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    533: Yet Another 15 Missed Opportunities of AT 4 W 

    534: Godzilla: Kingdom of Monsters # 5 
  • Linkara's reason for why the Russian jet is chasing Rodan.
    Linkara: Quick, somebody stop him! He doesn't have a passport!

    535: Batman/Aliens # 1 
  • The title card, featuring a blindfolded Linkara about to toss a Batarang at a dartboard with enemies for Batman to fight, including Dr. Crafty, Bees, Rock and Roll, One-Face, Dick Grayson Age 12, Jazz, and Christopher Walken. All while Bruce himself and a Xenomorph watch on.
  • One of the reasons Batman was in the jungle: Dick Grayson, Age 12, wanted a special kind of South American rat for dinner.
  • When Hyatt asks Batman who he is, he tells her he's just who she thinks he is.
    Hyatt!Linkara: Well thank god you're here, Green Lantern!
  • Batman's utility belt is equipped with, among other things, a pez dispenser and a Game Boy Pocket (too bad he forgot to change the batteries).
  • When they find a face hugger, Batman is asked if he has any idea what it can be.
    Batman!Linkara: [thinks long and hard before answering] ELVES!
    Made even funnier when you remember that this is probably a reference to his review of Frankenstein Meets the Space Monster.
  • Then, when they find tracks, like nothing he has ever seen before.
    Batman!Linkara: BIG elves!

    536: PATREON: Phineas and Ferb: Mission Marvel 
  • Phineas and Ferb quickly earns a point in Linkara's book after he states that the secret agency that Perry the Platypus works for is called the O.W.C.A. - Organization Without a Cool Acronym. Evidently, he's become really fed up with forced acronyms.
  • When Doofensmirtz plans to use his –Inator to gain the powers of a Mayor (such as being able to raise taxes, pass legislation and be able to cut the ceremonial ribbon at openings), Linkara comments he would still probably be able to do a better job than the current administration!
  • Linkara has no idea what to make of the shape of Phineas Flynn's head.
    Linkara: Does Phineas even have a nose or is his entire head the nose?
  • Linkara is very opinionated about Horse in a Bookcase, a Show Within a Show from Phineas and Ferb.
    Linkara: Urgh, that show jumped the shark after the horse moved into a china cabinet. Just wasn't the same after it.
  • This bit:
    Thor: Juice in a box? We have nothing like this in Asgard.
    Linkara: Then I think I have to revoke your status as gods.
  • Linkara approves of Perry the Platypus' Fedora of Asskicking:
    Linkara: (Gesturing to his own Nice Hat) There's a reason why this thing has stuck around through two costume changes!
  • After Doofensmirtz and the Marvel antagonists steal Stan Lee's Hot Dogs, Linkara comments that, if it really was planned for Stan Lee to be Uatu The Watcher in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, he would have broken his non-interference code just so he could get revenge on them for doing so!
  • After Perry (wearing a superhero outfit) managed to save the heroes, Spider-Man wonders if that was actually Howard the Duck:
    Linkara: Oh please, Howard's not a superhero... Clearly it was Darkwing Duck!
  • To any fan of Phineas and Ferb, there's something smugly amusing about watching Linkara making sense of things that to any fan are common knowledge, like Ferb's British background and his status as The Quiet One.
  • Seeing Doofensmirtz using a gun that shoots waffles, Linkara says he's pretty sure that the mad scientist stole it from Invader Zim.
  • His incredulous reaction to all of the things that happen once Candace presses a Big Red Button: the space station's gravity, power, and orbital controls are all disengaged, and unfriends everyone on their social media accounts.

    537: PATREON: Pokémon 15x 19 - 20 - Cilan Takes Flight & An Amazing Aerial Battle 
  • When he brings up the fact that Iris constantly scolds Ash for being such a kid even though they’re supposed to be the same age, Linkara suggests that, given that Ash is still ten years old after all these years, maybe she’s actually fifty.
  • Considering the episodes are part of the Generation V anime, references to Lewis's randomized Pokémon White Nuzlock challenge were almost inevitable. Namely, he scoffs at the idea of Skyla having a Swoobat, an Unfezant, and a Swanna, since he played the game and she clearly had a Cyndaquil, a Heatran, and a Simisear.

    538: PATREON: Tomb Raider vol. 3: Queen of Serpents 
  • During the final part of the comic, which features Lara realistically dealing with the consequences of her adventure and well-written character interactions, Linkara notes that it doesn't leave a whole lot of room for riffing on his part.
    Linkara: So... boner, I guess.

    539: PATREON: Little Victory: Chimera # 1 
  • When Victory Girl flies to San Francisco (while holding a thermos of presumably Coffee), a group of Military forces are tracking her with their weapons aimed at the air.
    Troop: Visual Acquired. She's heading straight for the Hawkins Tower.
    Linkara (As Troop): That Coffee will soon be ours!
  • When Victory Girl has found a Demonic Mask, and is unable to put it in to a High Security Vault (as it has not had her programmed in to the system yet), she puts it under the sink.
    Linkara: No, You fool! There's an old sponge in there, that's been craving absolute power!

    540: Youngblood # 0 

    541: Kickers, Inc. # 1 
  • The opening narration is a goldmine of rapid-fire comedy:
    Narrator: Meet Mr. Magnificent and his Team Supreme!
    Linkara: Meet them tomorrow at the Scottsdale Mall near the Arby's at the food court!
    Narrator: Brick Wall!
    Linkara: Certain people sit atop him!
    Narrator: Dasher!
    Linkara: They originally wanted Prancer and Vixen, but they were too expensive.
    Narrator: Suicide Smythe!
    Linkara: His superpower is deeply problematic!
    Narrator: And the ever-delightful Doll!
    Linkara: She's only delightful, though, if you buy her accessories!
    Narrator: They specialize in the uncanny! The bizarre! The totally outrageous!
    Linkara: And they finally met their match when encountering Marville!
    Narrator: And their saga begins on the very next page!
    Linkara: How ironic would it have been if the next page turned out to be an advertisement?
  • This bit as the team tries to come up with a name for themselves.
    Jack: It's got to shout to the world that we intend to kick some serious butt!
    Jack!Linkara: Wait... That's it! Butt Punchers!
    Darlene: You dumb kickers are going to need a lot more than a new name, if you break my lamp!
    Jack: Hey! That's not bad!
    Jack!Linkara: We are... [raises his fist dramatically] the Lamps!

    542: The Savage Dragon # 1 
  • Linkara claims that Savage Dragon removed his pants because it was hot.
  • When Savage Dragon joins the police, a racist cop takes him aside to throw racist insults at him, which predictably results in Dragon shutting him up by crushing his balls with his bare hands. Later in the comic, the same racist cop is seen being interviewed about Dragon's recruitment, and declares "didn't need them before, don't need them now":
    Linkara: He means his testicles.

    543: PATREON: Darkwing Duck #1- 4 
  • Linkara calling out Gadget for not allowing Launchpad to be part of the Rescue Rangers, seeing how he can pilot planes larger than hers and has one of his own- meaning the Rescue Rangers would have had the equivalent of a battlecruiser had they kept him.
  • Among the changes that Scrooge McDuck is going to make now that he's taking over the restructuring of Quackwerks: adding a giant money pit in the break room for everyone to swim in and making the next Pokémon protagonist Scottish.
  • During the credits, Linkara suggests that the reason the elevators at the start of the comics are broken is due to some morons jumping up and down in it and chanting "ELEVATOR PARTY" for twenty minutes.note 
  • Upon Darkwing being confused for a lounge singer from the Quackwerks School of Crooning, Linkara asks Harvey his thoughts... Harvey is not exactly happy.
    Harvey: (Off-screen) That school is for hacks and I never trust anybody with a degree from it! They spend MONTHS on Tony Bennett, but only ONE WEEK on Sinatra!
    Linkara: Fair enough.

    544: California Raisins 3-D # 5 
  • Linkara's increasing confusion of the biology of the anthropomorphic foods.
    Raisin: I wish I hadn't had lunch before practise!
    Linkara: you eat?
    Linkara: They look like they're gonna eat me! Which I guess answers the question of "What do the creatures on this world eat?" - it's people!!
  • When the Muzinart Song Processor is revealed...

    545: PATREON: Hellstar Remina, Ch. 1- 3 
  • When Planet Remina grabs Mars with its tentacle, Linkara checks his horoscope to see what Mars has to say: "Oh god. Oh god. Oh god. Make it stop."
    Linkara: I suppose there's a bit of room for interpretation there.
  • A character screams at Planet Remina in the sky:

    546: April Fools 2019: Lamp Review II: The Bulbening 
  • Like he did six years ago, Linkara starts doing another lamp review... except he isn't. This time, it's a parody of Phelous, complete with monotone delivery and everything.
  • The alternate opening of the first Segment of the Film.
  • When confronted by Linkara D1, Linkara decides to face him by turning into a werewolf like Jonathan Harker in the last segment of the story. It doesn't work, so instead he just shoots him with a shotgun.
  • Then, the reveal of how the entire review was actually a story being told by Fat Grandma.

    547: PATREON: Batman: The Dark Knight #16- 17 
  • Linkara begins the episode, but then realizes he's still wearing Phelous' outfit from last week's review and starts screaming. After some technical difficulties, a very shaken Linkara appears back in his usual outfit:
    "Every time I closed my eyes, there was a raccoon laughing at me."
  • After Batman activates the jet engines on his Batplane in order to chase after the traffickers:
    Linkara (as Batman): Alfred! I hope you're recording this, because I think this might be the most AWESOME thing I've ever done!
    Linkara (as Alfred): Sir, I'm fairly certain someone is going to die thanks to this stunt.
    Linkara (as Batman): Don't caaaare!NANA NANA NANA NANA! BATMAN!
    • The above is immediately followed by Batman rescuing the traffickers' victim, which results in the traffickers' van crashing and exploding into the Batplane.
      Linkara (as Alfred): Well, sir, you have indeed gotten people killed with that.
      Linkara (as Batman): Nah, it's okay, Alfred! I can see their parachutes.
      Linkara (as Alfred): (confused) Their par—?! Master Wayne, they were in a van!
      Linkara (as Batman): I AM THE NIGHT, Alfred!
      Linkara (as Alfred): (still confused) That has nothing to do with—
      Linkara (as Batman): BATMAAAAN!
  • After Natalya (Bruce's love interest in this comic) says that he "must be used to having stupid women around":
    Linkara (as Batman): I mean, the marriage to Catwoman I was going to have got undone for some of the DUMBEST logic she had, so...
  • One of the Mad Hatter's henchmen says "This is madness." to his boss, causing the latter to ask one of his other henchmen to fetch his ladder.
    Linkara (as Mad Hatter): I wish to kick this man in the face and yell "This is Sparta!" We're in a reboot universe now, so the old memes are okay to use again.

    548: PATREON: Tremors 
  • The tittle card shows a graboid breaking into Linkara's rec room... which is loaded with all sorts of weapons from all across geekdom. Cue one smug Linkara and one nervous graboid.

    549: Ultimate Power #5- 6 
  • As Spider-Man and Captain use a notepad to discuss the possibility of Nick Fury holding back some information during their mission to save Reed Richards, Spider-Man reads Captain America's response in which he asks why.
    Linkara: See, even Spidey knows that the true question is "Why is Gamora?"
  • Linkara doing the "This Comic Sucks" Catchphrase while dressed up in his makeshift Doctor Doom costume, and thus acting like the 'good' doctor.
  • The title card very closely resembled some of the previous ones (Power Rangers Turbo vs Beetleborgs Metallix, Justice League vs Avengers), leading fans to debate if Doctor Crafty had redrawn it or had traced over his own work - with many of them agreeing that if it was the former, it was because unlike notorious tracer Greg Land, he had standards, and if it was the latter, it was justified given how much Land traced his own work.

    550: Batman Forever: The Official Comic Adaptation 
  • When Two-Face tries to kill Batman using the same acid that resulted in his scars:
    Batman!Linkara: My God, I'M ONE-FACE!
  • As Two-Face and the Riddler are on a "information high":
    Two-Face: Oh my god, Jim Morrison was right.
    The Riddler: About what?
    Two-Face: Everything.
    Linkara: Wait a second, epiphany: Bruce Wayne IS Jim Morrison!

    551: Street Fighter: The Official Comic Adaptation 
  • The title card depicts Linkara, dressed as M. Bison, recreating the "Of course!" pose while the video monitors display the Blue Screen of Death.
  • During the scene where Bison hits Dhalsim for calling him "psychotic", Linkara has him point out that it isn't what psychotic actually means- a better term to design Bison would be psychopath.
    Bison: What kind of scientist are you?!

    552: Catwoman: The Official Comic Adaptation 
  • The title card depicts Linkara in the Catwoman outfit looming over Dr. Crafty and fuming with rage, even making Bakugo's Comical Angry Face. Even funnier, Linkara later addresses the fact the title card represents him like this, asking what he is paying Dr Crafty for at this point.
  • Honestly, all of the snark involving Tom Lone's name counts, with Linkara constantly coming up with new synonyms for "Officer" and "Lone", including calling him "Detective Solo", "Investigator Sequestered", and "Flatfoot Solitary".

    553: Dune: The Official Comic Adaptation 
  • “I’m riding a giant worm. Your argument is invalid.”
  • “Look, if you’re going to provide exposition, my daughter’s in the other room.”

    554: Superman IV: The Quest for Peace Movie Special 
  • This episode's take on the radioactivity Running Gag, after the first Nuclear Man is fried to death after getting thrown into an electrical tower:
    Lex Luthor: Obviously the amount of radiation I used couldn't generate enough mutant power in the cells.
    Linkara: Lex Luthor has proven it! That guy was radioactive, and it was not good.
  • Linkara's reaction to Nuclear Man turning into a missile.

    555: Justice is Silent: Cassandra Caintrospective, Part 1 
  • When an earthquake, more than seven on the Richter Scale, wrecks Gotham, Batman thinks that the vibrations were Rock & Roll declaring war on him!
  • Batman is still sour about losing at Mahjong.
  • Regarding Cassandra's Training from Hell that ends with multiple thugs her father hired being beaten up.
    Linkara: David Cain runs a weird daycare service.
    • Then, when Cassandra claims that she was shot, whenever David Cain was mad.
    Linkara: David Cain really shouldn't have read Thanos' book on parenting!
  • Linkara also has this to say about how condescending Barbara Gordon sounds when she tries talking to Cass.
    Linkara: And may-be....Babs, if you didn' a con-de-scen-ding the per-son who doesn't under-stand laaaanguuuuaaageee, I wouldn't.....tell piss off.
  • And then there's Batman being just as condescending about Cass when she failed to save a hostage.
    Linkara!Batman: And as we all know, I have never failed to save someone's life. Now I'm gonna go talk to your dad. Apparently he's still bummed about his dead wife or something.

    556: Justice is Silent: Cassandra Caintrospective, Part 2 
  • In the middle of his intro, Linkara pauses to acknowledge the fact that he is wearing different glasses, due to losing the previous pair from falling down a chasm.
    Linkara: ...just as well, I haven't updated my prescription in, like, 15 years... So anyway!
  • When doing a brief recap on Cassandra's backstory and how she was taught "the language of violence" over anything spoken or written, Linkara points out that must mean she must've kicked people as a way of wanting to watch Sesame Street.
  • When David Cain leaves behind a knife for Cassandra as a birthday present:
    Linkara!Batman: No doubt the calling card for some nefarious new villain whose real name is something like Edward Blade or Stephen Knife or something!

    557: Justice is Silent: Cassandra Caintrospective, Part 3 
  • After the end of her solo series, "One Year Later" has Cass go missing; Tim finds a note in a Batgirl costume written in Navajo and comments that "Bruce taught Cassandra and me Navajo way back". Linkara's reaction must be seen to be believed.
  • invoked Linkara comments on the backlash that happened, with Cassandra's Character Derailment, which turned her into a Card-Carrying Villain. But, before that was fixed, there was one more example of major out of character behavior: Batman listening to, and ENJOYING, punk music!
  • "Geoff Johns sits near an open window at midnight, and a light breeze hits his arm, and he raises his head towards the night sky and proclaims '...I sense there is something I can retcon'."

    558: US- 1 # 8 

    559: Tandy Computer Whiz Kids: Community Action Program 
  • The Running Gag of call backs to the title card of A Deadly Choice continues, this time with the hooded figure looking awkwardly behind his back as Linkara, Alec, and Shanna give very disapproving looks at the figure's use of graffiti.
  • Linkara once again making fun of Alec and Shanna's obsession with Tandy computers when Zeke says that he and some friends are working at an "art project"
    Linkara: [as Zeke] We're gonna break a bunch of Tandy 1000s and turn them into a sculpture!
    Linkara: [as Alec, looking and sounding absolutely horrified] [Gasp!] You Monster!

    560: Captain America Goes to War Against Drugs 
  • When Captain America is fighting some bad guys at the beginning of the comic:
    Captain America: In fact, people are always shouting observations about me... "He's only ONE man." "He's got NO superpowers." "He's just some old FOSSIL."
    Linkara: [as Captain America, doing air quotes] "That's America's ass."
  • When Mitch comes across the opposing baseball team:
    Baseball player: Well, how's this for luck! It's Mr. Potato Head... the one who maybe killed Ricky with his goofball fastball.
    Linkara: Okay, I haven't seen Toy Story 3 or 4. Did Mr. Potato Head become known for throwing fastballs?
  • Linkara is understandably annoyed when the members of the opposing team think they can stand a chance in a fight against Captain America:
    Baseball player: You can't stop us! There's FOUR of us, and not only that, but I'm on the school boxing team!
    Linkara: [annoyed] SO!? HE PUNCHED HITLER!

    561: Comic Book Swimsuit Issues 
  • Linkara conducts most of the review wearing a Hawaiian shirt and a pair of John Lennon style sun glasses, in place of his regular shirt and glasses.
  • One picture has Doctor Doom holding a blow-up doll.
    Linkara: [as Doctor Doom] No woman has ever been able to handle the might and power of Doom! As such, Doom gets... very lonely, even on vacations. [Beat] Do not judge Doom!
  • When we see a Pin Up of Captain America, laying stomach down on a Beach.
    Linkara: "America's ass, everybody"!

    562: Batman #45-47: The Gift 
  • When Booster Gold says he and Skeets should find Batman after Hal Jordan killed himself:
    Skeets: [to Booster] Yes, well, I don't know about you... but I think this is the worst thing you've ever done.
    Linkara: [horrified] Is... Is this implying that Booster deliberately did that to Hal?!? Dude! I know you're sick of people calling you Green Lantern, but that's a bit over-the-top!
  • In the alternate timeline, The Penguin became President:
    Linkara: So I see in this reality, people really took to the "I played this stinkin' city like a harp from hell" thing a lot better than in the movie.
  • If Steve Rogers is America's ass, then Booster Gold is the space-time continuum's' ass.
    • The credits have him realize he's made an "America's Ass" joke three weeks in a row.
  • Selina Kyle eventually starts wearing her Catwoman outfit, which, as Linkara points it out, is basically the same one she wore in Batman Returns:
    Linkara: This was a very important reference to make in the story because... [thinks about it for about 5 seconds, fails to come up with an answer, looks to his left] Christopher Walken, you got anything?
    Max Shreck: Yawn.
  • After a time skip sees Booster grow a beard while held in captivity, Linkara begins calling him "Bearded Idiot".

    563: Stark Trek: The Next Generation # 5 
  • The title card is a Hulk version of Data grabbing Linkara.
  • These two events...
    Wesley: He is a Man, now!
    Linkara: HE IS A MAN! (punches and is suddenly wearing a Ghostbuster uniform) That's weird. Nothing happened this time...
    (he then proceeds to continue the Review, in the Ghostbuster attire)
    Data: In ways, I am the Ultimate Man...
    Linkara: I AM THE ULTIMATE MAN! (Punches and is back in his Star Fleet uniform) Okay, seriously, that's twice in one episode now, and nothing has changed. I haven't done it in a while, is it broken!?
  • Linkara's growing bafflement, at the sheer incompetence of the entire Enterprise crew in this issue; such as security not even thinking to use the non-lethal stun settings on their phasers, and those who do get berated for doing so, even when a prisoner has taken one of their own men hostage; no security guard is posted for Q, despite Q showing that he is a danger to himself and others; Doctor Crusher being the only medical officer on duty and is treating Q fainting from exhaustion as more severe than Geordie, who was SHOT and is in Critical Condition; Worf trying to restrain Yar from telling Picard about the prisoner escape; Yar not calling an intruder alert aboard the entire ship for the escaped prisoner; and Picard not answering Yar's communications about said escape because he wanted to watch his fishes!
    Linkara: Is there anybody on this ship who's actually good at their job!?
  • Linkara realizing the story of the comic is similar to the actual Star Trek: The Next Generation episode "Deja Q", only inferior as the comic's story does not feature a mariachi band.
    • Then, the post-credits scene is the mariachi band scene from said episode.

    564: The A-Team # 3 
  • The title card being Linkara using B. A. Baracus as a parachute.
  • The art for the first page makes it look like B. A. is telling Hannibal about the time he caught a fish "this big", and Face's hair has turned green!
  • The choice of words used makes Linkara yell that no one wants to hear how either Face or Murdoch "Get off".
  • When B. A. is entering a computer room.
    B. A.: You fools may have expected trouble, but you didn't expect B. A. Baracus!
    Linkara (As B. A.): Nobody expects the Spanish B. A. Baracus... merely because I ain't Spanish, fool! That's what makes it so unexpected!
  • Linkara takes offense on behalf of a female enemy soldier when Hannibal makes a fat-joke. The sheer sarcasm is what really sells it:
    Linkara: Ha! A fat jokes! That's funny, Hannibal. You know what else is funny? You're a wanted fugitive on the run from your own people, never allowed to settle down or clear your good names, and your actions in this place could be construed as an act of war regardless of your status with the U.S. Government. (Beat) Hi-larious!

    565: Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Ep. 5- 9 
  • Linkara keeps getting mileage out of the "But it was I, Dio!" meme.
    Linkara: So let's dig into episodes 5 to 9 of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, and see if Jonathan is the victor, or if it was I, Dio!
  • Linkara is not kind to Jojo's outfit choices, so when one of the zombies destroy it:
    Linkara: (Completely deadpan) Oh no.
  • Linkara's jab at the subtitles for the Warner Bros. DVD release of the first season (which was criticized for being just an SDH track of the English version).
    (shot of Speedwagon and Jonathan following Doobie's defeat) [BOTH GRUNT]
    (shot of Linkara reacting to the scene) [LINKARA GRUNT]
  • A running gag:
    Blurford: I would know the name of the warrior who bested me.
    Linkara: I am... Zoosmell Pooplord.

    566: Trouble # 4 
  • Linkara mocking Marvel Comics and Mark Millar's statements that they hoped the comic would be seen as a classic in the comic book canon on the level with Kingdom Come and Marvels.
    Linkara: (after the comic has a scene where Richie and Mary bone down for hours) Truly a story destined to sit alongside Kingdom Come and Marvels!
  • Linkara reading the opening narration:
    Narration: Poor May. Every thing was going great.
    Linkara: Then everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked. (pause) ...God! I wish the Fire Nation would attack already.
  • When May is vomiting into a toilet:
  • Linkara talks a bit on how abortion is a very serious subject, and how it is a heavy decision for any woman considering getting one, especially a teenager like May:
    Linkara: So naturally, the most digified way of depicting this kind of thing is by having a clichéd, comedic shoulder-angel-and-devil argument! ...I'm not kidding.
    • We then immediately cut to the opening argument made by the Shoulder Devil:
      May's Shoulder Devil: Atta girl, May! I'm prouda ya, honey! You're gonna have a great day at the abortion clinic! Trust me: liquidatin' that little creep is going to feel like passin' a bad Mexican meal! Yuk! Yuk Yuk!
      (cut to Linkara staring at the comic in horror)
      Linkara: Well, now I can believe this is a Mark Millar comic!
    • May comes the conclusion that she might be able to find a solution that pleases everybody:
      Shoulder Spider: YOU SHOULD EAT RICHIE!
    567: Franken Fran, Ch. 1 and 4 
  • Following the reveal of Okita and his head being attached to a cat's body, Linkara suggests that Fran was where Dio got those human-faced dog creatures from in Phantom Blood.
  • Katsura and Hana's Easy Sex Change operations in Chapter 4 results in the second time in the series note  that Linakra refuses to complete the "I AM A MAN" catchphrase.
  • The Stinger, in which Linkara calls up Doctor Crafty to say that if he ever tried to turn him into a catnote  he'd be fired... and wasn't he a live action person once?


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