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Moments pages are for post-viewing discussion; they assume you have already seen the work in question and as such are spoilers off. Please proceed with caution.

Spider-Man: Homecoming is one of those rare films that remind people why the eponymous webhead inspired Deadpool as the character he is today. Here's why:

The Movie

  • The fact that the movie has the audacity to open up with a fully-orchestrated version of the Spider-Man (1967) theme is as hilarious as it is awesome and heartwarming.
  • A Film by Peter Parker
    • Peter's entire video-blog:
      Happy: You know you can't show it to anyone.
      Peter: Yeah, I know.
      Happy:...Then why are you narrating in that voice?
      Peter: Y'know, 'cause it's fun.
      Happy: Fun?
      Peter: So, uh... why do they call you Happy?
      [Happy pulls up privacy screen]
    • Happy's complete and obvious contempt for Peter. The moment the kid decides to sit in front of him on the private jet, he moves to another seat.
    • It's hilarious to see and hear Spider-Man Squeeing over his new costume.
    • Spider-Man starts filming during the battle, stopping when Ant-Man goes Giant-Man. He sets his phone on the ground(pointing skyward) to rejoin the battle. A second later, War Machine goes flying across it.
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    • After the battle, Peter is understandably hyper, blogging in his hotel room about the battle when Happy comes in with this jewel:
      Happy: [deadpan] We have thin walls here.
    • When taking Peter back home, Tony suggests they make an alibi video for Aunt May. Twenty seconds into the video, Tony says this:
      Tony: Hey, May! What are you doing? What are you wearing? Something skimpy, I hope.
    • Peter's "Come on man, really?" facial expression just sells it even more.
    • Tony then proceeds to call Happy "forehead of security", and Happy is miffed that Tony would reveal details of such an embarrassing moment.
  • Betty Brant turning down Jason Ionello for the homecoming dance during their school news broadcast. It's followed by an awkward close-up of Jason's disappointed face and obvious crappy green screen.
  • The Robbery:
    • The first trailer opens with close-ups of a group of bank robbers committing a heist before peeling back to reveal Spidey casually standing in the corner and watching them before announcing his presence by saying "'Sup, guys?" Bonus points for the scenario looking like a '60s Spider-Man meme.
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    • In the scene proper, Spidey sneaks in and spends a few seconds getting the perfect "casual lean" before announcing himself.
    • For bonus points, the robbers are wearing masks of Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, and Hulk. Spider-Man proceeds to mockingly accuse them of not being the real Avengers.
      Peter: Wait a minute... you guys aren't the real Avengers! I can tell. Hulk gives it away.
    • Extra points for the fact that the masks are of the Silver Age comics' versions of the Avengers, not the movie versions. Especially hilarious is the Thor mask, which has the least resemblance to the movie version, and borders on Celebrity Paradox.
    • Spidey also redirects "Thor's" punch into "Hulk's" face, which becomes funny when one remembers how much Hulk wanted to fight Thor in The Avengers. It also humorously foreshadows Thor: Ragnarok.
    • When Spidey deals with "Thor" and "Hulk", he acts all chummy with them and says it's great to finally "meet" them.
    • Better yet, the poster that's hanging on the wall behind Spidey? It says "Identity theft? We have you covered."
    • Once Spidey's done mopping the floor with the mooks, he drops from the ceiling and says this:
    • Mr. Delmar witnesses the fight from his deli and calls the police, telling them that Spider-Man is fighting the Avengers. No, he's not joking.
    • When Peter and Aunt May are having dinner at the Thai restaurant, a news report about Spider-Man stopping the bank robbery is shown. When they show a picture of Spidey, it's of him walking out of a porta-potty and trying to take toilet paper off his boot. Even Spidey needs to poop! note 
    • Well, little old ladies keep buying him churros. . .
  • This exchange between Peter and Tony in Tony's car:
    Tony: Just don't do anything I would do.
    [Peter nods]
    Tony: And definitely don't do anything I wouldn't do.
    [Peter looks confused]
    Tony: There's a little grey area in there, and that's where you operate. Alright?
    [he reaches past Peter, who mistakes it for a hug and hugs him back]
    Tony: That's not a hug, I was just grabbing the door for you. [pushes car door open] Alright kid, good luck out there.
  • The montage of Peter going out being Spider-Man:
    • Spidey capturing a bicycle thief:
      Spider-Man: [holding a line of web] Hey, could you do me a favor? Hold on to that. [sticks the line to the thief's body and lets go, sending him flying into the air. Spidey then holds the bike over his head] Is this anybody's bike?!
    • And then he's forced to put a note saying the bike is stolen so he can leave the place.
    • He webs a dude that appears to be breaking into a car, only for it to turn out to actually be his car as Spidey beats him up and activates his car alarm. The nearby neighbors, including Stan Lee, yell at him for causing a racket.
    • At one point, Peter is screwing around on a rooftop until a street vendor next to a hobo with a boom box see him. He tells him to do a flip and cheers when he does.
    • At one point, Spidey tries to do a web swing only to face-plant onto a rooftop.
      Spider-Man: I'm good!
  • In the comment section of a YouTube Spider-Man video Peter watches during class, you can see that someone commented "FAAAKE!" Given his conversation with Tony in Civil War... That comment might have been left by Peter!
  • When Ned learns of Peter's identity as Spider-Man:
    • He has the completely-constructed Lego Death Star set in his hands. After he watches Peter crawl across the ceiling, close the door, then drop to the floor, he drops it on the floor and it breaks apart into a kajillion little pieces.
    • He's more shocked that Peter can crawl on walls than by the fact that he's a masked superhero.
    • Peter's attempt to weasel his way out of the situation also qualifies. The situation blows up pretty spectacularly once his costume slips off, revealing a Heroic Build.
      Ned: You were on the ceiling!
    • The fact that Peter's costume even has a quick-release mechanism (hidden in the spider emblem) is both brilliant (Tony really does think of everything) and hilarious given Comics' Spidey's penchant for losing his costume.
    • Even though this suit is a huge upgrade from his first costume, it's still a onesie.
    • As Peter ushers Ned out of his room, Ned asks how Peter manages to do both the Stark internship and be Spider-Man.
      Peter: This is the Stark internship.
      Ned: Ohhhhhhhh.
    • The next day, Peter tells Ned how he got his powers:
      Ned: You got bit by a spider? Can it bite me? It'd probably hurt, right? You know what, whatever. Even if it did hurt, I'll let it bite me. Maybe. How much did it hurt?
      Peter: Spider's dead, Ned.
    • When Ned sees the ruins of Delmar's shop, he immediately stops talking and quietly blurts out, "You could've died." It's then almost immediately followed up with asking Peter if he lays eggs.
  • Peter and Ned are eyeing Liz Allan at lunch. When Peter suggests they stop before it starts getting creepy, Michelle comments with this:
    Michelle: Too late. You guys are losers.
    [Peter has an expression of "What did we do to you?" on his face]
    • This is made even better by the music that plays, which cuts out when Michelle makes her remark.
    • For added hilarity, Michelle is herself sitting with them at what amounts to the losers' table. Peter and Ned even lampshade this.
    • The film repeatedly hints that Michelle has a crush on Peter. She doesn't really think they're losers. She's just jealous.
  • This bit:
    Flash: I'd love to but I've got a date with Black Widow.
    Abe: [hits bell] That is false.
    Mr. Harrington: What did I say about using the bell for comedic purposes?
  • When Peter quits the decathlon team, Michelle notes that he's already quit band and other extracurricular functions.
    • Peter was in marching band. The thought of that alone is hysterical.
  • When Peter goes to the deli for an after school snack, Mr. Delmar asks him how Aunt May is, leading to this:
    Mr. Delmar: [to a cook] Su tía es una dama italiana caliente. (his aunt is a hot Italian woman)
    Peter: ¿Como esta tu hija? (How's your daughter?)
    • And then Mr. Delmar semi-jokingly doubles the price for that comment.
  • Flash DJ'ing at Liz's party. And of course he's just lame enough to have his own intro.
    "D-D-DJ Flash!"
  • Two words: Penis Parker. Even Ned and Peter think that revealing the latter as Spider-Man can't overcome this.
  • After Peter and Ned discover Stark had the suit set to "Training Wheels Protocol", Peter starts complaining about how Tony treats him like a kid. Ned has this to say:
    • Note that Peter is bouncing on his bed while he denies that he is a kid.
    • After said protocol is put down, a Benevolent A.I. girl similar to Iron Man's F.R.I.D.A.Y. (in fact, voiced by the wife of J.A.R.V.I.S.) appears. Her banter with Peter, who nicknames her Karen, frequently enters The Comically Serious.
    • Calling the block on the rest of the suit's capabilities "Training Wheels" was bad enough for Peter, but when it turns out that the suit can record footage, it's named "Baby Monitor". Now you really have to wonder if Tony foresaw that Peter will at some point know about these protocols so he could slip in these condescending names for him to see.
  • After finding out Peter is Spider-Man, Ned starts asking him all sorts of questions such as if he can summon an army of spiders. When the two are in school and are watching a inspirational video with Captain America in it, Ned asks Peter if he met him. Peter's reply is hilarious just for how cool he tries to make it sound:
    Peter: I stole his shield.
    Ned: Whoa...
    Peter: Then he beat me up.
    [a beat, then Ned simply nods in a "yeah, that makes sense" way]
    • Ned asks Peter how far he can shoot his webs, and he doesn't know. So Ned says (a bit too loudly) "If I was you, I'd stand on the edge of a building and just shoot it as far as I could" - and a girl turns around with a disgusted look on her face, apparently misinterpreting what they were talking about.
      • Called back to when Peter gets clued into the arms deal, he hops down from the roof and fires his webs... in a large backyard in Queens. He actually seems to run out of fluid in the current cartridge as it awkwardly succumbs to gravity.
    • The simple fact that Steve Rogers, Captain America, the First Avenger, filmed a fitness video for high school gym classes. Even worse, he filmed it in the goofy costume from The Avengers (2012).
    • The gym teacher grumpily stating that while Cap is considered a criminal now, he's still required by the state to play it because nobody's gotten around to updating the curriculum yet.
      • Also, when Cap points to "my friend, the gym teacher," the teacher gives an enthusiastic wave to the kids. . . from the wrong side of the screen to where Cap was pointing.
    • Apparently, gym videos are not the only things he filmed for the school. He also filmed a detention PSA. Cue Peter's You Have GOT to Be Kidding Me! reaction.
      • And showing how hilariously out of touch both Cap and the video producers are, the first thing he does is sit backwards on a chair.
      • Really, the funniest thing about the "always follow the rules" PSA is that the school keeps using it after Cap's declared a war criminal.
    • And apparently he also filmed a health class PSA that the detention one segues into, as Cap can be heard talking about how he knows from experience about bodily changes.
    • The detention PSA and Peter's reaction to it is made doubly funny considering the circumstances they met under in Civil War, with one of Cap's lectures being about how the right thing to do is always following the rules.
    • Just the fact that 65 years later, Cap is still being forced to deliver cheesy messages in costume.
  • Ned asks if he can wear the suit, to which Peter agrees. The only thing that remotely fits is the mask and it is horribly stretched over Ned's larger head.
    Ned: [muffled] Badass.
  • Toomes returns to his base, frustrated that Brice has been firing off his gauntlets in public where anyone could see them. As he tosses his helmet away in frustration:
    Phineas Mason: Boss? Your wife keeps texting you. Something about a brakelights?
    Adrian Toomes: What did I tell you about looking at my phone?
    Phineas Mason: Oh. Sorry, you left it out. You know I'm a curious person, by nature.
    • Brice and Schultz arrive moments later in their damaged van. Brice hops off the back bumper letting off a whoop.
    Adrian Toomes: [grips his hair in exasperation] How many times have I told you not to fire 'em out in the open?
    Jackson Brice: Hey, you said to move the merchandise!
    Adrian Toomes: Under the radar! Under the radar! That's how we survive! If you bring Damage Control or the Avengers down here, we're through. You're out there, wearing that goofy thing, lighting up cars, calling yourself "THE SHOCKER! I'M THE SHOCKER, I SHOCK PEOPLE!" What is this, pro wrestling?
    • Made doubly hilarious if you're familiar with wrestler The Shockmaster, whose infamous botch and horrible costume made him something of a joke.
    • Toomes then fries Brice for potentially spilling their secrets after being cut from the team. It's rather terrifying, but then Toomes turns to Mason.
    Adrian Toomes: I thought this was the anti-gravity gun?
    Phineas Mason: [points] What? No, it's that one!
    • And what does he do afterwards? He casually grabs the Shocker Gauntlet and tosses it to Herman Schultz.
    Adrian Toomes: Here, now you’re The Shocker.
  • Tony gets annoyed with Peter wanting to join the Avengers: "Can't you just be a friendly... neighborhood... Spider-Man?"
  • From the second trailer:
    Tony: Just...don't do anything stupid. Alright?
    [Cut to Peter on the wing of a crashing plane, manipulating the flaps with webbing]
    Peter: ...Yeah!
  • While at Liz's party, Peter spots in the distance an explosion from Brice showing off weaponry to Aaron Davis, and goes to investigate. However, since he's in the suburban part of Queens, there's nothing to swing from and he has to run there.
    Spider-Man: [running across a golf course panting] This sucks!
  • Peter as Spider-Man cannonballing into someone's pool as he's chasing Brice and Schultz.
    Spider-Man: Great movie!
    • And this happens as Spidey is trying to catch up with Brice and Schultz's van, with him unable to use his web-slinging since the whole chase is in the suburbs. Peter running through several backyards, his many accidents while doing it, and the people's reactions... priceless.
    • Notably, in one scene he crashes down outside a tent where two young girls are camping in their backyard. Apparently the water interfered with his suit because his "eyes" are twitching violently, causing them to shriek in fear!
    • When Schultz tries to call Toomes, Mason picks up and answers, "Toomes's phone," in a pleasant secretarial tone.
    • At one point, while being dragged around by the van, Spidey gives us this gem:
    Spidey: OW, MY BUTT!!!
  • Peter tries to quickly (and secretly) mix up a new batch of web fluid in the middle of class! When this inevitably results in a huge mess he simply shuts it in a drawer and ignores it.
  • Ned has his priorities straight:
    Peter: This is my chance to prove myself!
    Ned: But we have a Spanish quiz!
    • Later, Karen asks him how the Spanish quiz went. He dodges the question.
    • Even more later, we see Peter doing well in Spanish class.
  • After discovering that Vulture's gang is holed up in Maryland, Peter tries to get back onto the academic decathlon team so he can hitch a ride to D.C.
    Flash: No, no way. You can't just quit on us, stroll up and be welcomed back by everyone!
    Mr. Harrington: Hey, welcome back, Peter! Flash, you're back to first alternate.
  • After an attempt to stop the Vulture goes awry, Spidey ends up locked in a Damage Control warehouse until someone comes by in the morning to let him out. Cue a Boredom Montage of Spidey goofing around to kill time, swinging on his webs like a bored kid, running the 'refresher course' on his different web settings, and bonding with his suit's AI assistant while sitting in a web-hammock, discussing his life and his problems. Then he asks her how long he's been stuck in there: thirty-seven minutes.
  • When visiting the Washington Monument, Michelle says she doesn't feel like celebrating something that was built by slaves. Mr. Harrington tries to assure her that it wasn't, but a (black) security guard makes a "kinda/not sure" gesture. note 
  • The Washington Monument tour guide tries reassuring the students everything will be alright... while "Karen" is giving precise info regarding structural damage to Spider-Man.
  • During the elevator rescue, Flash is the master of Skewed Priorities: He tells the emergency responders to save the decathlon trophy before him, and when Spider-Man falls down the shaft, he shouts, "Are you really friends with Peter Parker?"
  • "Karen" giving Peter advice, and encouraging him to kiss Liz after saving her life. Even better, he's hanging upside down at the time of this advice, so said kiss would have looked straight out of the first Sam Raimi Spider-Man film if it had happened.
  • When Peter is trying to remember something during the arms deal with Aaron Davis, Karen reveals that she records everything he's done in the suit and plays back some clips of him screwing around in the mirror. And when he practices what he's going to say at the party, he pretends to meet Liz, and the mask winks!
    Karen: Your impressions are very funny!
    • One of his impressions has him imitating Thor of all people:
    • With a meat tenderizer standing in for Mjölnir.
  • Peter has nicknamed the drone in the same manner as his own In-Series Nickname: Droney.
  • This line after Peter skips out on the Decathlon.
    Flash: Mr. Harrington, can I be the one to tell Parker he's expelled?
  • The Enhanced Interrogation mode that Peter uses to question Aaron Davis on Toomes's whereabouts, giving him a ridiculously deep booming voice only to be ruined because the suspect already heard him talk earlier in the film and thinks he's a girl, with Peter insisting he's not a girl but a boy before correcting and emphasizing he is a man.
    Spider-Man: Remember me?
    Davis: A-Aye!
    Spider-Man: I need information and you’re gonna give it to me now!
    Davis: Alright, ch-chill!
    Spider-Man: COME ON!
    Davis: [Beat] What happened to your voice?
    Spider-Man: What do you mean "what happened to my voice"?
    Davis: I heard you by the bridge, I know what a girl sounds like.
    Spider-Man: I'm not a girl, I'm a boy-er I mean a man!
    Davis: I don't care what you are, boy or girl.
    Spider-Man: I'M NOT A GIRL! I'M A MAN!
    • "Stupid Interrogation Mode. Karen, don't do that again."
    • The deep, booming, electronically-filtered voice almost makes Peter The Unintelligible, much like complaints about other recent characters and their "apparatus."
    • Hell, everything with Aaron Davis. He's introduced complaining about Brice trying to upsell him some high-tech portable artillery when he only wants a simple gun to hold up a small supermarket, not "send people back in time".
    • After webbing Davis to his car and working some info out of him he leaves Davis there, telling him the webbing should dissolve in about two hours.
    Spider-Man: Thanks! And sorry, but you deserve that!
    Davis: Come on man! I got ice cream in there!
    • Davis calls Spidey out on being new to the whole "intimidation tactics" thing and makes his point by slamming the trunk to his car, making Spidey flinch.
    Davis: [As a random shopper walks past] Excuse me. A-A human being needs help.
  • True to form, Tony finds a way to make even his praise for Peter about him.
    Peter: That's great, Mr. Stark; I'm kinda in the middle of -
    Tony: Don't cut me off when I'm complimenting you!
  • When Spidey interrupts the smaller goons on the ferry via dropping from the ceiling(again):
    Peter: (whilst swinging his webs around to arrest them) Hey, guys, the illegal weapons deal ferry was at 10:30! You missed it!
  • The bystander cheering Spidey on the Ferry is credited as "Yeah Spider-Man Guy".
  • After Iron Man swoops in to save Spidey after he almost drowns following his first fight with the Vulture, Peter asks why he's there.
    Tony: Oh, I'm not here.
    [Iron Man faceplate opens to show it's on remote control; cut to Tony at a party in India]
    Tony: Thank God this place has wifi, or you would be toast right now. Thank Ganesha, while you're at it!
    • Which leads to...
  • Tony's reprimand and subsequent suit taking of Peter isn't funny, but one had to have imagined the look on Peter's face when he reveals himself:
    Peter: If you even cared, you'd actually be here.
    [cut to Tony emerging from the suit, making Peter take several rapid steps back with a shocked face].
    • When Tony does take the suit from Peter, Peter tries to argue against the decision so he can keep working with it. Tony is having none of it... and Peter reveals that he doesn't have any other clothes. Tony's response and Peter's ensuing outfit when he gets back home seems to imply that the nearest clothing store got a visit from Stark.
    • The film doesn't dwell on the clothes since it would cause severe Mood Whiplash, but we see that the shirt Peter got is an "I Survived New York" shirt. Set photos reveal that he's wearing Hello Kitty pajama pants.
  • Peter goes to pick up his Homecoming party date, Liz (a nerve-wracking experience in and of itself)... and finds out her father is the Vulture. Cringe Comedy ensues.
    • What makes it especially hilarious is that Toomes just sees Peter as his daughter's date and is acting like a typical, suburban dad while Peter has the biggest Oh, Crap! expression and can barely speak because he's terrified. It doesn't help Peter's nerves that Toomes spends a huge portion of the scene in the kitchen smiling unsettlingly while Twerp Sweating him; chopping some food with a rather sizable knife, offering him alcohol that he doesn't want someone underage to accept, generally playing Papa Wolf.
    • Seeing Toomes' face in the car as he is putting two and two together and figuring out his daughter's date is Spider-Man is also hilarious: He isn't saying anything, but the whole process is playing out so obviously in his face that it nearly feels as if you could read his mind just by watching his expression.
  • Liz and Peter arrive at school for Homecoming. Once they're in the ballroom door, Ned waves, while Michelle flips the bird.
  • Spider-Man needs a way to catch the Vulture and sees Flash driving up in his Audi:
    Flash: [talking to his date] I know when branzino's fresh and that was not fresh, okay? So- [Spider-Man lands on his car and he screams]
    Spider-Man: [with a raspy voice] Flash, I need your car and your phone.
    Flash: Uh, sir, t-technically thi- this is my dad's car, sir, so I can't-
    [Smash Cut to Flash and his date standing outside as Spidey drives off and clips a group of bikes, causing Flash to groan]
  • Apparently, Thor left Earth in such a hurry he forgot his belt.
    Happy: Alright, wheels up in eight minutes! We just gotta load Tony's old Hulkbuster armor, prototype for Cap's new shield, and the Meging- the Meg- the m ...Thor's magic belt. note 
  • When Ned is trying to help Spidey near the end but their teacher catches Ned in the library:
    Ms. Warren: What are you doing here? There's a dance going on.
    Ned: I'm looking
  • Once Peter gets a text from Happy, he tries to leave.
    Peter: I've got to go.
    Michelle: Where are you going? What are you hiding, Peter?
    Dramatic Pause
    Michelle: Just kidding. I don't care. Bye.
  • At the start of that scene, there is a person dressed up as a tiger running past the room.
  • Peter's expression when MJ is questioning him. He looks worried and nervous, but then when she tells him she doesn't care, he has wide eyes and looks away, confused and a bit weirded out.
  • Throughout the film we see the screen on Peter's phone and it ends up more and more cracked (which coincidentally, also makes it look like a spider web...).
  • Peter's ridiculous ringtone.
  • The day after Homecoming and Toomes' capture, Happy and Peter meet in the high school boys' restroom, assumedly so they can speak in private. Only they have to wait for a student to come out of a bathroom stall, wash and dry his hands, and leave. It takes him a while.
    Peter: How long have you been waiting here?
    Happy: Long enough for it to be awkward. Tony wants to talk to you.
    Peter: Is he here?
    Happy: In the toilet? No.
    • Keep in mind that Happy's job is as Tony's head of security... and he was just about to reveal Peter's secret identity because he forgot there was a kid taking a shit.
  • Peter leaves detention, and the gym coach makes the most apathetic attempt to stop him, before noting that Michelle doesn't even have detention, so she doesn't have to be there.
    Michelle: I like drawing people in crisis. [holds up drawing] It's you!
    • And in another detention session, Michelle draws Peter, and shows it to him.
  • Peter's expression when he realised that Tony is driving at the same time as speaking to him.
  • Black Comedy at its darkest, when Mr. Harrington is being interviewed about being trapped in elevator:
    "As you know, we made it out alive. And that's the important thing. I couldn't bear to lose a student on a school trip." [long beat as he lapses into a Thousand-Yard Stare] "Not again."
    • The school reporting team takes it upon themselves to freeze on the image of Harrington's distraught face and do a Staggered Zoom on it.
  • Peter helpfully recaps the third act for us with an explanation of the Parker Luck:
    Peter: Just a typical Homecoming, on the outside of an invisible jet, fighting my girlfriend's dad!
    • If you listen closely during the plane fight, you can hear Peter swearing again during the final battle, just as Vulture lands on the Avengers plane.
    Peter: [as Vulture lands] Oh SHIT!!!
  • Tony tells Peter that his room at the Avengers Facility is right next to Vision's. Tony and Happy warn Peter that Vision doesn't like doors. Or walls. and tells him that there's a room full of reporters waiting for Spider-Man to be introduced as the next Avenger. But
  • After saving the day, Peter is brought up to the new Avengers compound where Tony Stark offers him an improved suit Peter declines, says that he wants to keep working for the little guy, and assumes that this is all a Secret Test of Character. Tony agrees that it was, Peter walks off... and then Pepper Potts steps through a door, and asks what the hold-up is, since there's a room full of reporters waiting for Tony's big announcement.
    • The look on Tony's face as Peter leaves, half So Proud of You, half Oh, Crap!. And faced with angry Pepper, he immediately throws Happy under the bus.
    Pepper: Did you guys screw this up?
    Tony: [points at Happy] He told the kid to go wait in the car!
    Pepper: Are you kidding me?!
    Happy: [Oh, Crap! face] Uh...
  • The very end of the film, after discovering that Tony returned his Spider-Suit, Peter triumphantly suits up only to fail to notice that Aunt May is standing right behind him.
  • The Stinger that occurs after the credits: Instead of a sneak peek for the next MCU film like usual, it's another Captain America PSA, where Steve gives a speech inspiring patience despite not getting what you wanted. The whole thing is a hilarious trolling move, and a big middle finger by Marvel to the audience on par with Deadpool or the previous Avengers films, who had to sit through many minutes of credits and are rewarded with this gigantic mockery. And done by the last person you expect!
    Captain America: Hi. I'm Captain America. Here to talk to you about one of the most valuable traits a soldier or a student can have: patience. Sometimes, patience is the key to victory. Sometimes, it leads to very little. It seems like it's not worth it, and you wonder... why you waited so long for something so disappointing. [Beat, until Captain America looks away from the audience] How many more of these?
  • During the chewing-out with Tony actually on the other side of the world, Peter keeps arguing that he is ready for more. Tony "hangs up" and F.R.I.D.A.Y.'S voice chimes in, "Mr. Stark is no longer connected."
  • In gym class, the teacher doesn't bother to enforce the students doing physical exercises. His apathy is funny enough, but there's one shot of Michelle lying back-down on a mat and reading a book. Only, she lifts the book up towards the ceiling, brings it down closer to her face, and then, repeat. Perhaps it is a genuine form of low-impact exercise, but it's such an unusual sight that it's funny.
  • Happy walks up on the remains of the plane loaded with Stark Tech crashed on the beach, all of it covered in webbing to prevent it being stolen, and discovers Vulture, thoroughly doubly triply webbed. The look on Vulture's face... it's clear he's more upset by Peter's stupid "FOUND: Flying Vulture Guy, Spider-Man PS Sorry about your plane" note than by the fact that he's been caught.


  • In a hospital visit to a sick child, Tom Holland showed up as Spider-Man... and then he got sidelined when it turned out that the patient liked Batman more. "Parker Luck" has officially broken the fourth wall.
  • According to Tom Holland, while doing a scene with Michael Keaton, Holland accidentally punched him. Keaton in response turned around and just said "I'm Batman" and continued saying Batman quotes on the set.
  • This parody of the teaser poster where Spidey relaxes with the Avengers' tower in the background.
    • This other parody of the second teaser poster with Spidey clinging onto the side of Avengers Tower.
    • In less than 30 minutes after its release, the domestic poster for the movie was roasted endlessly, spawning multiple humorous fan edits and hilarious comments.
  • At the time Marisa Tomei was cast, she had zero knowledge of comic books, and was horrified to discover while researching the part after getting it that Aunt May was so old in the source material.
    • Then she apparently tried to get Marvel to make her look older so she'd resemble the comics version more. Which probably explains why Aunt May went from looking like this to this.
  • Having grown up in Britain, Tom Holland didn't know much about what American high schools are like and jokingly suggested to the Marvel executives that he should go undercover at one so he could learn firsthand. To his shock, Marvel thought it was a great idea and made him attend The Bronx High School of Science for a few days under a fake name.
    • In an interview, Tom Holland mentions that there was only one student who seemed suspicious of him, and when she asked who he really was, he straight-up told her that he's Spider-Man. She didn't believe him.
    • In that same interview, Holland revealed that it took until the end of filming for him to finally ask what a homecoming is.
  • Really, we could say the whole NBA Finals spots, but here are a few select moments:
    Happy: [On inviting Peter to the Finals Party] You said keep it sophisticated.
    Tony: Why do you hate fun?

    Tony: Which [suit should I wear]?
    Tony: Get Out!.

    Happy: FRIDAY, run a final check on the party list.
    FRIDAY: Question: Captain Steve Rogers?
    Happy: Too soon.
    • Throughout the short, Happy is seen with a beard. The reason is because his NBA team lost, so he needs to look like Tony as punishment.
    • Once Spider-Man gets the invite, the robber he just webbed to a wall asks if this means he can be let go.
    • Rushing to get to the party, Peter is forced to run into a store to grab snacks. In full Spidey costume. And meeting DJ Khaled in the process.
    • At the party itself, Peter runs into M.J. That's right: Magic Johnson, the basketball player. Even then, he isn't the first guy people think about when you say M.J. in the context of basketball.
      • There's also the snack that Magic Johnson told Peter to gave to Tim Duncan. The snack? Plain crackers. Nothing fancy, just the fundamentals are necessary, just like Duncan himself in the NBA.
      • The twist at the end: Tony decided to skip the party and sit courtside at the game, much to Peter's anger.
      • Then there's the description that ESPN gave to Tony on the TV: Genius/Billionaire/Playboy/Philanthropist.
  • An interview in the UK with Tom reveals that since he was working closely with the producers, director, and writers, he would pitch ideas for the movie. Some made it in, while others didn't. One of the pitches? A passionate sex scene with Tom going fully nude. Boy, that would've changed the movie a lot.
  • According to another interview, the teaser poster of Spidey relaxing against the New York landscape (the current main page image) actually came as a result of Tom sleeping on the set. He was simply tired in between takes, a photographer took a shot, and when Tom realized it was made into a poster, he asked "What!? What the hell, guys!?"
  • The Hilarious Outtakes:
    • The scene where Mr. Harrington attempts to convince Peter to stay on the team. Tom starts ad-libbing his response, which he brilliantly segues into an Aside Glance and completely deadpan "With Great Power" speech.
    • Jacob Batalon is a goldmine for these:
    Director: Jacob, don't do that.note  You'll steal Tom's thunder.
    Jacob: Am - am I not in this? I'm so sorry!
    Jacob: Spider-Man - Spider-Man... sorry. *Next take* Peter-Man... That's all me. *waves his hand to get the director's attention as everyone cracks up* Um, am I fired?note 
    • Peter talks with Liz about how cool her parents are for letting her throw parties:
    Tom: "My parents... *beat* are dead!" [everyone cracks]
    • Michael Keaton getting whacked in the head by a fallen prop and barely flinching, and this:
    Michael: Then it's time we change too. *beat, then he sneezes mightily* sorry!
  • This hilariously bad extra scene of the Midtown High news anchors. It needs to be seen to be believed.
    • A deleted extension of the "Happy calls on the bus ride" scene features this exchange:
    Ned: Was that Tony Stark?
    Peter: No, Ned.
    Ned: Was that Thor?
    Peter: No. (beat) I don't think Thor uses a phone.
    Ned: Good point.
  • A featurette documenting Tom Holland's casting shows a sample of his screen test with Chris Evans. The script called for Spidey to "flip in" to the scene, prompting Holland to ask if he should really do it. Evans told him to go ahead if he wanted to. Holland then performs an acrobatic sideways flip in front of Evans, causing Evans to display a Flat "What" expression.
  • Given that he was busy shooting the film Tag on the night of the big premiere and didn't want to draw attention from his co-stars, Hannibal Buress held auditions for "a lookalike with solid comedic timing" to impersonate him on the red carpet. The guy he eventually chose? Not even close. And some people still fell for it.
  • The first part of the film's Rotten Tomatoes critical consensus:
    Critics' consenus: Spider-Man: Homecoming does whatever a second reboot can [...]
  • A couple years later, Gwyneth Paltrow and Jon Favreau were on a talk show together, and Favreau brought up them being in this film, only to discover Paltrow had completely forgotten that she filmed a cameo for it, with him needing to describe the whole scene to jog her memory.


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