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These are the characters from the Gaiden prequel of manga/anime series Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas. For characters appearing in the main series (even if they appear in Gaiden too), see this page.

Warning: All spoilers are unmarked.

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     Chapter Pisces 

Pisces Lugonis
The former master of Albafica, and thus the former Pisces Saint.

Dryad Luko
A miraculous healer living on an island near the Sanctuary. People come from far and to be healed. Strangely, he looks a lot like the former Pisces, Lugonis. Because he's Lugonis's younger brother... and the Celestial Standing Star Dryad Spector.

  • Arc Villain: Of Chapter Pisces.
  • Bitch in Sheep's Clothing: Offers his help to Albafica, when his real intention is to strip him of his powers. The reason why he cures everyone who asks his help isn't very noble, too (see below).
  • Deal with the Devil: Or Hades or maybe one of the other Underworld gods...
  • Evil Twin: Pisces Rugonis's younger Specter brother, who bears a striking resemblance to him.
    • Evil Uncle: To some extent, as Lugonis raised Albafica as his own child, and Luko is the former's younger brother.
  • Foreshadowing: Notice that one of the key plants he uses for healing is lilies. Lilies are actually toxic.
  • Love Makes You Evil: Although his motives are different on each version:
    • In the Drama CD, Luko became a Specter was to achieve the power to lift his brother's curse, his poisonous blood.
    • In the Anecdote adaptation, it's revealed he did it to save his beloved apprentice Pefko (an character exclusive to the manga) when he was about to die due to an unknown disease his remedies had no affect on.
  • The Medic: Widely known as a miraculous healer.
  • Mook Maker: The people he cures are transformed into Skeletons, Hades's foot soldiers.
  • Green Thumb: As Dryad, he can control any plants around him... including the Pisces Saint's Demon Roses.
  • Signature Move: Curse of Lily.
  • Villain's Dying Grace: Turned all the Skeletons on his island back to normal people, sans disease and injury, after Albafica defeated him.

     Chapter Scorpio 


Sun Priest Wesda

Youaltepuztli Nahualpilli

     Chapter Aquarius 


Koh-i-Noor / Krest

Carnelian, Tourmaline, Chalcedony and Flint

     Chapter Cancer 

Don Avido

  • Arc Villain: Of Chapter Cancer.
  • Deceptive Disciple: Was Hakurei's student.
  • The Don: Leader of the Black Saints.
  • Evil Twin: Looks almost exactly the same as Sage and Hakurei, and dons the Black Altar Cloth.
  • Face Death with Dignity: Once he found himself cornered and defeated, he killed himself.
  • Good Scars, Evil Scars
  • Good Smoking, Evil Smoking: Frequently shown chain smoking cigars. In fact, when he briefly appears at the Sanctuary, the first thing he comments his how he prefers the smell of some to fresh air. And for added villainy, it's later revealed that the cigars he smokes are made of human souls.
  • Greed: His main motivation, the reason why he left the Sanctuary and became a Black Saint.
    • Gold Digger: Seems to be very interested in the Gold Cloths. Not the Saints, just the Cloths.
  • I Regret Nothing: Proudly declares this as he dives right into Hell.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Jerk: Unlike his fellow Anecdote villains, he gets no Freudian Excuse or anything close to redemption.
  • Meaningful Name: Italian for "greedy".
    • Theme Naming: All the Black Saints are named after a trait of personality.
  • Soul Power: Handles souls in much the same way the Cancer Saints does. Helps that he was taught by the twin brother of Manigoldo's teacher...





     Chapter Capricorn 


  • The Blacksmith
  • Childhood Friend: With Felser and Elcid.
  • Cool Sword: Her magical sword Zan'ōki, stronger even than Excalibur.
  • Dead All Along
  • Faux Action Girl: When she first appeared with that long sword, one had hopes she'd be doing some good fighting. Unfortunately, it didn't pan out.
    • Distressed Damsel: Shows in full during the flashback: when they are running of a volcano eruption, she hurts her ankle and Elcid has to carry her to safety. She even passes out!
  • The Heavy: It's her tournament that sets the Capricorn Anecdote in motion.
  • The Lost Lenore: Her death really affects both Elcid and Felser, specially the latter who fell into a strong depression after her death, which eventually led him into the path of villainy.


Dream God Phobetor


     Chapter Libra 




     Chapter Leo 


Balor Cruiach

Banshee Shelley

     Chapter Virgo 



     Chapter Taurus 

Cor Tauri

A giant man who lives on Crete along with several children he adopted. He is actually a golem created by Daedalus to protect "Europa's Children." Aldebaran enlists his aid to seal away the Gigante Enceladus.


An ancient monster sealed away in Mount Etna.


The elder brother of Typhon, sealed away on Crete.

     Chapter Sagittarius 

Centaur Spectre



     Chapter Gemini (Defteros) 

Jamadhar Ema

Buhj Kokkalo

     Chapter Gemini (Aspros) 

Ursula Walden

  • Aristocrats Are Evil
  • Cain and Abel: She's the Cain to Chris' Abel.
  • Self-Made Orphan: She killed her father with poison.
  • Sibling Rivalry: She really hates her sister Chris for inheriting the family's wealth.
  • Pirate: She descends from a family of pirates. Her introduction also shows her in quite the pirate attire.
  • Take Over the World: She was promised this for her assistance with the Specters.
    • Unwitting Pawn: Then it turns out her sister was the one destined to be a Specter, and she was just played with by Erhart.

Chris Walden

Vampire Erhart

  • All Your Powers Combined: He can merge his techniques with those of the Surplice he stole powers from.
  • Fangs Are Evil: As the Vampire Spectre, he obviously sports a pair.
  • Power Copying: Erhart can steal the powers/techniques of any Surplice nearby, but only if the Surplice in question is not being used at the time.
  • You Have Outlived Your Usefulness: Once he got the Chris' Surplice, he is ready to kill Ursula since she's not needed anymore.

Upyr Leibold

     Chapter Aries 

Aries Avenir

  • The Atoner: Is not guilty of any actual sin per se, but considers himself this for letting his Athena die, and will fight to the bitter end in the 1500s because of guilt and sadness.
  • Early-Bird Cameo: He was one of the four Gold Saints from Sage/Hakurei's time who appeared in Hakurei's Seki Shiki Tenryou Ha.
  • Fish out of Temporal Water: Becomes this as he is thrown from an alternative present to the 1500s.
  • Bad Future: Comes from one where in the present day, Hades WON the Holy War and destroyed the world. This prompted Chronos to send back Avenir and a group of Saints back to the 1500s.
  • Despair Event Horizon: Goes through this as he sees his fellow Gold Saints killed one by one, Athena and the Pope decapitated by a fully awakened Hades, and the Earth destroyed, before going back in time. It is actually SO BAD that Hakurei is afraid that Sion would DIE from the psychic backlash of synchronizing with Avenir's memories.
  • Iron Woobie: With all the crap the guy went through, you really want to give him a hug. Does not make him any less badass though, as the Specters realize quickly.
  • Meaningful Name: Avenir means "Future" in french.
  • Set Right What Once Went Wrong: Is basically given an opportunity by Chronos to do this.
  • Suspiciously Similar Substitute: Gets hit with this as he is transported to the 1500s where Athena's forces just have suffered the loss of THEIR Aries Saint, and think this is too good to be true. This also freaks out Hades' forces to no end.


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