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This is the character sheet for the The Legend Of Heroes Tales Of The World.

There are a lot of Zero-Context Example entries.

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    The Pride 

These tropes apply to all of The Pride:
"Estelle Fenix does not run away from a fight!"

Estelle Fenix
"The world is a big place, full of wonderful, amazing things. You only need to open your eyes."

Marcus Wiseman
"Come and get some if you think you're 'ard enough!"

Moira Dennis
"Woah, hang on a minute-!"

Syed Dyjani
"How about a nice tall glass of I don't give a rat's ass?"

"Hashtag OMG YOLO!"

Trixie May
"You see, even a beauty like myself is still, as you say, a 'near complete stranger'. For all you know, I could use that exclusion to my advantage."

Selan Leclair

Don Capuello
"... If you interfere, I will be forced to arrest you as well! Or else my name isn't Lisette Marchand!"

Lisette Marchand

"Oh Aislin!"

Dylan Sanders
"Do you know what happened to the man who lost his entire left side? Well, he's all right now. Get it? Pretty funny, yeah?"

Lucien Maddox

Aria Corvus

Xandra Farren

Lute Aiserigh

"How is a brother supposed to get some with a scrubby little chaperone hanging about all the time?"


Nani Sterling



Quentin Theopolis Hobart

Tobias "Tobi" Zenmyr

  • The Bus Came Back: Tobi departed the Pride when his writer departed the RP group. However, nearly two years later, he makes a reappearance as an escort to a new character, Nani. Seeing as the two are pirates, it makes sense that he would be in charge of rehabilitating her.


"We do not steal! We do not cheat! We do not lie! We do the mission that we're given by our client and we fulfill it to the letter, to the best of our ability!"

Largo "The Lion" Mann

Colchester "Cole" Grale

Nikkolaira Wyatt
"Whatever. Just don't slow me down!"

Trent Walker


Ruana Aiseirigh

  • Beauty Is Never Tarnished: Ruana is E-rank and, judging by her magic, handles frontline defense/offense... yet doesn't have a single blemish on her skin.
  • Super Strength
  • Lady of War
    • Cute Bruiser: Back when she was still a kid and was unable to access her magic. Lute and Atlas have vivid memories of getting beaten to a bloody pulp whenever she caught them bickering.
  • Lame Comeback: Tried to bait the saboteurs by calling them "lollipop noodles".

Atlas Keyes

Caspian "Crispin" Ocelot

     Antagonists and Bosses 

Gaoh Capuello










Neil Hunter

Penelope Stevenson

Rhoden Stevenson

  • Elemental Powers: Rhoden's a water mage. Seeing as he works at a spa by a lake, it comes in handy.

Marcy De Groiller

Harvey Jr.

  • The Big Guy: He's actually a naive little sweetheart too.





  • Four Eyes, Zero Soul: He's a young, attractive, glasses-wearing man that works for a slave-trading business.

Jon Nimbus

  • Nose Art: His ship has a shark face painted along its nose. Among other graffiti art.


    Notable NP Cs 


Josette Capuello

Shiloh Reiss

  • Casting a Shadow: His primary focus is shadow magic. Specifically, shadow hands.
  • Dark Is Not Evil: During Lisette and Amy's fight against Jack and Valentine, Shiloh uses his shadow hands to snip Kapi free from his roped trap. It's revealed then that he has shadow magic, though unlike Jack, Shiloh assists the protagonists before taking off without such much a goodbye.
  • Defector from Decadence: According to Jack and Valentine's reactions to his interference in their fight with Lisette and Amy, Shiloh used to work for or alongside them. Only after the Family's intentions are revealed to the Pride does he defect.
  • Mysterious Protector: Bonus points for wearing a mage's robe and hood. His class name was even "Enigmatic Stranger" for that chapter. After Trixie frees the Pride members from their cells, they found their weapons and belongings in boxes just outside the dungeon - courtesy of Shiloh.
  • Spock Speak: His English is underdeveloped.

    Moira's Siblings 

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