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    The Trix
Click here to see Trix look from Season 6 

A group of three witches who formerly attended Cloudtower school for witches. They are also sisters and descend from the Ancestral Witches, the most powerful and evil of all witches to have ever existed. The Trix were the main antagonist in Season 1 and, in general, the most recurring antagonists of the franchise.

Tropes common to all of them:

  • Absentee Actor: They are seen in all seasons except the fourth.
  • Adaptation Name Change: For the 4Kids dub, their official group name simply becomes "the witches", possibly to avoid confusion with a specific cereal.
  • Aerith and Bob: Darcy can be a real name, unlike her sisters Icy and Stormy.
  • All There in the Manual: According to the comic series, they lived in a realm called "The Ice Kingdom" before the three of them left for Magix in order to become witches.
  • Alpha Bitch: They're essentially Regina George with magical powers. Which is probably why their theme song in the 4Kids dub is called "Mean Girls Rule".
  • Ambition Is Evil: They have a hefty goal to take over the entire Magical Dimension. Including Icy's homeworld, that they actually want to save from the witch that conquered it and is actually the only world they really want.
  • And I Must Scream:
    • In the last episode of the sixth season, they are still inside the Legendarium when Selena locks it for good.
    • Happens again in the Season 7 finale when the Winx send them to Limbo.
  • Arch-Enemy: Are this collectively to the Winx Club, having been their most consistent foes throughout the entire series. The only season where they weren't the main villain or associated with them was Season 4.
  • Bare Your Midriff: Their civillian outfits.
  • Beauty Is Bad: They are as psychopathic, bitchy, and homicidal as they are beautiful. Heck, their hobbies are torturing others for shits and giggles (Mirta, Lucy etc).
  • Big Bad:
    • In Season 1, it's their Evil Plan which drives the plot.
    • As of Season 6, they're back to being the Big Bad. But then it's revealed that they're just the Big Bad Wannabe.
  • Brought to You by the Letter "S": Their witch suits have letter buckles on their chests featuring the first initials of their names.
  • The Bus Came Back: They return in the second movie and in Season 6 as the main antagonists. As of the end of season 6, they are sealed away inside the Legendarium, until Season 7, when Brafilius manages to release them.
  • Card-Carrying Villain: They enjoy hurting others and never refute any assertions that they're evil.
  • Dark Is Evil: As witches they specialize in black magic and curses. Darcy in particular uses darkness.
  • The Determinator: No matter what happens, they will come back to try and achieve their goals.
  • Disproportionate Retribution: Darcy and Stormy both do this to Musa at least once. They also turn Mirta into a pumpkin, and cripple Galatea by shattering her wings when all she wanted to do was try to run away. And Icy sicks witches on Musa for slapping her in the face (which was caused by her bitchiness).
  • Demoted to Dragon: In season 2 to Lord Darkar, season 3 to Valtor, Magical Adventure to the Ancestral Witches, and season 5 to Tritannus.
  • Evil Plan: In their heyday they sought the Dragon Flame to make themselves powerful enough to take over the magic world.
  • Evil Is Petty: They reject one student simply because she looks like Bloom.
  • Excessive Evil Eyeshadow: They even provide the page picture!
  • Fate Worse than Death: How they view Lightrock Monastary.
    • In season 6, they get sealed away in the Legendarium.
    • In season 7, the Winx finally seal them away in a portal leading into limbo outside of time.
  • Femme Fatalons: They have long nails, and Icy can put a notable scratch on ice with them.
  • Freudian Trio:
    • Darcy (Superego). Usually the calmest and most collected of the three.
    • Icy (Ego). In comparison to her sisters, she is more aggressive than Darcy, but calmer than Stormy.
    • Stormy (Id). The most impulsive and violent.
  • Fusion Dance: In the season 2 finale, the three merge together into an even more powerful being.
  • Getting Smilies Painted on Your Soul: They've been subjected to an attempt of doing this. All it accomplished was to make them irredeemable out of trauma and spite.
  • The Glorious War of Sisterly Rivalry: While they usually get along well, they fought for Valtor's attention in season 3.
  • Goth Girls Know Magic: Their wardrobes are quite gothy and they are witches after all.
  • Greater-Scope Villain: In Season 7 after Brafilius gains the Ultimate Power, he ends up releasing the Trix, who then take him so they can claim the power of the wild magic for themselves.
  • Hot Witch: They may be evil witches, but they're also very beautiful (Evil Is Sexy after all).
  • Joker Immunity: Although they've never come close to actually dying, they seem to be masters of returning from impossible situations. They get turned into children at one point, but are their regular ages in their next appearance; they get trapped in an alternate reality in the end of the second season (with the items used to open the portal connecting the Magical Dimension to the one they're trapped in destroyed), but are somehow pulled out between the second and third seasons, with the season three premiere featuring them escaping imprisonment within the FIRST FIVE MINUTES; and in the fifth season, they start out imprisoned underwater without their powers (how they ended up in this situation hasn't been explained yet), and are released and have their powers restored by a prisoner shortly after he meets them. Not to mention that they've outlived a god (Darkar), an immortal (Valtor), and the spirits of their ancient evil ancestors (the Ancient Witches) with seemingly no ill effects except the loss of whatever power boost was given to them by their previous master. It's obvious that the reason for being the only villains that haven't been Killed Off for Real and to appear in multiple seasons is their massive popularity.
  • Karma Houdini: Twice in the comics.
    • In the first, after Darkar's defeat, they get hitted from Laser-Guided Amnesia and regress to pre-season 1 status; so a punishment is considered useless and they return to Cloudtower like normal students.
    • In the second, after Valtor's defeat, two evil professor that want Griffith's place take the Trix under their wing giving them another chance.
  • Kick the Dog: It's basically their hobby when they're not trying to take over everything.
  • Legacy Character: The three of them are descendants of the Three Ancestral Witches (they even share powers and appearance).
  • Put on a Bus: At the end of Season 3, they go back to Lightrock Monastery. They get a cameo in The Stinger of the first movie, and are completely absent during season 4note .
  • Quirky Miniboss Squad: For whichever villain they're currently following.
  • Rapunzel Hair: Icy and especially Darcy as her hair reaches her knees.
  • Same-Sex Triplets: According to Word of God, they are triplets born on the fifth of May. This would later be retconned in season 8.
  • Screw This, I'm Out of Here!:
    • They do this to Valtor in Season 3 before getting arrested in the end.
    • Darcy and Stormy do this to Icy and Tritannus in Season 5 after having been fed up with how they were being treated no better than servants.
  • Spanner in the Works: Their attack on Darkar in Season 2's finale is a major reason the heroes win; they get their asses kicked, but it distracts Darkar long enough for the heroes to come up with a new gameplan.
  • Stripperific: Their "Disenchantix" form in Season 3. They wears swimsuit-like outfits with some sort of color trims, boots and semi-transparent shawls wrapped around their hips with bands around their left mid-thighs.
  • Terrible Trio: During season 3, where they were less competent than before.
  • Theme Naming: Icy has ice based powers and Stormy has wind and lightning based powers. Apparently, Darcy comes from "darkness".
  • Unexplained Recovery: The Trix didn't take it lightly when Darkar turned against them and they fought on the Winx's side during the final battle of season 2. But when the portal to the Realix dimension closed, they just left the Trix behind! A Fate Worse Than Death? They showed up again at the beginning of season 3, but how they got out remains a mystery.
  • Ungrateful Bastard: In the comics. When they were about to die due to their own stupidity, they end up being rescued by the Winx, which they just get angry about.
  • Vile Villain, Laughable Lackey: In Season 3, they work for a serious villain, Valtor, but they themselves become much less serious, bickering amongst themselves and generally losing battles immediately upon engaging the Winx.
  • Villain Decay: Yet again, season 3. They nearly took over Magix in season 1 and generally beat the Winx during season 2. Then season 3 came around and they became barely more than distractions, even losing to Bloom alone. The second movie undid all the damage... and in Season 5, they seem to be almost as dangerous as they were in Season 2.
  • Villainous Breakdown:
    • Experience this in the season 1 finale when Bloom regains her powers; for the first time since they've started their war they show genuine fear.
    • They get a much faster one at the end of season 3: as soon as the guards from Lightrock show up to take them back, Icy and Darcy beg for anything but that, and Stormy faints in terror.
    • Icy gives off a Big "NO!" when Selina locks her, Darcy, and Stormy in the Legendarium.
    • The Trix were kicking and screaming when the Winx summon a portal that forcefully pulled them in with crystal tentacles, locking them in limbo outside of time.
  • Villainous Valor: Say what you want about them, they don't back down from a fight. It's also the very reason they are still villainous and insane, as they were the only ones to resist Lighrock's "healing" long enough to be sprung out at the price of their remaining sanity.
  • Walking Spoiler: Come Season 8, it's retconned that they're not really "sisters", and Icy only has one real sister: Sapphire.


Voiced by: Tatiana Dessi (Italian), Eleanor Noble (RAI English), Lisa Ortiz (4Kids), Larisa Oleynik (Nickelodeon), Julia Martínez (Spanish, series and movies), Graciela Molina (Spanish, Winx Club 3D movie)

She is the eldest one of the Trix sisters. Icy, as one would expect with a name like Icy, has powers of ice and cold, and general freezing powers which starkly contrasts with Bloom's powers deriving from fire. She, as well as her sisters, wish to rule the universe.

Icy's name describes both her literal powers and her personality: cold-hearted. She enjoys torturing fairies and despises Bloom and the Winx. She hasn't a nice bone in her body; while she does want to rule the universe, she is also mean just for the sake of being mean.

In Season 8, her relationship with the Trix is retconned to have only one biological sister, Sapphire, who got turned into a white fox, and came from the planet Dyamond which got cursed by a shamen witch. Since then, Icy made it her goal to find a way to break the curse while simultaneously vowing to become the most powerful witch in the Magic Dimension.

  • Alpha Bitch: When attending Cloudtower, she regularly made fun of other witches and played mean tricks on them, especially Mirta and Lucy.
  • Arch-Enemy: While the Trix is this to the Winx Club as a whole, Icy and Bloom are have a particular enmity. In the final battle of the first season, while the rest of the Winx were fighting Darcy and Stormy, Bloom and Icy had a one-on-one duel, in part to both having the Dragon Flame. In later seasons, Icy has also shown an obsession with killing her, which oftentimes has cost her victory. Even their primary elements are complete opposites of each other in order to parallel their relationship.
  • Big Sister Instinct: Do not touch her sister. Sky and the Winx learn this the hard way. Same with Stormy, who got a stern "What have you done?!" from Icy for almost killing her.
  • Evil Is Deathly Cold: She's one of the most evil characters in the setting.
  • Even Evil Has Standards: She wants to conquer the Magical Dimension in general and planet Dyamond, her homeworld, in particular, not destroy it. Thus in the final episode of season 8 she betrays Valtor the moment she finds out he wants to do just that, leading the Trix into helping the Winx against him. Though she has turned a blind eye towards villains whose plans were explicitly stated to be about destroying the Magical Dimension and still stayed as their ally (ex. Tritannus).
  • Expository Hairstyle Change: In the flashback exploring her retconned backstory in season 8, it shows her hair was initially blonde, but she magically turns it silver-blue to honor her little sister. However, in the season 3 episode The Black Willow's Tears, Icy is turned back into a child and her hair is shown to be naturally silver-blue.
  • Freudian Excuse: In the penultimate episode of season 8, Icy has a backstory retconned for her that shows that an evil witch froze her home planet and turned her sister into a fox. Because of that, Icy wanted to become the most powerful witch of all time to save her sister and her planet.
  • For the Evulz: Icy was so sadistic she was going to drop a horse hanging for dear life on a branch to its death just for her own amusement.
  • Hypocrite: When she was fighting four of the Winx at the same time, she complained about how unfair they were being. Nevermind how she regularly hits people from behind or how she and the other two Trix have ganged up on Bloom numerous times in the past, at least one of those times Bloom wasn't even able to fight back. Tecna calls her out on the hypocrisy, saying a convict like her is in no position to gripe about fighting fair.
  • Hair of Gold, Heart of Gold: Season 8 Retcons that she previously this, until Sapphire was turned into a fox cub. She changed both her hair and her attitude afterwards when she decided to become a witch.
  • Ice Queen: Sorry about that. In the sixth season, she literally becomes (for two episodes) the mythological Snow Queen thanks to Legendarium, a magical artifact.
  • An Ice Person: She has control over creating and destroying ice.
  • In the Back: One of her favorite tactics is to blast someone while they're distracted fighting someone else.
  • Jerkass: When she isn't being completely evil, she can get downright petty when tormenting others.
  • Lady of Black Magic: Cold, feminine, and possessing ice-based magic.
  • Lady Macbeth: To Tritannus in Season 5. While they're not married, she is a massive influence on him, and without her Tritannus probably wouldn't have tried to take over the Infinite Ocean.
  • Love at First Sight: With Tritannus when they meet in the prison of Andros. She likes how Tritannus tried to assassinate his brother in order to become crown prince. Tritannus reciprocates, and the two plot to rule the Magic Dimension together.
  • Nice Job Fixing It, Villain!: In the 2nd movie, her obsession with wanting to kill Bloom became her undoing, as she accidentally destroyed the tree sapling that sealed off all magical power, which restored the Winx's Belivix powers again. Icy's ancestral counterpart was PISSED.
  • Not So Different: In season 8, it's retconned that she's quite similar to a few characters:
    • Like Flora, she has a little sister she very much cares about and would risk her life and (taking into account the whole show) her sanity just to protect her. She also has a thing for quiet and (coldly so) distant boys as shown with Tritannus, paralleling Flora's relationship with the quiet and sensitive Helia (to the point she even flirts with the latter after freezing his heart to make him meaner and bitter).
    • Likewise with Daphne, Icy would do anything just to make sure her little sister is safe and will go at any lengths to do so. Both are even (originally) blondes with Daphne's hair in her Sirenix form resembling Icy's hair as Princess of Dyamond.
    • Finally, she shares a lot of similarities with Bloom. Both started out as powerless and were the princesses of lost kingdoms frozen forever, separated from their families and seeking of a way to reverse an evil witch's spell on their planets as well as freeing their sisters from a curse. Except while Icy ended up becoming a villain over her search for power, Bloom (who only learned of her lineage much later) progressively managed to undo the damage done to her home and family without losing her morals.
  • Retcon: In season 8, Icy is retconned into being the princess of a realm called Dyamond with a little sister named Sapphire, and isn't related to Darcy and Stormy. This, of course, causes a lot of Series Continuity Errors and plot holes.
  • Series Goal: Become powerful enough to rule the Magic Dimension. But in season 8, it's become searching for a power strong enough to save her kingdom Dyamond and lift the curse on her biological sister, Sapphire.
  • Taking the Bullet: For Tritannus when Bloom tries to shoot him at the Pillar of Light. Bloom considers this an Out-of-Character Moment.
  • Threw My Bike on the Roof: She's often a bitch just for the sake of being a bitch.
  • Took a Level in Jerkass: All the Trix, but especially Icy. She gained several levels it's not even funny, such as trying to kill Oritel and Marion after the Trix didn't need them anymore, whereas previously she didn't kill Bloom after stealing her Dragon's Flame. Planned to drop a helpless horse to its death simply for a laugh. Wasn't above killing Macy to get the Lilo as killing a helpless girl would just be an added bonus. Let's face it, Icy thinks committing homicide is funny.
  • True Blue Femininity: Of the Dark Feminine type.
  • Ungrateful Bitch: Icy and Tritannus get curbstomped by the Winx, then get rescued by Darcy and Stormy. Rather than thanking her two sisters for the save, she brushes it off as nothing to be impressed about.
  • Unlucky Childhood Friend: In the comics, once, she falls in love with her old childhood friend, Darko (the son of a wealthy mafia head in Magix). He also has interest for Icy and, if it were not for his father trying to get rid of her, their relationship may have blossomed into something more serious.
  • Used to Be a Sweet Kid: In the backstory season 8 retconned for her, she used to be nice until her home world was taken over and sister was turned into a fox cub.
  • Villainous Widow's Peak: to indicate her Bitchiness.


Voiced by: Federica de Bortoli (Italian), Carrie Finlay (Cinélume), Caren Manuel (4Kids), Jennifer Cody (Nickelodeon), Silvia Sarmentera (Spanish)

She is the second Trix sister. Darcy's powers are more versatile than those of her sisters, able to perform various miscellaneous spells, such as self-replication. She, as well as her sisters, wish to rule the universe.

Darcy is evil, but unlike Icy, she tends to be mean to get what she wants, and not just because she can. Darcy understands human emotion better than Icy and Stormy do, but generally uses her understanding to manipulate others: certainly not to help anyone. Darcy is also more prone than her sisters to getting a crush on a guy, though fortunately, she does not go absolutely nuts. But if a cute guy can be of use to Darcy and her sisters, she certainly would not mind.

  • Arch-Enemy:
    • Has one in Stella, as she is light and Darcy is darkness.
    • In season 1 her archenemy was Musa, but this was later transferred to Stormy.
  • Badass Biker: Is surprisingly good at riding motercycles. In a competitive race no less.
  • Bitch in Sheep's Clothing: Darcy is quite good at this. In first season, after seemingly saving Riven's life, she deliberately acts sweet and cutesy (she even says "My name's Darcy" while giving a big cutesy smile that make her two psychopathic sisters disgusted). Next episode, she's back to being a seductive and evil bitch who attempts to commit homicide against her rival for Riven. The latter gets worse in the 4Kids dub, as while in the original she likes Riven in that dub she only sees him as a tool, and yet still wants to murder Musa just for liking him.
  • Brainy Brunette: She's very knowledgeable on miscellaneous spells and was one of the best students at Cloudtower. Has long brown hair.
  • Brilliant, but Lazy: She's shown to actually have more powers than she usually uses... But normally sticks to illusions and telekinesis.
  • Casting a Shadow: Darkness (the absence of light) is one of her specialties.
  • Conspicuous Gloves: Many of her outfits include one or two gloves.
  • Even Evil Has Loved Ones:
    • In the comic version, she displayed worry when Icy and Stormy disappeared in a scientist's time machine and actually resorted to informing Griffin about it in order to bring them back home.
    • She doesn't seem to trust Tritannus very much and begins to think that Icy is becoming a different person since joining.
  • The Fashionista: Darcy is a great fashionista. For the sake of a new dress, she can even forget about her insidious schemes.
  • Forgot About Her Powers:
    • Early on in the first season, she showed Super Strength. She never used it again.
    • In season 3 she showed the ability to create fires that not even Bloom can put out (and didn't come from Valtor, as he had given an incendiary power to Icy). This was never referenced again.
  • Four Eyes, Zero Soul: Her civilian outfit includes a pair of yellow-tinted glasses.
  • The Glasses Gotta Go: In her witch outfit, she ditches the yellow-framed glasses she wears in her regular clothes.
  • Graceful Ladies Like Purple: A variation. She's indeed poised, collected and less prone to hissy fits than her sisters. But she's just as much of a bitch.
  • Healing Hands: Yes, as shown when Riven gets in a bike crash (courtesy of her sisters) and she saves his life this way.
  • Hidden Depths: According to a Russian Winx Club magazine Darcy loves to sew teddy bears of a poisonous green color.
  • Hypnotic Eyes: Can hypnotize others, though depending on the spell, she might not need eye contact to do so.
  • In the Back: Uses teleportation to get behind people and blast them.
  • Jedi Mind Trick: To manipulate Riven in season 1. He certainly isn't under Mind Controlnote  , but she does use magic on him.
  • Kick the Dog: Impersonating Flora's sister to get the third prime star is seen as cruel even by her standards
  • Lady of Black Magic: She's graceful and provocative and uses darkness and mind-based magic.
  • Manipulative Bitch: With less outright power than her sisters, she relies more on trickery to confront the Winx. In general she is very manipulative.
  • Master of Illusion: Her other specialty, whether it be creating clones of herself or making others see something that isn't there.
  • Mind Control: She also has been seen to have hypnotic powers.
  • Mind Rape: She can kill with this. Musa's still traumatized from when Darcy tried it with her.
  • Odd Name Out: Darcy is the only member of the Trix with a normal girl's name.
  • Pet the Dog: When she impersonates Flora's sister she simply knocks her out rather than kill her despite having the power to do so.
  • Red Oni, Blue Oni: Darcy is the blue to Icy and Stormy's reds.
  • Shapeshifter: She can make herself look like a different person, like when she turned into Stella in season 1 episode 5.
  • Smart People Wear Glasses: She wears Glasses in her civilian form and is the smartest member of the Trix
  • Token Good Teammate: In season 1 she has this dynamic with her sisters, being not quite as evil and taking care to save Riven's life when her sisters cause him to crash with his bike (and manipulating him into a Face–Heel Turn, but at least he was alive and well). She also leaves Flora's sister alive after knocking her out. This goes away after Season 1, as she becomes just as evil as her sisters, with no hint of any redeeming qualities.
  • The Vamp: To Riven in Season 1. However she seemed genuinely attracted to Riven even while she was manipulating him.


Voiced by: Valeria Vidali (Italian), Sarah McCullough (season 1 to third episode of season 3), Anik Matern (after third episode of season 3) (Cinélume), Suzy Myres (4Kids), Kimberly Brooks (Nickelodeon), Miriam Valencia (Spanish, series and movies), Geni Rey (Spanish, Winx Club 3D movie)

She's the youngest of the sisters. She has powers over storms and weather, which should come as a surprise to no one. She, as well as her sisters, wish to rule the universe.

Stormy is forever grumpy, very quick to anger, and overall less mature than her sisters. She would be completely lost without her sisters, though Stormy herself tends to believe herself to be the most important in the sisters' attempt to control the universe. Stormy also has a very bad temper, and when she gets angry, she is likely to set ablaze whatever happens to be around, living or nonliving.

  • A Day in the Limelight: In the season 2 episode "The Show Must Go on". This is the only episode where Stormy goes solo while Icy and Darcy do not appear.
  • Anime Hair: Her hair is rather frizzy and shaped like a cloud.
  • Arch-Enemy: Stormy has a rivalry with Musa during Season 2 when the fairy battles her at Alfea.
  • Ax-Crazy: When she goes on a rampage.
  • Blow You Away: Destructive tornadoes are some of her main attacks.
  • Dark Action Girl: More likely to let her emotions get the better of her and lacks Icy's planning and Darcy's scheming.
  • Drama Queen: When she's irritated, she makes it very well known.
  • Hair-Trigger Temper: She is the most hot-tempered of the group and is prone to violent outbursts.
  • Hidden Depths: Is entirely capable of forming evil plans on her own initiative when motivated. And as Season 8 show's she's an INCREDIBLY talented dancer, winning at least 5 competitions in a row.
  • Lady of Black Magic: Although to a much lesser extent than her sisters, Stormy is rather flirtatious and her magical powers based on wind and lightning have proven to be on, more than one occasion, the most destructive and offensively powerful.
  • Leeroy Jenkins: She often does not think before she does something, which can often lead them to dangerous consequences.
  • Out-of-Character Moment: Due to Valtor placing an opposite spell on her as a demonstration, which caused her to act all happy and giddy.
  • Power of the Storm: Her main powers all come from her weather abilities.
  • Psycho Electro: Lightning is her other main attack and she is the most unstable member of the Trix.
  • Quirky Curls: While Icy and Darcy have long straight hair, Stormy's hair is puffy, like it's stored with static electricity. Fit with her storm powers.
  • She Cleans Up Nicely: In season 2 when she had to disguise herself as a Fairy, so she can sneak the concert at Red Fountain. In this disguise, Stormy's hair is straight and brown and she wears a different look (blue sweater, indigo skirt and red socks). She is so gorgeous that Brandon, oblivious to her true identity, tries to flirt with her.
  • Shock and Awe: Thanks to her weather powers, she can summon lightning bolts, and send out electrical shocks that can stun and possible immobilize the enemy.
  • You Gotta Have Blue Hair: Her purple hair heavily stands out.

    Lord Darkar/The Shadow Phoenix
Voiced by: Fabrizio Temperini (Italian), Harry Standjofski (RAI English), Jason Griffith (4Kids), Michael Dorn (Nickelodeon), Luis Vicente Ivars (Spanish)

The main villain of season 2.

  • Badass Baritone: In the Nickelodeon version.
  • Big Bad: Season 2.
  • Black Eyes of Evil: They even twinkle red when he's excited.
  • Card-Carrying Villain: He doesn't have much motivation other than power and control. He also enjoys tormenting people, such as the pixies or the real Avalon.
  • Cool Pet: Kerborg, a bat-like shadow creature that fly around the castle in swarms. He is Lord Darkar's personal pet.
  • Dark Is Evil: His name, powers, and appearance leave little to the imagination. Justified, he is the polar opposite of the the Great Dragon (that is a source of light, life and energy).
  • Demonic Possession: His backstory in the 4Kids dub.
  • Does This Remind You of Anything?: When he has Bloom strapped to a stone bed with her legs wide open and is standing over her, there is one angle the scene is shot from that arguably makes it look like he's about to rape her.
  • Eviler Than Thou: After he decides he doesn't need the Trix and they preform a Fusion Dance to fight him, he still defeats them.
  • Evil Laugh: All the time whenever he's about to complete a scheme.
  • Evil Overlord: He has a castle, plenty of minions, and is very powerful, though he never controls anything beyond his fortress.
  • Evil Plan: Break into the three schools for Plot Coupons to reach the ultimate power.
  • Killed Off for Real: At the end of season 2. In the 4Kids dub, he's simply sent back to his own dimension.
  • Knight of Cerebus: He is much smarter than the Trix and goes onto successfully get the Plot Coupons for the season either through the Trix or thanks to his own schemes.
  • Make My Monster Grow: Used on Kerbog several times.
  • Manipulative Bastard: After the Pixies he captured refused to give up the location of their village, he let them escape and hit them with a homesickness spell so they would lead him there.
  • Mind Control: Uses this on Bloom twice turning her into Dark Bloom. In Nickelodeon, he only did this once.
  • Names to Run Away from Really Fast: Darkar is not a name that inspires thoughts of happy places.
  • Near-Villain Victory: He was seconds from obtaining the power of the Realix when Bloom broke free from his control and hijacked the Realix power.
  • No Name Given: Throughout the fourth Nickelodeon special, he is always referred to as "The Shadow Phoenix" or just "the Phoenix".
  • Obviously Evil: Looks about as evil as one can get. Lampshaded and parodied in this commercial for the 4Kids dub.
  • Orcus on His Throne: Despite his power he prefer to rely on his underlings for plans.
  • The Phoenix: His true form is a giant phoenix-like creature.
  • Spikes of Villainy: All around his body.
  • Villainous Breakdown: Loses it when Bloom is restored, trying to kill her and the rest of the Winx with fire.
  • You Have Out Lived Your Usefulness: After he corrupts Bloom and is able to enter Realix, he decides he doesn't need the Trix anymore.

Voiced by: Guido Di Naccio (Italian), Cedric Kühle (RAI English), Sean Schemmel (4Kids), Josh Keaton (Nickelodeon), Luis Vicente Ivars (Spanish)

The main villain from season 3. He has a strong connection with Bloom, since he has the same power as she, and fought against her parents in the past. A member of the Ancient Witch Coven. Returns in Season 8

  • Back from the Dead: In Season 8.
  • Badass Longcoat: Part of his primary outfit, which he rarely takes off.
  • Big Bad: Season's 3 and 8.
  • Casting a Shadow: He used darkness magic he stole to neutralize Flora's nature powers.
  • Dark Is Evil: He was created by the Ancestral Witches and represents a darker part of the Dragon Flame.
  • Dub Name Change: On 4kids, his name is changed to Baltor.
  • Elemental Powers: Gains the Spell of the Elements, the strongest spells in the universe.
  • Killed Off for Real: At the end of season 3, thanks to Bloom extinguishing his fire. Until season 8 retcons this and brings him back as the Big Bad.
  • Last Villain Stand: Near his end, he is humiliated by the Winx, loses most of the spells he stole, is abandoned by the Trix, and is nearly crushed by all the water of Lake Roccaluce. He survives and kidnaps the Specialists in order to lure the Winx to Andros and kill them with his last stolen spell, the Spell of the Elements. He ends up losing that and then loses control of his body to the Ancestral Witches before Bloom finishes him off.
  • Manipulative Bastard: He's very good at pushing people's buttons and making them do what benefits him.
  • Mind Control: One of his primary powers is to put his mark on anyone and make them his minion.
  • Not Quite Dead: His death in season 3 is retconned when he's brought back in Season 8, changing it so he wasn't really destroyed when Bloom extinguished his fire.
  • One-Winged Angel: His demon form.
  • Superpower Lottery: A definate winner thanks to the various powers he aquires over the course of the series.
  • Troll: Valtor never hesitates to taunt Bloom at every opportunity in order to make her an easy target to kill.
  • Villain Decay: He grew less confident about himself even as he was well on his way to becoming the most powerful sorcerer in the Magic Dimension. When the Winx got the Water Stars he tried to avoid direct fights and loss much of his intelligence when he went One-Winged Angel.
  • Villainous Breakdown: Experiences this over the course of several episodes, culminating in the penultimate episode. He was growing disillusioned about how he was still on the run even with all his power and started to see a repeat of his defeat by the Company of Light when the Trix kept getting beat.
  • Villains Never Lie: He claims to Bloom that he killed Oritel and Marion. Later he says to her that he absorbed them both into his body. Bloom initially believes him both times. He lied both times. The Three Ancestral Witches locked them up in the Obsidian Dimension.
  • We Can Rule Together: To Bloom at the end of season 3. He said they could join forces to defeat the Three Ancestral Witches and take take the knowledge of all the planets for themselves. Bloom refuses.
  • You Have Outlived Your Usefulness: Subverted; when he makes deals with Diaspro and Chimera he keeps his end of the bargain.

Voiced by: Cinzia De Carolis (Italian)

The last surviving member of the Ancient Witch Coven, and one of the main antagonists of the first movie.

    The Fairy Hunters/Wizards of the Black Circle
Voiced by: Ogron: Patrizio Prata (Italian), Terence Scammel (RAI English), Yuri Lowenthal (Nickelodeon); Gantlos: Christian Iansante (Italian), Mark Camacho (RAI English), Charlie Schlatter (Nickelodeon); Anagan: Andrea Lavagnino (Italian), Thor Bishopric (RAI English), Bumper Robinson (Nickelodeon); Duman: Davide Lepore (Italian), Simon Peacock (RAI English), Josh Keaton (Nickelodeon)

The main villains for season 4. Long ago, they acquired the ability to resist fairy magic and this allowed them to steal all the magic from Earth. They are currently after Roxy who is the last fairy of Earth. They absorb magic and defeat fairies by plucking off their wings. There are four of them; called Ogron, Gantlos, Anagan and Duman.

  • Badass in Charge: Ogron is the leader and the most powerful of the other wizards of the black circle. He is capable of firing powerful dark magical blasts, creating magical shields, teleportation, telekinesis, and power bestowal (capable of turning Mitzi and her friends into dark fairies).
  • Big Bad: They are the main antagonists of Season 4.
  • Casting a Shadow: They all have at least some shadow powers.
  • Curb-Stomp Battle: In their first introduction, they defeat the Winx easily.
  • Dark Is Evil: Wizards of the Black Circle after all, and unlike the Trix they aren't given any humanizing moments.
  • Energy Absorption: Ogron's primary power, which he can then send right back at whoever just attacked him.
  • Evil Redhead: Ogron has wavy, shoulder-length red hair and a red goatee.
  • Evil Plan: Like previous big bads, they want more power. Their plan involves finding all the earth fairies, imprisoning them, and using their magic to empower themselves.
  • Four Is Death: Four members instead of the three of the Trix. They're also the cause of the first heroic death in the series. With Duman's, death they're down to three members though.
  • Four-Temperament Ensemble: Ogron is Choleric. Gantlos is Phlegmatic. Anagan is Melancholic. Duman is Sanguine.
  • Heel–Face Mole: In the latter half of season 4, the wizards feign surrender and ask the Winx for protection against the wrath of the Earth fairies. This turns out to be a ruse to get closer to Queen Morgana and absorb her powers.
  • Imposter Forgot One Detail: Duman shapeshifted as Riven approaches Musa, telling her they should regroup with the others. Musa agrees, then blasts him back, revealing who he is. When the real Riven asked Musa how she knew that wasn’t him, she replied she knows what he’s like; he doesn’t like working in groups.
  • Interim Villain: The Trix are the main villains in the first season, and they're still major villains in seasons 2 and 3. They're absent in season 4, and the Wizards take over their role as the primary enemies of the Winx. After they're beaten, the Trix make a return in season 5.
  • Kick the Dog: Purposefully waste the gift of life on a small flower just to spite Nabu. It manages to be both grandiose and hilariously dickish at the same time.
  • Killed Off for Real: Duman dies at Nabu's hands, while the other three are merely imprisoned in the Omega Dimension.
  • Killed Mid-Sentence: Duman, already sick and delirious, is rambling that he wants to live when Nabu kills him.
  • Knight of Cerebus: The first (and thankfully only so far) villains to permanently kill of a hero.
  • Last Stand: After failing to capture the fairies in the Dark Abyss, Ogron, Gantlos, and Anagan run to the Omega Dimension to hide. When they're followed, Anagan wants to surrender, but Ogron decides to take on the fairies even though they're outnumbered and low on magic. They end up frozen and stuck in Omega for their efforts.
  • Make Me Wanna Shout: Gantlos is able to conjure sound waves similar to those of Musa's, but are stronger, as well as seismic waves that can create a strong.
  • Nice Hat: Gantlos. He wears a hat over his shoulder-length blond hair.
  • Power Incontinence: Duman got sick after the Earth Fairies were freed and was unable to control his powers, constantly transforming into other forms. It almost killed him, had Nabu not done him in first.
  • Scary Black Man: Anagan.
  • Shapeshifter: Duman is able to transform into animals, and usually spies on the Winx in the bird form. He can also take the form of others, such as Brandon, Helia, and Klaus.
  • Shockwave Clap: Gantlos' main attack.
  • Super Speed: Anagan.
  • Too Dumb to Live: Duman. He announced their final plan to capture back Earth Fairies before a guy who can teleport and disintegrate things while his pals were powerless in the hands of The Fair Folk, then, while seriously ill, attacked said guy, who had tried to heal him for a few episodes and had just understood how. Less than a minute later, Nabu disintegrated him.

    The Three Ancestral Witches
Belladonna voiced by: Ludovica Marineo and Monica Migliori (Italian), Anik Matern (Cinélume), Grey Griffin (Nickelodeon)
Liliss voiced by: Paola Giannetti and Pasquale Anselmo Italian, Candi Milo (Nickelodeon)
Tharma voiced by: Graziella Polesinanti and Cinzia Villari (Italian), Laraine Newman (Nickelodeon)

According to some, these women were the very first witches who ever existed, and rumors were that they were the most powerful being in the entire universe. They attacked Domino when Bloom was a baby, and reduced it to a frozen wasteland, but they were killed in the process.

  • Big Bad: Secret of the Lost Kingdom and Magical Adventure
  • Death by Origin Story: They were apparently killed during the attack on Domino, though they could still live on as spirits.
  • Demonic Possession: They possess the Trix in the climax of Magical Adventure.
  • Greater-Scope Villain: Being responsible for the destruction of Domino, they are the cause of many of the series' problems. The Trix take over their role to conquer the magical universe, and Valtor was their creation and servant. At the end of season 3, they attempt to directly control Valtor to their will, but he's killed before he can do anything. They become more involved in the movies.
  • Our Ghosts Are Different: Ghosts that can possess just about anyone to use as temporary bodies.
  • Posthumous Character: During season 1 when they were thought gone, until season 3 revealed they were still around.
  • Sadistic Choice: Attempt to pull this on Bloom at the end of the first movie, but it doesn't work
  • Ultimate Evil: Some of the oldest evil beings in the Magic Dimension and the (metaphorical) mothers of all witches.
  • Wicked Witch: So far, the only examples close to this trope in the whole series.
  • What Happened to the Mouse?: Haven't been mentioned since Magical Adventure, and since it's pretty dubious that film is canon, where the hell have they been since Secret of the Lost Kingdom?

Voiced by: Alberto Bognanni (Italian), Adam Wylie (Nickelodeon)

A mermaid prince who is the main villain of Season 5. After his twin brother Nereus is chosen by their father Neptune to become the next king of the seas, Tritannus made an attempt to assassinate Nereus during the coronation ceremony. Tritannus failed, and was sent to prison. After meeting with the Trix, the oil from an oil spill on Earth makes it into the prison. Absorbing it, Tritannus mutates into a monster and uses his new powers to break himself and the Trix out of prison. Tritannus is also Aisha's cousin.

  • Back Handed Apology: After he is defeated and stripped of his powers, the monarchs of Andros condemn him before asking if Tritannus had anything to say in his defense or had any remorse for what he's done. He replies he's only sorry he didn't kill them all when he had the chance.
  • Big Bad: Season 5.
  • Cain and Abel: He's the Cain, though he eventually settles for just turning his brother into one of his mermaid minions.
  • Driven by Envy: He is jealous of his twin brother's popularity and lock on the throne. As such, he attempts to assassinate Nereus. When this fails, he retaliates by trying to conquer the whole Magic Dimension, brainwashing Nereus in the process.
  • The Evil Prince: He considers himself a far better candidate to be king than Nereus.
  • Evil Twin: He looks almost identical to his twin brother Nereus.
  • Informed Attribute: Is described as the greatest threat to the magical dimension, despite coming off as more of a petulant child.
  • It's All About Me: He believes he and he alone is worthy of ruling Neptune's kingdom, which is why he didn't take it well when his brother was elected to rule. Now, he believes he's the only one worthy to rule the Infinite Oceans.
  • Large Ham: Always does evil things with such grandiose.
  • Love at First Sight: With Icy when the two meet in the prison of Andros. He feels that Icy is the only one who understands him and his lust for power. Icy reciprocates, and the two plot to rule the Magic Dimension together.
  • Our Mermaids Are Different
  • Prongs of Poseidon: His trident is his primary weapon, indicating his evilness. He uses it to attack, block attacks, and brainwash people.
  • Superpowered Evil Side: His mutant form, sort of.
  • The Unapologetic: After being defeated and stripped of his powers, Tritannus had absolutely no remorse for all he had done to his family and everyone else, only saying he was sorry he didn't kill them all when he had the chance.
  • The Unfavorite: His father certainly seems dismissive of him, even before his Face–Heel Turn.

    Selina and Acheron 

Voiced by: Eleonora Reti (Italian), Jessica DiCicco (Nickelodeon)

Selina is a freshman witch student at Cloud Tower in Season 6, and the keeper of the Legendarium, an ancient book with the power to summon horrifying monsters. Once the Trix took over Cloud Tower, she works under their employ as their latest weapon against the Winx.

  • '80s Hair: Her hair certainly has a lot of volume to it...
  • Dark Magical Girl: Of the summoning type.
  • Dragon with an Agenda: To the Trix. Unknown to them, she is actually in collusion with Acheron.
  • Easily Forgiven: Subverted. Bloom forgives her but the others don't trust her until she releases all the magic the Trix have gathered.
  • Entitled Bastard: After Selina releases Acheron, she was shocked that he planned to kill her and everyone else so he'd be the sole ruler of the Magic Dimension. In short, Acheron was just using Selina to do his bidding and now he no longer needs her. Selina immediately begs the Winx for help, despite everything she did to them throughout the season.
  • Evil Former Friend: She and Bloom were best friends for most of their adolescence. A part of Bloom's Heroic BSoD in season 6 is wondering what the hell happened to make Selina become evil.
  • Fallen Hero: It is revealed that Selina once learned under Eldora, a fairy godmother. She was then tempted by the promise of power by Acheron and thus changed her alignment from potential fairy to full-fledged witch.
  • For the Evulz: Selina really had no reason to attempt to traumatize Bloom by using their past friendship to get close and trick her into accidentally killing Flora other than to be a complete bitch.
  • Heel–Face Turn: The first major villain to do so.
  • Jerkass: While studying under Eldora and finding the Legendarium, she became this. Selina just decides to follow Acheron of her own free will because she wanted to get power fast, cutting off everyone who ever gave a damn about her without explanation (Eldora, her family, her friends, Bloom).
  • Manipulative Bastard: Selina nearly tricked Bloom into giving Flora a lethal poison.
  • My God, What Have I Done?: After Selina released Acheron, she soon realized that Bloom had been right about him and that he was just using her all along. She was forced to flee and get the Winx's help.
  • Opportunistic Bastard: It is quite hinted that Selina is only going along with the Trix to increase her own powers so as to free Acheron, therefore it is highly possible the two have their own agendas differing from the Trix.
  • Only the Chosen May Wield: She was the one who opened the Legendarium and therefor is the only one who can lock it.
  • Summon Magic: Selina's powers is based on this using the Legendarium, a magical book. His keeper can summon any number of wild creatures from the book just by reading it out loud.
  • The Mole: Selina uses her past friendship with Bloom to infiltrate the group, and almost succeeds in causing Bloom to unknowingly kill Flora.
  • Walking Spoiler: A major one.
  • We Used to Be Friends: With Bloom. It's implied that at least a small part of her still misses that friendship despite being on opposite sides of the conflict.
  • You Gotta Have Blue Hair: She has green hair.

Voiced by: Marco Bassetti (Italian), Sam Riegel (Nickelodeon)

Acheron is a dark wizard residing in the Legendarium and is the true person behind Selina. He was the one who granted Selina power in exchange for working to free him from the book.

  • Chekhov's Gunman: He was briefly seen as a page in the Legendarium early on.
  • The Corrupter: To Selina. She was a good girl who has learned under Eldora, a fairy godmother, until Acheron told her that she must work for him, and he will give her extraordinary powers and help her harness her powers in controlling the book.
  • Deal with the Devil: Acheron promises Selina incredible power as long as she follows his orders.
  • Greater-Scope Villain: Of season six.
  • Sealed Evil in a Can: He's trapped in the Legendarium. Later he's sealed within a box which is in turn sealed with the Legendarium and given to Rumplestiltskin.
  • You Have Outlived Your Usefulness: After Selina released him from the Legendarium, he considers her as expendable and tries to kill her, much to her shock.

    Kalshara and Brafilius 

Voiced by: Emilia Costa (Italian), Eileen Stevens (Du Art)

Kalshara is the main antagonist in Season 7. She seeks the Fairy Animal containing the ultimate power and goes on a quest to capture them all to fuel her strength.

  • Alpha Bitch: Was hinted to be one during her time as a former classmate with Faragonda at Alfea many years ago.
  • Animorphism: She can shapeshift into various animals.
  • Big Bad: Of season seven.
  • Body Wipe: Her shapeshifting is initiated by the camera zooming into her eye which shows a silhouette of the animal she's turning into.
  • Cat Girl: Her slitted eyes and leopard-like tail and fur qualify her.
  • Cats Are Mean: She's got more motivation for evil than her dog-like brother.
  • Disney Villain Death: Her ultimate fate in the season 7 finale, falling into the dark abyss and never to be seen again.
  • Enemy Mine: Kalshara makes a temporary truce with the Winx in order to stop the Trix, who have taken Brafilius prisoner since he contained the Ultimate Power of the Fairy Animals.
  • Evil Former Friend: Of Faragonda. It's revealed the two were classmates and roommates in their days at Alfea.
  • Face Palm: Whenever witnessing Brafilius's idiocy and incompetence.
  • Shapeshifter: Can turn into many kinds of creatures.
  • Surrounded by Idiots: How she feels with Brafilius as her only ally.
  • Was Once a Man: Used to be a fairy student of Alfea.

Voiced by: Carlo Scipioni (Italian), Marc Thompson (Du Art)

Brafilius is Kalshara's brother who isn't very good at casting spells.

  • Dogs Are Dumb: He's a dog-person to Kalshara's Cat Girl, and he's a bumbler.
  • The Dog Bites Back: Once the Jewel of Ultimate Power was in their possession, Brafilius takes it for himself as he was finally fed up with Kalshara's bad treatment of him. He uses his newfound powers to summon the most powerful Fairy Animals. Unfortunately, this had also brought back the Trix...
  • The Dragon: To his sister Kalshara.
  • Expy: Of Barf the mawg.
  • Fat Idiot: He's pudgy and doesn't usually remember his spells.
  • Nice Hat: What he uses for a majority of his powers.
  • Vile Villain, Laughable Lackey: Brafilius is a bumbling, comical villain, especially when juxtaposed next to his much more serious sister. He later has this dynamic with the Trix, as well.
  • Was Once a Man: Like his sister, he used to be human.

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