here?”
    • And, during the hotel scene, there is a shot of Fury in Peter's mirror, with the eye-patch on the right side.
    • Becomes even funnier if one has ever watched Spider-Man: The Animated Series. The episode introducing Nick Fury has Fury reveal J. Jonah Jameson printed Fury's Obituary (cover story) with the negative flipped, putting the eye-patch on the wrong side. This is a major plot point at the climax of the episode.
  • Just before the film's wide release, Jake Gyllenhaal posted a video on Instagram of him in a funk, trying to enjoy lunch and a beer, while wearing his fishbowl helmet. It must be seen to be believed.
  • For the digital home video release, Sony Pictures uploaded a "Official Night Monkey Trailer" that comes off as a Meme Acknowledgement. After the deal between Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures came to a temporary stalemate, one of the most popular jokes among fans was "Make a Night Monkey movie in the MCU instead".
  • The Hilarious Outtakes:
    Jacob Batalon: Welcome to the bloopers. I feel like we haven't messed up too bad.
    Angourie Rice: Well, I haven't.
    Jacob:Yeah...well, that's to be discussed. But okay.
    • If nothing else, the main takeaway seems to be that Jake Gyllenhaal can't resist Corpsing every time he has to do a scene with Tom Holland, who never really necessarily does anything to provoke Gyllenhaal.
    • "I'm a virgin." [Tom Holland sneezes]
  • A deleted scene is a perfect case of Crosses the Line Twice: Betty and Jason are snapped and dissolve. Cut to the school news five years later, with a single host, and then both reappear, Betty quickly recovering from shock to say it's her chair, and Jason, following some vomiting, asking where his went.


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