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Shout Out / Spider-Man: Far From Home

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  • There are plenty of nods to old Spidey villains with their debut number on license plates.
  • The way Mysterio holds MJ over the Eiffel Tower in his illusion and drops her with Peter jumping down to save her seems incredibly similar to Gwen Stacy's death.
  • Peter holding up a sign as a makeshift shield, followed by slinging around an arc-reactor covered in webbing like a hammer. He really is channeling Endgame Cap.
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  • A zombie Iron Man? Hmm... where have we seen that before...
  • The illusion sequences and Mysterio's general aim of breaking Spidey's mind feel like an homage to several different comics, such as issue 90 of Web of Spider-Man.
  • When Ned denies to Betty that Peter (sporting his stealth suit) is Spider-Man, his excuse is that it's actually a "European knock-off".
  • At the end, while going to meet MJ, Peter runs across the glass windows of an office building very like Miles Morales' first run out as Spider-Man in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.
  • Betty and Ned's relationship is a nod towards them getting together (and married) in the comics. Makes this even more hilarious when they end up breaking up by the end of the movie as quickly as they get together at the start.
  • Spider-Man's method of defeating Mysterio's drones by covering his eyes and trusting his Spider-Sense to tell him what is real and what is not is taken straight from his first fight with Mysterio in the Spectacular Spider-Man episode "Blueprints".

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