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    169: Marville # 1 
  • Linkara's rant regarding the new name of planet Earth.
    Linkara: You fools! You've ruined the brand name recognition of Earth! "Earth stays crunchy even in milk!" No one knows anything about "AOLon!"
  • Ted Turner's plan of saving the world from asteroids? "CAPTAAAIN PLAAANET! CAPTAAAIN PLAAANET!"
  • Linkara saying that Smallville was a show that lasted ten years too long.
  • After Linkara realized that the comic's "plot" was beginning to sound like something The Cybernetic Ghost of Christmas Past From the Future would come up with:
    The Cybernetic Ghost of Christmas Past From the Future: And then in the year 5002, Ted Turner and Jane Fonda sent their infant son of eighteen years back to the present in a time machine made of Playstation 1 parts!
    Kaiba: You've been drinking again, haven't you?
    The Cybernetic Ghost of Christmas Past From the Future: Shut up! You're not the boss of me!
  • ALAN GREENSPAN! DOESN'T! WORK THAT WAY! Wow, that's a new one.
  • "500 bucks? What the hell show are they going to see? Given this was Marvel, I'd think this was Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark. Buuut, given the humor level of this thing, I think we really know what's really playing in that theater."
    1975 Musical Superman: Hi there America and friendly nations everywhere, glad we could get together.
  • Playing "Save Me" over the title card. And the credits, complete with deconstructing the unfunny joke explaining from the comic. ("It's funny because I'm using the theme from Smallville when it has nothing to do with Smallville! LAUGH!")
  • Linkara's response when Ted Turner makes a mean spirited jab that DC Comics couldn't make a decent book, clearly based on the writer, Bill Jemas' own opinion.
    Linkara: (visibly pissed) JSA, The Titans, Starman, JSA (text at the bottom appears saying "JLA, not JSA again"), Batman, Young Justice. But hey, even if clearly mean-spirited jabbing at DC was accurate, they still didn't make Marville now did they?
  • When the comic mentions the Goodwill Games:
    Linkara: Wow, it's a good thing we had that opening expository page to point out that Ted Turner made the Goodwill Games, or else I wouldn't be able to laugh at that! [Beat] Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa."

    170: Miller Time: Robocop vs. the Terminator # 1 
  • Linkara suggesting that Skynet caused Judgment Day after discovering the existence of three live-action Alvin and the Chipmunks films.
  • This exchange:
    Narration Box: She waits. A bird calls out. Then another. Soon it's a chorus. It takes her a full minute to recognize the sound for what it is. And she cries.
    Linkara: (as the female time traveler) Why? Why are the birds singing "My Humps"?
  • Linkara imitating RoboCop giving the Miranda Rights to the thugs he just killed.
    Linkara (as RoboCop): You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. Do you understand this?
    Linkara (as dead thug): (is slumped over, his tongue sticking out)
    Linkara (as RoboCop): Don't make faces at me, creep; we can use that against you, too.
  • The Stinger. Oh, my god the stinger. Linkara puts great usage of the scene with RoboCop going to handle the mayor problem with this exchange:
    RoboCop: Keep him talking.
    Lt. Hedgecock: Okay, Miller! Don't hurt the mayor! We'll give you what you want!
    (cut to The T-800 inside his motel room, going through a list of commands filled with curses)
    The T-800: Fuck you, asshole.
    Lt. Hedgecock: Okay!

    Revenge of AT4W Live! 
  • "For all these kids know, they're just buying a box with weights inside of it. You know, like the Jaguar CD!"
  • Making the "demonic" Feka employee sympathetic by describing him with an eye condition that is unfairly vilified thanks to Johnny Turbo.
  • "Worst evil demon salesman ever! (audience member shouts "besides Ocean Marketing") Besides Ocean Marketing."
  • Doing a Hulk Hogan impression when Johnny Turbo does a wrestler-esque threat.
  • "Hey gamers! Even though most of my time is spent jackin' up those Feka goons..."
  • He starts by giving the backstory on the Turbo Duo, a system that could run both cartridges and CDs without any add-ons. "And that's a great idea. The problem is how they decided to advertise it." (silently points to the comic as the audience cracks up)
  • All the jabs Linkara makes at himself
  • Someone in the audience asks "Are you a man, or a Muppet?", clearly wanting Linkara to do his "I am a man" meme. But first he does a "puppet arms" routine.
  • "By the way, I couldn't help but notice the lovely skull decorations on this guy's [Feka's tsar] curtains in his office."
  • This interruption:
    Linkara: At least I assume you have games. Otherwise, what are you giving those kids for free, blank CDs?
    Audience member: C+C Music Factory!
    Another audience member: Those bastards!
    (Linkara cracks up)
  • "We open at the Feka offices." *starts singing the Imperial March, which encourages the audience to sing along*
  • Linkara commenting on Feka's master plan:
    Linkara: Step one — sell game system. Step two — advertise game system to sell more! It's nefarious!
    Audience member: Step 3: Profit!

    171: Brute Force # 3 

    172: 15 Things Wrong With Identity Crisis 
  • Showing us what was going on in Batman's mind as they were mind-wiping him.
    "Oh no! They're making me love rock and roll! NOOOOOOO!"
    • Even better, this comic came out after Batman: Fortunate Son. It helps the joke to imagine the other Justice League members going 'Hey, Zatanna, while you're mind-wiping him, would you mind making him shut up about rock and roll?'
  • Sherlock Oan.
    Sherlock!Oan: Based on the evidence you provided, with the cast of characters, the relative powers and abilities of those within this universe, and all the clues that the story gives us, it is my professional opinion that... A Wizard Did It.
    Linkara: A wizard?
    Sherlock!Oan: Yes, I know, I was... just as surprised as you are.
    Linkara: You're not a real detective, are you?
    Sherlock!Oan: No, but I play one on TV!
    Linkara: And I'm not getting my money back, am I?
    Sherlock!Oan: Oh, not a cent!
    Linkara: (deadpan) Naturally.
  • After explaining how Identity Crisis completely disregarded due process declares that Jack McCoy would not approve.
    Jack McCoy: Just how far up your ass is your head?
  • His demonstration as to how shoehorning in a Darker and Edgier backstory can fail... using his Miller Time pocket watch.
    Linkara: By the way, have I ever told all of you how I got my Miller Time watch? (suspenseful music) A thief broke into our home one night and said he would kill me and everyone I ever knew and loved. In my rage, I beat his face in so much, it was flat against the ground. And then I took this watch off of him as a memento. I buried the bloody corpse in Nevada. (suspenseful music ends) OF COURSE I DIDN’T! The thing was a Christmas present when I was like 13 or something! But if that WAS the case, it would be pretty hard to watch all of my old Miller Time episodes, now wouldn’t it?
  • The Stinger counts as well:
    Green Arrow: People make fun of secret identities, wondering how we kept them up for so long. It's because we worked for it.
    Linkara: You hide your secret identity with ONLY a domino mask! You have a big blonde Robin Hood beard as Green Arrow and Oliver Queen! You sure as hell don't work very hard on keeping it!

    173: The New Guardians # 1 
  • Snowflame. Every last bit of him.
    "Coffee is cocaine in liquid form!"
    • Particularly when he crashes in on the Ninja Style Dancer.
      "Snowflame likes the bit that goes umst-umst-umst-bleeeugh!"
    • Not to mention that apparently, he's the reason In-Universe why the review was delayed 2 weeks.
      • The best part? He's played by Linkara's friend Will Wolfgram, who also played Lord Vyce.
    • "Snowflame is watching you read!"
    • "Snowflame has replaced your coffee with Foldger's Crystals! Wait a second, this is decaf! NOOOOOOOOO!!
  • Linkara is seemingly oblivious to the cocaine-powered man in his apartment at first. But then he finally acknowledges the man and his crazy statements, and treated it like it was nothing.
  • "Yeah, evolution has dictated that our hair be on fire, our bodies replaced with circuitry, or that we should have really silly mustaches and over-sized earrings. Or we should be plants."
  • When he sees the Slifer Kitty Karry, he realizes that ancient Egypt is once again behind everything.
  • After Hemogoblin eats the cat in the aformentioned Kitty Kase:
    "Guy": (thinking) The man's an animal!
    Linkara (as "Guy"): Damn it, Hemogoblin; what am I going to have for dinner now?!
  • Snowflame running outside, thinking snow is cocaine.
    • "Snowflame is stealing your shoes!"
      Linkara: (smiling) They grow up so fast.
  • When Extraño points out that he has no idea what he, as a homosexual, is doing in a team whose main purpose is procreation, Linkara is so happy to see a comic pointing out its own plotholes for him.
    • and moments later, Floronic Man's "pedo grin"
      Linkara: Who invited a supervillain to the team? It's going to be Doctor Light all over again.
  • When Harbringer starts to angst about the fact she has no sexual experience, Linkara points out they if they are supposed to pass their genetic material, she doesn't needs to know more than the basics.

    174: Gameboy # 2 
  • Linkara points out that the cover has Mario floating inside of a spacesuit's helmet while in outer space.
    Linkara: The beta version of Mario Galaxy was weeeeeeeird.
  • This:
    Linkara: Okay, I know I used this joke already in the last Gameboy review, but, I think it bears repeating here.
    Professor Membrane: My poor, insane son.
  • All the references to the boys from the first issue being crazy/put in a funny farm.
  • "We're being hijacked by bees, my god."
  • "Hello Travelocity? I need tickets for 40 bees, a few octopi..."
  • After the dark cloud around the World Trade Center in the first issue and the plane hijacking in this one, Linkara concludes the comic is trolling him.
  • "He tells me to burn things!"
  • Linkara attempting to figure out what happens if there were THREE Game Boys with Super Mario Land.
  • The Stinger.

    175–176: Double Feature ' 12 (Youngblood # 4 & Star Trek: The Search for Spock) 
  • Linkara, making a wrestling metaphor, admits he isn't much of a wrestling fan, getting most of his information from other sources. Cut to…
    Spoony: Wrestle! WRESTLLLLEEEE!
  • Drawing Comics the Marvel Way stated that drawing characters with their legs wide apart indicates excitement. Cut to Linkara, standing with his legs wide. "THIS IS EXCITING!"
  • "Red-white-and-blue guy with a shield. Diehard is clearly a ripoff of… Archie Comics' The Shield."
    "So, so, it's totally not like any other character's shield. It's all computers and stuff. It's totally different. (beat) Shut up!"
    • The best part is that he's holding a copy of Youngblood over his Captain America shield. Trying to hide the logo in the middle.
  • Him describing the cover:
    Linkara: The cover depicts a group of Youngblood members standing around and looking angry. Oh wait, I'm sorry, that was the cover to Issue 3. Let's try again.
    (brings up Issue 4 cover)
    Linkara: The cover depicts a group of Youngblood members standing around and looking angry.
  • On names:
    Diehard: His name is John Prophet.
    Linkara: Miss Jackson if you're nasty.
  • His entire review of the Pitt prologue. Pretty much a minute-and-a-half of snark on fast forward.
    • The scene at the start on the train:
      Linkara (as Street Thug): (to a random woman) It's skanks like you that make my bulbous knotty parts all tingly.
      Linkara: Human beings, even street thugs, do not talk like that.
  • Linkara sending Linksano off to engineering, then telling him if there was a radiation leak, not to be a hero. Linksano's response?
    Linksano: Very little chance of that, I can assure you!
  • "When Starfleet blows you up, they want you to know that it was with a quality Mark IV torpedo! Only cheapskates and Romulans use Mark I torpedoes!"
  • "Was the Zombie Spock one of a kind, or a sign of the Zombie Apocalypse to come?"
  • Bones' response to Kirk asking if he's going to shave: "Nah, I'm going back to the Disco Unabomber look. I thought it gave me character."
  • When Kirk muses about how he feels "empty" without Spock:
    Kirk: Almost as bad as the time Spock's brain went missing. (beat) Stop laughing, that really happened!
  • "It is a great honor to stick fried pickles into my head."
  • "My God, Leonard Nimoy must be high again! We're gonna find him completely naked, leaping from movie set to movie set, singing the 'Ballad of Bilbo Baggins'!"
  • "This is Vulcan Space Traffic Control. We're...oh my God, that's a Klingon Bird-of-Prey! Shoot it down!"
  • When McCoy is quoting Spock's last words:
    Kirk: Dammit, Bones, stop quoting Spock!
    Linkara: I get enough of it at conventions. I don't need it from you, too!
  • When Spock is regaining his memory:
    Spock: And your name is... Doctor McCoy.
    McCoy: That's right!
    Spock: ...You owe me ten bucks!
  • Linkara and Pollo switching places at the end... again.
    Linkara: BEEP, BEEP. I AM A ROBOT.
    Pollo: And yet, your arms work.
  • Linkara defeating Vyce while imitating Kirk's defeat of Kruge.
    Linkara: I! HAVE HAD! ENOUGH OF YOU!'

    177: Mr. T # 1 
  • Linkara singing the title song from Into the Woods after the first two narration boxes. "*beat* Second-favorite musical."
  • "He's a drug user, I just drink lots of booze!" *takes a swig* "Someday I might be able to forget Bimbos in Time… I hope…"
  • SHAZ-8.
  • Because poor literacy… is not just about misspelling words. It's also saying "literally" when you're trying to emphasize a point.
  • Mr. T having nightmares about his brief rap career.
  • The return of "Bear!"
  • When Linkara jokes that nobody would believe Mr. T would have commited a crime, because of how amazing and inspiring he is. And immediately hopes there won't be any scandal involving Mr. T soon after this review.
    "When I said that Mr. T is a super hero, I didn't meant he is friggin Batman!"

    178: Mr. T # 2 
  • Saying the comic is a rebuttal to "Rise Of Arsenal"
    Roy Harper: You guys just don't understand my pain. I—
    Mr. T: Shut up fool! You take drugs, you're gonna see a zombie version of your daughter that tells you to burn things! I pity you, Roy Harper!
  • Linkara's reaction to the cover featuring Mr. T getting punched out by "Stare Roy"? To walk away from the futon, pace around for a bit, and walk back all while saying "No" a bunch.
    • Even better is seeing Pollo, still in Linkara's Tom Servo watching the whole thing.
      • His added reaction to the comic's cliffhanger ending where Mr. T is knocked out by the aforementioned Stare Roy, as he says "No" a bit more, even playing his DS while adding more to his "no-ing". He then makes up his own ending involving T faking defeat and beating Stare Roy, growing to giant size, joining up with The A-Team to stop the drug runners, and then singing a song about "friendship or whatever".
  • When Mr. T confirms that he doesn't use guns, an "A-Team" clip is shown of him doing just that.
  • Linkara's responce to Mr. T dangling Upchuck from a building:
    Linkara: …okay, I was wrong last episode; apparently Mr. T is Batman.
  • The bloopers at the end.
    • Spoony scolds Oreo for playing with her squeaky toy while "daddy's working"...and he doesn't even break character as Dr. Insano.
    • All the dialogue between Ven and Kyle.
  • Previously On… 'Atop The Forth Wall'…
    • Andrew Dickman!
    • All the title-card artists confusing Doctor Insano with every other pop-culture Mad Scientist possible, including Doctor Horrible, Doktor Sleepless and Doctor Steel.
      Doctor Insano: Do I look like I could sing as good as him?!
    • Vincent E.L., full stop:
      Masterthecreator: And finally, Vincent E.L.!
      Vincent: (with a gun to his own head) What? Me?! Wow... Things are finally coming up Vincent! (leaps up, starts singing) ♪All these years, and all this hard work, I've finally—♪ *[Record Needle Scratch Needle Scratch]]* Wait, I'm not a title card artist, I made the Atop the Forth Wall theme song.
      Masterthecreator: Oh? Oh well, then we don't care about you.
      Vincent: "WAIT! (cut off)
    • Marobot unwillingly talking to Snowflame: "Yes, I know you like cocaine. Who doesn't?"
  • The return of the Mr. T Superpower Count.

    179: Dr. Doom's Revenge 
  • His comment on the title's acronym of DDR.
  • The moment when Spider-Man says he's sure the Avengers are busy. Cut to Thor and Iron Man watching My Little Pony.
    Thor!kara: Verily, this show about ponies is quite entertaining!
  • Dr. Doom hates Rock and roll.
  • The fact that Linkara managed to say "the power of pink" without laughing.
  • "Two muscle-bound superheroes in tight clothes, and tentacles. I don't even have to maker a joke at this point. You're all doing it right now on your own."
  • Explaining that he was going to be playing the game as well as reading the comic, and then showing us some of the mind-numbingly dull gameplay to explain why it's not happening.
  • Reaching the end of the comic, and faced with a cliffhanger tasking him to play the game in order to "Save Spidey, Cap, and America", Linkara excitedly decides to do so... and ends up getting bored by it.
  • Spider-Man: I'll go high!
    Captain America: And I'll go low!
    Linkara: And, because I don't know where in Europe Latveria is, I have no idea which one of you will be in Scotland before the other.
  • "I'm Dr. Doom! I automatically know who's coming to thwart my plans!"
  • "If the twist is that they're ghosts haunting Dr. Doom....I might have to reconsider not playing the game."
  • Spider-Man acting like a valley girl and thinking that Captain America will ask him to the homecoming dance.
  • Linkara's impersonations of former president George H.W. Bush.
  • After Cap manages to knock out two mooks at once with his shield:

    180: The Invincible Four of Kung Fu & Ninja # 1  
  • Linkara stating that the comic he is reading is something his friend Gordon would be an expert in. This then leads to Gordon calling Linkara over the phone and Linkara noting that he sounds like his voice is being dubbed over, and it is.
    Linkara: (picks up his phone) Oh, it's, uh, my old friend Gordon. Hang on a second, I gotta take this. Hey, Gordon.
    Gordon: Hello, Linkara, this is Gordon.
    Linkara: Yes, I know, Gordon. Hey, are you ok? You sound kind of weird, like you're in dubbed over footage or something.
    Gordon: Yeah, that tends to happen around here.
  • "There are question marks just floating in the air! What the hell are they?" This with actual question marks floating next to him.
  • "Hellooo, I'm Bob Slimy."
    • And all follow up slime-related jokes.
  • Linkara lamenting an antagonistic character's lack of genre savviness in threatening and racially abusing a black character:
    "Dude, best not to wave your fist so close to him in a comic about ninjas and Kung-Fu. He's liable to bite your hand off in one move."
  • His response to "advice" dispensed by a fourth wall breaking character of ambiguous species:
    "Thanks… Purple rat demon."
  • "Ah, yes, the most traditional of Kung-Fu weaponry. The umbrella."
  • The post-credits stinger, where we see the Ninja-Style Dancer "fighting" against the Plaid Ninja, a representative of the Evil Ninja Empire mentioned earlier. It's as hilarious as it sounds.
  • Linkara referring to one of the Mooks as "Krillin" and even including the "Krillin Owned Count" for when said mook makes a rather idiotic observation.
  • Contrasting "real martial arts" with "Shane riding on Dustin's back".

    181: Kamandi at Earth's End # 2 
  • The The Room reference.
  • Linkara points out how much the comic fails at geography...only for the camera to cutaway to Linksano in an insert obviously made after the fact, explaining that the comic was actually right and Linkara's outrage was totally wrong. Later on, back in the regular review, Linkara harps on how the creative team has no grasp of geography...and we cut back to Linksano looking incredibly uncomfortable.
    • Even more embarrassing, he used this as his final insult to the comic at the end of the video, prompting him to dub in an argument between him and Linksano.
      • Which ends with Linkara simply just decking Linksano after he gets called out on making mistakes in his insults directed at last week's comic (The Invincible Four of Kung-Fu and Ninja #1), particularly the "flaming spear tip".
  • "Sorry, two other ladies, you don't meet our definition of beautiful, so you're screwed."

    182: Black Web # 1 
  • The "carless" craftsman's punishment.
    Linkara: Being carless, we will punish him by giving it a car... and then taking it away.
  • "Oh, Crap!, spiders can't fly!"
  • "I AM A MAN!", and then the camera's angle randomly changes much to Linkara's confusion.
    • The implication being that thanks to the reality warping magic of the "I AM A MAN!" punch, Linkara grabbed his camera.
  • Linksano's appearance telling the audience why it's okay to call Frankenstein's monster Frankenstein. "Three, Frankenstein is not real, yet, thus we can name him whatever we want!"
  • Black Web encountering what appears to be a black Spoony Bum.
  • Spidaceous!

    183: Transformers Generation 2 # 1 
  • The title card: Linkara getting blown away by Optimus Prime wielding the Proton Cannon.
  • Linkara as Grimlock doing a Shakespearian monologue.
    "Me Grimlock Prospero!"
    • Linkara as Grimlock period.
  • His complete confusion at how a Transformers story can be "gritty."
  • Repeatedly calling out the comic's Continuity Lock-Out issues, despite the writer saying it was designed to be newbie-friendly.
  • Linkara as Optimus Prime doing a monologue while oblivious to the battle going on.
  • As he plays The Touch over a scene of Optimus being badass, he stops it and remembers this is from the 90s and he should play something more appropriate. Cue Rage Against the Machine.
  • "We need to teach the Decepticons how important and precious life is......BY KILLING EVERYTHING!!!"
  • This one is this troper's favorite joke:
    Jhiaxus: You will make a Facebook page, Optimus Prime!
    Optimus Prime: Never! MySpace is the right of all sentient beings!

    184: Captain Tax Time # 1 
  • At one point, Captain Tax Time punches the lights out of a random guard. The guard says Oh shii... before being punched and Captain Tax Time corrects him by saying he meant "sugar".
    Linkara: This comic is a piece of sugar.
  • Linkara's outrage that the comic doesn't show how the two vigilantes managed to clean up all organized crime in Canada.
  • Boffo the Clown returns... to do Linkara's taxes.
  • "You get a tax! And you get a tax...! I am the Oprah of taxes!"
  • "If only there were some way we could vote them out during elections. It’s a pity we live in Canada, home of the goblin people." Cue confused shrug.
  • Linkara's increasing rage at Captain Tax Time and Sargent Saver's plan to stop the evil new tax by stopping all crime.
  • When Captain Tax Time and Sergeant Saver come up with the plan, Linkara's delivery makes it sound more like a dimwitted Get Rich Quick Scheme.

    185: Superman # 701 
  • Linkara's Running Gag of "Superman! Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound! Able to (something stupid or immoral!)"
  • An unintentional one: when Superman stops to help some men fix a car, Linkara notes that Superman is glad to help people with problems "of all sizes, big and large." Made even funnier (this time intentionally so) when he apologizes for this slip in the subtitles: "Editing your script? What's that?"
  • While on the topic:
    Citizen: How do you know it's a damn fuel line?
    Superman: Trust me, I know.
    Linkara, in Superman's voice: I cut it myself.
  • "Pardon me, citizen, but may I borrow a cup of drugs?"
  • Almost all What the Hell, Hero? moments - his reactions are hialrous.

    186: Bloodstrike # 1 
  • "All of a sudden, though, I get this weird feeling — like I'm doin' something I've done before — and I freeze up." "Oh jeez, the Taco Bell just hit me!"
  • The epic rant about how we don't learn anything about anyone on the team, and the few hints at their backstories are interrupted. "Do they like piña coladas? Give me something!"
  • "Great, I already used up the 'Great continuity!' clip."
  • Repeatedly getting the comic's name wrong, given how similar all of Rob Liefeld's work is.
  • His imitation of General Patton,whose speech he altered in the form of a Take That! to Liefeld.
    • 90's Kid gets one in the Stinger, too!
      90's Kid: I love it; Dude help me, I do love it so...
  • After reading a long talk of the villain which concludes with him stating he will terminate them immediately.
    Linkara: Which is why I just spent a minute saying that to you instead of having my guards open fire right away with you at point-blank rage. (points to them) Clichèd characters, (points to himself) clichèd villains.
  • Linkara ever-growing anger and frustration at the comic and how it follows Image's cliches of the 90's to an annoying tee.
  • When Corben explains that he hired Bloodstrike so he could kill them Linkara points that the comic is telling us that this whole was a waste of time, then there's a Blake's 7 clip and this part.
    Cabbot: You hired us to— That's insane!
    Corben: Insane? My plane is flawless!
    Linkara: Your plan is dumb and so are you!

    187: Marville # 2 
  • The video opens up with a very drunk Linkara struggling to get from off the floor to his couch.
    Linkara: Hello, and welcome to... that thing I do.
  • Linkara questions who would title their movie "Smut". Cut to The Reveal that this was what The Cinema Snob wanted to title his movie… until the producers shot it down.
    Snob: Fine. 'The Cinema Snob Movie' it is, then…
  • Reacting to seeing the Kingpin being Spike Lee by going outside while the end credits song in Manos: The Hands of Fate plays in the background.
    Linkara: (quietly walks back inside, sits down on the couch, and picks up the comic again) What?!
  • His increasingly angry Not Making This Up Disclaimers as the comic gets dumber and dumber.
  • His reaction to the panel which shows the result of Iron Man and Black Panther hitting the thief's head.
    Linkara: "I never hurt your pa—" No! All that pounding on the thief's head pushed his head down to his stomach?! HELL NO! This is not a fricking Looney Tunes cartoon!

    188: The Amazing Spider-Man On Bullying Prevention # 1 
  • The entirety of The Stinger: Snowflame gives a PSA on the benefits of succumbing to peer pressure while holding increasingly large and unwieldy props from past storylines.
  • When Spider-Man realizes that he knows the Brace Linkara goes on a mini-rant about how everyone Spidey seems to know becomes a villain.
    Linkara: Peter Parker is a magnet for crazy people!
  • In the second story, a boy named Juan throws a bully several feet back with one shove of his hand. Linkara then declares that Juan has super strength.
  • Linkara makes this jab at Spider-Man's dialogue in the very beginning of the second story:
    Spider-Man: Look at all the people in Central Park skating the afternoon away! So who needs in-line skates? It's a beautiful day for web-swinging!
    Linkara (as Spider-Man): Enjoy gravity, losers!

    189: The New Teen Titans Anti-Drug Giveaway # 1 
  • After Linkara talks about how it turns out China Cat is actually a drug name and wonders why they'd call it that we get this:
    Linkara(said in a gravely drug pusher voice): Hey man, you wanna get a hit of Slinky!? (starts playing with a slinky) Everyone knows it's Slinky.
  • The title card shows Linkara using truly Batman-like deductive skills on the Protector, the Captain Ersatz of Robin, who has the words "I Am Not Robin" painted on his uniform, while the animated Teen Titans version of Robin slaps his forehead in frustration and the animated version of Speedy tries to hide the fact that he's heating up a spoonful of heroin.
  • "I'm 13 years old and I've taken[…]pop and mushrooms." "Oh my God, not pop! First they get you on the Pepsi, then they move you up to harder stuff like Mountain Dew!" Even funnier when you realize he actually misread "PCP" as "pop".
  • Linkara's back and forth of Starfire constantly reminding Speedy of his past drug addictions, to Speedy's growing annoyance. And just as a little nod at one point Linkara as Speedy uses Starfire's real name.
  • After the line where Protector says that people uses drugs for many reasons and for no reasons.
    Linkara 1: Hey, why did you start taking crack?
    Linkara 2: Eh. No reason.
  • Starfire's Big "NO!", complete with a Revenge of the Sith reference.
  • "I'm telling you sweetie, that Angry Video Game Nerd is a bad influence on her."
  • One of the drug victims is identified as Juan. "That's why he could toss people around one-handed!"
  • Linkara ranting on about Rise of Arsenal, before realizing that, since the reboot, Lian would never have been born in the first place.
    Linkara: You know, I think I may hate the reboot.
    • Not the only part:
      Roy: Pal, you just made yourself a bad mistake.
      Linkara (as Roy): Here! Wanna see the pictures of my DEAD DAUGHTER, who lead me to start taking drugs again!? DO YOU!? ANSWER ME, DAMNIT!!!
  • The Protector's dialogue being completely unchanged from Robin's, so he talks and acts as if he was the leader despite apparently being a recent ally.
    Linkara (as the Protector): I am the Protector, your new Lord and Master! YOU WILL COME AND GO AS I COMMAND!
  • "Oh my God, it's fun being transparently evil! I'm gonna go kick a puppy!"
  • Linkara reminding Cyborg who's supposed to be in charge.
    Cyborg: Okay, you're right, boss-man...
    Linkara: He's not your boss! Your boss is busy doing a Nabisco crackers commercial!
  • When Raven tells some kids that drugs can make it impossible for them to have kids.
    Linkara (as Kid 1): But Raven, I don't want to have any kids!
    Linkara (as Kid 2): I already have a disorder that makes me incapable of having kids.
    Linkara (as Raven): Oh crap, I didn't think about that.
  • The Stinger. Yet another PSA from… SNOWFLAME!

    190: Daredevil vs. Vapora # 1 
  • The blurb on the inside of the comic's cover teaches Linkara about how dangerous light switches can be!
    Blurb: Gasoline is dangerous because of the invisible, flammable vapors it produces. Gasoline vapors can ignite at temperatures well below zero. The tiniest spark from a match, a pilot light, even turning on a light switch, can trigger a devastating explosion.
    (Linkara looks up from comic to look at the light switch in his room; camera pushes in on it with a Scare Chord)
    Linkara: Watching you, you bastard. (does the military "eyes on you" gesture)
  • Linkara's fun with the line "It's some type of vaporous thing, a Vapora!"
    Linkara: This is some type of comic thing, a Com-eec-a!
    • At the end of the review.
      Linkara: All I can say is this is some type of stupid thing, a stupeed-a.
  • Linkara versus Physics:
    Narrator: In front of him, a drop of 20 feet to the street below. Alone, it would be nothing; a puddle-jump.
    Linkara: Oh yeah, jumping down to the ground from 20 feet up is perfectly safe. Allow me to demonstrate— *THUD* OH GOD, MY LEGS!!
  • When Murdock asks if the cop saw Vapora, the cop asks Murdock "Did I see?" and points to his eyes.
    Linkara (as Murdock): Uh, I mean, did you HEAR that? I'm totally not faking being blind or anything.
  • After Linkara finishes a rant pointing out the stupidity of a mother lighting a cigarette not only near her baby, but on a carpeted floor next to an open gas canister, causing the vapors— and her— to be set on fire:
    Linkara (as the Mother): Oh, dear God! The burning! The pain! THIS WAS COMPLETELY AVOIDABLLLLE!!
  • His sheer horror over the teenagers using gasoline to clean their motorbikes. Wondering if they use gasoline to rinse leftover shampoo from their shower.
    • This sequence only becomes funnier if you know that gasoline is used to clean mechanical parts, since the comic actually managed to find the one thing gasoline can be a legitimate cleaning product for and still gets the facts wrong.
    • Oh and we get this clip from Scrubs after Linkara's shocked reaction.
    Doctor Cox: Dear… incompetentdumbass
  • His reaction to multiple Vaporas.
    Linkara: Wait, MULTIPLE Vaporas? There are MORE of this thing? Did everyone fill their gas tanks in a demonic cult ceremony?"
  • This exchange.
    Vapora: DieRedManMorePainBiggerBetterBigger
    Linkara: Harder Better Faster Stronger (song plays)
    • Especially good as he fixes the camera with a blank, hard stare for a good five seconds or so.
  • This week's Snowflame PSA.

    191: Batman: A Word to the Wise 
  • In the comic, Joker pulls a gun on one of his own mooks to prevent Batman from stopping him while he escapes before pulling the gun on Batman himself. Of course, he doesn't shoot him (with bullets), but Linkara decides to what would happen if he averted the Why Don't You Just Shoot Him? moment.
    Linkara (as the Joker): (pulls the trigger and shoots) Heh. T-that was surprisingly simple. Kind of funny, actually.
  • Linkara showing the gaping flaw in the Joker's plan. His army is only six people, Canada and the United States would crush him.
  • Linkara drops a line from his theme song when the Gunslinger starts shooting.
    Linkara: You have a magic gun? Where'd you purchase that?
  • When the Gunslinger notices that in spite of the sparks and explosions, nothing in Linkara's apartment is being damaged by his gunshots. This may end up being important, but either way it's a nice bit of lampshading.
  • When Batman and the kids stop at Zellers to buy cowboy outfits
    Linkara: Yeah, it's a good thing you guys bought those outfits because... (beat, blinks twice, beat, blinks once, beat) ...They decide to head to a rare bookstore...
  • Snowflame's PSA combines Epic Meal Time and a complete Mind Screw.
    • His making most of the sandwich in typical Large Ham fashion, then carefully measuring out the cocaine put on top.
    • At one point during his freak out, he's playing chess with Linkara's teddy bear. And he's losing.
  • Linkara as the girl at the library.
    "I need chapters! Chapterrrrs!"
  • When the Joker tells Batman he'll "see (him) in the funny papers", Linkara follows up with infamous "Joker Pulls Boner of the Year" headline.
  • Linkara pointing out the silliness of Batman commenting on the beauty of the Canadian wilderness. Made even funnier by reading it in his Batman gruff-voice.
    • It's doubly amusing if you know anything about geography — the panel shows mountains in the background. Not many of those between Montreal and Toronto.
  • "Don't worry, kids, I can't fly either!"
    • "Unlike that Superman...Not that I'm jealous or anything!"
  • The Joker demands a rare book from the (wheelchair-bound!) librarian. The librarian tells him he's being too loud and asks him to leave.
    Linkara: Librarians do not know fear.
  • Pointing out the girl's unhealthy obsession with reading to the point she was excited about reading information pamphlets.
  • His commentary on Batman swinging through the air while fireworks are going off in the background.
    Linkara (as Batman): Oh, God! My cape is on fire! Why did I clean it with gasoline!?
  • Linkara's near spot-on impression of Mark Hamill's Joker makes all of his readings of Joker's dialogue that much funnier.
  • Linkara's impression of the girl talking about writing erotic crossover fanfiction about Harry Potter and Aragorn. Made funnier by the fact that Linkara used to write fanfiction himself, though not erotic crossover fanfics.

    SPECIAL: Southland Tales 
  • Linkara brings Film Brain to explain the backstory of the movie note :
    Film Brain: Where am I?! How did I get here!?
  • Phelous piling on the sarcasm more and more every time he talks.
  • The "You're in my way" Running Gag parts during a certain part of the review involving a SWAT like team. Call-Back to The Spoony Experiment 's Let's Play on SWAT 4.
  • The Call-Back to Kickassia: "I'm not even in front of you!"
  • The Stormtrooper.
  • When Justin Timberlake gives another Revelation quote, Oancitizen suddenly appears with a huge pipe ("Oh, by the way, I'm in this review now.") and gives a well-researched summary of the Book of Revelation, along with describing how Southland Tales was written to be a one-on-one transliteration of Revelation and the Biblical counterparts of several characters. Then:
    Nostalgia Chick: So, what's the Biblical significance of the elephants fucking?
    Oancitizen: Oh, nothing, just stupid, unsubtle jabs at the Republican Party.
  • The reviewers frustration of the narrator's constant quoting of Book of Revelation.
    "Revelation 22..."
    (Entire Room) "SHUT UP!"
  • After a scene in the film where several shocking revelations are made, the reviewers parody this by shouting out their own revelations, culminating in Nash shouting "I'm pregnant!" Then JesuOtaku pops up out of nowhere, slaps him, and runs off crying.
  • Justin Timberlake's character gets high on Fluid Karma and starts a music video of "All The Things That I've Done." Todd's interpretation of this is that it's really Timberlake's own dream and that him coming out of it at the end is him realizing, "Wait, I was never in The Killers! I was in a terrible boy band!" Cue pouty-face Timberlake.
  • The group's increasing frustration with the film:
    Krysta Now: It had to be this way.
    Sad Panda: Why does it have to be this way?! What the hell is going on!?
  • The reviewers' sum-up at the end about why the movie sucked.
  • "He's already dead!" "What? No! That'd be stupid! It wouldn't make any sense!" "You're saying that about a movie that has car fucking."
  • The reviewers force Linkara to give them the time they wasted watching the movie back. He asks "where will I find a time machine?" Then he rides a Delorean while the theme to Back to the Future plays. When he arrives back to the room where Past Linkara and the rest are reviewing.... they begin singing The Killers. And the musical continues until the end, getting weirder and funnier.

    192: Marvel Team-Up 74 
  • The beginning of the video
    Linkara: Spider-man meets the cast of Saturday Night Live...what? (cut to opening credits)
  • John Belushi being made a Green Lantern. Just try to picture it without cracking up.
  • Linkara putting a spin on his usual intro.
    Linkara: So let's dig into Marvel Team-Up #74 and LIVE FROM NEW YORK IT'S SATURDAY NIGHT! (the Saturday Night Live intro plays for about 10 seconds before Linkara pushes the clip away) Yeah, that bit is over. This is recorded, it's Minnesota, and it's Monday afternoon.
  • His breakdown as Stan Lee wishing Marvel would let him stop saying the same catchphrase, then letting out a tormented "Excelsior..."
  • The Shout-Out to Power Rangers Samurai in response to Silver Samurai's irritation at Belushi's costume. I just about died when I heard that.

    193: Blake's 7 # 2 
  • Demanding answers as to what's happened to his stuff, Linkara confronts Insano and threatens to beat them out of him.
    Linkara: Who did you sell it to!?
    Insano: I don't know what you're talking about!
    Linkara: Anti-magic field generator kit! Who did you sell it to?
    Insano: I haven't sold one of those in months. Not since they discovered the defect against Blitzballs!
  • The parade of embarrassing '70s attempts to predict future fashions.

    194: Battle for Blüdhaven #1- 2 
  • The video's thumbnail: Blue Demoman and Red Pyro facing off while Linkara is wearing the original announcer outfit (Half Blue Half Red). He incorporates its meaning into the video by calling the conflict stupid, vague, and pointless reasons for people killing each other.
  • When Father Time orders soldiers to shoot anyone in a costume, he says, "I don't care if it's Green Lantern, Superman, or the whole Justice League riding magic ponies!" Cut to a montage of fanart of the Justice League riding the Mane Six.
  • In a bit of Phelous-brand humor, when the Nuclear Legion is revealed:
  • Linkara points out that, as far as they know, the people in the camps are fighting to get into a dangerously radioactive area.
    Linkara: I am not sympathetic to STUPID PEOPLE!
  • Linkara tries to get off the review by imitating the ending of The Geek. Of course, it doesn't work.
  • His theory that Firebrand is Izaak Crowe from Batman: Fortunate Son; after being shot down by the cops, he was buried in Blüdhaven and later resurrected by the Chemo blast as a superpowered zombie.
  • This little gem:
  • After consulting a Cloak from Suburban Knights on how to fix his magic problem, Linkara thanks him by sending ten dollars to his paypal account.
    Cloak: Sucker. I would have told him for five.

    195: Battle for Blüdhaven #3- 4 
  • Linkara continues to play Firebrand as an annoyance comparable to Izaak Crowe, and as such, it remarks the return of the Superboy Prime Voice!
  • A certain character provides a rather on-the-nose reminder of the ending of Southland Tales while talking about the Black Baron, prompting Linkara to just quiver with rage for a few seconds before shouting that the movie won't stop taunting him.
  • After Firebrand makes another stupid Strawman argument about the evil of the goverment:
  • The skit proposal for the Blüdhaven facility (which features an incomplete wall).

    Curse of Atop the Fourth Wall Live! 
  • Senile Grandpa.
  • The Running Gag involving Jounnouchi's comment about how "There's no penalty for stripping."
  • Linkara's reaction to the evil director actually talking about making a Snuff Film out loud, which is then followed by an audience member suggesting that said film should be sent to The Cinema Snob.
  • "Die... I like that word...".
  • The many jokes that the audience contributes.
    • After Linkara describes Season Zero of Yu-Gi-Oh and how it involved Yami enacting murderous revenge on people who wrong Yugi. "you know, for kids!"
      Audience Member: Business as usual for Shōnen.
    • When Linkara brings up how Yugi's hands look massive in proportion to the rest of his body.
    Audience Member: He's a midget, what do you expect?
    • When Linkara points out how odd it is that the evil director sees a random spiky-haired kid on the street and instantly decides to have him star in his movie.
      Audience Member: Give him a part in the Sonic the Hedgehog movie!
    • In reaction to Jounouchi's plan to "unmask" the celebrity who he believes is masquerading as a student at the school:
      Audience Member: They're gonna pull a Scooby-Doo on us.
    • When the assistant director uppercuts Yugi for the film.
      Audience Member: SHORYUKEN!!
    • The audience cheering when Yami's about to use dark magic.
  • This line before the game between Yami and the director begins, Linkara's description of what the penalty game would be:
    Linkara (as Yami): The game is called "Replace one of your eyes with this die"!
  • The Running Gag of Yugi's nose vanishing.
    • Some of the audience questions from the Q&A held afterwords were pretty funny too.
      Audience Member: You have a magic gun, where'd you purchase that, Linkara?

    196: Battle for Blüdhaven #5- 6 

    197: Sir Charles Barkley and the Referee Murders 
  • Following two referee murders...
    Spectator: Hey Barkley, you can't kill him until after the game!
    Linkara: He's right, you know. Murdering the ref is a two-shot penalty.
  • "Take down this romantic advice, Heterosexual Men: The ladies like it when you accept their gifts of coats and hats." (Mouths "Oh yeah").
  • Linkara's search for a solution to his Magic Gun problem brings him to Spring-Con...which is south of where he lives rather than north, where he should be going. "I should really buy a map."
    • Not to mention talking about being "calm-headed" — while he's running around all crazy.
    • Hilarity Ensues when Linkara gets drunk and rants about "JLA Act of God" — even after he said never to do anything to embarrass yourself.
      Linkara: The thing about JLA Act of God is that they get Booster Gold's character wrong, they think he's just about the money, he doesn't care about actually helping people, he's just like 'oh, I just want the fame and fortune'. You know, I just realized that you don't probably don't even know who the heck I'm talking about, who are you, anyway?
      Dan Jurgens: My name is Dan Jurgens, the creator of Booster Gold.
      Linkara: ...And the problem with Blue Beetle these days is...
  • Linkara meets Julie Sydor (who would eventually go on to play Erin during the Sleepwalker and Clone Saga arcs), who gushes over how cute his Cybermat is and says she wants to keep it forever. Linkara immediately lunges for the cute little robot and growls "Mine!"

    198: Captain Electron # 1 
  • The many "testimonials" on how bad the Brick Computer Science Institute was.
  • Repeatedly calling the vaguely Arnim Zola looking computer creepy in some fashion.
    There's a word I'm looking for to describe a being like Mr. Computer, now, now, what was it? Oh right, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!
  • "Also, a bowtie because bowties are cool!"
  • Linkara completely stumbling when Captain Electron, signaled that a disaster has happened in New York, flies off... and the comic takes a random turn for the extremely dark, as a plane's hit the Chrysler Building.
    Linkara: [Face Palm] Oh, sweet merciful crap...
  • "Dr. Mannfred... Zongor. Y'know, some people are just born to be supervillains."
  • This:
    Mr. Computer: I have a wonderful story to tell you that I know you will enjoy.
    Linkara: I call it "Rule 34: The Musical."
  • Looking at Animiniapolis for someone to fix his magic gun, the only person who knows magic is...Yami Yugi. Whose show is not allowed to show guns in America, so he doesn't know what to do.
  • "The fascinating world of computer science, kids! It's a tool for evil!"
  • The title card itself! Which has Linkara jumped up into Captain Electron's arms as they cry in fear from the unnatural state of Mr. Computer.

     199:Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home 
  • When announcing he's reviewing yet another Star Trek movie comic, Linkara tells people not to panic or leave. It's oddly funny to see him beg like that.
  • When Spock is going through an intelligence test, Linkara acts out Spock freaking out:
    Linkara: Uh, BANK! N-N-No, wait, I need a lifeline! Uh— Should I answer in the form of a question? Oh, God, this is too much pressure! (runs away)
  • When Uhura puts the probe's signals on the speakers...
    Linkara: (listening) My God, it's Dubstep.
  • The Large Ham reading of the Klingon ambassador.
  • "Damn it, Ecco! You saved your band of mutant flying dolphins, but you didn't save the humpback whales!!"
  • Post credits humor: punching Corporate Commander and very quickly beling out "I AM A MAN!!" before running off.
    • Plus, his being even more frustrated with his inexplicable inability to figure out which way is north.
    • Likewise, his narration of being in the wilderness, being in broken lands without civilization around him happens....while being in front of the Capitol and downtown Washington D.C. Living off the land and learning from the natives? White Castle and eating with Brad Jones.
  • His face when referencing the stupid treaty that the Federation signed with the Romulans, forbidding the Federation from developing cloaking devices.
  • After see that Captain Kirk would sell McCoy's present from the previous movie, Linkara adds the "You created a Time Paradox" line to great effect.
  • When the Silent Hill fog comes back after the comic talks about a strange fog, Linkara begins to protest that the fog in the comic was aliens, not Silent Hill, before remembering the UFO Endings.

     200th Episode (Spider-Man: One More Day) 
  • The intro, telling us that Linkara is in good condition as he continues his journey. Cut to:
    Linkara: (in a field in the middle of nowhere) I am so lost!
  • The montage of the many times Linkara mentioned his hatred of the comic.
    Linkara: Yeah, I think I might have brought it up once or twice.
  • Upon opening the comic and reading the first page...
    Linkara: (after a good ol' Face Palm) FIRST... SENTENCE!!!
  • SF Debris's cameo:
    Chuck: (after his lack-of-picture is pointed out) Picture? There is no picture; cameras steal your soul!
    • "WHO ARE YOU?"
  • The return of the Continuity Alarm.
  • All of Obscurus Lupa's cameo. "Oooooooooo, I'm so mysteeeerious!"
    • Her doing the wave when trying to be "mysterious".
  • The visions of Linkara's future, both if he does and does not continue reviewing comics. The only difference is their hats.
    • Plus Phelous and the Sci-Fi Guy, saying their lines like there's a gun to their head. And Sci-Fi Guy is seen reading a script. Then he derails the premise of his cameo entirely to say he has no contempt for comic books; "I just bought the new issue of Green Lantern Corps."
  • His imitation of how Peter and Mary Jane's future daughter walks. The goofy expression on his face and the choice of music is what really sells it.
  • Everything about the Cinema Snob's cameo, from his monologue to his Caligula costume which consists of draping Lloyd's favorite blanket across his body.
  • When the first Future Peter tells Peter that he's a video game designer:
    Linkara: Right now, I'm working on the ending to Mass Effect 3. I think people will really like it!
  • Linkara's response to Peter asking in which of the "infinite" iterations is he a little girl.
    Linkara: That would be... Iteration #516. It's actually a really interesting twist on everything. Oh! in iteration #29, you're a pig.
    I'm not even kidding either. Google it: Spider-Ham.
  • Sums up the whole encounter with the first Future Peter as:
  • The final verdict.
  • Everything about Doug Walker's cameo as That Guy With The Glasses playing the Devil, offering Linkara to erase One More Day from existence in exchange of his show.
    That Guy With The Glasses: (Reading Linkara's signed deal) No chance in hell, you piece of— ...I can't even pronounce that!
  • The Stinger, with Linkara's dad singing the theme tune. And screwing it up!
  • Mephisto is explaining the terms of his deal:
    Mephisto: What I want is greater than what one paltry soul can provide me. What I want is the one thing in the universe that is truly greater than the sum of its parts and tastier than any single soul I could devour.
    Linkara (as Mephisto): I to be in the audience to Saturday Night Live!
    Linkara (as Peter): ...But I already used those tickets years ago!
    Linkara (as Mephisto): What?! Aw, dammit! Do you know how hard it is to get those?!

     House of Atop The Fourth Wall Live! 
  • As per usual, the audience sings along with the theme song, but this time, Linkara plays the full version which leads to a rather awkward moment when Linkara starts singing the second verse while the audience sings the last note of the song.
  • When Linkara points out that the plane was a trap, everyone in the audience goes "It's a trap!"
  • The live version of "Of course! Don't you know anything about science?"
  • The audience joke that left Linkara speechless and blushing.
    Audience member: (a character has been strapped to a bed, wearing only his underwear) They're riding his zone! (audience and Linkara start laughing)
    Linkara: ...You win.
  • Then there's this:
    Dr Harold Lawrence: Dr Bent, I don't get why we have to make twin clones of Hitler.
  • When the comic shows the Arctic:
  • His reaction to Overlord's real name being James Bent, then proclaiming that he has one of the greatest campaign slogans ever: Get Bent!
  • "In his obsessive drive to dominate the Earth, that fiend has even enslaved our children!"
    Linkara: Damn you, Justin Bieber!
  • When starting the show:
    Linkara: Are you ready to rock?
    Random Audience Guy: Batman doesn't want us to!

    201: Rock and Roll #31: Vanilla Ice 
  • Pollo's reaction to Linkara saying "Cool, as Ice".
    Pollo: That was terrible, you're terrible, and my arms still don't work.
  • Like with the Eminem and Punisher crossover comic, Linkara calls on the Rap Critic to explain the history of Vanilla Ice. During said explanation, Rap Critic throws in a wonderful Take That!.
    Rap Critic: But it's not like he just ripped off a specific song from a black artist and then didn't give them credit. No, he did that to David Bowie.
  • After a gang witnesses Vanilla break dancing, one of the members notes that he's not "half bad for someone of the Caucasian persuasion!"
    Linkara: So he's pretty fly for a white guy? (Cue "Pretty Fly For A White Guy" by The Offspring.)
    • Later, Vanilla's future manager sees him perform at a rapping competition and notes that he's "pretty good...for a white guy."
      Linkara: You mean he's pretty fly for crap, I already did that joke.
  • After pointing out that the comic seems to be emphasizing the bad parts of Vanilla Ice's life, Linkara wonders who would buy this comic. "DUUUUUUUUUUUDE!!!"
  • When Vanilla Ice comes up with his iconic hairstyle, an audience member says that he looks like a hyper Max Headroom.
    Linkara: Ironic, because it only took 20 minutes into the future for Vanilla Ice's career to fail. (Rim Shot)
  • "You're being interviewed - get up and put on a damn shirt!"
    • Made better by how Linkara mimics Vanilla Ice's pose, shirtless and all.
  • Linkara noting that if they ever make a biography comic about his life, it would just feature him drinking after reading Marville.
  • The weird look on Linkara's face as he pretends to be young Vanilla Ice accepting a dare to shove a Duel Disk up his nose.

    202: Future Shock # 1 
  • His reaction to the man's head exploding in the opening.
  • Joking that he used up the shirtless budget last week.
  • We see that the guy has a lamp on his desk and Linkara proceeds to review the lamp, critiquing its tendency to blow up one's head.
  • This bit:
    Comic: That's no dog...
    Obi-Wan: It's a space station.
  • When Jenny first encounters the hounds from hell, Linkara plays the wild Pokémon battle music.

    203: Catwoman: Guardian of Gotham # 1  
  • Linkara's reaction to Catwoman's "Cat signal", which he considers creepy.
    Linkara: It's like the moon is getting ready to eat us.
  • The comparison between bat and cat symbolism. Batman has a lot to work with for striking fear in the hearts of criminals. Catwoman... (insert Keyboard Cat clip)
    Linkara: I think "Catwoman being Gotham's protector", and this is what is conjured up:
    Ash!Catwoman: Eehh, I'm the hero Gotham deserves, but not what it needs...cuz I'm lazy. Heh, heh-heh-heh.
  • When Batman stumbles onto Catwoman's lair, he sees computer monitors covered in information about him. It can only mean one thing: a fan Tumblr!
    • "Unbelievable...but there's no other explanation. Selena Superman!"
  • The whole Sugar Ray section.
  • His bafflement at how the abandoned theater changed floors between panels.
  • His response to a bit of Narrating the Obvious at the end of the comic.
  • "Figure it out. If you're the Catwoman, then I'm...Possum Man!"

    204: Catwoman: Guardian of Gotham # 2 
  • The "Previously On..." segment, which Deconstructs said "Previously On..." segments.
    MarzGurl: Look, if we're going to restore normality to this "Previously On..." segment, we need to throw in an unexpected plot twist and make it an entirely new episode.
    Oancitizen: There's only one way to do that: An unexpected cameo!
    JesuOtaku: I'm unexpected!
  • Batman's expression upon learning that Catwoman survived falling from a tall building.
    Linkara: It's like if "waah, waah, waah" had a face.
    • To give you an idea, it looks strikingly similar to this.
  • Linkara starts to suspect that the artist has a fetish for people sticking their tounges out. So he sticks his out.
    Linkara: Do I make you horny, Baby?
  • The title card, which has Linkara dressed up as Jerry Springer talking with a heavily pregnant Catwoman, and the caption "I'm Pregnant with my Supervillain Husband's Baby!"
  • The literal rimshot.
    Batman: Never saw any marital spats, honey?
    (cut to a Saturday Night Live clip of Fred Armisen playing the three notes)
  • After Batman says that his and Catwoman's marriage essentially meant jack squat:
    Weird Al: I was only kidding. I was only kidding! I was only kidding. You thought that was for real?
  • Bruce Wayne Comically Missing the Point, and totally accepting Selina Kyle (who's revealed her identity to him) as his dominatrix.

    205: Psychoman # 1 
  • In the comic, God narrates how he occasionally gives his creations extraordinary powers.
    Linkara: I once gave Mara Wilson the power to call upon old video footage of people and then smite them for their sins. Man, that one was awesome.
  • When the comic attempts to lampshade the "with great power comes great responsibility" line.
    Linkara: Bad call, comic. Don't remind people of better comics they could be reading instead of this. Instead of reading about some psychotic killer, they could be reading Amazing Spider-Man, which at the time was introducing Carnage, a psychotic killer...My point still stands.
  • Linkara's counterarguments against each and every one of Todd Loren's 'problems' with superhero comics, demonstrating how Loren clearly had no idea what he was talking about in that passage.
    • Except when he gets to the complaint that comics use the same gimmicks over and over, and he's forced to concede the point.
    • He also skips over the one about the prevalence of "the Marvel way". The bit below the list makes clear that by "the Marvel way" Todd Loren doesn't mean the writer giving an outline, the artist drawing the comic and the writer filling in the dialogue but instead means Rob Liefeld-style artwork, which Linkara would wholeheartedly agree with.
  • His absolute astonishment when Jeff goes to a White Castle and doesn't order the chicken rings, also serving as a good Call-Back to the earlier parts of the current story arc where Linkara shared some with The Cinema Snob on his journey.
  • This:
    Narrator: I want to tell you a story.
    Linkara: Now, this is a story all about how / My life got flipped, turned upside-down.

    Ghost of AT4W Live! 
  • At the beginning of the panel, after the Atop the Fourth Wall theme is played, one audience member goes "We love you, Linkara." This is then followed by audience members stating "I like you as a friend." and "I want to have your adopted children."
    Linkara: Sounds like a plan.
  • Linkara's failed attempt to have the audience sing along to the Bulk and Skull Leitmotif, which had him asking them if they even watched Power Rangers.
  • The panel in which the Power Rangers are "flying" towards the giant caterpillar, and Linkara and the audience's reactions to it.
    Linkara: (in response to the Pink Ranger bending her body in midair) Did Jim Balent draw this?
  • In summing up the Zarathustra Dimension that Zordon sent the Rangers to:
    Linkara: Just wonderful, Zordon sent them to a tentacle hentai dimension. Y'know, I'm starting to think Zordon is kind of a dick.
  • The entire audience being Late to the Punchline on the joke about not having manga footage of Tommy.
  • Linkara speculating that the comic was meant for Rita, and presents his proof by showing Lord Zedd saying he'll make his monster grow. This is followed shortly by someone going "Oh no..." as they know what will happen next. He then throws his staff to the ground, just like Rita did.

    206: Marville # 3 
  • Yet another Marville intro with a resultant hangover.
  • Holokara still reacting to Spike Lee being the Kingpin by going outside while the end credits song in Manos: The Hands of Fate plays in the background again. What makes it funnier is that he was in the middle of angrily explaining a part of the story the recap he was reading from got wrong, and as soon as he returns to the couch and picks up the comic, he launches back into it from where he left off as if nothing had happened.
  • "What, you mean capturing a single high-profile criminal did not end crime and corruption forever and ever?! What a shocking revelation!!" (Face Palm) "Al… you know, I invented the word 'idiostuperiffic' to describe something as stupid as you, and yet somehow, that feels inadequate! You are superidiostuperiffic!"
  • The comic says plants shouldn't be eaten and should be treated like animals because they're living things. Holokara responds by angrily eating from a bag of lettuce... somehow.
    • Followed by The Stinger, where he picks bits of lettuce off the cushions and comments that this mess is why he doesn't do food jokes more often.
  • Drunk on Diet Coke 90's Kid, who is distraught that Rob Liefeld is quitting the comic book industry.
  • When Al decides to use his father's time machine, Holokara questions why he's still in the present buying mansions instead of just going home. This begins to irritate him further when Al explains what he's going to do:
    Al: I'm going back to creation to find God and ask what gives.
    Holokara: Um... no. Go home. Go home, Al. You have a time machine now. Go home. You have no reason to be here! You have no reason to ponder the meaning of life! Just go back to your own time! Go home! Time machine! Go back to the future! You have a time machine! EITHER GO BACK HOME, OR GO KILL HITLER! I DON'T CARE! JUST LEAVE!
  • His reaction to "Like an African fertility god."
  • This line:
    Holokara: So, our cast is naked in the water with God. This... this is a thing that is happening.
  • Holokara's quip about "shrinkage" when going into water, followed by this hilarious grin.
  • Holokara referencing the Plot Hole from To Boldly Flee and pondering where Lord Vyce is.
    Vyce: Patience... patience...
    Space Core: SPACE!
  • His reaction to only the fish having any format of dialogue balloon formatting and wondering what it thought that was so important.
    Holokara: Oh, it turns out I was wrong! There are two thought clouds in the comic! They come from a fish. (beat) A FISH!!
    Fish: If there's no God, then who changes the water?
    Holokara: Profound!
  • Holokara being driven absolutely insane (well, not really, that comes later) by the comic's implications that evolution is nothing more than a senseless cycle of microbe death, and later bringing up a Futurama clip parodying the same type of beliefs.
    Holokara: Hey, Al, Lucy! (claps furiously for a couple seconds) They're non-sentient, they're non-sapient, they don't even qualify as life!

    207: Tandy Computer Whiz Kids: The Answer to a Riddle 
  • The emphasis of snorting cocaine damaging ones sinuses over the numerous other medical problems. Cut to Snowflame.
    Snowflame: What has Snowflame dooooone?
  • "Bill, do you ever feel like crying but you don't know why?"
  • "I don't know. I think Marville proved you can hit rock bottom pretty quick."
  • Linkara pointing out that the "riddle" in the comic was one of the drug dealers finding out his friend is having second thoughts.
  • "The Tandy Computer Whiz Kids. *Beat* Also known as the TRS-80 Computer Whiz Kids. *Beat* Also known as the Children of the Damned."
  • Ms. Wilson taking the kids to the library to show her student's a surprise. Cut to Linkara with his fingers crossed.
    Linkara: Twilight book five, Twilight book five, Twilight book five...
  • "Eh eh eh, Miniature golf and reruns of Days of Our Lives, here I come..."
  • Linkara's constant riffing on the school's apparently horrendous financial decisions.
  • Linkara finally manages to use a joke about the comic to segue into the commercial. When the Tandy Computer Whiz Kids tell their librarian to hurry up and uncover the surprise because "the suspense is too much."
    Linkara: Oh God, I can't take it! I must know! (knocks over the camera. cut to static)
    Announcer: We'll be right back after we replace the camera.
  • "'Cellufone'?! That technology will never take off! Hang on, I'm gonna tweet this."
  • The Whiz Kids react in shock when they learn that the two guys that they rescued from a plane crash were drug smugglers.
    Linkara: Drug smugglers?! Throw them back in the fire! Burn the heretics!
  • When the comic explain that kids want to learn during summer, the clip that follows it:
  • Noting that Shanna resembles a young Nostalgia Chick.

    208: Batman: Jazz # 1 
  • Linkara stops Holokara by simply commanding the computer to deactivate it. When Linksano reacts in shock, Linkara nonchalantly asks them if they were aware that they could just do that.
  • The mind-boggling revelation that Batman: Fortunate Son was intended to be a positive tribute to Rock and Roll.
  • Batman's introductory narration and all of the associated gags.
  • When a gang member says the dictionary definition of jazz Linkara mocks him by pretending to a robot who studies the way of the human.
  • Batman's awkward pose when he enters the jazz club, plus the Fridge Logic of why he didn't show up as Bruce Wayne or another less conspicuous identity.
  • "My God, he's using his saxophone to vaporize people!"
    • "He's... he's playing Dubstep with a saxophone!"
  • The bizarre antagonists that appear at the end and Linkara's confusion at them.
    Linkara: I have no idea what I just read, but it sucks.
  • He reprises his complaint from the Batman: Fortunate Son review about how we're just supposed to take the comic's word for it that the music is amazing, comparing it unfavorably to the Doctor Who Christmas special "A Christmas Carol":
    "And when you hear that music, you can tell that it's something that can control the weather and tame sky sharks. ...Don't ask, it's Doctor Who."

    209: Starstream # 1 
  • Just Linkara's general disliking of The Thing (2011).
  • Linkara laughing his ass off at the appearance of The Thing, calling it a Muppet.
    • Also the stinger at the end showing the first appearance of The Thing with Mike from Mystery Science Theater 3000 (in an audio clip from The Film Crew riff on Killers from Space) singing in the background:
      "It's time to face your maker, on the Muppet Show tonight!"
    • The Ugly Cute Muppet!Thing turns up in the title cards of the few following episodes, looking each time more and more adorable.
    • Becomes a Brick Joke by the time of his review for The Culling: Teen Titans Annual #1: you can see that he has a plushie of The Thing on his shelf.
  • Inverting the Running Gag of others using his email by posting 1-900-NOSTALGIA-CHICK.

    210: The Thing from Another World # 1 
  • Linkara theorizes that Childs was about to "pull a tauntaun" with MacCready's body before the whaling vessel found them.
  • When a character says "Now comes Miller time." and the Miller Time theme plays. Linkara then flings the "Miller Time" card away and says Frank Miller would turn The Thing into a woman who bites off a man's penis while they're having sex or something while repeating the same three lines of dialogue over and over again.note 
  • His response to the Navy Seal team leader saying to MacReady: "You're really going all out with this alien thing aren't you." It's about 20 beats of absolute shock and silence.
    Johner: Haven't you been paying any attention today?
  • This week's bumper cosplay? Seven.
  • Linkara being completely confused at how MacReady somehow managed to cover miles of ground in Antarctica in the course of a single evening.

    211: The Thing from Another World # 2 
  • "Man, this week sucks! I lost my job, lost my chess computer, lost my hat, an alien is trying to eat me, and I think my girlfriend is cheating on me."
  • Linkara tries to make a joke that if the Thing is shown Toddlers in Tiaras, it will immediately surrender itself, but then realizes that the joke doesn't make sense since the story takes place in the 80's. He tries to think of a good 80's equivalent, but then ends up calling The Cinema Snob for help. Snob lists off a bunch of 80's references and Linkara goes with Galactica 1980. Linkara resumes the review but then realizes that he can call for help to escape his house, only for his cell phone to suddenly have no signal.
    • Bonus points: this is a Call-Back to the Snob's review of Golden Girl, where he called Linkara for help with a Doctor Who reference.
    • The Snob's ring tone is "It's an Inky-Dinky-Doo-Da Morning" from Nudist Camp of the Dead.
  • Linkara complaining about the submarine emerging from underneath the ice, despite the fact that there should not be any water underneath the ice for the submarine to emerge from, then deciding there's one good thing about the submarine emerging: It looks AWESOME.
  • This:
    Linkara (as Erskine): God, I love how my character has so many levels! Angry, frustrated, stupid.

    212: Spider-Man: Power and Responsibility 
  • Using his "I am a man!" punch in the first time in a while... and ends up somehow bringing out a very confused Lord Vyce and immediately putting him back.
  • He starts the review by talking about all the good times he's had on this show. Cut to a montage of him screaming about how comics suck. When we get back to present-day Linkara:
  • The title card: Linkara and Spider-Man are in jail with The Thing from Starstream #1 sitting between them playing a Captivity Harmonica.
  • Linkara sums up Dr. Judas Traveller, the villain of the story, quite nicely with a quote from Scrubs.
    Dr. Cox: For the love of God, are you a real doctor or a doctor like Dr. Pepper is a doctor?
  • All the stuff with Phelous as "Mysterior" and "Mr. Enigma" ranting about how "mysterious" he is.
    • That the costumes are nearly identical aside from the face mask (and are both terrible) makes it even better.
    • "I am far too mysterious to waste any more time on you. I am going to be mysterious... OVER THERE! MYSTERIOR!!!"

    213: Bart Simpson's Treehouse of Horror # 2 
  • Linkara's comment on the first story's title: Sideshow Blob, or what happens when Kelsey Grammar eats too many donuts.
  • Linkara mentioning that as Sideshow Bob escaped prison he passed by the asthma monster while he broke out.
  • The title card, with Linkara as Homer, Harvey Finevoice as Marge, 90s Kid as Bart, Dr. Linksano as Lisa, and The Thing from Starstream #1 as Maggie.
  • Lisa tells Bart that they need to warn everyone about Bob, but Bart says that adults won't listen to them because they're kids.
    Linkara: She's right, y'know. When I was a kid, I warned people that Daniel Tosh was coming, but nobody ever believed me.
  • Lisa plays Gilbert and Sullivan to distract Bob, with Linkara singing along.
    Linkara: Oh, no joke or anything, I was in Penzance as the main police officer and it's rare for me to get a chance to sing the music, so I'm just indulging myself.
  • The credits sequence parodies the credits sequences of the actual Treehouse of Horror episodes, with names being changed to a Halloween theme.
  • Linkara's uncanny impression of Dr. Nick.
  • His reaction to the cover.
    Austin Powers: Oh no, I've gone cross-eyed.

    214: Flash Comics # 1 
  • Linkara's regular deconstructions of the comic's use of "scientific" terminology.
  • Concluding that Rob Liefeld might actually be someone from the The Golden Age of Comic Books flung into the future, based on the first image of the comic proper.
  • Jay Garrick works to 3:30 in the morning and declares that he needs a smoke.
  • A scientist mentions that one of the Flash's powers is outrunning a bullet.
    Linkara: Here, let's go test it. [pulls out a pistol]
  • Jay uses his newfound Super Speed to become a football star at his college, which also causes his crush to want to go out with him.
    Linkara: With Great Power, there must also come... a hot date and the accolades from your peers.
  • His reaction to the villains Siuer Satan and Duriel.
  • Linkara imagining that Satan "cracking under the pressure" is Mephisto feeling forced to give back Spider-Man's marriage, and how he reacts.

    Bride of AT4W Live! (Uzumaki) 
  • Just the way he sets up what to expect from the series and this particular story.
  • His outrage over Kirie's apparently forgetting every single thing that has happened in the series so far, reminiscent of the Arbitrary Skepticism rant about Power Rangers Ninja Storm.
    "Kirie, have you not been paying attention?! Last week, your hair got POSSESSED BY EVIL AND GOT INTO A HAIR-FIGHT WITH ANOTHER GIRL! DON'T PRETEND THAT DIDN'T HAPPEN!"
  • "The mushrooms... Oh God, the mushrooms."
  • "Ladies and gentlemen, Jump Scare: The Comic."
  • The car crash and the utterly baffling physical result.
  • The extreme audience reaction to a panel with high amounts of Uncanny Valley.
    "Burn it!"
  • More audience jokes:
    • When Mitsuru pops out of a trash can:
      "It was empty when he went in there."
    • In reaction to the jack-in-the-box.
      "Happy fun time for all the children!"
  • According to Will and Lewis, Snowflame was considered to appear during the Thing storyline, where he runs in, catches a frisbee, and goes "SNOWFLAME MADE A FRIEND!!" and runs out.
  • Linkara orchestrating a group Face Palm.
  • This bit near the end of the comic:
  • From the Q&A: Moarte's Dr. Manhattan credit card.
  • This bit from the opening pages.
    Kirie: "In my school there was a seventh grader named Mitsuru Yamaguchi. He used to love to jump out and surprise people."
    Linkara: "It usually ended with someone's fist in his nose."
    Kirie: "Everyone called him 'Jack-In-The-Box.'"
    Linkara: I called him 'Get the hell out of my face, you idiot.'"

    215: Tales of Suspense # 39 (Iron Man) 
  • The original suit. What's so funny about this? Linkara calls it as "silver jack-o-lantern" and demonstrates by squeezing his eyes and mouth shut, while growling out in a weird voice "I... am... Iron... Man". One of those things you have to see to get the humor of, but still hilarious.
  • When Linkara reads what some guys are saying about Tony Stark:
    Guy: The Commies would give their eyeteeth to know what he's working on now!
    Linkara: Eyeteeth? What the hell are eyeteeth supposed to be?
    [cut to a picture of the character from The Sandman with sharp teeth for eyes]
    Linkara: Oh my God, the Corinthian!
  • Linkara brings back the Drunk Tony Stark voice, and it makes the dialogue hilarious. He takes it Up to Eleven with lots of "Tony is drunk" jokes as well.
    • Tony informing the villains that he'll need a martini IV after he pretends to agree to work for them in return for them saving his life.
    • When he meets Professor Yinsen:
      Tony: Professor Yinsen, in college I read your books! You were the greatest [drunkenly attempts to pronounce physicist] physicisy... physididy... science guy of all!
    • When the guerrillas are trying to break into his room, Tony thinks to himself that he needs to conceal himself.
      Linkara: [as Tony] Good thing I installed that cloaking device! Oh, wait. That was just a hallucination after the third bottle of vodka.
  • Tony establishes that his transistor magnets are meant to help deal with a group of guerrillas in Vietnam.
    Linkara: Brilliant, Stark! We'll pull their belt buckles off and their pants will fall down, embarrassing them into submission!
  • His This Is Gonna Suck reaction to the Yellow Peril villains.
  • This time the "I am a man punch" brings in a toy Iron Man helmet. Linkara is pleased, thinking that's not so bad compared to the last time. Then the helmet goes all flash bang on him.
  • After blowing up the guerrilla camp, Iron Man thinks to himself that he's set the Wong-Chu's prisoners free.

    216:Brave and the Bold # 54 (Teen Titans) 
  • "Batman, you sound like an old square. Why can't you be a young hexagon like me?"
  • The Topical Jokes of the Week.
  • After the tornado tower is completed:
    Teenager: The tower... It's tickling the sky...
    Linkara: Kid, you're not allowed to talk anymore.
  • Pretty much everything involving Aqualad. In the credits, Linkara refers to him as "a freaky fish guy".
  • Linkara asking where all the signs are coming from only to find himself holding a sign saying, "Bring back Danny Chase".
  • When Robin helpfully explains that a note had to be forged, because no real teenager would say "music," they'd say "jive":
  • The I Do Not Own disclaimer reads: Featuring jive and footage from:

    217: The Incredible Hulk # 1 
  • A caption on the cover claims the Hulk to be "The strangest man of all time" and Linkara tells the Sixties that they ain't seen nothing yet and proceeds to play a clip from The Room with the caption "Tommy Wiseau is the Hulk!"
  • This bit:
    Comic: Miles away, behind solid concrete bunkers, a nervous task force waits for the Gamma-bomb's first awesome test firing!
    90s Kid: DUUUUUUUUUUUDE! The test firing of this Gamma-bomb is gonna be AWE-SOOMME!
  • Linkara taking a small rant from General Ross to reference several of the Doom Marine's lines.
    Linkara: [as Ross] Rip and tear! Rip and tear your guts! When you become the Hulk, you'll be huge, and that means you'll have huge guts! Also you'll be radioactive! That can't be good!
  • Linkara takes a moment out of the review to have a brief rant about the stigma against female geeks which had recently arisen when the video came out. He follows it up by saying...
    Linkara: What is this I'm sitting on...? [reaches behind his back] Oh! It's a box of soap!
  • After Bruce Banner gets hit by gamma rays, Linkara shields himself thinking the rays will hurt him. He's relieved nothing happened to him until a few seconds later, the screen goes negative and he freaks out.
  • When Igor reveals that he has hidden transistor radios to communicate with his Soviet superiors:
    Linkara: Transistors?! [angrily shakes fist in air] DAMN YOU TONY STAAAAAAARRK!!!
  • The Stinger:
    Linkara: [as Betty] Hey, dad, I just had a horrible thought. What if both of us turned into red variations on Hulk and She-Hulk?
    Linkara: [as Ross] Well, that would just be kinda stupid, honey.

    218: Superman's Christmas Adventure 
  • Linkara's utter bafflement of the cartoonish nature of the villains, from their ridiculous names (Dr. Grouch and Mr. Meaney) to the ridiculous extremes they go to in order to destroy Christmas including arson and murder.
  • Responding to the opening narration about how hardly possible it seems that someone would want to ruin Christmas, Linkara contradicts this by saying that, in actuality, Christmas specials have shown plenty of people out to destroy Christmas: Scrooges, Grinches, Martians, and concludes that that's the real war on Christmas.
    "Just imagine all these curmudgeonly individuals gathering together, Legion of Doom-style, in a big hall, and sharing plots to eradicate any joy and good will."
  • Superman, bully of ungrateful children!
    • Superman, defender of truth, guardian of justice, kidnapper of children!
      • All said with the John Williams Superman theme in the background.
      • Of course this is a continuation of the Running Gag from the Superman #701 review.
  • At the start he brings up how last year he reviewed the Star Trek 2 comic instead of anything Christmas related. Then admitting it was a mistake after a cutaway to his rant towards the comic's handling of the famous "KHAAAN" scene.
  • Linkara's Call-Back to Superman's infamous "Over there has to stand for itself" speech from Superman #701.

    219: Archie Giant Series Magazine # 452  
  • Due to the review taking place in a flashback to when Linkara met Harvey, Linkara does the review in his old house. Or, at least, a green screen version of his old house since he moved a few years before this review was made. It's extremely obvious.
    • Also due to the flashback quality, Linkara uses the original opening video for the series, back from the 2009 season.
    • And it starts out with a camera filter replicating the terrible one-sided lighting he started out with, and a Dull Surprise delivery. He then promptly decides to fix both of them.
  • Harvey bitching at Critic for his rumpled suit, andCritic's offended reaction.
    • Also Critic now also being the Ghost Of Christmas Past on the side along with being the plot hole.
    • Harvey's reaction to Critic dramatically materializing in his hotel room…is to put him in a headlock.
    • Harvey argues that the Christmas Past that Linkara saw last time looked different:
    Critic: There's more than one of us, you moron. It's not like fucking Santa Claus. There's not, like, one person who can go around see every jerk for being a jerk in one night!
  • "All he wants for Christmas are his two front teeth, huh? Yeah, I know the feeling, Jughead. I think I'll start singing now too. ONE NIGHT LOVE AFFAIIR~!"
  • Linkara commenting that Reggie's laughing at one point seems more like he needs a throat lozenge.
  • When Linkara notices that the artwork depicts clear and bright weather despite it being winter, he wonders what other Christmas stories do this. Cue this clip.
  • Linkara's amazement at the pet store that doesn't sell partridges, but does have practically every other bird imaginable:
    Linkara (as Pet store lady): Yes, we sell vultures but not partridges. (beat) We're a very strange pet store.

    220: Teen Titans # 13 
  • His increasing annoyance with Aqualad's constant Burt Ward-esque catchphrases during the climax.
    Aqualad: Howling Hogfish!
    Linkara: Aqualad... hogfish don't howl.
    Aqualad: Suffering sticklebacks!
    Linkara: Aqualad, stop shouting catchphrases!
    Aqualad: Moaning mackerel!
    Linkara: Annoying Atlantean!
  • In the opening narration, the comic instructs the reader to "deck yourselves with boughs of holly." Linkara then proceeds to hit himself with a wreath.
    • Later, Robin orders his team to "bug out." Linkara responds in a similar manner, holding his eyes open to look bug-eyed.
  • Linkara is utterly flabbergasted that the crooks have a device that changes junk into new material and use it for criminal activities instead of patenting it, and also says that they aren't even doing anything wrong.
  • His frustration at how improbable the Christmas Carol parallels are, even bringing up when Doctor Who did it, the recreation was part of the Doctor's plan.
  • Harvey Finevoice's freaked-out reaction to coming back from a commercial.
    Harvey: (horrified) What the hell just happened?
    Ghost of Christmas Present: A necessary evil, to sustain a livelihood!
    Harvey: (still horrified) I felt really cold...

    221: Batman: Noel 
  • In the comic, Batman decides to use a criminal as bait to find out the Joker. The problem is the word choice he picked.
    Batman: You should be going to jail tonight. Consider yourself lucky that you make a better piece of live bait than jailbait.
    Linkara: Uh... Bruce, ya wanna rephrase that? Or was it your intention to infer that he isn't an attractive seventeen year old girl?
  • Linkara points out that the only thing on the cover that has to do with Christmas is the snow, and by that logic, Silent Hill is the greatest Christmas story ever. Cue picture of Pyramid Head wearing a Santa hat.
  • The Joker plays the role of the Ghost of Christmas Future in the story — appropriate, since the Ghost is typically associated with the Grim Reaper, and "Who else better personifies Death in the Batman universe than the Joker?" The footage then cuts immediately to Lord Death Man.
    Linkara: THAT DOESN'T COUNT!
  • ♪ I'm Batman, I'm Batman / Kickin' in your windows! ♪
  • The Stinger: Snowflame is the Ghost of Christmas!
    Linkara: Past, present, or future?
    Snowflame: Snowflame has no concept of time!
    Linkara: You really have nothing better to do, do you?
    Snowflame: Snowflame needs more friends!
  • [Harvey abruptly ending his beautiful rendition of "A Thankful Heart" when he realizes that all of his stuff is still back at the hotel he was plucked from.
    • Sadly, the joke is diminished in the YouTube version, as the rendition of "A Thankful Heart" is removed due to copyright.
  • This bit:
    Narrator: Scrooge thought about the "vision" he had the entire evening. He couldn't get it out of his head.
    Linkara (as Batman): Why was that Jason Todd wearing pants? He never wore PANTS in his Robin outfit.
  • "He's a cowardly criminal degenerate, and I WILL DESTROY HIM! *Rabid Batman growling*!"
  • When the Joker says he, too, has a bag of gifts.
    Joker: Wanna know what I got here for you and your old man?
    Linkara (as Joker): I got you... a snuggie!
    Linkara (as Timmy): You are a monster!

    222: The Next 15 Screw-Ups of AT 4 W 
  • The fact that the real reason why he never burned One More Day was because he ran out of time making the review.
  • Lindsay's cameo ending with Linkara asking for his Supergirl comic back and her responding that he'll get it back by the next anniversary special, of which there won't be, and how Lindsay escapes when Linkara realizes what she said.
  • Since the Nostalgia Critic retired, Douchey feels obligated to tell the other reviewers that the site sucks now since the Critic left.
    Linkara: There are a bajillion other shows you could be watching on the site. Most of them are really good, and even the ones that aren't are still watchable. I'm looking at you, Welshy.
    Welshy: Thanks. Though I can't really think of any of the shows you're talking about. None of them on the site are good, and that's why the site is dying if you believe the critics...and the people who work for the site, and the fans. Anyway, when is the next History of Power Rangers coming ou-
  • The way Linkara shuts Douchey up at the beginning:
    Douchey: I wouldn't watch any of those worthless shows. Everybody but the Nostalgia Critic sucks!!!
    Linkara: Then why did you spend all your time complaining about him?
    Douchey: (tries to think of a response for a few seconds) Doooohhh, I hate your voice. (cuts the transmission)
  • "I'm not entirely certain how you people found my Archie Giant Series Magazine #452 review. I had completely forgot I had done that video, almost as if I only recorded it a few weeks ago when I was forty pounds heavier than I was in 2009, but whatever it's out there."
  • Linkara doing a 'beyond Thunderdome' joke and then bringing up an on-screen counter showing he's currently losing to Spoony 5-2 when it comes to making Thunderdome jokes.
    Linkara: Patience, my friends. I'll catch up eventually.
  • On the pronounciation of Gloucestershire: "But come on, gimme a break here on this one. How was I supposed to get the real name out of its spelling? What the hell happened to the U in the middle of the word? They bought a vowel and didn't know what to do with it!"
  • When talking about Captain America: Return of the Asthma Monster, he accidentally calls the comic Revenge of the Asthma Monster. Cue the caption: "That's RETURN, not REVENGE. I make screw-ups in my screw-ups video!"
  • Pointing out that, after not recognizing what a "coney dog" was in the Eminem/The Punisher comic, someone bought him one at a con, and he didn't like it. Followed by him saying that he rarely puts toppings on foods — he usually eats hot dogs plain, only wants cheese on pizza, usually makes sandwiches with only bread and meat, "and I would sooner set my cereal on fire than put milk in it."
  • On having others pointing out that he didn't know the names of characters in a couple comics:
    Linkara: Both of these reviews have a similar thing that people feel I did: failing to do the research. And to those people, those frustrating commenters and viewers, I have only ONE THING TO SAY… (quietly) Yeah, you're probably right."

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