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    431: Digimon: Digital Monsters # 1 
  • The title card features Linkara dressed as Tai, as he and Agumon look in confusion at a frozen Jason Voorhees. It Makes Just As Much Sense In Context.
  • Linkara replicating the Off-Model expressions that Tai and Sora made in the comic.
  • When the kids notice something glowing in the clouds:

    432: PATREON: Phonogram: The Immaterial Girl 
  • When Linkara sees dialogue about how music criticism should be more "radically militant."
    Linkara: My god! The music critics are mobilizing! What's Todd in the Shadows doing right now?!
    [Cut to Todd sleeping]

    433: PATREON: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles # 1 
  • "I'd actually start watching the Wrong Turn movies if they featured the Ninja Turtles fighting inbred cannibals."
  • This bit:
    Leonardo: With his sai, Raphael guards my right side. I sense his body quivering with tense energy, waiting to be triggered into savage, slashing release!
    Linkara (as Raphael): For the ninth time Leo, I really have to pee!
  • One of the Purple Dragon gang members as who are the turtles.
  • Linkara suggesting that the battle between the Ninja Turtles and Shredder took place on top of a club that happening to be playing "Against the Ninja" while the fight was going on.

    434: Trouble # 3 
  • The title card, this time being a Call-Back to the one for Catwoman: Guardian of Gotham #2, with a pregnant Aunt May with Linkara as Jerry Springer and Catwoman and the caption, "I'm in an unnecessary comic AND PREGNANT!"
  • It's brief, but Linkara quietly remarks to himself in slight shock that it took himself two years to get back to reviewing this series.
  • During the recap, Linkara mentions that, in the previous issue, it was revealed that Aunt May "had a Mickey Mouse fetish, that she wanted to buy the Mystery Machine from Scooby-Doo, and that she once ate a stack of Post-It Notes on a bet."
    Linkara: One of those three things did not actually happen. If you haven’t watched the previous Trouble review, I bet you’ll be surprised which one it is.note 
  • After Ben mocks the other guys and saying they're just jealous because they've only got Mrs. Palm and her five lovely daughters to keep them company.
    Linkara: Eh, say what you will. At least they're loyal.
  • As Ben is at a florist buying some flowers for May:
    Linkara (as Ben): Also, hai doggy.
  • Linkara's reaction to Ben's face when he's having sex with May on the golf course.
  • Ben shares his suspicion with Mary that May might be seeing someone else on the side:
    Ben: Just the fact that every time I try to talk to her about going steady, she changes the subject to Richard Nixon or Evel Knievel or whatever the hell else pops into her head.
    Linkara (as Ben): I wouldn't mind so much, but she keeps talking about Richard Nixon while we're having sex and it's getting kind of weird...
  • This gem:
    Mr. Shelby: Ah, Ben, just the fellow: This gentlemen dropped a roast potato down his shorts. Could you escort him to the men's room?
    Linkara: Well, I'm pretty sure this romance comic is about to hit us with a huge swerve in the relationships. I just don’t know if turning it into a gay porno was really the right way to go about it.
  • In The Stinger, after a panel of her sarcastically commenting about hurting Ben's feelings as she continues to cheat on him, Linkara concludes that Aunt May was really in cahoots with Mephisto the entire time.
  • In the comments section on the Youtube upload, one person made the unfortunate realization:
    JohnnyElRed8: I just have this mental picture of Peter Parker finding his parents and uncle Ben and aunt May diaries about all of this.
    It wasn't Kraven buring him alive. It wasn't the Green Goblin killing Gwen. Oh, no.
    It was discovering than his father and his aunt were horrible people, the thing that made him finally snap and become a supervillain.

    Episode CDXXXV: The Star Wars # 4 
  • The title card, with Linkara as Greedo hesitating to shoot Han Solo, who looks like Old Gregg.

    436: PATREON: The Spectacular Spider-Man, Season 1, Episode 10 - "Persona" 
  • Linkara comments about how the Title Theme Tune has plenty of energy, but also a guitar riff that sounds rather mellow, the latter of which he demonstrates by wearing some Cool Shades with the riff playing in the background.
    Linkara: (nonchalantly) Yeah. I'm cool. No biggie.
  • Black Cat's attraction to Spider-Man in the episode (despite her possibly being an adult and Spidey being a teenager) leads to Linkara explaining a similar event that happened in the Ultimate comics... only in that instance Black Cat threw up all over Spidey after finding out he was a teenager.
  • At one point, he mentions one of the scientists working on the symbiote project, who happens to be Curt Connors' wife, Martha.
  • After Peter yells at Jonah for blaming Spider-Man for taking the symbiote:
    Jameson: The Bugle only prints facts! And whatever it takes to connect the facts together.
    Linkara (as Jameson): We call those "Alternative Facts!" ...No, no, not even I can say that seriously. And I once invested in a robot to capture Spider-Man with my face on it.
  • The Black Cat mentions she was hired by a "certain captain of industry" was hired to steal the symbiote for scientific potential.
    Linkara: Dammit, Tony Stark! There are other solutions to hair loss than this!

    437: Youngblood # 9 
  • More than a bit of snark was had for the cameos of Marvel characters from a series by creators who really did not like writing other people's stories.

    438: The A-Team # 2 
  • The title card, featuring Linkara and B.A. Baracus being sat on by a sumo wrestler.
  • The comic mentions that the design of the cult's temple felt like time-warping to Japan centuries in the past. As such, Linkara does his "Time Warp" Running Gag, only this time it leads to him traveling through an actual time-warp and ending up in Feudal Japan.
  • Mr. T having another flashback to his brief rap career.

    439: PATREON: The Batman/Superman Movie: World's Finest 
  • Linkara laments that he couldn't make any comparisons to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, since he came up with five different Martha jokes, and ten references to Lex's pee bottle.
  • When the President's plane is hijacked, and the Hijackers threaten the Reporters, there.
  • Lois offers to set up a meeting between Bruce Wayne and Superman.
    Linkara (as Batman): N-No! It's not like I care about him or anything, baka! (Beat) OMG, does he think I'm cute?!
  • At a nightclub, Batman interrogates a crook in order to know where the Joker is.
    Crook: Who knows? Makin' "ha-ha" with Harley Quinn.
    Linkara (as Batman): But what would he even want with Nelson Muntz?
  • When Superman discovers Batman's secret identity, we get this banter:
    Superman: Bruce Wayne?
    Linkara (as Batman): Hi Bruce Wayne, I'm Batman.
    Linkara (as Superman): What? N-no, you're Bruce Wayne!
    Linkara (as Batman): Am not.
    Linkara (as Superman): Yes, you are!
    Linkara (as Batman): Then who are you?
    Linkara (as Superman): I'm Clark Kent — aw, dammit!
    Linkara (as Batman): (smugly) Still got it!
    • Later, after Lois discovers Batman's identity, he tries the trick again:
      Lois Lane: So when were you going to tell me, the honeymoon?
      Linkara (as Batman): Uh... Oh my God, Lois! You're Bruce Wayne?!
      Linkara (as Lois): What? I-I'm Lois!
      Linkara (as Batman): Ha! You admitted it!
      Linkara (as Lois): (Death Glare)
      Linkara (as Batman): Well, it was worth a try!
  • Linkara's rant about Harley Quinn's alternating outfits, which he only does because he's contractually obligated to dislike something in his reviews.
  • During the scene where Luthor chews out the Joker, Linkara points out that the former's head grows huge for a moment, and then says to never go to a business meeting while in DK mode.
  • Bruce points out that Lois likes Superman and Bruce Wayne, but isn't crazy about their respective alter-egos. Superman then says it's too bad they can't mix and match.
    Linkara (as Superman): Well, our character models are pretty similar. We could throw on each other's clothes and see if anybody notices.
    Linkara (as Batman): Nah, save it for another crossover.
  • At the end, after Clark tells Bruce that they worked pretty well together, but that he wouldn't want it to be a regular event:
    Linkara (as Batman): Agreed! Absolutely never wanna work with you again! Never, ever! (Beat) We're gonna be in almost every episode of Justice League together, aren't we?
    Linkara (as Superman): Yep.
    Linkara (as Batman): Thought so.

     440: See You Next Mirror - Part 1: Exiles #1- 61 
  • After seeing a demon Spider-Man in one of the alternate worlds, Linkara couldn't let a joke about One More Day and a reversed version of it slide.
  • Linkara admits that he likes the villain Baron Blood. Why? Because he's not only a vampire, but a Nazi vampire, which gives him a +2 on the scale of how much we wants to see him beat up.
  • When Linkara brings up David Richards, he mentions how he's the grandson of Scott Summers, Jean Grey, and Reed and Sue Richards.
    Linkara: Also, with this family tree, I fully expect Sonic the Hedgehog is in there somewhere.

     441: See You Next Mirror - Part 2: The Rest of Exiles 

     442: Reagan's Raiders # 1 

     443: PATREON: Fist of the North Star Chapter 1 
  • Linkara hopes that by the time the review goes up, his then-taken-down YouTube channel will be restored so people can watch it.
    Linkara: In the meantime, though, we're going to skip straight to the theme song so I can scream for a full minute. (deep inhale) AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA—!!
    (theme song starts)
  • When Linkara dives into the review (since he didn't have a physical copy on hand - in spite of ordering one online, and Amazon claiming it was "Expected... a few days ago"), he makes this note when the story begins with an atomic explosion.

     444: Godzilla: Kingdom of Monsters # 4 

    445: PATREON: Iron Man, Season 1, Episode 13 - "The Wedding of Iron Man" 
  • The title card, featuring a smiling Spider-Woman, a tied-up Tony Stark, and a befuddled Linkara as the preacher.
  • When bringing up the comic series Force Works, which partially inspired the Iron Man animated series, Linkara once again questions the point of a "proactive" superhero team.
    Linkara: Is there just an assumption that when superheroes aren't punching criminals, they're sitting on their asses in the lounge watching daytime soaps?
  • Linkara getting the idea that Hypnotia is turned on by 90's slang.
  • The Mandarin's Ad-Break Double-Take where he cackles over how "Tony Stark is a dead man! A dead man!"
    Linkara (as Justin Hammer): Hypnotia, he has been saying that for ten minutes now! Shouldn't we do something?
    Linkara (as Hypnotia): Mmmmm... First, say "Radical" again.
  • When Hawkeye becomes incoherent in the middle of a sentence.
    Linkara: Guys, did Hawkeye have a stroke between scenes?
  • Linkara makes a few complaints about Hawkeye's depiction in the show, from his inability to speak clearly to his unclear accent, but when Hawkeye uses a hoverbike to run over the villains, he immediately takes it all back.
  • At one point, Linkara comments that the Mandarin's Cool Starship was nicked off of Rick Sanchez.

    446: Athena # 3 
  • The title card, with Linkara dusting away a large dust cloud of Zeus... while wearing the golden thong from the title card of the last issue.

    447: PATREON: Batman: The Dark Knight #1- 3 
  • The title card, Linkara and the White Rabbit reenact the famous "But you didn't do anything" exchange from Sailor Moon.
  • Linkara's reaction to Two-Face renaming himself "One-Face":
    Linkara: I saw some people thinking this was some serious status quo for Two-Face. Leaving aside how hard it is for comics to have a status quo anymore, people thought this was gonna stick?! That Two-Face would be a huge brute who called himself One-Face now, despite clearly still having half of his face melted? The fact that One-Face is a stupid friggin' name because everybody has one face already?! That's like naming a villain "Breathes Oxygen"! It's kind of assumed already! Like...what is this?! What is the point of this?!
    • And later...
    Two-Face: It's coming, Batman. A world full of people like me who've finally woken up.
    Linkara: (as Two-Face) Soon, we will ALL be One-Face!
  • The use of Barry Burton's call for Wesker when talking about The Ventriloquist (who is named Arnold Wesker).
  • The Stinger counts as well:
    White Rabbit: I like you.
    Linkara (as White Rabbit): You can call me One-Boob from now on.

    448: Patreon Viewers' Choice: The New Teen Titans Anti-Drug Giveaway # 2 
  • The title card is a Call-Back to "The Tandy Computer Whiz Kids: A Deadly Choice", with the Protector and Starfire instead of Alec and Shanna, and the shady drug pusher is none other than SNOWFLAME!
  • Linkara makes another remark about the ridiculous names of certain drugs:
    Linkara: Yo dog, I got something new for you to try out. You want a hit of... "Burger Morpher"?
  • Apparently, cocaine, amphetamines, marijuana, and hashish are "pyschologically" addictive, meaning the more you have to pee, the more addicted you are.
  • In the comic, one of the drug dealers' girlfriends has pink hair, leading Linkara to make this joke:
    Coral: Oh Adam, don't be silly. I only care about you. But you weren't paying any attention to me. So I decided to make you jealous!
    Linkara: What? But that's outrageous! Truly, truly, truly outrageous!
  • Linkara's Crosses the Line Twice reaction to the scene where two teenagers are sniffing cocaine from off the bathroom floor.
  • In the ending text, Linkara suggests that all the state funding for lectures against drugs accidentally got diverted to the school for the Tandy Computer Whiz Kids.
  • The Stinger. Another public service announcement from Snowflame, who has been hiding in the background of several previous reviews. He follows that up with a Spoof Aesop about fire safety.
    Snowflame: And finally, remember what Snowflame says: keep the fire in your nose, and not in your house!

    449: Event Comics Month: Crisis on Infinite Earths 
  • The title card is (naturally) a parody of the cover of Issue #7, filled with other versions of Linkara from past title cards and the Thing from Starstream. All of them are crying, except for Liefeld-Kara, though whose mouth looks sad despite his scowling face.
  • Linkara mentions how the main threat that brought all the heroes together was called "The Librarian". Cue clip of Conan the Librarian.
  • "But then the Monitor appears... on a monitor. Yo dawg."
  • When he gets to the merged Earth 1 and Earth 2 seen in later chapters, he declares that it still makes more sense than the ending of Power Rangers Dino Charge.
  • After the Joker states that he wants to colorize silent comedy films:
    Linkara: The Joker works for Ted Turner? He IS evil!
  • As Kamandi is being saved by Earth-2 Superman:
    Kamandi: Superman?
    Superman: How do you— ah, of course... You must have met my Earth-1 counterpart.
    Linkara (as Kamandi): Actually, in my world, you work with chicken robots and have a huge Santa Claus beard.
    Linkara (as Superman): Oh no, we're not in the right Kamandi timeline!
  • Still using the whiny voice for Superboy Prime even despite not being his more infamous genocidal Wangsty version, even out-of-context it makes it sound like a stereotypical nerd.
  • Reading the Psycho-Pirate's final monologue:
    Psycho-Pirate: You see, I like to remember the past because those were better times than now. I mean, I'd rather live in the past than today, would you? I mean, nothing's ever certain anymore. Nothing's ever predictable like it used to be. These days, y-you never know who's going to die... and who's going to live.
    Linkara: And thus: the Psycho-Pirate became the Nostalgia Critic!

    450: Event Comics Month: Secret Wars 

    451: Event Comics Month: The Infinity Gauntlet 
  • After pointing out the entire event is basically Thanos trying to woo death, Linkara spends most of the review playing it like if it was a date between the two, even giving Thanos' dating advices and criticizing his methods:
    "Not too late to take her to a movie she'll like, Thanos! Extra points if it's something you know you'll hate!"
    "Oh, dude, don't tell a woman to smile! This is why she won't go to prom with you!"
    "Well, yeah, dude, nobody likes it when their date only talk about themselves and how wonderful they are! Jeez, you suck at this, Thanos!"
    "Well, you see how bad this date is going? He's gonna start claiming she friendzoned him anytime, now!"
    (As Thanos, after he ended up trapped in space by Nebula): "In retrospect, maybe I should have just given Death some chocolate..."
  • Since Mephisto is in this event, Linkara wastes no time making One More Day jokes, including the demon offering to buy Thanos' marriage with Death, and this:
    (after Thanos tried to kill Mephisto): "Unfortunately, we are denied the glory of seeing that One More Day-causing dickhead get his due..."
  • Linkara's suggestion of what Thanos should do with the power of the Infinity Gauntlet include making a Star Wars/Star Trek crossover finally happen, or turning his chin smooth.
  • This line:
    Thanos: Any result that displeases me, I can simply reverse!
  • When Thanos presents a disfigured, half-dead Nebula to Death:
    Linkara (as Thanos): I shall impress you, Lady Death... BY GIVING HER A MAKEOVER!
  • When Thanos creates Terraxia to make Death jealous, Linkara refers to it as Thanos making a Rule 63 version of himself.
  • Linkara's theory that Death has a walkman under her robe playing "No Scrubs" on repeat.
  • At one point in the story, Thanos mentioned "I was a man" in reference to before he got the Infinity Gauntlet. Cue an Infinity Gauntlet wearing Linkara doing his "I AM A MAN!" punch (in this case, "I WAS A MAN!"), with him causing a ripple in the fabric of reality that he compares to one of Superboy-Prime's punches.
  • Of all the things for Linkara to be weirded out by, it's the fact that Eternity, the living embodiment of the Marvel Universe, has horns.

    452: Event Comics Month: Flashpoint 
  • The title card, a recreation of the first issue's cover with Linkara as Athena replacing Barry, and Snowflame, Mechakara, Pollo, and Tuckerthing replacing the Flashpoint versions of Aquaman, Cyborg, Batman, and Wonder Woman.
  • When it's revealed Wonder Woman and the Amazons became man-hating invaders in this timeline, Linkara expresses his disgust that, despite all the considerable changes compared to the main timeline, they still had Amazons Attack.
  • Upon seeing Barry's first attempt to repower himself resulted in severe burns all over his body, he joins in the cry of the fans of The Flash (2014): Damn it, Barry!
  • Linkara notes how finding the Reverse-Flash costume inside Barry's Flash Ring makes Thomas completely believe Barry about the timeline being altered when moments ago he was beating him up and calling him delusional.
    Flashpoint!Batman: [after Barry explains to him who Eobard Thawne is] The Reverse-Flash? Why would his uniform be inside your ring? And how does it even fit in there?
    Linkara: [as Flashpoint!Batman] And why am I suddenly talking to you about future people, and "Reverse-Flashes", and people named "Eobard" when a second ago I was beating the snot out of you? And isn't your finger broken, shouldn't you be in constant pain right now?
    • Speaking of what Thomas thinks about the name "Eobard", this moment occurs when Flashpoint!Batman stabs Professor Zoom:
      Flashpoint!Batman: Doctor's advice: When you're in the middle of a war, don't stand still.
      Linkara: [as Flashpoint!Batman] And "Eobard" is a stupid name, your future is dumb, and you should feel dumb!
  • Linkara suggesting that in the Flashpoint timeline, Bruce Wayne's death was caused by rock and roll music.
    • Adding to that, despite the fact that Flashpoint!Batman is Thomas Wayne, Bruce's father, he still hates rock and roll. Then again, there was this one flashback in Fortunate Son, so it must run in the family.
  • When Thomas initially refuses to help fight in the war between the Amazons and Atlantians, Barry convinces him by saying it's what Bruce would've done.
    Linkara: [as The Flash] Hey Thomas, get me some coffee.
    Linkara: [as Flashpoint!Batman] Get your own coffee, Barry.
    Linkara: [as The Flash] Bruce would've gotten me coffee...
    Linakra: [as Flashpoint!Batman] Cream and sugar?
  • Once the Flashpoint timeline is rebooted into the New 52, this conversation with the Flash and Batman ensues.
    Batman: The whole world changed because you tried to prevent your mother's murder?
    The Flash: And it was on the brink of destruction before I changed it back.
    Batman: But now, everything's back to "normal"?
    The Flash: As far as I can tell.
    Linkara: Good! Because I need to get back on to work on defeating my new nemesis: One-Face!
  • After the Flash chastises himself over the fact that he caused the Flashpoint timeline by going back in time to save his mother, Batman reassures Barry that he would have done the same thing.
    Linkara: [as The Flash] You would travel back in time to save MY mother?
    Linkara: [as Batman] Well, to be perfectly frank, Barry... She is kinda hot.
    Linkara: [as The Flash] Dude! Not cool!

    453: Babylon 5 # 1 
  • During the intro, Linkara brings up two previous comics by Babylon 5 creator J. Michael Straczynski he's covered on the show, and states that he's not going to hold them against him, since One More Day wasn't his choice and... then realizes he has no such excuse for Superman #701. "Well, that comic was over there, and over there needs to take care of its own problems."

    Episode CDLIV: The Star Wars # 5 

    455: PATREON: All-New Ghost Rider Vol. 2: Legend 
  • The title card, featuring Linkara grinning evilly as he shows Robbie the two live-action Ghost Rider movies.
  • This exchange:
    Nikolai: ID, please.
    Eli: Ain't got one, Nikolai. ...heh-heh. I'm a minor now.
    Linkara! Eli: Heh-heh-heh... I'm not old enough to drink. I can finally get my life together!

    456: Robocop vs. The Terminator # 2 
  • The title card, featuring Linkara and Superman eating popcorn while watching Murphy and the Terminator stare each other down.
  • During the intro, Linkara sets up a Tempting Fate joke about how we're in good hands because DC never got around to continuing All-Star Batman & Robin, the Boy Wonder like they said they would, only to be interrupted by the cover of All-Star Batman. The real joke here, as he then clarifies, is that the comic in question has nothing to do with ASBAR or Frank Miller, and is written by Scott Snyder for DC Rebirth.
    Linkara: The dude has long since proven his abilities as a Batman writer, and even established that, indeed, his Batman likes rock and roll. Does this mean the end of my "Batman hates rock and roll" gag?! Nope. It's been this long since Batman: Fortunate Son, and I am still wildly entertained by Batman's irrational hatred of rock music. Plus, you know, I love to beat recurring gags into the ground. Ain't that right Cyberleader?
    Cyberleader: There is logic in what he says.

    457: Superman vs. The Terminator # 2 
  • The title card again, this time with Superman and RoboCop having swapped places, so it's now Clark staring down the Terminator, and Alex eating popcorn with Linkara and watching.

    458: Tandy Computer Whiz Kids: News By Computer Foils Kidnappers 

    459: Ultimate Power # 4 
  • The title card: Linkara trapped among a nonstop barrage of Greg Land's rendition of Susan Storm's shocked face.
  • Linkara showing off Comicron Two's holodeck, cycling through the ship's normal bridge, the old Star Trek bridge, Comicron One's old bridge, and...the stage of Pyramid. For when he just wants something weird.

    460: PATREON: Delicious in Dungeon, Ch. 1 
  • Amidst all the Nightmare Fuel in this episode (bar the review segment...somewhat), Harvey and Vyce spend much of the post-review segments at each other's throats. The way they play off each other is hilarious, almost childish on Vyce's part. Crowning moment goes to Harvey referring to Vyce as a "rejected Power Rangers villain", who promptly slowly turns towards Harvey to leer at him in indignation.
    • Doubly funny when if you remember what inspired and prompted Lewis to create Vyce's character and design in the first place: Lord Zedd as a truly well-designed menacing villain, and challenging himself to make much better suits than the embarrassing designs of Zedd's Dark Rangers.
  • The pocket dimension 90's Kid sent himself, Linkara's allies, and Vyce (and later Erin) in to protect themselves? Linksano notes that a certain "Crow cosplayer" hosts his horror show there!

    461: Batman Odyssey # 1 
  • The title card: Batman holds up a gun in each hand and proclaims in a crazy manner: "I like cheese whiz!"
  • In order to reflect Batman's less professional costume from the flashback, Linkara decides to wear a poorly-made cloth mask for his dialogue.

    462: PATREON: Asterix the Legionary 
  • Describing Asterix and Obelix as cosplaying as Thor and Pippi Longstocking respectively.
  • His repeated jokes about the names of various characters and the fact that, apparently, someone named them that. Some parents name their children after heroic figures, others after taxes.
    • "Dubius Status"
    Linkara: Just because you thought your wife was cheating on you, doesn't mean you have to take it out on the kid!

    463: Comic Book Quickies # 7 
  • The title card, featuring Linkara and The Atom being chased by Waddles.
  • Lord Vyce and 90's Kid discussing Vyce's loss.
    Vyce: I find myself asking: what am I fighting for?
    90's Kid: A world more radical...than sadical.
    Vyce: Indeed.
    • And later when the ship starts repairing itself.
      90's Kid: Bodacious!
      Vyce: Not the word I would use but it is adequate.

    464: PATREON: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Ep. 1- 4 
  • After George wakes up from his crash to ask Dario's name.
    Linkara: Call me Zoosmell Pooplord.
  • During the intro, Linkara notes that he hasn't seen the show before but has probably seen a lot of the Memes referenced and will finally be getting context for them. Sure enough, a few minutes in:
    Linkara: Oh hey, I finally have context for that "But it was I, Dio!" meme. And it's based on assaulting a girl, what?!
    • Despite this, Linkara proceeds to come up with multiple variations of the "But it was I" meme. After Dio slaps Erina for washing her mouth out with muddy water after the forced kiss:
      Linkara (as Dio): You didn't think a person could find new ways to be human garbage, but it was I, Dio!
  • After finding out that the fourth episode is titled "Overdrive", he declares that JoJo will be fighting in a terrible Power Rangers season.
  • This quote after Speedwagon discovers the carriage driver's head replaced with a horse's head.
    Damn it, man, this is no time for your Bojack Horseman cosplay!"
  • Calling Jack the Ripper "Ransik" after seeing him sprout blades from his body.
  • "...Aaaaand then Jack the Ripper pops out of a horse. Welp... Gotta admit, I think we've definitely reached the 'bizarre' part of the adventure..."

    465: PATREON: Thunderbirds Are Go 
  • His reaction to the Tag Line of the film:
  • In a Meta-Sense. When talking about the Film's Pacing, Linkara explains by the time the crew are loaded in to the Zero-X Ship, the film reaches the ten minute mark. Coincidentally, he says this, just as the review itself reaches the ten minute mark!
  • Linkara notices that Lady Penelope's car can become a boat, similar to the Batmobile, but claims that her car is more awesome, cause it is bright pink!
  • The dream sequence causes a lot of funny lines from Linkara, such as:
    • When the car begins to fly:
      Linkara (as Parker): Roads, Alan!? Where we're going, we don't need roads!
    • During a song number from Cliff Richard (Junior)...
      Linkara: Remember when this film had a plot?
    • Linkara questions why Alan is dreaming of a random cutaway to Parker waiting in the car.

    466: Batman: The Official Movie Adaptation - AT4W/Nostalgia Critic 
  • The Nostalgia Critic complains that he spent several months in the corner after Linkara killed the Bat-Credit Card joke, when he could have used that time to make more reviews. This leads to this exchange, which includes Hypocritical Humor on both sides:
    Linkara: Oh, *scoff* yeah! I'm sure everyone was BEGGING YOU for a clipless review of Captain America: Civil War. Tell me, do you remember when you used to be 'nostalgic'?
    Critic: I'm sorry we can't all have your integrity, Mr. Bad Comic Reviewer. What did you cover these last two weeks? An anime and a PUPPET MOVIE?!?
  • When asked how he even got in the house, Critic replies cryptically, "I have my ways..." Cue flashback:
    Critic: [casually enters house while Viga reads an MLP comic on the couch] Gonna go bug your roommate.
    Viga: [not turning around] It's okay, you're the third one this week. At least you're not from space.
  • Critic gets to the point and explains that Linkara has been constantly interrupting his reviews for crossovers, so he decided to return the favor; Linkara asks him why he would agree to that.
    Critic: Two words: ad revenue.
    Linkara: (opens his mouth and holds up his finger as if to argue, but stops himself) ...So let's dig into Batman: The Official Movie Adaptation and see how it holds up to the film.
    Critic: It won't be as good.
    Linkara: Shut up.
    • And indeed, the viewcount for the episode is 2-3 times greater than what Linkara's normal episodes get.
  • Linkara attempts to look over the cover as he usually does, buuuut...
    Linkara: The cover is— wh— hey, stop that!
    (cut to Linkara and the Critic struggling over the comic)
    Critic: GIVE IT!
    Linkara: I hold the comic!
    Critic: I can't review it if I can't see it!
    Linkara: Then I'll just describe it for you, you jerk!
    Critic: Okay! Okay! We'll both hold it.
    Linkara: Fine.
    (they both stare into the camera, holding the comic for a few seconds silently as their faces express a lack of comfort)
    Critic: ...This is awkward.
    Linkara: (as he takes the comic back) I agree — we'll just switch off.
    Critic: Okay.
    • Immediately after that:
    Linkara: The cover is okay, a wraparound for the prestige format book...
    Critic: That... sure is a bunch of words you just said.
    Linkara: I'm so glad I have you here to help me with this review.
  • Talking about the cover:
    Linkara: Funny thing is, if you swing the camera over to the right, you'd see Nightcat hanging out with her three cats.
    Critic: Maybe these aren't his ghostly skyfaces, but the gargoyle's. That thing looks like it's going through some issues.
  • Linkara notices Critic's spontaneous disappearance near the halfway point of the review, only for him to return holding outfits and talking about a "Walter White in Star Trek" sketch, having mistaken the show's storyline segments for skits; this prompts Linkara to launch into an angry rant about how the events in those segments actually happen to him and that he's in the middle of dealing with his current problem.
    Critic: (beat) So you go through incredibly harsh and traumatic events... and put them at the end of your review show?
    Linkara: (beat) Yeah.
    Critic: Are you re-enacting them?
    Linkara: Uh, th-there are cameras all over the place; Pollo edits them in.
    Critic: I don't think I would do something like that.
    Linkara: Really? Then how do you explain those?!
    (Linkara points at posters of To Boldly Flee, Kickassia, and Suburban Knights)
    Critic: (Beat; as he tosses aside the outfits) Perhaps we should get back into the review.
    (Critic sits back down, and the room plunges into silence)
    Linkara: ...Walter White in Star Trek?!
    Critic: He's bald, I'm bald, Picard is bald — IT MAKES SENSE!
  • Both Linkara and Critic don Bat-masks. However, as Linkara only has 1 rubber mask, Critic is forced to don the cloth mask from Linkara's Halloween costume as a kidnote .
    Critic: Can I get the nicer Batman mask?
    Linkara: (in Batman's voice) No!
  • Stock footage of the balloon from Critic's review of It (1990).
    Linkara: (scared) Is that stock footage gonna kill us?
    Critic: (scared and in a very frightened tone) I don't know...
  • During the part where the Joker manages to shoot the Batplane down, this happens:
    Batman: Explosive shell. I'm hit! I'm going down!
    Critic (as Batman): Alfred! If you don't see me again, look for me in Italy!
  • Linkara tries to say his Catchphrase "This comic..." while holding the comic to his right as usual but, unused to having a co-host, holds it off-camera, so he tries again, instead holding the comic in front of the Critic's face. When he pulls the comic away, Critic has a very annoyed look on his face.
  • At the very end, the Critic delivers his usual Signing-Off Catchphrase ("I'm the Nostalgia Critic; I remember it so you don't have to!"), but Linkara realizes he doesn't have his own.
    "I'm Linkara! (awkward pause) ...I don't have an end-of-episode catchphrase. (another awkward pause) Credits now!"

    467: PATREON: Ultimate Iron Man #1- 2 

    468: PATREON: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic #11- 12 
  • While preparing to defeat the Entity once and for all, Linkara decides to pass the time the best way he knows how, which Vyce naturally lampshades.
    Vyce: Of all the champions I’ve vanquished in my quest, all the creatures that I’ve encountered and destroyed, I have never beheld a more perplexing trait that your desire to review things while facing doom and destruction.
    Linkara: Don't knock it 'til you try it.
  • Inevitably, Viga tosses ponies at Linkara again. And since the comic is parodying 80’s teen movies, she wants Linkara to use pony toys (and Soundwave) to act out scenes from The Breakfast Club.
  • When Linkara notices the "Born in Equestria" cassette tape:
    Linkara: So it's a song about the hardships veteran Ponies face in Equestria when they return home from Vietnam?
  • When Shining Armour is playing a D & D like Game, his friends try to get his attention with; “We need our Paladin”! It then shows this...
    The Avatar: What's a paladin?
  • Linkara notices that Poindexter has a pin with "Where's the beef?" Having done his research, he knows cows are sentient in Equestria, and the implied cannibalism makes him very uncomfortable.
  • Linkara's increasing frustration with how the ponies have the same devices as humans despite the lack of fingers. It gets to a breaking point when they have an equivalent to a bat'leth.
  • His perplexed asking how any princess can get any benefit if even Cadance had to attend public high school rather than private tutoring.
  • After Twilight and Shining's mom makes a comment about Shining being "cranky-wanky"
    Linkara: Oh don't worry, I'm sure he gets very wanky when thinking about Cadence. ... I'm awful, why do you people watch me?
  • Linkara's surprise, when it is reveled that Shining Armour's friend is actually Sam Beckett which means Friendship is Magic is set in the same Universe as Quantum Leap, and since Cadence is telling the Story, she knew that is him!
  • Linkara's incredulous "That actually worked?!" when he caught the Entity in a Pokeball. And when it immediately escaped:
    Linkara: Well, if Pokémon taught me anything, it's that you keep chucking balls until you get it right.
    • Then, when a Second Poke Ball doesn't work...
      Linkara: Well...Maybe, if we use an Ultra Ball...

    469: PATREON: Stormwatch # 0 

    470: A Nightmare on Elm Street: The Beginning #1- 2 
  • The title card, with Thing-Tucker drawing unfinished line art of Linkara and Freddy Krueger, parodying how this comic was Cut Short following the company's bankruptcy.
  • Linkara's comments on the bad artwork.
  • He points out how Freddy's sweater was worn since childhood and how even his father wore a similar sweater.
  • After finishing the second issue, Linkara anti-climatically says that the mini-series is over.note 

    471: A Nightmare on Elm Street: Fearbook 
  • The title card is a finished version of the last episode's title card, only it's over-detailed with tons of cross-hatching lines, meant to be a Take That! to the art of Avatar Press.

    472: New Line Cinema's Tales of Horror # 1 
  • The title card is yet another variant of the line art from The Beginning, with Linkara, Thing-Tucker, and Freddy looking in horror at a looming Leatherface.
  • When Freddy reveals to Otis that the latter's files on his computer were wiped and his commands cancelled...
    Linkara (as Freddy): Also, your Internet search history... WOW, dude. I mean, I'm ME, and even I think you're messed up.
  • Linkara's face when he learns the prize for the Contest of Champions this time is nothing less than the Infinity Gauntlet is a work of art in terms of his incredulity. Made even funnier as Jaeris merely reacts with Dull Surprise.
    Linkara: The friggin' Infinity Gauntlet?! D-w-why would god-like beings hand over prizes like this?!
    Jaeris: 'Cause they can.

    473: The Sensational Spider-Man # 0 
  • The title card, continuing the theme from the A Nightmare on Elm Street title-cards, has Spider-Man kicking Leatherface out, with Linkara, Thing-Tucker, and Freddy looking on incredulously.
  • "Superman — The Man of Stable Employment!"
  • "Fashion department? That's IT!"
    Dimitri: Arson!
  • Right after Linkara shows off the omnibuses for the Clone Saga and pointing out that he's far from being finished with the Clone Saga, he only has one thing to say.
    Linkara: By the way, people have asked me a few times if we're getting close to the end of the Clone Saga. And boy, does that ever tell me how much they don't know anything about the Clone Saga. [lifts twelve thick comic book collections with a strained voice] This right here? This is the Clone Saga in its entirety. We've actually skipped around quite a bit, and eventually, we're gonna go back to earlier stories. Not to mention, there's the original Clone Saga from the 70's, the real Clone Saga miniseries, Kane's Scarlet Spider series, the clone conspiracy stuff leading to Ben Reilly's resurrection, not to mention the Ultimate Clone Saga... [smiling] Basically, I'm never gonna be finished with the Clone Saga. (Beat, Oh, Crap! face)... DAMMIT!

    474: Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash 

    475: Marvel Comics # 1 (Namor) 
  • Linkara pointing out because of vacation and a Patreon request, this year's "Secret Origins Month" would be more like "Secret Origins Two-Disconnected-Weeks".
  • As the cover has nothing to do with Namor, Linkara has little to say about it, other than noting that "the Human Torch clearly just wants a hug."
  • "We begin with the Sub-Mariner opening up the long-lost Bill Everett treasure chest."
  • Regarding the divers speaking "by telephone":
    Linkara: Hang on, Steve, lemme just turn on the oxygen app on my phone.
  • Namor encountering the divers:
    Namor: Those robots...they can't be men!
    Linkara: (as Namor) Only women can look that good in diving suits!
  • As Namor's mom explains their grievances with the surface world:
    Fen: The white earth-men were blasting us out of existence with their infernal "scientific investigations"...
    Linkara: The history of the world in a nutshell, really.
  • "And so Namor dives into the ocean again - on his way to further adventures in his crusade against white men!"
    Linkara: Unfortunately, awkwardness ensues when he accidentally resurfaces in Guyana.

    476: Brave and the Bold # 26 (The Justice League) 
  • Linkara gets back home from his vacation, complete with a Hawaiian shirt, party glasses, a bottle of alcohol... and a wedding ring. And he was too drunk to remember who he got married to. note 
  • Snowflame returns with a fire safety tip.
  • Linkara on Starro the Conqueror:
    "Alolan Staryu is weird."
  • When Batman mentions he's too busy dealing with two archenemies of his joining forces, Linkara decides to combine two Running Gags related to the Caped Crusader for the price of one:
    Linkara (as Batman): One-Face has finally teamed up with rock 'n' roll to form a deadly combination!

    477: PATREON: Kamen Rider Fourze Ep. 1- 4 

    478: Clive Barker's Hellraiser Dark Holiday Special 
  • The title card, with a terrified child Linkara sitting on the lap of a Mall Santa Pinhead.
  • The Running Gag of Linkara randomly firing a gun in relation to the '90s Anti-Hero Cenobite.
    Linkara (as Atkins): Demons to some, angels to others, KILLING MACHINE TO EVERYBODY!

    479: Sensation Comics #14: The Story of Fir Balsam 
  • Linkara pointing out the various instances of Values Dissonance throughout the comic.
    • For instance, this suggestive comment Wonder Woman makes while barricading a door:
      Wonder Woman: Ouch! Stop spanking me - I'll be good!
      Linkara: Merry Christmas, everybody!

    480: Steam Wars Holiday Special 

    481: Christmas with the Superheroes # 2 
  • At the start of the video, Linkara says that, since the comic is long, the viewers can all start commenting on how they like the Christmas theme song better than the real one.
  • Linkara notes how creepy the elves look on the cover, and how aged some of the heroes look. It's also acknowledged on the episode's title card, which turned the elves' creepiness Up to Eleven.
  • "Superman! Your own personal space heater!"

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