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    482: My Top 15 Favorite Episodes of AT 4 W 
  • Linkara's rant about Youtube, and his solution in case Vimeo, Dailymotion, or any other non-Youtube video hosting entity going under? Film his show naked and upload it to Pornhub. What makes it funnier is that everyone in the comments is supporting the idea.
    Linkara: At this point, I should probably just do this show in the nude, and upload every thing to Pornhub! At least THEY'RE probably going to be able to stay up! (smiles deviously)

    483: PATREON: The Legion of Superheroes: The Great Darkness Saga 
  • The title card, with Linkara and Cosmic Boy gazing at Zardoz and Linkara wearing Sean Connery's Stripperific outfit.
  • The repeated jokes about a repeat of Avengers #200-level squick looming.
  • Linkara's comment on one of the covers:
    Linkara: ...Where apparently the way to defeat Darkseid is to kneel on the ground and start doing the YMCA poses.
  • "Most do not speak as they trample lives and destroy riches...and those that do simply mutter a single word over and over and over under their breath..."
    Linkara: "Flumflooflnorp." (beat) It doesn't really have an English translation.
  • At Darkseid's monologue about how the Legion had "shattered the dream of a god":
    Linkara (as Darkseid): (crying) I just wanted to take over the universe and consume it with darkness! Why'd you have to be so mean?!
  • When the master, later revealed to be Darkseid, notes that his mockeries of superheroes proving to be perfect servants is the greatest Irony of all.
    Linkara (as Darkseid): In fact, in celebration of this, we shall now listen to Alanis Morissette's Ironic.
    Darkseid: You do not comprehend, and that too is how I wish it be...
    Linkara (as Darkseid): You see, it is ironic. Because a wedding is supposed to be a happy occasion while rain is symbolic of melancholy and sadness, so having rain on your wedding day...

    484: Patreon Viewers' Choice: James Bond Jr. # 1 

    485: PATREON: JLA/Avengers 
  • The title card, featuring Superman and Captain America punching Linkara in the face at the same time.
  • Superman having some different thoughts about problems over there.
    Linkara (as Superman): Those problems are over there! And we need to do something about over there!
    Linkara (as Batman): ...Anyone else think Superman is acting a little weird?
  • "Superman — hates the Marvel Universe!" And later: "We get it, Superman, you like your cinematic universe better!"
  • Batman and Cap wondering if they've met each other, referring to DC vs. Marvel and Batman & Captain America and Cap expressing amusement at the Joker's famous outrage at the Red Skull turning out to be a real Nazi.
  • The Running Gag of Linkara calling Krona out for being both a really crappy scientist and generally a dick.
  • When the Atom is revealed to be spying on the Avengers:
    Linkara!Atom: Ha! I'll take on the Avengers myself! I'm Ray Palmer! Welcome to pain!
  • Linkara's reaction to Hawkeye calling the JLA Squadron Supreme wanna-bes:
    Linkara: (smirking heavily) ...Kurt Busiek had far too much fun writing this book.
  • After Darkseid fails to use the Infinity Gauntlet, Linkara has him tiredly decide to take a nap and asks for someone to wake him up in a thousand years.
  • Linkara, as Doom, makes this comment after he gets stuck in the Source Wall.
    Linkara (as Doctor Doom): Ha! Foolish Justice League, I am Doom, Master of the Stick Shift! Becoming trapped in here forever was just part of my flawless plan!
  • As reality is being mixed up, at one point Captain America finds himself and the rest of the Avengers in the JLA satellite, throwing a luau themed party. Linkara says the rest of the comic should just be about the Avengers and JLA's interactions in that party.

    486: PATREON: Homestuck, Act 2 

    487: Isaac Asimov's I-Bots # 1 

    488: Thunderstrike # 1 
  • Linkara noticing the cover and how it makes it look like Eric is throwing a temper tantrum, complete with reenactment by him of a baby whining.
  • The Take That! to New 52!Superman's costume, saying that Eric would get a V-collar and get rid of the trunks, only to return to them in issue #1000.
  • Linkara's outfit for Carjack's (or Doctor Dumb's) dialogue is a combination of his trenchcoat and a duct-tape mask.
    Linkara (as Carjack): None can withstand me! I am DUMB — wait...

    489: Youngblood # 10 
  • The title card, with Linkara cringing at a woman doing a Boobs-and-Butt Pose by literally twisting her body 180 degrees. This is later followed by him taking the same woman (Psilence) in the comic's screaming to have been caused by her pain meds wearing off.
  • His mimicking Chapel by asking Spawn to do the splits with him.

    490: Badrock # 1 A 
  • Linkara referring to Rob Liefeld comics as being about "Guns, gritted teeth and women cosplaying as the letter C".
  • Linkara gets a lot of mileage out of a Youngblood character criticizing the situation they're in for being stock and cliche.
    Badrock: And even though I tend to pride myself on my originality...
    Linkara (as Badrock): Unlike my creator...
  • Linkara's constant riffing on the close-up shots of the characters' faces. "Extreme close-up! WWWWWWWOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!"
  • After pointing out that the strange, web-like formation of blood that appears in the comic seems to disappear and reappear in peoples' mouths all throughout the story, Linkara theorizes that it's actually some kind of parasite that jumps from person to person in between panels.
  • "The name's Cutthroat." "I'm Hellrazor!"
    Linkara: And I'm... unimpressed.
  • The story segment involves talking about the various competitors of the Contest of Champions.
    • Linkara and the others are confused that one of the most popular competitors is... just a pile of rocks. and not just any pile of rocks, but one that was the runner-up in a previous Contest of Champions.
    • Then there's the reaction to the competitor who is a Kaiju.
    • Ending things out is Ace Corgi, Attorney at Paw.
      Harvey Finevoice: Are we sure this ain't some big con?

    491: Event Comics Month II: Infinite Crisis 

    492: Event Comics Month II: The Infinity War 
  • The title card, featuring the return of the Infinity Oven Mitt and Linkara, Harvey, and '90s Dude about to fight their doppelgangers over it, complete with the doppelgangers sporting the sharp teeth of the Magus' doppelgangers.
  • Linkara laughing over how ridiculous the Magus looks and noticing that, since he is supposed to be a potential future evil Adam Warlock, and Adam Warlock usually dresses rather stylishly with a Badass Cape and Impossibly Cool Clothes, apparently turning evil caused him to lose his fashion sense.
  • The return of Doomkara, who gives us this gem:
    Linkara (as Doom): Spider-Man may have a spider-sense, but Doom has a COSMIC ENTITY SENSE! ... Yes, that's totally part my powers now, shut up!
  • Linkara notices Spider-Man defeated his Doppelganger (who later came back) by impaling him on a spike, much like how he defeated Norman Osborn.
    "I'd say this should become your signature way of getting rid of bad guys, but they keep coming back!
  • Thanos expressing his ambition to create his own dating site.
  • Considering that, much like last week's review, this event features a duplicate of Earth appearing, it's only natural that we get a similar Call-Back:

    493: Event Comics Month II: World War Hulk 

    494: Event Comics Month II: Final Crisis 
  • Linkara opens the review by recalling that time in 2009 where he got sent 30 years into the future, where his future self had finally gotten around to reviewing "Final Crisis"... and admitting that he hoped that he wouldn't have to review it until then.
    Doc Brown: Your future is whatever you make it! So make it a good one!
    Linkara: (annoyed) Well, I failed that already, because if I was trying to make it a good future, I wouldn't be talking about this thing! ...on the plus side, pretty sure I'm not gonna be living with my parents in the future... unless Youtube collapses, and I lose yet another platform...
  • The story opens with a caveman (more specifically, the DC Comics caveman Anthro).
    Linkara: Oh God, it's Marville! This is a crisis!
  • When the comic implies Metron was the one who gave fire to humanity:
    Linkara: Ah! Take that, monolith!
  • When Nix Uotan, now in a human form after being exiled from the Monitors, talks to his fast food manager about gravatons. The manager snap at him for doing with since it's freaking out the customers. The thing is though...
    Nix: I was just wondering if anyone else felt the gravation impacts increasing.
    Manager: Gravitons? Even the @$?$%# word is disgusting!
    Linkara: Eww! Gravitons! Icky! (Gives a shrug as if to say "Seriously, Grant?")
  • Linkara pointing out the New Gods are not, in fact, literal gods, completed with a hilarious summary:
    Linkara: No, they really are not! Metron is some dude flying around in a high tech chair, Orion is a guy who can punch really hard and has a shiny helmet, and Darkseid is some asshole who can shoot laser out of his eyes while trying to find the comfiest couch in the world to sit on!
  • When a Monitor proclaims that they are "ancient and wise", Linkara just glares before snapping his fingers and repeating the "We should do something! Should we do something?" routine.
  • Linkara's simplification of the above line: "We're old and smart, dagnabit!"
  • Mister Miracle's motherbox is apparently spelled as Motherboxxx, which leads to:
  • Linkara's quip about a scene where Mister Miracle recaps how he died, but came back to life three days later.
    Linkara: I mean... I guess you could say "Mister Miracle" is another name for Jesus.
  • When it's shown the mere presence of the New Gods is compressing time around the earth and space:
  • "Oh, hey, the movie theater is showing Your Life is Anti-Life again. Third act wasn't great, but overall okay."
  • When the possessed Alpha Lantern Kraken gloats about how Darkseid will soon have all the power of the Green Lantern at his disposal:
    Linkara (as Kraken): Think of all the chairs that Darkseid could sit on! ALL CHAIRS BELONG TO DARKSEID!
  • Linkara tries to pull his usual Running Gag of mocking The Reveal by saying Granny Goodness is the one possessing Kraken... only to find out it really is Granny Goodness this time.
  • Upon the reveal Desaad is the one possessing Mary Marvel, Linkara wonders if that means Desaad always wanted to have his hair pink with two pigtails.
  • When Libra implies that he and the other villains are going to rape Supergirl:
    Linkara: Hey, wait a second, I think these guys might be evil!
  • Linkara mocking Darkseid's Badass Boast after his successful Assimilation Plot:
    Darkseid: When I command your surrender, I speak with three billion voices... When I make a fist to crush your resistance... It is with three billion hands!
    Linkara (as Darkseid): When I poop, it is with three billion butts!
  • Mr. Terrific declares "Countdown has begun", causing a horrified Linkara to think Countdown to Final Crisis is starting all over again.
  • When Brother Eye is expositing about The Multiverse:
    Linkara (as Brother Eye): Why, in one universe, I could try to take over the world with zombie spider cyborgs!
    Linkara: Huh. Brother Eye, zombie spider cyborgs, and a bunch of refugees from one parallel universe to another. That sounds like the basis for a really crappy weekly series!
  • Superman holds what is supposedly Batman's dead body. Linkara's joke is extra good given the joke that what Superman sang to kill Darkseid was "Sacred Worlds" by Blind Guardian, which has been the theme song of sorts to "Event Comics Month II".
    Linkara (as Batman): Clark... with my last breath... I curse... rock and roll!
  • Discussing a tie-in comic with major ramifications on Final Crisis's story, Linkara brings up an essay he read about the nature of the book, about how it's a retort from Grant Morrison to writers like Alan Moore who dismiss superheroes as nothing more than childish fantasies and favor the darker, more mature stories where everyone is miserable and death runs rampant. The essay argues that Final Crisis is the Spiritual Antithesis to Moore's own Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow?, a backlash against a call for the finish of such characters and celebrating the eternal struggle against evil they had always represented and always will. After a few minutes of discussing these rather thought-provoking observations... Linkara concludes that he doesn't care.
  • Superman is utterly horrified to see what Darkseid did to New Earth... because he no longer can say these problems are over there when over there is everywhere.
  • Linkara questions the many leaps in logic in the story, ending with why Wonder Woman said "Hola" when she fought Mary Marvel.note 
  • In The Stinger, there's an alternate song used to kill Darkseid... "Wannabe"!

    495: Power Rangers Turbo vs. Beetleborgs Metallix # 1 
  • The title card with Linkara being punched on either side of the face by the Red Turbo Ranger and the Chromium Gold Beetleborg. This is likely in homage to the JLA/Avengers title card.
  • When explaining how the Beetleborgs had their new armors and powers designed by the artist who created their concept, while Nukus and his minions were designed by his evil brother, Linkara comments he'll let fans decide which one of the two is Marvel and which one is DC.
  • The imposter Rangers accost the kids and demand to know where the Beetleborgs are:
    Linkara (as fake Ranger): We heard something about their ratings being higher than ours! They better watch out, or else...well, there's a reason why you don't hear about Mystic Knights of Tir Na Nog anymore.
  • Both the Ranger and the Beetleborgs are incredibly angry at the others' imposters not fighting fair, claiming them to be worse than their respective nemesises. Linkara, amused by how being slightly rude is treated as heinously evil, plays a Mystery Science Theater 3000 clip.
    Dr. Forrester and TV's Frank: What do you want from us? We're evil! EVIL!
  • When the Rangers and Beetleborgs combine Zords and Battleborgs into "the most powerful force for good ever seen on Earth":
    Narration: The Ultra-Mega-Turbo-Beetle-Battlezord, with Turbo R.A.M Metallix Mode!
    Linkara: That name is the greatest toy commercial ever, and I am so angry right now that those Zords and vehicles aren't compatible.
  • For a meta-case, Linkara comments on a comic mentioned in the book called "Too Much Coffee Man" and wonders who could have come up with a title that ridiculous. This has led to the comments section pointing out that Too Much Coffee Man is an actual comic.

    496: PATREON: Diesel # 1 
  • When discussing how this episode is a follow-up to a previous episode, Linkara just decides to spill it in one sentence:
  • One comment from the video decided to go for a different reference than Linkara's and referred to the comic as "Poorsona".
  • A hulking blue figure punches a door in:
  • The original description of the video: "You thought this was another comic, but it was me — Diesel!"

    497: PATREON: Teen Titans "Betrayal" and "Aftershocks, Parts 1-2" 
  • The title card, which features a lovestruck Beast Boy, a completely off-her-rocker Terra, and a confused Linkara.
  • When Beast Boy displays Wingding Eyes for Terra:
    Darius Benson: Heart eyes, motherfucka.
  • Cyborg goes to get a really big sandwich out of the fridge when he suddenly notices hundreds of Slade-Bots surrounding him:
    Linkara (as Cyborg): (pretending to hold a big sandwich, looking around) ...I'm not sharing this with any of you.
    • Later in the fight, Linkara considers that sandwich the linchpin that would've prevented the robots from entering had it remained where it was.
  • Terra sees Slade's reflection in the mirror despite him not being here:

    498: PATREON: The Punisher: Purgatory 
  • The title card, with Linkara turning white at the sight of the Punisher in a Cupid outfit.
  • The comic's Big Bad has a hobby of painting. Cue the Bob Ross jokes!
    Olivier: I've been trying to figure out what this painting needed for days.
    Linkara (as Olivier): The answer, as with all happy little clouds.
  • "To be perfectly frank...heh"
  • Linkara complains that the story's ending hook is nonsensical—that the Punisher is supposed to be on a quest for redemption, yet keeps shooting and killing people, just with divinely crafted weapons...whereupon he riffs his own theme song.
    "He's not doing anything differently, he's still shooting and killing people. Except now he's doing it with magic guns. Where'd he purchase those?!"

    499: Comic Book Quickies # 8 

    500th Episode: The New 52: Futures End 
  • The title card features Linkara in front of a cake commemorating 500 episodes while he's surrounded by the cyborg Superman and Wonder Woman, who are also wearing party hats.
  • Todd in the Shadows' appearances throughout the episode.
    • In Part 1, singing the theme song when he doesn't realize that other creators doing it has already been done in the 100th episode.
    • In Part 2, Todd attempts to tempt Linkara with a Deal with the Devil a la One More Day, and then sings "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band", before being stopped by Linkara. Todd later adds that he has no material to work with if it involves Frank Miller.
    • Then, in Part 3, Todd returns by reciting the infamous monologue from Caligula note .
  • Pointing out all the Fridge Logic in Frankenstein's transformation. Among other things; instead of just shaving Black Canary's head, he instead took the time to sew her hair to his chest and most of all, the face has fully functioning powers and muscle movement implying he sewed other internal parts into himself.
    • To further illustrate the idiocy of Brother Eye's Body Horror Cyborgs, Linkara then rants about the fact that on the very next page we see Batgirl's upper body attached to the Bat Signal for no possible reason.
      Linkara: It's a freaking flashlight! It needs two buttons: on and off!
  • Terry points out that creating Brother Eye in the first place was a rather poor decision on Bruce's behalf.
    Linkara (as Batman): Jeez, you accidentally cause one Robot Apocalypse, and suddenly everybody's a critic!
  • Batman gets mortally wounded, and loses his arm.
    Terry: Hang on!
    Bruce: With what, Terry?
    Linkara (as Batman): Just a little humor to disarm the tension! HA HA HA! Oh god, I'm dying...
  • Terry goes back in time to assassinate the man who ruined the future...One-Face.
  • Batman's dying confession: He really was wearing hockey pads.
  • Linkara's bafflement over Hawkman's cyborg form (his wings and arm attached to a round ball), comparing it to a roomba and a "hockey puck of doom".
  • The various appearances by other content creators in the dark future brought by Brother Eye.
    • Towards the end of Part 1, Obscurus Lupa (dressed up as Snake Plisskin) warns Linkara about the future. Among other things, The Cinema Snob has become an uber-militant Christian who prays that God burns the unbelievers after Brother Eye forced him to watch religious scare films a la A Clockwork Orange. He also married Fat Grandma, but that had nothing to do with Brother Eye. Apparently, their wedding was beautiful.
    • Later, Calluna and the Dom are seen battling copyright bots just to get their videos uploaded, SF Debris has become one with the Internet and talks like a Mad Oracle (though Lupa notices that he only tends to do the latter whenever he has been visiting DeviantArt), Dena is now wearing an box over her head and has joined up with Brother Eyenote , and Brandon has inherited the title of The Cinema Snob (which much to his frustration has changed absolutely nothing for him aside from people now calling him the Cinema Snob).
    • Nash's cameo is comedy gold. Everything from his delivery to his calm indifference and incredulousness towards the world's insanity makes his appearance come across to anyone familiar with his work like a one-note segment of What the Fuck Is Wrong with You?. And it's glorious.
    • At one point, Future Linkara comes on screen, and Linkara thinks it's another transmission from the Bad Future. It's not, it's just his future self ranting about how every joke about his future has been nullified by either real life circumstances or doing actual reviews of comics used in jokes. Future Linkara then bribes his past self with lottery numbers if he stops changing the future, and when present Linkara agrees, his future self laughs that he won't be needing the numbers anymore.
      • Future Linkara also complains about how his present changes each time Linkara talks to him. Every time the camera cuts between him and present Linkara, he is wearing a different hat and some of the props on the shelves are different. One time, he is Viga. No one mentions this.
    • Pretty much everything about the fact that Lupa had Phelous' face grafted to her torso:
      • Linkara's immediate response is a long, horrified, disgusted silence.
      • Linkara then asks her why she would do that. It turns out it was a fad in the future.
      • When confronting Welshy, Linkara accuses him of making that part up. He didn't. Cue Lupa making Phelous watch Charmed with her, much to his annoyance.
  • Firestorm aka Ronnie Raymond, holds the other half of Firestorm, Jason Rusch, locked up inside the Firestorm Matrix for weeks, because he fears Jason will reveal that Ronnie failed to save Green Arrow. Linkara considers this downright villainous and dismisses Ronnie's rather feeble attempt to justify this imprisonment (he felt trapped by his role as Firestorm and his guilt over his mother's death) as pure Wangst.
    Linkara: (after Ronnie gives the above justification) Oh, well, that changes everything, Ronnie! Here, let me give you something I hope eases your pain. (holds up his middle finger) And don't worry about using it up! (starts moving said middle finger back and forth) I have sooooo much of it to give.
  • Linkara having no issue spoiling the "twist" about Brainiac being the coming "storm" because you can see that twist coming a mile away due to the minions wearing his very recognizable logo.
    Linkara: Look, I get they were trying to go for a big reveal, but that's Brainiac’s symbol! At this point in the DCU, New 52 or not, the three circles connected like that are Brainiac's symbol! It’s like sticking a bat-logo on everything and then being shocked that Batman is behind it!
  • The Brainiac-possessed Engineer reveals the group of protagonists she is facing to have "potential" for Brainiac's project:
    Linkara as the Brainiac-possessed Engineer: You, Hawkman, have great potential to be a severed arm attached to a floating disk.
    Linkara as Hawkman: ... The weirdest is, that won't be the first time I lost an arm today...
  • Green Arrow confronts Deathstroke about him working for Brother Eye:
    Green Arrow: Working for a machine now, Slade? Pathetic.
    Deathstroke: That machine has access to every bank account on Earth, Queen. Even yours.
    Linkara (as Deathstroke): And money will surely be useful after I help it usher in the destruction of all mankind! (beat) God, I miss when my character was well-written...
  • Once Linkara reached the end of the story and realized Brother Eye is still in control of the dark future ("So after 48 comics, and however long this episode has been running... IT WAS ALL FOR NOTHING!!"), we get one of his signature "Combine Harvester" freakouts. Highlights include talking to a Grover puppet (and at one point doing the Luke, I Am Your Father spiel in which he wears a Darth Vader mask while Grover wears a Star-Lord mask), lamenting that his Infinity Gauntlet is just a piggy bank, and deciding to root for Pilo in the Contest of Champions. At the end, he's hugging a pair of Bulbasaur plushies while crying, but then stops when he smells one of them.
    Linkara: Ooh, lavender!
  • The various stingers at the end of the episode. Cinema Snob has to take his cat outside because it was distracting him, Diamanda saying that Americans really do bleed red, white and blue, Goth Viga taking control of the Longbox of the Damned against Moarte's wishes, and Future Linkara reviewing a thirty-five year old lamp.
  • In the end, it turns out Brother Eye was Welshy all along, who turned evil because Linkara forgot to finish their co-review. Linkara then calls Present Welshy and apologises for this and it seems that this future was averted... Until Present Welshy reminds him that he didn't stop the call and comes to believe that Linkara isn't sorry about that unfinished project at all, which results in him swearing to become Brother Eye in revenge.

    501: Dark Knight III: The Master Race #1- 2 
  • The title card. Not for the actual art, but rather the fact that such a dark, negative space title card is accompanied by... a Weird Al polka.
  • As Carrie dressed as Batman lets out a "Hurr Hurr Hurr Hurr" before being arrested, it is then followed by a clip of Bill Corbett's Ice Cream Bunny laugh.
  • The return of this gem:
    Ray Palmer: Well, you're not like your father, are you?
    Lara: I'm not?
    Ray Palmer: No... Don't take this the wrong way... but he's more human than you.
    Linkara: And me? I'm Ray Palmer. Welcome to pain.

    502: Just Imagine Stan Lee Creating Green Lantern 

    Victory of AT4W Live! Anime Midwest 2015: Captain N The Game Master # 1 
  • The audience groaning at the many fruit and vegetable puns in the first story.
  • "Yes, the truly deadly combination of an eggplant, a boxer, Grizzly Adams, and Donkey Kong interrupted in the middle of his shower! GAZE UPON THE LEGION OF DOOM AND DESPAIR!"
  • When seeing the title of the first story is "The Fruits and Vegetables War", Linkara jokes this will be about a debate on whereas tomatoes are fruits or vegetables... only to find out a few pages later this really is what the plot is about.
  • When one of the fruits make his reports saying "the enemy sunk two of our banana boats, we've run out of cherry bombs, and our strawberries are in a jam", Linkara deduces with horror that they hollowed out the skin of their fellows to make boats, they are using suicide bombers, and their troops have literally been pulverized.
  • When it's revealed Samus Is a Girl:
    Linkara (as Princess Lana): Wow, suddenly I'm even more attracted to her!
  • Linkara's repeatedly pointing out the unfortunate implication behind Samus Aran flirting with Kevin, given he's a teenager and she is a grown-up woman.
    "And so our comic ends with Samus holding Kevin in a way that clearly shows how much she wanna go to prison."
    • Also, him asking the viewers which intepretation of Samus is worse between "Other M" and "paedophile".

    503: The New Guardians # 3 
  • Linkara's horror at one of the doctors at an AIDS clinic being referred to as "Dr. Garth".
  • Harbinger decides to run out on the HIV group therapy session, when one of the participants begins to relate the story of how his partner's care and support for him has helped him a lot in the difficult times he is facing:
    Harbinger: I can't endure any more of this!
    Linkara (as Harbinger): Care and support?! I can't take it!
  • As she flees, Harbinger internally wishes that she had stayed with the Monitor:
    Linkara (as Harbinger): If only there were an entire race of Monitors! They'd know if I should do something about all of this!
  • Harbinger meets with Betty, the last member of the team. Linkara relates her backstory and how she only exists in the otherworldly realm called Dreamtime:
    Linkara: So, yeah, [Betty] doesn't really have a physical form. She is just a disembodied force. So with her being in the Dreamtime, and not having a physical form, that means that over half the team can not actually procreate! What were they supposed to do to pass on their "super evolution genes"? Lick people or something?
  • Betty calms Harbinger down by reminding her of her inner strength. Linkara sums the conversation up thus:
    Linkara (as Harbinger): I am deeply emotionally distraught about the possibly of having a disease that will almost certainly kill me!
    Linkara (as Betty): Nah. You can handle it.
    Linkara (as Harbinger): (shrugs) Oh. Okay then.
  • The gang that has been hired to assassinate the New Guardians make their attack, by driving a bus straight up to their front door and firing wildly around them:
    Gang member: That gives us the advantage of surprise!
    Linkara (as gang member): (firing assault rifles wildly into the air) JUST LOOK AT THE ELEMENT OF SURPRISE WE HAVE! NOBODY WILL HEAR US COMING!
  • Gloss then proceeds to give said gang way too much credit:
    Gloss: They attack like a commando squad!
    Linkara (as gang member): (still firing assault rifles wildly into the air) WE'RE A HIGHLY TRAINED COMMANDO SQUAD!! AAAAAAAHHHHH!!!
    Linkara: I mean, I suppose it's like a commando squad... Specifically the squad in Predator, that shoots wildly into the jungle and basically levels half of it in the process.
  • The Floronic Man realizes that he is fighting children who also are on drugs:
    The Floronic Man: (shocked) Their pores reek of Erythroxylum Coca!
    Linkara (as The Floronic Man): When they could be reeking of marijuana! (scoffs) Kids today, I swear...
  • The Stinger at the end where it's revealed that Snowflame got trapped in a picture and stole Linkara's phone.

    504: US- 1 # 7 

    505: Nova Girls: Space 34-24- 34 

    506: Batman Odyssey # 2 
  • The title card, which is a big reference to Super Mario Odyssey, featuring a Mario-sized Batman throwing Cappy... as a Batarang. All of this while the title itself is rendered in Mario series-styled font.
  • The narrator describes Batman's movements from being shot as "jacking".
    Narrator: Not pretty... Numbed to vibrating oblivion, Batman is jacked around like a puppet. Soldiers, gangsters and the police know it. There are rare times... when bullet impacts pepper a numbed body... and their very continuous impacts gyroscopically keep the jacking body from falling to the floor.
    Linkara: Can we please stop talking about Batman and his "jacking"?
    Narrator: The body jerks about so uncontrollably, it more resembles a mad marionette than a human being. In fact it can't fall until all the jacking stops.
    Linkara (as the narrator): Good god, Batman just won't stop jacking! He's jacking all over the place! Shield the children's eyes! All this jacking is not for them!

    Asylum of AT4W Live! Con Bravo 2015: James Bond Jr. # 6 
  • After (the first time) James whacks Oddjob upside the head with a book, we get this gem from an audience member:
    Audience Member: That's not how Facebook works!

    507: Star Wars 3-D # 2 

    508: Pokemon: The Electric Tale of Pikachu # 3 
  • Linkara trying to do a homeboy Team Skull accent. He stops five seconds into it.
  • As he opens the review, he states that fans were wondering if he'll go with the official English translation (which uses the dub English names) or the fan translation (which uses the original Japanese name). Soon as he comes across the first Japanese name complete with the "-san" in the dialogue of the fan translation...
    Linkara: WELP! English it is!!!
  • Linkara's reaction to the nickname Jean Luc Pikachu.
  • Whenever a riceball shows up, Linkara calls it a jelly donut.

    509: Captain America Meets the Asthma Monster 
  • At the start of the video, Linkara explains that the reason he's in a different part of his house doing the review is because currently, his office area is being used for a Contest of Champions fight between a zombie and a chef (with the zombie most likely winning the fight, if the Contest of Champions update at the end is any indication). note 
  • When one of the kids doubt that Captain America will help with something that doesn't endanger national security, Linkara counters that Cap does often concern himself with school problems. Cue:
  • The kids begin to suffer asthma attacks while they and Captain America ride the latter's motorcycle so they can find the Asthma Monster and thwart his plans, but Cap gives them a few words of advice.
    Captain America: Just close your eyes... and imagine that the wind blowing past you is blowing all your worries and excitement away...
    (mind you, he's yelling all this while the sound of a motorcycle engine plays in the background... loudly)

    510: Superman and Spider-Man 
  • From the beginning of the comic:
    Caption: Suspended on a single, slender strand of impossibly strong webbing, a bizarre figure arcs gracefully through the chill, damp air.
    Linkara: Braun Strowman, what are you doing up there?
  • After Parasite explains to Dr. Doom his desires for Wonder Woman by stating that even with his hideous form, he is still a man, Linkara does his "I AM A MAN!!!" punch (while yelling I'm still a man!!!)... and pulls out a suitcase that he's using for his trip to ConBravo.

    511: Amazing Cow Heroes #4: Cold Cuts 
  • The title card which has the titular cow hero Cold Cuts dressed like Elsa from Frozen.

    512: Ravage 2099 No. 2 
  • Linkara recaps the first issue and mentions a fact that he overlooked when he reviewed it: the penciler was Paul Ryan, who Linkara quickly notes is not that one.
  • 2099’s Kid returns, and with him his future slang. Linkara joins in, before shocking 2099’s Kid by saying “Robitussin”, which apparently has extremely offensive connotations in the 2090’s. The Kid leaves soon after.
  • Tiana being handed an anti-radiation suit to put on before she's taken to Hellrock leads to a reversal of a certain Running Gag:
    Linkara: Now she won't be radioactive! That's probably really good!

    513: Adventures of the Kool-Aid Man # 2 
  • The video opens with him looking up in horror, belting out "THERE'S ANOTHER ONE?" Going run into the theme song, but then he interrupts it noting that the title is below him on YouTube, and he's looking up because of his own site.
    • After the theme ends, he comments that he realizes the surprise isn't as effective because he announced he was doing this at the end of the last review.
  • "Look, the simple fact is that some characters were not meant to exist for more than 30 seconds at a time, and the Kool-Aid man is one of them."
  • Whilst reviewing the cover, which prominently features the time travel story:
    Linkara: Doctor Who would be a very different series if the Doctor regenerated into the Kool-Aid Man.
    • Naturally, he manages to get in a dig at Marville
    Linkara: And then on the way, their time machine accidentally hits another one driven by three idiots who claim that Wolverine evolved from an otter.
  • His take on the infamous panel featuring the Kool-Aid man meeting Benjamin Franklin...
    Kool-Aid Man: Excuse me sir, aren't you Benjamin Franklin?
    Benjamin Franklin: Yes I am. I'm also hot and thirsty.
    Linkara (as Benjamin Franklin): Also, WHAT IN GOD'S NAME ARE YOU?!?
  • At the end of "Thirst in Time", the characters all speak in unison about the virtues of Kool-Aid.
    Linkara: My god, he put some kind of mind-control drug in the Kool-Aid!

    514: Tandy Computer Whiz Kids: Safeguarding the Environment 
  • The title card is, yet again, a Call-Back to A Deadly Choice, only this time Alec and Shanna are staring awkwardly at Captain Planet and Linkara is turning around and throwing his hands up as he walks off.
  • Linkara is overjoyed to find that for once, the first appearance of Alec and Shanna in a Tandy Computer Whiz Kids comic isn't them sitting in class and talking about their summer vacation. Cue "Hallelujah" while the screen brightens.
    Linkara: We did it, guys! We finally broke the time loop! (grins) Now, if only this comic actually had interesting things in it!

    515: Mr. T and the T-Force # 4 
  • Mr. T as General Patton!
  • When Mr. T heads under cover to investigate where the Porsche Posse's base of operations are.
    Mr. T: I'm going to need a little help from the T-Force!
    Linkara (as Mr. T): The T-Force Awakens, if you will!
  • Meta: For the 10th anniversary of Atop the Fourth Wall, Linkara's caught up in the middle of his own personal Clone Saga.

    516: Star Trek # 2 (DC) 
  • The title card, which depicts Linkara doing the pose that Kirk makes on the cover of the comic a la JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, complete with the "menacing" sound effect.
  • Linkara questioning the logic of Koloth when, after the Klingon space station is dragged into normal space, he opts to blow it up as a means for the Klingons to declare war on the Federation instead of using its firepower to destroy the already damaged Enterprise.

    517: Star Trek (2009): The Official Motion Picture Adaptation 
  • When Kirk's father needs to battle with the Narada, it leads to some Actor Allusion!
    George Kirk: The Shuttles will never make it, if I don't fight them off!
    Linkara (as Winona Kirk): But, this Nero, we're talking about, he's the toughest there is!
    Linkara (as George Kirk): Well, he's never fought me!
    Linkara (as Winona Kirk): Yeah, he has!
    Linkara (as George Kirk): He's never fought me twice!
  • Learning the reason as to WHY Bones owes Spock ten bucks!
  • Linkara's whiteboard outside of his office has a few chuckles:
    • Linkara's top priority on the board: FIX NEUTRO.
    • Numerous items on the whiteboard involving suggestions in case Linkara goes up against Pilo in the Contest of Champions:
      • Linkara himself wonders if there's a rock punching geology class, and if it's available online.
      • Snowflame suggests having Linkara go against Pilo in a staring contest.
      • The 90's Kid, as usual, suggests guns, which leads to a follow-up note from Erin asking him to take a class in gun safety.

    518: Star Trek: The Next Generation # 4 
  • This bit as Captain Picard is recording his log at the start of the comic.
    Picard: ...I'm afraid I may have doomed everyone aboard her when I gave the order to initiate the maneuver, in this particular instance.
    Linkara (as Picard): This is what we in Starfleet call an "oopsie-daisy".
  • The comic art has the Enterprise crew always making some type of exaggerated pose.
    Picard: You'll look at me, when I am addressing you on my vessel, Q!
    Linkara (as Picard): (constantly making poses) Second, you'll stop posing every where!
    Linkara (as Q): (also making poses) That is not me, Mon Capitaine! That's just happening!
    Linkara (as Picard): My God, he's right! What are we doing with ourselves!?
  • Linkara joking about the security's helmet design, with him wearing a colander on his head.
    Ensign Milzoff: There is some concern among the lay people, but we're handling it, sir!
    Linkara (as Milzoff): For some reason, as soon as they look at me, they start laughing! I must have a very trustworthy face!
  • At one point, Captain Picard punches Q.
    Picard: But then you always said we humans had that violence in us!
    Linkara (as Picard): I've gotta say... I'm starting to like it! Worf! Get me a baseball bat!
  • When Wesley comes on to the bridge.
    Riker: Ensign Crusher, please take the OP station!
    Linkara: Man, that station really needs to be nerfed!
  • In order to figure out the situation with the clone, Linkara went so far as to contact Insano.
    Linkara: His exact words were "Clones are crap, what do you think I am, a hack?" and hung up on me.
  • While it's in the middle of a tense (and unexpected) scene, Harvey assumes Linkara genuinely being unaware of the finale of Spoony's Final Fantasy VIII review and cloning is him doing a bit.

    519: Star Trek # 1 (Gold Key) 
  • When a giant plant tree rescues the Enterprise crew from a carnivorous plant.
    Linkara: Well, aren't you going to thank Groot for his help!?
  • As Linksano explains, Linkara eventually came around to accepting his help with cloning Spoony after being assured he wasn't trying to take over the world. Linksano then wiped Linkara's memory of it and began trying to clone him as to try and take over the world.

    520: Silent Hill: Hunger 
  • Right as Linkara is about to start the review, the Silent Hill fog rolls in... and after a mildly bemused non-reaction, Linkara just claps his hands twice, and the fog immediately vanishes.
  • At the beginning of the comic, it's stated that storefronts in Silent Hill ended up "shattered, vandalized". Linkara's reaction?
    Linkara: (panicking) NOT THE SILENT HILL PIZZA HUT! They made the slices look like little Pyramid Heads!
  • The above moment is immediately followed by the narration in the comic stating that a mist is consuming the entire town "like something desperate, alive, hungry."
    Linkara: Well again, this wouldn't be a problem if we still had THE SILENT HILL PIZZA HUT!
  • When Doug, the main character of this comic, is walking through a park, Linkara notices said park's "unusually green glow" and wonders if Mr. Burns is dumping his toxic waste there. Cue the clip of Burns and Smithers doing just that in a park from Springfield.
  • In the same scene as above, Doug spots a woman "necking" a man, in the sense of literally eating his neck.
    Linkara (as the Woman): Mmm... You taste like grape jelly and mustard.
  • On the subject of the woman eating the man, the narration has this to say:
    Narration: So now we reach the point in our tale where our intrepid reporter starts to lose it, because there are only two logical possibilities before him.
    Linkara: One: elves. Two: vampire elves.
  • A bit later in the story, after Doug has encountered an Evil Doll among other things, we get a Brick Joke.
    Narration: There were only a couple of rational explanations that might cover what I was experiencing.
    Linkara: Evil living doll vampire elves!
  • After Mario, Doug's boss, is killed off, Linkara puts his hand on his chest (as if like he was paying respect for the character) and hums the Game Over music from Super Mario Bros..

    521: The Thing: The Northman Nightmare 

    522: Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash: The Nightmare Warriors 
  • When Maggie Burroughs meets Ash at his house, she says that she and Doctor Neil Gordon "believe that there is a special group of people—"focal magnets" for the supernatural—that will allow [them] to combat the unnatural evils in the world.":
    Linkara (as Ash): Look, I already told that other guy, I'm not interested in the Avengers Initiative.
  • When Russell gets his hands on the Necronomicon and calls it "the key to Project: Black Book":
    Linkara (as Russell): Your bookstore will be mine, Bernard! It will be mine!
  • At one point, Director Russell discusses with Agent Carter (no relation to the OTHER Agent Carter) and brings up the possibilities with bringing Freddy into the program:
    Linkara (as Carter): Buuut isn't he a psychopath and a mass murderer?
    Linkara (as Russell): Carter, you realize you work for the U.S. Government, right?
  • After Freddy is transformed into his human form and appears naked in front of Russell, the latter says they have a lot of questions for the murderer:
    Linkara (as Russell): Although I can see one question answered right away. The glove IS to compensate for something.
  • Maggie states at one point that bringing all the survivors together will help identify a commont trait that can be used to stop monsters like Freddy and Jason:
    Linkara: You say that, but Laurie Strode survived Michael Myers multiple times, and all that ended up doing was shattering the space-time continuum, so that now there are like FOUR timelines!
  • When Russell shows that he has Freddy's glove and states that's the source of the psychopath's power:
    Linkara (annoyingly confused): Okay, 1. Were you just carrying that thing around with you under your arm for six months? 2. Where the hell did you get the idea that his GLOVE was the source of his power?
    (cue the clip of Freddy from Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare with the Power Glove, shouting to his victims "Hey! You forgot the Power Glove!")
    Linkara: (Beat, as his eyes look to both sides before looking at the camera) Fair enough.

    523: 10th Anniversary Episode (Spider-Man: Smoke and Mirrors) 
  • Linkara finds the Jackal saying that only about five years has passed in-universe since the original Clone Saga to be a very egregious example of Comic-Book Time:
    Jackal: Quite an interesting half a decade you've had!
    Linkara: Considering in real time about twenty years had passed, this "half a decade" included the original Star Wars Trilogy, several presidents, all of Star Trek: The Next Generation, and the fall of the Soviet Union... I'd say, yeah, it was!
  • Linkara comes back to "Spider-Man #56" and starts musing on how his horizon on comics and what constitutes truly awful storytelling in the medium has widened and changed a lot in the 10 years that has passed since his first review, noticing that he now looks back on certain comics he before considered the worst of the worst as more So Bad, It's Good in hindsight. He then turns back to the comic in question:
    Linkara: So, revisiting this after a decade, is this storyline really that bad? (beat) OH GOD, YES! If anything, I think it's actually gotten worse for me! I don't think the bottom of the barrel is quite enough for it! Could we bury it a few more feet underground?!
  • The Gwen Stacy clone does a rather bad job of hiding the fact that she is a fake:
    Clone Gwen: Spider-Man? Peter? What's happened to me? Help me. Please?
    Linkara (as Gwen): (Creepy Monotone) Somehow, I know you're Spider-Man, Peter, and this is not instantly a giveaway that I'm not the real deal. Help me.
    • Then again, when the Gwen Clone prevents Spidey from punching the tar out of the Jackal:
      Clone Gwen: Peter... Don't. It's me, Peter.
      Linkara (as Gwen): (even more monotone) I'm sorry I'm being so emotional right now, Peter. I just can't control myself.
  • The emotional scene with Aunt May struggling to fight her illness in spite of feeling "so tired", and Linkara finds that it is actually still a pretty effective sequence. He then points out that it was completely undermined by a later retcon:
    Linkara: Boy, it'd really suck if it turned out she was just an actress hired by Norman Osborn as part of some convoluted revenge scheme... I'm with you, Aunt May. I am very, very tired.

    524: Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth 
  • The title card, which depicts Linkara, Mirrorkara, Pinhead, and Thing-Tucker as the Pillar Men.
  • Linkara constantly riffing the taunts that Mirrorkara makes to him.
  • The fact Linkara does the review tied up.
  • One of the things, which is written on the Board is how "Every one called it".
  • Another thing written on the Board is Viga telling Linkara to pay his rent and not to use the basement for battles.
  • Linkara getting his new attire on, while Jaeris and Erin wait, with a montage of what (whacky things) they do during that time. By the time that Linkara shows his new attire, they have fallen asleep!

    525: Fantastic Four # 52 (Black Panther) 
  • Linkara thinking the art work makes Black Panther look like a giant.
  • When Wyatt Wingfoot (who spent the first half of the comic sleeping) helps the Fantastic Four:
    Wyatt Wingfoot: You over looked one factor. Some times a man with no super powers can tip the scales for, or against you!
    Linkara (As Wyatt): Your knock out darts had no effect on a man who sleeps twenty hours a day!
  • "Can you play Red Dead Redemption II on your Rock!?"
  • "The Wakanda Hunger Games are weird!"
  • When T'Challa's Emissary contacts Wakanda:
    Reed Richards: He took a metal device from inside his toga. But, it's so small! Can he actually transmit a message half way round the globe...with that!?
    Linkara: Totally unrealistic! (Pulls out his Phone) Hang on, I'm going to tweet about this!
  • The running gag of 1960s casual racism. At least until Wingfoot turns out to be a Magical Native American, when Linkara starts the gag, but then realizes that's still a trope today.

    526: Marvel Comics # 1 (Human Torch) 

    527: The Incredible Hulk # 181 (Wolverine) 
  • The title card, with Wolverine's costume now Canadian flag-themed, and with spoons for claws. Also, Linkara off to the side of Wolvie and Hulk's fight, looking distraught at an arrow pointing at him that reads "Winner fights Linkara!"
  • When Linkara notices that the sky on the cover is red:
    Linkara: Oh God, you three, RUN! A DC Crisis event is about to start!
  • "He's here! The world's first and greatest Canadian super-hero!"
    Linkara: Um, excuse me, I think Captain Canuck might have something to say about that! (beat) I've never read Captain Canuck, I don't know if it's any good.
  • "Ol' Greenskin has been lured to Quebec, Canada as part of a fantastic plan to cure the wild-eyed woods-beast called the Wendigo--"
  • Wolverine tells the Hulk that "moving is the thing I do best!"
    Linkara: So when he's always proclaiming "I'm the best there is at what I do," he's talking about calisthenics?
  • "Adamantium claws - a common feature of wolverines."
  • "It's an odd day where I have to say, 'he was stabbed unconscious.'"
  • Upon voicing one of the Quebecois characters:
    Linkara (as Georges): What's worse, Linkara is doing a terrible French accent, all because of your mad scheme!

    528: The New Mutants # 88 (Deadpool) 
  • The many, many lampshades on how Deadpool isn't quite the funny fourth-wall breaker he'd become later at this point. At one point, Deadpool makes some very generic antagonist one liners, to which Linkara awkwardly holds up a button which plays studio laughter.
  • The title card featuring Deadpool reading a book to a terrified Linkara in bed as an homage to The Princess Bride and the new PG-13 Deadpool movie trailer featuring Fred Savage in the same setting.
    • Deadpool is also drawn with Liefeldian proportions.

    529: Batman Returns: The Official Comic Adaptation 

    530: The Punisher in Red X-Mas 
  • The title card shows the Punisher pulling a gun on Linkara dressed as Santa, who looks terrified.
  • The story opens with gangsters refusing to give money to a man dressed as Santa (actually the Punisher in disguise) by telling him they don't believe in Santa Claus:
    Linkara: Punisher! These people don't believe in Santa Claus!
    Punisher: Oh Yeah? Well, that'll change right now! (cocks gun)
  • After noticing the Punisher inexplicably has the skull symbol in his eyes, Linkara makes it a Running Gag of saying he is wearing skull-shaped contact lenses.

    531: Star Wars: The Force Awakens Comic Adaptation 
  • Not even a minute in, and Linkara hits a Rage Breaking Point regarding The Last Jedi's incredibly vocal decriers. He also points out that whether you love it or hate it, the new trilogy provided new material for Star Wars jokes.
  • Linkara gushing about how gorgeous Poe Dameron is, even stroking Poe's image!
  • When Kylo Ren is described as the dark First Order enforcer.
    Linkara: As opposed to the light-hearted First Order enforcer: Darth Snuggles!
  • Linkara takes exception to Poe giving FN-2187 the name Finn.
    Finn!Linkara: What, my name can't be Finn, it's not ridiculous enough for this universe! Why not, uh... Finndolar Gasnivasnorch!
  • Rey has a rather sad life.
    Rey: Well, don't give up hope. He might still show up — whoever it is you're waiting for. I know all about waiting. For my family. They'll be back. One day.
    Rey!Linkara: Yes, BB-8, just keep waiting like me. It's done wonders for my life! Look! I own my own stick!
  • Linkara's take on the infamous scene of Kylo Ren destroying a console in a fit of rage:
    Kylo Ren: Anything else?
    Guard!Linkara: Well... I was going to say we could track them, but you just destroyed the console, sir...
  • Linkara declaring The Star Wars Holiday Special (and all the weird stuff that happens in it) to be canon after a collage of Han's past deeds includes an image of him celebrating Life Day with Chewbacca's family.
    Linkara: Say it, Han!
    Han Solo: It's true...all of it...
  • The follow-up to the "That's not how the Force works!" line:
    Han!Linkara: We don't have any old men to sacrifice to the vill-Oh, crap!

    532: Luke Cage, Hero for Hire # 7 
  • The title card shows an atomic bomb going off while Weird Al's "Christmas at Ground Zero" plays.
  • Luke goes out to stop a kid from being beaten.
    Luke Cage: Be some bruisin' comin' up!
    Linkara as Luke: And the best health insurance in the world ain't gonna cover what I'm gonna do!
  • Linkara says if he replaced Luke Cage with Mr. T in the comic's opening action sequence it'd still make sense. The video's comments took it even further, talking about a crossover between the two and asking why it hasn't happened yet.
  • Linkara interprets a "no sparking zone" joke as people having sex with sparklers.
  • As the comic's villain reveals the computer that he's planning to use to detonate an atomic bomb, Linkara comments that the Tandy Computer Whiz Kids would scoff at it and claim that a TRS-80 can not only detonate 10 atomic bombs, but would also do so in color.


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