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Recap / Mystery Science Theater 3000 S 03 E 10 Fugitive Alien

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"It's an intriguing mix of genocide and modern dance!"
Joel Robinson

Film watched: Fugitive Alien

This is the song written for the train chase,
This is the chase: Rocky and Ken,
He tried to kill me with a forklift! Ole!

This is the song right after the train chase,
This is the fight: Rocky and Ken

Now strap in tight, and let's get set for action,
To launch the ship out of the sand!
He tried to kill me with a forklift! Huzzah!

This is one of the nine Sandy Frank Japanese films originally used for a KTMA episode that was riffed again a few years later on Comedy Central.

The Comedy Central episode introduced Mike Nelson's parody version of Jack Perkins, former host of the A&E network's show Biography. "Jack" would go on to be a recurring character, even hosting the framing segments of the short-lived "Mystery Science Theater Hour."

It is available on Shout! Factory TV here.


The KTMA Segments:

Segment 1
  • Dr. Forrester is away at a Mad Scientists' Convention in Las Vegas, so Dr. Erhardt is running the show alone. Joel sings the "Theme" of Fugitive Alien, which doesn't impress Servo.

Segment 2

  • Joel wants to know where Crow is. He finds him all over the place, as Servo and Gypsy have taken him apart.

Segment 3

  • Joel and Servo discuss how certain celebrities never seem to be seen together. Could Michael Jackson and Diana Ross be the same person?

Segment 4

  • The crew holds a robot dance contest.

Segment 5

  • Joel announces the official formation of the Mystery Science Theater 3000 Fan Club. He and Servo give their thanks for all the fans' cards and "leathers".


The Comedy Central Segments:

  • Joel thinks he's a southern Wisconsin dairy farmer. He feeds Crow some chicken feed, but commercial sign is called before he can milk Gypsy.

Segment 1/Invention Exchange

  • The Mads know how many medical drops people can require, so they helpfully combined all available kinds into one all-purpose dispenser. Joel invented the Musical Chair, a lounging perch that doubles as a xylophone. Jack Perkins steps into Deep 13 to introduce the movie.

Segment 2

  • Crow throws a funny hat party and they make fun of the Mads' hair in the process. Jack's insufferable commentary earns him some electric cattle prodding.

Segment 3

  • Joel leads the 'Bots in play-acting the captain and his crew from the movie. They really don't want to partake.

Segment 4

  • Joel analyzes the film with the help of Syd Field's Three-Act Structure screenplay model. Needless to say, it's not a match at all, but it doesn't keep Joel from inviting the 'Bots to predict the ending. Jack still can't shut up.

Segment 5

  • Joel explains the buttons on his jumpsuit, and the fan letter prompts the SOL crew to finally reveal what the Cool Thing from Lost Continent was: Mexican stoplight candy. The Mads genetically modify Jack, replacing his head with Vivian Vance's.

The KTMA presentation contains examples of the following tropes:

  • Absentee Actor: Trace Beaulieu is again absent from the show in this episode.
  • Early Installment Weirdness: Only Joel and Servo riff the movie, with Servo sitting to Joel's right (where Crow would sit) instead of his usual spot on the left.

The Comedy Central presentation contains examples of the following tropes:

Alternative Title(s): Mystery Science Theater 3000 S 0 EK 12 Fugitive Alien


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