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    327: All Star Batman and Robin # 9 
  • Dubbing the comic "Crazy Steve's Magical Drug Trip of Madness".
  • Crazy Steve: Then maybe I'd spank Superman's butt backs to what's left of Krypton. Just for laughs.
    Linkara: Crazy Steve, Age 12.
  • Crazy Steve generally being condescending about Superman in the most pettiest ways possible.
    Linkara (as Crazy Steve): Stupid poophead lost his parents and his entire species. NEEEEEEEEEEEEERD!
  • Crazy Steve: The kid impressed the hell out of me after I showed him the paint cans and roller. Sure, he bellyached every minute and quit being the Boy Wonder eight times, but he finished the job with nearly an hour to spare.
    Linkara (as Crazy Steve): It was really difficult getting that paint roller into every nook and cranny of my body, but I think it was worth it.
    Crazy Steve: Fast hands, my little Robin.
    Linkara: I WAS KIDDING!
    Crazy Steve: Fast hands, big mouth...
    Linkara: STOP TALKING!!
  • The Mahjong sketch, especially the line from Snowflame.
  • Dick Grayson, Age 12: This is the weirdest time to find out that Batman is Bruce Wayne, but this is no time for thinking.
    Linkara: The mantra of this entire series.
  • Crazy Steve: I had years to grieve.
    Linkara (as Crazy Steve): This wouldn't have happened in my day! This is all rock and roll's fault!
  • Crazy Steve taunting Green Lantern with lemonade.
    Green Lantern: Damn you and your lemonade!
    Linkara: (holding a can of lemonade) Well... Screw you too.
    • Also Linkara claiming that Robin bought pink lemonade and they had to paint that yellow too.
  • Linkara praising the comic twice, then getting jitters because praising it feels so wrong.
  • After Crazy Steve has a Pet the Dog moment near the end, Linkara concludes that he was so far off the deep end to begin with that huffing paint fumes made him more sane.
  • "And I just realized I never said that this is Miller Time. (starts to hum "Pizzicato Playtime") Ah, screw it."

    328: Godzilla: Kingdom of Monsters # 2 
  • The comic opens with the guy from the last issue searching for his missing children... as in the ones who became "sandwiches".
    Linkara: Get it?! Because they were in the sand, and... (beat) ...Shut up!
  • "Please help me! I'm a fisherman from Niijima! My children are missing! Their names are Isamu and Kameko!"
    Linkara!Fisherman Dad: They haven't done their chores, and I have to ground them, or else their mother will kill me! Please help!
  • Fisherman Dad witnesses Godzilla using nuclear breath on a nearby building and muses to himself.
    Fisherman Dad: I ask myself why such a thing would be here.
    Linkara!Fisherman Dad: Then I remember that the Christmas rush gets earlier every year.
  • Meanwhile, at the Vernadsky State Geological Museum in Moscow, where a class is looking at an exhibit for the Tunguska Event, an earthquake occurs, and the class moves outside only to be greeted by dead crows falling from the sky— lots of them.
    Linkara: Hey, check it out— a murder of crows. (grins)
    (Rim Shot)
  • "There's a quick cut over to Tokyo where we see the father duct taping sticks of dynamite together." "Well, if Godzilla doesn't find me handsome, at least he'll find me handy."
  • Mikhail's mother tells her son she's watching television.
    Linkara (as the mother): They're playing an extended cut of the Super Megaforce finale. It's still really disappointing.
  • Linkara notes the oddness of Godzilla in that he can easily go from destroying cities to doing a funny dance, with a clip of Godzilla doing just that.

    329: Trouble # 1 
  • "How could [a stupid idea of a retcon] alone condemn the entire story? Well, there are other things here that were poorly conceived."
    Linkara: For starters, the writer of this thing is Mark Millar, the guy responsible for—
    (the poorly edited Millar Time card interrupts him)
    Linkara: (glaring upwards) Okay, just because I made the joke that one time and I forgot to do it that last week doesn't mean it's a thing!
  • His cheerful summary of some of Mark Millar's darker material. All set to "Pizzicato Playtime"
  • When the narration questions why people think about kissing when someone will stick their hand up her sweater without much coaxing.
    Linkara: I'm pretty sure that's not what kissing is.
  • The continual refrain that the comic is like a slasher movie where the slasher never actually gets there.
  • When Mrs. Shelby catches her husband picking up one of the bras he found at the lake, Linkara bursts into mad laughter, claiming that he's not laughing at the comic but at himself for deciding to review it.
  • The end, when Linkara calmly reiterates the names of the characters as they're hooking up so he can inform us exactly what the retcon mentioned above is. This is the revised love story of Aunt May and Uncle Ben and also that of Peter Parker's parents. The look on his face is magnificent.
  • From the comments: "OK, so the way I see it, the manager's pointy ears indicates he's Mephisto is disguise, here to ensure the greatest crime of all against Peter Parker: making sure he gets born."

    330: Comic Book Quickies # 4 
  • The title card, which depicts Spider-Man "twerking" on a web-made wrecking ball a la Miley Cyrus.
  • Spider-Man meets the Home Wrecker.
    Linkara: AKA Joe Quesada.
  • Aunt May was understandably concerned when Peter said he was going to a certain summer resort from last week.
  • Linkara's comment about Peter Parker abducting the child after the Rescue oneshot.
    Linkara as Spiderman: You're my child, now!
  • Giving Mia's two exes the douchiest voices imaginable.
  • Mia: Just because Cinderella found her Prince Charming doesn't mean that Prince Charming is the guy for every girl!
    Linkara: Especially when Prince Charming is hitting on the wives of bakers instead.
  • The real reason the tennis player keeps staring at his reflection.
  • Acme Boots. Endorsed by Wile E. Coyote himself!

    331: PSA Hell: Energy and Safety with the Justice League 
  • "Because poor literacy… is rather unusual for a PSA."
  • Batman: No, stay back! Don't go near or touch a fallen power line, or any other damaged electrical equipment!
    Linkara: (wearing a Batman mask) Electricity powers electric guitars, the main weapon in rock & roll music! Reject it, children!
  • Idiot #1: When we get in, I'll turn on the oven and open the door — that'll get the place nice and toasty in no time.
    Idiot #2: Good idea!
    Linkara: Well, I see we're going to have the long-awaited return of Vapora.
  • Superman has to go lecture Lex Luthor about the emissions created by the giant robots he sends to kill Superman.
  • Linkara pointing out the cognitive dissonance of telling readers to conserve paper when your comic is made of (non-recycled) paper by waving his copy around and asking in an exaggerated inquisitive tone if the mysterious material it's made of is plastic or something edible, before cutting himself off with an annoyed "IT'S PAPER."

    Revelation of AT 4 W Live!: Uzumaki Chapter 6: Medusa 

    332: Youngblood # 7 
  • The title card, where Badrock is seated next to Linkara and both look as awkward as they should be.
  • Linkara spends the first minute of the review proper reviewing Shaft's fridge.
    Linkara: Jeez, look at this. Nobody wrapped anything in tinfoil or put anything in Tupperware, they just left food with maybe a single bite taken out of it right on the shelves!
  • Seeing Troll in the shower. Combine Harvester ensues. A rare double length Combine Harvester.
    Linkara: *dazed* Why, Liefeld? Why? Why do you do this to me? Is it because you're insulted in the theme song? Not even Gary Brodsky pulls this kinda' crap! I-if ya' wanted to get to me, ya didn't have to hurt so many other people!
    • The best part is how this bit starts: "We cut to Youngblood heaquarters, and its raspberry-orange skies, where—AAAAAAAHHHHH!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!"
      • What makes this even funnier is that the Entity was possessing Linkara at this time. So THE ENTITY also got to see this as well.
  • At one point, the comic unsarcastically calls Youngblood "The world's greatest super-team". Cue Futurama clip.
    Bender: AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh, wait, you're serious. Let me laugh even harder. AAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA!
  • The comic says Troll is 3,000 years old:
    Linkara: Funny, I thought most trolls were 12-year olds. *Rim Shot*
  • After Badrock is hit with an energy ray that causes him to Hulk Out and yells at the villain "Let's rock, dirtbag!".
    Linkara (as Hulk): How is Hulk one with more realistic physique?

    333: ROMTROSPECTIVE: ROM Spaceknight #1- 40 
  • One of the characters is called Terminator... So, of course, Linkara gives him an Arnold Schwarzenegger voice.
  • When Sybil, a girl ROM saved in the first part of a three-part storyline involving Namor, is nearly murdered by the Dire Wraiths with the effect of drowning her, Namor uses advanced Atlantean science to bring her back to life and convert her into an Atlantean.
    Linkara: I would just like to point out that it is far easier for Namor to radically alter the genetic structure of a human girl to turn her into an Atlantean while also RAISING HER FROM THE DEAD than it is to save Aunt May from a bullet wound in One More Day. (takes a moment to slam his fist into his other cupped hand) Of course.

    334: ROMTROSPECTIVE: ROM Spaceknight #41- 75 
  • The triumphant return of the "Previously On The Atop The Fourth Wall..." segment.
  • After reading the line "You are a man!", Linkara does the punch with the wording changed apprpriately... causing his fist to come from behind to punch his hat off his head.
  • The president announces that he has signed a mutual defense pact with almost every other nation on Earth to fight the Dire Wraith threat.
    Linkara: But yeah, that's great. The nations of Earth united against the threat. Superheroes across the world are brought together, so now America can call on the Fantastic Four and the X-Men and the—
    President: A recent attempt to contact a number of America's own superheroes has failed. The Fantastic Four, Avengers, and others seem to have simply vanished.
    Linkara: WHAT?! Oh, come on! What could they possibly have been doing that would have taken them away from this mome—?! (notices the Secret Wars comic that spontaneously appeared in his right hand during his rant) Oh, hey, how did this get in my hands?
  • The first part (of two) ends with an overview of ROM Annual #3, where Starshine, who had been expressing a desire to become human again, is separated from her armor by Hybrid but still manages to defeat him as Brandy.
    Linkara: Well, regardless of the circumstances, she is at least human again, for better or for worse. (Beat) So, anyway, it's time for the end of the world. (smiles)

    335: The Star Wars # 1 
  • When seeing one of the minor characters is named Senator Nash, the inevitable cameo ensues (with his Here There Be Dragons background).
    • Nash's reasoning for finally turning to the Dark Side and becoming an Imperial Senator: being in a galaxy far, far away...from Florida.
    • Also, he's been Imperial Senator since Tuesday. Considering that Radio Dead Air, and thus the unedited live show of WTFIWWY, goes live on Mondays...
    • Preparing his lightsaber (re: Nash's e-cigar) to kill Linkara...only to have the thing ignite on the wrong end and impaling either his foot (like the last time he handled a lightsaber) or his crotch (as the Nostalgia Critic once did).
  • As with the Pai Zhua, Linkara always refers to "Jedi-Bendu" with silly names.
  • His horror at the Imperial official who looks like the Absorbaloff.

    336: Batman: Jazz # 3 
  • Batman does his usual opening narration:
    Batman: Blue Byrd. Jazz genius. Junkie. Victim of racism. Con man. Wounded boy without a father.
    Linkara!Batman: The movie rights alone on this are gonna make me a killing!
    Batman: Everyone who describes him paints a different man.
    Linkara!Batman: It's almost like human beings are complex and interact with different people in a variety of ways that shape the image they have of him, but that can't be right. (shrugs)
  • This time, instead of just being mentioned by name, Mr. T makes a full-fledged Early-Bird Cameo in a review just before Linkara reviews one of his comic books.

    337: Mr. T and the T Force # 3 
  • Do you know where your children are? Mr. T kidnapped them and forced them into a regular activity without your consent.

    338: PATREON: Big Bang Presents #3: Protoplasman 
  • After the Nazi vampire, Dr. Fang, claims to have been Rasputin and Jack the Ripper:
    Linkara!Dr. Fang: I was Fred in Circle Pines, and Steve in Sherman Oaks! (Beat) It was a slow year.
  • "There's somebody in the tank!"
    Linkara: Here buddy, let me give you a hand! (accidentally pulls Jake's hand off) Uh, I think you dropped this.

    339: PATREON: Crimson # 1 

    340: PATREON: Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines 
  • While trying to explain why he would review this game, Linkara points this is something Maven of the Eventide should be reviewing. The reason she can't do it? She now has a baby, which she explains she must, in her own words, raise into a "creature of the night". Cue said baby giggling adorably.
  • Linkara's explanation for the Sire turning your character into a vampire while in bed? "Some people are kinky like that."
    • Then the fact the vampire authorities immediately know about it and show up to arrest them seconds after the act causes him to deduce they must have "telepathic cockblocking powers".
  • When the character Linkara created and the woman who turned him into a vampire are both staked at the beginning of the game:
    Linkara: Well, that game was terrible. I created a character sheet and didn't even get a chance to defend myself. 0 out of 10! Too much water!
  • While explaining why he picked the melee-oriented Brujah, Linkara explains that he doesn't exactly play the game to know "what melodramatic vampire is in command of the other community theater's vampires". Cue the theater scene from the game's intro.
  • At the beginning of the game, there is a dialogue option with Smiling Jack to ask for a vampire cape. Cue a Running Gag of Linkara constantly looking/asking for said cape over the course of the game.
    • Also, the episode's card depicts a vampire Linkara wearing a multi-color cape.
  • When reaching the infamous Ocean House Hotel level, Linkara states it can't possibly be that scary, considering most of the game is about talking and political scheme. Cue him completely freaking out when he realizes what he has entered into.
    Linkara: SWEET MERCIFUL CRAP! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! Okay, okay, need to get myself together, I mean, just because this place is haunted by a pissed off ghost doesn't mean I should be scared... (finds a creepy child drawing) OH DEAR GOD! WHY WOULD YOU DRAW THAT, DECAPITATED CHILD?! Nonono... I am a goddamn vampire, I will not be scared by ghosts... and... Oh for the love— WHY AM I IN FREDDY KRUEGER'S BOILER ROOM?! WHAT IS HURTING ME?! I'M A GODDAMN VAMPIRE!
  • During the cutscene where the player character frees Lily and she brutally kills one of her captives, the video focus on the player character looking away. Linkara adds a line under it saying: "Uhhh... it was like this when I got here."
  • Upon listening to the way the Karma Meter works in the game, Linkara points out how it sometimes doesn't make sense, since the game apparently makes an unclear difference between who's innocent or not.
    Linkara: So, just to keep track of this, random attack on innocent citizens: not evil at all, as long as they don't die; killing a cop who's shooting at you, well, you are Satan's best buddy! You can also attack and kill rats - God's most hated creatures, I guess...
  • Jeanette being referred to as "Vampire Harley Quinn", Smiling Jack as Bender and Strauss being compared to Morpheus.
  • The fact the game apparently takes place entirely in a single night, since the sun never rises.
    Linkara: I mean, yeah, this is Los Angeles, but I didn't think the smoke problem was this bad!
  • Linkara's reaction upon learning the main event might involve the end of all vampires:
  • Linkara describes the fact the game has many choices and concludes on this:
    "The choice is yours... provided you can avoid getting shot at by random street gang wars that erupt for no rhyme or reason."
  • Also, Linkara's favorite character in the game? Chunk.
  • "Go about your business, citizens! I am just a random guy running down the streets with a bloody fire axe! Nothing to see here!"
  • Linkara loves the bits you can listen to at the radio. Upon listening to the Deb of Night and hearing the Conspiracy Theorist talking about a secret war between the Saturnians and the Iluminati involving a space station on the moon, he immediately asks how there isn't a game about that.

    341: PATREON: Titans: Scissors, Paper, Stone 
  • As Linkara points out, the entire Elseworld is worth it just to hear Batman (or rather, someone with his personality uploaded to his brain) say "Nummy Muffin".
    • Linkara's belief that they'd gotten the ASBAR version of him.
  • The explanation for the superhero costumes leads to this:
    Witchy-Poo: Well, I've always thought that all those tight and/or scanty outfits were some kind of sexual display thing.
    Linkara: They usually are. (Beat) ... For the artist, anyway.
    Batman: At least, you didn't find out about the capes...
    Linkara: ... That reminds me, I am still waiting for my vampire cape from last week...
  • Over the course of the comic, Witchy-Poo expresses the belief reproducing the Teen Titans' pattern should ensure everything will go well, since, according to what she knows, superhero myths are all bright, happy, silly, and always ending with the heroes winning. This causes Linkara - a devoted Teen Titans fans who actually read the comics, and know they were actually pretty dark with a lot of tragic moments - to shake his head to this blatant Critical Research Failure.
    Linkara: The future has really bad mythological records. [...] (after Witchy-Poo expressed shock someone got hurt) DEAR LORD AND HEAVENS! You really knew nothing about the Titans when you conceived this plan, did you?
  • His reaction to the comic's Techno Babble:
    A character in the comic: Products of Baroque Meatgarden Policorp. One minor Nirasawa-class warrior clade. Five semiautonomous subunit clades. Share multiplexed consciousness. Clades vatgrown for low-intensity warfare on medium-tech cultures. Nanoassembled with only grav, energy, Gauss and biochem weapons.
    Jules Winnfield: English, motherfucker, do you speak it?!
  • Gabrielle has a prosthetic body:
    Jama: Your prosthesis eats, sleeps, sweats, even menstruates in perfect imitation of your original body.
    Linkara (as Gabrielle): Yeah, I'm just so happy my mom included that detail with this body...

    342: PSA Hell: Batman: Shadow of the Bat # 57 
  • The entire beginning. The video is shot at a convention, and he claims there will be no cameos. Then Brad Jones appears and tells him there's a line outside. Then everyone gets stuffed into Linkara's hotel room leading into a big fight. Including NC, Malcolm, Tamara, Todd in the Shadows, Calluna, the Shark Jumping couple, Yomarz, and Megami33.
    Linkara: I think one of them took the comic with them.
    • Malcolm and Tamara saying they hate skits and asking to work for Linkara instead.
  • Linkara is unsure if the Floronic Man's world domination plan of getting everyone stoned is one of the dumbest plans ever, or one of the most brilliant.
  • Tim Drake is walking out of school with his friend Norris, who's asking him if he has any plans tonight.
    Tim: Um, I have a sort of extra-curricular class to take!
    Linkara: Poor kid doesn't want to admit he's on speech team.
    Norris: Pity. I thought we might get together. I have a couple of tickets for the new movie!
    Linkara: Yes, go to "New Movie" at "Theater". Perhaps buy "Snack" and "Soda", too.

    343: Comic Book Quickies # 5 
  • Linkara predicting all the "Aquaman is lame" comments and reminding people that there's thousands of sea creatures that could eat someone in one bite, and Aquaman can call a swarm of them. However...
    Aqualad: Great guppies!
    Linkara: And then there's Aqualad...
  • Channel Awesome contributors on hand for the Atop the Fourth Wall movie reading excerpts from the Super Dictionary. Some examples:
    • "Strong" as read by Superman fan Angry Joe:
      Angry Joe: "Is Superman the strongest person in the world?" (mouths) Yes, he is.
    • Cinema Snob's reading of "saddle", to the point where the actual image from the Super Dictionary is deliberately not included in the segment.
    • As the excerpt appears as dialogue spoken by Batman in the Super Dictionary, Nash does his reading of "chair" with a "Dark Knight" voice.

    344: Avengers Assemble Featuring Captain Citrus # 1 
  • The title card: Nash choking Captain Citrus while Linkara watches while drinking some OJ.
  • The comic cuts away from the Avengers battling the Humanoids attacking Orlando to go to an orange grove and the family that farms there, currently eating breakfast.
    John: Deb, if you're not going to eat a big breakfast, at least drink your orange juice.
    Linkara (as Deb): Actually, I'm really more into apple juice.
    Linkara (as John): (gasps) I HAVE NO DAUGHTER!

     Magfest Panel: Remembrance of Atop the Fourth Wall Live 
  • The irony of the in-universe Spider-Man video game being produced by Parker Brothers.
    • Saying Spider-Man would never see any money from it because it's a game for the Atari 2600 (as well as more jabs at the Atari).

    345: PATREON: Doctor Who/Star Trek: The Next Generation Assimilation Squared 
  • Linkara switching from his Starfleet uniform to his Seventh Doctor cosplay halfway through. Made funnier by the fact that he never mentions it.
  • The Continuity Alarm returns.
  • The Stinger with Mutually Fictional moments from both series:
    The Doctor: Someone's been using a Beam-me-up Star Trek teleport.
    Commander Tucker: How can a ship be Bigger on the Inside?

    346: PATREON: My Cage (Comic Strip) 

  • The title card. Linkara with a blue platypus tail, the top of his head shaved and a confused expression on his face.
  • Linkara's rant on him being trapped in his own show and how he hasn't reviewed a bad comic in weeks.
  • An unwanted cameo from The Comic Strip Critic that was apparently the doing of Beth from Shark Jumping as revenge for everyone getting kicked out of Linkara's hotel room.
    Beth: This'll teach him not to listen to our ideas...
    Tim: Hey have you seen my—
    Beth: Shut up, Tim, this is important!

    347: The Punisher # 60 
  • When asked his name, Frank says it's "Frank Rook"
    Linkara: Yeah, and my name is Lewis Affectionpig.
  • When Luke Cage karate chops a machete into 3 pieces, Linkara is astonished.
    Linkara: Luuuuuke, are you sure you're not Mr. T?
  • When Frank and Luke go to a run-down hotel taken over by the crack dealers, Linkara says he's seen worse. Cut to footage of him playing Bloodlines.

    348: The Punisher # 61 & # 62 
  • Calluna doing a battle with a Copyright Bot during the "Previously On" sketch
  • How he summarizes last week's issue:
    Kirk Lazarus: I'm a dude playin' the dude disguised as another dude!
  • Frank sums up the last comic's events:
    Frank: The man I was, my resources, my mission, are gone.
    Linkara (as Frank): I now run a deli on 38th Street. We're running a sale on tuna today. Try to get it later... (slowly holds up a gun) ...and be punished.
    Frank: Everything's changed, especially my face.
    Linkara (as Frank): Turns out I was a Time Lord this whole time... and yet it's weird that I became a black guy before the Doctor ever did.
  • When George instructs his men to slit Punisher's throat, Linkara says "SHOOT! HIM! IN! THE! HEAD!", only for Punisher to shoot George in the head instead.

    349: PATREON: Steam Wars 
  • After making fun of Lord Baron's repetitive name ("Isn't that like calling him 'King-Emperor'?"), Linkara continues to call him by similar names throughout the review, such as Prime Minister Representative. note 
  • Linkara goes on about how Steam Wars' version of C-3PO(CL-335, a snarky posh droid with a gatling gun) is so much better than the original, and wants to switch.
  • Linkara starts wondering how many Koopalings the Hegemony has on all of its airships.

    350: Ultimate Power #1- 2 
  • The montage of Greg Land's recycled traces, set to circus music.
  • Linkara turning Reed Richards' request for 18 million dollars from S.H.I.E.L.D. into a Kickstarter pitch for funding a board game.
  • "So, regardless of the universe, Reed Richards is still the smartest and yet dumbest person in the room."
  • "You! You're actually reading this right now?!"
  • "Time 4 Backstory!" winds up hitting a snag this go around:
    Linkara: Before Watchmen existed- eh, no, that's not what I meant, wait- (cut to Linkara holding his head in exasperation) how you people have been able to follow me for 350 episodes continues to amaze me.
  • Linkara believing that the recurring open mouths were some kind of attempt to attone for the 90s' constant teeth-gritting.
  • When showing one of Land's most infamous cases of tracing (a woman with her mouth wide open and her legs in a position that implies she's having sex without anyone there), Linkara notes the placement of the onomatopoeia of Hyperion punching The Thing makes it look like she's letting out a giant fart.
  • The review ends with Linkara somewhat awkwardly, somewhat matter-of-factly announcing that his next review is a Patreon sponsored review... of Homestuck.
  • The Stinger: "Wonder if Hyperion also serves as the team's bug zapper considering how long he keeps his mouth open in this comic."

    351: PATREON: Homestuck, Act 1 
  • The title card featuring Linkara drawn like John and surrounded by the trolls (despite the trolls not appearing in Act 1)
  • The episode description, phrased in the style of Homestuck: "You are watching an internet video about a guy who reviews comics. What will you do? -EAT REVIEWER."
  • The cameo from The Bros, as a reaction to a magazine in the comic called GameBro.
  • Linkara preferring to call John Egbert "Zoosmell Pooplord"
  • Linkara's reaction to Rose having "a passion for RATHER OBSCURE LITERATURE": "But thanks to Tumblr, now everybody knows the book Pounded in the Butt By My Own Butt."

    352: PATREON: Atomic Robo, Vol. 3 
  • While listing off the adventures that the titular character has gone on over his life, Linkara mentions a time where he found a walking pyramid operated by mummies that transforms into a giant robot. The best part? It was preprogrammed to do that last thing 5,000 years ago!
    Linkara: You all laugh when I bring this up, but there's your proof right there— their plan to destroy the present from the past, the diabolical machinations of ANCIENT EGYPT! (shakes his fist)
    (cut to a picture of pyramids with the Imperial March playing in the background)
  • The first issue in the volume opens in New York City on the night of April 3rd, 1926, with Robo narrating.
    Robo: It's a beautiful night in the most amazing city in the world.
    Linkara (as Robo): But enough about Hoboken.
    Robo: There's an electricity in the air in nights like this.
    Linkara (as Robo): It's caused at least three electrocutions so far.
  • Before setting out to defeat the alien that burst out of H.P. Lovecraft's head, Robo explicitly states not to set the lightning guns he and Charles Fort bring to do so at or over the fifth setting. Later on, seeing no other option, Robo sets one all the way to maximum, tells Fort to get out and run the opposite direction, and drives right at the alien; it simply eats the vehicle before a large discharge of lightning emanates out of it, no doubt caused by the lightning gun.
    Linkara: A moment of silence now for Atomic Robo. (removes his hat and places it against his chest, staring upwards for a few moments) SO ANYWAY, on to issue 3 of The Adventures of Charles Fort.
  • Over thirty years later, during the Cold War, Robo— now working at Tesladyne— talks to his team about a crash in Cloverdale, Oregon, which he suspects could be the then-launched Sputnik's booster that, if collected, could help them determine the level of Russia's technology... which would be useful given the fact that the Soviets could potentially have a thousand missiles pointed at the U.S. at that exact moment, and the only way to counter that would be with a thousand of their own missiles.
    Linkara: The only winning move is not to play... unless you can cheat by having a superintelligent robot that likes to blow things up.
  • In 1971, Robo takes Carl Sagan — who finds the situation the former explains to him to be ridiculous — to Peru, where they hope to use technology Robo's created in order to capture the alien with the help of Carl's instrumentation Robo had him build specifically to study it; however, there's a problem.
    Robo: If I told you we'd be using untried methods based on an untested theory about a hypothetical cardinal direction that can't be observed within our universe to catch a monster that doesn't technically exist, you'd have hung up the phone! Again.
    Linkara: Yeah, but I know that Doctor Linksano would be there in a heartbeat.
    Dr. Linksano: (muffled) I'm already on my way; this is actually a recording I left several minutes ago!

    353: Just Imagine Stan Lee Creating Superman 
  • The bizarre slang from a pair of women.
    Spiky-haired Woman: Hey, glop onto the far-out hunk!
    Straight-haired Woman: Wow! He could frazzle my fantasies any time!
    Linkara: (stares in confusion)
    Dark Marik: You're not even speaking English at this point!
  • Linkara keeps calling the main character names Mike and the Bots gave the main character of Space Mutiny.
  • Linkara proposing the existence of Kryptonian Sesame Street.
  • "Superman! Helping you spend government funds on space travel!" and "Superman! Fighting for truth, justice, and becoming rich and famous!"
    • This is a continuation of a running gag from the Superman #701 review.

    354: Just Imagine Stan Lee Creating Batman 
  • Linkara chose some real music for the title card and ending credits: DARKNESS! NO PARENTS!
  • After Wayne Williams gets falsely convicted of armed robbery:
    Stan Lee's narration: Sometimes justice is blind. Too blind.
    Linkara (as Stan Lee): And that's how I would create Daredevil! Oh, wait...
  • The introduction of Linkara's latest character, Bone Button!
    Bone Button: Ooooohh, BATMAN! BONE BUTTON isn't scared of YOU! I'm gonna put you in the SAFETY PIN, BATMAN! You think I'm scared of YOU? I know what YOU'RE scared of, BATMAN, which is why I'M GONNA ROCK N ROLL ALL NIGHT, OOOOOHH!
  • Branching off from the above, when Batman is interviewed (in full costume), the reporter asks him why.
    Batman: How do you know this isn't my real face?
    Linkara: Wait, so Weekly World News was right about the Bat-Boy story?
    • Before that, he remarks that one of the wrestlers looks awfully like Cthulhu and he fights someone who looks like the Big Show (who was also compared to Zangief) which result in this:
      Linkara: Damn it, Big Show! Stop killing Cthulhu!
      Big Show: I'm having fun!
    • And he notices another wrestler... who has an blue downward-pointing arrow on his head, prompting this joke:
    Linkara: Oooooh, Aang's foray into professional wrestling was not the Avatar's best move.
  • After Batman becomes a professional wrestler and apparently builds up his fortune from that career, he ponders if Stan's Superman could have done so to fund his space program.
    Ultimate Warrior: Load the spaceship with the rocket fuel! Load it with the words!

    355: Just Imagine Stan Lee Creating Wonder Woman 
  • Linkara finds Stan Lee's explanation of what "Juez" means to be amusing:
    Linkara (as Gituez): Say, Maria, did you know "juez" equals "judge"? I just found out about that!
  • "There much evil in the much work for you to do..."
    Linkara (as Steve Trevor): Only you can defeat evil...and let the Space Program flourish...
  • When Linkara reads that Wonder Woman's staff allows her to travel at whatever speed she wants:
    Linkara (as Wonder Woman): Alright, staff. Prepare us...for LUDICROUS SPEED!

    356: Just Imagine Stan Lee Creating The Flash 
  • The title card. Stan Lee Linkara looking confused at a woman in white armour with a hummingbird head and a rainbow trail behind her.
  • After Mary's father uses his hydraulic lawn to stall his intruders.
    Linkara (as Father): For years, I told those kids to stay off the lawn, and now I've got the perfect weapon for it.
  • Gotta continue the Running Gag:
    Linkara (as Father): Never let anyone — learn of your power. They'll all — want your secret. Scientists — crime lords — the military... They'll — never stop — hounding you. They'll want your help reestablishing the Space Program! You mustn't do it!
  • "This is the time to speak as—man and woman. You are man. And I am woman."
    Linkara (as Zakara): Let's talk gender politics, baby.

    357: PATREON: Zyuranger episodes 17- 22 
  • The beginning of the episode. We can see Linkara is dressed up as the Green Ranger, as well as a ton of Power Rangers memorabilia and DVDs in the background.
    Linkara: A little known fact about me is that I am a fan of Power Rangers. (beat) I'll give you a moment to recover from that shocking revelation.
  • The set-up for Linkara explaining how Power Rangers uses Super Sentai footage for most of the action scenes:
    Linkara: On the off chance you know nothing about Power Rangers, other than it features a bunch of multi-colored Spandex-clad heroes...
  • His reason for reviewing Zyuranger, or any Super Sentai show at all, since he doesn't have as much interest in that as Power Rangers, is because his Patreon supporters requested it. Or, as he puts it...
    Linkara: But then we have Patreon-sponsored reviews, so people can make me watch or read something against my will, and here we are now. I am your obedient review puppet.
  • After summing up the backstory involving a group of humans living with dinosaurs before going to war with an evil witch, he states that it's still more accurate to the history of dinosaurs than Marville was.
  • Ryota is described as "wearing tiny shorts, because Japan."
  • Gnome's initial attempt to kill Ryota results in Linkara singing a scene-appropriate rendition of "He Tried to Kill Me With a Forklift".
  • Linkara's reaction to seeing Ryota reveal himself as a fairy with large ears.
  • The first clip of Burai playing the Zyusouken (Dragon Dagger) is dubbed over with the flute sequence from "Down Under" by Men at Work.
  • He points out that Bandora treats her henchmen pretty well and wonders if she's hiring. Meanwhile, the Rangers' boss attempts to kill a kid to keep Burai from being reawakened.
  • Bandora's singing tour.
    Linkara: The new theme song for Dora the Explorer is weird.
  • Mentioning that if someone did a retrospective of Sentai, not mentioning Lamy would be stupid. For those who don't get the joke, in the original History of Power Rangers video detailing Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers, Lewis never acknowledged Scorpina, Lamy's counterpart.note 

    358: Tandy Computer Whiz Kids: The Computer Trap 
  • The title card. Linkara sandwiched between the gun toting Whiz Kids on a white background.
  • The excitement of the situation is too much for Mr. Anderson, Fuzzi's hostage, who has a heart attack as a result.
    Shaw: If the man dies, Fuzzi, you've lost your bargaining power! Please... let me send in the medics!
    Linkara: Yeah, it'd be a real shame if he didn't have another hostage on hand— (leans toward the camera) OH, WAIT.
  • Alec and Shanna manage to tackle Fuzzi while he's escaping, subduing him. Later on, Detective Shaw congratulates them on their efforts.
    Shanna: We wanted to help fight terrorism, Detective Shaw!
    Linkara: (puts down the comic before leaning his head over the back of the couch, blinking in disbelief over what he just read) ...That was a thing just said by the Tandy Computer Whiz Kids in a comic promoting RadioShack!
  • Linkara commenting on how unnecessary the password protection on the school computer would be.
    Linkara: Yeah, you wouldn't want people breaking in and stealing your math homework off of this thing. I kid, of course. These kids never do any math homework.

    359: Trouble # 2 

    360: PATREON: Pokémon Reburst, chapter 1 
  • The title card illustrating Linkara turning into a Bulbasaur.
  • He remarks that things like The Shinji Ikari Detective Diary have come out over here while this hasn't.
  • The "Impossible" bit, where he references Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann and plays an appropriate bit of the "Just DO IT!" video in quick succession.
  • At the mention of a character named Jake, Linkara throws in a reference to his Pokémon Omicron Let's Play (in which Jake was the Rival's name):
    Linkara: Ooh, I've heard of Jake. Be careful. I hear he has swag, so that we will feel enmity towards him.
  • The manga takes a dark turn when the action moves to Mudrow City, a run-down place where people are beaten, families hide together in fear, and people blast lasers from their wrists for the sake of destroying things.
    Linkara: (singing weakly and off-key) Pokémon, gotta catch 'em allll...?
  • Linkara comes across a sentence that was translated poorly:
    Ryouga: I'm not unrelated... So that I can stop those who abuse my father's technology... Is the reason why I stuggled for this journey!
    Linkara: Indeed, and this journey will be a drifficult one.
  • The stinger features perfect use of "the sleeper has awakened!"
  • Talking about how this episode may become the "lost video," with creepypastas to boot, then saying, "The backwards demonic message is telling you to drink your Ovaltine."

    361: PATREON: Green Lantern #23. 1 

    362: Team Youngblood # 1 

    363: US- 1 # 5 
  • The title card, where Poppa Wheelie is arm in arm with a bug-like alien while Linkara is turning blue in fear.
  • "Yes, the alien speaks in CB lingo. I eagerly await this guy's cameo in Guardians of the Galaxy 2."
  • Throughout the review, clips from the Angry Video Game Nerd review's "commercial" of Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing is used.

    364: The Star Wars # 2 
  • Linkara is shocked when he learns this version of R2-D2 speaks English, claiming he had trouble coming up with a voice for him. Considering that R2 is supposed to be rude and crass, he gave him the voice of a New York Cab Driver.

    365: PATREON: Power Man and Iron Fist # 79 
  • The title card, which features Linkara looking at a chocolate bar, while Luke Cage and Iron Fist stare at an Captain Ersatz of the Doctor emulating the "Condescending" meme: "So you skirted around copyright infringement? Your lawyers must be so proud." in a parody of a Doctor Who comic.
  • The stinger in which a mysterious woman appears in Linkara's home looking for the magic coins... only to be caught by Linkara and Pollo while Linkara was getting a sandwich.
    Linkara: Have you been helped?
  • And after she leaves:
    Pollo: That will be 20 bucks.
    Linkara: No way. The bet was no one would try to kill me in a year. She was not trying to kill me.
    Pollo: Semantics.

    366: Nightmares on Elm Street #1- 2 

    367: Nightmares on Elm Street #3- 4 
  • The title card. Lewis and Starstream!Thing are, same as last year, still recoiling in terror at a black-haired woman swooning in the arms of a monster, but this time it's Freddy Krueger. Eternal Vows!Thing is now beside them and crying in heartbreak.
  • Lewis tries to get out of his office, but is turned around by whatever's keeping him there.
    Linkreuger: You're here forever!
  • Rescinding his praise of the artwork.
    Linkara: I mean, it's better than early Image, we're not going to see a super beefy Freddy.
    Freddy Krueger: Super Freddy!
    Linkara: In the comic, I mean.
  • After something terrible happens in the comic, he cues up a clip from Freddy's Nightmares.
    Freddy Krueger: It's time for our boy to... face the music with Rap Master Freddy!
  • This bit were Freddy takes Jacob to his lair, where corpses and burning furnaces are all around.
    Freddy Krueger: Welcome to Wonderland!
    Linkara: And yet still not as joyless and murky as Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland (2010).

    368: Nightmares on Elm Street #5- 6 
  • Another terrible moment happens in the comic so...another clip from Freddy's Nightmares:
    Freddy Krueger: Well, you take your eggs, a one, a two, a three. Get some flour, ahaaha! A little sugar! (laughs) Don't forget the butter!
  • After it appears that the living TV version of a former Freddy victim eats Dr. Gordon:
    Linkara: Brilliant strategy! Freddy will see this and not be sure if he should go for a TV pun or a food pun and his mind will break from indecision!
  • As the mystery woman explains the background of the Magic Coin, we eventually get one good question from Harvey, leading to this exchange.
    Harvey: Okay, all of that makes sense... why is there a Pokémon on it?
    Mystery Woman: I don't know. Maybe the last guy really liked Digiman or whatever this is.
    Harvey: IT'S A LUGIA!
  • How does Linkara defeat Freddy? UFO Ending!

    369: Spider-Man: Virtual Mortality 
  • The opening. He gets up off the floor, yawns, give his Catchphrase and then asks "Did I just review Marville?"
  • Ben Reilly goes into a helicopter and...
    Linkara: Oh geez, this artwork. Okay, first of all, his body has been compressed. He has no torso now, just goes from shoulder to hips. His feet are pointy, like elf shoes, and apparently he's entered Mount Olympus from Xanadu. I eagerly await Ben Reilly singing "Suspended in Time."
  • Another use of "One day I'm going to get that filthy animal" from The Geek.
  • Ben Reilly wonders if something he picked up is "ultra-mod sunglasses":
    Linkara (as Ben Reilly): At last, my Back to the Future II cosplay is complete. But it's after October 21st.
  • One of Doctor Octopus' henchmen says "Not to worry Ma'am, I've always understood the IMPORTANCE of delayed gratification."
    Linkara: TMI, unnamed anonymous character!
  • And then this right afterward.
    Linkara: We cut to, "Cut to", okay that's weird, did they leave the script instructions in the actual comic?
  • Ben goes back to Seward's apartment and:
    Linkara: After Ben goes back to Seward's apartment, the creative team must have thought "Hey, did we introduce a hot redhead yet, to be a love interest for Ben? Because if we haven't, we should." And thus, we're introduced to a broker named Carrie Bradley. And I really think that is honestly what happened. That they forgot that they'd already introduced Rachel as the hot redhead. Why? Because two issues more into this storyline, Carrie suddenly becomes blonde.
  • The return of "He Tried to Kill Me With a Forklift".

    370: More Fun Comics # 73 (Green Arrow) 

    371: Daredevil # 1 
  • The title card. Aquaman is still in the bottom corner, wanting his cameo, Spider-Man and the faces of the Fantastic Four are either laughing at Daredevil's original costume or trying to show off how cool it is and, at the right of the card, Linkara is just trying to read his damn paper.
  • After explaining why he hasn't seen the Netflix Daredevil series (and also why he doesn't use Netflix):
    Linkara: So instead, I get to have the Daredevil movie to watch! [chuckles briefly; then in pain] Oh God, I'm in Hell...
  • The cover introduces "Gorgeous Karen Page!"
  • The Running Gag about the villain of this book having the same name as the Designated Hero of Holy Terror. Then it gets better: thanks to Daredevil yelling "Hold it, speedy!" at the Fixer later on, Linkara is now convinced that Roy Harper is the Fixer.
  • Calling the kids that mock Murdock "octogenarians" and giving them old man voices.
  • Daredevil's origin's links to that of certain other characters: "Wonder if anybody cleaned up all that radioactive goop on the ground. I mean, what happens if it goes into the sewer or something? Who knows what sort of mutated reptiles and rodents would result from that?"
  • After Matt's father's monologue about not caring about the Fixer since his son is proud of him... which occurs right before he's shot:
    Linkara: [as Jack, agonized] Well... still doesn't change that... but I am starting to care about what the Fixer does...

    372: Action Comics # 252 (Supergirl) 

    373: Tales of Suspense # 52 (Black Widow) 

    374: Deadpool Bi-Annual # 1 
  • Linkara considers that something big might have happened recently. Cut to a montage from AT4W The Movie, which released the previous week, only for him to dismiss it, saying "No, not that, that happened months ago."
  • In the comic, it's revealed Deadpool stopped using a parachute after finding out Captain America jumped without one. Cue Linkara suggesting that he tried getting bit by every dog he found after finding out about that one story where Cap became a werewolf.
  • "Bear!"
  • Saying that Deadpool should know the words to Captain America's iconic theme song, adding that AT4W fans know Linkara's theme song.
  • After one character's name from Brute Force has been changed since the original miniseries, he pretends to throw a fit over it and walk off, saying the book is now dead to him... only to come back a few seconds later, and promise that he'll finish the review, but only out of obligation.
  • After Deadpool mentions Bear as a sort of "bulk", Linkara couldn't resist referencing The Amazing Bulk.

    375: PATREON: Cho Dengeki Stryker 
  • The Running Gag of the number of adult and sexual elements in the "All Ages" version.
  • Linkara's reaction to noticing that the Memory Collector look like Gnome.
  • His parody of the novel's Soundtrack Dissonance.
  • His exasperation at some of the choices the visual novel forces you to make, such as which lunch you should eat from or where to go to the bathroom.

    376: (Marvel) Zombies Christmas Carol #1- 3 
  • In the comic, a group of people try to take refuge from the zombies in a church, but the Reverend tells them that the church is full and there is no more room, which prompts this...
    Ghost of Christmas Present: This is no Christmas, nor is this a moment of pride!
    Linkara!Ghost: This ain't no disco! This ain't no foolin' around!
    Linkara!Scrooge: What's disco?
    Linkara!Ghost: Well, thanks to you, nobody will ever know!
  • Linkara thinks that the reason Scrooge's nephew Fred is so merry at Christmastime is because he is "dressed like the Eighth Doctor."
  • Scrooge asks the Ghost of Christmas Present how he can cure the zombie plague with warmth and merriment, as Fred seems to be doing, to which the ghost replies...
    Ghost: The light of your sister is in him [Fred]...
    Linkara!Commercial announcer: When you've got zombie-ism, nine out of ten doctors recommend Sister's Light, the new medication that removes any symptoms of the hungry dead. (quickly in background) Warning: Side effects include light emanating from your extremities and increased urination.

    377: (Marvel) Zombies Christmas Carol #4- 5 
  • The Christmas themed Previously On segment, which is just Pollo reacting to how dumb doing a Christmas Carol retread featuring him would be, because he's a robot and, implicitly, immortal and without what would normally be viewed as a "soul."
  • The pose Scrooge adopts when Zombie!Tiny Tim bursts through the door.
    Don't worry, Bob! I'll fend them off with my kung-fu skills!
  • Apparently, Scrooge has had more to apologise for than the comic intended.
    Scrooge: Will you forgive me, Fred?
    Fred: There was never anything to forgive.
    Linkara (as Scrooge): Well in that case, I should probably tell you that I've been evading paying my taxes for ten years now by pretending to be you.
  • According to Linkara, what does Scrooge plan on donating his bags of money to?
    Linkara (as Scrooge): Excellent! Now we need to find a boy from the future to give these to! Just tell him he captured a criminal or something.

    378: Another 15 Missed Opportunities of AT4W 

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