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Sharkcrap11 a random guy from Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. There is a consensus among people who know him in real life that he's somewhat crazy... Something he neither confirms nor denies.

Was born at the tail end of the 80s, and thus is a member of Generation Y/The Millenial Generation/whatever you wanna call it, and thus grew up with a lotta the stuff that was popular in the second half of the 90s (yes, I used to listen to the Backstreet Boys as a kid.)


Is a (brony, but he dislikes the term brony, oddly enough...

Is a big fan of Anime and Manga, as well as Sci-Fi and Comedy. Also, likes a lotta cartoons as well. And Superhero stuff- actually, I just like a lot of stuff in general. Hence the attraction of this place... His favorite movie of all time, however, is Apocalypse Now.

Has taken courses in Sound Engineering, and is a huge fan of most types of music with the exception of most modern Pop and R&B (with Lady Gaga being one of the few non-Guilty Pleasure examples of such he'll listen to), Gangsta Rap, Modern Pop Punk and Emo (but not the older Emo stuff from the 80s/90s), and some of the less melodic Black Metal and Death Metal bands (but the more melodic or experimental bands are often good)... In short, he listens to a LOT of music (he has over 600 C Ds and the collection's still growing, though more slowly these days...). Trying to list all the bands he likes is a futile exercise- the list just goes on and on... But his favorite band is Pink Floyd.


Has his own band/music-related project(s) he's working on. Progress is slow, but it is still happening...

Hates so-called Hipsters with a passion, though he likes a lotta movies starring them (Scott Pilgrim comes to mind). Also hates emo teens, Twilight (seems like most people do) and Justin Bieber (he's a disgrace to my country), but he tries not to waste time on stuff he hates. Likes all of the stuff mentioned above, and more. Reads a lot, which seems unusual for someone his age these days. Does not like math. Though his one brother does. Was raised a Mormon, though is currently (and not likely to stop being anytime soon) Agnostic. Is either an Anarchist or a Left-Libertarian. Is a Conspiracy Theorist and a borderline Crazy Survivalist, but NOT a Right-Wing Militia Fanatic, and suggesting he is such will result in pain for the one who said it. Is a big fan of watching Nazis die.


Loves ferrets, opossums and sharks. Admires Henry Rollins greatly, for his music and for pretty much everything else but is otherwise not prone to hero worship.

Now has a wall, so feel free to vandalize it- it's encouraged, in fact. Found here.

Has started (or helped start) the following pages:

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Too many artists to list. He'd prefer if you just asked.


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