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    379: NFL Super Pro Special Edition # 1 
  • The title card, where Linkara is looking over Super Pro with his legs broken in uncomfortable angles while reading a piece of paper with "How to Fix Your Football Player" written on it.
  • His pirate impression.
  • Linkara's mocking of the comic's main character when he tries to uncover evidence on the steroid production ring:
    NFL Super Pro: Hmmm... Nothing listed here under "Illegal Steroid Compounds." What a surprise.
    Linkara: Then why did you search for it?
    NFL Super Pro: No evidence, no chance of nailing this down right here and right now.
    Linkara: Oh my God, are you actually serious and were hoping that's what it was under?
    Dr. Cox: That is both very sad and not the least bit shocking.

    380: PATREON: Popeye Special #1: Borned to the Sea 
  • Linkara responds to Poopdeck's refusal to recognize his own son by singing "Poopdeck: The Stupid Man" to the tune of "Popeye: The Sailor Man".
  • Saying that the reason the image of Popeye riding a whale is only slightly less awesome than Neutro doing it is because of the fact that, as a sailor, marine life is already in Popeye's wheelhouse.

    381: PSA Hell (?): Onstar Batman: Auto Show Special Edition 
  • At one point, Batman receives a riddle that says "Why is a balcony like a careless detective?"
    Linkara: Oh, that's easy. They're both related to Ace Ventura.
    [cut to the scene from Ace Ventura: Pet Detective where Ace keeps opening and closing the sliding door of a balcony while screaming]

    382: Godzilla: Kingdom of Monsters # 3 
  • Godzilla meets The Shining, complete with a title card depicting Linkara as the twins.
  • When a reporter states that Johnny Cash, John Lennon and Jimi Hendrix could not succeed in attaining "Girly Yaya's" level of musical genius.
    Linkara: I see... So how many times did they smash your head against the wall before you were able to say that with a straight face?

    Episode CCCLXXXIII: The Star Wars # 3 
  • Linkara's personal headcanon about how Stormtrooper FN-2199 (aka TR-8R) is only able to say "TRAITOR!"
  • This gem:
    R2-D2: You're nothing more than a dim-witted, emotion-brained intellectual. Why you were created is beyond my logic systems.
    Pollo: (offscreen): (Sigh)
    Linkara: Pollo, what's wrong?
    Pollo: I just suddenly miss Sierra.
  • The banter Linkara provides between Prince Valorum and Darth Vader:
    Linkara (as Valorum): I sense something, something I have not felt since...
    Linkara (as Vader): Okay seriously, this bit is getting weirder every time we do it.
    Linkara (as Valorum): I am altering the bit. Pray I do not alter it further.
    Linkara (as Vader): Stop that!

    384: Youngblood # 8 

    385: All-Star Batman and Robin # 10 
  • The title card showing the printing error of swear words above Batgirl's head and a disturbed Linkara.
  • Linkara states that this episode is a special installment of Miller Time because this is the last issue of ASBAR.
    Linkara: And no, I don't believe it's ever coming back! Shut up and don't jinx it! But since this is the conclusion to this long-running series, let's take a look back at those great moments from this book.
    (cut to black for several seconds as whimsical music concludes before returning to Linkara)
    Linkara: Yeah, I know I didn't show anything. That's because THERE WEREN'T ANY.
  • After Linkara's "plot synopsis" (or lack thereof)...
    Linkara: But hey, at least I'll never have to read another Frank Miller-penned Batman story, and we can finally move on to some of his other works and— (a poster for Dark Knight III: The Master Race shows up) OH FOR THE LOVE OF

    386: Pokémon Adventures Ch. 1- 2 
  • Two kids attempt to catch a Nidorino, only for the Poké Ball to harmlessly bounce off as the protagonist, Red, walks up.
    Red: Hahaha! You can't catch a Pokémon like that!
    Linkara (as Red): Let me show you my technique! (cocks pistol with an eager grin on his face)
    Red: If you want to catch a Pokémon, first you've got to weaken it... then throw the Poké Ball.
    Linkara (as Red): Again, let me show you my technique! (points pistol)
  • The action pauses for a moment as Red narrates.
    Red: Huh? What are Pokémon, you ask?
    Linkara: Incredibly marketable, it turns out.
    Red: Strange creatures that live in the forests and lakes.
    Linkara: If it's from a desert or a city, screw you — it's a Digimon!
  • When the ever-famous "gotta catch 'em all" tagline shows up, Linkara explains he was going to make a "collect living beings to satisfy my whims" joke again, but states Pokémon have wills of their own and takes a minute to explain his theory of why they choose to remain with their trainers when they could just run off any time they want: a need to prove their strength.
    Linkara: This has been another edition of "Thinking Way Too Hard About a Franchise for Children".
  • When Red bumps into a Rocket member:
    Rocket: Watch it, you worm!
    Linkara (as Red): What the hell is a "worm"?
    Linkara (as Rocket): Don't play dumb with me, there hasn't been a worm Pokémon yet, meaning it's okay to still refer to them like that!
  • After Red says that he'd heard Professor Oak was a "mean old guy", Linkara replies that "he's only mean if you try to ride your bike indoors." A few minutes later, we see Professor Oak on a bike that appears to be too small for him and doesn't look to be very fast. "The irony of this does not escape me, but Professor Oak? This isn't the time to use that."
  • Upon seeing the second chapter is entitled "Bulbasaur, Come Home!":
    Linkara: (raises hand) All in favor of a Homeward Bound remake with the original three Kanto starters?

    387: PATREON: Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger episodes 1- 5 
  • The title card, with a very pissed off Linkara holding Troy in a headlock and pointing at Captain Marvelous, who is looking as cool as ever in his roll call pose, Troy (and Megaforce as a whole) clearly being punished for being nowhere near as good, let alone cool, as Marvelous and Gokaiger.
  • The Korean name for this series is "Power Rangers Captain Force" due to the pirate theme. Linkara's take?
    Linkara: Although that just brings to mind the image of all five Star Trek captains uniting together as Power Rangers.
  • At the start of the first episode:
    Narrator: [subtitles] Earth was facing its greatest crisis of all time!
    Linkara: Donald Trump's first day as president. note 
  • Linkara mistaking Akarenger for Elton John
  • Navi is introduced appropriately.
  • When the Gokaigers are kicking around the Goranger "football":
  • Narrator: (subtitles) They are youths who set sail across the cosmic sea in pursuit of adventure and glory! The brilliant men and women who take pride in being called Pirates!
    Linkara: And, of course, their Theme Song!
    (LazyTown Pirate Song Plays)
    • He later follows that scene up, with the Cake Song!
  • Admitting that the Goranger garbage truck finisher is weird by the standards of his show, which is really saying something.
  • When the Gormin gun down innocent civilians running from them, Linkara gives two thumbs up, a goofy smile and a subtitle saying "Children's Show!".
  • The constant ways to use Marvelous' name as an adverb.
  • When the Rangers are having a hard time finding the person in black they need to talk to:
    Linkara: We're surrounded by goths! *looks down at his Black Ranger costume* Oh no!
  • "I am Saruman of Many Hair Extensions."
  • The VERY USE of the infamous dancing Megazords scene from Ohranger!!!
    • Even better, the joke implying that that's THEIR Greater Power.
  • Commenting on the fact that the citizens find the presence of a giant mecha boring:
    Linkara: Only in Japan could the presence of a giant robot be considered boring.
  • Action Commander Zodomas states that there are no rules in a fight.
    Linkara: Well, in that case, JUST SHOOT HIM!
    (Zodomas is shot)
    Linkara: (flinches back) Holy crap, I'm not used to one of these things actually doing what I tell it to do. Undo One More Day!
    (nothing happens)
    Linkara: ...Damn.
  • Linkara complains that for a 'pirate-themed' Sentai, Marvelous actually does not Talk Like a Pirate. So he decided to 'dub' Marvelous in typical pirate talk.
  • The Stinger: Linkara's reaction to the scene of Zodomas casually slicing an entire skyline from another building some distance away.

    388: Blue-Skying, Part 1: Blue Beetle Dan Garret 

    389: Blue-Skying, Part 2: Blue Beetle Ted Kord 
  • His joke about the Killer Koke gang, linking back to the fictional Kooba Cola in the previous video: "You see what happens when you don't embrace Kooba Cola- Pepsi and Coke start gang wars!"
  • "And together we can be...EXTREME!" (ads and messages flash)

    390: Blue-Skying, Part 3: Blue Beetle Jaime Reyes 
  • Linkara mentions that Wonder Woman killed Maxwell Lord, an event that led to Amazons Attack and Countdown.
    • Directly after, he says he needed to bring that up because he would be covering Lord's resurrection later.
      Linkara: DC Comics— if it looks like somebody's dead, just poke 'em with a fork and wait another five minutes.
  • When Jaime and Peacemaker go to meet "Dan Garrett", Linkara is so baffled by this that he snarks that with how inconsistent Dan is every time, that this time he'll turn into a woman. Smash cut to the picture of a woman.
  • Somewhat meta: Linkara mistakenly says El Paso is in New Mexico,when it's actually in Texas. Before the episode went up, he tweeted out:"OH GOODIE I KEEP REFERRING TO IT AS EL PASO, NEW MEXICO IN THE EPISODE WHEN IT'S EL PASO, TEXAS. GUESS I KNOW WHAT THE COMMENTS WILL BE." This was followed by:"In completely unrelated and completely shocking news, I once got a D in Geography."

    391: Blue-Skying, Part 4: Jaime Reyes New 52 

     392: Star Trek Special: Flesh and Stone 
  • Linkara has been turned to stone on the title card while The Doctor looks on in confusion.
  • Turning "Diamandis" into a Diamanda Hagan reference.

     393: Blackest Night 
  • While bringing up the comparison of the Black Lantern Corps to a Zombie Apocalypse:
    Linkara: It's always one of the big fears about zombies in any medium; the fact that their numbers can swell so rapidly by making you one of them. It's like Comcast.
  • Linkara brings up how the DC universe has multiple personifications of death, due to the various ways it can be interpreted. While describing some of them, he mentions the Black Racer, "who is a dude who rides on skis, because death also has a silly side."
  • Linkara comments on Diana getting a violet ring of love: She loves everyone in the world.
    Linkara: Which is why she snapped Maxwell Lord's neck like a slimjim.

     394: Dart # 1 

     395: Batman: Shadow of the Bat # 58 
  • He has a rule against using more than one Doctor Cox clip per episode, so he makes up his own.
  • Tim's essay about the history of marijuana being interrupted by a classic clip from The Simpsons.
    Tim: The plant was legal tender throughout most of the continent until well into the nineteenth century.
    Abe Simpson: ...and in those days, nickels had pictures of bumblebees on 'em!
  • Linkara doing the "I AM A MAN!" punch and pulling out a DVD of Atop the Fourth Wall: The Movie.

     396: PATREON: The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky 
  • The title card again, this time with Linkara hurling into a bag at the relationship between Not Blood Siblings Estelle and Joshua, while Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch approve.

     397: Ultimate Power # 3 

     398: Star Trek: The Next Generation # 3 
  • The title card, which features Linkara and Picard doing JoJo-style poses.
  • After Linkara points out that the stardate listed in the comic has the events of it taking place after the death of Tasha Yar (who is a main character in this story), we are treated to the most appropriate clip in response to it:
    Crow: I think it's very nice of you to give that dead woman another chance!

     399: Comic Book Quickies # 6 
  • Linkara wonders if Printout Man's whole schtick is just a desparate plea for help.
  • Linkara's reaction to the Spirograph eyes of the kid with "Spiromania", going so far as to comparing it to Youngblood's Disease.
  • The introduction to the advertisement comic for Colgate Junior featuring Captain America:
    Caption: In the neverending battle against children's tooth decay, two heroes stand out above all others as the guardians of good dental hygiene...
    Ryan Stiles: Ah, Captain Bloodloss.

     400th Episode: Marvel Super Special # 7 - Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band 
  • Meta: the 400th episode is dedicated to a comic adapation of a film... that stars The Bee Gees.
    Linkara: (after saying that he prefers the film's soundtrack over the actual album, in particular the Bee Gees' covers) But then again, what the hell do I know? 400 episodes, and I'm still never gonna be as popular as the Bee Gees.
  • Whatley is Dadkara wearing Fat Grandma's wig.
  • Pyramid Head on guitar! Linkara is somewhat annoyed that Whatley took him out of his Pokeball.
  • When Linkara asks Linksano why he's playing the drums in Whatley's band, he replies that he has interests outside of Linkara. Pollo echoes this response later in the review when asked how he got chained up.
  • "Damn you, Pac-Man!"

     401: Superman vs. the Amazing Spider-Man 
  • Linkara's amusement over how the crossover came into existence because the creators thought it'd just be fun rather than as a competition to see which company's better.
  • Linkara explains that Marvel and DC decided to hype up their first crossover comic with "a huge book in more ways than one."
    Linkara: Hey, you know what would be really funny? If I didn't do any research on this before deciding to do it and just assumed that it'd be 40 pages at most and not the 92 that it is. A nice 92 pages after I just did a huge review? (laughs) Yeah, that'd be pretty stupid. (Beat) Surprise— I'm pretty stupid.
  • Linkara points out how using the heroes' respective logos kinda paints things rather one sided which leads to:
    Superman— he's not amazing!
    • Later when Superman begins attempting to communicate with Masai warriors only for one of the tribesmen to say in perfect English that he saw photos of Superman while studying in London:
      "Superman — has kind of racist assumptions!"
  • Mock-complaining that all the doomsday machines get tested on Superman in Metropolis.
    Linkara (as Superman): Seriously, Gotham is just right there, and Batman is infinitely more squishable than I am! Why do they think doing this in my town makes sense?
  • This:
    Superman: Can't stop my momentum — I'M FLYING OUT OF CONTROL!
    Linkara: You know, when you stop and think about it, superhero fights operate on Ragdoll Physics.
  • After being handed another defeat by Spider-Man, Doctor Octopus ends up in an "escape-proof" penitentiary in New Mexico, and Lex Luthor, having been defeated by Superman, is just being brought in by two police officers, one of which proclaiming they've finally got Luthor good this time.
    Linkara (as Officer): We're finally gonna nail you for stealing those forty cakes, Luthor!
    • This joke is revisited later when Spider-Man wisecracks about Luthor and Superman warns him that Luthor isn't to be joked about as his plans are "deadly serious".
      Linkara (as Superman): Forty cakes, Spider-Man! Forty! Cakes!
  • Spider-Man attempts to access a computer that Luthor and Doc Ock projected holograms from in order to get more info on their evil plot, but the booby-trapped computer explodes and Superman just barely has enough time to blow Spidey away from the blast radius with his super-breath. However, with his super-speed and photographic memory, Superman is able to rebuild the computer from scratch without any traps.
    Linkara: And he was able to make the hardware not be completely fried by the explosion thanks to his super-no-I-don't-buy-it-for-a-second powers!

     402: Titans/Young Justice: Graduation Day # 1 

     403: Titans/Young Justice: Graduation Day # 2 

     404: Titans/Young Justice: Graduation Day # 3 
  • Title card: Linkara dressed as Donna Troy timidly brandishing a weapon against shadows of other Amazons while a kazoo version of the graduation march plays.
  • Another recap reiterating much of the same: everyone's an idiot, Nightwing is whiny, and more!
    Linkara: So let's dig into Titans/Young Justice: Bar Mitzvah #3. [Beat] What? The title has nothing at all to do with the story, so why keep pretending that it does?

     405: 15 Things Wrong with Civil War 

     406: Star Trek Deep Space 9 # 1 
  • Title Card: Linkara is stuck in mold hanging from the ceiling while Sisko looks at him with a grossed-out expression.
  • After Sisko exclaims that he's tired of taking defensive measures against the mold and wants some offensive options:
    Linkara (as Sisko): If you people don't have anything for me in the next ten minutes, I'm gonna go down there myself and start punching that mold until it screams "Don't mess with the Sisko!"
    Linkara: I'm not even kidding either, Sisko is just that badass a guy. Q visited Deep Space Nine once... and only once, because Benjamin Sisko punched him.

     407: Patreon: The Minister of Chance 
  • Title card: The Doctor holding a skull in Shakespearean fashion. Linkara is wearing headphones and looks confused.
  • Being an audio drama, he calls this video the easiest editing job ever. At one point he runs out of footage to use, so he plugs his latest DVD and the word "boner" for no reason.
  • When there is a Peace Summit being held on board a Boat, he uses an Image of The Disney Cruise Line!
    Caption: “The Disney Cruise Line: When You Need To Negotiate Peace!”.

     408: US- 1 # 6 
  • Title Card: A terrified Linkara with Wide Load looming over him.
    • As much as Linkara wants to give her credit, Wide Load is in fact guilty of assault. However, he is miffed that US used the coin to help her win the race.
      Linkara (as Wide Load): Witness me, assholes!

     409: Star Trek: Voyager # 1 
  • SF Debris shows up to play Parody Janeway, complete with Shoulder Spider.
  • Linkara represents his criticism of the show's Reset Button abuse with a Sega Genesis.
  • The incoherent mess of caption bubbles and technobabble on the title card.

     410: PATREON: Unsounded Chapter 1 
  • Sette had to abdicate the throne of Settetania after a peasant revolt led by sticks and rocks.
  • After Sette threatens that her da will tell everyone that her zombie servant is a monster.
    Linkara: Oh no, then people might think he's a vampire or something! [shrug]
  • Sette: LISTEN TO ME!!! MIND ME!!!!
    Linkara: Hey look, it's the internet.
  • The Art Shift in Dwayne's flashback is described as a Castlevania cover.

     411: PATREON: Biggles and the Menace from Space 
  • "Patreon response review time again, this time for a franchise I think most of my audience is unfamiliar with... but then again, you people knew about the show 'UFO', so I have no idea what the hell people like anymore."
  • Linkara's Evil Laugh as he hints towards the next episode being about the comic adaptation of Batman & Robin.
  • He credits himself on not making any Austin Powers Mr. Bigglesworth references.
  • "Gazelles do not like rockets, and neither do I".

     412: Batman and Robin: The Comic Adaptation 
  • The Nostalgia Critic interrupts Linkara's closing of the introduction of the comic to intentionally get his Bat Credit Card Berserk Button pressed and get it over with... only for Linkara to flatly explain why Batman having a credit card isn't as ridiculous as it sounds.
    Critic: Let's just get on with the bit; I'll rant and scream and we can just get on with our lives. Do it. Do it. DO IIIIIT!!
    Linkara: ...Batman is rich.
    Critic: A BAT CREDIT CAR—?! Wait, what?
    Linkara: He is rich and has funneled that money into his crime-fighting enterprises through shell companies and false identities.
    Critic: ...I-I don't get what you're—
    Linkara: And being someone who prepares for multiple eventualities, as demonstrated in both comics and TV, wherein he's actually utilized his money to solve a situation or bought something that he wouldn't normally carry with him, which would include, say, diapers for a rescued baby or coffee to keep himself awake, plus his tendency to accessorize his crime-fighting tools to fit his motif, from something understandable like a fearsome vehicle to something silly like his projectiles resembling a bat, and the aforementioned usage of shell companies to acquire items, what exactly is so ridiculous and anger-inducing... about a Bat. Credit. Card?!
    Critic: (glances around nervously, unable to come up with a rebuttal)
    Linkara: Critic?
    Critic: Yeah?
    Linkara: Get in the corner.
    Critic: Okay. (gets out of his chair and walks off)
    • Now able to properly finish the introduction, Linkara goes on to mention that the comic doesn't include the Bat Credit Card anyway.
    • An even funnier version of the above scene plays during The Stinger, where Doug acts out the scene, but flatly recites the script direction as he does so.
  • After reading Batman’s first line in a normal voice, Linkara then mentions that he won’t use his standard gravely Batman voice in this review, because George Clooney didn’t put any effort when he played the character and Linkara wanted to 'mimic that level of commitment'.
  • Batman is ambushed by Freeze, who delivers a punch to the Dark Knight's face. As the two begin to trade blows, Batman has this to say:
    Batman: Millions will die so you can save on air conditioning. Isn't that taking self-help a little far?
    Linkara: (with an annoyed expression on his face) ...I don't care if I know how this story ends; I still hope you die.

     Time of Atop the Fourth Wall Live! Animinneapolis 2015: Star Trek Manga Vol. 2 Chapter 1 
  • Despite the fact that the planet the Enterprise crew lands on is not technologically advanced, the fact that this is a manga story has Linkara still expecting Kirk to fight Escaflowne at some point.
  • The fact that the Red Shirt in the story is named Lt. Arbee results in a Running Gag involving Arby's and its various menu items.
  • The Throw It In! gag where Linkara pretends to be conspiring with an audience member after his phone goes off mid-show.

     413: Superman and the TRS- 80 Computer Whiz Kids: Victory by Computer 
  • Linkara suggesting the reason that Superman constantly visits Alec and Shanna's class as a surprise guest is because Ms. Wilson is secretly dating him.
  • "There are forty cakes with my name on them!"
  • Linkara's despair at the sight of Alec and Shanna's class going on another field trip yet again.

     414: Star Trek/Green Lantern: The Spectrum War 
  • Celebrating Star Trek's 50th Anniversary, Linkara recaps it by making mention of the all the most poorly-received episodes and the really horrible things it's done throughout its run. Why? Because he's already said all the good things about it, so all that's left to talk about was the bad.
  • After the Black Lantern version of his mother is taken out by John Stewart, Linkara-Spock notes the incident will make his therapy sessions more interesting.
  • According to Linkara, Kirk's preferred ring would be a Star Sapphire ring for the thong. When Spock points out that it's illogical to summarize ones personality with one color/emotion, Linkara thinks he's just jealous since he wanted the thong.

     415: PATREON: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic #27- 28 
  • During the intro, Linkara claims that given the stress of his recent move and the loss of Comicron-1, he wants to put off doing the My Little Pony comic review, until Viga starts tossing Pony plushies at him from offscreen, to his annoyance. Until she runs out of plushies and hurls a Zebstrika plush at him. Which Linkara then puts on his shoulder.
    • Made even funnier if you've watched his Pokémon Omicron Let's Play where he has a Zebstrika on his team... named Zecora.
    • The plushie throwing becomes a Brick Joke at the end when, while Viga is busy providing her own viewpoint about My Little Pony and mentioning some of the episodes that she shown Linkara (with him actually liking some of the stuff shown to him), Linkara turns the tables and throws a Pokemon plushie at her.
  • Noting that while he doesn't know the franchise very well and will likely not catch every problem people have with the story, thinly veiled environmental PSAs are universal known to suck regardless of fandoms.
  • The in-universe reason for Linkara moving house: the managerial staff at his apartment raised his rent due to noise complaints and liability issues related to giant robot attacks, invasions of inter-dimensional gods and other such incursions.
  • Linkara making a couple of references to the infamous Dark Fic Cupcakes.
    • Linkara later states, in a P O Box Video, it was an unintentional Homage to the Cup Cakes Story, but the fact that he makes the line by coincidence is amusing too, Eh?
  • When Bramble first shows off his magical prowess:
    Twilight: You... You... That was MAGIC!
    Linkara: He's a witch! Burn him!
  • This gem:
    Linkara: (in reply to Blackthorn's explanation of how the deer derive magic from plants) Behold the magic of this plant. We call it marijuana.

     416: Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Chapter 1 
  • When talking about how stupid he thinks the "Duel Spirits" concept is, he mentions Winged Kuriboh admittedly being one of Jaden's True Companions who he values dearly. We then cut to a scene from Yu-Gi-Oh! GX The Abridged Series, where things are different.
    Abridged!Jaden: Draw! (draws card from deck)
    Winged Kuriboh: (hums uselessly)
    Abridged!Jaden: WHAT THE F*CK DO YOU WANT FROM ME?!
    Winged Kuriboh: (hums uselessly again)
  • While Linkara likes Jaden, he can see why people don't like him, particularly when he reveals he'd been using his Duel Disk as a frisbee. Linkara, on the other hand, would prefer it in this particular duel if Jaden threw his Duel Disk at his cheating opponent's face.
  • LittleKuriboh's expected cameo.
    • His claimed experience with talking about "outlandish, over-the-top characters, shouting ridiculous things, and treating every inane situation like it's life-or-death struggle...also known as professional wrestling"
    • What prompts his departure from the cameo? Getting a notification that Lanipator managed to set the Team Four Star studio on fire...again. The apparent cause of that fire?
    Linkara: (thinking out loud) That's like the third time this week. All I said to him was that he should try to play The Phantom Menace againexplanation .

     417: PATREON: Pryde of the X-Men 
  • While the entire segment about the Spider-Man voting PSA is hilarious, the crown jewel is this last gem:
    Linkara (as Child): Mommy, Spider-Man says I have to vote for different party than you.
    Linkara (as Mom): Dammit! J. Jonah Jameson was right, he is a menace!
  • While it's most definitely an Adorkable moment, Linkara dancing to the special's theme song is also pretty funny.
  • Linkara spends quite some time in this episode discussing how Nightcrawler is creepily flirting with Kitty Pryde, who is confirmed to be fourteen years old. Linkara decides to shrug it off, as Nightcrawler's age isn't specified in the pilot thus far and is probably also a teen.

     418: A Nightmare on Elm Street: Paranoid # 1 
  • Throughout the Mind Screw of an opening scene, Linkara responds to many of the things by Comically Missing the Point.
    Linkara (at a talking bloody photo of a missing girl on a milk carton): That milk carton face isn't very helpful. Those injuries have probably healed by now!

     419: A Nightmare on Elm Street: Paranoid # 2 

     420: A Nightmare on Elm Street: Paranoid # 3 
  • The title card is a Call-Back to the title card of "Spider-Man: Power and Responsibility", with Spidey and Thing-Tucker trying to keep their distance from Freddy Krueger.
  • In the comic, Freddy taunts his first victim saying that they could have a partnership, with him being Batman and his victim being Robin. Cue Linkara wearing Batman's cowl and Freddy's glove.
    Linkara (in Freddy's voice): I am the night!
  • The return of an old Running Gag:

     421: Spider-Man: Cyber War 
  • When Pollo gives Eliza the background on the whole Dark Nella deal:
    Eliza: Internet reviewers lead really weird lives.
    Pollo: Oh, that's nothing. It turns out she may not have been dead at all, and it was just a clone.
    Eliza: (stares)
    Pollo: Don't ask me how it works! I used to be a water heater, and you're a living foam toy. Neither of us are in a position to question logic.
  • Nella's pretty understanding of no one having followed up on loose ends after Dark Nella's defeat:
    Nella: Weeeell, you were busy rebuilding America's monuments, I was busy writing fanfiction... It happens. Things just get put off.
  • Nella reminds Linkara of how Dark Nella was defeated: "Joy. Merriment. Laughter. Unbridled fangirling. Linkara...don't forget to Squee!." After they hang up:
    Linkara: Unfortunately, I don't have much to offer in the way of squee right now, because today's review is The Clone Saga.
  • To date this video and mark the eight year anniversary, Linkara goes on a rant about how the 90s are back in fashion due to VR and Hillary Clinton being popular again.
  • Viga was able to leave the house normally and is partying with the astronauts from the movie.
    • Then when Linkara asks for her help:
      Linkara: I don't suppose you happen to have a cyclotron and a particle condenser, do you?
      Viga: Of course I have these things, I'm an internet reviewer.

     422: The Real Ghostbusters Starring in Ghostbusters II 

     423: Strange Tales # 110 (Dr. Strange) 
  • The title card, which has a bewildered Linkara staring at a horrific amalgamation of Benedict Cumberbatch's most prominent roles, including Sherlock Holmes, Khan, All, and of course, Doctor Strange (2016).
  • This being an anthology book, the cover has nothing to do with the Dr. Strange story... but does feature super-villain Paste Pot Pete:
    Linkara: Man, Doctor Strange looked weird in his first appearance. He looks more like some stereotypical French painter.
  • "Dr. Strange sits silently in front of an ancient incense burner, as his physical body goes into an eerie trance..."
    Linkara: [as Dr. Strange, talking as though stoned] Whoa, so, like, what if I told Spider-Man I couldn't help heal a bullet wound? Heh heh, that'd be messed up.
  • Regarding Nightmare's first appearance, in comparison to the other figure in the man's dream:
    Linkara: Yeah, gotta say, "shrouded figure in chains" is a lot more menacing than "monochrome Liberace."
  • When Strange calls Nightmare "my ancient foe":
  • The One More Day jokes continue during the actual origin story:
    Dr. Strange: Stephen Strange assists nobody!
    Linkara: Okay, so now that really explains One More Day.

     424: More Fun Comics # 73 (Aquaman) 
  • Linkara's growing frustration with Aquaman's crappy one-liners.

     425: Tales of Suspense # 57 (Hawkeye) 
  • Hawkeye becomes Hawkeye out of attention-seeking, his heroics going awry, and because he thinks Black Widow is hot.

     426: All-Star Comics # 3 (The Justice Society) 
  • Johnny Thunder accidentally has the genie granting him his powers shrink his head...
    Linkara: [as Johnny Thunder] Oh my God, I'm a Fletcher Hanks drawing!
  • When Atom asks where Superman, Batman, and Robin are, since they might also have stories to tell, Linkara provides us with several call backs to his previous reviews:
    Linkara: [as Superman] Well, let's see... There was the time I teamed up with the Quik Bunny to stop the Weather Wizard... Oh, there was also the time I lectured a guy about Henry Thoreau!
    Linkara: [as Batman] That's nothing! There was this one time that OnStar helped me catch the Riddler!
    Linkara: [as Robin] I feel sick from all the yellow paint I accidentally ate...
    Linkara: [as Batman] Shut up and eat your rat, Robin!
  • After pointing out that most of the comic is about the heroes telling stories about their previous adventures, we get this gem:
    Linkara: I mean, what's the point? Their team-up is just them sitting down to dinner? It's not like the Avengers movie had all of them going out to a restaurant to eat
    [cut to Shawarma scene]
    Linkara: That doesn't count!
  • In the Spectre's story, when it's mentioned the mysterious killer strikes every full moon, we cut to Linkara suspiciously looking at a copy of Pokémon Moon.
    Linkara: I'm watching you, Lunala!
  • His utter bafflement at the insanity of the Spectre's story, capped off by his reaction at the end:
  • When Johnny Thunder breaks the fourth wall while he's introducing his text story:
    Linkara: [as Atom] Doc, what the hell is he talking talking about?
    Linkara: [as Dr. Fate] Not sure. Maybe his brain didn't return to size along with the rest of his head.
  • The Golden Age Atom proclaiming that he's the only one without super powers. Cut to Linkara in a gas mask as a perplexed Sandman saying "Dude!"

     427: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic 2015 Holiday Special 
  • Just as Linkara is about to close the opening, Viga tosses ponies at him offscreen again. This time, however:
    Viga: Ponies! (Beat) Also, pay the damn rent!
  • Linkara gets unreasonably annoyed at the weather pegasi, who are on break and couldn't clean up the bad weather.
  • This:
  • Also:
    Narrator!Twilight Sparkle: Rainbow was a very special reindeer. While all of the other reindeer had talents like prancing and singing...
    Linkara: Her talent was proctology.
    Narrator!Twilight Sparkle: ...Rainbow was different. Her talent was flying. While all the other reindeer remained with their hooves on the ground, Rainbow could dive through the air and the clouds!
    • Linkara's reaction to Rainbow being inexplicably mocked by All of the Other Reindeer for being able to fly, which gives us the return of "Be impressed, damnit!"
  • And:
    Spike: I say we go back to your parents'. Executive dragon decision!
  • It turns out that Luna wrote the reindeer book (pressumably infringing on Rainbow's likeness).
    Linkara: [reading the back of the book] "Dedicated to all the foolish mortals who will pay when I swallow the world in eternal night"!
    • Linkara also appreciates Luna's sense of self-irony, since she wrote a book where she portrays herself as a Jerkass.
  • When Rarity refuses to participate in the Nutcracker book (claiming she's been offered better roles in other books), Linkara tells her that Pinkie has already accepted the role in Lord of the Reins
    "Pinkie": Instead of a Dark Lord, you WOULD HAVE A QUEEN!!!
  • Linkara chides the initial clumsy rhyming scheme in "'Twas the Night of Hearth's Warming Eve".
    • At the end of this story, Granny Smith chides the Apple siblings for being awake so early in the morning, because that's how they get the rickets. Linkara responds with a proper rhyme...
      They have another purpose,
      Besides obtaining the rickets.
      They're off to see Rogue One,
      Applejack has the tickets.
  • This, as the Mane Six exchange gifts:
    Applejack: (to Fluttershy) You got me an apple?
    Fluttershy: I know you like them.
    Linkara: What's worse is I'm pretty sure that's a tomato.
  • In the comic, coffee shop attendant Cuppa Joe tells Twilight Sparkle that his only family is his pet fish Puddles (who is so happy about his gift that he sheds tears — in a fishbowl of water). At the end, when the rest of the Mane Six arrives, Pinkie Pie brings Puddles to Joe, telling him that her Pinkie Sense told her to break into a random apartment to steal a fish.
    Linkara: (as Dragnet narrator) Miss Pie was arraigned in Superior Court, County of Canterlot, on one count of breaking and entering and one count of kidnapping. In a moment, the results of that trial.

     428: Ghostbusters: Past, Present, and Future 
  • In the comic, the Scrooge Expy threatens the Ghost of Christmas Future, stating that if he visits him again, the Ghost will have no future. Cut to Linkara wearing the Ghost's black cloak and Flipping the Bird.
  • The dig against Konami.
  • Linkara is constantly fed up with Peter's Jerkass behavior, and Peter's remark about the Ghost of Christmas Past's Ambiguous Gender results in this:
    Linkara: (Death Glare) Peter, you just earned the Dave Coulier note  voice! I hope you're happy!
  • Linkara admitting that when he was a kid and saw Bill Murray interacting with the Ghost of Christmas Future in Scrooged, he thought it was another Ghostbusters movie.

     429: Elvira's House of Mystery Special # 1 
  • The title card, featuring a displeased Linkara dressed as Elvira with balloons on his chest, while the real one, in a recreation of a Family Guy gag, is holding up a couple of owls and a couple of melons.
  • Linkara's detailing about Elvira's career as a Horror Host leads to this exchange:
    Linkara: And unlike some horror hosts I can name, SHE DOESN'T TAKE OVER MY SUPPLY ROOM EVERY OCTOBER!
    Moarte (offscreen): Up yours, you ungrateful hack! Trying to get some sleep before the next DVD!
  • Linkara declaring that Abel is the worst Ghost of Christmas Present and that's including the fact that the Scrooge expy from the Ghostbusters comic the week before was a Ghost of Christmas Present who quit the job to be a greedy bastard.

     430: Another 15 Screw-Ups of Atop the Fourth Wall 
  • The beginning of the episode has Linkara go through the highs and lows of 2016, both in general and personal terms.
    Linkara: But of course, there was the most important thing I did this year: I KILLED THE BAT CREDIT CARD JOKE!
    (static; the Nostalgia Critic's chair appears, empty)
    Linkara: Wait, where's the Critic?
    (cut to the Critic, still in the corner)
    Linkara: ...Critic?
    Critic: Can I move now? I'm getting really hungry.
    Linkara: Have you been standing in the corner since August?!
    Critic: ...Yes.
    Linkara: How have you been reviewing things?
    Critic: I film a lot in advance.
    Linkara: Huh. (Beat) Well, keep at it. (turns him off before chuckling evilly) If he dies, the site will be mine again.
    • In The Stinger, he checks in on the Critic and finds his skeleton in the corner, still wearing the hat and coat. Needless to say, he is elated.
      Linkara: YES! Channel Awesome is now mine! I possess the nostalgia monopoly! ALL WILL BOW TO ME AND—!
      Critic: (walks back into frame, sans hat and coat) Phew! Finally went to the bathroom after waiting four months! (sighs) At least I have this skeleton-shaped hat rack to keep track of all my stuff. (Beat) I'm very bizarre.
  • During the end credits: Don't let the door hit your ass on your way out, 2016! You'll probably break it.

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