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All spoilers on this page are left unmarked. You Have Been Warned!

Tony Stark: Why the long face? Let me guess, [Scott Lang] turned into a baby.
Steve Rogers: Among other things, yeah.
— Discussion on the Avengers' first foray into Time Travel

Avengers: Endgame may be one of the (if not the) most tearjerking entries in the MCU, but that doesn't mean that we have to miss out on the usual humor that we've become accustomed to over the years.


  • During the opening scene at the Barton homestead, Laura asks the family if they'd like mayo or mustard on their hot dogs, much to Lila's confusion.
    Lila: Who puts mayo on a hotdog?
    Clint: [beat] Probably your brothers.
    • Though it turns out, one of Lila's brothers isn't a fan of mayo on hot dogs either.
      Laura: Nate, mayo or mustard?
      Nathaniel: How about ketchup?
    • In a meta sense, this may be a funny acknowledgement of a rule of hot dog etiquette where "no one puts ketchup on a hot dog" (though, according to said rule set, Nate can, seeing as he's a kid).
  • How do Tony and Nebula pass the time while drifting through space and waiting for the inevitable? Playing paper football. The first time we see them, Tony flicks the paper football towards Nebula's goal, but her Action Girl reflexes cause her to try to snatch it out of mid-air.
    Tony: [visibly flinches before trying to pretend he didn't] You don't need to do that.
    • When Nebula tries her fare, she scores after multiple misses, and is apparently exhilarated by her success:
      Tony: That's a goal. We are now one apiece.
      Nebula: [in a dark whisper] I would like to try again.
    • When she eventually wins the match, she remains as stoic as ever.
      Tony: [shaking her hand] Fair game. You have fun?
      Nebula: [in the same dark whisper] It was fun.
  • Even on the verge of death by starvation and suffocation, Tony is not above the cheap-shot of referring to Nebula as the "Blue Meanie". Just because you're dying doesn't mean you should let the old habits of giving nasty nicknames die as well.
    • As a bonus, he also says she's "only a tiny bit sadistic"...which is doubly mean considering all the effort she put into patching up and disinfecting the nasty stab wound her adopted father, Thanos, put through his midsection.
      • On the other hand, she was once referred to as the biggest sadist in the galaxy and didn't deny it, so Tony should be thankful that she's learned to tone it down!
    • In the French and German dubs, instead of "Blue Meanie", he calls her "the Smurfette".
    • He begins his recording by asking Pepper to not post his video on social media in the event that he dies in space. Doubles as a Call-Back to one of his first lines in Iron Man, where he tells an airman not to put a photo of the two of them on his MySpace page.
  • Back on Earth, Tony is brought up to speed by the others. When Rocket speaks up, this exchange happens. The funniest part is that Rocket doesn't even get offended by it, probably because he has no idea what Tony is talking about.
    • Darkly funny in that, given Rocket's origins as an uplifted experiment, he actually was built. note 
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  • Nebula tells the team that after decimating half the universe, Thanos wanted to retreat to somewhere called "The Garden." Rhodey then quips "That's cute, Thanos has a retirement plan."
  • There's something hilarious about Carol's blunt assertion that the Avengers can beat Thanos in their fight in the beginning of the movie because she's now going to be participating. Anyone in the audience who saw Captain Marvel knows that she's nowhere near exaggerating, but the rest of the team is pretty much baffled by her confidence even though they already saw her go into space and carry a spaceship back across about a thousand light years all by herself.
  • Thor summons Stormbreaker, and it flies close enough to Carol's head that the blade ruffles her hair. Her response? She smiles.
    Thor: I like this one.
    • Both their mannerisms really sell it. He looks like a job interviewer evaluating a prospective new employee. Carol's smirk is just saying "Yeah, I get you."
  • The first time the Avengers go aboard the Benatar and leave Earth, Rocket asks who hasn't been to space yet; cue Steve and Natasha immediately raising their hands. Rhodey hesitates for a moment before raising his own hand and lets out an indignant "Why?" as Thor glances over at him and Carol chuckles in amusement.
  • There's something inherently funny about how Thanos is using his old armor not as a mantelpiece decoration or the like, but as a scarecrow. And how that's one of the first things the trailer punctuates with a dramatic sting.
  • The fact remains that after a year's worth of speculation on how they will beat Thanos...all it took was finding him before three of the strongest Avengers present promptly curb-stomp him and then decapitate him. No more Mad Titan. And this is within the first twenty minutes. Of course Thanos was kind of half-dead already, but still.
    • There is something darkly humorous about how after everything he's done to her, Thanos says that perhaps he had treated Nebula too harshly. Right before Thor abruptly chops his head off, which may have been Karma's way of screaming "YOU THINK!?".
    • Once the surviving Avengers (sans Tony) meet up with Thanos, how does Thor kill him? By doing exactly what he should have done the first time: decapitating him.
      Rocket: What did you do?
      Thor: [staring numbly at Thanos's decapitated corpse] ...I went for the head.
  • Although the story is overall heartbreaking, the gay man in the support group (played by Joe Russo) tells a story about a man he went on a date with, about how the trauma hit them. There's something darkly hilarious about the timing of their crying, with the date crying over salad, and Russo's character crying over dessert. A double dash of funny goes to the fact that Thanos's own creator is in that support group.
  • Who saved Ant-Man from the Quantum Realm? Why, a rat, of course.
    • After Scott escapes the Quantum Realm, he realizes he's now stuck in a locked storage unit (his Ant-Man costume is fried, so he can't shrink to escape). He ends up writing "HELP!" on a piece of cardboard and holding it up to the security camera until the very confused security guard spots him and comes to free him.
    • The best part about this entire scene is realizing that the only favorable outcome among all of Strange's 14 million scenarios hinged on a rat being there to press the right buttons at the right time. That rat saved the entire universe!
    • Semi-jokingly confirmed by the Russos: In one of million possible futures seen by Doctor Strange, the rat failed to press the button and Ant-Man remain trapped in the Quantum Realm, thus the heroes had no way to fix their failure in that possible future.
  • Natasha's post-Time Skip team has apparently bonded in a way only the Avengers truly can: bickering and sass. Rocket and Carol, in particular, seem to have the banter down to almost Friendly Rivalry status.
    • Okoye gives Natasha an update on a recent emergency with tremors under the seafloor:
      Natasha: How are we handling it?
      Okoye: Nat, it's an earthquake under the ocean. We handle it by not handling it.
    • Rocket "thanking" Carol for a tip about a suspicious-looking space vessel that turned out to be just a garbage scow full of infectious junk. He also makes sure to take a jab at her new shorter hairdo.
  • As Natasha struggles over her meal with grief, Steve comments that he saw a pod of whales in the Hudson River, since there are fewer boats and the water's cleaner. Nat stops him dead in his tracks:
    Natasha: You know, if you're about to tell me to look on the bright side...Uh...I'm about to hit you in the head with a peanut butter sandwich.
    Steve: Sorry. Force of habit.
    • Steve opens up the conversation by telling Nat that he'd cook her dinner but she already looks pretty miserable.
    • When Nat sarcastically asks if Steve is there to do his laundry, his reply lets her know he's there to check up on her as a friend...but he's also there to do his laundry.
  • Scott's arrival at the Avengers' base, summing up the climactic, six-on-six superhero brawl in Captain America: Civil War as, "We met at the airport! I was pretty big!" (It's particularly funny in the first trailer, giving some well-received levity to a pretty bleak trailer.)
  • When Scott seems hesitant to make his time-travel pitch to Steve and Natasha, Nat dryly tells him "Scott, I get e-mails from a raccoon. Nothing sounds crazy anymore."
    • Before that, Scott asks if either of them studied quantum physics. Natasha's reply:
      • The strangest part is that, given she used to date Banner and has infiltrated organizations filled with mad scientists, she could be completely sincere.
  • Scott's pitch to Steve and Nat to use the Quantum Realm to time travel back to get the Stones prompts Steve to ask if he's basically talking about a time machine. Scott denies it's a time machine (since it's more a process than an actual machine) but when he tries to explain what it would be, he slowly realizes the difference is academic and just admits, yeah, it's basically a time machine.
  • And in the middle of their very serious conversation, he pauses and asks if he can eat the rest of Natasha's sandwich.
    Scott: Yeah, but that's just it. It wasn't. For me, it was five hours. You see, the rules of the Quantum Realm aren't like they are up here. Everything is unpredictable—is that anyone's sandwich? I'm starving.
    • Somewhere in here, there's an "ants at a picnic" joke.
  • Tony looking for his four-year-old daughter Morgan, and when she emerges from her tent wearing an Iron Man helmet, he asks where she got it and she innocently replies that she found it. Tony takes it all in stride.
    Tony: It's fine, actually. Mom never wears anything I buy her.
    • There's also some humor to be found in the fact that, despite having been retired from superhero work for five years, Tony still tinkers with and builds Iron Man suits in his spare time.
  • When Scott says everything should be fine as long as they're careful and don't do things like meet their younger selves or bet on sporting events, Tony asks in a dead-serious tone to not tell him he's basing his grand plan to reverse the Snap on the plot of Back to the Future. Scott warily pauses before saying "No".
  • Tony also calls out Scott's decision to name his grand plan to restore the universe a "Time Heist". Which, based on the later brainstorming session, none of the smartest people left on Earth could create a better alternative to.
  • Bruce Banner is now in his Hulk form full-time, but still intelligent and even dorkier than ever. You get to see the jolly green giant stomping around while having Bruce's normal voice, wearing glasses and more clothes than just pants, and being generally goofy.
    • Just the fact that he spends the first scene in a tweed sweater and every scene afterwards in a tracksuit like all his clothes just screams "I don't really ever leave the house."
    • In the scene where Bruce is introduced, some kids approach their table to ask for a picture with him, to which he happily obliges like a cool sports star. What's funny is that they ask Scott to take the picture, but nobody wants to take a picture with the Ant-Man.
    • Bruce calling the tween who asks him for a photo a "little person."
    • Bruce insisting the extremely reluctant kids to take a picture with Scott despite the latter being a Graceful Loser who's well aware that he's pretty much a Hero with Bad Publicity. It's especially hilarious considering Mark Ruffalo's well-known fanboying over Paul Rudd.
      Scott: [trying to take it in stride] They're Hulk fans, they don't know Ant-Man, nobody does—
      Bruce: Come on, [Scott] really wants to take a picture with them—
      Scott: [The kid]'s even saying 'no he doesn't', I get it...I don't want a picture with them—
      Bruce: He's gonna feel bad, they're happy kids—
      Scott: I don't want a picture—
      Bruce: You'll feel bad—
      Scott: Take the goddamn phone.
    • What really sells all this is Scott's reaction to seeing the Hulk now acting and talking like a normal person. As the scene cuts from the group leaving Tony's house to them in a diner with Bruce, Scott is shown just staring at him in disbelief while Steve and Natasha are acting like it's totally normal.
      Scott: I'm so confused.
      Professor Hulk: These are confusing times.
    • After Scott tries to clarify, Bruce says he's kidding and acknowledges how weird it is to see him like this.
      Hulk: I know, it's crazy, right? I'm wearing shirts now!
    • Bruce notes "I feel like I'm the only one eating." The dinner table is full of giant bowls filled with food and, yes, Bruce is the only one eating.
      • Then you've got to wonder how does Bruce even afford to pay for meals that huge on a regular basis.
    • What does the subtitled version of the movie credit Bruce as? Smart Hulk.
    • The Answer Cut that reintroduces Bruce. Having failed to convince Tony to help with the time travel plan, Scott, Steve, and Nat reconsider their options. Steve remarks that they're gonna need someone with a big brain, to which Scott incredulously replies "Bigger than his [Tony's]?" Cut to the diner to show that it's not just Bruce's brain that's big these days.
    • This scene is capped off by Professor Hulk dabbing (and saying the word "dab" out loud) as the kids walk away. From anyone else, it might be cringeworthy, but it perfectly fits how goofy and out of touch Bruce is.note 
  • While being a rather brief, heartwarming, and tear-jerking moment, there is a Freeze-Frame Bonus funny bit during Tony's moment with his picture alongside Peter: both of the guys throwing up peace signs behind each other's heads, while holding Peter's internship certificate upside down.
  • Tony's reaction to having discovered a plausible means of time travel is to fall back into his chair and say "Shit!" Then he hears someone repeating what he said and discovers Morgan sitting right behind him on the stairs.
    Tony: [makes a shushing motion, realizing she heard him swear] What are you doing up, little miss?
    Morgan: [smiles] Shit.
    • Tony gets Morgan to stop swearing by telling her that "shit" is Pepper's word, and that no-one but her is allowed to use it because she coined it.
    • After he's convinced her to stop saying "shit," she asks what he's doing up late, to which he reflexively retorts, "I got important shit to do!" and immediately regrets it, topped off with the absolutely perfect "really" look the four year old gives him in response.
    • Even more ironically-hilarious is the fact that it's the exact same swear-word that Captain Rogers chides him for using in Avengers: Age of Ultron eight years ago, and now Tony has to take the role of the "sweet and dorky old schoolteacher" that Steve was back then to teach his baby girl good manners.
    • Why was Morgan there? She got hungry, so she snuck out of bed to get a juice pop. Tony then goes to grab one for her, saying the fact she has learned a swear word from him counts as extortion.
      Tony: That's extortion. That's a word.
    • Morgan asks for a bedtime story.
      Tony: A story? ...Uh, Once upon a time, Maguna went to bed. The End.
      Morgan: That is a horrible story.
      Tony: C'mon, that's your favorite story!
    • And before that, how does Tony get her to lie down? By covering her face with his entire hand and gently pushing her down into her pillows.
      Tony: That face goes there.
    • Parenting 101 with Tony Stark.
      Tony: Go to bed or I'll sell all your toys.
  • Tony boasting to Pepper that their daughter loves him 3000. He then adds that Pepper was in the low 6-900 range.
  • Scott acts as the guinea pig for the initial test of the time machine. It starts with Time-Travel Tense Trouble and goes downhill from there.
    Bruce: Scott, I'm gonna send you back a week, let you walk around for an hour, then bring you back in ten seconds. Makes sense?
    Scott: Perfectly not confusing!
    • It doesn't go as planned (as Tony later explains, "time went through Lang" instead of the other way around), as the first trip turns Scott into a teenager. The next trip makes him an old man. The one after that, a baby.
      Old Scott: Ooh, my back!
    • Steve's reaction to Scott turning into a baby is 25% "WTF is happening?!", 25% "How am I going to explain this to his daughter?" and 50% "I'm so done with all of this."
      Steve: ...It's a baby.
      Banner: It's Scott!
      Steve: As a baby!
      Banner: He'll grow!
    • Banner weighs his options, runs the machine again, and tells Nat to manually cut power to the whole system on his mark. When Scott finally reappears, the ever unflappable Black Widow only has this to say:
      Natasha: [clutching her chest with relief] Oh, thank God.
    • After he returns to normal:
      Scott: Somebody peed my pants...but I don't know if it was baby me or old me. [long pause] Or just me me.
    • Right after, Bruce's gleefully delivered response:
      Bruce: Time travel!
      [Steve just shakes his head and walks away]
      Bruce: ...What? I-I see this as an absolute win.
    • Bruce genuinely considers leaving Scott a baby because "he'll grow". Honestly, just the whole fact that Bruce is more prepared to raise Baby!Scott than bring him back is hilarious in itself.
    • Right before Scott's test run, Bruce jokes that they don't want to end up stranding Scott in the 1950s. Natasha jokingly chides him for it, but once Scott is out of earshot:
      Natasha: You were joking, right?
      Bruce: I have no idea, but we're talking about time travel here! Either it's all a joke, or none of it is!
      [Bruce turns around to give Scott a smile and a big thumbs-up]
      Bruce: We're good!
    • Before the test run begins, Cap reassures Scott that he (Scott) will make this work. Feeling encouraged by his idol, Scott confidently responds, "You're right...I do, Captain America" with an absolutely Adorkable smile.
    • And once Tony arrives, the first thing he asks is if Scott turned into a baby. Steve hesitates, before saying "among other things."
    • The unintended punchline to all this? The Avengers just basically created a Fountain of Youth by pure accident as Scott remembers everything that happened, something that is pretty much on par with what they planned to achieve. Fortunately or unfortunately for everyone, they brushed the initial tests results as failures and played the whole thing for laughs.
  • Tony's reasoning for giving Steve the shield back:
    Tony: He [Howard] made it for you. Plus, honestly, I have to get it out of the garage before Morgan takes it sledding.
    • When Tony pulls the shield out of the trunk, he dumps off a blanket and stuffed animal along with it which is a pretty good indication that it's been in that trunk for a while.
    • After Steve thanks Tony for giving him his shield, Tony tells him to keep quiet about it, because he "didn't bring one for the whole team".
  • Scott attempts to eat a taco outside the facility...and fails miserably due to the Benatar's arrival and landing, blowing most of its contents right out of the shell. Nebula dryly warns War Machine to be careful with his landing because there's an idiot (Scott) in the landing zone and when Rhodey lands, it surprises Scott so much that he drops the rest of his taco shell. Then Bruce passes by out of nowhere to offer Scott two replacement tacos, set to some upbeat music like a cheesy commercial.
  • Rhodey's quip to Scott (possibly a Call-Back to the fight in Captain America: Civil War).
    Rhodey: What's up, Regular-sized Man?
  • The Hulk and Rocket ride on the back of a pickup truck clearly straining under the weight. Look closely and you can see sparks flying out every few seconds from the undercarriage scraping against the asphalt.
  • When they reach New Asgard, they're greeted by Valkyrie, whom Hulk happily greets, even calling her "Angry Girl". She responds by saying she thinks she preferred the pre-merged versions of him and Bruce.
  • Two words: Fat Thor. The God of Thunder and reigning Allfather of the Asgardians has been letting himself go in the five-year period after the snap, doing nothing all day but playing video games with his roommates and drinking himself into oblivion. As a result, he is now obese and unkempt, looking like the overweight love-child of Santa Claus and Jabba The Hutt. Or the action-hero version of The Dude (which results in Tony snarkily calling Thor "Lebowski" after he first sees him). The icing on the cake: According to interviews prior to the release of Endgame, it was "partially" Chris Hemsworth's idea to have the demigod look that way.
    Rocket: [while Professor Hulk is dancing around the issue] You look like melted ice-cream.
    • When Thor hugs Rocket, the not-a-raccoon ends up awkwardly pinned against Thor's crotch and beer gut:
      Rocket: Yeah, no, I'm good! I'm good! This is...not necessary!
    • Adding insult to injury: Stormbreaker, the divine weapon that once slew an entire army of alien invaders and Thanos himself? It now serves as a glorified bottle opener for the gallons of beer that Thor drinks in place of water.
    • Everyone was expecting Chris Hemsworth to have one last shirtless scene as Thor...but not this!
    • Fat Thor was planned way back in Thor: Ragnarok, by way of a flashback to his childhood. Now we get to see Fat Thor, but as an adult.
  • Guess who Thor's housemates are? Yep, Korg and Miek, who sit around gorging on pizza and playing Fortnite of all games. The trio now have a Sitcom Archnemesis in a player called NoobMaster69 who prompts Thor to turn on voicechat and spout this gem:
    Thor: NoobMaster, hey. It's Thor again. You know, the God of Thunder? Listen buddy, if you don't log off this game immediately, I am gonna fly over to your house, come down to that basement you're hiding in, rip off your arms and shove them up your butt! Oh that's right, yes, go cry to your father, you little weasel!
    • The Brazilian dub replaces "butt" with "USB port".
    • Blink-and-you-miss-it, when Korg first brought up NoobMaster69, Miek angriliy throws the pizza he is eating at the TV.
    • While Thor is ranting and raving, the scene cuts to Rocket and Bruce sharing a look of utter disbelief.
    • And Korg is wearing the same Hawaiian shirt that Taika Waititi was wearing for the Thor: Ragnarok promo tour.
    • Just the fact that Fortnite somehow maintained its servers and strong user base five years after the snap is hilarious and also impressive.
      • Even more hilarious is the possibility that it survived because Thanos spared the staff of Epic Games from his snap as thanks for putting him in Fortnite.
    • This is also Hilarious in Hindsight. Given that Fortnite did tie-ins for both Infinity War and this film, it's pretty amusing to actually see the game featured.
    • What's even funnier? Korg is such a Nice Guy that he can't even trash talk an opponent on the other side of a video game and has to rely on Thor to do it for him. Even better is that once Thor returns his headset to him, he politely says "Thank you very much" and goes back to playing.
    • The fanbase's endlessly jokey speculation as to the identity of noobmaster69, with guesses ranging from Wong to Howard the Duck to even Deadpool.
    • With the release of Playstation 5 and X-Box Series X in 2020 and the virtual impossibility to get either, considering that Korg is playing on a PS4 even in 2023, it's had people joking that even in Post-Snap Earth, people still can't get either system even with half the population gone. Realistically, the disappearance of half the population may have forced development on those systems to slow to a crawl.
  • How does Rocket finally get Thor to come along?
    Rocket: There's beer on the ship.
    Thor: [beat] What kind?
  • Rhodey's proposal with how the Time Machine should be used is as horrifying as it is hilarious.
    Rhodey: If we can do this, you know; go back in time, why don't we just find baby Thanos, you know, and... [makes a gesture of strangling a baby with a rope, complete with sounds]
    Professor Hulk: [appalled] First off, that's horrible...
    Rhodey: It's Thanos!
    Professor Hulk: ...And secondly, time doesn't work that way. Changing the past doesn't change the future.
  • As the conversation progresses, it's clear everybody's concept of time travel comes from movies like Back to the Future, The Terminator, Star Trek (2009), Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure, Timecop, Time After Time and even Hot Tub Time Machine, much to Banner's chagrin.
    • Even Scott's movie-based knowledge of time travel is flawed as he mentions Die Hard as an example. He then pauses afterwards and admits that that movie may not count.
      Scott: Look we go back, we get the stones before Thanos gets them, Thanos doesn't have the stones. Problem solved!
      [Rhodey makes a "Exactly what I'm talking about!" gesture]
      Clint: Bingo.
      Nebula: That's not how it works.
      Clint: Well, that's what I heard.
      Hulk: Wait, but who? Who told you that?
      Rhodey: Star Trek, Terminator, Time Cop, Time after Time...
      Scott: Quantum Leap...
      Rhodey: A Wrinkle in Time, Somewhere in Time...
      Scott: Hot Tub Time Machine...
      Rhodey: Hot Tub Time Machine, Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure. Basically any movie that deals in time travel.
      Scott: Die Hard? No, that's not one.
    • Karen Gillan revealed in an interview that she kicked herself for not trying to include Doctor Who in the list.
    • The less scientifically-minded members of the conversation are likewise incredibly annoyed to find out that some of the most popular movies ever are not entirely scientifically accurate.
      Scott: [perplexed] So Back to the Future's a bunch of bullshit?
    • It's especially funny to see how Rhodey is on board with all this ("This is known!"); sure, he may not be a man of science like Banner, but hearing such theories coming from a USAF Colonel just seems out of left field enough to be funny.
  • In the middle of a very serious discussion about how there's no means to get more Pym Particles and they only have enough for two test runs of the time machine and the mission itself, Scott accidentally shrinks himself because he triggers his suit while he's gesturing.
    Scott: [after re-enlarging himself, sheepishly] test run.
    • The main reason Scott is fretting over the Pym Particles? He doesn't trust Bruce handling them with his big, Hulky hands.
  • Tony showing up and predicting all of their mishaps while experimenting.
  • Very fitting for a "Time Heist", the rendition of the Avengers Theme that plays as Steve begins discussing the planning of said Heist wouldn't sound out of place in an actual Heist movie.
  • Watch the monitors closely as each stone is displayed with an "origin" (scepter, Tesseract, Orb, Aether, Eye of Agamotto). The Soul Stone's origin? "Insufficient visual data".
  • When the Avengers are first discussing where all the Stones can be found in the past, they turn to Thor for information on the Aether. Cut to a shot of Thor seated on a chair in the corner wearing sunglasses and holding a beer...and not moving or speaking for a solid minute.
    Natasha: ...Is he asleep?
    Rhodey: No, no...I'm pretty sure he's dead.
    • Thor struggling to talk about the Aether, specifically as the mention of Jane makes him sidetrack to discuss the status of their relationship. He also insists that someone had called it a stone when it (according to him) is not a stone, but a big sludge or something. And then he absentmindedly calls it a stone not five seconds later.
      • Halfway through, Thor distracts himself again with bungled attempts at being philosophical, and it is wonderfully cringe-worthy. The other Avengers are less than amused.
      • The sole exception to this is Scott, who reacts to Thor's drunken ramblings about Asgard and the Dark Elves with childlike wonder.
      • When the group decides they've heard enough of his rambling, Tony gently tries to cut him off, but Thor insists he continue. At the end:
        Tony: Eggs? Breakfast?
        Thor: [smiles drunkenly] No. I'd like a Bloody Mary.
      • This could also count as a meta CMOF, since there are several accounts of RDJ offering people eggs and breakfast.
  • Discussing the locations of the six Infinity Stones across time and space takes a while, and everyone in the room takes more and more exhausted positions after each Stone discussed. By the time they reach the Time Stone, Natasha and Tony are lying together atop a table, while Bruce lounges on the floor, using various pieces of clothing as pillows. In other words, they look exactly like a group of Marvel fans would if they were forced to sit down and explain the events of the entire MCU one by one. This is a bit of Leaning on the Fourth Wall, since that's literally what's going on in that segment.
  • Right before the Time Heist begins, Steve gives his Once an Episode Rousing Speech, which is so effective that even Rocket is inspired by it, which is lampshaded by Scott.
    Rocket: He's pretty good at that!
    Scott: Right?
  • Thor and Rocket tiptoeing past Loki lying in his glass cell in the most obvious way possible, who only fails to notice because he's too focused flipping his cup around in a bored manner.
  • Given Thor has become The Alcoholic, his return to Asgard has him wanting to get wasted in the wine cellar instead of doing his mission. It takes Rocket slapping Thor in the face for him to get his mind back on track.
    • And the way Rocket does it is perfect. He gently, almost tenderly, tells Thor to come closer. Then *SMACK*.
      Rocket: Pull yourself together!
      • It also doubles as Black Comedy since the scene also shows why it's actually a bad idea to slap someone who's freaking out. At best, it's a temporary solution and they'll ultimately end up even more freaked out than before - as happens later on in the scene.
    • Rocket then proceeds to give Thor a lecture, reminding him that he has lost people, too—people he regards as family. It starts off touchingly enough, with Rocket listing off all the Guardians' names (aside from Gamora), but then he gets to Mantis, whom he only refers to as "the chick with the antennae", either because he doesn't remember her name, or that's just what he calls her.
    • When Rocket orders Thor to get his act together, this happens:
      Rocket: [sees Thor tearing up] Are you crying?
      Thor: [sobbing] No... [sobs harder] Yes.
    • Then, immediately after that, Thor tries to psych himself up, only to chicken out at the last second and run in the opposite direction.
    • Thor's "disguise" during the whole scene is nothing more than the same blue-grey hoodie and red bathrobe he was wearing beforehand on Earth.
  • Thor decides to hide from his mother. However, Frigga suddenly appears behind him, asking him to leave such behavior to his brother. Which is even more hilarious considering the earlier scene of Thor and Rocket sneaking past Loki's cell.
    • Even better in that Thor's high-pitched scream also causes Frigga herself to cry out in fright. Frigga is so good at sneaking up on people that her son's reaction manages to scare herself as well!
    • Frigga immediately realizes this Thor is from the future, which he poorly tries to deny before confessing to it like a guilty five-year old.
      Thor: I'm totally from the future!
    • Also, Frigga's summation of why she figured out Thor was from the future, which sounds so much like an amused mother explaining to her child how she figured out they did something they weren't supposed to.
      Frigga: I was raised by witches, boy. I see with more than just eyes.
    • The last advice Frigga gives to Thor is that he should eat a salad.
  • The scene cuts to Rocket as he approaches Jane Foster to extract the Aether. We don't get to see how it's done nor how Jane reacted to it, but it's got to be hysterical, considering that he quite literally extracted a fluid-like thing residing inside her.
    • Then there's the fact that about half of the entire plot of Thor: The Dark World was based around Thor needing to find a way to remove the Aether from Jane without killing her, which was apparently too much even for Asgardian technology. And then all it took was Rocket sneaking up on her and sucking it out with a high-tech syringe! It's like a snarky acknowledgement that beyond everything concerning Frigga, nobody really cared about The Dark World (which is commonly considered one of the weakest MCU films).
  • It turns out that the other Asgardians also think Rocket is a rabbit.
  • It's a quick moment, but Frigga reacts to Rocket — a talking "rabbit" — with mild amusement and a little wave. Rocket's awkward little "Hey. Oh, you must be Mom" response makes it even better.
  • Rocket is extremely confused when, just as he and Thor are about to leave 2013 Asgard, Thor suddenly shouts "WAIT!" and holds his arm up for seemingly no reason.
    Rocket: Wha-what am I looking at?
    Frigga: [patiently] Oh, sometimes it takes a second.
    [Mjölnir suddenly flies through the window and into Thor's hand]
    Thor: I'm still worthy!
    [Rocket rolls his eyes and activates the time device]
  • In traveling back in time to the events of The Avengers, the team witnesses a rampaging 2012 Hulk smashing a Chitauri with a car, then repeatedly jumping up-and-down on the wreck like a broken trampoline until it (and the already dead Chitauri under it) is as flat as a pancake, all while screaming like a five-year-old on too much sugar. Cap, Tony, and Scott can only look on stupefied as Bruce groans and facepalms, clearly feeling embarrassed by how his past self acted during the battle.
    Steve: Maybe smash a few things along the way.
    Professor Hulk: [unenthusiastically ripping off his shirt] I think it's gratuitous, but whatever.
    • Bruce is then forced to impersonate past-Hulk by reluctantly pounding a car like he's getting it to start, followed by throwing a motorcycle like he's loading a garbage truck. All while very lazily muttering "roaaar". Shrek, you've got yourself some competition!
    • Just the fact that one Chitauri mook approaches Past Hulk with alien rifle armed and ready...and decides to back off.
    • Freeze-Frame Bonus alert - Banner apparently thought the Hulk act involved a Pec Flex.
  • Right after being apprehended by the Avengers, Loki decides to imitate Captain America like he would later (time-wise) in The Dark World.
    Steve: On my way down to coordinate search and rescue.
    Loki: [shapeshifts] On my way down to coordinate search and rescue! [changes back] I mean, honestly, how do you keep your food down—
    Thor: [muzzles him, explaining the look at the end of The Avengers] Shut. Up.
    • Hulk was looking at Captain America walking by and then looks confused to see another Cap at Loki's place. When he removes the illusion, Hulk growls at him. When Thor starts to lead Loki away, Hulk gives Loki a shove. Guess Big Green really just hates him that much.
  • When Sitwell and Brock Rumlow's STRIKE team, clad ominously in all-black, arrive on the scene, Scott and Tony have an Obviously Evil exchange that provides that page's quote:
    Scott: Who are these guys?
    Tony: They are S.H.I.E.L.D....well, actually HYDRA, but we didn't know that yet.
    Scott: Seriously, you didn't? I mean, they look like bad guys!
  • Really, the whole 2012 scene/Avengers film aftermath shown in this film is quite hilarious. After all the epic battle and triumph of good over evil, we get to see some of the things that happen immediately afterwards, and they're the sort of practical things that just seem ridiculously banal when contrasted to the actions of superheroes having united for the first time to stop a world-ending invasion. Loki basically being arrested like any common criminal, Iron Man and Thor taking the elevator (while forcing Hulk to take the stairs), someone packing up the Tesseract into a suitcase like they're putting away some tools instead of handling a dangerous both demonstrates the things we never see in plots/films like this and at the same time demonstrates why we don't.
  • You know that awesome shot of the Avengers standing before Loki, making it known that he's lost as he accepts Tony's drink offer in a resigned tone? Right after that, 2012 Tony tells the others to stop posing. And Loki doesn't get that drink either.
  • Tony and Scott's observations of 2012 Steve's suit. It's supposed to be a Female Gaze, but considering who's the actual viewers:
    Tony: Ah, Mr. Rogers, I almost forgot; that suit...did nothing for your ass.
    Steve: No one asked you to look, Tony.
    Tony: It's ridiculous.
    Scott: I think you look great, Cap. As far as I'm concerned, that's America's ass. [salutes the ass in the hammiest way possible]
    • And yes, the Captain Dorito meme was indirectly alluded.
    • Blink and you'll miss it, but as Rumlow packs away the scepter, Clint can be seen in the background fixing himself and Nat a drink.
  • Cap is once again inside an elevator full of HYDRA infiltrators within S.H.I.E.L.D.. The movie builds up as much suspense as last time, with each exchange hinting at another altercation. Instead of a Pre-Asskicking One-Liner, however, what does Cap say this time? "Hail HYDRA." The sheer confusion of Agents Sitwell and Rumlow at the sight of Cap seemingly revealing himself as a HYDRA agent are especially hilarious, and the little smirk on Cap's face as he's walking away from the elevator leaving the HYDRA agents totally baffled definitely sells the moment. You can just tell he's thinking "Ha! Suckers."
    • Rumlow glances over at Sitwell afterwards with a look that just says, "Captain America's on our side?? Sweet!"
    • Just the fact that the producers took one of the most controversial and reviled moments in Marvel comic history and made it into a terrific gag is priceless. Some theaters actually broke out in applause.
    • Considering Chris Evans' own reaction to the reveal when it came out, Captain America's expression clearly isn't just his character thinking "suckers", but Evans' genuine amusement that he got to take this line and use it in this way.
  • The fact that Tony wears Axe body spray. Is that why he's such a Chick Magnet?
  • The way the Ancient One deals with Bruce is highly amusing. She's not intimidated by the Hulk at all, and casually pushes Bruce's astral form out of his body, just like what she did with Dr. Strange. Bruce's baffled reaction is gold.
    • Her greeting to Bruce as he heads for the roof door of the sanctum.
      Ancient One: I'd be be careful going that way, we just had the floors waxed.
    • When we cut back to their discussion, Hulk's body is sleeping in a corner with a straw hat covering his face, while Astral-Bruce follows the Ancient One around like a particularly clingy puppy, begging her for the Time Stone.
  • Rhodey and Nebula go to Morag to retrieve the Power Stone. When they finally encounter Peter Quill, we get a retake of his awesome introduction from the opening of Guardians of the Galaxy, where he dances while kicking around some of the Morag wildlife to the tune of "Come and Get Your Love" by Redbone. However, the scene then cuts to Rhodey and Nebula's perspective as they observe Quill from afar, and since they can only just make out the strains of music on Quill's Walkman, he basically just looks like an utter goofball who can't sing for shit and prances around with the worst dance moves this side of the galaxy.
    Rhodey: [flatly] ...So he's an idiot?
    Nebula: ...Yeah.
    • This leads to Rhodey smacking Quill unconscious right before the music ends.
    • The tone of total embarassment in Nebula's answer. She's probably still wondering about what Gamora sees in Quill.
    • When they open the vault of the Power Stone, this conversation (which is again another example of funny by way of Rhodey being Taught by Television) happens:
      Rhodey: [stops Nebula from entering the chamber] Whoa-whoa-whoa-whoa! This Is the Part Where..., y'know, spikes come out with skeletons on the end of 'em and everything.
      Nebula: What are you talking about?
      Rhodey: When you break into a place called "the Temple of the Power Stone", there's gonna be a bunch of booby traps. [Nebula ignores him and walks inside] Okay, all right, go ahead.
    • Later on when Nebula introduces an incredulous 2014 Gamora to Peter...
      Gamora: This is the one? Seriously?
      Nebula: Your choices were him...or a tree.
      [Quill looks at Nebula, offended]
      • This is especially hilarious when you realize it implies Nebula never thought Drax was even on the table for Gamora to be attracted to (probably because Drax is still grieving over his dead wife and would never even consider a new relationship), but Groot apparently was.
      • This whole scene in general when you look at it from a mundane perspective as it plays like a younger sister playing matchmaker for her older sister by introducing her to a guy she may like, with said sister being skeptical over her choice.
    • Of course, considering the amount of hatred Star-Lord got online for ruining his own plan in an emotional outburst during Infinity War, seeing him getting a knee to the groin, courtesy of 2014 Gamora, is utterly hilarious, especially when you realize this is something 2018 Gamora would probably have done anyways had she been somehow brought back.
      Quill: [while writhing on the ground] You missed the first time. Then you got them both the second time!
  • While in 2012, Scott needs to be launched into the suitcase containing the Tesseract. He is sent flying by bending over while shrunk on Tony's shoulder and Tony flicking him on the ass.
    • It gets even funnier when you are aware that comic books avoid words like 'flick' and 'Clint'. Because letters in comics are always printed in all caps, there's the risk that if the spacing between letters are too close, the word 'FLICK' might look like...well, y'know. So when Scott asked to be FLICKED...
  • When Pierce stops them and demands to know where they're going, Thor responds that he and the other Avengers were gonna go to lunch before taking Loki back to Asgard. Not only is this a Call-Back to the shawarma stinger of the first film, but also heavily implies that somewhere offscreen in that scene, Loki was sitting around waiting for them to finish eating before taking him back.
    • Then consider that in the scene where Thor takes Loki back to Asgard, the other Avengers are in their civilian clothing, suggesting that Loki had to wait around even longer for them to change and freshen up to see him off.
  • Tony telling Scott that taking apart a piece of the arc reactor is just going to give him something like a mild heart-attack doesn't really boost Scott's comfort about doing it.
    • Then Tony nonchalantly calling for help as he watches his 2012 self just flop around on the floor.
    • Made even funnier when fans realized the contrast between him and Cap: Steve is very hesitant to fight his past self; meanwhile, Tony just straight-up tells Scott to give his past self a heart attack.
    • Keep in mind that this is also the day Tony has a near-death experience in the furthest reaches of space that traumatizes him for the next seven years and his future self is totally cool with giving him another near-death experience not an hour later. The Tony Stark of this alternate timeline is going to need so much counseling (poor Bruce...).
  • "SO MANY STAIRS!!" To elaborate, Hulk doesn't turn back immediately into Banner after arresting Loki at the top of Stark Tower. As a result, he is refused entry in the elevator by everyone inside. With no other choice, he has, to his great frustration, to go down who knows how many floors worth of stairs, while Loki smugly waves at Hulk as the elevator doors are closing.
    • Some hilarious Fridge Logic: Too bad Hulk can't make a Dungeon Bypass by just jumping out of Stark Tower. No, wait...
    • This actually ends up being the reason the plan to get the Tesseract fails. After Scott creates a distraction by inducing a heart attack in 2012 Tony, 2023 Tony grabs the Tesseract, walks off...then gets knocked out by the Hulk throwing the door open into his face. The case gets knocked open and the Tesseract lands right at Loki's feet, who promptly checks if no-one's looking, picks it up, and teleports away. Cue spin-off.
    • As 2012 Tony convulses on the floor, 2012 Thor decides to try and use Mjölnir as a literal Magical Defibrillator and gives Tony a little jolt. And then after a Big "YES!", he cheerfully confesses that he had no idea if that would work.
      • This is also probably the closest thing to an Ascended Meme "Doc-Thor" will get.
    • Loki's reaction to this has to be detailed. While everyone crowds around 2012 Tony and Scott is kicking away the Tesseract case, Loki is the only one who sees and looks all sorts of confused. When the Tesseract lands by his feet and he starts to look around, you can see from the expression on his face that he's thinking "Okay, this has happened. I'm going to roll with it. Yoink!"
  • Cut to Steve, Tony, and Scott wondering what the hell they're supposed to do now. It devolves into an utterly juvenile argument between the latter two, while Steve just stands there looking more and more exasperated.
    Scott: You said that we had one shot. This! This was our shot. We shot it, it's shot! Six stones or nothing! Six stones or nothing.
    Tony: You're repeating yourself, you know that? You're repeating yourself.
    Scott: You're repeating yourself! You're repeating yourself!
    • How Steve comes across Tony and Scott stewing in their own failure: sitting in the wreckage of a car like a couple of kids facing the music and waiting for their dad to come home and yell at them for destroying the furniture or something.
      • With the debris coating said car, it's clear that it hasn't moved since the Battle of New York began, therefore implying that Tony and Scott broke into the car and sat around waiting for Steve purely for dramatic effect.
  • The way Present Cap manages to defeat his past self? By saying "Bucky is alive!" and taking his moment of shock as a chance to knock him out with the scepter. Then he takes a moment to look over Past Cap's unconscious form, and agrees with Scott's earlier statement.
    Steve: ...That is America's ass.
  • When Steve and Tony come up with the plan to travel to 1970, Scott has no idea what they are talking about and repeatedly tries to get their attention, only to fail.
    Scott: Cap! Captain! Steve! Sorry...America. Rogers. Look, if you do this, and it doesn't're not coming back.
    Tony: [beat] Thanks for the pep talk, pissant!
  • Hawkeye and Black Widow come face to face with Red Skull on Vormir, and he addresses them as "Natasha, daughter of Ivan" and "Clint, son of Edith" for some reason. Clint briefly shoots a look at Natasha, like he's wondering why hers sounds so much cooler than his.
    • It's in the middle of a grim scene but the way Hawkeye just casually waves to and acknowledges Schmidt, as though he knows he's waiting on them, while he and Black Widow try to work out what they have to do to get the Soul Stone is a dissonant moment of levity.
    • Right before Red Skull finds them, a slightly winded Black Widow finds the time to deliver this diss:
      Black Widow: I bet the raccoon didn't have to climb a mountain.
      Hawkeye: Technically, he's not a raccoon, you know.
      Black Widow: Whatever, he eats garbage!
      • Meaning at some point during the 5-year time skip, Natasha caught Rocket eating out of the trash.
  • Stan Lee's cameo as usual, playing a hippie who taunts the guards at S.H.I.E.L.D.'s base. His car even has a "Nuff said!" sticker.
  • Tony's incredibly lame and Lazy Alias when he meets his father in 1970? Howard Potts. And Howard Stark just goes along with it, even remarking that it'll be easy to remember since they have the same first name.
    • That's right, the MCU's resident nicknamer couldn't find a good alias for himself.
  • To lure Hank Pym away from his lab, Cap prank calls him. He easily builds a plausible story (a glowing box that the deliverymen opened even when they shouldn't, and thus people are injured). Cue a terrified Hank rushing out of the building and pushing people out of his way.
    • The sight of the original Ant Man helmet lying on a table. It's like the writers were saying, "Yeah, this still happened."
    • Even funnier, Steve initially just told him the box was glowing and the men weren't feeling well. It was Hank who asked him whether the guys opened it and Steve just rolled with it.
    • There's something comical about a de-aged Michael Douglas looking more or less like he did in 1972 in his Star-Making Role as Inspector Steve Keller in The Streets of San Francisco, only with even longer hair.
  • While Howard and Tony are talking about their unborn child, Tony asks what they're thinking of naming him. Maria's first choice? Elmonzo. Tony not-too-subtly suggests they keep thinking.
    • It's even funnier when you realize that she's likely inspired by Almanzo Wilder, who went on an adventure with Cap Garland. Guess pop culture references run in the family.
  • The stolen Tesseract in hand, Tony prepares to return to the present, bids farewell to Howard and wishes him luck with the new baby, and then impulsively hugs him. From his (and our) perspective, it's Tony gaining much-needed closure with his father, having a man-to-man talk with him for the only time in his life, and coming to terms with the fact that his father was a flawed but good man, and did genuinely love him deep down. From Howard's perspective, he's utterly baffled at the fact that this stranger he's spoken to for only five minutes has glomped him before running off. He bemusedly asks Edwin Jarvis if he's met the man before, and Jarvis' only reply is to shrug and say "You meet a lot of people, sir."
    • Howard hopes aloud that he wasn't just hugged by a beatnik. The last thing he says about Tony is that he has a weird beard.
  • Speaking of Tony's beard, two S.H.I.E.L.D. agents are discussing their mysterious visitors and one of them mentions that one of them had a weird beard. The other asks "Beegees, or Mungo Jerry?" The first replies that it's definitely Mungo Jerry.
  • While unintended, it's pretty funny to find that nearly-three decades since the events of Agent Carter, Jarvis has aged quite well while the previously boyish-looking Howard has aged quite a lot more, as if Howard's earlier playboy life and then the serious responsibilities of marriage and heading S.H.I.E.L.D. has affected him.
  • Rocket, out of nowhere, yelling "BOOM!" after Tony inserts the Infinity Stones into a gauntlet he, Rocket, and Bruce have created, to spook the other two. What truly sells it is that Tony slowly turns and bends down to Rocket's height just to glare at him for it.
  • At first, Thor insists that he can use the new Gauntlet, despite clearly being in no condition to do so.
    Thor: What do you think is coursing through my veins right now?
    Rhodey: Cheez Whiz?
    [Thor pouts]
    • In the post-spoiler-ban trailer, they take Rocket saying "melted ice cream" and splice it right after Rhodey's line.
    • He also still thinks he's the strongest Avenger when the end result shows Hulk clearly is.
  • Thanos proudly announcing that he will "wait" for the Avengers to come to him after destroying their compound. It feels like a Call-Back to his Orcus on His Throne ways pre-Infinity War, which fans had taken notice of at the time.
  • Fresh off the compound being bombarded by Thanos's missiles, Stark recovers first and hands Steve his shield while snarking about how many times he's lost it. The tone he uses is the same a parent would use towards their child.
    Tony: You lose this again, I'm keeping it!
    • Makes perfect sense since a four-year-old like Morgan wouldn't exactly be the most responsible of people. Clearly, Tony's had practice.
  • There's a Freeze-Frame Bonus at the start of the three-on-one fight with Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, and Thanos. One of the first actions that Thor takes is — you guessed it — going for the head, though Thanos ducks at just the right time without even looking.
  • When Cap wields Mjölnir for the first time, nearly everyone is stunned, with the exception of Thor who simply replies with "I Knew It!" combined with a big goofy smile, referring to when he could've sworn he saw Steve budge Mjölnir years ago...and Thanos promptly kicking him dead in the face.
  • After Thanos has beaten Cap down once more, breaking his shield doing it, Cap still manages to stagger up to his feet. Thanos quickly looks at his sword with a "What's wrong with this thing?" look.
  • As epic and moving as the Big Damn Heroes moment for the forces of the Marvel universe is, Sam's signal to Steve that the cavalry's about to arrive provides a hilarious Call-Back:
    • Becomes even funnier with the mental image of Sam trying to explain to Strange that, yes, the first portal has to be opened directly to Steve's left for the sake of an old inside joke, and Strange agreeing in confusion despite the insane stakes of the upcoming battle.
  • Stark called Quill "Flash Gordon" in the last Avengers film. Flash Gordon also seemingly died but came back. That's right: GORDON'S ALIVE!
  • When the Guardians of the Galaxy, the Masters of the Mystic Arts, the Asgardians, the Ravagers, and all the rest arrive to help the Avengers, the look of confusion on Thanos's face is less a villainous This Cannot Be!, and more a genuinely confused "where did all these people come from, and what did/will I do to piss them all off?"
    • As a comment from Youtube puts it...
      Thanos: I swear Loki said there were only six Avengers.
  • During the awesome and dramatic moment of an army of thousands arriving to fight alongside the Avengers in the Final Battle, we get this:
    Strange: Is that everyone?
    Wong: What, you wanted more?
    • As if on cue, Giant Man bursts out of the wreckage of Avengers HQ, Rocket, Bruce, and a freshly-suited Rhodey in hand.
  • It's an easy-to-miss Freeze-Frame Bonus, but who can be spotted among the thousands of emerging superheroes? A gun-toting Howard the Duck.
  • A great Funny Background Event. Look in the background when Cap calls Mjölnir, after saying "Avengers" and before saying "assemble". Iron Man looks over for a moment, and then back at the oncoming threat. Keep in mind that he was unconscious when Cap showed he was worthy. You can almost imagine him thinking "What?! Okay, I'll ask later, focus on the fight now."
    • Extra funny would be an off-focus Hulk sporting one hell of a grin. It's as if he's thinking of the very same line Banner said in Infinity War when Thor arrived in Wakanda.
  • It's a darker type of comedy, but Thanos going through the second half of the film as a Fish out of Temporal Water can be extremely funny. He never questions why every superhero he meets wants to kill him; he just rolls with itnote .
  • Captain Marvel's entrance into the battle. After Wanda nearly pulverizes Thanos, he calls for his flagship to rain down fire on the field just to get her to back off. It seems to work and puts the heroes on the defensive...then the bombardment stops and the guns suddenly, and seemingly rather frantically re-align to a new target much to the confusion of both sides. Like someone on the radar just now noticing an incoming Carol making a beeline for them. You'd never think a ship could make an Oh, Crap! motion, but there ya go.
  • Mantis is seen doing a sort-of-kung-fu pose when we all know it's really not her thing. Also a fun Mythology Gag to Mantis' notoriously convoluted comic book backstory, where she started off as a human Vietnamese barmaid/dancer/martial artist.
  • While a confused Peter accepts a long hug from Tony, his confusion at this display of affection concludes with typical Peter Parker awkwardness.
    Peter: [contentedly] This is nice. [sighs and closes his eyes]
    • Taken even further in the Latin-American dub of the movie, where Peter instead says "Se siente bien" (This feels good), turning the line into both a Call-Back and Ascended Meme.
  • Scott realizes that they still have a Quantum Tunnel. So he presses the alarm of his van, triggering that hilarious La Cucaracha horn.
    Captain America: [hearing the horn and realizing where Scott's going with this] Has anyone seen an ugly brown van?
    Valkyrie: [on her Pegasus] Yeah, but you're not going to like where it's parked.
    • Said ugly van is behind all of Thanos's forces.
    • The fact that Cap takes the time to call the van "ugly" when he absolutely didn't need to. Also the fact that, despite still being on the line, at no point does Scott protest.
    • Thanos destroying the van is somewhat funny and tearjerking at the same time: Luis said that his girlfriend left him, his mom died, his dad got deported, and now he's lost the van, too.
  • During the final battle, Peter, while running with the Gauntlet and with incoming on all sides, gets one of the best Call Backs in the entire MCU.
    • At which point, a dozen mechanical spider legs pop out and start stabbing all the foes around him. Coming from Spider-Man, it's hilariously dark.
    • Even when in Instant-Kill Mode, Spidey still gets into trouble since he lets himself stay in one place too long and eventually gets trapped under a growing mountain of alien corpses.
    • Things turn from awesome to dangerous moments later when Peter slowly realizes he's being overwhelmed by Outriders.
    • Then Captain America comes in for the assist.
      Captain America: Hey, Queens...heads up! [throws Mjölnir above Spidey's head. Spidey shoots a web at it and the magic hammer pulls him out of the pile]
    • From there, Spider-Man lands stomach-first on Valkyrie's Pegasus. He tries to make small talk, only for them to dive into the thick of battle. His reaction is appropriate.
      Peter: Hey, nice to meet yo-WOAH OH MY GOD!!!
    • It's quick and you'll miss it, but Valkyrie actually gives him a smile and an acknowledging head nod, before rolling her eyes at Peter screaming his head off as the Pegasus dives.
  • Cull Obsidian has an even more undignified death here than in Infinity War; after cornering Tony during the finale, he's suddenly yanked backward by Spider-Man's webbing...directly underneath Giant-Man's descending foot. Ouch.
    • Terran reversal for galactic conquerors: on any given planet, you crush an ant. On Terra, Ant-Man crushes you.
    • Or for a likely unintended Call-Back: "Ant...Boot."
    • Even better, Spider-Man recoils slightly after Cull gets crushed under Giant-Man's foot as if he didn't expect that outcome.
  • During the fight, Drax jumps on Cull Obsidian's back and starts stabbing him repeatedly like he did with the monster in the opening of Vol. 2. Of course, it doesn't do jack squat, though it does distract Cull long enough for Korg to blindside him.
  • At one point in the battle against Thanos's forces, Captain America and Thor end up standing next to each other as they call back their weapons, only for Mjölnir to fly to Thor's hand, and Stormbreaker to Cap's. Thor stops to insist Cap only use Mjölnir and leave Stormbreaker to Thor. Plus, it is humorous how Thor dismisses his Iconic Item as "the little one".
    Thor: Ah, no, give me that. You have the little one.
    • Cap's reaction to getting Stormbreaker instead of Mjölnir is also pretty humorous, in that he looks utterly baffled at how large Stormbreaker is, and almost immediately looks at Thor as though saying "Could I have that back please?"
  • From Clint, to Black Panther, to Spider-Man, to Captain Marvel, the fact that everyone starts tossing the Infinity Gauntlet to someone else like they're playing the world's most high-stakes version of Hot Potato or keep-away.
    • You gotta figure that someone thought "Avengers: Keep Away", or "Avengers Football", while an accurate title, would probably not have the gravitas and dignity they were going for.
  • In a Call-Back to Ant-Man and the Wasp, where she had teased Scott when he referred to Captain America as "Cap" during the battle Hope calls Steve "Cap" too, apparently out of pure reflex. Scott gives her a shit eating-grin, and Hope realizes her hypocrisy and simply grins back.
    • Please note, nowhere in the MCU has Steve Rogers told anyone to call him "Cap." There's just something about him that says that kind of familiarity is okay, and it's apparently instantly recognizable when you meet him in person.
  • When Peter gets overwhelmed by Thanos's Mooks while trying to keep the Infinity Gauntlet out of their hands, Carol blasts them all to shreds, then stands over Peter, still glowing. Peter's awestruck, probably crushing, and almost certainly slightly concussed expression is as funny as it is adorable.
    Peter: H-Hi, I'm Peter Parker...
    Carol: [smiles] Hey, Peter Parker. You got something for me?
    • Especially funny if you recall that, in the comics, Peter and Carol dated once, briefly. And Kamala Khan totally ships Spider-Marvel.
    • Another adorably funny detail that should not go un-mentioned: Peter's last method of defense is to clutch the Infinity Gauntlet like it's a stuffed animal and not an ultra-powerful, universe-destroying weapon.
    • On a meta level, the all-female team-up following this scene is pretty funny. Given that Carol is arguably the most powerful hero on the field at that point, it's doubtful whether she needs help at all. The fact that it's Wanda, the other Infinity-Stone-empowered-unstoppable badass who responds first, then Okoye immediately after, pushes it into unintentional humor territory.
    • Even funnier is that Spider-Man is a borderline Clueless Chick Magnet in the comics. Here, he gets a whole Amazon Brigade assembling around him.
    • Alternatively, Peter's flustered because he's still a hormonal 15-16 year old kid, (and a huge Sci-Fi nerd to boot), and he suddenly finds himself surrounded by multiple stacked and beautiful women in skintight costumes with varying superpowers. He's basically living every teenage boy's dream! (Not just the dream of teenage boys, either...)
      • The Double Entendre nature and slightly flirty delivery of the "You got something for me?" line makes this even more likely.
    • Special mention goes to Mantis, the one non-Action Girl on the field, trying to look as prepared and ready to fight as all of the others are.
  • Peter's return was, originally, much funnier: in one version of the scene, Tom Holland says "what's all that grey in your hair?" to RDJ. Peter is unintentionally calling his mentor old.
  • Thanos trying to activate the snap once he puts the gauntlet on, but is prevented by Captain Marvel grabbing on the Gauntlet. He is unable to pry her off with his free hand, so he decides to headbutt her with his massive head, and Carol doesn't even flinch upon being hit. She simply maintains her glaring look at Thanos before proceeding to clobber him. His momentary look of Oh, Crap! really sells the moment.
    • Heck, the fact he has to use the Power Stone just to stop her. There's something oddly hilarious about how Carol goes flying like Team Rocket once he hits her.
    • It's brief, but Carol's reaction before Thanos attacks her using the Power Stone is chuckleworthy, as it is probably the only time she has ever had that reaction.
  • Thanos has the Infinity Gauntlet, declaring that he is inevitable as he prepares to do the snap again...and fails because Iron Man took the Stones out of it. From the smug look on his face instantly turning into utter confusion, to the anticlimactic clink the gauntlet makes instead of the ominous thwoom it made in the last film, to the Oh, Crap! face Thanos makes as he realized he just Failed a Spot Check, and the suspenseful music abruptly cutting out, every single thing about this scene spells funny.
  • While the funeral is bar none the saddest part of the movie, it can be jarring for some to see Drax wearing something. (Not a proper suit, however, but a sleeveless top.)
  • Though it's pretty sad, it's also sadly amusing that Thor and Cap, the poster boys of the Hunk trope and major sources of Female Gaze for the MCU have become the opposite: the former becoming fat and unkempt with a very unhealthy lifestyle to boot and the latter becoming an old and withered man. However, Cap only becomes old in the end of the movie and by his own choice of growing old normally and living a normal life.
  • The Fridge Brilliance that old!Cap must've snuck up behind his past self, Bucky, Sam, and Smart Hulk, and then just sat around waiting for the others to notice him is pretty funny.
  • At the end of the movie, Thor joins the Guardians of the Galaxy, much to Star-Lord's chagrin. Unhappy to have Thor outshine him in every way again, Peter Quill tries to reaffirm his authority, panics a bit when the team throws around the idea of Thor challenging him to a fight for leadership, and then seemingly disarms the situation by joking around. When he says again that he's the leader of the Guardians, Thor only says "of course" several times, the last one in a whisper while giving Quill a very creepy and eerie near-Death Glare.
    Thor: Asgardians of the Galaxy! Back together again.
    • To say nothing of the sheer irony of the fact that Thor, whose physique the Guardians admired, is now in worse physical shape than Quill, whose crewmates have made fun of for gaining weight in the last movie. They actually still have more respect for Thor than for Quill!
    • Now that Thanos is defeated and he is Back from the Dead, Groot returns to his video games while still snarking at Quill.
    • Drax, in the most matter-of-fact-"just in case you were interested"-tone possible, suggests a duel for which point Mantis of all characters enthusiastically pipes up that she wants to see them fight with knives. Even better, Nebula also agrees with the whole suggestion.
      Drax: You should fight one another for the honor of leadership.
      Nebula: Sounds fair.
      Rocket: I got some blasters unless you guys want to use knives.
      Mantis: [with almost childlike excitement] Oh, yes please, use knives.
    • It's easy to miss, but at one point, Thor "accidentally" refers to Quill as "Quail".
  • The stinger is hilarious because there isn't one. Eleven years of movies that had stingers have trained audiences to stick through the credits. This one doesn't even have a joke. It's like the staff decided to one-up the gentle ribbing from the end of Spider-Man: Homecoming and make the audience wait for nothing at all (though it's also touching because we're presented with the iconic sound of Tony building his first suit).

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