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Tear Jerker / Spider-Man: Far From Home

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  • The second trailer shows that Peter and Happy are still mourning Tony’s death. Happy even tells Peter that Tony wouldn’t have made his sacrifice if he didn’t think Peter would come back. Peter's face, eyes red from crying, is just devastating.
    • As Peter forlornly looks at a painted mural of Iron Man on a building, the Avengers theme briefly plays on trumpets.
    • A combo of this and Heartwarming: so many scenes throughout the film featured a background wall with a mural of Tony in the different places Peter and his friends find themselves in. Ironically, Thanos' mocking of Tony eventually came true: not just half, the whole world remembers who sacrificed himself for their return.
    • In addition, he's constantly wearing the Iron Spider suit in tribute to his mentor. He also has what looks like Tony's sunglasses.



  • As intentionally narmy as it may be, the montage at the start of the dead Iron Man, Black Widow and Vision, along with the retired Captain America, really hammers home the point that these were heroes that everyday people looked up to, and now they’re gone.
    • Sure, Steve may still be alive (albeit very old) — but for all the public knows, he disappeared after the final battle in Endgame. Everyone probably thinks that he's dead.
  • While a bit tear-jerking, you got to admit that Tony always gets the last word in when Peter reads the note left to him and activates E.D.I.T.H..
    E.D.I.T.H.: "Even Dead I'm The Hero". Mr. Stark loved his acronyms.
    Peter: [laughing lightly] Yeah, he did.
  • Peter having a small panic attack when he's being swarmed by reporters asking him questions like what would he do if aliens attack again and if he was going to be the next Iron Man. He's so overwhelmed that he can barely get a word in, even asking if someone had neighborhood questions before the crowd's voices are tuning out and he quickly jumps away.
  • Peter's plan to sit with MJ on the plane is ruined in a humorous way, but his Thousand-Yard Stare as he's stuck sitting with Mr. Harrington is legitimately pitiful. Funny as it may be, Peter has been through so much as of late that having this ruined for him hurts more than it normally would.
    • Then, just to twist the knife, Peter turns on the screen and immediately sees a movie about Tony Stark. He just turns the screen back off without a word. Poor kid...
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  • Peter being called away after his classmates are safely inside the opera theater. You can tell how much he really just wants to be with MJ, enjoy his trip and just be a normal kid. So when he stops at the exit, pausing for a moment to watch Brad move over to sit next to MJ, he looks like he's trying not to dig his nails into the post before leaving.
  • Fury chewing Peter out, especially when he brings up how even though Tony gave him E.D.I.T.H., he still doesn't seem ready to step up and even endangers his classmates when misusing the AI. You can see Peter's eyes visibly water after the berating, unable to say anything back to defend himself.
  • While it turns out to be only half the truth, MJ confirming that her Longing Looks are only because of her suspecting him of being Spider-Man makes you want to just hug Peter after he long thought she reciprocated his feelings for her.
    • MJ herself doesn't look happy saying that either. She clearly wants to tell Peter how she really feels, but her self-admitted difficulties in getting close to people prevent her from being completely honest with him.
  • Peter breaking down in front of Happy when he tells him about how badly he screwed up by not only putting his friends in danger, but also by failing to live up to Tony’s expectations of him as a successor.
    Peter: DON'T TELL ME TO RELAX, HAPPY! How can I relax when I messed up so bad!! I trusted Beck, right? I thought he was my friend, so I gave him the only thing that Mr. Stark left behind for me and now he's going to kill my friends and half of Europe, so PLEASE, do NOT tell me to relax! (beat) I'm sorry... I shouldn't shout. It's just, I miss him.
    Happy: Yeah, I miss him too.
    Peter: I wish he were here.
    • As Peter apologizes, his eyes are very red.
    • Afterwards, Happy's summation of the tragedy of Tony's life to Peter:
      Peter: Everywhere I go, I see his face. And the whole world is asking who's going to be the next Iron Man. I don't know if that's me, Happy. I'm not Iron Man.
      Happy: You're not Iron Man. You're never going to be Iron Man. Nobody could live up to Tony. Not even Tony. Tony was my best friend, and he was a mess. He second-guessed everything he did. He was all over the place.
  • The entire scene with Peter and Happy in the Stark jet could qualify as this, especially when Peter begins designing his new suit. Not only was "Back in Black" by AC/DC playing, calling back to the very beginning of Iron Man, Peter's movements while working perfectly mirrors Tony's own movements in his trilogy.
    • Also the fact that Peter is hurt, badly enough to have a limp and need improvised stitches from Happy, but knows he has to go back out into battle anyway.
  • A small one, but at the end when the students return home and are getting picked up, Flash is picked up by his usual driver. Flash asks him if his mom couldn’t make it again, and he has such a pitiful look on his face when the driver confirms that she couldn’t.
    • There's also a moment earlier where Peter is scanning everyone's phone usage using E.D.I.T.H., and Flash is sending a text to his mom saying, "MOTHER, HAVEN'T HEARD FROM YOU OR FATHER FOR THE WHOLE TRIP." The fact that Flash's life is endangered multiple times throughout the trip and the events were public enough that other parents were calling Mr. Harrington and demanding he bring their children home, makes you wonder if Flash's parents even noticed that he was dead for five years.
  • When Beck seems to sacrifice himself to destroy the fire Elemental. It's only a few minutes, and the audience knows it won't stick, but Peter's reaction, when he's still grieving Tony, and has probably lost his uncle recently as well, thinks that he's going to have to watch a mentor die again and not be able to stop it, is still pretty hard to watch.
  • The Sudden Downer Ending in The Stinger. With a few seconds of doctored footage and an "anonymous tip" to J. Jonah Jameson, Quentin Beck both unmasks Peter Parker as Spider-Man to the whole of New York and potentially turns him into an extreme Hero with Bad Publicity. Talk about Yank the Dog's Chain.
    • Spider-Man being mistaken for a villain is nothing new in the webslinger's legacy. His identity being forcefully revealed to the world, however, turns it from the typical "Spider-Man's a menace!" subplot into a potential Adult Fear, as Spidey's life as Peter Parker is pretty much over. Last Breath Bullet? Yeah, try Last Breath Nuke.
    • It got worse. With the Marvel-Sony deal breaking down, this might be the last we see of this Peter in this universe.
  • The infamous illusion scene takes a sharp turn when Peter lands in front of a headstone with the name Anthony Edward Stark on it. And Beck's next line makes it so. Much. Worse.
    • Tony's second name "EDWARD" on the headstone is a bit faded, making it look as if it says "COWARD."
    • One illusion even has Quentin dangling MJ over the Eiffel Tower and dropping her. Without hesitating, Peter jumps after MJ as she disappears into a green fog and ends up slamming into the ground. Yeah, it's not the first time in a Spider-Man story, and it's still just a few years since we last saw that happen.
  • The massive display of Mind Rape that Mysterio puts Peter through takes its toll on him BIG TIME. Put yourself in Peter's shoes. You think you're safe, and with someone that you trust, when everything else but you and the person you trust fade away. You are then thrown into an ever-changing landscape of visions and illusions, most of which whirl by so fast that you can't get even a grip on what's happening. Even though you know it's all an illusion, something in there is still hurting you over and over again, causing shreds of doubt about whether it is an illusion to start to eat at your mind. Every single illusion you see is designed to psychologically break you, and it's all because someone you bared your soul to decided to weaponize every single one of your insecurities against you. Then the person you trust manages to rescue you from your torment. They ask you a question, and you're so relieved it's all over that you answer it without thinking... And it turns out THAT was an illusion too: you are alone, and there was never anyone there who wanted to help you... And you've just put your best friend and your significant other in mortal danger... and THEN you get hit by a train. When Peter calls Happy for help, he's so rattled that he's terrified Happy might be an illusion at first, and then so relieved when he gets confirmation that he is real. Oh, and in case you forgot, Peter is sixteen years old!
    • Even after Beck has died, Peter can only shakily ask "Is this real?" E.D.I.T.H. replies that all illusions have been shut down... but was her voice real, or another illusion?
  • Just the fact there are still people out there who hold a grudge against Tony Stark despite his Heroic Sacrifice. Even worse is that unlike Toomes and his crew who were only indirectly wronged by Tony and he never even knew them personally, this time around the bad guys are his own former employees. And not just one or few people like Toomes and his crew, but lots of them. Can't they just forgive Tony and let him rest in peace?!
  • Even when he is revealed as the villain, you can't help but sort of feel a little bit bad for Beck, he does regret tricking and deceiving Peter to give him E.D.I.T.H. It seemed he genuinely wanted to get to know Peter and become a friend to him. It gets even worse when he finds out Peter has one of his drones, and he is clearly angry that, even if he doesn't want to kill someone, he still has to do it to complete his mission. Not wanting to kill someone but needing to in order to complete your mission, doesn't that remind you of something?
  • While it's small and somewhat Played for Laughs, Ned and Betty eventually breaking up is honestly disappointing, since they were shown to have quite a loving relationship throughout the movie and Peter even toyed with the idea of a double date.
  • Peter's face as he grabs Beck's gun hand. Bloodied, beaten, filled with devastation and weariness, burning anger and coldness at the same time.


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