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Remember all headscratchers pages are spoilers off.

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     The public's knowledge of "The Blip" 
  • Now that everything is pretty much back to what it was sans half of all life being five years older, is the public aware of who caused their dismay, namely Thanos? They basically just call it the blip but since he's never mentioned by name, do they even know who Thanos was and that he caused it all, or do they just think it was some random occurrence?
    • Considering Steve openly mentioned Thanos' name during a support group back in Endgame, it's fairly common knowledge as to what caused it.
    • Besides the Avengers publicly disclosing about Thanos, there's also the possibility of people whipping out their phones while Ebony Maw and Cull Obsidian were in New York, openly naming Thanos as the one whose orders they were acting on.
    • Even though the Avengers couldn't undo the Snap right away, it would've been in their best interest to reveal that Thanos did it and that he's now dead, in case the public is afraid of another Snap coming.

  • So it's revealed that Molten Man, Hydro Man, and the other elementals are just CGI holographic projections created by Mysterio, a la many a Scooby-Doo villain. While this explains why Peter's webs didn't seem to affect them, it doesn't explain all the destroyed buildings, intense heat, water spraying everywhere, gusts of wind, or pretty much anything else.
    • Maybe the drones were responsible for creating those effects?
    • It WAS the drones. The "combined" battle shows that there's drones equipped with flamethrowers, air cannons, and sonic cannons, which, when used in conjunction with the illusions and the surrounding environment, could give the impression of the aforementioned heat blasts, wind gusts, or water spouts.
    • While Beck and the crew are practicing for the "fight" in London, we see the drones attacking pillars to create accompanying debris from the "villain". Beck asks for them to ramp up the damage so it looks more dramatic, the crew pointing out this will risk more collateral casualties. So the drones do actually damage the environment around them.
    • But did they have those drones before-hand? Because the drones used in the demonstration and the final battle are Stark technology, so didn't they only gain access to those when Quentin got ahold of EDITH?
    • They had a few non-EDITH controlled drones, as seen in the bar scene. Beck credits them to William, citing them as "your weaponized drones, powerful illusions, real damage".

    Mysterio is a hologram (or is he?) 
  • Peter and MJ's discovery about the drones also yields that the Mysterio fighting the Elementals was just part of the illusions generated. But if that's the case, then how was he able to talk to/interact with Peter during the fights?
    • Beck was physically present for the fights. Only the major fighting parts of the battles involved the holographic Beck basically subbing in as a 'stunt-man' in a sense, while the real Beck hid in the sidelines.
    • Basically, any time you see Mysterio flying and/or shooting green smoke at stuff, that's a hologram.
  • But what about close-range combat and contact? For instance, Mysterio puts Spider-Man in his own crystal ball helmet, are the drones creating the illusion of touch along with sight and sound?
    • Well he's on the ground then so presumably that's the real Beck and the drones are just creating the illusion of the force field dome.
      • Sorry, how does that work? Spider-Man would be touching the drones, wouldn't he?
      • No, he's touching the real Mysterio.

  • The mid-credits scene. How on earth was Mysterio able to create that video and send it to J. J. Jameson? He clearly died at the end of that fight, so he couldn't have edited any video.
    • All he needed was a camera nearby. If he had the presence of mind to create the illusory Beck lying on the floor, he could certainly set up a camera there and instruct anyone in his crew to edit and release the video as revenge, which they would most certainly do in order to throw the investigation into chaos.
    • The crew definitely had something to do with it. We specifically saw one escaping with some tech.
      • And they'd definitely have cause to muddy the waters about who was responsible for the attacks.
      • It's even possible that the video wasn't Beck's idea, that one of the others came up with it after Beck died.
    • Indeed, it was even specifically the engineer berated by Obadiah, the infamous “box of scraps” guy.
    • Plus, who's to say Mysterio isn't just Faking the Dead like he frequently does in the comics?
    • EDITH confirms all holograms were turned off, confirming that Mysterio had just died. Though, it could still be really good acting. He did set up things with the knowledge that he would have received bullet wounds.
    • Technically she only confirmed that the EDITH controlled illusions were turned off. Considering how Crazy-Prepared and Properly Paranoid Beck had shown himself to be in the movie it wouldn't be too much of a stretch to believe the possibility of him retaining some non-EDITH illusion tech in case something happened.
    • Mysterio probably prepared the explanation when the drones' holograms went down. Aside from the audio recording of Spider-man executing the cancel commands, he could have made the message before Spider-man ever entered the skywalk.
    • EDITH could be lying anyway. Remember that Peter transferred control to Beck, which implies that Peter himself no longer has control. Beck hands him the glasses at the end, but he doesn't say "EDITH, transfer control to Peter Parker" and he doesn't do the separate confirmation that Peter had to do earlier. So Beck could have told EDITH to play along with the scheme, act like Peter is in command again, and tell him that all illusions have been cancelled when actually that's not true and Beck isn't dead.

    Greatest Hero On Earth... now what 
  • What was the Mysterio Crew thinking of doing after achieving their master plan? If Mysterio had successfully become "the new Iron Man" in the world's eyes, said world would have expected him to battle any upcoming Avengers-level threats. If ANY of the "unavailable" Avengers ever came back, he would have been exposed immediately; if a real threat came along before then, the crew would have had to fake Mysterio's death to avoid being put on the spot. One way or the other, it would have been a very short con.
    • With all of Stark's tech? There's a lot he can do. He was able to use the drones to destroy cities, he can use them to fight something trying to destroy cities. Then he just needs to use illusions to make it look like something more fitting with his theme.
    • Whenever a legitimate threat shows up he could make an illusion villain that he could claim he's too busy with, or pretend it's a related villain and he's totally helping out.
    • They probably believed they'd be able to handle it and would have ended up getting in way over their heads once an actual threat showed up.
    • In the bar scene in Prague, Beck talks about everyone becoming rich off Mysterio. It's very possible that he promised everyone a huge payday, in the six or seven digit range. If he managed to market himself well enough that might be possible.
    • Alternately, he'd intended to keep on faking attacks by non-existent super-criminals, so that his holographic double could "defend innocents" while his accomplices looted whatever site the "villain" was trying to rob.
    • He could have planned all along to fake his death so he'd have an excuse not to fight a real threat and his "heir" could make a fortune selling Mysterio merchandise.
    • It was a short-term con, that was the point. Mysterio casts illusions, once they're seen through he's easy prey. The film showed that even a high-school teenager with powers could get to him. So any major hero whose attention he incurred, or any real threat that appeared, would wreck up his stunts, which would have been cool but not really necessary.
    • It seemed like part of Mysterio's motivation was to usurp Stark, both as an inventor and as a hero, regardless of how he might have spun this to his crew.
      • Usurping Stark was Mysterio's major motivation. If he'd succeeded he'd still be stuck with a major job and responsibility that he couldn't bluff his way out of.
    • Yes, the villain's plan was bad and short-sighted. Kind of standard for bad guys.
  • In his public appearances, would he have dodged all the questions to demonstrate his powers like simple flying or his green beams? Relying on drones somehow every time for those would easily get caught sooner or later.
    • He might have planned on faking an Heroic Sacrifice, especially considering that's what he did eventually do.
      • That appeared to be a contingency in case he was defeated. But that said, he got close to Parker and so could prepare it. For unexpected situations no one knows what he'd have done, though a getaway and possible cover-up sounds most likely.
    • Perhaps they thought that with EDITH access, plus whatever other resources and clearances Mysterio could get from S.H.I.E.L.D., they could get enough of Stark's tech data to give Mysterio some "real" powers. For example: if they could steal the tech behind Iron Man's flight and repulsors, then tweak it a bit to match Mysterio's aesthetic, that's Mysterio's two main powers right there, plus they could always add more later.

     Peter in Broek op de Langedijk 
  • As a Dutchman everything about that scene felt wrong, but in particular it doesn't make any sense for Peter to end up in a jail there. It's a long distance from any route a train from Berlin would take to presumably Amersterdam and it's not even directly reachable by train to begin with. Not to mention an underage person who is clearly hurt would be sent to a hospital instead of thrown inside a jail with a bunch of Oranje supporters.
    • Rule of Funny?
    • Did he have anything on him to clue the cops to the fact he's a blipped individual or did they think he's 21 instead of 16?
    • As theorized by this news article, the producers of the movie mainly picked the town because of it's (for Americans at least) unpronounceable name, thus setting up the joke where Peter has to ask the local that gave him his phone to pronounce it for him. The scene itself was actually shot in Prague, and is essentially The Theme Park Version of how mainstream Americans imagine the Netherlands to be.
      • As if the giant, conspicuous, multicolored field of tulips with a windmill in the background wasn't a big enough hint.

     Mysterio's powers in the first half 
  • Once Peter gives over EDITH to Mysterio, we see him utilizing the drone fleet as hologram projectors and as floating weapons. The drones shoot fire and air attacks to mimic the Tower Bridge Elemental's supposed abilities. Fine, totally makes sense. But how was Mysterio doing that in Mexico, Venice, and Prague? He didn't have any of the drones. When MJ finds the piece of the projector, it's a stationary, fixed one. Okay, fine, but what was Mysterio using to simulate the damage?
    • Possibly pre-planted explosives.
    • He did have drones; we saw a few uncloak in the bar where he got EDITH. But they were older models that the team had managed to scrounge together. He needed EDITH to be able to do anything bigger.
    • And the drone MJ got was not stationary, it was just a piece of a drone (the projector part), that Spidey pulled out of the full thing by chance.

     The train 
  • Okay, how did Peter survive the train? Obviously we don't want the hero to die, but he took the full force of a speeding high-speed rail car, without bracing or anything, to the side of the body. It's not even the Artistic License – Physics excuse Stark tech offers for absurd impact resistance, as he was using a S.H.I.E.L.D./Fury's post-S.H.I.E.L.D. group suit, not one of the Stark suits. Spidey's tough, but that should have liquified him.
    • Spider-Man can survive hits from freaking Thanos, the strongest being in the universe who can break Vibranium with his bare hands. Even assuming Thanos was pulling his punches, Peter's a lot tougher than you're giving him credit for.
    • Peter was also strong enough to withstand Thanos's Snap for roughly half a minute, while nearly every other person seen disintegrated in a handful of seconds.
    • And even though he wasn't actively using it at the time, it's possible that Peter's "tingle" warned him about the train just before it hit and allowed him to dodge it relatively safely.

     Shortest Vacation? 
  • Obviously the school trip was on a limited budget, but uh, how short was their vacation? They seemed to be in each city for half a day, tops. They fly into Venice, do one night in the hotel, then drive to Prague, where again they do one night. Even with costs, it seems like a four day trip where they had no time to actually go to any location.
    • Like Peter said, Nick Fury had hijacked their vacation. That's how they were getting all the tickets and whatnot.
    • They also ended it early because their parents freaked out when they almost died multiple times within just a couple days.
    • OP here. Even before it gets cut short, it seems like the teachers' plan was to arrive in a city, barely spend any time there, and leave the next day. They seem to have allotted only one day per city, including travel time. That seems kind of odd.
    • They might have planned for more time in some of the later cities like Paris, but kept getting tossed around by Fury and cutting things short because of monster attacks.
    • At their first stop in Venice, their accommodations were so bad that we’re told Mr. Harrington was on the phone with the travel agency in tears trying to get something better. And then the agency sent them to Prague, at which point they decided to cut the trip short.
    • Also Mr. Harrington is shown to just be strictly incompetent to begin with when it came to planning the trip between the crappy hotel lodgings and not even bothering to check that the museum they were planning to go to was closed until November. More than likely he just didn't think the trip through very well at all.
    • How did they get to London? After the Prague fight, Peter returns to the hotel & they're preparing to go back to America in the morning. When Peter leaves for Berlin, the sun is rising, then arrives in Berlin by midmorning. When we next see the class, they've disembarked in a London train station & Harrington says they have an afternoon to spend in the city.
      • It's a connecting flight. The class probably took a smaller airplane from Prague to London, where they would then board a much larger plane for the leg over the Atlantic. If they have an 6-to-8-hour layover, that would be enough time to go from Heathrow Airport to London, catch a quick bus tour, grab some food, then get back to the airport.

     Ungrateful Bastards: the movie 
  • Right, so Beck spent the last 7 years, whether he was snapped or not is unclear, nursing a huge grudge against Tony Stark. Fair enough. After Stark’s death, he decide to spend his huge intellect and untold amount of resources to ruin a dead man's legacy, Dean Domino from Fallout New Vegas style. No gratitude for Stark's sacrifice is believable from one man, and Tony was kind of a dick. But apparently he managed to get together a large crew of highly qualified people with such a raging hatred for Tony that no amount of getting your family, if not yourself, un-dusted, allow them to move on. Even freaking Hank Pym was at Stark's funeral. On a side note, Jonah Jameson declaring Mysterio the greatest hero of all time? Shouldn't that be a career-ending move mere month after the event of Endgame?
    • Some people are just that petty. As for Jonah, we don't know what's going to happen yet. It could be that the next movie will open with Mysterio's claims being disproven almost immediately and Stark Industries suing Jonah's ass for libel reasons.
    • You mean slander, which is spoken. In written, it's libel.
    • Maybe Beck and the others don't believe the explanation that Tony saved everyone, and think that he got all the credit when it was really the other Avengers who saved them. It would fit with their perception of Tony "taking credit" for all of their work and being seen as the hero while they were stuck in the shadows.
    • If The Incredibles taught us anything, it's that people can be ungrateful even when being saved. Similar to what the first responder said, maybe their spite for Tony makes them incapable of taking in anything positive about the man, or at least shooting down the positives for the mass population compared to what they experienced. Something like, "Yeah sure he saved us from destruction, but his finger snap doesn't undo the humilation I endured or get me another job!"
    • Small note, this movie takes place 8 months after Endgame, not a month.
    • The Marvel Cinematic Universe is filled with villains who feel under-appreciated and unworthy because they lack powers and the glory/status that they acquire, so they seek power for their own gain and don't care whether they destroy the world with the power they acquire. Killian with Extremis, Cross with Pym particles, Killmonger as King, and now Beck joins this cadre.
    • As for Jonah, that's yellow press. Everything is either the best of the best or the worst of the worst, with no middle grounds. Tony Stark is arguably a greater hero than the public character of Mysterio? The Punisher is arguably a more dangerous "hero" than Spider-Man? Perhaps, but why let facts get in the way of a good shocking headline?

     Necessary Weasels: EDITH édition 
  • Those Stark drones are utterly awesome, they can be deployed anywhere in the world from a Kill Sat in a matter of minutes, are armored enough to tank assault rifle fire, carry missiles, machine guns, flamethrowers, ultra powerful lasers, have built in stealth optical camouflage and can project hyper realistic hologram. All of this piloted by a powerful AI that can multitask, dispatch and use swarm tactics with hundred of drones at the same time. Where the fuck were those things during the final battle of Endgame?
    • It's possible that EDITH wasn't quite finished by Endgame. Note how she has difficulty determining when someone is being literal or not with commands when compared to AIs like JARVIS, Karen or FRIDAY.
    • Remember it's been eight months since Endgame. Presumably that time was spent finishing EDITH as much as possible; if she had been done before Tony died, Peter would have received the glasses at the funeral or shortly after.
    • Still stretching it a bit. That would mean some random techies in Stark industries spent the last 8 months putting the finishing touch on a mega defense system that could only be controlled with Tony's glasses. Fury/Talos simply didn't get the opportunity of handing over the glasses to Peter since he was too busy helping with the chaos of the post return world.
    • Except that the reason Beck and his team found out about it was because a random Stark employee heard about it. That makes more sense if the company was still working on the glasses, rather than Tony having finished them months ago.
    • Tony was probably being extra careful about unleashing something like that after the last time he tried something similar and ended up with Ultron. Maybe it was even a completely cancelled project, that just happened to not be completely destroyed, and ended up being picked back up.
    • Remember that Tony had no preparation for the final battle in endgame. Thanos was already dead, and they were just going to snap everybody back and all would be well. He had no reason to bring the glasses along.
    • Even if Tony had called for EDITH's help, it probably wouldn't have changed anything: Thanos' gigantic and heavily armed ship was hovering right above the Avengers Compound, and would likely have made short work of the drones before they could get to the battlefield.

     EDITH and Tony's priorities 
  • Why on earth did Tony build EDITH? Yes, he has a history of not learning from his mistakes, and in Endgame, while in PTSD, reinforced his belief in "a suit of armor around the world," but he is also extremely paranoid about his tech being used poorly. So why create a Kill Sat that has a swarm of dangerous drones? He clearly knows about the Project Insight debacle, he's seen Ultron go wrong, why create something that can so easily be hijacked?
    • Well, it wasn't that easily hijacked. The only reason Beck could use it was because he tricked Peter into giving him control.
    • Because he was giving control of it to someone he knew wouldn't use it unless absolutely necessary.
    • Plus Peter had basically Admin Access in that even after handing control of EDITH over, his access was never rescinded and he could grant and take away control. Peter or someone else Tony trusted was likely always meant to be the owner of EDITH, with final say in who got to use it and how and Tony trusted Peter not to abuse it.
    • More importantly, there's no evidence that EDITH's drone force was ever equipped to preemptively kill people who might pose a threat one day. If anything, it's more like what Fury thought Project Insight was intended to be than what HYDRA turned it into on the sly, and EDITH's relative stupidity compared to other Stark AIs might've been a deliberate anti-"Ultron II" contingency on Tony's part.
    • As some sites have pointed out, EDITH is in character with Tony's 'flaw' in action. Also the drones had the ability to kill as seen as how easy it was for Peter to almost drone strike a classmate in error. Tony created a killer drone army because he believed it was necessary. Because Tony believed it was necessary to Tony it meant he was right. Because Tony was right (or believed himself right) it was okay. To prevent ULTRON he dummied it down making a killer drone army usable by anyone. Explained best by this article. Tony was a good man, great inventor but flawed which is why despite the whole mess with ULTRON he made EDITH.
      • Tony probably made EDITH shortly after the events of Homecoming, where Peter proved he was capable of being an Avenger. It makes sense that Tony decided to trust Peter with that kind of power, especially since he was probably expecting to be around for a long time to mentor the kid. And Age of Ultron itself proved that Tony was still going to try again, because he made Vision in the same movie, and that solved quite a lot. So it's perfectly clear that Tony never really learned the lesson that people seem to think Ultron would have taught him.
      • The problem is not only why he would leave EDITH to a teenager, which in itself is another thing of concern. Is that Tony once again despite saying he would never made another weapon of mass destruction all in the name of security and an amour around the world. I think the main concern is not what type of lesson Tony learned but the fact he did NOT learn his lesson at all. ULTRON should have taught him that an amour around the world could become the knife at humanity’s throat. The "flaw" was because it was his idea Tony kept going back to it because to him if it was his idea it can’t be a bad idea because he was a Tony Stark. For good or ill Tony had a habit of reacting to a problem, in a brilliant way but not a wise one. Created ULTRON who becamse a threat. Made VISION to help stop him but ULTRON still levelled a city. Levelled a city by creating ULTRON reacts to that by helping push through the accords without consulting his friends to prevent such a thing happening again. His friends disagree try and take them by force during a mission they are on, until they agree with him all in order to protect them. World gets the snap then create EDITH to track down anybody, any threat and kill it. I think the headscratcher is why would Tony Stark a man who swore never to make weapons again, keep making weapons. Hand over the weapon to a teenager. Equip the weapon with nightmarish hunt, track and kill capabilities at all. The answer is that Tony reacted to a situation and made a brilliant piece of tech in an unwise way to solve it.
      • Pretty sure EDITH was made before the Snap, because otherwise it'd be weird that Tony worked so hard on something for someone who was dead. Also, his signing of the Accords was because he was no longer sure he knew what was best. For that, he got beaten up and abandoned, so why would he stick with that lesson? ULTRON failed, but Vision didn't, and Peter didn't, so he kept his faith in them. He wasn't expecting to die before he had a chance to really mentor Peter, and he wasn't expecting Peter to hand control over to someone else.
      • There is no indication it was made before the Snap, even if it was the point still stands that Tony went back to his old habits of taking unilateral action without thought to fix a problem. Tony signed the accords after being confronted with his actions. There was no indication of self- doubt at the time. If he believed he no longer knew what was best then he would not have helped draft them and put his weight behind it. Then presented to his friends as the only option. He didn’t get beaten up and abandoned for that, he got beaten up for trying to kill a man who killed his parents while literally being mind controlled. Ultron failed, but Vision didn’t is not a good reason to create an orbiting weapon platform that can be deployed to kill people in moments based on whoever has authority. But it does show the ongoing flaw of Tony acting on what he thinks is best and deciding that it’s morally and technically sound because it's his idea. The problem is not that he died, or that Peter handed the weapon to someone else is that a person who decided to stop making weapons for profit due to them hurting innocents kept making weapons that ended up hurting innocents because if it's his idea it can’t be wrong. The fact that Tony decided that EDITH was a good idea, and actually created it is an issue, because it shows that not only did he not learn from his mistakes he also learned the wrong lessons from them.

     Why is Uncle Ben never mentioned? 
  • Sure, the filmmakers don't want to be showing again the same story of his death, but he is still an important factor to all Spider-Man media. They can't just pretend he doesn't exist. There should at least be one acknowledgment of his name, not counting that luggage that says "BFP."
    • Because the writers feel like everyone knows Uncle Ben's story, so it's better to have him unmentioned as an implied background detail. We can disagree whether that is actually a good idea, but that's the reason.
    • That doesn't make any sense, everyone knows about him, but he continues to get mentioned in other projects like Spider-Man (PS4). If anything it feels like a contradiction.
    • In-Universe, no one brings him up because they have no reason to. None of the events of the film would warrant a mention of him.
    • Simple reason: Because by this point, Uncle Ben has been dead for almost a decade now. Peter and Aunt May were both already moving on from his death by the time of Homecoming. Go forward several years for both of them, and it's easy to understand that they wouldn't just casually bring him up, especially in this movie where it was never relevant to.
    • Complex reason: Also, because Peter coming to terms with his responsibility as a world class superhero, rather than just a street-level one, is a major Character Development element of this movie. Given that the traditional role of Uncle Ben in Spider-man's Origin Story is to teach him the exact same lesson - i.e. the old "with great power comes great responsibility" shtick - referencing Ben Parker could've sidetracked audiences into wondering why a guy as smart as Peter would need to learn the exact same moral lesson all over again, merely because the scale of the bad guys he's saving people from is larger now.

     EDITH could have saved the day 
  • In the scene where Peter puts EDITH on for the first time, it shows that EDITH — without prompting — pulls up ANY available information on whoever is in her line of sight (excl. Dimitri, whose info is redacted being that he's a S.H.I.E.L.D. employee). In the bar scene, Peter puts on EDITH in front of Beck and wakes her up — wouldn't EDITH immediately have pulled up info on Beck, such as the fact that he's not from an alternate universe, is not superpowered, was previously employed by Stark Industries, etc.? Also, how was Peter able to successfully "hand over" EDITH to Beck, a completely made-up identity?
    • While Beck and his team didn't actually have access to EDITH, they were prepared for her and (they thought) Fury. At least one of them was even still a Stark employee relatively recently. Presumably they found some way to get him out of the system or otherwise keep Mysterio from being connected to one of Tony's disgruntled employees.
    • For all we know, Mysterio could've claimed to be the alternate-universe version of the Beck who got fired from Stark Industries years ago. Perhaps they even faked Beck-the-ex-employee's death prior to launching the first of the Elemental attacks, the better to clear the slate for Beck-the-hero-from-another-reality to step in.
    • Just because EDITH can pull up information on people doesn't mean she always will. It's made pretty clear that she did that when Peter first booted her up because that's exactly what happened: He booted her up for the first time and she was showing him what she could do. After that, there's nothing indicating that she kept making those info-bubbles pop up. That wouldn't be practical to have her do anyway considering the info-bubbles were rather large and therefore would obscure Peter's vision if he kept them on. Besides, even if she did, all Peter would have to do is say "Hey EDITH could you stop that?"
  • Why didn't Peter use EDITH against the fire elemental?
    • He was wearing the S.H.I.E.L.D. "Night Monkey" suit, which wouldn't allow him to wear the glasses underneath (notice that when Talos Fury is chewing Peter out and Peter's eye-pieces go up, there's no glasses) meaning he'd have no access to her while fighting it. Also, the first and only time Peter used the drones that EDITH gave him access to he almost accidentally killed a classmate, meaning it's HIGHLY doubtful that he'd be eager to use them again in any form (and he never tried to learn how to use them after either so he wouldn't actually know how to properly control the drones in the first place).

     How much "damage" can Mysterio's video to J. J. Jameson actually do? 
  • In the MC, Spider-Man has had years to build up the trust and respect of the public. In addition Spider-Man is known as one of the heroes to stop Thanos. On top of all of that Spider-Man has all of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Stark Industries to watch his back. Especially since with very little effort the video can be traced to a known terrorist, and disputed in a lot of ways by S.H.I.E.L.D. and eye witnesses. The video is the equivalent of some one putting out a video on 9/12 trying to blame the first responders for 9/11.
    • But Spider-Man hasn't been active for years; he was active for a little while before the "Blip", but then was dusted for 5 years. He's got about 8 months of recent activity for his current reputation. That may not be enough to mitigate JJJ's video.
      • Peter had been Spider-manning a full two years and change by the time of the Snap. He was also present at the high-profile Berlin Airport battle, on the "winning" side. Everybody would understand he got dusted, so when he reappeared his approval rating would likely just pick up where it left off.
    • In terms of ruining Peter's reputation, not that much. As you said, there are a ridiculous amount of ways to disprove Mysterio's claims of Spider-Man's villainy, and enough people who would be invested in helping disprove it. The real damage comes from the fact that Peter's identity is now exposed to the world, and there's really no way of putting that secret back in the bottle.
    • Actually considering the Skrulls are now working with S.H.I.E.L.D. in the MCU it would be very easy to put that genie back in the bottle. Just have a Skrull impersonate Peter Parker at a press conference while Spider-Man swings in. Or with Stark tech, have Peter Parker hold a press conference while a Skrull impersonates Spider-Man and shows up to the conference. For added confusion the Skrull impersonating Spider-Man can take off his shirt mid conference and have his skin color be any color other then white, further proving Peter Parker could not possibly be Spider-Man.
      • And then some idiot goes on the Internet and says it's all a hoax perpetuated by the "deep state" led by "Q anon", and it's all for naught. As Real Life has shown us, there are millions of people who are willing and ready to believe anything no matter how much contradictory evidence you put in front of them. Jameson doesn't resemble Alex Jones simply by an amazing coincidence...
    • Most likely, there will be a ton of people to come forward with video of the mega elemental dissipating in holograms and being replaced by a bunch of drones. Since the movie take place in 2024, there's also really high quality phone footage. Beck's corpse, assuming he's really dead, will be recovered and sooner or later be confirmed to be a former Stark employee. Unless anyone of his crewmembers managed to retrieve it...
      • Unfortunately, video of the mega-elemental's dissipation wouldn't clear Spider-Man of the accusation that he was the one controlling the drones in that specific incident. Jameson's argument seemed to be that Mysterio's defeat of four real elementals had made Spider-Man jealous enough to fake a fifth attack to lure a rival hero into a trap and murder him. As for Beck's status as a former Stark employee, if Mysterio is from an alternate universe, one could argue that he's actually that universe's version of said employee.
      • Until eyewitness and video accounts show Spider-Man being fired on by the drones he supposedly controlled.
    • At worst, it's possible that everyone who knows Peter personally could figure out that he was Spider-Man (such as his classmates), but realistically it likely wouldn't have too much global impact. Even if he does have his identity revealed, that's par for the course for the MCU, as most of the heroes are publicly known.
    • It's a mix of good and bad. On the one hand, there's no way the actual government will be after Peter, because he has S.H.I.E.L.D. and all the strongest heroes in the universe vouching for him. The Skrulls might even be able to help with shapeshifting, as noted. The problem is that the entire world now knows Peter's name and has connected him to Spider-Man. Even if 99.9% of people accept S.H.I.E.L.D.'s explanations and don't believe Peter is Spider-Man, that's still millions who will think the worst of him. He's going to have a lot of extra attention on him, making it very difficult to operate as a hero.
      • S.H.I.E.L.D. as a government-sanctioned organisation doesn't exist anymore. Nick Fury and his team don't, as far as we know, answer to any government. It's unclear if even the Avengers are still tied to any government oversight, that was the whole point of the Sokovia Accords, and it was never brought up again after the events of Infinity War, and all of Team Cap seems to have reintegrated into the group with no issue as General Ross was among those snapped by Thanos. Spider-Man is, by all means, making the same mistakes that caused the events of Civil War to happen, causing a fuss in foreign territory with the help of a rogue paramilitary organisation. JJ Jameson technically shouldn't even need Mysterio's doctored footage to inflame the public opinion and specially the government against him.
      • Fury/Talos mentioned going to a meeting at Europol in Berlin, so it seems that the new S.H.I.E.L.D. does have some degree of legitimacy.
    • Let's keep in mind that, in the real world, we have people disbelieving what happened in major, known events. Sure, it seems entirely unreasonable to think that someone would buy that footage, but people insist that what happened on 9/11 and at Sandy Hook is bogus without a carefully crafted illusion of a dying man and altered audio to give another potential story... and ask the parents of the victims of Sandy Hook how much damage that BS can cause.
      • If S.H.I.E.L.D. answers less to governments than they used to, and Captain America was reintegrated and allowed to fade into retirement without much public fuss (right down to getting featured in a video memorial), that makes S.H.I.E.L.D.'s position stronger, not weaker (even if you assume Cap's believed to be dead when he really isn't, he wouldn't have been shown in the montage if he wasn't respected). Thunderbolt Ross himself attended Stark's ostentatious funeral with no consequences. The "civil war" is over, and the international community mostly accepts superheroes operating publicly and freely (it's not like Mysterio received any criticism for his stunts, which were no less grandiose than those of the Avengers). Protecting Spidey from the fall-out of a dubious video being spread by the in-universe equivalent of InfoWars is the kind of job you reserve for entry-level new hires. But even if S.H.I.E.L.D. is somehow a rogue organization (that's nonetheless an N.G.O. Superpower), Nick Fury's buddies with a race of aliens and Captain Marvel. Never mind the Skrulls coming to Earth; take Petey and his friends and family on another vacation, to outer space, until the heat dies down.
  • Peter may be able to restore his reputation but with his identity now being public knowledge, criminals like Mac Gargan will come for him. Even if they use a Skrull impersonator to convince the public that he’s not Spider-Man, there’s a chance that Gargan doesn’t buy it and still tries to kill Peter.
    • There's this and also something else that most people are missing: The fact that now Peter's family (Aunt May) and friends are now in danger as a result of his exposure as well. That means if criminals don't go after him, they'll go after the people he cares about to get even. This has happened before in the comics and the first Spider-Man film from the original Sam Raimi trilogy (as soon as Norman Osborne realized that Peter was Spider-Man, he went after Aunt May and used Mary Jane to lure him into a fight on the Queensboro Bridge). It's not just Peter that can be a target now, it's everyone he knows.
      • S.H.I.E.L.D. can protect them as much as it can him, and they have very good reasons to do so; Ned, MJ, and Aunt May already know Peter's Spider-Man, S.H.I.E.L.D. knows they know, and Peter can't function without their help, so they won't be get any superheroing out of him unless they all come along for the ride. Aunt May's boyfriend is a literal bodyguard who should be able to deal with most human threats, regardless of how much trouble he might have with supervillains.
      • S.H.I.E.L.D. could barely protect Spidey in this movie, let alone his friends and family. As for May's boyfriend being a bodyguard, it was Happy who got the kids to safety, but not for very long. Obviously even he's limited in the degree to which he can deploy Starktech, or his entire plan would've amounted to more than "Give Peter a new suit and hope he wins".
    • There's also the possibility that even Spidey's supporters won't like the idea that he's just a teenager. When the next extinction-level threat comes knocking, do you really want to put your fate in the hands of an inexperienced sixteen-year-old teen?
    • How would a Skrull be able to help any better than just putting a random person in a Spider suit anyway? A Skrull wouldn't be able to demonstrate any of Spidey's powers so people would just (rightfully) assume that Peter had a friend put on a suit to trick them.
      • The Skrull would be standing in for the (allegedly) non-powered Peter, not Spider-Man. Peter himself would still be Spider-Man.
      • There are actually a couple problems with this idea. First of all, what about Night Monkey? He pretty clearly has the same powers as Spider-Man, so even showing off those powers wouldn't prove anything for sure. If Peter tried to claim that Night Monkey was Spider-Man, that'd just be more proof that they were both him, since Peter was in Prague as well. Secondly, Peter would be trying to do this at the same time as he tries to prove to the world that a guy faked superpowers using the technology that Peter now controls, and which said fake superhero had claimed Peter was using for evil. If the technology could be used that way, who's to say Peter wasn't using it then?
    • Another matter that should be considered is reputation: unlike most other continuities, Spidey has a fairly positive rep in this universe; he's been seen doing charity work, had the ear and support of Iron Man, and all around has been shown to be a fairly heroic and friendly figure around New York. And that's without getting into what is known about his work with the Avengers or the fact that he's been active for years. Meanwhile, we have Mysterio, who only showed up about a few weeks ago, and has never had any previous appearances outside the Elemental attacks. Now, some people might believe his claims regardless of any evidence, but if it was claimed by a relative unknown figure that a well known superhero was claimed to have gone a complete 180 change in behavior to the point of committing mass murder, well, a lot of people would probably be quite suspicious of that accusation.
    • The point is that whether the pubic believes Mysterio's lies or not, he would still get the last laugh to some extent. Even if Spider Man's "villainy" was not believed by the people, his secret identity still got exposed. So while his plan to become a Villain with Good Publicity even after death might fail, but his plan to ruin Peter's reputation in some way sure won't. Of course, whatever the next Spider Man movie might reveal about it, the only reason why anyone would fall for the whole "Spider Man is a criminal" lie would be Idiot Plot.
    • But does Spider-Man really have a positive reputation? As far as I remember, he was actually a rookie Destructive Savior.
    • That was only really in Homecoming, and even there most bystanders were cheering him on. Come Far From Home, he's openly doing charity work in costume and no one had a problem with him there.
    • Jameson's also potentially in hot water for using Parker's picture. While Spidey is unambiguously a public figure, Peter Parker is still legally a minor (per Flash being unable to legally drink alcohol). As such, Jameson's using Parker's picture without permission from his legal guardian. Mind, it's perfectly in keeping with an Alex Jones-esque Jameson to push the limit of the law, though between Aunt May's protectiveness and (presumably) the Stark Foundation's lawyers via Happy, it's still a bad idea to have flashed the photo and name.
  • From all of this, I think someone is missing such a big fact: which proof Mysterio has that a local New Yorker boy named Peter Parker is Spider-Man? That Spider-Man appeared just during a trip made by the students of Peter Parker's school doesn't prove that Spider-Man and Peter Parker are the same guy. The only ones who knew about this before Mysterio exposed Spidey were Tony Stark (who is dead), the Avengers (who are busy on other matters), Nick Fury and his operatives, Ned, Aunt May, Adrian Toomes (who refused to say anything about it as Spider-Man saved his life), Happy Hogan, Talos, Soren and MJ, so it's obvious that any of them would testify against Peter. The Daily Buggle website even states that after the report, Jameson approached Peter's school for more background about him, but his teachers declined to comment. Of course, it's likely that the teachers are refusing to comment, aside because he is one of their students, because they have no proof that demonstrates that Peter Parker is Spider-Man, let alone a supposed mass murderer. old is Peter? 
  • It's mentioned that Peter is 16 in the film, but wasn't he 16 in Homecoming? Even with him being Snapped out for five years, and Marvel's slight wonkiness with its timeline, they've generally had things progress in real time. Around a year passed between Civil War and Infinity War, and then this film is, per Word of God, eight months after Endgame. Shouldn't Peter be 17 pushing 18?
    • Who was it that mentioned that Peter was 16? They may have just misspoke. Or, if Infinity War happened within a month or two of Homecoming, it's possible, though unlikely, that Peter could still be 16.
    • Peter referred to himself as a sixteen year-old when he was saying he wasn't ready.
    • Maybe he is 17, but only just turned so recently, and in his panicked state he still labeled himself as 16.
    • Peter states he's 15 in Homecoming, not 16.
    • According to Peter's passport, he was born on August 10 (which is a reference to the August 10, 1962 release date of Amazing Fantasy #15). The events of Homecoming occur in September 2016 (just over 2 months after Civil War), during which Peter states he's 15, putting his date of birth on August 10, 2001. Peter got snapped sometime around Spring 2018 (prior to his 17th birthday) and was resurrected around October 2023 (8 months prior to the events of Far From Home, which starts off in late June and then continues into July 2024). Basically, Peter is biologically 17, but has only celebrated 16 birhdays and, for the sake of convenience and an attempt at retaining normalcy, seemingly prefers to count using his birthdays rather than counting the number of days he's been alive.

    Mysterio's original superhero name 
  • The moniker of "Mysterio" was the result of Peter's classmates misinterpreting an Italian news broadcast and calling the new hero by that name. Later Peter tells Beck and he likes it enough to start using it. But the later revelation that Beck's plan all along was to become Earth's new preeminent superhero, makes it doubtful that a superhero name was not part of the original plan. Specially considering how anal Beck is about every detail of the "script". So what name was he going to use before deciding he liked Mysterio better?
    • Several heroes in the MCU were Named by Democracy, including Iron Man, who Beck was specifically trying to replace. Maybe the plan was to let the people come up with a name for added authenticity.
    • Or he'd always planned to let Fury and/or whichever Avenger he met first be the one to pick a name for him, the better to ingratiate himself with the people he most needed to sucker.

     Mysterio in Berlin 
  • Without question, one of the coolest visuals in the film was Mysterio's Mind Rape attack on Peter in the abandoned warehouse in Berlin, but, did it work? We saw Beck and his team prep simulated attacks before, they plan everything out, and even with the EDITH drones, they were only able to really add things to the environment, not create trippy surreal planes of dimensions and stuff. They also needed some level of fixed targets. Peter running away, plus the levels of surrealness, interactions the environment (matching tombstones up with rubble in the warehouse), and awareness of Peter's past costumes, all seems beyond the limits we've seen established.
    • Presumably creating the visuals is the easy part, since the team was able to create completely realistic holograms while Beck was still planning out how the fights would actually go down. It's not like Mysterio needed to play a big acting part for the sequence; it was almost entirely driven by Peter stumbling around. He probably just poked around at the warehouse and said "This could be snow, we could put a tombstone or something here" and gave the script to his team. As for the costume, it makes sense that the more advanced drones from EDITH could track Peter and place a hologram over him dynamically (especially since they're meant to be cloaked all around him).
    • Possibly Beck handed over a basic script for the scenario and control of his holographic technology to EDITH and told her to freak Peter out as thoroughly as possible. She obediently raided all past or current data on Peter for illusions that would be effective, including MJ's image and Peter's original homemade costume.

     Mysterio has no footprint anywhere? 
  • Maybe Beck, as a tech genius, somehow erased enough records of himself and his crew that E.D.I.T.H wouldn't suss him out. But just how the heck would he get famous enough as Mysterio without at least one person recognizing him as a guy who got let go from Stark's company? Or some other social media or alternate database records connecting the pieces with his identity? Since he revealed his face in his video framing Spider-Man and his motives are profit/hero-worship, it's clear revealing his face as Mysterio would have been part of the plan at some point. How would no one connect any dots once that happened?
    • There was always the other dimension cover story. If people connected that, he could just surface as himself again, maybe even go somewhere in public with "himself from the other dimension" using hologram tech. Also, as the post-credits scene demonstrates, he's really good at twisting public perception. He could probably pull the strings to convince people Mysterio being a fake is just a conspiracy theory.
    • Just because he was an ex-Stark employee, doesn't make him a figure to be recognized. Tony Stark was the face of the whole company, and Beck was probably counting on his invention to become a public figure, only for Tony to be the one to go up and take the credit. It's very much akin to how you wouldn't just be able to peg one of the iPad's engineers in real life because Steve Jobs was the only one on stage. And we don't get any insight to how many people within the company knew of him; it's possible that he was able to rope everyone who did into being part of his crew.
    • Maybe Beck and the crew arranged to fake his original self's death, to clear the way for his "alternate-reality version" to step in? If everybody thinks the inventor of BARF died in a Blip plane crash five years ago, there'd be little cause to suspect him of pulling off an outrageous con.

     Why doesn't Beck use his tech and actors to ruin Tony's reputation 
  • Just because Stark is dead doesn't mean you can't ruin his good name. If Beck hates Stark so much, why not use his tech to smear Tony's reputation. For example, have an actress go public with phony sexual assault allegations, or create a fake video of Tony committing evil acts before his death.
    • He wants to become "the next Iron Man" and as much as he hates Tony, ruining his reputation could impede his efforts to have people compare him to Iron Man in a favorable way.
    • There's really nothing they could do to his reputation that Tony himself hasn't done. Random scandals is Tony on a normal day. This is a guy that was a weapons developer, made Ultron and had a highly public and sordid love life. His reputation seems fine even after all that.
    • Plus Tony saved the entire universe. Even if people don't know the full details of what Thanos was planning in the final battle (or didn't believe it), Tony still helped unsnap everyone, saving literally half the universe. As we've seen in real life, much worse people have had their reputations survive some genuinely terrible things. There's really nothing they could do to ruin Tony's reputation post-mortem.
    • He might have been waiting until he got EDITH in order to make sure he didn't have alibis on the relevant dates.
    • Also, don't forget that Pepper can afford lots of very scary lawyers and very good analysts. If Beck tried to fake a scandal, Pepper would demand proof of the accusations, and when Beck couldn't produce it she'd sue the pants off of Beck and everyone else who repeated his slander. Half the reason the Mysterio scam worked as well as it did was that nobody was looking for it, while faked film or false testimony are commonplace by now.

    No Iron Spider? 
  • When given the opportunity to build himself a suit aboard the Stark plane, while did he build himself a cloth one instead of another Iron Spider? The Iron Spider is bulletproof, which should be essential when going up against a horde of armed drones, and it doesn't appear to have any drawbacks compared to his regular suit.
    • It's also made of highly advanced nanotech akin to Iron Man's most advanced suits, which the suit making machine aboard the plane doesn't seem like it can properly manufacture.
    • But the Iron Spider appears in hologram form seemingly as an option for Peter to build, so why include it if it can't be built?
      • Peter asked the computer to show him all the info it had on Spider-Man, not all that could be built in as little time as they had, with just the resources of that plane.
    • It might've also taken significantly longer to make than a simpler cloth suit.

     "The Blip?" 
  • What kind of idiot would come up with that? What happened to "The Snap" or "The Decimation?
    • Both those terms refer to half the population disappearing. "The Blip" is when half the population reappeared, and it's mostly used by them; from their perspective the world just "blipped" forward half a decade.

    Fury's agents 
  • Why do his agents look Obviously Evil? The bearded agent looks like a Dr. No lackey. Nick is Talos in disguise, but the real Fury must have hired those people. Also, the real Fury seems to be okay with his agents terminating anyone who catches them doing spy stuff.
    • It's kinda implied that those agents are actually Skrulls as well. It would explain why that woman didn't see a problem with having Peter change right in front of her (given that a shapeshifter would be used to doing that), nor with offing Brad for walking in on them.
    • Fury isn't all sweetness and light. The man walks around in a black trenchcoat with an eyepatch, he's a scary dude with equally scary people working for him.

    Alternate suit with exposed fingers 
  • What was S.H.I.E.L.D. thinking giving Peter a black suit with fingerless gloves? That design is screaming for fingerprints to be left everywhere!
    • 1. It's gonna be pretty difficult to identify finger prints that are on walls, poles, the ground, and various pieces of rubble. 2. Peter already had fingerless gloves in his homemade suit and fingerprints weren't a problem then. 3. Considering Nick and Maria were Skrulls, it's possible that they (or other Skrull S.H.I.E.L.D. operatives) made the suit and therefore didn't see a problem.
    • It's also possible S.H.I.E.L.D. doesn't actually care that much about Peter's identity being revealed. Their plan was to recruit him into being an avenger anyway, not keep him as a friendly neighborhood spiderman, who needs a secret identity.

    And then what, Beck? 
  • Becks plan is to create a massive disaster using his drones that will make him into the next Iron Man by defeating it. Fair enough. But the question is, what will he do once he does get that fame? If an actual, real threat shows up, it’s unlikely he’s going to be able to use his drones to much effect against it, or keep up the illusion that he’s actively fighting it. And if he tries to get by this by retiring, that would look pretty damn suspicious too.
    • Look up the "Greatest Hero On Earth... now what" entry. It answers your questions.

    Here's an Avengers contact list. Please use in case of emergency. 
  • Earth is still clearly reeling from the battle with Thanos and the Snap. Other villains or aliens that suffered less damage from the Snap would no doubt take this chance to attack/invade Earth, which is why Nick Fury was appearing to be establishing S.W.O.R.D in the second stinger while having Talos pose as him to avoid suspicion. Why wouldn't the most paranoid man on the planet leave Talos a list of contactable Avengers to call in case of emergencies popping up while he was in space? Aside from the seemingly short timeframe and the Superman Stays Out of Gotham trope, there's no other reason not to. Spider-Man yelling Avengers, Assemble! would have cemented him as Tony's successor.
    • It's very well possible that Nick didn't have any (or at least not very many) viable options left after the events of Endgame:
      • The 7 people that Nick Fury counted on the most are gone or scattered: Tony and Nat are dead, Steve is retired, Clint is probably retired as well, Bruce has one arm most likely permanently damaged and no longer has the full strength or willingness to fight of normal Hulk, Thor is offworld, and Carol more than likely is busy helping other worlds again now that people have been blipped back (and even if Carol was available, Talos may be hesitant to call her seeing as the Skrulls deify her now).
      • Vision is destroyed, so obviously he can't be called.
      • Talos Fury mentions that he didn't believe that "exchanging numbers" at Tony's funeral would be appropriate, so it's safe to assume the real Fury probably shared that sentiment and simply didn't get the contact info of heroes like Scott (who clearly wanted some time with his family), Hope (spending time with Scott), the Guardians (who are off-world), Stephen Strange (who also now has to work around not having the most powerful sorceror tool), Janet and Hank (who now stay more in the "guy in the chair" role than actual combat) and T'Challa (who is busy ruling Wakanda).
      • Bucky is more likely than not retired as well seeing as he didn't want to fight anymore and the events of Infinity War/Endgame just kinda forced his hand (and I'm sure the events of Falcon and the Winter Soldier will find some arbitrary way to bring him back too).
      • With Pepper and Rhodey seeing as they were very close to Tony they either shared Happy's sentiment that Tony wouldn't have sacrificed himself if he didn't think Peter could pick up the slack or at the very least trusted his judgement. Plus, Pepper is a single mother now so hero business at the moment is out of the question as there is the risk that she also dies in the line of duty and leaves Morgan with neither of her biological parents.
      • The only viable fairly candidates left open are Wanda and Sam, who yes probably could've been called in (Word of God even says Sam was planned to be in but was omitted). My best guess is that as two of the last active remnants of the Avengers they're busy with "official Avengers business" elsewhere in the world. Plus, Sam is the new Captain America and that probably puts him in some Cap-specific missions.
      • We don’t know what Wanda is up to right now, since the last we saw of either of them, Wanda and Clint were comforting each other, she may be with the Barton’s trying to process her grief with one of the few people left that she was close to. Or she could be in Wakanda with Shuri trying to revive Vision. The only two places that she’s called home have both been blown up, so she may be hard to reach right now. And this conflict seems a bit out of Sam’s league. All he has is wings and a shield, so using that against a giant fire monster may not cut it.
      • With Peter being in Europe at the time, Talos (shown to not be the most competent character in the MCU with him completely buying Quinten's lies) could've just decided "Eh, he's the closest so might as well just keep him.", or was simply so wrapped up in pretending to be Fury and work out the whole Elemental/Mystero/Spider-Man situation that he completely forgot.
    • The other superheroes who could have helped might have been in space with Fury.
    • Talos never told Fury about the elementals, his only job was to give Peter EDITH. It’s possible that Talos only helped with the Elementals because he thought it was what Fury would do and because he felt he owed Earth thanks to Carol, Fury, and Maria. As such, he may only be working off the knowledge he has, and Fury gave him Peter’s contact info. Out of all the heroes that Peter mentioned Talos knows Carol, Thor is famous both on and off Earth, and he may not know Doctor Strange but he just said he was busy, so it’s possible he was lying. He would have no way of contacting any of the other Avengers, and honestly Fury may only have a way of contacting Sam.

    How did EDITH and the giant kill-sat even get to exist? 
  • So you have a giant satellite filled with killer drones, capable of targeting literally any person on the planet with lethal force, with so little oversight that complete control was given to a literal child, who then accidentally called a lethal drone strike on another child, literally just by saying he was a target. After Ultron and the debacle with the S.H.I.E.L.D. heli-carriers of death, what government would ever give approval for something like that to be built? And if Stark Industries built it without approval, how? You need permission to launch literally anything into orbit, especially something that large, and in the process of building it, people would probably ask questions like "what are all these drone-sized pods for?", and "do you plan to fill this with killer robots, like the last time you built something on a global scale?". And then they would probably inspect it to make sure that he hadn't filled it with killer robots, because building killer robots (or killer robot suits) without permission is kind of Tony Stark's entire thing.
    • Tony had sent things into orbit previously (see the Hulkbuster armor and Hulk cage from Age of Ultron) meaning he already had the permission to do so, or he just simply did it outside of government sanctions because he's Iron Man and he just kind of got away with it until Civil War (see him flying into a middle eastern country to take out terrorists from Iron Man 1). It's possible that the drones were simply meant to be a force deployed to help take care of threats the Avengers couldn't get to. Tony signed the Sokovia Accords which put him under government authority, they could've made him make the drones for them, or they could've been made in the 5 year time skip in Endgame because he wanted to stay at home with his family and not have to deal with crime-fighting anymore. In the former case questions would be ignored because the government is allowing it, in the latter case the world is so messed up from the Decimation that rules and regulations are in chaos and they either don't care or don't have the time to get to it. As for Peter having access, EDITH is shown not to be as advanced an AI as JARVIS or Karen (probably due to being confined in a pair of glasses) so really it was just an oversight by Tony because he was about to embark on a mission he didn't know if he'd return from and considering he had a few things to do beforehand (such as recording the message on his helmet) he didn't have a lot of time to make sure the glasses he was going to leave to Peter had access to things he shouldn't. It's unlikely he planned for Peter to test out the glasses in a scenario where he could easily activate something he didn't mean to activate because of him trying to keep it a secret.
    • The fact of the matter is, since Tony is Pro-Reg it gave him a lot of leeway to operate as he saw fit. The Government were not going to keep too close an eye on their golden boy. Also Tony has shown a habit of not thinking things through at times. ULTRON as an example, hastily trying to speed the accords along due to his guilt as another example. He sees a problem, or believed there was a problem and reacted. He created a powerful weapon and handed to the best person he knew (Peter). He was able to create it in secret because Tony had money to influence to make it happen. He dummied it down and gave it to a teenager because to him it seemed the simple solution. Unfortunately simple does not equal correct.

    Why does EDITH actually attempt to Kill Peter? 
  • Surely Tony would have failsafes in place to prevent his tech being used to target known friendlies, like Peter and Nick Fury? Even if there is the possiblity of them needing to be taken down surely it would favour non-lethal methods first and then require some kind of override to go any further.
    • It's possible he forgot/didn't have time to implement the failsafes:
      • Tony made the glasses between Homecoming and Infinity War and it's highly doubtful that he intended for anyone except himself to use them.
      • By the end of Homecoming, Tony is fully prepared to give Peter an even more advanced suit along with making him an Avenger showing he had trusted Peter completely by the point and didn't think he'd need to restrict him anymore.
      • There was a 5 year period of time where Peter was thought to be gone for good, so it wouldn't make sense for Tony to leave anything to him at that point.
      • All this points to the idea that Tony only left his glasses to Peter before the Time Heist because he A. Thought there was a chance to bring Peter back, and B. Didn't know if he would survive the heist himself (as he stated in his helmet recording), so it was one of a few things he did before the Heist.
      • Now there is the point that Tony had to give the glasses the name EDITH (Even Dead I'm The Hero), which is doubtful he would've done when he was the sole wearer meaning he had to have tinkered with them at some point, so it could be asked why he didn't implement them then. Again though, he most likely didn't believe Peter would need them. He had his full trust in him to make him an Avenger (even if he initially declined), made him an even more advanced suit, leave him the glasses, and make his sacrifice knowing Peter would be there in his place. We know that when Tony comes up with a plan, he doesn't look that far beyond it (examples include installing the arc reactor in his chestnote , leaving the cavenote , telling the Mandarin where he livednote , messing with the Mind Stonenote , signing the Sokovia accordsnote , and flying after Ebony Maw's shipnote ), so him going "I trust this 16 year old completely to have access to all of my stuff because he's essentially my surrogate son and he's a smart superhero just like me" and not considering the repercussions is not out of character for him.
    • Peter's suit was designed with an instant kill mode. Tony fully expected Peter to be killing during his career, and likely trusted his judgement enough not to abuse that power once EDITH had been passed on.
    • Mind-control indisputably exists in the MCU, and characters who'd formerly been good and honorable people such as Hawkeye or Bucky have, through no fault of their own, been turned on their onetime comrades with lethal consequences. It's entirely possible that Tony chose to permit EDITH the capacity to target anyone - even an established hero - for fear that someone/something might one day take over a "known friendly" and use their powers to cause a massacre or worse.

    The crew is okay with their boss getting the fame and glory? 
  • If Beck's master plan had succeeded, he would be famous all over the world. The reason the crew hate Tony Stark is because they felt they weren't being recognized for their talents. Of course they have to keep it all a secret to avoid prison time, but wouldn't there be some jealousy if Beck becomes an icon and a celebrity?
    • While Beck interacted with them with kindness and comradery, he still threatened to kill his team if they didn't get the projector back so they probably didn't want to question his authority lest they be put down like a rabid dog. It might be the team's failsafe: In the event that things went horribly wrong and the whole thing was outed as a hoax without Beck framing Spidey as the bad guy, they wouldn't want to be associated with him and so deliberately stayed out of his spotlight in order to be able to avoid going to jail or being hunted if they went into hiding (granted he could've just ratted them out).
    • While it's clear that Beck was motivated for fame and glory (he is a showboat), it's not really clear that the other members of his team were similarly motivated. Maybe they just wanted more money than what they were getting for Stark, or believed that Tony was "holding out" from sharing more secrets or technology that Beck would give them access to.
    • Well, Beck needs his whole team to make Mysterio work. While Beck would be in the spotlight, the rest would retain their anonymity while Beck shares any profits with the entire team.
    • Many of them may also be content with the ego-rush of having their handiwork deceive the hell out of everyone in the world, regardless of whether they get any name-recognition for it.
    • They'd feel it was a team effort. Plus there wasn't any time for petty arguments and divides to pull them apart.
    • Quentin Beck is very charismatic. It's likely he was able to get his team together through promises of appreciation, and was so charming he wasn't questioned on how they'd be rewarded if Mysterio was famous, and any questions on how Beck being made famous would benefit them were smoothly brushed aside with smiles and charm. Until he got control of the drones, and then the team started following in fear.
    • For all we know, the other team members may have been slated to gain some recognition too. Once Mysterio was well established as a superhero, he might've "acquired" a team of known associates over time, to be his Mission Control and public-relations people or maybe even a sidekick.

     How was the black suit supposed to hide that it was Spider-Man? 
  • A dual blunder from Peter and S.H.I.E.L.D. here. Although the suit just looked like standard-issue spec-ops gear, so was hard to see at night, and was missing the usual spider motif, the distinctive eyepieces made the wearer undeniably Spider-Man. That's on S.H.I.E.L.D. But how did Peter think that his classmates would be able to ignore a web-slinging, wall-clinging hero appearing in Prague on the same night Peter disappeared from the Opera with a lame excuse? Betty instantly identified the black-clad figure as Spider-Man amidst the chaos, whilst terrified in an imperiled ferris wheel. Even if none of the trip-goers had been witness to the events, some footage would have made it on to the news, and would have undoubtedly recognised the same hero that rescued several of them from the Washington Monument, even in stealthy black.
    • You might be able to blame S.H.I.E.L.D.'s blunder on them all being Skrulls, so they don't really get how humans properly disguise themselves. Peter didn't pick the suit either (or even request it, he was just giving Nick Fury reasons he couldn't help). As for why no one caught on, Ned to the rescue. Everyone, including the media at large, ate up the Night Monkey thing. Maybe there's just a lot of would-be supers in the world with some kind of tech, so it was an easy sell.
    • The eyes in Spidey's suit in this continuity seem to actually serve a function to help him focus (there's a line about that in Civil War, when Tony looks through his original homemade goggles), so disposing of them could actually hinder his abilities somewhat. Furthermore, since Spider-Man is usually tumbling around and moving at high speeds, the exact shape of his eyes wouldn't actually be that recognisable. The fact he does move just like Spider-Man, sticks to walls like Spider-Man, and throws webs like Spider-Man would all be way more noticeable than the costume. Hell, people could certainly also identify him as Spider-Man when he was just wearing civilian clothes and a Jester mask in Venice, for all the same reasons.
      • They could have made the eyepieces a different shape at least? Even if the actual functioning parts need to be that shape, S.H.I.E.L.D. must have the ability to make a mask that is one-way, that could cover Peter's whole face (including the eyepieces). As you say, Spider-Man moves in such a way that he'd still be pretty recognisable, but making him look a little less like himself couldn't hurt.
    • Considering Talos Nick was constantly trying to get in contact with Peter it's likely Nick had given him orders to recruit Peter between Endgame and Far From Home, and had a stealth suit made for him if and when he did decide to accept the offer to help out S.H.I.E.L.D. on a mission. So, once Peter brought up that he didn't want to be recognized so people couldn't connect him with his alter ego, Talos Nick gave him the stealth suit anyway and simply passed it off as being made based on his complaints. Peter, having been forced into going on the mission to begin with and only getting the suit very shortly before the "Fire Elemental" showed up, begrudgingly accepts the suit without a fight. Even if he did realize the suit didn't hide the fact that he was Spider-Man, with the "Fire Elemental" on the way there wouldn't have been time to alter the suit anyway (if Talos and crew even knew how to alter a Spider-Man suit to begin with).
    • The female agent who gave Peter the suit in the bathroom was awfully eager for him to try it on right then and there. The plan might have been to make adjustments, including altering it until he was unrecognizable, but they were interrupted by Brad.

     Peter gave away ownership of EDITH to Beck, so why does she obey him towards the end of the film? 
  • Peter gave full control of her to Beck, so wouldn't Beck have to say "EDITH, give full control to Peter again." in order for her to obey him? Why does she suddenly listen to him again after giving away ownership of her? He just simply puts the glasses on after knocking down Beck and she suddenly obeys him.
    • Either Tony hardcoded Peter's biometrics into EDITH's systems, or he gave Peter the equivalent of complete Admin access. Basically, while Peter could give Beck the same level of control he had, Beck couldn't revoke Peter's own access.
    • WMG: She's not obeying him. Beck told her about the scheme in advance. He told her to act like Peter was in control, to tell him that all illusions were down when actually there was one illusion remaining to make it look like Beck was dead (in reality he was still breathing), to prompt Peter to say "Execute them all" somehow, etc.. EDITH was obeying Beck all the way to the end. And when Peter tries to use EDITH in the sequel, he'll discover that she doesn't actually listen to him.
    • If Beck had that level of control, there'd be no need for such complications. He could have just ordered EDITH to ignore Peter, or tell her to open fire on any civilians when he tried to counteract his order. Then he'd also be able to legitimately claim that Peter is a mass murderer.

     Peter dodges every bullet? 
  • Peter shows no obvious sign of being hit by any of the hundreds or thousands of bullets fired by the drones around the bridge in London. If he's using his Spider Sense to dodge them, it doesn't make sense that he made such a big deal about using it in the skywalk.
    • The "big deal" wasn't about using his spider sense, it was about using only his spider sense. He has his eyes open and is relying as much on sight and sound when fighting the first set of drones. In the skywalk, he has to rely entirely on the spider sense to get through.
    • Check the aftermath again and pay close attention to the damage on his suit. He quite clearly doesn't dodge every bullet. Post battle, it's quite clear that a number of bullets did hit him, but the suit itself is bulletproof, as you can see a layer of silver metal underneath that kept any of them from penetrating.

    When did Tony Stark arranged EDITH to be for Peter? 
  • Before Infinity War, it would have made sense. But in those five years between the snap and the blip, he would have cancelled it, because Peter was dead. Before the time heist? He could not be sure that Peter would be back: the time travel had to work, all the stones had to be retrieved, and the counter snap had to work as intended. Three things that worked but could also have failed, so he wouldn't be able to take Peter's return for granted (in fact, he may have died without bringing Peter back, requiring another heir). And, as known, when they returned and made the new snap Thanos' attack started right away, so no time for it either.
    • He could've just had multiple recipients set up. "If Peter is alive, EDITH goes to him. If he's dead/still dead, EDITH goes to Morgan/Pepper/Rhodey/Happy/Whoever."
    • Also, when did he give it to Fury? Fury was also snapped. He had no time between unsnapped and death to give it to Fury.

    No one saw through those lies? 
  • Every member of Mysterio's crew has a role to play in his plan-programming the holograms, choreographing the fights, etc. One of them-I believe it was Guterman-had the job of making up a backstory for the Elementals. The script he writes is what Mysterio reads off of when he explains that the four Elementals-Cyclone, Sandman, Hydro Man, and Molten Man-are monsters from an alternate dimension that came into this one after "the snap," and that Elemental Fusion is a fusion of the four of them. But here's the problem: when Mysterio is telling Peter, Nick Fury, and Maria Hill about the Elementals, he only mentions Cyclone, Hydro-Man, Sandman, and Molten Man. Mysterio uses his "knowledge" from his supposed prior experience to determine that Molten Man, the most powerful, will be the last attack. And then, after Molten Man is destroyed, everyone celebrates the defeat of the Elementals, only for Elemental Fusion to show up. Well, when Mysterio rattles off that one's backstory, shouldn't that raise eyebrows? I mean, he was clearly planning to fake that attack from the start, even before Peter spilled the beans to his classmates. So why didn't he include Elemental Fusion in his explanation of the Elementals? For that matter, how would he explain the four Elementals merging into one after they're all dead?
    • Because "has experience fighting them before" does not mean that he's expected to know literally every single possible thing about them. His character doesn't "know" that the fusion is possible, because he hasn't seen it. The line he gives isn't supposed to be, "I knew this could happen all along!" it's, "They're doing something I've never seen before, this is what I think happened."
    • Actually, DID he really say that Elemental Fusion was the four Elementals merged together? To me, it sounded like "four elements merged together," not "four Elementals merged together."
    • It does raise eyebrows. After Beck rattles off his theory that the latest attacker is somehow a combination of the four previous Elementals' powers, Fury is not remotely convinced. As for why Beck didn't bother foreshadowing this better, so as to make it an easier story to sell? People readily accepted his initial backstory, which he openly acknowledged to be ridiculous, so why bother making an effort to invent a more robust mythology for the elementals? Arrogance, basically.

    Why did Beck wait until after Tony Stark's death to act? 
  • If Beck hated Tony Stark so much, why didn't he enact his plan to be the "hero" sooner rather than much later? After Captain America: Civil War, the Avengers have fallen apart and public opinion of them was very bad. The period after that would've been the perfect opportunity for Beck to recruit everyone who hates Stark, and then stage disasters to show the world he's a worthy successor to the Avengers.
    • The big problem with that is, Stark knows exactly who Beck is and would very quickly realize that he is using BARF to fake disasters. Also Beck's plan relied heavily on getting EDITH which didn't exist until a year ago at the most.
    • Because if the actual Avengers had shown up (Steve and the rest were implied to still be active even while fugitives, and Vision was still active until Infinity War), Beck would have had a helluva time explaining to them. Also, a big part of his legitimacy here actually came from Fury's (or rather the less cautious Talos’) endorsement, which he never would have gotten until S.H.I.E.L.D. had no one left to turn to.
  • He may not have been waiting, since Tony's death was unexpected. He could have been targeting Tony but with him gone and Spidey stepping up he decided to target Peter instead.

     Mysterio not outing Peter's companions 
  • It’s understandable that Mysterio simply didn't want to out Peter's companions as "working with or for" Spiderman since his only target was Peter, but could there possibly be a different reason as to why he didn't? Could he just have forgotten?
    • He had like five minutes to set the whole thing up, since he thought Peter had died from the train. Besides, merely outing him as Spider-Man would make his best friend and girlfriend look guilty by association, so he wouldn't need to do anything about that, even if he cared enough to specifically out them.

    Needless Skrull impersonation 
  • In these second stinger we find out that "Fury" and "Hill" were actually Talos and Soren in disguise. However, in the same scene we also see they can call the real Fury in space... So what was the whole point of them fooling Peter? The real Fury could've just called Peter and said: "I'm in space, but these guys are working for me, you can trust them." (Surely after the events of Endgame either Danvers or Fury let the Avengers know they have allies in space too, so Peter should know about the Skrulls.) But since they decided to not let Peter know, what if he had found out the Skrulls' true identity anyway, for example by having EDITH scan them? After that Peter would have had a a hard time trusting them, whereas if Fury had been honest with Peter, events would've played out pretty much the same, and there wouldn't have been a needless risk of potentially alienating Peter.
    • Firstly, you assume that EDITH is infallible. As we've seen when Peter first activated it, it's possible to block data on it (given Dmitri's profile simply said "Classified", not to mention Mysterio himself), so that honestly wouldn't be a risk. Secondly, Fury wasn't expecting things to go off the rails. It's a bit muddled, but Talos wasn't supposed to get mixed up in the whole Mysterio thing, mainly just to run operations in Fury's stead and give Peter the glasses. As for Fury just not telling Peter... why would he? This is Nick Fury we're talking about, Mr. "His secrets have secrets". He's not going to just spill that to a teenager.
    • Yes, Fury keeps secrets, but only when it's beneficial in one way or another. What does he actually benefit from having Talos and Soren lie to Peter instead of him calling Peter and telling the truth? If his space mission is so secret he can't let Peter know about that, he could just tell Peter he's preoccupied somewhere else without disclosing any further information. The whole point was for Fury to see if Peter could stand up to Stark's expectations and become a proper Avenger, but that also entails mutual trust. If Peter finds out Fury's deception, it's gonna take some effort to rebuild that trust. You'd think Fury would've learned this lesson after the events of Winter Soldier?
    • There is a benefit to keeping it secret from Peter: mainly because Peter is terrible at keeping secrets, or tells others who are terrible at keeping secrets.
    • But if Fury had been honest and if the Skrulls had not impersonated him and Hill to Peter, there would no secret for Peter to keep.
    • ...Yes there would: the secret that Fury has shapeshifting aliens on his payroll. I highly doubt Fury wants that leaked to the rest of the world.
    • Also, having someone impersonate you is a good way to throw people off your trail. If some random villain decides he wants to kill Nick Fury, he may get fooled by Talos Fury and spend all his time following the wrong guy, never realizing that the real Fury is out in space. Fury is a spy; he'd plan for those kinds of contingencies.
    • It's important that Fury be seen. He's well respected and well regarded, and having been Snapped for 5 years, being once again visible in the espionage community is vital for S.H.I.E.L.D. Telling too many people that it's actually a shapeshifting alien would undercut this. Far better for Fury and S.H.I.E.L.D. that everyone believes he's on Earth and back in charge.

    You were gone for five years? Have fun in Europe! 
  • Parents have their children disappear for FIVE YEARS. Are they really going to shrug their shoulders and wave them off to Europe for a school trip after that?
    • Also, Peter still has the same classmates, so did his entire class get dusted? That seems... improbable.
    • The Russo brothers have confirmed in an interview all the kids in Peter Parker's school were all Dusted. They would not comment on faculty or parents tho.
    • No more improbable than all the Original Avengers surviving Thanos's Snap. Anyway, given that the combined powers of all six Stones effectively equal omnipotence (or close enough anyway), that it can just make it work in spite of any logic and sense. We'll see how (or even if) it's addressed in Far From Home.
    • The mostly deserted look of New York in the film might indicate that indeed, everyone in the city was dusted and returned at the end, Peter's supporting cast included.
      • Given how much of a depressing mess the city has become by the time the Snap gets reversed, sending the kids on a long-distance vacation may actually have been intended to cheer them up. Sure, Europe's cities will have suffered too, but at least the students won't have to see familiar things looking desolate and neglected all around them if they're out of town.
    • Once again, it seems Time Skip title cards will prove to be the MCU's undoing for creating a credible timeline, even when there is literal Time Travel in play. It looks like Sony isn't even the one at fault, here.
    • For all we know, the film itself might deal with these implications at some point. For all we know, maybe the class trip to Europe is because the kids need something to help them cope with all the crazy that just went down.
    • The movie itself is revealed to take place eight months after the dusted are brought back to life. That's plenty of time for most of the parents to get comfortable enough to let the students go on trips. Life goes on after all.

    Are all the superheroes in space? 
  • The supposed threat of the Elementals threatens the entire planet, so why doesn't "Fury" try to reach out to all superheroes available? Okay, the Guardians of the Galaxy, Thor and Captain Marvel are travelling in space, and Dr. Strange is unreachable, but what about all the other heroes? What about Scarlet Witch, Sam Wilson, War Machine, Black Panther, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Ant-Man, Wasp, Hulk, Valkyrie, Daisy Johnson, and the various other Inhumans? You'd think they would care about thwarting a disaster that could destroy the Earth? Are we to assume that they're all at the same space station where Fury is?
    • "Fury" makes it abundantly clear in the stinger that he doesn't know how to contact any of them.
    • Why doesn't he ask the real Fury, then? Clearly the real Fury told him how to contact Spider-Man, why wouldn't he know how to contact former Avengers and other publically known superheroes?
    • That is exactly the thing Talos is asking about in the stinger. Apparently, he can't get hold of Fury, either. Fury apparently just gave him the glasses to give to Parker, and Parker's phone number, without giving him much else.

    No such things as different drone specs 
  • How and why the hell did EDITH's drones have the hologram tech necessary for Mysterio's bigger and badder illusion? EDITH's drones were up in space, there's no way Myserio could have gone up there and equip each and every single one of them with projectors, and I see no good reason why the drones would be pre-installed with illusions in the first place.
    • It might have been a software patch instead of hardware. I imagine the drones do come standard with holoprojectors for various reasons (a mode of communication for starters), or at the very least could be easily modified in space.


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