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The character sheet for the characters of The Pirate's Fate. Beware of unmarked spoilers ahead.

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The Dread Pirates

The main characters of the game, a crew of Ragtag Bunch of Misfits seeking the coins in order to unite them and change the world for the better.

    Tropes that apply to the crew as a whole 

  • Appropriated Appellation: According to Darius, the name "Dread Pirates" was given to them by rivals hoping to discredit them. He decided to take the name officially to try to intimidate potential enemies. This ends up backfiring as many people believe that they are actual pirates.
  • Insistent Terminology: They're not really pirates, they're actually treasure hunters.
  • Ragtag Bunch of Misfits: An educated hound, an ex-pirate bat, a corgi cartographer, a feline merchant, and a seductive lizard. This isn't the set up to a joke, it's the crew of the Dread Pirates.

The hero of our tale.

Mila woke up among the Dread Pirates with no memory of how she got there. The feline protagonist of The Pirate's Fate, her decisions will transform her mind, her body, and the story itself.

  • Attack of the 50-Foot Whatever: In one of the secret endings, Mila is transformed into a giant, unstoppable kraken-cat who rampages across the sea to destroy all pirates.
  • Big Fun: The more kind-hearted and empathetic choices lead Mila to transform into a Big Beautiful Woman.
  • Blank Slate: She initially comes off as one, meek, ambivalent, and almost androgynous. Her backstory is never fully revealed, either, heightening the impression. As time goes on, though, she's slowly revealed to have a number of different traits already no matter which approach she decides to take.
  • Boobs of Steel: Juggernaut Mila can take cannon blasts like they were nothing, outpower pretty much any other warrior in the game, and has one of the biggest busts out of Mila’s various busty transformations. Even more so is Hyper Angel Mila, a mighty Reality Bender who sports what is likely the largest bust in the game.
  • Does Not Like Shoes: Zigzaged when all variations of Mila are taken into consideration. Some will wear shoes or sandals that lets her clawed toes poke out. One wears proper boots. And a few don't even bother with shoes at all.
  • Doom Magnet: Things tend to go very badly for people who spend a significant amount of time around her, whether or not it's their fault or her intention.
  • Drowning My Sorrows: Steamchaser finds a slightly drunk Indie!Mila. It's understandable given that her crew mates were hanged by the queen after failing to disguise themselves as merchants.
  • Extreme Doormat: The only true flaw of Empathetic Mila is that she is far too peaceful and trusting for her own good.
  • God of Good: Hyper Angel Mila essentially makes her into this and results in one of the game’s few mostly happy endings.
  • Foreshadowing: Visually, there are elements to her costume which correspond to separate transformations, hinting that the personality elements those bring out are already present in her.
  • Impossible Hourglass Figure: Making choices that entail punishing evil and helping others honestly will transform Mila to come close to this kind of figure, though not quite... Stay down that path however and it is very much played straight with Angel Mila who has super broad hips and huge breasts.
  • I Need a Freaking Drink: In one path, Indie!Mila states that "I need a drink". Quite understandable given that her crew were hanged off screen by the queen when they tried to disguise themselves as merchants.
  • Holier Than Thou: Downplayed as she remains a fundamentally good person, but Angel!Mila has a pronounced self-righteous streak.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: A surprising amount of Mila's transformations develop her into this: Demon Mile is sarcastic and manipulative, both of Mila's aggression transformations make her short-tempered and gruff, and as mentioned above Angel Mila is self-righteous and condescending. No matter what however, Mila always cares deeply for her friends and rarely loses sight of making the world a better place.
    • Averted if you pick more empathetic and kind choices, then Mila is a total Nice Girl.
  • Large and in Charge: An interesting case, where the more assertive and aggressive she becomes, the larger and more intimidating she gets, culminating in an approximately nine-foot-tall, musclebound behemoth with massive strength.
  • Made of Iron: Juggernaut!Mila, the most physically imposing version of her, is tough enough to survive getting shot by a cannon.
  • Statuesque Stunner: All Of Mila’s final transformations are this in different ways: Juggernaut Mila is a monolithic muscle bound warrior, Emphathetic Mila is a Big Beautiful Woman who is as wide as she is tall (and she is very tall), Demon Mila is a thin but very tall succubus-like being, and Angel Mila is the shortest but still large angelic feline with an extreme Impossible Hourglass Figure. Taken Up to Eleven with Hyper Angel Mila Mila, a literal goddess who towers above her friends and whose appearance combines elements from all other transformations.
  • The Power of Friendship: This is how Empathetic!Mila is able to break out of the maze in the final act, by proving that eternity in an unchanging void would not break her crew because they would always have one another.
  • Wide Eyes and Shrunken Irises: The empathetic versions of Mila has these whenever she's angry or annoyed.

The (usually) respected captain of The Pirate's Fate.

The hound captain of the Dread Pirates, Darious sees himself as a treasure hunter. He's well-educated, kindhearted, and cunningly ambitious.

  • Anti-Hero: The Dread Pirates could have prevented Mila's ship from sinking but, knowing she had a coin, Darious chose not to save it so that when they rescued Mila she would be much more grateful and willing to help them.
  • Big Fun: Bear!Darious randomly starts to try to act this way. This is a big clue that something's not right, like he's actually being possessed by Lazerby.
  • Blank Slate: If Darious becomes "Dara", losing his gender, species, and most importantly memories transforms him into a small, shy girl very much like Mila at the beginning of the story.
  • Brainwashing for the Greater Good: In one ending, after being transformed into a fat bear by Circe, possessed by Lazerby and being turned in a small rabbit girl by Threyon and Sherry, he decides to use the magic of the coins to force everyone in the world to only act in the service of others.
  • Geek Physique: Young!Darious was quite the slender man in his younger years. You can even accidentally take him into the future in the right path.
  • Gentleman and a Scholar: An avid historian with the manners and honesty to match.
  • Death of Personality: If he is gender bent, he can lose his personality and memories, becoming "Dara".
  • Fan Nickname: The universally accepted term for Bear!Darious is, logically, "Bearious".
  • Horrible Judge of Character: Again and again, he wants to see the best in people, but often makes terrible decisions about who to trust.
  • Killed Off for Real: Darious will die if you choose to do nothing as he orders you to during the hostage crisis with Rourkie, or if Mila attempts to part ways at the tavern and gets captured by Rourkie's crew. This can be averted later on, but not without consequence.
  • Living Emotional Crutch: For Morgana (and vice versa, to some extent).
  • The Leader: As well The Face and, at least before Mila's arrival, The Conscience.
  • Meat Puppet: Bear!Darious is reduced to this if he gets possessed by Lazerby.
  • Oblivious to Love: In some paths such as the pragmatic, prompting romance has Mila needing to spell things out for him quite thoroughly.
  • Reasonable Authority Figure: Well, he holds no actual authority over anyone but his crew, but he still manages to act this way for them.

The first mate with a short fuse.

The first mate of the Dread Pirates, Morgana has no patience for the weak and no mercy for the disloyal. Step out of line on her watch, and this bat will make you walk the plank.

  • Badass Gay: By default, the toughest member of the crew and certainly the most bloodthirsty, and also a Lipstick Lesbian as far as personal appearance goes. Not that she ever says as such (why would she?), but she's attracted to Mila and, per Word of God, not bisexual.
  • Berserk Button: Her two biggest ones are harm coming to children and, yes, disloyalty.
  • Big Beautiful Woman: If she ends up gaining weight from eating Trento's cursed pies, Mila can tell Morgana she thinks of her like this. If Mila also gains weight due to the coin and then romances Morgana in the same path, she'll reaffirm that Morgana is beautiful because she's big, not in spite of it.
  • Blood Knight: Likes to solve most problems as violently as possible.
  • Boobs of Steel: Her default form is very busty and she is the Dread Pirate's main source of muscle (at least initially). Inverted if she becomes a princess, where she is no longer an adept and powerful warrior but retains her large breasts.
  • Bullying a Dragon: If Leeko becomes a werewolf she initially tries to push him around and demean him as usual but a little prompting from Tam-Tam will have him stand up for himself and Morgana quickly backs off.
  • Cassandra Truth: She is very rude and standoffish but every person she openly mistrusts either betrays or plans to betray the Dread Pirates at one point or another, even Tam Tam.
  • Death of Personality: She can suffer this if given the goat transformation or the fox transformation.
  • Deuteragonist: Arguably as important as Mila, she has the most developed character arc and personality, she proves to be right in most of her instincts. The only thing that stops her being a secondary protagonist outright is that she's not always around. In what is essentially the base game's Golden Ending, Morgana essentially becomes the protagonist of her own story, but we cut to credits just as it's beginning.
  • Evil Cannot Comprehend Good: She never truly understood why Darius showed her mercy and let her join his crew after Rourkie abandoned her.
  • Freudian Excuse: She was born inside a prison and abducted by pirates at a young age, growing up alongside Rourkie and his crew, who hate each other and would stab each other in the back for a nickel.
  • Funny Background Event: If she becomes captain, she will have a punching bag in the captains quarters with a crude drawing of Tam-Tam's face on it labeled The Bitch.
  • Hates Everyone Equally: She does have an uncanny knack for figuring out who not to trust, because it's observed that she just instinctively distrusts everyone and statistically has to be right at least some of the time. Darious is the sole exception to this.
    • However, this is hilariously inverted in one path where she gets turned into a goat by a trinket modeled after a kind goat. Goat!Morgana is a bit on the ditsy side but is also an All-Loving Hero as a contrast to a now much more violent Mila.
  • Heroic Sacrifice: Of a sort. She's willing to give up her identity and past to become the Queen's younger sister, on the chance that she'll be able to convince her to spare you from execution, even knowing that she'll forget it all. She does, of course, live, and has a much more pleasant childhood to boot, but it's not without problems.
  • Hidden Depths: While she's generally Brutally Honest about her opinions, it's only when she's forced to be totally honest that she reveals where they come from. Most surprising, and evident from what she does rather than what she states, is how she repeatedly states that she's not worth dying or suffering for, not being a good enough person.
  • Hollywood Atheist: Not quite. It's suggested that she's anti-religious primarily because, having been around manipulators and liars all her life and being ruthlessly pragmatic, she thinks that anyone who believes in higher powers, or anything at all really, is either a sucker or a scam artist themselves—that's how she'd use it. Mila may or may not agree with her, but for reasons of her own either way. Even seeing an actual ghost isn't enough to change her mind, since it's not clear if that was due to an actual spiritual realm or just the coins' magic. As Princess Morgana, however, it's unclear if she actually does believe, but she's quite in favor of religion just for the community-unifying aspect of it.
  • Killed Off for Real: If you save Darious while he's being held hostage by Rourkie, she will accidentally die in his place. You can avert this later on, but then Darious will most likely take her place.
  • Knife Nut
  • The Mutiny: If Darious is killed, she becomes captain, but her Jerkass traits can drive the crew to attempt to resurrect him to replace her.
  • Murder Is the Best Solution: Advocates for it as the simplest way of solving problems repeatedly.
  • Of Corsets Sexy: Most of her designs incorporate one, symbolic of how constrained she feels.
  • Pirate Girl: She really plays up the image, and seems to be the only one getting any enjoyment out of the pirate reputation established for the group, whereas Darious just uses it to get what he wants by intimidation without needing to hurt anyone. At one point, she even threatens to make someone Walk the Plank.
  • Princess Phase: She's never quite grown out of hers, secretly longing to be one for reasons she only explains to Mila if she's come to love her in one specific case. Even when she redecorates her room, there's a princess doll lying about. When she actually gets to become one, however, she's a Rebellious Princess, having Alternate Identity Amnesia but also discovering that being a princess, especially in a family as Royally Screwed Up as this one, isn't all it's cracked up to be.
  • Tsundere: She has quite a few moments like this in instances where she comes to appreciate Mila, muttering thanks in embarrassment while labeling Mila as too soft, foolish, and so forth. Even when she comes to love her, she often plays it off as though Mila has only earned her respect/love.

The Pirate Fate's own corgi cartographer.

Leeko was a merchant before being asked to become the Dread Pirates' corgi cartographer. His affability hides his cynicism and distrust of others.

  • Attractive Bent-Gender: In one path, it's possible for him to became both literally and figuratively turn into a vixen (female fox/beautiful woman).
  • Birds of a Feather: If romanced on the Emphatic route he and Mila's attract one another because of their kindness and gentle nature. This goes double if he is Big Bad Wolf Leeko where both will mention they are a fan of each others extra weight.
  • Commander Contrarian: He's almost always the voice of doubt and the one to raise the possibility of failure. Fortunately, his transformations generally make him less whiny about it, and can even result in positivity.
  • Failure Knight: Werewolf Leeko becomes one if Tam-tam is hanged and Morgana is forced to use the crown to save him and Mila, and bemoans for all his newfound strength he is unable to protect his friends.
  • Foxy Vixen: Female Leeko is a beautiful vixen, but since he never really expressed a desire to change species, and doesn't become any stronger from it (which he would want), it's probably just to invoke this.
  • I Can't Believe a Guy Like You Would Notice Me: Gender-inverted, romancing Leeko will cause him to react this way because he's so used to being overlooked.
  • I Just Want to Be Badass / I Want to Be a Real Man: Leeko is tiny, cute, and generally lacking in skills other than "can read a map, most of the time". Everyone brushes him off as a useless tagalong despite the fact that he didn't really ask to join. More than that, he has general issues with self-identity and lack of masculinity, as suggested by his heavy clothing in shades of pink and blue. There are several ways for him to resolve this.
  • Killed Off for Real: If you give up The Pirate's Fate to Rourkie in exchange for letting Darious go, he'll eventually die during the battle with Rourkie later down the road.
  • Leitmotif: "Leeko the Great", which in both title and somewhat bombastic style reflect a pretended confidence in himself that he doesn't really feel, at least to begin with.
  • Loss of Identity: Seems to be the one most affected by the possibilities of this and comments on it more than anyone else; when offered the chance to give up and become a feral animal, he's sorely tempted, however, until Mila snaps him out of it. If he is the one to take the coin from the goddess statue and turn into a beautiful woman, she will moan that she feared she was never much of a man to begin with.
  • Love Makes You Dumb: Quickly develops a mutual crush on Kate. He gets it bad, enough to think her horrible cooking actually tastes good and is unwilling to listen or recognize some of Kate's less than stellar qualities. Ironically in another route, he is the only crew member who instantly distrusts Kate and warns the party that they should just take her coin by force rather then trying to parley with her.
  • The Mind Is a Plaything of the Body: Averted, he is the only character in the game who's personality is never effected by the transformations caused by the coins. As the most insecure about his appearance, many of the transformations that happen to him are fantasies which he must confront when they turn out to be not all they are cracked up to be.
  • Nice Hat
  • No Respect Guy: Veers between this and Butt-Monkey depending on which path you're on.
  • Rule of Symbolism: His outfit changes more symbolically than most. When he becomes a Wolf Man, his heavy clothing disappears and he becomes a Walking Shirtless Scene, showing off his muscles and achieved hyper-masculinity. When he undergoes a Gender Bender, however, his clothing changes almost not at all—it simply becomes less concealing of her new body.
  • Self-Deprecation: He engages in this as a vent for his frustration and his feelings of inadequacy.
    I'd doubt me, too.
    I don't want to bore you with my problems!
  • Tiny Guy, Huge Girl: Leeko wants to invoke this with Kate and she feels the same way. Mila herself can also invoke this depending on which path the player is on.
  • Visual Pun: His glasses are rose-colored. He's The Cynic. When he actually puts them on rather than wearing them on his hat, it's a sign that his sense of self has been changed and distorted.
  • Wide Eyesand Shrunken Irises: He is particularly prone to doing this, especially in his default form.

A tag-along that doesn't take "no" for an answer.

Tam-Tam claims to be many things, among others a capable adventurer. However, this lizard prefers to use her charisma and her seductiveness to get what she wants from those around her.

  • Bastard Angst: In one route, after being given a talisman that transforms her and compels her to only tell the truth, she reveals that she's the product of an affair her mother had while her husband was fighting in a war. Her mother then abandoned her in the wilds before his return, which greatly contributed to Tam-Tam's hardened outlook on life.
  • Bitch in Sheep's Clothing: On the surface she simply appears to be a seductive and sarcastic pickpocket but one of epilogues reveals that Tam-Tam was working with Circe, delivering treasure hunters to her to be transformed into animals while she stole their ships and belongings. Tam-Tam also admits she found enjoyment in leading people to Circe as it made her feel better own hardships.
  • Creator Cameo: The Gender Bent Tam-Tam is voiced by none other than T.F. Wright, the writer/coder of the game!
  • Does Not Like Shoes: One transformation aside (and even then, it's only a pair of sandals), she normally doesn't bother with shoes at all.
  • Impossible Hourglass Figure: If she is the one to take the coin from the goddess statue then she is 'blessed' with a figure so extreme she can't fit her hips back through the temple exit hole.
  • It's Okay If It's You: If Mila is in a relationship with someone Tam-Tam is the only person she can cheat on them with without getting in trouble. Even if Darius or Leeko catches Mila with her they won't call her out on it until she sleeps with a third member of the crew.
  • Headbutting Heroes: She and Morgana do not get along and much of their shared dialogue is bickering.
  • Heel–Face Turn: She was originally a bitter thief who happily led treasure hunters to Circe. However, after meeting and befriending the Dread Pirates she becomes a genuinely nicer person, even dying for her crewmates in one story path.
  • Karma Houdini: Tam-Tam spent years helping Circe turn people into animals, but when the Dread Pirates defeated Circe she successfully hid her affiliation with her and suffered no consequences for her past actions.
  • Karmic Transformation: In one story path, Tam Tam is transformed into a shy dragon and loses her ability to lie. This might seem unfair until the player learns about her partnership with Circe.
  • Killed Off for Real: If Mila and the crew are arrested by the orders of Queen Nakhta, Tam-Tam will always die.
  • Nonspecifically Foreign: Her design seems to combine Egyptian and some Norse elements, her accent is Eastern European, and her religion is totally different from the local one (she believes in reincarnation). This is intentional, to avoid Unfortunate Implications regarding one particular transformation.
  • Pungeon Master: No matter how dire the situation, Tam Tam always has a sex pun ready. Always.

Rourkie's Crew

Not everyone seeking the coins have good intentions. This is a crew competing with the Dread Pirates in collecting all of the coins.

That rabbit's dynamite!
A rival captain, this rabbit is nothing at all like Darious; for starters, he's a genuine pirate of the Brute type, unafraid to bully, murder, extort, and generally leave destruction in his wake. When he hears Darious is after the coins, he decides that he's suddenly interested in them, too.

  • Always Chaotic Evil: In almost every path, Rourkie will be the most corrupt and selfish person in the game. The only way for him to become good was to be transformed into a mild mannered princess in the DLC path, and even then the female Rourkie still tried to murder two people in a jealous rage before making a full Heel–Face Turn.
  • Big Bad: He is the enemy that menaces the Dread Pirates in every path and he always kills at least one of your crew mates.
  • Conditioned to Accept Horror: As a boy he, who regularly exposed to death and destruction until not only did it no longer have any shock value to him, but he started to active enjoy causing it. After kidnapping Mila in one of the game's paths, he attempts to force this on her as well.
  • Creator Cameo: Rourkie did the music. Yes, his cameo is as an awful villain...
  • Evil Is Petty: Rourkie's reason for hunting the coins in the first place? Darious got a hold of a treasure Rourkie'd had his eye on, so now he wants to snatch something away from Darious. He also apparently resents having Morgana taken away, even though she herself wanted to be with Darious.
  • Fat Bastard: His greedy transformation causes him to grow fatter and fatter over a few of the routes.
  • Faux Affably Evil: Rourkie to a tee. Interestingly enough, though, this begins to fade the more he's affected by the coins.
  • Fate Worse than Death: In one route, you confront him in the library. If desired, you can trap him inside of a book test inside of killing him off. He gets stuck in the Infinite Cafe and can never die. Indigo claims that's worse than dying.
  • Foil: From the get-go, he's everything Darious is and isn't, being a captain of pirates, but is such a Hate Sink about it.
  • Freudian Excuse: Much like Morgana, he was kidnapped at an early age by blood thirty pirates who raised him to be cruel and sadistic.
  • Hate Sink: He was deliberately designed to be the one truly detestable person in the cast, so you can always have somebody to not feel sorry for.
  • Hoist By Your Own Petard: In the DLC path, after being arrested by Jackie, he chooses to put on the magic crown that will turn him into Queen Nakhta's sister, believing that he will be able to save himself and watch Mila and the rest of his hang. What he didn't know was that it would completely rewrite reality and turn him into a kindhearted princess.
  • I Just Want to Have Friends: Princess Rourkie has never had any friends, largely because she's Cute and Psycho, and she desperately wants people to care about her, willing to believe their bizarre story of magical transformation if it means they'll be her friends.
  • Killed Off for Real: Before the DLC released a new path, he would always die (or at least end up possessed) no matter which route you played. It was only a matter of when and how. The only exception prior to the DLC was the Fate Worse than Death listed above.
  • Killer Rabbit: Puns aside, he fits the trope as well, being initially tiny and almost adorable in clothing that's much too big for him, yet swiftly revealing how vile he really is.
  • Leitmotif: "Serious Business", "Really Serious Business", and "Truly Serious Business". The first will play during his default size and the other two during his fatter and fattest phases respectively, reflecting his growing maliciousness.
  • Meat Puppet: In two similar paths, Rourkie is reduced to this by virtue of being possessed by Lazerby.
  • Moral Event Horizon: He crosses it virtually immediately after appearing, immediately threatening the life of a 12-year-old boy in front of his mother, then killing the mother and child anyway and either murdering Darious or attempting to during a hostage negotiation. And as if that weren't enough, in one path he's so annoyed by the transformed Mary's cheerfulness that he murders and skins her to make a rug.
  • Noodle Incident: His transformations into a Fat Bastard in Scottish garb happens completely offscreen.
  • Yandere: Princess Rourkie murders anyone who seems to come between her and Mila, her new best friend/crush. Ultimately subverted, though, in that all of her "victims" end up surviving by a twist of fate, and she genuinely decides to change for Mila, overcoming her natural psychopathy.

One of Rourkie's pirate crew, an African Gray Parrot, who has some ideas of his own.

  • The Big Guy: The tallest and most muscled of all non-transformed crew mates.
  • Good Feels Good: Under the right circumstances, he can actually be inducted into the Dread Pirates. Later he admits to Mila that he likes being part of a crew that isn't so cut throat as Rourkie's crew and actually treats each other like a family.
  • Killed Off for Real: Can die in many routes of the game.
  • Mysterious Past: He is the only member of the main cast whose past is never elaborated on in detail. All we get is a quick conversation he has where he reveals his grandmother kicked him out of their home after he stole
  • Pirate Parrot
  • Smarter Than You Look: Or, at least, he's excellent at bluffing and manages to figure out the implications of a Grandfather Paradox on his own while improvising. It's enough to distract Queen Nakhta long enough for Morgana to steal the coins and get away, which may be for the best.
  • The Team Normal: He is the only one of Mila's crew mates that isn't transformed by the coin's magic in any of the game's paths.
  • Token Good Teammate: Not only is he less evil than the others, he can actually convinced to join your crew (not that he had many other options at the moment) and proves to be as loyal and helpful to you as any other crewmember. He's also the only non-core crewmember who can be romanced. If given the opportunity, he's the one to initiate the reconciliation between the Dread Pirates and the surviving members of Rourkie's crew in another route.
  • Toothy Bird: Brock is consistently portrayed as having teeth when his beak, or at least part of it, are opened wide enough. Less egregious than most examples since he's an anthropomorphic bird.

One of Rourkie's pirate crew, a black sheep who very much enjoys her job.

  • All Girls Want Bad Boys: She is seemingly infatuated with Rourkie and the chaos he causes.
  • Altar Diplomacy: Her parents arranged for her to marry a prince in order to bolster their nation's strength. This was one of the reasons she choose to join Rourkie's crew.
  • Black Sheep: Both literally and figuratively. She left the royal life to live as a pirate because she didn't want to be married off to another prince and she was bored of the high life.
  • Cute and Psycho: An adorable little sheep with a hard on for torture and murder.
  • Creepy Good: When she gets turned into a goat, she becomes obsessed with making people happy, but she's just as disturbing about it as she was with inflicting pain, though she never hurts anyone again.
  • I Regret Nothing: She has a been a sadist since childhood and she has never once regretted giving up her royal lifestyle to become a violent pirate.
  • Killed Off for Real: Like Brock, she can also die depending on what route is played.
  • Meaningful Name: Back when she was still a princess, the castle staff called her "Scary Mary". Given that she tortured and unnecessarily killed feral rats and mice in the most cruel ways possible for fun, it made a lot of sense.
  • Rebellious Princess: She used to be one, but it was insufferably boring; she's a reckless thrillseeker by nature who only enjoys opportunities to, well, see below.
  • The Sociopath: Outright admits that nothing causes her pleasure except seeing others fail and suffer.
  • Took a Level in Kindness: In one path, Rourkie mentions how she got the kindly goat transformation that affected Morgana in a different route. Unfortunately for Mary, Rourkie killed her because he found her too annoying and skinned her to make himself a new blanket. In the DLC we are shown the new goat form, and how it has changed her from finding pleasure in others pain to finding it in helping others.


Queen's Court

The higher-ups within the kingdom, based out of Kittering Castle.

    Queen Nakhta
The wise and benevolent ruler. If she does say so herself.
The current monarch, younger of the two royal fox siblings. She's very insecure about her reign, and rumor has it that she's collecting the coins for her own ends. There's a slight problem with getting them from her, though: she's extremely paranoid, touchy, and hates pirates... so that could prove a problem.

  • Absolute Cleavage: Her outfit is not concealing at all. It's no less saucy in her mature form.
  • Alas, Poor Villain: In the two events in which they wind up killing her (and worse), none of the Dread Pirates (save Morgana in one event) is actually happy at having to do so, or even consider that she was an Asshole Victim. They're pragmatic about it as best. In the one, they were manipulated into it, and the other, had to betray her genuine trust to do so. That said, they're not too upset if she accidentally traps herself in a book.
  • Alternate Identity Amnesia: She becomes confused and forgets that she promised the coins to the Dread Pirates after transforming into her mature form, but is swiftly convinced to hand them over anyway after an offer from Tam Tam. Tam Tam is skeptical as to whether this actually occurred, or if she was just stringing them along to get one last favor before they left, though one secret ending suggests it was genuine.
  • Ambiguously Evil: It's deliberately left open just how truly bad she is. While she's not a pleasant person, the only actually evil things we see her do are feud with family over the throne despite being the younger child and hang pirates, which is usually considered a good thing unless you're a pirate.
  • Big Beautiful Woman: Her mature form is, anyway.
  • Big Sister Bully: Is openly dismissive of both Morgana and Rourkie should one of them put on the magic crown and become her younger sister. That said, she still demonstrates Big Sister Instinct towards Morgana. Rourkie, not so much, as she implies that Rourkie was an Enfant Terrible.
  • Complexity Addiction: This accounts for half the problems she's having when the Dread Pirates enter the picture. The other half, surprisingly, is that Even Evil Has Standards, see below. Rather than kill her sister outright, which she apparently wouldn't do, she's decided to alter history to make Bilba the younger sibling. For this she needs the coins. It also requires her to get Bilba to come out of hiding. It takes Darious and Morgana combined to point out the much simpler solution: making herself older instead.
  • Dramatically Missing the Point: When told of a possible way to end violence for good, she objects, asking how she could maintain peace without violence. It has to be explained that, without violence, she wouldn't need to keep the peace, at which point she agrees.
  • Even Evil Has Standards: One of her redeeming qualities is her refusal to bring harm to her family members. This leads her to seek out more unusual methods to incapacitate those whom she thinks are plotting against her.
  • Fatal Flaw: Her paranoia. When that's abated somewhat in one route, she becomes a noticeably nicer person, albeit still not exactly heroic.
  • God-Emperor: One possible outcome for her is becoming the magically-empowered ruler of the world, other states acknowledging her rulership, with the caveat that neither she nor anyone else can use violence. Hence, she's not assassinated, nobody can rebel, she can't hang or otherwise murder anyone, and warfare in general is forgotten. She's a bit oppressive, but not to a dystopian level, and overall things are better off than they were before.
  • God Save Us from the Queen!: The Dread Pirates have this opinion, anyway, with the exception of Darious, who may simply find her attractive despite the age difference. His younger self is happy to flirt with her.
  • Hoist by Their Own Petard: It's the crown that she designed for Bilba to wear, forced onto her, that erases her from existence in one path. This is not a Karmic Death, though, since it wasn't intended to be fatal for anyone else, including Bilba; indeed, in any path where she succeeds, she doesn't regard her living sister as a threat. Bilba gloats evilly about it and admits that she deliberately set her sister up for that horrible fate.
  • I Surrender, Suckers: She's held hostage on the Pirate's Fate and forced to abdicate on threat of death, and she agrees willingly to hand Bilba power and personally put the crown on her. It winds up sealing her victory once the enchanted crown de-ages Bilba and makes Nakhta the undisputed rightful sovereign.
  • It's All About Me: Everything revolves around her in her own mind, and even though she does have arguably good intentions at heart, she filters them through how they'll affect her first. Interestingly, while she adores flattery, she's not necessarily physically vain, since she willingly ages herself to middle age in the name of peace.
  • Killed Off for Real: Not as many times as other characters, but can either die from being poisoned or having her very existence erased. Both times are by the hands of Leeko under Mila's orders.
  • Leitmotif: "Interruption", a formal, somewhat fussy classical arrangement for strings.
  • Nice Job Breaking It, Hero!: She's unaware of their true power and only wants the coins for a single, entirely personal reason that affects her kingdom at most, and only for a while. She willingly parts with them once that's accomplished if you help her. It's only if Mila tries to help by telling her what they're really capable of that her paranoia kicks in, she decides that since they can be used to conquer the world that must be what Morgana's doing, and decides to do it before she can.
  • Nice to the Waiter: From what we hear, and see in one route, she's actually quite decent to her servants, even if she tends to ignore any advice they might have.
  • Noodle Incident: How she, the younger sibling, inherited the kingdom before her older sister. The DLC implies that she acquired the throne through shady means, but she refuses to go into detail.
  • Out-Gambitted: In one path, Bilba pulls this on her; in another, she pulls it on Bilba and on the Dread Pirates.
  • Overnight Age-Up: One path sees her inspired by the Dread Pirates to change her plan and turn herself into the older sibling, becoming a fashionable mature woman in a few moments after putting on the crown.
  • Pet the Dog: A very brief moment occurs when she refuses to believe that her own younger sister Morgana, who grew up with her all these years and made so many memories, used to be someone else entirely. She also expresses concern for her safety even before she becomes politically expedient to keep alive.
    • She's even willing to forgive being kidnapped and attempted to be forced into abdication in one ending if she survives, and notices with approval that the ex-Pirates' pie shop is helping reduce starvation.
  • Pimped-Out Dress: Complete with Giant Poofy Sleeves. Her mature form's dress takes the cake, though.
  • Pragmatic Villainy: As much as she hates pirates, she's willing to spare them as long as they're obviously not working against her directly, and may have information she needs.
  • Pride: Oh so much of it. In most routes she manages to keep it relatively under control, but in one possible ending she gets so full of herself and disgusted by the idea of collaborative decisions that she decides to just do things herself, declares that she intends to become a goddess, and...promptly gets marooned with her bodyguard in one of the portal books.
  • Princeling Rivalry: Bilba was apparently banished or fled at some point, and now Nakhta is convinced that she intends to murder her sister and seize first the throne, then the world, for herself. She is correct.
  • Properly Paranoid: On the one hand, her older sister really is trying to murder her and seize power.
    • Improperly Paranoid: On the other, she suspects people with no connection to Bilba of being on her payroll. When she confronts the Dread Pirates and her new-other sister (Fox) Morgana, she's convinced that they're going to use the coins to steal her throne rather than change the world for the better. Someone there is plotting against her, but it's not the one she thinks. Fortunately for her, neither case gets her killed.
  • Public Execution: She loves holding them for pirates, and apparently most people in her kingdom enjoy watching them, too.
  • Requisite Royal Regalia: Pimped-Out Dress, crown, fancy gloves, a Regal Ruff...
  • Ret-Gone: In the darkest evil path, she is wiped from existence after being forced to wear the crown she created. It would make whoever wears it her younger sister, but since she can't be, she was never born and vanishes. Bilba knew this and planned it from the start.
  • Sadist: A very slight example, in that she seems to get a kick out of seeing pirates in particular suffer physically.
    Tell me, how precisely would you describe the bloodiness of the battle? Exceedingly bloody or obscenely so?
  • Sanity Slippage: She decides, after thinking it over in a fit of paranoia, that Fox Morgana must have just joined the pirates to betray her. Fortunately, she can be talked out of it and a peaceful resolution that benefits everyone accomplished, but if you fail to do so, she completely snaps and goes mad with perceived power before being promptly shoved out of the way by the real villain of that arc, or alternately declares that she'll use the coins to make herself a deity—which goes about as well as you'd think.
  • Self-Disposing Villain: It's possible to actually just give her the coins when she reaches the island and let her try to do it herself rather than accompany her and heal the world that way. She fails the test of character that she didn't know existed and promptly gets herself and Anora trapped inside the book.
  • Strange Minds Think Alike: If she's kidnapped and brought onto the Pirate's Fate, her initial reaction is exactly the same as Mila's.
  • Take Over the World: Assumes anyone trying to gather all the coins intends to do this, possibly because of Psychological Projection. When she actually does get to take it over, it actually goes reasonably well given that violence has been eliminated, too.
  • Villain Has a Point: While the Queen may be wrong about her conclusions in that route, it does look pretty bad that her sister, transformed Morgana, suddenly declares that her whole life has been a fabrication and that she wants to follow these people she just met just as they're about to obtain a world-altering treasure.
  • Villains Never Lie: Though she's morally dubious at best and perhaps outright evil at worst, everything she says about Bilba being a psychotic, murderous, power-grabbing tyrant far worse than herself is completely true. In fact, the only technical lie that she tells in the entire game, Exact Words aside, is that she has a significant other in mind, to Threyon and Sherry. Then again, it might just be that she's a Bad Liar.
  • Villainy-Free Villain: Sometimes she just shows up long enough to get robbed. In one particular route, she does nothing at all that could be considered evil, gives our heroes what they want for their service, and lets them leave. Some of them still suspect her of having had something planned, though.
  • Xanatos Gambit: Interestingly, hers is in various stages of completion across different routes, and can either pay off handsomely, simply fail, or backfire horrifically.
  • Well-Intentioned Extremist: Nakhta genuinely does want peace and order. She just believes that the only way it's possible is if she remains in power, and maintains it by gleefully hanging petty criminals. Her paranoia simply won't let her trust anyone else to handle things. Once her violence is no longer an issue or possibility in one ending, she proves to be a somewhat, but not extremely, oppressive ruler in peace.
  • Why Didn't I Think of That?: She's delighted to hear Darious's idea of aging herself rather than find Bilba and forcibly de-age her, since it involves less work. It's even less "unethical"! She remarks that she should have met them months ago.
  • A World Half Full: In one ending, she's given power as the unchallenged leader of the world of Perfect Pacifist People once Mila eliminates violence. The world she creates isn't a perfect Mary Suetopia, since she's still slightly oppressive and a Jerkass, but it's better than what everyone had before, and without the capability to hurt, she's not so bad.

The queen's older sister, now returned and (according to Nakhta) plotting against her to overthrow her reign.

  • Consummate Liar: Almost everything she says is a bald-faced lie to manipulate you into helping her.
  • Does Not Like Shoes: You probably won't notice unless you see her in the art book.
  • I Lied: Flat-out admits it while laughing about how easy it was, should you wind up accidentally erasing Nakhta for her.
  • Fountain of Youth: Nakhta's plan revolves around doing this to her, since she doesn't kill her family. It succeeds in one route.
  • Hoist by Their Own Petard: She's power-hungry enough that she jumps on the first chance she gets when she hears Nakhta intends to let her take power, even though she's suspicious. Nakhta doesn't kill her, but she does turn her into her younger sister instead to remove her claim to the throne.
  • Not So Different: Mila can point this out when comparing her to her sister, though in fact she's actually worse. Aside from the above, she hangs Rourkie just for the entertainment value, when at least Nakhta was attempting to protect her younger sister by doing so.
  • The Scapegoat: If Leeko poisons Nakhta under Mila's request, Bilba will be blamed. The crew doesn't even intentionally try to frame her, the kingdom simply thinks Bilba did it in as an attempt to regain power.
  • Villainous Breakdown: A very brief one. If you refuse to help her once she's on the ship, she screams at you to just give her the coins so she can seize power, dropping all pretense of being modest and unambitious. The crew promptly pushes her overboard to be "rescued" into prison by the guards.

Surely the face of a trustworthy woman!
The Queen's right-hand dragoness, serving as both an envoy and, when need be, a bodyguard. There's something suspicious about her, though...

  • The Dragon: Again, puns aside, she fits the trope as well, being the Queen's henchwoman and muscle.
  • Killed Off for Real: If she's encountered once, she will most likely wind up dead later in the game under certain paths. It's just a matter of when and how.
  • Obviously Evil: Not even spoiler-worthy, as she's explicitly designed to be transparently sinister through-and-through. That doesn't mean some people in the crew aren't willing to at least hear her out, though...
  • Putting on the Reich: Yes, her uniform is based on Nazi winter outfit variants.
  • Statuesque Stunner: Anora is very tall and has a somewhat curvy figure underneath her uniform.
  • The Starscream: Betrays the queen the first chance she gets on several paths in order to attempt steal the coins for herself.
  • What Happened to the Mouse?: There a path where she is encountered once but she doesn't show up again, and it's not clear what happened to her.

Tall, loyal, and a mouth full of shark teeth; what else could you ask for in a servant?
A female tiger and high ranking officer of Queen Nakhta's kingdom who appears in the Prisoner of Destiny DLC.

  • Ambiguous Situation:
    • It's hinted that there might be a Freudian Excuse behind her intense hatred of pirates but she denies it, claiming that she simply hates pirates for being criminals.
    • It's somewhat implied that the brigands she had executed were actually the Dread Pirates.
  • Big Sisterinstinct: While not related to her in any way, Jackie is fierecly protective of Mishell after transforming into a mermaid herself, telling Mishell to be wary of Mila and co.
  • Emergency Transformation: The coin's magic transforms her into a mermaid after Princess Rourkie tries to drown her.
  • Fatal Flaw: Her unyeilding loyalty to the crown. She will utlimately bend the knee even if she knows better and her trust in Princess Rourkie almost gets Jackie killed by her.
  • Foil: To Anora. Unlike the traitorous dragon, Jackie is legitimately loyal to Queen Nakhta.
  • Hero of Another Story: Brought in Rourkie's crew and is implied to bring in other pirates and criminals to justice on a regular basis.
  • Horrible Judge of Character: Believes Mila is just as ruthless as a pirate as Rourkie is simply because he said Mila was. Even after Rourkie the pirate is replaced in the timeline with Princess Rourkie, Jackie still treats Mila and Tam-Tam as being the same kind of ruthless pirates like Brock and Mary. Additionally, she didn't expect to be thrown overboard by Princess Rourkie and still thinks that it was someone else who tossed her off the ship when she's encountered again as a mermaid.
  • Make It Look Like an Accident: Princess Rourkie, thinking Jackie was trying to keep her apart from Mila, threw her overboard during a storm and pretended that she couldn't save her.
  • Our Mermaids Are Different: Her mermaid design is much more fish-like in appearance compared to Mishell and Agatha.
  • My Master, Right or Wrong: Even though she's not afraid to directly point out flaws in Queen Nakhta's way of thinking, Jackie will ultimately do whatever her queen tells her to do.
  • Not Quite Dead: The crew believed her dead after she fell off the ship during the storm and was lost at sea for hours. It's turns out she was and rescued by Tala.
  • Noodle Incident: It's not made clear how she was turned into a mermaid as there's no evidence she was carrying a coin when she was pushed overboard.
    • Also how she brought in Rourkie and his crew.
  • Reasonable Authority Figure: She points out that Nakhta's plan to turn Bilba into her younger sister is unnecessary, as Bilba doesn't have enough powerful supporters to make a bid for the throne. She also points out that Nakhta herself is Bilba's younger sister and she still managed to become queen.
  • Scary Teeth: Jackie's maw is filled with razor-sharp teeth. That's because she apparently has some shark ancestory in her, according to her creator.
  • Statuesque Stunner: Jackie stands at an impressive 6 feet and 3 inches.
  • Uneven Hybrid: According to her owner, Jackie is actually mostly tiger, a fair bit of panda, and a dash of shark. The last is where she gets her teeth from.

Other Characters

    Mishell & Agatha 
Should Mila refuse to work with the Dread Pirates at the earliest opportunity and be forced overboard by Morgana, she is rescued by this aquatic pair, who have a tumultuous relationship with Pirate "walkies".

  • Emergency Transformation: Both were affected by the coin's magic, so that they could survive drowning.
  • Fat and Skinny: Agatha the manatee and Mishell the mouse-mermaid, respectively.
  • Happily Adopted: Mishell was thrown overboard by a nasty pirate when she was first born, and rescued & raised by her "auntie".
  • Nice Girl: Mishell is a sweet girl who doesn't care about any vendetta against pirates, and just wants a friend to spend time with.
  • Only Friend: Since she was raised from infancy by Agatha and there are no other mermaids, Mila is the only other person that Mishell has ever talked to. In the DLC, she befriends Tala and Jackie instead.
  • Refusal of the Call: Mishell would rather live her days in peace than try to fight pirates, and can convince Mila to become a mermaid to do the same.
  • Revenge Before Reason: Agatha despises pirates of all types, and wishes to fight back by turning Mila into a sea monster with the coins.
  • Seashell Bra: Their attire.
  • Secret Legacy: Mishell believes she's always been a mermaid, and Agatha doesn't want to hurt her with the truth.

The owner of a tavern that the Dread Pirates visit soon after meeting Mila. She knows the location of a supposed cache of coins, but worries for the safety of those that seek the treasure.

  • Does Not Like Shoes: You probably won't notice unless you see her in the art book.
  • Sacrificial Lamb: Is murdered by Rourkie even if Darious advises her to take her son and skip town as soon as possible, mainly to demonstrate just how ruthless the rival pirate can be.

    The Griffon 
A large, intimidating beast encountered when the Dread Pirates search for coins at the Cursed Coast.

  • MacGuffin Guardian: Of the treasure hidden on the Cursed Coast.
  • Non-Malicious Monster: For the Dread Pirates, should Mila choose to approach it cautiously. Not the case for Rourkie's crew, though.
  • Was Once a Man: You might notice some shredded clothing right around the coin in its lair. Word of God suggests it was probably Abbigail's husband, who didn't die after all. At least it's able to get some revenge on Rourkie!

A seemingly kind old lioness who lives alone on a deserted island, living off of the land and taking care of the many diverse creatures living there. But it becomes quickly apparent that she's hiding something from all of her guests...

  • Does Not Like Shoes: You probably won't notice unless you see her in the art book.
  • The Evils of Free Will: Her driving motivation.
  • Karmic Transformation: If Leeko is transformed by an encounter with Circe, Mila and Tam-Tam can choose to deal with her using Circe's own "think of a spirit animal" technique, transforming her into a feral cat.
  • Killed Off for Real: In some paths, Mila has the options to use the ship's cannons to set fire to the island, killing Circe and all the animals on the island.
  • My Beloved Smother: An interesting variant. She has no actual children (to our knowledge), but she considers the animals that she takes care of to be her children. Given that they were all once normal people turned into feral animals and no longer can think for themselves beyond animal instincts,it's safe to say she's fairly controlling to a certain degree.
  • Well-Intentioned Extremist: She means well, but her plan to turn as many people back into feral, non-anthropomorphized animals as possible might make some people more than a little upset.

A self-proclaimed latter-day attendant of the Temple of Oastarie, Goddess of Beauty. This zebra will preach the glories of Oastarie to anyone willing to listen to the zebra.

  • Beauty = Goodness: Believes this by default. Beauty is the highest of honors and gifts, which is why no one person can hold on to it forever.
  • Does Not Like Men: Duana usually doesn't let men into the temple because she believes that when Oastarie created beauty, she gave most of it to women. But she makes an exception for an untransformed Leeko and lets him enter because he's so adorable.
  • Does Not Like Shoes: You probably won't notice unless you see her in the art book.
  • Hypocrite: Her goddess is a plus sized woman and she considers Mila and Tam Tam to be blessed if they gain weight because of the coins. However, if Darius has gained weight due the the coin's magic then she'll deny him entry to the temple on the grounds that she considers him unattractive.
  • "The Reason You Suck" Speech: Tam Tam and Mila give her one over her shallow views on beauty, pointing out that beauty is subjective and eventually her looks will fade with age.

A kangaroo professor who seeks to disprove the religion of Oastarie. But she may have some ulterior motivations for doing so...

  • Does Not Like Shoes: You probably won't notice unless you see her in the art book.
  • Flat-Earth Atheist: At least in the sense that she refuses to believe in magic, which is understandably at first. But even when she sees Tam-Tam get her body remodeled to look like a Goddess of beauty or she witnesses Leeko turning into a female fox before her very eyes, she still refuses to believe in the power and magic of the coins despite being a first hand witness.
  • Hollywood Atheist: Her beef is with magic, but she still has heavy elements of this.
  • Hypocrite: As Tam Tam points out, Angie’s conservative beliefs may conflict with Duana's religion of beauty but they're both equally shallow and judgmental of other people's appearances.
  • Moral Myopia: The reason she against the Oastarie's beauty based religion is because it goes against her conservative but equally judgmental beliefs
  • Opposites Attract: Explicitly stated as an option in one of the epilogues. When she shows up for love advice at Sherry and Threyon's shop, saying this causes her to admit that she has a crush on Duana.
  • "The Reason You Suck" Speech: After Angie criticizes Tam Tam's appearance after her transformation at the temple, Tam Tam points out to her that her beliefs are just as shallow and hurtful as Duana's.
  • Redundant Researcher: She's there to conclusively prove that the Goddess's blessing does not cause miracles, and of course, you witness what could arguably be called a miracle, even if it was only caused by the coin. The issue is ultimately left unsettled for both her and Duana.

A slightly pudgy, unethical bear whose pie shop is always busy with business.

  • Does Not Like Shoes: You probably won't notice unless you see him in the art book.
  • Killed Off for Real: If you recruit Trento, he casually admits that he owed a lot of money to the wrong kind of people, so skipping town might have actually been a good thing. Lo and behold, in two other paths, Trento is no where to be seen and Kate even offhandedly mentions that Trento is no longer alive.
  • Lethal Chef: Unable to cook without the magic of a coin. Feels no shame in admitting this if he's invited to join the crew.
  • Screw This, I'm Outta Here!: If he joins the crew, he changes his mind and leaves at Atlantia, after naval combat and Morgana being subjected to a Kangaroo Court make him realize how dangerous sticking around is.

A black cat with purple stripes that dreams of working as a chef for royalty. Is hiding more than she lets on.

  • Bitch in Sheep's Clothing: Seems nice enough at first, but some of her more negative qualities become apparent if you listen closely enough. The biggest indication, however, is if Mila admits she also has a crush on Leeko. Kate does not take this well and practically declares war on Mila.
  • Does Not Like Shoes: You probably won't notice unless you see her in the art book.
  • Fat Bastard: A rare attractive female example, Kate is very fat and not even a remotely nice person.
  • Killed Off for Real:
    • If you take her on as a crew member while you're stuck with Rourkie's ship, she and Leeko will die together during a skirmish with Rourkie.
    • Rourkie killed her offscreen in one story path after her magical baked goods made him fat.
  • Lethal Chef: Despite having cooked in one form or another her whole life, her cooking is terrible. Only Leeko likes it and that's just because he has a mutual crush on her.
  • Supreme Chef: Thanks to the magic of the coins, all of her baked goods become irresistibly delicious.
  • Tiny Guy, Huge Girl: Kate wants to invoke this with Leeko. He also feels the same way.

An old friend of Darious's, now working as the steward for the mysterious Mr. Lazerby.

  • Creator Cameo: Luprand is also one of the voice actors, for Leeko as well as his own character.
  • Evil Former Friend: Willingly works with the sinister Lazerby for selfish reasons.
  • Killed Off for Real: Morgana will want to kill him after he nearly let Mila get possessed by Lazerby. If Mila so feels like it, she can take Morgana up on her offer.
  • The Renfield: Lazerby is a ghost, not a vampire, but he acts this way nonetheless.
  • Smug Smiler: In his youth, which the player can only see after knowing of his eventual betrayal of Darious.
  • Walking Spoiler: As with his current employer, most of his true character isn't revealed until after a major revelation.

A reclusive stag that lives in a run down manor on a hill. There are rumors that his place is haunted...

  • Can't Take Criticism: In every route the player encounters him in, he offers to let them join him. But when Mila questions Ethics or the possibility the coins won't work the way he thinks. He'll just call her young and stupid, and then try to either kill everyone around him or possess them.
  • Dead All Along: Lazerby actually died ages ago. He now seeks a suitable person to possess so he can look for the coins himself.
  • Hypocrite: He preaches about immortality and doing the world a favor by ending death, but he has no problem with killing people or forcibly possessing them if they don't agree with him.
  • Immortality Immorality: If Lazerby gets to achieve his goal of creating a world without death by allowing the dead to simply possess younger bodies, this is what the world becomes on a global scale.
  • It's All About Me: In the sense of Can't Take Criticism, he'll give a brief "Reason You Suck" Speech and try to kill someone for questioning the morality of his goals. He just wants to live forever, and will kill anyone who stops him.
  • Jacob Marley Apparel: His true form is very evocative of the trope namer, with chains and a coin purse, though he's willingly latching himself to existence rather than being cursed to burden past transgressions.
  • Killed Off for Real: Well, he was already dead to begin with, but he can be defeated by taking the coin from his chained wallet by force and whatever magic that is keeping his soul bound to the mortal realm will fade along with him. It's not clear if he is simply forced to move on to the afterlife or he ceases to exist altogether.
  • Meat Puppet: This is what people possessed by him are reduced to. They're forced to watched as their body moves and acts by a will that's not of their own.
  • Meaningful Name: According to the official art book, it's a combination of Lazarus (a man who came back from death), and Gatsby (a man obsessed with his past, to the detriment of his present).
  • Not-So-Well-Intentioned Extremist: Ultimately what he is. On the one hand, his Affable Evil can somewhat convince people that he's got a good idea to end death, but considering all of his horrible traits brought when someone brings up "Who Wants to Live Forever?," He becomes selfish and petty, ultimately showing he wants to live forever.
  • Sharp-Dressed Man: Always dressed like the refined gentleman that he is. Even when he's possessing Rourkie's body.
  • Walking Spoiler: It's really hard to talk about him without spoiling anything.

A shark woman from Atlantia, scholarly, fussy, and easily irritable.

  • Adorkable: Something about her shortness, her glasses, and her awkward, nerdy vibe gives this feeling to her, unless and until she betrays you.
  • Black Eyes of Crazy: Like all sharks, she has these, but she's neither evil or crazy.
  • Fish People: She originally came from Altantia, where most of her kind lives.
  • Ignored Expert: Warns people about the dangers of causing a Butterfly of Doom effect with the Shape What You Were Coins, but nobody listens to her, perhaps because she's bad at explaining exactly why.
  • It's Personal: Seven years ago, Rourkie's crew, including Morgana, attacked her ship and killed her husband. Though she saved him by using the Shape What You Were coins, he fell in love with someone else instead, and she holds a grudge against Morgana for that (though she's forced to admit it's not actually her fault at one point). She's even more offended that Morgana doesn't even remember.
  • Killed Off for Real: If Mila prioritizes getting revenge on Rourkie over saving Breena, she will die by the time Mila wakes up from getting a cannonball to the chest.
  • Resurrected Romance: Breena attempted this by using the "Shape What You Were" coin she found in order to save her husband from the same pirate attack orchestrated by Rourkie. Unfortunately, thanks to The Butterfly Effect, he ends up leaving her for another woman.
  • Shark Woman
  • Visual Pun: She's tiny, only a few feet tall, and wears what looks like a candleholder or a small oil lamp above her head on a pole. One can only assume she's a dwarf lanternshark.

The demonic gatekeeper of Hell, a truly evil, horned...squirrel, who is bubbly, perky, and slightly vapid while incisive at the same time.

    Sherry & Threyon
Who better to help others find love than a love-struck couple?
A pair of self-proclaimed matchmakers who run their own "Love Imperium (sic)", profess to be working to spread love around the world, and won't voluntarily help anyone unless it's to help them find true love.

  • Beware the Silly Ones: They might be ditzy romance gurus, but they regularly transform people, both in body and mind, and can cause Mila's crewmates no end of trouble because of it.
  • Big Beautiful Woman: At least, that's how Threyon views Sherry.
  • Boring, but Practical: What mystical solution does it take for them to back down on their "no refunds or subsitutions" policy? The queen threatening to come after them for tax evasion.
  • Bunny-Ears Lawyer: They are some of the sillier people the Dread Pirates encounter but they also demonstrate the best skill in controlling the power of the magic coins out of anyone else in the game.
  • Buxom Is Better: Threyon is constantly planted between his wife bosom and dislikes the idea of leaving.
  • Delusions of Eloquence: Just look at their shop name. "For all your intimidating needs!"
  • The Ditz: A more calculating example than most, but they're still scatterbrained and somewhat incompetent.
  • The Dividual: To the point that all of their sprites are shared.
  • Hidden Depths: It's stated that they are skilled researchers as well as matchmakers, a fact backed up by their large collection of artifacts and their skill in using the coin to enchant objects.
  • Karma Houdini: As silly as they are, they're as bad as Circe by forcefully transforming people into different species, genders and personalities if they consider it a better fit for you. But despite their actions, they never suffer any real karma aside from losing their coin. Downplayed in certain epilogues where you discover that after they lost their coin their business hasn't been doing anywhere near as well, so they didn't entirely escape the consequences of their actions.
  • Leitmotif: A song entitled "Romantic Rendezvous". It's a tango that makes liberal use of the accordion, guitar, and piano.
  • Love Freak: They both obsessed with romance. However...
    • Only in It for the Money: When you take their coin, they pout, and it's swiftly revealed that they're really more concerned with staying in business first.
    We might as well declare bureaucracy right now!
  • Marshmallow Hell: Or in this case Marshmallow Heaven, Threyon's head is constantly firmly planted in his wife's ample bosom.
  • The Matchmaker: Well, that's what they claim. Their actual modus operandi is to turn you into a form that they're sure will bring you love in one way or another.
  • Sickeningly Sweethearts: They constantly fawn over each other, and may or may not be doing something naughty in the back room when they step out. It's heavily implied that it was the power of the magic coins that made them this way.
  • Tiny Guy, Huge Girl: Sherry is twice Threyon's height and almost three times his width.
  • Transformation Trinket: Their stock in trade, and they won't hesitate to use them non-consensually if they don't like the way you're acting.

A character who appears in the epilogue of the Prisoner of Destiny.

  • Baleful Polymorph: The coin's magic transformed her into a giant snake woman.
  • Girl in the Tower: Her husband locked in a tower after her transformation into a giant snake. She eventually escape and
  • Retcon: She appeared in the prequel comic, but there she had been turned into an evil basilisk. In-universe this may be because of the Cosmic Retcon that occurred when Rourkie put on the crown.
  • Small Role, Big Impact: The magic coin that Mila had bought in the beginning of the game originally belonged to her.
  • There Was a Door: Seemingly burst through a wall when showing up at her husband's dinner party.

    Mr. Danforth 
A rich socialite who appears in the epilogue of the Prisoner of Destiny DLC.

  • Domestic Abuse: He abused his wife Tala and locked her in after she transformed into a giant snake. He also pawned all her belongings.
  • Obviously Evil: It took Darious only a few minutes to completely figure out his evil plan to cover up his wife's transformation and escape.
  • Red Herring: It's initially believed that he murdered his wife and tried to cover up her death. In reality, he was trying to cover up her transformation.
  • Small Role, Big Impact: He pawned all of his wife's belongings he locked her away, including her necklace with the magic coin. Mila's adventures can all be traced back to his scheming.

Spoiler Characters

Because of the nature of these two characters, it's highly recommended to play the game on a few routes before reading. You have been warned.

A mysterious lion in an old sailor's uniform, he has some ideas about your progress in finding the treasure.

  • Breaking the Fourth Wall: The only character to acknowledge the player, and, per Word of God, to be aware that he's in a visual novel, he at one point directs a knowing look at the player while casually commenting on how The Pirate's Fate is protected from causing a Time Paradox.
  • Classy Cane
  • Cool Airship / Zeppelins From Another Worl
  • Could Say It, But...: He knows exactly what the truth about the coins is, but claims to be sworn to provide no more information than cryptic suggestions and hints.
  • Does Not Like Shoes: Quite curiously given his elaborate outfit, he's bare-footed. But you'll only see this if you look at the art book.
  • Mysterious Backer: He intervenes to save the crew's life on multiple occasions in different timelines, provided Darious with The Pirate's Fate to begin with, and has his own ideas of how the timelines should unfold. His full reasons for doing so are not completely revealed.
  • Mysterious Stranger: There's probably even less known about him than Indigo.
  • Omniscient Morality License: He gets upset when you try to use the coins to prevent deaths, but he's more than willing to enable you to escape death and, yes, travel back in time to do so if it's on his own terms.
  • Walking Spoiler: He's far more important he he initially might seem, so anything related to him is going to be a spoiler.

    Indigo Jack
A snarky shark just trying to do his job.
The shark librarian and custodian of the Library of Forbidden Knowledge. He knows a lot more than he's letting on, and he doesn't hesitate to drop implications, moral judgments, and snarky jabs.

  • Beige Prose: For a librarian, Indigo is shockingly plain spoken. This does not take away from his snarky nature.
  • Black Eyes of Crazy: Like all sharks, he has these, but he's neither evil nor crazy.
  • Brutal Honesty: Indigo will not hold back if he thinks you are lacking in some way.
  • Catchphrase: Has three of them.
    Welcome to the Library of Forbidden Knowledge. Try not to mess up any of the books.
    Oh, that's for you to decide for yourselves. Hey, it's your money, isn't it?
  • Deadpan Snarker: Right from the start he asks you to not mess up his books, as if he's expecting you to.
  • Death by Genre Savviness: Correctly points out in one ending that even if he were to help Lazerby with his scheme to end death as we know it, he'll just shoot him anyways. Lazerby confirms this and does just that.
  • Geek Physique: Of the tall and thin variety. Indigo is one of the scrawniest characters in the whole game and stands at a solid six feet tall.
  • False Reassurance: He'll point out that it doesn't matter if he thinks you're completely evil with no redeeming qualities, at least the test thinks you're worthy of the coins. That's all that matters, right?
  • Final Boss: Well, not in the traditional sense, but he is usually the last NPC encountered and seen by the crew in most runs of the game and he is the one to trap people inside magic books in order to test their character. Those that pass are given the opportunity to use the coins to change the world.
  • Fish People: His clothes implies he came from the same society as the sharks of Alantia.
  • Gentleman Snarker: Speaks very politely even while insulting you to your face.
  • Iconic Outfit: Dresses in the same style of clothes that every other shark in the game does. Although unlike most sharks who wear robes, his outfit actually has proper pants.
  • I Never Told You My Name: Even if he doesn't hear them say their names out loud, he'll still refer to the crew members by name. They don't seem to notice given it's the end of their journey and they have more important things to worry about. It's implied that Indigo has been, or at least could, watch them from the safety of the library.
    • Justified in at least one ending where Steamchaser introduced Leeko to Indigo but had Leeko's memory of the event erased.
    Indigo: Leeko, good to see you again.
    Leeko: Again? I've never met you before.
    Indigo: (smiles) If you say so.
  • Killed Off for Real: In the ending where you forgive and recruit Brock, he's shot by Lazerby. He'll bleed to death off screen.
  • Leaning on the Fourth Wall: If after Indigo says "Farewell...", and Hyper Angel!Mila agrees to save Rourkie Crew!Morgana per Young!Darious' wishes, after saving her, Indigo will begin to tell you to gather the coins only to stop himself and mention that you already heard all of this before. It's important to note that while Mila and co have traveled back in time, from Indigo's perspective, this is the first time he was telling them to gather the coins.
  • Leitmotif: A song entitled "How Interesting". Though it could arguably also double as a theme for the library itself.
  • Magic Librarian: It's not clear if he can use magic himself, but he does watch over books with magical properties and it's safe to assume he has extensive knowledge on magic itself.
  • Magic Mirror: Owns one of these, which is actually visible onscreen in the background. Some routes involve you getting closer to it. Indigo can use this to see into other timelines and have done so many times before. It can also be used to travel to another timeline as long as that person also still exists in the alternate timeline. Alternate versions of both Mila and Morgana are forced to use this mirror in some endings and will be encountered by the crew in other endings of the game on different paths.
  • Mathematician's Answer: Gives one of these when he says that Mila was lucky she was being judged by herself. When Devil!Mila asks if he was referring to her or Angel!Mila, Indigo doesn't even respond to the question.
  • Meaningful Name: His name is Indigo and his skin is indigo colored.
  • Morton's Fork: No matter what choices you make in one path, Indigo will still disapprove no matter what as he carefully explains why your choice was always the wrong one.
  • Mr. Exposition: Downplayed. He'll at least explain that the purpose of the library is to ensure only the worthy gets to use the coins but there is a lot more he's aware of that he won't explain.
  • Mysterious Past: Where did he come from? How did he become the librarian? Why did he choose this as a job? We might never know.
  • Mysterious Stranger: Aside from the fact that he works as the librarian and he is the one to test people to see if they are worthy to use the power of the coins, next to nothing is actually known about him as a person, let alone his past.
  • Mysterious Watcher: It's not known how much he knows about the crew before they get to the library, but he's almost always watching them when they are inside one of his book tests. The crew will not find this out until they pass.
    • Given that in one ending he knows whether or not you choose to accidentally solidify Queen Nakhta's grip on the throne or chose to straight up assassinate her via poisoning and he also knows the crew's names before they even show up, it's safe to say that he does have the ability to observe the outside world. In fact, he flat out says in that same path that the mirror showed him alternate timelines where the crew made different choices.
  • Nice Hat
  • Non-Action Snarker: The worst he'll do is [trap people in a book test, and that's just because it's his job.
  • Not So Stoic: Normally responds to everything in either bored detachment, weary disapproval, or wry amusement. Except when he's suitably shocked or surprised enough.
  • Obfuscating Stupidity: Downplayed. He doesn't act outright stupid, but he does pretend to be ignorant about certain things until the crew can pass one of his book tests. Then he'll reveal some of what he knows, but not necessarily everything.
  • Portal Book: He can create these using magical parchment and the library is filled with an infinite amount of these.
  • "The Reason You Suck" Speech: Indigo is never afraid to speak his mind, but he's absolutely brutal in one of the endings where he claims that Mila, Leeko, and Morgana are completely evil.
    • In fact, in one ending, he actually tells Mila that he specifically prepared a speech in order to carefully explain in detail how evil she is but says that Goat!Morgana's disapproval and grief over Mila's actions is punishment enough.
  • Secret Test of Character: Passes these out to anyone seeking to use the power of the coins using magic books.
  • Shark Man
  • Squishy Wizard: Has some magical knowledge but he easily dies in one ending where Lazerby shoots him.
  • The Snark Knight: Unless you do something to impress him, Indigo is not afraid to speak his mind as bluntly as possible, even to a nine-feet-tall Mila who could crush him with one hand.
  • Threshold Guardian: [His job as librarian involves trapping people in magical books to test their character to see if they're worthy of the coins' power.
  • Vague Age: It's hard to tell how old he's supposed to be. He does look to be on the young side, but this is complicated because a secret ending where Mila becomes another guardian of the coins in the same library implies that guardians can live forever as long as they stay in the library. And Indigo is only encountered inside the library, so...
  • Walking Spoiler: Usually the last NPC the crew interacts with in most paths and is the final guardian of the coins and the final destination of anyone who seeks to use their full power.
  • Weak, but Skilled: Seems to have no combat prowess whatsoever. But you don't need to fight if you can trap people inside of magic books before they can react.
  • What Happened to the Mouse?: Given that he's only encountered in the library, it's not clear what he actually means when he says "Farewell..." and disappears off screen. But given his knowledge about magic and the magic mirror he maintains, it's possible he could even leave the timelines he's encountered inside of altogether.
  • What the Hell, Hero?: Will not hesitate to call out Mila for a flaw in either her character or her actions.
  • Wide Eyes and Shrunken Irises: Has these in two of his poses to indicate shock or surprise. Mostly for comedic effect.


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