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Heartwarming / Spider-Man: Far From Home

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Despite the usual super hero antics that are a given, this movie really shows how much Peter is growing up in a post-blipped world.

  • While very poorly produced, it's touching that the Midtown High kids take the time to honor the fallen heroes. In the "In Memoriam" slideshow, they even remember Vision, who went almost completely unmentioned in Avengers: Endgame, and Black Widow, even after her tiny funeral in that movie made it look like only one of the Snap's victims appreciated the Heroic Sacrifice she pulled to bring them back. While the logistics of the Snap and its undoing are largely played for laughs, these kids are no less grateful to the heroes who fought to bring them all back.
  • Peter as Spider-Man showing up as a guest for a fundraising event at an event for those rendered homeless after the Blip, hosted by Aunt May, looks like she is now taking her nephew’s double life well. Plus helping him with doing good for homeless people, friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man indeed.
    • On top of that, after learning his secret identity Aunt May not only accepting it enough to be a Secret Keeper but also actively working with him in his PR activities. This is after her showing her distaste for how dangerous being around Superheroes was in Homecoming. Moreso in light of what happened in Endgame. Aunt May knows how much it means to Peter and how being a hero has shaped him as a person.
    • Happy comes down to personally deliver a Giant Novelty Check from Stark Industries. Apparently Pepper agreed on a donation to the tune of $500,000!
  • Look at the briefcase Peter uses for his trip: it once belonged to a BFP. Uncle Ben, anyone?
  • Peter making a plan to get closer to MJ on the trip and spend more time with her. He even remembers that she likes the dahlia flower and plans on buying her a black dahlia, like the murder.
    • The excited and happy look on his face when he does end up buying her the necklace when on the trip, saying that it was perfect. He then spends most of the movie holding onto it, even keeping it on his person in a tin container to make sure he can give it to MJ whenever he was ready. After the Molten Man fight, he worriedly checks his tin to make sure the dahlia wasn't broken and sighs in relief when he sees it safe. Even though a necklace like that might have eaten up most of Peter's wallet, he doesn't care, he just really wants to be with MJ and let her know how he feels.
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  • Peter spends most of the trip trying to catch a glimpse of MJ, and when she notices he awkwardly turns away.
  • The blossoming relationship that seems to be forming between Michelle and Peter.
    Peter: You look very pretty.
    Michelle: Therefore I have value?
    Peter: [nervously] No, no! That's not what I--
    Michelle: I'm just messing with you. You... you look pretty, too.
    • Michelle in general seems to have warmed up to people way more since the last time she was seen. Especially as she was strongly implied to already be crushing on Peter in the previous movie, it’s nice to see her warm up as her feelings are reciprocated. And her having just as much difficulty figuring out how to talk to Peter as he's having trying to figure out how to talk to her. . . it's a very real glimpse into the emotional awkwardness of that age.
  • Whenever Peter gets insulted in some way around her, MJ has a very common pattern of cutting the legs out from under the person insulting him, even if she's not being obvious in defending Peter. A notable one is with Flash: shortly after getting settled on the plane, Flash starts insulting Peter for supposedly being poor. MJ turns and immediately has the flight attendant confiscate the alcohol he's holding, stating that he's biologically five years younger due to being blipped.
    • She does the same with Brad when he tries to call out Peter as shady when he's not there, simultaneously attempting to score points with her in the process. MJ turns it against him by asking why he thinks it's alright to take pictures of someone in the bathroom, leaving the class disgusted and Brad fumbling for an answer.
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  • When Peter has to leave the opera, MJ takes notice and immediately follows him, not even giving Brad a second glance.
  • In Mysterio's illusions, he holds up MJ over the Eiffel Tower and Peter is terrified at what's happening. When he drops MJ, Peter doesn't even hesitate as he jumps after MJ to save her.
  • In contrast to his role in the previous film, Happy acts as a genuine support system for Peter, listening to his concerns about having to take a larger role in the superhero community and providing him encouragement and assistance when needed. When he bumps into Peter's classmates, he even tells them he works with Spider-Man.
    • When Peter comes to in the Netherlands after being hit by a bullet train in Berlin, he summons Happy to pick him up. By the time the jet arrives, Peter is a scared, nervous wreck who tells Happy to keep his distance and prove he's the real Happy, not another of Mysterio's illusions. Hogan mentions their trip to Berlin, and the fact that Peter (probably) rented a porno in the hotel after the airport fight. Peter immediately runs and hugs Happy, his relief at FINALLY having someone he can trust to help him is obvious.
    • Happy's the one who really restores Peter's confidence before the final confrontation in London, and it's pretty clear no one else could at this point. As Peter break downs telling Happy about how everyone expects him to be the next Iron Man and he doesn't think he can be, Happy tells him that even Tony couldn't live up to people's expectations and there will never be another Iron Man. However, through all of Tony's mishaps and second guessing, the one thing he was always sure of was Peter's potential. Happy assures him Tony wouldn't have made his Heroic Sacrifice unless he was absolutely sure Peter was up to taking over the job. (He also refers to Tony as "My best friend".)
    • Also note how different this interaction is compared to the interactions they had in Homecoming, where Happy saw Peter as an overexcited nuisance. That he's able to have a serious heart-to-heart moment with the kid that Tony put his faith in shows some serious character development on Happy's part.
    • All in all, Happy seems to have become the closest thing Peter has to a father figure at this point, which is taken Up to Eleven when he's implied to have started a relationship with Aunt May.
    • Happy and May's relationship in general is also very sweet, as it's shown that Happy is taking the time to volunteer and help out with her charity efforts.
  • On the flight to London, Peter starts making himself a new spider-suit for the final battle. Happy says "I'll take care of the music", and ACDC's 'Back in Black' starts blasting. There's even a brief shot where Happy watches Peter working the holographic interface (complete with a shot of him "wearing" a holographic gauntlet in a manner identical to Tony testing his own gear) and just smiles. You can almost hear him thinking "He's so much like his (spiritual) Dad." (Which makes you wonder... how many times did Happy do something like this for Tony in the workshop?)
  • The fact that graffiti and artwork memorializing Iron Man is everywhere shows that the world truly did look up to him as a hero worth remembering.
    • Meta heartwarming if you remember where Iron Man was in the comics before that first film dropped. Not particularly well-known outside comics circles, and not particularly well-liked within them. Marvel was even accused of "scraping the bottom of the barrel" when they announced an Iron Man film in production. Eleven years later, Marvel Studios has transformed Tony Stark and Iron Man into a beloved cultural icon, in-universe and out. For both the people of Earth-19999 and our Earth, he will be missed.
  • After foiling a bank robbery, Spider-Man has some light-hearted banter with some NYPD officers, joking that he can't move on to other pursuits because he's too busy doing their jobs for them. They are totally good sports about this zinger. He then immediately clarifies he was joking and compliments the police on the hard work they do. It makes a nice change of pace from Spidey's usual adversarial relationship with law enforcement.
  • After asking Happy to give something to MJ in case something happens to him, Happy confidently replies that Peter has this and he'll be able to give it to her himself. He still holds on to it, and does end up giving it to her (despite Peter, indeed, coming through just fine). May remind one of Homecoming, and Happy holding on to another piece of jewelry for Tony to give to Pepper.
  • Peter and MJ's reunion in the immediate aftermath of the final battle. MJ runs still wielding the mace to him through the carnage on the bridge to hug him, and Peter looks absolutely relieved that she’s safe. It results in MJ holding up her necklace, and Peter is bummed that it got broken and spills some of his plan to give it to her during the trip, which is enough for MJ to finally put herself out there and kiss him, finally confessing what’s implied to have been years of pining. MJ admits that she doesn’t have luck getting close to people and lets her guard down around Peter like she hasn’t with anybody else. MJ also admits that she likes the necklace broken.
    • After the conversation it results in the twos First Kiss.
    MJ: I actually like it better broken.
    Peter: I really like you.
    MJ: ... I really like you too.
    • They lean in for their kiss (well, MJ has to lean down to kiss Peter, who does a happy dance as he gets on his tiptoes to kiss her)... and then they have a better, longer kiss. After they part MJ awkwardly says she should probably head back to the class, not before picking up her mace "just in case". As Peter walks the other way, you can see him twirling and almost skipping in joy (MJ herself looks like her face is about to break from smiling so much).
  • Peter's conversation with Mysterio on how he just wants to have a normal holiday and tell the girl he likes how he really feels and Mysterio listening to him. Given Mysterio's lines on how he would have left Peter alone later in the film, even with his alternative motive of getting access to E.D.I.T.H., you can tell he genuinely felt that Peter did deserve a chance at a normal life.
    • Mysterio in general plays a very supportive role for Peter, like a cool Big Brother Mentor who gives him very sound advice and listens closely to the issues he's going through. Makes it all the more heartrending when it's revealed it was all him manipulating Peter to get his hands on EDITH, but there's still the implication of sincere Villain Respect, and that Mysterio would have been perfectly content to just leave Peter alone once he had what he wanted.
      • He and group even toast Peter, though with a hint mockery, but it seems like while they all despise and hate Tony their only issue with Peter is they think he's too young and immature to be given the keys to Tony's kingdom just because he caught his eye while they worked for him for years. They seem to mostly view it as poor judgement on Tony's part rather than resenting Peter simply because Tony liked him more.
    • When Peter starts to geek out over the notion of the multiverse being real, he looks over to find Fury and Hill looking nonplussed and sheepishly apologizes. Beck immediately responds with, “Don’t ever apologize for being the smartest guy in the room.” Given his backstory later reveals that he’s an ex-Stark employee who feels his intellect was under appreciated, it’s entirely likely what he said to Peter was heartfelt.
  • After Flash laments that he wasted his time creating live videos to try to get people to like him, Happy reassures him by revealing the videos what were allowed him to find the teens and get them away from the drones. Flash immediately perks up realizing that this means Spider-Man has seen his videos. His Instagram handle even reads, "SpideysNo1Fan".
    • Similarly, Flash's speech about how much he respects and admires Spider-Man is a surprisingly nice moment. Flash is still a jerk, but it's good to hear that he has at least one positive role model.
  • During the climax, Fury does not budge from his position at the window even though he knows that a drone is hovering invisibly not a yard away ready to shoot him. This is because he trusts Maria Hill to watch his back and blast the thing. This becomes even more heartwarming when you learn that they are actually Talos and Soren in disguise. He has absolute faith in his wife's sniping ability.
  • For one of their first dates, Spider-Man takes MJ web-slinging! ...Although slightly undermined by the fact that MJ is screaming bloody murder and holding onto Peter for dear life.
  • The first thing Spider-Man does after his date with MJ is to jump onto a lamp post and wave to the crowd below.
  • The second stinger shows that the Skrull race has recovered well after being on the run from the Kree for years in Captain Marvel, and being dusted by Thanos.
    • The fact that after everything they've been through together, Fury got to do something nice for Talos: Keep in mind, by the end of Captain Marvel, Nick Fury told Talos he didn't want him as his boss, but he didn't say anything about Talos not having a job with him in the future. Fury letting Talos impersonate him is the latter repaying his debt to Nick Fury for saving his people from the Kree Empire.
  • Peter takes a lot of abuse in this movie, including getting hit by a bullet train and falling at least four stories into straight concrete. But he gets up every time, even though he only gets hurt more (at one point despite apparently broken ribs and a wound serious enough to need stitches).
    • Peter sustains some type of leg injury during the initial Mind Rape sequence with Mysterio, and is seen limping and favoring the leg to varying degrees for the rest of the movie. At the end, after he finally confesses his love for MJ and finds his feelings requited, he seems to have forgotten all about the limp.


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