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All spoilers on this page, including Late-Arrival Spoilers for Avengers: Infinity War, are left unmarked. You Have Been Warned!

Pre-Release Theories

     In Story Guesses 
Guesses for the individuals involved in the big brawl with Loads and Loads of Characters
Presume that this takes place after the characters wiped out by Thanos have been revived, or maybe that Time Travel is in effect.

  • Forces of Good
    • The Avengers
      • Captain America/Nomad
      • Iron Man
      • Thor
      • The Hulk
      • Black Widow
      • Hawkeye/Ronin
      • Scarlet Witch
      • Quicksilver
      • The Vision
      • The Falcon
      • Spider-Man/Iron Spider
      • War Machine
    • S.H.I.E.L.D.
      • Nick Fury
      • Maria Hill
      • Phil Coulson
      • Ant-Man
      • The Wasp
      • Hank Pym
      • Janet Van Dyne
    • Sorcerers
      • Doctor Strange
      • Wong
      • Mordo
    • Wakanda
      • Black Panther
      • Shuri
      • Okoye
      • Nakia
      • M'Baku
      • W'Kabi
    • Guardians of the Galaxy/Cosmic Heroes
      • Peter Quill/Star-Lord
      • Gamora
      • Drax the Destroyer
      • Rocket
      • Groot
      • Mantis
      • Nebula
      • Kraglin
      • Captain Marvel
      • Valkyrie
      • Korg
      • Miek
      • Loki
      • Lady Sif
      • The Warriors Three
      • Rhomann Dey
      • Howard the Duck
      • Hela Odinsdottir
    • New Superheroes (presuming new supers have risen during the Time Skip)
      • Ms. Marvel
      • Silk
      • Stature
      • Spider-Man (Miles Morales)
      • Yellowjacket (Eric O'Grady)
      • Nova
      • White Tiger
      • Brother Voodoo
      • Marc Spector/Moon Knight
    • Defenders
      • Daredevil
      • Jessica Jones
      • Luke Cage
      • Iron Fist
      • Punisher
      • Misty Knight
      • Elektra
    • Others
      • Cloak
      • Dagger
      • Jossed; Russos have confirmed no Netflix/TV characters.
  • Forces of Evil
    • Thanos
    • Crossbones
      • Jossed for Crossbones; Frank Grillo confirmed he's only appearing in a flashback
    • Red Skull and HYDRA
    • Ultron and his Ultron Drones
    • Ronan and the Sakaarans
    • Malekith the Accursed and the Dark Elves
    • Hela and the Undead Asgardians
    • Dormammu
    • Ulysses Klaue
    • Proxima Midnight
    • Corvus Glaive
    • Cull Obsidian
    • Ebony Maw
    • Supergiant
    • The Chitauri
    • The Outriders
    • The Skrulls

They will time travel to the end of the last film.
To stop Thanos from snapping his fingers.

Carol Danvers will be the Big Damn Hero who turns the tide for the remaining Avengers against Thanos
Avengers: Infinity War's stinger has Nick Fury using some sort of transponder to send a distress signal to Captain Marvel before he disintegrates. It's more than likely that Carol will return to help rally the heroes, possibly even being able to easily kick Thanos's ass without breaking a sweat.

Adult Cassie is a time traveller
Either that or they end up going to her future.
  • Or there's a permanent Time Skip after Infinity War.
    • Given Kevin Feige's comments where he claims the movie will be Spiritual Successor to one of Star Trek: TNG's most beloved time travel based episodes, and the leaked images, and that it'd be kind of convoluted to make over five years pass in the span of one actual year in real life, it seems that time travel is more likely.

The heroes who were wiped out will be brought back via the Time Stone or other means... but at a heavy price.
The original Avengers (Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk, Thor, Black Widow and Hawkeye) will sacrifice their lives to do so. As such, they will effectively pass the torch to the others.
  • Building on this, the heroes will find that the price for obtaining the Soul Stone is the same price for resurrection: a life for a life. Each hero will elect to save someone who died prematurely, at the cost of their own life. Iron Man could save Spider-Man, Captain America could save Bucky, etc.
    • Especially foreshadowed because Cap told Vision in Infinity War: "we don't trade lives."
  • Alternatively, only some of them do this instead of all of them (after all, it's looking like they're finally seriously considering to a Black Widow film).
    • It's been confirmed that the rumored Black Widow film is a prequel. This means Black Widow could still die.

HYDRA took over America shortly after the snap, and will serve as this movie's Starter Villain
In the fallout of the snap, HYDRA will seize the opportunity and take over America (or maybe even the world...?). With the public disillusioned with the Avengers after their catastrophic failure, they'll weaponize the Sokovia Accords and the heroes will become fugitives. It'll be a nice and poetic end cap for Steve Rogers' character arc, and the final defeat of HYDRA will galvanize support for the Avengers in their final mission.
  • Unlikely as thanks to SHIELD and the Avengers, HYDRA's numbers have dwindled considerately. Plus it would be likely any remaining numbers have suffered through the Snap as well so they would be in no position to try and take advantage of the Snap.

Someone will use the Infinity Gauntlet to ressurect All the heroes killed by Thanos's Badass Finger Snap
And this will FINALLY give them an excuse to have someone say, "Avengers Assemble!" in time for their final battle.
  • It will be Cap, hoisting his shield in one hand and snapping his fingers — wearing the gauntlet — with the other.
  • Someone still alive will say "Avengers", and as another hero is resurrected they'll finish it with "Assemble!"
  • Cap will say the phrase as his Famous Last Words.

The opening scene will be a Call-Back to the opening of Infinity War
Specifically, instead of playing the usual triumphant fanfare over the opening Vanity Plate, there will be audio of Aunt May frantically calling Peter asking him what's going on and if he's okay.

Gamora is in the Soul Stone
The reason why only one sacrifice is needed to obtain the stone, and why its a killing sacrifice, is because the victim's soul ends up in the stone. This will allow Gamora to return without hitting a Reset Button for her.

     New Characters 
The film will properly introduce the Cosmic Entities into the setting
After being hinted at in previous movies — including Guardians of the Galaxy, which showed a mural of four of them creating the Infinity Stones in the first place — we'll finally be introduced to some of the cosmic forces that influence the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Characters such as...
  • Death
  • Entropy
  • Eternity
  • Infinity
  • Lord Chaos
  • Master Order
  • Mistress Love
  • Sire Hate
  • Kronos
  • The Celestials
  • The Living Tribunal
  • The One-Above-All
  • This is unlikely, simply because, at this point, it would add further complications to an already pretty complex plot. It also dilutes Thanos' pathos by overshadowing his real, human beliefs in the necessity of the Culling by making it just part of the machinations of higher-dimensional beings.

Death will make her MCU debut in this film.
Given her relationship with Thanos in the comics, it makes some sense to bring her in at a point before the end. More than likely, she'll be involved in reviving the heroes who were reduced to ash as a result of the end of Infinity War.
  • Or she'll be with Thanos the whole time on that farm until the heroes arrive and nobody else can see or hear her, revealing her to be a hallucination.

Alternatively, Death will never make an MCU debut.
Death's primary role in the comic was to serve as the foundation of Thanos' madness, his defining villainous trait — he was "The Mad Titan" because his obsession with wooing "Lady Death" led him to engage in slaughter and sadism on a cosmic scale. But the MCU version of Thanos already has a believable and established rationale behind his madness; the trauma he underwent as being the last survivor of Titan, his inability to move on from his grief and his fanatical clinging to a singular theory on how it could have been prevented regardless of any evidence otherwise. Adding Death wouldn't help him - if anything, it'd hurt him, as it'd undermine all of his previous characterization, it would look sloppy and tacked on, and it would confuse the audience. Frankly, after so many films where they had the chance to mention Lady Death, if she hasn't appeared yet, she's never going to appear.


Candidates for the title:
    • Veeery cool
  • Avenge Us
  • Avengers Once And For All (or Once And 4 All)
  • Avengers Infinity Salvation
  • Avengers: Forever Infinity
  • Forever The Avengers
  • Avenging the Universe
  • Avengers Forever, after the comic miniseries of the same name.
    • Bonus points to this one, because it would be Avengers Four-ever.
    • According to the Russo brothers, while no one has correctly guessed the title so far, this is the closest guess yet.
  • Avengers: Fallen Sons
  • Avengers: Fallen Heroes
  • Avengers: Forgotten Heroes
  • Avengers: Infinity War II. In the closing credits, when the title for Avengers: Infinity War crumbles into nothing, a Freeze-Frame Bonus shows the two 'I's of the word "Infinity" to be the last ones to disappear, possibly hinting at such.
    • Jossed. The Russos and Feige dropped the idea of a Part 1 and Part 2.
  • Avengers Disassembled, after the comic miniseries of the same name.
  • Avengers: Endgame
  • Avengers: Infinity Gauntlet
  • Avengers: Resurrection
  • Avengers: Secret Wars
  • Avengers Assemble
  • Avengers: Infinity Crusade
  • Thanos Rising
  • The Thanos Imperative
  • Avengers: Generations
  • Avengers: Legacy
  • Avengers: Rebirth
  • Avengers Reassembled
  • Avengers: The End
  • Avengers: Infinity and Forever
  • Infinite Avengers
  • Avengers: Nothing Lasts Forever
  • Avengers: Eternity War
  • Avengers Eternal
  • The Last Avengers Story
  • Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes
    • PLEASE! Choose this one!
  • Avengers: Half Slain
  • Avengers: Souls Eternal
  • Avengers: War for Infinity
  • Ultimate Avengers
  • Avengers: Final Hour
  • Avengers: Final Hope
  • Avengers: Thanos Loses In This Onenote 
  • Avengers 4evernote 
  • Avengers: Memories Eternal
  • Avengers: Final Judgements
  • Avengers: Eternally Assembled
  • Avengers Avenging
  • Avengers: Aftermath or Avengers: Fallout. Those would be a spoiler for Infinity War.
  • Avengers. Period. No appended clause needed, because they've actually got somebody - a lot of somebodies - to avenge this time. So for once their group-title says it all.
    • This would work if not for the fact that the title for the first Avengers was The Avengers, which would make calling this movie "Avengers" look lazy, confusing and recycled.
  • The Avenged
  • Avengers: Back From the Ashes
  • Avengers: Electric Boogaloonote .
  • We Will Avenge
  • The Revenge of the Avengers
  • Avengers: Requiem
  • Avengers: End Game
    • confirmed
  • Avengers: Battleworld
    • With multiple realities and timelines folding in to make an excuse for alternate versions of dead characters to appear and introduce the characters of the X-Men Film Series and Spider-Verse.
  • Avengers: Legion
  • Avengers: Beyond
  • Avengers: Rapture
  • Avengers 4tnite: Battle Royale
  • Avengers: Reckoning
  • Deadpool and his amazing friends
  • Avengers: Annihilation and The Last Avenger are being teased. The Last Avenger would have the advantage of being Book-Ends with Captain America: The First Avenger.
  • Some Avengers Avenging Other Avengers Even Though Some Of Them May Die Anyway
  • Avengers: Episode IV – A New Hope
  • Avengers: Farewell
  • Avengers: Into Eternity

The heroes from The Defenders (2017) and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. will finally make their movie debuts here
Given that the remaining heroes left after Thanos's fingersnap of death are essentially just the 'core' Avengers, they'll need all the help they can get against a nigh-omnipotent being.
  • Already Jossed. They said that they had enough work having to collaborate with every other MCU director that they wouldn't have room to bring in the TV division as well. Coulson, at least, will finally reappear in the films through Captain Marvel.
    • Jossed. The Russos said that no TV characters will appear.

Avengers: Endgame will end on the original six Avengers using the Infinity Stones to restore the universe....
Which results in a universe-wide reboot where all the pre-Guardians characters are recast and the X-Men & Fantastic Four exist within it.

     The Stinger for Phase 4 
Theories for The Stinger.
  • A repeat of Thanos sitting down by the river from the end of Avengers 3, but an extended one that shows he's just been defeated and/or persuaded to undo the Fingersnap himself. Indeed, he breaks down weeping as the scene plays out longer than the first time around, because it turns out he'd murdered Gamora for nothing, and even if she's restored he knows he'll never deserve her forgiveness this time.
  • A recreation of the famous post credits scene from Iron Man only without Robert Downey Jr. and Samuel L. Jackson, connected to the above theory.
  • As a result of Thanos meddling with reality, a spaceship belonging to the Baxter Foundation is tossed out of a wormhole and sent drifting towards Earth.
  • One of the heroes being replaced by a Skrull, setting up the new Myth Arc for post-Avengers: Endgame: Secret Invasion.
    • Alternatively, it will take the form of a hero we thought already died in the movie revealed as being a Skrull captive.
  • Also, a callback to the shawarma stinger from The Avengers, but now featuring all the surviving heroes enjoying shawarma.
  • Galaga guy will finally get his all-time high score
  • The Guardians of the Galaxy (whatever will be left of them) will leave Earth after a celebration, while remaining in contact if needed. Rocket will say something like "Now we're three time galaxy savers! We can rack up the price even more!".
  • A teenage girl will take part in an archery competition, and shows her precise aiming skills. Then the host says, "Great job Kate, at this rate you'll be the next Hawkeye!"
  • The ruins of Xandar are revealed, but Irani Rael is revealed to have survived. She, alongside Rhomann, says "We won't just bring back the Nova Corps, we'll make it stronger than it's ever been. Scout out all possible recruits, I hear Earth houses some mighty heroes..."
  • A billionaire businessman from Chicago moves to New York City after a spending time in Egypt as a mercenary. A woman says, "Welcome, Mr. Spector. I hope you find New York to be your kind of place." to which he responds, "The night is still young, and there is much work to do."
  • In the climax, Thor's new hammer Stormbreaker is blown out into space. In the stinger, it is recovered by an alien cyborg.
  • There will be no Stinger. Honestly, Endgame is the culmination of the universe up to this point, and tacking on more setup would undermine that. Alternately, they could just have a comedic Stinger.
    • Why on Earth would there be no Stinger when they want to set up movies after Phase 3? That would make no sense.
  • If the above WMG about rebooting the universe is true, a man will be shown reading a pamplet for the Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters, only to accidentally disintegrate it using Eye Beams.
  • Steven Strange, T'Challa (or perhaps Shuri), Hank Pym, and (if surviving) Bruce Banner and Tony Stark will come together and form the Illuminati.
  • Camera closes in on a fist. After a second, Adamantium claws pop out. "Ok, bub. Our turn", as the X-Men run by. *Phase 4, coming soon*
  • We see a barefoot man in a coat watching a news report of the aftermath of the film. He stares at it with a neutral expression on his face before Captain America is mentioned and he becomes interested. "Been so long since I've last seen him. Maybe I should go say hi." the man proclaims taking off his coat to reveal none other than Namor the Sub-Mariner and he races off.
  • Scarlet Witch is on a train off to who knows where when it suddenly stops. An older gentleman takes a seat next to her and offers to show her who she really is. When she asks who the guy is, his answer is "Your father".
  • The heroes in line to get coffee at Wakanda's new Starbucks.
  • Teenage!Cassie Lang will talk to Peter Parker and Shuri about the possibility of forming a team of kids like them.
  • A scene in deep space. We see what at first appears to be the surface of a vast metallic asteroid or planet...until the vast planes slide apart and reveal an immense eye behind it, showing us the identity of the main villain of Phase 4: Galactus.
  • Provided that Spider-Man is resurrected, there will be a "final swing" scene identical to Spider-Man, Spider-Man 2 and The Amazing Spider-Man. The camera slowly pans out to see that it is a news broadcast reporting Spider-Man's return. A large figure watches it from a TV, and says, "Real interesting kid, we must admit. And yet, so...familiar." Something white forms around the figure's torso as his tongue extends out, before suddenly smashing the TV instantly with a web. It cuts to black and shows text: "Venom is coming".note 
  • Someone shows up in Norway, with a Feet-First Introduction, and finds the remains of the broken Mjolnir. This stranger, that we do not not have a clear view at any moment, grabs the handle, and suddenly all the pieces of Mjolnir fly to their place and rearrange themselves as the hammer. We get to see the text: "Whosoever holds this hammer, if she be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor". And then the stinger ends in a flash of light.
  • Bruce Banner approaches a courthouse, as a woman exits the building. Behind her, several lawyers, police, and a prisoner follow. She waves to Bruce. Suddenly, a car veers around a corner, firing at the prisoner. The woman is hit, and falls to the steps. She's in bad shape. Medics rush to the scene. "We need to do a blood transfusion quickly." "Dammit, we're out." Bruce thinks it over, calculating the risks, but not for too long. He walks up to the medics, "Can you use mine? Our blood types are compatible. We're family." He looks down at the woman, who seems to be dying on the stretcher, as the medics begin inserting needles into Banner's arm. "You'll get through this. You'll be alright, Jennifer."
  • Captain Marvel is training at the upstate facility, when someone approaches her and says that an incident has occured in New Jersey that requires her attention. She asks if a villain has resurfaced, and the agent says, "Yes and no, the villain's been dealt with. It's a Fangirl we need your help with."
  • The leaders of the New Avengers (likely Black Panther, Doctor Strange and Captain Marvel) are sitting at a table; Strange is reading a paper, T'Challa is looking grumpily at an unseen person across the table, Carol is looking down and rubbing her temples. Strange finally says, "So in your resume, you list your previous experience as, "Beating up an one-dimensional British villain", "fighting... Not-Thanos, and... "World Record Holder for most R-rated movie premiere records"... but I was interested about this section you included... "Recommendations for merging the... cinematic universes?" What does that... even mean?" The camera cuts to a reverse shot, showing Deadpool, who says, "Bennysnitch, it means that my franchise probably only has enough steam for one more movie, and I want in on this little shindig of yours." Cut back to the New Avengers heads, all looking unimpressed. They all say "No," in complete unison, and T'Challa rings the next applicant in. Deadpool remarks as he's leaving, 'Stupid f**king Perlmutter and his "no X-Men for a few years" bullshit...'
  • The shattered fragments of the Infinity Stones are recovered and set into the real Mandarin's rings.
  • If Tony ends up dying or retiring for good, Shuri will be seen working on her own set of Iron Man armor, suggesting she'll become the MCU version of Ironheart.
  • Nick Fury (or Maria Hill) will be dispatching several agents. At the end of the line of agents, Fury will say, "...and YOU have the most important task of all; you'll be watching Parker. Just stick close to him, make sure he's alright, and not putting himself or the world in jeopardy." The agent will turn to leave, and Fury will call to the agent, referring to the woman as Agent Drew. He will say, "You have a lot to make amends for. Prove that I can trust you." Drew will respond, "I will."
  • Thaddeus Ross will be at a government meeting where he makes his proposal for a new team. He says if the Avengers can't be controlled, there's the alternative. Then he makes his proposal: Assemble a group of known villains and have them perform the black ops missions that couldn't be done before. Then he finishes off his speech by saying "Gentlemen, introducing Project Thunderbolts".
  • The film will continue the trend of Avengers movies having only one post-credits scene,
  • Or as a finale to Phase 3 of the MCU, different teasers for future movies or tv shows happen during the credits. Personally this is what I want to happen, because it makes it stand out from all previous movies in the franchise and show this is a major turning point for the Avengers themselves as well as for the franchise.
  • Thanos and Hela meet in hell, and he is immediately smitten.
  • Black market Chitauri technology is revealed to have found its way to Latveria, and into the hands of one Victor Von Doom, who has enhanced it with his own magic.
  • No scene, but a title card dedicating the movie, or indeed the first 3 phases, to Stan Lee.
  • A teenager named Steve Harmon reveals to his fiend Mike that he's become a clown-themed superhero called The Awesome Slapstick. Mike asks how this has happened. Steve replies "I'll explain my first adventure in Dimension Ecch later".

Like Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, there will be more than two post/mid-credits scenes
Many of which will help set up the story arcs for MCU's Phase 4.

Cassie Lang will become Stature, and set up the Young Avengers as a future movie
This version of Cassie is roughly 16 complete with a Time-Shifted Actor, the same age as when Cassie started her career as a superhero named Stature. Furthermore,
Time Travel is all but confirmed to be involved in the plot, lining up with YA. Also, Clint won't appear in the movie under the name of Hawkeye. Rather, his name will be Ronin. That was the name of his identity in the comics for a time when Kate Bishop held the Hawkeye mantle. Combine this with the twins of Vision and Scarlet Witch being cast, and Patriot was to appear in Black Panther but was cut because of the Loads and Loads of Characters, and it just seems like there's too much evidence that Young Avengers is something that Marvel at least has on the cards.

Going with this idea, there's a chance the Cassie will assist the remaining heroes as Stature, being part of the ensemble and later setting up the YA movie if that's what they're going with.

     Who Lives or Dies 
Only the characters killed by Thanos' Finger-Snap will be revived.
  • Meaning Heimdall, Loki, Gamora, and Vision will stay dead. Nebula will take her sister's place on the Guardians. Feige has said they wanted the deaths of Infinity War to have weight, and reversing every death would do the opposite.
    • Gamora at the very least may be brought back, since Guardians Vol. 3 was rumored to focus on her.
    • Going off this, Vision would only "return" well into the future as a new being; another AI turned super-android named Jonas who was created to ape Vision.
      • Or we might get mind wiped White Vision.
      • Or an amalgamation of the two.
    • It seems out of all the characters that were killed before the snap, Heimdall might be the only one that stays dead as implied by Idris Elba on his Twitter.

Alternatively, all the characters who died get brought back...
...Only for some of them to be killed off again in this film. Possibly to show that no matter what the heroes do, sometimes you can't outrun fate.

Character fate speculation
Speculate the fate of each character here.

Alive (as of the end of Infinity War)

  • Captain America
  • Iron Man
    • He makes a final sacrifice play, saving the day at the cost of his life.
    • Marries Pepper, with all the surviving heroes present, and some familiar faces, like Harley Keen from Iron Man 3.
    • Alternatively, he makes a third attempt at retirement, with this one actually sticking.
    • Retires and opens up a school for aspiring young heroes.
  • Hulk
    • Banner will manage to have a heart-to-heat with Hulk and convince him that one defeat is nothing to be scared or ashamed of. Hulk will then prove instrumental in Thanos's defeat. He and Banner will then make peace with each other, finishing the loose trilogy that started in Ragnarok.
    • The Russo Brothers confirmed that Hulk's refusal to come out in Infinity War is less due to fear and more due to him no longer wanting to fight Banner's battles for him. To resolve this, Banner will offer to allow Hulk control over his body permanently in exchange for Hulk using his power to help defeat Thanos, effectively performing a Heroic Sacrifice of the non-lethal kind.
    • Banner and Hulk will finally make peace with each other and merge into one personality, like in the comics. As Hulk is effectively the personification of Banner's anger, the merge will be Banner coming to terms with his psychological issues and accepting the Hulk as a part of himself, creating a new entity with elements of both characters.
    • Banner will finally be separated from the Hulk thanks to reality warping. The Hulk lives on after all is said and done by merging with a new human counterpart; Amadeus Cho
  • Thor
    • Resettles the Asgardian refugees on Earth, like he was planning to before all this mess. May or may not continue to show up in crossover movies.
      • May create a new Asgard but retire as an Avenger to be King full time.
    • Simply go off with the rest of the refugees to find a new home.
  • Black Widow
    • Retires, having made up for the red in her ledger by helping to save the entire universe. Her solo movie will either be One Last Job or another prequel.
    • If Fury dies, she'll take up his role as one of the people behind the scenes alongside Maria Hill, leading into a Black Widow solo movie.
  • Ronin (Hawkeye)
  • Nebula
    • She takes Gamora's advice and decides to help other kids who've been abused like her and her sister.
    • Joins either the Guardians or Kraglin, whose forming his own little group of "backup Guardians".
  • Okoye
    • Returns to her role as leader of the Dora Milaje, whatever shape Wakanda happens to be in.
  • M'Baku
    • Leads Wakanda's military during the following crisis.
  • Rocket
    • He begins to consider revisiting his roots, resulting in the third Guardians film featuring Half-World and his old partner Walrus the Walrus.
      • And his ex-lover/childhood crush , Lylla the Otter
    • Goes from being the only surviving Guardian to the one Guardian who dies and remains dead. Just because it would be a very impactful death. And he did say he doesn't have much of a lifespan anyway...
  • War Machine
    • Returns to normal military service. He gets promoted and becomes a new sort of Big Good for the MCU.
    • If Tony dies, he'll recruit new heroes to wear armors alongside him to honor his memory.
  • Ant-Man
    • Becomes a core member of the reestablished Avengers team and, if the time travel stuff does result in him meeting an older Cassie, begins training the young Cassie to use the Pym particles.
  • Cassie Lang
    • Inherits the powers of her father and begins a career as Stature for a certain young superhero team.
  • Harley Keener
    • Like how Tony took Spider-Man under his wing, Harley will be mentored by Pepper or Rhodey.
    • Continue to be mentored by Tony, eventually becoming the MCU equivalent of Nate Richards/Iron Lad (since a time-traveling young Kang the Conqueror might be too complicated a backstory to establish).
    • If Tony dies, Harley will be revealed to have bought stocks in Stark Industries and becomes an ally to the grieving Pepper in her time of need.
  • Captain Marvel
    • Becomes the leader of a new Avengers team, while also being put in charge of a new space-based defense unit to protect Earth from future alien attacks.
  • Thanos
    • Is killed off and meets Lady Death in the afterlife.
    • Fakes his death to become a farmer.
    • Dies happily when Captain America and Iron Man both sacrifice themselves to defeat him, realizing if these two heroes who don't get along could set aside their differences and make a great team, perhaps there is balance in the universe after all.

Ambiguous (as of the end of Infinity War)

  • Pepper Potts
    • Uses the company's resources to help recruit and train new heroes.
    • Is told by FRIDAY that Tony built a suit of armor for her; becomes Rescue.
      • No word on if Friday tells her, but her becoming Rescue seems to be confirmed by photos she posted of herself in a purple armor.
  • Ned Leeds
    • The Spider-Man sequel will focus on Ned attempting to become Peter's sidekick as Hobgoblin. After some hijinks, he decides he's better off being the guy in the chair while another person becomes inspired by Ned.
    • He tries to get girlfriends for himself and Peter.
  • Cindy Moon
    • Will be revealed to have spider powers of her own.
    • Will discover Peter is Spider-Man.
  • Sally Avril
  • Tiny McKeever
  • Thunderbolt Ross
    • Gets fired from his Secretary of State post due to the President not buying his anti-superhero stance.
    • Dies in the process of doing one last thing that shows he's not a complete tool.
    • Is made partially to blame for the destruction of Earth's heroes. Desperate for revenge, he turns to Samuel Sterns for help and finally becomes the Red Hulk.
  • Eitri
    • Joins Thor in finding a new home for the Asgardians.
  • Red Skull
    • Finds a way back to Earth and begins to rebuild HYDRA.
  • Wong
    • Continues to stay with Strange in the NY Sanctum Sanctorum, protecting Earth from mystical threats.
  • Shuri
    • Becomes the new Black Panther with a cloned Heart-Shaped Herb, serves as Queen of Wakanda until T'Challa is resurrected and becomes close with the resurrected Spider-Man.
    • Goes to Coachella. And Disneyland.
  • Ava Starr / Ghost

Dead (as of the end of Infinity War)

  • Spider-Man
    • Resurrected in time for his sequel. Depending on how big a Reset Button gets pushed, his second film may be about the emotional fallout from these movies, in the same way Iron Man 3 was a follow-up to Avengers.
  • Black Panther
    • Resurrected, returns to his duty as Wakanda's protector and chief ambassador in time for his sequel.
  • The Falcon
    • Resurrected, takes up the role of Captain America after Steve dies or retires.
  • Bucky Barnes
    • Resurrected, goes back to his farm in Wakanda in hopes of finally getting some peace and quiet.
    • Resurrected, takes up the role of Captain America after Steve dies or retires.
  • Doctor Strange
    • Not resurrected — or at least not permanently. Cumberbatch hasn't confirmed anything about a Doctor Strange sequel.
      • Kevin Feige has confirmed a sequel, so assuming the film ends with mass resurrections and not the Avengers going back in time to stop Thanos from executing his Badass Fingersnap, maybe perhaps the first thing he'll say is "I told you that I had a plan" to Tony.
  • Loki
    • He gets reincarnated as Kid Loki and joins the Young Avengers.
    • It's revealed he faked his death the entire time and pulls a Big Damn Heroes moment that helps turn the tide against Thanos.
  • Gamora
    • Not resurrected and Guardians 3 will focus on the remaining Guardians racing to get the Soul Stone from the Sovereign to bring her back.
    • Resurrected, this time by either Nebula or Thanos himself trading their life for hers.
  • Star-Lord
    • He and Gamora will become an Official Couple while Peter tries to become a better leader so that no one else can lose their lives to someone like Thanos.
    • He will sacrifice himself for real to try and make up for causing the "Get the Gauntlet Off" plan to fail. Whether or not it needed to happen based on what Doctor Strange saw in those 14 million+ possible futures, it's more than likely that Star-Lord would still hold a lot of guilt for what he did.
      • Him dying this time around is unlikely, since Chris Pratt has confirmed his role in Vol 3. It's unlikely they'd have him restricted to just flashback appearances in Vol 3.
      • It is possible (unlikely admittedly but still possible) that him saying that is an intentional misdirect, similar to how Michael Rooker appeared on set for Infinity War to prevent Yondu's death in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 from being leaked. Again it's unlikely, but I wouldn't rule it out as a possibility seeing as Marvel has done similar things in the past.
  • Groot
    • Will return to his fully grown form upon resurrection.
  • Drax
    • Performs a Heroic Sacrifice...but comes into contact with a stone in the process and ends up bringing his daughter back to life as an adult warrior in the process, as it was able to tell what his greatest desire was. She joins the Guardians as Moondragon.
  • Vision
    • He will stay dead, as he was killed before the Snap happened.
    • He'll be rebuilt with the solar gem from the comics replacing the Mind Stone.
  • Scarlet Witch
    • If the Vision lives, she will end up marrying him.
    • If the Vision remains dead, she will be emotionally devastated, cutting her ties with the Avengers and hiding herself from the world.
  • Heimdall
    • Remains dead, if Idris Elba is to be believed.
  • Nick Fury
    • Resurrected. In a Brick Joke, he'll come back Un-Paused, meaning his first word will be "-ucker".
  • Maria Hill
    • Resurrected and will resume her position as Fury's right hand woman. If Fury doesn't come back, then she'll take over command of S.H.I.E.L.D.
  • The Wasp
    • She was killed in The Stinger of Ant-Man and the Wasp. Her death will motivate Scott to resurrect her.
    • Visits Hank and Janet at their seaside house, finally spending time as a real family.

The Time Skip will be retained in future movies
With Endgame having a roughly six year time skip (Cassie going from around 10 to around 16), this is the perfect way to allow a natural flow of time through all the events. This would allow Cassie to remain in her teen years for the possible Young Avengers movie, age Peter up to adult years as a more experienced Spider-Man, and show it's not adhering to Status Quo Is God, the latter of which Feige has insisted they're aren't obeying. Not to mention that new elements, plot threads, and of course, superheroes could be introduced during said time skip.
  • Probably jossed as Fiege as said he wants the Spider-Man movies to go through all his years in High School.
    • Not "probably" jossed. Feige said he would like to have the movies in high school, not that it was definitively going to happen. He also said that before Endgame began production, and things have a high tendency to change as things go along, so it shouldn't be taken to heart. Not only that, but why would they seriously go through all the trouble of making a Time Skip and then use a magical reset button to return everything back to normal like nothing bad happened? The actions need to have consequences, which is what Feige said was the case. Also, Tom Holland is going to be getting a little too old to convincingly play a high-schooler as time goes on, and it would probably be best to have Spidey actually grow up as time passes (especially since the MCU averts Comic-Book Time). Keeping the six year time skip means they can grow up some characters and allow a natural flow of time so it doesn't get crowded, not to mention introduce more superheroes who could enter the fray.

Jane Foster and Erik Selvig will return
Foster and Selvig are probably the most qualified people on Earth (if they still exist) to begin to comprehend what happened at the end of Infinity War, let alone how one might attempt to fix it. Selvig's actor has said that he has at least one more movie in his contract.

Gamora will be resurrected and be sent back to the climax on Titan.
The heroes nearly took the Gauntlet off of Thanos, until Quill attacked him for killing Gamora. Resurrecting her and bringing her back to that moment could be enough to undo what happened.

Theories on who lands the final blow that defeats Thanos...
  • Steve and Tony in a final sendoff will preform a Heroic Sacrifice to kill Thanos, destroy the Infinity Stones and revive everyone Thanos killed.
  • Captain Marvel, given that she's being hyped up as the most powerful character in the MCU.
  • Drax with his story arc in Guardians Volume 3 being what to do once he has no more vengeance on his mind.
  • Thor, by stabbing Thanos in the head with Stormbreaker.
  • Hulk becomes angrier than he's ever been before, entering Worldbreaker mode to have the strength to contend with Thanos
  • Quicksilver coming back alive and being 'you didn't see that coming?'
  • Nebula, as in the Infinity Gauntlet comic.
  • Resurrected!Gamora and Nebula, in a team-up, as payback for everything they endured at Thanos's hands.
  • Hulk, Thor, and Captain Marvel team up and fight Thanos 3 on one.
  • The original Avengers-that is, Thor, Hulk, Captain America, Iron Man, Hawkeye, and Black Widow. It would be nice.
    • Why not a combination of some of the above? Tony lets out last repulser blast, Captain Marvel throws a punch, Thor charges with Stormbreaker, Hawkeye fires a TNT-laced arrow, Steve throw his new shield and Drax grabs him from behind all at the exact same time, finally doing him in.
    • Alternatively: instead of the original line-up of the MCU Avengers, it's the original comic book line-up of the Avengers — Thor, Hulk, Iron Man, Ant Man, Wasp, and Captain Americanote . With Chris Evans confirming that Endgame is going to be his final appearance (the same possibly true for RDJ), this will be the last chance they'll have to pull this off (unless they pull a Secret Wars and recast him).
    • Every hero using the Infinity Gauntlet to create a beam powerful enough to finish off Thanos, and then managing to reflect said beam to the Gauntlet to destroy it and the Stones
    • Or all 32 heroes in that big scene that's been teased hold the six Stones among themselves, but join together to contain and use the power of the Stones, sort of like how the Guardians did it in their first film. Bonus points if it includes the dust-ghosts or time echoes of a bunch of the characters.
  • Or, Thanos does it to himself.
  • Stan Lee note 

The deaths of Endgame
We've speculated the general fates above, but which ones do you think might bite it in the midst of the resurrections?

  • Captain America — After the mass death in Infinity War, Cap makes the Heroic Sacrifice that is essential for saving the universe.
  • Iron Man — Makes a Heroic Sacrifice alongside Cap
  • White Wolf (Bucky) — Barnes can finally get the redemption he would most likely desire after spending his life as a brainwashed HYDRA assassin. In doing so, he would make a Heroic Sacrifice, thus giving him death in redemption.
    • Unlikely if Sebastian Stan really does have nine movies in his contract.
      • The contract is good for up to nine films, not that he has to be in every one of them. So not jossed yet.
  • Ronin (Clint/Hawkeye) — He could die to set the stakes for the movie (not that they were low to begin with), and especially possible since his comic counterpart did die in a major storyline Avengers Disassembled. Could lead to Kate Bishop taking up the mantle of Hawkeye.
  • Ant-Man — Similar to the above, Ant-Man could potentially be killed off especially since he died in the comics (in the same story as Hawkeye, no less). This could motivate Cassie into being a superhero just like him, thus becoming Stature.

Hulk's story...
Banner will convince the Hulk back into courage to fight Thanos. During their rematch, the Hulk will again struggle, but then he'll get angrier (we may even see his eyes flash green just like when he was fighting Abomination), and will curbstomp Thanos for a while.
  • Building on this: Bruce and Hulk will finally work out their differences and come to an understanding with each other.
    • Bruce Banner and the Hulk might become the Merged Hulk much like Peter David's run on the character.

The Avengers who survived Infinity War will die, and the disintegrated ones will come back.
It seems odd that Black Panther, Doctor Strange, and Spiderman died even though they have movies lined up. Meanwhile, several of the Avengers ought to have been McLeaned since their contracts are ending. So, maybe they will trade places.

The living members of the cast will be active superheroes keeping what remains of the world safe from all threats, forming a resistance and working to strengthen the Earth's population.
Half the population of Earth is dead, as is the rest of the universe. To make sure the rest of the world is safe, both in and out, the ones who can protect others for The Team and dedicate all resources into making Earth is safe haven. This includes:
  • Shuri leads the remains of Wakanda, and provides their advanced technology to the rest of the world to ensure it's ready for another invasion.
  • Rocket, Nebula and Thor open the doors for Earth to be part of a space trade, allowing them access to alien weapons and technology.
  • Iron Man inducts all remaining superheroes into the Avengers Initiative, and they serve as the protectors of Earth.
  • Wong trains a new generation of sorcerers in the wake of Doctor Strange's death.
  • Captain America leads the remaining Avengers, and seeks to find more superheroes to help.

More superheroes will have risen after the deaths of the others.
It's only natural in the many years following Thanos's extermination of half the population that the survivors will come out and help. Granted they might have comparatively small roles because cramming a bunch of new heroes and giving them large roles over the other loads that are more developed might be a bad idea, but it'll still plant the seeds and expand the world.

Possible new superheroes include:

  • Ms. Marvel — Inspired by the superheroes of the real world. May have an updated backstory that involves being an "enhanced" rather than an inhuman.
  • Silk — Revealed to have been hiding her spider powers and became an active crimefighter once Spider-Man dies.
  • Stature — Will have been trained after inheriting her father's powers, and will set up Young Avengers later.
  • Miles MoralesTakes up the mantle of Spider-Man following his death, similar to Miles' comic book origins.
  • Eric O'Grady — A former member of Scott's gang that happened upon blueprints for the Yellowjacket suit and builds his own.
  • Assorted new Guardians of the Galaxy. They're an ensemble so it's easy to bring in fresh members.
  • A successor to Black Panther's throne/title.
    • Shuri, perhaps?
      • Shuri is jossed by the trailer for Endgame, since the Avengers consider her dead/missing; while the shot that confirms her as "missing" also shows Scott Lang among the missing (only for him to show up alive and well at the end) doesn't automatically confirm she was dusted, it does mean that if she survived, she went into hunting.
  • Nova — Nova Prime, if she was among those spared when Thanos invaded Xandar, makes a plan to strengthen the Nova Corps and searches for recruits across the universe, specifically one Richard Rider or Sam Alexander.
  • Brother Voodoo — In a desperate move to keep the remainder of the universe safe from Dormammu, Wong seeks out the brother of Daniel Drumm and trains him.
  • Beta Ray Bill - It's been confirmed that Mjolnir will appear in this movie, despite having been destroyed in Ragnarok, so unless they bring it back in a way that somehow involves sacrificing Stormbreaker, Stormbreaker (which, in the comics, is Bill's weapon) will be needing someone to wield it (as I can't see Thor dual-wielding the two, and even if Loki comes back, he doesn't strike me as the type of person who would wield it, assuming that Stormbreaker doesn't have any "he who is worthy" requirements for wielding it - and we already know he can't use Mjolnir). He would've appeared in Ragnarok but Word of God from Feige says he basically got pushed back...maybe this is the film he got pushed back to?
  • Kate Bishop - For similar reasons to Stature in regards to Young Avengers. What if the reason Clint Barton is Ronin and not Hawkeye is because he's training Bishop to take over as Hawkeye, and already abandoned the identity in preparation?

It's worth noting that Stan Lee himself mentioned that the duology of movies would introduce multiple new fan-pleasing characters.

However, said superheroes will be introduced as cameo and Sequel Hook to set up down the line and their role will be very minimal.
Given the already ludicrous amount of characters in the movie just from the already established cast and it's supposed to be wrapping up so many plot threads related to them, it would probably be a bad idea to dump a bunch of new superheroes in the midst and have them fight alongside the stars when we know nothing about them. As such, their role will be comparable to what Flash, Aquaman and Cyborg were in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice as characters that are shown but only briefly to plant seeds for the future. The one possible exception, and that's not even a full guarantee, is Stature. As the character is already established, has been time-shifted into matching her comics counterpart, and could also be set up by Ant-Man and the Wasp, there's a possibility she might have a marginally bigger role than the others as someone we see interact with the other heroes and perhaps even participates in the final 40-character brawl. Still, don't put all your cards on that happening either.

Hawkeye/Ronin will be on a secret mission to stop Thanos, answering to a mysterious figure who knows more than the heroes
That person will turn out to be Loki, who faked his death again so Thanos doesn't see him coming. It'll be revealed that during the first Avengers movie, Loki explained to Hawkeye what was really going on and made plans in advanced, but Hawkeye couldn't tell anyone because the plans relied on secrecy. The only other person who potentially knows these plans is Strange, who foresaw them in the previous movie — which is why he gave up the Time Stone as it was part of Loki's and Hawkeye's plans.
  • Behind the scenes pictures have hinted that there's going to be a flashback to the events of the first Avengers movie...
  • There's also the fact that the original six Avengers from the first movie all survived, so it would be poetic for them to team up with Loki.
  • Also, if one were to pay close attention to Loki's final words to Thor, it really does sound like he's got something planned (being who he is, it really wouldn't be that surprising).
  • Taken from the Infinity War WMG page — There's one thing few people have considered: we still have absolutely no idea how he survived getting stabbed in Thor: The Dark World. What if he actually did die in that film, and somehow used his magic/tricks to come back to life? And if that's true, he did exactly that this time around — let himself get killed by Thanos but made certain that he would come back to life in some way. Not only would this trick Thanos with the Titan none the wiser, but this would also allow him to survive Thanos's wave of destruction that followed. He can't disintegrate if he's already dead, so he probably planned to die and made certain that he would only come back after it's all over.

And if Loki is revealed to be alive...
...the film will Lampshade it. Hilariously.

Loki will return as a spirit guide for Thor...
...But will remain dead. But at least Thor will get to make peace with his brother in a heartwarming spiritual conversation before Loki joins Frigga in Valhalla.

Thor will sacrifice himself to bring back all the Asgardians who perished at Thanos's hands
And either Sif or Valkyrie will be chosen to rule in his place.
  • Or Heimdall.

Tony Stark will go to Nidavellir with Thor to make a new Iron Man armor out of Uru to fight Thanos
Considering that even the Bleeding Edge armor can barely scratch Thanos, Tony may want to upgrade his arsenal even more. So, after reuniting with Thor, they'll go back to Nidavellir and Tony will build his new armor. Only this time, it won't be called Thorbuster, but Titanbuster.
  • At the very least, we've got confirmation that another suit is appearing (Gwenyth Paltrow has been shown wearing a mocap suit and photos of her in a purple set of armor have been leaked, all but officially confirming she'll become Rescue), so it's not out of the question for him to have an even better set of armor planned out.

Thor will return to Eitri to have him fashion another Infinity Gauntlet...
...So that someone (namely, Thor or Captain America) can re-arm the Infinity Gauntlet and use it to set the universe right.
  • Which is foreshadowed in Avengers: Infinity War when Thor first visits Nidavellir: one of the first things he sees is an infinity gauntlet, or at least a mold of one.
  • Or the original four to six Avengers (Cap, Tony, Bruce, Thor, Natasha, Clint — any combination thereof) will have to harness the power of the Infinity Stones collectively to remake everything. Bonus points if each Avenger is responsible for one stone each, since there are six of them and six stones.
  • Or the Hulk will wield the Gauntlet, as he's the only one whose hands are large enough to do so. It will take him and Bruce Banner cooperating with each other to use its massive powers. If they die, they will make peace in a spiritual realm, where we can finally see Bruce and Hulk together on the same screen.
    • This reddit post (which is basically copied from a 4chan post made by an anonymous poster who also leaked several Infinity War plot elements, but was quickly deleted after posting) suggests that it's the most likely Hulk who uses it.

When Thanos dies, he will express hope and admiration for the heroes.
He'll have a nice Pet the Dog moment with Nebula too.

It's not a Time Skip, it's a Lotus-Eater Machine
In a twist on the concept of Soul World, a pocket dimension that exists inside the Soul Gem. The Finger Snap sucked the souls of half the universe into the gem, where they're trapped in a idyllic paradise populated by the others souls and illusions of their loved ones. Thus:
  • The presence of a teenage Cassie Lang is a construct of Scott's, who will be shown to die at the end of Ant-Man and the Wasp, and his fantasy is his family being together again.
  • The twins, potentially Wiccan and Speed, are constructs created for Wanda's fantasy alongside a construct of Vision, essentially the same purpose as Scott's.
  • Star-Lord and Gamora will be living together happily, but Gamora (being the sacrifice that released the gem) will realize that something's wrong.
  • Drax's family will be alive.
    • Most likely jossed. Tony, who survived the movie, appears to be older in set photos that have been shown so far and has taken the reins of leading the reformed S.H.I.E.L.D. which means that a Time Skip is the most likely reason. Plus, Ant-Man returns fighting alongside the heroes, which means he most likely survived and didn't Bus Crash.
  • My best guess is that the whole future scenario is Tony and possibly Captain America trapped in a Lotus-Eater Machine where their lives took drastic changes, whether its good or bad is unknown. However, they broke out of their prison after accepting what has happened with Tony deciding to let go of his parents and Steve letting go of Peggy.
  • It doesn't really make much sense, and the Time Skip is the most likely scenario. Why would Scott's fantasy of the family being together involve Cassie being a teenager if there's no Time Skip? He would probably imagine Cassie as still being a child in this case.

Clint's family were among the causalities of the extermination, which is why he's become Ronin.
Hawkeye was the hero to his wife and children, who are now dead. Since he can no longer be the hero for his family, he can only be a hero for himself. That's why he abandons the identity of Hawkeye to become Ronin. True to his name, he has no leader, and acts as a lone vigilante in Tokyo (a location confirmed for Avengers: Endgame), under the belief that the man who was once Hawkeye is dead.

Hiroyuki Sanada's character...
  • ...Will be a new character that helps the Avengers out when they are in Tokyo for Endgame.
  • ...Will be a Race Lifted version of a superhero we are already familiar with from the comics, or an Asian superhero who functions as a secondary character. Candidates for these possibilities:
    • Machine Man
    • Stingray
    • Doctor Druid
    • Quasar
  • ...Will be the MCU's version of Agamotto, who in the MCU will be a Composite Character of comics!Ancient One and Agamotto. He will be a mentor to Doctor Strange, and as he is a cosmic entity it would make sense for him to appear in this movie. He would be Asian because the Ancient One we saw in Doctor Strange in Doctor Strange was portrayed by Tilda Swinton (a white woman), and it's been established that in this continuity Agamotto was an ordinary human who ascended to a higher plane of existence after being the first human to master the mystic arts. Therefore, Agamotto could be the first Ancient One in this continuity (as a nod to the comics while still being plot relevant) and a powerful super-entity who helps defeat Thanos during the Final Battle.
  • Will be Kenjiro Fujikawa, a business associate of Tony's who hopes to combine their companies. If Tony and/or Pepper die in the movies, Kenjiro will buy out Stark Industries.
  • The real Amadeus Cho, albeit given an Age Lift.
  • Adam Warlock making an Early-Bird Cameo in the stinger.
  • Norman Osborn
  • Doctor Doom
  • Immortus, who will be pulled into the plot due to the rumored time travel elements and how that connects to Limbo, the realm he rules. This version will be a Japanese man who stumbled into Limbo instead of a future version of Kang the Conqueror
  • Maelstrom, who will be the first Inhuman featured in the movies.
  • Captain Universe, or rather the person that Eternity, the personification of the universe, turns into his protector for the specific goal of freeing the universe from Thanos's whims.
  • Lord Dark Wind: an old Daredevil and Wolverine foe. He was mentioned in the final episode of Daredevil, but since that show is cancelled, it's not as though they will use him.
  • A Race Lift version of the Swordsman. Perhaps he trained a young Clint Barton?
  • A new character unrelated to any comic characters.

Hulk sacrifices himself to undo the changes by the Infinity Stones.
Mark Ruffalo already states that Hulk and Bruce will have a personal arc in Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame. My prediction is that both Hulk and Bruce learns that their is a ThirdOption in regards to the Infinity Stones and Hulk sacrifices himself to undo the changes. Bruce survives but the Hulk is no more. With that, Bruce can live the life with Natasha but before that, he honors Hulk's sacrifice and thank him for saving the Universe.

The ending of this movie will be a Soft Reboot for the universe as a whole.
Characters will die and stay dead, the Timey-Wimey Ball will be tossed around, others get revived, new ones are introduced. It may even take place somewhat in the future. All in all, the MCU following this movie will continue the continuity of the previous movies, but will be very different as a result. It'll also create an "Age of Heroes" to speak of, where superheroes all over the world exist in a far greater quantity than before, making it look even more like a comic book universe brought to life.
  • The soft reboot will also see The X-Men and Fantastic Four join the MCU as a direct consequence of undoing Thanos's actions.

Marketing speculations.
With so many major characters dead by the end of Infinity War, this leaves the marketing team for 4 in a conundrum. While there are expected to resurrections, it begs the question: do they keep all of them out of the advertising to prevent spoilers, or do they show them anyways to build hype? DC faced a similar scenario, where Superman's resurrection in Justice League was plot-critical but led to spoilers and thus he was kept from the advertising. That movie underperformed, but whether Supes' absence from the marketing had to do with it is another matter. However, this movie faces an even bigger scenario: Not one, not two, but many of their big name heroes they've built up and developed for so many years are dead. That includes Scarlet Witch, Vision, Falcon, Bucky, All the Guardians of the Galaxy sans Rocket and Nebula, Doctor Strange, Black Panther, and Spider-Man.

So that begs the question, how do you speculate Endgame will be marketed? Speculate here:

  • They will show all the ones who are alive as of the beginning of 4. That leaves us with the six founding Avengers, War Machine, Rocket, Nebula, Okoye, M'Baku, Ant-Man, The Wasp, and Captain Marvel. That would be enough to work with in a normal movie, but with a series as massive as the MCU, they're obviously short on characters. To compensate, they'll emphasize how everything has changed since then, show new elements introduced in the series Time Skip (possibly pertaining to the new superheroes who may be introduced), and make sure that while things are bad now that Hope Springs Eternal without directly showing any revived character.
  • They will focus on Ant-Man and Tony's journey to the past, on Captain Marvel showing off her power, Thanos fighting the original Avengers and Rocket and also contemplating on what he did, and then, right at the end, show shots eluding to the revived heroes.

How Endgame might happen
Iron Man: Iron Man is suffering another crisis after losing Peter. It was just like what happened to Yinsen but most importantly his parents. Tony spent at home building machines to fill the void as a metaphor of building a child. However, he regained his will after persuasion from Pepper or Rhodey to team up with Captain America once more but tensions are still high. Later in the movie, Iron Man gets caught in a dream world where things had been different, good or bad is unknown. However, the spirits of Peter, Yinsen and parents moves him to accept that he is Iron Man and doesn't need a huge suit to build around the world as the Avengers are already that suit. With the threat gone, Tony retires and have a child with Pepper.

Captain America: Captain America suffers from losing both Bucky and Sam. He still attempts to mobilize the team to track Thanos and undo the damage. However, Steve blames himself as his actions in saving one man (Vision) caused the deaths of half the Universe. He teams up with Iron Man but tensions still high. Captain America gets caught in a dream world where things had been different, good or bad is unknown. However, the spirit of Peggy Carter moves him to accept that whats inside him, his flaws shouldn't be looked down as without it, Steve wouldn't be what he is today. With that, Cap returns and mended fences with Tony. Captain America retires from the Avengers to found a school for talented individuals.

Hulk: With help from a revived Vision who has some remnants of the Mind Stone's power places Bruce into his mindscape to confront Hulk. Bruce attempts to bring Hulk into the fold but Hulk refuses not because he was afraid of Thanos but afraid of himself, believing he is responsible for why all his friends are now suffering. Bruce realizes that Hulk is more human than thought and persuades him to come out not as a monster but as an Avenger. Bruce and Hulk learns how to undo the damage and to do is a repeat of sacrificing some you cherished as Red Skull stated. This time however, the two found another option and Hulk sacrifices himself to restore the Universe. With Hulk gone, Bruce gets to live the life with Natasha but not before Bruce honors Hulk as a true hero.

Thor: Thor's journey is to get stronger and decides to use Doctor Strange's Sanctum Sanctorum to find answers. There, he learns how Odin became the humbled King. Thor with help from Tony or Eitri built an Infinity Armor to repel the effects of the Infinity Stones. With the war finally over, Thor takes half his people to Earth. At some point in time, he bestowes Stormbreaker to a Korbinite named Beta Ray Bill.

Hawkeye: Hawkeye takes on the identity of Ronin to shed himself from his SHIELD days. His arrows are used to get Ant-Man and Wasp into the dream world and rescue Tony and Steve. He spent the entire defending them from incoming enemies. With the war over, Hawkeye returns to his family.

Black Widow: Black Widow attempts to reconnect with Bruce but there is some bitterness between them due to Hulk leaving her and Black Widow kicking Bruce to get Hulk. Black Widow redeems herself by begging Bruce to not sacrifice himself to undo the changes. Hulk sacrifices himself allowing Bruce to be together with Natasha.

Captain Marvel: Captain Marvel will take charge since neither Captain America or Iron Man are capable in leading the team. Captain Marvel seemingly dies sacrificing herself to save Earth. She survives and leads the Avengers.

War Machine: War Machine will be at the sidelines attempting to calm down the hysteria caused by the Infinity Gauntlet. He attempts to remove the Accords. Even though the Accords are present, changes have been made to allow the military and government to prepare themselves for another attack.

Vision: Vision is revived thanks to Shuri backing up his data. Vision helps Bruce talk to Hulk and later helps Thor understand his journey. Alternatively, he found two boys on the streets and took them in. With the war over, Wanda and Vision adopt the two boys who are revealed to be Inhumans.

Rocket: Rocket bonds with Bruce over themselves having no choice in becoming monsters. Rocket will also build a weapon named 'The Drax' that can remove the Infinity Gauntlet or Stones. He will also show off his piloting skills to get to Thanos.

Ant-Man: Ant-Man will rescue Tony and Steve from the dream world they are in.

Wasp: Wasp will rescue Tony and Steve from the dream world they are in.

Nebula: Nebula joins the Avengers in stopping Thanos and will have her mending fences with Thanos alongside the vision of Gamora.

Shuri: Shuri if she survives attempts to lead the Wakandans to battle Thanos and Black Panther bestowing her the potential role on becoming Black Panther.

Thanos: Thanos lives in peace in the planet he is in. However, he is bothered with visions of Gamora who urges him to give up his quest. As Thanos attempts to stop the Avengers, we learn more about Thanos's past and after bombarded by the vision of Gamora and Nebula urging him to stop, this allows the Avengers to defeat Thanos and Thanos goes for self exile as punishment for his crime.

Post-Credit Scenes:

- An older Cassie comes to the present time to warn them of a greater threat; Kang the Conqueror.

- A portal opens up revealing the ship belonging to the Fantastic Four.

- Tony speaks with Dr. Hank McCoy about a new team he's putting together to ensure no one would use the Infinity Stones for evil.

The end of Avengers: Endgame will set up a Nova movie as part of Phase 4
Kevin Feige said Nova has "immediate potential" to join the MCU sooner rather than later, and when that happens you can bet he's going to show up. Infinity War made a mention that Thanos devastated Xandar and retrieved the Power Stone while wiping out half the population. If Nova is getting set up, there's no way they're not going to factor that into the future.

So setting up Nova would be rather easy. The surviving Nova Corpsmen try to revive the Nova Corps while making them stronger than ever before, and do so by spreading their forces across the cosmos. This leads to Rhomann Dey happening upon Richard Rider, who he inducts as a Nova Centurian. The story involves Richard's journey to becoming a space superhero, being a Fish out of Water as an Earthling on other planets. This could eventually even lead to a future movie that many also want to see: an adaptation of Annihilation.

We will get the original Avengers roster in this movie
Thor, Cap, Hulk, and Iron Man were left behind after Thanos' attack while Ant-Man and Wasp are said to have a major role in this movie. This particular roster will form at some point, if for no other reason, than to recreate this cover.

Thor, Cap, and Iron Man will form the MCU's Illumanati by the end.
Everyone assume Thor, Cap, and Iron Man will die because their contracts are up. Instead of being killed off, they collect the Infinity Stones at the end and take them to another part of the universe for protection. They are no longer involved in the goings on of the greater MCU, thus will no longer be a part of the movies, but there is a sense of The Adventure Continues.

Valkyrie and Korg will rescue Tony and Nebula from Titan
If Thanos let half the Asgardians escape his attack, Thor might have ordered Valkyrie and Korg to look after them — after all, we get no mention of them in Infinity War. And it's hard to imagine Valkyrie at least not wanting to come back and kick Thanos' arse across the universe and back, and where better to start looking for him than his homeworld?

Alternately: Kraglin will rescue Tony and Nebula from Titan

Alternately: Tony and Nebula will simply fly the Benatar back to Earth.
We know that Nebula already knows how to operate an M-ship, and that the Ravagers were able to navigate to Earth all the way back in 1988, so the big blue marble isn't that hard to find, and that the the ship is parked pretty far from the location where the fight with Thanos ended up taking place. It probably sustained some damage when Thanos threw the moon, but remember that the moon broke into pieces, so the ship probably isn't totaled. Stark and Nebula should be able to repair it and use it to return to Earth. When they land on Earth, it's almost a certainty that Rocket will be there to meet them, which could result in one of two scenarios (or, honestly, probably both)
  • We'll get a hilarious standoff between Tony and Rocket, as the two have never seen each other. Remember that WMG from the last film involving Tony, Rocket, Nebula, and a Star Fox reference? This is how that could happen!
  • Rocket will be initially overjoyed to see the ship again and then be absolutely heartbroken when he learns that his entire family is dead.
  • The first trailer seems to support this partway at least (showing that the ship is still spaceworthy but implying that Tony and Nebula attempted to fly somewhere but ran out of fuel.)

The movie will open with other characters experiencing the snap
We'll see Valkyrie and the refugees that escaped Thanos hiding on Earth only for her to watch Korg, Miek, and even more Asgardians die in front of her. Cut to Ant-Man and Wasp watching Cassie/Hank/Janet/the wombats disappearing. And finally, Hawkeye helplessly seeing his whole family turn to dust around him. This will get the audience caught up with everyone not in IW, introduce those characters to the story, and set the tone for a post-snap universe.
  • Jossed on Cassie's part, given that she's in the movie and has been aged (complete with a Time-Shifted Actor) which indicates she's been through the Time Skip.
    • Not necessarily. Thanks to the stones, reality could be altered to bring Cassie back, or create a manifestation of her used to manipulate Scott.

The Power of Love will help save the day in some way
It's been pointed out under YMMV for Infinity War that that film has Love Is a Weakness as a Family-Unfriendly Aesop, as the heroes' love and/or compassion for others was what kept them from just defeating Thanos. Heroes without love and compassion are hardly heroes though, so perhaps this film will subvert the problematic message by having love be key to undoing what's been done. After all, half the universe's sapient population has lost loved ones. What if their yearning and grief and love for those gone was powerful enough to restore true balance to the universe?

Hope Van Dyne/The Wasp will have been killed by Thanos.
Ant-Man has been seen on set and is confirmed to have a major role, yet we have not seen Wasp on set and it's said her role is comparatively minor. Granted, it's entirely possible Wasp was just out of those pictures at the time they were taken and posted, but it does lend itself well to a far darker idea: Hope was one of the fatalities of Thanos's snap, which we'll either see at the end of Ant-Man and the Wasp or the beginning of this movie. This (alongside other possible deaths of people close to him) will motivate Scott into jumping back into the fray, and may potentially also motivate Cassie into becoming a superhero herself. Of course, Wasp will be one of the heroes that will get resurrected later.
  • She could be doing something that will pay off by the end though, like training Cassie to become Stature/Stinger. The older Cassie will be seen via time travel by Scott as what Cassie would become without him or her mother, but with Hope.
    • Except, chillingly enough, Wasp was not seen among the surviving team in the concept art. That's not a good sign...
    • Confirmed in The Stinger of Ant-Man and the Wasp which is unfortunately set on the same time as Infinity War where she and her parents turned into dust like all of Thanos' victims.

End of credits line
  • Avengers Forever
  • The Avengers will always return
  • Thanos will NOT return
  • The Marvel Cinematic Universe will return
  • The New Avengers will return
  • Heroes always, and will always, return. To save those in need, those who seek hope, those who deserve life.
  • Peace will return

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 will be about the founding Ravagers team
Starlord and his team will stay dead and Rocket, unless he dies avenging them, will team up with Sylvester Stallone's team.
  • Jossed. James Gunn said that GOTGV3 would be the last film featuring the original team, and Chris Pratt has already confirmed his involvement.

M'Baku has become the King of Wakanda and the new Black Panther after the death of T'Challa
Basically serving as Wakanda's new king being the Closest Thing We Got, he takes the task of leading what remains of Wakanda to better aide the world after the obliteration of half of mankind. With that, he's the new Black Panther and takes on the role with T'Challa being dead. It was something he took with reluctance, but felt he had to do it for the sake of his people.
  • Or Shuri, if she survived, takes up the mantle of Black Panther. And they could even introduce her power armor from the comics since the herb is gone.
    • Which might make for even more conflict, since M'Baku seemed a bit at odds with Shuri in the BP movie.
  • Or they both take over as rulers, forming a Brains and Brawn dynamic.

Thanos will spend the movie on his planet not doing much
Think about it, as far as Thanos is concerned he won and he has no idea there are the Six original Avengers who survived his snap and planning on setting things right. He will spend most of the time unaware the Avengers will be working to reverse what he did until it is too late and he will be too caught off guard to react. Once he does, he will be too out of practice and out of shape to stop them and if they go back in time, it will be his past self serving as the Big Bad of the movie.

It will be revealed, via flashback, that it was TONY, not Uncle Ben, who inspired Peter to be a hero. After he saved him from a Hammer Drone
Word of God from the creators is that little boy who stood up to the Hammer drone with the Ironman mask and toy repulsor was Peter. Obviously this was before they could use the character, hence why he wasn't named on screen. However now they don't have that problem, it'd be a nice aversion of the whole "My uncle died because I failed to stop somebody." thing. Yes it takes away one of Peter's primary motivations, but why rehash a story we've already seen twice before?
  • Why not both? Just have Peter mentioning about Uncle Ben instead of a whole flashback.
  • This isn't a Spider-Man movie, so why would they do that here? Plus, they already messed with the idea of Peter being inspired by someone who wasn't Uncle Ben in The Amazing Spider Man 2, and that didn't turn out too well.
  • Let's Take a Third Option: Uncle Ben will be revealed to be the one who inspired Peter to use his abilities for good. Tony, however, will be revealed to be Peter's main inspiration as a superhero (i.e., Peter chose to use Red in his costume because of Tony).
    • In that case the blue could have come from Captain America and Tony was just the first of the two to reach out to Peter.

Adam Warlock will finally appear
In the comics, he's a member of the Guardians of the Galaxy and an enemy of Thanos, and considering that he's already been hinted at in Guardians 2, they might as well use him now. Plus, Kevin Feige and James Gunn have stated he'll be important in the near future. He could bond with Rocket Raccoon throughout the majority of the film, and after the film's events are resolved, he decides to stick with the Guardians, allowing for him to appear in Guardians 3. Either he'll be set up in The Stinger of either Captain Marvel or Ant Man and Wasp, or early on in the film, he'll emerge.
  • Nope. He's being saved for Guardians 3. This is official.

The Marvel rules of time-travel
It seems a given by now that Time Travel will somehow be utilized in an attempt to undo Thanos' genocide, both from leaked set photos and the implications made by Doctor Strange in Infinity War. However, the real gut punch of this movie would be that the heroes discover the Marvel rules of time-travel. They will go back in time several years, succeed in changing history to prevent Thanos from obtaining all Stones and ensure that the Culling never happened in the first place. Only then to return back to their time and find that everything is still the same as it was, and dead means dead. They only succeeded in creating an Alternate Universe where other versions of themselves and their friends can live, but in their reality the stakes were real and death was final.
  • Wouldn't that render everything pointless though? They probably wouldn't feature time travel elements only to have them not have any impact on the state things.

Thanos will get Character Rerailment to be more like his comic persona
Following his victory, Thanos will realize that the Universe isn't grateful for his "sacrifice" and will go mad with power, using the Infinity Gauntlet's abilities to play God with the cosmos. This will cause an intervention of some of the cosmic entities (namely, Death, Entropy, Infinity, and Eternity, per the Easter Egg in Guardians of the Galaxy), who will recognize that Thanos is too dangerous an individual to let live. Ultimately, he would prevail... Only to find out that Earth's Mightiest Heroes and the Guardians of the Galaxy would have words with him.

This would be an easy way to integrate Thanos's love of Death itself into the story, would bring things full circle with the Infinity Stone storyline, would allow the character to organically evolve into a Not-So-Well-Intentioned Extremist as opposed to a ruthless antagonist with noble goals, and it would also give the supervillain something to do during the movie's 2.5-3-hour runtime rather than to wait for an entire movie until the Avengers show up to kick his wrinkly purple ass. It would also provide an ample distraction for Thanos so he has a reason to not interrupt the plans of our heroes, which he could easily do otherwise.

  • Wasn't the Gauntlet pretty much destroyed at the end of Infinity War? Also, why go after Death? It would make more sense to skip his attempt to court Death and instead have him jump straight to creating Terraxia (except she'll be reassuring him that he made the right move, as an intent to ease his pain), given that he creates the latter after Death rejects him.
    • The Gauntlet is damaged, but still intact. It's how Thanos was able to warp off to another planet and heal his wound. The Infinity Stones aren't damaged, either.
    • In all honesty? Yes, it would. It's only the hardcore comics fans who want Lady Death to enter the MCU and, frankly, at this point the opportunity to introduce her organically and make her well-received is long passed. Shoving her into this film would look like a tacky last-minute addition, and harm the films more than help.

Captain Marvel will assemble a new team to take on Thanos while another group travels through time as a backup plan

The timeskip will have a future akin to Dark Reign or Secret Empire
When Thanos had his figersnap, the half that vanished included a lot of important politicians and officials. So after losing them and most of the Superheroes, the public at large goes into a panic. The result is that the government is restructured to be more tolitarian around the world. Not run by Norman Osborn but an important individual who survived. So the Avengers are working not just to restore the half of humanity, but atop the events that led to this regime.
  • Perhaps General Ross?

Alternatively, we'll see a future akin to Earth X.
Probably not including the "everyone has powers" thing, but Tony retreating into seclusion, our heroes being broken and hopeless, and some others doing their best to pick up the slack. See the "Soul World" guess below; this could be the nearest equivalent to the X series' journey into the realm of Death.

There will be no time travel, but rather a soul world
Two key points:
  • Time travel breaks continuity and is generally not the best storytelling. Instead, the film will feature some sort of "another dimension" / "soul world" akin to Warp / Fade in other works. This will allow for beautiful visuals (think of the Ego's planet in GotG2) and unconventional plot.
  • In the first movie, Thanos praised the will to sacrifice others for greater good. Thanatos was personification of death itself in Ancient Greece. You cannot outplay Thanos (death) on his own field and make decisions more ruthless than him to succeed. Instead, the film will be all about "love/compassion is not weakness" and how the very thing that lead to the heroes' demise (their humanity) will allow them to win in the end.

MCU has three casters who are all tied to the stones, all made some sacrifice, all hardly (if ever) met each other and all are conveniently dead: Strange, Loki and Wanda. They will find each other in the soul realm and embark on some sort of journey together to release/resurrect everybody. For instance, they might need to find and free Gamora's pure soul, and she in turn will use the Soul Stone.

Meanwhile, the original Avengers' team will settle their differences and welcome new members. They will use BARF to learn something in the past that will allow them to help those trapped in the other dimension. Their plot could also involve some politics (they are still criminals to the state). Tony Stark will restore SHIELD.

There will be few actual deaths (Cap?), but many heroes will lay down their mantle and go into the sunset. Justice inflicted on Thanos will be poetic, for instance, he will get trapped alone inside the Soul Gem instead of Gamora.

During the Time Skip from Infinity War to this film, Wakanda will suffer a power vacuum, and ultimately collapse.
  • It only make sense, since Wakanda is incredibly small in contrast to all the other countries on Earth such as the U.S. Sure, they may be the most powerful nation on Earth, but considering the small amount of Wakandans that existed before half their population was wiped out (including their king, mind you), it would be literally impossible to keep such a technologically advanced country running for very long.

The Black Order will return in this movie.
Thanos will revive each of them with the Soul Stone to help him in the final battle against the Avengers. They'll survive and flee after Thano's potential defeat, setting the stage for appearancess in future movies.

Thanos will not be killed or truly defeated, instead he'll surrender and help to undo his actions, then exile himself to atone for his actions, but not before giving each Avenger a conclusion to their personal arcs.
The ending of Infinity War slightly implies Thanos isn't entirely happy about the lengths he had to go through to realize his objectives, which included losing all his family members, rather than getting beaten and killed in a fight, he will surrender willingly and possibly even use the Gauntlet to give the Avengers that survived the finger-snap their "happy ending" which allows them to retire, fitting as the actors' contracts are bound to end soon.
  • He will do the following to each Avenger:
    • Tony: He will rewrite reality and time so that he and Pepper settle down for a normal married life, just like they were going to before the Black Order's attack, Tony will then hand over his ownership of Stark Industries to either Rhodes, T'Challa or another person
    • Steve: He'll return him to WW2 and allow him to live the life with Peggy that he never could, he'll pass down his Captain America mantle to either Bucky or Sam before going "home"
    • Bruce: Thanos will make him and Hulk separate entities finally allowing Bruce to live a peaceful life, as well as giving Hulk true freedom and a chance to calm down for good and retire as well
    • Thor: Thanos will revive the half of his people that were killed and rebuild Asgard, Thor will then retire to assume his responsibilities as a king, possibly allowing him to pass down Stormbreaker to Beta Ray Bill in the future
    • Natasha: She will be allowed to live a normal life without worrying about her past haunting her, possibly even restoring her fertility
    • Finally, Thanos will willingly destroy three of the gems so that they never get used again, and also revive the Dwarves as an apology to Eitri, then he will travel to parts unknown to re-think his entire life and find a new goal.

Thanos will undo his snap and take himself out of existence.
This idea came from watching this video by Nerd Sync

During the Marvel Comic miniseries The End, Thanos managed to wipe out the entire universe. Not just half of the life in it or half of the universe, everything. However while initially he is satisfied with his action, as he is left to ponder in the eternal nothingness he created he realizes life is what gives the universe value. With this, he wills the universe to return and removes himself from it as a way to sort of make up for it.

Now this idea would certainly need reworking for the MCU but that's no different from every previous film. At the end of Infinity War after Thanos has succeeded in wiping out half of the life in the universe, while he appears to be satisfied with his deed he also appears to be unsure about what he did. Perhaps he began to realizes the error of what he did, he begins to realize that his plan was needless and only a temporary solution or that it was never a good idea to begin with. He could force himself to ignore these realizations but over the course of Endgame he comes to terms with it. Once all the surviving heroes finally get to him to put an end to his madness and reset what he did, they would find not the Mad Titan they tried to hard to fight in Infinity War but a guilt-ridden genocidal warrior that resents his decision. After that he could use the Infinity Gauntlet (or what's left of it) to undo his previous snap, and takes the opportunity to take himself out of the universe as a way to atone for what he did. Not only would it make Thanos an even more interesting character but it would also cement Thanos as the true protagonist of this duology, and for Marvel it would be a huge storytelling risk to have a big Avengers film with seemingly no Big Bad.

A soul for a soul
Thanos will be tricked into returning Gamora to life, and this will undo the bargain he made to get the Soul Gem, taking it away from him. My reasoning for this is that it would roughly match the resolution to the Infinity Gauntlet comic wherein Thanos voluntarily gives up his power for the sake of the only person he loves.

There will be a significant Time Skip between Infinity War and Endgame. In the interim:
  • The state of the world has changed to allow Shout Outs to Earth X.
  • Tony is going borderline Knight Templar from the guilt of Peter's death, and has resurrected/recreated Ultron.
  • Thor has hollowed out a mountain in a empty imitation of Asgard and spends his days brooding and hallucinating about his lost comrades.
  • Rocket has assembled a second-stringer Guardian group.
  • Ross apprehended Banner, who spends his days desperately trying to find out how to revive the Hulk.
  • Ross has gotten even more maniacal about tracking down the fugitive Avengers.
  • Steve Rogers has abandoned even the Nomad title, and no longer feels like he can protect the world, or that it deserves to be protected.
  • Wong will be the only sorcerer remaining, and desperately trying to find a new pupil.
  • Cassie will have been trained by Scott and Hank in using the Pym Particles and acts as the teen superhero Stature.
  • Shuri will have been crowned Queen of Wakanda, but will be acting more like an interim leader, desperately believing T'Challa will soon return.
    • Alternatively, M'Baku is crowned King, maintaining Wakanda but refusing to offer outreach to the same extent as T'Challa.
  • Natasha, Clint, Ant-Man and The Wasp (if they survive) and War Machine have formed a new "Secret Avengers", and are Skrull-hunting in Japan.
  • The events of the movie will be kickstarted by Carol's return to Earth, responding to Fury's call.
    • Alternatively, any of these ideas could be shown as elements of a Bad Future that Ant-Man and Iron Man time travel to.

When Carol comes, she will bring the whole Kree army with her
The Kree don't seem to like Thanos so much, and they would have also lost half of their population. As a result, they will help stop Thanos. This would provide a good Red Shirt Army to combat Thanos. Also, it's a bit of a plot hole that Fury is only now summoning Carol. Maybe the reason is he knows bringing Carol in would also summon a nasty alien army.

Captain America will finally get to lift Mjolnir and use its power
C'mon, they teased him being potentially capable of doing so in Avengers: Age of Ultron for a reason.
  • Mjolnir no longer exists, and it was apparently limiting Thor's power anyway. Maybe Cap could use Stormbreaker instead.
  • Mjolnir has seemingly been confirmed to come back as shown with leaked on-set photos, so only time will tell if Steve gets a chance to lift it.

The movie will be an Immediate Sequel, or near immediate
Specifically, to throw the MCU TV shows a bone. Their characters didn't appear in Infinity War and won't in its sequel, but setting the duology over a short period of time would allow the TV writers to dust major characters like Coulson or Daredevil and show the other heroes attempting to deal with the aftermath of the Snap, without forcing the TV shows to undergo a Time Skip because their heroes are temporarily dead.
  • This makes sense, since the shows are confirmed to be going forward with their own plots instead of tying in to the ending of Infinity War. If they do reference it, it won't be the main plot, which suggests it will be reversed either soon after the ending of Infinity War or early into this movie.

The Hulk will become a more prominent character in this film, but not Bruce Banner.
Because Infinity War served more as a Character Arc for Bruce (namely, having to face Thanos himself rather than relying on the Hulk to do everything), this film will will be a Character Arc for Hulk. This also gives him the opportunity to strike up that friendship he had with Rocket Raccoon in the comics.

Carol Danvers won't trust Steve Rogers at first because she'll think he's a Skrull.
Captain America is reported to have died in a plane crash during World War II and just so happens to be conveniently found after 70 years to help stop an alien invasion? Yeah, if I was her I'd be paranoid of him too.

Steve Rogers really is a Skrull.
Captain America actually died for real at the end of his first movie, and at some point (probably in The 90's) his body was recovered by the Skrulls. One of them took his form as a deep-cover agent to think he was the real Steve Rogers and was left to be "found". However, this will backfire spectacularly as he was designed too well and even after figuring out the Awful Truth he'll stay firmly on the side of the heroes and most likely sacrifice himself as the original did.

Tony Stark will create a new Infinity Gauntlet, and Ant-Man will know how to time-travel.
Tony Stark will make a new Infinity Gauntlet, and with Ant-Man's help, the heroes will collect the Infinity Stones through time, altering events. The Guardians of the Galaxy will never form due to the Avengers collecting the Power Stone before the events that brought them together. Drax and Nebula will be teased as the characters to use the new Gauntlet, but it'll be Professor Hulk, who will sacrifice an arm in the process. Captain America will go down in a blaze of glory fighting Thanos, his circular shield in one hand, Mjolnir in the other.

To contrast with the bleak minimalistic credits for the last movie:
  • A comic styled recap of he events of all the previous movies, set to the Merry Marvel Marching Society, the song worked for LEGO Marvel Super Heroes.
  • An animated sequence featuring all the heroes still alive fighting together against something or other that resembles the opening to The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes
  • Trips through space, and the Quantum Realm, with the visuals resembling iconic moments from previous MCU films. Those who were snapped will have their credits reassemble from dust.
  • A white screen, where famous moments from other MCU films are drawn , before being coloured. The font will be the same used for the Infinity War credits, highlighting how it's a reversal: the good guys have won, instead of Thanos.

The Avengers will finally be made aware that Coulson is still alive
He was there at the beginning, it's only fair he be there at the end.

There will be at least one Ironic Echo of Thanos's lines
Maybe someone will say,"Dread it, run from it...destiny arrives, Thanos" before attacking him. Or another line.

Thanos will be a Disc-One Final Boss
In the original Infinity Gauntlet story, Nebula takes the Gauntlet for herself and Thanos has to team up with the heroes to get it away from her. As such, only the first half of the movie will involve the heroes going after Thanos before someone else manages to wield the Infinity Gauntlet. Whether it's one of the heroes or another villain, their inexperience wielding all the Infinity Stones at once will put the entire universe at risk, leading to the Avengers pulling an Enemy Mine with Thanos to save the day.

If the Disney-Fox merger passes before the movie completely finishes production, Deadpool will make a cameo.
Word of God says that the X-men and Fantastic Four won't make appearances for a few years after the merger occurs, but the nature of Deadpool's character makes this seem plausible. All it would take is a quick reshoot to shoehorn him in somewhere. Specifically, if it were only for a joke, not anything plot-relating or teasing future projects.
  • That is highly unlikely as Bob Iger has said that the deal will closed, by the earliest and most optimistic thinking, in Summer 2019 and with Comcast knocking on Fox's door it could be delayed and complicated even further. Not to mention the tone shift that would happen if Deadpool were to be shoved into what is meant to be the conclusion of a ten year arc for these characters.

Nebula will use the Infinity Gauntlet to stop her father.
In the story Infinity Gauntlet she is able to take the Infinity Gauntlet from Thanos, in Endgame she will take it from Thanos and use it to stop him.

Thanos will cause his own defeat.
Thanos will allow himself to be defeated because the Titan secretly knows he is not worthy of ultimate power.

The stinger will have someone giving the Reality Gem to a cloaked figure.
The cloaked figure will be asked to act as the guardian of the Reality Gem, then the cloaked figure's face will be revealed to be Thanos. Setting the stage for the Infinity Watch to appear.

Captain Marvel will destroy Thanos' gauntlet at the beginning of the movie, resulting in Thanos losing all the Infinity Stones except the Time Stone. He will spend the entire movie traveling through time (like the Avengers) to reclaim his completed gauntlet.
This would give Thanos a bigger presence in the second movie, showing up in time frames he shouldn't have, and give him a reason beyond arrogance to actually try and stop the Avengers rather than just trying to write them out of reality.
  • Why Captain Marvel? Simple: she's one of two Avengers (Thor is the other) that could do it, and of those two, she's the only one who would likely be so bold as to try fighting him alone.

The film will begin with Rogers, Black Widow, Thor, Banner, Rhodes, and Rocket in a high-security prison
Rogers is already an international fugitive since Civil War, Rhodes violated the terms of the Sokovia Accords, so after Infinity War, someone's gonna find them eventually and lock them up, as well as their accomplices.

The heroes who sacrifice their lives to reset Thanos' snap see their future selves living well, making their sacrifices feel more powerful
For example, Present!Tony sees (or even talks to) Future!Tony retired, living happily with Pepper, Harley Keener filling the void left by Peter Parker, and just generally living a good, rewarding life after taking time to mourn. For Present!Tony and especially Future!Tony to sacrifice their life to reverse the snap, for the greater good of all the other people who had lost more from it, would be a more powerful sacrifice than if he knew he ends up miserable anyway in the current timeline.

Tony and Cap will make ammends ON SCREEN
Tony will present the Shield to Steve, and he will say "That one only belonged to you".Cap will answer "It belongs to anybody who wants to rise against injustice". or any cheesy phrase, but when cap says it... it won't be cheesy at all.

Rocket will meet a raccoon.
In an otherwise serious film, Rocket will meet an actual, real-life raccoon while he's on Earth. His reaction to the raccoon will be anyone's guess.

Tony and Rocket won't get along.
Rocket will be devastated that the other Guardians are dead and be looking to blame someone for his grief. Because Tony and Nebula were the two who survived on Titan, he will blame Tony. Or Tony will say something snarky about him being a raccoon or nickname him something he hates, and Rocket will turn violent.
  • They might make up later and talk about cybernetics. Rocket could make some very cool mods to Tony's suit, or give him a Hadron Enforcer.

Red Skull will help the heroes to defeat Thanos.
Red Skull will reveal himself to Steve Rogers and the other Avengers, shocking and angering Steve. Instead of being their enemy, Red Skull will explain how the Soul Stone works and everything he learned in his time as a Stonekeeper, as well as moments in Thanos's life that he observed (since he somehow knows everything about the ones who visited him in search of the Soul Stone). What he tells them will either help them access the inner world of the Soul Stone, or be instrumental in defeating Thanos, or both.

Thanos will spend time within the Soul Gem's reality.
Thanos will meet more dead people's souls within the Soul Gem - not only the people he erased with the snap, but others he killed with his own hands. Somehow, meeting all these souls and listening to them and learning from them will convince Thanos to make a Heel–Face Turn, and he will try to change what he did himself.

Every one of the Avengers will be alive and the one who died get resurrected.
It seem unlikely that creators will kill/keep dead The Avengers themselves. Because fake deaths/resurrections are the most prominent, cliché and despised trope in the whole media.

The last shot of the movie will be the 'A' in the Avengers logo.
In the end, if the original cast sacrifice themselves, a mural will be revealed, honoring them. For the first movie, the last shot was of the damaged Stark Tower with the letter 'A' remaining. This symbolized that the Avengers were truly born. Therefore, the last scene could be a zoom in towards the bottom of the mural, where the stylized 'A' has been imprinted, showing that they will be remembered as true heroes.

There will be multiple red herrings planted as to who will defeat Thanos.
Out of left field, someone else will lay the finishing blow, other than Peter Quill, Tony, Drax, Gamora or Nebula.

Ant-Man will give Thanos a The Reason You Suck speech after learning about the way he's treated Nebula and his other adopted children.
It probably won't be successful, but it would be interesting to see what Ant-Man himself thinks of Thanos, given that he's a father himself.

Drax will be briefly reunited with his family in the Soul Stone's realm.
He will then have to make a decision whether to stay with the family that he misses so much, or to come back to life and stop Thanos alongside his new family: the Guardians of the Galaxy, and the Avengers. Although it will be a difficult decision, Drax will ultimately choose to come back, knowing that his time isn't up yet.

Hank Pym will meet Tony Stark, and realize that the Stark family wasn't as corrupt as he thought it was.
After seeing what Tony's gone through, and his determination to make things right, Hank will decide that Tony's not so bad, and will finally share his technology with Stark industries.
  • Pym got dusted in The Stinger of Ant Man and Wasp, so at the very least, if such a meeting happens, it'll be near the end or a post-credits scene.

Thanos won't be the final Big Bad in the film
Instead, Red Skull will be revealed to be orchestrating the events leading up to Thanos purge of half the universe with the plan of claiming the gauntlet for himself once Thanos either relinquishes it or dies. This could set him up as a Composite Character to Nebula in the original comic.

In case the Fox rights do not end up with Disney, She-Hulk will be set up as a fourth-wall breaker to compete with Deadpool
Shulkie was aware she was a comic character before Wade was even conceptualized, and box-office-wise, Deadpool is currently one of the biggest draws that the Fox characters provide.
  • The movie is way too far along in development for them to include any of the Fox-owned characters. Furthermore, the She-Hulk rights are tied up with Universal in some fashion.
  • Disney now owns Fox, and have indicated that they want to keep Deadpool as is. Whether or not that means merging him into the MCU or leaving him in his own separate cinematic universe is unknown.

The Infinity War deaths stick
Endgame will not bring the snapped characters back. As far as sequels go: Guardians of the Galaxy 3 will have Rocket, Groot regrown from Stormbreaker's handle, and Gamora- revealed to be only mostly dead due to her having her 616 counterpart's Regenerative healing. Star-Lord, Drax, and Mantis are replaced with new characters. Legacy characters will take over in other titles. Shuri takes over as Black Panther.
  • I don't know about the Gamora one. Surely if she wasn't really dead, Thanos couldn't have gotten the Soul Gem?
  • This brazenly contradicts everything the creators of the movies have said regarding sequels; For instance, Chris Pratt has stated that he will appear in the third Guardians film, with James Gunn confirming it takes place after Endgame.
  • Dave Bautista has stated that unless Disney rehires James Gunn, he wants out of the franchise. They didn't, so I could see Drax staying dead.
    • He said he wants to quit if Gunn's script isn't used, not if he doesn't get rehired.
    • Peter Parker coming back has already been confirmed by his actor and the director.

If the two are brought back, there will be a joke where after Doctor Strange reveals his successful plan regarding the 14,000,605 outcomes, Peter Quill asks Strange if there was one that had victory if he didn't ruin the plan to subdue Thanos and remove the Infinity Gauntlet...
And Doctor Strange bluntly replies that there wasn't.

Shuri will replicate the Mind Stone... somewhat
This one is probably a given, but with all the focus on Shuri's scan of the Mind Stone in the last movie, it's very likely that she accomplished at least something in that time: a knockoff of the Stone. Not nearly as powerful (as that would be impossible), but one with just enough juice to reactivate Vision. Concept art of Vision with what appears to be a smaller stone in his forehead gives credence to this.

If the Time Skip isn't a full-fledged aspect that will completely stick, the movies afterwards will still be heavily altered by the events of this movie.
Depending on how the movie goes, the Timey-Wimey Ball gets thrown around to the point where reality itself is rewritten, causing different aspects of the universe to change, and some characters from the future or even the past get thrown into the present day. Some people think the Time Skip will just be completely undone and everything will be reset — except that would completely contradict everything they've been saying about how nothing will be the same after this, and waste all the potential they've been building up to for so many characters that would need to be introduced. Unless they're lying about it, it's just hard to believe that there will be nothing of any consequence. That, and it would make the whole saga feel cheap. The middle ground would be that, much like a comic book, things get tricky when Cosmic Retconning and Time Travel comes into play, and it's not had to see considering that Feige explicitly said we'll explore different eras of the continuity and things will be very different, suggesting the Soft Reboot. This would, for example, allow characters like Cassie Lang to become Stature and stay that way, and characters could come from the future or alternate timelines. Overall, I wouldn't expect any easy reset button even if the Time Skip isn't completely permanent, as everything they've told us says otherwise.

Cassie will have been orphaned thanks to Thanos, has become rebellious, and became Stature in the meantime due to exposure from the Pym Particles.
The end of Ant-Man and the Wasp reveals that Hank, Hope and Janet were snapped out of existence by Thanos while Scott was trapped in the Quantum Realm. Because of Rule of Drama, it's not hard to imagine that Maggie and Paxton also bit it, as Cassie is a confirmed survivor but the others aren't. This leaves Cassie without a family in a post-apocalyptic world where over half the population is dead. Subsequently, she was placed in an orphanage, and lashed out due to the circumstances. It's here where she's become Stature in the meantime, as she would raid the old laboratory for things to sell and get by, but exposure from the particles caused her to develop the ability to shrink. In the years since, she's carried on the legacy of her father, and when he finally returns from the other side, she may finally get to be his crimefighting partner. On that note...

Cassie and Scott will have a reunion, but it may not be so great at first.
The teenage Cassie Lang, having been hardened by the events that transpired, might be upset that Scott had been gone for so many years while her family all died and forced her into being an orphan. Meanwhile, Scott will have to learn the hard way about the Snap, where his closest friends right up to Hope and Maggie all died while he was trapped. It might not be easy to accept. But in the end, they'll get past it and reunite as father and daughter.

The Stan Lee cameo plays a part in defeating Thanos.
I mean, might as well go big with this one, right? And it’d be the perfect opportunity to take Only the Author Can Save Them Now to a near-literal degree.

The snapped heroes will only be brought back at the end of the movie.
  • Doubtful. Why would the return of such fan-favourite characters be long-awaited and hyped up only for them to not show up until the very end? It would be more appropriate for them to be brought back around the middle of the movie, so they can still join in on the action.

Peter's words after being unsnapped will be:
"I don't feel so good", albeit in a different context.
  • Sorry, everyone! Sorry.

The Guardians will have more deaths or tone shifts than originally planned
The thinking behind that being Feige going 'do I really want to do a Guardians film with Gunn gone'. It's also possible they may get a bridge crashed on them or get killed, or even just given a happy ending. in another film in a 'the Guardians are Gunn's baby, let's end their story'. In addition, with the Fox retrieval they may move to a less space focused phase 4 and not focusing on the Guardians will spare them a bit. Adam Warlock can then join The Leader and Abomination in the corner.
  • Adam Warlock could get a solo film.
    • Disney has stated that Gunn's script is being used, so it's likely just the search for a director that's postponed the 3rd film.

If there is a Time Skip then it will be reversed at the end
In set photos for the next Spidey film Michelle and Ned are involved, meaning that either they got dusted or time will return to normal, it will be much like Days of Future Past (the comic one) where the heroes go back in time from a Dark Future to Set Right What Once Went Wrong

Tony will wield the gauntlet
In the comics he's the first human to use it, it makes sense to re-do that scene in the film.

The Marvel intro will play out a little differently.
It'll open with a much more somber and quiet tone, even moreso than the Infinity War intro. But there will also be another catch: Black Panther, Star-Lord, Scarlet Witch, and Falcon won't be present, since they've been erased. It'd be a clever little way to unnerve the audience a bit before the film.
  • Potentially worse: They will be present, but will fade to dust as they are passed, before the end of the sequence, where the logo fades to dust.

Thanos will realize he was wrong, painfully
Ultimately Thanos will undo the snap, destroying the Infinity Gauntlet and blowing his own arm off in the process. Why? Rather then the age of peace he predicted the Universe will be thrown into chaos as billions straight up kill themselves out of grief and the remainder throw themselves into a suicidal war to end his life as painfully as possible. Species will literally drive themselves into extinction trying to murder him throughout his retirement and nothing he says or does will stop them. Far from the balance he wanted Thanos will eventually realize he has condemned the universe to a slow death as it bleeds out from the one half loss he inflicted on everything. The reason this will get through to him is proving him fundamentally wrong and rendering every unimaginably horrible thing he did in pursuit of his goal worthless, that higher goal he was using to justify everything didn't work so for the cinematic universe well intentioned extremist Thanos this will snap his soul like a twix bar, meaning a "My god what have I done" style realization.

Just like with the Infinity War Poster, half of the characters on the leaked concept art will die.
I know, there's eleven characters on the artwork, so it won't be the perfect balance. That's why I'll leave Hulk out for now. Out of the ten remaining characters there, five will die, five will live. Iron Man, Thor, Rocket, Captain Marvel and Ant-Man will all make it out alive, while Rogers, War Machine, Nebula, Hawkeye and Widow will die. That leaves the Hulk to be considered. One theory suggests that four of the six original Avengers will die. This could mean that the Hulk survives, but Bruce Banner dies (or rather ceases to be, possibly with the Hulk taking full control, or them getting split into two beings). It could also be interpreted as Hulk finally becoming Professor Hulk, as some theories have stated. So five characters die, five live, and one loses his other personality. Perfectly balanced, as all things should be.

The ending of the film will cause the appearance of the Mutants.

The audience will be furiously guessing if Iron Man or Captain America dies throughout the movie.
A load of hints can be dropped towards each person, and so if one of them dies, the foreshadowing planted for the other person will all end up being red herrings.

Tony Stark will crack time travel with Ant-Man's help.
The casting choice for Scott's daughter in Endgame is a 16-year-old girl, and set photos show that Ant-Man will join up with Tony Stark at one point or another. Also, at the end of Ant-Man and the Wasp, Janet goes out of her way to warn Scott about time vortexes just before the Pym's are all dusted, leaving him stranded in the Quantum Realm.

Scott, who has no idea what's happened, accidentally gets sucked into a time vortex that spits him out six years into the future. With none of the Pym's present and a post-apocalyptic world around him, Scott decides to head to his house to see if Cassie is okay. This is supported by a set photo of Scott Lang running into an empty lot and a pile of rubbish on the curb where his house used to be.

Cassie happens to be there as well, and once they recognize each other, they have an emotional reunion, in which Cassie asks him where he's been all this time. Scott tells her what happended to him, and Cassie tells him about Thanos and the Avengers (assuming she's made contact with them since the Snap). Scott, who still has the quantum energy he collected and the knowledge of what time vortexes can do, decides to seek out the one person he knows who can fix things who still isn't on the run from the Accords and Secretary Ross (assuming he's still alive): Tony Stark.

Scott meets Tony and, after some convincing, manages to get Tony to listen to his story. Tony becomes enamored with the idea of using time vortexes for travel and demands that Scott get all of Hank Pym's research for him. Between Hank's notes on the Quantum Realm, the quantum energy Scott collected, and his own expertise in engineering and physics, Tony figures out how to harness time vortexes and creates a device capable of doing so. This is (maybe) supported by a set photo of Ant-Man, a much older Tony Stark, and a younger Cap all together at what looks like the Battle of New York, each of which has a small wrist device on one hand.

Tony Stark will give Cap a new shield.
This is more or less confirmed in Spider-Man: Homecoming, when Happy tells the movers to make sure they load up the "prototype for Cap's new sheild". Tony giving Cap a new sheild would also be essential in repairing their relationship, which Word of God has confirmed is going to be a central part of Avengers: Endgame.

Thor and Captain Marvel will face off...
...And size each other up - only to both be hit by a car. Or a spaceship. Whatever. Moving pane of glassy death (for non-super beings).

There will be at least SOME conversations with dead people
Even if those conversations are only amongst dead people, instead of dead people talking to living people. Maybe everyone erased by the snap finds each other on some alternate plane of existence and wonders if they're ever going to get out of there.
  • Bonus points if sometime during the film, someone makes a reference to all those snapped Reddit users.

Rocket will lean on Thor as an emotional support throughout the film.
Since the two are already getting along, and now Rocket is the last member of the Guardians, Thor takes time to make sure that "Rabbit" will be OK, much as "Sweet Rabbit" took the time for him last film.
  • Also, someone (probably Tony) will try to give Rocket yet another humiliating nickname, and either Rocket or Thor will correct them: "It's Rabbit now."

Bucky will come back...
...And Rocket will promptly steal him arm. Successfully.

Helmut Zemo will reappear just long enough to be asked Was It Really Worth It?
Seeing as how the Thanos duology seems determined to bring back every single living character from throughout the MCU and Zemo is a rare character to avert Superhero Movie Villains Die, it would be appropriate to return to him for a moment. And given that his disassembling of the Avengers played a pivotal role in Thanos’s victory, he’s probably overwhelmed with the feeling of My God, What Have I Done?

At the beginning of the movie, it will be revealed that the planet Thanos is on is Titan, restored.
Later the Avengers will learn that Thanos has resurrected his own home world. Which means, if they want to undo the snap, it will probably mean undoing the resurrection of Titan.

Adam Warlock's role in the comics will be given to another character in the film.
Probably to Doctor Strange.

Thanos will have accidentally resurrected certain characters who died before Infinity War

The Snap will be undone, but only by the sacrifice of the original 6 Avengers

Here's how it will play out. The Avengers and their allies track Thanos down and try to get the Gauntlet from him. When it looks like they'll succeed, he destroys the Gauntlet.

That seemingly renders their plan moot, since in the MCU, you need some kind of artifact to invoke the power of an Infinity Stone (and in some cases, to hold it for longer than a few seconds). Without the Gauntlet or something similar, there's nothing they can do.

However, the original 6 Avengers decide that they ought to be able to do it by holding the stones themselves. And they choose to do so. The power of the stones consumes them, but it does allow them to undo the Snap.

In terms of character deaths...

Now, this entry requires looking at the Avengers: Infinity War and leaked Endgame posters. On the Infinity War poster, there are 24 characters (the 23 heroes and Thanos). On the Endgame poster, there are 11 characters (all heroes) but if we add Thanos, there is twelve.

Going back to the Infinity War poster, after the movie, we can confirm that out of the 24 characters on that poster:

  • 12 Survive (Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Bruce Banner/The Hulk, Black Widow, War Machine, Rocket Raccoon, Nebula, Shuri, Okoye, Wong and Thanos)
  • 10 Die by the Fingersnap (Star-Lord, Black Panther, Scarlet Witch, Dr. Strange, Spider-Man, The Falcon, Bucky Barnes, Drax, Mantis and Groot)
  • 2 Die in a special way (Gamora and The Vision).

A nice detail is that the number of characters is split into the half that die and the half that don't - perfectly balanced, as all things should be. Now, let's go back to the Endgame poster.

I think that on this poster, the ratio of surviving to dead characters is going to be the same, and here are the characters I think will die or will not:

  • 6 Survive (Iron Man, Thor, Black Widow, Rocket Raccoon, Captain Marvel and Ant-Man)
  • 5 Die throughout the movie (Captain America, Bruce Banner/The Hulk, Hawkeye, War Machine and Nebula)
  • 1 Dies in a special way (Thanos). In this case, he would die in a special way because he is the one causing all of the other deaths.

It would be a nice reference to Avengers: Infinity War, its poster and Thanos' twisted philosophy.

Relating to the above, how will the characters die?

Captain America: Since his second outing in the MCU, Steve Rogers has been a fish out of temporal water. With the exception of Bucky Barnes, all of the people he knows and loves he left behind when he went into the ice seventy years ago. He feels like Captain America is the one remnant of his past he can hold onto, as without it, he doesn't know what he is and will have to change. This is referenced by Ultron in the second Avengers film, saying that Captain America is "pretending [he] could live without a war".

  • His death could be a heroic sacrifice, possibly using Mjolnir to hold Thanos off as a leak had suggested. This could provide him an escape from a world he no longer feels comfortable to him, and make him eat his previous words to the Vision: "We don't trade lives".
  • He could reappear in the second stinger - he and Peggy Carter would be in the afterlife, and he could give her the dance he never could seventy years ago.

Bruce Banner/The Hulk: It is common knowledge now that, in Thor: Ragnarok, Avengers: Infinity War and this film, Banner and the Hulk are going through a character arc - one that revolves around them working with each other and one not suppressing the other. At one point, the two could merge, Professor-Hulk-style, and wield a second Infinity Gauntlet against Thanos. Their death would act as penance for the terrible acts the Hulk had committed, while also providing Bruce the peace he had sought for years.

Hawkeye: This one would hit particularly hard. Even though Hawkeye is among the least favourite of the original Avengers, he's definitely the Heart of the crew, the only one who's a parent and who balances a normal and superhero life. I have no idea how he could die, but it could just be a normal death, rather than a sacrifice, since I haven't predicted any of those yet.

War Machine: Another one that would sting, not just for the characters but for the audience. Rhodey is Tony's best friend and narrowly avoided death in Civil War from The Vision. Like Cap, he was involved with war, and knows the value of taking a bullet for the team. The reason why his death would hit so hard is that multiple characters were involved with his paralysis, something which inhibited his movement: The Falcon, The Vision, Captain America, Bucky Barnes, Black Widow and Scarlet Witch, to varying degrees of fault. As well of those characters, it would, of course, hit Tony Stark the hardest, which would be interesting, if not incredibly painful, to watch.

Nebula: This one's a given for many fans and MCU theorists. Out of the eleven poster characters for Endgame, Nebula is the only one with an incredibly personal connection to Thanos, being his adopted daughter. After killing half of her homeworld and most of the Guardians (including her sister Gamora), she has a massive vendetta against Thanos, even more than she did already. If Thanos were to kill Nebula, even though she is his "least favourite daughter", it would be a definite Moral Event Horizon for Thanos in this film, perhaps prompting him to have a My God, What Have I Done moment.

Thanos: Lastly, there's the Mad Titan himself. After all the atrocities he's committed under the misguided goal of salvation, his arc in this movie could be perhaps through realising that he hasn't caused the Greater Good, and that he's actually preventing it. How he would come to this conclusion is anyone's guess, but a bit of Fridge Brilliance on the page to Infinity War sums up that Thanos isn't erasing half of all life because there's not enough to go around, but because there is, but life isn't using it properly. He could possibly ask someone like Tony, a futurist, to spread the message across the worlds on how to save life before it becomes extinct, before killing himself as penance for his crimes.

Ant-Man escapes from the Quantum realm using a time vortex
And that's the way we land into the Time Skip future, and the action gets started. Ant-Man, who everybody thought dead, is back, and explains the Quantum realm thing, which brings time-travel into the table (remember that the time gem is lost, and and that with the Pym family turned into dust and Scott trapped the whole time, nobody even knew the quantum realm was a thing). Now, with time-travel available, the Avengers can do something about the snap, which also explains why didn't they try something before.

There isn't Time Travel, that's a (possibly deliberate) misconception
The idea of Time Travel being core to the plot came from leaked set photos suggesting that, but taken out of context. However, none of the concept art that we've seen so far has suggested time travel. And furthermore, the movie called in reshoots in late 2018 despite there being no signs of a Troubled Production. What this suggests is that reshoots are done to complete the real plot of the movie, one that isn't based in the concept of Time Travel, and that the earlier shoots were done to complete parts of the movie while warding off spoilers. And it's not like there isn't a precedence for Marvel fooling people, as Michael Rooker was "supposedly" on the set of Infinity War which tricked people into thinking Yondu would survive Vol. 2. All the talk about how everything has changed and how so many things are reaching closure lends itself to the idea that there won't be an easy Snap Back to normal after this like a lot of people think.

As for how the dead come back to life? It might have to do more with the Reality Stone than the Time Stone, instead altering reality itself to undo the deaths caused by it. Thus, this leads to the epic 40 character brawl that's been teased from the beginning.

  • The only concept art we've seen is the characters posing or the survivors' group charging forward.
  • Setting up fake scenes with older costumes and remade sets and deliberately leaking photos of it is far more elaborate than having Rooker walk on set and wear a hat in a social media post.
  • Time travel factoring into the plot does not automatically mean that there would be no consequences or stakes. People do not think this is "go back in time, hit Thanos on head, nothing happened, let's have a dance party" just because they think Ant-Man will visit the events in the original Avengers.

Scott will act as an Audience Surrogate in Endgame
Due to the distorted time and space in the Quantum Realm, Scott will have been stuck there for what he perceives as a few hours or so. Once he's out, he and us as an audience see the repercussions of the snap. Five years have passed, half the universe mysteriously turned to dust and the society is on the brink of collapse. Naturally he'd seek out the remaining Avengers (who are completely broken and thought Scott was dead) with his knowledge of the Quantum Realm.

The Snap was a Reality-Breaking Paradox
We will get a case of a Trippy Finale Syndrome: Time no longer works as it should and Reality Is Out to Lunch. Hence this part of the official synopsis: "Our beloved heroes will truly understand how fragile this reality is and the sacrifices that must be made to uphold it.”

The Avengers will become The Ultimates
  • The Sokovia Accords are still in force, most heroes turned into dust, and the world in worldwide disaster is not the place to be playing games. Cap will surrender and, in name or concept, the Avengers will turn into the Ultimates.

Thanos will lose because his plan will be All for Nothing, via time travel.
Thanos is convinced that he did the right thing because of an "ends justify the means" worldview. Fitting his more philosophical nature, Thanos won't be defeated by being out-gunned but by being shown that there is no simple solution to overpopulation and the problems of the universe. This will be done coaxing the Mad Titan's ego into time-travelling to the future with them(I'm thinking Iron Man), where the snap has utterly destroyed the ecosystem worse than what overpopulation would have, and if it ever recovers things will just return to normal and all his plans amounted to nothing. Seeing this will break him long enough for them to snatch the Infinity Stones and use Mental Time Travel to bring Thanos and the hero back to right before the snap but right after Thor's axe is in his chest. That way Thanos will be too broken to heal himself, allowing them to both definitively kill him and defeat him on a personal level as all(which will make it one hell of a Karmic Death and cathartic) along with keeping the rest of the Black Order dead. Out of universe, this would keep everyone who died pre-snap dead so there's still consequence from the first movie.

Guesses for Katherine Langford's character
We're guessing who Hiroyuki Sanada's character is, so why not do the same for Langford's?
  • Kate Bishop, becoming Hawkeye (as Clint Barton is returning as Ronin)
  • A Gender Flip of a male character
    • The daughter of Tony Stark and Pepper Potts (not technically a gender flip if true, but Infinity War's dialogue implied a son)
  • Lady Loki (either with Hiddleson dubbing over her, or the two having a fused voice)
  • Jocasta (who has been confirmed to exist via Freeze-Frame Bonus in Age of Ultron, as one of the chips Tony considers using to replace Jarvis with before deciding on Friday; in this version, she'd be Rescue's AI before eventually getting her Android body in a later movie)
  • Terraxia (who Thanos creates using the Gauntlet to reassure him that he did the right thing, given that he can't create her after he gets dumped by Death (who doesn't exist in this movie), or has her origin changed to something different)
  • Thanos's mother in a sequence set in the past.
  • Mephista, who'll be a Composite Character with Mephisto (her father in the comics).
  • Moondragon
  • Jessica Drew
  • A normal civilian who plays some role

The Carol of the current timeline will have vanished in the snap or died in some other circumstance, but some character will travel back to the 90s to retrieve her.
In other words, The Stinger of Captain Marvel will show Carol receiving Fury's page, only to turn to dust. Before that, however, she'll say something like, "Oh, I remember this... Hope everything works out the way it did last time."

Fast forward to Endgame, Tony will be looking through SHIELD files, and upon finding Carol's dossier, and having no knowledge of the pager, will reason that she may have died in the snap or no longer be in contact with Earth, so he (or Ant-Man, or another Avenger) will go back to the 90s, immediately after the conclusion of Captain Marvel, in order to get her help in stopping Thanos.

Alternatively, she is facing a powerful opponent in the present day (played by an older actress), and receiving the page will distract her, and Carol-Prime will die, with the younger Carol coming from the 90s of an altered timeline. (This would also be a fairly easy hand-wave to explain Carol still appearing to be in her mi-to-late 20s after three decades have passed)

Overall, it may seem convoluted, but having Carol die in her own movie's stinger would be a massive twist, and having help from a past or future Avenger seems like a no-brainer for a time travel movie about reversing a cosmic genocide.

The film will be dedicated to Stan Lee
It will probably be either this or Captain Marvel. This is his last cameo, but Captain Marvel is the first MCU movie released after his death.

The US Government will collapse sometime before this film, and be replaced by a totalitarian dictatorship.
  • Said dictatorship is run by a villainous person incredibly corrupt to his/her core, if on nothing more than their newfound empire’s own self-preservation, expansion, and worship of themselves. Because of this, our heroes have to go back in time to stop Thanos before the snap occurs, since the empire blocks any moves they try to make in the present.
  • Given the current climate in the United States, I suspect the filmakers will probably avoid that simply to not have the controversy.

Surviving villains from previous phases will temporarily team up with the Avengers in order to restore the world.
This would include characters like the surviving Sovereign (not Adam Warlock, however), Zemo, and Ava Starr/Ghost. They may not agree with the Avengers/humans or their methods, but realised how screwed the universe currently is and join the fight against Thanos.

Rocket Raccoon and Ant-Man will pull off an incredibly complicated heist midway through the film.
Because who wouldn't want to see a talking raccoon and an incredible shrinking man work together to steal something important?

Steve Rogers and Rocket Raccoon will have an intense dislike towards one another.
Think about it. A polite, pure soldier like Cap who can't stand the thought of sacrificing one person is probably going to have issues with a self-serving Jerkass Woobie like Rocket who doesn't care who gets hurt so long as he gets paid, and vice versa.

Black Widow and Nebula will form a bond with each other during the course of this movie.
Both are gritty heroines who were initially villainous characters who worked for terrible people, before performing a Heel–Face Turn. Having that in common, maybe the two will come to terms with their own demons.

The Snap from the previous film was a form of misdirection, which is disguising Thanos's real motive.
Because when you snap your fingers, you get the audience to look at the direction of the snap. Thus, we don't see what actually happens until the trick is finished.

The first "trailer", and the title itself, will be a first clue and keyword, respectively, in an elaborate ARG, which will be kept up until at least the release of the final trailer.
Inside sources claim the movie will be marketed very differently than previous entries to the MCU. A simple, cryptic teaser showing some of the main characters, the logo, and the title will be enough for casual viewers to begin anticipating the movie; meanwhile, minute details in the trailer will be used on some sort of promotional site that will unlock lore material (or, more deviously, seemingly unconnected details that only make sense in the scope of the whole movie). The best use of this would be, if the Time Skip is actually a part of the movie, the ARG could show off news clips, headlines and articles, and other files that would help flesh out the Snap-devastated world between the two movies.

The 11 main heroes seen on the main page are all time-displaced.
Which would explain why some of them look like they were in previous movies, while others look like they did in Infinity War. Specifically, Captain America, Hawkeye, War Machine, Black Widow, and Captain Marvel are from the past, while Iron Man, Thor, Rocket Raccoon, Nebula, the Hulk, and Ant-Man are from the future.

The trailer was never going to be released on December 5th
They claimed it was delayed out of respect for George HW Bush, but that seems like an excuse. More likely, they just said that to increase anticipation and insinuate it's coming soon. Furthermore, the trailer will not be released soon after December 5th.
  • It was released 2 days after the 5th. I'd say that's pretty soon after.

Scott Lang will die
Not only would it be unexpected, as he's a comparatively new character in the MCU, but there is precedent as he was dead in the comics for a significant number of years. It would also give Cassie a reason to suit up as Stature, an arc that had been set up in previous films, and create an interesting dynamic between her and Hope in any future Ant-Man sequels.

Theories on how Tony Stark returns to Earth
In the first trailer, Stark is floating in Nebula's ship and states that he is running out of food and oxygen and will likely die. Here are theories on how he survives:
  • Captain Marvel runs into him on her way to Earth.
  • Rocket locates Nebula's ship. Bonus points for Stark being utterly confused by seeing a talking raccoon and wondering if he is hallucinating.
  • Thor does a search and rescue mission for Stark.
  • He gets rescued by Kraglin, who was looking for the Guardians' ship.
  • Pepper and Rhodey will stage a rescue.
  • Alternate Interpretation: That shot is from the END of the movie. Stark has managed to save Earth, and send everybody home through a wormhole. However, he gets stuck in deep space, and the recording he makes on his helmet is his best attempt at a last will and testament, if his craft is ever recovered.
  • Assuming he wasn't dusted, Wong shows up in a portal and takes Tony and Nebula back to Earth.

Thanos is Secretly Dying
Given that he used an artifact that iterally consists of the concepts of time, space and what-not on a massive scale it's very likely that the side effects would lead to his own body slowly breaking down from the strain brought about by the Gauntlet. This will give the Avengers a fighting chance in their upcoming rematch.

Hawkeye is on a Roaring Rampage of Revenge at the start of this movie
His family disappears and he begins tracking down former enemies or anyone he thinks might have been responsible and kills them. Black Widow tracks him down and convinces him to rejoin the Avengers so he can go after the real culprit and possibly bring them back.

There will be a Time Skip midway through the film
This will likely explain why Cassie appeared to re-casted despite the trailers apparently taking place only a few months after the Snap.

Scott Lang will have a much harder time fighting his enemies than in previous movies.
Considering that most of Scott's opponents have been superhumans and/or humans utilizing technology to battle, fighting any kind of alien (much less Thanos) with the Ant-Man suit is gonna be one helluva difficulty spike for him. Also, if he ends up in space somehow, he won't be able to summon any ants for help.

Someone will say Excelsior.
It will be tribute to Stan Lee.

All surviving sentient life in the universe will form an alliance and declare war on Thanos.

The Dusted Heroes, once resurrected, will pull a Big Damn Heroes
Which also serves as a nice Mythology Gag in which Spider-Man leads a group of superheroes consisting of Wolverine and the Thing to defeat Thanos

The end of the movie coincides with the end of Infinity Wars.
At the end of Infinity Wars, Loki renders all but one set of Infinity Stones across The Multiverse completely inert and useless. Therefore, at the end of Endgame, the Infinity Stones of the MCU stop working after the climax, and to prevent cross-medium Continuity Lockout on the audience, the characters attribute it to something they did that was pivotal to said climax.

Nebula is NOT with Tony.
There's one small thing the speculators keep forgetting. If Nebula was in the spaceship, she would know how to fly her, and they wouldn't be drifting.
  • Or, you know, the ship could just be out of fuel. Tony mentioned they were out of food and low on oxygen; it wouldn't be a stretch to imagine that fuel ran out first.

Ant-Man's role in Endgame isn't as large as what we're led to believe.
Peyton Reed stated that he believes Ant-Man belongs in the smaller corners of the MCU, and wasn't exactly happy that Scott Lang appeared in Civil War. With that in mind, maybe he did some Executive Meddling to make sure Scott's role in this film is smaller in contrast to the other heroes. In-universe, maybe Scott's role will be limited to navigating our heroes through the Quantum Realm and remaining there to pull them back in case things go south.

All deaths final...
Someone upstairs already quoted Doctor Who, so let's go further: what if the Fingersnap of Doom didn't actually kill anyone, but transported them? To a paralell universe, perhaps? And the good old doctor Strange has figured out how to get them back beforehand, he's just waiting for the right moment.

Alternative Title(s): Avengers 4