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    116: Cry For Justice #1- 2 
  • Why did Green Lantern and Green Arrow go into a building of supervillains with no backup? "JUSTICE!!"
  • Linkara's reaction to the implication that Hal Jordan had a drunken threesome with Huntress and Lady Blackhawk.
    Linkara: (laughs) Implying that two asskicking superheroines from Gail Simone's critically acclaimed Birds of Prey series had a drunken threesome with Hal Jordan. (laughs then looks angry) Hilarious.
  • "Hey, we should start a band!"
  • This:
    Hal: What about Justice?!
    Linkara: What about LOVE?!
  • Issue 2 begins with Hal Jordan saying he has a confession to make. Linkara's response:
    "I'm pregnant!" (cue suspenseful music)
  • "JUSTICE! Now with the fresh scent of pine."
  • This:
    Ray Palmer: Fate reminded me I'm Ray Palmer.
    Linkara (as Ray Palmer): Welcome to pain and...oh, sorry, I just have to do that every time I say my name.

    117: Cry For Justice #3- 4 
  • "Nope. Explosions do not work that way. Not buying it." He then points out that the kind of faulty logic that led into it sounds like a ten-year-old's attempt at screenwriting, followed by him imitating said ten-year-old.
  • "My God... a giant intelligent gorilla and an alien are about to fight robots on jetpacks. Why is this story not about them?!?" He then sets the resulting fight scene to "Ride of the Valkyries".
  • "Oh, man, I'm sore. I need to take some Justice, I mean, Tylenol. (beat) Tylenol of Justice."
  • When Prometheus says he wants revenge "on the superhero community as a whole," Linkara immediately and dryly says "Why?"

    118: Power Rangers Zeo # 1 
  • Linkara's White Zeo Ranger outfit, aka "Pimpkara", first seen in Power Rangers Zeo #1. Yes, it does look awesome, but admit it - you laughed when you first saw it.
    • Huh... in my head, I thought he looked more like a rapper-wannabe... eh, to each his own.
    • I thought he looked like Michael Jackson.
      • The really hilarious part is that, from the neck down, he was totally dressed as a Ranger. But instead of a helmet he had his hat only in white, so yeah, the hat morphs too, apparently.
      • So does his jacket.
      • Personally, I've called him "The Super White Ranger."
  • Linkara trotting out Neutro, stolen from Insano...only to discover that the "cockpit" control panel is a NES controller that Pollo wired into the system.
    Linkara: Pollo, this is an NES Advantage!
    Pollo: I got busy and never finished it.
    Linkara: What do I pay you for again?!
  • As for funny moments from the comic review itself:
    • One of many jokes that Linkara makes about the Off-Model design of the Power Rangers: "Also, Tommy has spontaneously become black now."
    • As the Power Rangers head into space in the Zeo Megazord: "Everybody wave to the Martians kidnapping Santa Claus".
    • Adam defeating a Cog via Heil Hitler.
    • Any time he points out the mistakes the comic made about the characters' personalities.
    • Him being baffled by how quick the journey to another galaxy was.
      Narrator: After a quick journey...
      Linkara: Yeah, "quick" doesn't even begin to cover that, considering they traveled to ANOTHER GALAXY!
    • After the end of the comic, Linkara is already excited to read the next one.
      Linkara: Alrighty, time for the next issue! I can't wait to see how this is resolved—!
      (suddenly an ad for issue #2 appears with "CANCELED" over it; after it disappears, Linkara is frozen, his face slowly morphing from excited to angry)
      Linkara: WHAT?!

    Atop the Fourth Wall LIVE (Atari Force) 
  • "Here they come up with new ways for the Jaguar CD to not work."
  • The Situation: A World in Crisis.
    Linkara: Early reviews of E.T. for the Atari 2600 just came out.
  • Linkara's various names for Commander Martin Champion a la Mike and the Bots many names for Reb Brown's character in Space Mutiny.
  • This bit involving Linkara and an audience member responding to one of his jokes:
    Mission Control: I am ordering you to— SKWAARK
    Linkara: Did Mission Control just get attacked by zombies?
    Audience Member: No, it's the Ultimate Warrior.
    Linkara: No, no. That's a "Skronk".
    Audience Member: It's the distant future of 2005. Maybe it changes.
    Linkara: Ah! The evolution of "Skronk".
  • Linkara's reaction to the shorts worn by one of the officers at the Peace Keeping Force HQ.
    Linkara: (impersonating the officer) Don't worry citizens! My hot pants will save you!
  • "Wait wait wait, she was supposed to be Irish? Crap, now I gotta start over!"
  • An audience member's reaction to the very formally constructed internal monologue of the villain:
    Audience Member: Can we do that in English please?
  • Linkara reacting to the fact that the post-apocalyptic setting Atari Force is set in looks way better than the comic describes it.
    Linkara: This is the cleanest Armageddon I've ever seen.
  • "Okay, what genius decided to put a claustrophobic man in space?"
  • "So, wait: after the apocalypse, individual businesses and research foundations assume all political control, instead of governments? (Audience member: "Just like now!") Man, this explains so damn much about the Umbrella Corporation."
  • The fact that someone gave Linkara a picket sign to hold up that says "I AM A MAN!"
  • The collective Flat "What" from the audience when Atari assumes control of both NASA and the National Academy of Science.

    119: Cry For Justice #5- 7 
  • "And Black Canary has turned into a Romulan."
  • Regarding Supergirl and how Off-Model she was drawn - "For heaven's sakes, woman, eat a burger!"
  • To round out the Off-Model comments, his frequent mention of the "surprisingly Caucasian Firestorm."
  • The Justice League neutralizes Prometheus... and then puts his helmet back on him as they chain him up (the helmet is the source of his abilities). Linkara loses it.
    • "Wait, he gave you the codes while he was still on board the satellite? Why didn't you knock him out again afterwards?! Did he make you pinkie swear not to?!"
  • The intensely terrifying ending of the video, capped off with... Lesley Gore.
  • The re-upload on Youtube prompted a comment from someone saying that Linkara's claim about how Prometheus could easily just use dynamite strapped to monkeys to accomplish the same impact as his actual goal would make for a far more entertaining comic, and suggests that it end by having Green Arrow shoot Prometheus with a arrow tipped with a ripe banana, which would splatter all over Prometheus's face, causing the monkeys to converge on him and explode, concluding by naming this hypothetical comic "Cry for Monkeys". Replies added to the hilarity, by having Prometheus survive the explosion...with his armor destroyed, revealing heart-print boxers, and giving the comic a much more fitting name "Bananas for Justice".

    120: Care Bears # 13 

    121: Superman: Distant Fires 
  • "'s only appropriate that I give this the right kind of travel music." *Cue anime version of Route 1 from Pokémon*
  • Liz's look at the beginning of the video after she asks Linkara's role in fending off Vyce is just priceless.
    Linkara: I'll be doing the most important job of all: Reviewing a crappy Elseworlds comic.
  • This comic also bears the ultimate You Fail Physics Forever moment. He get into the precise jargon about Earth Science, brings up some tweets on the topic, and even makes a swipe at Captain Planet. And it comes down to the following:
    Linkara: Yes, nuclear war would most certainly devastate most, if not all life on Earth. But, IT CANNOT BLOW IT UP...And yes, that is actually what is happening. The world is blowing up and it will explode at the end of this comic.
  • Like any bad comic it has a timescale that makes no sense at all. After nearly making a Running Gag trying to comprehend the Soap Opera Rapid Aging Syndrome and how Superman is able to build a futuristic city and have kids that look in their early teens in 5 or 6 years Linkara notices his ranting. And it leads to the great culmination of this.
    Linkara: (bored looking) Let's do the Time Warp again!
  • Linkara's new nickname for Supes.
    Linkara: I know what you are. Bearded idiot.
  • "Why the repetition there? THE REPETITION THERE?!"
  • "...and if you look over there, honey, you'll see the giant, floating hallucination of my dead wife!"
  • Billy Batson starts ranting about how he was always a step below Superman:
    Comic: He was always Number One, and I was always a distant Number Two!
    Linkara: Well, I'll say one thing, this comic is indeed Number Two.

    122: Youngblood # 3 
The utterly epic Trash Talk Linkara pulls on Lord Vyce. The fact that Judas Liz calmly walks away while Vyce slowly loses his temper makes it even funnier.

    123: Doctor Who Classics # 7 
The title card. Just seeing a confused looking 5th Doctor standing between Vyce and Linkara is hilarious.
  • Linkara and Liz making awkward small talk while waiting for Vyce to arrive, including a huge Lampshade on the absurdity of a comic book review series having its own epic storylines.
  • Linkara's interpretation of 'Mad Max':
    Linkara: "But then again, maybe the village can't get beyond Thunderdome. Ha! I'm catching up, Spoony!"
  • After concluding the review, Pollo announces that they've got a lock on Vyce. His response is a combination of Nine and Ten's catchphrases.
    Linkara: Fantastic! Allons-y, everyone!
  • The question of should they keep Lord Vyce's ship. Linkara is downright gleeful of the prospect that it might have a minibar.
  • Linkara hitting Lord Vyce with his clue stick.
  • "Is that Lord Vyce? Tell him that he's an asshole!"
  • The Angry Joe army attacking Lord Vyce's forces on the ship. Especially since it's literally an army of Angry Joes.
  • "You know Vyce, I think you just need some Good Vibrations" Linkara then uses two sonic screwdrivers on Vyce.
    • Later, "I didn't even have to use my third screwdriver!"
  • Linkara's confusion over how to pronounce "Synthesiser" and "Gloucestershire".
  • "I'm just distracting you so she can stab you!"

    124: Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four in... Brain Drain! 
  • Linkara opening the Spider-Man/Fantastic Four PSA Hell with a Captain's Log ("Stardate...umm...Monday.") on his new ship dressed in a Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan era Starfleet uniform, ending in "I hope owning a ship won't go to my head. I'd hate to start walking around in a Starfleet uniform..."
  • For once, the comic has one all by itself: "Oh Doomsie, gaze upon my radiant beauty and despair!"
  • Linkara sees that the comic was written by Tom DeFalco and takes the Heroic BSoD to new levels of literalness.
  • The fact that Linksano was pacified from taking over the universe himself by a chemistry playset. Talk about Attention Deficit... Ooh, Shiny!!
    • A junior chemistry playset, even! "That'll keep him occupied for a few months!"
  • "Okay I take it back. Reed Richards is not a genius. He is in fact a complete moron." In fact, his facial expressions at all the Idiot Plot moments (which is a LOT) in this comic are hilarious.
  • After explaining why Peter Parker is a teacher in this, he also notes:
    "However, he's not a teacher anymore! Why is this you ask?" (cue picture of One More Day while the Imperial March plays ominously over it)
    • This bit is actually funnier in hindsight, following everything Linkara said in the 200th episode.
  • Before he starts to explain why Peter's a teacher, though, this happens:
    Linkara: His classroom, you ask? Well, it's time for backstory—!
    Linkara: You couldn't have waited until I actually started explaining it?
    Continuity Alarm: Very well.
    Linkara: Anyway, during J. Michael Straczynski's run on Spider-Man—
    Linkara: ...That's not what I meant.
  • "Better start with how to use the toilet."
  • "I really hope this guy is just a malfunctioning doombot"

    125: KISS comics 
The title card. Seeing the cast of the show dressed like KISS is just hysterical.

    126: Superman and Wonder Woman: Tandy Computer Whiz Kids 

    127: Spawn # 1 

    128: X-Force # 1 

    129: Backstreet Project # 1 
  • Hearing Weird Al singing "eBay," when one was expecting the Backstreet Boys' "I Want It That Way."
  • After the subtly-named "Empress Sinista" declares her intentions to Take Over the World, flash cut to:
    Rita Repulsa: Aaaaah! After ten thousand years I'm free! Time to conquer earth!
  • Another Batman: Fortunate Son joke when the caption states nobody knows of the danger lurking for the Backstreet Boys.
    "Hmm, it's not rock n' roll, but I should probably destroy them just to be on the safe side."

     April Fool's Day 2011 Triple Feature 
  • Bear reviews One More Day... in complete silence.
    Linkara: (looks quizically between bear and the camera) He's a bear!
  • Second video amounts to this:
(theme song plays)
Linkara: It sucks!
(cut to credits)
  • The credits list a bunch of clip sources, which were, of course, not used. Extra funny? One of the sources is "Scorpion Rain," the infamous Power Rangers fan film/hoax. Which was never completed. Double Extra Funny? Linkara also included Vogon Jeltz's poem.
    • Most of the rest of the sources are lost films.
  • The entirety of his third April Fool's Day 2011 video, parodying The Irate Gamer. It was, in a word, perfect.
    • "It doesn't matter how awesome a concept [Beta Ray Bill] is, or how good the stories are, because I'm irate and therefore never wrong."
    • "Not like me though! I am good grammar and spelling! Because as you know it takes a very long time to make these videos! I mean, it just takes forever to read a comic book, and scan in pages, and then I add special effects! <Big picture of a banana drops in> This took me three weeks alone!"
    • ["I read comic books while I'm eating a tasty bowl of Yummy Mummy and drinking Kool-Aid, and now I have to look at bugsnote ?! Breakfast is ruined!
    • At one point he talks about how Power Rangers Samurai only came out on Disney while showing the Nickelodeon logo.
      • Related to that, stating that Power Rangers debuted on Kids' WB while showing the Fox Kids logo.
    • At one point he complains about how one page is flipped upside down. One guess as to why this is funny.
    • The montage. Shaking the comic, reading it upside down, reading different comics, it is genius.
    • "Look how long it takes me to turn the page!" and he proceeds to flip the page with the footage being slowed down. Also a great Take That! to IG's Super Mario Bros. 2 review, were he complained the star is too slow. Not only did he do it in the area where it would naturally take the most time, but he actually slowed down the footage.
    • ALL of the research "failures". If you're a fan of Power Rangers or Super Sentai, you can really appreciate how goddamn hard he tried to make it wrong.

    130: All-Star Batman and Robin #3- 4 
  • Linkara spends a good part of the video simply staring at the comic in horror. It gets funnier every time.
    • Of course, nothing can top the infamous line: "I touched my mother's breast. It bled on me." At that point, Crazy Steve and Linkara had both snapped, and it shows.
      • The immediate reaction from Linkara: "Captain Picard! I need you again!"
      • "Thank you!"
      • And shortly after that we read twelve year old Dick's narration box: "Those bigass FINGERS of his SQUEEZE like a gentle CARESS."
        Linkara: Oh my god?! Dick wants to be molested as much as Steve wants to do it! I think I'm gonna be sick..."
  • The upbeat delivery of "I call him Steve!"
  • This gem:
    Dick Grayson, age twelve: Batman's completely nuts.
  • The titlecard itself, with Linkara as Dick Grayson, age twelve, and Batman having Pedobear's face.
  • "Now we know Frank doesn't get Batman anymore! Batman hates rock and roll!"
  • "'My mom thinks it's cool. Oh wait, no she doesn't, because my mom is dead, just like your parents are dead!'... Oh what, you know he would have said it if he'd thought of it."
  • In response to Linkara's reaction to Black Canary being an Irish ninja a number of Irish (and people of Irish-descent) explain that all people with Irish blood are ninjas. How varies (one says they learn it in school instead of anything else and another says its genetic) but they're all ninjas.
  • (Pizzicato Playtime starts up) "Saay... My watch broke!" The look on his face is priceless. He is so satisfied by the prospect of No More Miller Time that it's hilarious.
  • "What, no interludes with The Flash, who in this I'm sure is a drug-crazed extortionist? No checking in with Green Lantern, who is no doubt a KKK member who devours the hearts of young girls after molesting them?!"
  • "Issue 4 begins with a Batman symbol engulfed in flames - an apt metaphor for this series."

    131: Lady Gaga # 1 
  • His reaction to seeing the main character sleeping on a couch.
    Linkara: Who wants to see an overweight jerk in a hat sitting in a green chair, making rude comments about other people's work and I think I'll shut up now!
  • His reaction to seeing the main character dreaming about Lady Gaga, reenacting the intro to 'Paparazzi':
    Linkara: Now, you see right here that I'm only zoomed in on him dreaming of something and him drooling. That'd be unattractive enough, but now let's take a gander at what he's dreaming about, shall we?
    (Zooms in on first of three panels.)
    Linkara: First up, he appears to be making out with Lady Gaga. Okay, fair enough; dreaming about making out with an attractive celebrity. It's not all that attractive considering what we've seen of this guy...
    (Pans over to second panel)
    Linkara: ...but nothing too—what the hell?! Is he pushing over the ledge?! What the hell are we supposed to take from this—
    (Pans over to the third panel, of the "hero's" head on Lady Gaga's body.)
    Linkara: Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?!
    (Linkara is seen holding the comic and shaking in abject panic for several moments.)
    (Cut to Relax-o-Vision-esque music with a We Are Experiencing Technical Difficulties
    card featuring a drunken cameraman)
    (a clearly disturbed Linkara takes several more moments to collect himself before continuing his review. But when he picks up the comic again...)
    (back to the aforementioned Technical Difficulties card)
  • Slightly later: "This is the stuff of serial killers, people!"
  • The intro, where instead of announcing the usual 'welcome' statement, he stares at the camera with a '...what the flipping hell?' look.
    • "What the hell is this? (Beat) No, seriously. What in the hell is this thing?!"
  • "To every GLBTQ individual in the entire world, I apologize for this comic."
  • "Hey, Norman Bates called; he said you're really kind of a weirdo."
  • The Take That! against Justin Bieber.
  • "And now it's time for another right turn into WHAT IS THIS I DON'T EVEN—."
  • Spoony starts mocking Linkara for liking Nickelback. Linkara pulls out a remote, presses a button and Spoony's room shakes. Says Linkara, "I HAVE A SPACESHIP!"
  • "Todd in the Shadows, 40 years later!"
  • "My husband, the most creative soul in the universe." "... you live in a pretty tiny universe, lady."
  • "Seriously, are there any other main characters available that we can have? This one's defective!"

    132: Star Trek: The Motion Picture 
  • Linkara is attempting to christen his now-named vessel. The champagne bottle will not break open.
    Linkara: Break damn you!
  • The reenactment of the trippy, slow-motion wormhole scene from the movie.
  • "I am a huge Star Trek fan." *Looks down at his Starfleet uniform* "Duh."
  • "Great, it was the Decepticons that got their hands on V-Ger."
    • Before, following Spock saying V'Ger comes from a planet of living machines with the original Transformers opening.
  • Aha, so V-Ger was behind the evil that is ancient Egypt!
  • "Wait, did I leave the oven on before I left? Oh crap..."

    133: The Godyssey # 1 
  • Him not sure about being offended or awed by the very idea of the comic, eventually settling on calling Jesus "Hey-sus" (the Spanish pronounciaion, a fairly common name). The Christian Martial Artist.
  • A news report about the Entity disappearing various building...and Linkara's too busy reading to notice.
    • Yes but he was noticeably reading the book from Silent Hill that contains that ominous poem about The Entity.... but the fact he was ignoring info about the same thing he was reading about makes it funny again.
    • The report is on Lori Prince Live, and as usual, he gets a call from the Joker.

    134: Superman Meets the Quik Bunny 
  • His declaration that, if the Quik Bunny is considered to be a Marvel character, this could be considered the most embarrassing crossover ever.
  • Because poor literacy is… for small children.
  • Linkara's Willing Suspension of Disbelief is broken when the kids are able to turn their clubhouse into a helicopter, or "Quik Qopter".
    Linkara: First of all, stop putting a "Q" in everything. Second, What?! Third, What what WHAT?!?!
  • Linkara makes fun of Superman's reaction to the Weather Wizard sending lightning at him.
    Superman: Whoa! That bolt of lightning just came out of nowhere! I'm in serious danger — and so is the city — unless I do something!
    Linkara: In the time it took for you to say that, the lightning bolt has zapped you seven times.
  • Fridge Logic kicking in when the comic asks the reader to solve a maze involving Superman and buildings, showing the shortest route is a straight line.
    • Also, Linkara's jab at the text at the bottom of the page:
      Text: Did you help Superman successfully foil the Weather Wizard's electrical trap by forcing the lightning to explode in the Atlantic Ocean?
      Linkara: If you didn't, then you have doomed many people to die! (gives a thumbs up) Good job, kids!
  • One of the kids mentions that the safest place to be in during a tornado is its eye.
    Linkara: Nooooo, the safest place to be during a tornado is FAR AWAY FROM THE TORNADO!
  • The credits gag, where Linkara claims the Quik Bunny was in cahoots with the Weather Wizard and escaped with the cash, but is now being pursued by Jèsus, Christian Martial Artist!

    135: Ultimate Warrior's Workout 
  • After a character says "Everybody exercises", Linkara glances at his futon and says, "I'll be right back, I gotta go hit the gym."
  • Ultimate Warrior: Speed is a weapon.
    Linkara: And here I thought speed was distance over time. (Rim Shot)
  • Linkara Lampshading how Dr. Insano hasn't been seen on the show for quite some time:
    Insano: I know we're archenemies and all...
    Linkara: Yeah, but you've been rather quiet lately.
  • Linkara's rather nonchalant and unsurprised reaction to seeing his future self return from Chicago.
  • Hell, the entire damn comic is just solid gold WTF-ery, especially if you go to the gym at all.

    136: Ultimatum #1- 2 
  • Linkara's response to a whale crashing in the Fantastic Four's HQ and The Thing shouting "What the *** is going on?!"
    "Oh, I think we all know what's going on: the Ultimate Warrior decided he could fight the pounding of the ocean, and this is just the ocean fighting back!"
  • The return of Iron Drunk.
  • "Hulk help Spider-Man! Then Hulk smash Spider-Man!" Beat "It kind of funny that way!"
  • While going on an Artistic License – Physics rant, this particular line- "And yes, we know how magnets work, Insane Clown Posse."
  • The joke about Nick Fury being modelled on Samuel L. Jackson in the Ultimate Universe.
    Linkara: Why they need Nick Fury isn't explained, I'm guessing so he can go up to Magneto and yell:
    Jules: And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who attempt to poison and destroy my brothers. And you will know my name is the Lord, when I lay my vengeance upon thee!
  • Linkara's reaction to Thor charging into an army of the dead screaming "For Valkyrie!"
    (guitar riff) "Woah, sorry 'bout that, the comic suddenly got positively metal for a second there!"
  • Linkara's look of rage and disgust in response to the panel where The Blob is eating Wasp, contrasted by the Kill Counter going up with a little *ding-ding!* sound effect.
    Linkara: Remember how in Ultimates 3, the Blob said to the Wasp that he would "eat her up"? Yeah. Seriously. This is the Blob cannibalistically eating the Wasp.
    • It disgusts him so much that he declares that "these comics suck" before the end of the comic.

    137: Ultimatum #3- 4 
  • In response to Hank Pym thinking he can bring The Wasp back to life:
    Linkara: Our heroes are crazy, our villains are crazy... HEY, LET'S ALL JUST GO CRAZY!!! (starts dancing/flailing to "Fun Zone")
  • His fanboyesque gushing over how dying 'only made Captain America cooler'.
  • When Dr. Doom, Reed Richards, Zarda and Arcana find Nick Fury, and he asks them why he needs to come help them right now, Richards states (in defiance of the previous explanation for the disaster) "Magneto has shifted Earth's axis." Linkara snaps.
    Linkara: BULL! CRAP! THAT IS NOT WHAT YOU SAID LAST TIME! YOU SAID MAGNETIC POLES! THE MAGNETIC POLES ARE NOT THE SAME AS THE AXIAL POLES! Axial pole shift also occurs naturally, although very, VERY slowly! It's caused by the distribution of mass throughout the Earth, and at best alters about ONE DEGREE every 130 MILLION YEARS! If that had been your explanation from the start, yeah that'd cause serious problems, but you didn't! You said magnetic poles! Oh, and guess what? THE AXIAL POLES HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH MAGNETISM! YOU FAIL AT SCIENCE, COMIC! YOU! FAAAAAAAIL!!!
  • After an amazingly convoluted and implausible Gambit Roulette from Dr. Doom:
  • Capping every time Captain America does something badass with the "America! FUCK YEAH!" refrain from the Team America: World Police theme song.

    138: Ultimatum # 5 
  • Wolverine's line to Magneto during their fight: "If you're God, then God is dead!"
    Linkara: That is one of the stupidest attempts at sounding badass I've ever read. You're an idiot.
  • "Then we find out who was really behind it all... GRANNY GOODNESS! (Dramatic music plays)
    • "No, actually, it was Quicksilver." (Dramatic music plays again; Linkara cuts it off) "Shut up, I'm not going do the "Dun dun DUUUUN!" again. Why? Because you don't care."
  • Dr. Doom's reaction to the cloaked figure entering the door: "How did you get in here?"
    Linkara: ...Through the door. The door that's right there. (shows the image clearly showing the cloaked figure entering through a door right in front of Doom) See the door? He came in the door. Everyone in this comic is either crazy or stupid.

    139: Sci-Spy # 2 
  • His realization that Starchild is nearly exactly like Batman:
    Linkara: Even when he [Moench] is not writing about Batman, he's still writing about Batman!
  • Linkara's interpretation of the beginning of the comic:
    Assassin: Guess what, Starchild? You're dead! Ah, dammit, that was terrible! Here, give me a second and I'll think of a better line.
    (camera cuts to dead Starchild)
    Assassin: Ah, nuts. Next time I gotta have something better planned.

    140: Spawn/Batman 
  • His imitation of Batman once he tells Spawn to not touch his cape.
    Batman: I just washed this cape, you meanie-head! NOBODY TOUCHES MY CAPE BUT ME!
    • And later, after the end credits:
      Batman: Alfred! That stupid wiener-face got my cape dirty!
  • When Batman mentions that the glove is pulsing with power:
    Linkara: (in his Batman voice) I love the Power Glove. It's so bad.
  • Linkara's revelation regarding the comic's narrative boxes:
    Linkara: If Batman is supposed to be narrating all of this — including the parts about him in the third person — he comes across as a crazy person listening to the voices in his head. Okay, I think I just answered my own question there, never mind...
  • "Batman. Protector. Avenger. Detective. Champion. Goddamn."
  • When the one-dimensional villain shows up, and the narration is talking about how she's a humanitarian:
    Linkara: (bored) Villain. She's the villain.
  • Throughout the review, he refers to the villain as "Evil Humanitarian Woman."
  • In response to Foe Yay laden trash talking between Batman and Spawn:
    "Oh, shut up and just start making out already."
  • Linkara seemed to really be in the Foe Yay spirit in this review:
    "You know, Frank, the more you try to convince me that Batman's better than Superman, the more it makes me think that he's just some jealous fourteen year old... And maybe possibly that he's in love with him." (drinks)

    141: Gameboy # 1 
  • "Also of note is that Tatanga looks like a rejected Muppet."
  • "So... here's a weird thought: These two are really the first Digidestined, and the Gameboy is their Digivice."
  • That '90s Kid fails karaoke night forever.
    • (IN the middle of Harvey and Pollo singing "Wind Beneath My Wings") ROCK ON!(throws up horns while Harvey and Pollo look at him funny... well Harvey anyway). One of the show's best moments by far.
  • Linkara's Mario impression.
  • "My poor, insane son."
  • "Back to Mario and the kids — they encounter some of Tatanga's forces, and Rick gets his ass handed to him by bees with spears." "A deadly bee weapon. Bees. My God."

    142: Eminem Meets The Punisher 
  • The Rap Critic's cameo.
    The Rap Critic: Oh yeah, and Todd in the Shadows left a message for me. (takes a crumpled piece of paper out) "NEEEERRRRRRRRRRRRDD!"
  • The comic was only ever available online, and as such, no physical copies exist. However, force of habit has Linkara doing this:
    Linkara: (does his usual holding up the comic gesture with nothing in his hands) So let's dig into Eminem Meets The Punisher! (looks down at the empty space between his hands)'' Don't worry, I'll explain after the theme song.
  • The title card plays not any of Eminem's songs, but rather "We've Only Just Begun". It's a bit of a Soundtrack Dissonance, as it shows Eminem and the Punisher confronting one another.
    • This is somewhat justified later on when the Punisher first meets Eminem and tells him that while Eminem's show is over, the Punisher's show is only beginning.
      Linkara: (singing as the Punisher) We've only just begun... to live... White lace and promises...
  • Linkara's attempts at Jive Turkey.
  • "We're gathered here today to say farewell to our friend, our colleague, and our beloved Eminem. As per his final wishes, we will now play music that he requested to be played at his funeral." (cue a snippet of the opening theme song for My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic)
  • After the credits:
    Eminem: Um, hello? Anyone?

    143: Barbi Twins Adventures # 1 
  • When he points out that the comic's cover says it's a "First Collector's Item Issue", we get:
    Linkara: Got it for $2.25 at my local comicbook store in case you're curious. I was over-charged by about twenty bucks.
  • The Beast Wars reference. Yes...
  • Someone in the comic says "They'll be Barbicued" and then a clip from one of Robot Chicken's 300 parodies is shown (this becomes a Running Gag as of this episode whenever a joke in a comic was really bad).
    King Leonidas: THIS! ISN'T! FUNNY! (kicks his TV)
    • Linkara's "...really?" expression before the clip plays.
  • "In retrospect, lacing the makeup with nitroglycerin was not my smartest move."
  • "This has been a test of the 'Desperate for Anything Resembling a Joke' System. Had this been an actual joke, you may have actually laughed."
  • As it appears the protagonists are going to die:
    Dr. Cox: Ladies and Gentlemen, allow me to present "Man Not Caring".
  • "We'll have to defeat them using our willpower!"
    Linkara: You're not Green Lanterns!
  • "This is a spinoff of Bimbos in Time, isn't it?"
  • Just before saying "This comic sucks!"
    Linkara: This is a comic book that forces us to ask questions. Namely, there are three questions that I want answered.
    Avery Brooks: Why? Why? Why?

    144: Rise of Arsenal # 1 and # 2 
  • The opening, with him having just read the comic and reacting to it. What's really hilarious is that he fakes us out on it; he puts his face in his hands and starts what you think is crying because of how bad the comic is...and then reveals that he's really laughing histerically because of how unintentionally funny it is.
  • "Arm goes in, arm comes out. Arm goes in, arm comes out."
  • His reaction to everybody (save Roy Harper) attending Lian's funeral in costume.
    "Say, how can we ruin the somber, serious attitude of a child's funeral? How about everybody dresses up in bright, flashy primary colours? There's something wrong when Batman is the most appropriately dressed for a funeral!"
  • Linkara's reaction for Roy's prosthetic arm. When Cyborg states that he will be in a lot of pain
    "Well it shouldn't be that bad I mean how many different needles and pokey things— (shows prosthetic) SWEET MERCIFUL CRAP!"

    145: Rise of Arsenal # 3 and # 4 
  • The "Previously On..." segment...where to start?
    • Diamanda Hagan is apparently pregnant with Obscurus Lupa's child.
      Diamanda: But how? She's a wolf, and I'm a robot!
      Minion: You're not a robot! You're fictional!
      Diamanda: (makes :O face)
    • Oancitizen walk around doing nothing but spouting complicated references to things. Also, he's the new Prior Walter.
      • The overly-detailed conspiracy theories appear to be a reference to the Umberto Eco novel Foucault's Pendulum, judging by his reference to that very object in his first clip.
    • The epic battle between Suede's two costume concepts.
    • "Stickboy, these readings indicate that it's mathematically impossible for me to give less of a crap." *musical sting*
    • "Who's the father?!?"
  • This line:
    Arsenal: Got any china cat?
    Linkara: I've got a porcelain bunny, does that help?
    • Also this line:
    Arsenal: I'm dark, man! I'm hardcore with my knives and my cyborg arm!
  • This bit:
    Arsenal: (while pinning a drug dealer to a wall) I'm looking to score!
    Butt-Head: This is it, Beavis. We're finally gonna score.
  • Lian Harper is now ZOMBIE GOASTS!
    • At the end, Roy Harper "blew up the house and killed the zombie goasts so they were at piece."

    146: Comic Book Advertisments 
  • "I WILL BURY YOU!!!!"
  • Linkara not only anticipating Douchey McNitpick's appearance, but then confusing him when he admits to ripping off the Nostalgia Critic, and then hits him with the Comicron 1.
  • "No...Noooo! The TurboGrafx-16 is taking over my braaaaaaaaaaaain! *head explodes*
  • "Only Hostess cupcakes are worth living and dying for!"

    147: Star Trek # 2 
  • The Mirror Universe style opening credits, set to the awesome Mirror!Star Trek: Enterprise theme!
  • Mirrorkara torturing Mirror Pollo with his own Agonizer, only for it to tickle him. Mirrorkara then tries it on Liz, who gets the same effect.
  • Welcome to Atop the Fourth Wall, where bad comics burn, AND SOON YOU WILL ALL OBEY ME!
  • Mirror Rob Liefeld is a great writer and artist whose Schedule Slip is only a month at most.
  • Mirror Linkara singing "Phenomenom" to the tune of "Mahna Mahna".
  • When Iron Liz tells Linkara what his Mirror Universe counterpart was like, she lists various flaws that sound like they could be describing the real Linkara, before mentioning that the review was pretty much the same as the one he did:
    Linkara: So, other than the review, this other universe counterpart was absolutely nothing like me.
    Iron Liz: Riiiiight.
    Linkara: I'm not sure, but I think I was just insulted...
    Pollo: I'm sure.
  • How did Linkara know that the other Iron Liz wasn't the real one? Her favorite edition of Dungeons & Dragons was the 4th one.
  • The blooper at the end. "Phaser fail."

    148: Captain America and the Return of the Asthma Monster 
  • "His aller-gun triggered an asthma attack. Only one chance. Children, you know what to do."
    Linkara: Right, Captain America! (pulls out gun and opens fire)
  • The kids being upset that Cap took all the credit for defeating the Asthma Monster last time.
  • His reaction to the line, "Cap, the rug... it's talking."
    Linkara (as Ruth): What the heck is in this inhaler, anyway?
  • Linkaras reaction to the comics ending.
    Linkara: NO. No! No! NO!

    149: NBComics# 1 

    150: Mightily Murdered Power Ringers # 1 
  • Linkara criticizes the listless reaction of the Power Ringers to the Putty about to attack them...
    Golden Ringer: I tawt I taw a Putty...
    Scarlet Ringer: That's silly!
    Golden Ringer: No, it wasn't a Silly Putty!
    Linkara: And like Silly Putty, this comic is flammable. Don't give me any ideas, comic, I've already gotten complaints from people about the lack of literal burning that occurs on this show!
  • "Mighty Methane Power Ranges. No, you're not high right now. This is really happening."
    Text box in comic: Giving the villains a RAW DEAL! HEROES THAT REALLY COOK!
    Linkara: (sternly) You are tempting me again with the fire thing, comic. Not wise.
  • Linkara going nuts after "Guy In Plastic Tube" trying to cover up Awful-9 saying that the Scarlet, Black and Golden/Yellow Ringers were torn to pieces by saying that the missing Ringers went to a peace conference.
    Linkara: (after one hell of a Death Glare) TIME FOR BACKSTORY!
  • After the comic becomes sentient:
  • When Linkara was pointing out that the Megazord parody has a diaper that say "Mighty Morphin' Huggies", he points out since in-universe the team is called the Power Ringers like the title and that the diaper should say "Mightily Murdered Huggies" instead. In mid-sentence, it cuts back to Linkara.
    Linkara: (depressed) Oh, my God, I just NOW got the title!
  • "Because poor literacy is... completely expected in this."
  • His increasingly silly names for the villain, Lord ZZZZZ, such as Lord Zazzle, Lord Zookeeper, Lord Sleeping Sound, Lord Razzmatazz, Lord Pazuzu, Lord Xylophone, Lord Zelarackanickanackafirecrackashishkoombah, and the culmination, Lord Suck.
    Linkara: Wow. What a compelling message about Charles Barkley, and his status as a role model to the youth of America. Thank you, Mightily Murdered Power Ringers, you've opened my eyes! May I please shut them again so I don't have to keep reading?
  • After reading "Watch out! I've got a monkey on my back", he says that no matter if it's a drug reference, "that is the best Battlecry ever!"
  • When Charles Bezerkley crushes the Power Ringers...
    Linkara: Oh my God, it's Monty Python! They've come to save us with real comedy!
  • His final sentencing of the comic:
    This comic SUCKS, SUCKS, SUCKS!

    151: Kamandi at Earth's End # 1 
  • Linkara's attempt at burning the real Superman at Earth's End comic.
    Linkara: And so, I will give you the burning you so rightly deserve. (Uses the torch on the book only for it to not catch aflame.) At least I would if this thing weren't made of some kind of indestructible material. Cut to:
    Linkara: I have returned. And placed a newspaper inside the comic! It will burn now. (pause) Hopefully.
    (the torch does not ignite)
    Text added later: Footage sped up 4x in order to get to the part where burning occurs.
  • "Our duty is to find the cause of the second apocalypse." "Our only clue is this: DC relaunch coming September 2011"
  • 90's Kid's cameos.
    Linkara: It's a post-apocalyptic story about a future caveman! What moron said "Let's give him a leather jacket and guns"?
    90's Kid: (cue Nirvana) Duuuuuuuuude!
    Linkara: ...Of course.
    • And later:
      Linkara: Was there anybody out there sending in letters demanding a story where Kamandi fights in a cyberpunk apocalypse with huge, ridiculous guns?
      90's Kid: Dude!
      Linkara: Besides him, I mean.
  • "I've been training my whole life for this! I even learned to punch real hard while shouting that I'm a man!"
  • His conclusion about Kamadi's version of Canada. May count as a Moment of Awesome for Canadian viewers.
    Kamandi: Mother says Canada is a night zone now!
    Linkara: Canada would later be renamed "Casino" and thus "Casino Night Zone" in Sonic the Hedgehog 2 was born.
    • Also, this bit:
      Linkara: Ah, yes, the Amero-Canadian War. I'm still not on speaking terms with Phelous.
      Phelous: What? That's not true, I just appeared on your show last week!
      Linkara: Shut up, Phelous.
  • An alarm sounds when Kamandi is about to get up to VR sex with Carol:
    Linkara: It's the boob alarm. It detected potential nudity.

    152: US- 1 # 2 
  • Linkara's reaction to Midnight's Ass-Kicking Pose.
  • After a trucker claims to be the baddest of all of them:
    Linkara: Are you a bad enough trucker to rescue the President? (smiles) Yeah, I know I keep using that joke, but the comics keep presenting it to me.
  • His analysis of some bizarre artwork during the bar fight that looks like a Hot Pocket being flung from a man's crotch.
  • The Stinger, parodying The Six Million-Dollar Man, culminating in:
    Linkara: Better. Radioer. Truckier.
  • US-1's mind drifts off to that fateful day of the truck crash in the first issue.
    US-1: It was a miracle I lived through it! The doctors had to replace most of my skull with an experimental metal alloy!
    Linkara (as US-1): And there were no side effects whatsoever. My brain cow is the winning diet.
  • Linkara's reaction to US-1 claiming he can use his fillings to switch between different radio frequencies with the plate in his head.
    Linkara: (pretending to switch stations via his fillings; "Convoy" starts playing) I love this song! (Jams out to the tune)

    153: The Twilight Zone # 9 
  • Linkara as Rod Serling, concerning a robot spider shooting lazers:
    "Submitted for your approval: giant robotic spiders with lazers attached to them... (stares at his cigarette) "What the hell is in this thing, anyway?"
  • The Birdemic reference in the diner.
    • Subsequently, the Rifftrax joke when Jenkings is looking for Darlene in the alley:
      Mike: I was looking at you in the restsurant, SO PRETTY!
  • Linkara as Boffo, in a clown nose and rainbow wig, squeaking a bicycle horn, all with a solemn, dignified expression.
    • Yeah, that was funny... until...
      • And then it circles back around into being funny. "He's probably just on break."
  • A meta one: considering that this is a Twilight Zone comic review, Linkara naturally uses "Jump Around" for the credits.

    154: TRS- 80 Whiz Kids: The Computers that Saved Metropolis! 
  • Finding that the opening narration is more The Twilight Zone-esque than the actual Twilight Zone comic, a Rod Serling voice, submission for approval, and closing sentence completing the association.
  • His "recap" of the previous two Wiz Kids videos:
    Watch the other two reviews. This is a long comic and it's not like the other two videos are hard to find.
  • Linkara saying that only one person was affected by the supercomputers being disabled cutting to-

    155: Street Fighter # 1 (Malibu Comics) 
  • He uses a Sylvester Stallone voice for Sagat... and keeps using it even after Sagat insults boxing.
  • When Ken (who is filming an advertisement) uses the move "Dragon Punch!":
    Linkara: Enjoy "Dragon Punch" energy drink! (shows picture of an energy drink called "Street Fighter Dragon Punch") [Beat] Yes, this exists.
  • Reading all of Ken's lines as a douchey, arrogant celebrity.
  • "Now, you are like this tree: Infested with wood ticks!"
  • After Linkara talks about how calling the Shoryuken "Dragon Punch", even if it's canon, is odd, and that the former is more original than "(insert animal in front of fighting move here)":
    Linkara: Now, if you'll excuse me, I must go practice my Dung Beetle Flying Kick. (puts the comic down, gets up and walks off)

    156: Silent Hill: Paint It Black 
  • When summing up the rest of the Silent Hill comics, he uses the phrase "or something" a lot, then finishes up "That's actually a good alternate title for these stories: Or Something: The Comics."
  • He spends much of the review spouting Angrish about how nothing about the story makes sense.
    • When a minor character by the name of Joe shows up near the beginning and calls out Ike on his laziness and douchebaggery, Linkara doesn't even bother changing his voice for him. He just reads Joe's dialogue in his actual voice, most likely because it's exactly what he wants to say to the guy.
    • His affection for Joe in general is just hilarious. "I miss Joe!"
  • Linkara using his usual "This comic sucks" catchphrase but dragging out the "sucks" part to show how bad it is.
  • Linkara emphasizing the "w" when saying this bit of dialogue:
    Cheryl: Asses and elbows, ladies! Move it! Work it! NOWWWWWWW!
  • Meta Example. In the stinger, we see that Spoony has been eaten/deleted by the Entity. Later THE SAME DAY, Spoony himself posted a quick VLOG about him getting a puppy.
  • Cheryl explaining her reason of betrayal to Ike. Mentioning how her father had to do the same thing with some fellow soldiers and a cave. This is the first time she's even mentioned her past in the comic. So Linkara's reaction is thus...
    Linkara: What "cave"?! What are you talking about?!

    157: Silent Hill: Among the Damned 
  • For some reason, Dahlia's light southern accent is absolutely hilarious, especially when she's saying things like 'worship me.'
  • "...So you're saying you don't want the coupon?"
  • "Now let's talk about Amway! (cocks gun)
  • "It's not pink, it's lightish red."
  • "I am Goofia, Queen of the Headtwigs!"
  • This:
    Radio DJ: I've had a lot of people ask if I think there's some deeper meaning in that song other than "Yeah, duh, I'm depressed, haven't you been listening?"
    Linkara: Well, personally, I think that if you slow it down and play it backwards, you can hear "Paul is a dead man, miss him, miss him."

     Warrior # 4 
  • Dr. Insano (the real one this time) meets Spoony and Linkara:
    Doctor Insano: Right. I suppose you're all wondering why I'm here.
    Linkara: Every day of my life.
    Dr. Insano: You know, you're a very negative person and I don't like you.
    Spoony: You stole $40 out of my wallet and left a dead blitzball player in my bathtub.
    Dr. Insano: Ah! But he's still there, isn't he?
    Spoony: He's dead!
    Dr. Insano: Yes, but now he's dead and not moving. You're welcome!
  • As Dr. Insano says they must use Spoony's "completely sad and lame knowledge of pro-wrestling" and Linkara's "funny book crap" to save the multiverse, he points to the opposite critic of each description.
  • And then This exchange:
    Spoony: This plan is stupid!
    Insano: Extremely! Any more questions?
    Linkara: Why aren't you wearing any pants!?
    Insano: That's not important right now.
  • After not-caring the hypertime-destroying Destrucity away, Linkara, Spoony, and Dr. Insano become Gray Lanterns (Who have the ability of not giving a shit about anything.) Dr. Insano suggests maybe watching TNA Impact, and Linkara and Spoony, who before had been taking everything with indifference, both insistently decline and walk out of the room.
  • Also, from the out-take, Spoony's doing his Black Lantern Spoony routine when Oreo climbs onto his lap. Spoony looks down, and without changing the effect done to his voice, says "Hi doggie."
  • Iron Sheik Spoony. "Fak de fakin Altimite Wariar! You f*kin' piece o' shit!"
  • The Birdemic parody, complete with obviously animated birds.
  • Black Lantern Spoony's cameo when the Ultimate Warrior rips out a guy's heart: "He dare to steal my gimmick? This comic offends me."
    • Followed by an appearance from Black Lantern 90s Kid.
  • Linkara mocking Warrior's random Bold Inflation:
    Linkara: (reading as Warrior) Warrior, YOU GOTTA BE capable and stay COOL-HEADED... What, if anything, have I overlooked?
    • ...followed by an appearance by Benzaie, wearing Beary's head:
      Benzaie: A colorist?
  • Spoony's rebuttal of Warrior's philosophical crap about the view from windows by saying that his own window looks out at a wall, complete with a photo.
  • Angry Joe and JewWario's pained reactions to a bad use of Added Alliterative Appeal.
    Angry Joe: Did the Warrior just find the thesaurus function in Microsoft Word?
    JewWario: What's with the alliteration? I'd make my own alliterative joke, but the Warrior just killed alliteration for all time!
  • Doctor Insuedeo.
  • Linkara in Green Ranger suit, all silent and backhanding Spoony on Cool Shades when he rambles a bit too much. All while not talking. And when Spoony says "Thanks, I needed that", he gives a thumbs up.
  • The reality where Spoony and Linkara are effeminate attention seekers with German accents. Turned into a great Brick Joke.

    158: Silent Hill: The Grinning Man 
  • Holo-Linkara's fake death moan when he gets stabbed by Pyramid Head, culminating in a deadpan 'Blarg'
  • His scathing rant on how pointless the villains are. Actually, any of his rants in this episode are hilarious.
  • 90's Kid gets a phaser rifle and starts shooting everywhere while yelling "DUUUUUUUUUUUUDDDDDEEEEE!", not even hitting a single target.
    Iron Liz: Nice shootin', Tex.
    90s Kid: I Meant to Do That...
    Iron Liz: The air's not attacking us.
    90s Kid: I think the sight on this is broken...
  • Linkara's mid-battle conversation with Holo-Linkara.
  • Holo-Linkara pointing out that Silent Hill tried to kill Linkara both previous times he reviewed the comics. "Did you think he wouldn't notice the pattern?"
  • Sad Panda and Benzaie's discussion right before disappearing is both creepy and a Funny Moment at the same time.
    Sad Panda: Well motherf—
  • Linkara is apparently sick of his apartment turning into a Silent Hill homage every time he reviews a crappy comic about it:
    "Okay, boxes, since obviously pushing you out of the way is not going to work. I mean, why WOULD it? You are just going to topple over and go away for me. And if you don't, I'm just going to step over your ashes."
    (boxes fall over)
    "Thank you. I'm glad we could reach an understanding."
  • When the Silent Hill fog first rolls in at the beginning of the review, Linkara just blows it away with a portable fan. The way he's so nonchalant about it makes it even funnier.
  • "You thinking what I'm thinking?" "I think so, Brain, but... the Rockettes... I mean, it's mostly girls, isn't it?"
  • This:
    Grinning Man: I'm just happier 'n a pig in s***, I am!
    Linkara: (listlessly) And I'm as bored as a... person that's bored.

    159: Spider-Man: Planet of the Symbiotes 
  • The video opens with Linkara saying his Catchphrase only to be interrupted by the Entity and pulling out the Magic Gun in response. The way he swings it around is hilarious.
  • When the Symbiote begins to Wangst, cue Linkara with a smile on his face, who then begins to play Simple Plan's "Untitled (How Could This Happen to Me?)".
  • During a exhibition where a scientist is showcasing the next step in virtual reality:
    Linkara: (in a German scientist accent) Now say it with me: We are VR.
  • The Doom Callback
    Linkara (as Eddie Brock): (in the voice of the Doom Marine) RIP AND TEAR! RIP AND TEAR YOUR GUTS! OH CRAP, YOU THINGS DON'T HAVE GUTS! THAT CAN'T BE GOOD!
  • At one point the Comic cuts to Scarlet Spider and Venom crashing at the former's apartment drinking beer while the symbiote invasion is on.
    Linkara: Yeah, the truth of the matter is that TiVo hadn't been invented yet and they didn't want to miss the Super Bowl.
  • His reaction to Eddie Brock's facial expression after finding the symbiotes in the park, which he compares to having a seizure.
    Linkara: (mimicking Eddie's expression) Can you tell me what emotion I'm conveying with this face?

    160: Pokémon: The Electric Tale of Pikachu 
  • The ending, where everyone who was captured by the Entity (even those not seen being captured) comes back and lampshades the fact that they were posting videos despite being missing.
    Suede: Whoa-ho-ho! What was that? That was different. Ah, dang it, was this whole thing just a Pokémon reference? I love Pokémon, I would've loved doing a cameo. Oh well, I guess there's nothing for it. *He pulls out a Gameboy.* Now where we? Yes, old man, tell me your secrets... and then it's off to Cinnabar.
  • Everyone checking to see if 90's Kid is ok and cleared of The Entity possessing him. After asking what happened, he then realizes to his horror his collector's editions of "Bloodgun" are all gone.
    Ninja Style Dancer: (holds up a sign) Oh joy, he's back to normal.
  • Playing "Sexy Back" every time Gary Oak makes an appearance.
    Linkara: Gary Oak: Rock star of the Pokemon universe.
  • Linkara expressing his 10-year-old self's anger when his Missingno experience popped up with a Kabutops skeleton instead of the distorted pixel block we all know Missingno as.
    • Anger? More like horror.
  • Harvey's reaction to returning to existence right next to Boffo, who was only introduced after Harvey disappeared.
  • His exasperated deconstruction of the Pokémon formula from schools exempting Pokémon trainers to having to take half day course to be licensed trainers.
  • When Ash hears Pikachu from outside, the word bubble has Pikachu make a noise from the wall
  • Kind of funny when you realize the Fridge Brilliance: Missingno used Self Destruct.
  • One of the first lines of the actual review:
    Linkara: I'm recording this right now despite that it's very, very, very unlikely anyone will see this, seeing as I'm the only human still alive.
    • The deadpan way he says it is really funny as well as being creepy...somehow.
  • Linkara's concise and deadpan explanation of what Missingno is, how it has somehow become a Eldritch Abomination and how it is currently standing outside his door, followed by Missingno's laugh.
    Linkara: Yeah, it's been a bit of a day...
  • Just cutting from the title card to Linkara wearing Ash's hat and fingerless gloves is worth a laugh.
  • "Ghosts exist! And they have special attacks! And they smile!"
  • This line:
    Linkara: Hmm, trying to grab a creature that can shoot out electricity and lightning bolts. I can't see anything going wrong with this plan... *cut to Ash getting electrocuted* Ash Ketchum - that kid who'd always poke at a Hornet's Nest.
    • To elaborate, in the Updated Re-release of the review, the new stinger shows the Magic Gun back safe and sound, with Pollo asking why Linkara didn't get infinite copies of the gun. Linkara answers that the Magic Gun wasn't in his 6th item slot when he encountered Missingno, and instead got so many tricorders that he was pulling them out of every crevice of his jacket.
  • The Entity/Missingno is absolutely terrifying. This makes it all the funnier when Linkara manages to get a Flat "What" out of it.
  • Describing one panel as "Pikachu suddenly becoming the Nyan Cat".

    Return of Atop the Fourth Wall LIVE (Mangaverse Spider-man) 
  • The comic features several panels where Linkara is just able to sit back and let the audience's confused/horrified reactions speak for themselves. Probably the best comes from the Hulk's abrupt appearance, where he actually turns to look at the panel as confirmation that it exists while the audience freaks out for fifteen seconds.
    • Particularly when he gets cut off by the audience lauging, such as after being introduced to Japanese Kingpinnote .
    • Every time the audience simply goes "WHAT?!"
  • Mocking Japanese Uncle Ben's Ice Cream Koans. "When you stop at the red light, you truly are going."
    • This one guy yelling in the audience at the beginning of that always makes me laugh:
      Random Audience Guy: YOU CREATED A TIME PARADOX!
    • Heck, Random Audience Guy himself gets two more:
      • Upon the appearance of Manga-Hulk:
      • When Manga-Venom reveals Japanese Uncle Ben is his father, he helps continue Linkara's Luke, I Am Your Father joke.
  • When he sees Japanese Peter Parker doing a Skyward Scream:
    • Then immediately cuts to Peter screaming in the middle of class.
      Linkara: But since started screaming in the last page, in this one his just going "EEEEEEEEEIIIII!!!", like he's mourning the Fonz.
  • Describing the comic's artist and writer:
    Linkara: This comic was written and illustrated by a guy named Kaare Andrews, the writer and artist of a comic named Spider-Man: Reign.
    Audience member: (among a Collective Groan) Oh, god!
    Linkara: For those unaware, Spider-Man: Reign is essentially The Dark Knight Returns, except Spider-Man instead of Batman. And it's also the story where Mary Jane was killed by Peter Parker's radioactive sperm.
    (Massive WTF?! reaction from the audience)
    Linkara: I am not kidding at all.
  • Saying that the look of Japanese Uncle Ben makes him think of Rei Hino's grandfather, and how she's probably in the back, practicing her fire chant while Japanese Uncle Ben is being killed by Japanese Venom.
    Linkara (as Japanese Uncle Ben): Oh god, he's breaking my neck!
    Linkara (as Rei): (falsetto) Busy, grandfather! Ichi, ni, san... (makes hand gestures)
  • "I'm just a meme to you people, aren't I?"
  • Linkara singing a snippet of "How Could This Happen To Me?"
  • "[Spider-Man] also has three blades attached to his palm. Say, what's the sound of one hand clapping in Mangaverse Spider-Man? "OH, DEAR GOD, I STABBED MYSELF!""

    161: All-Star Comics # 8 (Wonder Woman) 
  • When Diana and another Amazon react to Steve Trevor, Linkara smiles, points his finger in the air, and has stereotypical porno music start playing.
  • Any time the all-caps MAGIC GIRDLE is mentioned, Linkara says the words in an echo-y, Large Ham voice.
  • After a mention of a "robot-plane" in the comic, Pollo wants his new body to be a plane instead. Linkara refuses.
    Linkara: I have already build you THIS body and you will like it!
  • The inevitable "Bees. My God." joke when he brings up how the Amazons invade America after the end narration mentions she adopts the country as her own.
  • The outtakes of Spoony's Hulk Hogan cameo, from Oreo (aka the Hulkadog) playing with clothes pins off camera to Spoony constantly calling Wonder Woman "brother" before correcting himself.
    Spoony!Hulk Hogan: God, you got big boobs.

    162: The Fantastic Four # 1 
  • All of the Moleman jokes towards Mole Man.
  • When Linkara plays a French solider (with a very fake and hammy accent) who is complaining about the Lemony Narrator.
  • "Also, we on the surface have guns in abundance, even back in the '60s. Thus, the Mole-Human War of 1962 will probably just end in a huge pile of mole-meat."
  • The whole Office Max thing seems to be a case of Never Live It Down for Linkara: He makes another joke about it when the Fantastic Four are being attacked by the creatures in the underground:
    Linkara: [as Reed Richards] Damn! If only there was an Office Max down here! Then I'd be able to stop them!

    163: All-American Comics # 16 (Golden Age Green Lantern) 
  • "Bein' Green" playing over the title card and credits.
  • In the comic, a bridge collapses.
    Linkara: [deadpan] And this is your tax dollars at work, people.
  • The comic mentions an "ageless, toneless voice" penetrating into the subconscious. Cue Linkara reacting to "#1 House Rule" by Nightcat.
  • All the Chinese people in a flashback in the comic are coloured yellow. "Gotta love that 1940's casual racism!"
  • Linkara gets tired of people in the comic describing the lamp as "queer".
    Linkara: One, stop using that word...
  • When Alan Scott declares his vengeance against Dekker for the accident:
    Alan Scott: If Dekker signs his name to the transaction, he won't be signing it in ink... but in blood!
    Linkara: [as Alan Scott] I'm gonna murder that son of a bitch with my new demonic powers from space!
    Alan Scott: The blood of these broken bodies!
    Linkara: [as Alan Scott] That's right, Jimmy, I'm going to make you into a pen!
  • When Alan discovers his new powers:
    Linkara: [as Alan Scott] Wait a second... I'm green, I can fly... I'm Peter Pan!
  • Upon Alan declaring that he can use his powers to access the fourth dimension, Linkara quickly quips sarcastically on how, as an engineer, Alan Scott would know exactly what that is.
  • Linkara mocks Dekker's negotiation skills after Alan Scott beats up his goons.
    Alan Scott: Now I'm going to work on you, Dekker!
    Dekker: Now... Now... don't be hasty! I'll give you money! I'll be your friend! I'll...
    Linkara: Brilliant bargaining maneuver. "Don't hurt me! I'll be your pal!"
  • The sketch spelling out just how suspicious Alan Scott would look to the police after the Shocking Swerve of the villain dying of a heart attack.
    Linkara: [as a police officer] So you say he signed a complete confession, but then just happened to die?
    Linkara: [as Alan Scott] Uh-huh.
    Police Officer: And you say the train you were on was destroyed, but you survived while everyone else died.
    Alan Scott: Uh-huh.
    Police Officer: And in this confession, Mr. Dekker promised a lot of money for you to compensate for the loss of the train?
    Alan Scott: Uh-huh.
    Police Officer: And Dekker's company, one that was in direct competition with your own, is now in shambles over this whole scandal.
    Alan Scott: Yeah, that about sums it up.
    Police Officer: ...Mr. Scott, could you come with us downtown, please?
  • Linkara loves his cybermats.
  • Linksano's dreams of ruling the world go crashing down thanks to Linkara pointing out that ruling the world isn't all it's cracked up to be.

    164: Captain America Comics # 1 
  • "And there he was, Adolf Hitler with his ridiculous moustache..."
    Linkara: Aww, Joe Simon, you're making Charlie Chaplin cry.
    Cut to a clip of Chaplin's film The Great Dictator.
  • Joe Simon mentions regarding the creation of Captain America that they wanted to create Hitler's "ultimate counterpart".
    Linkara: Captain America: NEGATIVE HITLER.
  • The cover of Captain America Comics #1, the character's very first appearance, features him punching Hitler.
    Linkara: I AM AMERICA! [punches a still image of Hitler]
  • "As the ruthless war-mongers of Europe focus their eyes on peace-loving America..."
    Linkara: [Firing in the Air a Lot] WOO! PEEEAACE! WOOOOOO!!!
    "...the youth of our country heed the call to arm for defense..."
    Linkara: [as narrator] Some of them even start "fit to win" clubs... that are quickly shut down because no one is that much of a loser.
  • Linkara questions the comic calling Bucky Barnes the regiment's "mascot".
    Linkara: Wait, in World War II we had mascots for army regiments? What, did they stand on the sidelines of a battlefield to raise morale when mortar shells fired? Did Patton have a little kid nearby cheering, "You sure did read Rommel's book, sir! You read the hell out of it!"?
  • The opening text of the second story claims that only Captain America can solve the riddle that is the connection between a wave of sabotage and "the strange little man who predicted it would happen.
    Linkara: Oh, please, Film Brain already solved the riddle: Charles Dickens is an immortal hobo.
  • A villain refuses to talk, so Captain America decides to choke him to convince him otherwise.
    Linkara: Does Captain America have to choke a bitch?
  • He ends the episode by playing the hilarious USO scene from Captain America: The First Avenger over the credits.

    165: Star Trek II The Wrath Of Khan # 1 
  • His explanation for why he's reviewing a Star Trek comic instead of a Christmas-themed comic this year, reminding the viewers of the crappy Christmas comics he had reviewed in previous years (as well as Bearded Idiot), culminating in:
    Linkara: Dammit, I'm giving myself a Christmas present this year!
  • "If we are gonna treat it like a funeral, it's gonna be an Irish wake! Booze me up, Scotty!"
  • Linkara's reaction to Scotty smiling:
    Linkara: (horrified) SCOTTY. NEVER. SMILE. AGAIN.
  • The lampshading of how Linkara has always has time to do a whole review before the storyline material, and this time it really bites him in the ass.
  • Linkara's response to Khan calling himself a former prince with the obvious: "Now I am the Khan formerly known as Prince."
  • Khan's opening monologue being muffled due to not removing his mask until the final line.
    Linkara: (as Chekhov) Khan... I did not get a verd of that; could you please repeat yourself?

    166: Star Trek II The Wrath Of Khan # 2 
  • The fast-talking infomercial for the Genesis Device.
    • "How much would you pay for a genesis like this? $499? $599? Wrong! This genesis can be yours for just $59.95, plus shipping and handling!"
  • 'IN SPACE!, no one can hear you deet deet deet.'
  • "Khan...don't...walk over my lines."
  • Linkara's utterly crazed reaction to the comic in question relegating the legendary "KHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!!!!" scream to a single panel and to a mere simple shout. His reaction is almost as legendary in its own way.
    "The most memorable scene in the movie! The thing that everybody thinks of when it comes to this movie! The EPIC yell of rage and frustration, so powerful and so forceful and so loud that we see and hear it ECHO across Regula I... AND IT'S ONE TINY PANEL?!?!?! FAIL!! YOU... FAIL!!! HOW DO YOU SCREW THIS UP?!?!?"
  • His impressions of the comic's wonky face illustrations.
    Linkara: I don't know which emotion I'm conveying, but I'm conveying it as hard as I can!
  • "I did nothing... Except, of course, kick ass, because that's what I do. I'm James T Kirk. The 'T' stands for 'totally kicked your ass'."
  • After Kirk says "like a poor marksman, you keep missing the target!":
    Linkara/Khan: Hey, cut me some slack! I've been out of practice for 15 years! The fact I'm killing anything at all is impressive!
  • "Uncle Khan is coming to murder you!"
  • On how badly the comic botches the scenes with Kirk in the Genesis Cave:
    Linkara: Instead of starting on the emotional rise to overcome the threat, reinvigorated by the sight of new life and a reinforcement of his life philosophy, we get him feeling a little better because he sees a lens flare in the distance, and then he's not going to let that meanie-face, Khan win their game. THIS COMIC SUCKS!

    167: Star Trek II The Wrath Of Khan # 3 
  • Linkara's particularly flimsy excuse for why he's continuing the review in the middle of a storyline event, as well as Nimue's deadpan, "Why?".
  • Two during the scene where Spock prepares to stop the radiation leak: "I'm sorry Doctor, but since it's likely I won't survive, I need to pose you in a humorous fashion at least once before the end", and "Remember that you owe me ten bucks, and I expect it back when I get out."
  • "Kirk's best friend gets up and moves over to him and OH SWEET MOTHER OF GOD, ZOMBIE SPOCK!" Particularly because the scene had been unusually well done until that art showed up.
    • Also, the title card. Linkara's expression is priceless.
    • Spock: Ship...out of danger?
      Linkara: Not yet it isn't! The Zombie Apocalypse has just begun!
  • "Because nothing says 'we love you and respect you as a colleague' by shoving them into something meant to blow up." And - as wrong as it sounds - Linkara's addition to Kirk's eulogy- "Afterwards, there will be cake and punch served on the bridge."
  • Linkara countering Kirk's comment about facing death by mentioning other people who literally beat death.
  • The nod to the comic miniseries "Infestation", which involves Star Trek, Transformers, and other series fighting zombies.
  • "You're the only one who understands me, Teddy Khan!"
  • "Genesis has the power to terraform planets, potentially eradicate all life on a world, or just turn them into lands of confusion."

    168: Top 15 Personal Favorite Jokes 

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