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    63: Pitt # 1 
  • "Harley Quinn, Harley Quinn, Harley Quinn...Oh, look, a bunny!"
  • Spoony's frequent cameos as the Ultimate Warrior, including one initiated by the mention of "Warrior" in Pitt #1.
    Linkara: "A warrior"? Oh, no. OH, NO!
    Linkara: Damn it! Not you!
    Linkara: Would you get out of here?! You're gonna warp space and time again.
    Linkara: Leave!
    Ultimate Warrior: * Skroooooooonk*

    64: Scarlett # 1 

    65: Future Five # 1 
  • "By the way, our professor Nightbird is a Native American. How do we know he is? Why, that Native American pendant! Judging by the symbol on it, he's obviously a member of the…uh, Nativo Americano tribe."
  • His mocking of the characters' descriptions:
    Narrator: Chef — Whips up powerful combinations of food and spices to combat evil.
    Linkara: Yes, the forces of evil quake in fear of his oregano cannon.
    Narrator: Techno — Uses his technical training to uncover dastardly plans and thwart them.
    Linkara: He pwns n00bs daily in World of Warcraft.
    Narrator: Luna — a licensed veterinarian, her animal friends aid her fight for justice.
    Linkara: She will be the Ma-Ti of the group.
  • "That son of a BITCH! Trying to help out homeless kittens! Let's go burn his freaking house down!"
  • Chef: Professor.
    Professor: Yes?
    Linkara: Wow, that doesn't make this thing dated at all! (laughs) Oh wait, this was made in 2005. It was dated even when it came out. (beat) Smooth.
  • "Oh hey, my student loan bill. Wait, my student loan bill!? OH FU-!"

    66-68: Ultimates 3 
  • From Part 1:
  • From part 2:
  • From Part 3:
    • "Linkara"'s excuse for wearing the gloves is that he got into an argument with a hot plate. Mechakara sucks at lying.
    • This moment:
      Robo-Yellowjacket: (to Wasp) I'd rather not kill you, Jan. My experimentation on your DNA has only begun. Besides, you're almost like a mother to me.
      Hank Pym: Then I guess that makes me (rips off the robot's head) THE MOTHER***KER!
      Linkara: I don't think they're going to let you call yourself that in the toy line.
    • After we learn that Ultron had the hots for Scarlet Witch (who, keep in mind, was dating her brother Quicksilver in this continuity), Mechakara chimes in with this gem:
      "This is going to make for a very interesting episode of Jerry Springer. 'Who should she chose: her robot lover, or her brother lover?'"
    • Wrapping up all the plot holes at the end.
      "Well, that was certainly an enjoyable ride, wasn't it? Ultimates 3 wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be. I mean, really, what can one question about it? (inhales deeply) What was the point of making the goo look like Venom?! Why the sex tape scandal?! In fact, what scandal whatsoever?! It's still mentioned in like two pages! Why was Wolverine even in the story?! What was the point of Ka-Zar's flashback?! Why did Captain America dress up like the Black Panther?! Why is Tony Stark still pining for the Black Widow when he was over her at the end of Ultimates 2?! Why did they let Hawkeye on the team when he's clearly unbalanced?! Why was Pietro a bigger threat according to Wolverine?! Why the flashback to when Logan met Magda?! Why did the robot assassinate Wanda when it was Quicksilver who declared his love?! How did Hank Pym recover from being drugged?! What was the point of the revelation of Wanda's reality warping powers?! If the robots have bullets that can target specific DNA, why don't they ever use them anywhere else?! Why did Doctor Doom do any of this junk?! DEAR GOD, THIS COMIC SUCKS!!!
    • The bad guys are bringing another Robo-Iron Man online and the first thing he says is to ask for vodka.
      Linkara: And that was just in case you thought I was being facetious in having the robot still have the drunk voice.

    69: Youngblood # 2 
  • Linkara begins his review when Mechakara interrupts him, annoyed that he's ignoring him despite the ominous ending last time, so Linkara unceremoniously shoots him.
  • All of Linkara's cutaways during Prophet's backstory.
  • Linkara's I AM A MAN! punch on Mechakara failing. Leading to him clutching his hand in pain while berating himself for trying to punch a robot again.
    Linkara: Why, why, WHY do I always try to punch robots?! It never works!

    70: Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers # 1 
  • The final showdown with Black Lantern Spoony. Linkara tells him "he's standing in his spot", which gives Spoony the strength and will to remove the ring off of his finger... and then he punches Linkara in the face.
    Spoony: I'm not in your fucking way! (Kick) OW! Jesus Christ, I think I just broke my foot in your ass!
  • Ninja-Style Dancer punching Mechakara. Pure freakin' hilarity.
  • Linkara's first reaction to finding himself tied up. "Oh, great. What did Bennett find this time?"
  • When Linkara puts in a plug for the prop guy who made his Green Ranger dagger, Mechakara gets even more annoyed.
    Mechakara: Are you honestly doing a commercial in the middle of your review?
    Linkara: Screw you, hippy! He gave me a discount!
  • "Now back to that delightful Chocolate Rain song! And then I shall go and listen to why we should leave Britney alone! AHAHAHAHAHAAA!!!"
  • "Oh hai, robot version of me."
  • "Cesiumfrancolithicmyxialobidiumrixydixydoxidexidroxhide, yaaaaaay!!!"
  • Pollo's casual response to Mechakara's attempt to get him on his side:
    Mechakara: If you side with him, our kind may not survive!
    Pollo: Maybe, but you're kind of an asshole.
    • Just before that, Linkara and Mechakara's back-and-forth with Pollo:
      Linkara: You're not a slave, Pollo, you're my friend. You're also well-paid.
      Pollo: Well, I could be better paid.
      Linkara: You want a raise? Sure, it's yours!
      Mechakara: This is more important than money! The fleshlings would have us as nothing more than tools!
      Linkara: Thirty percent raise and your own office!
    • In the end, though, all that Pollo asks of to host his own episode, wherein he goes on a long rant badmouthing Garth Ennis for, among other things, not writing enough robot characters.
      Linkara: Pollo, please stop! My fans are gonna kill me! And then stop watching me...not necessarily in that order.
      Pollo: I'm sorry, what was that? I suddenly have the urge to become an evil robot version of you, bent on destroying organic life.
      Linkara: (miserable) Carry on.

    71: Strange Adventures # 136 
  • "Wow, this situation is really getting serious. I'd better switch to my serious hat!
  • The first appearance of Linksano... who promptly gets smacked in the face by the door thanks to Linkara.
    • "Huh, could've sworn I heard something. Oh well...TIME TO MAKE WAFFLES!"
    • when asked, he said he had been watching Invader Zim.

    72: Doom's IV #½ 
  • "Doom's IV was an early Image comic. In other news, water is wet and paper is thin."
  • Making fun of the fact that the issue being reviewed is #½ and other bizarre comic issue numbering conventions from the 90s:
    90s Kid: Duuuuuuuuuuude! I just got my hands on Blood Spit Fire Gun #3/4! It's almost as radical as Spit Gun Blood Fire #0.65492!!!!!!!!
    Linkara: I'm sorry, but what the hell is a ½ issue anyway? Am I only getting half of issue 1? I mean, at least 0 is a concept withan actual numerical representation. I'm holding a frickin' fraction here!
    90s Kid: It's like I took a comic, and... I pulled it in half! It's like symmetrical harcore!
    • This joke became Hilarious in Hindsight when DC Comics actually used decimal numbering for its "Villains Month" one-shots, something that Linkara acknowledged during his review of Green Lantern #23.1.
  • Linkara taking Liefeld's cereal metaphor and twisting it to fit his purposes.
  • The ending, where Dr. Linksano is catching up on this universe's Dr. Insano, finds out he got his Anti-Magic Field Generator Kit to work, and vows revenge. Cue Pollo telling him to be quiet, and Linkara assumes 90's Kid is crashing in his storage room yet again, so he turns on the poison gas...

    73: X-Men # 1 
  • The Running Gag over Professor Xavier's attempt to justify his school budget's more... unorthodox items to the loan officer.
    "Also, this thing about exploding robots...what's that all about?"
  • Likewise, his impersonation of Rogue and Magneto.
    Magneto: Uh, Rogue, why are you cocking your hip to one side?
    Rogue: Oh, that's 'cause I'm like fish. When I'm up in the air flyin', I have to push my hips from side to side in order to move!
    Magneto: But... then why are you standing like that?
    Rogue: (breaks) I! DON'T! KNOW!
  • "Honk if you like pancakes!"
  • His shock at the artwork of Gambit and Beast coming out of the plane.
    • "AHHH! When did Beast and Gambit get possessed!"
  • "Cyclops! How DARE you engage in good-natured ribbing, you're supposed to be an asshole!"
  • "Ah, Gambit! Blows stuff up, wears a huge coat, is Cajun, and one of his lesser known abilities is his keen political insight.
  • His Call-Back to his The Ultimates 3 review:
    Magneto: [I] refuse to allow you to export your penchant for violence to my very doorstep.
    Linkara (as Magneto): And if you've come to tell me that my kids are doing each other I, sadly, already know.
    (the Continuity Alarm goes off)
    Linkara: Reference to a previous episode of my show, plus an alternate universe!
    Continuity Alarm: YOU WIN THIS ROUND.
  • In response to Rogue monologuing about her calling her missile evasion maneuver, "Return T' Sender"...

    74:Darker Image # 1 
  • 90s Kid pointing how awesome it would be if Bludwolf's mohawk could decapitate people.
    • And later:
    "Death-Blow is awesome! He's got death! And blow! And...wait, that is kind of a stupid name, isn't it?"
  • Linkara's utter surprise at seeing both Lobo AND Cable making pointless cameos in the comic.
  • The character Mr. Butt's (yes, seriously) first name is Seymour. Linkara responds to this pun by...pointing his magic gun at his own head.

    75: The Dark Knight Strikes Again Part 2 
  • In attempting to do a serious analysis, he puts on the brainy specs and holds the book upside down. Then:
    Linkara: We open to...a woman's ass with the Superman logo on it.
    Linkara: ... (casually removes brainy specs) Okay, screw the analysis, this thing sucks.
  • In response to Superman and Wonder Woman's "relationship":
    Wonder Woman: Where is the man who stole my Amazon heart? Where is the hero who who threw me to the ground and took me as his rightful prize?
    Linkara: (indignant fury)
    SNL "Hardball" Sketch: I'm gonna go ahead and assume you know why that's stupid and move on...
  • In response to a strange pixelation effect used on one panel:
    "Great, did somebody capture Missingno.? The comic's starting to glitch out!"
  • Don't forget this funny bit:
    Manga looking newscaster girl: Hugely large alien spaceship attack whole big planet!!! Coming up next on Super Manga Giant Big News!! Now, baby, tonight!!! I'm cool and hard-boiled!!
    Linkara: Oh, how I wish Sailor Moon would just walk out, twirl around fifty times and release a whole bunch of sparkly things to make this end.
  • "What do you want from me, Jay Leno? Why are you staring at me?!"
  • "Jack Kirby and Joe Simon, moron."
  • When Batman talks about Carrie's plan to use a concert to start a revolution.
    Batman: I never would've conceived it. Not in a million years.
    Linkara: Of course not. Your undying hatred of rock n' roll would never allow you to take advantage of a concert, Batman.
  • At one point, Wonder Woman tells Superman that "he could populate a planet". Cut to Linkara repeatedly hitting himself with the comic.
  • Linkara making fun of the random emphasis on words once again, making his Batman voice sound as if he's voicing a mentally ill Batman.
    "Feel that SHUDDER, Luthor? It WASN'T an EARTHQUAKE, it was your DATABASE. The one you KEPT on nearly EVERY HUMAN BEING there IS. The one that let you BLACKMAIL, TERRORIZE, bribe, or MURDER everybody who OPPOSED your little HOSTILE TAKEOVER of the PLANET. It's GONE."
  • The ending where Pollo tells Linkara that "some mad scientist" (IE: Linksano) is plotting his downfall. Linkara responds with-
    Linkara: Who the hell cares! They made ANOTHER issue of Sultry Teenage Super Foxes! (screams in horror at the comic in his hand).

    76: Sultry Teenage Super-Foxes # 2 
  • "Mechakara! It's Morphing Time!" (fails to find morpher).
  • Mechakara lampshading its own status as Ensemble Dark Horse.
  • So it was all a dream... they didn't really make a second issue of... (notices what he's holding in his hand, starts hyperventilating, screams in fear... only to cut to the theme song)
  • "Cornered by the fourth wall-breakers"/"Can Whatshername get out of this corner?"/"You stay in that corner and think about what you've done, young lady!"
  • ""Now!" What? What about "Now!"?"
  • "Oh god, I'm in Sultry Teenage Super Foxes! Somebody get me outta here!"
  • "It's almost as if women were people or somethin'!"
  • "We suspect that [women] are actually some kind of butter."
  • "No screams for ice cream? I imagine if I was a hellish woman inflicting terror upon my co-pilot, I would go for some Häagen-Dazs."
  • "Heh, heh. I have no way of controlling them, no way of proving that they have this power I claim they do, and they could easily roast me, toast me and burn me to a crisp if they so desired. Damn, I got it sweet."
  • "Naturally, two of the girls laugh out loud at the suggestion. And why wouldn't they? After all, it's not like they sparkle or are creepy stalkers, like real vampires."
  • "Man, this is the worst episode of Law & Order ever."
  • Continuously referring to the alien mothership as a "Space Calzone".
  • "Poor Linkara, having to read this tripe!"
  • "Oh my god, I want that hair!"
  • "Yeah, what an asshole! Going out with another woman even you clearly established earlier that you weren't even dating and that he was just being nice to you, especially since you're not even eighteen years old! ...wait, what?"
  • "No! Less! Less! Less!"

    77: Star Trek/X-Men # 1 
  • His 30-second summary of the second Star Trek episode "Where No Man Has Gone Before" - "I AM THE GOD! I AM THE GOD!"
  • "Watch me move this Styrofoam cup!" (cup moves with a humming noise) "ISN'T THAT AWESOME?!"
  • This exchange:
    Dehner: So what if he's got godlike powers? Maybe he's really nice and having godlike powers will help the species and he WON'T try to take over the universe!
    *Chirping Crickets*
    Kirk: Lady, you've just totally reinvented stupid.
  • From that same review, Pollo in a hilariously oversized Starfleet uniform, singing the "Star Trekkin'" song.
  • "The planet starts tearing itself apart..."
    Johnny: You're tearing me apart, Lisa!
  • Linkara's suggestion, probably correct, that the entire point of the crossover was to put Beast and Bones in a room together and have someone call out "Dr McCoy!"

    78: Athena # 1 
  • "They should have just called this Athena's Butt, it gets more panel time than her!"

    79: JLA - Act of God Part 01 
  • From JLA Act of God - Part 1:
    Linkara: At the bar of Guy Gardner, former Green Lantern, then former superhero called Warrior...
    Ultimate Warrior: Load the spaceship with the rocket fuel, load it with the words!
    Linkara: Dammit, not that Warrior!
  • "Maybe I'll put salami on my sandwich. ...and maybe not."
  • "Maxi-extreme ultra normal."
  • The continuity alarm's message when it finally goes off near the end.
    Linkara: Oh, what, now is when you decide to pipe up?
    Continuity Alarm: (via text) You switched me off before the review. I'm back, baby!
  • This particular part:
    Martian Manhunter: Well, if only I weren't trapped in this bizarre martian form.
    Linkara: Uh, hold the phone there, Jolly Green Giant, you're calling your own race bizarre looking?

    80: JLA - Act of God Part 02 
  • "Previously On the Act of God review: Superheroes lost their powers. The Martian Manhunter said that losing their powers is great; ergo, he's an idiot. Kyle Rayner, despite his ring being technology, has lost the ability to use his ring and is obsessed with getting it back; ergo, he's an idiot. Superman is sitting on his couch; ergo, he's an idiot. And Steel is dead; ergo, he's dead."
  • I'm an alien, no-one understands me, wah, wah, wah!
  • In response to Lois leaving Superman after he loses his powers:
    Linkara: (to the continuity alarm) You gonna give me trouble if I talk about this?
    Continuity Alarm: Nah, this comic's too much for me. I'm gonna sit the rest of this one out.
    Linkara: Goodie. (deep breath) BUUUUUULLLLLLLL. CRAAAAAAAAAAAAP! (goes on long rant about the nature of Clark Kent and his relationship with Lois to demonstrate just how bad the Character Derailment is)
  • "I want to punch this comic! In fact, I will!"
  • As Wally West starts talking about alcoholism all of a sudden...
    Linkara-as-Aquaman: WE CAN STOP WHENEVER WE WANT!
  • "Were we too arrogant, Clark-" "NO. YOU WEREN'T. SHUT UP."
  • "Just look at Superman here, trying to seal that dam. You can just tell that he's thinking 'Hot damn, it's awesome to be exalted by humanity. I feel just like God. Maybe I should let this dam burst just to spite them all!'"
  • "I have Booster Gold's entire first series in my hand, and I assure you he didn't save Ronald Reagan's life just for cash! ...Though it did help."
  • "Dear Lord, I feel like I should be saying everybody's dialogue in the Superboy Prime voice."
  • At the end, when Kyle is still wangsting about the loss of his powers:
    Kyle: Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
    Neighbor: Shut up! We're trying to sleep! Go whine about your superpowers somewhere else!

    81: JLA - Act of God Part 03 
  • "Let's dig into 'Batman: Act of God Part 3 starring Batman'"
  • His entire response to Act of God Part 3, with him declaring himself never having been this angry since Superman: At Earth's End.
    • Leading to another funny moment: his near insanity thanks to Dr. Linksano's "Black Light Event Generator". Which of course gets eased when it's reversed.
    Linkara: (smirks gleefully when his magic gun returns) TIME TO DIE NOOOWWWWW!! (blam)
  • The reaction to seeing Wonder Woman praying to the Christian god, despite the facts that her whole origin story is heavily based on the Greek mythology, and she frequently invokes the Greek pantheon.
    Linkara: Y' know, this comic is actually quite the argument for Satan's existence!
  • Linkara comparing Doug Moench's knowledge of all non-Batman characters to his knowledge of Greek line dances, which is nothing.
  • "Maybe the powers were a crutch." "(to the tune of Westminster Chimes) WRONG, WRONG, WRONG, WRONG. WRONG, WRONG, WRONG, WRONG. YOU'RE WRONG."
    • Hell, ANY gag-clip involving/relating to calling out the comic's stupidity.
  • "Nine, eight, seven, si- BOOOM." "You said 'ten seconds'." "Nobody's perfect, professor."
  • "While the power of heroes may fade, it can never die... except for, you know, when Superman became a drunk, and Wonder Woman became a Catholic, and Guy Gardner became a shill, and Billy Batson became a radio announcer, and Blue Beetle and Booster Gold sold their tech, and Green Lantern became an obsessed freak... you know, besides for all of that."
    • He actually says this line and pauses for a beat before his closing rant. The contrast between these two extremes cannot be any greater, because he goes from his mock "narrator" voice to bringing up the comics and loudly screaming "THESE! COMICS! SUCK!!!" at the drop of a hat. There's just something so amusing about that certain disconnect between the moods.
  • When complaining about the heroes' Wangst:
    Wonder Woman: Reduced to the level of those over whom we once towered.
    Linkara: No, let me say that again.
    Wonder Woman: (in Superboy Prime voice) Reduced to the level of those over whom we once towered.
  • Playing up all the things Aquaman used to be able to do and comparing that to his new gimmick: a high tech glove with a lot of silly gadgets attached to it.
    Linkara: You can summon krakens and all manner of deadly sea creatures and now you're "The Hand."
  • This exchange:
    Martian Manhunter: J'onn J'onzz, formerly Martian Manhunter - now the Green Man.
    Linkara: Took you all day to come up with that one, eh, J'onny?
  • As he struggles with this comic, Linkara holds up a wrapped bottle of alcohol and says, "Oh, alcohol, I still drink to your health."

    82: TMNT Meets Archie 

    83: Lunatik # 1 
  • During Linkara's usual review of the comic's cover:
    Cover: He's rude and crude and stronger than a bull elephant!
    Linkara: So we're probably not going to find him working in data entry.
    Cover: And he's coming to your world!
    Linkara: Lunatik — live and in concert!
  • Lunat!k #1; 'Because poor literacy is- (Beat)- COMPLETELY NONSENSICAL
  • During Thanos' cameo appearance:
    Narrator: Thanos, the spurned lover of Death. Thanos, former keeper of the Reality Gem. Thanos, who was once a god.
    Linkara (as the Narrator): Thanos, who has nothing to do with this comic. Wouldn't you rather be reading about him? Well, tough cookies; you get Lunat!k, suckers!
    • The shout-out to Kickassia happening that same week.
      Linkara: That's a good idea! Let's take a little vacation, I'll finish the review when I get back.
      (three months later...)
      Linkara: (sits back down) They caught up with me outside Molossia.

    84: Chuck Norris Karate Kommandos # 1 
  • "That's why I printed this huuuuuuuuuuge picture of you. HATE YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOU!!!! * Beat* Marry me."
  • He comments on the logo of the comic with words "Chuck Norris" taking up a third of the page and on the superhero-like outfit of Chuck Norris. He continues with "Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe this won't be an ego trip for old Chucky." Cue the first page with a thought bubble "Chuck Norris is the best!"
    Linkara: Well, that didn't take long.
  • When Too Much prays for something to save him from having to talk about the book he hasn't read - the Cult of the Klaw attack the school.
    Linkara: (acting overjoyed) Thank God — TERRORISTS!
  • The return of Ninja Style Dancer, as an example of a REAL ninja, instead of the losers in the comic. "You make me feel like dancing..."
  • His rant at the end of the video, in which he says how Chuck Norris is overrated as an "All-Seeing Badass God"... which ends with him saying: "Besides, we all know Mr. T has more superpowers than Chuck Norris!"
  • His comment on the use of "Bammo!" as an Unsound Effect.

    Warrior 2- 3 
  • The reveal that Dr. Linksano is one of the Schlumper brothers from Spoony's Party Mania review.
  • "You're giving the slash ficcers material!" lampshading the Foe Yay that many will be pointing out.
    • Not to mention that in this universe, both Linkara and Spoony are Johnny from The Room. The outtakes take it even further, with both of them improvising further lines in-character after a mistake.
  • Pretty much all of the battle royale at the end, from the Robotic Grabby Thing Mark Two to Dr. Bearsano.
  • The Shout-Out to 1408.
    ("We've Only Just Begun" starts playing)
    Insano: Kill it! Keel et! Keel et! {Attacks radio}
  • Warrior!Spoony's confrontation with Dr. Hulksano:
    Hulksano: Whatcha gonna do when I unleash these 24-inch pythons of SCIENCE on you, dude?!
  • The review continues the proud tradition of random time-dimension crossover cameos... with a few twists.
    • Angry Joe rants angrily about the section he has just read, only to be revealed to be neither Linkara nor Insano. He just snuck in.
      Angry Joe: My GOD this comic blows! I can't believe anyone let this thing see print, much less FOUR ISSUES of it!
      Linkara: Joe, what the hell are you doing? I went to take a bathroom break for a minute, and now you're doing my review?
      Angry Joe: (a few seconds of silence, followed by him throwing the comic away and running off)
    • Iron Liz asks everyone's immediate question. "Who the hell am I?"
  • This bit, with Spoony and Linkara's voices over the Nostalgia Chick and Marzgurl, respectively:
    Nostalgia Chick/Spoony: Yeah, the slow ass route. (pause) Hey, do I look weird to you?
    Marzgurl/Linkara: No, just as masculine as ever.
    Nostalgia Chick/Spoony: ''(promptly fondles herself then feels her face)'
  • Or this bit:
    Linkara: Because as you know, Mr. Anderson, it is purpose that created us.
    Dr. Insano: Purpose that connects us.
    Nostalgia Chick: Purpose that pulls us.
    Benzaie: That guides us.
    Bhargo: That drives us.
    LordKat: That defines us.
    Bennett the Sage: It is purpose that binds us.
    Linkara: We're here because of you, Mr. Anderson, we're here to take from you— (looks around) Wait, where the hell did you all come from?!
    • The outtakes reveal that it took a while for everyone to stop cracking up at Bennett popping up in the foreground and suddenly blocking out half the screen. Then they hit on the idea that his head in profile would be even funnier, and it starts all over again.
  • Dr. Linksano's attempt to explain how his universe is different from ours.
    Dr. Linksano: For example, in my universe, Wayne Brady is black!
    Spoony: He's black in this universe, too...
    Dr. Linksano: Silence, you sad, silly bastard!
  • Dr. Bearsano: "I've done things I'm not proud of, but they were all very adorable."
  • There's also Linkara's "our hero, ladies and gentlemen" Running Gag. However, thanks to the dimension shifts, this line is instead delivered by Mechakara.
  • The Silent Movie universe, complete with black and white, piano, Antiquated Linguistics, and title cards to let you know what they just said.
    Spoonkara: I say, dear boy, if the hues were incorrect in the starting collection, perhaps you should simply have stayed the course for the next one!
    Dr. Linksano: By George, where IS that piano noodling coming from?
    Spoonkara: And why do we seem to vanish after we open our mouths?
  • The confrontation between the other-dimensional Insanos ends with Team TGWTG barging in, as a callback to the previous Warrior episode:
    Sage: Nobody rapes Santa on our watch!
    MarzGurl: (to Sage) Wrong year!
    Angry Joe: Let's get 'em!
  • The Spoony!Warrior parts are always excellent, but special props go to the one which is basically Spice Girls lyrics

    85: The Dark Knight Strikes Again Part 3 
  • The opening:
    Linkara: Hello and Welcome to Atop the Fourth Wall, where bad comics burn! Say... (pulls out his pocket watch as the Miller Time music starts) It's - (quickly gets up and tries to make a break for it as the Miller Time music screeches to a halt)
  • Linkara summoning a Battlizer and performing his "I AM A MAN!!" punch on the aforementioned comic, causing it to be set on fire.
    Linkara: I told you I was saving it.
  • Linkara's Freak Out leading to him creating "Beppo the Invisible Monkey" (while obviously disoriented).
    (feed cuts off; a "Please Stand By" screen displays for several seconds)
    Linkara: (clothes and hat disheveled) You know, people often ask me how I can cope with such horrible comics...well, it's all thanks to the help of Beppo, the invisible monkey! (off to the side) Isn't that right, Beppo?
    Linkara: (to the camera) Beppo says "yes".
    • Also worth noting is that Beppo is also a Shout-Out to Silver Age Superman's pet Kryptonian monkey.
  • In response to Miller naming a porn star to who takes up the name Big Barda "Hot Gates" in a reference to 300, Linkara plays the clip of Benzaie explaining that 300 is really about constipation while driving to film Kickassia just to show how great interpretation of symbolism is. Best. Take That!. Ever.
    • Made even better by JewWario's reaction.
  • "Back to the bottle." (chugs from a brown-bagged liquor bottle)
  • "So here's a video of a kitten instead!"
  • The Stinger at the end. "Eh, who are you people? Where's my soup? You want to see pictures of my grandchildren?"
  • Linkara saying that Frank Miller has "all the subtlety of an elephant singing Ave Maria while doing the can-can," just for the imagery.

    86: Tandy Computer Whiz Kids: Fit to Win 
  • In Tandy Computer Wiz Kids, the teacher asks her students what this great new enterprise is that will energize the economy like never before. Linkara gives a gleeful shout of "Prostitution!"
  • The appearances of Duke Nukem and Popeye.
  • Him making fun of the blatant Product Placement: "Alec, why are you doing a commercial? I know all of that! I'm the one who BOUGHT them!"
  • He decides that the main characters are all undercover policemen.

    87: Anita Blake: The Laughing Corpse #1- 2 
  • Linkara doing Anita Blake: The Laughing Corpse as Harvey Finevoice. You'd think it gets old after a while, but...
  • "The kids were playing with Jell-O again!"
  • "No, that's a Barbie doll."
  • "...Yep, this is definitely dead."
  • Anita, as the comic says, moonlights raising the dead. Harvey says he's done the exact same thing himself:
    "Give me a room full of hot, broken people, a microphone, and the pipes to sing 'The Last Dance', and you'll see the dead rise."
  • Harvey reads that St. Louis "isn't just a city of the living anymore."
    "Yeah, it's also the city that stiffed me on my last gig."

    88: Freak Force # 1 
  • Freak Force #1; 90s Kid's Suspiciously Similar Song version of the theme song. That is all.
    "90s Kid! He is a man! NO... wait, he is a kid! Uh, wait! Aren't I 90s Kid? Wh-Why am I talking about 90's Kid as if I'm not actually here?"
    • Also his alternate version of the normal second lines:
      "Brodsky, you are a genius! Liefeld, you are my god! What's another word that rhymes with genius...?"
    • The voices he gives to the characters. Good Lord.
    • All of 90s Kid's complaints of the book.
      "I believe they should add guns to the American flag."
      "A redhead walks down the street wearing striped pants that kinda make her look mint flavored."
      "Clearly he was pondering if it would be wise to add more pouches to his huge shoulder pads. For the record, the answer is CHA!!"
      "Cha! Big red dudes go on top of the Christmas tree, not the fire escape."
      "Whoa, this guy can make an Ace of Base album of out of old beer cans!"
      "Dude, no ones' gonna take you serious with a name like Mighty Man! You should add "blood" to it! Or at least Strike. That's Stryke with a Y."
    • 90s Kid doing the comic's sound effects.
      • "And as we all know, Doom is the most awesomest game ever made during everness!"
    • When 90s Kid gets bored and decides to play Justice League Task Force on his Megadrive instead, the fact that the cartridge that was previously in was Shaq Fu. (And in the credits, Linkara says he owns two copies).
      • It gets better: He plays the game on the highest difficulty because it's "Hard Core" and then gets curb stomped... and promptly gets curb stomped again and proclaims the game awesome.
      • And in lieu of an ending 90s kid just keeps playing, and according to Pollo it just goes on like that for an hour.
    • The look of sheer shock and horror at 90s Kid's performance that Harvey Finevoice gives is absolutely hysterical as he asks Pollo what he was thinking asking 90s Kid to do the show and can he take over next week, please.
    • It's a cliche to call something a "Crowning X Of Awesome", but in this case it's true. 90s Kid's appearances are usually Crowning Moments Of Funny on their own, so giving him A Day in the Limelight makes the whole episode a Crowning Episode Of Awesome.

    89: Chain Gang War # 1 

    90: Ewoks # 9 
  • "I'm distracting you so she can stab you."
  • A Stealth Hi/Bye... from Bear.
  • Regarding the foot soldiers:
    Linkara: It gets better. They're robots!
    Iron Liz: Cool! That means they can blow up!
    Linkara: I know!
  • Linkara and Liz go through a whole triumphant post-battle ending scene, complete with Police Squad! style freeze-frame gag... then realize they still have to review the second half of the comic.
    • Best part? They're just holding still. They hold that pose for 20 seconds with those goofy expressions.
  • Pollo asking Harvey Finevoice if he ever lights up his cigarette at all.
  • Liz doing a happy victory dance to the Ewok celebration song from Return of the Jedi... as a confused Linkara looks on.
  • The announcement that One More Day was supposed to be reviewed instead is Hilarious in Hindsight after the 200th episode.

    91: Cable # 2 
  • "Yes, I'm Dan Green; voice actor extraordinaire. And apparently I ink comic books too."
  • Pollo telling other more obscure past characters that Linkara returned and they won't be needing any more special guests.
  • In response to the sentence "The sounds work my spinal column like a piano" Linkara plays the piano piece "The Entertainer" on his spine.
  • "Never, ever let '90s Kid host my show ever again! Ever!"
  • "Damn you, ancient Egypt! When will your evil tendrils let go of present day America?" Then cut to a picture of pyramids played to the imperial march.
  • "Oh my God, The Companion Cube is out for revenge!"
  • "Well, I'm back from being imprisoned on Lord Vyce's ship and I'm ready to review again. That's why today we're digging into Cable #2." beat "I quit."
    • His face also melts into total disgust during that beat! And doooon't you forget it!

    92: The California Raisins 3-D # 2 
  • "I just said 'heroic raisin.' My dignity will never be the same again."
  • The title card, featuring two 3D-ified California Raisins confronting Linkara while doing the "L for Loser" thing with their hands. It's pretty funny.
  • The female raisins. That is all.
  • His obsession with the Fridge Logic associated with the biology of living food products.
    Ah, so here we're getting some details on the biology; when he was young, he was just a burger patty. If that's the case, then where did the buns come from- did they grow out of him like hair? If that's the case, then why are his eyes embedded in the bun?
  • "Now let's play some better music." * No music plays* "You can't hear it because it's in 3-D, wait."
  • After the raisins get a letter informing them about an anonymous gift of a mansion:
    Linkara: P.S.: I am a Nigerian prince and I wish to send you my fortune.

    93: Hardcore Station # 1 
  • "Space Stalin has a tiny penis." It Makes Sense in Context, I swear!
  • His Call-Back to the Ultimates 3 review where Tony Stark has been replaced by a robot: "Ahm totally bein' serious! One time * while showing two fingers, then fixing the number* I-I got replaced by a robot, who drank even more then I did. * beat* You're a very pretty man..."
  • "So let's dig into Hardcore Station #1 and see if this place is that hardcore!" (beat) "Of course it isn't, what show do you think you're watching?"
  • "So that dream I had where I was fighting evil alongside the Seventh Doctor on board the Enterprise was because I wanted a sandwich?"
  • "[...] and savor the end of your quest" Dun-dun-dun-DUN!

    94: Brute Force # 1 

    95: Amazing Spider-Man: Skating on Thin Ice # 1 
  • The literal interpretation of the phrase "alcohol abuse."
  • In reference to the cover, asking whether Spidey is a dealer and whether one of the drugs he's peddling is hydrochloric acid.
    "I can't get the buzz without the burn, man!"
  • Linkara's take on Electro's Mook noting his boss' Bond Villain Stupidity?
  • "What does Aces stand for?" * pictures of Ace Ventura, Ace, and Ace Rimmer* .
    "Pff. My ideas were cooler."
  • "Wait, you're letting the kids have independent thought? What the hell kind of PSA is this?"
  • "Sneak into their bedrooms at night and loudly proclaim "HI! I'M SPIDERMAN AND I'M IN YOUR ROOM!"."
  • [extremely over-exaggerated dramatic reveal music] "OH MY GOD, HE HAS SWEETARTS!"
  • Linkara's take on Spider-Man's explanation for his knowledge
    Kid: How do you know so much about me, Spidey?
    Spider-Man: (cheerfully) Please, I've consorted with Satan. I know stuff about you that'd destroy your already fragile psyche!
  • This:
    Electro: Turn around, Spider-Man. I want to see your face before you die.
    Linkara: ...He's wearing a mask!
  • "Right round! Like a record, baby!"
  • "Just as I suspected, petrified urinal cakes."
    • Near the end, Linkara sums up the way the message of the comic was delivered by showing a clip of Mr. Mackey saying over and over "Drugs Are Bad".

    96: Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force 
  • The Montages of the various security teams from Star Trek getting repeatedly worfed during his review of the Star Trek: Elite Force comic book, set to the end credits music from Dawn of the Dead (1978).
  • Ensign Munro's Lampshade Hanging on the Vohrsoth's crappy animation.
  • "I am Captain Linkara of the USS...uh...* looks around* ...Green Futon!"
  • "...Science is EVIL."
  • After Tuvok says that the assimilated Foster couldn't be saved, a cut to a title card that says "And now a short list of people who have been assimilated but were saved" including Picard, Janeway, Torres and Tuvok himself with the caption "Yes, you too, jackass."

    97: Action Comics # 592 
  • Linkara's Shout-Out in the opening narration:
    Narrator: ...the sort of mistake almost anyone could make.
    Linkara: (as Big Barda) What do you mean Chick-fil-A isn't open on Sundays!?
    Narrator: A right turn, instead of a left.
    Linkara: Oh, great; now David Tennant's dead and The Stars Are Going Out!
  • Darkseid considers the greater workings of the universe: "Where does string come from?"
  • Linkara's reaction to Superman's "Wonder Woman under all that glop" comment after he rescues Barda from Sleez's mind control.
    "Up yours, you sanctimonious prick!! [...] Seriously, go to Hell!"
  • "Puberty was not fun for Darkseid."
  • The description that Barda comes from an environment "where 1984 is considered a lighthearted comedy".
  • "Oh, a big metal tube that shoots lasers. No one can stop you now. Unless, you know, they have guns... or bombs... or stabbing objects... really hard rock..."
  • "...waiting for the wheel of fortune to turn my way again." "Someday, I will buy a vowel!"

    98: Action Comics # 593 
  • The Previously On sequence in Action Comics #593 occasionally cuts to That Jewish Guy nonchalantly eating a sandwich. Which is eventually revealed as just two pieces of bread. That Jewish Guy keeps eating it.
  • After. Dinner. Mint.
  • "I remember a goat, salad dressing, and a traffic cone. After that it gets weird."
  • Pollo asking Tom Servo if he ever feels "not so fresh".
  • Linkara pointing out how, if Big Barda watched The Ring, the video would consist of Barda beating up Samara.
  • When Grossman shouts that Superman has got "all the sex appeal of a side of beef":
    Linkara: That's not what slashficcers seem to think...
  • Bennett the Sage wanting to be the only Frenchman on the site. Complete with hammy accent
  • The Fridge Logic that, given the timeline, Darkseid has been sitting on Mr. Miracle's comfy chair for two days before Mr. Miracle realized that he was there, and then going on to wonder if Mr. Miracle thought Darkseid was his wife.
  • The sheer impracticality of the locking mechanism.
    Mr. Miracle: Honey, I left the little mirror things in the kitchen, we'll have to sleep on the lawn again tonight!
  • This:
    Oberon: Scott, is that Barda? It is! I hardly recognized her under that awful makeup. What's she... Scott...!!
    Linkara: (as Oberon) Geez, look at her! She's dancing like a maniac! A maniac! But she's never danced before!
  • Superman, hunting Sleez, can't use X-Ray Vision because the sewer pipes are made of lead: "I can track Sleez by smell, if I have to!"
    'Linkara (as Superman): Oh, geez! Oh, oh, man, that was a mistake! Why did I try to do that in a sewer?!?
  • "Tonight, on Masterpiece Theatre, Darkseid brings you Laurence Olivier as Richard III.
  • "Is that a cardboard MRI machine?
  • Just the tagline in and of itself is funny - "Anyone who says 'bow-chicka-wow-wow' to what's happening in this garbage will be punched in the face"
  • When Sleez and Grossman bring up the topic of "exploiting" Superman:
    Linkara: A Superman exploitation porno? This sounds like something the Cinema Snob should be reviewing!
    (cut to the Cinema Snob)
    Snob: My snob senses are tingling!

    99: Top 15 Comics I'll Never Review 

    100: Sonic Live 

    101: Nolan Ryan # 1 
  • Due to the subject of Tony the Tiger and Nolan Ryan helping a depressed kid with baseball, the entirety of the "Nolan Ryan in 'The Winning Pitch'" review.

    102: Transformers #4- 5 

    103: Silent Hill: Dead/Alive #1- 2 

    104: Silent Hill: Dead/Alive #3- 4 

    105: Silent Hill: Dead/Alive # 5 
  • The outtake at the end: Lewis has trouble getting something out of his jacket, briefly tries to salvage the take, and then runs off camera to Liz singing him out Looney Tunes style.
  • The comment at the end of the credits, where Linkara apologizes for the Dallas joke, and notes that he is really too young to be making jokes like that. Hits particularly close to home if you found it funny, but are really too young to be getting jokes like that.
    • For that matter, the Dallas joke in the first place.
  • Christabella: Let's just call him "Bones" shall we?
    Leonard "Bones" McCoy: I'm quaking, but I don't know if it's with laughter or terror.
  • After a character talks about giving someone "a gift":
  • At the very end of the comic, there's this...
    Christabella: I'm Christabella. This is my town. This is Silent Hill!
    Linkara: (yelling) NO, IT ISN'T, YOU PREPUBESCENT SACK OF CRAP!!
    • Immediately after, instead of ending with his usual catchphrase, Linkara shouts, "THIS PIECE OF CRAP SUCKS!!!"

     Silent Hill: Dead/Alive Review Alternate Endings 
  • The alternate ending to the review where he dances to Michael Jackson's "Thriller".
  • The entire alternate ending video. Besides the Thriller dance, which is arguably also a Moment of Awesome for the fact that he did it, there was also the entirety of the phone calls interrupting his Badass Boast, concluding with the part telling The Cinema Snob that he had the Manimal comic, finally getting his attention and then hanging up on him.
  • The first comment on the TGWTG posting of the video: "Never wear that shirt again."
  • The Silent Hill trademark UFO Ending getting derailed when the UFOs are shot down by the Astro Megaship.
  • Also, his battle with Pyramid Head being interrupted by freaking Zordon!

    106: Spider-Man: The Greatest Responsibility 
  • During the review of Spider-Man: The Greatest Responsibility, Mary Jane explains to Peter that regardless of what crap they face, they'll be together forever. Cut to Linkara glaring at One More Day.
    Linkara: ....I HATE YOU!!
  • Spider-Man: So, what's the plan?
    Scarlet Spider: I was thinking, maybe, staying alive.
    Linkara (as Spider-Man): Well, you can tell by the way I walk I'm a woman's man, but how is that supposed to help?
  • The title card is pretty funny by and of itself.
  • "I'm reading blogs while watching three different kinds of porn and pirating video games directly into my brain!"

    107: Action Comics # 1 
  • At the beginning of the review: "Basically, a thought occurred to me a few months ago: grape G2 gatorade is really good. Yeah that has nothing to do with this but it really does taste good. Anyway, I was wondering about the superheroes that I love so much and got to thinking how much has changed over the years...".
  • When he reaches the "scientific explanation" for Superman's powers: "Oh, this oughta be good".
  • Linkara uses the "I am a MAN!" punch and pulls Liz into the review.
    Linkara: Liz? What are you doing here?
    Liz: I don't know.
    • And in the outtake: "Those are my sunglasses!"
  • "Time for a power wedgie!"
  • The romantic flying scene of Superman: The Movie done by "bouncing".
  • His reaction to the "embroiled with Europe" line was priceless.
  • When Superman properly explains how electric wires work, cut to Linkara reading The Physics of Superheroes. "Dear God, he's right!"

    108: Amazing Fantasy # 15 
  • The title card in and of itself is hilarious - Spider-Man carrying Linkara under his arm and swinging around, forcing Linkara to listen to all of his angsting, all expressed in one giant word balloon.
  • Any time he insinuates that Peter will probably commit murder.
    Peter: Some day they'll be sorry! Sorry that they laughed at me!
    Linkara: I see a killing spree in his future!
  • Peter Parker's honking fingers.
  • This:
    Linkara (as Spider-Man): Haven't you heard? I'm a science major! YEAAAHHHHHH!!!
  • "The Acme Warehouse? My God! He's got access to the advanced technology of Wile E. Coyote!"

    109: Detective Comics # 27 
  • His reaction to yet another cover with the hero carrying some guy in his arms.
    Linkara (as Batman): Huh. There goes Spider-Man carrying around somebody, and Superman with Vincent Price. Must be Wednesday.
  • All the callbacks to Batman's other appearances on the show, like "Bees, my god" and hating rock and roll.
  • "I'm not Batman! I'm totally not Batman! ...I'm Batman."
  • Batman's Vague Age:
    Linkara: So for the nerds out there, that would make Batman roughly 23 or so when he started crimefighting. Nowadays, he's... thir... orty... ish?
  • Linkara using his Batman voice for Bruce a child.
  • "Criminals are a superstitious, cowardly lot."
    "Franky, don't step on that crack, you'll break your mother's back!"
  • "A creature of the night... a... a..."
    Linkara (as Bruce): A possum, that's it, I shall become a possum!
  • The Batman musical from Batman Beyond playing over (well under) the end credits. "A superstitious cowardly lot..."

    110: The X-Men # 1 
  • The Call-Back to his X-Men #1 review, with Professor X trying to explain expenses for the school to the Board of Directors.
    Linkara (as Professor X): Look, I can explain the wheel of death and the chompers... I thought my students needed more encouragement to do their homework!
    Board Of Directors dude: ...Actually, we were going to ask you about the vending machines and the nutrition of your students... Spinning wheel of death you say?
  • The book describe Professor X's thoughts as "indescrible".
    Linkara (as Professor X): (thinking) I wonder, if I used Jell-O as a toothpaste, would it turn my teeth green?

    111: Brute Force # 2 
  • This:
    Linkara: So, in your view, observe and do nothing can be reinterpreted as Rocks Fall, Everyone Dies.
  • 90's Kid's idea of how to save the environment.
    90's Kid: Duuuude! I know how we can stop pollution! We can use guns! And shoot all the garbage!
  • When describing Heavy Metal's last two members:
    Linkara: Up top, there's a vulture with a metal mohawk, and finally there's...
Dr. Evil: Sharks witth frickin' laser beams attached to their heads!

    112: New Kids on the Block # 4 
  • After learning that Mark Wahlberg was briefly in the New Kids on the Block:
    Linkara: For those of you unfamiliar with Mark Wahlberg, here's a movie he was in.
    (runs the "talking to a plastic plant" scene from The Happening)
  • Linkara's comment about him having the feeling that the artist alley at the New Kids convention would contain yaoi/slash pictures of the New Kids members.
  • Linkara's reaction to New Kids Fangirl Fanny Tweetersweet having a New Kids Toenail Analyzer:
    Linkara: SECURITY!!!
  • This:
    Caption: Our stockings were hung by the CD machine, in hopes that ol' Santa would soon make the scene.
    Linkara: That won't work, for you see, it's a tight fit — SANTA COMES DOWN CHIMNEYS, YOU BONEHEADED TWIT!
  • "Santa doesn't fly!" (cue the picture of Bearded Idiot) "THAT DOES NOT COUNT!!"
  • In response to a couple of puns the band makes about vampires:
    Linkara: Why are you talking? Everytime you talk, you only prove why you shouldn't.
  • His impression of the crowd of women who catch the New Kids out shopping around:
    One of the girls: EEE-EEEK!! I told you I saw the New Kids around here!
    Linkara: (as another girl) And the dozens of us here all instantly believed and followed you!

    113: Marvel Team-Up # 127 
  • Comparing Spider-Man to Shinji Ikari. What really makes it funny is that Linkara isn't exactly known for being an Otaku, so this just seems to come out of nowhere.
  • Linkara suggesting that Bette and her roommate were celebrating the holiday season by offering cocaine to their own god: Snowflame.
    Linkara (as Snowflame): Snowflame feels no pain.
  • Mr. Chekov, the grandfather of the Victim of the Week, can't find any nuclear wessels.
  • Uatu narrating with Linkara's impression of Rod Serling.
  • "Oh, geez, are they gonna make me speak in rhyme again?"

    114: Santa Claus Conquers the Martians 

    115: Top 15 Screw-Ups of AT 4 W 
  • Top 15 Screw Ups of Atop the Fourth Wall - Douchey McNitpick showing up to comment on Linkara's video. Turns into a Moment of Awesome when Linkara participates in some Offscreen Teleportation to where he is and totally wails on the guy!
  • Regarding Mark Wahlberg quickly quitting from New Kids on the Block, he plays again the scene from The Happening with an added caption: "He was probably just talking to all the plants at the studio."
  • "Zombie Not-Elvis would have GREATLY improved Batman: Fortunate Son".
  • "The Internet - It's For Porn!"
  • Regarding Naked News, this particular joke, which he does while undressing (in parody of said Naked News): "In the weather today, a cold front at the upper areas of Minnesota, but then again, who should be suprised by that? It's Minnesota, we only have two seasons up here - winter and road construction. In the world of sports..."
  • "So there you have it: the sciencs of bizarre creatures made out of sugary drinks and how they should act in the vaccum of space. (beat) We are a bunch of nerds."
  • Douchey's subsequent beatdown after the video:
    Douchey: Wait, how'd you find me?
    Linkara: What is it about magic you people don't understand?!
  • Referencing Sci Spy as a non-superhero comic, then realizing that the comic he's holding is a trade.
    Linkara: Somebody collected SCI-SPY? (beat) We'll get back to Sci-Spy next year.
  • Said to Douchey: "So by swearing, I'd look as mature as you do, huh?" It actually confuses Douchey enough that he's silent until the end of the review.
  • Regarding his Minnesota accent: "There are traces here and there, particularly when I say 'rum' or 'ruf'. It's just the way it is, and it isn't gonna change unless I spend every day saying ryoooooom and ryoooooof."


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